Rise of the Übermen

Hey guys,

One of my all time favorite story is "Oral History" and those who have read it, might recall why I like it so much. I have always been fascinated by that subject so I have developed an interesting scenario which started as one role play but developed into something very rich, to the point I created a whole universe in which I intend to build a future story.

This is a compilation of those earlier role plays I had which I had turned into some kind of "transcription", the importance of this story is that it actually establishes the foundations for the universe of the upcoming project of mine.

I hope you guys enjoy it,


(The following material is the transcription of interview broadcasted via internet by a local public access channel in the year 2032)

Camera opens with the image of Bob Danton, 34 years old, sports physician and former bodybuilder competitor, a man with an impressive physique, dressed in blue tailored suit with pearly white dress shirt and expensive looking red tie. Camera zooms out to show the scenario for the program, an abandoned Hangar which had been totally reformed, behind the host there is an enormous metallic structure that stands over 10 feet tall, made out of 30 centimeters thick steel bars welded one into the other; next to it there’s a strange version of a life-guard seat.

Camera closes in the host’s face

Host: "Welcome gentlemen to documentary "The Rise of Übermen". In this next couple of hours we want to register the testimonials of those uncanny individuals who have brought mankind into new standards.

(A series of old TV footages begins, picturing teenage boys standing next to adult male bodybuilders, the peculiarity of such footage is that all those pubescent lads are much taller and more muscular than the champion bodybuilders, next another group of enormous lads performing strength and endurance tests under the surveillance of physicians, the host’s voice narrates the explanation for of such images.)

Host: “As we all now, in the last 30 years new generations of men have completely transformed our way of living, challenging our very knowledge of science, human anatomy and evolution. They were called "Übermen" – a word created by scientists to design such impressive specimen. Etymologically, the German prefix “übber” has the same meaning of the Latin “super” or the Greek “hyper” and this neologism meant to express and idea that regardless the obvious enormous size and muscular increase in such individuals, their physical, health and mental conditions are by far superior to an average homo sapiens sapiens, in fact some scientists defend they should have been known as homo sapiens fortius.”

(The host’s image once again appears in the screen)

“We shall interview, today, one of these individuals to know more about their particular way of life, please welcome my first interviewee Mr. Peter Jacobson…”

Camera zooms out tremendously, in order to show one of the first Übermen, Peter Jacobson, at the age of 45; he's one of the biggest and most well-known Übermen.

Standing very close to the 35 feet tall, Pete weighs over 50,000 pounds. His body is uncannily wide, probably nearly as wide as it tall, the thickness of such humongous creature is just unparallel, the sheer size of those gargantuan muscles fill the entire screen so the camera needs to refocus ever now and then in order to show a full image of the guest.

Mister Jacobson has a strikingly handsome clean look, with a shaven head and face, but an incredibly hairy body. He has deep blue eyes and a kind smile, dressed in a typical übersized version of a white wifebeater tanktop and dark blue shiny gym-shorts; the guest carefully sits on the massive steel structure and subtitles indicate that such is indeed a correctly designed chair for the Übermen set, it was especially created to accommodate their unearthed size and to support their colossal weight.

(Camera shows the host have climbed the other chair in order to stay at the same level of his guest):

"Welcome Mr. Jacobson, it is a great honor having you here, I hope you don't mind that I have to sit in this platform for our interview, even sat you are nearly four times taller than me standing up, so I appreciate your understanding in this point..."

Jacobson nods and smiles with a chuckle, getting comfortable on the huge seat of his "Whatever you like, little guy!"

Host: "Let's start with the time when you used to be one of the little guys shall we? You were born a normal child right?"

Jacobson: "Yes! Born and raised in a steel-town. I didn't really look any different from you before I hit the age of, oh, 15 or so. It almost started overnight; In a week I was a 5'9", but not very athletic at all, suddenly I had a huge appetite for about a week and then I noticed all my clothes stopped fitting. My muscles felt like they were twitchy and wanted to move, so working out really helped me relaxing, and it really kicked off my growth...but it was hard growing bigger than everyone you knew in a month!"

The guest laughs and rubs his chin, thinking back. "From there, I hit kinda random spurts of growth until I hit 25...then I kinda evened out here." He smiles and look down at his enormous form, then back at the host.

Host: “Many other übers report the same thing, this first growth spurt is said to be the most intense and the one which sets your body into fortius kind, according to your medical files you gained almost 600 percent of your mass in just 7 hours am I right?”

Jacobson: "Yeah! The first was the biggest. I mean, by the end of the transition month I had grown into nearly 6’9” tall and weighed over 450 pounds of intensely hard muscles, later in that school year I grew to 7’4” tall but I already weighed about a ton. The rest of them were slow and unpredictable, but over the course of ten years, it all adds up!" The guest grins and flexes one of his enormous arms for the host and the shooting crew, the arm alone is some 10 or more feet long, but it measures nearly equally thick.

Host (quickly shifts his cards): “Mr. Jacobson, I have heard that shortly after you entered your transition period you provoked havoc in your school, breaking the locker room, the cafeteria and the parking lot, fortunately no one was seriously hurt. Can you comment about that? Do all übers become so raging after they go into first spurt?”

Jacobson laughs and blushes a little, rubbing over his smooth head. "Well, it's tough. Being teenagers, their hormones are already raging pretty hard, and then add gallons of testosterone to that. Just about anything will set you off, it wasn't until a few days later my body started to adjust and cool down. After all it's also hard to not indulge your friends when they ask if you can lift their car..."

Host: Mister Jacobson, what would you say about the rumors about Übermen being extremely narcissistic? Did you use to think about yourself as an attractive lad before the spurt?”

Jacobson laughs even louder and scratches his enormous abdominal muscles under his tanktop. "Well, I gotta say for the most part those rumors are true, I've yet to meet another Überman who doesn't think he's the best catch on this planet. As for before, I'd say I was a pretty attractive boy before the transformation, yeah!"

Host (considers the answer for a second) "That's interesting...now about your size and enormous strength, how did you manage to fit in such a small and weak world we built around you über guys? Most of houses cannot hold your enormous bodies, plus, is it true that an über can blow a house if he doesn't control his sneeze or ...his burp or even his flatulence emissions?”

Jacobson chuckles: "All true. I mean we Übermen come in all shapes and sizes, so some smaller ones can still live in a normal home. As for the big guys, like yours truly..."

The guest grins and flexes the impossibly huge arms for the camera lit is possible to hear the very skin of Jacobson producing a noise when his muscle fibers flex. "I actually helped out an Überman buddy of mine start his own contracting business, to build homes for us big fellas."

Host: "This in indeed interesting, but what comes to my mind is, being so utterly powerful how can a simple average little man even think to be intimate with an über of your stature, I mean in the heat of the moment, can't you just crush or split our bodies in half with your uncanny muscles? Is it really safe for a normal gay guy to engage in true sexual relation with an über?"

Jacobson nods a little. "Once again… It's sort-of like normal houses. Smaller Übermen can truly be intimate with a normal-sized partner. With us real big guys, it's just not a good idea. We may fool around on nude beaches from time to time, but we could never actually get serious with a normal guy, for sure."

The host's face just shows some disturbance.

"So...you mean that you would never be intimate of someone like me because you are afraid of just hurting me unintentionally?"

Jacobson chuckles playfully. "Well, it's not to say I haven't messed around...you little guys can be pretty entertaining..."

Host visibly blushes as the guest looks down at him, once again he shifts his cards: "Some scientists say that you Übermen are still evolving and getting into new standards, would you agree with them? I mean after all these years can you notice any improvement in your already phenomenal body and capabilities?”

Jacobson smirks as he noticed the Host rubberized, then he proceeds to answer "I've noticed a little in my own, but more so with Troy, my open-boyfriend. He's only 24, and his abilities are waaay better than mine."

Host: "Oh...could you elaborate that please? Which attributes you think are better presented in your erm...partner?”

Jacobson: "We're partners, and we love each other of course, but our relationship is extremely open." The gust smirks back at the host, then he continues. "Anyway, he's stronger than I am, and he only comes up about to my chest..."

Host: "So, I believe it will soon come to the point of ascendance right? I mean according to specialists Übermen are very competitive and they can get pretty aggressive when it comes to establishing dominance over his partners, you say your boyfriend is stronger than you even being much shorter, do you think he will ever be able to make you submissive to him?"

Jacobson: "Ya know, I'm not sure! He's a real sweet guy, even for an Überman, so he might just wanna stay my little Troy!"

Host: "So can you actually control your growth? I mean you decide to be so massive and he might decide he won't grow bigger than you?"

Jacobson shakes his head laughing out loud: "Naah, that's a myth. Übermen can't control their growth, but sometimes we have strange reactions to food and products, that will make us temporarily larger."

Host: "Oh...I (search his cards) never heard about it, and I have been researching you guys for a long time, so..erm what kind of food would provokes such unearthed reaction?"

Jacobson: "Hmm...let me see...I think the last time it happened to me, I'd had a whole bunch of mixed shellfish. I'm pretty shocked that story didn't make papers..."

Host: "Well most of the facts related to you become urban legends anyway, and you have to admit that you Übermen always like to tease the smaller people telling stories of things that may or may not happen to you..."

Jacobson: I smile and nod. "Well we can't help how fun it is! Got any more myths you want to check for reality?"

Host: "Well... I think another myth would be the capability to erm... engage into several rounds of sex without getting soft, is it true that even after an orgasm you can just keep going and going?"

Jacobson smiles and stuffs his immense chest proudly, nodding. "Piece of cake. My personal record is 45 times."

Host: "oh... o...h okay... but doesn't it cause any kind of discomfort? dehydration? Doesn’t the friction hurt the skin of your...member?”

Jacobson shrugs his boulder sized shoulders. "Nah not really. I mean, Übermen can only take so much, so after 15 or 20 rounds, you just pull it out and go for the record! We get tired afterward, but it's nothing some dinner won't cure."

Host: "Oh...erm...it must be...really interesting being so powerful...is it true that you guys don't get sick not even the worst syndromes like aids or any other STD, not even bacteriologic weaponry can infect your bodies?"

Jacobson shakes his head: "For the most part, no. I mean, like anybody, we can be tired and lethargic, and under extreme conditions we might be injured, but seldom to never do we Übermen actually get sick."

Host: "So, Mr. Jacobson, I heard you proposed to the mayor a special team composed of volunteer Übermen to work as a support for the police and firefighters forces, is it true? Can you tell us what is your intent with such thing?"

Jacobson chuckles: "You can call me Pete, little man. As for the proposal, I figured that we Übermen should really use our size and abilities to good use! I mean, I've been doing commercials and advertisements and stuff for years but that stuff doesn't actually DO anything! Being volunteer firemen and police officers, even park rangers, we can really make a difference in our communities."

Host: "Well that's really lovely ... but what about those who say you Übermen would be trying to create some kind of paramilitary army to engage into some world domination conspiracy?"

Jacobson rolls his eyes. "Ah, that's bullshit. Personally, I think we're all equal, big and small, no matter what. Of course, there are some Übermen who think they're superior and that we should take over, but I know I wouldn't be a part of it."

Host: "Yes, I understand, but you have to admit if you guys wanted it would be very hard to stop this super army, because as far as I can tell bullets bounce at your muscles, each one is stronger than hundreds of normal men, and even biological weaponry is ineffective against you right?"

Jacobson: "Yeah! But most of us like you little guys." The guests sits back at his impressive huge piece of furniture. "And I mean- there are Übermen enlisted in the army, my buddy Jim's son is stationed abroad. So any Übermen-phobics out there should know we'll be willing to fight for you."

Host: "Which brings us to the other interesting point, don't you think it is very harsh the decision to prohibit Übermen to engage collective sports such as football, basketball, rugby and hockey? The same would be apply for the Olympic Games?"

Jacobson nods: "Well, it's true, it was rather quick to make a decision, but it does make sense. I mean- would YOU want to go against a team with a 20-foot-tall running-back?"

Host: "Well, of course not, but then wouldn't it be wiser to make a new league for übers? Most of them are already sports idols, you have become mister Olympia at the age o 16 right?"

Jacobson: "Yep! Youngest Olympia on record, before I became too big to compete; then I started doing ads and commercials, , though most would only film me from the waist up..."

Host: "Yes, your movie career is indeed legendary, the academy created a category just to grant you an award, and I must say i have never seen a bigger tuxedo in my life..."

Jacobson laughs: "It was an event, fitting all this for a tuxedo, that's for sure." The guest smiles and flexes once again, bouncing his big hairy pecs under the tanktop, then raising and flexing his giant arms. "As for my movie career, it's been nothing but fun."

Host: "Including your... adult film? I have heard that you made most of your hundreds of billions of dollars by making gay porn movies..."

Jacobson: "Of course! What isn't fun about messing around with some little guys for money?"

Host: "But some would say you were a bit too harsh in your movies, was it true that you kept the crew rolling the scene you had with another über for 7 day nonstop?"

Jacobson: "What?! Who said that?" He raises an eyebrow. "I never prohibited them to stop rolling. They just kept filming. The bastards edited it down to an hour."

Host: "But...who would last to see a 7day nonstop sex scene? Don't you think it could cause some real troubles? I mean the film would become unavailable to produce..."

Jacobson laughs. "Yeah, I see the point. Probably for the best, anyway…So is there anything else you would like to ask me little man? You please feel free to ask me anything."

Host: "Is it true that you have several sons conceived through artificial methods and placed in foster families? I know it sounds harsh but apparently you wanted to make sure a new generation of Übermen would exist?"

Jacobson: "10, to be exact. I mean- it's not that I think we're better, I just think that with each generation, the relationship between Man and Übermen will grow and possibly come to full acceptance! And not all went to foster families- only 8 of them 2 are with my good friend Linda, the only woman I've ever really had sexual feelings for."

Host: "Oh... I understand...well, has any of them reached the transition age yet?"

Jacobson smiles: "Yes! The first, Will. He's 16."

Host: "And how does it feel for you as a parent, did you know he would become an über? and so all your boys will be übers?"

Jacobson seems very happy to answer to that question. "Well- obviously, I'm proud of my boy. As for the others- who knows! I mean, more than likely they will be Übers, but you never know. Regardless, I love all of 'em. And Will and I are spendin' more time together, now that he has to get adjusted to life as an Über."

Host: "So he did move in with you because of the special adjustments of your household?"

Jacobson: "Not entirely, as of now, he comes to visit on the weekends. Once he gets a little too large to live with Linda, he'll probably come live with me."

Host: "And how big are we talking now? How much did your son grow in this earlier part of his Überman transition?"

Jacobson: "Will? He's...oh, I'd say about 8 feet tall." I nod. "Comes about up to my knee."

Host: "Already bigger than most of normal men...so Peter, tell us how it feels to be the father of an über, you have experienced the same thing when you were younger, what did your own growth bring when it comes to advise your changing son?"

Jacobson chuckles: "My own size and stature kinda helps to get him under control when his hormones start going crazy- other than that, I guess I'm just lucky that I know what he's going through! I've been talking with a couple of my Über buddies about putting together a book for normal parents who give birth to an Über, but I mean- they won't know until he's reached 15 or 16."

Host: "Well there have been progresses in the über studies, isn't there a theory that states that even adult men can change into übers when exposed to a really potent über ...erm... emissions?"

Jacobson: I shrug. "I've heard of the theory, but I've yet to really see it happen...but it might vary from person to person, you know?"

Host: "I see...but you said your size helped controlling your son...but is there a dark side of being an über daddy, does your son feel less of a man because he only comes to your knee height? If so, how do you deal with the fact that your calves are like ten times heavier than him?"

Jacobson shrugs: "Well, it's tough for sure- but I don't think he necessarily thinks he's less of a man. I mean- I've known him all his life, we didn't just meet one day because he transformed and she needed my help. Lucky for me, he's a good kid. He looks up to me as a role model, so he admires my size more than fears it. And he knows I'd never hurt 'im."

Host: "And is your son sexually active already?" The host asks being very incisive "we all know übers reach sexual maturity much younger than regular men..."

Jacobson: "Yes, yes. For us Übers, if we don't start as early as the growth starts, we can go a little bananas. That's what happened to me, for my first few months after transformation I was scared of being active. So my advice to him was to be careful about it, but at the same time it's a necessary part of our lives."

Host: "So...how does it happen? Does will have an über boyfriend or is he seeing a normal boy? What sexual advises do you give your son?"

Jacobson smiles: "Right now he's with a normal guy, his name's Jeff and he is 30 pounds heavier than you, soon to be too small for my boy, but still quite a catch for Will’s current standards. As of now Will's pretty well-equipped, but I guess for a big guy like Jeff he can handle it. My advice to him, for the most part, is just to be careful with his size and power- and not go showing off in the middle of class..."

Host: "That seems interesting...although I have the newspaper of the day where you juggled with five mini-vans at the teacher’s parking lot of your own school - that was when you were "only"9 feet tall and 3000 pounds huh?

Jacobson seems really surprised. "Where'd ya dig that one up?" He laughs hard, leaning his humongous body to actually read the article in the hands of the host. "Yeaah, I was a senior in high school at that point...it was my talent act for the Mr. Sanderson Heights pageant."

Host: "Well, someone called the police and you had to apologize for your little prank, but then it brings me to my question, back then, when you were just a teenager who outgrew everybody around, how did you feel? Did you consider yourself special? And please be honest, before knowing the whole Übermen story, did it go over your head?"

Jacobson: "I mean, I definitely felt different from everyone else, but at the same time I just rolled with the punches! I didn't really dwell on the fact, I just enjoyed it."

Host: "Really? well I beg to differ, according to your permanent record at school you threatened a former school colleague and said "You don't mess up with me little bug because I am a god among you, a muscle god and I will rule your ass..."can you explain this moment? Who was this colleague anyway? some enemy, rival or bully?"

Jacobson chuckles and blushes, thinking back. "Well, since I was such a standout I was always a target, but I believe that was when a class bully was messing around in class and flustering the teacher. So ol' Pete came to the rescue!" Jacobson flexes his muscles in a most muscular pose that sends his tank top into shreds, but he doesn’t seem to care about that.

Host: "Well, I have to say that most of Übermen did take this protective role in their lives, many had become doctors, policemen, firefighters, soldiers, many other just like to drop their lives and rescue people in danger , would you say that is it some kind of superman syndrome? You guys need to give something back for becoming so utterly huge and superior to your once peers?"

Jacobson nods vividly: "Yeah! I mean, that point comes back to your earlier question, about my initiative to form the volunteer squads of Übermen police and firefighters. With all these amazing talents, we gotta give something back."

Host: "So in a way...do you feel sorry if guys like me can never be so wonderful and muscular as you? Are you trying to compensate the fact that no matter one guy worships or idolizes you, no über will take a little man for a serious lover?"

Jacobson frowns and rubs his chin. "I...never thought of it that way...but, no, I don't think so. It's not that I feel bad for you and you can't catch criminals and put out fires, I just think that with boosted abilities, we can get it done more efficiently! And I...I'm just not sure- I mean, I could give it a shot with a little guy, but for me, one of the biggest Übers around, a normal-sized man won't do too much..."

Host: "Sexually perhaps not, but you've told yourself that no matter how many different partners you have, it is never enough for your body, so it's not sex that fulfills your relationship needs, perhaps you can get off by pleasing other people as well, perhaps what does really turns any über is the single details that he is superior and he likes to be worshipped as a superior muscle hunk..."the host seems a little braver "perhaps if you stop looking to the world from your enormous spot, maybe you can realize that little men can give as much pleasure to you than any other humongous cock of the other Übermen, it is just a matter of creativity and imagination..."

Jacobson blinks, noticeably puzzled by the question, scratching his head: "Creativity and imagination?"

Host grins "allow me... please?" The host says lifting his arms and asking for his guest to pick him...

Jacobson chuckles and reaches over, lifting the former bodybuilder carefully with a hand under each arm. "Sure thing!"

Host: "Thanks... now...your biceps, most übers always brag about having the biggest arms in the world, would you say the same applies to you?"

Jacobson grins at that: "Course I do! 'Cept for with me, it's the truth."

Host grins: "May I show you something then?" He simply climbs over the guest’s arm and sits atop of his immense biceps "I know you must have done it a thousand of times, but I have an original idea, I can see your muscles are extremely veined, and the girth of the vases are much bigger than any little guys cock don't you agree?"

Jacobson just nods: "Yep, agreed. So what's the idea then?"

Host: "Well, you can actually flex and make the veins even thicker, even bigger, not to mention your muscle will grow much harder and wider, my point is that while you can fuck an über at a time, one arm of yours can fit up to what 6 full grown men? You can still fuck you single über but, at the same time you exercise your imagination you can fuck a dozen little men into the hottest orgasms of their lives..."

Jacobson laughs out loud: "That's somethin' like what I do at nude beaches. Once I get myself good and hard, I line up a bunch of people and lift 'em up on my cock..."

Host: "Yes, I am sure you have thought of this, what I think you never realized is that giving pleasure to little men can be the hottest thing for you...I mean, you will always be the strongest über we have so far, there's nothing to prove anymore, but for guys like me, who have truly adulation towards men like you, there's not better no higher glory than serving and being pleased by your humongous muscles, and in my opinion that can be even more pleasing than actual fuck, not that you need to stop seeing other übers...and besides, I have still an idea to purpose, it is possible for a little man to fuck your body, not exactly your anus, because that might prove to be dangerous...but an even more sensitive spot..."The little man looks at the cock of his guest cock "Imagine five men fucking your piss slit..."

Jacobson smiles taking the idea: "Huh...not a bad idea..." He reaches down and scratches the enormous bulge in his gym shorts, chuckling. "Mind if I share another story?"

Host still comfortably sat on the guests biceps: "Erm… by all means, Mr. Jacobson we are here to listen to you"

Jacobson smiles and gives the host’s head a little pat. "Thanks; well it was during one of the Porn Epics, which were kinda built around Übermen like me, but it was one about the siege of Troy. I was dressed up in this little loincloth and my ass was totally exposed, and the men carrying the battering ram thought it'd be funny to try and ram it in my ass...heheh...little did they know my ass would win a game of tug-of-war with 12 bodybuilders..."

Host: "So...don't you also think being worshipped and giving pleasure to normal guys can be just as hot and pleasing for you than making actual sex with another über?"

Jacobson: "Well, yeah. Sometimes übers get too caught up in themselves and just wind up jerking off. Can you imagine?"

Host: "Well, I can imagine it must be a real ordeal for you to stimulate such an enormous phallus even for someone so huge..."

Jacobson laughs: "What? Nah, Übers basically have an on and off switch. You turn us on and we're horny for the rest of the day."

Host: "And what can possibly turn you off? I mean you are really capable of avoiding sexual arousing when you want to?"

Jacobson: "Good question...other than making a conscious effort to avoid it, we can't! The best bet is to rest, or take a little nap or something..."

Host: "Speaking of that, a normal man needs 8 hours of sleep per day, but I've read some articles where you claim to work out over 7 hours per day, so when do you need to sleep anyway?"

Jacobson: "Well- we sort-of get it in short spurts. One or two-hour naps."

Host: "Basically you are like sharks, you sleep several small times of day in order to keep going...and how about nutritional needs? Is it true that you can by yourself eat in one week the same of an entire football team in 3 months?"

Jacobson: "That's what they've calculated now? A football team for 3 months?"

Host nods: "Well it is if you eat 35 thousand calories a day...."

Jacobson smiles: "To be honest- I don't really check. My staff supplies me with food and I eat it."

Host: "Which brings me to the other interesting fact is it true that you have created a foundation to take care of the nutritional needs of underprivileged Übermen? You give them food and supplements if their income can't support their needs?"

Jacobson seems proud: "Yes! There are Übermen who live in urban and rural areas who are in need of help, so that was my first big social organization. Now that I've helped their needs, I've moved on to using us to help you guys."

Host: "And how would that work Mr. Jacobson?"

Jacobson: I smile. "I told you! With the volunteer fire companies and police squads, we can help all of you out. Or do you mean my experiences helping Übers in low-income areas?"

Host: "oh of course, that's so stupidity of mine, I guess my mind is a bit foggy of being so close of the legendary Peter Jacobson makes me silly..."

Jacobson laughs. "No need to be nervous. Anything that'll make you more comfortable, let me know, I'll do it."

Host: "Well... I guess I already took advantage of your good will and got you to ride your monstrous biceps, the world's biggest guns, that was a fantasy of my teenager years..."

Jacobson smiles: "No- really! Anything you'd like, I'll do it. My good will has barely been tapped into."

Host chuckles: "not with the cameras rolling mister Jacobson..."

Jacobson laughs. "Please, you’ve just asked me about all sort of intimate questions and you are sat on my biceps, I don’t think you would be embarrassed to ask something else…”

Host: "Well... if you say so...I would love to test some of your legendary capabilities” (Camera shows a huge pile of steel beams)

"I wonder if you could bend those around your cock and then make it break them as you reach full hardness at you giant monstrous manhood..."

Jacobson raises his eyebrows as he follows the gaze of the host "That sounds kinda fun, now that you mention it..."

Host: "Well each of those beams weighs over 700 kilos, measuring 3 meters long, since I have 10 of them, you will be handling with 7 thousand kilos around your cock, and do you think I went too far?"

Jacobson grins and rises to his 35-foot-tall tower of masculine power and strength. "Not at all!" He carefully picks the host and places him on his left shoulder while he proceeds towards the beams.

Camera shows the shaking ground, which proves how heavy the guest really is and then it focus on several parts of the phenomenally humongous figure of Peter Jacobson moving towards the beams "Wow, mister Jacobson...you are indeed glorious...”

Jacobson laughs, rubbing his monstrously huge rippling torso, his chest and abdominal ridges coated in dark brown manly fur. "C'mon I'm not even undressed yet!"

Jacobson playfully tosses the remains of his ripped shirt onto the host, which completely covers his head, allowing the little man to feel the odor from the ripped fabric.

Host cleans his sweat with the fabric of Peter’s ripped wife beater: "I can't believe I am gonna see the most famous and hugest muscle übercock in the world."

Jacobson laughs sonorously and puts his giant hands on his hips. "Now, be honest, have you seen it before?"

Host blushes: "Erm... I have a real size picture posted in my bedroom, I like to see it taking up three walls on my bedroom, but I never had seen it live I was still minor when you performed in front of live audiences...”

Jacobson chuckles: "That was only for a short time anyway...well- any last wishes before you see it?"

Host: "Wishes? I am already fulfilling my deepest fantasies here, mister Jacobson, better than this would only be becoming part of your personal staff..."

Jacobson smiles: "Let's not go too far...I think you're a little loopy. I know you love being the top researcher of Übermen, and get to meet Übers from all over the country."

Host: "Well, all I can say is that I’d change everything for a chance to prove you have never known pleasure... real pleasure...”

Jacobson rises his finger: “But you’d better tell your crew to stay behind that plexiglass wall, I don’t want to hurt any of you little men when the steel is broken okay?”

Camera is taken behind the transparent wall, but soon resumes to show Jacobson’s massive size again.

Host seems worried: “What about me? Should I go there as well?”

Jacobson pats the host again: “Of course not, I can totally protect you with my pecs, nothing will come through them, the problem comes from the sides, unless you don’t trust me…”

Host moans: “By all means continue, because I ain’t leaving this spot.”

Jacobson shrugs: “Then shall we get to the ordeal?”

The guest smirks and suddenly his tight gym shorts get even tighter around his massive crotch area (camera zooms in to show the audience a better view) the bulging enormity continues growing harder and longer, until it suddenly rips free from its prison while Jacobson’s powerful laughter makes the entire studio shake. The humongous phallus grows bigger, and thicker, the veins covering the uncanny obelisk of übermanhood bring the blood to rise the fantastic endowment.

Jacobson grunts: “Well, I think it is good enough for us to start playing…”

Host seems really impressed: “How…how big is that?”

Jacobson smirks: “Oh only a few inches shy from 15 feet long, but it is not its final state, you said you wanted me to toy with those little beams right?”

Host just nods and Jacobson picks the first bar and easily bends it around his cock: “This is actually pretty easy”

The guest finishes wrapping the first bar and then processed to the next, one by one, he manages to bend all the bars around the grotesquely huge phallus, and even with the weight of 7,000 kilos around it, the cock never got down, in fact it just rose up even higher.

Jacobson looks at his host: I am sorry think you’re gonna be a little disappointed now. (Camera continues on the guest’s cock)

Host looks puzzled: “Is it too much for you?”

Jacobson laughs “Of course not, but how else would you know this is so easy for me? I bet you would love to see me struggling and hissing to make my cock break free from all this steel but the truth is….”

(Loud noises are heard and all of a sudden there’s something similar to an explosion and suddenly the Plexiglas wall is hit by several small pieces of steel, laughter and cheer can be hard from behind the camera, camera shows the massive Peter Jacobson’s massive cock in its fully hard state at over 18 long and over 10 feet around).

Host pants: “Well yeah, but you had no trouble at all…”

Jacobsen chuckles: “Of course not, I’ve been doing this from almost 30 years now, I wished I could fake some struggle for you, but it is just impossible with such light weight you provided me, besides I think it would fit you ideal of fantasy huh little man?”

Host doesn’t answer, he just opens his fly and reaches for his cock, similar sounds are heard over the studio.

Jacobson grins: “So I guess you guys are not upset for me having ruining your experiment?”

Host panting: “This is so fucking hot, so massive, so strong…”

Jacobsen looks around with his hands at his hips: “Well, like I said once you turn an über on he will get hard forever, and it’s really a shame to waste such a giant erection, so little men, what do you say?”

Jacobsen looks to the host and then he moves his giant cock closer to the camera filling the entire view with his humongous uncut head. “Do you little guys want to test a few of Bobby’s theories? Maybe it is true that little men can please me more than real Übermen…”

Loud moaning can be heard, the host seems to scream as he probably reached orgasm, camera falls over, showing the shoes of its operator as he ran towards the immense muscle behemoth, just before the footage ends.

The End

Stay tuned for another story based on the Übermen universe. Please, I would love to get some feedback from this particular story. Thanks for all the guys who have helped me to role play the scenes.

See you around. Cheers.