The System

Part 1: Initiation

“Come on Harv, you can’t be serious!” The man in an expensive Italian suit looked at the enormously muscular, long haired, muscle hunk dressed in simple cotton pants and silk shirt that barely covered the marvelous and massively strong new body of that smiling behemoth.

“I would never joke about something so serious, Harry. The System saved my life; it took the remains of a weakling stressed man and changed into a fortress of strength and health that you see now, I am trying to become fully one with my body and I can only thank Guru Vikram for saving me!” Even this new soothing calm tone on Harvey’s voice was impressing and it clearly matched the impressive new figure of the 6’1” 270 pounds of solid, rugged and amazing muscles.

Harold Schwarz and Harvey Bornstein worked together as stock brokers in Wall Street; embodying the image of “success made in USA”. They both came from Ivy League Universities graduated with honors, they were young, ambitious, workaholic and nearly disproved of work ethics, which soon proved to be a great asset to succeed in such vicious environment, that’s why they had made their first million dollars long before they turned 25, and nothing would ever stop them from making many more, they were invincible.

Or so they used to think, until the financial crisis swept the allegedly unswerving economy of the world’s strongest potency, dragging nearly the entire world down with it. Harvey and Harold have never been religious men, but they’ve seen their greatest capitalistic beliefs crashing before their unfaithful eyes – Lehman Brothers, Citibank, GM and many other icons of Corporate America collapsed after years of highly questionable administration and deceptive financial make ups.

Harvey was not only overnight unemployed, the young millionaire witnessed the nearly disappearance of his personal wealth like so many people in the United States, and it had a nearly devastating effect on him – a deadly cocktail of highly stressed professional life, lack of physical activities and a lifetime of bad nutritional habits contributed to give a 28 year old man his first heart attack, which nearly ended such a young life.

After nearly a month in hospital, Harvey was decided to pursue a new life style, he sold his last assets and told his best friend Harold that he would simply part in search of the spiritual enlightenment he needed so much. Personally, Harry credited such drastic decision to the near death experience poor Harvey had just undergone; he would probably be back on track the following weeks.

Soon, the following weeks became months that piled up as Harold continued his own struggle to get back to his previously comfortable situation. It had been over a year without any news from his best friend, until that day Harry was casually passing through Central Park when he noticed the melodic music of the zither, and then he just gasped at the unexpected marvelous and humongous bulk of a long haired man dressed in brilliant light green silk shirt that seemed painted over those delicious muscles.

Harry was a “semi-closeted” gay stock broker, so he was very careful about exercising his sexuality in public places most of the time, but he simply stopped whatever he was doing to come closer to such magnificent hunk specimen, especially because those tight clothes only made his massive muscles look even more amazing, but to his uttering surprise the glorious zither player was no one but his friend Harvey Bronstein – or better, a long haired, much manlier and nearly three hundred pound of tanned muscles version of his formerly out of shape colleague sat in the lotus position, the thickness and powerful size of his muscles looked even more stunning when performing such complicated and painful sitting position, but just like his face displayed, Harvey now had totally control of his body.

“Harvey? Shit! Harvey Bronstein is that really you?” The suited 6’tall 160 pounds dark haired, porcelain skinned Harry Schwarz asked almost gasping at such drastic change.

He had wondered if Harvey would become one of those annoying shaved head guys who stood by the airports, but he would never expect such kind of amazing transformation.

“Hello, Harry, Namaste! I missed you very much, my friend, please give me the honor of your presence and join me in this beautiful day!” The very muscular long haired hunk carried a four o’clock shadow that only made him even manlier and more attractive; it was so different from the metrosexually impeccable groomed visual that many guys wore these days.

Because of such improbable event, Harry didn’t mind about sitting on the grass of Central Park and took the chance to stain his two thousand dollar Armani suit, in order to know more about what happened to his best friend ever parted.

The new and improved Harvey smiled peacefully down at his shocked old friend and they both started talking about the past months, but the more Harry heard about the path his friend took to reach such phenomenal muscular development the more perplexed he became, because it was a rather . Instead of spending many hours at the gym or taking dangerous drugs, Harvey revealed that all those muscles and the sheer masculinity that now inhabited his marvelous body came mainly from meditation and chanting, with help of the right colors, crystals and “special techniques”.

“It is just like I told you, my friend. After I left everything behind, I decided to go to India, where I wondered across the marvelous continent sized country for nearly two months, before I met this huge muscular guy in the street market of Madras. He was the strongest and yet the kindest man I’ve ever see, his muscles were so powerful and yet he respected everything the gods put in this world…”

“You mean bigger than you are now?” Harry asked, clearly having a hard time to imagine someone who could eclipse the magnificent muscles of his friend.

Harvey chuckled. “Oh yes, he was much bigger than I am now, but don’t worry I’ll get there in the due time, but let me continue on telling you about that day. There was this poor cow, which had been severely hurt by a truck driver, who was just inconsolable for hurting a divine creature, so this humongous Hindu man smiled and just carried the cow in his arms among the chaotic traffic all the way to the temple in the outskirts of the city, I was just so amazed with his strength and good character that I didn’t even notice I had walked nearly 5 miles to reach the temple.”

“So you followed some random super strong guy while he carried a cow with his own arms? Didn’t he get mad with you for not that?” Harry had a bit of a hard time to buy that impressive story.

“Of course not, that was not a common man, on top being a Tower of Strength, he was actually a beam of spiritual peace among the darkness of fear, his wisdom and serenity serves to advise those in troubled times, he actually told me that I’ve choose to follow him because I was just as hurt as the cow and I needed healing, he was just so right! Then, he took me into his house and showed how to find the beginning of my path.”

Harvey said calmly as he stood up, towering over his shocked friend, the uncanny muscle hunk offered his strong hand to Harry and the stock broker struggled to keep his cock concealed as he looked at the manly epitome of strength easily lifting him from the ground.

The shocked broker noticed that Harvey carried a huge sack in which he kept his zither. “W-where are you staying? Maybe we can catch up later?” Harry would not let go of the opportunity to spend more time with that muscle wonder, but Harvey simply smiled.

“Oh don’t worry; we have lots of catching up to do. In fact, we are going to your place; you still leave at the same address huh?” Since Harry simply nodded, the muscular hunk continued on his serene waddling, his thick muscles bulged and forced his clothes to give in a bit more, soon his humongous body would be naked, and that mere thought made Harry even harder.

“Why?” He asked with a noticeably weaker voice tone.

“Well I gotta teach you the same thing; it is my duty to spread the knowledge and help my brothers, we both search of the same thing Harry, and as your friend I want the honor to put you in the right path.” Harvey said as they walked out of the park.

They soon arrived at Harry’s beautiful loft, a very nice place with high ceilings and richly decorated, but it didn’t quite seem to impress the monumentally muscular man that returned there after such long time.

“Sorry for the mess, c-can I get you something to eat or drink?” Harry offered kindly to the immense friend of his.

“Just a glass of fresh water will be great, my friend.” Harvey said as he sat at the hardwood floor in the same lotus position, given the immense thickness, his incredibly thick muscle thighs simply reached inhuman levels of flexibility.

The home owner quickly grabbed a bottle of expensive mineral water and poured the content in French crystal glasses before he served to the monumental muscle hunk, but Harvey observed everything with the same polite smile, even though he clearly didn’t care for the silly things Harry had done, he would do very well with tap water poured in a wooden bowl.

Schwarz sat down at the ground with his friend, although they he preferred his Italian leather sofa; it was very hard for him to fathom the whole scenario.
“I just still can’t believe it’s you, Harv. I'm sorry, but you’re so fucking huge, so massive and muscular, and you look so…hot as well.” Harry confessed, inspired by the security of his home.

Harvey smiled and pulled his friend closer with those massive arms and hugged Harry so warmheartedly that the suited broker just gasped, he wasn’t expecting for something like that.

“Oh, it’s okay, Harry, I felt the same way when I saw my friend back in Madras, he actually told me the same thing I am about to tell you. The key to your happiness lies within your own body, you just have to learn how to tune your energies with the universe around us; you have to learn how to empower of the Chakras.” Harvey said very simply looking directly into Harry’s eyes.

“What? Chakras? So you really want me to believe you got that huge because of that meditation crap? That can’t be true!” Harry said still imbued in his typical metropolitan skepticism.

“Chakras are real my friend, they are power gates through which the body channels the vital energy, they are the main routes for the energy circulation within our organisms, and there are seven main chakras, if they are imbalanced there might be complications in our very life and health.”

“Oh come on, Harv! I’ve seen Yoga teachers; they are quite healthy and lean, but nothing like your huge size! I hardly believe you found a super strong muscular Yogi even in India, because those guys I see in TV are rather skinny and brag about sleeping over nails and walking over burning coal!”

The humongous man gently shook his head at his friend’s narrow minded comments, he understood Harry was just being skeptical because of his current lifestyle, just like Harvey himself had been once.

“Yoga is a very wide philosophy and it has many traditions, Guru Vikram taught me his own beliefs and disciplines, he believes that men are supposed to gain strength from the universe and to put it to good use, the muscles on a strong men serve to protect and to work for the greater good, I’ve always thought about myself first and it lead me into my own ruin, I’ve nearly died because my own body became weak, since my chakras were not just closed, they were seriously damaged and reversed, allowing my own energy to flow out into the universe. I was so focused on draining from others that my karma was to be drained by universe itself, now I’ve learned how to use the power on my favor and I grew strong and powerful.”

Harvey finished that sentence with a mighty flex on his right nearly 24 inches biceps and suddenly Harry finally got his point.

“And you want to teach it to me? But…why?” Harry gasped.

Harvey simply hugged his friend once again and this time he kissed him very tenderly and passionate.

“Because we are both men who need to feel empowered, my mission in the Path is to spread the message to good hearted men and help them grow stronger, which will only make stronger in the end, this is the Feedback of Strength and Guru Vikram told me I was ready to start my own peregrination, so I choose you, my friend.”

“So…you mean that you came back from India to look for me?” The shocked man still felt the power of that manly kiss in lips.

Harvey just nodded in agreement, and it made Harry suddenly very proud and happy. “And you’re about to do the same thing that super huge guy did to you back in Madras?” Harry grinned.

“Yes, I will show you how to find your path to reach Guru Vikram’s system.” Harvey said as he flexed the mountainous pectorals of him.

“Teach me, Harvey, I want to be like you, I need to be stronger but please just don’t tell me I’ll have to resource to celibacy to grow like you … ” Harry felt so hot and excited, and proud at the same time, his cock went full mast, and Harvey grinned as he started undressing his recently converted friend.

“Oh, don’t worry, the teachings of Guru Vikram do not require sexual abstinence, quite the contrary, sex is the best way to release bad energies from the body, when done with the right master, it actually provides healing energy, and I am gonna teach you how to fuck for hours, holding your erection for hours to enhance your pleasure, until the final and ultimate release will feed your body and muscles with enormous power and vigor.” Harvey chuckled as he quickly got his buddy naked and caressed the 8 inches boner on him.

“Okay, I'm yours master…” Harry said totally naked, his body was not that bad at all, since Harvey’s stroke, Harry decided to try a healthier way of life so he started using his gym membership and ate more healthy foods, but he was still a bit flabby and could use some improvement, but the immensely muscular Harvey just kissed and caressed his entire body to show how he appreciated that moment.

“Good, so let’s move onto somewhere more comfortable, you’ve got such a nice place it is a shame to ignore all this luxurious furniture.” Harvey stood up and carried his pupil to the king sized bed, his massive body never looked so amazing while his pupil watched very carefully from the comfortable mattress.

“So, the first lesson is knowing and understanding the function of the Seven Chakras, ultimately, the Path of Guru Vikram teaches how to channel them into making you into a manlier, bigger, stronger, more muscular and more powerful man that is gonna bring warmth and protection for the small and frightened.”

Harvey said before he took a moment and turned around showing his amazing back to Harry, suddenly he flexed the humongous 34” quads of him, and they easily ripped through the cotton fabric of his simple pants to unveil the amazing rugged surface on them, the flimsy skin danced like a sheer fabric covering the sculpted pillars of strength that bulged and danced as Harvey flexed them, but the most amazing thing was the impressive carving on Harvey’s butt, which became a powerful symbol of manhood and sensuality, the twin cheeks were two hard rocks that danced so rhythmically, there was just a fine thong that gently rested between the cleavage of such delicious bulbous cheeks.

The incredibly width and ruggedness of Harvey’s back impressed Harry, he never imagined there could be so many muscles there, and the tiny size of Harvey’s 27” waist made his shoulders look just shocking wider, but then Harry noticed the right thumb of the muscular master showing the point on the base of his spine.

“The first Chakra is Muladhara, the Base Chakra, responsible for support and sustentation, through this chakra our legs work like the roots for a plant; they reach for the energy which lies within the very core of the planet, Muladhara benefits from the red color and is responsible for stimulating natural and enhanced anabolic cycles, the right stimulation will optimize muscle growth from the nutritional income.”

The human sculpture turned around, with the enormous bulge underneath the loincloth that made Harry gasp, but he didn’t want to interrupt the teachings. The long haired muscle man then easily turned Harry on his own back and started massaging his coccyx and surrounding areas, which actually provoked a little tingling, which spread all over his body.

“Right now you are not as unbalanced as you’ve been, but still not following the right path yet, you will need to walk barefooted in natural soils and beach sand, it helps to stimulate the change.” Harvey said as he pressed a certain point that instantly made Harry shoot like a volcano.

“Damn…” Harry paced, he was hard but he never expected to cum so easily, he wasn’t even touching himself sounded disappointed, as Harvey turned him around.

“Oh, there’s no problem, you do have lots of pent-up sexual energy and frustration accumulated, but this orgasm is actually good, you’ve released all the bad energy within you, it’s the good energy we have to save, and the Base Chakra is strongly connected to the Second one.”

The amazing Harvey just chuckled as closed his eyes and untied the cloth, which made Harry literally scream out of fear.

“That can’t be real…I’ve seen you in the bathroom before, you weren’t THAT big!” Harry exclaimed as he noticed the enormous bulge on Harvey’s cock was not because his hard member, but precisely because the monster python was flaccid and it was kept with a knot! The huge schlong was over 10 inches long and it still had a huge piece in that huge knot that Harvey tied on his own manhood.”
“Just one of the many advantages of the Teachings, your manhood eventually grows bigger, thicker and more potent because of the constant stimulation on Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra, which is located two inches above the navel.”
The contrast between Harvey’s amazingly thick thighs and the tiny size of his waist only made his groin area look so manlier; it was just rugged and bony, while the muscles piled on top of the sheer strong foundations.
“You mean there’s a cock growth Chakra? Heck you’ve should opened with that one and we’d be here much sooner!” Harry couldn’t avoid the joke, although Harvey continued on his lecture.

“The Sacral Chakra does much more than that, a huge and strong manhood is needed to perform the ritual of strength exchange, through sexual intercourse. Of course, the power is much greater when two males are involved since men are graced with stronger and more muscular bodies, which means, during your path, Guru Vikram will teach you how to give special attention to Svadhisthana, because it is the entrance way for very important energy flux, that’s why you will learn to hold your orgasm until it build up so much energy that you will feed your own body with your partner’s orgasm, and this technique will be very important during our path.” Harvey said as he closed his eyes and untied the knot which made his cock reach its full 14 inches semi-flaccid length.

Harry gulped but before he could ask how big that log would get it just replied the unanswered question, reaching the rather impressive mark of 17 inches long and nearly 10 inches around, with a giant head and the heavy balls to match, the hairy navel on the impossibly amazing man just made Harry second guess everything.

“Wait…wait…you’re not gonna fuck me with this THING, are you?”
Harvey had a very understanding look in his face. “Worry not, my friend, I will have to fuck you to start your path, I am familiar with my own body and will teach you the right breathing techniques to allow maximum penetration with a minimum of pain, but the fuck won’t happen until you are ready for a man like me.”

That explanation didn’t completely calm Harry down, but it was rather soothing to know Harvey actually cared about him, which actually made the stock broker even hornier. “So…are you gonna waste such an amazing erection?”

Harvey chuckled “I told you, buddy, with the teachings the Second Chakra is the main gate for energy so we have to learn to keep the erection for as long as it is needed, because the hard member captures the energies of the universe and makes me healthier and stronger.”

The muscular long haired man simply moved his hand along the Sacral chakra on Harry’s body and his cock, which was still soft even after seeing Harvey’s python, suddenly got instantly harder it felt like it wouldn’t get soft for a long time.

“The erection is the manliest of the moments, and it serves to absorb the empowering energies of the universe, so I’ve locked your own erection for the time being, as I continue the unveiling of the path. The Sacral Chakra benefits from the orange color because it is the midway of Earth and Sun elements, you will realize that Svadhisthana will provide not only desire and sexual energy but also helps the growth and the development of muscular tissue, practicing right sexual techniques will unleash the testosterone augmentation needed for further strength and bodily augmentation”

The shocked Harvey tried to ignore his own erection or the bobbing monster cock on Harvey as his master continued the explanation, but he couldn’t help chuckling at the idea that simply being hard could make his body grow stronger and bigger, but he had a living muscular proof right in front of his believer’s eyes.

“The Third Chakra is Manipura, the Solar Plexus, and it is located at the upper stomach” Harvey said as he indicated the spot first on his humongously developed eight-pack washboard stomach that bulged and flexed as he sensually moved, then he just took Harry’s hand to help him locate the exact same spot.

“So this Chakra must control hunger right?” Harry asked, trying to know better the lessons he was being taught.

“That too, which is important for good physical development, but Manipura is strongly linked to the emotional balance of the individual, it benefits from the Sun and the fire element, it is responsible for metabolism within our bodies, so once you connect with this Chakra you will be able to get the best of the food you eat, allowing your muscles to have superior raw materials to build themselves even bigger.”

“Is that why you look so amazingly ripped? I thought you would tell me I should cut down on food…” Harry asked, visibly surprised.

Harvey gently waved his head. “Food is fuel for the body and through good nutrition we can grow bigger and stronger, and it is ultimately important because Manipura is the Chakra that allows transformation, which we need to stimulate if we want our body and soul to reach stronger standards, the control over this chakra provides good will and positive attitude towards the obstacles of life, this is the spot to focus energy to allow the transformation path, I am still learning how to control this one, but the potential is just amazing!”

“I’ll bet it is…but you’ve already transformed a lot, my friend!” Harry said as Harvey continued massaging the area around his little buddy’s upper stomach, and suddenly the stocker felt different, his anxiety reduced while a good vibe took over his mind, but at the same time he was feeling very hungry.

“Manipura is the Chakra strongly linked to the muscles, it is the spot that needs to be constantly energized and stimulated to promote the muscular development, to make them bigger and more powerful, in time and with the right techniques, the Solar Plexus chakra can be used to enhance the gains of muscular training, so you can have more growth from optimized exercising time.” Harvey explained as they both heard the growling which came from Harry’s stomach.

“Sorry for that” Harry blushed, although he wasn’t sorry for having his cock boned up for his master.

“This is perfectly normal, your body is just realizing it needs more, because you were not paying attention to its real needs, in time you will realize this hunger comes from your need to spread the strength and compassion.” Harvey grinned as he finished the stimulation with a gentle kiss in Harry’s stomach and the man felt like he would blow again, but this time he felt something holding it back at the last moment.

“No more wasting good energy, we are gonna build this from now on, I want to show you how powerful the Sharing is…” Harvey explained as he proceeded on the lessons.

“There’s a reason why I preferably wear green on my upper body, green is the color for growth and renewal, it is a great way to stimulate the next Chakra, which is also my favorite one…”Harvey grinned as he suddenly hit a side-chest pose, the sheer violent expansion of his arms and the humongous pectoral plates of manly power totally destroyed the delicate silk green shirt that hugged over those enormous muscles, revealing the powerful, manly, rugged and extremely vascular surface of Harv’s impressive arms and chest.

“Anahata, the Invincible, is the Heart Chakra, normally associated with noble emotions like unselfish love and altruism; it is the center to energize the physical body and to make it stronger. The Fourth Chakra is linked to the chest, circulation and the arms.” Harvey explained as he changed to a frontal double biceps pose that was simply mind-blowing.

“Soon, you will learn that muscles and chakras are so linked that the stronger and bigger you get the more powerful they become, when the right chakras are stimulated you can get stronger and it provides harder workouts and better results!”

Harry just moaned as he fought the urge to sit up and worship those humongous 24” arms and the powerful 57”chest that bulged and flexed so close to his eager worshipful hands, but it was Harvey the one who approached and kindly took Harry’s hand to the precious spot between the amazing pectoral plates that formed such obscenely huge cleavage.

“Can you feel my heart beating? It is so calm and so peaceful, yet I am so glad and excited to be here with you now, Harry. I thought I was invincible before, but only now I can understand that true power comes from your body and not from your money or earthly possessions, we have to search for perfecting and developing, growing stronger to please and to share the Strength!” Harry’s hand groped the immense pectoral muscle and the man gasped as he could feel the striations and the indentations of the super developed muscle.

“Oh fuck, Harvey, you’re so powerful, you gotta teach me all please, I want you to be proud of me, master!” Harry moaned, but Harvey just kissed his forehead.

“I am not master, my friend, I am just opening your eyes, your mind and your chakras so you can start walking your path towards your enlightenment.” Harvey said as he gently massaged the chest area precisely over Harry’s heart and the man suddenly started sobbing for no apparent reason, he cried and hugged Harvey so needy.

“What is..g-going on? Why can’t I stop crying?”

Harvey just comforted his friend “Years of repressed emotions were just released, my friend, but don’t worry it is good, your heart is just cleansing the bad feelings you were stocking inside for years, now you’re ready to pursue nobler aspirations!”

The enormous main hugged and kissed the sobbing smaller friend as they waited a bit for the cleansing to work, but still it was funny to see an adult man sobbing with a huge boner.

“You needed that, to release from all the minor feelings, you will notice that you are now open to love unselfishly, waiting not in return but the feeling of sharing the good things you have inside of yours.” Harvey explained as he felt Harry still worshipping his muscles with big puppy eyes of a true happiness.

The monumental master then gently showed his immensely thick neck, surrounded by thick layers of muscle fibers, merging together with deltoids and shoulders, the contours of a muscle beast, the thick bull neck displayed the manly Adam’s pommel, Harvey flexed his muscular neck and Harry simply felt how thick and manly it was.

“Visuddha is the Fifth Chakra, located in the throat, and in men, it is helped by the Adam’s pommel which channels strength and vitality through our words and communications, this chakra benefits from the Blue color and you’ll learn that it helps to spread the message of our beliefs to the brothers.”
“Is this why your voice got so much…manlier?” Harry asked softly.

“Yes, Harry, the manly, soothing voice tone is the way a father communicates with his sons, the deep voice is the sound of the universe communicating through your words, and in time you will be able to express wordless messages…” Harvey whispered, but his voice sounded so loud and firm, at the same time, the smaller man had to overcome another urge to cum.

“Ughn…how much longer till I can cum master?” Harry asked as he held firmly into the muscular fortress.

“All the effort will be rewarded in the due time, my friend.” Harvey said as gently massaged the Fifth chakra on Harry’s much thinner neck, and it suddenly felt so soothing, like he ate the most delicious food or drank the most exquisite wine, the sudden velvety warmth in his throat.

“Through Visuddha you can strength your character to become a man whose words correspond his thoughts, frankness and sincerity will favor your development and your personal growth both spiritual and muscular, and this is gonna be very important when you start your peregrination, my friend.”Harvey smiled as he gently pointed to the spot between his manly, gorgeous, serene eyes and grinned.

“This is Ajna, the Frontal Chakra.” The dazzling handsome master said as he pointed at the same spot. “Also known as the third eye, it helps to promote sensual increase, your senses will be extremely more accurate, which is very important when you need to feel what your body needs to grow bigger and more muscular, stronger and more powerful.”

Harry chuckled “Too bad you can’t flex a muscle to show me this one huh?”

Harvey grinned. “Au contraire my friend, this is the command center!” Harvey simply hit a most muscular pose, and the sight of his entire body flexing in some kind tsunami of manly rugged veined muscle simply looked amazing, and Harry just stepped back, feeling that he would have came again if it was for the thing his friend did to him.

Then, Harvey gently massaged the area between Harry’s eyes. “Ajna is linked to the Pineal Gland, so your physical and spiritual body will benefit from the strengthening of this chakra, your muscles will grow bigger and stronger if you take your time to focus on the Frontal Chakra, my brother.”

Harry gently nodded as he felt the wave of power and pleasure that swept him, it was like his senses were amplified, he could hear better, see clearer, and even taste different things and feel other textures in the massive muscles of that wonderful man.

“Combining the right chakras energies we can increase their power to build a more powerful and much faster result, so you will see that all the teachings will come together in the System.” Harvey said as he stood tall and gently positioned his pupil in the same manner.

“The Seventh Chakra is Sahashara, the Thousand Petals Lotus or the Crown Chakra and it is located right in the middle of your head, there’s an important energy channel that reaches through the Pituitary gland, it is strongly benefitted by the Silver and Golden colors and need to be stimulated constantly, through this method the gland which secretes the hormones for our bodily functions will be reachable, when an enlightened learns how to control this amazing power, his body will grow stronger and more developed, because he is literally…”

“…controlling his bodily functions! Damn…it actually makes perfect sense now, the reason why you’ve changed so much in such short time, shit Harvey…how can I energize and stimulate my seventh chakra?”

“That is why meditation is just as important as physical exercise, because it will help you to open your Crown Chakra and therefore the universe energy will enlighten your senses to make your spirit stronger, so your muscles can grow bigger and more powerful, from there you will control your pituitary gland and change your bodily rhythm and mold it into your own will, the ultimate goal for an enlightened is to become more than human, is to transcend the human limitations, but not just spiritual wise, we are meant to become more powerful and stronger, it is the true meaning of the System!”

Harry felt empowered, he was just so damn horny and excited, he looked at his enormously muscular friend and they both hugged warmly, their hard cocks and the pulsing hearts desired the same thing more than ever.

“I have understood the existence and purpose of the Chakras and The System of Guru Vikram, my friend, and I have truly decided to start in the path…can you show me the way to reach enlightenment?” Harry asked sincerely as they shared such tender moment.

Harvey had an adorable smile on his lips “Yes, for the true Path requires the Sharing, nothing is supposed to be locked, the power needs to find more brothers and the universe will return the goods we do in our choices.” The massively muscular man just took Harry back to his bed and very gently the powerful 17” long cock grew even longer as it reached full 20 inches as the head leaked quirts and quirts of precum.

“Impervious Health, Colossal Muscles, Invincible Strength, Uncanny Manliness, Incommensurable Might, Unswerving Serenity and Eternal Youth; these are the ultimate gifts to be achieved in the System, and all those who reach for the path shall start with the first of many lessons…” Harvey said as he gently inserted his enormous cock inside Harry, and the initiated moaned as he felt their connection growing stronger as the humongous head penetrated his ass in a mix of tenderness and naughtiness.

“Fuck me harder…” Harry just moaned.

“With pleasure…” Harvey dropped the whole mastering tone and just whispered in the ears of the man he was about to initiate.

When Harvey mentioned that an enlightened man like him could fuck for hours without losing his erection, it might have sounded like he was bragging but it was literally what happened, because the monumental long haired muscle man simply fucked Harry for nearly five hours of intense sexual frenzy.
Harry was played like a Stradivarius by a master violinist, it felt like Harvey could read his mind, he just touched and licked every right spot, he knew when to be cocky and to flex those hard veined muscles and when to be warm and friendly, their kissing was so passionate and comforting at the same time.

Each time Harvey exchanged to a different position it was like Harry had waves of growing pleasure inside his body, with all his Seven Chakras opened, that was the most amazing sexual experience he’d ever had, it was a journey of self-discovery with the best guide he could ever had.

The super muscular and ripped new enlightened body of Harvey was just a sex dynamo, the humongous cock felt so good, so hot and so right inside Harry’s body, the initiated just moaned and groaned, feeling the pressure and the power of his manly master delivering the hottest and most intense sexual lessons he could ever imagine.

Harry felt like he had one thousand orgasms, but he didn’t cum once, it was just so weird, he had had dry orgasms before, but they didn’t feel like anything he was experiencing, he screamed and felt the same pleasure but then instead of subsiding it just built higher and stronger, there was a need for more which just grew stronger as the hours piled, their bodies drenched in sweat.

“Yeah, you’ve been a great pupil, Harry…this has been amazing so far, I wish I could fuck you even more, but you’re still not prepared…”Harvey’s sensual hip movements increased as he threw his head sensually back, unleashing the whip of his wet long mane, his smile was so serene and seductive, yet it also looked so sincere and naughty.

“Oh…shit…let me cum…please!” Harry begged as the immense Harvey palmed his aching cockhead for the hundredth time; it was leaking so much precum, the master simply nodded with a chuckle.

“Oh yes, I really think you’ve built energy enough to empower my Chakras! The time is perfect!” Harvey said as he gently unplugged his massive schlong from his friend’s ass, and Harry felt cold, he just grew so used with the immensity inside that it felt weird to be detached from such monumental manhood.

“Are you ready to start your own path?” Harvey asked as he showed his immense purple head covered in several layers of precum, that cock produced tons of natural lube that kept it clean and desirable so, Harry didn’t answer he just reached to suck that monster while Harvey simply turned him to engage into the hottest 69 position ever.

Harry was eager, he needed to suck on that master’s cock to see if he could make the impervious man cum, he wanted to please him, his tongue explored every fiber and angle of the humongous head, the slit itself was so huge and provided so many angles to milk his man.

“Oh…yeah, get ready, buddy, you…are on your way to the Syysssssssteeeeeeem!” Harvey screamed as he finally erupted inside Harry’s mouth and the pupil did not even gasp, he just managed to drink all the cum that such powerful obelisk to manhood produced.

Harry felt the cum burning as it went down his throat, but in a good way, like the first gulp on a fine bourbon, but much better. He just moaned as he felt the hunger being satisfied, his entire body felt suddenly more alive, he just sucked the precious liquid when his body started burning as well, his muscles felt tighter and his body exulting in innumerous orgasms that started from the top of his head and spread all over his body.

It was then Harry felt the Crown Chakra sending the order to the Ajna, the sensual wave reached down the Frontal Chakra and quickly descended to Anahata and from that moment he knew his life would start again.
The Heart Chakra sent the energy into all directions within his body, the chest and shoulders started growing thicker and stronger, the arms augmented as his chest filled with new layers of powerful muscle, loud spasms that promoted growth spurts in arms, and the shoulders.

At the same time Harry felt the very energy from the universe entering his body through the Ground Chakra and he felt his legs growing thicker by the second, the fibers simply fed on that energy and changed it into new layers of muscular fibers that augmented his once average thighs, making them more muscular and powerful.

The Solar Plexus Chakra received the energized cum of Harvey and immediately redirected it to the muscles, which were hungry for strength and size, that’s when Harry felt his life was meant to search for the path, he wanted the ultimate gifts and he would share the gifts he already had with those who searched for the same, for the universe would reward the good he does.

Harvey’s assault on Harry’s cock suddenly produced an extraordinary effect on the growing initiate, he just felt his own Sacral Chakra imbued of a strength he never felt before, it was like he was the ultimate male, he needed to be sucked and to spread his gifts around the world, and from Svadhisthana he allowed the energy to flow into him which only made his muscles grow faster and bigger all over his body.

Harry started bucking and convulsing as he felt the two waves of energy hit right in his Sacral Chakra and his balls simply churned angrily which resulted in a counter wave that combined the power from all the Chakras and erupted from Harry’s cock, finally released from whatever kind of blocking technique Harvey had used, it just exploded free right into Harvey’s eager throat.

“ARGHHHHHH!” Harry screamed as his energetic overflow suddenly unleashed all the built up power he had accumulated over the many hours they were fucking. The man convulsed as his muscles grew bigger and more powerful, the thickening veins fed blood and strength to the growing limbs and body parts as he suddenly felt the copious amount of cum that Harvey drank so eagerly.

Harry suddenly felt like he was being once again fucked, his body felt the intense energy exchange as Harvey grew more muscular, and within his body it just seemed much faster, and to happen in stronger pace.

The long haired muscle stood just moaned as his pupil shook his head, he suddenly could devise the exact seven chakras, each one glowing in its color and they were suddenly brighter as Harvey continued drinking Harry’s emissions.

Harvey drank until Harry was dry, then he just continued moaning and purring, his body simply augmented and grew more muscular, right before Harry’s eyes and it was just beautiful, the man became even more muscular as those perfect limbs engorged with new layers of muscles, he was adding pounds by the second, his manly looked only increased, and even that cock, which still looked hard and throbbing suddenly grew thicker and longer.
The amazing Harvey let out a primal roar as he stood up and flexed all his muscles with a glorious smile, he reached for Harry’s body and hugged him strongly yet so tender, they both kissed and their tongues twirled, their hands exploring and admiring their new and bigger bodies, they just celebrated their happiness together.

When they broke such flaming kiss, Harry was still pacing, but Harvey was also very thrilled, his immense chest looked so much bigger and powerful, he was just a manhood masterpiece.

“You…were amazing!” Harry managed to say as he rested his head on top of those ultra hard chest muscles.

“It’s all because of you, buddy, you were just…perfect!” Harvey said as he grinned sweetly.

Harry felt so amazingly stronger, he thought he would be tired after fucking for so many hours, but quite the contrary he was just ready for another round, he simply stood up and walked to grab a glass of water, but then he almost fainted when he noticed his own image on the mirror.

A 6’tall 230 pounds muscular hunk looked back at him, his short hair was a bit longer and his shaven clean face was now darker because of his stubble, he recognized his own face, although it was manlier and more handsome than ever. Harry flexed his arm and saw the 19 inches muscle peak soaring very proud. His thighs were 25” now, and his cock it was just 11 inches and only semi-flaccid.

“What…just happened to me? Was it all because we fucked?” Even the voice on this new Harry Schwarz was manlier and deeper.

“That’s the first of many changes you will overcome in the path, my friend. You now need to start your own path.” A 6’3” 340 pounds even more muscular Harvey just stood there behind him and flexed his now 28” guns.
The former work colleagues turned and faced each other.

‘You…grew taller…I can tell, how can I tell you grew taller?” Harry asked suddenly surprised.

“Your third eye is open now, your senses are sharper and you will be able to tell when people are lying to you, so use those gifts well in your journey.” The immense Harvey said as he held him in his arms.

“Does it mean, I gotta drop everything and leave to India like you did?” Harry asked, suddenly not caring for his possessions, he was just interested in becoming everything he could actually be.

Harvey laughed “I’ve learned with Guru Vikram that a man can have the best of both worlds, you will learn that temperance is also a virtue, but it doesn’t mean you can wish for comfort. Your life will change in the pace you set it, Harry.”

Harry just snuggled in Harvey’s hug “And what about us? Will I see you again?”

“Of course you will, we are brothers now, the System brought us together, but we are also students, and our paths will cross again, but not now, I'm still in search of new teachings and so will you, that’s why you need to find Guru Vikram for him to help you on your own path.’

“I’ll take the first flight available to India” Harry grinned as he located his fancy cell and googled flight companies when Harvey gently took the appliance from his hands.

“There’s no need for that, Guru Vikram came with me back to the US, he said his own path would bring him to my country and I think he was right as usual.” Harvey explained.

“So, he’s here in New York? Can I find him right now?” Harry asked very excitedly.

Harvey laughed “No, unfortunately, not. He decided to follow his own heart and decided to finally realize the dream he had since he was a boy, he wanted to go Disneyland in California…” The immense man grinned as he sat back on the bed, knowing that Harry’s eyes were still wide opened.
“What? Just because he is an enlightened master who revealed the System he can’t have his own boyish fantasies?” Harvey chuckled as he checked on his augmented muscles.

Harry seemed puzzled “Well, I suppose so…but isn’t he kinda like old to hold to childhood dreams?”

This time Harvey really laughed out loud. “This kind of dream is good to cultivate, besides, you need to understand that it is not that much of an old dream at all.”

“What do you mean?”

Harvey just stood up and placed each of his huge hands over one of Harry’s (now) muscular shoulders.

“Guru Vikram Ananda is not your typical master, he was still an orphan baby left in a secluded monastery in the highest mountains of India, where he was taught by the greatest Yogi Masters ever, thanks to his gurus and his own uncanny gifts, Vikram unveiled the mysteries of the System and became the First enlightened. Some say his soul is older than the Elders, that is the reason why he could establish the steps of the System, but all his wisdom and knowledge still don’t make up for his bodily age, the Guru had just turned 16 years old a couple of weeks ago.”

Harry gasped. “Wait…you’re saying I am supposed to look for a super muscular Indian teenager in Disneyland?”

Harvey grinned “Precisely.”

Harry just considered the possibilities and nodded.

“Right on!”

To be continued