My FREAKING Valentine

Hey guys!

Sorry for the delay, but here comes a short Valentine's day muscle growth tale I've just written for someone very special for me! (I hope you like it, sweetie!)

The plot is a bit different than my usual stuff, but I hope it pleases a certain audience.

A Story for Redkage

I know, I know…You will never forget this Valentine’s Day. Tonight’s date had been wonderful so far, we’ve seen a great movie, dinned in a marvelous restaurant and went clubbing in the most exclusive place in town, but I still owe you a gift, so…just sit back and …enjoy. It’s really hot here huh? Maybe I should lower the thermostat, or we could just take off our clothes huh?

Oh don’t worry, everything is alright, I just need to exhale, yeah I know I’ve got really huge pecs, some say they’re actually too big for my overall size, but I guess I like it.

No, there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just your Valentine’s gift. Oh it feels so good to finally let them free…Heh, I know…it’s amazing huh?

Yup, you’re right…they look bigger because they are bigger indeed. Much bigger than the last time you’ve seen them. How big? Geesh I don’t know, why don’t you pick this measuring tape which I conveniently brought with me for this date and let’s find out huh?

57 inches huh? Well, I guess it’s a bit big for my 200 pounds frame, but those babies are worth the lack of symmetry don’t you think? Yeah, look at these nipples, they’re thicker and harder than many cocks I’ve seen. What’s the matter? You don’t have to worry, I’m not undergoing an allergic reaction, it is just the way I am. You know, I don’t usually expect so long before revealing the truth to a guy, but I felt right off the bat that you were special and I was right.

The expression on your pretty face once the truth came out was priceless. You looked flushed, to say the least. I could tell your mind had seen a myriad of naughty possibilities, but the visible struggle between your “good” and “evil” sides was not just amusing, it was actually the cutest thing I’ve seen so far, because it showed cared about me and my feelings.

Frankly, a guy like me needs to learn how to expect the least from people.

Heh, I know all the stages you’re going through: First comes the surprise upon the fact a gorgeous muscle hunk like me had indeed noticed an “average dude” like you in a gym packed with smoking hot men. Then, you got suspicious. A 6’tall 200 pounds of solid and hard muscle Adonis wouldn’t even dare talking to a skinny man if he wasn’t after something else. There had to be a catch, right? Excitement comes next…I know that it only takes a couple of flexes and a sample of my personal charm to break your hesitation. And once I drop the truth, here comes euphoria – an overwhelming canopy of feelings which can be expressed in several different forms: denial, anger, disbelief, lust, temptation…

Heh, I know, I know the very first time gorgeous muscle man squirting milk in your face through his engorged nipples is unforgettable.

You can’t blame it on me because I’m blessed with the gift of Ganymede, the most handsome lad of them all. So gorgeous that Zeus fell immediately in love with him at first sight. The King of Olympus kidnapped the young Prince of Trojan disguised in the form of a giant eagle. In fact, Zeus was so overwhelmed by Ganymede that he fucked the guy in midair. The powerful seed of the Olympian changed the young man, for he became the carrier of ambrosia – the sacred food that fed the Greek Gods providing them their unearthed powers and immortality, in his homage Zeus created the Constellation of Aquarius.

Zeus’ seed gave Ganymede the ability to produce ambrosia from his own body. Every morning the precious substance poured from the muscular chest of the Trojan Prince, so Zeus and his mighty brothers could feast in its glory, not to mention Ganymede himself. After properly feeding the Olympians, Ganymede was allowed to serve the leftovers to mortal men outside the sacred Reign of Gods. Since they were not in Olympus, ambrosia did not fully worked in these men, but it still provided wondrous effects over the chosen, for those fortunate men grew much bigger, stronger and more muscular, imbued with heroic might.

Don’t take me wrong, dude. I’m not expecting you to start believing that Greek Mythology is real. I am actually suspicious that this legend must have been an old explanation for something that we couldn’t explain back then, which is the very reason why I stand before you today.

So, if you ask me if I’d say that my own genetic makeup is responsible for this manly masterpiece. I’m not only gorgeous, strong and really hung; I’m also capable of expanding my vast pectorals and flood them with this really thick, warm and pungent secretion that resembles colostrum, but with much stronger results.

Yeah, you guessed it right, buddy. Guys who drink from my “man-milk” gain muscle, lots of muscle, pretty fast, faster than any kind of steroid or supplement you might imagine, with the advantage there’s no side-effects. Well, almost none, after all not only you grow more muscular and stronger, you also get a lot taller, your cock grows longer, thicker and your balls swell considerably.

How much bigger you ask? Well it depends on the guy but I can guarantee that it has nothing to do with the size he has before taking my milk. I’ve seen some skinny dudes like yourself who have benefitted much more from the stuff than guys who started much bigger. But don’t worry; by my experience I can tell that each guy adds at least 20 pounds of hard muscle per session.

Yeah, I’m not joking…and since I produce the stuff as I got horny, you just have to keep me aroused and you will have all the milk you need to grow.

Oh yeah, there’s also other effects that might vary from guy to guy. Some grow much hairier while others just get totally smooth. Some guys develop that really thick “off-season” look but packed with pure muscle instead of fat layers, while others actually get a lot leaner and better conditioned. There also those who get so ripped they look like some real life comic book character, but truth to be told any guy who’s lucky to have some of my stuff will change into his wildest dream.

I’ve heard there were others like me, but I never actually met one. I am not interested in guys with powers like me, because…there’s nothing to exchange you know? I wish them all best, may they find the perfect guys to appreciate the tremendous gift they have.

Heh, you’re right…this power can be very handy, but believe me when I say that it has caused me lots of troubles as well. Mainly because some guys simply can’t get enough of my milk, they keep begging me for new servings. They throw money and promises at my feet but I’m not in this just for profit you know. I’m looking for something else…

Well, I actually still don’t know what, but I believe I’ll know once I find it. Meanwhile, I just love to keep looking for it, especially when my search leads me to adorable guys like you.

I’ve been watching you just for as long as you’ve seen me in your gym for the first time. The difference is that I can be much more discrete than you, but that’s because you weren’t even considering the idea that I was looking at you when you ogled me in the weight room. You were so cute, so polite and scared at the same time. I can understand it, all your life you have been so small and fragile, afraid of the bigger mean guys who constantly picked on you.

Well, that’s why I’ve decided to tell you today. Believe it or not, I’ve never asked anyone to be my Valentine. I guess that when you look like me, certain things are unnecessary, so I decided to try my first time with you. Heh, you dirty little boy, I guess you could say I’m a virgin in that department. I hope you can help me since it’s my first time…

Heh, of course I want you to drink from me! I’ve been holding back myself for all these weeks to make sure I’d have a really charged vintage for you. Yeah, I produce the stuff every day, but if I don’t milk it regularly it might become quite uncomfortable to hold all the milk inside, although it only strengthens the retained product.

Don’t be shy. I know they’re so huge, swollen and hard, but they’re just my nipples. Manly, finger sized incredibly delicious looking nipples. Come on, little dude. Let’s start a new time of your life, where you’ll be as big as your heart desires.

Oh damn…once you get over your shyness, there’s a little devil inside you huh? Shit…you have nice warm hands; they feel so nice around my monster pecs. Go ahead, touch them, grope them, feel all the hardness and the strength. Yeah, you bet I’m hard enough to break a hammer hit against those steel babies.

You don’t need further permission to suck on my nipples, buddy. I’ve showed them to you, that’s an implicit invitation don’t you think? Heh…you want that huh? I guess it’s okay. Here…have a fresh squirt in your face.

Yeah, it’s funny, I don’t need anything but flexing those massive manly pecs and they milk in the precise direction I aim, call it prefect muscle control. So, do you need another sample or do you approve the taste? Yeah, that’s pretty strong because the longest I could retain before was 7 days, and it’s been exactly 25 days, 17 hours and 43 minutes since I last fed someone, so you’re in for a treat buddy.

Shit….you went straight for the teeth huh? That’s ok you won’t hurt me, these babies can endure much more, but the feeling was very intense! You have to be like a hungry piglet, just work those muscle tits and you will be rewarded beyond your imagination.

Oh…damn yeah, pretty boy. You’re doing it right, here comes the flow…It’s okay…choking with the first gulp is so natural. Now, relax and keep your pace…yeah…just like that. What a hungry boy you are, oh shit…you suck so nice…working the tongue around my nipples gives you bonus points. Heh, yeah oh man, I knew you would be a great experience.

You feel it already don’t you? The warmth is spreading from your stomach all over your body, the rush of power surges through your physique. I know it’s such an amazing feeling, several guys have told me the exact same thing…but you are doing very, very fine, dude.

Oh yeah, you’re already showing some results. Look at your shirt, it’s so much tighter, and you can see the nipples through the fabric. You’ve got a muscular chest now, and your shoulders are developing very nicely. Look at them, until a minute ago they were so skinny and narrow; now they’re broad, thick and muscular.

Heh, yeah you’ve got a chiseled stomach now, 6-pack is the term you’re looking for. Washboard stomach, yeah you can flex them. Those thin thighs of yours are thickening up nicely, they’ll soon be strong and powerful…oh yeah, they’re already getting decently big. Heh, you’re still in the beginning of the journey dude, stop thanking me with words and give me some visual incentive to pour out more milk for you, yeah…just like that…flex for me…

I guess somebody’s called out the big guns huh? That’s alright dude, you can flex, that’s why we have muscles! Yeah, you look great, those are nice biceps you’ve got them, hard and big like baseballs, they’ll soon be much, much bigger. Shit…you don’t want to waist a single drop huh? That’s the spirit …oh shit, suck it hard dude…come on.

Oh dude…I know you’ll think I’m bullshitting you but I’ve never poured so fast before…those muscular udders are at full power after being out of use for so long. Fuck, you’re a quick learner, not a single drop coming out of your lips or nose…damn…it’s very hot…oh dude where’s that hand of yours, oh…naughty one you’re not supposed to reach for my cock…until I tell you to…Shit…don’t stop…oh damn here comes another load.

Oh fuck that was intense, and you…shit you look so much better! I…can’t believe…you used to be 5’4” and 105 pounds…you look at least 160 now! Oh fuck…hurry up dude hop on the scale…what does it say? Shit 167 pounds? That’s 62 pound gain in a few minutes huh? That’s a new record for me…Yeah you have to work out and keep your diet balanced now, but you will never find it difficult to pack on muscle again.

Heh, you noticed that huh? Yeah you’ve got a hard new tool from now buddy. I’d say it’s at least 8 inches long. Me? Oh a modest 11 inches, blame it on my unique genetics, oh your balls look fine too…I guess you’d not be interested in seconds huh? Are you kidding me dude? I am not done with you…you can pack much more, now come here and suck on me because I’m already filled with more milk.
You know just how to make those udders of mine flow with milk huh? Fuck you are sucking so hard, so fast…you’re a natural…I’ve never found someone…who knew how to drink so fast and so much…you don’t even seem to be breathing. Oh fuck…your back is widening so fast, damn…those lats are growing really big. Yeah, it’s wonderful…you are growing from skinny to muscular to very, very muscular. Damn…keep sucking on me motherfucker! I’, squirting so much milk, drink up!

Boy, aren’t you a hungry puppy? Dried my tits for the second time in a row…it never happened before, usually it’s the guys who have outstretched bellies with my milk, but your growing body is sucking everything like a sponge, and I’m loving the result! Look at your blowing muscles; they’re growing so much faster now. Yeah, dude, flex them hard for me. Heh, you’ve got some hot thick veins crossing all the new brawn you’re growing…looking really vascular!

Damn…you’re responding far too well to my milk. I guess the supercharging worked better than I’ve expected…you’ve grown taller now, that usually takes a few sessions to be noticed, but you’re about 5’7” now…looking very packed. Dude…you’re 237 pounds now! I guess I can’t call you my little buddy anymore huh? Yeah, “Big Guy” sounds much more appropriate for you.

That’s just incredible, dude! You’ve got this natural gift to pack as much muscle as possible in your frame, your shoulders and deltoids look amazing! The neck is so thick and manly, your pecs are so massive. Heh, no you don’t have to worry, my gift is not contagious, you can drink as much as you want and you will not get my muscle cream factories.

I can tell you’re hungry for more…I just need to feed myself before the next batch is ready for you big calf! Come on let’s go to the kitchen and see if we can fix something for us, because I know you’re hungry too. All the milk you’ve drank went straight for your thighs but in a good way!

I’d prefer protein and low fat over carbs, dude. I’m actually very picky with my nutrition to keep the high quality of my man milk. You’ve seen the results huh? Yeah, tuna steak and wheat pasta seems wonderful. Oh damn…I’m so hungry…Oh you don’t have to worry with food, your muscles burn fat and carbs faster than you can eat them. In my opinion it’s a bit unfair that I have to watch out while my herd can just pig out and grow even more massively muscular!

Heh, you bet I ate like a horse, have you seen the size of the guy I’m feeding? That’s okay buddy…I love making guys grow, especially when they’re so nice and special like you. I know you can barely hold back the impulse to suck on my udders. Don’t worry, they’ll be full with rich muscle growth cream in no more than a few minutes, though there’s something you can do to help me fill them faster. Remember I pour faster when I’m aroused? Well, I’ve been seeing your dick growing and it might be over 10 inches hard, which is quite respectable piece of man meat…

Damn…you’re quite thick too huh? Shit…yeah you bet I’m gonna suck on your cock big guy, it’s so deliciously thick and veined, that head is thick and mushroom shaped, my favorite kind. Oh yeah…tastes good too…Shit you’re so sensitive, you’re purring like a kitty. A huge muscular kitty aren’t you? Ughn…hold on big guy…I like to talk dirty…if …you…keep…pushing my head…how can I…oh…fine!

Shit…Shit look at the size of your balls! They’re bloated with cum! Yeah, you can feel that huh? Well dude, I am gonna feast on you now. FUCK! That…can’t…gotta drink…keep…oh….yeah…ohhh…

DAMN! That was a giant load you were holding there, big guy. Delicious vintage…heh…oh…is it hot in here? Mmmm…That’s nice….my udders are filling quite nicely with fresh muscle growth cream for you, hungry boy! Drink up!

What’s the matter? Oh the milk isn’t coming out? Weird…it’s just filling heavier inside. Try biting my nipples they’re so sensitive. OUCH! Oh damn it’s not working and my udders are filling faster. Fuck…Fuck…oh shit…look at their size! They’re over 80 inches around, and so full with cream…Oh damn…you’ll have to drink now! I don’t know how but just get this fuck milk out of me!

Damn…what are you doing…oh …hehe…I think it’ll work out. Damn…your cock feels right, ooooh…don’t stop…yeah…clamp your mouth on my nipples and stick your cock inside me, pump all this cum into me and drink my milk. Oh shit you fuck so hard, you’re so much stronger now! Oh…the power…the flow. Shit I’m gonna blow up! AAARGH!

Yeah…drink big…get big..bigger…Shit you’re booming with new muscles now…Fuck you look amazing, oh…flex for me like that. It’s just so manly. Shit you’re not the same cute guy I’ve picked for my Valentine. You’re a 6’ tall 400 pounds muscle titan now! And you’re still growing so much bigger, no signs of slowing down! Shit…the milk keeps pouring stronger, I can’t control it…fuck…Drink…DRINK and GROW!!!

Where am I? Did I black out? Sorry about that…it happens when…the flush of milk gets too intense. For how long was I out? What? 25 minutes? I’ve never been out for so long…how come you didn’t notice? Oh…I kept pouring out for you…for all the time and you lost track…dude I’ve never done…

Holy CRAP! Are you carrying me? That’s…oh dude…you’ve grown so much…Please put me down! Shit…I can’t believe, you’ve drunk ALL the stuff? That’s…just…Fuck look at YOU! How fucking big are you anyway?

What 6’3”…That’s almost a whole feet taller than you were in the beginning! Can you tell how heavy you are? Well let’s add up the scales shall we? FUCK That’s well 900 pounds you’ve got there big, big buddy! And look at your cock, it’s over 16 inches long and still semi-flaccid, it is just so FREAKING HUGE! It’s amazing! Puts my 11 inches to shame, but I don’t envy you…I know I need inside me again.

Heh, you bet I can make you even bigger, dude. Bigger than your wildest dreams! Heh, yeah I know how you feel, I’m just as addicted, having you suck my milk only seconds your huge donkey cock fucking me in the ass! Oh…shit…just the remembrances make me pour so much milk…

You wanna go out and show off your new amazingly huge muscle size huh? Yeah, I know some places that we may go strut this humongous muscle buffalo. Heh, just wait until I parade you inside the clubs. We’re gonna have the time of our lives!

Here try these clothes, I always bring a spare change of clothes…most of times my udders ruin my shirt with the cream, that is a stain that won’t come out. Shit…it looks like it was painted over you! Well…the places I am thinking in going don’t have exactly a dressing code you know? But why don’t you try my jeans? Oh fuck, your thighs will never fit inside! Well, what about sweatpants? Do you have them? Oh shit…this looks so HOT! Oh don’t bother wondering how you will get off these clothes, I bet they will simply pop within the hour!

No dude, I won’t get jealousy if other guys look at you! I live for this! I know that you can fuck me and all the guys you want. What? You’re not interested in fucking other guys? OH!!! ME? You…seriously? Aren’t you just thankful for the whole change? I can understand you might think you’re in love with me, but that’s not…

WHOA! Now, listen here…I am not implying any kind of monogamy here, I am not …no you don’t understand I like you really bad, dude. It’s just…guys only stay with me because of the gift you know? I…want to believe you’re different, but I’ve been wrong many times before, it just felt easier to just be a one night stand.

I have to confess…it is a bit stressing, and a bit shallow, but I’m happy being this way. If I would like to be your Valentine? Well, isn’t it implicit since we’ve already been to a Valentine’s date? OH…next Valentine’s day? I don’t think I….ooooooooh you mean…damn.

Do you really think so? I…must confess my tastes for guys might change you into a humongous muscle monster. Are you sure you want that? Heh, you’re not a monster yet, dude! Just a REALLY massive muscle man…but I’d love to take you there.

Oh…thank you…Hmmmm…you….don’t…need to…thank me. Shit…your kisses are hot! Heh, I second that! Best Valentine’s day EVER!

The end.