Journal of a Lab Assistant

I had to write this down; otherwise I would just go crazy! It all started when I answered this particular add to work part time as a lab assistant for Dr. Hankins. The job seemed easy and paid very well, and most of all I could attend to the classes in the morning and work from 16.00 to 21.00. I couldn’t have a better chance to earn some easy money! Anyway, I showed up at the address given on the add – a huge mansion built atop a grassed little hill surrounded by huge white walls. I pressed the button on the intercom and waited for an answer.

“Come on in Mr. Dubois!” The voice said suddenly. I just stepped in as the electronic gate was opened. The house was immense! I walked all the way to the main house, and no sign of any servants. When I finally got to the door, it was already open and Dr. Hankins waited for me.

“Terrence Dubois, I presume! I’m Arnold Hankins, pleased to meet you!” he said coldly.

“Please call me Terry! “ I offered my hand but he ignored it. “Mr. Dubois, let’s discuss the details on my studio” the guy turned his back on me and entered the room. Dr. Hankins was a typical “nerd” stereotype . He was four or five inches shorter than my 5’10” high, and had a very thin figure, his lab coat made him look almost like a child wearing his father’s clothing! Anyway, I followed him all the way through the huge wooden corridors, ample rooms with classical furniture until his dark sinister studio. He made me seat on this green velvet chair and I took the chance to observe the attitude on this little weird man. He had a huge nose, and weak jaw, and a very pale complexion, like he had been sick for all his life!

“Mr. Dubois, I decided to hire a college student for this position instead of a fully trained professional for a matter of mutual interest! I am willing to pay you much more than a usual trainee program, under one condition: you have to keep absolute secret about every and each detail of my work” he handled me a document where I was supposed to swore secrecy about the components, methodology, results or every aspect related to Hankins research. There was also included a clause where I would be liable for any breach of that agreement.—“In other words, if you open your mouth about anything you see or hear within this building, I’ll sue you!” the doctor said with a smile in his face. I looked at him seriously, then I signed the damn contract and gave it back to the tiny full of shit doctor. He looked me straight in my eyes and smirked, taking the document and tearing it into shreds.

“Please ignore this whole stuff, Terry! I was just testing you, and you’ve proved to be reliable, now let me introduce you to my work!” he offered his tiny hand to me and I complimented him – “You can count on me, Dr. Hankins”

“Please, call me Arnie” he said as we got out of that creepy studio.

Over the next couple of months, I couldn’t even imagine why Arnie had made such a big deal over the “secrecy”, all I did on his lab was washing his lab material, feed and clean after the guinea pigs! Once and a while he asked me to write down some notes as he checked his last experiments results, which I knew nothing about, and that’s all! Frankly, I barely was able to work with him. Most of the time, when I showed up to work, around 4 pm, he was recovering from his overnight work, only returning a little before my time to go. Basically, we didn’t see each other much, but I really liked to work for Arnie. He is rather sympathetic and has a real great sense of humor, always joking about his little stats, and all the funny things the jocks used to make him suffer.

“But you’ve certainly didn’t have such problems!” he told me once. And he was right, I’ve never had such problems, I’ve always been athletic with a very strong built, and today at 5’10” 175 lean pounds, I still turn a few heads with my jet black military cut hair and hazel eyes. Arnie always joked saying he wished to know me when he was a student, so he could hire me as his bodyguard

Then, two weeks from now, things have gotten strange. I’ve noticed Arnie didn’t show up, not even at night, not even to give me my payment, which was being deposited right on banking account. Everyday, when I got to work, the lab was a real mess, everything was dirty and the place stank at chemicals! I spent hours to clean the place, and then the next morning it was all messed again!

Last Tuesday, it looked like the lab had been turned upside down! And not just that, the whole house was a mess! I’ve never seen any help around, but I knew Arnie had his house cleaned by a company every week, and his place never looked so messier before! I tried to call Arnie at night, many times, but there was no answer! I decided to find out what was happening and the very same day I stayed on the lab until Arnie showed up well past one in the morning. He looked strange, his chestnut hair was frizzed and his face was terrible:

“Terry? What are you doing here? You should be home now! He looked really scared to see me. “Arnie, I got worried about you! You’ve disappeared!” I got nearer him and noticed, by the way he smelled, he didn’t take a good shower for a long time.

“Look, Terry, I am glad you were worried about me, but there’s nothing to be afraid of!”

“But you never showed up at the lab, and it looks like a tornado swept the whole place!”

“I’ve been a little overloaded with work the last days, and REALLY needed to be alone during my work, so I just dismissed the cleaning staff! You may go home now!”

“If you’re overloaded, I’d be glad to help you…” I said trying to stay there and find out more, but he had practically thrown me out of the place! I went home and decided to forget about the whole thing, maybe all Arnie wants is just to work alone, and some scientists tend to be very eccentric people!

The following day was my day off and it seemed a normal one, until I checked my banking account, I almost choked to see the amount of money was credited for me – almost twenty thousand dollars! I knew that Arnie was the only person rich enough to do such deposit! I tried to phone him all day long, but it was useless, and then later at home, when I checked my email account, I got this message from my mysterious boss, Dr. Hankins:



“Dear Terry, I am terribly sorry, but I’m afraid I won’t need your services as my assistant for the time being. As a reward fro your dedication, I’ll pay you for the rest of the school year in advance, and a little more for compensation. It was very good to work with you! All best, Arnie”

I got really upset at Arnie because of that note! I was so fucking mad at him! It was a little past midnight, which meant Arnie was about to start his experiments at the lab, and since I still had the key to his place I just decided to give that tiny doctor a piece of my mind!

I got to the lab as fast as I could, entered the lab by the back door.

The place was even messier than the last time I checked it! Even the machinery was damaged! I looked at the board and realized it had been tore! But most important, I found this HUGE puddle of white liquid on the floor, it was thick and slick, and the smell was unmistakable – “Oh, my God! That’s CUM!” I said out loud in a mix of fear and disgust! Almost immediately I heard this muffled sounds, sounding like groans and moans coming from upstairs.

“Dr. Hankins?” I asked while gathered courage to go upstairs. “Arnie, are you. OK?” this time I was really worried, what if he had been brutalized or something? The sound of someone going downstairs loudly got my attention. I quickly made to the living room, just to see HIM coming downstairs!

A living COLOSSUS! I swear he was the BIGGEST man I’ve ever seen!

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?” He yelled at me in his basso profundo tone. I couldn’t even answer, so shocked at his size! He had to be at least 7 feet tall! And weighed over 300 pounds! His broad shoulders had to at least three and a half feet wide! He had light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His pecs bounced up and down, and his arms bulged with the mere movement. His legs were so thick they kept rubbing against each other. He only wore one ridiculous fitted T-shirt with some too tight jeans pants! But those ridiculous excuse for clothes didn’t last much, as soon he got down, his pecs exploded inside the shirt and his gigantic cock busted free of the tiny prison! He looked at his now impressive naked body and smiled, then his monumental arm reached for my throat and I felt completely defenseless. He geld me up in the air, looking at me with those enormous green eyes. I thought I was dead meat…

“P-please, don’t hurt me! I’m just looking for Dr. Hankins! I’m his assistant, Terry!” I said quickly, feeling the pain on my almost broken arm! His grip was stronger than a machine!

The huge muscle bound looked at me mischievously and grunted, then he let me go down and sat on the couch. My arm hurt so much, but the sight of that impressive man kept me in the room. He was looking at me with his arrogant look casually holding his immense cock which was hard and bobbing up and down, growing longer and thicker,

“I THOUGHT HE HAD FIRED YOU!” He said still jerking his monster cock off. I didn’t know where to look, so I just kept staring at him:

“Y-yes, he did, that’s why I’m here to have a word with him” I took a deep breath and finally asked “Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in Arnie’s house”

The giant man just laughed out loud, then he spit on carpet in a gesture of disbelief…

“Name is Hank! Arnold Hankins is my uncle, you little dweeb!”

“Arnie is your uncle? But he doesn’t look that old to have you as his nephew…”

“And what the fuck you have to do with that?” He stood up and came towards me. I tired to run, but he had corned me on the wall. “YOU BROKE INTO MY UNCLE’S HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND STILL DARES TO CALL ME A LIAR? WHAT YOU WANT? STEAL SOMETHING FROM UNCLE ARNIE? I’LL TEACH YOU A LESSON” He said poking me on the chest! I nodded. He smiled.

“P-please, Hank, don’t hurt me! I was just worried about your uncle! Is he home, can I see him?” I had to get free of that raging wall of muscle.

“That’s better!! You had to learn who the MAN around here is!” He said and brushed my hair, with his other hand – “You had some hot little body on you, Terry!” he whispered on my ear as he reached for my cock with the other hand! I tried to break free of his grip. This guy wasn’t going to rape me without resistance.

“You’re playing hard to get? What’s the matter bitch? Don’t you want this MAN to handle you? Don’t you want Big Hank to fuck your brains out?”

I’ve always had a thing for huge muscular men, but never dig violence! And even so, looking at his huge muscular body, his enormous bulk flexing at the mere movement, and his hot sweaty musk odor on my nose, I just felt I had nothing loose!

“Yes, I want you, Big Hank, come fuck me your huge fucker!” I sounded so queer, but I didn’t care, it was all so crazy, it was like I couldn’t resist at his impressive muscles!

“That’s a good bitch!” Hank said as he forced me to my knees, I knew what to do. My mouth wrapped his giant mushroom head and I sucked his manhood as hard as I could:

“HARDER, BITCH! SUCK ME HARDER!” He demanded, and I obliged, I don’t know how, but I couldn’t get my mouth off him. He fucked my face roughly, and I kept sucking him, trying to make my huge monster to spew his load, but it seemed Hank other plans. He grabbed the back of neck and pulled me out of his cock, and threw me against the wall:

“NOT YET BITCH!” He said drooling all over me, he ripped my clothing and made me get ready to do fuck my ass!


“YES! Please fuck me Hank! Give me this huge meat!” I yelled trying to look at his face. He had the most arrogant look I could only imagine.

“HOLD ONE BITCH! YOU’RE ABOUT TO HAVE THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!” He came behind me, and I screamed in agony, as the huge 13 inches cock made his painful way inside my butt. He pounded me heavily and I screamed in both pain and ecstasy.

“YEAH, BITCH! SCREAM! LOUDER, MAKE BIG HANK PROUD OF YOU!” He kept screaming along with me.

I could resist no longer, I shot my load right there, and he grabbed my spewing cock with his hand and squeezed it hard.

“GIVE ME THAT JUICE, BITCH! YEAH, NICE AND WARM!” He said as licked my spunk all over his hand. Then, as he felt my body going limp, he just grabbed under my armpits and lifted me from the cock, then he shifted me to adjust his cock to keep fucking me staring at my astonished face. He pounded me, lifting my body up down his hard shaft, and all I could do was moan in pain. He had this shiny smile! He kissed me deeply, almost dragging the reaming oxygen of my lungs.

“I’M GONNA SHOOT BITCH!” He yelled, but I could barely hear him, suddenly I felt my guts being flooded by the inside! He screamed and bated me on the ear as his cum flooded out of my hole. He kissed me and grabbed a mouthful of his cum and forced me to gulp down the thick cream, I’ve almost choke so creamy and thick it was! Then, he threw me aside, and got up, gloriously lifted himself, flexed a few times, and laughed as he realized I was just too spent to lift from the ground.


“WHAT’S THE MATTER, TERRY? YOU’RE ALREADY THROUGH? YOU’RE A LOOSER! I COULD FUCK YOU AGAIN RIGHT NOW, BUT I THINK WE COULD GET A LITTLE MORE COMFORTABLE!” He kneeled, grabbed me on his arms and took me upstairs to his room, where he threw me on the bed:

“I WANNA RIDE AGAIN!” He demanded and reached for my butt, slapping it really hard. I tried to stop him, but as soon as I felt his incredible weight over me, my whole body seemed to melt down. Once more, he had me just where he wanted me. He used me as his new fuck toy once more. This time, his strength was so abnormal, so outraging, he squeezed me as he reached the edge, and I just moaned playing the role of his bitch once more. When I came he drank my juice again, and then I was flooded by his immense load once more.

Surprisingly, after he was done, he just got his cock out of me, and jerked it once or twice, and BAM! It went full mast again, already drooling pre cum.

“COME ON TERRY! THIRD ONE IS THE CHARM!” He said with a glint on his eyes, even if I had strength to refuse it, he would just use me again, and he fucked me for the third time, but this time I was almost dry, so he barely had the taste of my cum.

“Gee, Terry! I think you’re already dry, man! Too bad! I gotta go after more sex! See ya!” He kissed me roughly and I almost fainted. He just let there sleeping and went away.

I woke up at once, looked at the room around me scared. “Where am I?” I looked for my clothes, but then the images flooded my mind. I got downstairs hopping to find something left of them. I found my pants hanging over one door. Only the button had been ripped, I could go with them, my shirt was tore in half, so I’d just had to grab my sneakers, my coat, and get the hell out of there before Arnie could find me. I grabbed my car keys and rushed for my jeep. I drove back to my place, trying to figure out what ever happened last night – I’ve been with other men before but I am used to top, and being so heavily pounded on my ass was a total new experience to me!

But the most astonishing detail is that I couldn’t even figure the possibility to deny Hank anything he wanted! It was like I became completely submissive to his desires, just by looking at his impressive muscles! The more I thought about that, the more sinister it seemed.

I tried to forget about Arnold and his freaking nephew Hank, but I couldn’t. It was like my ass now belonged to him! Every time I thought about him, the same feeling of horniness returned, and most off all I missed him, his rough touch, his musky odor, his marvelous cock pounding me and gushing the precious juice all over me! I couldn’t believe! I had the biggest crush on Hank, and barely knew the fucker! I wasn’t convinced about the whole Arnie’s nephew story, it just seemed wrong!

So, I returned to Arnie’s house the same time I did the first time I met Hank, pretending to be looking for my former employer but hoping to find my behemoth fucker once more! The place was dark, and messed as usual. I entered the living room, and called for Arnie. It was dark, and the smell of dust and garbage all over the floor was pretty uncomfortable:

“YOU CAME BACK FOR ME TERRY?” The lights went on, and there he was: all the glory of my behemoth fucker Hank. He was sat on the couch, already stroking his gigantic cock with a smile on his lips! The room was so clear now, I could see he was a little different from what I remembered. For starters, he didn’t feel so HAIRY before, but it just took one look at him to realize his magnificent hairy chest, and his even hairier armpits! Also, he now had a four o’clock shadow, and his look got even more impressive.

“Y-yes, Hank! I just couldn’t forget about last night! (What the hell was I thinking?)

“YOU’VE NEVER HAD ANYONE INSIDE YOU HAVE YOU?” Hank asked proudly of his accomplishment. I just nodded and he laughed:

“AND YOU WANTED TO SEE ME AGAIN, RIGHT?” He kept talking without looking at me, just jerking his monster dick with his both hands, spitting on it, then he would stroke it even faster:

“H-hank, I wondered…(what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I think straight?)”

“YOU DON’T SPEAK UNLESS I TELL YOU TOO, BITCH!” I never saw his giant hand grabbing my neck and almost suffocating me. He lifted me of the ground and brought me near his face:

“CAN’T YOU SEE TERRY? YOU’RE MY BITCH NOW! When I say jump, you’ll ask “how high?” He kissed me on his brutal way, almost dragging the air out of my lungs, then he slapped me in the face. Real HARD, almost knocking me out, then he caressed my slapped cheek and said –“NOW YOU TALK!”

“Who are you, Hank? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?” I screamed terrified as he was already ripping my clothing to fuck me again. I just couldn’t move! He was grabbing me so strongly, my limbs were totally immobilized.


“DON’T YOU SEE TERRY? I AM EVEN BIGGER THAN LAST NIGHT!” He dropped me on the floor and showed me all his glory. I was shocked, he was right! He was BIGGER! Not only taller, but much stockier, his muscles seemed even more ripped and his body was impossibly WIDER! He was intimidating before, but now he was MANDATORY! I felt like I couldn’t live without his cock to fuck me! Total submission!

“H-how, b-big…” I tried to say something, but my mouth was dry.

“YOU WANNA KNOW HOW BIG YOUR MAN IS?” He grabbed me once more against his chest “7’3” 380 POUNDS, YOU MISERABLE MAN WHORE!” He rubbed my face against the hair on his chest, and his armpits

“AND AFTER TONIGHT I ‘M GONNA BE EVEN BIGGER! SOON I’LL BE IN CHARGE!” He laughed as he grabbed me by my buttocks and once more he inserted his monstrous cock inside me!

“I’VE ALSO GROWN DOWN THERE TOO, TERRY! 16 INCHES OF MAN’S MEAT INSIDE YOU!” The pain was excruciating, and I could feel my while guts being plunged at his pounding movement. He was merciless on me, but fortunately, he didn’t want to kill me with his cock! He just used me as his fuck toy again.

He fucked me until I was about to cum. Then he plunged himself off my anus and wrapped his mouth around my cock sucking me so hard, I thought he would just chew it right there! Then he went back inside me and finished his job, cumming inside and all over me. Once more he grabbed a mouthful of his cum and made me swallow it, only this time I was more than happy to do it, in fact I was hoping for him to do such thing!

“SINCE YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD BITCH I’LL WAIT A LITTLE AS YOU RECOVER BEFRE I GET TO FUCK YOU MORE TONIGHT! YOU DESERVE THE HONOR!” As he said those words, I could feel his cock already hard pressing my thighs! Could I survive another round with Hank? Truth is I couldn’t wait anymore! I just gathered my last strength and turned to face my fucker:

“Why can’t I say no to you?” I asked already placing my hole over his hard rock shaft, assuming position to be fucked once more:

“IT’S NOT JUST YOU, TERRY, NOBODY CAN!” He said as he shifted my butt and fucked me once more. He walked to the mirror on the wall, and I grabbed his with my legs, then he FLEXED his mighty arms, showing me his gigantic biceps and his massive triceps:


“Yes! YES! Oh, Hank you’re so STRONG! Please let me feel those muscles!” He obliged and I almost came right there, felling his gigantic arms with my hands while he flexed his guns, being hoisted just by my legs and his massive engorged cock inside my butt was the ultimate feeling, he smiled as he realized I was about to cum. Then, he practically threw me up in the air and grabbed my cock, which involuntary splashed the load inside his mouth as soon as he grabbed me. Each time he did this I could feel I have more to give to him. Then he went back inside of me and pounded me until his cock fountained gloriously once more.

This time, he was a little gentler:

“YOU’RE QUITE A GOOD BITCH, TERRY!” He took me to that room upstairs and we laid together. I asked him if I could worship those muscles, and he smiled:


I spent over two hours licking, worshipping, caressing, feeling the hardness and the sheer size of those muscles. And I had learnt pretty quickly, every time I was about to cum because of my musclegod, I quickly assumed position at his mouth and he sucked me dry, then I went down on his cock and sucked him until he blew his load in my mouth. But I liked when he fed me with his juice! He grabbed the cum and I licked his thick fingers as a good bitch was supposed to do! I was able to cum so many times that night! About six or seven! Each time Hank was more than happy to drink from me:

“WOW, TERRY! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME HUGE! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE RESULTS” He said when he drank from me the last time. But then I was just too exhausted to feed my master again, so he just let me there and left the room:

“W-where are you going, master? (Since when I called him my master?)” He smiled and kissed me goodbye!


“NO! PLEASE MASTER, STAY HERE WITH ME! LET ME PLEASE YOU AGAIN! I screamed like my whole life depended on that, he looked at me with the same arrogant smile on his face – “YOU REALLY MEAN IT?” I nodded and he laughed out loud. “OK, TERRY! I THINK I CAN SPEND A LITTLE MORE TIME WITH YOU, IN FACT I HAVE SOMETHING TO DISCUSS WITH YOU…” He came towards me and kissed me roughly, I was in seventh heaven! He nursed me on his arms and brushed my hair, nothing else mattered to me anymore….

I woke up almost at noon. I was so light headed, my whole body ached, especially my anus! But I felt different, strangely comforted, and almost happy! I looked at myself and noticed the many cum stains (how come I could go so many times?), and smiled wondering where could my humongous muscle master would be now! Maybe I could get together with him once more. Once more my clothes have been tore apart, I went to the bathroom, got a robe which thrown on the floor and climbed down the stairs to my car, where I had left extra clothing, just incase I got lucky like I did.


Now, I understood why Arnie didn’t want me in the house with Hank around! He was jealous of me having sex with Hank! It was so clear! Arnie must be sponsoring Hank, like many rich guys do, and he didn’t want me around to bother him as he was being pounded in the ass! But he was no lucky, not only Hank fucked me nice and hard, but also he called me “his number one!, who could blame him? Arnie really must be a bad bottom, I bet he couldn’t even fully take Hank’s cock. I laughed picturing the scene with my giant Hank trying to fuck Arnie, and the poor guy almost being split in half. It was then I heard someone moaning near the pool house and since Arnie had no employees on the house, it should be my master! I ran over the place but only saw one tiny figure bent over and moaning in pain:

“ARNIE!?” I found him sleeping in the garden’s bench, barely naked, except for that oversized underwear boxers he wore. I had never seen him like this before! He was so thin, with a sick look. He woke up slowly, moaning and holding his head.

“Arnie, are you alright?” I asked feeling so sorry for my last thoughts…

“TERRY? What are you doing here with my bath robe?” He stood up so fast and scared that his oversized pants slipped down and left him almost naked in front of me. I couldn’t think straight, all the last facts were so confusing.

“Arnie, I think I gotta be honest with you, I came here two days ago and met your nephew…”


“What the hell you’re talking about? I have no brothers or sisters! I don’t have a nephew!”

I looked at Arnold seriously –“Yes, I figured it out, but I’m OK with it, but I think Hank and I sort of fell in love for each other, and we’ve been together this past days” I said half smiling, knowing it wasn’t exactly true…

The thin doctor was shaking, he kept quiet, and suddenly he ran out of me, going right to the lab. I followed right after him:

“Arnie, you’re gonna tell me what’s going on or what?” I grabbed his shoulders and forced him to look at me:

“He had sex with you? I can’t remember anything!” Arnie looked absent, I shook him, and he accidentally hit me on my shoulder, the same one Hank had hurt the first night we met, and I screamed in pain. Arnold froze; he looked at his own hand:

“Oh, Terry, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” He said trying to comfort me.

“You didn’t do it, HANK did!” I looked at him and he was speechless. He finally gave in and asked me to follow him to his main laboratory. I had no idea he developed his main researches at that place, instead the laboratory I worked. Before I could start asking, he held my hand:

“Please, Terry, I know you must have many questions, just let me explain it all first!” I nodded and he thanked me:

“I am a geneticist, my current research focus the effects of the Y chromosome on the male organism. You must know that every embryo male or female, has the same level of development at the early stages of this process. A boy differs from a girl, genetically speaking, because of the presence of the Y chromosome, but this chromosome isn’t activated until certain moment of the embryo development. Then, the genetic program of the Y chromosome will accomplish its task to build a male being.”

“I know all about it Arnie…” I said impatiently…

“Yes, but as you must also know, certain individuals carry a second Y chromosome in his genome, and the scientists still don’t know exactly what are the effects of this extra chromosome on the host organism! It has been said that a few of the most violent serial killers carry this second Y on their genome, but I think it’s only the tip of the iceberg…”

“What you mean by that?” I asked puzzled

“Just think about it Terry, what makes a man different from a woman? The penis, of course, but also a whole bunch of other elements such as body hair, the fat distribution, muscle thickness and development, hormonal production, and many others, if a normal man only needs just one Y chromosome, what would an extra do on the organism?”

“But what would such thing work only on those few men who actually have the extra Y chromosome?” I asked still not understanding…

“Indeed but my point is that maybe those few individuals who carry this particular chromosome are some kind of “super males” – endowed with at least double of the male capabilities, like the genetically gifted Alpha Males of the human species. Arnie wandered as he explained me his complex plan to me

“Being much stronger and powerful than the other males, those individuals were able to establish their domain over the other rest of population, and so their genes survived through the ages! That’s why some of us still carry this particular gene…”

“If that was true, we would have lots of those “super males” walking among us, but we don’t” I said remaining skeptical about the whole thing…

“Apparently” Arnie said roughly “My theory is that the extra Y chromosome is inert due to the lack of usability. It is a kind of “balance mechanism” the organism developed, ever since human kind developed into civilizations, the moral code between the societies changed severely. The use of physical strength became less and less important for one to achieve status on those human groups, and so the need for “super males” diminished until almost none, which can explain why those gifted males individuals disappeared.”

I looked at Arnie in disbelief; he seemed so brilliant to have such a “dumb” idea.

“Arnie, even if you were right, still I can’t see …”I criticized his whole theory and he seemed offended:


“Why? Only because it’s against the establishment? Nature doesn’t follow any moral code; it’s just the survival of the fittest! And even if we have forced ourselves to live against this only true rule, it doesn’t mean our bodies will actually change!”

I tried to sound less skeptical – “Supposing you were right, then you would have to find someone who had this so called extra Y, how could you help him?”

His eyes lightened --“Not necessarily, any willing subject would do! You see, since I found out that it doesn’t really matter if the subject already carries the extra chromosome or if he was given the thing! We could also “force” the only Y gene duplicate itself, and then begin the treatment!

WHOA!” I yelled at Arnold, “Can you actually DO that?”

“Terry, our cells naturally duplicate their chromosome cargo during reproduction cycle! All I had to do was limit that duplication to the Y chromosome only.”

“So, you’re saying that you found this normal guy, duplicated his Y chromosome…”

“And gave him a special serum developed by me, which made the new Y chromosome present in each one of the subject’s cells start functioning perfectly and fulfill the changes it was programmed to do!” Arnie said proudly. “My serum enhances the male characters by forcing the extra Y chromosome to increase the manhood capabilities of the subject…”

I still don’t see how just an extra Y will be able to do such thing, pal!” I replied almost leaving the laboratory, Arnie stopped me and smiled:

“Try to picture this super male individual. Since the Y chromosome is the responsible for the male characters, having 2 of them functioning at 100 percent of its genetic potential, it means the certain individual would have to be much physically stronger, muscular developed and much more gifted and virile than any other man you can compare him to!” I froze as he finished. The picture was clear on my mind, of course, it could be one man and one MAN only:

“HANK!” I yelled looking right into my little boss’ face. He nodded.

“He’s the super male you said that couldn’t be real!” He smiled happily.

“So, you turned this subject guy into HANK? WOW!” I said already remembering of my glorious muscle master…

“It was really NOT like that!” Arnie said as he grabbed some disk on his drawer and inserted it on his computer. I saw many graphics and charts, then the image of my former boss appeared on the screen…

“Finally, the day has come for me to prove my theory! After many years of researching and planning, I am ready to reach the point of no return! The subject had been scanned and prepared to the procedures. Every one of his cells has been treated in order to duplicate only the Y chromosome, and he’ll be given the serum which will propitiate the complete functioning of these new Y chromosomes in each one of his cells. The subject should experience a little discomfort at the beginning, but it’ll be only temporary. The total enhancement on the male characters should be about 150% or more, and will take effect on the next couple of days, let’s start” Arnie grabbed the batch with the so called “serum”, looked at the screen and said “SALUT!”

“YOU DRANK THE SERUM?” I asked in a mix of surprise and skepticism…

“YES, TERRY! I HAD TO TRY! I NEEDED TO TAKE THE CHANCE!” The tiny doctor yelled with tears on his eyes. He cried copiously. I didn’t know what to do! How could that tiny thin man actually BE my muscle master HANK?

“Arnie, you mean you actually HAVE this extra Y chromosome on you?” I asked in disbelief. He smiled meanly:

“I had to try my theory on someone!” I looked at him still puzzled “Why did you do it to yourself?”

“You would never know, would you? All your life you’ve been a big, healthy boy, they never picked you during school, and you’ve probably had your share of dates, I on the other hand always suffered from those things…” Arnie let go of me and wandered by the laboratory trying to put things together again. I knew he needed to drag this out of him:

“But me, all my life I felt like I just wasn’t man enough. I was short, skinny, weak, had serious disease problems, I had terrible difficulty to sport an erection and my penis was seriously small! I was the opposite concept of manhood! My only gift in this life was my brain capabilities, and I was decided to use it in order to get by myself everything nature had denied me!”

“Well, were you successful?” I asked without even thinking about how stupid it sounded. He smiled and nodded his head.

“I’ve always thought that the whole experiment was a failure!” He looked at me and proceeded – “After having my Y genes duplicated and drinking the serum, I expected to experience a gain of muscular mass, body hair, penis enlargement of even the slightest increase on my libido, but none of such things occurred, so I…“I have undergone the duplication treatment a second time!” He said without looking at my eyes

“YOU DID WHAT?” I asked terrified. He looked back at me:

“Not just once more, but actually three more times after that!” He said seriously, but I’ve almost laughed out loud. How come he had done such stupid things?

“I was sure my treatment worked! I only needed to know what’s was going wrong!”

“Arnie, if you thought your project was a failure, how come HANK exists? And how come both of you can be the same person if he’s almost four times your size! I asked at once remembering the SIZE of my behemoth muscle fucker…

“Like I said, after 5 unsuccessful tries, I was finally giving up the super male project, it was only then it occurred me to check my genome configuration, just to crush any hope I still had” Arnie looked for something on his drawer, and gave me a white document portfolio. I opened it and realized it was the genome tracking of a human being, only that the number of genes was wrong…

“Arnie it says the subject has a total number of 32 Y chromosomes! It can’t be true!” Then he looked at me and I had to take a few steps back. I’ve almost ditched my dinner out!

“Yes, Terry, it’s just like you see! I have now 78 chromosomes which means that each one of my cells has 32 Y chromosomes!” He said in his little voice…

“Arnie, it can’t be true, or you would be dead by now! 32 Y chromosomes? How come you never noticed what was going on?” I asked almost despaired.

“That was my fault! After drinking the first serum, I felt really bad and passed out! When I woke up, everything seemed fine, and I checked on my stats, no gain, no change, zero! So, I did exactly as I told you, and repeated the Y duplication proceedings, and every time it was the same, I had this dizzy feeling and passed out only to wake up as the same skinny loser I’ve always been!” He reached for another disk and inserted on the computer:

“Those are the tapes of the surveillance cameras I had installed on the lab. I never paid much attention, but once I decided to see their contents…

The film showed Arnie drinking the serum, then he felt very weird and passed out. What comes next really surprised me! Arnie was laid on the floor, when his body began to shake and quiver. His spasms only got stronger until his whole body was shaking, then his chest legs began to expand, his arms grew longer, his chest filled his lab coat, he was GROWING! I watched in awe as the geek body of my former boss turned into the glorious BULK of my beloved behemoth lover! The muscles on his abdomen popped out like granite sculptures, his pecs were so bloated, they busted free out of the lab coat, and his arms were so humongous they tore the sleeves on his shirt and lab coat at once!

Marvelous golden dark hair grew longer and covered his neck, as well as the most beautiful body hair covered his marvelous ever growing pecs, giving to the impressive muscles even more depth.

“This happened after the first time I had caused the replication of the Y chromosomes, it turned out that my treatment only needed a little time to work, but I hadn’t considered this hypothesis, and then it all ran out of control” Arnie said as I watched the movie, but I really paid no attention to him, I could only focus on my HANK:

His legs were gigantically grown, so thick and long, his feet were now so big they easily tore the shoes Arnie had on them. His pants became so tight they tore apart, revealing the ever growing magnificence of my master manhood. I was literally drooling at the sight of my master. I looked at the screen, like I’ve been hypnotized. Arnie’s face changed from the look he had now to the gorgeous features of my beloved Hank! His hair lightened and his jaw become large, broad and strong, assuming an impressive aspect, which inspired strength and power.

His arms continued to grow larger and more muscular, busting out of the tiny space of that shredded lab coat. The biceps were high and peaked, and the triceps become so fucking wide his arms seemed like hams attached to shi cannonball shoulders! I’ve never thought such mass could appear from nowhere so fast! His whole body grew in size, power and strength before my desiring look.

The sheer size of my man’s muscles, growing even bigger at the film felt like an orgasm to me! I just quivered almost unconsciously and my cock, which was already hard spewed the hot cum all over the floor…

“Terry, what’s wrong with you? Why are you cumming?” Arnie asked frightened at my freaking display of adoration. He shook me as strong as he could “Terry, what did he do to you?” he kept asking me as I remained in trance just because of the image of my master.

After a few more moments, I was able to wake up from my trip. I had this happiness look on my face and it was magnificent, but Arnie didn’t look that way – “Terry, you gotta tell me exactly what did this Hank guy do to you!”

It felt so weird telling Arnie everything him/Hank did to me, and with me! But also it felt a major turn on to me just remembering how fucking good it was to be with my master!

“Why you keep calling him your “master”?” Arnie asked me puzzled. I just told him that’s the way I wanted to call him/Hank. Arnie was worried about me, but I now I felt about weird him, I wanted to feel the presence of my master on him, just to believe it was possible that such a tiny geek body hided my giant muscular master.

“Apparently, ever since the first time I took the treatment this “Hank” guy came up! He must be some alter ego I have secretly developed on my subconscious over the years, like a secret fantasy about being big and muscular as I’ve always dreamt to be…”

“And I must tell you, Arnie, he’s the BEST!” I said almost immediately.

“But for some unknown reason, this dark side of mine took control of my body as it grew bigger and stronger! Maybe that’s because it was so deep attached to the concretization of my muscle fantasies…”

“If you had fantasies about picking on a smaller guy and pound on his ass with a 13 inches hard cock, so you must be REALLY kinky” I replied still in a light headed state.

“Terry, that’s serious, we don’t know for sure what this Hank guy is capable of!” Arnie said terrified, but still couldn’t convince me:

“Well, I know WHO he is capable of doing…” I laughed “And do over and over again!” Arnie lost his temper this time “TERRY, WOULD YOU STOP!” He slapped me in the face and it felt like a cold shower bath! I felt strangely awake, with my face burning from the slap I’ve just gotten.

“I am so sorry, but I needed to do this!” Arnie tried to comfort me “This Hank guy has you under his complete control! The mere sight of him made you lose the control of your own acts!”

I pondered about that for a moment, then I remembered the very first time I had him cumming, and what he did to me – “So, he gave you his own spunk to drink?”

“Yes and that’s not all! He also drank of my own jism every time I came!” I concluded seriously. Arnie looked each time more worried.

“I’ve estimated that a super male with 2 Y chromosomes could be much stronger powerful and more endowed than a normal one, but I can’t even consider a 32 Y chromosome super male! How BIG can he grow? How MUSCULAR can he get? How long will his endowment get? This Hank side of me, somehow, he is totally aware of those potential “super powers” my body is given…

“Anyway, why you keep changing from Arnie to Hank and vice-versa?” I asked

“I don’t know! I figure that’s because the whole procedure wasn’t well conducted. It’s still very unstable! And I don’t know for how long my body can resist changing from Hank to me!” I got petrified. “There’s something more” I gulped down “He is GRWOING!” I said at once.

“WHAT? I mean how come?” It was Arnie’s turn to be puzzled. I faced him and took a deep breath.

“I don’t know HOW, I only know that the first time I saw him, he was about 300 pounds, but last night he told me he was 7’3” and over 380 pounds, and believe me he actually grew very much, and he has a thing for the spunk, he can’t help drinking from me”

“Come with me NOW!” dragged me along his house. “We gotta do something about it”

Arnie kept mumbling as he tried to figure everything out –He rushed to his studio and then he asked me to help him with the heavy wooden table, and then there was this little hollow part of the floor under the heavy carpet.

“Somehow, ever since the first time this Hank guy appeared, my conscious has been split in half! I have no memories of what he does when he is in charge of our body, and I think he only has my memories until I’ve been transformed for the first time. In sum, whenever one part of us is in charge the other part has no memories about what the first one had done”

“And what the hell are we looking for?” I asked totally perplexed at the last facts.

“If what I said was true, then this Hank guy knows I had a backup plan!” Arnie said as he grabbed a metal box from the floor – “I’ve taken the wiring of this hole and hidden this here, so Hank would never find out!”

“Find out what, Arnie?” I asked sitting on the table. He looked at me nervously.

“The serum I have developed is a very special combo of the genetic inductors of muscular and strength growth as well as skeletal cells. It has a high level of male hormones, and mostly it has a direct effect on the red medulla in order to reinforce the bone structure, so it can support the serious increase of the muscular mass...”

“So?” I tried to catch up with my dear doctor.

“You remember that I have my Y genes at 5th potency? Well, all the growth this Hank has experienced is only effect of the FIRST serum dose! He only has ONE extra Y fully working! All the rest isn’t fully operational!

“You mean, he’s THAT big and he only has ONE Y fully working?”

“But even if the rest isn’t fully operational, they are surely contributing to make him each time bigger…”

“HOW?!” I asked puzzled.

“I don’t know for sure, but I think it has something to do with your emissions! This Hank guy is actually very clever! You see, the seminal fluid is a homogeneity solution of the very same elements which are part of my serum, not at the same concentration, but he’s surely compensating it through increasing the amount of intake, that’s why he’s keep growing!”

I looked at the metal box that Arnie opened, it had a little vial with some green liquid – “Ever since this whole thing started I’ve been trying to keep it away from my musclebound alter ego, imagining that he would be trying to get his paws on this!”

“Is that the serum?” I asked trying to reach for the little vial, but Arnie took it away from me – “Terry, you don’t understand, I can’t let him take this... I may die if that happens” He said looking into my eyes.

“Why?” I asked still looking marveled at the serum.

“When that freaking thing started, this Hank guy only appears for over an hour, then he was gone, but after he’s been growing and getting stronger, his presence is each time longer and longer, I don’t know when he’s gonna take control over my body again!”

“You say that if we can get this serum away from Hank, maybe he’ll just disappear from your mind” I concluded quickly. Arnold was still shaking “Maybe, but that’s my only hope! I don’t want to disappear!”

“But Arnie, isn’t it your dream coming true? I mean, weren’t you the one who desired to be big, strong and muscular, with a huge penis?” I asked while he kept me away from the little vial.

“Yes, but I didn’t want to become anything like this Hank guy you’re so affectionate, for all I know, his behavior can be rather brutal and arrogant, he’s so overloaded with the male characters, he might be thinking like an animal instead of a human being! His standards must be all fucked up!” Arnie was trembling from head to toe!

“Arnie, we gotta get this thing out of your house, I mean look at this mess! Hank surely is trying to find the serum, so he can “be in charge” of your body!”

“I tried to destroy it, but I just can’t, I’ve put my life into this serum! And I’m afraid that he may drag the information out of my brain, I don’t know which part is “me” and which is “him”! ” Arnie was crying. I hugged him tight to comfort the tiny man. “That’s OK, we can put it away, I’ll take it where he will never find out, don’t worry, just let me handle it!” I looked at him and he was sobbing, then he looked deeply into my eyes and put the vial inside of the metal box and gave it to me”

“Please, help me!” He mouthed to me. I smiled tenderly and grabbed the box, but at the same time I leaned forward and kissed him roughly. Arnie was shocked with my behavior. I grinned mischievously:

“My dear Dr. Hankins, I really have to compliment you, your whole theory was absolutely right! You’ve created the SUPER MALE!” He looked a t me puzzled!

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about!” I grabbed the little doctor’s head and kissed him once more. “HANK! Don’t you see, YOU are HANK! He’s an important part of YOU!”

“Terry, what are you talking about?” Arnie had this pitiful look on his face. I put the metal box on the table and pulled him near me.

“For all your life, you’ve fantasized about him, his power, his strength, and his muscles! He’s been inside of you, and you’ve been denying him all those years!” I took the robe out and tried to take his boxers off, but he was reluctant:

”WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” He cried as he tried to get the vial and escape from me, but I was stronger than his tiny figure:

“You wanna know what makes you turn into Hank, Arnie? It’s your COCK! Your fucking libido is the responsible for Hank’s appearance.!” I said brushing his hair and reaching for his tiny cock. I was already hard looking forward to see my master again.

“Every time you jerked off, every time you wished to have those muscles which turned you on, you were feeding Hank inside of you! But you were too weak too accept him, you’ve neglected him, but you can’t beat Hank! No one can! He’s survived, even though he was lost inside your mind!”

“Who told you that?”

“What’s the matter Arnie, isn’t that true?” I had my hand stroking his tiny cock, and it was already showing signs of getting aroused. “When you’ve undergone the treatment, you’ve accidentally managed to free Hank! He’s free NOW!”

Arnie was really frightened, he looked at me trying to figure out what was happening, but I was busy kissing licking his nipples, biting his ear lobes and smelling his hairless armpits.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He whispered as I fondled his thin chest and caressed his neck – “For Love, Arnie! I am doing this for love!” I said as I lifted him from the table and kissed all my way down to his groin. He moaned in pleasure, but he was still scared.

“You love HANK, not me!” He said almost in a cry for help, but I made him quiet with another kiss, this time I was a little more gentler – “Are you sure? Aren’t the two of you the same person, if I love him doesn’t it mean that I love you too?” I whispered as I kissed his checks carefully.

Suddenly, it all changed. Arnie’s behavior went from passive to an aggressive and attacking kisser. He grabbed my mouth and forced his tongue inside of it, it was rough, it was rude, it was HANK! He looked back at me, with the same glint in his eyes:

“YOU’VE MISSED ME TERRY?” The voice was still Arnie’s, but it was Hank talking through him. I hugged and kissed him even harder than before.

“Hank! You’re there? WOW! It’s so fascinating!” I said looking at his tiny body.

“YEAH! WATCH THIS! “WATCH ME GROW, BITCH!”” He said and stood up naked in front of me. I could see every part of his tiny muscles bulging and twitching and they were growing right in front of my eyes!! I saw his thin legs thickening by the inches, veins popping like snakes attacking their preys, his chest was augmenting so fast it seemed that it would explode into muscle pecs. His abs popped out like a brick wall was being built right on his abdomen, the size of his previously tiny guns augmented like by magic – they were growing faster than anything I’ve ever seen! The width of his neck was too much for his still tiny figure, but that wasn’t for long…

My former uptight geek employer Arnie was changing into the hulking muscle perfection of my worshipped muscle master Hank right in front of my eyes! He was still almost the same height, but his muscles had grown so massively huge that he couldn’t weight less than 250 pounds. Even being almost three inches taller than Arnie/Hank, once more I couldn’t help being completely dominated by his overwhelming presence, and my desiring hands squeezed those growing biceps as hard as they could, but my growing friend kept laughing at my despaired attempts to kiss him.

“YEAH! Lick those babies you bitch, Make your master happy!” He said as his already 21 inches biceps ballooned even more under the hot cat bathing I gave them. Then he grabbed my chin fiercely and looked into my eyes – “DID YOU GET IT?” And I could only nod – “YES! I’ve got the serum, master! It’s right here with me! I flashed the vial to him and felt myself falling on the ground as Hank reached for the thing.

“Master, are you happy with me?” I asked standing on my feel, watching the marveled face of my desired muscle master who was already over 6 feet tall and definitely weighing over 300 pounds.

“Terry, once I drink this shit Arnie made, I’ll finally be free!” He had this weird look on his face, and I couldn’t help but asking – “Hank, what are you saying?” he laughed and grabbed me by the neck and forced me into his enormous cleavage.

“Don’t you get it, you miserable fag? Look at me! I am almost as big as the last time you’ve seen me! But I would never be the size I deserved to be! Not until I drink this serum!” He kissed me roughly and threw me against the wall.

“I don’t know and I don’t care how he managed to make himself a “super male”, but the first time he drank this serum, I could overtake his mind, and I managed to fool the bastard to keep repeating the experience until I had 32 extra Y chromosomes! I am a super male elevated at 5th potency! The ultimate male! I can do whatever I want, whomever I want! No one, male or female will be able to resist my muscles and strength!” Hank gorgeous face shone with his mean smile – “The only thing which kept away from my destiny was THIS!” He showed me the vial and smiled once more – “Cheers!” He said and drank its thick content. I felt my spine freezing. If Hank would turn himself into such powerful being, it meant Arnie would be gone forever – I had killed him.

“Hank, you mean that Arnie would never exist again?” I asked as he finished his drink. Man he was BIG, enormous! He was over 7 feet tall and he must be weighing over four hundred pounds now! I saw the size of his pecs and the power on the guns and feared for the worst. He laughed arrogantly and broke the glass tube in his hands.

“THAT BASTARD IS GONE! ONLY ME, HANK THE ULTIMATE MALE EXISTS NOW! COME WORSHIP ME, MY BITCH!” He opened his arms wide and I couldn’t help noticing his balls growing HUGE, I mean insanely huge! They were actually growing and reaching down all the way to the floor! Each nut grew abnormally into watermelon size! I was speechless, all I did was approaching the ever growing balls, but hesitated when it came to touch them, they looked so weird!

“OHHH! FUUUCK!” I heard the deep growl and looked up and almost passed out! Hank’s chest had grown so freakishly huge that his face was covered, and his pecs were wider than his shoulders! I quickly stood up and tried to help him, but almost at the same time his deltoids and shoulders matched the size of his enormous chest, his whole upper body was enormously augmented above human standards. Even Hank wasn’t expecting for such dramatic growth in such short time, his eyes widened, but his face showed excitement.

“Hank, are you alright?” I asked nervously, but I got shocked as his enormous paw reached for my face, gently, and brushed it carefully – “HELLO!” he said loud and the look on his face was unmistakable – “ARNIE?” I asked almost at the same time.

“DON’T BULLSHIT ME!” He grabbed my chin wit a extreme rage, I felt his marvelous body easily squeezing me – “THAT WORM NO MORE EXISTS!”

I tried to break free, but it was useless, and I would be dead by now, if I didn’t think fast! “ARNIE, PLEASE HELP ME!” Hank was still dizzy from his amazing growth, and even I couldn’t help but sporting a ferocious hard on when I realized the SIZE of his legs, and the immensity f his cock! It was longer than my arm and thicker than my leg! Each one of his biceps was thicker than my chest and they were still growing.

Suddenly, I felt his grip on my throat loosening and I managed to run away from the gigantic muscular menace, but I couldn’t avoid looking at him once more just to see his ever growing magnificence. There he stood in all his glory, but he was still growing, and now his muscles weren’t humanlike anymore! I could see the abnormal thickness of his forearms, and the matching biceps, so veined and powerful, those arms could bend steel bars like they were made out of plastic! His neck was impossibly thick, veined and his traps stood at least nine inches high. His legs, mighty muscle pillars sustaining his incredibly heavy body, they were veined and bulged with the mere movement, the amazing vision of his enormous scrotum, reaching all the way to the floor and those giant balls pulling his erect three feet long, 18 inches wide cock down. He was truly the ultimate male!

“Terry, I-I need you, please!” It was Arnie’s voice, much lower, more virile and more powerful, but still it was Arnie’s voice. I was shaking so scared I was, but I got near the enormous bulk of Arnie/Hank and tried to comfort him – “Are you in pain?”

“No, it’s so fucking good, I fell like cumming” He moaned and his cock bobbed up and down, he had another growth spurt that made me take a few steps back, so huge he was now “Hank is getting stronger each minute now! I am dying Terry!”

I stood up, determined to save Arnie from disappearing into Hank’s twisted mind! No matter how fucking big and muscular he was, I couldn’t let him kill Arnie!

“Arnie, you have to fight Hank! He’s not the stronger part of your mind! He only exists because of you! He’s just a fantasy of yours!” I yelled as my hands massaged the amazing 42 inches biceps, squeezing the live rock under my grip.

Suddenly, I felt a powerful slap throwing me away from the precious desired muscle body, almost knocking me out – “SHUT UP, BITCH! THE WORM IS DEAD!”

It was Hank again, beating me as usual, and this time I wasn’t so turned on by his raw display of power. I was just pissed! Arnie was jeopardized by my own selfish behavior!

I stood up and faced the growing muscle man in front of me, he was HUMONGOUS! I saw morphed pictures that didn’t look half as muscular as he was! His chest and shoulders were so wide, his traps, his mind blowing 18 pack stomach, the uncanny 50 inches biceps, and the gargantuan size of his manhood growing harder and thicker in front of my eyes! I couldn’t help to notice his arrogant smile and his jerk attitude! How could Arnie ever win Hank? My mind was confused but my cock was hard…

“Master, you’re so fucking HUGE! I am so hard to see you, please suck me once more!” I begged as I approached his swelling figure, but Hank rejected me – “YOU FOOLD! I DON’T NEED YOUR WEAK SPUNK TO GROW ANYMORE! LOOK AT ME! I HAVE THE POWER OF TEN MEN! AND I’LL BE EVEN BIGGER!”

“I know master, but I need to suck your mighty cock! PLEASE! Don’t deny me the last chance to worship you!” I threw myself at his giant feet and begged once more, and he seemed to like my act because he grabbed me and forced his enormous cock down my throat – “PLEASE ME!” he ordered confidently.

I almost choked with such big log on my mouth, but I managed to keep the rhythm increasing, and soon the growing muscle freak was moaning and groaning, he only focused on his growing muscles and his building orgasm.

That was only chance! While he was groaning, I took my mouth off, and went right to his mouth, kissing and sharing his delicious precum in a lustful kiss - “Arnie! I know you’re in there! You’re the powerful one! You were the one who made all of this possible! Don’t let Hank steal your fantasy! You’re the Ultimate Male! You are the most powerful man in the world! Arnie! I can’t even tell you, how BIG and muscular you are! You look all those guys you envied so little! Your arms are bigger than their chests! You have the most amazing cock ever! You have the power of ten strong men together! Embrace it Arnie! Feel your power! It’s your power, not Hank’s!”

A fierce roar made me go back to my sucking spot in a second! I couldn’t risk being slapped again, it would mean my death! I kept sucking on his cock so hard and strongly, wishing that Arnie could react to my cheer for him, but I could only hear Hank humiliating me – “You stupid fag! You can’t help Arnie! I am in charge now, and you were the one responsible for this! You gave me the serum! Now keep sucking my growing cock!”

Arnie/Hank was so huge now, his cock was almost too thick for me to suck! It almost choked me so thick it got! I looked at his body and felt my spine freezing! I couldn’t even look at him at once so WIDE he was! His shoulders, the size of his pecs, the enormity of his guns, his arrogant face enjoying every second of his never ending growth spurt! I tried so hard to keep cheering Arnie, but I just couldn’t Hank had locked my head on his cock, holding a huge paw under my neck, forcing me to suck even deeper and faster! I was almost out of air, gasping and coughing copious amounts of precum!

I realized I was standing up, as his growth increased and his height seemed to reach something around nine feet tall, his balls kept growing and becoming each time harder. I looked at his thighs and realized the power cords covering his muscular pillars. Hank laughed out loud, forcing me to suck even deeper, his pace was also increasing, his muscles grew harder and bigger, stronger and more ripped, He was almost cumming I could tell! His enormous arms my ankles and turned them upside down, so my but was almost on his chin level. He ripped my pants and sucked my cock inside my mouth. I was so hard that the mere touch of his tongue made me cum inside him.


I’ve never expected him to cum right there, but the guy flooded me with his precious juice! I’ve nearly died so much cum went down my throat, my nose, I swear I could feel cum inside my ears!

The behemoth screamed out loud as his orgasm filled me so powerfully I couldn’t resist much longer. I couldn’t breathe, and had almost one foot of his giant log down my throat. Then his growth seemed to increase! The size of his legs almost doubled in less than ten seconds! From where I could see him, his muscles built over muscles! His guns were at least 70 inches around and his shoulders couldn’t be less than six feet apart!

His growth turned him into some kind of monster, but to me he was a GOD! While his still growing musculature no more resembled humanlike, I loved the sheer size of his limbs the impossible thickness of his neck, the incredible size of his guns, and his amazing amount of muscle. If he wasn’t human anymore, he was now above humankind! The next step on evolution!

But I couldn’t behold his growing beauty for much longer, because his ever lasting orgasm was still making me drown in his cum, I figured it out that he probably wanted to kill me that way, but what a delightful way to go! I had his strong mouth around my cock, draining every drop of my cum, and massaging my butt with giant fingers. At least I would die a happy man…

I don’t know what caused sudden cramps all over my body, I felt my muscles sore and my bones aching, my joints ached like they were being stretched to the max. Then my whole being felt even weirder, like something was swelling from the inside out, and I could swear I felt heavier than usual, but I guess it was just my upcoming death…

Just then, I felt his arms grabbing me from his cock, and he nursed in his most powerful arms, someone opened my mouth and scooped out a large amount of cum from my throat, clearing the air passage. I felt the air being forced into my lungs, and coughed hard, spitting cum and even more cum on the floor. I opened my eyes, trying to figure out what happened, but then I saw Hank’s face looking frightening at me. We were at Arnie’s lab, and Hank had me lying over the table, where he had just saved me from death by applying CPR maneuver. I didn’t know what to say, I was at the same time so mad and so turned on by that giant muscle man – “Thank you!” Was all I had to say for now!

“Look what we have here? A growing bitch?” He asked sarcastically, but only then I realized his point! Somehow, I was growing! My muscles were swelling and growing right in front of my stupefied gaze! Hank approached me and completely dwarfed me, I was sure way bigger than my former self, but I just couldn’t tell, because my master was right at my side. I felt my muscles hardening and bulging, how big I was anyway?

All I could feel was pure sexual bliss, enjoying my biceps growing and packing inches and inches around my thickening arm, my pecs enlarging and swelling to impressive proportions, my legs flexing and getting wider and wider as I looked at them dumb folded, and I could even feel my hardening and growing cock and balls, it was almost like your cock was being pulled and your nuts pinched, but the outcome was marvelous!

I saw my Hank master approaching me and kissing me roughly, I as still so scared around him, I felt that my whole life depended on his mood, anytime now he could just kill me! How could I ever live with him, in such dangerous situation? He wrapped a measuring tape around my chest and started reading my stats!

“57 inches chest, 26 inches arms, 40 inches thighs and a cute little 13 inches cock – nothing bad for your first time, you worm!” He said looking right into my eyes – “I gave you my precious man juice to make you grow, I didn’t want to kill you, this time!”

I was marveled. He actually made me grow to a huge size, sharing his powers with me! It was such a sudden change in Hanks’ behavior that I couldn’t think straight. He came near me and held my chin with his giant finger.

“I HOPE YOU SHOW A LITTLE MORE RESPECT FROM NOW ON!” He said arrogantly as usual. I noticed how HUGE his paw was, and for the first time I could realize the SIZE on my menacing master. He was in word GARGANTUAN!

I looked at him and almost fainted – He had made it! He was the Ultimate Male!

“NOW YOU COME MEASURE YOU MASTER!” I simply obeyed, fearing that he could just break me like tweed if I disobeyed him once more.

Just when I was about to read his first stat, I noticed his gaze, and there was definitely something different about him. Something new, that I’ve never realized before. Then, he looked at me severely – “COME ON BITCH! ARE YOU GONNA DO IT OR WHAT?” He yelled at me and I was shaking, I’ve literally wet my pants, but I wasn’t wearing any pants, because he had tore them apart, so I was a grown man standing on a lab table, completely naked peeing myself right in front of menacing freaking muscular master.

He looked down at me, and I thought I was dead! “Please master, forgive me! I didn’t want to do it, it’s just that you’re so BIG, and I feel so scared around you, please, please” But Hank was merciless. He grabbed me by the waist with just one hand and lifted me like I was a mere pillow.

“THAT’S FUNNY, I AM NOT USED TO HAVE PEOPLE PEEING THEMSELVES BECAUSE OF ME BEFORE! THAT’S KIND OF FUNNY!” That voice! It was the same voice, but just the way of talking, so nice and gentle! Hank would never talk like this! He had never talked to me like this before! It had to be him! No matter how, it had to be him!

“ARNIE!” I yelled and threw myself at him, not bothering that I was already being held by his gigantic paw. He let go of me and quickly grabbed my body.

I hugged him so happily, then I looked deep inside of gorgeous blue eyes and kissed him fiercely like never before.

“How?” That was all I could ask after I broke our kiss. The behemoth just smiled and brushed my hair – “You got me! I don’t know what the hell you had done, but it worked! I realized that the bigger my body got, the stronger my mind was, so I just focused on retaking what was mine! My body and the man I loved!” He said looking into my eyes.

“Weren’t you mad with me after all I had done to help Hank?” I asked seriously.

“You were just following your basic instincts! Hank had too much power over you, and you couldn’t resist his power, I barely could!” He put me back on the lab table, so we were almost at eye level – “How can I get mad with the man who helped me to have THIS!” He FLEXED his muscles, and his cock exploded into a cum fountain. I could just laugh as the volleys splashed me right in the face. I kept laughing as Arnie still savored his last orgasm, breathing deeply and laughing hard in the meantime.

“WHOA, BIG GUY!” I yelled at him as I cleaned the cum from my face “you still have much to learn about your new body!”

“YEAH! First I’d like to know exactly how BIG I am!” He pointed to the measuring tape, and I grabbed it quickly! There was just so much of him to measure!

He stood at 9 feet and high, but he was six feet wide! His pecs tapped at 165 inches, and his thighs were 135 around! The size of his cock was made my anus hurt in anticipation, 5 and a half feet long and two feet around! Each one of his balls weighed 45 pounds. His guns were precisely 115 inches around when relaxed but they peaked at freaking 135 inches! We had to weigh him three times in order to get his weight right: 878 pounds! Eight hundred seventy eight fucking huge ripped pounds of MUSCLE

“WOW! I can’t believe how BIG this treatment made me grow!” Arnie had his tiny glasses back on his face, but he realized two things – one that he was too big for them, and two he had now a perfect sight, along with every other sense, he was perfect!

“What are you talking about? You’re a 5th potency super male!” I said proudly cupping his giant balls. He made me seat on his laps and asked me tenderly to look at the screen he had something to show me.

“You see those charts? Well, according to them I am not done yet! I have not reached not even one fourth of my final size!”

“WHAT? How come!?” I asked already excited.

“Terry, I have 32 extra chromosomes working to enhance my male characters every minute since I took the serum, you really think I am done growing?”

“I love when you talk with me like this!” I fondled his arms and smelled his hairy armpits – “You are so hairy! You were transformed in less than two hours, and you already have a full beard?” I said brushing his dark blond full beard”

“Well my dear Terry, that is just the beginning! You will notice that my body will change dramatically within the days! I will become a true Ultimate Male, my muscles will be even thicker and bigger, my strength will increase exponentially, my body hair will grow faster than anyone, also my balls are gonna be even bigger, and my cock, well let’s just say that I will even more gifted! My libido will increase so much that I’m afraid…”

“You’re afraid of what you may become?” I asked cleverly, but he smiled back at me. “I am afraid you won’t be attracted by me anymore! I will be so freaking hugely muscular that you may think repulsive, and that’s why I will understand if you decide to leave me…” I closed his mouth and kissed him – “You silly, you’re never gonna be TOO BIG FOR ME! Although your cock is definitely forbidden to fuck my butt! That thin is already enormous, I can’t even picture it even bigger”

“Well, in that case, I have good news to you!” He tapped something on the keyboard and new charts popped out.

“Since I am the Ultimate Male, my cum also has special qualities, it can change your body slowly into a super male form!”

“What?” I asked as excited as a boy who is about to get his birthday gift.

“Your organism is being slowly but permanently changed! I would say that if you train hard and eat right, you’ll get bigger and bigger, just the exact way to fit into my SIZE!” Arnie lifted me and kissed me hard!

“I will make a special gym for us! I don’t exactly need train to make my muscles grow, but it will make them even bigger! And you will also be able to leave here with me, if you want, of course!”

“Move in with you? Are you sure of this?”

“I am absolutely and positively sure!” Arnie said as he lifted me and threw me up and down. I couldn’t deny that I still had a lot of questions, but the SIZE of Arnie cleared most of them. The only thing I was sure about was living with that monster and have his body only for me for the rest of my life!

And so, two years later, our life now is pure bliss. I worked out hardly in Arnie’s heavy duty super modern gymnasium facilities everyday and it sure paid off! A the end of the first year, I was 6’7” 450 pounds muscle freak myself! My 80 inches chest, 34 inches guns, 50 inches quads really opened the doors for me in the professional bodybuilding career.

I had won almost every championship I entered, the poor little guys never had a chance against my size, definition and superior conditions! They tried everything to disqualify me as a contender, but according to the tests I was clean! And they weren’t lying, I wasn’t on drugs! How could I ever explain them that I was just better than those guys they used to call “pros”? When they denied my application to the Mr. Olympia contest, there were lots of critics, and most of the audience shouted my name during presentation.

Anyway, I decided that professional bodybuilding really wasn’t my thing, besides my now 20 inches alabaster cock couldn’t be contained by those skimpy little posing trunks they gave me. Sure there were always the complains of the other contestants about my “unbearable behavior” in backstage! What’s the matter with them? I only had a little party with the other runner ups! Just because they were sucking on my huge cock and worshipping my muscles, it doesn’t make me guilty of their sudden “exhaustion”, is it my fault they can’t go five times in a row and still enters the stage with a raging hard on?

After that incident, I am seriously considering joining the gay porn world! But it can wait a little longer, after all I have BIGGER things to worry right now!

You might be wondering “What the hell happened to Arnie?” and all I can tell you is that he is on his way to become the Ultimate Male!

I couldn’t believe how MASSIVE he had become since he regained control over his augmented body from his twisted split personality named Hank. Everyday is special when you are around the biggest and the strongest man in the whole world!

For starters, Arnie is gaining about 50 pounds every week now! And all in purely massive muscle beef! His height seemed to cease at the 12 feet high limit, that’s a good thing, because we were worried he would outgrow the ceilings on the house! Anyway being a 11’10” hulking man’s life partner is surely the most amazing thing on the world!

Every morning I wake up on the top of him, because he is worried that he might crush me during night, so he made me sleep over the thick shelves of his mighty pecs – 225 inches around pecs! They stood up a whole foot and three inches from his 16 pack abdomen! Usually, I am completely covered in drenched cum, but that’s another issue I wanna describe later!

I get up and have a quick shower and then head to the kitchen, because it’s not easy to fix my Arnie his breakfast – He eats two dozens of eight-minute-cooked eggs, four pounds of tuna pasta, five or six chicken breasts, twenty huge glasses of protein shakes and about four gallons of milk. Sometimes, I think I am preparing food for a whole army, but then I realize that it’s true, after all my Arnie is an army! An army of MUSCLE!

He usually gets up a little before breakfast is served, always getting me from behind and lifting me in his powerful arms! His arms, oh boy, what powerful GUNS! I love when he makes me seat atop of them and ride their wild flexes! Arnie has 177 inches guns, and he hope he can pack them the last 23 inches to reach the 200 inches mark! We laugh about that all the time, because 23 inches guns is an almost unreachable mark for most of the little men, but to Arnie it is just a matter of time!

After he toys with me (most of the times, he makes me suck him, for my breakfast) he sits at the huge table and vanishes with the food in less than twenty minutes! Then he reads his papers, give some phone callings (nobody had never seen Arnie again, he only speaks with his attorneys via phone, and occasionally I go downtown to sign some papers he ask me), checks his investments, and then it’s gym time!

In the beginning, it was not very easy for Arnie to move around the house. When he weighed only around 1000 pounds, he could walk without bumping the walls, or breaking the furniture, but it didn’t last long though! After he reached the 2000 mark we had to get rid of all the furniture, because he broke the mere bump! Nowadays we have only special developed pieces designed to handle his increasing weight. We are currently sleeping in the first floor, and Arnie seldom goes upstairs, we don’t know if the foundations are strong enough, and while our new reinforced house isn’t ready, we have to be careful!

Gym time is Arnie’s favorite time (besides fucking me, of course!). He spends eight to twelve hours there (with a three hour break for lunch and snacks), but he often is “served” by me during his training – I usually milk him while he’s doing biceps crunches!

Did I say “milk”? Well, I guess you would guess it anytime.

Arnie’s transformation is so intense that he developed some unique features! His almost seven feet long cock (Yes, his cock is actually longer than I am tall, can you believe it?) simply doesn’t go soft for long periods of time! (the last time it got a little less hard was three weeks ago!) My giant man has to live with an almost permanent erection! It doesn’t bother him, at all, but sometimes he can help but cumming without realizing! He says he feels like he was constantly cumming, and sometimes he can’t even control his seminal production! Who could blame him? He has 4 and half feet diameter giant balls, each one weighing 100 pounds, producing over 15 gallon of cum per day!

His body hair is also fantastic! I have to shave him at least two times a day, otherwise he’ll just turn into a fucking gorgeous cave man! With a long full thick blond beard, and covered in a sandy brown fur coat! As I like my man soft as a baby butt, I have quite a job trimming his hair, exception made for an occasional goatee, I think he is cuter this way!

There are other sides of his transformation that aren’t so easy to comprehend. Because his raging level of testosterone, Arnie many times gets “carried away”, especially during training, and his rage overtakes him, and then he uses to break all the equipment, or even put down a wall (Last time he crushed my new Ford Ranger, but that’s Ok, because he bought me a new one the very next day). He never beat me again, ever since Hank disappeared, Arnie is a complete gentleman with me, and I love him more than anything!

I am the only one who can understand my Arnie, because I am also becoming something completely different from my original being – After another year of my intense train program, I had grown to 7’5” tall frame with 767 hulking pounds! It was amazing seeing my muscles grow while I was pumping them, feeling them swell with new and more powerful mass at the end of every work out, and specially feeling them growing every time I drank from my beloved Arnie! He was so happy that I was also growing, after all, he is crazy to fuck me for real, but his cock is still a “little” gigantic for me to handle.

Arnie says that I will be the most beautiful ma in the world, but I can only picture him being this most beautiful man! His actual size is completely shocking and in a couple of days he’ll be even bigger than that. Arnie weighed in today, and his growth is still increasing over the time!

He’s currently 12 feet tall and weighs 2673 pounds! Two thousand seven hundred seventy three pounds! His chest is 237 inches, biceps at 193 inches (only seven more to go!), 227 inches quads, 20 pack abdomen and his mega developed cock reads at 7’2” long and 4’8” wide (talk about anaconda!).

And so that is my life now, very different from the beginning isn’t it?

Some of you, little guys, may be wondering how could I forget my Hank so easily, if he had me under his charm all the time?

Well, I gotta confess that I didn’t forget Hank, he is still the man of my dreams, but my life had become my wildest dream, because as I have said before, Hank is just a part of Arnie’s personality! A kinky and sexual delightful part, but yet, just a part!

Arnie is most of all a fountain of hot sexy ideas! Since his transformation, his mind can only focus in three things, eat, train and sex! He has so many ideas for different scenarios for our fuck plays! Every time is a new character! The incredible Hulk, an extraterrestrial sex encounter, playing the giant muscle slave, and (my personal favorite) The return of Hank!

Yes, my giant Arnie plays the role of my beloved Hank very often, bossing me around, telling me to clean his sweaty muscles, prepare his meal, suck his cock, serve as a human dumbbell and of course, he uses me like a rag doll, then he sucks my spewing cock after such intense round of sex!

You see? That’s why I choose Arnie over Hank, with my Arnie I can have the sweetest lover and the roughest master together in one gigantic muscular titanic boyfriend! What else could I want from my life?

The end (?)