Spartan 6

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It is just incredible how much my relationship with Andy evolved with the mere fact that I no longer keep secrets from him, we’ve simply grown beyond verbal communication to express and understand our passion towards each other– During the flight to the mission location, Andy barely said three words to me, but we had been more intimate than ever, because he took the opportunity of the flight to explore my humongous body.

That was his personal exploration – he palmed me from head to toe, examining each crevice of my super ripped muscular body through the flimsy ultra resistant fiber of my special suit. My blondie took his time to enjoy each newly grown muscle of my tremendous level 13 optimized ultra muscular physique – he knew that each muscle I had could never be found in human anatomy, because my own condition allowed me to develop new designs of muscular tissue in order to excel any anatomic challenge for my ever growing body – each millimeter of my body was drenched in the most glorious apex of muscle growth evolution.

Andy was mesmerized; the smile on his thin lips lasted for hours in a row – he just smiled even broader when our gazes met, he didn’t need to ask me to give him a complete tour on my humongous body – each new area he visited I made sure that I was completely relaxed so he could see its already huge size, definition and hardness, after that first “recognition check”, I simply grinned as the flexing wave reached each area of my muscles (another advantage of optimization is the possibility to flex each muscle and even separate areas of the same muscle everything under my complete control), the incredible augmentation only made my little lover jump up and down in excitement, his caring touch spread down to my body like a blissful summer breeze, his worship was beyond sexual, I could just feel it reaching my very soul, not just my cock (which by the way really challenged the so-called ultra-resistant fiber).

I moaned in pleasure as Andy kept rubbing his erect shaft (it actually never gets completely soft when he’s near me) against the hard hugeness of me, he was just showing me how hot I made him, and how much he loved my muscles (I guess that the incredible display of my affection display towards him may gave Andy the idea he must express his adulation towards me more often). I held him gently atop of my chest as I was sat in the airplane floor. Our minds seem to slip from time and space, like we were the only beings in the whole planet, but unfortunately our mutual worship section had to be interrupted.

“Spartan, I know you two are having a good time, but we need your collaboration to check our plan of action…” – I heard Polux’ voice bringing me back to reality. I gently picked Andy and set him on the floor with my two fingers gently around his thin waist (the ever growing size difference between us makes me feel really happy, I can’t help to see Andy’s surprised face when he notices he’s so tiny next to me, but it’s a good surprise I’m sure). – “Okay, bosses, you guys tell me what are we supposed to do!”

I looked down at them – I know it’s an awkward situation for leaders were supposed to be the biggest Pantheon members in field, but I simply towered over the both twin team leaders, each muscle of mine was by far bigger than the sum of their already impressive stats – even though their authority clearly didn’t emanate from their muscles, those were two very experienced agents, and I was sure that their tactics would achieve the purpose of our mission, therefore I completely trusted on their leading skills.

“First of all, we’ve traced the points where recent “terrorist attacks” had been reported, they all seem to point towards the middle of the forest, but according to the analysis we’ve previously made this is not an environmental threat” – Castor announced showing the precise marks – “It looks like a runaway route” – Polux completed his twin brother’s sentence.

Their twin grin could freak out most of men, they were in perfect synchrony with each other and now I should also join their tempo – “So, we have two runaway units, the main questions remain – What would cause a Pantheon agent to run away? Why aren’t they together?”

“We don’t have time to formulate hypothesis now, Spartan, we gotta get those two back before they can cause some real trouble, if the media realizes they are Pantheon units, you know how the public opinion is volatile” – Said Castor as we prepared to enter in mission.

Andy walked next to me, but I didn’t need to see him coming to kiss me goodbye, I just reached for him and we kissed deeply (once again I could make him cum with just a mere kiss, his orgasm build with such ease one might think he was faking it, but the wet spot on his pants clearly proved that the power of my kisses only increased) – “Don’t worry babe, when I come back you’ll be ready for many other rounds!” – I said massaging his still throbbing cock with my thumb (which was much bigger than his cock), the twins just nodded with a mischievous smile while we putted on our special masks.

My dear little guy just got together with the other staff members as the back part of the huge airplane started to open – We saw the richly dense Venezuelan rain forest beneath us, in that particular area of the Amazon forest, topography is typically composed of rugged mountains surrounded by incredibly thick rain forest, so there was no place to land the plane, the rendezvous would be near the coast, since only Pantheons would be able to jump from that height without getting killed, staff members went to the frontal part of the airplane while we prepared to dive into the sea of threes beneath.

I gotta admit that there’s nothing better than a 300 feet high free fall to feel the power of those enormous optimized muscles, they were so heavy and dense the increasing speed only made me feel more aware of the incredible strength and resistance those humongous sized muscles give me – my width is so incredible I can feel that the air cutting though each crevice of my body, as I fell like a giant muscle bullet from the skies, passing through the twins I just grabbed both of them under my massive hug, turned my massive thighs down and prepared for the impact.

I simply felt the soil giving in to our massive combined weight, the loud sound of an explosion, the dirty cloud lifted from the impact, the massive size of a crater where we landed and we were back in the air – this time thanks to my inhumanly muscular legs. Normally we would fall and run to a better location, but since the marks were very close from our arrival; I decided to give us a little extra help, since we could look for signs better if we kept above the trees

Polux and Castor quickly understood my intent, they simply held my shoulders while we covered miles and miles jumping hundreds of feet in height trying to locate any sign of our missing partners. Soon, I felt Polux squeezing my shoulders pointing to the northeast; I focused for one moment and heard the unmistakable heartbeat of a Pantheon member (something weakling humans would recognize as much stronger and powerful than your standard heart beat), just after that we all noticed the threes shaking violently, the birds flying of their tops, the sound of something resembling a human roar alerted our senses – there was something very, very wrong going on!

With just a few jumps I got us there in the spot – the view was simply impossible to our eyes – Pantheon Units Samson and Rhodes were actually fighting each other – their civilian clothing in shreds, showing their impressive, yet still human standard sized muscles. I recognized the signs of confusion Samson’s expression – normally, he would never attack one of his best friends, but he had just pulled a three out of the soil preparing to his Rhodes like it was a mere baseball bat.

Apparently, they were so focused in their outrageous combat that our impressive landing had no effect over their reasonless battle whatsoever – Polux and Castor jumped from my sides and assumed their position – “Samson! Rhodes! You’re violating Pantheon Code, cease this combat right now!” – They ordered in unison, but even though I noticed (for no longer than a fraction of second) hesitation from Samson, Rhodes simply roared with unexplainable rage, rushing towards the forest in our usual fast speed that dislodged several tree trunks as he passed through the dense forest.

Polux looked at me – “We’ll get him from the river side, we can’t run trough that forest in our state we’d be causing an environmental tragedy!” – I nodded and looked at Samson who just kept in his defensive mode – “You guys go after Rhodes and neutralize him, I’ll take care of Samson!”

The sound of their powerful bodies vanishing from the place was pretty loud but I had my focus in my confused friend. I took off my mask to face my good friend without anything that could diminish his trust in me – “Samson, dude, what is going on? You know it’s me, Spartan!” – I said walking in circles around him, my massive size gave me the advantage of spun, I could reach out and grab his tiny non-optimized form before he could even move, and judging by the way he kept looking at every single movement of my gigantic arms, he knew that too – Samson was pretty much cornered, but for some reason he preferred remaining there at the reach of my humongous body than simply running away like some coward.

His gaze was disturbed, I could just feel he struggling with himself – “Samson, you know you can trust me! We’re taking good care of you and Rhodes”. I noticed the 60’ long tree trunk swinging dangerously closer, but instead of ducking I simply stuffed my gargantuan chest and waited calmly for the massive impact, which just turned the huge trunk into a cloud of shreds, while I barely felt a thing, just facing down my attacker with a very intense look – “Dude, you know that wouldn’t work on me even if I weren’t this big!” I said crossing my arms – “You’re coming with me now Samson, I am here for your rescue!”

The agent in front of me simply groaned – “NOOO! There’s no rescue, we are doomed! Both of us! You need to run away from me, before it’s too late!” – Such response simply caught me off-guard, he wasn’t trying to fight me, he just wanted to run away, but why would a man like Samson act like that? That was the window Samson needed to escape vanishing before my very eyes disappearing into the forest.

My reaction came really fast; I jumped into the air, estimating from my higher stand his route – It was like I could see him all the time, just capturing the signs of his breath, his body temperature and mainly the smell of adrenaline in which his organism was drenched. Samson tried to reach a clearing surrounding a massive lake with very dark waters, but to his own surprise, I landed there a few seconds before him, just in the time my massive frame landed heavily in the ground, causing a profound shockwave that knocked him off the ground; I used this to grab him really tight under my massive arm, but even though Samson couldn’t escape my grip, he kept struggling.

“PRINCIPE, PLEASE LET ME GO! I’M DANGEROUS!” – The look on his face for one moment regained the vividness I’ve always remembered – Nicola was indeed consciously begging me to let him go, all the times he advised me, whether in training or missions that was his pet name for me, which means Prince in Italian. According to his own words being a Prince did not originally mean the son of a king, but actually being the “first citizen”, the one who should watch over all those who came after him. Samson told me that I was chosen to be the first of a next generation of Agents, that way I would be forever his Principe.

“Trust me old friend, we’ll help you go through this, I promise you!” – Up to that point I knew I still hoped that I would be able to reason with my former mentor, but right after that emotional plead, once again Samson went into a state of despair, he began punching, kicking, biting my arm like his life depended on my release. I had no other choice other than temporarily incapacitating that agent.

“I’m sorry…” – My whisper came out in this melancholic tone as my massive body compressed the relatively smallness of Samson’s body – his eyes facing my pectoral muscles growing even bigger pressuring his throat while my humongous arm smuggled his diaphragm. Samson couldn’t move any longer, only his eyes focused on my sad face (he couldn’t actually see given my humongous size). I had to be very careful because at my current state, even an active DF+ can be easily crushed by my sheer strength. I focused in the functioning of his lungs, soon they couldn’t be filled with oxygen, causing Samson’s impressively resistant organism to pass out in my ultra powerful bear hug. Just when I thought it would be over, I felt his arms hugging my much bigger proportions, his head coming to my gargantuan chest like they looked for the comfort I could give him – “You’re the only hope for the Pantheon! Don’t let it get into you too!” I heard these words barely whispered as the mighty Samson faded out under the power of my grotesquely oversized arms, his body going limp as I gently nursed him over my shoulders (which were so thick that a grown man like Samson fit perfectly on them).

“Samson’s under control now, how’s Rhodes?” – I asked over the Pantheon interlink waiting for the twins’ response, but strangely it was Roger who replied.

“Polux and Castor are still looking for him, they are very proximate but they decided to split up, running in search patterns, Rhodes simply disappeared from our readings! For some reason the leaders are not answering to our calls, we still keep their location thanks to the nano-chips, I’m transmitting their coordinates to you now!” – In my mind opened this highly detailed map of the mission area, with all that information, I could easily tell the location of both leaders, but what really puzzled me was the fact that, besides being relatively close one to another, each one of them kept running in circles. I could tell Polux was indeed beneath surface, in some kind of caves which extended underneath the plateau formation where Castor was.

I focused on the map, mentally changed the program patterns to search for the twins’ readings; their body temperature was incredibly high, not even if they were running over 70 miles per hour they would reach such internal heat, I tried once more to contact them with the same void results. Carrying Samson on my shoulder, I went to where Castor was, not to my surprise, I found him climbing up and down the rock wall in huge jumps; he was simply out of control, Castor lifted boulders and unroothing threes like a maniac – “Where are you? Where the fuck have you gone brother?” – That’s all the leader kept repeating in Romanian, as he ravaged through the area with unexplainable fury.

I suddenly remembered Samson’s words – He tried to warn me of something, and now I could almost tell. I approached Castor carefully – “We need you now Anatoly, please fight that before it’s too late!” The eyes on my team leader had the same despaired vibe I noticed in Rhodes’ ones. He kept repeating that same line over and over, trying to reach for someone who wasn’t there – When he finally noticed my presence his roar came like a cornered animal – “You took him from me, give my brother back!”

I knew that reasoning wouldn’t work anymore. Castor attacked me many times in a row, most of the times I simply let him hit me with the blow, because I knew he wouldn’t be able to even dent my muscles, but as his attacks got even more despaired I ended up picking his tiny hand, lifted his light bulk easily throwing him against the giant solid rock wall. He felt absolutely no pain, as his body went through the incredible hard rock matrix, I sent him over eight feet into the wall, even his muscles would have a hard time to release from the hundreds of thousands of tons which compressed his massive body – only his upper chest and head struggled were off the rock, but I knew pretty soon he would get free again.

Without knowing exactly why (but feeling that was the right thing to do) I held Castor’s head firmly, sticking my tongue into his mouth, I could feel that our kiss allowed me to enter his system; I commanded his chips to download their latest information to my own, while I felt his muscles going limp under my blissful osculation – He stopped fighting for the time being – I took this opportunity to analyze the downloading data.

I could see through Castor’s recent data both of the twins were just behind their target, they had gotten to this other dark water lake but this one was actually many feet down, inside the caves underneath the plateau they had gotten. A giant 250 feet diameter surrounded by even higher walls of solid rugged mountains, composing this well-like formation with the dark waters shining over 100 feet down the surface Castor and Polux closely watched Rhodes reaching the border. Once more he growled trying to scare his hunters.

When the leaders noticed he could try to escape through the underground caves, Polux actually went faster, trying to grab Rhodes before he jumped into the dark lake.

However, Rhodes seemed to anticipate this movement, reaching for something inside his own mouth, he pulled this very small capsule, throwing it precisely in Polux’ eyes, the only way unprotected from the mask. The corpuscle broke as it crashed against the massive bulk of the second leader, liberating some crystal powder which was quickly absorbed by his organism. Polux managed to grab Rhodes, but just for one second, after that he just began moaning strangely, standing up, he ripped his mask off, gasping for air, struggling from apparent suffocation, Alexei released Andre from his grip, his eyes seemed to glow with unexplainable rage, nervously scratching his once covered face, doubling over in profound pain, the scream sounded like a beast which had been abated, Polux furiously jumped into the dark whole beneath him, leaving his former brother alone with the strange menace.

The remaining team leader knew he couldn’t make the same mistake as his brother, so he just avoided getting closer to Rhodes, who by his turn kept walking in circles, up to some point where they both were at the border of the well. Anatoly used his much bigger strength throwing huge boulders against Rhodes to avoid any preparation as he advanced through the enemy, grabbing him firmly by his waist, ready to bear hug him. However, Rhodes’ last move before passing out was blowing into Castor’s face the same crystal powder. After this, he just went limp into his grip. However, any information to this point simply disappeared with the corrupted data, I noticed Castor’s chips were somehow disturbed, just a bunch of non-logical patterns kept repeating.

I looked at my former leader; who felt me with such passion, giving up freedom for the taste of my kiss, maybe because he felt so confused, my sensual display of affection gave him the comfort he so much needed. I wouldn’t want to fight Castor again, so I knew that would be the way to overpower him without any danger. I kept kissing him while pulling his humongous body from the rock, he just embraced me harder but I didn’t allow him to breathe any faster than I kept sucking the air of his lungs. My kiss built in a whole new level, I allowed my system to flood Castor’s with all the imagery of comfort and excitement I could mutter, he simply kept hugging me closer and closer as I slowly brought his own massive physique under my complete power, kissing him gently but also roughly, alternating cycles of pure bliss with massive discharges of all the sensual stimulation I could gather.

Soon, I felt Castor’s engorged rod soaked in sweat and cum, his enormous cock had been cumming over and over, while I hugged him with my free arm, sticking my tongue even deeper and stronger, my own mind going lighter as I managed to stand longer periods without breathing, just to bring Castor into such a state of frenzy he didn’t even noticed he lacked of air, all he wanted was to keep kissing me, and so I finally calmed my confused leader, as he gently passed out under my powerful muscle kiss. I easily lifted him and adjusted both him and Samson on my right shoulder, as I mentally contacted the base, warning them that Polux was also out of control, they would have to follow my precise orders.

Meanwhile, I reached for Polux’ location – he had stopped running randomly in circles, in fact he was actually chasing something or someone. I knew that could only mean trouble for that someone, since being chased down for a mad optimized Pantheon member was the closest thing from sure death.

I got there as fast as I could, just in time to see this man entering the crevices of the solid mountain, screaming for his life, while Polux kept screaming like a maniac “Give my brother back!” – His punches pulverized the mountain faster than the poor man could try to stick deeper into the rock. There was no time for reasoning or kissing, a human was in danger and I would not let Polux fail in his oath to protect the lives on the innocent men. Alexei never noticed the massive blurring figure coming down at him at 120 mph, the sound of my blow echoed through millions of square miles.

I felt really sorry for my partner, because that might have been the most powerful punch I ever hit in my life, sending him over 30 feet into the solid ground – I aimed to hit his chest instead of his face (otherwise I would never forgive myself for ruining such beautiful masterpiece). At the bottom of the crater I had just made with my bare hands, there was an unconscious Polux. I jumped inside the crater and pulled him out of the soil, making room for him on my shoulders, that now carried both team leaders and one of our mission objectives, but all three of them had to be overpowered by me, and it really made me feel bad.

When I jumped back to the surface I looked for any sing of Polux’ insane hunt, the muffled cry coming from inside the rock made me realize the poor guy would never get out of his hideout. I still had to look for Rhodes, however, judging by the way this guy breathed he had been injured during his persecution. I sighed, regretting for all the trouble the agents caused but also thanking to heavens above me that Castor and Polux were not near city when they lost their control, because that would have been dramatically worst.

I peeked through the dark interior of the crevice; feeling smell of his sweat, adrenaline and blood, I could see perfectly his tiny figure holding himself deeper in the rock – “It’s okay now, sir, you may come out, I’m from the Pantheon and I’m here to help you” I said in Spanish, but there was no response, obviously – “Please, if you’re wounded let me help you, it’s alright now, but time is of the essence in cases like this”. After a few moments of hesitation, the words came very muffled from inside the rock.

“I can’t get out, I’m stuck, my ankle is swollen…” – That accent was definitely not local, even though very well pronounced – “Please stand still, I’m gonna have to break the rock to let you out, it’s alright sir, I’m gonna free you, please don’t move!” – My instructions came in German which seemed to be his first language judging by the modulation of his speech so when I heard “Vielen Dank” back from him, I just grinned.

Scanning his body temperature I got his exact location, then it was very simple to lift, since the rock had already been pretty worn out by Polux’ attacks, I just had to pierce my thick fingers, one handedly lifting the hundreds of tons above my head, giving back the light of day to the little man.

It is in times like this I remember how much power I have, the man I had just freed was in shock, his ankle was swollen like a grapefruit, his injuries made his blood run down his face and legs, however, even if his view was still adjusting to the sudden light I returned to them, even if he was in deep pain, the moment he laid his eyes on me, his breathe got faster, his look changed from hesitation to immediate lust. My muscles and strength made this man forget about the menace he had just escaped; his expected reaction would be running as fast as he could; however the glorious view on my unimaginably huge physique had a deeper impact than any treat to his own life. The little guy only tried to reach for my humongous thighs, his lust built even faster as I threw the rock back into he crater I had made a few moments ago. He saw the bodies of two relatively enormous men plus Samson’s on my right shoulder, my beautiful features shining against the sun as my invincible muscles cast a huge shadow over him. I noticed his body twisting heavily as his orgasm built not once but twice in a row, and he had not even touched himself. His baggy camouflaged pants soaked in the creaminess of his juices, his breath and heartbeat exhilarated, his face showed instant adulation towards my freaking hugeness.

I didn’t want to look arrogant but I chose to overcome the proud of myself for making a complete stranger cum just looking at me for the first time, since I simply had no time for this right now – “I know you’re still in shock but I need your collaboration, can you tell me what happened?” My question may seem weird, though this looked a very bright guy despite the big wet spot in his pants and the dumb look we all get after cumming. The man stood up the best way he could, while I gently picked him by the waist. His voice tone came out a little scared for another display of massive stance.

“I was working in the caves behind us when this massive noise scared all the bats and animals inside the caves, it wasn’t anything I ever seen in this forests, so when I looked for the cause of such havoc, there comes this immense man falling like an atomic bomb into the lake, when I approached to check if he was alive, he just jumped into the air shouting incomprehensible things like “Give my brother back to me!”– All of a sudden, the remembrances of his near-death experience with an optimized Pantheon member, the realization that the same guy who attacked him now laid unconsciously on my shoulder with another equally massive man, and a third smaller guy atop of them made the little man almost pee his pants – “It’s him…, who the fuck are you?” – He screamed, trying to get off my grip – “LET ME GO! Please, please, let me go!”

I tried to sound as soothing as I could, my voice tone was really low and careful – “Citizen, you are under Pantheon’s protection, therefore you don’t have anything to fear, unfortunately you witnessed a terrible but isolated episode, which is over now, I’m sorry for any inconvenient we might have caused you…”

The man seemed to renew his calm, but his attitude surprised me – “I guess, but your guys destroyed hundreds of acres of forest, not just the flora but also many of the threes served as shelter for animal lives, what ever happened to your guys is really unforgivable, and I’m gonna protest at the UN, if you’re supposed to watch over us, how can you explain me such furious attack? And how can you assure people they are not jeopardized by colossal agents like you? Those guys are wearing the same uniform you are, which means they must be your colleagues! I never relied in the hoaxes about the giant agents until this very day! It is not prudent to let our security under your unstable hands! If only wasn’t my camera destroyed when I was running from that beast!” He finally ceased his protest for the time being, without any apparent fear or adulation towards me anymore. It was not the first time I got this reaction from civilians, so it was really not a surprise, but yet I still had a runaway agent to get.

“Well, you have your freedom of speech secured by the Declaration of Human Rights. Now if you excuse me, I need to get going, is there any place I can take you to?” I asked politely, looking deeply into the blue of his eyes. That man had not only courage, he had experience as well, I could tell by the way he questioned the validity of Pantheon’s actions, but without the usual aggressiveness, that was a man of words and actions, his fights were not physical.

“My camp site is not far from here, but I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a few days, this ankle of mine is really sore!” – He complained without even realizing that made me really sorry. I gently took a look at the injury – “The staff guys can help you with that, but first I gotta check something!” – I let him gently in the ground and jumped into the top of the plateau. I knew from Castor’s memories that Rhodes was supposed to be there, but I could tell he wasn’t, for now it would be impossible for me not to pick up any sign of his presence. Whatever route he took, he could not hide from me…

I heard Roger speaking over the interlink – “Spartan, we captured something in our radar a few moments ago, that might be just a coincidence but it’s close from your location, it’s a…”

“Hydroplane!” – I shouted as the aircraft took off no more than just a few miles from my current location, I tried to jump to reach it, but the pilot had already lifted to the other side, there’s no way I could get it in time – “Roger, can you track it down?”

“I’ll try my best!” – he said over the interlink as I checked the rest of the area – scanning very carefully like only a member could actually do, I found half of the capsule that once contained the crystal dust which victimized Castor and Polux, kept it safe as I returned for the company of the little brave man.

“The guy you were after, was he in that hydroplane?” – The man dared once more talking to me, while most would just keep as quiet as possible – “Well, I’ll find about that sooner or later, but now we must treat your wound…”

If I broke the rules by bringing Andy along with me what to say about dragging a guy who’s willing to expose our first weakness ever since the begging of Pantheon, into the operations center? Nonetheless, this man needed treatment and he was injured due to the actions of a member, that fact alone forced me to bring him into Pantheon custody. I kneeled down preparing to grab him, but the man tried to get away from my grip –
“WHOA! You don’t need to treat me like some cargo, I may be much smaller than you, but I’m also a human being who deserves a proper treatment!”

“Sir, if you don’t let me help, I’ll have to grab you anyway, you’re wounded and this environment is dangerous, I’m the only chance for you to remain alive in order to make your protest against UN sometime later, I need your cooperation, because I have three incapacitated agents on my shoulders, who also require special care, so please?” – I extended my huge hand to engulf his thin waist, feeling his slightly flaccid stomach, that was a thin man, but I could see he was really not into weight lifting, mostly because the very little fat his body carried concentrated around his thin waist, commonly known as “love handles”.

“Okay, but at least stop calling me citizen, my name is Kurt. I guess I will never get your own name isn’t it right Agent?” – That guy was only 5’5” tall but he had the courage of a giant, I could see that.

“Matthew Spartan at your service” I carefully adjusted the guys over my shoulders to salute him while my other hand brought his tiny figure closer to my face. As I lifted his light body from the ground, our gazes met for the first time for a few more than just seconds. This man had a serious and intense look, his blue eyes were close of being completely gray, he had a dark brown almost black with a few gray locks of a thick, even beautiful hair that was growing longer with the time he spent in the forests without any barber shop, however, the top was in a somewhat advanced baldness stage. His high cheekbones now framed by this four o’clock shadow, a look really worked for him. Even though he wore a very large, now completely ruined, light green T-shirt with tore camouflaged pants, he still looked very presentable to my eyes, it was like he glowed in some kind of aura…

Suddenly, I felt something unexplainably familiar about that man, something that my own personal databank didn’t recognize (which meant I REALLY never saw or heard this man in my entire life, both as man and Pantheon Agent). Kurt noticed my stupefied look, feeling uncomfortable – “You said I should get treatment for my ankle, it would really help me a lot, agent Spartan.” – his voice tone no longer had the challenging connotation, he was just asking me to help him, so I just cleared my mind, focusing on getting him medicated.

“Spartan, what the hell happened to those guys?” – Roger asked me, in a mix of consternation and awe. Things were not very good up to this point – now we had two civilians inside our installations, three passed out agents with unforeseen problems and myself, completely puzzled by the latest happenings, especially because of that weird sensation I had about Kurt, who, by his turn was immediately attended by my crew once they saw the condition of his foot.

Meanwhile, Andy approached me, showing in his pretty face the look that always made me melt – “Matt, I know you’d never done anything to seriously harm them, but how come they acted like this without any explanation?”

“You got me there too, Andy” – I hoped they would wake up in a few moments, but their condition remaining the same, we’d have to keep them under restraints until we can trust them again.

“How can we restrain optimized Pantheon Agents? They’re too fucking strong, nothing we have here can hold them…” – Roger spoke alone, while he approached their apparently unconscious bodies to obtain their readings.

“Could you track the hydroplane?” – I asked while he retrieved the information.

“Yeah, but it was useless, it just disappeared in thin air, just a few minutes after taking off” – Andy completed to my own surprise, my little guy really liked to be useful around. I looked at my side to see Kurt’s foot complete immobilized.

“That’s just great! Now my research will never be concluded!” – He exploded without looking directly into my giant bulk – “What the hell were you doing here anyway? Why don’t you put those monsters under arrestment or something before they wake up?”

“They’re not waking up any soon!” – Roger barely whispered, drawing my attention to the tiny screen in his hands – “Weird… their vital stats are perfectly normal; including their mental activity, but there’s something very wrong going on with these guys! I can’t have access to their data, for some reason Polux and Castor also got the same condition from both Samson and Rhodes…”

“I believe I know which reason is this” – I said extending my huge palm into the computer screen, downloading the info I had gathered from Castor. Andy and Kurt watched in shock as the computer responded to my touch, immediately showing the scenes I had already mentally seen. Roger analyzed the video, taking care to freeze the exact scene where Rhodes hits Polux’ eyes with the tiny capsule.

“Here, analyze this remaining piece of the capsule and let’s try to find what was inside that could cause such problem to our systems…” – I handled him the plastic corpuscle, turning my attention to my unconscious partners. I really felt they were trying to tell me something, all of them, but they simply couldn’t talk to me. I had to figure it out by myself.

“What if they woke up during our flight back home?” – Andy asked showing a clever observation. I considered this for one moment – out of control optimized agents inside a flaying aircraft are not really a safe idea, we had no other resource left other than the idea Roger had already anticipated.

“Preparing for shutting down agents Samson, Polux and Castor…” – That was the extreme solution. Roger would have to block the access of the minds from controlling their own bodies in order to establish the shut down of Pantheon’s technology, this was always a very tragic alternative, because although it’s possible in theory, it has never actually been done before, the Agents’ organisms will remain in “standby” until Pantheon reactivate such capability.

“Does it mean you’re like a cyborg?” – Andy asked with a sad look in his face. I held him firmly, turning my back on Roger trying to avoid my own suffering.

“No, it’s nothing like that! A conscious agent can easily block the shutting down process, only when we are completely incapacitated they can take this proceeding to its conclusion, and it’s only a security measure to avoid any danger. Samson, Castor and Polux knew pretty well about the shut down proceeding, they acknowledged its necessity…” – I engulfed my dear Andy with my hug, his tiny heartbeat made me feel more secure about the current situation, it was my duty to protect my partners from themselves, they were a worldwide threat and they knew about the risks.

Roger went through the proceedings with extreme caution because he was doing something that had never actually be done before – Once all the security parameters were established, the system indicated the success of the operation. I approached the lying bodies of my colleagues, with tears of anger in my eyes – “Don’t worry guys, I’m gonna find out Rhodes and treat him too…”

The twins massive bodies slowly poured quarts of sweat of their skin, their immense bulks slowly entering a deflating process which was no ay nearly the fun stabilization meant, in this stage an agent is completely unconscious and his organism simply rejects all the benefits optimization brings, the result is a very strong reaction that produces loss of water as an attempt to revert into normal condition – which is still impossible, but those guys would soon be much smaller than they had been. It’s not a pleasant sight. So I just decided to let them resting in the medical area, feeling my tears rolling down my face.

Andy hugged what he could from my enormous thigh, looking up at my enormity, he just opened his arms, and I picked him easily, he carefully hold my cheeks and touched his forehead in my chin – “I love you, Matt, I love your noble soul, you’re really special, you care about everybody, me, the agents, even the other civilian…”

“Speaking of him, this so-called civilian would really love to be left in Caracas…” – Kurt was actually trying to lighten up the environment, even Andy and Roger had a smile growing in his lips. I looked down at my unexpected guest – “That can be arranged, don’t worry Kurt”. Once again there was something very familiar about this guy; I could just feel that he was actually meant to be there at this moment. The mere idea made me gasp. I tried to dismiss it, but my mind couldn’t think about anything else, that HAD to be the truth. I kneeled in front of the middle-aged man who got a bit scared with my sudden request.

“Kurt, would you mind if I took you along with us to the main base? Your presence is really important to me…” – I felt Andy’s nails unconsciously trying to pierce my flimsy skin, which was stopped by my incredible thickness, at the same time Roger almost chocked forecasting Hades’ reaction, but I was sure he would understand it once I explained.

“Me? Why me? Don’t take me wrong agent Spartan, but I’m a man who always stood up against authority, I never really felt comfortable with the mere idea of the UN having its private army, it just violates the very reason of its existence…”

“Believe me, I felt the same way when they recruited me…” – I said in a low tone, intentionally bringing up the tension. Roger came right next to me climbing on my thighs to whisper in my ears – “What are you talking about; I have no records of any prospective member…”

I grinned – “I’m sure you don’t have, but I feel he’s an overlooked.” – my words caused Roger to almost fall in the ground – “No one can be possibly sure of that, only the test will indicate the DF+ condition…”

“I know this, but I just feel that’s he’s an overlooked.” – I said louder.

“And what exactly does it mean?” – Kurt asked suddenly feeling cornered.

I took my time to explain him the whole DF+ historical, to my own amazement he just heard through the whole story without doubting or questioning, but after my speech he just kept listening to me with the same skeptical look – “Like your colleague here said you can’t be sure that I’m also a carrier, how come you have this feeling?”

“Well, you might have come when you first saw me, but even straight men are capable of having this impulse when seeing optimized Pantheon agents for the first time, however I can’t tell you exactly how I know you’re an overlooked, one of the DF+ men that were already born when Zeus established the parameters to forecast prospective members’ probabilities, however I really am sure you are one of them…” – I said looking down at this man.

“Agent Spartan, how can you be so sure? You’re just feeling a hunch after all…”

“Kurt, I don’t think Matt is a man of feeling hunches, I know he really knows more than he is aware…” – I heard Andy’s words feeling my face frown into a puzzled look.

“I’ve been talking to Roger while you were out, he told me that you’ve been showing such advancements in your development, they actually believe you’re evolving beyond third generation, Matt, I know I’m not supposed to tell you in such bad time, but I really feel that the solution for all those problems lies in your own body and mind…” – The man of my life never meant so much to me in that moment, I held his small hands into my massive paw, then I looked back at Kurt who just seemed as shocked as me.

“Supposing that you’re right, I’m one of these overlooked, I’m not a kid anymore, I’ve never had any military training, I smoked for over fifteen years, my life had never been a prime example of youth and excellence I’m sure Pantheon must look for…” – That was really a special guy, for the first time one that actually seemed to refuse the idea of becoming a Pantheon unit.

“We understand if you have pending businesses and issues, but it would be really important for us to have a new agent, you don’t understand, if you join, you’ll be a new third generation member, and things have improved beyond your imagination. Those two agents were all second-generation, we are still in need for more new recruits…” – Roger seemed to come into our side – “I’m sure your life will change dramatically, but the benefits are really meaningful.

“I’m a botanical, a man of science, an environmental guardian, not some kind of super soldier material! Besides, you and your fellow giants almost got me killed; you think I would ever want to turn into some monstrosity like you?” – Kurt simply let it out loud.

“You have no idea how stupid you are right now!” – I heard Andy’s angry tone exploding from behind me, suddenly the two normal sized tiny men were arguing – “You don’t tell me what to do with my own life kid! You join the Pantheon and become like those mad monsters!” – Kurt’s response came out sharp and precise.

“I’d give you my word on that! If Matt ever felt that I could be like him, it would make things so much easier for us! These men are really trying to make a difference, just like you are! When people say you care more about plants and threes than to mankind itself, it really must piss you off right? Well, Matt and his colleagues care more about your security than to their own personal comfort, they’ve promised to dedicate their lives into protecting us all! I’m not saying they’re perfect, they do make mistakes, but I’m sure their intent is noble, and right now his friends and mentor are lying unconscious, without any kind of communication to the world around them…” – Those words were harsh and yet very clear, my blondie said them in a brilliant pace. I watched as Kurt’s blue eyes went quickly from side to side, exploring his contender.

“You’ve got some nerve, boy, this man must really mean a lot to you…” – He said contemplating the redness building in Andy’s delicate features, his temper was usually very calm, but when someone stepped on his toes, he clearly knew how to defend his opinion.

“He means the world to me, actually” – Andy grabbed my hand, looking back at Kurt – “What if you were given the chance to finally do something that can make a difference? Sure there will be serious consequences if you accept this offer, but they do come with a wonderful reward” – My boyfriend simply showed my magnificent stance, exposing my body like he was actually selling a car.

“You’ll also have all this power, you’ll be capable to protect those who need you, even if they are not aware of their own needs, because that’s what being a Pantheon truly means, and if nature’s chosen you, there must be a greater meaning for your life…” – Andy extended his hand towards Kurt’s, and the botanical stared at me for a second, than his thin wrinkling lips grew in a curvy grin – “I’m in!” – That’s all he said, firmly shaking Andy’s hand, who just smiled, placing my massive paw on top of the new prospective member.

“I can’t believe my very eyes! The guy actually made this recruitment!” – Roger exclaimed, nodding his head along with a big smile.

The flight back home felt much sadder than I anticipated, what could have been a real muscle orgy with three massive muscle titans trying to stabilize from the intense optimization, turned out to be just me and Andy, with the blondie sat atop of my chest, looking at my serious face. We stood like that for almost the whole flight, no foreplay, no sexual meaning, but we kept so close, our skins actually ached for a real touch, but I was still in mission, no time for fun.

“I’m so hard right now, just being with you, but seeing that your eyes are missing the usual glow helps me from attacking those divine muscles…” – He leaned atop of me, looking for my lips, which welcomed him warmly, but I couldn’t help thinking in all the events. Rhodes is still at loose, while Samson and the twins had to be shut down for their own security. Pantheon never had faced such a terrible threat before. Whatever has been capable of neutralizing three agents truly represented a menace.

“No more secrets, no more solitude, Matt, just share it with me, I know I’m not as smart or computer standard fast as you are, but I am willing to help you!” – He held my face between his thin arms; the shine on his smile was sincere, caring. That was my soulmate, I knew that for a long time, but this affirmation actually made me feel complete.

I told Andy everything about Samson and his mysterious last message, the enigma which kept puzzling my powerful cerebral computerized technology – “That was not a truncated message to the Agent; it was a sincere request from one friend to another.” – Andrew considered this for one moment, looking at my huge nipples while his mind worked.

I simply adjusted my grip on Andrew, allowing him to feel more comfortable next to my chest, while he pondered. The whole situation could only be simpler than it appeared to be, this is always the best to hide information from enemies. – “What are the enemy forces of Pantheon?” – I barely heard his question, although I did have actually “listened” to the sound of his voice.

“Every single force that brings oppression into a minority…” – I replied automatically, just to regret my mechanical reaction – “True wisdom relies not in the answers given, but in the questions to be made”. Andy’s delicate interruption turned into a smile – “Think Matthew, don’t look for the answer, look for the proper question, what are the greatest enemies from Pantheon?”

“Usually, our most fearsome enemies come not from marginal stances, but right from conventional organizations. Although public opinion is favorable to our performances and results, most of conservative groups of interest are against the ideal of having “a super powered gay men league watching our every step.” – I let the thought flow from my head through my lips.

“Yes, I remember seeing the protests against the sexuality of the agents. Usually those groups are very strong in politics, which brings them to Governments” – Andy made me think deeper, even though he couldn’t keep up with me, the mere exercise of dialoguing with him caused my brain to look for different possibilities.

“Governments are always very suspicious when it comes to the Pantheon, they do recognize our importance, but can’t help to fear someday we’ll just take over their power, the advances our society reached recently were possible undeniably thanks to the efforts of the Pantheon forces.” – I commented with the voice tone of a politics analyst.

“I assume Pantheon must keep a strong surveillance regime under the possible trouble focus, such as regional confrontation, civil wars and things like that huh? Don’t you think those groups would try to counter attack your intervention? You also have to realize that most of people are not aware of the truth on the agents, your structure, and especially, they don’t know exactly what you are!” – Andy unintentionally gave me the way to think.

As student of the international dynamics, I understand the aura of insecurity our much superior capabilities inspire over the normal men, this is a healthy concern fearing that some day Pantheon will create some kind of technocracy in which we’ll establish absolute domination through our superior power, but what they just can’t understand is that we don’t want to take over their precious world, we just want to help out, we have other worries, other needs, we don’t want to enslave weak humans, we only want them to accept us – “They don’t know what we really are…” – The brainstorm hit me with such intensity, suddenly I had seen the many possible scenarios, but the most probable almost made me vomit right there. Whatever the truth was I had to make sure of the possible variations before I could act.

When the plane landed, the crew already prepared to take the shut down agents into deeper evaluation. Andy and Kurt were taken to the waiting room while I looked for Hades, already preparing to defend for my latest acts, but instead it was Zeus who greeted me.

“Hades was sent to attend another disappearance crisis” – He said in a grave voice – “We’ve got three more runaway agents. Agents Cromwell and Yamamoto, from the second generation and… Poseidon”

I listened to Zeus words – “The way Rhodes escaped it was very probable to happen. Why Poseidon left his stance? Elders are not expected to be assigned for missions.”

“He said he wanted to feel useful again, with all the trouble we were facing his experience would be leverage against the unknown…” – Zeus’ tone was really depressed.

“Have they been located yet?”

“Not yet, but we are tracking down their systems not directly but filtrating them from any technology in the globe, which should take longer, but is surely more effective” – he looked into my eyes – “They’re slipping through our fingers Spartan, we’ve got to stop it, I don’t want to shut down another companion!”

“Sir, I have a theory, but we have to make sure every other option is also taken in account. Where are the third generation agents?” – For one moment, my strong leader seemed fragile in my view, but that only made me admire him even more.

“Magnus’s on his way here, Onyx and Zion had also been contacted but they’re safe at the Academy, I instructed them to remain there because it’s our safest installation…” – He indicated me the screen with the location of those agents, while I kept thinking about the possibilities.

“Spartan, the staff members told me you affirm to have located an overlooked prospective member, how come you are so sure?” – Zeus asked me, once again his voice filling with hope.

“At first I thought it was just hunch, but now I’m sure I could detect the Dashwood factor on his Y gene, my sensors actually captured the proteic signature left on his anabolic reactions” – I knew that Zeus was the only one who could understand what I felt. His eyes glowed in proud.

“All these years, I’ve thought about how many wonderful men whose lives I could have changed, now you give me the best news, you’re aware of locating prospective members without the estimations of my studies; this just opens a new era of Pantheon! We know age is not an issue for Pantheon’s agent, but I’m sure that the third generation technology is capable of much more!”

I looked down at Zeus, all this time still at level 13 optimization really made things be seen in a different perspective – that was the biggest non-optimized agent in the whole Pantheon, but he was so thrilled with my developments, I really couldn’t understand to that very moment. I suddenly felt myself hugging my leader, a friendly almost sonly hug, I looked into his eyes – “We have already one overlooked to welcome…”

I heard Kurt’s sharp comments through the thick wall of the waiting room. He had been asking Andy a whole bunch of stuff about our life together. Zeus remained at the medical room while I finally entered – “Enough chit-chat with my man, soon you’ll find out everything about a Pantheon! We’ve got like 20 years to cover!” – I said easily grabbing Kurt from the couch, while Andy blew me a kiss – “I guess I’ll phone Winston to get me…”

“You sure you don’t want to witness it? I thought you’d love that!” – I asked suddenly intrigued. The view of the muscle growth was sure one of the hottest things to witness.

“I would really love that, but we can’t take any chances, we don’t know how you might react to me getting excited with your growing partner, your friends need you completely focused, I now should really get home, waiting for your to come back home successful like you’ve done for almost two years…” – His words made my heart sink inside my chest, but he was absolutely right. The effect of Andy in my body, in my mind, was always so profound; we couldn’t take no chances of me losing control again.

I grabbed him, kissing his lips as briefly as I could to avoid making him cum. He looked up at my humongous height, grinned – “Good luck Kurt and I’ll see you at home, muscles”

“Well, isn’t it just beautiful?” – Kurt said resting his elbow over my shoulders – “You two really make a cute couple…”

The blurring image of Magnus passing through the corridors cut our conversation, I immediately followed right after him, even though most of the narrow spaces got destroyed with my immense bulk running over 50 miles per hour indoors.

Magnus didn’t care either for me nor the commotion I caused, he went just to the area where we were keeping Samson, Castor and Polux. He stood between the bodies of the brothers – For the first time in my agent life, I saw Magnus’ expression completely sad, no smart grin, just a clear sadness, to the very point of despair. I put my hand on his shoulder and he held it without taking his eyes from the lying brothers.

“Matt, these are the men of my life, what started with me fooling around with twin brothers, turned into such a deep love for each one of them, I never actually could chose just one, that’s why I had to broke up with them, now they’re both in this state! This is not fair! I…” – the tears rolled from his face, I hugged him against my much bigger body.

“You’ll help me getting them back on their feet. I need you in this mission more than ever! I said firmly hugging my friend as retribution for his support towards me the times I needed him. Magnus quickly regained his stance – “You tell me what to do boss!”

“Well, I’ve got this little overlooked guy here to join us, we’ll need every help we can especially from a third generation rookie” – I said gently shaking Kurt’s tiny figure who just kept being carried up and down.

“Yeah, you’ve already told me that part, you think you can convert me any time within this second? I’m tired of being carried away like an old bag!” – He commented saluting Magnus – “So you were banging with the twin monsters huh? You’re one of a kind…” – he blinked, suddenly Magnus was back in action – “We’ll have to check that once you’re off for stabilization, grandpa…”

Finally we were at the medical area, where the staff members had already got everything set up for the new interaction, even though that was a sudden recruitment, they managed to prepare everything in record time. I didn’t think I’d see Zeus there, but the majestic presence of Pantheon’s founder proved me wrong.

I gently put the overlooked carrier at the medical table, where he was quickly surrounded by the medical staff, they took his blood and tissue samples in order to start the proceedings, during all the invasive harvesting of samples Kurt said nothing, he just had his eyes focused on Zeus’ impressive figure, even though I was by fat taller and more massive than our leader, the look of authority, the aura of leadership and nobility clearly made him stand among the agents. What really caught my attention was the fact that Zeus actually “missed” the opportunity to introduce himself, something that he never seems to fail, however, once I’ve corrected this apparent mistake, Kurt’s big blue eyes turned into two giant sapphire gems.

“p-Professor Dashwood, is that you?” – The words barely whispered as the soon-to-be agent suddenly gasped with surprise.

Zeus’ grin finally blossomed – “Yes, Herr Braun, it’s me alright” – the leader approached this tiny guy, gently holding his petite hand – “And yes, I remember you very well, a long time ago, when I used to be Sedgwick, your Biochemistry Professor”

Kurt’s look was shocked – “You were dead, I went to your funerals…”

“I’m sure a dedicate student like you would pay a last tribute to your former master. You were a very promising pupil, however, once I started the project of a lifetime, Sedgwick Dashwood had to be gone to give place to Zeus…” – The gracious massive man smiled once more – “I offer you my apologies, I know that being deceived by someone you regarded so much is not a pleasant feeling, but trust me Kurt, I had to do it. I had to protect all those I cared about, including my favorite student…”

“Professor…I don’t know what to say…” – Kurt finally concluded.

“Now, that’s something new… Big mouth over here is suddenly silent?” – I gently pet Kurt’s head with my pinky finger – “Zeus, I can finally say now that the reason why Kurt felt so special and familiar to me…”

“Is the fact that you have not only acquired but incorporated my personal databank to your archives, you didn’t actually remember Kurt because you actually never knew him, but I sure did, and somehow you knew it – but it still doesn’t diminish the fact that you’ve tracked the carrier condition in his organism, even if he is an overlooked” – That was the voice of a father who couldn’t be more proud of his son, his smile gave me the energy to always be loyal to that man.

Zeus knelled in front of Kurt – “I just wanted you to know that, back then, there was simply no way for me to find out we shared this condition, to find out the first ones it took me lots of effort, plus I didn’t have your material…”

“Professor, I don’t blame you, I mean, you had your projects, I don’t think I would have been a good agent back then. Thing is I’ve always miscarried everything in my life, it was you who showed me how to focus properly, when you “passed away” I finally could explore all my options, I visited the world and I took the time to grow as a man. Even during the terrible moments, I learned to rely on my inner strength, for that I’m thankful…Now, I can finally understand why your agents are so united, so bonded. They had the same wonderful master as me.”

I’ve never seen Zeus blushing before, he was always the commander, the authority, but lately I could each time see more humanity pouring from his soul, which only made me realize the importance of balance (and to me balance meant Andy). I knew Zeus was too emotionally involved with this guy to proceed with the protocol, so I took the liberty.

“Kurt Braun, do you swear loyalty to the Pantheon, and accept the changes it’ll cause at your life?” The prospective member looked at Zeus who smiled, reinforcing his total satisfaction for such acquisition to our troops.

“Then it’s done, the man you were up to this day no longer exists, you’ll become a Pantheon member” – Zeus announced, gently making him lay on the interaction table.

“Sir, we are ready to undergo the interaction process…” – Roger informed with the usual excitement of another upcoming recruitment. Kurt’s eyes looked at everything with extreme attention, as we held his arms and legs at the table, our bulging muscles, even the impressive non-optimized figure of Magnus made him realize that his life was about to change forever. We stood there watching his noticeable discomfort for a few seconds, until Zeus finally announced.

“Welcome to the Pantheon…” – the machine brought the syringes lower, slowly they pierced his body at the same time, the thick gel content was liberated. Kurt winced in pain, his discomfort seemed a bit longer than our previous subjects.

“His organism already has lots of adjustments to be made by the nanos, he wasn’t very healthy, his condition is eventually stabilizing but this will be a rough ride for him…” – Roger announced with sad eyes, monitoring his data.

Kurt moaned louder, his muscles cramped in big bulging knots, he poured like he was back in the rain forest. Twisting around, desperately trying to rip off the restraints, he kept struggling with his pain.

I looked for the expression of Zeus, he knew that an older subject meant more risks; he must have passed through the same situation – which meant his body must also know how to behave. I approached Kurt who was about to cry for help. I held his tiny forehead, gently laying my lips on his feverish skin. I lowered my kiss down to his moist lips, trying to be as gentle as I could.

The effect surprised me, I mentally established contact with Kurt’s interacting chips, they were already improving his body and capabilities. Our eyes opened at the same time. The grin returned to his lips, no longer he cried in pain, his body adapted faster to the adaptation period. I thought Kurt was yet not ready for a “Spartan kiss”, but there was no other way to finish his training with the speed we needed.

I looked back at Magnus, who already prepared himself to enter optimization, Zeus kept on monitoring Kurt’s signs – his big thumbs up meant that he had achieved a peaceful condition. Looking back at my fellow member, I was shocked to the speed in which the changes happened.

Kurt’s pale complexion, though tanned from the rain forest, gained a sudden ardor, the wrinkles, age marks and freckles gradually disappeared, the skin tightened around his body as the muscles grew thicker, bigger, fuller.

The area around his neck also developed from saggy and wrinkled – the muscles of his neck, shoulders and deltoids grew faster, inflating and filling the room with powerful flesh and muscle, soon, his neck built into something really thick and powerful.

His shoulders were a bit narrow, curved down, suddenly the bones snapped, widening themselves, changing his posture adjusted, regaining the youth, the glow. Next, his pecs filled through the ruined clothing he wore, his nipples raised and grew longer, thicker, so much bigger they ripped through the poor fabric, with muscular shelves of pectoral plates building atop and around his chest, while his abdominal muscles popping out, the skin retracting firmer, making his whole body adjust to his raging rejuvenating process.

Zeus watched closer as his own eyes couldn’t believe – “The nanos are making him younger! They’re rebuilding everything that had already been destroyed with the aging process!” – I looked closer to Kurt, who had his eyes closed now, the little expression lines got smoother as his muscles grew stronger, younger. The hair on his head somehow got smoother, longer, silkier, the shade of brown darkened like the ebony, growing so shinny, so deeply rich and luxurious. I gasped as his chest hair, which had been scarce and white, suddenly became thicker, pouring in the middle of his chest and retreating from his back and neck, his muscles increased faster as his body hair grew longer, in beautiful brilliant locks that swirled around his muscular growing chest.

The muscles on his legs also thickened, as well as his many scars healed from thin air, the injury on his ankle simply got restored within a few seconds, the calves grew thicker, the muscles had so much definition it was like he never had any body fat at all! The longer his bones grew the wider and bigger his thighs filled the impressive size of his lower body. I watched amazed as Kurt simply lifted his powerful legs breaking the titanium restraints, the same happening to the ones which once imprisoned his upper body. The man who stood up in front of me was definitely the same one that entered the process. The once balding top head now filled with such brilliant long black hair, his high cheekbones now framed by a respectable fur that gave him so much respect, his thin lips grew fuller, the pinky tone of his complexion gained a healthy glow, the shade of his eyes went from pale grin into fearsome deep blue. I watched the man completely reborn. His muscles, his body and his soul glowed in energetic vibe. I grinned down at him, knowing that his mind was adjusting, accepting the changes, he was ready for his training.

I kneeled in front of him – that was the face of a man who now had the vigor returned to his experienced mind, he showed that he was ready for anything that might happen from that moment on. I grinned and reached his mouth for his fist “Spartan”. The reaction sent his body into fire. I felt him hugging me tightly, the immensity of my muscles simply hugging and engulfing his now ripped, vascular, masterpiece of muscular body. I allowed my system to upgrade his own databank, through the process I saw everything that went with his previous life. The crush for Sedgwick Dashwood, the loneliness he felt for all this years, his fascination for the adaptation power of the nature, the fear he felt when Polux almost got him killed, the jealous he felt from Andy and me, the happiness he had when he found out the truth about Zeus.

The images filled my mind, as I held him tighter, feeling his body already entering optimization process, I signed for Magnus to bring me one of the feeding tubes, which he smartly noticed and attended me, I injected the needle through his veins while they were relaxed enough. The enormous pleasure Kurt felt was nothing next to what he was about to feel I let my kiss perform its magic, draining all the information I could from him, feeling my brain drenching in years of advanced studies of biology, the experience, the practice, everything seemed to merge like it was my own life passing in my mind’s eye.

I grinned when the process was done, the kiss lasted for a couple of minutes more than it actually needed but we were enjoying each other so much. I finally let him go of me – the grace in which he stood up was just indescribable, his muscles flowed in such a captivating rhythm, it was like he could control everyone’s attention. His firm, majestic steps proceeded towards Zeus. The leader opened his arms and they hugged firmly, like the two old friends finally meeting after so many years.

“I’m third generation Pantheon member Jeff Haven, at your service my commander!”

His voice was firm, powerful, that was definitely an enhancement of the noble man he’s always been – Jeff went through the most dramatic interaction process of the newly recruited agents, from his original 5’5” 134 pounds the man formerly known as Kurt Braun now bravely stood at 6’1’ tall, weighing unbelievable 275 pounds of massive muscle, more than doubling his original weight. His luxurious silky, brilliant hair went down past his shoulders, his skin now had a powerful healthy glow, the black fur which covered his body right in the precise parts only accentuated his incredible muscles. Those eyes were so deep blue, so penetrating it seemed that he could directly into your soul, his features got much more manlier, his jaw line became pretty angular, his nose and cheekbones assumed a grave look, his thin lips were clear pink, delicate.
The hair on his face grew denser, yet it wasn’t a full beard yet, that was just a dirty appearance which worked pretty well with his now “tall, dark, handsome and massive” new look. The most amazing detail was that although Kurt was a 46 year old man, if you shaved Jeff he wouldn’t look one day older than 25! That was a completely muscle make over which could only be possible thanks to my “osculation coaching” during his interaction, his chips not only rejuvenated his body but increased it up to the point of a Magnus perfect physique.

“Holly crap, Matt, those kisses of yours are getting to fucking powerful!” – I felt Magnus hand slapping my granite hard massive butt – “You changed a scrawny middle aged guy into a massive muscle bear!” Magnus laughter filled the medical room, while Zeus kept silent, admiring his newly transformed pupil. Although he was still by far more muscular and powerful than Jeff, the way Zeus touched his silky dark hair showed how much he appreciated the whole interaction changes.

“You’re welcome, agent Haven” – Zeus managed to regain his authority stance, turning his gargantuan wide back on Jeff, the leader politely went to the computer screens in order to check any other information who could take him from being so close to his former student, even though we all couldn’t help to notice his raging hard one pressing against his special ultra resistant Pantheon suit. Jeff seemed a bit disappointed, looked down at his own crotch, his cock had never been that big or that thick, the new python already tore his way free from the ridiculously weak fabric, but it was getting bigger with the incredible huge men who surrounded him, the increasing lust could override his better judgment any moment now. Anticipating this situation, Magnus approached Haven, patting his wide shoulders.

“Don’t worry, rookie, you’ll have plenty of time to play with good old Zeus, right now we have to find you a suit, and get you ready for whatever plans Matt has.

Jeff faced Magnus, although he was a few inches shorter, he surely had at least 50 pounds on the cunning Magnificent Agent – “Oh the plan, right, Spartan already told me that…” – his grin disarmed the always prepared Magnus.

“Oh come on! Now you can just stick your tongue into us and download whatever crap you want? That’s not fair!” – Magnus protested looking up at my massive figure.

“Shut up and listen here, kid!” – Haven growled as his muscle bear bulk engulfed Magnus muscular smooth frame, attacking his beautiful lips with the same eager I would have done myself. I kept watching as the new agent, gave an always overconfident Magnus a taste of his new capabilities. Magnus moaned loud as Jeff kept kissing him, their hands explored their muscular bodies, there was no time for unimportant things such as breathing, and the only matter was keeping into that powerful interaction between the men and their organic computers. Once that kiss was finally over, Jeff released his grip on Magnus, who couldn’t close his mouth for a few seconds.

“Have I done it right?” – Jeff said looking at me; he had been the first, to use the “Spartan kiss” technique.

“You did it right, but it can only get better with practice, believe me!” – I replied kneeling in front of Magnus, who had still not recomposed from such surprise.

“WOW! That was fucking awesome! I can’t wait to use that on my twins!” – Magnus finally exploded, his mischievous grin returned to his lips. He now knew exactly what I meant to rescue our fellow agents.

“So, you now share this new capability huh? That sure is another improvement for the third generation gang!” – Roger said in his usual excited tone, taking not of everything on his palmtop. I grinned and looked at Haven who got dangerously close to Zeus.

“If you want I can teach you too, professor!” – Kurt’s passion overpowered Haven’s knowledge; Zeus had given up resisting to his own desire. Before it was too late, me and Magnus proceeded with the plan.

“Haven, you and Magnus are undergoing optimization proceedings, now!” – I ordered, my voice filled with such energy that the floor actually shook and the humans felt their stomach vibrating with my tone. Jeff seemed to recover his control, Magnus stood right next to him, but he knew we couldn’t jeopardize the only chance we had.

“You want to optimize now? I don’t have any nutrient mix ready, you gotta give me a few hours…” – Roger complied all of a sudden. He checked the computers to start battering a new mix, but Magnus gently hold his hand.

“We don’t need the mix right now, Roger” – Magnus, checked his the cupboards for a few protein bars, handling one to each agent – “I’m sure the normal food we have in stock will do perfectly fine, now our organisms can increase the protein intake and make it more effective according to our needs, it’s not the quantity that matters anymore, we’ll eat properly once the situation is solved…”

The staff leader looked at us puzzled; as we ate the tiny food we were offered. Quickly, Magnus and Jeff dressed into the Pantheon suits the crew brought them; I gulped the food which was given me, looking intense at my colleagues, focusing my mind to have all my nanos working in the upcoming task.

“Agents, Haven and Magnificent, entering optimization level 7 in three, two, one!” – At the sound of my voice my two partners closed their eyes, feeling their muscles expanding bigger. Their bodies grew more and more muscular at an incredible pace. The sound of their expanding fibers filled the room, while the staff members just sighed in ecstasy.

Soon, I felt my own body feeling their change, we could feel exactly development of the optimization on the other, our chips working in perfect symphony. I felt their growth as it was my one, my muscles responding, my senses increasing, my power augmenting. I looked at them, powerful agents growing bigger, wider, more muscular, muscles expanding every possible direction.

Magnus grinned, his eyes never left my humongous body, he knew I would still be much bigger than him, but yet, he just challenged me, growing incredibly huge, massively powerful. Even Haven enjoyed this new feeling more than anything. His dark hair grew even longer, his muscles expanding in such powerful pace, his pectoral muscles became unbelievably thick, each nipples turned into a powerful sculpture of the hardest material, bigger than most men’s hands. Meanwhile his face grew even younger, soon he looked just as Magnus and I – perfect specimen of manhood associated to vigorous youth.

I felt my own muscles increasing, because we were growing as a team, so if they entered level 7 it meant I would have to add two whole new levels, reaching 15. That could seem little if you counted my current size, however, getting there meant a whole new experience, because as my physique surpassed its previous colossal standards, so my own mind soaked in new power, the interaction developed and evolved inside me, I could feel each individual cell of my body growing stronger, perfecting itself. With each bodily function under my total control, I just inhaled as my muscles expanded massively huge, the fibers on my special suit were challenged beyond their limit. I felt the muscles outgrowing the tiny prison of my so-called ultra resistant suit.

The growth only accelerated after that, Magnus and Haven felt my increasing as an stimulation to their own capabilities, their muscle expanded, increased, enhanced, evolved, grew harder and more striated, the definition was simply impossible at human comprehension. Shoulders so thick and wide, necks to massive, arms so gigantically huge, legs so titanically huge, hands growing so wide. We became such powerful beasts of muscle it was impossible not to cum at our presence, the members simply dropped everything they were doing and jerked their tiny cocks, worshipping our muscles from afar, their orgasms just gave us an extra push to keep on growing.

“Oh shit, those guys are cumming and we barely even flexed! That’s the real power!” – I could feel Haven’s thought all over my body, just as well as Magnus’ laughter – “You ain’t see anything yet, rookie daddy!” That was indeed a powerful union, a bond that brought us together into some kind of muscle symbiosis, the bigger, the stronger one got, the same effect reflected into the group members, perfect and total balance, our systems working like a whole, that was the only way to avoid being deceived by the enemy.

The growth continued as I witnessed my self reaching the unheard level 15, my muscles so huge and hard they looked monstrously freak, something only my dear Andy would appreciate, but judging by the effect they caused, I could be very wrong about that. Even Zeus stroked his massive manhood, trying to avoid his obvious excitement. I felt sorry for him, he was such a noble man, he surely didn’t deserve the betrayal, but I understand the motivation of the enemy. Frustration can drive the weak into the abysm of jealousy.

Rugged new mountains of muscle erupted from my already huge body, creating new areas to get even thicker, stronger, more powerful, beyond imagination, beyond acceptance, beyond definition. The pleasure was almost overwhelming, but the need for serenity was even stronger, we felt each other’s lust building highly, the mutual help from our minds took us ahead, mental worshipping, a telepathic coaching which happened between our powerful beings kept us in the strong concentration, no matter how hard our huge cocks were, no matter how many little guys were touching and climbing us like trees, we would have to keep serene, the control was the key to victory.

Finally, we felt that our hard work paid off, the optimization was complete, now we were ready to put and end to all this wrongful charade.

“I, I need to…” – Roger started but his own body still surfed in the orgasm we gave him –“You don’t need to scan us, Roger, we already know our stats, but I have no problem telling them to you…” – Haven said in soft yet powerful tone.

“I’m 9’8” tall 2408 pounds, biceps 95” chest 129”, 106” legs 0.7 % b.f. – Active DF+ Strength magnification: 3452 times. That’s not bad for a first timer huh, Magnus?” – Haven teased, but my old time friend now was ready.

“Yeah rookie, you did well, however when it comes to optimization I only second to Matt. At the same level 7 I’m 9’11” tall 2475 pounds, biceps 98” chest 134”, 111” legs 0.68 % b.f. – Active DF+ Strength magnification: 3668 times” – Magnus showed his tongue to an impressed Jeff Haven – “Damn! You are good!”

“I should say that from both of you guys! I’m 16’2” tall 5167 pounds, biceps 154”, chest 187”, 163” legs, 0.27% b.f. Active DF+ Strength magnification: 25.789 times. – the announcement of my new stats sent the staff members into a new frenzy state, they all gathered around me, trying to touch my massive stance, they whispered with their tiny weak voices for me to kiss them, or at least to let them touch my muscles, they begged me and the other agents for some kind of attention, we were muscle gods among men, and we were aware of such thing.

“Gentlemen, I’m sure you’ll have time to enjoy their bodies later, now we have a mission to accomplish…” – Zeus’ advise was very wise as always, but unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of the situation, yet. I grinned and grabbed a few of the members in my hug, just as well as Magnus and Jeff, at the touch of our impossibly huge muscle, they came so fiercely their organism simply passed out of such intense pleasure. Putting them to rest was our next stage. All members from the staff team were there, except for Roger.

Zeus watched the whole situation with a puzzled expression in his face. Roger lied there, completely exhausted, his body had felt too many orgasms at once, his breathing was slow, his face showed the satisfaction of a man who just witnessed the fantasies of his most intimate desires coming into reality.

We three walked towards Zeus. The leader was completely spellbound by our massive sizes. The sadness on his look actually made me hate myself for not realizing such obvious facts before.

“Zeus, we need your help now, we know what happened to all the agents…” – Haven started, he might be the youngest to meet Zeus but he knew Sedgwick just as well me or Magnus. – “What do you mean, agent Jeff?”

“What we all mean, commander, we have reached a level of development that our bodies work like a network, we’ve been discussing the whole situation with Spartan, who had been the first to notice the way to solve the mystery.” – Magnus added looking down at our confused leader.

“I found out from your personal data, that the interaction technology implanted in your body, the first generation chips, after a few years, no longer accepted to optimize, they’ve reached a plateau of development where they any attempt of enhancement is simply unacceptable, therefore, your bodies might be big and strong, but they cannot grow any bigger, despite the hoaxes you guys spread over the Pantheon troops…” – I said harshly towering over the whole agents.

“However, the other elders were not pleased with their ongoing situation, they wanted to feel the same power optimization brings us, it’s a natural craving, they felt empty for not being able to do the things they could, they pressured you into creating a solution, but you wanted to preserve Pantheon above everything, the agents still needed to serve the needs of the nations, so you created the second-generation technology…” – I said again, knowing in anticipation that the conclusion would be the only thing in the world capable of hurting the mighty Zeus.

“You’ve been trying to solve this problem, at the same time you wanted to see if the same limitation would occur with second-generation members, but even they hadn’t the time of interaction you had to attest such thing. You’ve always been patient, trying to find a way to help you and the men who firstly entered this new world with you – Poseidon and Hades, the three Elders of the Pantheon troops.” – Magnus completed my sentence.

Zeus watched in disbelief – “You are right about this, agents, and I’m proud of you, but I would never…”

“We know that, master, you were always loyal to the reasons for creating Pantheon, and you dedicated yourself more than ever, and realized that even if the alterations of the second-generation members solved the plateau issues, it did not mean you Elders would obtain the same results, because the two technologies were incompatible. After some time, you found out that your very own organism had after a long evolved again, the seed of the third generation members…” – Haven added, patting Zeus’s head, holding his chin.

“That’s when you had Samson to recruit Spartan, he was the first one to receive the technology from your own body, he was in more than a way, your first born. You bestowed upon the third generation the hope to one day taste the blessing of optimization once more. Nonetheless, Hades and Poseidon were not so patient anymore, they feared that if this solution would actually come from a new generation, it would be incompatible again.” – Magnus had his tone lowered, facing the sadness on our leader’s faces.

“Hades and Poseidon are my friends, they’ve showed me their loyalty too many times…” – Zeus refused to take the facts.

“They were indeed loyal to you, while you still hoped you would develop the cure for your problem, when their fear for another disappointment overwhelmed their obsessed minds, in their twisted logic they were still being faithful to you and the Pantheon…”
“You’re saying they betrayed me, but you didn’t explain me how could they be responsible for the shutting down of my agents!” – The voice on that man sounded like a king who had just heard the worst charge against his first knight.

“We can’t…yet” – Haven turned his back and walked through Roger who still felt the incredible rush of our joint optimization, he tried to crawl far from Agent Jeff, but that was useless. He picked the tiny man easily, gently holding him in his bear hug, a powerful threat that, at the same time it was completely unnecessary because we had broken his willpower with the show of our growing muscles, without even having to flex.

“But Roger here is gonna help us with the missing parts of our puzzle, huh?” – Magnus said holding the chin of the staff leader, who just couldn’t believe we had found out the whole scheme. Zeus’ eyes grew wider – “Roger, what do you know about this threat?”

“Yes, he worked as their pawn all the time. They simply had to conquer Roger to their side, he was the staff leader, he had access to all information Pantheon’s agents download to the system. Getting his loyalty was really an easy task.” – Magnus concluded grinning – “A few worship session with those huge guys and our Roger was sold, but yet he is innocent, he didn’t know what they meant”. Roger’s eyes drenched in tears. He was scared; his body still drenched in his cum, the only thing which helped him from peeing in himself was his raging erection, and being held like that by Haven simply overcharged his poor senses. His words were scattered, they had no connection at first, but soon they were perfectly understandable.

“How did you do this Roger?” – Zeus asked in a soft voice, the answer was not necessary; however Zeus simply felt even more guilty for the deception of his fellow Elders.

“I added the crystallized nano chips with a spyware program when I mixed the nutrition liquids of the agents who entered optimization. That was the only way to get them into your organisms, because you could easily taste if I just added that into your water or food, the only way was through the interaction proceedings. But we…They…didn’t mean to harm anyone, the experience went fine at the beginning, each new mission brought a new result, the data was promising” – Roger finally begun to tell his story.

“They said I could find a way to become a Pantheon if I helped them…” – he cried out loud. I brought him into my embrace - “After I got the info on every agents we had, the only ones who didn’t get any result were exactly the third generation ones, they somehow destroyed the spyware program, the first one was Spartan actually but right after that Magnus, and then not even Zion or Onyx could be spied. That’s when…” Roger froze for a minute

“That’s when they asked you to create the virus right?” – Haven concluded, much to Zeus surprise – “Their spyware technique was not working any longer, because the new agents could block their attempts, so the only way to reach their precious cure was neutralizing the defenses of the new technology in order to steal whatever progresses were made”

“The Pandora’s Box was not meant to be a virus, but you have to understand, that was a desperate measure, once they got the information from Matt, everything would be easier, they would come back to their leading roles, they would help Pantheon to prevail over the injustice! – Roger seemed calmer, but still fearing for his punishment.

“I’m aware of your good intention, I’ve always felt that you were actually impressed with the improvements I showed, and you thought I could mean your way into Hades and Poseidon’s graces, they realized I was evolving with such ease I could actually mean the solution for their problem, but they wouldn’t wait for Zeus’ orthodox methods.”

Zeus listened to everything – “Then why Rhodes and Samson? Their mission did not require optimization routine!? Why not just trying to inject into him when Spartan optimized?”

“We did that, during his mission to locate Kwome, Matt received the Pandora’s box first version, but he simply overcome the program, ignoring the threat he incorporated the program into his own system, we never thought he could actually develop to show such fast interaction defenses…” – Roger revealed laying on my massive embrace – being so powerful I could tell he was actually telling the truth, my muscles touching his skin was definitely the best incentive for a full confession.

“Hades and Poseidon got despaired when their first plan failed, they decided to use a second version of the virus, but that was too risky to be inserted during his optimization, they said that a battle would perfectly decoy…” – Roger felt ashamed for his actions, but that little man just got played by our massive muscles, he’s weak and he’s not capable of overcoming his lust.

“Since Spartan was recruited by Samson, who by his turn had been searched by Rhodes, that’s why, Hades, Rhodes’ own locating agent, needed to enter in action. He called him at the Academy for a mere talk, taking his best chance to introduce the new virus program into him. However, using the information they had from other second generation agents, the new version of Pandora’s Box had the power to overcome their conscious control, allowing Hades and Poseidon to program their chips according to their own will. They would control every agent until they could reach Matt and the third generation members, so they would finally get their optimization back.”

“I can see what went wrong with their plan. Rhodes was caught by his trust in Hades, however, when Samson noticed something strange about his colleague, Rhodes had to act quickly, he must have been capable of introducing the virus, but Samson was the one of the few second-generation members that could involuntarily optimize…” – I added knowing that my conclusions would be shared by my group members.

“Optimization not only enhances physical characters, but overall defense, the Pandora’s box program malfunctioned, Samson could not think straight, but he wasn’t being controlled by Hades and Poseidon, he just wanted to escape before he destroyed that city filled with weakling innocents!” – Jeff expressed his concern; finally understanding the trauma those valiant agents went through.

“That also explains the problem with the twins, Rhodes managed to infect them, but since they were already optimized, the same malfunction occurred, their senses went crazy…” – Magnus’ voice clearly showed his emotion, but he managed to control pretty quickly.

“Poseidon infected Cromwell and Yamamoto to increase their forces, while Hades’ excuse to leave in order to investigate Poseidon’s “alleged” disappearance is incredibly smart, he had Roger to alert me about a random hydroplane, while Rhodes escaped through another complete different way, and he’s probably with them at their rendezvous, although he’s just incapable of reacting.” I concluded taking Rogers to the ground.

“Roger you need to tell us, everything you know now, please we don’t want to punish you, please show us we can trust you again! Hades and Poseidon will not come to help you, they never wanted to…” – Haven approached him, nesting the young man on his dark fur.

“Do you have a vaccine for the virus Roger?” – The new agent asked soothing the small guy. Roger sobbed heavily – “Yes, but when I arrived, Hades had taken it with him, I’m sorry, I had no idea they would infect other agents…”

“We know their plan failed, they must be getting ready for their final blow, there’s no turning back now…” – Magnus concluded scratching his chin – “There must be something we left out…” his thoughts flooding through my mind and vice-versa.

I thought about the latest events in my life as a Pantheon agent, every detail quickly answered by my brilliant mind, but the words of Andy still echoed in my mind – “Wisdom lies not in the answers given, but in the questions to be made…”

I gently picked Roger up, looking for his precious palmtop on his pocket. I simply checked the destination of the latest e-mails, “All that time you had been e-mailing Hades about my developments, did you ever get to conclusion about my extraordinary evolution?” – I asked following the hunch of my intuition.

Roger’s eyes widened, he waved his head violently – “No, not at all, Spartan, I just kept describing all the situations with as much details I could, there was no way I could have guessed what makes you different from them…”

I remembered my sudden “exaggerated” optimization, the “crash-course” Kwome received during his first optimization, the extraordinary post-stabilization gains we all had. Immediately, I tried to contact Onyx and Zion at the Academy, but the lack of response, actually gave me the answer I feared so much – “They decided to go with the younger Agents, according to Roger’s entries Kwome knows everything about me, and he got trained with just one kiss, they feel that he’s got their solution…” Magnus nodded pretty sad as well – “You mean the virus would work on them if they were non-optimized. After all that was their original intent, Zion and Onyx are still very new, they didn’t learn who are Poseidon and Hades like we do…”

At this moment, Winston invaded the medical room carried by the guards; he had been thrown at the entrance of the secret base a few seconds, his body completely bruised, his lips swollen like a grapefruit. He moved his head, his eyes were red, drenched in tears – “I’m sorry sir, I tried, but I had no chance against him…” I felt my legs weakening, even though I knew it was impossible for me to get any physically weaker.

My heart simply couldn’t stop accelerating, just then Roger’s palmtop vibrated indicating an incoming message. Given my obvious nervous breakdown, Magnus acted fast, taking the gadget of my huge paw before I crushed it – “Sons of bitches!” - His voice was grave when he read the e-mail.

“We’ve got your boyfriend and the rookies, you’ll give us the cure or we’ll destroy Andy and all the other agents!”

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