Coyete Creek Chronicles

When ChemTech looked for the most suitable place for the installations of its new department, reports indicated an area located at the southern part of the Arizona Desert, in the outskirts of a small town, because of the desert climate conditions, the lack of rainfall, the dry atmosphere and mainly for the fact that it was an isolated area, practically a ghost town, but that would eventually change with the installation of Section 8.

Before ChemTech facilities were built, Coyote Creek was a small town with less than 2000 inhabitants, but it quickly changed in the span of three years, the enormous industrial park brought lots of temporary jobs for the people, and then, when the facilities were finally concluded, many workers had to move into the tiny city, which contributed for a considerable expansion of the small community.

Hence, the community of Coyote Creek highly depended on ChemTech not just for the tax money which funded the City Hall and other basic social institutions, but practically all jobs were directly linked to the facilities, not to mention the commercial importance of the company. In sum, that city that was practically built around ChemTech Labs, and because of that, the Event changed had such deep impact on the life of its inhabitants.

ChemTech Labs Facilities at Coyote Creek, AZ. August 10th, 1987.

The middle aged man in the expensive suit took his time to read throughout the new reports thoughtfully; he didn’t seem upset at all, although he had practically thrown off the bed by ChemTech Executive Board at 4 a.m. to be flown over 2,000 miles across the country in order to attend to such urgent meeting.

In fact, the several guys in lab coats were the ones who got very anxious since they were informed that the Executive Board was sending Winston Wise to the meeting, because they pretty much knew what that meant.

They were so fucked!

As soon as the “Cleaner” lifted his eyes from the reports, all the scientists started speaking at the same time, like little kids who wanted to blame one another for something wrong they have committed together, and Winston had too much experience to realize those were just desperate excuses to dodge the bullet.

“Gentlemen, this is one of ChemTech greatest projects, do you honestly believe we are gonna be satisfied about simply firing any or all of you? If you don’t stop accusing one another and start working together to clean after this fucking mess, I will personally make sure your carriers are ruined, you won’t be able to even teach science for kids at elementary school!” Wise calmly threatened, and his relaxed voice tone worked much better than all the yelling and screaming.

Although Winston looked like very affable at his 5’8” tall pear shaped frame, the chubby cheeks, balding head and his pink complexion along with those big blue eyes, he was one the most feared executive in the whole ChemTech Labs conglomerated, and his cold hearted rational behavior was known for saving the company from many disastrous situations.

The room went silent, and Wise let it stay that way for some moments, in which he could study the body languages of the scientists. “That is better; now let’s focus on the cleaning shall we? Dr. Markus, do you care about reporting us the recent events that brings us here today? Just consider than any of us is fully aware of the circumstances…”

The tall dark haired young man took a deep breath; he knew Winston called him first because he was the one who firstly noticed the signs of the upcoming event.

“32 hours ago, during our routine energy bombarding test, I was checking the readings on the experimentation chamber from the Control Room, the readings were 34 percent higher than the usual standard behavior for the sample amount, and since we were dealing with an amount over 500 times heavier than our usual activities, I immediately reported the abnormality to Dr. Legrand, but…he told me to ignore it. A few minutes later it just…well, you know quite well what happened.” Darrel explained when he was suddenly interrupted.

“Don’t be an insolent, you frat boy!” The short man in his middle fifties punched the table and looked directly at Winston. “I have been working at Section 8 since the beginning, that kind of readings were absolutely normal, the Event had anything to do with those higher readings. We needed to advance with the experiences otherwise the whole project would be jeopardized!”

A blond man stood up to take Dr. Legrand’s side.

“Mister Wise, with all due respect, the Event happened not because of an alleged mistake, I have personally re-checked the readings and the stats after Dr. Markus’ alert and they kept stable during all the monitoring, in my opinion the reason can only be explained by a malfunction provoked by industrial sabotage!”

Wise just shook his hand. “That was our first suspicious, Dr. Rivers, but after close inspection there was no proof to sustain this theory, besides how could anyone break into Section 8 experimenting room? Even if a spy managed to outsmart our security measures, he would know right way that was a deadly place to be! We are talking about a sealed bunker isolated in the middle of the Arizona Desert!”

Still, Carl Rivers was not convinced, he was a bit paranoid about working for ChemTech Labs which was famous for being involved in many unexplainable events, and the most logical explanation clearly was sabotage.

“Yes, but we are still not sure of the databank integrity, if they have managed to retrieve some of our vital information, they would know that our researches can be quite deceptive, despite all the safety measures we are taking, our conclusions so far indicate the Sample is not nearly as dangerous as we once considered.”

Winston considered such arguments for a moment. “I’ll have the security team to double check for any signs of attempted breaches, but right now I think we might consider the actual circumstances of the Event.”

Dr. Erik Legrand vividly shook his head. “Albeit unexpected and magnificent, the Event was just a minor incident, which cannot, under any circumstances, be considered dangerous.”

“Not dangerous? Can’t you just see what is in front of you? The Event was the most powerful energetic discharge in our history! The nuclear tests seem like firecrackers if compared to such epic incident! I am sure readings all over the world registered the impact of our little accident, and the other governments will demand explanations!”

“It was sure a most powerful happening, but even the men working directly in ground zero were not physically hurt, the energy release was so marvelous precisely because it was not harmful, at least not as one might wonder, the installations, the fauna and flora were intact, it was like it never happened at all!” Dr. Legrand pointed out to defend his theory that the Sample was something still beyond the mankind current science.

“Dr. Markus, our project is under the US government interest, they will make sure that Section 8 and the Sample remain classified until due time, but I cannot tell the same about our adversaries, the exclusivity over the Sample extraction is the reason why they keep trying to steal our advances.”

“What kind of advances? We have done all kinds of stuff with it and still obtained nothing! You are just being delusional!” Dr. Markus concluded as he sat back in his place and Rivers looked at the blond scientist with disdain, but then a tall bald headed handsome black man entered the room and Winston smiled for the first time.

“So, Dr. Kenabe got any good news for me?”

The man quickly greeted the scientists in the room, before he showed the shit of paper with the readings.

“After the preliminary exams none of the staff members exposed to the energy discharge indicate any signs of radiation poisoning, and given the magnitude of the Event, this actually falls under Erik’s theory that Section 8 sample energy is not radioactive, even though it can be detected by the simplest devices.”

Darrel Markus rolled his eyes. “Are you guys fucking crazy here? We have been bombarding fragments of a giant meteor with the strongest energy sources we can find for years in a row trying to obtain any reaction, and then all of a sudden, the thing just EXPLODED right in our face creating a shockwave that swept everything in mile radius! Are you telling me that you believe that thing isn’t dangerous?”

“How can you consider the Event to be an explosion if the Sample remains in one piece and the living creatures don’t show any signs of being harmed? The emissions were invisible and harmless and undetected by the ignorant beholders” Rivers asked with a clever grin.

“Ignorant Beholders? Just listen to yourself, those are human beings! They a have names and they have families, we are not just dealing with plants and animals!”

Wise considered the young scientist’s concern, but for a completely different perspective, he cared nothing for their personal dramas, but just the mere idea of multiple millionaire suits against the company scared the Cleaner very deeply.

“Dr. Markus is right, we have been regarding the sample’s potential as a possible way for infinite clean energy source, but after this Event we might have to rethink the preliminary conclusions which indicated it was highly stable and safe, maybe I should recommend another feasibility study for the Infinity Project.”

At the mere idea of having Section 8 shut down, the rest of the scientists, including Edward Kenabe, reacted immediately.

“This boy is nothing but an ignorant alarmist! This project can finally achieve World Peace, the Event didn’t leave any noticeable mark in the 15 men of our security and operable staff and they were the closest to the epicenter of the impact, the Sample Energy is the legacy we can’t deny our future generations!” Dr. Legrand pleaded to Winston’s human decency, but not surprisingly, the Cleaner shrugged.

It was then Kenabe decided to use his personal influence over Winton Wise to keep their jobs.

“Winston, I am sure Darrel here meant well, but I can guarantee you that we are keeping a close monitoring of the 15 men that were involved in the Event, in fact, they will be under constant physical and health care surveillance. We just can’t stop now, this is was indeed an important breakthrough, and we just need time to analyze the energetic emissions to get closer from our goals.”

“Farewell, I am not shutting Section 8, yet. But from now own, you will be responsible for monitoring these men who were affected by the Event and keep me constantly updated.” Winston said as he stood up. “I am leaving for the time being gentlemen, I suggest you stop fighting among yourselves and just focus on giving me good results, not promises, but results!” The Cleaner said as he left the room.

Dr. Legrand and the rest of Section 8 Science Committee knew they were being closely watched, so for the following weeks they continued with the close medical monitoring of the staff members, even though there was nothing wrong with those 15 men who were caught in the Event; all the readings and testing indicated they were just as healthy as they could be.

In fact, since the energy released was invisible to the human vision range, and the employees directly present at the Event were not cleared for such kind of classified information, didn’t even know what was the reason that made their bosses at the Science Committee to demand such boring daily medical inspections, especially because they were constantly told their health was perfect.

Legrand, Kenabe and Rivers were just too relieved with the fact their co-workers remained healthy while Markus intimately felt disappointed because none of his alarmist previsions proved to be true, because he wanted to see Dr. Legrand getting burned for a change, but it seemed nothing would happen – not even after the letter Darrel sent to the local news, no one seemed to buy the story he knew to be true, so he just worked hard to collect as much material as possible without bringing up any suspects on him.

Darrel Markus sent a total of 8 letters to the Coyote Creek Gazette, in each one he showed a stronger piece of evidence of the experiments and the details of the Event, but he made sure such information could not be exactly understood by laymen, he just wanted to get the media after ChemTech once again.

After three very thrilling months of close monitoring, the Executive Board determined that only yearly inspections were to be conducted, but new experiments with Section 8 would need previous, especial and direct authorization from Winston Wise to be conducted.

Day by day, test by test the results were unaltered, each one of the 15 men at the security and maintenance team were just clear, they didn’t show any sign of radiations poisoning; their bodily functions were above regular standards, in fact they were exemplary.

At the time, nobody considered that would be the problem.

Meanwhile, the 15 security agents, janitors and maintenance workers carried their on the lives in the peaceful small city of Coyote Creek, which was going through an episode of demographic expansion also known as “baby boom”.

In fact, it was more than just a regular case of “baby boom” because of the many peculiar facts involving such peculiar phenomenon, and the local newspaper “Gazette of Coyote Creek” finally had something truly interesting to use as headlines.

For starters, many newlyweds were suddenly caught by surprise with the instantaneous pregnancies; all the 108 couples who got married in the previous 3 months had recently discovered their firstborns were on the way, like Shannon and Patrick Stewart who were married for just 18 days when she got the good news from her doctor.

The elementary school teacher commented that her own mother doubted when she told her that she got pregnant right in the first night. In fact, since her husband works in ChemTech and couldn’t take his vacations, their honeymoon plans might be postponed.

Very similar situation happened to Karen Mendoza and John Garret who moved to Coyote Creek just 5 months ago. The 23 year old secretary and her 27 year old fiancé security agent explained that they were not planning on having kids for the time being, that’s why she was meticulously taking the pill, but still she didn’t “dodge the bullet”, but even so the couple feels blessed with the future son or daughter.

Meanwhile, even couples who already had kids joined the curious recent statics, Larry Cho and his wife Wendy are thrilled to be expecting their second child even though their firstborn is roughly two months old. “I guess, I couldn’t control myself…” The shy electric engineer confessed.

In some cases, however, the news didn’t have good effect at the couple’s relationship, like Trisha and Martin Campbell who have three children are expecting their fourth one.

According to Trisha, they had both decided that it would be best for Martin to get a vasectomy, which he allegedly realized about six months ago, but when the wife discovered she was carrying her fourth child, they had a pretty heated arguing, so the 37 year old mechanic is sleeping on his auto-shop.

However, Martin vehemently affirmed that he had indeed undergone the procedure, he showed a medical declaration of the hospital attesting that he had been sterilized in last January; according to the husband the fact that his wife got pregnant only proved that he was betrayed, but Trisha already stated that she will do whatever it takes to prove that she did not got pregnant of another man.

Upon closer investigation, all women in Coyote Creek are apparently pregnant at the same time; not just the recently married ones, not even those who were already on their second, third or fourth gestations.

Almost every woman at Coyote Creek who was physically capable to have sexual intercourse seemed to be expecting, which caused a real commotion because 85 out of 120 female teenager students at local High School were discovered to be pregnant, including Pamela Jenkins, the 16 year old reigning Miss Desert Flower Teen and daughter of Sheriff Dwayne Jenkins, who had been temporarily removed from his post after publically threatening several classmates of his daughter, since the mother-to-be refused to tell the identity of the baby’s father.

This “baby boom” actually revealed some embarrassing details of the community member’s private lives, because lots of these babies to come would be considered “illegitimate” by more conservative opinions, especially because many single women are now parading their babies’ buns and blaming them on married men, like the cases of Cristina Mansfield, Dominica Brown, Cassandra Olsen, Jessica Miller and Tammy Bower.

All five women who work at local restaurant as waitresses and hostesses had unanimously affirmed that they’re carrying Dr. Edward Kenabe’s babies.

Since the ChemTech scientist recently moved to the town, leaving his wife back in New York; if the rumors proved true and Dr. Edward had indeed gotten too fondled of the local cuisine, the Kenabe family will have several and permanent branches in Coyote Creek. In fact, many of ChemTech scientists were to become new dads, like Carl Rivers and his colleague Darrel Markus, their wives were expecting.

Apparently, some guys were really caught off-guard by this “pregnancy fever” like 17 year old Scott Renault, quarterback of the local high school football team. The teenager was pointed as responsible for precisely 16 pregnancies, since all the expecting girls confessed they had dated the quarterback recently, while the teenager athlete confessed that he couldn’t remember the exact number of girls he had been involved in the period, but he was sure to have used condoms in each and every relationship.

One of the most amazing cases had to be the one of 68-year-old Martha Taylor, who had been married to the local pharmacist Eugene Taylor for 50 years without ever conceiving, suddenly the senior couple was surprised with the fact they were expecting a child. Mrs. Taylor was genuinely surprised because she thought she was too old to get pregnant, especially after years of failed attempts.

In a very interesting case, Eugene reported that after he had surgery to remove his prostate, he had “been out of the game” for many years until a little time ago, when he “miraculously recovered his sexual drive and potency in a rush of energy that took him by assault”. According to the 72 year old retired accountant his recently regained manhood, which includes the miraculous reconstruction of the prostate, can only be credited to divine intervention.

Even after covering so many interesting stories, the 23 year old reporter Jason Dust couldn’t believe how many reports of “unexpected expectations” were popping in that little town, if all the pregnancies were successful, the town’s population would almost duplicate within a single year!

Growing up, Jason was an avid fan of the sensationalist tabloids, and they pretty much inspired him to become a journalist, so he couldn’t help but trying to “get the scoop of his life” at such phenomenal happenings.

At first, Jason tried to relate such unusual phenomenon to some medication the mothers-to-be could have possibly taken, but after he studied the case of Eugene Taylor, the young reporter tried another perspective, maybe there was something going on with the men in Coyote Creek, it was then he found an anonymous letter which had been sent to his work a few months ago.

“8/8. Day of the Event on Section-8, find what they have hide. This is the first of 8 clues.”

The letter was indeed a very vague note, a collage of magazines and newspapers, the message was obviously coded, but to Jason it read like someone tried to give him the opportunity of a lifetime, so it didn’t take long until Jason collected personal reports of the local men, they were unanimous in attesting that for some unexplainable reason, they actually felt manlier and hornier than usual – from young lads to senior citizens, all men within the city reported they felt not just healthier, they all experienced a degree of libido improvement, which he could testify himself.

At 6’even 165 pounds in a pretty nice swimmer’s built Jason was at the peak of his physical condition, although his sex life was not that great, especially because he was not getting really satisfied with his last relationships, but recently he had been truly horny, good thing he had gotten a new girlfriend to release all that extra steam he was feeling these days. Still, he didn’t get as much pleasure as he would want, but at least he was getting laid, and it was still much better than just jerking off.

Hugh Travers, the editor-in-chief of the Coyote Creek Gazette, was not a very patient man; still he took the time to listen to what his youngest (and possibly the best reporter in the Gazette) had to say. At the end, Travers just shook his head and crossed a huge part of Jason’s story.

“Let’s stick with the baby boom coverage, ok?”

“But, Hugh, you’ve seen the letter, it says August 8th, all these pregnancies remount to such date, what if something really happened in our town and they are not telling us?” Jason defended his story.

“And who might they be? And don’t you dare to say it is ChemTech, because we have this conversation many times before.” Hugh warned his employee.

“Damn it, Hugh! You know those guys are up to something? They’ve mounted a huge complex outside our town nearly overnight to do top secret experiments, the letter says something about a Section-8, you know pretty well that it’s code for a soldier going crazy and still you don’t want me to write about the logic possible relationship between that and the events in our town?”

The editor just grinned. “Jason, you’re a nice kid and I like your hunch, but sometimes you gotta realize things are just in your head. We should be thankful to have enough stories to fill our editions to months ahead and now you just want to drop everything to hunt down conspiracy theories, come on, it’s not time to play detective.”

Jason just sighed, but he wouldn’t give up.

“Hugh, is your daughter pregnant?”

The editor nodded “Yeah, Shirley is pregnant but she’s married for three years, it’s not unexpected.”

“I am not implying anything, but isn’t your daughter-in-law also pregnant?”

Hugh just laughed out loud. “Yeah, I see where you’re going. My son Brandon had the mumps when he was younger and the doctors told us his fertility could have been compromised, but they still got a long way to go, I mean they’ve just been married for less than three months…”

Travers dropped the cigar at the table as he smacked his forehead.

“Damn, rookie you’ve got a great nose on yours. My son was supposed to be sterilized when he was a boy and right now we are celebrating so much I didn’t even relate to the timeline.” The editor scratched his chin as he considered the options ahead of him.

“So do I get card blanche to post my story?” The reporter asked anxiously, but Travers just grinned.

“No, not yet. The guy just sent the first of eight clues right? So we gotta make some profit here, rookie. First, we’re gonna publish these fine stories of human interests and just enjoy this happy vibe of the baby boom, then, as those kids pop in, we’re gonna make everybody remember the story and create a whole series to investigate the mystery behind Coyote Creek baby boom!”

Jason punched the desk “no wonder you’re the boss here, Mr. Travers!” Dust shook his head. “Should I continue investigating this anonymous letter?”

Hugh nodded ‘Yes, go working on that, we’ll see what to do when this thing develops.” The editor was cut when his phone rang, at the same time an intern called Justin and told him his girlfriend was there to see him.

A few minutes later, Jason got back in Hugh’s office, both of them had pretty weird looks on their faces, but Travers went first.

“Let me guess, you got your girl knocked up too huh?”

Jason admitted “Yeah, she just dropped the bomb at me, I don’t know but I think we might get married or something, I mean, she’s carrying my child, and I'm not gonna run off the responsibility.”

Travers opened the drawer and pulled a bottle of a fine scotch he saved for special occasions and poured two glasses, handling one of them to the young reporter.

“To parenthood, you will soon find out, you’re not gonna get wiser as you get older!” Travers just laughed and Justin got his point.

“So, you got surprised as well huh?”

Hugh nodded. “Well, I guess third time is a charm huh?”

“Heh, yeah this is your third child, the first one with your new wife, you should be celebrating” Jason tried to comfort his boss, but for some reason Hugh seemed very worried.

“You don’t quite understand newbie. It’s already the third NEW time. First, I got a call from an old affair of mine to let me know I’ve knocked her up; then it was my new wife Melinda, but to make things even worse, Dolores, my first wife just phoned me…I shouldn’t have drunk so much at my son’s wedding, I'm fucked!”

“Damn…Hugh, I'm flipping out because I'm gonna have one kid and you’re telling me you’re gonna father again three times? Weren’t you using protection?”

“Were you?” Travers just chuckled. “These things are not exactly failsafe, and we can never underestimate the wits of woman wanting to get the best out of us, shit Melinda is gonna rip me off, her cousin is a shark divorce lawyer back in Phoenix.”

The two of them quickly emptied the contents of their glasses.

“I want you to get to the bottom of this story, Dust. If those fuckers are hiding anything from us, I want it published!”

“Don’t worry boss, I'm on the case.” Jason said before leaving the room, he still had to make to the doctor’s appointment; he wanted to make sure everything was okay with his unborn child.


People at Coyote Creek believed that the “baby-boom” story would just wear off as their lives progressed, but as the weeks passed, they realized these kids would definitely change the history of their city forever.

The first problem was accommodating so many pregnant women in public places, they were simply everywhere; supermarkets, groceries stores, pharmacies, newsstands, the local clinics, a parade of women in maternity clothes eating like maniacs, going through hormonal rampage and occupying simply every bathroom in town.

But the surprises were just beginning; soon several mommies and daddies were told they expected more than one new family member, and those who wished to know the sex of their new babies soon realized they were boys.


Coyote Creek, May, 1988.

Right by the first half of May those babies started popping out – which was weird since most of those gestations were supposed to last at least until the second week of June – so the logistic issues got much worse, because not even the new doctors who were hired to assist so many extra patients could handle the amount of childbirths happening during such unusual season.

Even the hospital in nearby areas were simply crowded with Coyote Creek mommies, most of them simply refused another patient, and given the overbooked clinics, many families decided to realize domestic deliveries, many midwives were called to assist the mothers to deliver their babies.

However, everyone seemed to forget those initial complications once confronted with the new reality. With 746 deliveries registered in just a three week period, the town of Coyote Creek gained exactly 2142 new baby boy inhabitants, which meant that each woman going into labor brought an average three new baby boys into the world.

There has never been such a high number of twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and even more than one case of sextuplets – Wendy and Larry Cho and Hugh Travers and his ex-wife Dolores; each couple was blessed with six incredibly healthy baby boys, Hugh Travers was also recognized to be the father of six other boys divided in two sets of triplets; one with current wife Melinda, and another with Michelle Wayans, with whom Hugh kept a love affair..

Not only those new babies were all boys, they were just incredibly big for their premature condition – most of gestations lasted less than 30 weeks and yet the average weight for these newborns was 22 pounds, which was the heaviest weight ever recorded by the Guinness book, and it meant these new Coyote Creek inhabitants simply crushed that record from 1955 over and over.

Usually, the excessive weight in newborns is related to a diabetic condition in the mother, the excessive glucose in the bloodstream is absorbed by the developing fetus and converted into fat, but the doctors attested that all of the new mothers were perfectly healthy, including the few who had previous condition, their pregnancies developed very well. The early tests indicated none of these boys seemed to have excessive fat tissue on them, which means they are just naturally and healthily over twice bigger than the average American newborns.

The heaviest baby among them all was “little” Jason Dust Junior who was born at whopping 36 pounds, given his amazing size, his mother had to go into a C-section, but everything went well. The proud father, local reporter Jason Dust said he didn’t care much about the fact his son was the biggest ever born in the planet, he was just blessed for his boy being healthy, but he admitted that he would have a great work out just by carrying his firstborn.

Pamela Jenkins was one of the many women who delivered several babies at once, she gave birth to quadruplets but given a very rare case of super ovulation, the 16 year old teenager pageant had four different boys, the first one she delivered looked a typical Caucasian, but the following one was noticeably African-American, one had strong Native-American features while the fourth displayed Latin inheritance. According to the doctors, such unusual thing could happen because each one of Pamela’s eggs was fecundated by a sperm belonging to a different partner, which only shocked former Sheriff Dwayne Jenkins even more.

The 43 year old policeman, however, was more worried about his daughter, because she delivered four huge boys weighing around 18 pounds each, a gain of nearly 80 pounds on her once petite 5’4” 103 pounds, but according to the doctors, the dethroned Miss Desert Flower Teen was able to deliver her sons in the natural way.

Another delicate case was 68-year-old Martha Taylor, the eldest woman in the country to give birth. The doctors followed her gestation pretty closely because of her health conditions, but everything went just prefect, Martha delivered a 26 pounds baby boy, named Zachariah.

The parents were truly excited about their very first son after their 50 year marriage, the 72 year old father said he would look forward to play with his heft son in the park, and Martha said she never felt so young and more proud of herself, the senior couple still needed special help to take care of their firstborn, especially because of the tremendous weight, but such adversities still couldn’t diminish their excitement.

Another new father who seemed very impressed with the baby boom was Dr. Edward Kenabe, who had been recently transferred to ChemTech Labs facilities in Coyote Creek. Although he is married back in New York City, Dr. Kenabe admitted he had been romantically involved with five different women who worked in local restaurants, which resulted in nothing less than 13 new boys, all of them over 25 pounds of weight, a really tremendous mark, even considering the impressive records of this season, and As a scientist, Dr. Kenabe knew pretty well this was an unparallel event, the small town of Coyote Creek would become worldwide knows as “the capital of huge baby boys”.

Still, the new father didn’t want to answer the questions or make any statement, he just seemed happy but very nervous as well which is understandable since all fathers were very excited and very proud at their huge sons, but most of them couldn’t hide their preoccupations with the future.

Like “Father of the Year”, 17 year old Scott Renault – just as many other teenager students of Coyote Creek, the quarterback had just become a father before finishing high school, but in his particular case, Scott had gotten in serious trouble, since he was pointed as responsible for 16 pregnancies. It turned out Scott became father 48 times in the span of 60 hours; each one of his 16 girlfriends delivered triplet boys, all of them ranging between 25 and 30 pounds of hefty weight.

The teenager was just spellbound; he could barely answer the questions from the reporters, especially about the interesting system he developed to name each one of his forty eight sons. Because he was given 16 sets of triplets, Scott decide to name one of each set according to three categories which represented his favorite things in the world: Sports Legends, Rock Stars and Movie Heroes; but when asked what he would do to support his enormous family, the record holder father didn’t seem so sure.

“I don’t know, maybe I can start my own football team, have you seen the size on my boys? I…mean if they get from me, they’ll all be future NFL stars!” Renault said as he took a very peculiar picture among his 48 sons wearing his football jersey which coincidently carried the number 48.

Fortunately, some gestations ended in much calmer circumstances, like the case of Martin and Trisha Campbell, the husband made new exams and it was revealed that even though he was truly submitted to a vasectomy procedure, his sperm still carried a high number spermatozoids. The doctors are still not sure about what provoked the recovery of Mr. Campbell’s fertility, since tests made a month after the procedure revealed Martin had been indeed sterilized.

After these new facts, the Campbell couple reconciled and they were together with their other three kids to welcome their newest son Kareem, a 32 pound beautiful African-American boy. Martin actually confessed he got very happy to find out he was truly the father of that huge and hefty baby, but he was most of all relieved to know they weren’t expecting several new sons, like many guys in Coyote Creek.

Given the exaggerated size of the new babies, the usual cradles for newborns were just too little for their enormous bodies, and the medical crew had lots of hard work to carry them back and forward to be fed. In fact, the formula stock was depleted less than 14 hours after the babies started popping out, an emergency order was placed, but most parents had to bring their own formula, although the crisis had an unexpected solution.

The mothers were producing an abundant amount of milk, to the point it just not just leaked, most of them were dripping all over the floor, the walls and the ceilings, so the huge baby boys were immediately brought to be fed, which proved to be the best solution. They even a “feeding rotation” to help those mothers of twins, because not even these kids were satisfied the milk stopped flowing, so many mothers of a single boy volunteered to breastfeed the hungry twins in the nursery room.

Although most people still hadn’t realized these babies would soon change the events in Coyote Creek forever; despite the fact they were born so truly huge, the baby boomers had an amazing potential for weight packing, they were just growing bigger by the hours, at each feeding route, they were bigger, heavier and heftier, so despite the fact they were all considered premature, the humongous boys were eventually liberated to go to their new homes just two days later, because not only they’ve proved to perfectly healthy and out of any weight loss danger, the hospital needed the physical space that so many humongous baby boys occupied.

So, the families were released to bring their new members into their homes, and if any new baby already changes the entire routine, what to say of those massive newborns, so heavy, hungry and incredibly active for such tender age? Many couples also had such challenge, duplicated, tripled and even quadrupled, quintupled or sextupled!

The following days showed the deep impact of these newcomers in their community; grocery stores were always packed with mommies and daddies having to replenish their formula, diapers and baby food, since doctors concluded that most of these “little monsters” were actually very hungry and needed more than regular breast milk for their humongous bodies, especially in households where there were only two breasts and several super hungry mouths to feed.

Justin had been loyal to his word and married Justin Junior’s mother, Ann, mostly because he felt his son needed his full support, so he just decided to be the responsible man and take care of his family, despite the fact he didn’t love his new wife like she deserved.

Things were not very easy at the Gazette, practically all workers were involved with their growing families, and still they had to keep the journal rolling, especially now that they needed extra cash to support the mega massive boys in the households.

Justin Dust looked pretty tired, because his Justin was a very active boy, he woke up at 3 am and demanded constant attention till morning, he complained to his boss that it had been ages since the new father took a decent sleep.

“Big deal, no matter yours is the biggest of them all, he’s still just one! Now try to get some sleep with 6 little monsters crying for more and more food!” Hugh Travers took another cup of coffee to keep himself awoke.

“Yeah, it must be tough on you, but it could be worse, you could be living with all the twelve of them huh? I am glad you decided to get back with Delores, you two make a great couple.” Justin chuckled.

Hugh grinned. “Heh, I guess she realized I'm the man of her life after all, but Melinda got pretty mad, at least I’ll recover some of the stuff I lost to Delores in the first place.”

Justin continued. “Well, it wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t cheat on every wife you have, but I guess now you will settle down for a bit, you won’t risk making a new set of sextuplets will ya?”

“Yeah, you just keep mocking of me, it’s not like I can fire you.” Travers reassumed his harsh tone and read the next story of his reporter, and just after a few seconds he crossed the whole thing.

“It’s still not relevant enough.” Travers said as he dismissed the piece.

“What? Come on Hugh, you can’t be serious! That story has to be connected with the baby boom, at least with the size and strength of our sons! We have to be responsible!”

Travers lit a cigar; the workplace was the only place he could smoke now.

“I know our boys are growing bigger, but it ain’t a tabloid, you are practically assuming the “there’s something in the water” tone; if you don’t have solid evidences of what might have caused the impressive size of these boys, I won’t let you post the story.”

Justin sighed, although he had promised his boss that he would get to the bottom of the baby boom story, he still couldn’t collect any solid evidence other than the stupid collage about an alleged Section-8 at ChemTech Labs facilities in Coyote Creek.

“Don’t worry, kid. You’ve got talent and you’re gonna get to the bottom of this, but meanwhile, you just keep writing the little stories, your big scoop will appear, never give up on yourself!” The editor comforted the reporter his famous fatherly support.

“I can’t give up, Hugh. I gotta a 45 pound baby boy to feed, but if those guys did anything that might have affected my son or any kid in this town, I won’t stop until the responsible are punished!” Justin promised before he left the room.

“That’s the sprit, tiger!” Hugh said as he enthusiastically tapped Dust’s shoulder and escorted him out, then he locked the door behind him and went to his desk and opened the lock on the drawer with the key he carried around his neck.

From inside the drawer, Travers picked a bundle of seven envelopes and took another careful look at them. He still was very pissed because the newbie reporter managed to get his hands in the first one, but fortunately Hugh managed to get the other seven before the newbie could had the chance to ruin the editor’s plans.

Travers chuckled as he picked the phone and dialed the number. He pretty much knew ChemTech had screwed his life, giving him 12 fucking massive sons to take care, so he wanted to make them pay, because he had an outrageously high alimony to pay.

“Yes, I’d like to speak with Mr. Wise, please? Tell him it’s on his best interests.” Travers said as he imagined how much money he could milk with 7 letters like the one he carried now.


Since Justin Junior, or JJ like the father started calling him, was always hungry, poor Ann quickly lost all the extra 50 pounds she gained during her pregnancy, but her hefty son seem o have sucked most of them into his amazingly growing body. At only 3 months old, JJ have nearly doubled his body weight, at the impressive mark of 60 pounds, which just made him a humongous baby, his weight couldn’t be compared to any other regular kids, although most of the new boys were similarly hefty.

By 6 months of age, JJ was approaching the 90 pound mark, but if his weight gain seemed to be decreasing, his body look change dramatically, and soon all the mass he had been packed shifted to create a rather impressive bodily configuration which meant that in addition of being so huge, Junior was a gorgeous baby boy, but in a different way.

He had the most amazing set of turquoise eyes that went really well with the dark brown straight hair in his pretty head, kept in a classic bow shaped style, his features were very proportional and the baby face still looked amazingly cute, but JJ only looked a “regular pretty baby boy” at this point, from below his chin, his body didn’t seem regular at all.

For starters, he didn’t have all those dimples and cute baby-fat layers in the typical cherubim fashion, his body was mostly flat, in fact, it seemed like Junior had an impressive tonus for his tender age, his limbs were actually bulging with muscles, it was really unusual look for a baby. Justin Senior had noticed that his son already had a flat washboard stomach at only eight months old, and by that time he was already 108 pounds heavy.

Justin also noticed his son was not just a hefty muscular baby; he was a rather strong one. Whenever JJ, was playing with big hands, damage was to be expected: not just cradles were broken in a regular basis, wooden toys, and even furniture pieces like cradles, couches and door knobs were easily destroyed.

JJ was also very precocious; he started walking before he turned 7 months and he was speaking his first words at 9 months, which made his development even more astonishing since he was a 3 feet tall, 125 pounds being with impressively hard and thick muscles – his clothes were always too tight and too small for his age, so he was wearing teenager sizes before he turned 18 months!

Like the rest of the concerned parents of Coyote Creek, the Dust couple had already taken their son to the doctors, in fact many times during that period, but the medical team simply couldn’t find anything wrong with any of them, their bodies were not just much heavier, they simply had a different composition.

The hormonal level tests also revealed normal, so there was no chance for a tumor compressing the pituitary gland, and the same could be said for all the other super stronger, super muscular, and precocious little boys that were brought to the hospital in a daily basis.


Meanwhile, at Section-8, things had been very busy since these babies started popping out; especially because Dr. Edward Kenabe had 13 new super huge and hefty sons! The tests were not only restarted, but now all the employees at ChemTech facilities were submitted to meticulous medical analysis that attested that not only the 15 guards at ground zero, but all men standing the area of Coyote Creek were affected by the energy liberated in the Event, but it took them several other months of hard tests to finally realize what exactly had happened, using brand new technology, ChemTech medical team discovered that the Y chromosome was the one directly affected by the energy released during the event.

The tests showed that although the individuals affected by the Event didn’t show any significant symptom, the mutant chromosome was responsible for an impressive phenomenon – the men in Coyote Creek developed a new kind of spermatozoid, which is morphologically similar to the rest of human kind, but further tests indicated that these were capable of resisting much longer inside the vagina’s acid environment, not to mention the fact it could destroy the preservative barriers.

It also was discovered that the mutated Y not only increased the libido and sexual drive of the subjects, it also enhanced the potential of the reproductive system of the affected men, it actually rejuvenated defective or even removed components, which explained how men who had previously done vasectomy procedures were capable of fertilizing their partners once again.

By that time, the Executive Board on ChemTech had made Winston Wise the Head of Scientific Matters for the facilities at Coyote Creek, and he was not happy to be reported by the scientists that whatever happened in the day of the Event didn’t have any harmful consequences but had deeply affected male human beings in the area, they have actually suffered from a genetic mutation which deeply changed the programming imbued in that particular chromosome which was only present in men.


Winston’s presence indicated that the company would suffer tremendous reforms, and after the Event and the implications discovered, the scientists pretty much knew their heads were the ones Wise wanted.

After much thinking, Dr. Legrand and Carl Rivers have finally reached a decision about their future in the ChemTech Labs Corporation; after all they had too much at stake and needed to keep one step ahead of those viper executives.

“I am sorry for you, my friend.” Erik said as they shook hands for one last time.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still be here to help my boys and get as much funding as possible to start my researches on their development, besides, if this whole thing collapses under those fuckers, they won’t be able to blame me, it’s important for me to fly under the radar for the time being.” Carl seemed really comfortable with that situation.

“Okay, let’s get done with this.” Erik Legrand said as he opened the door for his colleague because they were ready to get confront Winston Wise.


“Edward, are you telling me that the Event turned you and all the other men in this town some kind of mutant super studs?” Wise asked in disbelief, but Kenabe didn’t seem so proud of his own condition.

“Winston, you personally sent me here from New York and I’ve never cheated on my wife before, then all of a sudden I became a sex maniac that could only get pleased with masturbation, I was suddenly having 5 affairs at the same time, and still didn’t get totally pleased, but I’ve made sure I was wearing pristine condoms, and yet all of them seemed to fail, what are the odds? Now, you’re looking to the proud father of twenty boys, do you actually believe it would have happened without the Event?” Kenabe replied in a sudden harsh tone that indicated how serious he was about the revelations.

“Yeah, yeah, save me the lecture, Ed. I know you got a dumped and now have to deal with all your hugely muscular toddlers. You should be thankful you’re not that Renault kid. Poor guy has nearly 50 of these! Heck, if I were him I’d never fuck a pussy in my life!” Winston chuckled as he tried to cheer his colleague.

“Well, with all the publicity he’s probably gonna get drafted for a NFL team, and he’s got lots of sponsorship for the kids, which is not my case, although I have more kids considering I fucked less than half the number of women.” Kenabe smiled, but he was still focused.

“And what about this “second wave” of babies, is it still happening inside the same parameters?”

Kenabe nodded. “Yes, and it’s because all the men in our city now only produce spermatozoids with the Y-chromosome, the genetic information from our X-chromosome was absorbed by the mutated genes and now we simply cannot produce any embryos that would produce girls, and that’s not all.”

“So, you’re telling me that this town is gonna be full of huge little brats huh? We might have to import the girls for these lads in the future…” Winston chuckled but Kenabe didn’t look in the mood for any kind of joke, which made the executive quickly change the subject.

“So, you told me these changes occurred in the fathers, but obviously they affected the sons in a very different way huh?” Winston asked harshly.

“We are still to realize the whole extent of the changes, Winston. These boys are not super muscular, their muscular tissue is up to 50 times denser than adult human standards, and I’ve personally collected the results of these tests on my sons. Damn it, Winston…the kids are not even 2 years old and they can bench nearly 400 pounds over their heads!” Kenabe had a really concerned look.

“I know it must be hard on you, but I can assure that it is a blessing in disguise. Your sons, just like the rest of the boys in this town are perhaps the key for the success of mankind in the event of environmental disasters.”

Edward was still very worried with his own children. “You just say that because you’re interested in their amazing potential, but I am not the most qualified person to discuss this right now, I have sons who need my support and I am NOT letting them become your guinea pigs!”

Winston just tried to sound genuinely concerned. “We are not using them or any other kids as guinea pigs, we are simply gonna make sure their potential isn’t wasted. Ed, your sons not only have this amazing physical strength, they show incredibly mental gifts as well. And despite the fact you are a privileged mind, we have strong reasons to believe all these boys have equal potential, we actually need you to help us to build the proper environment for their development.”

Kenabe sighed. “I’ll cooperate with you, but I’ll make sure my boys or any other of them won’t be hurt in this story. We have been playing with powers beyond our capability, now we should deal with the consequences.”

Winston tried to cheer the scientist. “Come on, now you’re sounding like Markus!”

Edward looked at Winston. “Darrel was right, although he couldn’t have guessed it back then, we have been toying with the Sample that we created such big mess, but I guess he is not much happier about it as well.”

“It will be all fine in the end, trust me” Winston said as he buzzed the rest of the Science Committee to enter the room.

Dr. Markus looked very worried, and it was understandable, not only he had his own share of hugely muscular infant boys; he was one of the many Coyote Creek men who actually had gotten into this trouble for the second time.

In fact, after the first wave of mega muscular boys, the men in Coyote Creek tried their very hard to remain “out of trouble”, which meant several weeks and maybe months without getting any actual sex with any women, many resourced to a second vasectomy, or to have relationships with women using all kinds of secondary contraceptive methods, but in the end it all proved useless and many women got pregnant from other super massive babies.

“Mister Winston, I don’t care if you fire me, but I am gonna sue ChemTech! I have three boys at 14 months old and they now are eating over 500 dollars of food a month, now my wife is expecting twins, I simply can’t afford my own family!” Darrel punched the table, he really didn’t care for the fact Winston was known for his cruelty to those who dared to threaten him.

Even Dr Legrand had a different approach. “Mr. Wise, it’s obvious now that the Section-8 experiments have changed our lives deeply, but I still believe ChemTech can profit and still support those who have innocently caught in the Event.”

Winston just signaled for them to stop. “Gentlemen, we are not letting you or any other member of Coyote Creek alone in this shocking turn of events, we are gonna make sure you and your heft boys are fully assisted. We understand the Sample has mutated you and your sons, but it will be our responsibility to take this and turn into our advantage, your sons will be supported and motivated to be all they can be!”

The scientists exchanged looks between themselves, and then Dr Rivers took a deep breath.

“And what do you expect from us in return, Mr. Wise?” The doctor who was father of his own mega muscular toddlers and another one in the over asked at once.

Winston smiled, he knew that these men would do anything to be supported by ChemTech.

“It is simple, gentlemen; we’ll start a new study in Section-8, starting with these special boys and the many others that will come, our group will build all the logistic facilities needed for their development, but at the same time we gotta develop ways to avoid the effects we have just had, and that’s where your experience will be tremendously valuable, the key for security is the unification of all databanks, and for that we will need your personal notes, we have to make sure all evidences are strictly safe, and I know it’s a hard thing to request, but it is needed, because if this story leaks, not only the experiments will be terminated, ChemTech itself is doomed and your kids won’t be helped.”

Legrand nodded. “I am going to destroy my personal records and data from the experiments, sir. I no longer want to be associated with something that made all my colleagues suffer so much, my participation in Section-8 is done!”

Winston acknowledged such decision. “I understand your opinion, Dr. Legrand and I appreciate your cooperation, but we are not totally giving up on the Infinity Project, maybe we are not ready to provide such kind of energy to the but we have to keep studying the Sample’s potential.”

Legrand seemed resigned. “I am stepping out of this noble deed, gentlemen, but I still have one last request, I would be tremendously glad to see Dr. Darrel Markus assuming my former job.” The scientist announced, surprising everybody, especially Dr. Rivers.

“I-I’d be honored, Dr. Legrand, but…I’ve never…” Everybody expected Rivers would be the one he nominated for the position, after all he had been his personal assistant for the past 10 years.

“I’ve discussed it with Carl, and we’ve decided that you have the moral values needed to lead such revolutionary research, we trust you will be able to keep Section-8 in the good track.” Legrand said before shaking hands of the nervous young scientist.

“I think this is a great choice, Dr. Legrand” Winston said while he shook Darrel’s hands, being very political, and then Edward Kenabe and Carl Rivers joined the compliments. It would have been Markus’ carrier highlight if he wasn’t so worried about the future.

After all, not only he fathered five Sons of the Event, but by becoming the Head of Section-8, leader of the Infinity Project he could support his boys in everything they needed, but at the same time he was the one who might have teased the media to start sniffing for anything about the impressive events that he now needed to keep secret.

Darrel was both excited and terrified; he naively hoped that all the letters he sent to the Gazette got lost in the mail, because their contents were far more revealing than the idiotic collage of the first one.


“You STILL don’t want to publish my work? Hugh, those fuckers just announced they will support the community with our mega boys for free? We are talking about ChemTech for heaven’s sake, they would chop those boys and eat them for breakfast if they could get rid of the evidences!” Justin punched the desk of his editor.

“Kid, we don’t have any evidence, the medical tests you brought from your son are inconclusive, and they say everything is normal with JJ. I’ve got a fucking dozen of these same tests, ChemTech is not innocent, it’s probably after the chance to investigate this miracle on our little town.”

Justin was just disappointed. “Come on, now you too! That company thinks they can just buy their way out of trouble, I still think they are responsible for everything!”

Travers stood up. “Justin, you worry about JJ’s future don’t you?”

The young man just nodded. ‘You know that kid means the world to me, I just don’t want to find out he’s got something serious when it’s too late! Hugh he’s already far stronger than me, and he’s growing bigger every day, I don’t know for how long we can take this…things are not exactly great between Ann and myself…”

The editor shook his head. “I understand how young couples are, son. You gotta make the most of each opportunity. Right now ChemTech is offering to make a whole complex for our boys, they’re offering a lot more than we could ever give to them, after all not all of us are being sponsored like that Renault lad and his 48 sons, I know that you’re struggling with your budget, and they are willing to support our sons in all they can, don’t you want to have that kind of good future for JJ?”

Justin sighed. “You can’t be serious, you’ve seen the letter, there’s something wrong…”

“Well, did you ever get anything else? What will you present as your solid evidence, a fucking collage? Come on, kid, let’s be realistic here, this was just another guy into conspiracy theories who wanted to get you going. I can’t let you go ahead and ruin such tremendous opportunity for our community and especially our special sons; you know this means a whole lot for their future!”

Justin felt really dirty on the inside. “I guess you forgot you were the one who told me to get to the bottom of that story huh?”

“I told you to get to the bottom of this story, and you did, kid. There’s nothing at the bottom of the baby boom story, and even if something lies there, it surely has nothing to do with ChemTech, so I think it’s time for you to move on.”

“I still get one lead to follow, and it’s good. Dr. Legrand had just resigned the leading position at ChemTech Scientific Committee; maybe I can squeeze something out of him.”

Hugh laughed. “The man didn’t resign, he had retired, and everybody has this right huh? You’re not coarse him.”

Dust wanted to curse Travers and his narrow-minded behavior but he knew he couldn’t risk losing his job at the only journal of the city, he didn’t want to move out of his hometown and get away from his beloved son, sometimes a man had to suck it up and pretend everything was alright.

“I won’t insist on this story anymore.” Dust said as he left the room, which made Travers smile, because he knew Justin was one of these guys with a strong moral code, so he couldn’t get to know about the little arrangement he had with Winston Wise, and since he got all the remaining seven letters, the rookie would never be able to go further in his investigations.


Coyote Creek, May 11th, 1995.

“Look, dad, I’ve made a horsey for you now!” JJ said as he tried to give the gift to his dad, but Justin gently declined the kind offer.

“That is one very nice horsey, son, why don’t you help dad with all these lovely animals you’ve made for me?” Justin offered as he was certainly struggled with the 8 sculptures of ½ inch thick iron bars bent in the shape of different animals.

JJ immediately noticed his father needed his immense muscles. “Gee, sorry dad, I forgot these are too heavy for you!” The dark brown hair fell a bit over his pretty blue eyes before the amazingly muscular kid gently picked the sculptures from his father’s exhausted arms and easily carried them.

“It’s so cool, dad, for next birthday I want that too, making animals out of balloons is fun!” The 5’2” tall kid had just turned seven years old just 4 days ago, but he already weighed 287 of super thick rugged pounds of muscle. JJ was close to 3 whole feet wide and he was still on 2nd grade at Coyote Creek’s School for Gifted.

“We’ll see that son, now you go have fun with your friends.” Justin smiled as he kissed his son’s forehead and watched the seven year old said as he went back to the sculpting session at Zach Taylor’s seventh year birthday party.

Anywhere else in the world, there would be a clown making animals out of balloons for the kids, but not in Coyote Creek, that was the only city where the parents hired a sculptor to teach the infant guests how to bent ½ inch iron bars into animals, the most remarkable aspect is that the sculptor uses heavy machinery and power tools to bend and cut his pieces, while the young boy guests use their own muscular hands to do the same operation with more efficiency.

Of course, Coyote Creek boys were very special, because they were already well over 200 pounds by the age of 7 years old, while their younger brothers didn’t stay much behind. Every single childbirth since 1988 delivered and oversized 7 month baby boy, and twins and triplets became regular in that community, in fact, the few girls in the town had moved into Coyote Creek, since the registered births were only of boys.

Within seven years, the city’s population increased nearly four times and most of the inhabitants were under the age of 7 years old, like 2nd graders Justin Dust Junior and Zachary Taylor, the 5’ 262 pounds miraculously hefty kid of Eugene and Martha Taylor.

“Our boys are surely having fun huh?” Eugene said as he sat as he greeted Justin.

“They sure are, Eugene, the idea of giving them something creative to do with all the strength was genial! I would never have thought to buy iron bars for JJ’s party!” The parents laughed.

“Well, I gotta confess it was Zach’s idea, he always complained about blowing the balloons, so I realized we had to give them something more resistant for all that muscle.” Eugene looked at his son with the same proud he did back when his “big little miracle” was born.

“I know what you mean, it’s not easy for them to be so much stronger than us, I have to take Kareem to the junk yard so he can burn some of all that excessive steam, good thing the school’s gym is gonna open during weekends as well.” Martin Campbell joined the typical Coyote Creek paternal conversation.

“Well, it was the least they could do…” Justin replied but the other two parents just exchanged looks, noticing it was better not to touch the subject, after all Justin had recently divorced from his wife Ann, and one of the main reasons she alleged was his obsession with ChemTech Labs involvement with the size of their boys, but most of population simply couldn’t imagine that their greatest benefactor would ever do something like that.

“Sorry about that, man…” Martin said kind of embarrassed.

Justin took a deep breath and decided that ChemTech would cause him any more damage. “Don’t worry, pal. So, I heard you and Trisha are expecting again is that true?

Martin grinned. “Yeah, we have done it again, and by the looks of her belly, it’s gonna be a new huge boy, I just hope they’re not twins…” Martin lifted his hands to the skies and they all laughed.

Truth to be told, Justin was taking his divorce very well, just like any important life lesson, it was just an indication that he needed to deal with bigger issues in his life, after all he wasn’t exactly devastated with Ann Marie’s departure, he knew pretty much that their marriage wouldn’t go anywhere, and they both realized that they would be parents for JJ if they weren’t together, besides Justin was starting to face his own closeted sexuality.

Meanwhile, the kids were entertained with the iron sculpting activity, but soon their giant stomachs inside those washboard muscular abdomens started growling and moaning, which indicated they needed yet more food.

Fortunately, the mommies and daddies had been working around the clock to make sure there were enough low fat burgers, chicken breasts, chicken sausages, roasted fish, mashed potatoes, broccolis, carrots, and several other nutritive dishes.

Usually, any 7 year old birthday party would just serve junk food, but since these Coyote Creek boys were mostly super muscular and strong, ChemTech nutritional staff at their school advised the fathers to serve only top quality nutritious options, to optimize their metabolism and bodily development.

Nearly one hundred kids ran from side to side, bursting with happiness and excitement, but these were not regular kids, although any Coyote Creek inhabitant was used to see them at this point, but the shocking sight of denizens of super muscular boys each one being way more muscular than the great Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime Olympia days, those boys were just infants but their bulging muscles made their adult clothes look just skimpy, the Coyote Creek “baby boom” boys had impressively veined, inhumanly hard and ultra rugged muscle bodies that highly contrasted with their sweet childish faces.

Just like any other boy of their age, the Coyote Creek mega muscular boys had lots of extra energy to burn, but in their case instead of just running and playing inside the house, these massively muscular toddlers were actually lifting harder than any adult man in the history of mankind, since the specialists of ChemTech advised their parents to motivate such behavior to avoid worse problems, after all those kids entertained with the serious workouts routines didn’t get in trouble, and having a bunch of bored super muscular infants capable of lifting 5 or 6 times their own impressive weight was a serious risk to take.

JJ and Zach were best friends in and outside school, the curly red haired, porcelain skinned, green eyed, freckled birthday boy finished modeling his new creation using the ultra hard contours of his flexed 24” biceps, the iron simply surrendered to the hardness of those packed muscle fibers.

“Look, I’ve made a camel!” Zach proudly showed to his friend, but JJ chuckled.

“That’s not a camel.”

“Of course it is!” Zach was puzzled, he checked the formats his powerful muscles had created and didn’t understand how his best friend couldn’t see the forms of a camel in his artwork.

“No, silly, that can’t be a camel, because camels actually have two hunches in their back! The animal you’ve made is a dromedary.” The impressively muscular friend said with a smart grin in his dazzling face.

Zach rolled his eyes “Fine, fine. Camel or Dromedary, it’s still much better than your stupid horse, but I can fix it…” The red haired kid explained as he prepared to easily turn the single hunch in two, but then JJ stopped him.

“No, I think it looks better this way, besides, it has the size of your muscle, we can save it and see how much you’ve grown next month!” JJ loved to keep records of their development, especially because they were always growing more muscular and much stronger each day.

Zach immediately nodded in agreement, turning around to show his new masterpiece to their friend. “Look, Kareem it’s a dromedary!”

“Cool, can you teach me how to do that?” The 5’1” 273 pounds African-American 7 year old asked very enthusiastically and Zach promptly taught him how to mold the iron bar into the shape of his 25” massive bicep to create the hump of his dromedary sculpture, and Kareem quickly ran to show it to his older brother Aaron.

“Look, Aaron, it’s a…domedary!” The muscular kid proudly showed to his 9 year old brother.

“It’s called dromedary, stupid!” The 5’3” 98 pound Aaron replied trying to sound superior but Kareem just had the right answer for his old brother.

“Whatever, dude, you can say it, I can make it!” Kareem flexed his enormous muscle and it immediately made Aaron much humbler, the skinny old brother, like many other “big” brothers in Coyote Creek, Aaron Campbell had to learn to deal with a muscle wonder for little brother.

“You’ve bent the iron around your arm?” Kareem enjoyed the wide eyed look in his big brother’s face.

“You bet it skimpy, I’d teach you how to do it, but you don’t have enough muscle!”

Kareem laughed triumphantly, but then he seemed to regret such arrogant behavior, especially when Aaron looked so down at his own scrawny physique, not that he was actually scrawny, but compared to Kareem, all the regular sized boys were scrawny.

“Erm…sorry, bro…I didn’t mean to…it’s just…well I felt bad when you called me stupid.” The ruggedly hard muscle boy stared at his mountainous pectoral muscles so tight inside that yellow tank top.

Aaron just shook his head. “It’s okay, Kareem, I guess I was just…” The older son didn’t want to admit but he did feel strange surrounded by so many wonderfully muscular kids, while he was just a regular one, but then he realized that they were just little boys, despite the fact they could lift cars from the ground with their bare hands.

“So we are cool, huh?” The immense Kareem didn’t even wait for his brother’s answer before he picked the kid in his arms and started throwing him to the air and catching him easily, which provoked the wrath of their zealous father Martin.

“Kareem, you put your brother on the ground right now!” Martin shouted from his seat, although he would have to go there and personally get the kid to stop, it wasn’t a mean or bad thing, but Martin was worried because Kareem was growing stronger by the days and many times he provoked accidents that could hurt the “weakling boys”.

After a couple of hours of partying, Justin and JJ walked back home, the enormously muscular kid carried the many sculptures and other party gadgets he gained.

“Dad… what is a freak?” JJ asked all of a sudden.

“Why do you ask it, son?” The father carefully approached the subject.

“Axl Renault told me that world, he said his dad’s friend call our city Freak Town.” JJ didn’t sound quite disturbed by that, but his father knew the massive kid had a very sharp intellect and he could capture the meaning of things he didn’t exactly know.

“Well, son, a freak is something unusual, which can be pretty shocking for some people, especially those narrow minded.” The dad knew his son would soon connect the dots.

“So, they think our town is made of freaks, it means me and my friends at school right dad?”

“Yes, Junior, that’s right, but you gotta understand that those guys are just saying this, they don’t really…”

“Yeah, I know, they don’t know me to say that I am a freak. I’ve learned that in school, that’s called prejudging right?”

For one moment, Justin Dust was actually impressed with the things the ChemTech sponsored school was teaching, the only reason why he accepted to enroll JJ in that school was because it actually offered the kind of things his son needed, it was a bit weird to see the muscular boys all located in one school like some kind of muscle apartheid, but the parents understood that it was indeed for the best of their gifted boys.

“You’re absolutely right, son. People do that when they are afraid of things they don’t know.”

JJ seemed puzzled. “So, they were afraid of us? Why is it daddy?”

The reporter could recognize the same inquiring mind on his enormous son.

“It’s because of your muscles and strength, JJ.” Justin tried to keep it simple, but he knew it wasn’t enough for his son.

“Are they scared because of my muscles? But He-man’s got muscles and Superman is super strong too and people don’t get afraid of them!”

“You’re right son, but they are just characters, and besides they are adults. Before you and the other kids in town were born only adult men had such big muscles and got so strong after years of training, now you boys came along and simply changed this.”

JJ chuckled. “So they are scared because we are so muscular and strong, but only because we are kids?”

“Well, let’s not forget that you kids are naturally gifted, you just keep growing bigger and more muscular, if you’re so massive now, what to say when you guys get older?”

The blue eyed kid grinned. “I hope we all get much bigger, so the new boys won’t be called freak just because they get huge muscles.”

“There you go kid, that’s how a real big man talks, it’s not about your size and strength, what matters is what you carry inside your heart.” The reporter nodded, his son had a very receptive mind after all, and he wondered if JJ would get too disappointed if his father came out of the closet all of a sudden.

“Cool…dad can I wear your tie for the Cho brothers party? They said at school that we all should dress up like our favorite superheroes, and I want to go like Clark Kent!” JJ quickly changed the subject like any boy of his age.

“Erm…sure you can kid, although I don’t know if my ties will fit your bull neck, but we can make it work, are you sure you don’t want a Superman costume?” Justin chuckled, he knew quite well that most of Coyote Creek boys loved to go out in Halloween dressed as muscular super heroes, which saved their parents a lot of money because instead of expensive padded costumes to represent fake muscles, those boys only needed a few easy props and they were instantly turned into The Hulk, or Thing, Juggernaut, Superman, He-Man, Conan the Barbarian, etc…

JJ shook his head vividly, making the mounds of mass of the impressive shoulders, the magnificent deltoids and the mind-blowing neck to flex in unison, creating the thickest and most amazing muscle neck in Coyote Creek, and most likely the entire world.

“No, I want to go like Clark Kent.”

“Okay, son, but isn’t Superman and Clark Kent the same guy anyway?” Justin asked trying to understand the fascinating ways of the child mind.

“Yeah, but Clark Kent is way better than Superman, because he is a reporter and I want to be a reporter when I grow up, just like you dad!” JJ said as he hugged and easily lifted the father he outweighed back when he was only 5.

Justin was touched, he felt really proud of the fact his own son considered him as his personal superhero, despite the fact the 7 year old was a monumental muscular boy whose strength already could be compared to comic book levels.

“Gee, son, I'm so happy you feel that way, but can you put me down now?”

JJ chuckled “Oh, not yet, dad, I want to pig back ride!”

Normally, it would mean the boy would ride in the back of his dad, but in Coyote Creek, whenever a mega muscular boy wanted to “pig back ride” it meant he wanted to carry the older man in the impressive muscle back.

“Well, I guess I am getting tired of walking anyway…” Justin Dust laughed as his son easily got between his legs and supported his father’s weight on the vastness of his muscular physique and easily stood up, carrying his father, who happened to be 10 inches taller and 122 pounds lighter than his child behemoth son.

“Don’t worry, dad, I’ve got you and I am only getting stronger, carrying you will be each time easier!” The amazing young boy laughed as they reached turned the corner, and Justin noticed several other boys were carrying their fathers, mother, uncles, big brothers or sisters in their muscle backs.

Life on Coyote Creek certainly had its own colors.

To be continued?