The Bully Magnet

High-school life can be whether amazing but sometimes incredibly cruel, but for Ernie, so far, it had only been one of them; regarded as “absolute nothing” among his high school peers – Ernie Larsen was sentenced to an outcast existence, he simply didn’t fit in any group.

At 5’7” 115 pounds of saggy built, pale skin, curly blond hair, big ample nose and dark shadows around his icy blue eyes; always dressed in baggy dark clothes, Ernie had the looks of a geek but, unfortunately for him, his notes were very below average, not to mention that Ernie never shared the same interests of the smartest kids, and despite not being officially a nerd, he still got picked by the bullies.

Guys took his lunch money in a daily basis, not to mention those days when they also dumped his foot on the toilet, or gave him the most embarrassing wedgies. All kinds of bullies seemed to be attracted towards Ernie’s loser persona; not just the big muscular popular jocks like Nate Phillips, but also those “big boned” brutes such as Earl Lewis; and even those viciously dangerous rowdy fellows like Chad Stevens – Ernie Larsen was literally a bully magnet.

One day, Ernie was cleaning the basement when he accidentally found and odd thing hidden among his stuff, it was a big metallic case with the letters “CTL” printed in high relief. Ernie immediately recognized the logo, because his stepfather used to work as lab researcher for ChemTech Labs before he got fired after disagreeing with his bosses.

The case was locked, but it didn’t take long until Ernie picked the lock. When the curious teenager opened the metallic case, he found two dozens of these vials carrying some kind of weird green oily liquid and a brochure.

All those names, formulas, codes and diagrams were just too complex for Ernie’s intellect, however he could read out that such vials contained some kind of experimental fast muscle growth formula, probably some kind of new steroid, which was supposed to be drank instead of injected.

The curly haired grinned as he imagined the possibilities: after all these years of aggression, abuse, exploitation and humiliation, Ernie was determined to get his revenge against all bullies; he always fantasized about bulking up really massive, so he could kick the bullies’ sorry butts and reign over Redwood High as the biggest and most muscular guy, this would be his ultimate vendetta, they would know what it felt to be abused and humiliated.

Carefully, Ernie removed the brochure and all the vials from the case, making sure that he returned it exactly to the place where he found it. He stashed the majority of the vials inside a hole in the floor, conveniently disguised by the rug, taking his time to read the complex data in the brochure, which was far too sophisticated for a D minus Chemistry student to understand, besides, Ernie’s mind was already overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a muscular hunk, finally capable of teaching those stupid bullies a lesson; beating them up, so the rest of school would just worship him as the new honcho guy.

Ernie didn’t want his stepfather to notice he had stolen the formula, so he resisted the urge to drink it, plus, he wanted his revenge to be complete, so the bullies could not know in advance about his change, everything had to be done during school time.

In the next morning, the scrawny retrieved all the vials from his secret compartment and headed straight to the school, Ernie never felt that excited about going to school, but he was also very nervous, mostly because he didn’t know for sure if that formula would work, the brochure was very technical and hermetic for a layman to fully understand it. Once he got to Redwood High, Larsen put the vials inside his locker room, but he made sure to let exactly three vials for his current plan of action.

Usually, Ernie would hurry to get in class before any bully could approach him, however, today, Ernie wandered around the hallways, purposely luring his soon to be first victim, the scrawny geek had his hand inside the bag, feeling the precious vials between his fingers; he still didn’t know many vials to take, or what would be the best time to do so.

“HEY LARSEN!” a strong voice tone thundered around the hallway. It was Earl Lewis, a.k.a. “Moose”. That was a 16 year old, 6’1” 200 pounds of bully beef, barrel chested and round gutted, clearly overweight, whenever Lewis was out on a hunt, anyone knew his goal was to take the lunch money of the smaller guys, and Ernie was one his favorite preys.

Normally, the scrawny geek would just give up all his money and begged for Moose’s mercy, but not today. Ernie slowly turned around and faced the enormous red haired, freckled bully.

“Not today, fat ball! If you want my money you’re gonna have to catch me!” Larsen yelled as he ran down the corridor like a maniac.

“You motherfu…” Moose grunted as he moved his pursued his prey. Although Ernie was much lighter than his bully, it didn’t mean he could easily win that dispute, let’s not forget that Larsen is one of the worst athletes of all times, and though Moose was not any fast runner, he surely knew how to keep his pace, despite his heavy weight.

Ernie felt his lungs burning, his legs were begging for rest, and his stomach already felt like throwing up his breakfast “I AM GONNA POUND YOUR SORRY ASS!” Moose threatened turning the corner, getting each time closer to his skinny prey.

Larsen took his hand out of the bag, using all his efforts to run a bit faster as he looked for some place to unveil his secret weapon, however, the skinny guy’s poor mind was running out of ideas, he felt that his body was getting slower and weaker while he could just feel Moose’s breath on the back of his neck! Finally, he devised the perfect place, Larsen entered the gym, heading to the storage room, and it was such a clustered, dirty dark place, that Moose would never know what hit him.

The geek squeezed behind the door, desperately searching his bag after his precious vials, but the dark place didn’t help at all, he fumbled the contents of the bag, cursing repeatedly as he only found useless things instead of his growth formula.

Suddenly, Moose’s appeared out of nowhere “I SAW YOU MORON!” the bully entered the room, using his bulky figure to squeeze the door heavily against Ernie’s slim figure, who still desperately tried to find anything inside his bag

Moose let go of the door, holding Ernie by his collar, the skinny man gasped, but he still tried to reach for the vials. The big bully noticed his prey was looking for something inside his pack, and he feared it could some kind of gun.

“You won’t be pulling any tricks on me, Larsen!” Earl said as he easily took the pack from Ernie’s sweaty hands.

“NOOOOO!” Ernie struggled, but it was useless, he would never break free from that powerful grip. Moose tossed Larsen to the other corner of the room, over the basketballs, and the little guy just cursed his luck when he saw the bully retrieving all the vials at once.

“Looks like you’ve brought something extra for school today…” Earl said, looking at the glowing green liquid inside the plastic vials “What is that shit?” the bully asked very curious.

“It’s none of your business, give it back!” Ernie lunched himself against Lewis’ body, trying to get back his precious vials, but he had been too obvious…

“Oh… poor Ernie… he wants this green stuff back!” Earl teased as he easily kept Larsen at bay with one hand. “What if I drink them right in front of you huh?”

Ernie’s face went livid. “NO! That’s… dangerous, you can die!” The scrawny teenager grasped for the vials, but they were definitely out of his reach.

“You’re a fucking liar! I bet it is something sweet that you didn’t want to share” Earl laughed, nodding his head as he brought the vials closer to his look, then he just bite the plastic cap off the vials at once, spitting the tiny bits on Ernie’s face, but before the nerd could act, Moose already squeezed the thick liquid down his gluttony throat, much to Ernie’s dismay.

Moose savored the last drop of the three vials, before he tossed them away. Then, he showed his tongue tainted of green because of the viscous content he had just drank. “You know what Larsen? You could have kept those for yourself; the taste is pretty awful…” The bully said as he walked towards the dweeb.

“Now… hand me the money so I can get some decent food…” Earl’s voice sounded weird as he approached Dwight. Suddenly, the scrawny kid gulped as he saw Moose kneeling down as he gasped for air.

“Shit…what the hell did you give me…?” Moose asked, looking even redder than his hair, his beefy bulky figure contorting, his thick fat hands punching the floor, Moose was pouring out like a pig. Ernie was so scared, he just ran away from the storage room, his mind was running lose as he thought he had killed the bully “Oh fuck, what have I done?”

The geeky teenager stopped and looked back at the storage room, Moose was a bastard but he could be dead now…Then Ernie froze as he remembered he had left his backpack there! He could have been linked to a potential crime scene!

Larsen gulped and ran back to the place, carefully peeking into the dark room.

“Oooohhh…hmmmmm” and many similar grunting sounds were coming from inside, Ernie gulped and tried to get his belongings before the guy noticed he had come back. Larsen looked around and located his backpack, but when he was about to leave, he looked over Moose’s agonizing figure, convulsing on the floor.

“Moose… are you alright?” his squeaky voice whispered to the bulk in the dark, and then he felt something grabbing his ankle very tightly. Larsen yelled but there was no one there to save him.

A huge hand covered his mouth to muffle his scream. “Shut the fuck up dweeb!” Moose harshly ordered Ernie as he got back on his feet. Because of the dim light, it took a few seconds to acknowledge exactly where he was, but Moose eventually seemed fully recovered from whatever hit him.

“Whatever that shit was; it really had some great kick! I can still feel my body tingling” Moose said as he adjusted his stance, although his figure still looked bizarre, like something was moving all over his skin. Moose was still a bit drowsy, so he fumbled the walls, accidentally hittin the light switch, and a horrified Ernie Larsen noticed that Moose’s body was not convulsing like he thought, it was actually bulging all over!

“Why the fuck are you looking at me dweeb?” Moose asked as he noticed Ernie’s staring at him – once, Earl’s face had been round with heavy cheeks that revealed his excessive fat weight, but now, it was different, it seemed manlier and squarer.

“Moose, you are changing…” Larsen finally noticed what was different about the bully’s figure; he was actually thinner, his face had lost the excessive cheeks and his features were more pronounced. Ernie would continue, but the bully suddenly suffered another seizure, and his muscles tensed really tight. Earl moaned as his once tight clothes looked suddenly much baggier.

Lewis roared like a caged beast “This burns like hell!” then he opened his green eyes and they looked on fire “But I am fucking loving it!” Moose added as he simply grabbed Ernie and carried the skinny dweeb over his shoulders.

“Moose, let me go, what are you doing?” Ernie protested but deep down he knew it was useless because soon they were at the lockers, where Moose could finally see his new look.

“Awesome!” The once fat bully exclaimed as he looked at his own thinner face, he dropped Ernie on the ground as he rushed to check the latest changes on his body: his big round belly had just disappeared, and an amazing six pack flat stomach popped out in its place, his thick round arms remained very thick, but the muscle underneath the fat now pressed against the fabric, Moose lifted his sleeve and flexed his arm, amazed to the display of super thick veins covering his massive muscles, it seems that all the extra bulk Earl ever carried was turning into muscle!

“Fuck, look at me, I AM HOT!” Moose yelled impressed by his own reflection, his pants were now much roomier around the waist, but they felt tighter in the thighs, he laughed as he felt his once saggy heavy chest getting harder and stronger, the muscle layers growing underneath his skin, the fat simply being converted into muscle.

Ernie stared at Moose with a jealousy expression, after all, that was supposed to be happening to him! He whined as the massive bully became each time bigger and more muscular, even his clothes that had been tight because of his fat, suddenly were roomier because of his drastic changes, seemed tighter once again! Moose grinned as he felt the sleeves of his T-shirt growing incredibly uncomfortable.

“Shit, this new Moose is getting supersized!” He groaned as his body felt unstoppable, the back of his shirt suddenly ripped revealing the look of a truly road map, the shoulders grew wider and thicker, while the waist slimmed down to something comparable to Ernie’s skinny body, but the pillars of his muscular legs now shred their ways free from the tightness of Moose’s “Big and Tall” jeans.

“Fuck! Look at me, Larsen!” Moose boomed at the skinny dweeb who just looked like the kid whose candy had been taken away. Ernie gulped as he noticed that Moose was getting even stronger than he was before, because those muscles were dense, they looked so hard and so veined, Earl wasn’t even flexing and they already looked so huge, so incredibly masculine.

Moose exulted as he towered over Ernie, easily lifting the little guy by his collar “You fucking wanted to outgrow The Moose huh? But it turned out I got even bigger! Shit I am the biggest motherfucker in the school!” He said grinning at Larsen who could only weep.

“This is not fair! I was supposed to grow…” the skinny lad cried but Moose only laughed louder at that.

“Don’t fucking insult me, Larsen! You don’t deserve muscles like these!” Moose said, flexing his 24 inches massive biceps, which grew harder and bigger as the red haired muscle beast got hit by a third massive muscle growth seizure.

“Fuck yeaaaaah…” The bully groaned louder as he felt his muscles expanding even bigger, Lewis had his eyes closed as he savored the intensity of his growth spreading over his massive body but Ernie’s eyes were wide open, staring at the uncanny bulge on Moose’s cock, who probably noticed that his endowment was going through an unexpected enlargement.

Earl couldn’t hide his excitement; he completely ignored the little guy’s presence and tore his own pants off, revealing the only thing that had gotten fatter with his change, his cock had grown from the usual 5 inches hard to amazing 10 whole inches and still semi-hard.

“Now, that’s what I call a COCK!” Moose grinned as he could see his cock getting longer and thicker, Larsen seemed completely hypnotized by that throbbing member. He looked over at his little colleague and noticed the boner on his 7 inches member.

“I knew you were a faggot, Larsen, but you know what? Today is your lucky day because it was you who gave me this amazing body, so why shouldn’t I repay you the favor?” Moose said in a low voice, and before Ernie replied, he simply shoved his practically foot long cock down the throat of the geeky loser.

Larsen gasped, he thought he would choke till death with that massive thing going down his throat, but to his own amazement, his esophagus aligned with such perfection that it was actually possible for him to engulf the monstrous phallus, soon the blond geek was going up and down the huge cock, guided by the powerful hand on the back of his thin neck, pressing impatiently to get more of the shaft swallowed by the skinny sucker.

Moose felt in heaven, till this very morning his pants were too small, his belly was too big, his cock was too small and he felt like shit, but now he just transpired virility! His muscles were super huge, he looked way hotter than any model and his cock, it was just huge and growing bigger inside Larsen’s mouth, who by the way was a stupendous cocksucker. The bully’s rage seemed to subside as his cock was taken care, but his muscles never stopped growing, Moose kept growing more muscular all the time Ernie gave him the head, and his orgasm felt each time closer, so the humongous bully just screamed and groaned very loud.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” Nate Phillips, the school’s biggest and most successful wrestler broke into the lockers. Ernie got so scared that he slipped on the floor and fell on his ass, leaving Moose’s cock suddenly very cold.

“WHO TOLD YOU TO STOP?” Moose boomed and Ernie quickly returned to his sucking position. Meanwhile, the richly tanned, dark haired 6’2” tall 215 pounds stud who used to think nobody could hold a candle to his size and definition, suddenly found a behemoth inside the locker room. That was a true muscle monster, he was just amazing, standing at 6’6” easily over 300 pounds of ultra ripped sinew which seemed to be growing bigger still.

A flabbergasted Nate looked up to the most powerful man he ever seen, but when he finally recognized the grinning features of that new world wonder, his jaw dropped.

“Moose? Is that you? I can’t believe on it!” Phillips always bragged about the fact that he was heavier than Earl and his muscles were lean and ripped.

Moose grinned while Ernie kept sucking his huge member “You’d better believe, little guy; because things are gonna change around here!” the hugely muscular teenager grabbed the captain of the Wrestling team and threw him away, Nate’s body hit the tiled flooring, slipping away from Lewis and his sucker. Ernie’s cock had already spewed his load inside his pants, because Moose had grown into such a specimen of manly power that it was absolutely unstoppable.

The bigger and improved Moose roared once again as his skin looked even redder and thinner, his muscles were hugely flexed and his veins so engorged that his body seemed that it was about to explode, he pressed the head on Ernie with such strength that his cock fit entirely into the boy’s esophagus, practically reaching his stomach, and finally, Moose unloaded his enormous cock inside the skinny prey.


Larsen struggled and debated, but he kept drinking the fiercely strong volleys of cum, Moose roared like a wild animal as he poured into Ernie’s body endlessly. The more cum he drank, the more those hugely developed balls seemed to produce, the skinny victim could not breathe but that was his smallest preoccupation, he could almost feel Moose’s cock probing his stomach, and the guy could easily split him in two if he wanted, then, Ernie’s body simply collapsed, he passed out and his body slipped from the teenager behemoth and hit the ground heavily.

The curly haired teenager woke up surrounded by an enormous puddle of cum, Ernie remembered he was in the locker room with a growing Moose, but then everything went blank, the geek looked around and the place was a complete mess, but a message written with thick cum was written at the mirror.


The skinny lad gulped as he managed to stand up and get outside; the whole school was a mess, many doors were ripped off their frames and tossed aside, walls were demolished, the school had been totally remodeled wherever Moose had passed through. The screams of horror and also those of ecstasy filled the corridors, people ran all over the place trying to look for a shelter or a closer spot next to such behemoth.

“Call the police, this boy is a monster!” Some teacher said as he ran to the parking lot. Many of students were simply lost, most of them ran away, but surprisingly, lots of boys seemed too curious to leave the school. They all needed to see how big this “monster” was. There was a noticeable gathering of fellow curious classmates at the gym door, but they simply had no courage to get any closer, so Ernie had to squeeze through them to get closer.

Finally, Ernie devised the impossible! The huge Moose was at the school gym, and at first he seemed to be holding hostages! However, Ernie noticed that all of them looked more charmed than frightened. At least 20 boys, besides the coach and even the principal were worshipping the immense creature.

The view was rather astonishing: several jocks sat on two gym benches while the macho-man Coach Tanner and the always uptight Principal Sheridan, were kneeled at the presence of the biggest man in the world, fighting over the privilege to suck on Moose’s obelisk to manhood.

The jocks from the wrestling team moaned, blatantly caressed their cocks, while the impressive Moose lifted one bench on each hand using the school furniture as a giant dumbbell, each one carrying over 10 big hefty teenagers. Earl was actually making bicep crunches with those living weights, alternating his monstrous arms and squeezing the mind blowing huge muscles. Moose looked bigger than ever, he was 7’tall and over 400 pounds of insanely huge brawn; but to Larsen’s greatest surprise, all those guys were having the time of their lives, displaying a great pleasure in worshipping the muscles on that human wonder. Ernie approached peered through the glass of the gym doors and he could see the inhuman muscle beast savoring the attention his muscles got.

Larsen felt his frustration growing again. “That was supposed to be me!” he whispered, but then his mind snapped out of that useless jealousy, after all Moose got away with three miserable vials, but he still got a lot of them… there was hope after all!

Ernie headed straight to the lockers; fortunately Moose hadn’t been there so they were still intact, so he rushed to his locker, where he had stashed more vials of this precious muscle growth formula. There were 21 vials remaining, if Moose only took three and grew so massive, Ernie still had more than enough to outgrow that beast and claim the right to be worshipped. The dweeb retrieved 7 vials, carefully closing his locker once again. He had now more than double of the amount Moose drank, but then, he was much smaller to begin with, so the results should be just awesome!

Ernie’s walked down the corridor, his mind drifted at the possibility of the watched the soft glow of the viscous green liquid, admiring the power they contained, but all of a sudden, a strong hand landed upon his thin shoulder. Ernie felt the pressure increasing, and the pain spreading all over his frail body

“What is that stuff, dweeb?” Nate Phillips asked in an authoritarian tone. His body was still bruised and aching all over from what happened back at the boy’s room, but he could still take care of such weakling like Larsen, his powerful free hand engulfed Ernie’s much smaller one, twisting it skillfully, so the victim would let go of the vials.

Panic surged through Ernie’s body once again as he saw a bully yanking the glory from his hands at the very last moment. Phillips looked at the vials, and then back Ernie’s scared expression.

“THAT’S WHAT TURNED MOOSE INTO A FREAK HUH?” Phillips asked still twisting Ernie’s arm, forcing the smaller guy to kneel of pain.

“Unghhhh… arggghh… YES! YES!” Larsen screamed in pain, and Phillips released his grip, now overtaken by a confident stance.

“How many did you give him?” Nate asked nervously.

Ernie didn’t want to answer that question, but the jock would beat him into a pulp if Larsen didn’t tell him what he wanted to know. “Three… he took three of them…”

Nate’s grin was diabolical. “If that slime ball turned into the massive guy with just three of these things…” The captains of the wrestling team just opened the cap off the vials with his teeth, quickly squeezing the contents into his mouth. Meanwhile, part of Ernie wanted to run away and get more vials, but unexplainably, he needed to witness that upcoming transformation.

Ernie expected the jock to go into a lot of pain, like Moose did before he grew, but Nathan just started getting bigger immediately, his hard, veined, lean muscles growing much faster and bigger. Phillips was dressed in his usual jeans, white T-shirt and the jacket from the Redwood High School Wrestling team, but suddenly his red sneakers simply exploded while huge feet busted from their interior.

“This shit is awesome!” Phillips exclaimed as his muscles grew underneath the fabric of his clothes, the pecs bulged underneath filling his ample pecs even bigger, causing them to press the flimsy fabric, his nipples got wider and thicker, the 6 lean packs of his washboard stomach were growing bigger thicker, as they got even more impressive, the sides of Nate’s body thickened, his lats spread wider and thickly massive, his serratus muscle got so developed and chiseled, the shoulders ballooned out, they grew thicker and wider, the muscle fibers packing as they expanded further and further, the deltoids augmented, building impressive structures from the sides of Nate’s engorging neck.

Meanwhile, Ernie could only but witnessing the growth of another bully. He watched awestruck as the already impressively muscular body of that 18 year old senior high school student turned into an even bigger monstrous mass of brawn and strength. Nate grew taller as his body flared into awesome proportions, his veins popped thicker as the new layers of muscles engorged his biceps and forearms. Nate felt his body enlarging so fast he laughed out loud maniacally.

“The POWER, of damn, this is Amazing!” The wrestler kept repeated as he felt his body growing even bigger, soon, he could just tell his clothes were about to be torn into shreds so he looked down at the little dweeb and roared, hitting a most muscular pose with a ferocious expression.

As Nathan flexed, the fibers of his manly muscles destroyed the much weaker fibers of his clothes, causing them all to shred at the same time, his jeans’ legs tore open as his thighs expanded, even the butt seams opened as the growing jock’s derrière became much solid and defined, the shirt fabric was literally turned into dust as Nate’s pecs outgrew the tiny prison. His arms were too thick for the jacket so they busted out of the sleeves. Nathan was covered by the remains of his original clothing; only his oversized jockstrap resisted so far, holding a growing bulging of an awaken giant cock; cable corded veins crossed the surface of those delicious muscles; the grin in Phillips’ face was just priceless, he knew Ernie was completely under his charm now, only the first of his many future worshippers.

“Yeah, Larsen, you’ve got yourself a new master now. I know you gave Moose a great head, so you’d better do the same for the new biggest guy!” Nate announced as his body grew past 6’8”and 420 pounds, and his growth had barely started. The booming behemoth laughed as he walked closer to the small geek, the jockstrap heroically hung through the clothes explosion, but the mere thought of getting such a high quality blowjob brought the huge cock into its foot long size, but it was clear that there was a lot of cock to grow yet. Curiously, instead of freaking out for the size of that phallus, Ernie’s mind already carved for the monstrosity, he felt that he had to welcome that cock inside his body in any possible way.

Phillips just reached for the little guy, easily moved him around to assume position at his cock. Larsen’s mind had become blank, for some reason he knew he had to drink the cum from that growing monster, he just accepted his submissive stance and tenderly engulfed the huge head with his thin lips, he gasped a few times, but thanks to his previous experience and the motivation of Nate’s huge hand behind his neck, Ernie soon was going down the marvelous cock.

Once Nate felt the mouth of the geek around his cock, he just let go an incredible roar of pleasure, he just grew even bigger, his muscles expanded twice as fast, he shoot up taller, but the enlargement on his musculature just overcame any height augmentation, it was suddenly like the jock was inflating into a bigger, manlier and more powerful version, but Ernie could just feel the cock getting bigger and higher, soon he had to stand up in order to encompass the endowment of his new master.

“Hmmmm… getting so fucking big, so enormous!” Nathan moaned as he massaged his balls with his free hands, they felt so warm and sensitive, like they carried static electricity which suddenly surged all over his glorious muscles. Phillips felt his orgasm building closer as his muscles expanded furiously; hulking out the already monstrous proportions of his own muscles, new layers of invincible sinew stacked one over another, creating an unearthed manly goliath.

Larsen held onto Nate’s thighs, grabbing as much brawn as his tiny arms could encompass, almost like he knew in advance that his new growing master was about to blow his impervious load. Soon, Nate’s senses were in fire, he screamed out of pure bliss as his muscles shoot up even bigger, expanding now tenfold faster as they had grown in the beginning, the width and thickness of his figure challenged the very definition of humanity, because he already resembled a comic-book muscle monster somehow brought into reality, the moment his growth reached such vertiginous speed, Phillips just fed his sucker with an enormous amount of his thick, young fresh and supercharged cum.

Ernie was being fed directly into his stomach, so he didn’t need to swallow at all, although he couldn’t also breathe at the same time, but he just felt that it was the best way to die, completely attached to the world’s greatest cock. Meanwhile, Nate’s growth packed on, taking the jock into whole new levels of monstrosity and muscular freakiness, which he desired so badly, the transformation lasted already much longer than Moose’s and yet, Phillips kept on packing and becoming even bigger, by the time Ernie was finally released from the everlasting torrent of cum, Nate had reached already 8 feet 3 inches tall and weighing uncanny 780 massive pounds.

His shoulders were easily well over 6 feet across, so the size of his pectoral muscles was big enough to accommodate Ernie laying over their monstrous surface. The movement of the monstrous muscle freak was just sinuously sensual, Larsen looked around him and he could only see muscle atop muscle, then he noticed the powerful neck above him.

Nate waddled proud through the corridors, the immensity his shoulders so much wider and huger, the size of his deltoids made his ears look so small, as well as his head, but his features looked hotter than ever.

Ernie gulped as he noticed where they were heading; the gym door was suddenly deserted, probably because the boys had finally decided to join the worshippers of Moose, especially

“Nate, where are you going?” Larsen asked in a low tone.

“Where do you think dweeb? I’ll show Moose whose school this is!” The mountainous teenager boomed as he picked the small fragile body of his new servant and put back on the ground “You stay here, I’m gonna teach some manners to the little Moose!”

Ernie was in trance, he watched as Nate easily filled the double doors of the gym entrance, he just pressed a bit and the entire frame exploded, the monster just laughed and easily ripped the door from the wall.

Part 2

Inside the gym, Moose and his worshippers were caught off guard by the loud sound of the wall tumbling down because of Nate’s massive figure.

“HEY MOOSE, GUESS WHAT? YOU’RE NOT THE BIGGEST ANYMORE!” Phillips boomed, walking towards the court center, where the red haired freak manhandled his many worshippers, most of them could barely moan, their cocks were aching dry, their loads have been cast all over the floor. Moose looked but he couldn’t believe.

“NO!!! I AM MOOSE! I AM THE BIGGEST!” the oversized teenage muscle freak screamed as he punched the face of the taller gargantuan creature, creating a powerful shockwave that broke all the windows around the gym.

Nate Phillips just felt the powerful blow hitting him in the chin, but instead of pain it felt absolutely nothing, his neck muscles were so strong that they barely moved, he was over a foot taller than his attacker and nearly twice his body weight, that was clearly an easy match, but the captain of the wrestling team wanted his sweet revenge against the freckled huge freak.

Moose watched in disbelief as his blows had absolutely no result over the massive target. Nate just kept immovable as the smaller behemoth hit him over and over, but the only one feeling some actual pain was the red haired freak, because hitting those enormous tanned muscles of the super masculine hunk felt like hitting a 2 feet thick wall of titanium…

Finally, Nate grabbed the hands of Moose, engulfing them with his much bigger ones, then he slowly pressed, grinning confidently as he applied only a small amount of the enormous strength his unearthed gargantuan muscles possessed. Moose struggled, but the dispute was just unfair, so Moose slowly kneeled in front of the taller and incomparably more muscular monster.

“Nooooo….” Moose screamed as he felt his beloved muscles losing the battle against Nate’s even freakier ones, the wrestler smirked as he finally got the once new and oversized Moose into a humble position.

“That’s it, little guy! You’re just like them, small and skinny! I AM THE BIG GUY! I HAVE THE HUGEST MUSCLES!” Nathan boomed flexing his 53” massive arms which were much thicker than Moose’s enormous thighs, he flexed the uncanny arm in Moose’s face, but the red haired behemoth just hugged the arm passionately, kissing the huge muscles and licking every single vein on Nathan’s arm.

Phillips’ laughter filled the gym, and caused the other men to drop to their knees. “YOU ARE A BUNCH OF WUSSIES, CAN’T HANDLE A REAL MONSTER! I WILL FUCK ALL OF YOU UNTILL YOU PASS OUT!” The new monster said as he lifted Moose over his head and easily threw him against the wall, which totally destroyed it, but Phillips was far from being done on his revenge, he ran towards Moose and held him on a giant version of the full-Nelson, the masses of muscle were simply locked, but it was Moose who felt all the pressure.

“Tell me whose school this is! NOW!” Nathan boomed as he held Lewis under his complete control. Moose struggled, he was running out of air, and his proud was totally overpowered by his lust, his own cock was getting harder and harder because of Nathan’s indubitable superiority.

“Argh… it’s… it’s … fuck… it’s yours Nate, it had always been yours!” Moose gasped trying to breathe, but the lock was just too tight. Nathan moved graciously like he wasn’t an abomination of uncanny muscle monstrosity, soon he was pinning the defeated behemoth on his back.

“You should know better, moose, no one messes with Nate…” The monster announced as he hoisted the legs of the defeated enemy in the air, but it was clear now than Moose desired to be fully dominated just as much as Nate wanted to establish his domain as the new alpha muscle monster.

Ernie was spellbound by the scene, he saw the biggest men in the world kissing and making out furiously over the wrestling mattresses, Phillips easily overpowered Moose and now the monstrous 18 inches long, 10 inches around huge cock was ready to fuck Moose’s muscular butt.

“Shit… Nate, fuck me man… you’re so huge, so massive!” The once super manly red haired monster now begged to be overpowered by the even more monstrously oversized stud.

“You really want this huh little guy? You want to feel a real cock inside you huh?” Nate teased his prey as the incapacitated Moose moaned “Yes… please… please fuck me at once!”

“Okay little guy, too late for regretting now!” Nate said as he forced his unheard monstrosity inside Moose’s ass and the guy screamed so loudly and so sensually that most of the guys blew their loads right there, but the scream continued as Nate’s cock went deeper and deeper Earl’s anus. The giant jock just laughed as he turned the once fearsome Moose into a tender kitty.

“Oh, yeah, you’re mine now, skinny, and together we will fuck rule the entire school!” Nathan yelled in ecstasy, but suddenly it reminded Ernie that now not only Moose, but also Nate had become two reining muscle monsters while he was still the same pathetic loser dweeb.

“The vials, I gotta get the vials!” Larsen thought as he ran away from the gym, both Nate and Moose were too busy fucking each other to notice his absence, he ran back to his locker but before he even got to it, his heart sank inside his chest.

His locker was open and he could see it was completely empty, the vials were gone!

Ernie was completely despaired now, he was sure he had locked the vials back before Nate got to him, who could have possibly. Suddenly, the smell of cigarette smoke filled his nostrils, and only one guy would lose his time smoking when everything is a complete chaos.

“Hey dweeb, looking for something?” Chad Stevens said, leaning over the wall. That was the school’s most dangerous guy, he was once a great quarterback with a potential future, but then he got involved with the wrong people and soon he was kicked out the team, his grades were lousy, he failed several times, now he is a 20 year old sophomore, without any chance of a good future ahead of him.

At 5’10” 175 pounds of lean build, piercing blue eyes and pink complexion, Chad had the classic “easy rider” look, he kept his dark blond hair a bit shaggy, his tight jeans, the shirt and the leather jacket may sound a bit old fashioned, but his attitude really worked along that outlook. Stevens wasn’t just your regular bully, that guy was sneaky and mean, he was a pervert and a soon-to-be-convicted criminal.

“My… locker, someone picked it!” Ernie replied, although he still felt it would be better be quiet around that guy.

“Oh… someone stole something valuable to you?” Chad asked puffing the smoke out of his lungs in ring shaped forms.

“Erm… not valuable it’s just…” Ernie stopped as Stevens held his cigarette in the left corner of his mouth, reaching for something inside his jacket inner pocket. Right then, Larsen froze once again, because he saw the remaining vials.

“It was you!” Ernie launched against Chad, but he wasn’t fast enough, Stevens already kept them safely back with him, ceasing his time to duck from Larsen’s attack and immobilize him against the wall.

“Yeah you bet it, little dude! I saw that dumb jock talking to you, then he drank from these same vials and he grew into that… that monster! Then he forced you to suck on that giant cock, and you were more than happy to comply with that!” Chad’s bad breath burnt Ernie’s nose. “So you’re gonna tell me what’s the stuff yes or no?”

“I don’t know… I just found it o1kay? It said it was some kind of faster super steroid, but that’s all I know, I swear to you!” Ernie protested.

“And why did you give it to Moose and Nate instead of taking it yourself? Is it fucking dangerous?” Chad demanded to know the answer to his question, so he literally shook Larsen’s little body.

“I… didn’t mean to do it, they just took it and when I noticed they were growing into huge muscle beasts! Now they’re tow massive giants, but I was supposed to be the one growing here!” Ernie released the stress inside his chest punching Chad’s chest, but the dangerous lad just laughed.

“Fuck, you are pathetic, Ernie, not even with something like that you could win?” Chad said as he once again showed the bag with the 14 remaining vials, but before Larsen acted, Stevens just held him firmly with one hand, while he savored the last bit of his smoke, ceasing the opportunity to blow the smoke at Ernie’s face.

“Now… let me see if I get this straight, to get freakishly enormous like those two morons, all one has to do is drinking the contents of these vials huh?” The grin in Chad’s face seemed charming and scaring at the same time, and Ernie knew that was he was the meanest bully in school, a real life crook, ready to take advantage over people, so the dweeb just nodded along feeling really frustrated for all that misfortune.

“Oh, that’s interesting, I’ve always wanted to teach that show off Nate a lesson about good sportsmanship, how many of these did he drink?” Chad asked in his cold yet very threatening tone.

“Just one…” Ernie said right away, trying to fool the other man, but Chad was actually much smarter than Larsen.

“You think I am some kind of stupid, you little shit? I’ve seen Nate drinking all the vials you were carrying… if you don’t want to tell me, it’s fine I’ll just drink all of them!”

“What? NO! You can’t… that’s… that’s 14 vials you have there, Moose only took three and even Nate only took seven!” Ernie gave the whole service without even noticing, but Chad couldn’t be any happier. He just walked down the hallway holding Larsen’s arm as he casually explained his intents.

“See? That’s why I need to drink them all, I don’t like Moose neither Nate, but they have quite a lot of weight on me, so if I want to get big, I need to get REALLY big!” Chad announced, quickly stuffing Ernie inside his own locker.

“You wait here, so you won’t get in my way while I set everything …” Ernie listened to Stevens’ voice from inside the dark tiny metal locker. Larsen could not believe how jinxed he was, the last vials had been also taken away from him, and now an even meaner bully would grow massively huge. The geeky skinny man gathered all his strength to push the back of the locker, managing to bend the door of his cell, so he could squeeze out of the improvised prison.

Larsen desperately looked for Chad Stevens, praying that he hadn’t already fulfilled his intent, but when he did find the crook, his heart skipped a bit.

Chad had already dumped the content of the last vial into a plastic cup, he held it proudly because he knew there was no way to stop him now.

“Hey, Ernie, what took you so long? Party starts right now, cheers!” Chad’s smirk felt like a knife piercing through Larsen’s dreams. The geek watched incapacitated while the other lad gulped down the entire contents of 14 whole vials, which was more than Moose and Nate had taken combined.

The dangerous young lad kept his grin for a few moments, but soon his whole body was assaulted by a violent growth seizure, Chad’s body convulsed violently, in huge spurts of absolute muscular expansion. Unlike, Moose or Chad, his growth happened at the same time in all body parts.

The legs grew thicker by the second, his thighs, calves and but packed immediately into immense proportions, at the same time his once nice looking chest easily ripped his wife beater shirt into shreds, becoming two massively powerful shelves of manly strength and muscles, his arms engorged faster and faster, the veins augmenting as the serum spread over his growing body. Chad’s face twisted as he felt wave after wave of uncanny muscle growth assaulting his body, his physique expanding ferociously faster as the transformation proceeded.

“Holly crap this guy is gonna explode!” Larsen thought as he saw the really bulging monster of muscle mass he had caused to exist, Chad’s head looked each time smaller as his shoulders grew gigantically wider, rounder and thicker, his neck engorged to the point that it melted with the huge diamond shaped deltoids, the chest soared wider and thicker, jutting several inches from the impressive muscular physique.

Before the serum, Chad wasn’t lean to the point of having a 6-pack, but this changed as soon as he drank such massive amount of muscle growth vials, his muscles expanded wildly into uncanny proportions, each knot of his now 10-oversized-massively-packed grew bigger and thicker by the seconds, giving him an armor of impenetrable huge muscle.

“OOOH THE POWER I CAN FEEL IT! IT’S SO FUCKING AWESOME!” Ernie couldn’t hold his frustration when he listened yet another time to this senseless speech, which seemed to be a must among growing muscle monsters. Meanwhile, Chad’s laughter boomed louder as he expanded this time so fast that his new layers of muscle fibers simply blossomed from the previous ones, developing further into something beyond mankind, the thickness of the veins crossing his muscles and feeding more serum into his organism, the more his figure grew, the more his muscles seemed to grow bigger even faster, going through some kind of magnification process that turned Chad into a juggernaut of colossal proportions.

No matter how impressive the growth on Moose and even Nate had been, nothing would have prepared Ernie for the experience of witnessing Chad’s growth, because it wasn’t just about the expansion of his muscles, but the uncanny transformations triggered in the process, Chad’s figure changed in such manner he looked so manlier, so powerful, his muscles were no longer human, they even had a different morphologic quality, they were just too developed and massive to be regarded inside human’s anatomical group.

And yet, Stevens’ growth continued furiously, his bones snapped as they grew thicker and longer as well the rest of his body, allowing more muscle to pack inside that unbelievably enormous figure, Chad had already surpassed Nate’s height but he simply couldn’t stop growing, and his body literally inflated in loud, graphic, violent spasms of obscenely massive muscle growth, the sweat poured over his boiling skin as new layers of super dense muscle fibers accumulated on his everlasting growth.

Chad grew so much taller that he already cast his magnificent shadow over Ernie’s tiny figure, now he could not see the face of that humongous muscle monster, only the plateau of the rock solid monstrous plates that formed Stevens ginormous chest.

“You know, what dweeb, I think that making you a cocksucker is a tradition right?” Chad’s tiny head suddenly appeared between the valleys of the twin pecs.

Larsen barely had time to grimace, as soon as he looked to his front a giant purple cockhead already forced its way down his experienced throat, but truth to be told, Ernie already expected for being used like that, he couldn’t tell why but he carved for the cum that emanated from the humongous phalluses he had seen in this super weird day.

The moment Chad felt Ernie’s talented suck on his 20 inches soft cock it felt like he was sent into hellfire, he screamed ferociously as his muscles expanded faster and faster, his body simply enlarged exponentially as he felt the pleasure building inside him, it was so powerful and hallucinating that even Ernie felt his mind getting dizzy because of all that surrounding muscle. Ernie sucked Chad for much longer than he ever thought it would be possible, he gasped for air, but the impulse to get that immense 30 inches monster to spew was overwhelmingly mandatory. Larsen just redoubled his efforts in order to suck harder and better, he needed to please that insanely humongous muscle freak.

“GOT MILK SQUIRT?” Chad asked a few seconds before he underwent into a rampaging orgasm, his muscles flexed immensely, and they reached even more massive proportions, but at the same time his body grew even bigger getting so thick so powerful, all those growing muscles propelled a massive jet of cum that suddenly filled Ernie’s body so fast, and yet it overflew through his nose, but it just kept coming, and in such powerful streams that it just forced Ernie to let go of that monstrous cock.

Chad laughed out maniacally as he saw Larsen passing out drenched in the puddle of his thick, creamy, super drenched cum, it was time for him to launch his attack over those stupid jocks, to show them the real deal. At 12’5”tall and weighing 1670 pounds of super densely heavy ultra ripped mega massive muscle with a nearly 3 feet long cock, Stevens had become the epitome of monsterhood.

The monumental lad just walked towards the gym to claim the post of alpha monster, totally ignoring the ridiculously tiny

Nate had found a decent match for his humongous cock and his everlasting libido because Moose had been dominated and fucked in several different ways, but the still begged for more, the former bullies had became two monstrously massive sexual dynamos, but at the same time they could only lust for muscle and immense cocks, the tiny servants of their lustful kingdom had just given up, they were soundly asleep on top of each other, or simply aside their humongous fucking alpha dogs.

Moose moaned as he felt yet another torrent of Nate’s cum filling him from the inside, at each new orgasm they both felt recharged and ready for yet another powerful for steaming hot sex, but this time, before they could start it all over again, something exploded.

A powerful noise suddenly overwhelmed their grunting lustful sounds of rampaging sex, and it was the entire western side wall of the gym was instantly destroyed, all because of the unimaginable strength on Chad’s punch, the dust cloud covered everything, and before anyone could notice, Steven’s emerged from the thick dust towering over the both reining muscle monsters.

“HEY YOU WUSSIES ARE DONE YET? COME ON NOW I’M GETTING THE BIG GUNS OUT!” Chad announced, standing proudly in front of Moose and Nate, who could barely comprehend the monstrosity of that behemoth.

At over twelve feet tall, he was wider than Nate’s amazing height, and his bodyweight surpassed the combination of the other much smaller freaks, and Chad wanted to make sure all the guys, including Moose and Phillips, were to be dominated by his monstrous proportions.

Stevens flexed his muscles in a most muscular pose and the sheer size expanded enormously, his biceps were 75 fucking massive inches around, his chest flared to over 100 inches around which made his upper body turn into a massive mountain of muscle, but his 80” legs looked like pillars of an ancient Grecian temple, especially when compared to his skimpy 32” waist, and the unearthed yard long cock simply was so hard and veined that it put both Moose and Nate to shame.


Chad boomed as he hit a most muscular pose that simply provoked an earthquake, the expansion of his ultra huge muscles attained new heights of freakiness, they expanded and hardened so magnificently, flexing in such monumental and impossible new proportions, they actually created an aftershock waves of power that literally shook the foundations of the gym, forcing the audience to bow before the new super monstrous lad.

“So… are you ready to surrender, or I should turn you tow into pulp?” Chad threatened, but he truly meant that both of the massive lads would now be under his command to obey his twisted mind’s desires.

Nate and Moose’s jaw dropped simultaneously, they were just stupefied by the immense size Chad Stevens had attained so fast, although they both knew where did he get the stuff, they never imagined one could grow so fucking huge. The monstrous duo stood up and they just reached for Chad’s monstrous limbs, touching and trying to dent those hard mounds of super muscles, but it was impossible even for their supersized beings.

“YEAH! WORSHIP ME YOU LITTLE WUSSIES! I AM THE NEW BIG AROUND HERE, THANKS TO THE DWEEB LARSEN!” Chad exulted as he felt his servants surrounding his monumental body, already fighting for a better spot for worshipping his giant muscles, several little jocks climbed onto Moose and Nathan to get a higher spot on the giant muscle monster, many of them were hanging onto Chad’s sequoia-trunk sized arms, and the behemoth just laughed as his muscles were soaked by the cum of several skinny little worshipers, including the same two teenagers that so far had fought each other over the control of the school.


Part 3

Under the command of the übber monstrous Chad Stevens, the other two mega sized jocks, Earl Lewis and Nate Phillips had really embraced all the arrogance and evilness possible: what had started with almost irrational, purely lustful demand to be worshipped by the smaller guys, had totally degenerated into something mean.

The super huge bullies were now using their newly acquired monstrously muscles to explore the very servants which had given them so much pleasure. Moose refused to let the tiny guys touch him unless they gave him all the money they had, Nate wrestled with at least a dozen of his former team partners, just for the sake of getting them to beg for his mercy, which surely would cost them not only money but all kinds of humiliation the behemoth lad could think of.

However, those things could be considered innocent when compared to what Chad Stevens had planned, he easily held the Principal, the coach and several other teachers hostages of his giant figure – he not only had forced the adults to transfer all their money to him, but he also had phoned the authorities: the mega sized bullies wanted 10 million dollars to let go of their “slaves”, otherwise they would cause chaos, mayhem and havoc all over the city, mostly because they were sure no policemen or weaponry would be able to take down their uncanny massive muscles. Stevens had given them an hour to come up with the money, and no more than ten minutes later the whole school was surrounded by police cars, Redwood High had turned into a real war zone all because of Ernie’s lack of determination…

Meanwhile, lying in a puddle of Chad’s creamy spunk, although he still didn’t know for how long he had been out, Ernie Larsen could hear everything around here, the police cars outside; the screams of the hostages, the laughter of the ultra huge bullies; but his body was just too exhausted to stand up; he had simply lost the willpower.

“Ernie… can you hear me? Oh my god what have they done to you?” The apparently unconscious lad heard the voice of Bryan Rogers, who happened to be his lab partner and also a substitute quarterback for football team. Bryan didn’t want to touch Larsen, afraid he could make things even worse for him.

“That was supposed to be me in there…” He kept thinking as he heard the laughter and the grunting sounds from the gym. Just this morning, he had 24 vials of muscle growth formula that would conquer him the world, but now he only had humiliation and defeat, all of those bullies he hated so much had all grown thanks to his clumsy and incapable self.

The 5’9” 170 pounds brunette lad was actually the only one who ever stood up for Ernie when the bullies attacked him, Larsen remembered all the times Rogers tried to dissuade his much bigger fellow team players to let go of the skinny lad, in some of these, the bench warmer quarterback actually drew the irrational anger of the bullies to himself, so Ernie managed to run away for shelter.

Although he was not in the same league of the huge guys, Bryan still couldn’t see all that abuse going unpunished, he tried to convince the victims to tell on their bullies, but it was simply no use, the fear outgrew their thirsty for justice.

However, today, Bryan had barely managed to escape from the gym; things were going so amazingly hot, he never had so much pleasure when he worshipped the bodies of those massive fellows, but that lasted until an even more humongous Chad Stevens came up, he overpowered the other freaks and forced them to obey his orders, and soon it all became unbearably painful. Fortunately for Young, he was so much smaller than the other guys inside that muscle harem that when Stevens started terrorizing people, he somehow squeezed outside that muscle dungeon, but when he was about to leave for his personal freedom, he found the body of Ernie Larsen totally passed out in a puddle of cum.

“Shit, Ernie you gotta come out of that, we have to get out of here! Those guys are fucking crazy. C-Can you move man?” The other lad asked as he tried to move Larsen’s body, despite the puddle of cum in which he lied; but Bryan gave up that idea at the last time because he still feared he had broken something, after all he was the scrawniest guy in the entire school.

“H-hold on here, I’ll see if I can find something at the school infirmary…” Bryan said as he ran down the east corridor to get something to help a friend in the need. Rogers never saw that somehow he had helped Ernie to recover his will to live.

“All that power should be mine, it is mine by right! I should be the one fucking them!!!!” Ernie’s mind flared into an angry explosion, although his body remained quiet, in some kind of catatonic state, he was so furious to himself , he had wasted the chance of a lifetime, and handled it down to his worst enemies.

“They got all my muscles, and all I got was their stupid cum inside me!” Ernie broke his petrified angry state to tap his tummy, noticing how round and distended it felt, probably because he had drank so much cum from those massive muscle monsters.

The hostages screamed for mercy and begged for help, just like Ernie had done so many times while those stupid muscle heads ignored his pleading. Now, they were not just bullying smaller fellow students, they were bullying the entire city, and who knows what else would they aim, and it was his fault, his revenge turned into a real nightmare.

His soul was consumed by his own frustration, anger and disappointment at himself, something broke free inside Ernie; his anger flared and build higher and higher, Ernie wanted his revenge against those bullies, not just because of all the pain, the humiliation and the exploitation, but most important, they should pay for not even thanking him for giving each one the BEST blowjob they will ever get, something that always cost his life for three very dangerous times.

Ernie could hear in his mind, all the giant muscle lads laughing from that sinister situation, after all these years of abuse, after all the humiliation he still couldn’t have his revenge, and now they dared to laugh at him?

Larsen had passed through a lot, but he just couldn’t do it anymore, he was PISSED! He roared and punched the ground, he didn’t mind for hurting himself, he just wanted that anger to go away, because it boiled inside him, all the unfairness, the rejection, the stupidity of cruel teenager society.

The angry grew stronger, like it fed directly from the sorrow in his heart, and Ernie couldn’t hold it back anymore, he just need to release all that frustration that had been stacking inside him for years. Eventually, he managed to get calmer, he couldn’t help but feeling a lot better, however he knew his anger was still inside, because of the three jerks that had grown into teenager titans.

Ernie stood up slowly, his mind still spinning from the previous experience, but suddenly he noticed a few odd details, the first one was more obvious: there floor was broken in several places, like the tiles had been smashed by a hammer, the skinny dweeb kneeled down and noticed the damage done by anything else but his small frail hands, then, the skinny lad noticed that all the cum Chad had bathed him had suddenly been dried, to be more precise, that cum had been somehow drained into his body.

“What the fuck is going on here?’ Larsen asked himself as he stood up once again; feeling that all the bruises he had gained today were miraculously healed, and then Ernie grimaced while lifting his shirt, what caused him to nearly pass out again.

His saggy tits, the flabby stomach with a sad little peach fuzzed gut were gone, and now Ernie looked at an impressive tight washboard muscular abdomen, two solid firm pectoral muscles. It suddenly looked like Ernie had grown muscles out of nowhere, but how could it be, he never get to drink not even a drop of the formula, how come that happened to him?

The curly haired skinny lad saw his reflection in the glass of a door, the kid noticed his skin felt softer, and then he noticed all his zits were gone! Even his puffy, dark shadowed eyes now looked much better looking. It was then, Ernie remembered that he had drunk all that cum from the three muscle freaks, and it might have something to do with his growth. The dweeb watched his body in the best shape ever, tight and very ripped, but it also meant that something good had come to him after all.

Larsen considered that if the cum from those muscle monsters had any growth effect on him, why has it taken so long to kick in? Ernie grinned when the answer came to him. It had to be related to the anger he felt, all that rage and the cum he drank stirred something inside his organism that had caused such drastic change in his look

Ernie felt his hope renewing, if he could channel all that anger maybe he could still milk the formula inside him to render some extra growth, after all he had to get even with all those bullies for stealing the original vials from him.

He closed his eyes, trying to remember at all the times the bullies had picked on him, ever since the earliest grades, Ernie had been treated like dirt; the bigger boys were always teasing him, stealing his lunch money, punching his gut just for the sake of pleasing their maniacally twisted egos. Almost immediately, Ernie’s body responded by entering into some kind of fever, he felt his temperature rising but at the same time, his own organism felt more alive, the sounds got louder, clearer, the images were brighter, but to his greatest and most rewarding surprise, Larsen suddenly felt his body growing inside his clothes.


Part 4

Right then, Bryan returned from the infirmary with a wheel chair, but he noticed right away it wouldn’t be necessary anymore. “Ernie… oh thanks god you’re alright man! Quick we gotta get out of here before they come after us…”

“No… I can’t leave now… I need to take care of them… it’s all my fault!” Ernie grunted with his eyes closed. He could feel the anger feeding his muscles to grow bigger, and he needed to keep it, because that feeling was just overwhelmingly pleasing, he needed to grow to get even with those bastards.

“What are you talking about? We gotta escape dude, you have no idea what those monsters are up to, and they are torturing the guys inside just for their fun!” Bryan tried to shake his companion out of that weird trance, but right then he noticed something different about Ernie.

His body felt so warm, his face, it looked manlier, more attractive, and his body, he knew Ernie was scrawny but his physique looked positively bigger now, his once baggy clothes suddenly felt tighter around his body, and Bryan Rogers finally concluded it as he noticed that he was looking at Ernie at eye level, when just a few days ago he was two inches taller than the poor geek.

Ernie opened his icy blue eyes and suddenly they were filled with a sparkling energy that he never had before. His grin blossomed in his lips was totally different, it showed some new attitude, a never seen courage and determination. Bryan was suddenly scared, so he took several steps back until he hit the wall.

“Oh shit… you’re one of them too aren’t you?” Rogers said as he noticed the massive growth overtaking the figure of that lad. Although Rogers’ cock enjoyed the view of yet another growing lad, he knew that he would soon join the team of super huge bullies, because no one could be bigger than Chad Stevens.

“You go away now, Bryan, things are gonna get nasty in here!” Ernie grunted as his muscles entered another seizure and grew so big they were ripping the once baggy clothes of the once scrawniest boy in Redwood High.

Bryan was just astounded as he noticed such a violent growth on Ernie, he wanted to know what was happening, but he also feared for his safety, so even though he desired to see how much bigger Ernie would get, Rogers just ran to the front doors where he would finally meet his liberty.

However, as he got down the eastern isle, he found no one else but the immense Moose, collecting any possible runaway back to the torture headquarters they had established in the gym. Several guys were struggling on his massive arms, but it was useless because Earl overpowered all of them.

“HEY THERE BRYAN, WELCOME BACK!” the red haired behemoth thundered as he easily grabbed the brunette lad by his legs and pulled him down the corridor.

“No… please dude… I am your friend!!! Ernie… please HELP ME!!!” Bryan screamed as he tried to hold onto anything, but it only caused the mega sized bully to laugh even louder.

“YEAH, LIKE THAT DWEEB COULD EVER PROTECT ANYONE!” Moose said as he just yanked Bryan’s grip from the door and put him along the others inside his immense embrace.

However, Ernie could perfectly heard Bryan, and it only flared his anger even stronger, because Rogers had been the only decent guy in the entire school, and now those morons had taken him too, only because Bryan had been a good Samaritan and tried to help someone who needed him.

“ARGHHHHH….” Ernie channeled his rage to fuel his growth even further, his dark clothing already ripped from his latest growth spurt, revealing the pale yet incredibly muscular body underneath, the thick, green veins feeding more of the growth mix that had been stirred inside Ernie’s organism, making his body expand evens faster. Larsen felt his arms thickening and growing longer.

“Ernie…please help me!!!” The desperate scream from Bryan filled Larsen’s ears and his anger grew even bigger, it didn’t matter if Ernie would never grow to be like those bullies, he had to stand for himself like he had never done in his life. The growing lad just felt that Bryan and all the other guys shouldn’t suffer because of his mistakes.

“HEY BOSS! LOOK WHO I FOUND TRYINK TO SNEAK OUT OF THE PARTY!” Moose said as he threw the runaways back to the center of the gym, where Nate and the immense muscle monster Chad Stevens had gathered their hostages. When they saw the scared look of Bryan Rogers, the giant teenagers just laughed.

“WELL, I GUESS YOU COULDN’T STAY AWAY FROM ALL THE FUN HUH?” Phillips boomed as he easily picked the brunette athlete, just for the pleasure of manhandling the much smaller teenager, while Stevens towered over them with a threatening stance.

“YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAT NO ONE MESSES WITH CHAD YOU BUG!” Chad said poking Bryan’s chest with an enormous index finger. The giant leader watched as his minions forced the victims to pay the respect his twisted mind considered to be rendered to their magnificent muscular enormity, so all those men were forced to worship their muscles and to humiliate themselves in front of the overdeveloped teenagers, who had gotten sick with the intoxicating power they now possessed.

“LET THEM GO CHAD!” A powerful demand suddenly filled the gym. All the eyes turned to see a much bigger version of Ernie Larsen: he was over 6 feet tall and weighing 260 pounds of much ripped muscles, which would have been pretty impressive just a few hours ago, but now it only made him another bug to serve the giants.

“Ernie? It’s you?” Bryan couldn’t help but staring at the uncanny version of the same dweeb he had been trying to protect all these years. The sound of the combined laughter of the teenager titan sized monsters sent terror inside the hearts of the victims.

“LOOKS LIKE YOU FOUND SOME MORE OF THE STUFF, BUT YOU STILL ARE A DWEEB BUG COMPARED TO US!” Moose said as he approached the much smaller lad standing by the door.

Moose waddled closer to Ernie, stopping just a few feet from his prey. However, the look in his expression was confident, like he waited for something. Eventually, the red haired behemoth got bored and launched his attack, a powerful fist that could demolish buildings flew against Larsen’s face.

The hostages closed their eyes to avoid the horrible scene, but then a scream of pain filled their ears, and it was Moose’s scream for their surprise. Ernie was holding the giant hand of his attacker, he managed to stop the powerful blow and now he was twisting the hand of the 7 feet tall, 400 pounds monster.

“137… you took my lunch money exactly one hundred thirty seven fucking disgusting times you miserable glutton!”

Larsen said as held an awestruck Moose against the gym floor. His muscles bulged and flexed as he felt the strength increasing by the second, that feeling of overpowering an old enemy suddenly felt so glorious that Ernie just smiled as he felt his muscles expanding even further.

Moose didn’t exactly stay there doing nothing, he was actually struggling to get free from that grip, but despite their original size and weight difference, Ernie’s strength was just incomparably superior, besides as the moments passed, the once dweeb got bigger and more muscular, his back muscles ballooned as he held the bully’s face against the floor, but soon everybody noticed that Larsen was actually outgrowing the red haired menace.

Nathan couldn’t believe his eyes, Ernie was growing faster than he never been, so before it was his time to be outgrown, Phillips roared as he stomped to crush the growing Ernie Larsen before that happened, but Ernie was faster, he just lifted the immense Moose over his head.

“THINK FAST!” He said as he threw the monstrous body of Earl Lewis against Nathan’s bulking figure, blocking the view from the upcoming muscle monster. Using his muscular legs, Larsen just touched the leg on that uncanny muscle teenager, forcing Phillips to lose his balance, and soon both of Chad’s giant henchmen fell on the floor, but Nathan wasn’t surely done yet, so Ernie just assumed his defensive stance, his movements out of his pure instinct and the increasing strength of his growing muscles.

“I’LL KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” Phillips said as he used his still bigger figure in his advantage he locked Ernie’s left leg and right arm together, pressing his face against his own chest, trying to immobilize the challenger.

The victims looked horrified, while Chad just grinned, crossing his monstrous arms at his gargantuan chest. “IT’S OVER!” The leader of the Titans announced as Moose stood back in his feet, ready to help his fellow monster.

“You’ve used that same movement on me 47 times you moron!” a muffled voice came from Ernie’s mouth.

Suddenly, the gym seemed to be shook on its very foundations, a guttural primal roar thundered around all the school, and the huge body of Nathan Phillips just flew across the gym, hitting the score over 20 feet above the ground before he fell heavily back on the ground, creating a real crater.

An even huger Ernie emerged from under the body of Nate, he was over 9 feet tall of heroically supersized proportions, weighing 900 pounds of super dense muscle fibers, his shoulders were over 7 feet wide and they looked incredibly powerful, the ultra thick pectoral muscles were just mind blowing! The size of his bulging biceps surpassed the circumference on Nate’s magnificent chest! And now Ernie possessed a hard 2 feet long super veined and hard throbbing cock.

The heavy breath of that humongous only showed how much bigger he was getting by the time, his muscles were red of anger and the incredible pump he was getting even more muscular and stronger by the second.

Ernie looked back at Moose, who just stepped back and tried to run from his anger, but it was late, because Larsen already held him firmly, spinning around his ankles, he threw the immense red haired behemoth like he was a huge version of the hammer they throw in the Olympics. The victims watched in awe as Ernie threw Moose precisely on top of Nate’s body at the other side of the court.

As most impressive as such features were, they didn’t seem to have an effect over the humongous Chad Stevens, probably because he was still over 3 whole feet taller and nearly twice heavier than his challenger. A cynical applause came from the giant criminal.

“WELL DONE, NIMROD! WHAT OTHER TRICKS WILL PULL ON ME NOW?” Chad announced but before Ernie could get any closer he just showed a very scared Bryan on his massive hands.


Part 5

“This is your little fan huh?” Chad asked in a very mean tone “You get any closer and I’ll snap the head of this bug, and then I’ll crush all of the others, you hear me you dweeb?” Just to show he was not bluffing, Chad gently squeezed the neck on Bryan who gasped desperately.

Ernie said nothing, he was consumed by his raging growth, but he still noticed his biggest enemy wasn’t just fooling around, that was a twisted pervert that had grown into a juggernaut all because of a stupid desire for revenge of the bullies.

“LET HIM GO STEVENS, IT’S BETWEEN THE TWO OF US!” Larsen said unafraid of the much bigger colossus, he just wanted to stand up for himself at least once in his life.


Ernie felt his anger building higher again, his muscles flexed and his veins engorged with the very desire to put an end to that despicable monster he had helped to create, but right now he couldn’t risk the life of an innocent guy, especially the only one who had been decent with him, when he was a tiny loser.

“You’re right, Chad…I am nothing but a dweeb inside this muscle, but then what are you for real? My guess is that you are a coward manipulative bastard!” Ernie yelled.

Chad just shrugged “Like I’d give a fuck about what you think of me!”

“Yeah, you do, Chad. We all do, that’s because you tried to pass by a cool dangerous dude, when you really scared that people would find out that you were just a big faggot like me!” Ernie yelled, provoking the anger of that giant monster.

“I AM NOT A FAGGOT! YOU WERE THE ONE SUCKING ON MY COCK!” Chad said as he deliberately dropped Bryan on the floor.

Ernie smirked “Yeah… like I had any other choice, but you are just as a faggot as myself, because even now your cock is hard, and you wished I was there fucking your huge butt!!” Larsen teased the bully leader and Chad took the bait.

“LIAR!” the 12’5” tall 1670 pounds muscle monster yelled as he punched Ernie right in the face, with such a tremendous force that it could have knocked down an elephant, but Larsen only took a few steps back, quickly recovering from the blow, although some blood ran from the corner of his mouth.

“What’s the matter Chad? Are you afraid people will find out that you like sucking on guys’ cocks just as much as you want them to suck on yours?” Ernie said, using feeling his anger building into muscle growth fuel, feeding the massive limbs on his body to grow even more monstrously.

Stevens suddenly lost all his temper; he punched Ernie’s gut ferociously and then kicked him so strongly that Ernie’s body destroyed the stalls, but Larsen was quickly back on his feet, and his body felt even stronger, bigger and it now looked much bigger than a few seconds before.

“I loved sucking on your cock, Chad, and I know you loved it too, and you know why? Because we are both gay you moron, you and your henchmen were just too much of cowards to admit it!” Larsen said walking towards Chad, who just reacted by punching him several times, the bully was so lost in his blind rage, that he never noticed the uncanny growth happening on Ernie’s body.

At each new blow Larsen absorbed it looked like a wave of muscle growth hit him, making his body, wider, thicker, even more magnificently oversized, at each new punch there were dozens of pounds in super dense muscle pounds stacking onto Ernie’s gargantuan form.

Chad kept punching his challenger with all his strength, he wanted to pulverize Ernie’s body, but he didn’t even feel that only his huge hands were getting hurt because at each new attempt those growing muscles felt each time harder. Suddenly, Larsen roared as his body suddenly became hotter than a furnace – his muscles bulged and flexed so fast, his body enlarged so fearsomely the hostages witnessed the fall of their oppressor while their liberator ascended into unheard heights of muscularity.

Stevens fell onto his knees, he felt drained and exhausted as he watched the monstrously Ernie growing even bigger, so fast and so magnificently that it challenged the logic of his own muscle growth, after all if he had drunk all the left vials how come the dweeb had grown so fast? What the hell was happening?

Ernie Larsen, the school’s scrawniest geek suddenly had freed them from the giant bullies, but now he was growing so huge that he put those giant monstrous teenagers to shame. Larsen’s body literally bulged in unison, mounds of super dense muscles grew bigger, expanding in a faster pace, the monstrosity increased and soon his transformation took his body into a new level, that couldn’t be compared even to those enormous lads that terrorized Redwood High until Ernie saved them.

Chad Stevens felt suddenly strange, he shivered from an unexplained cold, he looked upon his once glorious muscles and screamed in agony as he witnessed them shrinking incredibly fast. He stood up and noticed that both Moose and Nate were passing through the same thing, while Ernie’s body seemed to grow even faster, literally glowing in power and heat, while they felt so cold an unprotected.

Since their kidnappers had been defeated and Ernie was noticeably distracted by his monstrous transformation, the victims all ran towards freedom, all of them except for Bryan. Rogers needed to get closer to that enormous bulging monstrosity; he needed to thank his hero for saving his life from the menace, so he ran at the opposite side of the other hostages, to meet his savior.

Rogers passed by the shrinking figures of Chad, Nate and Moose. Instead of just getting back to their normal selves, they now looked incredibly sick and skinny, their bulks were drained, like they’ve been sick for all their lives, the bullies had become a mere shadow of their once envied muscular forms.

Inside Ernie’s mind, his rage was replaced by a soothing feeling, but it didn’t interfere with his growth, quite the contrary, it felt like it helped his muscles to grow steadier and more monstrous. That feeling came from not only the pleasure to finally stood up for himself, not only for kicking the butt of those bullies, not only from finally being able to help a friend in need, but most important, he felt good about himself for the very first time.

Larsen had dropped to his knees as his growth reached such intense standards that he could only compare it to a never ending orgasm that sent his mind beyond cloud nine. He felt his cock was so hard and his balls needed to be unloaded any minute.

At that exact moment, he opened his icy blue eyes to look down at the tiny form of Bryan right next to him, while the other tiny guys had ran away, he showed no fear to be so close of such monstrous huge body, even on his knees he was much taller that Chad had ever been, and he was at least twice wider than the combination of the three mega sized bullies.

“Ernie… you… saved us… all of us!” while the monstrous aberration smiled down at Bryan, because he knew they little guy was scared, but at the same time he was a brave little one.

Bryan literally climbed the massive limbs on his savior to get upon the monstrous plateau of his marvelous chest muscles, from where he jumped to reach the impossibly thick neck on the former dweeb.

“What are you doing?” Ernie asked looking at the effort that tiny guy was having, until he was looking right at Larsen’s face, and despite his enormous growth, his head looked only a little bigger than it had been before it all started.

Bryan blushed “I just wanted to thank my hero…” He said, planting a passionate kiss into the huge lips of his savior, that powerful behemoth had never kissed before and it suddenly felt like a whole new world for him. Bryan hugged the face of his massive hero while he kissed him so strongly, so madly turned on by the immensity of that lad that it was Ernie the one who head to break the kiss.


“I don’t think it will be necessary…” Bryan said pointing at the shrunk bodies of the once mega sized bullies, now completely dwarfed and deprived of any power at all.

“HEHE I GUESS THEY HAD IT COMING!” Ernie boomed as he noticed that he was getting a bit uncomfortable in that position, so he decided to stand up, and for that he gently placed Bryan back at the floor.

Rogers smiled back at the giant lad and watched in awe as his body soared in the air, suddenly Bryan couldn’t see anything above Ernie’s massive chest, the shadow cast by his monstrous size only grew wider as Larsen stood at his final size.

“OUCH!” Ernie reacted instinctively as his head went through the school gym, as he finally stood up, he noticed his chest had also emerged from that tiny room, because he had gotten to an unbelievable 36 feet tall, 30 feet wide titanic teenage monster, weighing over 40,000 pounds of super dense muscles. Even his cock had reached an uncanny mark of 12 impressive long feet and it was over 8 feet around, each one of his balls had the size of a compact car. His muscles were so huge they filled pretty much the entire gym in once the mega sized bullies had been.

“BRYAN?” Ernie asked as he felt he could have caused an accident. He fumbled inside the gym and felt something soft in his huge hands, he carefully brought them up and saw Bryan laying across his paws.

“I AM SORRY, I DIDN’T KNOW THE GYM WAS SO SMALL!” Ernie boomed in his powerful voice tone, but Bryan gently covered his ears.

“It is okay big guy, I know you didn’t mean it… besides, your muscles sheltered me from the falling debris…”Rogers said as he blushed from noticing that he now looked like an action figure compared to Ernie Larsen’s monstrous sized muscles.

Ernie looked around him; everything looked so small, so frail. The view from a giant was definitely better than he could ever imagined.

Then he noticed the noises coming from down the ground, the police officers were just flabbergasted as they watched his titanic body trying to squeeze out the gym, without provoking the tiny place to collapse. Although they were literally shaking, Ernie saw them pointing their guns against him.

“WHOA! COME ON OFFICERS… I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Ernie said as he lifted his hands, still not realizing that even if they fired, those bullets would never hurt his impervious super dense muscles. He even had totally forgotten Bryan was still in his hands, so he carefully lowered them to pick the fellow student.

“OKAY LITTLE FELLOWS, LET’S ALL CALM DOWN OKAY?” Ernie asked while he showed them that he had no intent to hurt them, he moved slowly onto the football camp and he carefully made sure he wouldn’t crush anyone in its way.

“TELL THEM I AM INNOCENT BRYAN, PLEASE…” Ernie said as he calmly knelled and placed Rogers back in the ground.

Bryan and the other victims told the officers what happened, and how it was Ernie who saved them from the abuse of the giant bullies, although at this point, Chad and the others were just living skeletons and their bodies only weighed a few dozens of pounds. The victims rejoiced their savior, calling the giant muscle monster their hero, most of them actually climbed upon his monstrous body and took several pictures with the giant, the press already showed footages of the giant muscle monster in national television.

The sheriff didn’t exactly know what to do because he now had a teenager giant muscle monster sat on the football camp of Redwood High School, so he decided to do something that really scared the hell out of the monstrous lad. They decided to call their parents for a meeting.

“Now, I am in trouble!” Ernie gulped as he saw the look on his parents getting out of the police car.

Eventually it was all explained. The vials Ernie had found belonged to ChemTech, it was a malfunctioning super steroid prototype, a project that Larsen’s stepfather had deliberately terminated because it could be not only highly addictive, but the side effects were highly adverse, such as causing psychotic seizures and uncontrollable libido, that’s why Ernie’s stepfather destroyed the original formula and hide the last vials in his house, he could never imagine his own boy would get his hands on it and start such enormous trouble.

The effects of the super steroid were only temporary but the greatest inconvenient was that the scientists noticed the steroid could actually destroy the muscular fibers, annihilating the muscular mass of the athlete who consumed its dangerous formula.

However, time passed and the monstrously massive Ernie Larsen never returned to his previous size, in fact he only added 2000 pounds of solid muscle in just two weeks, Curiously, thanks to Ernie’s uncanny transformation, the scientists learned that once formula had been absorbed by the male organism it had been some kind processed into a derivate composition that not only was efficient and stable, it also had genetic mutation qualities, which could explain the fact of a teenager muscle giant.

As for Nate and Moose, they were sent to reform school, while Chad Stevens had been sentenced to 15 years in the state penitentiary.

Ernest Larsen made a brilliant career in sports and in the movies as well, he starred several action movies, most of which were written especially for his very special profile, although he debuted in the gay adult movies industry, as a form to finance his caloric needs, Ernie had a total of 35 “Worship Larsen” series, in which he performed uncanny feats of strength and was worshipped by literally hundreds of men who volunteered all over the world to be part in such successful productions.

Bryan Rogers graduated High School and he was attended college in a great university, his intent was to graduate in Medicine School, to help his boyfriend, Ernie Larsen, the first reported case of the Male Muscle Macrophilic Syndrome, the 3MS or “Titanism” like it had been also commonly known.

Ernie Larsen was the first reported case because of Titanism because it was soon discovered that the 3MS was highly contagious, and any man, drinking from the emissions of a Titan would soon present the same symptoms, and given the uncanny high levels of a Titan libido and his copious seminal volume, several new individuals had been infected each year, starting by Bryan Rogers, who became the first certified Titan doctor in the country, specialized to attend these individuals needs.

The world would soon be changed by Ernie Larsen and his fellow Titans.

Starting with the food industry which had to adapt into mega massive new portions of food, soon the world of entertainment suffered a new revolution with the release new international sports tournaments, specialized in competition for Titans. The entire society was forced to review its ethical and behavior rules, the homosexual relationship would no longer be seen as deviant, gay men were no longer abused and spanked by hate groups, especially because most of them had turned into Titans, but the overall opening for new social standards contributed for an increase of mankind life quality.

And it all started because one dweeb got fed up of being a Bully Magnet.

The end.