Timmy and Tom

Tom, 19 years old 5'7"175 pounds of big muscles just got back home for the holiday, it's rare since he's training really hard for the gymnast national championship, blond blue eyed tanned, Tom is actually pretty muscular and strong, very agile and athletic, quite the contrary of his little brother...

"HOLLY SHIT! WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?" Tom yells as he just got down to the basement where Timmy likes to hang most of the time with his eccentric hobbies. The huge man was massive, naked and the size of his cock was just frightening.

The gargantuan bulk actually jumped in surprise at the teenager’s sudden appearance. His cock was standing fully erect and standing straight outwards like a steel rod, the big head dripping pre onto the basement floor.

The amazingly huge muscles were so engorged and massive; the body bulged with unbelievable muscle mass. He was far taller than any man Tom had ever seen; he had to be over 7 or maybe 8 feet tall at thousands of sheer raw muscle!

Tom realized he had been yelling at a muscle monster and noticed how stupid it was so he tried to go back upstairs but, then he slipped on something and fell on his back, to his uttering horror Tom could see the monumental mass of muscle and the humongous dripping cock getting closer from him as the behemoth moved towards his fallen figure.


Tom continued yelling as he slipped over and over trying to run away from the menace.

"TOM, IT'S ME!" The massive giant said, his voice sounded weird, instead of being deep and powerful it was actually a relatively high pitched tone, squeaky, and very, very familiar

Looking up, tom is shocked to find his little brother's head on top of that bull neck!

"Oh shit...Timmy...! What the hell happened to you, shit look at you... are those your clothes on the ground? WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?"

Tom continued asking still very shaky, and even more shocked because now he discovered the pervert monstrous muscle man with the humongous hard cock is no other than his little brother, or what used to be his little brother, because now this is the biggest human ever existed.

"Well, remember that project I was working on the last time you were over? The augmented Timmy started explaining his big brother, who remained in awe.

“You mean those weird things you did down here and burnt the fuses?” Tom immediately remembered the many times he got in the dark because of his geeky little brother’s mess.

Timmy blushed “Well, I have finally managed triggering the key to unlocking the human body's full potential!” Since he noticed Tom had no idea what he was talking about, the humongous new Timmy decided to keep the explanation.

“I had been calculating the various integrals and formulas for years, but today I had finally developed the concoction that would let me break free from my weakling body. However, I never thought it would be this much, this fast, or that you were coming home today!"

"Timmy...you...can't be serious...holly shit bro...You’re telling me you did...THIS to yourself? Look at you, brother...shit ...your body it looks...so huge…and man...your muscles ...they're gargantuan. You make Mister Olympia look like a little mouse..."

"Yes, I'll admit it was a bit rash to experiment with my own body, but the results were far more productive than I had anticipated."

Looking down, the young behemoth could only see his massive pecs, they were so big that they permanently blocked the view of his lower body. However, he could also see his massive pole jutting out proudly.

"Shit...shit… shit..." Tom was clearly freaking out, his little brother suddenly hulked out into a monstrous muscle creature, and his whole body seemed to be bulging everywhere, the veins popped out and his body moved in a slow motion effect, each group of muscles flexing and creating a really tsunami of muscular fibers contracting over the enormous surface of that rugged incredibly huge physique

"Timmy...we gotta do something to revert this brother...you look like a monster..." Tom said at once, so shocked about the fact his little brother became a muscular juggernaut in a matter of minutes.

It was Timmy’s turn to seem shocked.

"Why would I wish to revert this?" Timmy placed his hands on his hips, causing his huge chest to jut out like two missiles.

The immensely muscular boy continued on his argumentation.

"My bio stats are now perfect. My cardiovascular system is 6.5 times greater than a triathlon athlete, my strength equal to the total combined numbers of 25 average powerlifters, and my fertility 350% more virile. To revert into a weak, insignificant child would be illogical."

Tom simply gasped at the sound of those words, now coming from a determined, strong, manlier and even a much deeper, manlier voice tone that somehow changed since the time the behemoth boy first spoke, which indicated his changes were still happening, as the muscles grew bigger and more massive.

"Timmy...you can't be serious...look at...you...shit your cock man, can you really expect me to be calm when I see a yard cock long pointing at my face..."

A cocky grin blossomed in the youthful Goliath’s lips.

"No." Timmy shook his head. "Actually, I expect you to become very excited..." As he said this, Tom noticed an odor hanging in the air, a very powerful, yet very arousing scent.

Soon, Tom found himself getting hard while staring at his massive little nerdy brother with lust and desire for those utterly humongous muscles!

"Timmy...what the fuck are you talking...oh shit...what is this smell...what...I can't think straight..."

Suddenly, Tom realized Timmy just came forward and easily grabbed his body, gently holding him against his rock hard enormously muscular physique of the grown monstrosity.

Timmy was not just holding him, he was actually groping Tom's body with an unseen curiosity, yet the older brother can only moan, feeling the enormous hands cupping his chest or feeling his tight six-pack.

"Timmy what are you doing...I ...I...oh shit..." Tom moaned as he felt his own cock getting harder and harder underneath his jeans, he was lusting after his little brother and it felt so good, so necessarily hot and right.

"Don’t you worry, Tommy, just relax and allow my body's pheromones heighten your sensuality."

The immense Timmy now whispered into Tom's ear as slowly he unbuttoned his "big" brother's shirt; his huge hands were so massive they could now completely cover Tom's chest, which he did, allowing his brother to feel the hot, huge, powerful fingers pressing into his body.

Tom suddenly opened his eyes, his fear, his shock, his hesitation were gone, and then he only had this inner fire, something that had been dormant but now came furiously out

“Holy cow...Timmy, you're so fucking huge, so massive, look at you...makes any super-hero looks skinny, so massive, so powerful...I couldn't believe in my own eyes when I entered...but now...shit...you're so fucking hot!"

“You’re damn right I am." Timmy told him, swearing for the first time Tom had ever heard and then he wrapping his mighty paw around Tom's waist, Timmy easily lifted his 175 lbs. lbs brother single handedly and set him on top of his right bicep.

Such display of unearthed power and muscularity made Tom even more seduced, the monstrosity in which his little brother had transformed only made him even hotter; he could feel that enormous biceps pressing his crotch and his very anus, he could feel Timmy flexing and relaxing his arms just to get his little big brother going.

"Oh shit...oh Timmy!" Tom said as he felt the enormous pressure, his thoughts were foggy and his libido flared up.

"Timmy...I don't care for anything else bro, just take dude, I wanna feel that monstrous cock inside me, shit make me yours at once you huge muscle monster....my ultimate fantasy made true..."

"I know, Tommy why did you think I worked so hard to perfect the formula?"

The enormous Tim grinned broadly at his (now) little brother. After a few more bicep flexes to warm Tommy's butt up, Tim lifted him off and set him on the ground.

"I'd put you on it myself, but my cock is so long that even I can't reach it!"

Tom grinned.

"You've always been big down there even when you were smaller than me...but now...shit I just hope I can take it all, you sexy monster"

The gymnast used his flexibility and agility to climb the enormous pole, spreading his muscular legs he just held his own weight on Timmy's arms and took a last breathe "Okay...Enormous Tim, take me now brother...shit...make me yours..."

"Okay, get ready Tommy, my new little brother, because here I come!"

With a powerful thrust, he shoved his super huge cockhead in and pierced his brother with his massive pole!

Tom screamed, holding the arms and feeling the world spinning as the sharp pain rushed through his body, the feeling of pleasure spreading through his body as they both noticed Tom was literally impaled on the humongous cock of his little brother, yet there was so much of his cock left outside.

"Oh Timmy..." Tommy screamed as Tim took his hands on his hips and just flexed his cock lifting his body like it weighed nothing.

Harder and harder Tim pounded Tommy, his dick plunging further and further in, going deeper than ANY man could ever DREAM of. His overwhelmingly huge muscles flexed hard as he felt such a tight ass wrapped around his massive, sensitive pole. Faster and harder his thrusts were, again and again until finally, his medicine ball sized testicles churned and he unleashed a real torrent of cum inside Tommy’s ass.

The uncanny force of the orgasm was so intense and powerful, that it actually shot Tommy off the mighty dick and made the jock hit the floor, only to be showered by a seemingly never ending torrent of cum.

Tommy felt like a billion dollars, his body was still sore from all the wild sex, he woke up, realizing he was now on his own bed, suddenly fearing it was nothing but a dream, until he felt the heavy stomps of his approaching humongous sibling, who gently had put him on his bed.

Tim looked even bigger than when Tom had previously found him, the massive mountainous boy had augmented tremendously and he now had to crouch and crawl inside his own bedroom, so magnificently huger had grown, something around 10 feet tall and at the unimaginable edge of titanium hard 5,800 pounds of hard muscle.

As the colossus formerly known as Timmy stood up, rising to his newly glorious stance, Tommy noticed he looked more determined than ever, the former geeky little brother just smiled and reached for grabbing his now minuscule lover, only to kiss him tenderly

"Hey, I'm glad you're back with the living Tommy" Enormous Tim spoke as he easily grabbed his new brother and lover toy back on his arms.

"I hope you’re ready for more little dude, because I surely am!"

And so the brothers headed into a new and unexpected, surprising new life.

The End.