Second Chances (musc)

“Seb, you gotta help me dude! You’re the only hope I have left!” The muffled cry of the deep voice tone showed how despaired the 6’ tall hulking brute was.

“I told you I was gonna fix this, Chad. Now relax, sit down…Can I get you a drink?” Sebastian replied very calmly, showing his guest that everything was under control.

But the humongous Chad Stevens could not get any calmer. “They framed me, Seb! Those fuckers at ChemTech made it all seem like I was the sole responsible for putting that shit on the market!”

Nonetheless, the filthy rich entrepreneur filled two glasses with his finest liquor and offered one of them to the 34 year old multi-champion professional bodybuilder who had just won the right of entering in the next Olympia Weekend.

“There’s nothing to worry about it, I’ve got the perfect solution for you, big guy.” Sebastian Volaire was a very sophisticated man; even in his middle 50’s he still has a remarkably lean physique.

Although only 5’6” tall, he had a nice lean 165 pounds of toned muscles, his poise and composure made him walk like he stood taller than anybody else in the planet. His clothes were impeccable and only accentuated his handsome Mediterranean features.

“The detectives say I can’t even get a deal from the DA, man. They said he doesn’t believe I will tell on my contacts, he just wants to put me in jail.”

Chad Stevens sobbed like a little boy, and he had reasons for that. After all, not only he was being accused of steroid dealing, there was also the case involving the disappearance of five men who were his close acquainted and allegedly his clients, and the police had eye witnesses that were positive to attest that two of the missing young men were last seen with the hulking 285 pounds, blue eyed blond massive bodybuilder.

The short man dressed in expensive Armani suit nodded while Chad whined, then he took a long sip of his scotch and savored the smooth burning sensation down his throat, before he addressed to the immense bodybuilder he had been sponsoring for the last 14 years.

“Chad, have I ever let you down? You have to trust me, big guy, I know exactly how we’re gonna let you out of this mess, we’re gonna get you a clean start!” Sebastian chuckled as he noticed the puzzled look on the huge bodybuilder.

“Are you getting me out of the country? Should I be packing now?” Chad asked with a sudden hope in his beautiful blue eyes.

“And what good would that do for you, Chad? Many people can recognize you, in every corn of the planet; you’re in the cover of almost every bodybuilding magazine! Your face is on every product of ChemTech! We can dye your hair and put you in baggy clothes but you’re still humongous, your muscles are your most remarkable trace.” Sebastian said in a very sad tone.

“Oh, damn, I know…what can I do Seb? I can’t just make it all go away that fast…”

The elegant man gently caressed a big emerald ring on his right index finger.

“No one wants that either, my friend. But we can get you a clean start, nonetheless. They say they have eye witnesses of you being at the crime scene, people know you, but if we give you a new identity, a new life, they won’t be able to track you down anymore.”

“I don’t understand you man, be clear for once!” The bodybuilder has never been much clever, especially now that his freedom was hanging for a thread.
“You will have to trust me on this big guy. I can’t tell you what we’re gonna do until it’s done, but trust me, no one will ever think you’re the same guy seen on the crime scene, and the dealing accusations won’t stick either, you’ll walk free from all this mess.”
The middle aged businessman looked right at the former muscular escort he had turned into champion bodybuilder.

Chad had no other choice, he was guilty of dealing new experimental steroids to many young guys, he had been with Marky and T-Bone in the same night they were killed, but he would never let people know the real reason for that encounter, it would be the same as death for his Olympia dreams.

“Okay, Seb, I trust you on this one.” The hulking muscular arm on Chad flexed enormously as he shook the hand of the much smaller guy, who just winced in pain.

“You won’t regret, now follow me, please.” Volaire pressed a button under his desk and a hidden door opened in the wall behind him. Chad shrugged, he knew his former patron and sponsor was an eccentric guy – which was the word rich people used for weirdo or freak – but he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Many Americans really envied the charm of old European castles and their many secret doors, rooms and passages, so they wanted their modern houses to have their mysteries as well, this will lead us to the area where everything is ready for us.” Sebastian led the way down into a dark spiral staircase which was so thin that the impressively wide shoulders of Chad rubbed their way down to the secret area.

“Here we are, please sit over there…” Sebastian said as they reached pitch black space only lit by Volaire’s lantern. The rich man pointed the way, but before Chad could reach it, everything went dark again.

“What the fuck? Seb I can’t see anything…” Chad screamed, but the little guy’s voice was still calm when he answered.

“The battery died, now don’t worry, just sit here, I’ll help you.” Volaire instructed and Chad obeyed, it was then he felt something cold around his thick wrists, but before he could do anything he heard the clicking and his hands were caught.

“SON OF A BITCH!” The muscular guy screamed, but there was no answer from his host, the lights went on again and Chad noticed he was chained to a wall by really thick chains, and the lock was reinforced.

“Sorry about that, big guy, but it’s just for my own comfort. You will be released in a moment.”

The room was ample, and to Chad’s shock they were not alone in there. There four other muscular guys chained to the stone walls, but they were unconscious, and their mouths were gagged with tape.

“Fuck, you’re a serial killer!” Chad whispered in terror, which caused the little guy to laugh out loud.

“Don’t just jump into conclusions, my friend. I guess you recognize these guys, they are all your clients, after all: T-Bone, Marky, Roger, Cain and Kurt.” Sebastian explained as he walked towards this weird looking table located at the center of the place, it was only then Chad noticed each member of his muscular entourage was chained in one corner of that hexagonal shaped room, and he was locked to the sixth one.

“So you were the one who took them! How did you get those guys here?” The bodybuilder seemed really scared by those recent facts. Each one of the chained guy was a pretty muscular guy.

Dwayne, aka T-Bone, was a 37 year old, 5’10” 275 pounds from Puerto Rico, Marky was 33 year old at 5’7” 227 pounds porcelain skinned red haired guy while Roger was the massive 6’2” tall 330 pounds Strongman Competitor from Samoa Islands, Cain was the prodigious onyx behemoth from Belize, 28 years old stood at 6’3” and weighed 290 pounds of hard mass, and Kurt was the German monster, a 36 year old 6’1” and 300 pounds of muscle.

“Heh, it wasn’t that hard, in fact even easier than getting you here, all I had to do was promising them the same I did for you and they came running, after all, no one would be so stupid to waste the opportunity you were given!” Sebastian explained with an evil grin in his face.

“Why have you done it to me? I thought we were friends!” Chad asked once again, still not sure of the intents of the weird guy.

“Oh sure, now we’re friends, after 14 years of me supporting you, building you a career, getting the best sponsorship for you, and pretending you didn’t call me “the French Queen” by my back? I only wanted the best for you, but you have betrayed me! You think I don’t know every fucking detail of your life? You were greedy, and decided to sell that stuff on the streets just to get more money!”

“So what do you gain by framing me? I go to jail and you lose your favorite muscle guy! The only one who would let your disgusting mouth near his cock!” Chad grinned.

“I wasn’t lying to you when I said I will give you a clean start, Chad. You won’t be that greedy guy anymore. Trust me; you will thank me for that later.” Sebastian grinned as he turned his back on Chad while he sorted something at the humongous room.

“You let me go now! I don’t want to be a part on your freaking madness!” Chad tried to break free from the chains, but they were very strong, then he screamed at the top of his lungs for help, but it was useless, and the rest of the guys remained unconscious.

“Spare yourself, Chad. They’re knocked out with heavy tranquilizers; I just wished I didn’t have to do the same to you…” Seb produced a pistol and suddenly the bodybuilder realized that the eccentric guy was just playing with him all along.

After Chad went quiet for a moment, Sebastian nodded, he showed a weird looking crystal fragment, it was only then the bodybuilder noticed that on top of each chained guy there was a similar crystal, and a bigger one right on top of Sebastian’s head.

“You and your friends are just frivolous young men who have abused your gifts and still tried to cheat, getting bigger at any cost. You all make fun of the smaller men, and their lust towards your muscles; you think them as inferior, when you should be humble and thankful for their dedication to guys like you. It is about time that someone taught you a lesson.” The older man pressed a button on his remote control as he lifted the crystal above his head.

“You’re freaking crazy!” Chad furiously tried to break free but it was useless, he simply

The lights went off but the room was suddenly immersed in the turquoise light resulted by the refraction of the sunrays through the huge crystal piece at the ceiling.

“Kronos, Father of Time, and King of the Universe, I beseech your forgiveness, save these young men from their horrible Fate! Let them be taught and disciplined as they should have been right from the start! Give them the Strong, the Powerful, the Mighty Father they need, take what has been done wrong and make it right, glorious Owner of Life!”

The older guy lifted his crystal shard and the bigger piece started to hum, increasing its frequency as the other smaller shards on the top of each corner also hummed louder. Chad observed that each of them suddenly changed from its original color to a different one: the one above T-bone turned yellow, the one on top of Marky turned orange, Roger’s turned red, Cain’s crystal was purple now, the one on top of Kurt’s head became green while the shard standing above Chad’s head was green, while the enormous ceiling piece remained turquoise just as the piece held by the sinister Sebastian Volaire.
Chad couldn’t help but laughing.

“You’re a mad French Queenie, that’s what you are! After you’re done playing with your rainbow show, I’m gonna kick your ass so hard…” Suddenly, the humming increased to a very loud noise, as the huge crystal changed into a very brilliant white light, which fired a thick beam towards Sebastian, who was engulfed by the light.

Chad tried to protect his eyes from the intense light, but with his hands chained, it was a very poor attempt. Even with his lids closed, the light felt too brilliant. It was then, Chad noticed the muffled cries from his buddies, he opened his eyes once again and the room was no longer immersed in the bright sunbeam.

The rest of the bodybuilders moaned, although they were conscious once again, they were not feeling well, their eyes were wide opened and they tried to scream despite their mouths were properly covered and taped.

“It has begun, boys! Your sins were forgiven and your souls are to be cleansed!”

Sebastian announced, still holding his brilliant turquoise shard up his head. While the white huge piece still hummed, the other ones have already faded back into their original turquoise color and became silent.
It was then Chad felt like his body was immersed into ice cold water, his limbs were aching all of a sudden and his stomach felt sick, he looked at his buddies and noticed their bodies were visibly smaller than they had been a few moments ago!

“What the fuck are you doing? AAAARGH!” Chad screamed as he felt the sharp pain going up his spine, the cold sensation increased and suddenly his mouth was fuming, it was like the temperature in the room had fallen zero in two seconds.

Dwayne, Marky, Roger, Cain, Kurt and Chad were still dressed in their colorful oversized clothes, especially designed for guys who had muscles much bigger than the rest of men, but if once they had impressive bulks that filled such baggy pants and shirts with their manly size and muscles, they now looked much roomier.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Volaire moaned for a different reason, his own body seemed much more comfortable, his elegant smaller frame seemed to be getting bigger and thicker, his once perfectly fitting suit was filling out pretty fast.

Chad panicked. Somehow, Sebastian has managed to steal the precious muscle from his body and it was being drained into his little physique.

“You can’t do that, it’s my muscle! MINE!” Chad summoned strength that no longer belonged to his once glorious physique, he tried to break free but it was useless, and to augment his horror, he heard his voice going higher as he shouted, a weakening sensation overtook his physique as his heartbeat was going slower, instead of getting angrier, he was feeling calmer all of a sudden.
The same happened to the other guys.

They no longer attempted to break free from the chains, and their bodies seemed smaller by the second, not just smaller, they were actually growing younger as Chad realized to his uttering shock.

“Yes, my boys, you were forgiven by Father Kronos and your lives are to be taken back into the period you were innocent. The size of your muscles and your manliness no longer belong to you, and I have claimed them as my token for saving you.”

The deepening voice of Sebastian Volaire made Chest realize the entrepreneur’s body was packing on the size even faster than he lost his muscle, that’s because he was gaining the power and the strength from the six of them, which was even more terrifying.

The expensive suit ripped from every seaming at the same time, the glorious muscle underneath just broke free from its tiny imprisonment with unseen easiness. His body augmented 6 times faster than Chad’s shrunk, and the sensations they felt were polar opposite.

Chad’s mind was scared, terrified, but his body was feeling calmer, accepting the terrible fact he was getting younger by the second! The years vanishing from his body, making him lose size, definition and girth.

Meanwhile, Sebastian just chuckled as his muscles augmented so vigorously , he felt his mind rushing with the sensations of muscle strength augmenting, his own years were being rewritten, the experience that built their manly huge muscles were transferred to his own time, and while he continued to grow beyond any human standards, his strength increased above anything possible attainable by the rest of mankind, and such power surged through the now immense cock of Sebastian Volaire, who flexed his expanding muscles in ecstasy.

“Please make it stop! I’ll do anything for you!” Chad Stevens wanted to believe it had been nothing but a horrible nightmare, but not even the worst nightmare could feel so horrible as the experience of losing his beloved muscles, seeing his once mighty 23” arms getting thinner by the second, his once glorious 56” chest sinking inside his shirt, his powerful 31” thighs deflating along with his once glorious calves.

The rest of the bodybuilders have probably made similar begs, but with their mouths covered, their moaning only served to reassure the feeling of desperation of the once powerful men, who grew smaller, weaker and younger by the second, as the monumental physique of Volaire expanded with increasing pace, becoming something so glorious that even the forced donors couldn’t deny the powerful manliness of overwhelming intensity.

“You don’t need to worry, boys. I will take care of everything, you are not gonna be alone anymore, no more wrong choices. I’ll make sure you learn everything the right way, my delicious little lads.” There was a purr to Sebastian’s voice and the former strong men gulped, because they could tell exactly what kind of education system that growing muscle daddy wanted to provide them.

“Fuck, you are getting too BIG down there too! That’s not fair…” Chad whispered as he noticed the immensity of Sebastian’s manhood, when in reality most of guys who stood there were not that well-endowed to be honest, and now their own cocks shrunk even further to feed the growth of that ferocious beast.

The six donors moaned louder as their muscles abandoned their bodies with greater speed, their rejuvenation process increased while Sebastian’s muscle growth increased tremendously, at each passing second, he just seemed manlier and more powerful, his chest inflating with his salt and pepper hair coverage, the biceps growing beyond anything humanly possible, and his legs increased its girth with all the power he received in the transfer.

Each of the drained men felt his strength vanishing as his body regained youth from previous years, and the experiences from their nasty previous lives were removed as well. No longer had them been drug dealers, or abused guys who only wanted to worship their huge physiques, no longer had them been violent towards those who were smaller, time reversed for their muscles as their brains were filled with hope and naivety.

There was a strong bond between the seven men in that chamber, because at each pound of muscle they lost, Sebastian gained 6 of hard youthful muscle, and while the men reverted into boyish lads, the glorious middle aged man just grew manlier and more powerful, without the expected signs of aging process, quite the contrary, he just got more vigorous and impervious while his muscles increased.

His tidy short silver hair grew darker and longer, and soon his dark brown hair mane covered his head, with just a few grey locks to enhance his masculine charm, along with an unearthed manly mustache that framed his lips perfectly.

The augmentation on Sebastian’s body proportioned him endless ecstasy as he grew bigger, taller, thicker and manlier above everything. His veins thickened with the strength he received from his little donors, without the side effects of the dangerous chemicals they have been toying over the years. Sebastian sensed their hearts, livers and other organs were cleansed as his own physique increased its health, until he was virtually immune to all forms of disease the weakling lads could suffer from steroid abuse.

Sebastian’s muscle grew faster as the de-aging process accelerated over the next moments, and the powerful men in their thirties now seemed no longer older than their early twenties, and still their bodies held onto some muscle, which only proved they were very hefty lads, but still the transfer continued further, depleting their limbs and their bodies from yet those muscles, increasing the uncanny frame of Volaire.

Dwayne, Marky, Roger, Cain, Kurt and Chad were soon not able to protest about the loss of their muscles, they were feeling actually very calm now, like their bodies went numb for some reason, while their minds felt confused, losing the experiences that have built their doubtful characters, the very core of their beings were re-infused with faint innocent hope.

The powerful Sebastian screamed, he roared, a primal masculine roar that suddenly woke the young guys of their lethargic state. Each of the de-aging donor moaned as he noticed the powerful figure of the hulking Volaire hitting a mega magnificent double bicep pose that turned into a most muscular pose, they were so shocked that their bodies shrunk even faster now, reaching younger ages, until no one of the former bodybuilders seemed older than 17 years old!

The former big powerful men were still hanging from their chains, their bodies have lost the strength to fight, and so they just let their tired necks fell over their sunk chests.

Dwayne had once been magnificent at 5’10” 275 pounds of hard muscle, but now he was just a 5’4”120 pounds Puerto Rican 17 year old lad. Meanwhile, Marky reverted to a 5’3” 115 pounds red haired guy with Irish ascendance of 16 years old, Roger has lost 210 pounds of his once thick brawn, standing at 5’6” 125 pounds, not much bigger than Cain’s current stats of 5’5 and a half inches tall and weighing 120 pounds, and even Kurt stood humbly at 5’7” 120 pounds of incredibly skinny and weak 17 year old dude. Finally, even Chad who once has been 6’ tall 285 pounds of invincible muscle now stood at only 5’5” weighing no more than 130 pounds at 18 years old of age.

However, none of them seemed aware of their current location, only Chad seemed more or less awoke, but all he could see was the glorious naked behemoth standing at the center of the room.

Each step of the mammoth sized man seemed to make the room shake with the strength suggested by those colossal muscles. The monumental man then approached Chad and with one swift movement of his enormous hand he set the little guy free, and promptly helped him from falling on the ground.
“Whoa, there you go little guy, don’t you fall and hurt that pretty face!” The hulking monstrous man chuckled as he lifted the dizzy guy in his arms.

“Are you feeling alright son?” The deep thundering voice tone was so manly and powerful but Chad felt suddenly at such soothing tone to it.

“Who are you?” He asked still feeling amazed by the humongous size of that behemoth.

“Oh, Chad, are you kidding me? It’s me, daddy, don’t you remember?” The powerful monster of muscle chuckled as he easily filled the entire view of the smaller Chad with his glorious muscularity.

“D-dad? What is going on? I feel sick…” The skinny young lad complained.
“That’s alright son, I’ll take you upstairs and put you guys in bed.”

“But who are them, dad?” Chad asked noticing five other lads on the monstrous arms of his enormous father, who had also quickly removed the tape from their pretty mouths, and their intensity of the transfer had also worn out their energies for the time being.

“Come on son, don’t you tell me you forgot about your brothers? I’ve adopted all of you together because you were best friends and I couldn’t separate you.”

It was then Chad Volaire remembered he has once been Chad Stevens, but he didn’t want anything with that former life anymore, he didn’t like that person, he loved being one of the sons of the enormous Sebastian Volaire.

The glorious patriarch took the six skinny boys back upstairs, his ginormous frame had to be very patient to move his hulking physique, maneuvering the humongous size of his frame in order to pass through the hallways and doorframes until they were finally at the spacious room , which just caught the attention of the blond skinny lad.

“Dad, why are you so huge?” Chad asked, still feeling incredibly dizzy as his 6’10” tall father laid the six boys over his monumentally muscular hairy chest, the other skinny lads just hugged each other and even moaned at the comfort of the powerful embrace of their father.

“You made me huge son, you and all of your brothers. You gave me your muscles and your size so I could teach you how to be a nice man in the future.” The marvelous man had dark brown cascaded mane with a few grey locks, his monstrous body was covered in dark hair and his immense manhood stood naked and comfortable between his trunk sized thighs, he flexed his 45” biceps and the young lad just hugged the glorious rock of manly muscle.

“I wanted to be muscular, dad, why did I give you my muscles?” Chad suddenly felt a bit reluctant, but then he was kissed by the hairy lips of the giant man with such passion he forgot everything about the anger he was beginning to feel inside his skinny chest.

“You did what was the best for you and your brothers, son. You are all happy with that choice and will never regret that. Because soon you will get bigger again, and this time I am gonna help you to do the right way, we’re gonna train together and we’ll be a really massively muscular family like I’ve always wanted!” The deep voice of the father made Chad feel warm in the inside.

“Can we all get to be big like you?” Chad asked feeling suddenly happier.

“Well, of course not, son, you’ll never be nearly as big as I am now, because I’m the biggest guy in the world. I weigh over 1,500 pounds of hard muscle and I will only grow bigger when we train together, but it’s a good thing that you’re all so much smaller than your father.”

“It is?” The cute skinny lad asked, with a visible blush to his boyish features.

“Of course, because this way I can play with your skinny little muscles and have fun with you…” The monstrous man shook his nearly 2 feet long soft cock and the lad just blushed.

“Yeah, I want to play with that!” The boy said with a recently found lust, hugging the ginormous appendage of his muscle daddy and hugging the quickly growing cock with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, you do love daddy’s cock huh, boy?” Sebastian’s voice was deeper and more languid and Chad just chuckled, nodding his head quickly.

“I do, do you think I can get big like you, down there dad?”

“Not in a million years, boy, but don’t you worry, dad’s cock is only going to grow like the rest of me, just you wait and see!”

“WOW, I love your huge size daddy, I wish you were only bigger!”

“Oh, don’t worry son, that soon will be arranged. Daddy will grow for you with the help of some naughty little lads…”

Sebastian just remembered that he had selected profiles of 50 convicted felonies from all over the nation, searching for the biggest, most muscular and nastiest guys. If he once feared that they were far too smart to be easily taken like Chad Stevens and his little entourage, now with the acquired size of 6’10” and 1,560 pounds of inhumanly massive muscles and the strength of 6 huge men, he had a delicious feast of muscle to celebrate thanks to the glories of Father Kronos.

“Cool!” Chad smiled, and suddenly his brothers seemed aware of the immense cock of their father, and their tiny skinny arms were hugging the humongous cock while Sebastian simply relaxed, his boys were really dedicated and fast learners.

Is it the END or the Beginning?