Mister Nice Guy

Edward Nice had never really dreamed about becoming a teacher, but since his father passed away a few days after he got his degree in Chemistry, Ed forced himself to return to his hometown and take care of his old elderly mother, and for that matter he accepted the laboratory supervisor position at the very same High School he graduated from, thanks to his father’s old friend Todd Stevens who had once been Edward’s History teacher and recently assumed as Principal at Truman High.

Like most things in life, what started as “temporary” became not only permanent but a new life goal – the dreams of becoming a scientist who would start a new age for scientific achievements soon were replaced by mundane needs like paying the mortgage, changing the old car he drove, helping with his mother’s pharmacy bills and many other things that a responsible man had to assume.

Fourteen years later, the 5’9” 140 pounds long haired, outdoorsy, adventurous “Eddie” became a very different man – at the age of 38 years old, the Chemistry Teacher/ Lab supervisor/ coordinator of the Science Club now wore golden “grandpa glasses” and kept his hair very short, attempting to disguise the noticeable receding areas on his once cascading mane.

At least, Ed still managed to maintain his weight at 150 pounds range, though not as firm and wired as it had once been, but still in much better shape than the rest of docent body, except for the 27 year old Lance Burroughs, the 6’1” 210 pounds, the hot gym teacher.

The students cared a lot for Edward, who they actually nicknamed “Mr. Nice Guy”, because he was a conscious teacher, he knew pretty well that most of his students would never have utility for all those formulas and structures, so he looked for a much more objective approach to teach the program and tried really hard to make Chemistry more interesting.

Hence, his classes weren’t boring and he tried to keep updated with the kid’s language and habits, using the internet and multi-media vessels to spread knowledge among students; his tests were not difficult at all and he tried to help those who were falling behind.

In sum, “Mr. Nice Guy” was adored by most of students and not just those with personal interest in the scientific area; all types of “high school fauna” saw him as an approachable adult with whom they enjoyed discussing about a myriad of subjects in their “so complicated” life, and Ed would always try his best to help them.

The warm, smiley balding guy became the favorite character from Truman High; his classes were the more disputed, and most of teachers were jealousy of Ed’s popularity among the teenagers, but they ignored the fact Edward was also a lonely frustrated man.

When his mother died, almost three years ago, Ed realized he had not only postponed his plans of pursuing higher career coals for too long, he had actually fallen behind in many aspects; he never realized the plans of taking his PhD while most of his college friends were now respectable technicians and Professors pursuing revolutionary breakthroughs, or even working for great companies and making serious money.

His personal life was not that great either; since he lived in a conservatory community Ed never got the courage to come out the closet, fearing that he could get fired because of that, or at least it was the reason he’d given the guys before their relationship failed, although he wasn’t bad looking at all, he felt the effects of time catching up on him; the loss of his hair, the lack of disposition for getting back into physical activity, mostly Edward had no enthusiasm and passion for anything else.

“Mr. Nice Guy” was pissed, he was furious at himself for letting things get so lame in his life, although he loved being surrounded by students, his carrier had clearly stagnated, his love life was null and he had settled for being “average” when he knew he had so much potential on him, even his physique which had been so fit by years of rock climbing and trekking, now looked pudgy and saggy.

That same night, Ed decided that he would not just settle anymore, he would get back in shape, put himself “back in the market” and take his carrier to new heights, and for the first time in many years, he found back the passion and enthusiasm that seemed forgotten, but once again, he could not anticipate his life would take such a dramatic change.


It was the typical “first day of school” in September; most of students seemed sad for the end of the summer vacations, but there were those who faced the new school season as an exciting period.

As always “Mr. Nice Guy” class was packed with students, most of them were there because of the great “references” gave by older siblings, friends or even the common hallway gossip. The students waited for Edward with a mix of anxiety and excitement, because rumor said that in every first day he would prepare something different to present the “Fantastic World of Chemistry” to the students.

Then, the door opened, and someone carrying a bunch of heavy books entered the room and walked towards the teacher’s desk, but the students looked puzzled, because the man who got inside the room could not their Chemistry Teacher.

“Good morning, class. I am Edward Nice, and welcome to the Fantastic World of Chemistry”. The guy spoke with a warm nice, but something was wrong because “Mr. Nice Guy” was a short pudgy little balding guy with grandpa glasses and dressing baggy clothes from an old guy.

The one who claimed to be Edward Nice was indeed a balding guy and he wore those golden round old fashioned glasses, but the similarities stopped right there; the guy wore a nice black dress shirt, opened to the second button and his grey cashmere pants were nicely styled, with some shiningly brand new leather shoes.

“I know most of you are upset because the vacations are over, but don’t worry, through this school year we are gonna explore things that you have never noticed before, because Chemistry is not just something boring that old guys invented to help you from having fun, it is the reason why we are all here, breathing, thinking and living.”

The man spoke nicely, but most of the students could not focus on the content of his speech, they were just too shocked with his unexpected looks.

That guy was tanned and built like a brick house! His shoulders looked so dense and round, they pressed the flimsy fabric to the max, and then his biceps and triceps filled the whole sleeve which was rolled up the forearm and revealed the thick, veined muscles, the deltoids and neck muscles were so thick they actually pushed the collar of his shirt.

“For ages, mankind had been exploring the wonders of the surrounding universe, we have been asking all sorts of things: why the sky is blue? Why is the ocean so salty? Why does the cafeteria meat loaf taste like garbage, and lots of other things that have dazzled our minds!”

The pectoral plates on that man were hard, full and so amazingly built they stood out of that impressively muscular body, even from the last rolls every one could see that his clothes were far too small for such muscular body, the guy simply looked like a fucking handsome bodybuilder dressed like a male top model, even his teeth were so clean white they seem just too perfect to be real.

Finally, one guy had the nerve to raise his hand and ask what had been intriguing the entire class.

“Are you sure the same Mister Nice who taught this class last semester? I mean, according to my brother Jeff, he erm…you… looked…different.” The brown curled hair guy dressing in cargo pants and black T-shirt tried to sound as polite as possible because no one wanted to offend a walking wall of muscle claiming to be their teacher.

Edward grinned, his 5’9” frame now supported 258 pounds of solid muscle and only 5.2% of fat, his veins were thick, which combined with the new tan and dressing style simply did not look at his “last year’s” version at all, that’s why he decided to keep the same glasses, just to let something of his old self on his new life.

“Heh, so you’re Jeff Kerrigan’s brother huh? Nice to meet you, dude, and I gotta tell you, that like in Science, you brother was right, although he’s not right, right now. You see, there’s one thing about nature and the universe, it is constantly changing, we just don’t realize the changes until they’re already too advanced.

Now, the class felt an opening for the questions they have been holding until then.

“Yeah, but you were not that big!” A blond girl on the second row fired.

The class went silent waiting for the answer and Edward calmly walked, his leather shoes produced a nice sound on the floor, but the way he walked was just different, it was a more like a waddling, his thighs became so thick and muscular they pushed each other, fighting for space.

“I am bigger, in the sense of becoming more muscular, yes, but I am not any taller, at least not that I am aware. But I digress, the point is that life is about changing: we are born small, frail and totally incapable of supporting ourselves, we change through the entire life and so does everything around us: plants, animals, even non living elements are constantly changing, even the Planet and the Universe had to change otherwise there would be no life, I was already changing last year, you just weren’t aware of that until I decided to flaunt my assets.”

A big bodied jock seemed intrigued.

“Are you telling us you’ve just grown like that?”

Edward chuckled “I wished, but it took me just a decision and all the hard work to stick with it, I’ve worked my ass while you guys were in vacations. All the changes occurring in my body needed effort to be carried.”

The same boy grinned. “So you just packed all that muscle by working out during summer? Come on, it can’t happen without juice!”

The class was suddenly agitated, could it be possible that their teacher was doing steroids? What would happen to him?

However, Edward remained calm and adjusted his glasses.

“Steroids are manufactured drugs to emulate hormonal effects within our organism; I have not and will not take them because they are illegal drugs. However, there’s something in universe responsible for muscle augmentation and that is precisely the point of this first class.”

“And what is it that made you grow so much, so fast?” Someone asked at once.

“The very same thing for which a French man named Antoine Lavoisier got famous for stating over 200 years ago; the law of conservation of matter, also known as principle of matter conservation. Such rule states that the mass of a closed system will remain constant over time, regardless of the processes acting inside the system.” Edward announced with the typical enthusiasm as a good teacher, trying to enlighten his students.

“I am not following this, sir.” The same guy who asked the first question once again spoke, and Edward gently walked close of the students, parading his muscular physique to the entire class, until he got very close from the particular student.

Edward flexed his arms, and the gargantuan rock of muscle rose from his massive arm, creating an enormous peak that took the shirt fabric to the point of no return, although the room was immersed in chaotic sounds, the ripping sound of “Mr. Nice Guy” sleeve suddenly brought all of the students back in admiration silence.

Brian Kerrigan, the curly haired who was the closest guy from that incredible display gasped as he admired the explosion of sheer muscle and the destruction of the shirt sleeve.


“This is a basic, yet very powerful conclusion. If the matter has to be preserved, we can assume on a similar statement is that matter cannot be actually created neither destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, and changed into different types of particles. This implies that for any chemical process in a closed system, the mass of the reactants must equal the mass of the products. This is also the main idea of the first law of thermodynamics.”

“So are you telling me that your shirt was not destroyed?” Brian asked all blushed and grinning of excitement.

“Heh, no this is beyond repair…” Edward simply said as he ripped the sleeve from its seams very easily and repeated the same with his other sleeve, revealing the amazing muscular arms of his glorious physique, an improvised sleeveless dress shirt that made his whole look much hotter.

“While the sleeve was destroyed the matter within the system was not, so if we consider this room as the system, my muscle forced the seams of my shirt to be transformed into very tiny particles of fabric that no longer belonged to the clothing and now are suspended in the air.”

“I still don’t get it!” the big jock said with a genuine interest this time.

“My muscular augmentation it is a very simple demonstration of the principle, I’ve ate big and trained hard allowing the matter I put into my body and the energy I use in my works out to be used in order to transform the chemical elements of my nutrition into new muscular fibers which augment due to physical exertion. I know it sounds kinda strange but over the school year we are gonna explore and understand how can this be very, very true.” Edward said with a cocky smile.

The students remained obviously puzzled, they just couldn’t understand how a guy could change so fast in such fast time without resourcing to illegal substances, but the more questions they asked, the more Edward focused on the subject of his class, skillfully changing the whole focus of the lecture towards classic Chemical studies from the 18th century.

When class finished, all students got to know a lot of Lavoisier’s life and how he went from a young prodigious scientist born in a rich French family who ended up executed by the Terror Regime which followed the French revolution, however, none of them could actually explain how could this be applied to the fact their Chemistry teacher went from an average guy to a dazzling hot muscle powerhouse in just one season.

Word around school was that “Mr. Nice Guy” became “Mr. Nice Muscles” during last summer and everybody wanted to check out such tremendous transformation, not just the students but the Teachers as well.

“Ed? What the hell happened to you?” Principal Stevens asked as he noticed his pupil had changed so drastically in such short time.

“Heh, nothing happened, Todd. I just decided to work out and get muscular for a change.” Ed said as he entered the teacher’s lounge and prepared a protein shake for him.

“Well, I have to say it really shows, but…are you sure that’s what you want for your life?” The grey haired chubby man dressed in the brown suit asked still not used with seeing his Chemistry teacher looking like a bodybuilder.

“I am sure about this, Todd. Besides, I am just trying a new life style.” Edward said as he friendly tapped the Principal’s shoulder before he took the huge glass of protein shake.

“Heh, if you asked me, that’s a waste of time. Women like money and not muscles!” Jack Burns, the current Math teacher, barked from the back of the room as he finished yet another cup of coffee. He was a forty something 6’2” skinny red haired man dressed in dark suit with hawk’s nose and deep grey eyes.

“Give the boy a time! You all should take his example and get back in shape, God knows how flabby the male docent body is these days…”

Suzanna Delany, the middle aged, stereotyped, yet very hot brunette French Teacher entered the Teacher’s lounge, the 5’6” tall curvaceous woman with sensual Italian features and porcelain skin walked straight to Jack, who couldn’t even look at her face without being lost on her plenty cleavage so tight inside her short blue wrapping dress, her high heels clicked at the floor and the tall man suddenly lost his bitterness.

“I would appreciate a nice muscle guy for a change; maybe if you pack some meat in this tall frame, I’d finally give you the chance you’ve been wanting for so long.” The flirting tone made Jack blush intensely as he took the last gulp of his cup.

“I'm joining a gym today!” He said before he left for his class.

Then, the sensual woman approached the Principal and the “made over” Edward Nice.

“What about you, big guy? How about slowing down the donuts and dropping a few pounds?”

Todd shook his head. “Yeah, like my wife and my doctor didn’t bug me enough, well I’ll leave you kids.”

Ed chuckled, he knew Suzanna loved to parade her hot looks but without looking too sexy for the work environment.

“Wow, someone had found the formula of Hunkiness huh?” She grinned while drinking coffee.

Edward blushed. “Heh, thanks, but I’ve told you that shirt was at least two sizes smaller.”

Suzanna just laughed as she took a glass of water.

“Well, it had to look tight to show the goods, honey. And why are you blaming it on me? I bet you couldn’t help but showing off these new muscles of yours and ruined an eighty dollar shirt, but I can’t say this ballroom dancer version isn’t appealing to me…”

“No, it’s okay. I just wanted to wear something different for a change. These clothes you’ve picked for me are great; I am not used of being seen like…well like you are!” Edward chuckled as he finished his protein shake.

The French teacher approached. “Now you’re gonna see how hard it is to become the sexual object of a bunch of horny teenagers.” Edward felt her longue red nails grabbing his muscular tight ass, but since they were alone in the room he just played along.

“I hope they’re firm enough for you.” Edward said as he flexed his butt even harder to give his friend a nice private show.

“Rock hard, baby. Rock hard!” Susanna laughed letting go of Edward’s hard butt, as smoothly as she had entered, Delaney swished out of the room like the sensual predator she really was, but from all the teachers in Truman High, Susana was the only one that knew about Edward’s sexuality – despite her looks and teasing behavior she was an open minded woman and a true friend, when Ed showed up at her door with a tremendously muscular new body and absolutely no taste on his wardrobe she decided to give him a makeover that would help him achieving his self imposed new life goals.

Ed still savored the rest of his protein shake when he noticed someone knocking at the teacher’s lounge door, it didn’t take long until Brian entered, still blushed from his recent experience. “Mister Nice, I…was wondering if your Science Club will be opening for new members this semester…”

“Well, of course it will, Brian...if you are willing to join us, our meetings are on Wednesdays at 4’clock, just drop by and sign the list so we can assign some experiments for you!” The muscular hunk said as he gave one prospect he kept on his briefcase.

“Thanks, sir! I’ll be there!” Brian said very excitedly.

“Anything else you need from me, buddy?” Edward kindly asked as he prepared for his next class, anticipating that he would go through the same kind of interrogatory throughout the whole week, until his students got used to him being a muscle buff hunk.

Brian seemed naturally embarrassed. “Erm…I want to get in shape too, mister Nice, I know I am not a big guy, but I’d like to look more buffed, can you help me?”

Edward enjoyed the question. “Of course, I can help you, Brian. After the club meeting this week, we can discuss about a working out and nutritional plan tailored for your needs.”

Brian thanked Ed enthusiastically before he ran out of the Teacher’s Lounge. The Chemistry teacher knew he couldn’t really reveal his secrets to the young guys, but at least they had time to focus on their bodies now, they could have a chance to feel better about themselves before they turn into someone as bitter as he was a few months ago.

After two other classes in which he had to explain he was getting bigger over the entire year but only now he decided to emphasize his physical accomplishments, Edward was ready to go back home. He carried his heavy books (which felt so light now) down the hallways when he heard someone clapping, the place looked empty until Lance came through one door.

“So, rumor has it that you’ve become the Hulk overnight huh?” The handsome man with cinnamon skin and short dark brown hair approached. Edward had never been comfortable around Lance, because the guy always thought he was a gift to this world. The guys loved how cool their coach was, and “Mister Nice Guy” was the only one who they liked better than their muscular Coach.

“It was not overnight, I’ve been training for an entire year now.” Edward replied, already anticipating the old steroid abuse accusation, but Lance simply poked the hard muscles on the Chemistry teacher’s chest.

“You’re not fooling me, Nice. I want to know what is going on here, you couldn’t just add 100 fucking pounds in 3 months, whatever you’re doing it’s obviously not illegal or you wouldn’t be so stupid to show off like this, and in that case I demand to know!” The jock behavior on the 27 year old man was still very strong, but this time it would not intimidate Edward.

“I am not scared of you, Lance, now drop this silly act and go mind your own business!” Edward said firmly as he took the hands out of him and continued his way to the parking lot.

“You can’t ignore me, Ed! Whatever it is I’ll find out!” Lance promised before he got back to his office.

Edward was laughing as he finally got to his car; it had been an amazing first day. He not only shocked his students, impressed his colleagues and dealt with someone who used to bully him, Ed now felt more confident about his whole life, all thanks to his own amazing talents.

Still, he couldn’t forget Lavoisier’s contribution, if it wasn’t for the initial ideas, he would never be able to build The System which helped him to become such impressive specimen muscle men.

However, as he drove closer to his house he considered the possibility of repeating the experiment yet another time because the sensation was just addicting, and there were no side-effects, it would just make him even more muscular.

Maybe he could use it on half capacity, just to give a bit more of size and lots of strength, but then again he had to be careful, for the System was not fully tested yet, he still had a lot of parameters to check.

The muscle hunk parked his car at the garage and headed to his improvised laboratory built at his basement, where there was this huge hexagonal base covered by transparent material and several different components.

If guys in Truman High only knew that Edward Nice, the pudgy Chemistry teacher had built a machine like that, they would never believe, but Ed himself was the living proof that his theories were correct, it is possible to manipulate Universe through its own rules.

The cell phone rang and Edward smiled when he read who was calling. It was Dmitri, the 24 year old Russian volleyball player that he met the other night.

“Hey, dude. Yeah, it’s good, I'm doing fine.” Edward chuckled; he knew that the 6’9” tall hot guy wanted to get together with him once again.

Normally, Ed would never go out on “a school night” but this year he was willing to change and dating a hot muscle blond man was more than enough reason to bend the rules.

“Sure, why don’t you pick me up at 8?” Edward never had been so forward before, but his new body gave him extra confidence as well. When they finally disconnected, Edward Nice was convinced of one thing.

He knew Dmitri wanted another great time with his huge muscles, but Edward felt like he should be bigger and stronger, so he could get him totally off guard.

Edward didn’t exactly know if he was getting addicted to the whole mass conversion experience but he knew that he needed the benefits of the System once again, so he started on the proceedings for another round of muscular increment.

The teacher adjusted the settings, then he calculated that extra 15 pounds would put him in the “freaky scale” he wanted to reach ever since he realized the machine could change the particles of the “donor vessel” into the outcome type he desired. In other words, as long as the experience was about exactly conversion, he could add the mass of any significant matter into his own, augmenting not only his body but increasing any aspect on it, integrating the decomposed matter into his own bodily particles, muscular fibers to be precise, which made him more muscular and powerful.

Edward grinned as he prepared the donor particles – the best way to add muscle was adding protein chains which already were present in his muscles, this way all the process would be facilitated. The hunk man placed an amount of 25 pounds of protein supplements on the large part of the System and went for the integrating pod.

The whole process was actually fast, but intensely amazing. The donor part of the System was bombarded with energy bursts that literally vaporized the particles, but instead of just burning the thing, Edward developed a mechanism that utilized the free protein particles and redirected them into the patterns of his own muscular composition, the converted matter was immediately incorporated to the receptor’s organism thanks to one chemical compound that was solely found at the Y chromosome.

Edward knew all about the complex equations and impressive mathematical implications involved in the process, but he loved the way his muscles and veins augmented, thickening and increasing to allow more muscle into his body, the feeling of the expansion, the fact he was growing more muscular was intoxicating, especially because he had to go into that machine in his birthday suit and experience every single cell of his muscular tissues going through an augmentation process that would take years and years of intense dedication.

The humming of the machine indicated the process was going very nice and Edward just moaned as his muscles flexed involuntarily, his veins popped thicker and his blood bathed the new layers of muscle, his entire body became bigger and more muscular, by the end of the amazing process, his own cock felt so hard and ready to fuck all night long, which actually was the point for that transformation.

Edward Nice got out of the System weighing 283 pounds of super hard and intense developed muscles, the whole transformation actually copycatted the chemical and biological patterns for highly developed muscle fibers that Edward collected from very gifted bodybuilders and powerlifters, in other words, Nice got his muscles to grow but precisely like professional athletes of high performance, which allowed the hard and very efficient tissue that now composed his once flabby body.

“Yeah, Dmitri, tonight you’re gonna see I'm not “Mr. Nice Guy” anymore!” The teacher had a killer smile on his lips as he flexed naked in his mirror with his 10 inches long cock.

To be continued