Big Project (mm musc giant)

I still couldn't believe this. Just when our little construction firm was about to go under, a great big project, a huge contract guaranteed to keep our business afloat, fell from heaven and landed right on our laps. My father smiled from ear to ear when he told me about the one condition the client had stipulated, that I would be in charge of the whole job!

"Why me?" I asked myself this question a lot of times all the way to the address they gave me. "I am not that good, and it's my father who does all the design work..."

It was a huge mansion modern styled, really beautiful, and it really bugged me once more. "Why would a loaded guy hire our little company for such an important job?" I passed through the main gate as it automatically opened. The drive to the household was really beautiful. I parked at the backyard, and the door opened on its own. "Not one single maid?" I followed the way inside the house. "Hello? Is anybody home?" I adjusted my shirt. I tried to dress the best I could with a nice red polo shirt which looked pretty tight on my big muscular arms, my best jeans, which pretty much show my tight butt and my hair neatly combed to look like a serious businessman instead of a dumb construction worker I actually was.

"Just follow the hallway till the end and turn left!" the voice came from the speakers. I did what was told, entering a huge lounge decorated with very rich and good taste in a mix of classic European furniture and modern art elements. The place brought out weird feelings from me, but I couldn't know for sure, I looked at a leather chair across the room, and seated there was my new boss.

"Good morning, Mister," I checked his complicated name again, "Mr. Stankovich." (Where had I heard this name before?). I walked towards him to shake his hand. The man was dressed in a rich robe, but I couldn't see his face from where I was.

"Good morning, Brent." He stood up and offered me his hand .From where I could tell, he had average height, something around 5'8", and a decent built. I approached and we shook hands.

"You have a very nice house, sir," I said trying to break the ice. The man smiled once more, his face was not strange to me, I could had sworn I had seen this man before, but considering how rich he was, the most obvious explanation would be that I had seen his face in one of those television shows.

"Why, thank you, Brent," he said with a grin in his face. "I'm glad you liked it, that's the reason I hired you."

"What can we do for you, sir?"

"Oh come on. Stop calling me 'sir'. I'm actually two years younger than you!"

"H-how do you know how old I was?" I asked aloud.

"You flunked one year of high school, and I was one year ahead. Since we graduated in the same class, that makes me two years younger than you!" he replied inviting me to take a seat.

"D-did you go to Lamington High?" I asked.

"Sure, class of 95, just like you!"

This answer finally forced me to connect the dots. "Marvin... Stankovich? You're Marvin Stankovich?" I asked surprised to see one of my former high school classmates who actually managed to be a success.

"That's me!" he smiled, and we shook hands once again. "Nice to see you again Brent after all these years."

"Oh, wow..." was all I could mutter.

"Actually, you and the other football jocks liked to call me "Marvin the Martian", remember?" He asked in a smart tone. He knew that my behavior towards him would change now that he was my new client.

"Oh, that was just innocent kidding..." I answered trying to sound really sorry for picking on him during whole high school.

"It wasn't the nickname that bothered me the most, but being bullied everyday wasn't how I cared to remember my high school days by..." he looked seriously at me.

All I could do was apologize. "Oh, I am really sorry, Marvin! We were just a bunch of big dumb kids back then!"

Marvin started to chuckle, losing the grim facade. "That's okay Brent. What's past is past and I moved on with my life since then. I went to one of the best universities in the country, graduated with honors, and took my doctoral degrees in Biochemistry and Physics. Not only that, I sold the patent of some prototypes I developed, and by the age of 23, I was already multi-millionaire!" Marvin answered, this time in a clear arrogant tone, which really embarrassed me, since I did not go through college, worked for my father's firm, and still lived in that small single house in the backyard of my parent's home.

"Anyway, I've been thinking of redesigning some of the rooms, so I wanted you to take this job, okay?" He asked me really nicely this time.

"Of course, but what I still don't understand is..."

"Why would I hire you guys, instead of a bigger and much more efficient company?" Marvin smiled. "I don't know, I just found your company by accident, and I thought, "why not?" After all, you were the one who always stood up for me when the jocks were up to something horrible!" He took another sip on his expensive brandy glass.

A couple of times, I did try to stop the guys from doing perverted, disgusting things to Marvin, like locking him naked inside the girls' bathroom, or covering him with used toilet paper, and most of the times they listened to me, since I was their precious quarterback, the main star of the school team.

"That's why I never complained about doing your papers!" Marvin smiled and offered me some liquor, but I told him I was trying to avoid alcohol. It got me into real problems before.

"I'm sorry for that." He emptied his glass and led me out of the lounge and took me to his personal studio, just as rich and luxurious as the other room.

Physically, Marvin and I had hardly changed since High School. I was the typical all American jock-boy turned adult--6'3" tall, strawberry blond short hair, piercing blue eyes, weighing 240 pounds of lean, built, massive muscles, amazing 50" chest, 20" biceps and a narrow 32" waist. I had the body and the looks of a bodybuilder. In fact, that was my short term goal: to become a professional bodybuilder, and have my own career away from my father's firm. Meanwhile, Marvin remained short and slim, but I gotta say his look improved. He got rid of the zits and dark spots. He no longer had to wear the heavy braces, and his glasses now seemed less thick. He also had this look on his face, the look of someone who made it made. He was calm and peaceful; he knew he would have a more than comfortable life, and he could always count on his raw talent and intelligence to get him through anything, Marvin now was a confident young man, pretty different form the scrawny scared teenage with whom I studied.

"What do you plan to do?" I asked trying to sound professional.

"It's pretty simple. I want you to build another isle on my property. Nothing complicated; just a hangar sized annex"

"Okay, but why you need a hangar for?" I knew I had asked too much.

"Well it's not my plane. I just want to bring some of my equipment to this house, and I need a big clear space for that."

"I see. Well Marvin, I'll be honored to build that for you! When can we start?"

We talked terms, and the whole job took less time than we expected, since money was not an issue, and we could have all the extra help we needed all well as expensive and modern techniques at our disposal to build Marvin's project. It a truly huge hangar, over 300 feet long, 200 feet wide and 40 feet high, with no internal walls, just a huge empty space.

"Well, Marvin, here you are!" I said proudly pointing at his new hangar.

"Excellent! It's exactly what I needed!" Marvin said to me and smiled.

"I am just sad it took such short time, I really liked working for you!"

"And I truly enjoyed bossing you around with the plans and orders..." he joked.

"Well, I am looking forward for another job like this! I hope to see you next time," I answered.

"Actually, after your guys leave later, can you stay a little longer? I would like to show you my newest project I'll have installed in the hangar while you pack up," he asked with a clever look on his face.

"Sure, Marvin," I replied right away, afraid of my eyes had suddenly turned into dollar symbols like an old cartoon.

After my staff left that evening, I returned to the hangar to meet Marvin once more like he had requested. When I got there, I saw a huge machine, really heavy and complex, assembled in the middle of the hangar. There was a big chair like one of those dentist's office, and a huge screen, on the other side, and more huge computers attached to the walls and a bunch of spotlights all over one central area.

"Is this your new project?" I asked.

"You could say that!" Marvin was dressed a white lab coat, which made him look pretty impressive and intelligent. "Are you curious about what it does?" he asked me seriously.

"Well, frankly, yeah!" I answered right away.

"Very well, I will tell you, Brent," Marvin said as he approached me. "It's a VR simulator"

"Oh, is it one of those video games?" I asked already noticing how stupid I sounded.

"Close" he answered. "I just developed a few extra technology, and it became my latest amusement. You want to help me test it?"

"Me? But I know nothing about these machines!" I said timidly

"That's even better. You won't be influenced by any preconceived notions."

"It's really cool, Marvin, but I'm afraid, I have to go now. I can't stay for much longer since I promised my dad to treat out right after the project was finished."

"Oh come on, Brent, for old times sake?" he insisted.

I knew that if I wanted to do any more business with this guy, I had to play by his rules. "Okay, Marvin."

He grinned and helped me sit on the funny chair. He adjusted a few things, and the moment I sat down, he started asking me a bunch of things like height, bodyweight, personal preferences for color, lighting, and a bunch of other details until I got really shocked.

"Brent, are you gay?"

"WHAT? NO!" I replied right away

"At least are you gay-curious?" he persisted.

"Marvin, I don't know what you mean, I ain't gay!"

"Relax, I was just joking with you. Remember when the guys used to say you always stood up for me because I was your scrawny bitch?" he laughed.

"Yeah, and it really bugged me!"

"No problem. Anyway, the machine is almost done warming up now!" he tapped some other buttons.

Suddenly, the chair started humming, and I felt a thick helmet coming down over my head as well as a bunch of other wires that were attached into it. Then I put my hands into some weird glove thing. "Those are the sensors that will capture your neural sensations and transfer them into the VR world."

The REALLY strange part was a big jock filled with wires and sensors that I had to wear. "Just put them over your clothing, I have to gather all necessary data in order for this experiment to work," Marvin said casually, and I tried not to sound too freaked at all this.

Finally he turned the machine on, and I saw a big flash, and when my eyes got used to it, I could tell I was on a different world! It felt so real! The view was actually strange a dark empty place, and I felt like I was floating in the middle of the air.

"Brent, I said that machine would bring you into a virtual reality scenario. The truth is that it's more than that, this is the actual interior of your mind! I used the machinery to take your conscious self inside your subconscious mind!"

"What are you talking about?" I tried to move my hands, but they felt so heavy I couldn't move them!

"Don't worry, Brent. It's all under control now. It's pretty simple, your mind is still awake, but your body is asleep, You can't control your real body, but inside here, you can feel and witness everything!" I heard Marvin's voice and panicked. "Now let's start. Brent, how do you feel about being with other guys?"

"WHAT? I told you I am not queer!" I replied violently.

Then the dark empty space blinked out, and I was looking at a scenario, the interior of a huge castle, richly decorated, and I could see myself lying in a luxurious bed. I was totally naked and surrounded by guys just as big as me, I could tell we had fucked, and I could feel my ass still sore from being pounded, and my cock was hard to go for another round!

"NO! STOP! You're doing this to me aren't you? You're fucking with my mind!"

The scene changed to show my locker room in high school. The rest of the team trained outside, while Roger Stevens and I made out behind the piles of dirty laundry. Roger the linebacker was a huge guy--6'6" tall and over 300 pounds--and I got really horny next to him. That was the day he dragged me with him to the laundry room and almost fucked me had not the coach entered the room and almost caught us. The scariest part was that nobody knew about this! At least that's what I thought! Roger and I never breathed a word to anyone.

"Who told you that? You've spied on me?" I asked once more trying to get rid of the machinery, but once again my limbs gave no response.

"That's all right, Brent you are not on trial. You can't lie to yourself..." Marvin said with a much profound voice. "Now, you just have to face the truth."

"What truth?" I asked really nervously.

The scenario changed once more, and this time I had to gulp down. I saw myself worshipping the muscles of my all-time favorite bodybuilders, all of them, together flexing and showing off their huge muscles for me, and the most shocking part was that I had truly dreamed about that many, many nights in my life, always visiting my huge muscle champions on my mind and worshipping their bulging freaking ripped masses of muscle. How could anyone possibly know about this fantasy of mine?

"Brent, you are facing your own fantasies and desires. The machine I've developed is not a VR simulator, it is truly a mechanism that allows me to enter your subconscious mind, the place where you are your true self. No shame, no embarrassment, no fears; just your raw passions and desires."

"But... but I am not gay!" I said once more.

"No Brent, you may not want to be gay, but that's what you are, and that is your own reality. This machine cannot interfere with your mind, it just reproduces your own visions and sensations"

I sighed. Those were actually my fantasies, and I knew that. "Now what? Are you gonna blackmail me?"

I heard his laughter. "Don't worry, Brent. Like I said, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to try a few other capabilities of this very particular machine. Would you care to help me?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really, but don't worry, it'll be quick... and painless."

He pressed a few buttons, and I heard the humming on my head got a little faster. The equipment seemed to be running a new program.

"Brent, in your opinion, how does your ultimate fantasy man look like?"

"I- I don't know, I just like huge muscle men..."

"Define HUGE."

"I don't know, just that I love them REALLY big! Not just in weight, but in height too!"

"So, you're saying your Ultimate Man would be really muscular and tall?"

"Well, I guess..."

Suddenly I had in front of me, a figure of a human body, really tall and muscular. I could tell each one of his muscles, but I couldn't really see his face. "What is this?"

"This is your Ultimate Man, Brent. I collected the data from your mind as I asked you for details, this man is the most muscular and ripped representation of manhood you can think of. That's a great starting point!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it's your Ultimate Fantasy--you can do whatever you want. Let's see how far can we go with this machine!" Marvin asked me really excited about it. "Now, if you could, how would you change this man?"

"I-I don't know, maybe making him more muscular?"


I heard the sound of Marvin typing, and the image I saw was growing more muscular in front of my eyes. It looked so real! I could feel his whole body growing as my hands traveled around his body, and still I couldn't see his face."

"Are you enjoying this?" Marvin asked in a deep tone.

"Yes, it feels almost real"

"Okay then, make more changes!" he ordered me.

"Well, I want him taller, a lot taller!" I said smiling, and immediately the man with no face grew taller and wider.

"Make him more muscular! I want him just as muscular as a morphed picture!" I said with a growing enthusiasm.

"Very well... like this?" Marvin hit some keys, and my fantasy model grew even more muscular, surpassing any living bodybuilder I've ever seen including the morphed versions I secretly kept on my computer.

"WOW! This guy is great!" I said looking up at his chest, again, not being able to see his face.

"He is your fantasy man! Change him at your will!"

"Well I kinda wanted him bigger! A LOT BIGGER!" I exclaimed.

Marvin didn't answer me this time. I just heard the sound of the keys and--voila!--my fantasy model grew even more muscular and also a lot taller. He should be now about 8 feet tall, but incredibly heavy. I then saw a bunch of numbers floating near his feet. They read: 7'10", 650 pounds.

"WOW! Is that real? No one can be that big!"

"Yes, Brent. In your world you can make him as big as you want." Marvin said, and this time his voice sounded to come from inside my own head.

"Amazing! Can I make him more muscular? Like doubling his bodyweight?" I just saw the effects of my desire making my dream dummy growing more and more muscular, his arms and chest, his traps and neck, the incredibly huge thighs and the massive boulders he had popping out of his stomach, and the immense sheer size of his endowment!

"I took the liberty to enlarge his penis as well. I knew you would want that right after growing his muscles!" Marvin answered just before I even said what I wanted to happen next.

"That's so much fun!" I said looking at the numbers: 7'10", 1300 pounds , body fat 1.1%.

"Come on Brent, you can do so much better! Forget about real world, just make your fantasy come true!"

My heart was beating so fast now, and my cock was harder than it's ever been in my life. "Okay... I want this guy to become a TITAN!"

"And what you think a TITAN means?" Marvin asked. I could almost tell he was drooling. His voice sounded so intense.

"Well, you know, truly huge! Taller than any living men! A human TOWER!"

"Tell me more about it, Brent, you have to be more specific!"

"Well he should be like 4 times my size, so tall I could only come to his knee, and his muscles would look just like comic book super-heroes, anatomically incorrect and impossible to be achieved! I want his body to be so ripped and lean, so cut and defined, he would have no body fat on his whole body, and his skin would be so tight, that his muscles seem to burst any moment, huge thick veins and smooth body revealing his incredibly power and strength!"

"And how strong would is that man?"

"Oh, he would be really strong, much stronger than he already looks! He can lift and throw anything he wants! Super strong!" I shouted in excitement.

"Four times yours height you said, that's about 25 feet tall! Why would that be?"

"Oh I don't know, I just want a huge titan! I love being so tiny and skinny standing next to him and looking up at his muscles! FUCK, he is truly powerful!"

The dummy grew like never before, his muscles increased in size, width and thickness. He was becoming the super-pumped version of Hulk, but he wasn't turning green. He just grew taller and taller until he was twice my size, and then he continued growing until he reached the immense size of 25 feet tall.

I checked the weight, and I almost passed out. He just couldn't be that heavy! WOW! I noticed that I could barely reach his knee! And while his muscles were so big, his waist remained so thin. His pecs and arms grew to gargantuan levels. His entire body was a powerhouse! I walked around him examining and admiring the muscle poetry I had sculpted out of the bits and bytes of Marvin's strange machine.

"Look, Brent, is this the Ultimate man?" Marvin asked me really interested.

"Yes, that's him! I've never thought about this before, but now I am sure!" I said looking up at my powerful colossus.

"Very well," Marvin hit a key, and I heard the machine humming once more. Then a dialog box appeared out of nowhere, and I read the status message: downloading info.

"Marvin? What is going on? Can I finally get out of here?"

There was no answer. I just heard some weird sounds, like someone operating a electric welder, but then everything went silent. I looked up at my colossus again. It was silly, but this dummy was my fantasies come true. Too bad he didn't show me the face as well, but I knew I was hard just by admiring that immense muscle monster towering me.

The program went dead quiet. I couldn't hear Marvin anymore.

"Marvin? Are you in there? What is going on?" I tried to move, but my limbs felt so heavy! I just couldn't move. Then I heard loud sounds, like huge moans and groans, and something stretching, like a fabric or even rubber.

"Hello? Marvin? What is going on man?" I started to panic.

The sounds continued, each time getting louder. I felt something brush past my face, and something else almost hitting my ear. Then more groans came, and finally, the sound of metal being crushed! I could tell something was going on, and I wasn't safe any longer! But I couldn't move!

"HELP! Somebody, save me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and tried once more to get free of the gloves, but my arms and legs were numb as logs. I yelled and cursed as the sounds got each time scarier and louder.


I recognized Marvin's voice, but it was much deeper and powerful, it was like he was speaking through a megaphone. "Marvin? Please let me out of here! I don't wanna play anymore with this stupid machine!" I begged him.

"THAT'S OKAY, I'LL TAKE YOU OUT OF THE PROGRAM. JUST RELAX!" His now thundering voice echoed around my head, and I could just obey him, I wanted to get back to the control of my limbs as soon as possible and get the hell out of that place!

I saw another flash, and this time I could feel my limbs waking up. First my hands, then my legs, and even my cock which was still hard were now back under my control. I got my arms free, and finally I could take that stupid helmet off!

That's when my life changed.

As I took off the helmet I could see the place around me was smoking and the machine was actually sparking and fuming. In front of me, the other part of the machine was all wrecked, the place where Marvin was supposed to be was gone.

"Marvin? Where are you?" I asked really worried.

"You'd better look up, little man!" That voice, the same powerful voice tone, it was so loud and deep. I felt my guts shaking from inside of me. I looked around, and then I felt something touching me, it was a huge foot! I looked up following that enourmous foot, and I looked up, up and UP!

"Hello, little Brent! How's the weather down there?"

It was Marvin.

But at the same time it was not him.

It was my dummy! My personal colossus, my Ultimate Man!

But, yet, it was Marvin, my former high school colleague, the guy who I occasionally saved from being more humiliated more than once by my jock friends.

Now he was Marvin no more.

He was gigantic, POWERFUL! So muscular, so inhumanly powerful and marvelously muscular that I could just drop to my knees and cry out of ecstasy and perplexity.

"How?" I asked in a weak voice tone.

"I could actually spend the next three hours explaining the complicated equations and calculations I had to perform to prove my theory, but you'd be dead bored. And would that really matter after all?" he said with his usual clever look, his mean grin and his arrogant tone, all that combined and amplified one million times since now he was a 25-foot tall muscle giant with inhuman proportions and fantastic strength.

He kneeled and then lowered his huge body to talk to me almost face-to-face.

"Truth is, Brent, I had to do it!"


"For you!"

"For me?"

"Yes, you Brent, the man for whom I've always lusted after, the star of the team, the amazing popular jock! I just had to have you Brent! Have you... for me!"

"But Marvin, I don't understand..." He grabbed me and gently he nested my on his huge muscular arms

"Who said you had to understand? I am in charge here, little man! From now on, you live to please me! You live to worship your Ultimate Man! Your Colossus, your TITAN! I built this machine with the only purpose of becoming your Ultimate Man, and now that I had accomplished this task, you are now mine, little Brent!"

One could have guessed that I would fight back and resist, tell this guy that I had the right to live my life the way I wanted, or break free and run from my huge monster man.

Guess again.

I needed him, more than I needed the air I breathed. I just looked at his monumental size, his arrogant face, his clever look and his behemoth muscles,

"FINALLY!" I climbed up his muscles and hugged around his thick neck. "Oh Marvin, you were right; you're my Ultimate Man, my wildest fantasy come true! I will never leave you! I am here to serve and worship you forever!"

Marvin smiled. He grabbed me and kissed my whole body, then he grinned and flexed his uncanny muscles for me, I just could moan and feel the immensity of my new muscle master. He stood up and looked down at me, towering me and smiling arrogantly at his tiny worshipper.

I smiled and hugged his huge calf. Marvin now remained naked, and his giant cock rose higher and higher becoming fully erect at the sight of my little body next to his magnificent colossal one. I watched the tree-trunk thick python, a divine endowment, bigger than me and certainly the most powerful cock ever!

Marvin laughed out loud, scooped his enormous hand, and picked me like a little puppy. With his teeth, he ripped off all my clothing, then he placed me atop his massive guns. His gigantic bicep muscles were so veined and ripped; it felt so warm and hard, like a mountain of hot iron covered by velvet. I could feel the power beneath my skin. He flexed a couple of times, and his biceps were like a wild bull, I lost my balance and almost fell down to the ground, but at the last moment I managed to grab his biceps.


Marvin just smiled and toyed with me with his flexed biceps, then he took his other hand under my feet and held me up. I felt so safe and stable in his hand.

"Don't worry, little Brent! I am here for you--forever!" he said as he watched me doing chin ups on his flexed arm. I loved that, I've never felt so good about myself!

Marvin, my Ultimate Man--who would have guessed!