Half Breed 3

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I held the pen gently against the scroll paper, looking at the symbols one last time, making sure I had memorized the complicated format of the patterns. However, before the ink touched the scroll, I already knew that it would be a failure. The magic essence vanished through my fingers once again. The paper was stained by the fresh ink.

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!” I shouted in anger as yet another attempt had failed, knocking off everything from the study table as the anger stormed from my brain. Frustrated and really pissed off for screwing things again, I kicked the wall of the sumptuous main laboratory of Iridium Tower.

“Still having trouble with the scrolls, young one?” Rothgar said as he gently entered the room, carrying some hot beverages with him. “Perhaps taking a break would help to clear things out inside your head”

I walked from side to side, nervously trying to figure out my recurrent mistake.

“I can’t understand these patterns, Rothgar; the scroll simply does not allow me to reach for its magical essence! I’ve tried many times, but it simply can’t be read.”

The fat man carefully approached the reason of my frustration. Even his experienced eyes displayed an unusual surprise.

“I don’t think this is any language within this Realm of Existence, to be frankly I’ve never seen such patterns before, they must be unique. No wonder you are having such a hard time trying to copy it!” Rothgar said taking off his monocle.

“It’s been nine days, my friend, nine days with virtually no progress. I can see this is from the Arts of Transmutation, but I can almost tell that it keeps something much more…” I tried to express something that words could not describe, but fortunately my colleague knew exactly about this particular hunch a wizard has when he is close to something really powerful.

“You are absolutely right, my dear Vaughn, it’s not a regular Transmutation Spell, it has a very powerful structure, I can sense just by looking at the patterns, but at the same time if you dare to read it without full knowledge, the secrets might be lost forever.”

“I can’t use it on my spell if I can’t domain the magical effects of the phrases; I need to know what the hell it is invoking!”

Rothgar grinned, the results of my raging were magically fixed, and the laboratory was spotless once again.

“How long has it been since you last eaten? No mage should put himself through starvation over his studies, if your body is not fully healthy then your mind will not function properly boy!” Rothgar walked in my direction carrying his enormous brass staff.

“You’re right, my friend, it’s been almost ten days now and I’ve got no relevant results, I should just call it a night, take a warm bath and rest.” I said quickly getting all that precious material and keeping it safe with me. Although I trusted Rothgar he knew better than me that it was too precious for leaving behind, even if kept on his laboratory.

The door of the lab appeared in front of me, Rothgar’s laboratory was magically concealed from most intruders and nosy visitors, no windows neither doors, a wizard could easily lose the track of time inside those serenely white walls and the mystical silence that protected the studies of a true mage.

“Yes, go now, you’ll feel refreshed by the morning, besides, there’s someone outside who’s been waiting all along to talk to you…” Rothgar’s lips corked as I walked through the magical door of his study room.

Right outside the lab, Alistair waited. He was sat on the ground like a beggar, the wings gently withdrawn, probably to provide some comfort during that chilly night, his head nesting between his knees, although his massive brawn that kid was incredibly flexible and gracious.

“Alistair? What are you doing here so late?” I asked, feeling my own voice surprisingly excited. The white haired head turned up and my gaze re-met the golden glow of his eyes, and I caught myself smiling back at his dazzling face.

“Vaughn, you are back!” Alistair stood up rising into the mountain of muscle and tenderness I’ve grown used to see, no matter how hard I tried to denied this feeling, every time I was near him, it was like enjoying the sunlight after the winter season, or drinking fresh water from a clear spring during summer.

“Well at least for that night, even wizards need a break every once and while” I said, really uncomfortable for admitting my own limitations, Vaughn of Yendrill was really not used to fail.

“You mean you’re not done yet? It has been almost ten days!” Alistair sounded really disappointed.

I didn’t know exactly why I felt so mad at myself for letting that kid down “It’s been really hard, Al, I’ve never seen such complex materials.” I gazed upon the mirror next to us and almost fainted.

The red hair on my head was completely disheveled, my green eyes looked almost grey so deep and dark the shadow around them were, my pale complexion resembled more like undead lividness, but especially, my nearly ten day beard just looked ridiculously comic, because for an elf it was unimaginably hairy and disgusting, the inhabitants of the High Forests do not have such brutal traces. Meanwhile, for a human, that was not a beard, more like frail pubescent fuzz that wouldn’t impress even a hairless toddler.

“I look awful…” I exclaimed, covering my face with my arms as I tried to run away from that hideous vision, but my legs were so weak they just failed on me, and if it wasn’t for my always so close winged boy, I would have just fallen. However, Alistair just helped me with all his 487 pounds of pure bronze muscle, easily sweeping me from my tired feet and nursing my smaller frame onto his enormous chest, a powerful torso that wasn’t covered by the usual steel breastplate, so I could feel the warm touch of his hard muscles against my skin.

“Sorry for that!” I muttered still very dizzy from my vertiginous exhaustion.

“Don’t worry about this, but you should really take a rest a little and tomorrow you’ll be like new!”

Alistair grinned through his eyes as he reached for the middle of my much smaller chest with his massive paw, gently rubbing it in small circles. His touch felt unexpectedly warm and comforting, like balsam had been applied to my skin. That feeling was familiar but I never thought this ability could be used in such tender, sensual manner.

I moaned as the relaxing feeling spread through all my body, suddenly my exhausted limbs felt instantly renewed, even my vision which has been tired from reading the tiny symbols just seemed enhanced, like the world had become clearer, brighter.

This rejuvenation sensation was definitely overwhelming; I threw my head back and stretched my limbs like I’ve just had the best night of sleep, all my exhaustion had been supernaturally expelled from my body. It took me another few seconds to put things together. Alistair still carried me in his powerful arms, but he instinctively knew that it was not necessary anymore, gently putting me back to the ground, although he still held my shoulders.

“Al? You just cast a spell on me!” I said gently taking his hands of my shoulders, but the kid’s face was puzzled.

“What? Spell? I don’t know what you are talking about Vaughn…” His wings opened wider as he backed off a little bit, trying to give me more space. “Are you feeling alright?”

I just had to laugh “You didn’t even notice what you were doing it did you?”

“Vaughn, you must be really tired, please let me take you to the room…”

“Well, Alistair, thanks to you, I feel like I could take down a whole army.” We both laughed, the winged lad noticed I was completely recovered from my previous exhaustion but I still noticed that the celestial half breed was puzzled.

“You still don’t understand the exact extent of your innate abilities do you?” I asked pointing bench in the middle of the patio.

Alistair followed me, we both sat under the veil of the night, despite the cold, it was really a beautiful night and Al’s wings shone under the moonlight, his golden eyes were glowing like two stars.

“Look, Al, those with the same marks you carry have certain innate abilities, and they tend to grow stronger as you develop into your full potential.” I said grabbing his big hands.

“You just provided relief for my fatigue through skills that were born with you, those big hands of yours are capable of casting healing effects when you need them, so make sure you spend this wisely, because that gift my friend is very handy, it’s usually the only reason a wizard pairs up with a narrow minded priest or a vehement paladin.”

Alistair looked at his hands and then back at my renewed face, he noticed that despite my pathetic excuse for a beard, my face looked much healthier, the color returned to my pale cheeks and even my smell seemed magically refreshed like I’ve just taken a bath of flowery essences.

“I’m sorry, Vaughn, I had no idea that I could do such thing…” He said in low deep voice, still amazed with my explanation for his recent deed.

“Well, it’s not like I can get mad at you, that little trick of yours just saved me a night! Now I can get back to my studies.” I said standing up, noticing that I was still shorter than the sitting figure of my deliciously muscular giant.

The winged lad smiled, gently resting his miracle hands on my shoulders

“But it doesn’t mean you can’t take a night off, you look really tired.” He passed his arm around my neck, quickly standing up; the winged boy wonder escorted me along the corridors of the Iridium Tower.

“Alistair, you don’t understand, I should really get back to my studies, why wasting time outside?” I protested, though it really felt good being close to him.

“Well, I wanted to give this to you…” He said retrieving something from a bag tied to his belt. The tanned boy looked even cuter when he blushed.

“I am really sorry for the loss of your mother’s heirloom…” Alistair extended his hands and handled me a delicate golden ornament. I took the piece of his hands and observed it more carefully. It was a very well crafted headband, with finely ornaments carved all around the very thin and delicate golden piece. That was definitely a work of elven craftsmanship.

“Where did you get it?” I asked already feeling the magical aura.

“I bought it at the market, the vendor said it would be very helpful for a wizard, providing several advantages not to mention that it should make your spells stronger.” Alistair said proudly.

I looked at the headband with suspicious eyes. If that was indeed elf crafted it would be certainly really expensive. Then I remembered his naked torso and felt instantly guilt.

“You didn’t sell your armor to buy me this, did you?” I asked suddenly backing the giant lad against the wall.

“Oh, it is okay, really! That was too small for me anyway.” Alistair smiled.

“But you are now even more exposed to attacks, I can’t accept this, you’ll have to return this piece and get your armor or at least the money to buy you a bigger one!” I felt my temper boiling as that lad insisted on being so damn kind to me.

“No, Vaughn, look Tassler got me these.” Alistair showed me his new huge armbands. I noticed how massive and well crafted they were.

“He said that they would protect me much better than my plate, without the heaviness and the difficulties complex armors have, and they are adjustable so I can use it for a long time without the fear of outgrowing. Finding armors that suited my body was really very hard, you know?” The winged boy insisted that he still had done a great deal.

“Are you sure Tassler was there with you when you bought these?” I asked because I knew that the ancient mind of my elven friend would never be easily tricked by any nasty human vendor trying to sell cheap products for innocent folks like Alistair.

“Yeah, he picked these out for me, because they provide a much wider range of movements…” Alistair seemed to remember something important.

“Oh, he also said that you would you would be convinced after I did this…”

The immense muscle boy did something that suddenly washed all my arguments away. He flexed his pectoral muscles; the enormous shelves of muscles danced sinuously as he alternated left and right pecs, in such a great and seductive art that I simply forgot whatever I was trying to say, that boy had completely dumb folded me.

“Vaughn? Are you okay?” I suddenly noticed that the massive pectoral muscles were right above my head, trying to snap out of that overwhelmingly lust that overcame me; I just slapped my own face.

“What’s wrong with you, my friend?” He asked tenderly.

Looking at that monstrous lad so worried about me, my anger rose like a fire during dry season, I just couldn’t accept the face that I had fallen for such mundane obstacle. My quest was the most important thing on my life that meant the conquest of respect among my family; I would never be considered a bastard anymore. It wouldn’t be a pair of silvered wings and two golden eyes that would keep me fro my destiny.

“We are not friends, you’re my bodyguard and I’m your employer and you shouldn’t be giving me gifts. Now you cut this nonsense sentimentalism and get back to your room, and this time you’d better follow my direct orders!” I gave him the headband and stormed out of there back to my studies.

Alistair looked really puzzled and surprised with my reaction, he wasn’t used to be treated like that, and frankly I wished that he got so offended with me that he would simply fly away from us and our nearly desperate mission.

However, I didn’t have time to reach Rothgar’s lab. The rustle of Alistair’s wings suddenly grew really closer; the massive boy just picked me like a mere child and flew with me outside the incredible, exploring the vast skies at the height of Iridium.

“Alistair you’re fired, I want you to get your things and get out of my sight!” I exploded trying to free my hands from his grip, but he had anticipated my attempts and held them so tight I could never escape from those massive paws.

Without saying a word, Alistair just he stopped at once, hovering in the air with his powerful silver wings. The blue moon shone above us in all its glory, the clouds underneath us concealed the city of Rhysmild, from our sight, only the high mountains that held the other Arcane Towers could be seen, but even them were really far; the silence of the night only broke by the gentle and rhythmical rustling of Alistair’s wings.

The whole scene was almost dreamlike, the epic sight Iridium stood impressively at our right, too far from my reach, I was powerless in the arms of the Angel, although I looked pissed; my heart was filling with unexplainable joy.

The boy held me closer and gently forced me to face the incredible landscape around us.

“Why can’t you be happy? What forbids you from just being yourself?” Alistair asked me, in a different tone, although it was not anger I noticed in his voice; that was definitely a different energy which made him look even braver and stronger.

“I-I am … Vaughn Yendrill, soon to be crowned Mage Regent of The Elven House of…” I struggled to complete that obnoxious self introduction about my own person.

“Forget about your family, forget your magic, and just think on your heart. Why do you keep trying to look so cold, so distant when it’s obvious that you have such a great warm heart? Why can’t I be your friend? Is it just because I’m not an elf? Friends trust each other their lives and souls and my life is in your hands before you even saved it…” Alistair said leaning closer to my face.

I went quiet. Logic and rational arguments simply failed me, because I knew that Alistair was right. I’ve always prohibited myself from being happy.

The winged lad suddenly regained his dazzling charm. “You don’t have to be so hard on yourself Vaughn; we all trust that you’ll reach your destiny…”

“I’m sorry, Al, you are always so nice, and I just try to keep you at bay…” That’s what I really wanted to say, but my words simply didn’t come out, only a look of regret filled my eyes, even so, my sensitive winged lad noticed that I was really trying to apologize for being so rude.

“This mission is my burden, if I was a pure blood elf, my ascension to the Regency of my House would be a natural consequence of my wizard expertise, but since I’m half human, the elven traditions require a proof of my abilities and my total dedication to my elven inheritance.”

“So your mission is to prove that you’re just as capable as any other elf?” Alistair asked horrified with such racist and prejudicial tradition.

“In other words, those stupid purists of House Yendrill are cheering for my failure, it doesn’t matter if I’m the best wizard they’ve seen!” I finally exclaimed, punching his massive chest unconsciously releasing the anger I’ve been storing up for so many years.

The owner of the glowing golden eyes smiled gloriously back at me, he wasn’t mad at me treating him like dirt, he didn’t even feel my punches, he was truly and genuinely at my side.

“Take a look at this view, Vaughn. Your magic can be really powerful, but all the power it gives to you can’t buy you the tranquility of a night like this, this peaceful view truly feels worth resigning another stressful night of hard work, so you just relax and rest.”

Alistair loosened his grip on me, as he flew around Iridium. I felt him stretching my arms; opening them widely as we savored the freedom his wings could give the massive weight of his muscular body.

He took me higher; we looped very close to the very end of the magnificent tower, I felt my heart skipping a beat when we faced the world upside down but his strong arm pressed my back against his powerful chest, making me once again totally safe as we descended faster into the white thick mass of clouds, the cold night wind suddenly didn’t feel so harsh against my skin, the salty smell of the sea filled my nostrils as the speed increased, the surrounding mass of white clouds suddenly disappeared.

We were flying over the Rhysmild’s serene dark watered lagoons, the crowded port stood right behind the mountains, the common noises of the nightlife only now became audible, but these inner lagoons remained so calm, so peaceful.

The view of the simple housing underneath us proved that people still lived normal lives aloof about my dreams of grandeur. I understood why I really needed to feel like that once and a while, free from any obligation that was handed down to me for my parents, for my masters of for anyone except me.

Alistair took another marvelous round around the impressive view before he returned into the thick clouds that kept Iridium’s privacy.

The impressive tower reached towards the skies with majestic stance, Alistair flew graciously back to the patio, landing gently as he placed me back on the floor.

Suddenly, the brave warrior who challenged the great Vaughn Yendrill looked like the same shy lad that charmed me ever since our paths crossed.

“I just wanted you to realize that there are things in life more important than your magic, Vaughn, but it doesn’t mean I disrespect the meaning of your mission. However, no Regency is more important to me than you my friend.” Alistair said handling me the golden headband he bought me.

As he handled me the accessory, there was a brief moment when our hands touched; feeling completely free from any restraints, I held his fingers smiling at his face. The boy actually hesitated a little but I knew we had gone too far to back off now.

I found myself easily climbing on his legs like the tree trunks they really were, surpassing the mountainous shape of his pectoral muscles, grabbing the thickness of his impressive neck to finally reach for a closer view of his adorable golden eyes; my desiring tongue hungered for the sweet taste of his lips.

“What are you doing?” Alistair asked and at that time I didn’t believe he was that innocent.

“I’m thanking you for everything…” I said thrusting my tongue into his mouth. The boy really felt nervous, he didn’t know what to do, but I could share some expertise in that area with him, my tongue easily met his, touching and savoring his uncertainty, his tongue actually fumbled its way into my mouth, so I just twisted my head and he easily reached for my lips, Alistair gently kissed them, his inexperience never felt so attractive to me before.

We looked at each other, and it clearly felt like the first time we ever met, only this time there was no more hesitation, no more fear of showing our intentions to each other. Alistair leaned forward, his massive arm gently held my back as he pushed me with his monstrous pectorals, I watched that kid in tanned muscles and silvery wings reaching for my kiss…

Blissful, joyful, cathartic; these difficult words could be used to describe my feelings; however these would still fail to express the incomprehensible range of feelings that filled my heart the moment I kissed my Alistair. I still had my tongue inserted on his mouth and I already made plans of “owning him”.

I’ve tried so hard not to believe the omen my mother legated to me; I forced myself to overlook the obvious signs of affection I had for that winged boy. I did everything because of a pride that wasn’t even mine.

Alistair broke the kiss, and I feared he would gently reject my love.

“I knew you would like that gift…” He commented, smartly bypassing the awkwardness of such a perfect moment. The massive lad held me gently closer to his chest.

“I love absolutely everything that comes from you, lad!” I said hugging his neck stronger. My slender body felt so small compared to his massive fortress of muscle, but at the same time I carved for his enormity next to me, like I needed his protection.

A nervous smirk came from his moist lips.

“I’m sorry; I don’t know where to go from here…” He confessed blushing into even cuter shades of red. I didn’t laugh, because I knew how embarrassing it could feel, so I just held his chin.

“Then let me teach you, there’s nothing else I wanna do…”

Alistair blushed as my lustful grin corked in my delicate lips, the massive boy led us to my room, our silence this time was not awkward; it was just mutual understanding, we had both agreed what to do next, even if we were both very nervous.

He opened the door to my room, and gently put me down, because there was no way he would enter without maneuvering his colossal figure against the smallness of the doorframe.

Meanwhile, I made sure the nosy Tassler wouldn’t have any shadows to hide, magically enhancing the room lights which in fact only increased the beauty of the enormous view of the muscular behemoth that looked down at me with golden puppy eyes.

I held Alistair’s hands, taking a few steps back to look at his adorable face.

“Don’t worry; you just have to be yourself. We will both enjoy this night, my sweet boy…”

“Please, don’t call me boy again, I wanna… I wanna be your man tonight!” Alistair said bravely, muttering the courage to overcome his shyness.

“You already are the man I choose, Alistair” I said gently conducting him to my bed, hoping that it wouldn’t break under his incredible weight, for that would embarrass the already nervous winged muscle man.

He sat on the bed, still he barely towered over me, but at least our gazes met again. I smiled, easily slipping from my robes and mage clothing; soon I was buck naked in front of that youthful mountain of muscle. I couldn’t help but feeling diminished in front of such bestial size and definition. The brawn and the strength were so clear all over that bodily fortress that I feared that I wasn’t…

“Vaughn…” Alistair gasped as he seemed to devour me with his golden eyes.

“You are so… beautiful…” He finally said exhaling with increasing excitement.

Alistair touched my slender shoulders, admiring my leanness, my gracious elven tight limbs gifted with feline shaped muscularity, grace and dexterity beyond human capabilities combined with the natural strength and tougher constitution my human inheritance bestowed upon me.

As a half breed myself I just couldn’t totally conceal my dual ascendance, I looked like a stronger bodied elf, but at the same time I resembled a slender, gracious man, with bigger pointy ears and almond shaped eyes. I’ve never considered myself as a handsome figure, probably because I had earned the respect and even the fear of both elves and humans not through my looks but mostly through my wicked arcane capabilities.

All these thoughts passed through my mind, immediately causing my shoulders to shrug underneath Alistair’s touch, my face tried to disdain his honest comment.

“Why can’t you see this Vaughn? You are the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen?” Alistair said looking deeply into my sad eyes.

“Because that’s not true, men are stronger bodied, and elves are even slenderer and more gracious, I’m just a half-term, a compromise between these two standards…” I replied, wishing that my bitterness would not ruin our moment.

“Let me rephrase that, Vaughn, you are the most beautiful, stunning, incredibly gorgeous creature that I’ve ever seen. Looking at your body is the hottest thing I could ever do…” Alistair’s wings opened in excitement, and suddenly I knew he was being honest.

“Well I can think on hotter things for you to do…” I said reaching for his huge hard chest hemispheres, holding his enormous nipples on my hands, without the breastplate I could finally touch those enormous pinky globes that were bigger than most golden coins.

The winged man just moaned, gently laid down on my bed, taking the lead of my gentle push; his body occupied the entire space of my king sized bed, but I was fine with that, because that gave me the reason to climb atop that mountainous muscle man, his silver wings almost touched the opposite walls of that very large room. Al’s eyes showed his excitement, they absorbed on every detail of my body and even the movement of my own eyes.

I reached for his armbands, gently taking them off his incredibly thick forearms, his breath pace increased and I grinned, leaning forward to kiss his mouth, I could feel my whole slim body almost fitting into the powerful cleavage of his chest and abdominal muscles, their hardness and warmth embraced my desiring body. I moaned louder as his strong hands gently pressed me against that delightful hardness.

Reaching for my strength, I forced myself to resist Alistair’s pressure on my thin back, my legs passed over his groin and now I sat over his muscular abdomen, feeling the packs pressing against my flimsy skin, his width was so amazing that my legs stretched almost to their max, but as part elf I had more flexibility than any man. The lean muscles on my thighs flexed as I touched Alistair’s powerful arms with my feet.

Gaining impulse from his biceps, I jumped up and stood up on his body, the grace of my unexpected movement and my light weight didn’t hurt the surprised winged man. I grinned and returned to my pleasing task, I didn’t need much time to untie his enormous sandals, my heartbeat increased as I aimed for his precious leather loincloth.

I kneeled between his immensely thick legs, admiring their powerful beauty, the veins and muscle fibers flexing in excitement each time I aimed for them. I grinned and untied the sides of the last piece that covered his heavenly body. Alistair groaned, like he was trying to warn me of something.

I thought I knew everything about half celestial lads, but I was so wrong.

They were not only stronger, taller, more muscular, faster, kinder and more gracious than mundane creatures but undoubtedly, they were also the most endowed males. I had to gasp at the sight of Alistair’s member, still half erect but already surpassing most of the biggest endowments I’ve seen both among humans and elves.

Alistair looked at me with a worried expression “Something wrong with it?”

I had to overcome the urge to laugh, gently placing my hand on his massive chest.

“Just relax and let me show you a thing or two about pleasure…”

The winged lad grinned, he was really anxious I could tell that the way his massive endowment engorged with each heartbeat, the veins bulged all over that incredibly long and thick shaft, the same tanned skin tone with a gracious white fuzz for his pubic hair, the testicles were abnormally overdeveloped, the heavy balls churned as the boy’s head was hidden by the peaks of his massive chest, growing bigger as he inhaled in excitement.

I smiled and prepared myself, Alistair had his eyes closed as I gently engulfed his massive tool in my warm mouth, making sure he felt the tenderness with I treated the huge head of his tool. Alistair just tilted his head and groaned in desire, his surprise was clear in the way he suddenly reached for my head. He reacted instinctively at first, but then he just caressed my head as I proceeded to take his cock down into my throat.

“Vaughn… what are… oooooooooh… please don’t stop….” His voice tone changed from shock to delight with just a few moves of my skilled tongue and my burning passion.

I took my time savoring his enormous shaft, licking from head to the base of his enormous balls; I also played with his thick shaft, squeezing its incredibly warm hardness of that cock. At each new sensation I gave him, Alistair glowed in joy, his bronze skin already glistening with his increasing passion.

I worked my way up at his mouth, worshipping each one of his gargantuan muscles, paying special attention at his massive pectoral shelves, my hands explored the vastness of his shoulders reaching for the uncanny peaks of his huge biceps, traveling all the way down to the base of those enormous triceps, sliding through the cervices of his traps and back at his colossal chest.

My hands were warm and their touch built Alistair’s desire even stronger, I could feel that he also felt each time more natural by doing this, surrendering to his passions and his desire, feeling how manly and how powerful his muscles were as I my hands and my tongue covered the glorious inches of that heavenly brawn.

“Vaughn… that’s so good, I feel, I feel…” He started the sentence, but my mouth attacked his juicy lips, my long fingers massaged the base of his hugely thick neck, the hardness of his muscle was impossible to dent, but even so I squeezed them as hard as my fragile body could, knowing that it would never hurt my invulnerable fort of muscle and strength.

“You really like my muscles don’t you, Master Vaughn?” Alistair asked in a mix of innocence and naughtiness that set my soul on fire. I nodded my head as my lips were moving back at his prodigious member.

“Oh good, then I guess you would want me to do this…” Alistair flexed his pectorals and the plates of his muscles danced heavily. I had to stop, it was like I had been hypnotized by those muscles, he knew exactly how to charm me, that boy was growing used to use his body in seductive ways. He took the hint of my dropped jaw and kept flexing for my amusement. Alistair rose up and sat, bringing his arms closer to my adulation eyes; flexed the humongous sculptures of his arms.

“I’ve never seen anyone who wasn’t scared of them, except you…” He whispered as he gently brought my shaky hands upon the hard, raw muscle underneath his tanned skin. I smiled up at his kind face.

“You don’t scare me Alistair; you fascinate me, these are different reactions to the same powerful physique of yours…” I managed to say as I stood up and hugged him, just for feeling his enormous body engulfing me with his loving, warm embrace, the reward was better than anything.

“Vaughn… I…I…” The silvery winged tower of muscle hesitated and I knew he just didn’t want to break the moment by saying something stupid. My long finger covered his mouth and I once again pushed him to the soft bed. Alistair lay, feeling me once again sitting atop of him.

Suddenly his eyes grew wider; the gentle boy finally realized my ultimate intent.

“You can’t do that, it’s too big, I’m gonna hurt you.” He gently picked my arm, showing his affection for me above all the lust that burnt his thoughts.

“Just relax and let me guide you, I know how to give you pleasure without hurting myself too much…” I grinned looking at his shocked face. Alistair gulped because my own hardness contradicted his worries, the beauty of my long slim hard cock, thicker than most men were long, bigger than the biggest endowments among the members of my father’s race, only seconding to the uncanny bronzed and veined obelisk that I intended to conquer for my own.

Alistair gasped as I positioned myself to the upcoming moment of truth. I had to stand up and that massive cock almost reached my chest level. My long elven muscles supported my weight on Alistair’s knees as I placed my butt on top of his huge head, the boy was mostly scared by the amount of lube his tool produced, which meant he was just as eager for that moment than me. Using elven techniques of relaxation I finally lowered myself, guiding with my hands the impressive body of my lover’s cock up into my warm interior.

“OH, shit… oooooooooh Vaughn…” I heard the bed’s headboard breaking when Alistair threw his head back, enjoying the pleasure of my tight body. My own senses going numb as the enormous cock head pushed its thick way up into my guts. I exhaled, feeling the pain being quickly replaced by pleasure as I admired the look on that boy as he was closer of becoming a man, my silver winged muscle man.

As I felt Alistair’s cock sliding deeper into my body, my own legs were able to stand on his massive muscles, so I used them as a way to enhance the pleasure, going up and down Alistair’s huge member even though, not even my great elasticity could handle the enormity of his entire manhood. Nonetheless, the boy screamed in pleasure, his once demure behavior was definitely surpassed. Alistair’s fists flexed and his mighty muscles rose up like mountains.

The boy felt his pace building as I played with his cock going in and out my slender yet incredibly enduring body. The golden eyes glowed in pleasure.

“There’s something happening within me….” He exclaimed in a desperate tone.

“Just… feel the passion… no rules… just be yourself…” I said slowly as my own pleasure enjoyed the feeling of this sexual self-impalement.

Alistair face glowed in excitement. He managed to move our locked position so tenderly that I still don’t know how he could actually accomplish such thing, but the next moment, I was actually laying on my back, seeing his enormous body and his gargantuan cock ready to enter me once again.

“I…need to do this… sorry!” Alistair’s mind was still foggy from all the pleasure I was feeding him, so I didn’t pay attention for his words.

“Come on my Angel; let me take your Holly Avenger!” I blinked at him, teasing my heavenly muscle lad. Alistair kneeled, hoisted my legs up and looked at me. I nodded in joy, he carefully took his place at my butt, going extremely careful not to hurt me, but I was already beyond physical excitement to notice the pain.

At each time he thrust his huge cock inside me, it felt like he was asking me to forgive me for causing me pain, his face seemed worried, but at each time I nodded, showing my angel how much pleasure he was actually giving me, this mutual feedback had a wonderful effect on the boy’s confidence, he seemed to master my teachings, I felt his cock doing exactly the things I wanted it to do, not t mention that he managed to alternate slower and faster paces, giving me waves of indescribable pleasure. This sexual commune felt each time higher, my own pleasure had overcome my feelings multiple times and still Alistair delivered me the most vivid proof of love ever.

“Come on Al, give it to me, and let me feel you exploding inside me…” I said tensing my musculature around his cock. I felt incredibly lustful and naughty to bring the sacred figure of that “angel” into the animalistic mating ritual. I felt incredibly proud for taking that winged boy and turning him into a powerful, massive manly adult. Alistair would no longer be that oversized boy, thanks to me he would become an oversized gentle man, who tasted the incomparable pleasures of sex with an elf.

“I love you, Vaughn…” He repeated over and over, his sweat pouring through the tanned skin, he declared his love for me innumerous times, creating some kind of mantra that build his own orgasm. I felt his hands gently caressing my cheekbones, his face was truly a mix of emotion, Alistair was entering a domain that he never visited before, he faced his own sexuality, his very desire and passion seemed to salute his arrival. The boy suddenly went so hard, so rigid that it was like his own body had turned into granite. I felt the waves of hardening muscles lifting me from the mattress, his own cock felt so hard inside me that it actually held my body.

Alistair’s wings suddenly bristled up, reaching their full magnificent span. The view of his glorious wings sent my mind back to the omen that had haunted me for so many years. Even after teasing me for all these years, Tassler never seemed to have memorized the omen in its exact terms.

“Walk among bitterness you shall,
But for your sour heart the sweetness you’ll suddenly find
Scared and uncomfortable, though, you feel,
Escape of its reach you won’t, try as you might,
Because no matter where you hide,
In the silvery wings of Love you’ll safely fly”

These words never sounded so true, they were precise to the point they scared me as I contemplated my huge lover. Alistair’s demeanor changed as he reached orgasm, he went completely silent, his body felt rigid and then it shook violently as I felt the torrent of his warm cum filling my guts, slipping through my legs and spreading at the mattress. The boy’s face was literally ravished, his eyes glowed brighter and his mouth screamed a silent scream. His huge paws gently held me up as he hugged me, his head going over my shoulder as his body arched. His orgasm seemed to last much more than I anticipated too, I just felt him hugging me closer to his chest, his hands caressing me.

He was so quiet, but I could tell his mind was on fire; his blissful juices still inside me warmed my soul. I felt so happy for that giant miracle that came into my life. He just kept stroking my hair, gently, his eyes shut and his breathing soothing.

“Are you here with me?” I whispered feeling his enormous weight gently crushing my slender tiny figure.

Alistair opened his eyes and smiled. It was like seeing the Gates of Celestial Realms welcoming my sinful existence. I instantly shared that incorporeal nova that spread through his body. He nodded his head as I gasped, the feeling was just too intense, it was like orgasm but taken into a whole new level, each sense lost its very meaning compared to that experience. I felt myself going weaker as the pleasure spread though my body, Alistair held me tighter against him.

“It’s okay Vaughn, just let it cleanse you, feel the bliss you gave to me love…” He whispered as I shook violently, sharing the joy of a thousand miracles, reaching through pinnacles of delight that are unattainable within the physical body.

He gently unplugged his massive cock from my tight butt, we both moaned as the juices flew between us, our combined warmth discolored as we both seemed to regain our senses. All the time Alistair kept hugging me, and I didn’t care for how corny that moment looked, it felt so real and necessary I had to enjoy it as it maximum.

“Thank you, master…” He said looking deeply into my eyes.

“Believe me, if you can do this every time you cum, then you are the master here…” I teased him, but now Alistair seemed immune to my wicked sense of humor. He just looked at me, with his newfound post orgasm grin on his lips.

“There’s just one way to find it out…” He whispered on my ears, his member already feeling harder against my stomach.

Alistair proved my theory correct; actually he proved it right again just to make sure it wasn’t mere coincidence, and he did try to prove it right anther time, but I begged him to let me rest, because obviously I didn’t have endurance to go through such intense experience a fourth time in a row.

This whole night started with an unexpected healing spell, but even those magical effects paled in comparison with the comfort I felt sleeping on Alistair’s powerfully muscular arm during that blessed night. His huge pecs served me as pillow, the warmth of his body kept me so comfortable and his gentle wings closing over us, sealing our union with silver softness just lead me into a paradisiacal rest, drifting among remembrances of that encounter.

I felt really bad for having to leave the nest of his arms, but at the crack of the dawn I automatically awoke, provided by years of self training and dedication to wizardry. Although I knew I had to focus on starting a new day, I took my time to contemplate the beauty of my sleeping colossus.

Alistair’s gentle snoring made him look even cuter. As I slid from his massive arms, he took the opportunity to spread those overwhelmingly muscular limbs over my bed, and I noticed that it needed to be replaced. My winged lover looked even more angelical as he slept, the smile on his beautiful lips seemed to hold a great secret, daring the beholders to guess whatever wonders it kept hidden from the world.

I silently admired my fantastic view, forcing my own mind to memorize every single crevice of that ample body, the exact location of the enormous veins, the precise points where his muscle fibers crossed between themselves, the very place on his flimsy skin that my hand would reach the next time I worshipped the muscular lad. When Alistair had his right arm behind his head, I initially felt attracted for the ball of his enormous biceps that peaked than my own head, however, looking down to his armpit I noticed something that strangely drew my attention.

Alistair had some kind of tattoo under his armpit, in the exact place that was previously covered by his old armor, it wasn’t really an inked drawing, it actually felt like a birthmark, but it was the shape that surprised me.

Wyrm Scar. The mark of the Dragons, a symbol mystically passed through the generations of those who share ancestors with the powerful race of the Wyrms.

I wasn’t surprised by such mark but the fact that a half celestial like Alistair displayed such scar. Each Wyrm Scar symbolize status of a certain Dragon Lineage; however, these powerful creatures are not likely to mate with other races, and most of times, those who actually give into that commonly regarded as dishonorable act end up destroying the eventual offspring of that union, which demonstrates their widely known aversion for the “weakling beings”.

I must have taken too much time reflecting upon that sudden subject. I noticed Alistair’s glowing golden eyes saluting me with the enthusiasm of his excitement. His hands reached for mine as his lips smiled.

“Is it morning already?” He said as his wings copycatted his yawning movements, however, once I didn’t reply to his kindness, the smiling boy noticed my shocked face.

“Is anything wrong with you?” Alistair looked at the point where me eyes kept focused.

“Yeah, I have that since I was born; I guess it’s a birthmark…” He said paying no greater attention, because he already reached to kiss me.

I gently interrupted his attempt. “Alistair, do you have any idea of who your parents were?” I asked already setting my mental capabilities to engender a possible solution for that mystery.

My boy suddenly looked sad. “I told you, Vaughn I was left on a temple…”

I insisted “Yeah, but did anyone see who left you?”

Alistair thought but he couldn’t remember anyone. “Is it really important for you?” He asked caressing my cheekbones. I suddenly noticed that he was actually worried about not being able to satisfy the least of my wishes.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Al. I just got curious; you know that elves cannot look at something enigmatic without getting unexplainably attracted to the mystery.

The lad kissed me passionately, showing me that he was indeed a dedicated student. I savored that kiss on my lips, but my eyes were still focused on the Wyrm Scar on the magnificent body of my winged muscle man. Suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“That’s it! That’s why I couldn’t work on the spell!” I screamed at once, my voice being muffled by the insistent kiss of my big partner, who would be probably trying to prove my theory right a couple of times that morning.

I looked at Alistair trying to sound as gentle as possible.

“Look, al, I know you were right about me being obsessed with my magic and all, but I really think I reached a breakthrough point. It’s really important…” I feared that he would feel used and discarded afterwards, but Alistair just hugged me, kissing the top of my head.

“I really love to see this fire in your eyes when you’re dealing with magic…” He whispered in my ears as he gently placed the headband he presented me on my head. I could feel the energies imbuing my mind with an enhanced capacity.

We kissed once again and I soon was fully dressed, while Alistair watched me completely and gloriously naked on my bed, his wings spread, reaching for the highest corners of that corner, which made me realize that this boy was still the massive warrior that so many times had defeated fearsome foes with the power of those uncanny muscles.

“I’ll be here tonight, hoping we can spend the night together again…” Alistair wished as he stood up, reaching for his own things, and I felt my cheeks going warmer as the blushed.

“I’ll try my best to be here…” I said barely embarrassing my enthusiasm to get through the day only to spend the nights on his arms after feeling his enormous member inside me.

Getting out of my room, I ran into Tassler, my elf escort had the mockery grin of those who knew too much.

“Great morning huh, Master Vaughn…” He said taking his time to bow before my person. I just felt a mix of emotions which ranged from shame, anger but mostly a great happiness that I couldn’t hide from him, but at the same time I couldn’t let that obnoxious nosy elf make fun of his master, so I just hugged him tightly and whispered on his ears.

“It is the best morning ever my friend…” I said as Alistair appeared on the hallways going straight of my room, still carrying his enormous sandals on his hands. The winged boy was simply caught off by surprise for finding me whispering in Tassler’s ears so soon. The blond elf looked at him and nodded his head.

“You two go really cute together sir…” Tassler said tapping my shoulders, but the giant teenager just blushed in several different shades of red, he would have flown away if Tassler hadn’t reached him faster than he could think.

“So, young Al, I think we two of us need to talk about a certain half-elf…” My guard blinked at me as he prepared to spend the next hours teasing the enormous muscle teenager about our ongoing situation.

I reached for the precise spot in the exact wall in which the portal to Rothgar’s lab should open, feeling the magic energy of the arcane lock I focused as the spell scanned my essence, soon I was transported into the heart of Iridium Tower, the nervous system of the arcane center of studies my friend Rothgar managed for so many years in a row.

The fat wizard was busy talking to his pupils, including the obnoxious Silkram, but as soon as his crossed-eye gaze met mine, the leader dismissed the other students to give me full privacy for my studies.

“Ah, good morning Master Vaughn, how are you doing this morning?” He asked with a corky smile in his lips and suddenly I suspected that everybody was aware of my affair with Alistair.

“I’m ready for finally revealing the mysteries of those lost Scrolls!” I said pretending I didn’t get the true meaning of his question. Rothgar’s face glowed as he recognized my renewed self-confidence.

“That’s the spirit of a true Elf Wizard!” he moved closer and patted my shoulders, taking his time to look at the scrolls that were once again opened to his knowledge thirst eyes.

Once again we stared at the dead end that mysterious language presented, but at this time he could tell I wasn’t clueless as before.

“I see you have found a possible way, Vaughn…” Rothgar grinned at me as I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm. I pointed at the first symbol that did not match the usual spelling structure.

“This is a draconic symbol, most likely to be a Wyrm Rune …” I concluded, proud of my achievement.

Rothgar didn’t seem surprised, even if he indeed was impressed with my affirmation, a wizard of his position should not demonstrate signs of weakness such as the surprise for something he didn’t know or hadn’t noticed before.

“If you are right, then we’re facing something much bigger than you had anticipated my young friend” Rothgar said examining the symbol more carefully.

“What do you mean?” I said feeling the great Master that enormously bodied wizard was, he never gave the answer, but he always made sure his student had all the clues to get there by himself.

“Runes are symbols that can be created only by arcane powers, you are aware of that, but a Wyrm Rune has a unique quality can only be imposed or lifted by draconic spellcasters” His uneven eyes looked direct into mine. I double checked the symbol he pointed to one of the scrolls Shogal had kept on his vault.

“That’s indeed a draconic character. Whatever effect this spell has, I’m quite sure it has been imbued with the incredibly rare draconic language, you know that it is a very smart way to make a spell much stronger.”

I looked at Rothgar suddenly puzzled “Why a warlock would overlay Wyrm Language in his scrolls?”

The fat man smirked back at me. “You still doubt that the original owners of these scrolls were Dragons? Shogal probably retrieved them from a Wyrm nest. He should be trying to do the exact same thing when you broke into his hideout.”

Rothgar wandered around the ample room with a focused frown.

“You said Shogal kidnapped an Oracle to help him. I wonder if Lady Magdel was forced to scry for a Draconic Tablet…” He murmured.

“What is that?” I asked without the fear of sounding ignorant.

Rothgar admired my honesty. “Wyrm Runes have arcane meanings, although they can’t be imposed neither lifted by non-draconic spellcasters, their effects are the same of any rune, the Draconic Tablet is a very precious tool, it keeps the “translation” for all the runes a dragon can use.”

I looked intrigued. “Lady Magdel hadn’t told me anything about that. Do you think we can find one of these Tablets?”

Rothgar loved to play the role of the one who unveiled secrets.

“Only the strongest Wyrms are able to create Dragon Tablets, and they usually do so in exchange of a very precious reward, something they wouldn’t be able to get themselves, which means that it really must be something wondrous to instigate the greed of the powerful lizards…”

I felt the usual stir on my stomach. “So, if we wanted to locate one of these Tablets, we would have to deal with a dragon or…”

Rothgar just grinned. “You’re quite lucky, Vaughn, you know that Gates of Rhysmild attracts lots of Wyrms, they like to build their nests near great magical power sources, it’s not unusual for a wizard like me to deal with a very particular infestation problem”

I grinned “You mean that dragons break into the Arcane Towers after magical artifacts”

“That would be easy to deal with! My magic can easily detect their massive powers moving through the air, even if they are invisible!” Rothgar snored.

“The problem is that the miserable lizards are capable of changing their appearances, their size and even their magical aura, how many times I had opened the doors of my dear Iridium to one of these monsters disguised as an avid apprentice?” my cross eyed friend laughed out loud.

“I’ve heard that dragons are obsessed with magic and everything magically created, but I never thought they would become some kind of pest...”

The fat wizard nodded. “The oversized geckos believe all magic once belonged to them, so they want to retrieve it no matter if they have to kill and destroy in order to achieve their nasty intents”.

“Can you tell me if any of the nearby dragons is strong enough to have created a Tablet?” I asked already feeling my anxiety building up.

“I don’t know if the nearby dragons are capable of creating their own Tablets, but I’ve known one that was strong enough to steal one…” Rothgar replied me looking suddenly resentful.

“What do you mean, Rothgar?” My voice sounded louder, as I tried to control my increasing excitement with the details he revealed to me.

“Well, we wouldn’t be still here if they were stronger than our powers, but some of the dragons are indeed old, they’ve learned to time their attacks and how to protect themselves, not to mention that they are also very slimy and trickery when the occasion requires.” Rothgar reached for something in his own papers.

“So, one of them actually manage to break into Iridium and steal something from you?” I asked marveled, fighting the urge to laugh at such unimaginable fact.

Rothgar almost laughed. “I had just dealt with the eldest dragon of the region, which vanished with use some pretty powerful spells and tricks but I finally blew that greedy creature in million of pieces, I didn’t believe I had actually found a Dragon Tablet among his treasures.” The fat man lowered his voice tone, but I could hear it clearly, so interesting that whole conversation became to me.

“At the time I was still very young, didn’t believe I the remaining dragons would dare to attack me so soon, but one sneaky creature was already infiltrated in my Tower, ready to strike when I least expected. Ironically, the dragon stole the very Dragon Tablet I had conquered from the nasty ancient Wyrm and vanished from the face of the world.”

“Oh come on old friend, you expect me to believe you were stolen right under your nose?” I asked enjoying that amusing story.

“Like I said before, dragons are not just huge colossal beasts, they’re slimmer tricky beings, and they can disguise themselves as the smallest bug or the purest damsel in order to achieve their objects.” Rothgar explained me as he reached for something in his cabinets.

“Just like that? Didn’t you ever tried to get your Tablet back?”

“As soon as he escaped, I spared no expenses to locate him and my Tablet, but like I said many times, these beasts really know how to protect themselves…”

Rothgar unfolded an old scroll, it was dusty, ripped and horribly stained of blood.

“This was retrieved from the remains of the expedition party I hired to search for any sings of the pestilent Wyrm that stole my Dragon Tablet, unfortunately for them, the beast had caught them, and since they were really famous and powerful mercenaries, it could not be the work of a lucky toddler. At the time this should be an already respectably old dragon, and it must have gotten even more powerful in these 40 years….” Rothgar concluded with a serious look.

“This is the latest information I got from the scaled thief. This mountain had been literally excavated in a matter of weeks, which can only indicate the presence of a Dragon’s nest.”

I looked at the scroll in my hands “I don’t have the time to go on a dragon killer expedition, Rothgar…”

“Well, like I said you were in lucky, I’ve been keeping my eye at this horrible thief all this time, and fortunately I happen to know that it is now hibernating for the past 8 months, and he might continue in that condition for another 10 years at least, so all you have to do is being sneaky enough to locate the Tablet among its treasures…”

Rothgar challenged me with his look seizing my boldness. Actually, he dared me to accept his test, this was a common way for wizards to test the powers of their allies and see if they were indeed valuable or simply dismissible.

“Why don’t you get it yourself, Rothgar? I’m sure it’s not for the lack of power, because you had grown powerful enough to blow a sleeping dragon” I blurted at once.

“My dear Vaughn, I wouldn’t be your friend if I didn’t tell you all the truth, huh?” Rothgar grinned.

“I can’t lie saying that I don’t want to use its horns to adorn my staff, but let’s face it, my magical power had increased, however, I have also many obligations to the Wizard’s Society, Iridium needs me, and it might simply be absorbed by the other Towers if I perish…” Surprisingly, he seemed truthful enough for me to believe his words.

The fat man noticed my understanding expression.

“It’s time for stepping aside and letting the youth take care of issues that demands so much energy and physical dangers. Besides, you need this Tablet now much more than I ever needed it, you’ll be doing us both a favor. You bring the Tablet for your studies and once you’re done, if you want, I can keep it in Iridium for you.”

I took a deep breath. “Okay, I need a Draconic Tablet to unlock the secrets of these scrolls, and if that means we’ll have to break into a dragon’s lair, so be it. I’ve gone too far to just give up now.”

Rothgar laughed out loud. “You sounded just like your father, young Vaughn!”

I took that as a compliment, reaching for his fat hand to shake on our deal.

“I’ll get the Dragon Tablet, after I use it, if you’re still interested in souvenirs, you can buy it from me for a really honest price…” I offered my hand. Rothgar corked his hairless eyebrow, seizing me from head to toes.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Master Vaughn, I just hope you can honor with your part.”

“Don’t worry fatso; I’ll have our Tablet back faster than you think…”

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