Foreword - This story is dedicated and designed to please the personal fantasies of Viper, a very good friend of mine, who kindly asked me to write a story for him (even though back at the time I couldn't write not even one paragraph). But I can't forget of the guys who helped me through the whole thing (especially to the great artist omelissokomos,the very nice xythan_shadow, and the phenomenal Rowan MacBride).

This is an ongoing story, so you'll expect to see new installments, because I'll try really ahrd to give you guys new parts, at least this is what drives me to get back on writing, even though the critics are bad (or worst if there are no comments at all )

Anyway, I felt that you guys deserved an explanation to my absence (if you ever noticed I was gone that is ) so, I give you my latest work (keeping my hopes up).

I'm experimenting a new way of narration, hopefully you'l be able to understand the whole structure with the future installments, just try to read each chapter as a piece of a whole universe, it'll be harder in the beginning but eventually it'll get better (fingers crossed). So, please let me know what you guys think, and i'm BEGGING for comments, they're the only way to know how the story is going outside my twisted mind.

The room was immersed in the blue light that came from the TV, I turned it off directly from the button since the remote was nowhere to be found, trying to get in bed as quietly as possible, but as soon as I got rid of my tie, Andrew turned around, opened his enormous brown eyes, and grinned – “I’m awake ever since you opened the garage, silly” – he said showing me the remote.

“Sorry, I had to take a later flight, things were more complicated…”

“Apologies won’t be accepted until you kiss me!” he said opening his lean arms, I threw myself at his lying body, kissing his lips like they contained the magic balsam which could take all the pain away (which to me felt very true).

After 33 straight hours with no sleep, one would certainly just turn around and snore. But I’m not that one (and I wish so badly, sometimes, that I could be that one) – Andrew knew that too, he just felt my erection building fast against his stomach – “Are you sure?” he just asked still wanting to let me rest after being away for such long time.

I grinned, unbuttoning the rest of my shirt, revealing my lean, ripped, chiseled muscles, so cut I looked like a teenager bodybuilder, completely smooth, it looked like I lived in the gyms, instead of airports, office buildings and conference rooms. I knew Andy’s eyes always drifted on my body, marveled at its incredible perfect proportions, the definition of my muscles, my body looked much better than any male model. Frankly, he couldn’t really understand how could I keep such phenomenal shape, but just couldn’t care the less about it, his mouth on my erect nipples clearly showed this.

If a man had already sex for over 8 hours with 5 different men that same day, he would sure not be ready for another round, especially after a 20-hour flight – maybe it was just my consciousness (making me compensate for my constant cheating on the one boyfriend I could keep ever since I took this position), maybe I was still extra horny from the last appointment, maybe it’s really the love I feel for Andy, but my libido was on fire again, the savage feeling once more flooding my senses, overwhelming my better judgment and making me reach for his mouth eagerly, our tongues wrestled for several minutes, while the rest of our clothing got lost.

Soon, I had his pale thin body pinned on his back, his strawberry blond shoulder length hair could use a trim, since it had that “dirty” look, but I really liked the way it worked for him. I knew he could tell I felt heavier than the last time, even though it had been over a week ago, a sudden groan of unexpected pain pointed out to me that maybe I was too heavy to be on top. I motioned to roll over and change positions, but Andy held my arms – “No… I like to feel your weight on top of me, I was just caught in surprise”. I kissed his neck, enjoying the distraction to spread his legs, resting some of my weight on the mattress, to avoid any further complications.

I can have as many men as I want or have to, but plunging Andy’s ass with my 10 inch-cock is a unique feeling, no one feels so deliciously tight, no one looks so graceful, so enlightened to have my manhood inside him. His eyes roll over its orbits, each time I thrust it deeper he hangs to my muscular deltoids, feeling the strength on my neck muscles, and relaxes, allowing his tight little bubble but to engulf more of my cock (and I think that he felt there was more cock to engulf this time).

Andy’s thin legs were around my waist now, embracing it as strongly as they could, feeling my abdominal muscles contracting as I pump my cock, I used my legs to lift Andy from the bed, supporting our weight on my muscular arms, he embraced me as strong as he could, but I helped him around with my free arm, I don’t need more than one to hold him against me as I brought us to the end of the bed, where I could have him sat, allowing more of my cock to penetrate him.

Spreading my legs, I let him slide down to the thick base, lifting him back to the edge with a slight pressure around his waist, screaming out loud in pleasure. I saw that he loves when I do that, his reflection at the wall sized mirror was magnificent, he simply smiles and enjoys his ride. I can’t help to cherish that image of the two of us, bonded and attached to each other; it’s been a while since sex and lust felt so meaningful to me. I brought my face forward and touch his back, my much taller height covering Andy’s figure as I kiss the back of his head – “Oh Andy, I love you!” I say it out loud, thrusting my cock further and holding it there for a few seconds, using my hands to squeeze his balls really tight.

Andrew skipped a heartbeat, he just gasped as his own cock spewed his load over my big hands. The feeling of his orgasm gave me the clue that I should cum for him too (sometimes I have to remember myself, Andy does not have the same endurance I’m used to handle), I simply smiled and relaxed enough to allow myself an orgasm, it was copious, and warm, filling Andy’s guts with my thick cum, he was cheering like he had won the marathon, as I just laid back to the mattress, leaving his body completely impaled on my cock (What if he knew I could stay erect for ten straight hours?).

I gently removed him from my cock as I stood up, carrying him on my arms to the shower, the fuming water jet cleaned us from the sweat and cum, it was amusing to see my gentle lover cleaning my mythological-looking body, enjoying his adulation towards my perfect features. Later, we were back on the bed, Andy was sound sleep in my arms, but I, as expected, was not. One time is not good enough for me anymore, but I can’t wake up Andy again, so I just stood up to watch myself in the mirror.

6’2” 187 pounds (according to the post-stabilizing readings) of perfect sculpted muscles, flawless tanned skin, dark brown hair kept in classic way, green eyes that worked along my Latin features like skin tone, nose shape and the thickness of my lips only enhancing the dazzling effect of my beauty on anyone. Once more, I noticed my angled manly features, at the same time they inspire toughness but also tenderness. The veins are all over my smooth muscular body, the width of my shoulders in contrast with the narrowness of my waist gives me the incredible “V-shape” most of athletes and fitness models desperately desire for themselves. The thickness and definition on my legs are amazing. I stroke a few bodybuilding poses, the level of definition indicated that my body fat percentage can’t be above 5, my biceps and triceps look like they’re carved in the hardest stone ever, my pecs are thick and powerful, perfectly smooth, my 6-pack washboard stomach is supremely cut, even my neck looks already too thick, my deltoids are big as diamonds, my lats are wide as if I could have wings on my own. My cock is erect once more, urging me to play with it, indulging myself into hours of stimulation in exchange for such primary intercourse I just had.

I looked at Andy sleeping, and smiled, sitting near him once more, jerking my massive cock, admiring his beauty, his naivety, his honesty. I love this man, I really do, but at the same time, I know he can’t give me everything I need, yet I can’t let him go, my life needs a solid, stable point, and that’s Andy. Even though he is so fragile, so tender, so breakable, and so delicately human. I jerk off admiring his beauty, allowing myself to cum as many times as I needed to finally get sleepy. It took me hours, I lost count when I came by the 13th time, after that I just jerked off fiercely, hitting the wall, the ceilings, the floor. I needed so badly to feel tired, to feel depleted after a night of intense sex, I needed so badly to feel human, even if it was for only a few hours – so I would at least be able to sleep with Andy hold his hand without fearing that I'll pulverize his weak bones while I'm asleep."

47 minutes. That’s all the rest I needed, and frankly it felt like I’ve slept for three days in a row. I woke up before Andy could notice the mess I’ve done in the bedroom, cleaning up wasn’t hard at all, it only took a few minutes and lots of towels, the smell is pretty strong, but Andy’s snoring indicates he doesn’t care. I sneak outside the room, completely naked, savoring the glory of my body when Winston brings my paper.

“Good morning, sir” – he says handling me the papers from all over the world, which I’ll have entirely read in no more than 4 minutes – “That’s a great day, my man!” I grinned back at him. Not many butlers are so handsomely attractive like Winston, his English accent clearly worked for me, normally we would have fucked the moment I finish my morning reading, but since Andy moved in I was trying to be more discrete, though this 6’5” tall monument to male beauty sculpted in shiny onyx clearly felt a bit neglected, he is more than comprehensive towards my needs – “Would you expect master Andrew to wake up soon? Breakfast is ready.”

I knew that tone of his voice – “Look, Winston, we both know that Andy is new here, and he isn’t used to this life style, please don’t try to scare this one too!” I made my point looking directly into his eyes. Even though he was 3 whole inches taller than me, he always respected when I made a clear statement – “Farewell, sir, but he had his things re-packed last night”. Winston leaned forward and kissed my forehead, breaking the whole butler/master protocol he always maintains – “We both know that you can’t be happy not with just me, or just him, you’d need the both of us and probably another dozen, and it won’t get any easier from now on.”

I looked into this man, he knew every detail of my life, he had been especially designed to work for me, he is not just my butler, not just an occasional lover, he does have a very big importance on my life, he helps me getting through stuff – I had him tightly hugged – “Sorry, my friend, I just need to try it once more, Andy is really special for me, until I can explain to him, I have to try, you understand don’t you?”

He smiled – “You don’t have to justify your actions to me, I know exactly why you have such needs, let’s just hope you can make it last until the next time you need to leave again!” Saying this, Winston slipped of my hug, and disappeared in the corridors.

Once I heard Andrew waking up back on my bedroom; I rushed upstairs carrying the tray Winston had cleverly left near the staircase. I must admit that the view of a muscular Adonis like me, completely naked carrying rich breakfast service right in the morning is pretty much a reason for a morning woody, but Andy had a massive erection when he saw me entering the room. I could have simply left it aside, and fuck him for at least six hours, but I knew he still couldn’t handle the truth about me, he was still learning to know me, and that’s so precious, I couldn’t scare him off by acting like the monster I am most of the times. We kissed, I made him seat at the table near the balcony, so we could enjoy the view of the morning sun shining over Central Park. The morning breeze also brought a chilly sensation over Andy who just wrapped himself in my robe and poured himself a big cup of coffee, smiling a bit surprised because I remained naked. (Would he run from me if he knew I can be naked during blizzards as well?).

I grinned and faked a morning stretch – “I love feeling the sun over my body by the morning, it’s not always that I have the pleasure to enjoy my own bedroom in the morning.” He grinned back at me, and I attacked his lips, kissing him fiercely like my life depended on that. Andy gently broke the kiss, resting his head on my chest – “I didn’t know if you were coming back this week, so I planned on getting back to my place…”

“Andy, you have to understand that this is also your place!” I replied holding his chin gently but he just exploded – “Look, Matt, it’s just too much, too fast! I’m used to leave in the dorms, working my butt off all day, you can’t expect me to suddenly feel comfortable moving into this magnificent little palace in Park Avenue, sleeping in Ralph Lauren sheets, having this creepy butler of yours following me all day long, I know that you are trying to provide me comfort but sometimes you just…”

I leaned my head on his shoulder, Andy’s eyes always showed what he meant, he had been a working man before he even moved to college, he was used to struggle for his freedom, he didn’t want it to be handed to him on a silver tray – “But we had agreed in trying…”

“Yeah, and since then you’ve been home for no more than three days, man, if you’re so busy this time, we’d better try again when things are calmer for you…” he interrupted by hugging me tight – I knew he meant well, he just didn’t want to feel like he was taking advantage of me. “Maybe I could take a few days…”

The slight vibrations on the mahogany cover of the expensive nightstand made my spine freeze, I sighed looking at Andy’s expression of “I rest my case”, while I returned inside the room to take phone call. The electronic tone on the other side confirmed my worst expectations – “Matthew Spartan, we need your cooperation once more. Briefing will be held in 27 minutes at usual place.” I closed the phone and held my eyes closed for a few seconds– I really hate their timing.

“Can’t the Secretary wait a bit longer to summon you back at the UN?” He asked, holding his head on his hands with a cute smile on his lips, but my face seemed cold and emotionless – “I told you I don’t work directly for the Secretary of the United Nations, in fact I am just a diplomat under the services of the UN, sent every part of the globe where they need me.” I stood up mechanically, my reaction must have shocked Andy, for he followed me apologizing if he had done any improper joke, I wish I had the time to apologize to him, I wish I could just laugh with him, but it wasn’t the time, I had another assignment.

“I have to go, sweetie, please let’s talk about this when I come back, you really should hear my arguments” I said without even looking back at him. Andrew followed me as I opened my vast closet, which should be bigger than his apartment; took one of my many impeccable brand suits that fitted me perfectly, a matching pair of Italian leather shoes, silk socks, and very expensive underwear. Andy wasn’t used to see me so elegant, dressed in this impeccable style, and the magnificent way of my clothes contrasted to the simple pieces he had brought along when he moved in. He seemed to shrink on humiliation, but he still tried to sound funny – “Y-you look trustable, the image UN would always want to keep” he said handling me a pair of sunshades – “Good luck, and don’t worry, I’ll wait here for you, no matter how long it takes!” he looked up at me with his big brown eyes. We kissed briefly, and I took him by the hand until we were on the front door, where Winston had the limousine ready for me.

As the car moved down the street, I felt like Andy was also trying very hard, I truly meant something for him too, he just couldn’t expect so much unexpected subjects coming between us…

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