Chronicles of the Brood: Cry of the Full Moon -- Gemini

I haven’t even parked my jeep, but something in the air already triggered my keen senses, the hair on my arms ruffled up, my breath became faster, the adrenaline already affecting my muscles, forcing the blood to go deeper in my body, which made me look even more pumped.

The source for such unexpected perturbation was clear to me; a brand new, big, shining metallic red modern styled motor bike parked at the right side of my jeep, my nose already identified the familiar odor coming from the fast vehicle. I got of my car and adjusted my stance – I wanted to make an even more outstanding impression not just over those I originally intended, but especially over this uninvited guest who had broken one of the most important ethic rules of the Brood.

Taylor & Son was the name of this tiny general store, which was, however, the exact size for such a small town at the outskirts of the forest, most of its clients were locals and the occasional nature lovers who usually camped at the lake margins or up in the mountains.

Inside the store, it was almost empty like usual, there were only two young fellows working there, who, despite the name of the store, were not actually sons of the owner, just two nephews of his wife. Suddenly, for them, the door opened violently, which sent the little bell to ring scandalously when my humongous figure squeezed through the frame.

I usually avoided causing such commotion, today; however, I really needed to restate my hugeness and overwhelming muscularity, not to mention my uncanny virility. I was dressed in my favorite style; jeans pants comfortably worn out because of the thickness of my thighs, my sleeveless flannel shirt opened to the very two last buttons, because of the incredible thickness of my chest, my big sunshades reflected the beauty of the store’s attendant looking right up at me.

“Oh, good morning Mister Brock, what a lovely day it is huh?”

Although my look was absolutely intimidating for anyone else, that gorgeous lad dressed in the blue polo shirt had grown used to see this 7’3” tall 467 pounds massive Native-American middle aged man of hugely impervious muscles. My shoulder length cascaded manly mane still kept the original dark brown shade, though a few grey locks had recently sprouted, I really cherished these signs of my age, mostly because it also reassured my overall magnificence and superiority over the weakling humans and even among my kindred.

Smiling down at the gorgeous young man, I just took off my shades and casually looked around the interior of the store, ceasing the time to locate the source for the rotten smell of an intruder.

“Good morning Toby, how are things going with you, buddy?” I said with an unexpected tenderness on my voice tone, probably because that 6’ tall 170 pounds blond muscular young man was at the prime of his short length existence, and there’s nothing more beautiful for a predator than starring at the perfection of the fittest preys.

As usual, Toby blushed intensely, but he always managed to disguise such embarrassing reaction to my flattering greeting. “I’m doing great, sir, how can we help you today?”

Although dressed in that stupid blue apron and the ridiculous green cap, that boy always made his unflattering uniform look almost decent, at least his bulging strong arms filled the polo shirt magnificently, and the naturally developed pectoral muscles were big enough to press his juicy nipples against the fabric, I could almost taste the sensible skin on those delicious protuberances against my sharp teeth.

“Well, I was wondering if you guys have gotten my order yet…” I casually replied, noticing that Toby’s eyes widened.

“Oh, your supplements, but of course, Mr. Brock, we can’t disappoint our best customer! It’s right there at the storage room…” Toby replied a bit too excited, but I could understand his reaction, after all, he did feel proud for helping me to keep in such marvelous shape, thought he was still far from the real reason of my physical excellence.

I smiled back at him. “Thanks, dude, but where is your brother, hasn’t he come to work today?” I asked in a fake casual tone.

“Oh, Tommy is right there with a customer…” Toby pointed to his side.

My eyes squeezed and I could feel my muscles bulging and pumping out almost involuntarily, and all because Toby had just pointed to exact direction where the irritating smell of disturbance came so I quickly put things together.

“Sweet, I’ll just grab some other stuff I need…”I barely grumped at Toby, feeling the smell growing stronger in my nose. At each step I took, my muscles flexed and tensed harder, anticipating confrontation and hostility.

While Crossing the cereals isle, it was then I heard some laughter; so I just pretended to be looking for a certain product because soon I met Tommy in all the youthful handsomeness of his tight lean 175 pounds of muscles very well distributed in the 5’11 and7/8 inches tall frame (not even the brothers have precisely noticed such slight height difference between them, but my sharp vision had caught such slight detail a long time ago).

Unfortunately like I had anticipated, Tommy was not alone; right at his side I saw the reason of my disturbance: a 6’6” tall young man, who looked quite impressive for anyone else but me; the typical professional bodybuilder wannabe type, with buzz cut hair dressed in tight spandex clothing, the guy chewed his gum like it could disguise the fact that he was drooling all over the twin attendants.

“So did you get everything you needed, Mister Stanton?” Tommy asked with an enthusiastically attitude, impressed by the size of the 280ish pounds brute, after all I was the only huge man he was used to see, though that Stanton fellow hardly qualified as huge according to the standards of his lineage.

“Please, just call me Roger, I am not that much older than you Tommy…” I noticed the nerve of the little fucker as he poured his Brooder essence even stronger to provoke any reaction from the innocent human prey.

However I had been pouring my own smell at full force, just to uncover any trace of that skinny’s puny odor from my territory, when the shorter Brooder smelled my essence instead of his he just looked up at me scared, which also brought Tommy’s attention.

“Oh, hey there Brock!” The blond guy grinned up at my massive stance. “I was just telling my friend Buck over here about you, the biggest man I’ve ever seen!”

I grinned at his comment, making sure to face down my opponent.

“Oh, these boys, they are always impressed by my size.” I said offering my huge hairy hand down to the much smaller disguised brooder. “And who is this new friend of yours?”

The idiot suddenly realized I was talking to him. “R-Roger Stanton…erm… nice to meet you…Brock” the youngster said shaking my hand, he had the nerve to check if I was a brooder by squeezing my hand with his full strength, his handshake could actually smash iron bars but to me it was ridiculously weak, so I just crushed his hand so tight that poor Roger grimaced out of pain.

“Nice to meet you, too, Roger. Is that your bike parked outside?” I asked pretending I hadn’t noticed the pain the little fellow was going through.

“Erm… sure… it is mine…” The guy was visibly puzzled by my presence.

“Mr. Stanton is staying in the town as he prepares for a bodybuilding show; he wanted to buy lots of supplements but the only ones we have are already reserved for you!” Tommy said as he showed the things this new client of him had purchased instead of the supplements, which was obviously an excuse to make small talk with that hottie.

“Really? Well I hate to disappoint you dude, but I really need those, after all I need to stay that big for my boys…” I said at once, looking harshly to the intruder, who barely smirked at me. “Well you could spare just a little with a fellow muscle man…”

I decided that I had heard enough. “Erm… Tommy I hate to bother you, but can you get my supplements back there at once?”

Tommy noticed that I wasn’t joking around so he just adjusted his stance “Right away, Brock!” He said as he walked towards the storage room. Meanwhile, the Stanton fellow looked up at me, he was clearly nervous, and I could smell fear in his sweat.

I leaned down to face him and walked closer to his much smaller figure “Who the fuck gave you the right to come into my area?” Although I was barely whispering my voice tone indicated my authority.

Roger completely chickened out “L-look, man I’m sorry I had no idea there was a brooder in here already, but that’s okay dude, w-we can share those two, man they sure are into massive men…”

I snared while grabbed the puny man by his collar “Yes, those two are into massive guys, but they are BOTH mine, I’m the honcho brooder, and no one breaks into my breeding stock!”

Roger managed to slip from my grip and fell on his ass, but he quickly stood up, though still very scared; Stanton had the nerve to invoke his brooder form against me, which could totally tell our secrecy, so I just held him firmly by the neck and lifted the ignorant bastard up high so his head was almost brushing the ceiling.

“What the fuck are you doing? Didn’t they teach you we can’t change near humans without a reason?” I asked while I made sure that inconvenient youngster wouldn’t ruin the Brood cover up.

“You… are …transformed…” Buck protested like a pathetic child. Clearly that puppy had never been properly trained. “You have no idea of who I am, huh puppy?” I said making sure his throat wasn’t completely blocked; after all I didn’t want to strangle a fellow brooder, even if he was a little brat.

The poor bastard tried to wave his head, but he clearly couldn’t move. I slowly lowered him down but warned the scrawny brooder that if he changed I’d beat the crap out of his skinny body, so Roger stayed there looking up at me like the stupefied imbecile he really was.

“First of all, this ain’t my brooder size, this is my human version, you moron!” I said with despise while the little puppy just gulped down, noticing he had clearly bitten more than he could ever chew.

“Second, you have just broken into the breeding stock of a Sage, what’s worse, you’ve done it in the first night of full moon; which gives me all the right to kill you” I said with a powerful look that suddenly sent the little puppy into horror.

“Oh shit… you’re a SAGE? I…didn’t mean, shit I was just passing by and felt the smell of receptive humans, I’m sorry… oh please don’t you kill me, sir, please!!!” I noticed right away this puppy still hasn’t lost all his human weaknesses, his fear was so great that he actually peed his pants, this clearly was a puppy who had bite more than he could ever possibly chew.

I took my hands at my waist and just leaned forward “You should crawl back to master’s protection and beg for his forgiveness, no puppy is ready for the Hunt until he knows and respects the rules of the Brood, now GET LOST!” I grunted kicking the legs of that loser bastard, who just jumped and rushed through the doors, dropping everything in front of him.

Toby watched mesmerized as Buck simply busted out of the store, he just grabbed his bike and hit the road without ever coming back. Attracted by all the noise Buck caused Tommy got back from the storage room without my order.

“What’s just happened? Where’s Roger going?” The lad asked intrigued but also noticeably disappointed.

“That little shit was up to no good, boys, he got panicked when I noticed his intents, and tried to attack me, but you know I’m tough enough to handle such tiny guy!” I know I was lying about the real reason why that poor guy ran away, but they wouldn’t understand if I told them the naked truth.

Tommy looked at the mess Buck had done and noticed the yellow liquid in the floor.

“Holy fuck, this is pee! How come there’s pee on the floor?” Tommy asked as he grabbed the mop.

“Well, once I realized what he only wanted to harm you boys I had to be pretty rough with the little guy, and you know I can be pretty scary when I want…” I said with a low tone, looking down at Tommy’s shocked face.

“WOW! You’ve made a huge guy like that to pee his pants? You are really a powerhouse, Brock!” I could sense the exact extent of Tommy’s excitement in his voice, unlike Toby who was a bit more demure; Tommy liked to be loud, fun and outgoing.

“What’s going on here?” Toby asked while approaching the peeing scene.

“That guy was a robber and Brock scared the hell out of that guy, he even wet his pants!” Tommy said very excitedly, but Toby just remained quietly shocked.

“No wonder he left in such a hurry, thanks god you were here Brock, that guy was pretty big, he could have us both hostages if he wanted!” Toby finally said as he touched my arm, and I felt on his touch that he was not only relieved, but just as aroused as his twin brother.

Tommy surely was the one most bothered about being an identical twin, therefore he tried to disguise their similarities with some smart touches, such as the ring on his right ear, the tattoo on the left shoulder, or simply the haircut that he kept a bit longer and shaggier than his brother’s neat hairdo, but they still mistook Toby by Tommy in a regular basis. Because they were still the same richly tanned blond haired, green eyed gorgeous lads that always charmed the inhabitants of that small town.

“Well, boys, let me pay for the damages that little dude caused, after all I was the one who scared him…” I said reaching for my wallet, but both of them jumped in protest.

“We can’t let that happen, Brock, you’ve just saved our asses!” Tommy said as he finished mopping the floor.

“It wouldn’t be fair, Brock, you are our best customer and you already did so much for us, it’s the least we can do…” Toby added in his calmer tone.

I smiled down at my “little boys” though they were one of the tallest men in the the town, to me they were just cute young lads that made my brooder instincts go crazy.

“Well, it’s okay as long as you guys don’t pay for the damages from your own pockets…” I said trying to help my mouth from salivating.

“Don’t worry, it’s only a few items, Mister Taylor won’t even notice…” Tommy added, trying to dissuade me from paying for the stuff that little intruder broke.

Toby suddenly smacked his forehead “Tommy, did you get Brock’s order from the storage room?”

The twin brother repeated the same gesture, which actually made them both even more precious to me. “Shit! I totally forgot, I couldn’t find it back at the storage room, are you sure it was there?”

“Of course I do, I always make sure Brock’s supplements are delivered in time, but I guess you’ve probably messed with the stuff I had organized!” Toby said, clearly losing his temper.

“Hey, I’m telling you it was not there!” Tommy said out loud, but before they could start arguing I came up with a wonderful idea.

“Guys, guys, that’s okay, you’ve been through a lot today, there’s no need to attack each other!” I rested one huge hand of mine over each brother’s shoulder and lowered my voice tone, the soothing effect of my calm slowly passed onto the twins and they felt better, and after a few moments they both excused for the incident.

“Tell you what; I’m sure my stuff is back there, so why don’t you drop it at my house later tonight?”

Tommy seemed interested in that proposition, although their store had no such thing as a delivery service. “Sure, Brock, I can drop it by as soon as we find it…”

I chuckled. “No, not like delivery service, I mean… why don’t both of you drop by my place; I am tired of being alone every single night, and you boys are fun. We could play some pool, watch sports, and just hang out. So what do you say?”

The brothers exchanged looks before they answered my invitation.

“Well, I will be definitely there, but I know and old guy who needs to be in bed by ten…” Tommy chuckled as he got rid of the broken merchandise.

“T-that’s not true!” Toby protested “It’s just not necessary to bother with us, we’re already in debt with you…”He said in his cute blushing way.

I gently shook the tight muscles on Toby’s body “Oh come on Toby, if you don’t want to see me upset, you might as well come along, we’ll have some food, drink some beers and chat like friends…” I insisted because that kid was indeed very shy and timid.

“But, we are both under 21, sir…” Toby replied in a whispering tone that made me and his brother laugh out loud.

“See what I mean? He’s so uptight!” Tommy exclaimed to emphasize the difference between their behaviors but I know they weren’t that different at all.

I just grinned down at the nerdy stunning lad “That’s alright Toby, I am not asking you to buy the beer, I’m offering you one, and you’re old enough to have a drink in my house! You guys deserve a break after spending all your days working in that store!” I hugged them both and squeezed their tight bodies against my huge muscles, making sure they could feel a closer effect of my bodily scent.

“You got it, Brock! We’ll be there tonight!” Just as expected, Tommy acted enthusiastically while Toby just nodded his pretty head, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t as excited as his sibling. I let go of my delicious duo, and proceeded to the door.

“Okay guys, I’m counting on you!” I said adjusting my shades as I headed outside the tiny store, knowing that both of those tiny guys salivated over my massive muscular butt bulging underneath my super tight worn out jeans pants.

Refreshed by the absence of any invader Brooder’s smell, I drove the jeep back to my haven with a grin of excitement frozen in my lips. I knew I still had a couple of hours to the evening, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for tonight. Soon, Toby and Tommy would be there in my haven, under my wings and over my ruling, for the first night, and, hopefully for the rest of them. Those boys were very special to me, and I’ve been waiting for this night, in fact this wait had been the hardest and most revealing times of my Hunt.

A few years ago, I was merely passing by that miserable little town, pursuing a decent hunting area to settle, when I captured the signs of possible brooder pledges, which is not uncommon, but those signs were so pungent, so uncannily strong that it quickly drew my attention as well my other instincts with such passion and intensity, that I just decided to investigate such unexpected blessing from Gaia. However, I soon realized that many other kindred have also been attracted by such remarkable presences, but none of them seemed to have figured out who could be emanating such overwhelmingly luring smell.

It took me a while to locate the source of such attracting fragrance, especially because that was not a place that would naturally attract a brooder; it was just a mundane human little town, inhabited by narrow minded filthy weakling men and their conjoint environmental disturbance.

I spent several days depending solely on my smelling sense to decode such delightfully intriguing challenge, even though such method actually drew too much attention over me, after all we are talking of a 7’3 tall massively muscular man walking around this little town sniffing like some dog.

After two days of meticulous investigation, the results were not promising at all, to the point that I even considered giving up this dead end pursuit. Fortunately, in the morning of the very next day, I met the Henderson twins who were barely 14 years old then; and I would never forget the first time I laid my eyes over such special boys, because I knew I had found out who has been pulling me into that miserable little human settlement...

Toby and Tommy were both fishing in the lake under the warm sun of a spring morning, the twins casually lay over the sward while waiting for the fishes to bite; even from afar I could devise the radiance of their white smiles, their maturing features would soon blossom into exemplary specimen of male beauty, the tight muscles augmenting because of the hormonal revolution happening inside them, even the delicate peach fuzz over their fairest skin looked tenderly cute, challenging the spectator to caress its softness.

The siblings innocently behaved like any other boys, one testing his strength over the other, to see who could establish physical dominance in the end, but I noticed right away a very close connection to the Brood. As many teenagers, the Henderson twins were horsing around, playfully fighting each other, which soon ended up in an improvised wrestling match at the lake margins, and such exuberance in their youthful joy clearly attracted the meticulous gaze of this old Brooder.

I knew that at least one of them produced the unmistakable smell that lured members of my kind, but fortunately for them, I was the first one to locate such precious treasure. They were still underage, but many young brooders don’t respect human laws, what to say about their morality boundaries, so the twin teenagers actually were in a grave danger of being savagely violated, because most of my kind would just regard Toby and Tommy as delicious sexual treats and probably would measure no effort to satisfy the overwhelming lust this stench provokes over us, but I was already a Sage, which means that I had lived long enough to fully understand the rules of the Hunt.

Brooders don’t just age; they actually evolve with time, becoming even more sensitive and connected to the signs unveiled by the Wilderness. Unlike humans, whose inferior bodies get weaker as they grow more experienced, Brooders actually reach their full potential as they overcome the challenge of survival; given the extreme competition for the best hunting areas and the constant dispute among the kindred clans, the longer one Brooder lives, the more opportunities he has to develop his physical potential, because among us, the only enforcing law is the law of the fittest.

Being a Sage among my peers means that I have lived and hunted for many full moons, a time long enough to grow bigger and stronger than most of my fellow kindred, to the point that I am given the privilege to establish my own haven from where I shall enforce the rules and traditions of the Brood, keeping all the youngsters, and not just my puppies, under my ironclad leadership.

Watching those delicious boys playing innocently, completely unaware of such close perils actually awoke a strong paternal instinct inside of me; suddenly I felt this urge to protect those boys. I’ve always been proud of my offspring, over these many years; I have brought several brooders into the Hunt. If those boys were actually potential pledges, then as one of the most powerful brooders, it was my duty to watch over them, claiming my rightful progeny over their promising future, but also assuming the duty of keeping them safe from harm until they were ready to join the dangers and the pleasures of the Hunt.

So, time has passed and I established my haven in that improbable area, driven by my clan leader instincts, although this initial noble intent might have been corrupted over the years, because if I once looked at the Henderson Twins like forsaken potential puppies who needed my protection, as they grew older, blossoming into these uncanny specimen of mankind perfection, their luring odor only grew stronger and more powerful, they exhaled such pungent fragrance that even this Sage faced hard times trying to overcome their call. What’s worse, because they are identical twins, their fragrances are so similar that I can’t tell who the one calling out for the Brood really is, and there’s a good chance that both of them are indeed pledges for the Hunt.

Those boys had become my obsession. I have gotten very close to them, though they still regarded me as some kind of “older buddy”, I know for sure both of them are madly attracted to my massiveness, but at the same time they are scared not only from their family but especially of my reaction, despite my scandalously obvious lust after their tight lean muscles.

Every night I could smell and even taste those boys all the way from my haven, and I must admit they were driving me crazy. I’ve patiently waited for their coming of age, especially because they proved their worth, they are not cowards and weak minded like most of humans, their hearts are strong and determined, which only augmented my lust over them.

Actually, over the years I’ve lusted after those boys so much, that not even with the help of many Brood youngsters I am able to release all this horniness stacked inside my humongous body. There have been times that I have worn out several adult Brooders, not even the animalistic mating rituals of our powerful race is enough to completely deplete the incredible enhancement the Henderson boys have caused to my already enormous sex drive, and tonight, I will finally be with them, so this make me feels like my early days in the Hunt, even though it had passed nearly two centuries ever since those times.

Even after years of restraining myself to just watch while Tommy and Toby were growing into the beautiful lads they are today, I still can’t tell exactly which twin is the receptive and I don’t think I can wait much longer, because while they grew older, their fragrance surely become more attractive and luring, that’s why Buck ended up here, but there have been other invaders into my haven before, and trespassers are popping out more frequently, but fortunately, for me, the Henderson twins had just turned eighteen, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, because I could feel the blue moon coming closer.

The Blue moon has no special meaning for weakling human society, their scientists believe a different refraction phenomenon happens in the Earth’s atmosphere, causing the Moon to seem clearer and brighter, but Brooders know better, we feel this is a form of our beloved nature to bless our superior race, all the rituals conducted during the holy nights of the Blue Moon are likely to be more powerful, especially the transformation ceremony.

That’s why I’ve always believed that when the Mother Moon came in full glory twice within the same month, it should be always regarded as an omen for sacred events about to happen, and right now I couldn’t be any surer of such statement. Thanks to my patience and determination I was able to bring these two extraordinary lads and their luring fragrance to me in the first night of the Blue Moon.


The afternoon slowly lingered, while I tried to minimize my own excitement by checking and rechecking the preparations for our little party. I even spent an extra time working out even harder than my usual, to make sure my Brooder smell is really extra powerful tonight, it is crucial for the pledges to feel overwhelmed by my presence , the success of their translation depended on their complete submission to my pheromones.

The cloak of darkness had barely fallen over the skies but I soon heard the unmistakable sound of the twins’ old pickup getting closer; since they couldn’t afford a new one, they had to settle for that 1982 Ford, which was surely an old piece of junk.

Not even the horrible smoke pouring out of the old vehicle could overwhelm their delicious fragrance. I sniffed the air with gusto, inhaling the smell that caused my senses to get sharper and wilder – at the same time I was happy because I’d finally get done with this mission, but I couldn’t deny a certain sadness for the possible outcomes; if one of them couldn’t pass the ritual…

I shook my head vigorously, trying not to consider such horrible possibilities; I glanced upon the clock and noticed it was barely 8 hours.

While that loud piece of scrap slowly approached down the road, I could barely hold myself not to run down the hill and bring those two at once, but since I assumed those boys were just as anxious as I had been all day long, my inner predator couldn’t resist to peep over my delicious lads so I turned all the lights off, hiding in the darkness to pay close attention to Toby and Tommy.

Under such stealth, I managed to control my anxiety and waited patiently at the living room, hearing their comments about the size of my three stored log house. Though I spent thousands of dollars per month at the store, both of the twins never expected me to live in a very large mansion crusted in the middle of the forest, built atop of a hill at the margins of a river.

Immersed in the darkness of my living room, I spotted the upcoming guests; they were indeed nervous though not about the reasons they should really worry about. Their smell invaded my senses and I took my time to overcome my lust, it was getting closer now, and I wouldn’t ruin such moment.

“Are you sure he’s at home? Everything is dark…” Toby considered for a second, while his brother just went ahead and pressed the ring.

“Of course he’s home, he had invited us remember? Now cut the crap and let’s have some fun…” The outgoing sibling encouraged his brother while they both waited under my porch. Before they engaged into another useless discussion, I opened the front door immediately noticing their failure to disguise the surprise at the sight of my humongous bare chested figure dressed only in comfortable dark sweatpants.

“Welcome guys! I am sorry it’s all dark, but I really like to enjoy the natural lights of the moon…” I greeted my guests with a confident smile, hearing their heartbeats going faster as they realized how stunningly amazing my hairy naked torso looked in such harsh light, the thick body hair descending down to my 8 pack stomach, the ampleness of my shoulders filling that oversized version of a regular doorframe.

“Erm… Good evening Mister Brock, I hope we didn’t get early…” Toby already apologized for showing up clearly overdressed for the occasion in his neat hairdo, stripped polo shirt, black jeans and even shining shoes.

“Don’t worry about this, buddy. I gave up trying to dress up for any occasion years ago, at my current size, you just can’t find much clothing, and so the simpler I dress the more comfortable I am!” I explained such false fashion statement while flexing my enormous pectorals to emphasize my arguments, and it literally cause Toby’s heart to skip a bit.

“Well I always prefer the casual stuff! And you were right; it really is a lovely night!”Tommy replied with his usual grin, he did look quite well in his jeans and a nice black shirt opened down to the third button showing muscular chest and the lovely chestnut fuzz which gently covered his tight muscles.

“Oh… here you have your order, Mr. Brock, I’m sorry for not delivering it earlier…” Toby snapped from the silent worship of my muscles and quickly apologized yet another time as he handled me the big box, which I caught easily in one hand.

“Okay, but you are in my house now, and I have two very strict rules: one is that I hate when youngsters keep calling me Mister or sir, just call me Brock, and two: let’s forget all about the incident, soon you two will laugh about it...” I instructed while leading the boys inside my house, turning on the lights as we entered, because I didn’t want those boys to hurt themselves bumping against the furniture.

Hopefully, soon they would never need artificial lights ever.

“WOW! You have a great place here, dude! I’ve never imagined you were loaded!” Tommy said admiring the good wooden furniture and the leather couch at the center of the room.

“Why, thank you, Tommy. I am not really loaded you know, but I can’t say I don’t live comfortably…”I brought three beers for us, Tommy quickly accepted his but Toby hesitated.

“Come on, buddy, you’ve turned 18 just a few days ago, consider this a belated toast for your coming of age!” I said lifting my bottle; Tommy soon joined me and Toby, after a minimum moment of hesitation soon celebrated with us.

“Here’s to a new beginning, for all of us!” I cheered. Tommy soon joined his bottle with mine and Toby finally jumped into our excitement.

“To new beginnings and great old friends!” The lad added suddenly overcoming his usual shy voice tone, surely contaminated by the cheer both Tommy and I demonstrated. Toby had barely savored his first sip “Oh… sorry I didn’t mean to call you old…” Toby already apologized again, which forced me his brother to laugh so hard he spilled beer through his nose.

I just chuckled while gently squeezing his shoulder.

“Do you really think I am offended by that? I am proud of my age, kid! Besides, I am indeed an old friend of yours, but I am also harder, stronger and much smarter than any young dumb dudes you might know.” I blinked, reassuring that I wasn’t offended by such innocent comment.

“Oh… you’re surely the biggest, hardest and stronger friend I ever had, Brock!” Toby said blushing even redder while his brother chuckled because of the shy lad’s own embarrassment.

“Speaking of age, how old are you anyway?” Tommy asked without any hesitation.

I approached the other twin and towered over him in purpose, though Tommy did not demonstrate his excitement about my humongous size, I could clearly feel his heartbeat, the rhythm of his breathing, and the slightest signals that indicated he was just as nervous as Toby.

“How old do you think I am?” I asked at once.

“Erm… I don’t know… 45?” The beautiful lad spoke, afraid that if he guessed a higher age he could eventually hurt my feelings. I drunk all my beer and waved my head, turning ample back on Tommy and walked towards of the games room, knowing my guests would automatically follow me.

“It’s been a long while since I was 45 Tommy. I’m turning 70 in a couple of months…” I casually said while I adjusted the pool table. Although I wasn’t actually looking at them, I just knew the look of shock in their faces.

“Wh… I … mean… WHOA! You’re 69? But that’s… that’s…” Tommy couldn’t even finish the sentence, but before he could embarrass himself even more, Toby came in his rescue.

“What Tommy means is that you look incredible for your age, or any other age for that matter, don’t you bro?” Toby apologized for his brother while ha handled the spellbound lad his own billiard cue.

I looked down at the handsome lads with a smirk.

“Listen, boys, you don’t have to tell me I look great for my age, I fucking know that. Like I said, I know I’m by far strongest man in the area, that Buck fellow wet his pants because he knew pretty well I’m tougher than him, and the same applies to any other youngster, including both of you. Old Brock here can kick your pretty asses in any possible competition against you…”

The tone in my voice was harsh, authoritarian indeed, but instead of scaring my pretty boys, it actually brought them closer to me, I could notice my pungent smell already working its effects. They had felt my brood odor before, but I always took care not to overcharge their senses, though it wouldn’t happen tonight. They’d be fully exposed to my manliness because it was needed for the transition ritual.

Tommy took a long sip of his beer while Toby visibly gasped because of my comment. I actually enjoyed such awkward moment, because it gave me opportunity to mess with their emotions, for the predator I really was, there was no better feeling than taunting my preys, even if they would succeed upcoming trials. I inhaled to make chest look even bigger, giving a challenging look to the boys who clearly regretted mentioning anything about my age.

“Shit… Brock… I’m sorry…” Tommy tried but it would be his twin brother the one to finally overcome my little game.

“Yeah, besides, why would we want to challenge you? Let’s not forget that you saved our asses in the store today, we are just used to see lazy older guys, but we are sorry if we sounded disrespectful…”

The sound of my thundering laughter must have puzzled those poor minds even more.

“If you guys could see your faces right now…” I continued laughing as I took the first shoot at the pool, making a huge noise as my powerful hit moved the balls around the table. I knew they were still somewhat unsure so, while they played I just got a new round of beers for us.

“Toby, Tommy, do you really think I can get mad at you just for admiring my great shape? Sure, most of youngsters like you simply can’t accept the fact that I am stronger and more capable, but it’s their problem not mine. You dudes are good people!” I said before I gulped my second bottle in just one long sip, finishing my argument with a loud belch.

The boys smiled relieved, taking my lead they also tried to empty their bottles, although it took them considerably longer to turn it all down. Toby involuntarily belched even louder than me, which forced Tommy to laugh when he noticed how red Toby’s face turned, but I was sure it wasn’t not just because of the alcohol, the Henderson twins already showed clear signs of excitement.

We played some pool and just as it would be expected, I simply kicked their butts in successive matches; though these boys were indeed much better than I anticipated, they still lacked my superior senses and skills. After a few rounds and extra beers, Toby felt his little bladder filled, so he excused himself and headed to the bathroom, leaving me and his deliciously teasing brother alone in the game room.

I could see that Tommy would lose no time “That last shot of yours was really impressive can you teach me someday?” the lad asked looking at me, and I didn’t need to be an experienced Brooder to take such obvious clue, so I just finished yet another beer and replied “There’s no better moment than now…”

I positioned myself behind Tommy, making sure to accidentally rub my bulge against his firm bubble butt. The blond lad’s heart almost stopped when he felt my movement, but he still tried to keep his coolness. I stared him while our bodies spooned, my enormous physique suddenly engulfed Tommy’s lean figure, and the lad could feel pressure of my muscles gently crushing his body against the pool table.

“To make that shot all you need is to focus at the opposite corner and then try to hit the ball in a 30 degrees angle. Of course, the harder you hit the ball the easier to accomplish the goal.” I said before I shot with a massive strength, that clearly proved my point because I had just repeated the incredible feat Tommy asked me to teach him.

“Shit… that smell again… Something huge must have died in the woods” Tommy commented, his senses already overwhelmed by my odor and by then, that lad didn’t even cared about learning the tips he asked me, he just loved the fact to be under my colossal muscles, but I also felt really compelled to end up with all that chase and demand my rightful reward as the Alpha Brooder.

“Maybe we should do something to make you forget about that smell huh?” My voice sounded even deeper and more masculine, I forgot all about my plans and licked the delicious ear lobes of my dazzling beautiful lad, because the Henderson’s luring smell had grown stronger once they were both in the same place for such long time, not to mention that once I had increased my own odor, the natural reaction was intensifying the brood lure scent just as much.

Tommy literally purred, staring at me with a challenging smile. “And I thought you would never make a move…” His teasing grin was just adorable.

I sneered at his comment, and just to show that boy how wrong he really was, I placed my massive arms around him, leaning my humongous chest over his small golden head.

“There’s no need to rush kid… The night is just beginning and you have no idea what’s coming for you…” I wrapped my arms around him, easily lifting his light body over the pool table.

Our kiss was a literal explosion of mutual lust. I have to say that Tommy knew a thing or two about kissing, though he was still far from being upgraded to my league, even so I enjoyed his eager tongue trying to encompass my bigger one; the puppy really was greedy because he kept trying to take the lead of our kiss, but my bigger size and superior skills were just too much for him, so he just quit his attempts and let me teach him how two men really kissed.

Suddenly, I heard someone gasping from the corridor. I quickly stood up and headed towards my studio; leaving Tommy over the table, fortunately he was still too light headed from such overdose of my own musky odor to notice my absence.
I quickly got to the room to find Toby staring at me with a shocked face. Judging by his expression, the boy seemed impressed by something else, even though, from that spot he could have perfectly seen the kiss between Tommy and me. I soon realized his exaggerated reaction was just caused by the little alcohol he had drunk.

“What is it buddy? Have you seen something that scared you?” I asked already fearing that Toby had been through more than he was supposed to bear, which would mean he couldn’t take part in the Hunt; but to my fortunate surprise the boy was actually pointing at the wall behind the office desk.

Toby gasped as he entered the office and took the diploma hanging behind the desk.

“Brock, are you really a doctor?” The curious lad asked with a look of admiration in his pretty face, and I just chuckled because it was a great relief to notice he was just admiring the fact that I was well educated despite all my manly brawn.

“Well, you could say that, though in fact I am a Biologist… I got my doctorate degree researching the hunting habits of large predator mammals. You know the kind: lions, pumas, bears, wolves...” I gently said as I placed my diploma back at the wall.

“Gee… I would have never guessed you were so well studied.” Toby smiled at me with a pensive expression “That’s probably why you like to live here, so close to the wild animals, but don’t you fear they might break into your house?” Toby seemed more outgoing; probably thanks to the beers he had tonight.

“Nah, it is just matter of mutual respect. I respect nature but all animals respect me above all things…” I said in a puzzling tone that caused Toby to blush, though at that time he wasn’t so shy to ask tricky questions anymore.

“You mean these wild animals should fear you instead of the contrary?” Toby chuckled deliberately poking my humongous chest, and I just grinned down at him.

“Let’s just say that if they’re smart, they’ll learn that it’s not healthy to mess up with old Brock here…” the cockiness on my attitude clearly had a great effect on Toby; unlike his twin brother, he actually seemed eager to submit himself into my authority. Toby stared at my pecs jutting right above his pretty little head, and I noticed he was actually savoring the smell of my humongous masculine body, the scent of a true brooder in all his glory.

Knowing his shyness was temporarily reduced thanks to the beers he drank and the musk of my body, I walked towards Toby; gently pushing him until I had literally cornered my deliciously frail prey at the wall, smiling as the boy instinctively sniffed more and more of my Brooder essence.

“You’ve made this old man really happy with your presence tonight, boy…” The husky tone on my voice sent Toby into an emotional turmoil, I felt his hands attempting to grope large portions of my ultra hard muscles, his fastened breathing trying to savor all my musk. I could see he was dying to kiss me, but the same respectful boy still resisted underneath the alcohol and pheromonal influence.

“Oh… Mister Brock…” Toby repeated with his eyes closed, trying to resist his urges, so I just placed my paw on the back of his head and gently lead his pretty face closer to mine.

“Just let it happen, Toby, we both know it’s gonna be awesome…” I smiled and pressed his head against mine. I allowed his lips to touch mine before I kissed him strongly with the accumulated desire of all those years watching the delicious blossoming of the Henderson twins.

I felt Toby melting in my arms as I hugged him tightly, maneuvering his body along my movements to make our kiss last longer, his little lungs were soon begging for air; I just allowed him to recover his breath, but not for too long because I felt him trying to slip from my embrace and I clearly didn’t want to let him go at such important moment, so I kissed Toby even harder and more passionately, overpowering any seconds thoughts, the blond cutie just surrendered to my humongous power.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Tommy suddenly said from the door; I was so focused in finally kissing Toby that any signs of Tommy’s approach were just ignored by my overwhelmed senses.

Toby suddenly shook in my arms, managing to slip between my thick muscles, though he was still embraced to my glorious body.

“Tommy… I… didn’t mean to… I'm sorry bro…” Toby tried to apologize but his brother clearly didn’t mind about any ridiculous excuse he could possibly come up with, it was clear that Tommy Henderson had the nerve to demand an explanation from no other than myself.

“You chose him over me? Are you fucking crazy?” Tommy asked poking my chest, but it felt like trying to poke a solid titanium wall, which led the rebel blond lad to immediately regret for his impetuous acts. I just inhaled deeply, making my chest expand before their widened eyes.

“Now you be very careful, kid, if you know what is best for you. Remember that if I can make big guys wet themselves, what to say about toothpicks like you…” The tone in my voice was loud and clear, but very harsh at the same time; I could feel both of them getting very nervous.

“Tommy… please don’t be mad with Brock, I shouldn’t have come along anyway…” Toby tried to make it seem like it was his fault but I just held his shoulders.

“There’s no one to blame in this case, boy, we both just wanted to kiss each other…” I announced looking down at Tommy’s shocked face.

“But… you had just kissed me back at the pool table…” Tommy replied, clearly wanting to hurt his sibling who just seemed even gloomier at that comment.

“Yeah, so…? I kissed you then I kissed your brother, you got a problem with that kid?” I asked gently pulling Toby closer to me.

Tommy seemed disgusted but he was clearly faking his alleged repulse. “So… you just wanted to taste before deciding which one you would pick huh?”

I laughed out loud, which clearly puzzled these brothers, the view of my muscles shaking violently from my powerful laughter can be both sexy and scary at the same time. “Yeah… you could say I’ve been sampling, but my pick was made a long time ago…”

The Henderson twins exchanged looks; both of them seemed confused about my strange behavior.

“Were you just toying with us?” Toby asked sounding broken hearted, but that only made me laugh even louder.

“You boys are just amazing… you look so much alike but deep inside you’re completely different!” I casually commented, while I let Toby go from my embrace and turned my back on my guests; I left the office back to the living room so I could have yet another beer.

Tommy was clearly not used to be treated that way, which only made him even angrier. “You can say whatever you want, but I'm outta here!” He stormed towards the door, but I simply kept my massive back turned at him while I opened my bottle.


The sound of voice was so powerful that even the usual nocturnal forest noises went quiet for a moment, and Tommy Henderson suddenly realized it would not be very wise to challenge the authoritarian tone in my voice, so he just obliged and politely sat on my couch while I comfortably adjusted on my arm chair right in front of the scared lad.

Toby was also very shocked to my reaction, but he seemed more put together than his sibling, so he just sat beside him and tried to be the reasonable one.

“Guys, let’s just calm down, okay, we are all friends here…” He tried to comfort Tommy, but his brother seemed really disturbed with everything going on, meanwhile I took my beer in one long sip, taking my time to belch sonorously before I started talking; the night was just beginning after all.

“Feeling calmer now, Tommy?” I purposely asked in a patronizing tone, which surely provoked the blond lad, though he managed to keep in control, probably because of my threatening size, in any case the lad nodded. “That’s nice. So can we talk like adults now?”

The twins looked at each other and then back at me. “I just want to know…” Tommy started but I just raised my finger. “You’ll talk when I let you talk!” I cut the impetuous young man so he would get used to some hierarchy. Though he seemed frustrated and furious, he knew it wouldn’t be wise to challenge my authority at that point.

“Well, first things first, I did not invite you guys here just to “pick” one of you, like it was said before, my mind was already made up a long time ago.” I looked at them for a moment that seemed to last forever.

“I want you Toby, and I want you too, Tommy. I want both of you guys with the same passion I know you guys want me too…” I finally told them very proud of my greedy choice.

“You… you can’t have both of us…” Toby hesitated but I just signed that he was allowed to speak. “This is impossible…” the shy lad said in a very low voice tone.

“Why is it impossible, Toby? Do you doubt that I am man enough to take you both as my lovers? Do you think I can’t please you guys until you’re exhausted?” I asked suddenly offended by the tone on Toby’s voice.

“That’s not the point, Brock…” Tommy looked up at me before he continued, asking for my permission to explain his thought, and so I just nodded my head along. “You… are so massive, and huge, there’s no doubt you can take both of us and many more, but the thing is… we…” Tommy blushed. “We thought that if you choose between one of us, so the other would be free to move away…”

I grinned at their explanation. “So you guys are fed up with living in that ridiculous town huh?”

Toby looked more secure now. “Yeah, but none of us wanted to leave before knowing who was the one you wanted, after all, only you can actually tell me apart from my brother…”

That explanation actually sounded like music for my ears. “So were you guys afraid of spending your life in this pigsty with dumb old me? Like I couldn’t give you enough excitement and emotion for more than a lifetime…”

The boys were silent for a moment, and then Toby stood up, getting closer to my body.

“You know we didn’t mean it, Brock. What we meant is that… well… we are clearly so into you that… if you chose either one of us, the other would have to move out of the city, because, it’s not easy to lose someone like you for… a twin brother.”

I caressed the cheek of my cute lad. “I don’t understand why you are making such fuzz about the fact I want both of you. After all, you’ve just said that you both have the hots for my muscles and my looks, why not making things simpler?” I asked easily grabbing Toby’s body and forcing him to sit on my lap, making him feel all the essence of my musky brooder essence.

Tommy stood up a bit reluctant. “Because… we are brothers, that’s incest!”

I laughed out loud; making sure Toby smelled so much of my essence that his poor senses were overwhelmed. “I never thought you would be the prude twin…” I waved my head as Tommy felt surprised by my reaction.

“Tommy, you’re the hottest guy of this town, and so are your brother, you both have been driving me crazy for all those years. I know you just look alike and you’re not the same person, but the main reason for your smoking looks is because there are two of you…” I said reaching my huge arm to grab the little guy.

“Remember, Tommy, you two are very special to me, I can give both of you all the pleasure and thrill for many lifetimes, and you will never regret joining you brother and me, I promise”

The rebel Henderson kept staring at the uncanny ball of muscle that peaked at my biceps, and all his doubts and second thoughts vanished from his blond head once his eager fingers touched the impossible hardness of my muscles. Tommy went quiet as he also accepted the power of my smell to overcome his own mind.

I embraced my little lads with all the excitement of my soul. I finally had both of the twins in my arms, and the timing was just perfect, because the blue moon was not far from appearing at the skies. The boys moaned under my arms, feeling the pressure of my muscles, the smell of my hairy dominance over their inferior senses, but also they made me hornier than ever, it was hard to keep my lust controlled, I still didn’t want to scare such special prey.

“Where…do we go from here?” Toby finally managed to ask, still feeling very insecure about all that. His eyes were so precious, I noticed the fear and excitement in them; above everything, those boys were counting on me to lead this new part of their lives.

“Well, what do you guys think about going out at my hot tub?” I opened my arms and watched the look of amazement in their faces, the very idea of the three of us in a hot tub under the moonlight was indeed incredibly exciting for all of us.

“If you asked me a few minutes before, I’d say I had no bathing suit…” Toby sneered as he opened his flier and proceeded to take off his pants. Tommy just grinned while he looked up at me. “I don’t know how it was possible but you broke his uptightness!”

I stood up in all my glory and gently picked my boys on my powerful arms. They were still unaware of the upcoming changes, but everything should be told in the due time.

The impressively big hot tub bubbled outside on the deck, the view over the valley was just breathtaking, the river and the forest merging into one single living being, the silvery shine of the night veil covering the horizon, the stars shone brighter in that absolutely limpid night.

I slowly lowered my boys until there were comfortably installed into the tub; the moon was about to rise up in the skies, the night was a bit chilly, which only made the warm bubbling bath even more pleasing. The pink complexion of my boys looked even more delicate when painted by the nightshades, the equally gorgeous features irradiating such soft, pale glow that not only incited all my lust and wild sex drive but at the same time had a soothing effect over my humongous body.

The Hendersons stood up; each one took one hand of mine and gently pulled me to join them at the tub, and so I sat between such deliciously sexy lads, with my arms around each twin, my hairy armpits still pouring incredible amounts of the Brood essence, which only made my boys even more susceptible to what was about to happen.

“Were you really waiting for us to grow up all those years?” Toby asked with a delightful curiosity drenched in his polite tone.

“You boys were absolutely worth to wait…” I said contemplating their unearthed beauty, caressing each blond boy very carefully and sensually, going down their golden locks and reaching for their strong necks, massaging behind their ears, which made both of them to purr out of pleasure.

“But… look at you… shit Brock you’re a mountain of muscle! Why would someone like you wait for a couple of boys to become adults? You can have any person you want!” Tommy exclaimed while he instinctively rubbed the massiveness of my right arm with his own chest.

“Who said I didn’t have any person I wanted while I waited for you? I just meant that while you two were getting ready for me, I was also getting ready for you because over these years, I only got bigger and more muscular…” I played with my pectoral shelves looking down at each twin, making sure they noticed my humongous chest filling out with more muscle and bouncing up and down for their very delight, I noticed the lust stirring stronger inside these young men, their skin pores were wide opened, releasing the adorable scent that made me even hornier than usual.

“Brock… sir… can I ask you a question?” Tommy seemed completely different from the kid back in my studio, his behavior towards me had totally shifted into my dominance, and it only took a few harsh words to tame his rebellion, which turned out much simpler than I had originally anticipated, though once he was transformed, I could already foresee some further problems with that puppy.

“Go ahead, puppy…” I granted his desire already anticipating the kind of questions he had. Tommy took a deep breath, filling his lungs with my smell, which only gave him more courage to speak.

“I need to know about this smell… you can feel it too don’t you? I mean… every time you’re around we feel this stench, and it’s so strong but no one else seems to feel it other than me…?” Tommy tried to explain his personal reasons, though it was unnecessary for me.

“Can no one else feel my smell you say?” I asked looking at Toby with my eyebrows arched, already telling that twin had been hiding something from his brother.

“I… am sorry Brock. I… can feel the smell too, I just didn’t want to let Tommy know because, and I didn’t want him to make jokes about your strong b. o…” Toby blushed, leaning his pretty head against my upper abdominal muscles.

I think my powerful laughter sounded less threatening and much more joyful this time, because twins were also smiling timidly at me. “So, Toby here was faking but you are right Tommy about the rest, no one else other than your brother could feel my “stench”!”

The lads got even more puzzled. “So this smell of yours, it is not just musk right?” Toby asked already charmed by the fact only he and his twin brother could smell such overwhelming fragrance.

“Yeah… I’ve scented some pretty rotten men, but never something like that…” Tommy added very excited.

“Well… I'm sure you’ve smelled something similar very recently, though not so strong and pungent like mine, but definitely the same kind of odor…”I started with an enigmatic tone in my voice. Though the boys couldn’t get the meaning of my words, the look on my face clearly indicated they would soon find out.

“Come on, just try to remember. I am sure you’ve smelled something similar at least earlier today…” I gave the hint while stroking their firm buttocks underwater. My boys enjoyed my touch quite a lot, but suddenly Tommy seemed to recall a very important detail.

“Shit… I remember feeling this smell when that guy Roger entered the store… I even thought it was you who had arrived!” The lad seemed really surprised about such fact.

“Me too… though you arrived not much longer after this… but why do you and Roger have the same kind of stench only the both of us can feel?” Toby sounded closer to the truth, and it actually made me really excited.

“That’s a good point kid, though my smell is actually much is more potent than his, but I am sure you could tell that, couldn’t you?” I grinned down at Toby while he slowly nodded his pretty head.

“Anyway, the reason of our similar odor is the same reason why that loser ended up at your store…he just felt the same thing I’ve been smelling for these years...”

“D-do we smell like that for you?” Tommy asked while he instinctively checked the smell under his arm pits.

I chuckled. “Well… you could say that, but in a different way. While you feel like a big stinky animal is very close to your nose, I feel the sweet scent of two very deliciously horny lads ready to surrender into my domain…”

The twins gulped before they gathered the courage to ask at the same time. “What do you mean by that, sir?”

“Well, if you recall your old Biology classes, there’s something in nature pheromones...” I started my explanation very easily, taking my time to savor the tender innocence in their features. Those boys were nothing but lambs, but they could actually become predators if they played the right game.

“You’re saying that you smell like that because of pheromones? But then why only me and Toby can feel it?” Tommy asked at once.

“That’s not possible! Humans do not produce such thing as pheromones!” Toby added, showing why he was the best student of their class.

“Well done Toby! Humans do not produce pheromones, but who said you were feeling human pheromones anyway?” I asked with a broad smile, feeling the glorious moon coming from behind the mountains, the powerful glow already reaching my body. I leaned over and embraced the both twins, pressing my gloriously huge chest against their faces, making sure the thick manly hairy forest would drench them in my Brood essence…

As it was required, I took a sample of their flesh, leaning forward I roughly kissed both Toby and Tommy, invigorated by the upcoming rise of the moon, the lads were so lost in the hugeness of my hairy body that they only noticed my huge claws piercing their skin when it was too late. I scratched the puny tight muscles on their backs deeply; feeling their healthy blood running down along their spine, thanks to the numbing effect of the overload Brood essence, they didn’t feel all the pain such act would really provoke.

“Heeeey…” Tommy protested a bit, but as I muffled his mouth with a strong kiss, he just hissed and forgot all about the momentary pain; while Toby barely moaned in discomfort, the twins were so lost rubbing themselves against my body, they never noticed their opened wounds; if everything went right, they would be fully healed, but right now I was ready to initiate their trial.

For all those years they have been teasing me, these boys deserved to know my true and full glorious self. Like a thirsty man in the desert drinking who suddenly found the fresh waters of an oasis, I allowed my body to drench into the power of the Blue Moon. The hungry beast within finally unleashed, the Brooder inside me was emerging, eager to mesmerize Tommy and Toby Henderson.

Slowly, at first, but undeniably steady, my body enlarged, along with my hair, which grew lusciously above my enormous muscles, augmenting insanely bigger, to the point that no matter how much hairier I was, the view of my uncanny muscles and the glorious veined striation crossing them was never disturbed by the growing forest of my dark brown bodily hair, which unlike my lustful cascaded mane, still kept the same vigorous tone from my undying Brooder youth.

Toby stared at me; his heart beating a lot faster, Tommy seemed aloof for a split second, but then, as the look of pleasure grew more intense on my grinning face, he reached for Toby’s hand, joining his brother in the dazzling awe of my body.

“B-Brock… oh shit… I mean… what… the fuck… what…kind of person are you?” Toby managed to ask between gasps, his own cock was fully hard pressing against my sensitive skin.

Bathed by the sensual warmth of the blue moon, I looked down at the boys, watching very carefully to each reaction of my lads; they had already noticed the earlier changes in my already great looking figure, and every single reaction could mean the difference between a successful pledge and a circumstantial victim of my Hunt.

“He’s not human…he’s some kind of monster….” Tommy mumbled as his grip on Toby’s hand tightened.

Savoring the sweetness of that moment, I threw my head back for a moment, enjoying as my features rearranged; the already thick neck of mine thickened just as my shoulders widened, abandoning the tightness of human standards, the profusion of muscles simply grew bigger while the mountainous forms melted into gargantuan unearthed brawniness.

I looked back at my pledges with the features of a Brooder, the wider, emerald glowing brilliant eyes with lupine pupils adjusted for nocturnal vision; a much broader, squarer jaw exposed my impeccably white teeth, especially the shaper, longer fangs that now framed my confident smile with a deadly accent.

“I am not a man, little lads. I am a Brooder, the true dominant species in this world polluted by your disgraceful human kind…” The sound of my true voice was a mix between the purr of a tiger and the roar of a bear, sending at the same time a wave of excitement and thrill onto my very restricted audience. The brothers actually hugged each other, as they witnessed the further steps of my change.

My body only needed a few moments to unfold into the glorious Brooder form, but to me it always felt like an everlasting orgasm given the intensity of the changes occurring in my human body. I was already at the verge of impossibly muscular for any man standards, but it meant absolutely nothing for my legitimate identity’s true size.

The twin boys looked each time more frightened; those twins still respected the authority on my figure. Moving abruptly, I leaned down to face Toby and Tommy, for a moment I just stood there, admiring the sweat running down their delicate skin, smelling their luring essence and the adrenaline flavor drenched in their organisms.

I cocked my head in a teasing movement, smiling cynically pretending I just haven’t started changing in front of those gorgeous lads.

“Tell me, little boys, don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous to wander in the forest during the night? Some big animal might hunt you down…” The tone in my question forced their hearts to almost stop, so scared they got, the cries of horror and shock sounded like music to my ears, so I just moved back to my original position, ceasing the opportunity to explore the extension of their fear and how much longer would these pledges endure.

“Shhhh… if you scream like this, something dangerous might find you… oh wait… It already did!” I laughed out loud, allowing my body to complete the rest of my transformation. Though I loved the feeling of my change, I knew the impact of such transformation could be indeed truly traumatizing for a first time witness, especially when they were unprepared to see my convulsing body, or to hear the crackling sound of my bone thickening bone structure, which caused an impressive swell of my frame while it adjusted to accommodate the blossoming muscular fibers needed to build my Sage Brooder form, or even to bear their unavoidable shock once they heard the loud groaning sounds I produce when my body advances into its enhanced form, when I succumb into the savagery of my wild nature.

“Why… why are you doing this? I… I thought you cared about us…” Toby suddenly asked, trying to overcome the emotional turmoil the view of my transformation provoked on him.

The muscle growth was perhaps the most “understandable” change ongoing in my body, at the same time my limbs grew longer and thicker, my whole body got much taller and broader, the very anatomic disposition of my muscles now belonged to a complete new biological category, the uncanny thickness and mind blowing vigorous appearance on my physique actually challenged the very capacity of human description skills, the grotesque immensity of my growing muscles simply defied the mind of a common man.

“Oh but I do care about you, boys… I care about you two much more than you can ever imagine…” I replied opening my growing arms to show my little golden headed lads how marvelously gargantuan those powerful hairy limbs were growing. The sound of their gasps only reassured me those youngsters indeed have potential for the Hunt.

“That’s… just MONSTRUOUS!” Tommy gasped as he pointed to the ongoing revelations of my Brooder nature.

Meanwhile, more drastic changes were yet to come, my skimpy clothing had already ripped into shreds, and the bulging volume in the crotch area was no free from the tightness of its prison. I always purred when my predator endowment revealed itself, it was not just about the sheer size which surpassed the foot long mark, neither the impressive girth on such intimidating manhood.

“Oh my god… he wants to rape us until to death!” Tommy cried in a mix of horror and delight that only a Brooder could indentify. Like any proud male in nature, I was not ashamed to display my superior attributes to the inferior beings, and that’s why I always loved when humans got to see the monstrosity between my impossibly thick thighs. The perfect mushroom shaped massive head of my cock displayed an enormous piss slit, from where a copious volume of pre cum leaked, not to mention the humongous testicles hanging heavily, although the immense obelisk to manhood would never lose its vigorous erecting angle, the hardcore shaft remained firmly pressed against my ever growing upper abdominal muscles.

“What if I wanted, what would you about that, little runt?” I asked holding the humongous cock with my two immense hands and flashing the grotesque scene to the paralyzed victims of my frightening aura. I had to admit those boys were doing far better than I expected, they were in the verge of absolute panic, but they still hung bravely.

The bigger I grew the more ripped my muscles became; the powerful muscular mass of my physique refined and enhanced itself into new standards, allowing uncanny new levels of definition. When the evenly impressive cock pressed against the brawny walls of my washboard stomach, 12 solid protuberant abdominal knots jutted from my body, a mixture of water from the hot tub and freshly poured sweat ran down the fjords of unspoken beauty, dragging the look of the fortunate beholders from my colossal abdomen back into my parading crotch.

Just then, my transformation reached its peak, the growth pace increased as my muscles grew bigger in violent spasms capable to obliterate a mere human, but fortunately I was a Sage Brooder, the carrier of the traditions and the strongest among the strongest. My muscles carried the mark of my glory, the burden of power, the pride of my size, as my figure changed right before their very eyes Toby and Tommy were both petrified from fear, the sweat running down their spines.

The hair on my body only grew thicker and brilliant in order to frame the monstrosity of my growing physique, the features of my animalistic lineage became more pronounced, my shoulders widened, my humongous neck muscles were now melted with my obliterating huge shoulders, which were attached to the unstoppable massiveness of my arms, the solidness of my uncanny pectoral fortress and the portliness of my thighs, standing like pillars to the temple of my wildly oversized muscularity only enhanced the dangerously charming view of my Brooder obelisk throbbing in the rhythm of my heartbeat.

In just a few moments I was fully exposed to the Henderson Twins. The long mane on my head still kept the grey locks, my face still looked handsome and dreadful as earlier that morning, though such attributes seemed to be increased tenfold: my body had reached its true glory of 13 feet tall, a whole foot over twice the height of those little men, though my body encompassed the uncanny mark of 9 whole feet of width, my shoulders standing nearly ten feet across, and because of that enormous new bodily configuration my muscles actually surpassed 10 times the combined weight of my pledges, at the unimaginable figure of 3568 pounds.

The behemoth size of mine, my phenomenal ultra developed muscles and the humongous cock throbbing between my massive legs glowing under the light of the Blue Moon crowned my rightful title of Sage, and for that I was just as proud as in the night I’ve conquered such honor, and as their proud Lord of the Hunt, I addressed to my delightfully horrified subjects.

“BEHOLD, LITTLE LADS, THE POWER OFA BROODER! THE ULTIMATE PREDATOR!” I roared as my body finally felt totally comfortable with its glorious true form, releasing the Brooder nature is one of the most relieving moments in my life, only seconding for the joys of the Hunt and Sex. I took a few steps back in order to fully savor the sweetness of my pledges gasping up at my humongous true form, given the devastating thickness of my muscular mass and years of exertion of my superior strength, I have achieved such monstrous standards that even among Brooders I am considered to be a Tower of Strength

Those tiny hearts were beating at their fastest, but I could also clearly notice the undeniable fascination about the unearthed scene they were witnessing, the dryness of their mouths, the cold sweat feeling in their hands, and even the sensual way those dazzling beautiful embraced themselves, like two little lambs ready to be taken down for a powerful predator, they were in fear, but they no longer feared for their lives.

“Whatever it is you want… just do it at once!!!” The twin brothers actually yelled at me from the top of their lungs. Though their voices were high and squeaky; I could sense the bravery and the courage in their tone after all, the stressful events they had witnessed would be more than enough to turn the bravest men into jelly.

I had grown so much bigger at that point, my whole body did no longer fit in the immense hot tub, but I couldn’t care less for that now, so I stepped into the warm liquid and grabbed each brother, hugging each thin waist with just two fingers around them. I brought my pledges very close to my own hairy chest, making sure they were soaking on my essence; now that I was finally free, the beast within me poured the Brood smell at full capacity, and if the boys weren’t worthy to bear this smell, they would have succumbed to my rage, becoming victims of my unceasing hunger.

“I always get to do what I want, little men, I am the strongest among the strong, I am the wisest among wise, I am the Leader of my kindred and the owner of their destiny. You have pledged to join the Brood and the Laws of the Hunt…” I started with a very serious and ceremonial tone that so far Tommy and Toby had never heard.

The twins noticed that my grip over their waists was just very comfortable, they also realized that the overwhelming sensation provoked by my smells had been replaced by something even more pungent; those boys had been exposed to my true essence and resisted the challenge, but right now they were facing a Sage Brooder, and they instinctively felt that it was both an honor and a burden to be in such presence.

“What do you mean by being part of… a trial?” Toby gathered the courage to ask.

“Can you just let him finish?” Tommy barked at his twin brother, noticeably trying to cut my speech.

I excused the boys for their lack of respect and continued on my speech because they would soon be taught in the teachings of the Hunt.

“Ever since the dawn of times, Brooders were at the top of food chain, we are the strongest, fastest, fittest species, designed by Gaia to rule upon this world, but humans soon learned the greed and envy, they didn’t accept their condition of our prey. They couldn’t deal with the idea that Brooders are beings that only succumb in the Hunt and never by the mere passage of time. While men grew older and weaker, we Brooders reached further and further in the blessings of Gaia.” I would continue but this time raised his hand and begged me with his eyes to allow his question, which I gladly granted.

“So the older you get, the stronger you are?” he asked suddenly very curious.

I nodded. “Because of our tremendous power, Brooders are very scarce in this world, unlike your weakling race, which infested this world and infected the balance. We are the real predators and we live by the Laws of the Hunt, we kill only for feeding and we follow the only true code in nature, the strongest shall prevail. The longer you live by the Hunt, the stronger you will become and the harder it will be to defeat you!” I explained to my private audience.

The twins exchanged looks while I kept on my lecture. “Brooders have always hunted mankind and for that your people feared us above everything, but recently, in our counting of time, your so-called modern society considered to have the power to rule over the Brood and so they tried to defeat our race by destroying what was most precious for us…”I showed them the beautiful forest around us, and the boys seemed to understand my point.

“For many years, your disgusting race poisoned our forests and havens; infected our members with diseases. Though not all armies in the world could defeat the Brooders, your people resourced to desperate measures, and because female Brooders were relatively smaller and weaker than us, our mothers, sisters and daughters couldn’t resist the increasing poisonous of our once sacred havens…” I made a pause to emphasize the cruelty of those hideous meanings. “So, with such Pyrrhic victory your race assumed that we would be doomed to extinction, it didn’t even matter the horrible environmental consequences, which permanent damages to the Balance, little did you know that we are the strongest race and for that we overcame the challenge, with the Blessings of Gaia, Brood not only resisted but evolved”

The twins were fascinated by my story but above all things they were loving the fact of having a 13 feet tall and inhumanly muscular Brock holding them like two little action figures.

“We are the strongest predators; therefore we have the best way to disguise our deadly presence if it is needed. We kept hunting humans, but from that point on, we actually lived among your putrid societies although, we would be always stronger and superior to your puny standards, but the burden to hide our true nature from your coward assassination was rather painful burden, so we have the needs to celebrate our true forms from time to time, and so we find relieve ourselves in the glow of Mother Moon…” I respectfully explained to the ignorant lads.

Tommy seemed like a little boy in school, he raised his hands with an excited attitude.

“So… you guys are like… werewolves?” Tommy asked suddenly noticing how frail the lies his people have told him were.

I grinned “Those mythical stories are just a way to undermine the Brood, as you can see we are not the irrational monsters obsessed with the full moon, we don’t hate silver and not even the most feverous human priest will ever be able to ban a Brooder because we are not demoniacal offspring. The only truth about those ridiculous stories is that we are the Hunter and you humans are our prey.”

Tommy’s next question was so pertinent that I allowed it even though he didn’t ask for my permission.

“But… you are not gonna eat us are you? I mean you’ve known us for so long, if that was the case you would have done it already huh?” Tommy asked, a little afraid to hear the answer.

I smiled down at the boys. “You are right, Tommy. Brooders are not the monsters most of you think, we only hunt for hunger, and only those we know that won’t be missed among your kind, after all, the stronger the prey the strongest the predator need to be.”

All of a sudden Toby’s brilliant mind seemed to have detected a puzzling. “How come your race survived this holocaust?”

“Like I said, our counting of time is rather different, because we are not such short lived as humans, the stories I have told are recent for my people, but in your time, if your leaders had courage to report their acts of despicable cowardice, such stories would belong many centuries ago. However as time passed and mankind grew more numerous, humans became so self-centered they simply forgot about the Brood, soon we became nothing more than legends, and under such cloak of stupidity, we found a way to keep control over so many individuals, choosing the best hunting areas, spreading our influence over your society and absorbing all your advantages, the knowledge of nature you acquired was soon bestowed upon the superior beings that we are. Nonetheless, living amongst your kind, we Brooders realized that humans are also connected to the Hunt in a very singular aspect…”

“Humans and Brooders are above everything sexual animals, they follow the most basic instincts of nature, the joy of Hunting is only comparable to the joys of Sex, and perhaps that’s the best attribute of your race, you can be the most exciting mates…” I just gazed upon my enormous hard monstrous cock and the twins seem to get my clue.

“So you just started fucking women?” Tommy’s tone indicated his disappointment.

“At first, we coupled with female humans, the offspring of such mating were indeed strong, powerful individuals, but incredibly weaker when compared to the Brooder standards, thus, such poor beings were always sterile.” I attested with sorrow in my words.

I didn’t need to hear a question to guess what was on their mind, so I just proceeded “However, the path for our survival was not blocked yet, we found out a much greater power that only attested the superiority of our kind towards your weakling swarm of human beings…”

“Gaia bestowed upon Brooders the Strength and the Power, imbued in our undying Seed of Life, for we are needed to keep balance mankind has broken, the powerful features of our kind, even when disguised among you, could easily spread arousal and excitement over weakling men, and it was then we realized that some men indeed called out for the touch of Brood. Ironically, if Brooders were originally conceived by the most natural and obvious way, once the balance has been broken and only the strongest male Brooders were able to survive, we found out that male humans were the best hosts for the Brood Seed…” I let the sound of powerful voice fill the ears of the Henderson Twins, whose faces automatically showed me they had captured my meaning.

“So…do you really mean…” Toby asked, but I wouldn’t let him waste such glorious moment.

“Male humans cannot bear offspring, but some of them proved to be much more attracted to us than any female human would ever be; to the point their own bodies secreted a delicious and luring smell for the Brood, begging to be taken like only a Brooder stallion can accomplish, the effects of the Seed in their organism showed much more successful results; after tasting the power of our Seed, those men could finally abandon their sorrow weakness and embrace the path of Strength and Glory, by drinking the source for the Brood, such men can evolve from a mere prey into a powerful predator…” I grinned at the end of the phrase, just admiring their shocked expressions.

I could feel their hard cocks pressed in my huge paws could no longer hold the mere possibility to grow into anything remotely similar to my humongous form represented more than any puny man could ever conceive. I threw my head back, releasing the laughter which emerged from the depth of my enormous throat, at the same moment these precious boys simply held onto my fingers while their weak bodies twisted and hissed as result for another sudden orgasm.

“Yes, little lads, the smell your bodies produce is real birdlime to our kind, but not all Brooders can be so patient like I’ve been through all these years. The luring smell you guys put out is also a great invitation to be taken and consumed with all the savagery possible, for all that matters, when a fellow Brooder locates a man with such smell he can choose between taking you down like the most delicious sexual prey he would ever, or giving him the opportunity to embrace the Brood…”

Tommy’s mind seemed to overcome the foggy effects of his most recent orgasm. “Brock… you…said you wouldn’t harm us…” His voice was weak and sounded like a whisper, but it was loud enough to be heard by me, so I just lifted my hand and brought the little lad closer to my face, showing him a bit more of the muscular monstrousness on my undefeatable form.

“You are right, Tommy, I had no intent to hurt you, but the trial was necessary, to assure that you were strong enough to bear the power I will soon bestow upon you.” I looked at my little lad with a serious yet tender look which seemed to sooth his little heart.

Toby proved that he was above everything a very sagacious young man. “I know it doesn’t make much difference now, but according to the story you just told, I don’t think your name is really Brock and you can’t be just only 70 years old right?” The lad asked intrigued with the remaining obscurities in my fantastic report, so I just nodded.

I raised the noble lad to the same level as his twin. “That’s precise, my soon to be son, the name of Brock is nothing but a mere disguise to mingle into your society, this name has changed many times over the course of my life within the hundreds of years of my existence. That’s why I am so big and powerful, bigger than my fellow Brooders and the strongest among them, I am the Sage, the leader who will remain as so until I am defeated during a worthy challenge…”

“H-h-h-h-h-h-h-hundreds of…years? HOLLY CRAP!” Tommy expressed his surprise out loud, I could see in his eyes the excitement and the admiration for finding out the earlier surprises and capabilities of our unearthed species. The teenager just touched my hand holding him, probably imagining how much I’ve learned about making sex through my ancient existence.

“So, if you are gonna take us into the Brood, you are gonna be like our Father right…” Tommy also proved that he was a very cunning one.

“That is truth indeed… I have brought many men into the graces of the Brood, all of whom became my offspring, the cubs that will take my power and wisdom further into time, I am the Sage and I rule over all Brooders and their sons, but I am gonna be your truly Father besides your supreme Leader…” The tone in my voice indicated how serious I was being about such matter.

“I…understand that, but… if you are gonna be our Father and Leader, shouldn’t we at least know your real name before…” Toby felt embarrassed to conclude his phrase, which made me smirk because I know he wasn’t that prude in reality.

“I will call you anything you order me sir…” Tommy impressed me by revealing his submission voluntarily, which proved that those boys were indeed Brood material, for they were able to disguise their true natures through opposite demeanors, and that is a great skill for a predator…

“Well boys, now that you’ve proved to be worthy of such honor…there’s no reason why I shouldn’t tell you that I am Haun Sagani which means “Strongest Among Strong” in the original language of the Brood which you will soon learn, once…” I smiled as I felt the moon reaching an appropriate position.

The bluish light now illuminated the entire deck; the skin tone on my tiny boys became so beautiful. I could also tell their senses had been slightly enhanced so their pupils could now capture the true essence of the moonlight, even their skins were more sensitive the breeze blowing over our bodies. The twins exchanged looks, they knew they weren’t supposed to interrupt me or speak without permission, besides, they could feel that I was indeed very focused on the next step. Suddenly, their hearts almost jumped of their chests when they heard the feral howling which erupted from my throat. I felt the powers of the moon embedding my muscles and guiding my spirit to strengthen the Brood, to restore the Broken Balance.

“Now that you have passed the first part of the anointment, you may receive the earlier blessings from the Brood…” I hissed as they little legs climbed my torso, because I knew they could smell the delicious liquid dripping from my humongous nipples.

Each twin attacked one nipple which was by far bigger than the biggest human cock, they used their teeth with all their might, but it didn’t bother me at all, I kinda enjoyed it because nothing they tried could actually hurt me. In fact, it only increased my pleasure.

Brooders are indeed gifted beings, on top of being the strongest hunters ever, when we get sexually excited in the true forms we are capable of making a protein rich solution that looks and tastes almost like milk, but it is incredibly more potent, capable of keeping a full grown up Brooder fed for a whole day, just to make sure mundane things like feeding prevents true massive members of fucking days non-stop.

The enormous muscular chest of mine swelled with the rich powerful milk that flowed inside me when I pictured my delicious puppies, I wanted them to be strong and ready for the best part of their initiation. Both Tommy and Toby lost no time to learn how to milk a massively giant man’s utter, their hands pressed the exact spots, making me thrive in ecstasy.

“That’s it boys, drink from me and grow stronger, you will need it!” I moaned as they sucked the liquid directly from my manly muscles, I felt their bodies changing already thanks to the effects of my milk in their bodies, but they were yet too overwhelmed by my pheromones to notice their bulging muscles and the skin getting thinner as they muscles grew underneath it.

I always enjoyed the changing ritual, but this time something was happening inside me, I was thrilled and just as hopeful as the initiated, maybe it’s because I’ve been waiting for that moment for much longer than I ever waited before, those boys have been my obsession, but now my muscles and my strength became their own obsession.

“That’s it little men, drink it up and get stronger!” I said looking at my hungry twins sucking the milk of my giant pectorals like their lives depended on such thing, which wasn’t much far from being truth. Tommy and Toby Henderson barely breathed, they just gasped for merely a few seconds before they engaged another round of sucking, and each time they got harder and warmer against my skin, I just held each full grown man in one arm and lifted them closer to my face to help them with my eager tongue, as they sucked me, I showed how skilled in the arts of sex I really was.

It didn’t take long to prove my point, as my huge tongue involved his cock, Toby convulsed violently and unloaded his warm jism inside my mouth, and I could already feel the taste of their ongoing transformation in their cum. I licked my lips and then proceeded to Tommy’s prick, to get the same effect almost in the same time, those boys were good, but they still had to learn a lot from me.

At each time a twin came, I sucked him dry and started sucking on his brother, which only made the other hard again in a few moments, jealousy of the attention his sibling was getting from me. “Please, do… do me now again, please…” The relayed begs inflated my already proud ego even more, mostly because I adored to see their once weakling bodies now could produce cum much faster than before.

Meanwhile, I kept the boys entertained enough for them to completely overlook the fact they were both growing stronger and more muscular, thanks to the nutritional richness of my milk, the effects on humans were so good that some Brooders even decided to smuggle some of it to little humans, but I quickly ended such negotiation, because our fluids are only meant for those who will join the Brood and the Hunt, we can’t allow humans to be any stronger.

I heard a deep moan, which was soon followed by a similar one, I knew now that my milk had been almost drained from my chest, it wouldn’t take long for me to get refilled, but just enough for us to move ahead in the ritual, so I just placed them back in the ground, their visions still blurred with all the milk in their face, and the sex thoughts in their minds.

“Holly crap… Toby look at you!” Tommy yelled in his new deep voice tone, pointing at his twin brother like he suddenly became a circus attraction.

Toby was still a bit dizzy, but as soon as his brother yelled he looked at his body and gasped in awe, but then he also noticed he wasn’t the only who had changed.

“Well, I think you are just looking at a mirror!” Toby commented as he pointed back at Tommy, they were perplexed and in awe, then I just burst into a deep deliciously laughter, because each twin had grown in a matter of minutes what only the strongest male humans take lifetimes to reach: bodily muscularity, density and definition that made their once puny tight muscles now look incredibly huge.

From their initial stats, which were already above average in mankind terms, they had grown into a new standards, beyond any human could ever reach, but still not decent according to my Brooder inheritance – their once slight height and weight difference had been corrected, I had made two perfectly physically identical beings: at 6’2” tall and nearly 360 pounds of perfectly sculpted and powerfully massive muscles, each blond teenager had turned into a golden haired epitome of youthful perfection, their cocks stood around a foot long and only semi-flaccid after cumming so many times in the last minutes.

Tommy’s hair was still shaggy and he still had the ear ring and the tattoo, while Toby was still the spotless neat hunk muscle guy, but I could tell they now looked even more similar then a few moments ago, my blessings upon those boys had perfected their already dazzling features, the brothers approached and touched each one’s body like they actually tried to know who was who, their muscles were so hard and powerful, their cocks touched, their flawless skin produced the same sweet smell of sex and sweat, the brothers noticed for the first time, how beautiful they really were, in the eyes of each sibling.

Charmed by their own multiplied manly perfection, Toby and Tommy Henderson touched their faces with tenderness, their look showed how much love and appreciation they had for each other, even with all the bickering and the fights, those brothers knew they were the most important person in each other lives, until that night of course, then I would become their father, their master and their mutual lover.

Slowly and gently, Tommy hugged Toby and he moved to kiss his twin, Toby only twisted for one split-second, but then he accepted the love of his muscular teenager twin, and they kissed passionately, feeling each other’s bodies with gusto. I felt prouder than ever of my chosen ones, knowing my years of experience would not fail on me – I had picked the best possible humans to bring into the Hunt.

“You boys made me very proud, but this is not the end of your path, we can say you have barely started your new life as Brooders…” I drew their attention back to my humongous form.

The pair looking up at me showed the appreciation by running towards me and jumping in middle air to be caught by my humongous arms. Although they had grown a lot since their initial stage, they felt just as light now as they felt in the beginning, and it made me laugh again.

“Thank you father, I had no idea it would be so fucking hot!” Toby said as he hugged my arm very enthusiastically.

“Yeah, shit, dad, it was…amazing, I have never had so many orgasms in just one night!” Tommy whispered as he also rubbed his hardening cock against my humongous muscles.

“That’s delightful to know, puppies, but you still have to cross the path for the Brood!” I talked to my little boys in a serious, ceremonial tone to let them know the change of their lives was about to come, but this time they were even more focused, because not only their muscles and their bodies have been increased, their humanly senses had been enhanced to new standards, they now could feel there was more in the world that human common sense could imagine.

I looked upon the beautiful moon, which had been slowly yet steadily changing while I fed my puppies. “Weakling mankind had many symbols for the Moon and its many faces, it had inspired romance, and adventures, fear and obscurity, and many cultures had worshiped it like a God, and even marked the passage of time by its many phases.”

The twins now were quiet, they knew I was still the one who should talk, and they now understood the hierarchical superiority my muscles and my size meant.

“However, only the members of the Brood could truly understand the many faces and phases it assumed, because each one had a different effect on our life and in our roles in the Hunt, and the Full Moon was the time to strengthen our kind and to renew our loyalty to the Balance”.

Tommy and Toby watched as my whole body seemed to glow under the moonlight that bathed us, they were thrilled to the image of my glorious true form holding them like the little boys they really were.

“But even the Full Moon, the most glorious form on the sky have different meanings for us. The Blue moon for instance, is an event of fertility and prosperity, the puppies brought into the Brood under the graces of such augury would have special powers, which would make them very important in our traditions.” I acknowledged their good fortune and smiled back at the little teenager twins, although I was sure they didn’t know the meaning of that yet.

The size of my muscles and the moistness of the fur covering them were already the most exciting thing those kids have ever witnessed, but I still had much more kept for their young existence – at that moment, the changes in the glorious blue moonlight were noticeable for their new visions, I knew they could see it before the magic really happened.

“Blue Moon puppies are very fortunate, but they are not the most meaningful symbols of our kind, this honor is reserved for those who carry the mark of the Blood Moon…”

“I thought the Blood Moon was bad omen…” Toby had the courage to speak, and I appreciated he still showed some backbone.

“You are right, puppy, it often represents an upcoming war, but for the Brood, War is not to be feared, it is to be fought with honor and glory…” I looked up in the skies, knowing that the twins followed my gaze, slow and yet undeniably fascinatingly the blue light was fading into a different tone, while the brilliant surface of the glorious moon changed from the glowing bluish light to a redder and paler shade.

“The Blood Moon is the mark of Strength, I myself was born many Blood Moons ago, and carried its glory with me for all this time, and no Brooder was ever strong enough to defeat me…” I told my story with the proud of the father who wants their children to pass on his legacy.

“Shit it really looks like the moon is covered in blood!” Tommy said looking at the sky with an admiration that I knew wasn’t common in his behavior.

“Humans know now that the true Blood Moon is the effect of an ongoing eclipse, the moon goes into a dimness area, and the result is the change of its color…” I explained for my young little men what their culture had told us about the behavior of the glorious moon.

“W-wait… but it still counts as… as a blue moon night right?” Toby asked suddenly shaking in excitement, and all I had to do was nod my head along.

“I have brought lots of Brooders into the Hunt under the blue moon, and all of them proved their worth to me, but I know that my legacy to our kind is preparing the new leadership to bring forward my teachings, and to make this I will need all the power from the Moon: Prosperity and Strength.” I finally said with a very low voice.

The blue moon had now completely turned into the sinister Blood Moon, the effects of the glow now were visible in my body, it looked even harder and thicker, my smell pouring harder than ever, making their weak senses almost intoxicated in lust, each boy humped his hard tiny cock against my enormous hand, so I knew it was time.

“Come on now boys, it is time to unleash the brooder inside each one of you…” I said opening my hands, because my own giant cock now stood fully erect, literally just as long as those boys were tall, the girth and the width of the enormous cavernous body defied any description, the enormous veins covering the powerful rod only attested that I was surely the undeniable alpha-male.

The twins were so overwhelmed with the view of me that for a second they didn’t know from where they would start, they simply stood there, and rushed to climb my legs, humping me like they were some little horny dogs, which I laughed out loud, taking my powerful hands to my hips and throwing my head back.

“I am sorry tiny boys, I know it’s too much of manhood for you to understand…” I kneeled and smiled. “I will make this time easier for you…” I grabbed their cocks and jerked them gently.

“Look at the moon, Tommy and Toby, feel the power of your mark, the Strength beyond your wildest dreams, the Blood Moon is my gift for you, take it and make me proud, just feel all the power it can give to you, accept the change and embrace the Hunt!” I said slowly while toying with their hard cocks.

“Oh shit… it feels like I am burning in the inside!” Tommy said as he rubbed his own big muscles, his ample muscular chest already itching as his golden bodily hair grew thicker and longer, not to mention that his whole body bulged.

“The moon…the power…argh… the noise… it is so loud….make it stop!” Toby begged as he took his hands to his ears, his body also showing the same bulging signs of his sibling.

“No Toby, you have to face it, the world now reveals its true cry for you, each noise, each new smell, each new feeling, this is reality, you understand how limited mankind really was? Come on my son, make your father proud, don’t fear the beast within…embrace it, unleash it!” I hugged Toby for a second and kissed his ears, trying to give him the strength to come into the Brood.

Tommy yelled in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the bones of his skeleton cracked to allow the final part of his growth process, he would undergo the true form of his inner beast for the first time, just like his twin brother was about to do. The Blood Moon rays made their bodies change faster than I had seen other puppies, but it also meant they were really ready to embrace the Hunt.

Tommy’s body convulsed and he felt the sharp pain of the growth spurts, while Toby just panted faster, groaning and gasping as the same events took place in his growing body. Then, when the moon became fully covered in the red shadow, when the Blood Moon had reached its apex in the sky, that’s when the pain disappeared, I could tell in the change on their expressions.

The twins looked up at my face, the look of pain had been exchanged to a glorious smirk that meant now they were above the intoxication of my pheromones, they were now completely conscious of their actions, because they wanted the change, their muscles grew bigger and stronger, I could tell the spurts making their physiques bigger and hear the fibers growing underneath the previous ones, I could even smell the sweaty manly musk pouring from their bodies as their hair grew thicker and manlier, their pubic hair growing denser, their balls growing wider, longer and heavier, their already huge cocks growing thicker and even longer.

“Father…all we want, all we desire is to please you…” Toby said in a deepening tone that made me warmer inside.

“Yeah, dad, you wanted us to become your sons, now you can have us only for you…” Tommy added as I felt him growing bigger even from the distance.

The twins knew I was loving to see their growth, so they grinned and held hands, bathed in the glory of the Blood Moon, I witnessed as those puppies grew quickly into the Brooders they deserve to be, but yet, they surprised me, because they started flexing and showing their growth for me, in a display of perfectly symmetric harmony. Their muscles augmented with each passing second, their bodies getting hairier, leaving manly anatomy and entering the Realm of the Brood, they were growing so beautifully, that my humongous cock now ached like I haven’t felt in ages.

My growing twin puppies chuckled “Gee father, do we make you hard? It’s not like you can’t touch us now is it?” Tommy teased me, while Toby was the direct one, using his engorging muscles and his growing strength, he just attacked my massive cock, using my inner thigh to climb all the way to the monstrous shaft.

“Hey, leave some for me!” Tommy said as he jumped and grabbed my cock, holding it with his arms and legs, although they had grown considerably bigger, the monstrous shaft still represented a major challenge for them.

“So fucking huge! I don’t know if we can ever take that monster inside dad!” Toby said as he hugged it in his muscular growing arms and jerked it powerfully, which sent me into new reigns of pleasure.

“Oh I will have it inside me, I don’t care if it never comes out; I want it inside soon!” Tommy laughed as he helped his twin to bring me closer to the edge.

“Shit… boys, you are not fully changed, I don’t want to hurt you…” I hissed as all my muscles tensed, I wanted to surrender to my lust, but those were my puppies after all.

“We know that, father, but we also know that we can take care of your needs!” Toby said as he started mouthing my humongous leaking monsterhood, his throat went much further than I anticipated and it made me roar in ecstasy.

“Yeah, Toby, show dad the hot mouth you have…” Tommy chuckled, as he looked up at my shocked face “Well, dad, we should tell you now that we are not so innocent as you may have thought, I mean, we were really disputing you, but…we also played a lot with each other…and Toby boy has the hottest mouth in the world!” Tommy grinned as he helped his brother to work my cock.

Toby nodded while he tried to pass the enormous cockhead through his throat, which was obviously an impossible task, even with his growing size.

“Well, I tried my best but this Brooder is truly a monster! I think there’s only one way, Tommy, we will have to make the big guy lose his control and fuck us, maybe if you show him how roomy your butt is…” Toby said in a tone I never expected.

“Yeah brother, you know I am dying to be fucked by you…” Tommy said as he jumped from my body and for one second the growing puppies just forgot all about me, they kissed and started flexing and groping their muscles.

“You think pops will like us when we are done growing?” Tommy asked in a teasing tone.

“Of course he will, bro, now shut up and bend over…” Toby said literally driveling for the ass on his twin brother. Tommy obliged and he looked up at me, while Toby stuck his growing cock in a slow yet stead pushes, moaning louder as he accomplished to get more and more of his huge cock into my growing little puppy.

“Oh… dad, I'm telling you, best mouth and a great cock! Toby is a keeper!” Tommy said as he started pounding his brother merciless.

“Fuck… yeah… and Tommy … knows how to ride a cock dad… he is also a …keeper…” Toby said as his ass was pounded by his growing twin brother.

My eyes went wide, those boys were just perfect, they have the exact combination of innocence and naughtiness that I wanted in a teenager, they have once again made harder and more marveled at their potential.

I watched as my puppies grew faster, their sex only increased the speed of the transformation. I watched as Toby gained dozens of pounds per second, meanwhile at each new time Tommy fucked his ass he was equally heavier and bigger. I moaned louder as I felt my whole body aching for relief like I’ve been waiting for this moment…hold on a minute, I have been waiting for this moment for years!

In front of me, my coupling puppies laughed and felt their enlarging muscles and changing bodies, they were becoming the hottest brood specimen I had seen in a long time, in fact they were growing into their true form so impressively that they were already bigger than most of the Brooder neophytes I have seen, and they were still not done growing.

“Come on father, please, we are big Brooders now aren’t we? We might never be as big as you, but it is worth the shot!’

Their blond body hair now covered their muscles like golden fur, but yet their growth was so amazing they still looked almost smooth from the distance, I could feel they have reached such a bigger they size, and their enthusiasm and stamina simply made them the perfect mates for my ancient lust.

I howled to the Blood Moon and my tone suddenly stopped all the teasing and provocations, the twins just looked up at my towering figure, and even though they now looked much bigger than when I changed, I was still incomparably bigger than my puppies, they still haven’t reached my lower chest, but I knew it was already big enough for my lust…

“BEND OVER BOTH OF YOU NOW!” I growled, and Toby just took his cock out of Tommy’s ass and just obliged. I knew they were just dying to please me, but I had to wait for the right moment, no matter if that had made me so hot that I would come down on them like the force of nature I really am.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH Tommy yelled as I inserted the first part of my giant cock inside him, I knew his pain would soon be replaced by pleasure, I just kept my cock there for a few moments, enjoying the tightness of my growing puppy around it, then I held his back and pulled out in a loud pop that almost brought his bows. I proceeded to Toby and the little Brooder just closed his eyes, but before I realized Tommy was there sucking on his cock, so when I first entered Toby he yelled, but it was a mixture of emotions that drove me even crazier.

I started going deeper on Toby because Tommy was helping his brother through working his growing cock, I was so intensely horny that I almost got all my cock inside my puppy, and I have to say nearly came, but I knew Tommy also wanted a new riding lesson, so I quickly exchanged my bottom twin and Toby helped his brother to take such hard mission.

I felt their growth increasing as their pleasure built inside their bodies, and the graces of the Blue Moon puppies are still far too great to be overlooked, I knew those two would mean my unquestionable lead over the Brood for countless time.

“Shit dad… we are getting so huge, it so fucking awesome!” Toby said as he looked over his brother’s development, the bulging masses of steel hard muscles growing faster as they reached the point of no return.

I took my cock out of Tommy and the twin seemed lost, so I just ordered them:

“Quick, there’s not much time left, you two will fuck me now and don’t stop until you are done cumming hold on and keep fucking me!”

The puppies quickly obliged, they maneuvered around my humongous convulsing body. I knew they were admiring the hairy beauty of my prick, but there was no time for that now, those boys were so hard they could cum any moment now…

“COME ON YOU TWO FUCK ME NOW!” I yelled and the sound of my voice made the entire forest shake, I felt their both pricks entering me at once, the hugeness of their combined massive cocks was great enough to make me hiss and moan in pleasure, but nothing compared to the enraptured howling produced by the twins as they pounded my ass, alternating the motions, while Tommy went deeper, Toby took his, but their cocks were so slick because of their precum, they also enjoyed the feeling of rubbing their own cocks against each other.

“Oh shit dad, I… can’t hold any longer…” Tommy said almost breathless.

“Me neither… it is so fucking hot, so huge and tight!” Toby added, right before I could feel their heartbeat indicating they were about to cum, the forest filled with the conjoint howling of the new Brooders of my clan, they came in synch and their precious juices now filled my ass.

Tommy and Toby were still enjoying their orgasm, feeling their cocks pouring their juices inside me, when my ascension begun.

There’s a legend in the Brood that tells someday Brooder would finally ascend and become so powerful, so much stronger than not even the entire Brood together would be enough to defeat him.

Tommy and Toby felt their cocks getting harder although they had already came, their juices were being drained into my body and my muscles grew so fast, so massively huge that it felt like my whole body would explode right then.

When I became a Sage, I knew I had one mission, which was bringing back the Balance, mankind had destroyed, I wasn’t just a youthful revengeful fool, I had the wisdom of my many years, I’ve seen the war and I knew the pain of betrayal. All I knew was that even though I was the strongest, it was not still enough, then I found the omen which said a spirit broken in two bodies would lead the way for my path towards ultimate strength, but only if done in the right moon, and for so I waited so many years.

“Tommy…look at him, his body… it is…” Toby said as they tried to pull out of me, but my vast back kept getting wider as my entire body grew, I simply stood up and started walking towards the forest.

There were several who challenged my sanity when I confessed my ambitions, they said the legends were just phony, because there was no such thing as a single spirit broken in two bodies, and I was beginning to believe in them skepticism when I found Toby and Tommy, and it was not because of they being twins, many other twins pledges have failed to prove this quality, but they weren’t just similar, they actually completed each other, they were one same sprit broke in two bodies…

The puppies were too high of their orgasm to notice where I was going, as my body grew I knew the weak human house I was wouldn’t resist, besides I felt that this new life should start in the right way. I ran towards the trees and under the Blood Moon graces I started howling as my muscles expanded beyond any Brooder comprehension.

I flexed and felt the augmentation getting more intense, if my muscles were enormous before, if my hairy glory made me look respectable and massive, now they inspired the new kind of admiration. As the freshly blue moon juices poured into my huge body I tasted the enhancement of my muscles reaching a whole new level, and so did Toby and Tommy, even at their newly brooder forms, they suddenly felt like my body augmented around them, which was the hottest thing, making them so hard they could only fuck me again, which only increased the influx of juices feeding my growth.

I inhaled the air of the night, feeling the coldness in my huge lungs, feeling the smells of the entire forest, I could hear their cars from miles away, I could even taste the alcohol in their breath, those stupid youngsters dared to invade my Haven, the Blood Moon was supposed to be a time for Brood celebration not betrayal .

The growth on my body wouldn’t stop me from getting to them, I just ran towards the forest, showing a grace that my giant and augmenting figure would not inspire, especially with two 8 feet tall 600 pounds heavy twin Brooders attached to my butt, but right now I had some Sage matters to take in my enormous hand.

Miles away, I could feel the same rotten smell of Stanton, he had come back and this time he had brought other youngsters, I could feel those Brooders were just neophytes, probably tossed into the Hunt without proper education. As I got each time closer, my muscles increased, expanded, augmented, engorged, I could feel that I had surpassed any standards even those in the Brood.

Roger seemed nervous, he knew I was pretty big, but I could also fear the other Brooders he had gathered were not so worried, judging by their smell they were all Rogue Brooders, the ones who don’t want to oblige to the Hunt, always in the search of loyal brooders to prove they are the strongest, they all seek destruction, which is even worse than mankind itself.

The moment they entered my domains, I could feel they were looking for trouble, but if before I could take care of them all, now I had better things planned for them.

“Guys, I am telling it is not wise to mess up with a Sage!” Roger said as the other Brooders laughed at him.

“Don’t be stupid kid, even a Sage can’t deal with 7 full grown Brooders, and I think this guy is not a Sage, no old Brooder with reputation would chose this place to establish his Haven!” The guys dressed in lumberjack clothing had a thick mustache, he was indeed very big, 7’tall and close to 440 pounds, his henchmen ranged around that size, which might have Roger thought he was safe around them, if only he knew Rogues use to kill their weakest members to prove they were the strongest.

One of the henchmen smelled the air “The stench is pretty strong, this guy is big for sure!”

The leader smirked “Or maybe he is just wetting himself like Stanton did!” He laughed as he started changing, assuming their true Brood forms, their bodies growing bigger and more muscular, even Stanton obeyed to the call, deep down they knew the only way to deal with a Sage was being as big as possible and then having a sneaky plan prepared, just in case you couldn’t outmuscle the challenged Brood.

After a few moments, there were 7 full grown Brooders, Roger had assembled with 6 other Rogues, and they all seemed pretty hefty for neophytes, maybe a few of them were old enough to be considered elders if they had only conducted by the rules of the Hunt . Their dark massive forms reached from nearly 8 feet 570 pounds tall to an admirable 10’ tall 1200 pounds of respectable muscle, all in all that party was indeed very strong, but I had no intent to fight them physically, I didn’t want to start my new era with slaughter.

The Rogues knew someone approached, they assumed fighting position, they were ready to attack anyone who appeared, but then, instead of one, two Brooders appear.

They had golden fur covering their huge forms, reaching around 12 feet tall in size, they were equally massive and monstrously huge, at whooping 3500 pounds each one, those muscles bulged and bounced as they calmly walked among the Rogue Assembly.

The leader roared, he could count on the power of his associated, but there was something about those twin golden Brooders that simply challenged his curiosity, he had not been informed there were any other brooders in the area.

“What is your business here?” The humongous dark furred Brooder said in a threatening tone, his green eyes glowing in the darkness of the forest.

The twins exchanged looks. “We came here to announce you should regret all your sins, and pray for redemption so you can be accepted back in the Brood” – they said in unison, which suddenly made the Rogues laugh and mock of their serious tones.

“Listen here you fucking runts, you might be big, but there’s no way you can take care of us all, besides, I can smell you are just puppies, you still reek of the milk which fed you!” The leader said in disdain, but one of the Twin Brooders just looked directly at another Brooder.

“You had your chance to leave earlier today, Stanton, but you had to bring your other pals with you huh?” The tone was sarcastic and strangely familiar, which suddenly made Roger shiver.


The Brooder smiled “I am Tommy, that’s alright!”

“Shit, this… this is not possible, you can’t be that big!” Roger said. “Well, it’s not really us who you should worry about then?”

The Rogue Assembly roared and surrounded the two neophytes, but the twins never lost their calm.

“Do you want to regret your actions and have a fresh clean start in the new Era of the Brood?” Toby asked once again, but those ridiculous little neophytes were too proud to recognize they were being judged.

The attack was about to be unleashed, when my roar sent the fear in the spirits of the Rogue, and a Brooder in fear is useless, they just gathered around like cornered dogs, the ground shook as I approached them.

“What is sound? What is this?” The Brooders asked as their smelling senses couldn’t actually feel my new musk, because that too had changed when I ascended, thanks to my two golden puppies

WHO DARES TO INVADE MY HAVEN? The sound of my voice made their very guts shake in fear, I finally appeared, from between two massive oak trees that I suddenly made look like young bushes.

When they got to see my new form, the Rogue Brooders just felt incredibly humble and submissive to the hulking Tower of Strength addressing to them.

Before Toby and Tommy I had been incredibly huge for my Brooder rivals, but right now I was divinely big. At the top of my 36’tall, I was three times bigger than my youngest puppies, but I was by far bigger than any height measurement, because I weighed over 40 times their new weight, all built in 28 feet wide monstrously super developed muscles, my arms and legs were so thick they had new kind of muscles built atop of them, my chest unfolded in new layers of ultra dense fibers, the striations were noticeable even in the darkness of the night because my fur simply enhanced their depth.

My shoulders and deltoids stood several feet higher than my head, and my biceps so monstrously massive that each one weighed over twice the biggest Rogue in there, my legs carried the temple of my sacred muscles into new heights of worship.

I AM HAUN SAGANI BROODER LORD! I proclaimed my new title and watched as the tiny little Rogues peed themselves like the little street dogs they really were.

I looked down at the scum and grinned.


The Rogues threw themselves at my feet, begging me for mercy, just like I had anticipated, those were not the kind of fighters I would want in my clan, but they still were my fellow brooders, so I just showed my mercy.

YOU ARE DISGUSTING BUT I SHALL FORGIVE YOU IF YOU JUST RUN AWAY AND SPREAD THE WORD! YOUR LORD HAS COME AND HE WILL COME AFTER ALL OF YOU! I opened my arms and showed my humongous muscles bulging and their unattainable hardness, right then Tommy and Toby climbed my mountainous muscles, each one sat comfortably in one shoulder of mine.

The Rogues lost no time in running away from us, the mere chance to escape a confronting my humongous new size, I looked at my puppies and noticed they were really proud of their Lord.

“Father, will we one day be respected like that?” Tommy said showing his admiration with his cock fully hard again.

“Who knows puppy, you still have a long to grow…” I said in a much lower voice because my own puppy deserved to be treated very nicely, after all he had brought me into this new reality of mine.

Nobody in the town could actually tell whatever happened to Tommy and Toby Henderson; they simply left home to go have a drink with a friend, and never returned. Meanwhile, back in the forest I had the pleasure to admire another sunset along with my puppies resting on top of my body, the night had been once again incredibly hot, those boys might someday even exhaust me, but not in a long time, because at my new size, they have to use all their power just to make cum once, although I have to say they are getting stronger each day.

The kiss on my right cheek was the way Toby found to greet me “Good morning, Lord, I hope we didn’t let you down for too long…” The incredibly beauty of my puppy was indeed touching, I loved that Toby decided to grow let a full and nicely trimmed beard in his manly face, with his curly hair it really gave him a respectable and yet almost angelical look.

“I moaned as I adjusted myself in the floor of my bedroom “Well, you kids are still learning I can’t expect that you keep me going all night long, besides, I really enjoy you trying so hard…” I caressed his pretty little head.

“Oh come on , Father, last night we made you cum almost 10 times, it’s not your fault that you have to keep going forever!”Tommy appeared in all his glory, at the same 7’10” tall of his twin brother and weighing the same 780 pounds, his smooth face went really nice with his golden long hair. We all laughed at that comment.

Toby suddenly sounded worried “Do you think the other Sages will challenge your ruling?”

I stretched my muscles and the boys went quiet of admiration, I stood up, even at my human disguise I am bigger than most Brooders in their true forms, and life at nearly 10 feet tall is not as easy as one might think, fortunately we are gonna move very soon. I decided the best place for my family has to be built from scratch.

“Who cares? Can they actually do something about my self-proclaimed ruling? Let them challenge me…” I said picking my little boy in my arms.

“I know you still have big plans my Lord, that’s why I worry about your safety…” Toby nested his head in my chest, but soon I noticed Tommy climbing me to have the same privilege, but who could blame him of being jealous?

“My plans are still to be executed, my little sons, and they include you and all your brothers, soon I will reunite them to make my announcement, and then I shall have things started.”

“A new era for the Brood!” Tommy said enthusiastically

I grinned “A new era to the World…” I corrected him gently and we all directed to the river, there was nothing better than a bath in the nearly freezing river water right in the morning…