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He could barely believe his eyes: the island was right there in front of him; he'd been swimming in the right direction after all! He was exhausted -- his arms painfully tired, his legs starting to cramp up badly, but he had to get to the beach or they'd all die. His muscles and lungs had been pushed beyond normal human endurance levels; only the power of his mind kept him going. He was holding Tommy in one arm while he pushed his own son along as he held onto the cushions of the airplane seat. It had all happened so fast

Roger Mumbala, a 6'6", muscular, 24 year old basketball player, who had almost given up pursuing higher goals in his thus far average career, had been hired to play for an American basketball team! Sure, it wasn't the NBA, but it was a real exciting step upward. He was moving to the US with his family -- his wife Nadia and his little boy, Benjamin. They were flying for the first time in their lives, and he was very nervous about that, but after a few drinks, he got more relaxed. Roger exchanged a few words with this very nice old couple, the Pattersons, Hugh and Janice, who were sitting across the aisle from him. They were taking their grandson back to America; the kid's parents had already gone ahead due to attend to important business matters, so the proud couple was taking the little Tommy with them. Little Ben was almost eight years then and was playing very nicely with Tommy, who had just turned five. The flight went smoothly in the beginning, and after almost seven hours of flying Roger went to the toilet, taking Ben along. Tommy said he wanted to go too, so when the obviously strong, capable athlete offered to take the blue eyed kid with him, Hugh said it was OK. The kids were thrilled to use the airplane toilet -- it was so different from home! Just as they got to the lavatory door, Roger felt the plane lurch sharply. Immediately, the oxygen masks began dropping down and he heard the crew asking the passengers to follow safety instructions! They were FALLING from the sky.

There was so much panic in the plane he couldn't get to his original seats, but the back seat in the plane was available, so the tall athlete grabbed the kids, made them sit on his lap and fastened the seat belt around all three of them. As the plane fell, the pilot tried to land on a nearby island, but he fell short, crashing disastrously near the shore of a small atoll instead. Roger was lucky to be in such good shape! Thanks to the cushioning effects of his thick muscles, he came out of the crash with no serious injury. He quickly checked on Ben and Tommy in his lap and found them both frightened and crying, but alive: evidently his huge frame had protected them during the crash! Roger released the belt, grabbed the cushion seat, and started looking for Nadia. Only then did he understand the seriousness of the accident -- the front part of the plane was totally destroyed, and corpses were strewn everywhere!

The atoll was actually just the tip of a subterranean mountain peak with very steep sides, so although the front of the plane was on solid ground, the tail was not, and it was already beginning to fill with water. It wouldn't be long before it sank, dragging the rest of the plane down with it. Since the plane hit the atoll, it didn't sink immediately, but it couldn't last much longer. Roger looked desperately for Nadia. It was then that Roger saw his wife's corpse under the wreckage. His first thought was to rescue her, but it was useless, he knew she was dead, as were Hugh and Janice! In fact, he and the boys were the only survivors! Roger cried as he struggled to get out of the plane before it sank into the turquoise sea.

He could barely see the island from the ground, and he did not know if he'd be able to make it that far, especially having to take two small children with him. But, having little choice, he started swimming. The island turned out to be several miles away. Less than half-way there, he felt like he was almost out of energy, but he was a very good swimmer, an very strong, and luckily the day was clear and the sea very calm, all of which certainly helped Roger to make it that far! For the whole while that he swam, he cried for the loss of his beloved Nadia, but he even was more worried about the safety of his son and the other kid that he'd managed to save from sure death. To reach the beach would be their only chance for survival!

Somehow, he made it. And fortunately, it was a big enough island that there was ample food and fresh water for them to survive. It even had a large mountain on it, an extinct volcano, apparently, that effectively prevented easy access to the southern half of the island, but that was of no immediate concern to them since they had plenty of raw materials where they landed.

It had been almost a year now since the plane crash. Roger was standing on the beach looking out towards the atoll where the plane came down, barely visible on the horizon. "I still think of you everyday my dear Nadia," Roger whispered out loud. The plane had sunk a few hours after he had made it to the island, taking the corpses of the passengers and the crew to their final rest deep down the beautiful turquoise sea. There had been a rescue attempt, of course, but since the plane was totally submerged, no one thought to check the island for survivors -- it was so far away, in any case, and Roger's limited efforts at signaling the rescue team went unnoticed.

The tall black man smiled as he heard the kids playing in the sand. "Daddy! Daddy!" Ben ran at him carrying some kind of sea shell, Tommy was right behind him -- "Daddy!"- The little blond boy accepted Roger as his father; after all, he'd been so young when the disaster happened, and Roger was the only father he would ever know. Roger gladly accepted the responsibility, and thought of Tommy as his son. Ben loved the idea of having a little brother, and ever since the crash, Ben and Tommy were brothers, brothers by disaster, bonded by their losses and by their survival in spite of certain death.

Roger kneeled and grabbed his kids, smiling and running with them over the white sand beach. Then he twisted real fast and let himself fall on the fluffy sand, the kids falling with him, laughing all the while . "Daddy, mommy is never coming back is she?" Ben said looking to the atoll. Roger just shook his head, "No, Son, I'm afraid not. Her body rests on the ocean floor, but her soul is in heaven" he looked at the serious look on little Tommy's face and brushed his blond hair --"Just like your grandparents, Tommy!" the kid smiled and his blue eyes shone with Roger's caring. The man looked at them with his eyes full of tears.

"Kids, I don't know if we are ever going to get off of this island, but until then we are TOGETHER! We have to help each other, take care of one another, and be responsible for each other! From now on I am Father to both of you, and you are brothers. You must be there for each other, OK?" Roger made them promise that, and though the kids didn't fully understand their situation, they promised what their Father asked of them anyway.

Several more years went by. The kids were growing beautifully. Actually they were best friends besides being "brothers". Tommy was almost eight now, and his former very clear skin was now tanned and his blond hair was even lighter with the daily exposure to the sun, the ends of the locks were almost pure gold. His blue eyes, almost the same shade as the ocean, and his pure white teeth made his smile even more beautiful. Ben, obviously taking after his father, was already showing the signs of his upcoming growth. He was very tall for his eleven year age, something around 5'6", and Roger realized that his son was pretty- well built for his tender age, but it wasn't too much of a surprise, since the boy spent the whole day running, swimming, climbing up palm trees, carrying rocks and logs, resulting in a surprisingly adult- like, manly shape, with strong muscles and good endurance. Roger had done a pretty good job of building them a hut of wood and palm leaves, and then rescuing a few things from the plane, like cushions, and pieces of metal which he used for support. A few little things found in the wreckage provided them a bit of comfort. It wasn't a very beautiful hut, but it protected them from the frequent tropical storms.

Watching Tommy and Ben playing would fill anyone with tender feelings. Tommy, although much shorter than his big brother, wanted to copy him in almost everything, and most of the times it ended with his getting hurt or upset and crying, after which Ben just carried him in his arms back to the hut. Ben never got angry with his little brother, even when the youngster insisted on imitating him incessantly and following him everywhere. Roger always laughed when Tommy said he didn't like his hair, and that he wanted to have hair just like his brother. Then the "father" explained that it didn't matter if they were different on the outside, but if they liked and respected each other, they would be equals on the inside. Tommy couldn't really understand what Roger meant, and he didn't buy the story at that time, but he accepted the fact that he was just different from his big brother, and from that moment on he stopped trying to copycat Ben.

Roger had explored the island many times, and he had mapped where they could find water, fruits, and best places to look for little animals to hunt, everything they needed to know in order to survive. The kids could do whatever they wanted, go anywhere and spend the whole day enjoying the beauties of the tropical island, but there was only one rule -- they were never to go to the southern part of the island! During his explorations, Roger had seen evidence that the island was inhabited, and had even heard drum-like sounds coming from the south, so he knew there had to be some kind of tribe on the other side of the island. But because of the rugged mountain and the almost impenetrably thick tropical forest surrounding it, those inhabitants were evidently unaware of the three new visitors, and Roger was quite happy to keep it that way. It meant less danger for the boys. Tommy was willing to obey the order, although Ben offered some resistance. He repeatedly asked permission to go check the southern part of the island, but each time he did, his father's hot temper flared up, causing him to get very angry, so Ben obeyed his father's wishes -- at first

Finally, the day came when Ben decided to disobey his Father. He hadn't ever found a path through the forest, but he had found a small stream that flowed down the mountain toward the south, so he followed it until the forest thinned out enough to easily walk through.. He wandered through the forest until he found something he never expected to find on this island -- a sizable village, with large buildings made totally out of stone, occupying an entire valley behind the mountain. The village was both beautiful and very clean, but strangely enough, Ben saw no people as he wandered about. He finally decided to check inside the houses, and it was when he walked around to the front of the building he was passing that he saw -- IT. A HUGE MAN was standing by the doorway, naked except for a loin cloth, much taller than his father was, and obviously much stronger, too! The man was so thick, so wide, and so very, very muscular; Ben had always thought his father was the biggest, strongest man in the world -- after all, he hadn't seen another man since he was eight years old, but now he knew differently -- he had to look up just to see the man's chest! The man was black just like him, but his skin was covered in white symbols. The huge muscles bulged with his every movement, and the great power of this enormous man was apparent. He looked down at the scared boy and said, "HUWANA KUTUR." Ben was too frightened to move. The huge man laid his enormous hand on his shoulder and tried to calm the boy. "HUWANA KUTUR." This time it wasn't so scary, partly because the man had kneeled before him as he spoke. He looked more closely at the gargantuan man in front of him, and noticed that his face was heavily wrinkled, so he was old -- quite old, yet his muscles were incredible -- not just enormous, but well-defined and obviously hard as a rock as well! How could he be so old and yet so STRONG! The eyes on the man seemed tired, but his expression was still bright and intense! He smiled, highlighting his bright white teeth and his very rugged-looking face and said, "HUWANA KUTUR". Ben decided that these strange words could only be his name. He looked up into the eyes of the giant old man and repeated the name, pointing towards him. Then he pointed to himself and said, "Ben." The big muscular man smiled and laughed, and then stood up and entered the stone building. Ben was reluctant to follow but was also naturally curious, so after several moments of indecision, he followed the huge figure inside.

When he entered he could see that the huge man was already seated, and looked as though he was in trance, except that his eyes were open, and he pointed to some drawings on the wall. There were quite odd; the drawings showed huge men just like the one in front of him, as well as some kind of monster killing them, and finally one even bigger man defeating the beast. The final picture showed the victorious man mounted on a huge bird, flying away up into the sky. The giant man asked Ben to sit, but Ben was still afraid both because of the shock of finding the village and the mammoth native, and because of the strange, frightening sights before him. The wall paintings weren't so bad, but as he looked around some more, he saw a couple of small piles of bones, and several skulls and skeletons strewn about on the floor. The final straw was the dried blood on the wall -- when he saw that, he got truly frightened and had to get the hell out of there - fast! Ben ran out and tore up the path as quickly as he could, hearing the laughter of the huge man behind him! While running, he also noticed that the Sun was about to set; he needed to keep running if he wanted to get back to familiar territory before dark.

Soon thereafter, Roger was growing worried about his son. It was already dark and Ben wasn't home yet. He knew what it meant, that kid must have gone to the southern! Roger became furious and rushed after his son. Tommy tried to follow his dad, but was ordered to stay home. Roger was easily able to track Ben, yet he got worried because he had never gone so far before. The forest was very dense, and at night you couldn't see much even with a torch. Roger nearly stepped on a poisonous scorpion and was fiercely attacked. He cursed because of the pain, and he instantly feared the worst, knowing he couldn't survive without an antidote. He continued searching for Ben, but had to stop soon because he was already feeling the effects of the poison. Ben ran as fast as he could, up the river. Amazingly he remembered the way he came, and was nearly home when darkness fell. He heard his dad calling out for him, and he began regretting having run off and began to panic, mostly because he was afraid of the punishment he'd get from his Dad, but at least he would be safely home. So it was quite a shock to Ben that when he found his father, he was lying on the ground in obvious great distress. The effects of the poison were already making it difficult to stand up and he'd fallen down as he ran along the path, and was now sweating and feverish. Now Ben was really scared "Dad! What happened? What's wrong?" Roger had so little strength left that he had difficulty speaking; he was barely able to smile up at him.. The strong young man practically had to carry his father all the way back to the hut, where Tommy awaited impatiently.

Roger could tell that both boys were obviously frightened to think that they might lose their father, so he called them to his side and said: "Remember when I said you two should be like brothers? Now you've got to be closer than ever! You are going be alone on this island, so you have to take care of each other. Ben, you're the biggest, you must watch over Tommy; he is your little brother, as well as your responsibility. Don't let anything bad happen to him!" Roger kissed Ben's forehead and the boy put his head on his father's chest and cried. Tommy looked with his big blue eyes to the man he called father: "Tommy, you need to respect your brother and do whatever he says, he'll protect you; I think you know you can trust him" Roger smiled and kissed the blond boy. The kids stayed near their father, and tried to keep awake through the night, but they were both so tired that they couldn't help falling asleep. When they woke up, the found that Roger had already died during the night. They buried their father near a beautiful water fall. Ben looked at Tommy, who could only cry, and tenderly cleaned his little face. "Don't worry little brother, I'll protect you! I am strong and won't let anything hurt you." Ben hugged his blond brother and they went back home.

The next days, all Ben did was work to protect Tommy -- he was so afraid of losing him! Ben kept remembering that this father was dead because of him -- that if he hadn't disobeyed, the tragedy wouldn't have happened! Because he couldn't shake the fears or feelings of guilt, that whole next day had really sucked, but the night was even worse because he would see his father's image everywhere --doubling his guilt! But after a few days the pain lessened and the boys fell into a satisfactory routine of finding food and having some fun. Ben did well taking care of Tommy. They had not yet had any problems with the dangerous animals on the island, so he just taught Tommy how to be cautious; fishing and hunting for small game became his main chores. The act of survival and simply enjoying each other's company kept Ben satisfied for a while, but his thoughts kept returning to the huge man he had seen on the other side of the island. It wasn't long before he decided that he had to return, so one day, on the pretext of needing to hunt far from their home, Ben left Tommy alone just after sunrise and retraced his steps around the mountain.

Not long after starting, he began to hear strange music -- like some ritual drums playing far from his hut. The music got louder and louder in his head -- it felt like someone was calling his name. Was his dead father somehow making contact with him? Ben's heart filled with joy and he ran into the forest following the music. He had no fear of the jungle, feeling as though he were protected by some greater power. It seemed so easy. Ben just ran and somehow knew which way to go, as if he were following a well-used trail.

Once on the other side of the island, it took only about half an hour of running -- as quickly as he could along the narrow, barely- visible forest trail, before Ben realized he had returned to that strange village he had visited the day before! How had he gotten here so fast? He must have found a totally different trail this time, one that was much shorter! But thinking about being here a few weeks ago made Ben feel sad again, because it reminded him that his father had died because of his coming here and that he would never get to see him again! His eyes filled with tears and he was crying once more, until through his sobs he heard music once again. It was somehow rather familiar, soothing music; it made him stop crying, and drew him into the same building he had visited during his first visit here. There were at least two dozen huge black men, painted with unfamiliar symbols. The smallest among them would have been much bigger and more muscular than his father, but not even the biggest of the incredibly built painted men could match either in height or muscularity the man sitting in the middle. Ben noticed it was the same old man who had "talked" to him once before! Even in this group of huge, powerfully-built men, his size and muscularity was astounding. Even sitting on his stone throne, Ben noticed he was at least two heads taller than any of the men who were standing! The music stopped at the mere movement of the old man. He had such a noble look in his eyes that despite his gargantuan size, he inspired trustfulness. The big old man waved Ben closer to him, and Ben did so without any fear -- it was like he'd known this man for his entire life! He had been studying the men around him; they were all so tall and massive, and exceptionally attractive. Every face there was perfectly sculpted and dazzlingly beautiful! Their smiles shone like the full moon and they all seemed to approve of little Ben's presence. Finally he walked up to the seated old man and stopped -- looking deeply into his eyes.

For the first time, Ben noticed that he didn't seem very much older than his father. His face was wrinkled and his mouth showed signs of old age, but signs of aging stopped there, for his muscles were hard, smooth, even more ripped, and with deeper cuts than the youngest of that group. How could anyone of this man's age possess such musculature? To be in this man's presence was to experience POWER in its purest form! Ben was lost drinking in the sight of him, but the old man, seeming to understand such behavior, stood up, smiled and said, "Welcome, Huwana Kutur!" in his incredibly deep, powerful voice. "Y-you, can speak my language?" Ben asked, surprised to realize such a thing. "Yes, child." "The man moved closer. "Unfortunately, I needed to learn to speak your ugly language, but soon you'll be speaking our beautiful one with us!" The man smiled and went back in his throne. When he said nothing further, Ben asked, "While I was outside, I heard some beautiful music that seemed to direct me to this building. Were you calling me here?" The boy felt like he could talk about anything to the muscular old man. "You are very intelligent, child!" The man raised his head higher. "That is our way of calling for you! The music can be heard only by one who is willing to hear it! It guided you through the forest, and kept you safe from the dangerous animals that live there." The man stood up, and Ben had to take a few steps behind, in a mix of fear and awe. "You need not fear me, noble child! My size and strength will never be turned against you!" The colossal man kneeled in front of Ben. "I am, Ruthar, your loyal servant, Huwana Kutur!" The old man bent over and touched his forehead to Ben's feet, doing some kind of greeting. "Those men you see around you are the last KUTUR -- your sacred guardians and warriors, and we all want to salute you, noble child!" Immediately, the men lined up in front of Ben and one by one, they repeated the same greeting Ruthar had given, saying their names after touching their foreheads to Ben's feet. Normally, Ben wouldn't be able to memorize all of their names so quickly, but he could tell, after each man had performed the greeting, that he'd never forget their names. This entire ceremony made him feel very weird -- "Why are these men doing this?" he thought to himself, wondering somewhat fearfully in spite of Ruthar's words what he'd gotten himself into. But at the same time, he felt highly complimented being so highly regarded by people whom he had never met in his life. When the last man had performed his greeting, Ruthar was standing near him, towering over the child, frightening him once more. Seeing his fear, Ruthar said, "I told you. You don't have to fear my size or my strength, young master! Soon, you'll be much bigger and stronger than me, and then you'll be asking me not to fear you!" The big man smiled and gently touched his shoulder as Ben thought, "What's he talking about?" Ruthar gently grabbed Ben's hand and led him to the throne. He sat and easily lifted the small boy, making him sit on his lap. "I will watch over the throne for you, until you are big enough to fill it!" Ruthar laughed making Ben shake on his lap. "You don't mind sitting on my lap do you," Ruthar asked tenderly? "Not at all," Ben shook his head quickly. "I liked to sit on Daddy's lap too, but now I can never do that again." Ben had tears in his eyes, but Ruthar dried them with his big fingers. "Ben, I know you lost your dear father the day you found me, but it was not your fault! Your father had a mission to accomplish, and it was bringing you to our people: you, the Huwana Kutur, our sacred leader, who will bring us the glory of earlier days!" "What? I don't know what you mean?" Ben looked deeply in the man's eyes. "You will, my child master, and soon!" Ruthar wrapped the boy in his powerful arms. "But remember that your father will be always watching over you, and you can always count on me to be your counselor and friend." Ruthar looked once more to Ben's tear-filled eyes. "I know I can never replace your beloved father, but I will be here to help and love you just as he would do!" Ben could take no more; he just exploded in tears, hugging the colossal old man and soaking him with his never ending tears. "Let it flow, my son, the tears will cure your wound!" Ruthar said as he gently rocked Ben in his arms, and the boy soon was sleeping heavily, so relieved and comforted did he feel. "That is good!" Ruthar gently kissed his forehead. "Sleep now, my blessed child; we'll continue later." Ben woke up so relaxed and filled with energy! He was about to call for Tommy when he noticed he wasn't home! It was a strange house with lots of weird objects hanging on the walls. "Did you have a good sleep, my son?" Ruthar asked, sitting near him. Ben was lying in this huge bed, made out of straw and leather, covered with a beautiful fabric. He had never had a better sleep, and it was still very dark, so morning twilight had not yet begun. "Yes, Ruthar, I did," Ben said, scratching his eyes, "but it feels like I slept for a whole day!" "No, my dear, you didn't, but you could relax, and that's why it felt so good for you!" Ruthar offered him something to eat, and Ben devoured the food. "I see you have a good appetite -- You'll need all you can eat this night!" Ruthar laughed and once more held Ben in his arms -- a special treat to Ben, and one that he really enjoyed. He put Ben down and led him out of the house, and for the first time, Ben noticed an entire village, populated not only by huge, muscular men, but also with women, children and elders, all going about living their lives, and all of them quite beautiful, especially the women, who were tall and lean, with well-toned muscles, though not nearly as big as the men, of course. Ruthar seemed to be their leader, for everywhere he went the citizens greeted him respectfully, and Ruthar greeted then back even more respectfully. The whole village probably contained no more than 200 people, but they were the biggest, strongest and most impressive people Ben had ever seen; even the little children were almost as big as he was, and Ben was always considered quite tall for his age: "Listen, blessed child, I'm certain you've noticed how big and strong our people are--," he paused, waiting for a reaction from Ben. "I must tell you that I use the word "our" purposely because you are a very significant, if not the most important, part of the tribe! You are --." "I know, I know --, I AM HUWANA KUTUR!" Ben bellowed, copying Ruthar's powerful tone. "Hm-m-m-m--," Ruthar smiled; "it sounds like you are beginning to believe what I've been telling you!" Ruthar turned and began walking away; as Ben began to follow, Ruthar glanced back and said, "Nice imitation, by the way--, but what comes next is quite serious," and he continued walking toward one of the central caves, which was guarded by two of the men who were present at the ritual, and Ben could feel-- something-- a kind of power that seemed to be emanating from the cave. As they entered the cave, Ben was surprised by how brightly lit it was; light reflected dazzlingly off of the many silver statues, golden coins, and precious gems that were on display, but Ruthar seemed to care about none of these; instead, he went through to the next room, where there was displayed only a single, huge, strange wooden mask. It was over 5 feet long, and about 3 feet wide and had on it the design of a human face -- but the eyes were very big, with two huge emeralds for eyes. The mask was placed at the top of a stone altar, and there were many cups around it filled with various liquids. Ruthar went around to the far side of the altar. "Blessed one, I am thrilled to introduce you to the mask of Huwana Kutur" -- Ruthar said holding the artifact. The first thing Ben realized was that the mask was too big even for Ruthar's proportions. -- "That mask was given to our people many eras ago as a present from you.., or at least from you in a previous form, noble child" -- Ruthar placed it back -- "As long as this mask is here our people can grow strong and beautiful". Ben approached the altar: "Is that the reason why you are so BIG?" Ben said pointing to Ruthar's biceps, and the shaman smiled "You are not totally wrong, my dear child, but not completely right either" -- Ruthar showed him a strange herbal liquid -- "Over the years, our people developed this powerful elixir, which can make one man grow stronger and taller, and there are other potions to enhance his manhood, his fertility, or even his beauty". Ben looked at the potions with great interest. "But, years ago, our glory was emasculated by greed, and we have fallen into disgrace since that time. It took me many years to finally recollect our scattered people to rekindle our culture. That is why you are here Huwana!" -- Ruthar pointed at him -- "You are here to protect us from the evil which would threaten to destroy us yet again. You are HUWANA KUTUR -- He who protects his beloveds -- You are here to protect me and your other subjects!" Ruthar opened his arms showing his respect and pride for his recently found pupil. "Would you please tell me how I, a small eleven-year old boy, is supposed to protect YOU? Have you taken a look at yourselves? You are ten times my size!" Ben knew he was exaggerating, but that was how he felt -- to him Ruthar was the BIGGEST man that had ever been in the world. How did he think an eleven-year old could possibly protect him or his people? The exceptionally burly shaman laughed out loud, his vigorous chest shaking with joy: "Dear child, you won't be that size forever you know? You'll GROW, and soon you'll understand everything!" Ruthar came towards him and grabbed little Ben in his arms: "You think you would like being as big as Ruthar? The onyx statue asked flexing his gigantic right gun "Feel this muscle, noble child!" Ben tried to do as he was told, but that arm was much bigger than his own boy-chest! He had to use both arms to embrace it, and he couldn't even begin to dent the mass underneath the tight skin: "WOW! You're amazing Ruthar! You're the biggest man in your tribe aren't you?" Ben asked excitedly. "Our tribe, dear child, and yes, I am indeed the biggest man among our big Kutur, but it's because only I, Ruthar, Shaman and protector of the Secret of Power, have undergone the ancient ritual which allowed me to achieve such muscle and power!" After a slight pause, Ruthar added seriously, "And I want you to do the same thing." Ruthar smiled once more -- "This way, you will grow much more than I did, my dear child, because you are the sacred Huwana Kutur. You will get big enough to protect your beloved ones". Ben noticed something moving between him and Ruthar; he casually looked down, and was completely shocked! This giant man's even more giant cock was pointing straight out and rising rapidly, pushing the cloth covering away. Soon a 32-inch, black, shiny monster cock was hovering over Ben's head, pulsating and jumping at each heartbeat! Ben was wide-eyed with shock, wonder, and a little fear, but said nothing. "Don't be afraid, noble child," Ruthar said in a low tone; "this is the spirit of Huwana Kutur saluting you! He is celebrating your arrival through my humble being, and I am very proud to have such an honor!" Ruthar kissed Ben's forehead gently. "But it's so big! So amazingly --- BIG!" mumbled Ben, dumbfounded! Ruthar brushed his pretty face. "Huwana Kutur is the power of manhood, the essence of male resources, he is the bringer of magahonny, the flood of life. He is strength and the need to get even stronger; he is the very feeling of achievement which lies inside every man, but only few hear this calling, only few deserve to be chosen and you are one of them dear Ben! I will explain everything to you in the right time, until then--" Ruthar moaned in pleasure, but Ben didn't understand. The old shaman lowered him, turned his back on the boy, removed his loin cloth, and suddenly all the Kutur were aligned kneeling before Ruthar's huge erection! He smiled and waved his head. The first Kutur, stood up, but he was so much shorter than Ruthar he only reached his upper abdomen. The Kutur seemed to be in trance; he opened his mouth and wrapped it around the giant cock head, sucking gently and slowly while Ruthar spoke in a language Ben had never listened in his life! The Kutur moved faster and faster, but Ruthar kept chanting his mantra, now flexing his gigantic arms and twisting his oversized nipples; the old muscular Shaman grabbed the Kutur by his tiny waist with his bare hand and lifted the warrior over his head! Two more approached and kept working on Ruthar's shaft, and the shaman got louder and louder in his mantra as he held the first Kutur aloft. Ben couldn't understand anything which passed, but he was so excited, his own cock, although only four and a half inches, was pretty hard, and he was feeling things he never dreamt of! Ruthar now turned to Ben, looking magnificent with two huge Kutur fighting to suck his giant cock, and curling the third one like he was a dumbbell. The other Kutur were all jerking off their also huge cocks and chanting the same mantra Ruthar was reciting. Then the super muscular shaman grabbed another Kutur and started pumping him up and down too. He turned and fixed Ben with a piercing stare. "WITH THE BLESSINGS OF HUWANA KUTUR SHALL WE GROW BIGGER AND STRONGER!" Then Ruthar said something in his language and his giant cock exploded into magahonny! Ben understood what it meant, because it was really a FLOOD! Ruthar kept chanting his mantra and cumming powerfully and with great volume. Each Kutur drank a large share of Ruthar's essence straight from the source, sucking and slurping like famished puppies. Ruthar had this peaceful look on his face, caressing each Kutur as he drank. This ritual went on for over an hour, and Ruthar had to perform the mantra two more times to feed all the huge and hungry Kutur. Amazingly, each feeding Kutur started growing bigger, more muscular from the very beginning of his feeding. Their arms, legs, and chest all expanded, and even their cocks got bigger than they'd been only moments earlier, and the feeding didn't finish until Ruthar kneeled and to receive in turn that which he had just given -- one by one, Ruthar took each Kutur within him and brought him to climax, feeding on the strength-giving fluid of all two dozen virile warriors, growing more with each feeding. The smell of cum and sweat filled the room, but it didn't bother Ben, it felt natural and comfortable for him. Once the last warrior had offered himself, the Kutur saluted their Shaman respectfully and left the cave, leaving an even bigger Ruthar alone with an amazed and excited, Ben. Ruthar flexed a couple of times, trying out his new mass, enjoying the feel of his larger muscles, and even sampling the stronger male muskiness of his arm pits. "You've just witnessed the Kutur ritual; it is the way I keep your sacred warriors huge and big for you Huwana! I promise, you'll grow much more than me, noble child! It's your destiny! Now drink this; it will start the growth process." The shaman gave Ben one herbal potion, with a bitter taste, and then cleansed the boy's mouth. The enormous Shaman grabbed Ben's hand and led the boy to a water fall behind the altar. Ben was following close behind; he was struck by the incredibly masculine assurance and grace with which he moved, and by the astounding beauty of the perfect male form in front of him -- each muscle perfectly shaped, surrounded by deep cuts that displayed each bulge with great balance and artistry. So intently was he watching Ruthar that he was unaware of the pool of cold water until he was knee deep in it. He jumped -- "What?!? -- Oh." Ruthar chuckled. "The water is cold, but I'll keep you warm with my body heat!" Ruthar picked Ben up, held him against his body and waded out into deeper water. "These waters are sacred my child, only the shaman is allowed to bathe in them, but you the Huwana, is also allowed. This sacred water cleans not only our bodies, but our souls as well," Ruthar said in Ben's ears. "Now I will clean your holy being--" Ruthar started bathing Ben's hard little muscles. "You're already very big for your age, noble child; soon you'll be the biggest man in the world!" His giant hands gently caressed each part of Ben's firm body, bathing the boy carefully. Ben felt so weird; maybe it was the potion he drank, his cock was so hard it ached. But the moment Ruthar gently stroked it with his fingers, a new sensation exploded! Ben never knew what hit him. Ruthar only stroked his tiny cock three times before Ben's little body convulsed and his cock felt like burning! He held on Ruthar's thick neck to avoid falling, as the old shaman continued stroking the cock for a little longer before kissing Ben's cheekbones. "It was your very first orgasm, my noble child! You are not ready to flood magahonny, but you soon will, and that is when you can start to grow. Until then, you should come to the monthly rituals. Whenever the moon is full, you'll hear my calling. The music will lead you back here easily." Will I grow as much as you?" Ben asked in his excited tone. "And more, but you must be patient, my son." Ruthar, hugged him as tight as he could without crushing the boy. "And until you do and become our protector, I will be your protector -- your father. And right now -- I believe it is time to eat," and Ruthar led Ben back inside. There, they found two of the now even huger Kutur serving the meal. Ben never saw so much food in his life, and it was so delicious! When they were done, the shaman finally said, "If you want, you can live with me here! It will be easier to make you grow!" Ben didn't want to leave Tommy alone! _No, Ruthar -- father, Tommy is my brother, and I can't leave him alone," the boy said as he begged to be put back on the ground! Ruthar's look was a little sadder: "As you wish, but remember you can't tell Tommy anything about us, do you understand?" Ruthar caressed his shoulders. "No one, except our people, is allowed to come to these sacred lands!" "But Tommy is my brother!" Ben argued. "You know that's not true--not really.. You told me this boy has skin the color of the sand, and hair as golden as the sun -- he cannot truly be your brother!" "But to me, he is. and I love him like a brother. Ruthar, you have just asked me to call you `father,' and to love you as a father, yet you are not my real father! To me, it is exactly the same with Tommy." Ruthar was caught. The boy was right about that.. "What if Tommy was not the one of whom they'd been warned? No, it couldn't be. The omen, remember the omen!" They couldn't afford to risk it! "You may love him, but it doesn't make him one of us! So, please, speak not of us to him!" Ruthar said and crossed his enormous arms over his mighty chest. "As the ruler of the Kutur, I forbid you to tell him!"

"Yes, Ruthar," conceded Ben as he turned to leave. Ben was saddened, but he knew he had to obey Ruthar -- the last time he disobeyed his father, he ended up dead! Ben knew he would feel guilty about that; he wouldn't let it happen once more!

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