Night at the Carnival

Most people love carnivals, some believe it brings back memories of a simpler time, others just love to ride the toys and stuff their faces with all kind of junk food available, but for James Rivera carnival didn’t mean enjoying a fun evening at the coast, it meant long nights of hard work and no fun. Actually, the mere smell of frying corn dogs made poor Jimmy sick of his stomach.

“Fuck yeah!” Yelled one jock surrounded by his typical entourage of pretty dumb girls and shallow great looking guys with modern styled hairdos. Jimmy faked another smile as he picked the huge pink stuffed teddy bear and handed it to the brown haired muscular guy dressed in the “Barbarians” jacket.

“Here you are, Brett.” Jimmy congratulated the big young man for the “impressive” feat of reaching the “Stud” marker on the “Strength-O-Meter” toy, which was nearly three quarters of the total length of the challenge, quite a respectable achievement.

The jock returned the hammer back at the skinny guy and picked his prize with a puzzled expression in his face.

“Thanks, but how the hell do you know my name?” The handsome wrestler asked while the rest of his gang seemed just as intrigued.

“We’re at the same French class.” Jimmy replied as he looked directly into the blue eyes of the jock, and the muscular lad suddenly recognized the same guy who helped him to cheat in the latest test.

“Oh, sorry man, you’re Timmy right? I didn’t know you work here.” Brett handled the prize to the big breasted blond girl whose thin waist he hugged.

“It’s Jimmy, and yeah I'm working here during the season to earn some cash.” The attendant hoped someone would actually spare a few minutes and talk to him but as soon as the “mystery” was solved, Brett and his gang quickly lost interest at the weird looking dude.


Jimmy whispered as he turned to face his boss. “Yes, Mr. Bellini?”

“Why didn’t you put the fucking sign at the Fun House like I told you?” The average heighted, barrel chested, thick gutted, dark haired man looked exactly like an Italian-American stereotype but he was actually so crude, uneducated and impolite that he made such caricatured impersonations seem much softer.

“I did put a sign there sir…” Jimmy took a deep breath because he knew his boss would never take his word, and to make things even worse, the guy enjoyed the presence of the teenagers to look more authoritarian.

“Don’t you bullshit me! I’ve just came from there and there is no fucking sign to let people know it isn’t ready yet, and since there’s no one to watch, some bastard drunkards decided to make it their own bathroom! Now, guess who’s gonna clean it?”

The boss had an evil grin typical of the arrogant bastard he really was.

Right at that moment, Jimmy noticed Brett’s gang chuckling and poking each other; they were all trying to hold their laughter. It didn’t need to be a genius to realize the local high school wrestling team had taken the chance to vandalize again.

“You did see a sign there, didn’t you?” Jimmy asked the head jock, who actually had the nerve to pretend he was surprised.

“Well sir, I don’t want to put anyone in trouble, but there was no sign on the Fun House...maybe it just slipped…” Brett looked at Jimmy’s boss with a face that only made Mr. Bellini even more convinced that it was his fault.

Jimmy sighed, letting his anger turn into frustration because he clearly couldn’t dodge that bullet.

“Should I go clean now?” The ashamed employer asked since there was a line of customers.

“Gee, what do you think?” The boss said as he took the hammer from Jimmy’s hands.

Brett’s entourage now had no shame to laugh out loud; they all felt it was just so fucking cool to frame an innocent hard working guy for some idiotic prank. Jimmy simply sighed as headed towards the filthy place.

“Have a nice time Timmy!” Brett shouted from back there as the jocks celebrated their “perfect crime”.

Jimmy knew pretty well the sign he placed was very clear and well installed. Besides, anyone could just see the Fun House wasn’t ready yet. It had been completely trashed during a summer storm nearly a month ago, and since Mr. Bellini had no insurance, the reopening of that attraction would probably not happen within that season.

The putrid smell of urine filled jimmy’s nostrils, he improvised a mask by tying a bandanna around his face, but it clearly didn’t make the whole experience more comfortable.

“I’ll kill those stupid fuckers!” Jimmy cursed as he noticed the insane amount of human ejects spread all over the place.

The jocks surely put a lot of effort into that prank, the wooden floor was soaked with pee and for Rivera’s total disgust someone actually had the nerve to take a dump, and at that point Jimmy felt so angry and disgusted that he couldn’t help but vomiting.

Mr. Bellini just laughed “Don’t be such a queer, Rivera! You’ve just gotten yourself even more stuff to clean!” The bully boss mocked before he closed the door from the outside, which actually interrupted the gust of air and made the whole environment much worse.

Jimmy was at the verge of tears, when he heard someone knocking at the door. When the lad opened the door, he would never expect to find the beautiful young man with alabaster skin, very dark hair, big hazel eyes, strong long muscular limbs and manly Eastern Europe features dressed in basket jerseys and denim pants.

“Hey, bro, how it hanging? Tough night isn’t it?” asked Petrus Voda, the 6’5” tall basketball player covering his nose because of the strong filthy odor.

“Petrus? What are you doing here?” The athletic player and the skinny Jimmy started out as lab partners last year, but as unlikely as it might sound, they actually became friends. Petrus and his family came from Romania to the States a few years ago, and the tall immigrant felt dislocated for a while, but Jimmy helped him getting acquainted with life in the US.

In fact, Petrus’ impressive physical condition and innate talent quickly drew the attention of Coach Higgins, who desperately needed a good player for their lame basketball team, and when they actually started winning because of their new member the wrestling team got really jealous of the attention the basketball players were getting, which created some kind of internal rivalry between “Barbarians” and “Vikings”.

“I’ve seen those Barbarians breaking into this place, and I knew they were up to no good when they left running and laughing back.” Petrus peeked inside and made a weird face “Damn, that’s raunchy!”

“Those fuckers lied to my face! I hate those jocks; they’re always breaking the rules and still getting away with it…” Jimmy confessed without realizing his friend was indeed another school athlete. “I…meant no offense, Petrus.”

“Heh, I totally agree with you, Jimmy. Those guys will get what they deserve sooner than later. So, I guess we have a long way to go right?” Petrus then produced another mop and entered the putrid place.

“What are you doing?” Jimmy asked totally shocked with that scene.

“What does it look like? I'm helping you! I couldn’t convince your boss that you were innocent, so the least I could do was asking him for a mop and a bucket to help you. You should have seen the look on his face as I demanded him to give me a mop!” The handsome, tall, muscular athlete said as he started mopping the pee from the floor.

“Petrus, you shouldn’t do that, you don’t work here, and it’s my job to clean after the customers, anyway.”

“Yeah, but they did this on purpose. Besides, it’s not the first time I clean a dirty place. Have you forgotten my dad owns a restaurant? I’ve scrubbed a lot of toilets before!” Petrus grinned as he placed a hand on his much shorter friend’s shoulder to offer some comfort.

“I can’t believe someone would volunteer to such thing. You’re just one crazy man, Petrus.” Jimmy shook his head while he attacked the dirty floor.

It took a lot of time and industrial detergent to clean the whole place but, eventually, Jimmy and Petrus managed to disinfect the Fun House.

“Well, looks like we’ve done a great job, the place is totally clean again!” Petrus commented inspecting the area, the fresh smell confirmed the appearance.

“Almost, I gotta make sure those mirrors are clean. But, I can do that on my own, you’ve already done much more than you should.” Jimmy said as he picked the mop from Petrus’ hand and gently put it away.

“Are you sure? I can reach much higher than you, pal!” Petrus considered as he took a peek at the huge mirrors displayed in hexagonal formation right at the center of the room, Voda was a very nice guy but he loved to remember Jimmy that he was a whole foot taller than him.

“Yeah, but that’s not really a problem because I can reach the top with a ladder, besides, these are delicate antiques, so I don’t want your big hands around it, you are so clumsy and strong that you might actually damage the antique pieces, and they are the very last nice things about this place.”

“Well, then, I guess I should go now…although…” Petrus looked at his watch and grinned “It is almost closing time huh? I can hang around for a while and after your shift is done, we could go for a well deserved decent meal, what do you say?”

Jimmy blushed “Erm…gee I don’t know, I get out pretty late and I don’t want to keep you waiting for me.”

Petrus just tapped his shoulder. “Hey, buddy, it’s no problem, I’ll be there for you, always.” There was an instant awkward moment between them, and the tall, dark and handsome hunk smiled tenderly before he got out of the Fun House.

The shorter teen blushed in all shades of red; he clearly didn’t know how to react.

Jimmy was indeed impressed with Petrus’ courage – he was the only openly gay guy in the school to make into a team, and he was the best of the whole school. Sometimes, Rivera wished he had the same kind of courage to admit his own feelings towards the hunky Romanian stud.

“Well, I guess it’s only me and you in here, guys!” Jimmy said as he got ready to clean the antique mirrors.

The young employee cleaned the only part of his job that really mattered to him, which was taking care of the antique mirrors in the Fun House. They were the oldest attraction of the carnival. Bellini loved to brag about them, saying the pieces were imported straight from Italy by his great grandfather, and once they were clean again, Jimmy would actually remember why it was his favorite place in the carnival.

Sadly, almost all the Italian crystal mirrors were lost in the fatidic stormy night and if it wasn’t for Jimmy’s bravery they would have all been lost. When he noticed the wind could eventually tear the Fun House down, Rivera simply risked his life and brought the pieces to the main storage room one by one, but he only had time to salvage six pieces before the storm tore up the Fun house’s roof and destroyed the rest of them.

Jimmy knew those mirrors were antique valuable pieces, but the reason why he risked his life to save a few of them was because of the charming effect they had over him, Rivera simply admired the craftsmanship to create the distortions and the curious angles on the reflected images was not used these days.

After the storm passed, they realized most of the mirrors were lost, and because he had no insurance, Mr. Bellini was decided to sell the 6 remaining pieces in order to buy less expensive acrylic mirrors made with more modern techniques in order to reopen the Fun House.

Although the result would be practically the same, Jimmy felt very sad about losing the only charming part of that carnival.

The young skinny lad tried one last trick to convince his boss to keep those marvelous pieces, he positioned the mirrors facing each other in almost 120 degrees angle, which made the display look almost like a hexagon, therefore people could pass between the mirrors and see a myriad of different reflections of themselves, in a compact version of the Fun house.

Despite Jimmy’s efforts, Mr. Bellini preferred to sell the remaining mirrors but he would let that display for possible customers to admire the beauty of those pieces, and in the end, the teenager concluded those mirrors would be more appreciated somewhere else, so he decided to keep the Fun House closed until the mirrors were sold and the new ones arrived, which was far from happening.

Fortunately, the jocks didn’t get to mess with the mirrors too much. However, Jimmy still felt the antique pieces deserved to be properly cleaned, so he picked his special mixture of water and white vinegar and a piece of newspaper and proceeded to clean them.

The moment Jimmy stepped into the hexagonal formation he couldn’t help but grinning.

“Hey guys, sorry about those jerks, but don’t worry I’ll get you all cleaned right away!”

Even Jimmy didn’t know why he started talking to the mirrors in the Fun House, maybe it was the feeling of solitude he got for seeing multiple different images of his skinny tiny body.

Each surviving mirror was 10 feet tall by 8 feet wide, but that was the only thing they had in common, because none of the precious mirrors reflected an image in the same way, which was the very intent of a Fun House.

Each one of them reflected Jimmy in a different form other than the 5’5” 110 pounds, dark haired, olive skinned, zit marked face of the 17 year old skinny teenager with a pitiful attempt of mustache growing over his thick lips. It was funny how his face, head, skin limbs and overall unattractive form was captured by the angles of the “fun mirrors” to create deformed new versions of his body.

In some of the images, Jimmy looked taller and broader in the upper body area, but his legs and feet just seemed to disappear. There was this reflection in which he seemed to be as thick and round as Mr. Bellini, and in others his head occupied three quarters of the reflection size.

However, in that particular night, Jimmy Rivera noticed that among all the distorted images, he was actually looking at his normal reflection right at the mirror in his right side, so he turned around to face such unexpected thingy – he pretty much knew that none of the remaining pieces could reflect a “normal” image.

“You don’t like what you see, do you?” Someone asked.

Jimmy jumped inside his pants. “Petrus, is that you?”

No one replied, there was only the usual noise of hundreds of people laughing and screaming in the rides, so Jimmy just shook his head and continued cleaning.

“He’s talking to you, why don’t you answer him?” The same voice asked again, and Jimmy this time realized it sounded a lot like his own. The teenager stood up and got out of the box, suspecting that someone else was just making fun of him.

When Jimmy finally got into the mirrored formation again, he noticed that all images of him were now “normal”, but they were not actually reflecting Jimmy because there were six different positions of the same skinny boy, six different faces and expressions of the original guy who stood flat footed at the center of everything.

“Hello? We are the ones talking to you!” The image from behind Jimmy spoke first.

“I must be dizzy from all that ammoniac!” Jimmy spoke out loud but the images suddenly laughed.

“Relax, you’re not intoxicated. We just want to talk, since you’re the only one who cares about us, not like the bad guys.” Another different image explained.

“Y-you know who did this?” Jimmy managed to ask.

“You bet it.” The six images of Jimmy suddenly faded they showed the infamous Brett and the rest of the “Barbarian” jocks that joined him in the carnival that night. After a few moments, the reflected jocks became once again the same images of Jimmy.

“Wow, you’re some kind of magic mirrors! That’s amazing!”

The images smiled “Well, we are, but at the same time we are still just mirrors, if you haven’t saved us, we would all be broken now. Since that night we have been so lonely, no one comes to see us, no one but you Jimmy.”

The central image grinned and it just “walked” from its mirror to the others, and each “twin” joined him as they moved into the next mirror, soon the six Jimmy images were all in one only mirror while the rest turned into a pitch black rectangle.

“Thanks for saving us, Jimmy!” They all said in unison.

“This is so fucking wicked!” Jimmy exclaimed as he touched the mirror where his “sextuplets” were now. It was amazing and frustrating at the same time because he could see his “ugliness” six times enhanced. At that moment, the images all exchanged looks.

“I guess this responds my question then.” The first one from the right nodded his head.

“What was that again?”

“You don’t like what you see, do you?”

For the first time Jimmy had no hesitation neither shame to be honest about his true feelings.

“No, I don’t. And I am sorry because you guys have to reflect this ugly image six times, you deserve better.”

The reflections nodded their heads. “No, Jimmy, you deserve better. If you don’t like what you see, then tell us what you would like to see then?”

The teenager considered the idea and the images suddenly changed, each Jimmy reflection was back into the original mirror, but they grew taller and muscular, with dark hair and flawless alabaster complexion, there were soon 6 reflections of the 6’5” 240 pounds hunky Petrus Voda surrounding the impressed Jimmy.

“Wow, you guys are good!” Jimmy exclaimed as he felt like truly surrounded by such impressive great looking man.

One by one, all of the images turned back into Jimmy’s reflection.

“What would you like to change?” Asked the image right in front of Jimmy (which he mentally decided to call Mirror #1)

Jimmy chuckled “Well, what about everything?”

“Not a problem, but you have to start at some point, so which is it?” Mirror #1 insisted.

“Well, I’d love to see the day when all my zit marks are gone.”

“Yeah, it will be a happy day for you right?” Mirror #4 asked.

The face on each one of Jimmy’s reflections smoothly became fair and flawless, it was like he just went from baby to teenager in a few seconds; the impeccable facial skin retained all the freshness and health from his earlier years.

“Hey, that’s not bad…” Jimmy grinned, enjoying the look on his zit free reflections.

“Yeah, but there’s so much more we can do for you, buddy. All you have to do is ask!” Mirror #2 commented.

“Well, now that you’ve mentioned it, my skin looks so nice that I could actually get some tan.”

“Just say when is good enough for you!” The images chuckled as their complexions turned slightly darker, going into a different shade of bronze that only enhanced Jimmy’s Latin features.

Jimmy looked around and noticed the different versions of his “tanned” versions, until he pointed at Mirror #4 who turned into a beautiful cinnamon shade that made him look really healthy.

“I think this much would go best for me, but you all look great!” Rivera thanked the rest of the images.

“Thanks for choosing me, Jimmy!” #4 was exulting with his “victory”. Meanwhile, the rest of them just chuckled.

“Okay, now what else? You gotta give us the chance to get even otherwise that guy will never let us hear the end of it!” Mirror #2 commented.

Jimmy chuckled with that comment. “Okay… I’ve always hated my hair, it’s so greasy, and already thinning, I don’t want to go bald like my father and uncles, can you do something about it?”

“That’s a piece of cake!” The images announced as the hair on each image changed into a different look, but the hair grew thicker and stronger, healthier and so full, it really looked like Jimmy would keep the mane for the rest of his life.

“You want a classic hairdo, right?” #3 suggested showing a very neat medium length men's hairstyle. The style followed the traditional men’s cut: short back and sides, with added length on the top, which was cut into evenly-distributed, uniform layers.

“Oh come on, you can do much better than that, how about something bolder?” Mirror #5 replied, suggesting a short, layered look built to an apex of bulk at the parietal ridge and deeply textured to create fine, slender points in the styling.

“How about looking like a hot teenager that you are?” Mirror #4 displayed a typical “Zac Ephron” over styled look which clearly didn’t please Jimmy, and made all the other reflections burst into laughter.

“Jimmy, why don’t you just tell them that what you really want is a manly, long, cascaded, brilliant and virile hair that make you look more interesting?” Mirror #1 asked as he grew a shoulder length real heavy mane that made him look very sexy all of a sudden.

“You want to look like a man right? How about a man with an edge?” #2 suggested a very interesting faux hawk look, almost at shoulder length which indeed seemed very modern and clean, but he also added a nice touch with side-burns and manly stubble that gave that “I don’t care for shit” kinda look.

“I chose you, #2!” Jimmy chuckled as he touched the image which he liked the most.

“I knew you would, buddy!” The reflection blinked to the teenager while the other images just shrugged.

“Well, there’s a lot you can still do, Jimmy, just let us all play too!” Mirrors 3 and 5 said in a pleading tone.

Jimmy just chuckled at that. “Well, if you guys insist, I’ve always hated to be so short, I would love to know how I would look if I were a bit taller.”

“You gotta be more specific about that, how much is a “bit taller”?” Mirror #3 said as his image stretched about 4 inches taller, which made his Jimmy look like 5’9”.

“Heh, every guy who is under 6 feet wishes for such height!” Mirror #4 went for the classic height that described most of heroes in modern popular culture, and he did look like an unearthed Prince Charming revisited, which surprised Jimmy because he suddenly looked very hot, even if it was all part of that magical trick.

“Heh, yeah but why stopping at 6 feet when he can be much taller?” Mirror #1 stretched to a whooping 6’5” height, a whole foot taller than real Jimmy which suddenly made the real guy chuckle, he wouldn’t be much shorter than Petrus if that was true.

Mirror #6 just whistled and everybody looked at him. “You guys are all shrimps to me!” the mirror showed a guy who was taller than most NBA players, he was actually 7’7” tall and somehow his clothes stretched along with him. “So, Jimmy wouldn’t you want to know how Petrus would feel if you were over a foot taller than him?”

“Gee, #6… I would love that, but wouldn’t it backfire on me? I mean finding clothes and shoes for such size would be much more expensive and I ain’t rich. I guess in a perfect world I’d really want to be even taller than you, but just for the sake of this little game, I guess I’ll chose #4 again.”

“YESSSS!” The image celebrated but this time it provoked some commotion.

“Hey that’s not fair, you’re making choices based on everything you’ve known as real. Clearly, you’re not taking the whole magic trick in consideration.” Mirror #6 protested as he looked down at Jimmy.

“What are you talking about?” Jimmy seemed perplex again.

Mirror #1 looked up at his giant brother with a censoring expression, but right then he tenderly faced the original Jimmy Rivera.

“It’s nothing serious, he is just upset because you seem to be divided between your real wishes and those who you consider to be achievable, isn’t it?”

“Well, considering that I’ve never thought it was possible to be talking to magical mirrors, I guess he has a point. So, do you mean that I should ask for anything even if it was impossible in reality?”

“Pfffttttt… reality, all mortals are so attached to that, no wonder there aren’t any wizards these days!” Mirror #6 whispered to #5 as they both rolled eyes.

“We just want to know how YOU would to look like, we are not asking if it would or would not be possible, it’s a just a funny game isn’t?” Mirror #2 explained, trying to sound gentler.

Jimmy shrugged “Yeah, it makes some sense…sorry if I am being obnoxious.”

“Hey buddy, you’re the boss here, we just want to make it everything perfect for you!” Mirror #4 grinned and the rest of his fellow brothers agreed.

“Okay…in that case I guess I’ll have to reconsider my latest choice…in a world where I didn’t have to worry about buying clothes and shoes, or any other inconvenient that inflict really tall guys, I guess I would love to be…REALLY tall then.”

The images just exchanged looks, noticing Jimmy still didn’t get the “be more specific” part, so they just shook their heads and grew into the impressive 7’7” height, which was at least the common denominator they had so far, and #1 once again tried to be the voice of reason.

“Maybe we should get back to the height issue later, right now why don’t we move into something more interesting…how about your physique Jimmy? What would you like to change about it?”

Jimmy actually needed a few moments to drink in the view, he was surrounded by 6 giant sized versions of his body, well not exactly 6 exact versions, but 6 enhanced, perfected, improved versions that now looked way down at him, they were so intimidating, so powerful, yet they also looked so tender and friendly, besides Jimmy couldn’t help but feeling those huge “brothers” were there to protect him, so he actually started feeling more confident about that situation.

“Guys, let’s give him a hand, the poor dude forgot to change the main part! Every guy wants a bigger cock!” Mirror #2 laughed as he simply took his underwear off and revealed the 7 inches hard cock on Jimmy, which actually looked pretty tiny in his massive new frame.

Jimmy was ashamed “Sorry, guys…”

“Hey, your cock is fine, believe me, but we have just grown too tall without directions, so our cocks weren’t taken in consideration. We can take care of it right now!” Mirror #5 grinned as his boxer also disappeared and his cock grew longer and thicker until it reached 10 full inches long and it was just completely soft.

“Heh, are you saying this is good enough for him? Please!” #2 said as his cock grew to 15 inches soft. “That is a cock!”

Mirrors numbers 1, 3 and 6 just laughed as their cocks grew into monstrous sizes, totally erect “What’s the deal with showing soft cocks? Jimmy has to see them hard to pick!” #6 said proud of his 3 feet long sized monster phallus with huge beach ball sized testicles.

Jimmy gasped again “Well, I guess he has a point, you won this round dude!” Jimmy blushed as he touched the sixth mirror to attest his victory.

“Damn you all look so smoking hot; I can’t even believe you started from my ugly version to become such powerful males!”

“Oh, it’s just to show you that you can be much more than you think, and all you gotta do is ask, my friend!” Mirror #1 replied with a very friendly look.

“Gee, I don’t know…you all look so hot, but I’ve always wanted to know how I would look if I could actually pack some weight, I am so skinny and saggy, I’d love to fill out my clothes with some beef.”

Jimmy noticed how his skinny frame seemed to be engulfed by the extra large old black T-shirt and really wide cargo pants he still wore, although for some wicked reason his giant sized brothers all seem to dress relatively baggy and unflattering reflections of the same clothing, although the teenager knew by now they could change it if they wanted.

“Oh, that’s easy for us, but you have to be more specific about the amount of mass you want, okay?” Mirror #5 explained as the reflections started filling out with muscle in different rates.

“Holly crap!” Jimmy exclaimed when he noticed that his images now displayed a different look for him, each one have added more mass than the other. He noticed that in each image his shoulders looked broader and his waist grew slimmer, but he couldn’t quite notice the differences since they all wore those pants.

Almost immediately the images grinned and their clothes vanished, they were all wearing the same baggy, ripped and dirty boxers Jimmy carried underneath his pants.

“Hey, how can you tell the underwear I am wearing?” Rivera instinctively covered his crotch area, although he remained totally dressed.

“It’s just a hunch, now how much would you like to pack? Like 80 pounds?” #1 asked showing his look, since all images have assumed the immense new height, he just looked a tall guy with a really skinny yet very lean and strongly muscular look.”

“That’s…pretty good.” The condescending tone on Jimmy’s voice indicated he needed more mass in those reflexes.

“Heh, that’s not good at all, how about 145 pounds huh? That would make you 255 pounds of solid ripped muscle, and with this tan I’ve got there’s no better look for you!” #4 tried to score his second victory since #6 had screwed it for him.

“Please, you’re so skinny! I’d say you should gain at least 250 pounds to look like a very athletic guy, really muscular!” Mirror #5 retorted, he was 360 pounds of massive muscle, the humongous Jimmy version flexed his 27” arms, which impressed Jimmy because he never thought he could actually look so strong.

“That…is…so…awesome!” Jimmy tried to focus, but his cock was really getting harder.

“You guys are so pathetic, the guy asked to pack MASS!” Mirror #2 pointed out as he showed his amazing look “I’d recommend 600 pounds of pure muscle, to make you look like a walking wall of muscle!” The mind blowing 710 pounds Jimmy clone just flexed a most muscular pose and Jimmy couldn’t help but gasping, since he looked so thick and powerful, in fact that image was bigger and more muscular than it wouldn’t ever be possible for any man to become.

“Come on, you are so slow on noticing the guy digs the muscle monsters! How about this little Jimmy? How about half a ton of muscle for your pleasure? Can you imagine how powerful you’ll be? Damn you will lift trucks for fun!” The gargantuan #3 teased as he presented his impressive 1000 pounds hulking and it just blew the mere image of #2 very easily.

“You call that mass? I’d say he should pack all your suggestions and then some more!” Mirror #6 calmly said and when Jimmy turned to face him he was more than amazed to see the hulk version of him.

#6 was a clever guy so he quickly summed up the five previous suggestions and added so much more mass, in fact he must have doubled and quadrupled the combined amount of muscle mass to his impressive frame, which he augmented even more just to give the teenager a phenomenal display of their powers. In fact, the proportions on the reflected image got so humongous that #6 needed to kneel and adjust so his immense frame could fit in the mirror frame, something that completely blown Rivera’s feverish mind.

“Lord Almighty!” Jimmy exclaimed as his knees went weak, suddenly he was looking at the most magnificent creature in the world and it looked just like him, or better yet an idealized, impossibly huge and handsome part of the hulking version of himself.

“That’s right skinny dudes; you’re looking at 8,000 pounds colossus of pure hard muscle! What do you think Jimmy, you want to look like me don’t you?” #6 grinned as he flexed his arm even harder, and Jimmy couldn’t help but touching the mirror like could actually grope that humongous ball of muscle, which was indeed much taller and bigger than his entire body. There was no doubt #6 was a giant, a behemoth, and just as handsome as Jimmy could ever imagine.

The poor Jimmy Rivera just continued rubbing his sore cock, he had already blown but the orgasm provoked by such ferocious muscular display continued to shake his very senses. “…yeah I want to look like that…” he managed to say in a very soft tone since his mind was already lost in the immensity of that monstrous beast of muscle.

“Hey, that’s cheating! He’s going right for the inhuman sizes!” #4 realized it was the perfect moment to get even with the humongous reflected sibling for ruining his previous victory.

“He didn’t cheat, he was just more sensible than us, besides we must remember that it is not an individual competition.” #1 declared before his other brothers started arguing again.

Meanwhile, Jimmy just had eyes for his enormous #6 and how he wished to touch that gigantic ball of muscle that surpassed his wildest imagination. The way little Jimmy already worshiped his enhanced version was so intense it clearly showed the other images the way to follow from then.

“Heh, if that guy is into monstrous sizes, why don’t we take a more objective approach?” #5 proposed and immediately the images assumed the same form of the hyper developed muscle monster that #6 had previously designed. Suddenly Jimmy noticed he was surrounded by ultra manly, gargantuan sized muscular versions of him, if he could actually devise the enhanced faces on the hulking bulks.

“Please…please, I…just can’t take it anymore…You guys are just so huge and powerful!” Jimmy moaned as he climaxed yet another time, but little did he know that game was still far from being over.

“Jimmy, you still don’t get it do you? You’re not dreaming, neither hallucinating, this is actually happening. Now, why don’t you be a good boy and tell us what else you want to change in your body?” #3 managed to squat his new humongous figure in order to look down at the shocked teenager.

“But…why are you doing this? I know I saved you, but you’re clearly more powerful than simple mirrors.” Rivera managed to ask a very clever question, which just made all the images positively impressed with their interlocutor.

“Heh, even with so much blood in your cock, you can still use your brains huh? Well, you’re not far from being right. We are much more powerful than you can imagine, in fact there are legends in your world about many of our previous deeds, but that’s another story.” #4 started, but before he drifted #1 decided to take the lead.

“What you need to know is that eons ago, back when magic belonged to this reality, the six of us used to be the most powerful wizard ever, but as our powers grew even stronger, we were betrayed by the very ones who once we called allies.”

“So you are like ghosts or something?” Jimmy managed to stand up as he could almost feel the enormous body heat produced by the immense juggernauts.

“Kind of, since it was virtually impossible to kill what we used to be, our traitors had resourced to the ultimate vanquishing ritual. It started with a very powerful spell, which split our soul into seven different parts; yet that was not enough to achieve our destruction. Six parts of the soul were trapped in ghostly dimensional prisons, and only then it was possible to kill the remaining soul fragment, the Core of the Spirit which still inhabited the flesh and blood, and in order to finally kill it they had to assassinate us in the most despicable method, offering their repulsive work as a prize to the Lords of Oblivion.” #1 explained at last, which made Jimmy feel sorry for the mirror images.

“So, if these mirrors are the dimensional prisons that hold the six parts of this wizard’s soul, wouldn’t it be easier if they just crash them at once?”

“You are of course very innocent, Jimmy boy. Killing a wizard is nothing but pure murderer, what our greedy traitors truly wanted with such herculean work was means to control our knowledge! After the ritual destroyed the Core of our Spirit, we became mere shadows, deprived of our very own image, doomed to spend the rest of time reflecting the image of others.” #2 added in angry tone.

“But even such coward punishment was not enough, since our soul fragments became part of the mirrors, anyone with the magic word could access the unearthed secrets we have uncovered over the ages.” Said #3.

“Wait a minute, you don’t tell me that some lady actually asked you if she was the prettiest of them all?” Jimmy suddenly realized that the “Magic Mirror” in Grimm Brother’s Snow White fairy tale could have an even more sinister origin than the old German lore.

“That is correct; though if one bothered to search, one would find out innumerous legends about Magic Mirrors. That’s because once the Ritual was over, each mirror was sent to a different part of the world. Whenever you read story in which the sorcerer used some kind of magic mirror to obtain knowledge over their enemies, it is just the representation of our very previous deeds. We have served evil warlocks and witches for more lives than you can count, little boy.” Mirror #1 finished with a grave look.

“If they had separated you, how come you’re united again?” Jimmy considered such improbable fact, it could partially explain such uncanny experience, but something still didn’t seem quite right.

“Believe me, it took much longer than you can imagine. Over the ages magic became less and less practiced in this dimension, our new owners didn’t care to obtain the magical phrase that compelled us into obeying their orders, they simply didn’t believe we were magic anymore.” Mirror #2 commented.

“At first, we were relieved, until we were reunited through the efforts of an Italian old Count who became obsessed with legends of magic mirrors, he actually imagined he could retrieve our power to himself, but fortunately for us he was not a great wizard after all, the poor bastard never realized that he needed the activation phrase to compel us into his will, so he actually spent the rest of his life trying to achieve the impossible.” #4 couldn’t help giggling at such dark humor situation.

“Anyway, we decided to hide our power from people, a few years passed when your boss’ ancestral bought that particular set of mirrors to assemble a Fun house at his carnival and since then we have been entertaining people, patiently seeking for an opportunity like this.” Mirror #6 had a much hopeful tone, which actually made Jimmy gulp.

“What do you guys want with me? I swear I never knew about the truth, I just thought you were very special pieces!” The skinny teenager tried to step away from the hexagonal display, but some powerful energy simply prevented him from doing so.

“Jimmy, there’s no reason to be afraid, what we showed you is not just a game, it is a token of our Power, the same kind of Power you can have if you take this once in a lifetime opportunity. It can be yours if you let us free!” The mirrors talked in unison, their humongous bulks now begging for a chance to be free again.

“But how is that possible for me to free you? I ain’t no wizard!”

“Since the curse, it is impossible for us to return to this word without having someone willing to perform a simple magic ritual. Will you do it, Jimmy?” #1 asked bluntly.

The teenager gulped again. “I…don’t know…what would happen to me? How can I be sure you are not just fooling me to get my body? You are much older and smarter than I could ever be!”

Mirror #4 just grinned. “You are right, there’s no way you can be sure that we are not tricking you, but then again, you wouldn’t do it for free. We already told you we’re gonna make you look like that for the rest of your life, all you need to do is agreeing in setting us free!”

Jimmy had grown so used to be deceived and mistreated, for that reason he simply couldn’t even imagine that some kind of supernatural force would offer him something so amazing without sinister hidden agendas. The teenager felt his mind torn between the fear of being tricked into some magic prison and the excitement of having that giant muscle body for the rest of his life.

“Heh, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore, Jimmy. With the size we’ll grant upon your body people will respect your feelings and most important, those jerks will never go unpunished from their mess.” Mirror #3 commented with an evil grin that seemed very seductive.

“I…don’t want to become like them.” Rivera confessed with an unusual bitterness, disgusted by the mere idea of turning into an insensitive bully like Brett and the images noticed they were hitting the right spot.

“Of course not, Jimmy. You are gonna be much more than they could ever imagine.” #5 insinuated and the rest of the muscle monster reflections acted on cue.

“You will be one huge, massive and powerful nice guy.” #2 explained nicely.

“You will be able to show them how a truly muscular dude behaves, you can be the ultimate man, Jimmy.” #6 whispered while flexing the insanely huge arm right in front of Jimmy’s face

“All you have to do is helping us getting back into the Physical realm and we’ll make your life hotter than your wildest fantasies. Just touch the mirror surface and focus on setting us free. It is really that simple, my friend” #1 instructed calmly.

The teenager brought his hand very close to the cold mirror surface. Suddenly, Jimmy snapped out of his trance; the skinny teenager noticed the massive muscles of the hulking reflections in different angles and positions, he realized he wanted to be like that and to have all the power they promised, he carved for it more than anything even if it meant striking a deal with a supernatural entity, but he also realized that anyone who had been imprisoned for immemorial times would do anything to break free…

“Okay, I’ll do it but under one condition. I want to know the activation word, the one that compels you to obey me.” Jimmy said as he retrieved his hand.

Had not the reflections grown so humongous, Jimmy would be able to see the look of shock, anger and concern in their manly expressions. The teenager never thought years of D&D role playing would actually prepare him to negotiate with an interdimensional wizard phantom which desperately tried to return to physical existence.

“Why can’t you simply trust us buddy? What reasons did we give you to think we would harm you?” #6 appealed for the connection he had with Jimmy since he uncovered the extreme muscle fantasies dwelling in the feverish teenager mind.

“Well, I want some guarantee for myself; otherwise I won’t do what you guys need me to do. Reveal me the magic password and I’ll test if it is truly capable of compelling you.”

#1 sighed. “Fine, if you don’t believe in us, see it for yourself. The activation word is Tantalus” The reflections looked down to the ground, like a severe weight had been placed onto their hulking shoulders.

Jimmy just grinned “Alright, it seems logical. Let’s give it a try: Tantalus!” The reflections stood up, their huge frames were just too thick and wide to be totally reflected, their giant cocks looked so powerful and manly, yet now it was the skinny Jimmy who seemed the manliest and most powerful among them.

“Your wish is our command, Master!” They all replied in emotionless tone.

“Hey, that was cool…now I want you to tell me what you are hiding from me!”

Rivera was simply tired of being bullied around, and if those mirrors thought he would be the dumb little guy whose soul they would trick, they would have a surprise.

“What are you talking about? There’s nothing we are hiding from you…” #4 stammered and suddenly all of the muscle hulks felt their charade was easily broken.

“Guys, I may be ugly, skinny and weak, but I was never stupid. That ain’t the activation phrase, otherwise you would never hesitate. Now, give me the right one or I’ll just sit here and wait, they will come for me eventually, so you won’t be able to hold me here much longer. If you want to experience the life outside again, you will have to trust me the control code.”

The mirrors mocked of the small teenager. “That’s useless, puny mortal. We are never revealing the secret of the one relief we ever had in ages of misery!!”

Jimmy noticed they were trying to corner him, it was then the skinny guy realized his luck was indeed changing for the best.

“Fine, I already figured it out, anyway.” Jimmy crossed his skinny arms in front of his sunken chest, and it made the bulky reflections laugh out loud, the powerful voices made the very ground shake, but the skinny teenager would be the one to have the last laugh.

“Zagbed!” Rivera said at once and suddenly the enormous images were frozen. They stopped laughing and immediately obliged.

“We are here to serve you, Master.” Jimmy noticed the ancient soul fragments simply shocked with the uncovering of the secret code which had been lost ages ago.

Jimmy grinned. “Well, boys, I told you I had figured the code by myself, didn’t I? I must confess it is unfair because you guys can’t see the frame on your own mirror, but still you could have at least noticed the Grecian letters carved on the bottom left corner on each frame: Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta – the modern alphabet letters A, B,G,D,E and Z. The activation word had to be an anagram for those letters, I just took an educated guess since it would likely seem that the word to compel your soul fragments could be the very name you had back when you were alive. I guess I just got lucky to nail it on the first attempt.”

The reflections seemed perplex with Jimmy’s cunningness, still they couldn’t say a single word because they were under the complete control of the unexpected new master.

“Lower the magic field and set me free to go.” Jimmy ordered and the invisible force vanished immediately.” The teenager noticed he had total control over the entities “Nice, now tell me what you didn’t want me to find out.” Jimmy asked very seriously.

“We wanted to trick you to get your soul trapped in our place.” The immense reflections replied right away in the same cold tone, although their apprehension was noticeable.

Jimmy remained silent for a moment, and it would have caused the reflections to sweat if they were still capable of doing so. The scrawny teenager suddenly shook his head with a smile in his lips.

“I guess I can’t blame you guys for trying to break free, I actually seemed the perfect moron whose soul you guys could easily take. Don’t worry, all is forgiven. Now…let’s get practical: is it possible for me to free you without losing my soul in the process?”

The mirrors exchanged looks before facing their master once again.

“There is one possibility, but it’s only a theory. As you’ve seen we are still able to cast some weak spells, because this prison was meant to hold the most powerful kinds of magic.” #2 started the explanation.

“There is a magic threshold that needs to be surpassed in order to succeed casting spells into the physical realm of existence, which drains much of our powers into the imprisonment vessels, and that’s why they had to break our former wholeness. In this current fragmented condition, we don’t have the power to cast a spell strong enough to break the imprisonment.” #4 added.

“That is the reason why we have been trying to exchange places with a soul like yours, it was the easiest and the only available way to escape, but if by any chance we could be one same soul again, this prison would never be able to contain the magical power we once had.” #6 concluded.

The reflections watched as Jimmy gently sat on the ground and pondered over the problem for a considerable amount of time, the fragments of the ancient wizard’s soul felt a mix of pity and anger of the arrogant little man, who dared to imagine he could solve something where even their immense knowledge had failed.

“Alright, check this out. We need team work to break you free guys and to do that we’ll have to make you six back into a wholeness again.” Jimmy wasn’t suggesting he was actually telling the enchanted mirrors what their plan of action.

“That is impossible! Haven’t you heard that they had destroyed the seventh fragment of our soul along with our body? It was the very core of our spirit! Without it we are not even ghosts, but shadows of the Great Wizard we once were, we’ll never been able to become one same soul again.” #1 seemed upset with Jimmy’s youthful stubbornness.

The lad shrugged. “Perhaps, but what about belonging to another soul? If you guys merged your fragments into the core of my soul, then you would be whole again and able to cast your power from me. Then we would be able to break free!” Rivera’s plan actually sounded much better than anything the fragments have discussed before.

“It is not a terrible idea, but if we were to do such thing you would have to be here with us, because we would never be able to cast such powerful spell into the physical realm.” #3 considered the situation carefully.

Jimmy said something that completely shocked the Soul fragments.

“Heh, if you were willing to swap places with my soul I think you can make bring the rest of me there so we can try out my plan. I feel more confident now that I know the code to compel you guys, not that I will have to use it, after all I am giving you all the proof that I want to help you in order to become all that you’ve promised to fool me.”

The reflections nodded their heads. “You’re likely to get trapped in here with us for the rest eternity, but if this works out, you’re gonna be the most powerful being of this world, Jimmy. We’re gonna become one with you and so will the powers we’ve acquired over the ages. You’ll be the Ultimate Wizard!”

“I don’t care that much for magic; I just want to BE exactly like you guys look. Well, I guess I want to be even bigger, much, much bigger indeed.” Jimmy confessed which provoked the massive reflections to laugh out loud.

“You’ve just proved us that you truly have the mind of a wizard, because true power consists on gathering the means to achieve an end, and that’s exactly what you’re doing. Don’t worry; with the power we’ll give you this little body of yours will grow just as much as your horny teenager mind can imagine, and then some more.” #6 concluded with a grin.

Jimmy once again felt extremely excited about the idea.

“Okay, I'm ready. Beam me up, Scott!” The teenager didn’t resist quoting the classic Star Trek phrase, but clearly it had no effect on the supernatural entities, which simply shrugged and prepared to combine their magical efforts to open the dimensional door right in front of Jimmy, and the teenager instinctively held his breath before he stepped into it.

Jimmy thought he would feel like Stargate movie, but it was just instantaneous. He simply opened his eyes and there he was in this cold gray empty world, brilliant light and colorful views came from the several openings in all directions and ways. For one moment Jimmy felt dizzy and lost, he simply didn’t know which way was which, it felt like he was falling forever.

An enormous hand easily touched his shoulder, the teenager just gulped as he noticed that it was one of colossal reflection’s index finger. The tiny Jimmy was now surrounded with all the muscle and manhood that he willed the reflections to become.

“Welcome to our torment. Don’t worry, hopefully you won’t have to get used with this feeling.” Somehow, Jimmy knew it was #6 the one addressing to him, although they now looked exactly the same powerful, mind blowing hulking ultra stud, now they were completely naked with giant flaccid thick cocks hanging from their amazing muscular physiques.

“We realized that since we don’t have a proper image to reflect, this would be the only way for you to recognize us, although there is not a single soul in this wicked dimension ever since we have been trapped in here!” #1 grinned while they all kneeled to look right into Jimmy’s eyes.

“We want to apologize for trying to steal your soul, Jimmy. We were so desperate to break free that we lost sense of justice. Fortunately, you are a much stronger soul that we’ve once imagined. We feel that becoming one with you is the best thing that could happen after all these years.” The reflections said in unison and Jimmy couldn’t help but getting very, very hard.

“Dudes, you don’t have to thank me, once you become a part of me you’ll understand I just had to have this power. I wanna look so huge that even your current stats will pale in comparison with my…I mean our soon to be new body. Let’s not waste time and become everything that we deserve to be!”

The reflections grinned while they assumed the same hexagonal display around the little Jimmy Rivera. The excited teenager could no longer see anything but the humongous muscles and the powerful mega sized cocks that he so much wanted to have. The fragments summoned their magical powers to start the merging process.

The hulking reflections were surrounded by powerful beams of light, Jimmy didn’t need to see their beautiful faces hidden by the ultra massive chests to know they were peaceful and serene, they were using their magic to commune with Jimmy’s very soul and it actually felt very nice, it was like he was inviting new friends to his house, he wanted to welcome them, they deserved to feel comfortable because from that moment on, that would be their house as well.

Jimmy closed his eyes for one second and felt a sudden sharp pain in his chest, but it was immediately gone, when he opened his eyes again, the reflections were gone, although he knew exactly where they were, each fragment now a part of his soul immediately merged and passed its powers into Jimmy, who just felt his mind flooded with thousands of years of knowledge, the process was actually very fast and intense.

Rivera suddenly opened his eyes and grinned. The scrawny teenager felt his body produced real thunderbolts as the skinny muscles simply packed new layers of muscle, his instantaneous growth and overall transformation followed the previous show his now soul brothers.

The feeling of the power surging through his body was simply delightful, the way his veins thickened as new powerful blood ran through them to feed the growing muscles made his manliness increase at the same time the other enhancements changed his average looking face into stunningly beautiful and powerful manly features.

Jimmy smiled while his body felt like boiling, the growth continued underneath his skin, which got into a rich deeper tan, he could actually feel the zit marks vanishing from his face, the smoothing of his complexion was joined by the amazing feeling of the multiplying muscular fibers filling his engorging legs and thighs, the shoulders expanding and growing rounder, wider and thicker, even the once sunken chest was now much heavier, with the creation of two powerful pectoral plates of manly beef growing bigger, and harder at each passing second.

Rivera threw his head back feeling the uncanny augmentations of his once pencil neck, which grew thicker and more muscular, the deltoids pushing their way out. With each second his neck muscles got stronger and expanded along with his ballooning shoulders, they grew so fast and so hard that Jimmy could feel the pressure of the augmenting fibers pushing each other.

The muscle growth came in sudden and very intense spurts– from each extremity of Jimmy’s augmenting physique flow a different wave of new muscular tissue, his arms, legs, and even his cock grew incredibly bigger and more muscular as the transformation continued. Then, as the waves met along their ways, the combination of their changing rhythms only resulted in more powerful growth spurts that spread towards all directions.

The teenager rejoiced, his senses flooding with the excitement of his transformation, he never felt so powerful or capable before. Jimmy knew that his body was not only growing more muscular, the power bestowed upon him took him to the next level, he inherited the magical powers of the Wizard imprisoned in the mirrors, uncovering ages of secrets and ancient mysteries of the universe, it was like the world now unfolded before his widening conscience.

Rivera enjoyed while his muscles quickly grew from their original insignificance to a very respectable stat, but according to the preview he had from the reflections, he would still grow much more, and he truly hoped he could grow even bigger from there. Jimmy hit a most muscular pose that already started to rip his once bagging clothing, he just felt his power could no longer be contained by those clothes neither the very dimensional prison, now that the 6 fractions of Zagbed were merged into the core of his spirit.

In fact, the new teenager muscular wizard had the very proof of his new condition when he could feel Petrus got back in the fun house, looking for him.

“Jimmy, are you still in there buddy? Come on, I'm hungry!” Petrus said as he couldn’t help but noticing his handsome features reflected in the impressively elegant mirrors, a beautiful smile rose in his lips.

Jimmy could perfectly see when the hunky basketball player stood in the center of the hexagonal mirror display, he now controlled the powers of the mirror, so he could pass by Petrus’ reflections, and he enjoyed that situation. His body was still growing more muscular and would continue developing much bigger, but he suddenly felt lonely in that gray dimension, his muscles deserved to be worshiped and appreciated and Petrus deserved to be the first to see the new and ever growing Jimmy Rivera.

The fractions were not exaggerating. Once they had been reunited, their power was just impossible to be contained by such simple prison, it only took a simple thought and Rivera’s growing physique was immediately teleported out of the dimensional pocket that lied behind the mirror.

Petrus surely liked what he saw in the mirror, he was one hunky dude; he just hoped his handsomeness and seduction skills would be enough to get the shy little Jimmy to come out of his shell. Voda has always had a thing for shorter guys with tender features, especially when they loved to worship tall hung guys. He knew Jimmy would be a nice guy to fuck, but Petrus actually expected a bit more from that little guy.

The basketball player noticed a spark in one of the mirrors, but right at the next moment, this immense ball of energy suddenly expanded from behind the mirrors and engulfed everything in the room. Petrus didn’t even have time to move, he would be caught into the explosion, but for some wicked reason an invisible force involved his body, protecting him from the heat and the destructive power of the shockwave.

Nonetheless, Petrus’ body was thrown against the wall several feet away, after the impact he noticed the mirrors were totally shattered and the room was just destroyed, most of the light bulbs were destroyed in the event, so the room was actually much darker. All Petrus could devise was a figure standing right where the mirrors used to stay.

“Oh crap! Pet are you okay? I didn’t mean to hurt you…” The voice sounded familiar, although Petrus was still a bit dizzy from the experience. He just stood there as the figure approached and easily helped him to get back on his feet. Voda went immediately shocked when he noticed the man who came in his rescue was no other than Jimmy Rivera.

“Jimmy…what was that? Are you alright?” Then, Petrus noticed the once frail Jimmy easily helped him to stand on his feet. A quick look just showed several changes in the body of his friend. “What happened with you?” Petrus asked nervously barely realizing that this new Jimmy was a 5’9” tall 260 pounds muscular guy with manly features, perfect complexion and drop dead gorgeous looks.

Jimmy just grinned as he hugged Petrus firmly. “I am so sorry for blowing the mirrors on your face, I didn’t know it would happen, but I'm glad I could cast this force field around you in the very last moment, doing magic is actually tricky.” The now muscular Rivera said as he easily lifted his friend from the ground.

“You did this? How is it possible?” Petrus just gulped while Jimmy gently placed him back in the floor. The Romanian hunk gently touched the skin of Jimmy’s muscular shoulder. His body felt weird to the touch, it was hard, muscular and so hot, but at the same it felt like something vibrated intensely underneath his skin.

Jimmy just grinned “I could take the time to tell you all that happened in the few minutes since you’ve left me, but I can do much better now!” The muscular Jimmy snapped his fingers lighting the room again, which revealed even more of the amazing new forms of his body. The destroyed mirrors were immediately repaired, but instead of the empty room, they now stood some kind of modern studio.

Petrus looked at Jimmy and noticed he was much taller than he used to be, and his body expanded right in front of his lustful eyes. The former geek guy just blushed as he noticed Petrus was totally boned because of his expanding muscles.

“So, I was thinking that we could just hang out in here for a moment, while my body grows towards the muscle freak I am becoming.”

Voda realized it was useless trying to figure out what was going on, instead he’d better just enjoy the unexpected change of plans. “Okay…but can you at least give me the heads up if something else is gonna explode?”

Jimmy grinned “Well…I guess I can do that, because all this body is actually ready to burst into even bigger forms!” The shorter teenager flexed his 23 inches massive gun that easily ripped from the remains of the shirt sleeve as the peak rose higher. Petrus simply placed his hands around the soaring ball of hard muscle.

“Damn…you’re so fucking hot Jimmy!” Petrus stammered as he noticed that the mere fact of his touch brought the muscle to grow much faster. Jimmy threw his head back and just laughed as he gained several pounds per second, his body augmented in spurts of muscle growth, the bones cracked when he gained more height and the skin stretched as new muscle fibers filled the extra space.

“Heh, thanks, but you haven’t seen anything yet.” Jimmy teased as he reached up and easily brought Petrus’ face closer to his and they kissed so passionately, the kiss just accelerated the process even further and Jimmy grew thicker and more muscular while he tongue wrestled Petrus with a voracity he never thought to possess, it felt like it’s been ages since he had last kissed a man. In fact, it might have been his very first French kiss, but at the same time Jimmy realized he had the same experiences of the Lost Wizard.

Petrus managed to break the kiss. “Damn…you’re growing so fucking fast! I know I probably can’t understand what is happening, but is it really real? I didn’t die in the explosion did I?”

Jimmy just caressed the face of his hunky Petrus. “Don’t worry, you’re not dead, from now own I’ll be your Muscle God and you’ll live in my muscle heaven forever!” The once geeky guy stood now at 6’2” tall and he weighed amazing 440 pounds of intensely huge muscle, his growing cock also ripped from the remains of his underwear.

Petrus drooled, he didn’t even to be asked, the hunky Romanian just got on his knees and started sucking on that foot long cock, his balls were so huge and heavy, the pubes were dark and thick, it felt like Jimmy’s body was not only a flawless masterpiece, it was an impossibly achievable standard, but Petrus couldn’t care less, he just worried about sucking on that humongous cock, and Jimmy roared deeper as he felt the discharge of his muscle growth increasing as Voda gave him his very first blow job.

Jimmy closed his eyes and for one moment, he felt his powers increasing along with his body, the secrets of magic unveiled to his hungry mind, and he fed on the power to increase his transformation, he knew exactly the kind of being he wanted to be, and only his amazing magic would take him to such gargantuan standards.

Petrus let go of Jimmy’s cock to kiss his lips, it was only then he realized he was standing fully tall, their lips were touching perfectly. Rivera easily matched his 6’5” height, but he weighed over 670 pounds of sheer muscle now. Petrus noticed the hunky goatee and the bold new faux Mohawk that magically grew on his once balding head.

“Holy crap, when will you ever stop growing? Not that I am complaining, though…” The basketball blushed when he noticed Jimmy now was actually at least once inch taller as his growth rate only increased.

“Heh, I don’t know, but I hope I never stop growing…which brings us to the next issue…I gotta fuck you before it’s too late, I mean before it gets too big!” Jimmy held the 14 inches long cock.

The brunette hunky guy just hissed “Oh yeah, you gotta fuck me!” Though Petrus had never bottomed before, he was more than excited to be Jimmy’s first butt.

Jimmy purred as he easily ripped Petrus’ clothes, his cock produced and insane amount of precum that leaked like some kind of warm oil from his immense phallus.

“Heh, we should get some comfort after all…” The growing hulk immediately produced a sumptuous bed right in the middle of the room. Jimmy easily carried Petrus to the comfortable giant sized bed; the soon to be fucked guy noticed the mirrors were placed around them, because the youthful behemoth wanted to see his glorious expanding form ravishing the virgin butt of Petrus Voda.

“Don’t worry, I'll be the best top you ever had!” Jimmy said with no false modesty, as he sat at the edge of the bed and adjusted Petrus’ butt to be plunged by his enormous.

It actually felt like being consumed by the fires of his own lust, Petrus moaned as he noticed the humongous cock of his topper entered his virgin ass easier than he could ever anticipate, although it didn’t mean such feat wasn’t joined by a great deal of pain, it simply was overwhelmed by the shocking effect over Jimmy’s immense physique, the moment his phallus filled Petrus’ butt it simply grew much bigger with each thrust.

“Shit, you’re just so right for me, little guy!” Jimmy whispered, doubling his immense form over the slender body of his bottom, the thickness of his muscles was simply amazing, still he was even more defined and ripped, each muscle now seemed more perfect and better sculpted into the uncanny ultra hard raw material of that colossal block of manly beef.

Petrus was so lost in the blissful orgasms that flooded his senses, it was like Jimmy could make him cum at each single time he thrust that ginormous cock inside him, and whenever it happened, Rivera purred deeper because his body grew in massive spurts, the expanding figure grew more muscular and heavier, even the magic bed which had been conjured could not hold to his augmenting weight much longer.

Jimmy felt like a hungry beast in the most delicious feast, he just wanted more. He felt the growth and the power increasing as he fucked Petrus, he knew that little guy was just the key for his transformation, his muscles fed in his lust and grew huger, his strength augmented to please that guy and he got each time closer from the immensity he carved.

Petrus was literally carried like a rag doll by Jimmy’s sexual assault, at some point he could tell he was laying on top of Rivera’s ultra hard stomach, but the Romanian bottom felt the pressure increasing onto his body, he managed to take a peek at Jimmy and almost fainted when noticed that he was being fucked by a muscle beast of unheard proportions! It was like Jimmy was growing muscle on top of muscle. The bestial new form of his topper simply defied words, they seem not able to describe the monstrosity and the magnificence embodied into that colossal figure.

Rivera suddenly realized he was growing so fast now that it wouldn’t be safe for Petrus for much longer, so he gently paused his plowing movement and kissed the back of his bottom.

“Heh, I think it’s time for us to change places, dude.” Jimmy’s new voice was so much deeper and masculine. The young juggernaut said bringing his arms behind his head, which created a grotesquely overdeveloped muscular formation that only made him look even more amazing.

Petrus realized he was completely impaled on Jimmy’s cock while the 6’10” feet tall 2,500 pounds muscle simply admired their view from the surrounding mirrors.

“Really? But I’ve already came so many times. Besides, I don’t think I can even make you giggle with my cock, I mean you’re such a monstrous fucker! Don’t you think we should just continue?”

Jimmy grinned. “You don’t think I'm done growing do you? I have barely started; I have been holding myself back because I care so much about you that I don’t want to hurt you in the process.” The monster said as he gently lifted Petrus from his cock and the humongous manhood just stood there leaking precum like a fountain.

Petrus wanted to ride that monster again, but Jimmy was right, even now that they were not fucking the glorious behemoth grew bigger at each beat of his ultra powerful heart, it was just a matter of time until it would be physically impossible to be fucked by Jimmy.

“I just wanted you to feel that I am not useless now that you’re so humongous!”

Jimmy stood up behind Petrus and eclipsed his hunky proportions “Heh, Pet, you’re so fucking wrong, as I grow bigger I want you even more. I am all the man you ever need, and that makes me feel special. Look at me, I'm an alpha male, a monstrous one, and I'm so virile and masculine that I can be your bottom from now on. I want you to feel my enormous muscles growing as you fuck them; it’s the great part of the fun that is yet to come little man!”

Petrus blushed once again. “Damn, you know how to press my buttons!” The basketball player said, his cock was once again hard and throbbing.

Jimmy grinned and kissed his outgrown lover with his insatiable hunger for growth, his muscles engulfed him as the insane growth resumed the increasing pace. Petrus could only feel the behemoth playing him like a masterpiece instrument.

The immense Rivera chuckled “I think you deserve a gift…”

Petrus didn’t even have time to ask what he meant, it was like his crotch was fire, his cock suddenly grew much longer and thicker, along with his balls and the pubic hair. The Romanian basketball player had a very respectable 9 inches long prick, but in just a few seconds it was past o the footlong mark and growing bigger by the second.

“Heh, changing your body is just as easy as it seemed.” Jimmy chuckled as he started licking the growing phallus. When the colossal teenager decided to really give Petrus the head, the brunette always fainted, because it felt like someone was sucking his very soul, and the feedback on Jimmy’s body was incredible, he grew more monstrously muscular at each passing second.

Although Voda could feel his cock growing inside Jimmy’s mouth, whenever he took a peek at his own manhood, the brunette player almost fainted again, it was just inhuman. Petrus had gone from stud into donkey man in a few moments. Jimmy proudly presented his latest toy – Petrus’ 3 feet long, 20 inches thick inhumanly massive cock, with the balls the size of volleyballs.

“Jimmy, it is just…too much! How am I gonna live with that?”

The hulking growing wizard laughed. “Don’t worry, little man. You will be this big only when you’re with me, the rest of the time your cock will be just humanly huge, but right now I need you to use this immense tool to make me cum, I wanna get fucked by the hottest guy in school…after myself of course!” He teased.

Petrus needed no further motivation, he simply watched as Jimmy laid back on the enormous bed, his ultra thick legs looked like the pillars of Hercules, the lean hunk just felt the enormously huge cock throbbing, he didn’t even know if he had enough blood to sustain that erection, but he didn’t care for that. The enormous cockhead pressed into Jimmy’s virgin ass whole and the mere touch produced such a powerful growth spurt that both of them were momentarily shocked.

Jimmy couldn’t see Petrus because of the size of his hulking muscles, but he knew the guy wouldn’t disappoint him. The brunette’s freaking muscle cock finally penetrated Jimmy’s ultra thick muscle butt and it delivered so much power to the growth that the head broke immediately as Jimmy’s body unfolded.

It suddenly felt like Petrus cock gained control over his bodily functions, he suddenly was a fearsome predator; he needed to fuck that enormous butt and deliver as much pleasure as possible, and then some more. He felt Jimmy moaning and purring so deep, his voice grew more powerful at each time his muscles convulsed in subsequent waves of muscle growth overlapping each one.

Jimmy never thought that someone could fuck so hard, so intensely and so passionately. He had only allowed Petrus’ cock to grow big enough to make the perfect lover of him, but it was obvious now that he already was very close to such amazing standards, the more he fucked Rivera, the more monstrous the Latin muscle god grew, and this time each spurt was followed by an even bigger one.

Petrus unleashed his inner fire and all the lust he felt for Jimmy’s to fuel his topping action, allowing more mass and strength to be incorporated into the humongous masterpiece.

“Shit, you’re so fucking huge, I can’t stop cumming! Oh damn…gotta keep fucking you, gotta make you bigger!”

Voda felt his cock was so uncanny that no matter how many times he climaxed inside Jimmy’s butt, he just couldn’t stop; his cock was never tired, never soft. He just poured more cum into Rivera’s eager muscle whole, breeding the uncanny muscle monster with an unseen hunger to see him even bigger.

Meanwhile, it was Jimmy’s turn to be surprised and overwhelmed, from the moment Petrus entered him it was like his body grew into exponential intensity, his muscles augmented, increased, and then they grew even more powerful, each new cycle of power was joined by intense stimulation that only got Jimmy more despaired for mass and strength. He noticed that Petrus was now much smaller yet he continued fucking his mega muscular butt with growing passion.

“Shit…Pet…I can’t hold it anymore, gotta cum, please fuck me HARD!” Jimmy growled as he noticed his muscles were growing so much faster that he gained several dozens of pounds per second, and it would actually mean nothing once he climaxed.

“Damn…talk about blue balls!” Petrus gulped as he noticed Jimmy’s 5’8” feet long, nearly 3 feet around ultra thick manly ultra cock and the beach ball sized testicles that looked nearly purple so full of manly juices they were. Petrus grinned at the thought such humongous cock was much bigger than Jimmy had been this morning. The humongous muscle monster just flexed all his muscles and Petrus felt he could be crushed by Jimmy’s butt cheeks.

“ARGGGGGGHHHHHH!!” Both of them screamed at the same time as their synchronized orgasms erupted like the force of nature unleashed in a cataclysm, the growth on jimmy assumed a new level, which consisted of unstoppable spurts of muscular augmentation that took over his monstrous body into titanic proportions.

Jimmy felt his cock bursting, the impossible amount of warm sperm raining over them felt so powerful, that it seemed like the first time a volcano blasted, the unleashing of such unheard strength only served to the purpose of increasing his growth, the transformation then took its ultimate destination.

Petrus could just feel those humongous legs thickening around him; suddenly even those awesomely huge feet were getting higher, thicker, longer, and wider. It actually felt like Petrus was being sucked into Jimmy’s muscular butt, his view was filled with the surrounding of uncanny manly muscles, but not after cumming intensely inside that always hungry whole he could feel tired, it was like Jimmy needed to grow bigger and he loved that feeling.

The growth exploded as both lovers felt the ultimate change taking over. The fibers on Jimmy’s muscles expanded and thickened, his proportions augmented and his strength increased tenfold at each time the muscles augmented, the cycles got faster and more numerous, whatever was happened could never be stopped.

Voda watched as his cock was being sucked deeper into Jimmy’s anus, he just came again and again, while Jimmy’s humongous obelisk continued to rain above them, the whole room was covered in over two feet of pure cum, and yet it simply didn’t stop. Jimmy just thought that if he was to die growing, that would be the best way to go…

Jimmy could tell by his uncanny new senses that his body had been growing for nearly a whole hour before he regained conscious. He could feel his butt pressed over the remains of the magic bed, he looked around and all he could see was his muscle, his manly powerful monstrous ultra huge muscle.

The size of his chest, the thickness of those pectoral plates of manly beef so hard they would just bounce if flexed really hard. The width of his shoulders and the gigantic size of his arms made him so happy; the feel of his monolith sized legs was indescribable, just like the monstrosity that refused to go soft, a humongous python that still spewed thick warm cum, even after flooding the entire room.

The grotesquely muscle monster decided to sit up, but it was then he noticed he could barely reach the sitting position; his hulking vast back was pressed against the ceiling. The giant shoulders were so massive they looked like two immense boulders attached to the rest of hulking masses of inhumanly strong muscles were touching the opposite walls of the tiny room, which actually meant that if Jimmy tried to break free, he would certainly tumble down the entire building over his head.

“What the fuck? Oh shit! I am stuck!” Jimmy also noticed he still couldn’t move abruptly because it could squeeze Petrus, who was still deeply impaled inside him.

“Pet…dude are you still down there?” Jimmy asked a bit worried. It actually took a moment, but Petrus seemed to come back into consciousness, the Juggernaut Jimmy felt his cock moving inside his butt and then he heard the loud gasps of someone who had just realized he was fucking a living muscle giant.

Then, Jimmy heard laughter, which puzzled him. “Can you tell me what is so funny?”

“You mean besides the fact I fucked a geek into the size of a giant? Well, perhaps I think that having a giant cock impaled deeply into a hard wall of muscle is funny too. Let’s not forget that I can’t even see your face because your huge butt got me sucked down to the cock base and I can barely move because you’re a fucking muscle GOD!”

Jimmy actually felt so proud of the way Petrus referred to his monstrous proportions that he didn’t care about the comical implications of his condition.

“I will try to relax, you pull out on three!” Jimmy counted and they’ve managed to synchronize their actions, so it was possible for Petrus to pull out his own monstrous phallus from inside his mega monstrous lover.

Rivera felt Petrus climbing onto his massive muscles like a very naughty squirrel. When Voda reached Jimmy’s chest he actually needed to be helped because it was just a very hard negative climb, but eventually he was looking at the uncanny masculine and beautiful face of his monstrous lover, and they both immediately blushed.


“Hey, dude!” Jimmy grinned as he easily helped Petrus to sit on his chest.

“So, I guess you’re giant now, huh?”

“Pretty much…I hope it’s okay with you.”

Petrus shrugged “Heh, I’ve always been the biggest guy on my relationships, it will be good to have a new perspective. Besides…it’s not really about your height, I am actually shocked with your muscles! I can build a fucking house on those pecs of yours!”

Jimmy chuckled “Heh, indeed, but I hope you have an open mind, cause I know I’ll grow bigger eventually.”

Petrus frowned. “Do you mean that you know exactly how big…”

“I am currently 28 feet tall, and 16 feet and 7 inches wide, weighing 38,780 pounds of super hard muscle.” Jimmy Rivera grinned.

“You’re bullshitting me, how can you tell it so precisely?”

Jimmy shrugged his titanic shoulders. “I told you I'm a wizard now, I just know these things, but if you want I can produce some kind of giant measurement equipment for us to know the size of my muscles…”

Petrus grinned. “That’s a nice idea, but I guess we’d better get out of here, remember your boss sent you to clean up after the jocks? I don’t think this room is actually clean. There’s almost 3 feet of cum in the floor!”

Jimmy just laughed. “Yeah, I know I am messy, but it’s not a problem for me now…” The amazing wizard said as he was about to snap his fingers, but in the last possible moment he just stopped.

“Wait a minute, I was sent to clean after their mess, it’s only fair they have to clean mine!” Jimmy concluded very determined.

Petrus gulped. “Jimmy, you’re right, but right now let’s think on the situation, ok? You’ve become a massive giant and you’re currently stuck here, I know that if you make the slightest movement this whole place will come down on us! Besides, we are currently naked and our cocks are big enough to make people run and scream for their lives, don’t you think we should just take it easy?”

Jimmy picked his much smaller lover and kissed him. “You keep forgetting I'm a wizard now?”

The immense muscle monster snapped his fingers and they were outside the fun house and fully dressed. Petrus was back in his clothes, while the uncanny Jimmy towered over him, over 5 times taller and at least 160 times heavier than him. Rivera was now dressed in very tight jeans pants and a giant sized wife beater version, with his nearly 200” chest almost breaking free, the giant nipples were firmly pressed against the fabric, his abdominal muscles showing off so tight and short that piece was. He also wore ginormous sport shoes produced by his wicked magic.

Petrus simply whistled. “That’s what I call custom made! Though I was hoping that you would tone down a bit, you know since you have these powers, I was wondering that you would just look…less behemoth?””

Jimmy just grinned as he kneeled down and hugged the much smaller man.

“I will never hide myself from others again, dude. Don’t worry, nothing can hurt me and I think they will be much too shocked with my muscles to even notice my height. Now shall we go get the cleaning staff for that tiny room?”

Rivera simply stood up and picked Petrus up in his humongous arm, he just stepped over the Strength-O-Meter booth. When they emerged from the darkest parts of the carnival, people just couldn’t take their eyes off Jimmy’s unearthed physique; his muscles seemed to get bigger and harder at each step.

The screaming and the gasping continued all the way as Jimmy approached the booth where Mr. Bellini stood. For some reason that barrel chested man was so shocked that he didn’t even more while the walking colossus approached the booth. The carnival owner gulped and tried to act as normally as he could.

“Can I try once?” Jimmy’s masculine voice thundered at the carnival, it was like people went quiet just to listen to the words coming out of such beautiful thick juicy lips.

“Erm…sure!” Bellini offered him the big wooden hammer, but Jimmy simply refused.

“Thanks, I don’t need that toothpick. Can I just use my hammer then?” The behemoth asked with a grin and the owner couldn’t refuse whatever he meant.

“Okay Petrus, wait here for a moment, you will like this.” The enormous teenager just kneeled and then he actually laid the massive body so his wicked arm was right on top of the mark where the candidate was supposed to whack the hammer and test his strength, and just with the raw totally relaxed size, the biceps already reached the same “Hercules” mark on the reader, which was even more than Brett had previous achieved.

“Let’s see how monstrous I really am, shall we?” Jimmy giggled as he started flexing his monstrous arm and it just continued growing higher and more massive, the peaks soaring like real mountains, the veins popping with the fresh blood fueling the muscle flexing, the waves of fibers contracting even harder while the gargantuan Rivera continued to flex harder.

The biceps soared even higher, while the belly of jimmy’s uncanny triceps continued to press harder against the ground, the monument to the monstrous muscle augmented as the behemoth just watched the shocked reaction of the audience, especially those of Mr. Bellini, Brett and the rest of the jocks. Like most of people in there, they were not only scared, impressed, shocked, but very, very aroused with the display of such fantastic muscles.

Petrus paid full attention to the augmenting muscle, the bell which announced “World’s Strongest Man” had already rang, but the peak continued growing higher and higher , it actually was totally crushed as that godly arm reached mythological sizes, the flexed biceps actually never stopped growing, but once Jimmy reached twice the height of the readings in that wooden display of the “Strength-O-Meter”, completely hiding it behind the wall of muscle that his arm became, the ginormous teenager simply held that position.

“So, you never said what my prize is for this? What should I get?” Jimmy asked looking straight to Mr. Bellini, the man actually took a few seconds to recognize his former skinny employer somehow was that hulking colossus that stood in front of him, and it was then Bellini really started shaking, afraid of any retribution the giant ultra muscular Rivera could have planned for him.

“P-please, Jimmy take whatever you want, just…just don’t hurt me, please!”

“Hurting you? Oh come on, you pathetic little man. A muscle God like me won’t waste valuable time with worms like you. I just wanted to have some fun, but since you’ve kindly offered me whatever I want, I guess I am accepting this prize.” The wonderful monster looked straight to Brett and his entourage, which immediately made the girls scream and run for their lives, although they never imagined that Jimmy’s true focus was not their feminine curvaceous little figures, but the muscular jocks who simply stood there as Jimmy stood up and towered over them.

“So why don’t you little guys confess that you were the ones who decided to use the Fun House as your bathroom despite the sign?” Jimmy said bluntly and the jocks didn’t even hesitate.

“We’re sorry, Jimmy!” Earl was the first to crack.

“It was all Brett’s idea!” Bobby added.

“Please don’t crush us!” Matt begged kneeling on the ground.

Meanwhile, Brett just couldn’t take his eyes from the immense Jimmy. He simply looked defeated and respectful all of a sudden. Jimmy, then picked the Barbarians and easily removed their precious jackets.

“Because of you little fuckers, I had to scrub down the fun house. Now, if you want these ridiculous jackets back you will have to clean after my mess, and I'm telling you that it will be a much harder challenge.” Jimmy simply pointed at the fun house and the door was opened, unleashing the unmistakable smell of hundreds of gallons of fresh cum filling the fun house.

“My fun House, what have you done?” Bellini screamed, but it only took a direct look from Jimmy to shut the former boss.

“You’ll come see me in my place once you’ve finished cleaning, and I’ll know if you really cleaned or just tried to fool me, is that understood?” The uncanny Titan said as he simply made the pieces disappear from his hands.

“Yes, Jimmy.” The jocks all replied at the same time, but they all seemed more determined to keep the giant muscle monster pleased than actually recovering their team jackets.

“Now, if you excuse me, I have dinner plans with my boyfriend.” The immense Jimmy walked towards Petrus, who was visibly blushing and proud to be singled out like that. Jimmy just kneeled and picked the little guy in his monumental arms and kissed him passionately, then he stood up and took both of them out of that miserable carnival while everybody watched, everybody except Brett and his fellow Barbarians, because they decided to start their punishment right away.

“Wow, that was…amazing!” Petrus commented.

Jimmy just tried to look past his giant chest to devise his boyfriend’s face. “Heh, it felt amazing too. I don’t need that stupid carnival or the respect of those stupid jocks, I simply wanted to make my point…”

Petrus just grinned “Oh, you’ve made your point quite clear, dude. Forget about those jackets, I am sure the stupid fuckers will come back crawling for you!”

Rivera continued walking down the street with the biggest grin of them all “Let them come, I can barely wait to be worshipped by those tiny guys. “But of course, they will also have to ride your ultra huge cock too, and then you will fuck me even harder as they watch, because they will never have this honor!”

Petrus blushed intensely. “You know what, Rivera? Whatever happened to you tonight didn’t change you, it just unleashed this powerful alpha male who was laying beneath years of self pity and frustration…”

Jimmy considered the idea. “Perhaps you’re right, but I don’t really care for that now.” The hulking monster snapped his fingers again and this amazing restaurant appeared right in front of them, with hunky waiters dressed in only aprons, carrying huge pieces of meat and all kind of food.

“Welcome, master, we’ve been waiting for you…” This Norwegian muscle hunk greeted the couple.

Petrus just kissed his ultra powerful lover and whispered in his ears. “I don’t know how you’re gonna pay for the meal, I wanna tip those guys too.”

“Your wish is my command, Master.” Jimmy blinked at his lover while he gently placed him back at the ground.