Überteen 7

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Love is a fire that burns without being seen;
It's a wound that hurts without being felt;
It's an unhappy happiness;
It's a pain that drives you crazy without hurting;

It's a wishing no more for what you like;
It's walking lonely within a crowd;
It's never being contented with contentedness;
It's seeking to find oneself in losing oneself;

It's wishing to be a prisoner of wishes;
It's serving who you have overcome, you the victor;
It's being faithful to someone who kills us.

But how can its favour cause
friendliness in human hearts,
if love itself is so contrary to itself?

Free translation of the of "Sonnet 11" by Portuguese Poet Luis de Camões, born in the XVI century.

“Hey, Nate, ready for another great day, buddy?” Dr. McKenna’s voice always carried a very positive vibe, just like most of the people working at the Institute.

In fact, that place totally blew off any expectations I previously had – that was indeed a place where people told us how to value the gift of life rather than thinking on the possibility of death, all the nurses, the doctors and the other patients I met there had this definitely positive approach on our common problem, getting healthy was a process that depended mostly on how much we enjoyed our lives.

“I'm doing OK, doc… locked up in the dark tower as usual”. He was quite a hunky type, at 5’10” dirty blond hair and good physique; judging by the lack of ring marks on his fingers and the giggling, silly behavior of the women around him, the guy was still single, which made him the favorite catch in the “meat market”. His bright smile and confidence also helped his patients, and not even my morning crankiness seemed to abate it.

“Come on, buddy, you’ve not been inside here for that long…besides, soon they will let you go for some fun at the patio.” He smiled and checked the results of my exams. His pretty face had the same look of concern that I noticed on my dad’s when he checked them – it wasn’t actually horrible, because they still told me I was doing very well, but they both were expecting for my body to respond better to the medication.

Since my condition was discovered pretty soon, they were doing everything to avoid more drastic measures like chemo, and my dad pulled some strings to put me in the most advanced research groups for alternative treatments on leukemia, but apparently, things weren’t going as they expected.

“The good news is that you didn’t lose weight the past week, we’ll change your medication and see if we got better results.” The doctor said as the nurses entered the room with all those pills again.

“Heh…a couple of months ago, I wouldn’t think those would be the good news” I said kind of bitterly, remembering when my love handles and the remaining baby fat on my body used to bother me, and no matter how hard I tried to exercise, the lure of fast food always seemed to be stronger. Now, I was just as thin as a marathoner, with the difference that those guys are high performance athletes, while I’ve turned into pale skinned sick guy.

“Let’s not start with that story again, Nate, I’ve told you that you are in great shape, and we will do everything to get over it as soon as possible…” Even though I’ve grown fondled to play the cranky kind of patient, I had to recognize the man really knew how to make his patients feel better and hopeful.

“Doc… you can be honest with me, because you know my dad is only trying to cheer me up…why don’t you guys just go for broke? I mean…don’t you say the sooner you treat this…the more chances I’ve got to survive?” I asked at once, knowing that the only way I would get a straight answer from him was during my dad’s absence.

“You’re very clever Nate…and usually you’d be right, but in your case, going through chemo and the traditional treatment would be much more aggressive to your organism, than the leukemia itself, because we have found out that you are highly allergic to most of those agents, so we are trying to avoid more damages to your body before we can find the right donor for you…Meanwhile, you just have to take the medicines and have faith in us, you will soon get out of this Dark Tower.” – The doctor grinned and petted my shoulder, I just smiled back at him, thanking for his honesty with me.

The doctor was about to leave when my dad got back inside the room. “Hey there, Hank, I just told our boy Nate the good news, he didn’t lose any weight this week and his other results were good too…” Doctor McKenna greeted my dad, and no matter how much Hank Briggs wanted to seem confident and secure, I could just see he was just as scared about everything as I was.

Dad saluted his fellow doctor and approached my bed, carrying a red traveling bag “I’ve brought some stuff from home…your mother will be here tomorrow morning…”

“Erm…dad…I don’t want to stress out mom…” I started trying to sound as gentle as possible.

“Come on son, you know she worries about you all the time. It doesn’t work if I tell her you are in excellent hands; she just doesn’t trust them enough…” Dad tried to humor me, but I had my reasons.

“Yeah I know that, in fact everybody else here noticed, she had just been here for three days in a roll…Please dad…she is driving everyone crazy here…, always complaining about the nurses, she doesn’t let me do anything, she even wants to bathe me!” I said in a lower voice, trying to convince dad to dissuade her mind, although I knew it was an impossible task.

“I’ll talk to her, but try to understand son, being cranky and bossy is the way she demonstrates her love for you…” My dad smirked as I rolled my eyes, because we both knew mom would not be convinced to behave otherwise.

“Fine, fine…Did you get me more books?” I asked searching the bag he brought along with him, mom send a lot of healthy snacks and fruits, like they weren’t feeding me properly, there were also sheets and extra clothing; Ellen Briggs didn’t trust my comfort to anyone else but herself.

“Yes…I’ve actually got a bunch of them…” Dad started as I found a lot of new issues to keep my mind distracted from all the disease talk. I’ve never considered myself a literate person, but after nearly 60 days interned there was a daily struggle for distraction, they only allowed me to be outside only for an hour a day, and mostly when it was still very early or near sunset.

“Oh…good…I’ve already read everything good from home and I really need something to distract me here…” I picked one of the books and it suddenly looked so familiar, the signals RC finally indicated the origin from the new collection of books my father brought me, so I just looked at him furiously.

“What did you expect me to do? You were begging for more books, and Richie has so many of them…but don’t worry I just asked Susanna to borrow some of Richie’s books for a patient of mine who really loved to read, she was actually very pleased to help.” Dad tried to calm me.

“I really hope so, for your sake…” I took a deep breath and placed the books at my nightstand. Then, I just look at my dad, feeling both guilty and silly for getting mad at him, especially because of the question he knew that would follow.

“Erm…and how is Richie going? Did he leave for D.C. yet?” Although I got almost daily emails from my beloved behemoth, I still felt an unceasing need to know more from him, probably because I felt so guilty for lying to him about the real reason of my absence.

Dad grinned “Oh he’s doing alright, he’ll leave in a few days, and did you know the Air Force will send a special plane to take him and the other Übers for that event?” My father asked pretending to be surprised.

“Well…if he already didn’t fit a plane the last time I saw him, I can only imagine how much bigger he’s gotten…” I tried to make that comment as casual as possible, but dad already knew I couldn’t disguise my feelings for Richie for him.

“Oh, he’s growing so fast these days…I have to say I never get used to watch the giant boy getting out of his new “bachelor pad”, the Costas actually bought the house next to them to make room for the new isle, and Marcello actually decided to make him a loft, so he won’t have walls and ceilings to worry about, and it turned out pretty good. Now he can still interact with his parents and have enough room to stretch his huge body…”

“That’s really good for him; Richie was always worried about destroying his parents’ house…” I commented, looking over the books dad’s got for me – Richie was a huge fan of science fiction, and frequently recommended me to read the classics of Frank Herbert’s Dune series.

“Yeah…but the best news is the house is build out of modules, so if he becomes too big for it, they just need to readjust the composition and Richie will be comfortable once again, pretty good technology, and everything was just donated, a big construction company is sponsoring the program for Übermen housing, I guess they are aiming for a prospective market…”

I just nodded along, letting the images flow inside my mind, I could almost see how that new isle, albeit much higher and roomy, would only make my Richie look even more massive and grotesquely overdeveloped, exactly the way his über nature designed his physique to be, and precisely how I wanted him to look like.

Dad sighed “Richie, asked me about you again, he wanted to know when you would be back in time to go to Washington with his folks, and once again I had to lie to him…It is not really easy to make such a great guy look so sad, son, not to mention that he is growing suspicious about your sudden disappearance.

“Tell me about it…in each new email he send me, the guy always manages to insert some question here and there just to see if I fall in contradiction, it is getting harder and harder to keep the charade.” I said casually but then I felt my dad’s hand on my shoulder.

“Then just end it all at once, I am sure he won’t get mad for you for too long…”

“No dad, I think he won’t get mad at me at all, he’ll just freak out and then practically move into here to spend all the time with me, he will miss the Convention at D.C. , all because of me, I am fed up with holding Richie back, he’s got much more important things to accomplish in his life.” I repeated the same speech once again and dad just rolled his eyes.

“You’re definitely your mother’s son…” He sighed before leaning forward and kissing my forehead. “I'm going to work now, but I’ll be back once my shift ends to take a look at you, okay?”

“Sure, dad…thanks for the stuff…and sorry for taking it out on you…” I added still feeling guilty for coming down so heavily on him.

“Don’t worry; I'm here for you, buddy.” Dad says as he finally exited the room, which returned to the usual sterile silence, only broken by the bleeping and the humming of medical equipment in the surrounding areas, so I took that lonely time to organize the incoming books at the top of my nightstand, although my feelings needed to be arranged.
I vividly remembered all the times Richie practically forced me to read some of his books, although I usually dismissed the idea because of my literature laziness, the habit of reading uncovered a whole new world for me – I could not only distract my mind while I waited for the doctors to find an appropriate treatment for my condition, I also got to know the things that once marveled Richie, it was like we could be together in those fascinating worlds, living the same adventures and going through all the perils just to reach that very moment where the story physically ends and becomes permanently an undying part of us.

Plus, reading gave me the opportunity to reflect about a bunch of things, especially about our relationship.

Truth was that I missed Richie more than I missed my own health, or maybe I hated being sick because it helped me from be with the boy I loved so much – even if we were not lovers anymore, the mere fact I could look into those green eyes sure made my day happier. These past days made me realize that I wasn’t only attracted to Richie because of his immense size; I knew I would still love him with the same intensity if he was still my best friend, who made playing soccer look so easy.

In fact, Richie being an Überman might have been initially a shocking novelty that changed our lives forever, but I feel somehow different about it now; no longer I kept thinking on Richie as an Überteen, he was just Richie, and I missed him as a whole, not just his muscles and his strength; for instance I regretted making fun of him when he started taking guitar lessons, he was a bit clumsy, but he was just beginning and indeed had inherited the musical talents of his father.

I guess the reason why I usually acted so stupidly whenever the poor guy tried to show me his improving musical skills was pretty simple; seeing Richie playing his dad’s guitar so gently, singing Bossa Nova songs in his native language in a low, almost whispering tone, was such an overpowering experience, it suddenly looked like he was singing directly into my heart, declaring himself to me, and I still didn’t have the same courage.

Unfortunately, as Richie’s transitioning period kicked in, he eventually gave up playing his guitar, because it had once belonged to his grandpa and to his own father, and that family heirloom did not deserve the terrible fate of being accidentally crushed between those each day more powerful hands of a clumsy Überteenager. I know now that I should have encouraged him to keep practicing, but there were so many unresolved things going on my mind back then, I just hope one to have once again the opportunity to tell Richie he should just embrace his life in full, human or Über, because in the end, for me, he is and will always be the most wonderful guy in the world.

Although I could never actually take my mind off Richie for more than a few moments during my day, I just tried to distract myself with his books. Days passed through me faster than ever, even if the results of my exams didn’t show the kind of progress the medical team expected, they were still hopeful about my overall healthy condition, meanwhile, I just wanted to beat that thing at once so I would finally get back with my life.

The best part of my day was definitely the sunbathing. I loved being outside, but of course, now I needed to go through a whole routine which included applying sunscreen all over my body, wearing especial UV protection hats and long sleeved shirts, shades and whatever crap the doctors or my mother told me to put on in order to spend only 45 minutes at the grassy patio. I actually no longer bothered about obliging their orders, I’d do anything to just be there and enjoy my reading in a fresh sunny morning, where the colors looked fresher, the things seemed better, the air was cooler and the whole world was just perfect, no matter if you were poor or rich, sick or healthy, über or normal.

People at the hospital already knew that once I got outside to read, it would be almost impossible to get any attention from me at all, and they frankly respected that, knowing how important it was for me to just dive into a world where Überness neither sickness mattered.

So there I was, enjoying the perfect sun lighting over the slightly yellowed page, but suddenly, everything went dark, the shadow engulfed the light and it took a few moments for my hungry mind to notice it no longer was able to read. Needless to say I got immediately furious about such fact.

“You’re blocking my sun!” I waved my hand harshly, without even looking up to see who dared to interrupt me in such special time.

“Sorry…I can’t actually help it.” The friendly teasing tone finally forced me to drop my reading, my spine froze, my limbs were shaking compulsively, I had no courage to look up; then I felt an enormous hand touching me, there were suddenly butterflies on my stomach, my heartbeat went crazy, I was sweating and shaking because I instinctively knew to whom belonged such massively huge and so tenderly warm hand.

“W-what are you doing here?” I’ve managed to ask after an awkward silence. That guy had such power over me, I felt incredibly stupid for behaving like this whenever he was around, I hated to feel like that, and at the same time it was just wonderful to experience such moments again.

“Won’t you even look at me?” Richie replied, his voice seemed so much deeper, more mature, or perhaps I was just imagining things.

“I don’t want to…see you…just go away…please…” The words coming out of my mouth were just unbelievable; I wanted more than just seeing him, I was holding not to stand and hug him, I ached to kiss him! However, my silly mind still tried to overrule my feelings.

“Well, that’s just too bad, because I came here to see you, and I am spending some quality time with you, whether you like it or not.” Richie didn’t buy my poor acting.

I heard his enormous body moving and the massive muscular legs of that tanned teenager muscle god appeared at my sides, and they sure looked bigger and more veined than in my wildest hallucination, they were so long, but the height of humongous thighs surpassed my head, creating instant brawny walls that surrounded my body, at the end of such incredible corridor, giant red sneakers swung rhythmically; the immense size of those calves nearly made me choke, the warm pressure of his crotch suddenly touched my back, a humongous arm passed around me, it was so massive, so muscular, bigger than life and suddenly the unmistakable hardness of the titanium warm wall of muscles overwhelmed my senses.

“So what are we reading? Oooh… Dune…I'm so relieved to find out you were the patient for whom Dr. Briggs borrowed my books…If you liked this kind of stories I’ve brought a lot more for you, but it is just not about sci-fi you know…I think it’s time for you to read poetry as well…”
Anywhere I looked, I could only see his muscles, and I only smelled his manly smell combined with kid’s shampoo and Aqua-Velva, I could already taste his veins and his muscles under the wet surface of my desiring tongue.

“My dad told you huh? I knew he would never be able to keep the secret from you.” I said still not feeling brave enough to look into him.

Rich sighed, gently brushing his finger around my hair. “No…he didn’t although he was getting more nervous each day. I was actually getting pretty worried myself, one day I was coming back from UYA and noticed our mothers talking at the kitchen of your house, they both really seemed emotional, and so I knew it could only be related to you. Since my parents refused to tell me what was happening, I asked Pete to search with his contacts and he told me you have been interned here for the whole summer…” Rich gently squeezed his grip around my body, I felt his body warmth, it was better than the sun itself.

“Yeah…great…Pete just saved the day again…” I said bitterly, and it caused Richie to laugh really out loud, which made me suddenly pissed at the humongous lad. Still, I didn’t want to turn around and face him.

“Sorry…I am sorry…I know you are insanely jealous of Pete…but....you shouldn’t…we are great friends…and sex with him WOW, it’s just amazing, though it’s not nearly a tenth with what you and I had…” I felt his touch gently squeezing yet a little further, his delicacy was definitely noticeable, all those giant muscles could squeeze me firmly enough to assure he wanted to feel closer to me, yet, they were gentle enough to allow me breathing, a combination of inhuman strength and a lover’s touch.

“Yeah…are you really comparing sex with another Über to the clumsy attempts we had, sneaking from everybody else?” I still refused to be patronized by Richie, and even though I refused to look at him, our conversation proceeded like I wasn’t sat between the most massive legs on the world.

“Yes, and I can say now that from all my partners, it was with you, my very first one, that I truly felt more than just physically pleased. Our orgasms were more than just relieving, they were fulfilling, and you know why?” Richie lowered his head as much he could, still all I felt was the warm approaching of the muscular ceilings of his mammoth sized pecs approaching my head.

“Because I love you, Nate, you may choose never looking at me again, but I am not running away from your love ever again…I am here for you, and there’s nothing you can say or do that will make me go, you listen. I’ve let you slip from my hands more than once, so it’s time for us to be mature and face the fact we are in love and we will have to deal with all our problems.” Richie said slowly as he brushed the side of my face, I could feel that he was being so honest, so true, and so terribly convincing.

I suddenly remembered the Convention was just the other week. “Richie…you are still going to speak on D.C. aren’t you?” I asked at once.

“I won’t leave you until you are fully healed.” He replied immediately, just like I’d anticipated.

I tried to break free from his grip, although it was useless, I finally took a deep breath and was about to say something, but his massive finger just shut my lips ever so gently. “Let’s just promise each other that we will NEVER let our condition interfere with our love again, okay?” His body engulfed mine and it felt so good, so comfortable, and so right.

“But that was exactly the reason I didn’t tell you in the first place. I don’t have the right to keep you from your destiny.”

Richie gently lifted my body and I could finally see his face on top of such massive fortress of densely rugged muscularity.

“You are absolutely right, you can’t help from going after my destiny, and that’s precisely what I am doing here…” Richie brought me even closer to his face and I could feel his words were sure, his heart beating steadily and his breath sounded so confident, so centered – in many ways, that was not the same Richie I’ve once knew, yet, I now felt this new massive man was indeed the kind of fortress I needed now.
“You are my destiny, Nate; you are the most important person in the world for me. I came here to support you just like when you did back when I found out about my Überness.”

Damn…he had not only grown bigger, he had perfected himself, he was beyond any word I knew, his physique was humongous, so muscular, lean and veined, but the look on his face almost made me forget, for one moment, that Richie was practically 12 feet tall, 9 feet wide humongously muscle giant, weighing thousands of massive, ultra powerful pounds of gargantuan muscles.

Even trapped between the mountainous formation of his titanic sized shoulders and the unbelievably thick deltoids, that face shone like the main jewel of a crown; his looks still remained boyish, yet Richie looked safer, more prepared, more mature; his hair seemed longer now, Richie sported a perfectly trimmed thin beard line framing the manliest square jaw and the same luscious full lips that I kissed so many times, he even wore a huge customized headband, not to mention the ring on his left ear.

“I love you Nate Briggs…and you can’t run away from me this time. I’ve got you now, so just hurry up and kiss me!” Richie ordered me.

And then he smiled, no sunset or sunrise could match such beauty. I felt like my whole body melted between his massive arms until his lips reached mine, demanding the kisses we didn’t have in such long time. He knew it meant a lot for me, because Richie’s kiss was the only one I ever tasted, the only one that mattered.

Richie always had the talent to notice when something bothered me, so he just broke the kiss gently and laid on the grassy field, placing my body on top of his huge chest, the massive plateau was indeed very, I felt that I would have to shout to be heard, but then I slowly slipped lower into the depth of his insanely huge cleavage, which also provided me the kind of comfort I never thought would be possible given the hardness of the muscles that had stopped a moving truck.

Once again the impenetrable armor of my shining muscular knight represented the protection and intimacy I so desperately desired.

“I am here now, Nate, don’t worry we are in this together…” He said as he dried the tars forming at the corner of my eyes, then he brought my head closer to his mouth. That über had grown so much in the time we’ve been apart

The sweet flavor of his lips never changed, Richie still kissed me softly as I clung tight around his body. Feeling that inhuman hardness, which no hands could ever dent, I still held as strong as I could, maybe to convince myself that Richie was there, he was back for me. I’ve trusted those huge muscles so many times…but now…not even a super strong Überman like him could do anything to take me out of such problem.

“So…I know you’ve got a lot going on this pretty head of yours, why don’t sharing a bit with me huh?” He asked so very gently and worried that I couldn’t resist anymore.

I just came clean with Richie about my health situation, because I frankly needed to vent those feelings inside my chest. I was anxious and afraid, but at the same time I felt so freaking furious at the rest of the world, I just didn’t think it was fair for me to have leukemia and on top of that be allergic to the conventional treatment.

Richie listened to my laments very patiently, and I could see he also shared the same frustration that grew stronger on my chest, I wasn’t afraid of facing my disease, I just wanted to deal with whatever difficulties and set-backs I would face, but anything would feel better than staying in that place without fighting for my health.

“And what about the bone marrow transplant? Did you get any compatible donor?” Richie asked with the emotional strength and focus that not only surprised me, it actually gave me the safety I didn’t get from dad neither the other doctors.

“My parents are not compatible, some of my cousins have also resulted as negative, but their chances are pretty much the same of people that aren’t related to me, which means have to keep looking, and it takes some time…” I repeated the same speech my dad and the other physicians had taught me during my time at the Institute, all of a sudden the humongous kid just stood up and threw my body in the air, only to gently catch it into those powerful arms that have saved my life.

“WHOA! What was that for?” I exclaimed, overwhelmed by the sudden and amazing display of Richie’s strength, frankly I’ve missed that feeling so much, the rush provoked by the power of my beloved coursed through my veins and made my limbs tingle.

“I thought you needed a little shaking, besides, that’s great news you’ve told me! If anyone can be an eligible donor, we just have to start searching. We can actually start with school, our neighborhood, my mom and dad would love to help as well, each one could mobilize people on their work places. Of course we still have very important cards to play…” Rich’s face lit up with his smile.

I really missed that fresh breath of hope into the monotonic routine that quickly grew over my days at the Institute, I guess I had forgotten how wonderful it feels when you have someone engaged to help you above everything. Richie looked deeply inside my eyes and caressed my cheekbones with his finger.

“I am here for you Nate, and together we’ll beat this disease, you will see.”

It didn’t take much longer until Richie’s presence at the Institute was noticed. Soon, dozens of people dressed in scrubs of many different colors were at the patio to see an Überman with their very own eyes. Since I’ve grown used to be around Richie and his fellow buddies, the initial impact of his gigantic new proportions were infinitely swifter on my mind, still, for the great majority of population, the sight of an Überman at the end of his transitioning period was just incredible.

If such reaction used to bother my beloved Richie before, now he skillfully handled the situation, once my humongous boyfriend noticed the gasps and whisperings he calmly walked towards the people, flashing that winning smile of his.

“Hey guys, how is it going? It is a lovely day isn’t My name is Rich Costa, and I'm here to visit my boyfriend Nate” Richie greeted the people gathered at the patio’s entrance, noticing that although some of the people replied, others just stepped back, obviously afraid of the many rumors they’ve heard about Übermen, but my Richie was not upset about.

“Listen, I know you guys have heard a lot of stories about Übermen, but don’t worry, I can assure you that there’s nothing to fear, I'm just a regular teenager who happens to be much bigger than the size you are used to see, but deep down we are all equals.” Costa’s caring voice tone sounded so captivating that lots of faces were smiling back at him.

Richie definitely took a lot of those new people skills with Jacobsen, he just placed me in front of his enormous body “I really wanted to thank you guys for taking such good care of my Nate, we’ve gone through some rough times, but I can see now he’s a lot better thanks to your work.”

It almost seemed magic, from the band of curious, shocked, scared people they suddenly turned into a friendly mob, which just wanted to compliment Richie for putting a smile back on my face or to guarantee that everything was going to work out for me. Judging by the excitement around us, it looked like a major celebrity just dropped by the hospital, because the crew was all over Richie, asking lots of different things like taking pictures or making visits to the other interns.

It didn’t take long to see Richie’s massive frame squeezing through the hospital corridors, squatting and turning around in order to squeeze into those “narrow” doorframes, just to make the day of another boy or girl who had never seen a real giant before, and to my surprise Rich never seemed happier, he liked when people complimented on the impossibly huge size, there was always a sincere grin of happiness when anyone asked to feel those rugged titanium hard muscles, especially because they belonged to such caring tender boy, it was a powerful combination, the rugged, invincible look and the warm, tender personality, which only made me even more passionate about Richie than I’ve ever been.

A bunch of other patients followed Richie and I to the cafeteria lounge, when my father and some of the doctors intercepted us. Dad said he was thrilled to have Rich there, but he was indeed causing a lot of commotion and it wouldn’t be appropriated for some of the interns, which was a delicate way to let us know that we should end that visit soon.

“No problem, Dr. Briggs, I’ll be back tomorrow with all the paperwork ready.” Richie promptly replied to my dad’s surprise.

“What paperwork?” He asked looking at me with the typical face he had whenever he suspected I was coming up with another scheme.

“I am totally innocent this time, dad” I replied with a deliciously sarcastic grin on my lips.

“Don’t worry, Dr. Briggs, I am just giving a help to find Nate a donor, we will gather as many people as possible to do the tests, the school, the community, the guys on the UYA will help as well, maybe we can even start a local campaign, we will be helping all the Institute’s interns, we just need you guys to process all the volunteers and even if isn’t compatible with Nate, hopefully someone else in here will.”

I could just see the admiration stare on my dad’s face; he just looked at the other doctors, who were equally shocked with that splendid idea. They all reached to shake Richie’s hand at the same time, which was a rather funny scene to watch, but not for my huge guy, he was more than pleased to shake every hand which was offered to him.

So, in sum, that’s how the whole campaign story started.

In just a few days, Richie and the rest of the UYA mobilized more people that I could ever imagine, the Institute received each day more volunteers than the previous one – from high school students, college undergrads, majors, adults, senior citizens, men and women who were moved by the heartwarming efforts of my beloved massive hunk.

Also every day, there he came along to see me, carrying a little souvenir like flowers, candies, and more books to keep my mind distracted, Richie kept me updated with the campaign results, how much people cared about me in school, the students asked their parents, older siblings and even those who were already above legal age presented to see if their genetic codes were compatible with mine.

In many of his daily visits, Rich carried along some of my school mates, and I really meant that, because since it was a nearly three hour drive in a regular traffic, the humongous body of my beloved boyfriend was the fastest way to get to the Institute and come back home at the same day. I never dared to ask Richie how long he took to cover that enormous distance with solely the energy of his muscles, maybe because I still feared he felt bad about those abnormally powerful physical capabilities of his body, however, judging by the excited reports of my friends, riding that muscle powered vehicle was the coolest thing, and I was definitely looking forward to experiment the thrill of that new transportation method.

However, it didn’t really matter how much effort Richie and all the others have dedicated to find me a donor, there was still no positive match, sure, some of the fellow interns have found their lucky compatible donors, but in my case, time was of the essence.

At the same time, I secretly nurtured the hope that if they found my donor in time, Richie would be able to attend to the event in D.C., but as the days just passed by without any result I realized that Richie would not be leaving my side, and it clearly frustrated me, to the point that I let is completely transparent on my behavior, which returned to become cranky and unpleasant.

At the eve of the D-day in which my beloved could be making a speech for the whole nation, I really acted like an ungrateful bastard; I just came with a desperate plan in order to send Richie for the convention.

First of all, I told the nurses I wasn’t feeling well enough to go sun bathing, I knew Richie’s body was getting far too big to squeeze through the corridors of the hospital, especially the elevators and the staircase, he just wouldn’t pass through those places without interrupting the circulation of the hospital staff, which he would never do, so if he couldn’t see me, perhaps he would come back and who knows if Jacobsen convinced him to fly to Washington at the last possible time?

Laying in bed, inside the darkness of my room, I just looked at the watch, imagining that the nurses were probably telling the Über love of my life that I wasn’t feeling quite well and that he couldn’t enter the building to see me.

Someone knocked at my door, and along came Nurse Melendez, a very nice lady with curly brown hair and big hazel eyes that always seem to know more than her mouth revealed.

“Nate, your Richie is down there but someone told me you asked Nurse Roberts to just dismiss him because you were not feeling disposed to meet him?” She asked giving me the typical look of disapproval.

“I told you guys, I am not feeling well…” I tried to keep with my charade but judging by the way her experienced hand touched my forehead, the nurse wasn’t buying that story.

“Well, you don’t need to sun bathe, just go to the patio and stay in the shadow, getting fresh air was always you favorite part of the day…” The nurse insisted, knowing that I wasn’t being clear with her.

“I don’t feel like going there okay? J-just tell Richie to go back home…it’s not like he doesn’t have more important things to do…” I growled, covering my head with the blankets.

“Farewell then…” Melendez said in a dry tone as she left the room. I could already imagine the things she thought about me, but I didn’t care

I felt my spine freezing; what if the lie I told sent Richie over the edge? What if he just lost control and forced his entrance into the institute? I could already see the news of a violent über assaulting a hospital, I suddenly got up and rushed to the door, I had to get there before it was late, but then I hesitated, Richie had proved to be much more mature now, maybe he would understand it was normal in my condition and got back home like I so wanted.

My mind was about to drift again when a strange sound caught my attention, it was a gently knocking on my window and since I was at the 12th floor, it was something more than unlikely to happen, I stepped closer to open the curtains, revealing the sweetest face of my love there.

Like an urban King Kong, Richie climbed the side of the building in order to reach my room. Of course, it also attracted a lot of attention, all the other windows were opened and many heads tried to see what the cause was for the giant teenager hanging from the 12th floor.
Richie just smiled while I opened the window. “So I hear that you’re not feeling quite well today huh?” His face was just dazzling beautiful that morning, I guess I’ve become fondled even of that ridiculous goatee he insisted to grow. His powerful muscles easily sustained that unimaginable weight over the 12 stories height.

“Richie…you…can’t do this…” I wanted to yell at him, but my voice turned out like a low whispering, and the massive boyfriend of mine just grinned.

“Yeah I knew you weren’t that sick at all, you just needed a good look at THIS!” Costa flexed his right arm and the gargantuan amount of Über muscle gathered and built higher and higher, the veins, the striations, the rugged forms of the rocky formation of his flexed muscles, the amazing power of the peaked completed by the depth of his triceps forming the massive ball of manly strength that always sent my soul on my fire.

An unearthed 12’plus massively wide muscular behemoth was hanging from the side of the hospital just to see me, the monstrousness of his muscles only made his soul even nobler, Richie was the most amazing man in the whole world wide, and I’ve just been too stupid to even try to scare him away from me again.

“I…miss you…so much…” I said with a determination that shocked my own conscious mind, but truth to be told there was nothing I missed more than just being with my Richie, without worrying about my health, to his strength or his future. We used to be happy together, and I just wanted to have that back.

“I guess you’re feeling much better now, my little guy?” The voice on my lover just sounded so right, that I just nodded.

“Great, then why don’t you come down to meet me downstairs…better yet, why don’t we go down together? Would you mind to ride this elevator made of pure muscular power?” Richie never sounded that teasing or that sexy before, feeling my boner building between my legs remembered me that we haven’t have sex in such a long time, and suddenly I desired him with all the passion of my heart.

Seeing that I was more than to agree with his suggestion, but unable to move one single each, so shocked to his size and the power of his love for me, Richie just reached for my body inside the room, I felt his hand involving my skinny figure took me in his massive arms and kissed me tenderly, repeatedly, with a need that we both shared.

“You’re not scaring me away from you this time Nate. You just have to understand that I am not giving up anything to stay here with you.” Richie whispered and gently rested his chin above my head, while I felt my chest filling with my desire to be with Richie again.

However, once again Richie proved that he was now the mature one. As stupid and childish my plan seemed to be, Rich was determined to prove my stupidity in the same grounds, for that he just climbed 12 stores up only to give me a taste of the incredible power he possessed.

“Hey you two love birds… I think it’s better for you to get down before someone call 911 on you, okay?” even though I couldn’t see it because of Richie’s fortress of muscle surrounding my viewing area, I’d recognize that rhythmical accent anywhere in the world, it was Nigel and him being here at the Institute could only mean Jacobsen hadn’t gone either.

Richie just grinned at the silly expression on my face and easily climbed down the 12 stores height, using his colossal strength and the uncanny grace imbued into those humongous muscles, a few moments later we were back at the patio, and when Richie opened the arm in which he nested me, I could finally see Jacobsen and Nigel looking down at me with their usual dazzling smiles.

“Hey buddy…was the elevator broken or something?” Nigel grinned as he simply picked me from Richie’s arms and hugged my much smaller body. Surrounded by the vanilla scented hardness of his ebony colored gargantuan muscles, I suddenly felt so welcomed, that humongous youthful colossus really meant all best with such sweet gesture.

When Nigel looked at my face his childish grin was gone and his serious expression was indeed intense. “Hiding your disease from your friends was NOT cool, dude…” I was about to apologize when Nigel just hugged me again, this time I felt the frequency of his deep voice tone reverberating through my whole being. “But if friends don’t forgive each other, they’re not friends in the first place…”

“Gee…thanks, Nigel…it really means a lot to me.” I replied as the humongous lad brought me a little higher so I could actually see his face over the immense plateau of his solid pectoral plates. I felt someone approaching from behind and judging by the softness of all that body hair gently rubbing against my body, it surely wasn’t my Richie, and then, I felt lips gently whispering in my ear.

“Nigel’s right. We are here for you buddy, because friends have to support each other” Pete spoke gently as he turned me around. Pete’s enormous blue eyes were so intense, his face remained the same legendary beauty, but now he had grown beyond the boyish looks, he was a man, a man of unattainable beauty; ageless, eternal, the very symbol of manhood that would charm any being for the power imbued in his features.

“And you were right too…about your suspicious, in the time you guys were in a break Rich and I got real close …” Pete had such a sweet look on his face “ and even now I have to say that what I feel for Richie is more than just friendship; it’s a special bond, so strong we didn’t just fuck, we made sweet love which was so hot and so good… that I could share my entire life with that kid” Pete looked at Costa, who blushed ruby red.

Jacobsen took me in his arms as he approached my Richie to caress his angular manly face, and for the first time I noticed my beloved had indeed overgrown the leader of UYA. Richie was not just taller, he was wider, broader and his muscles were noticeably bigger than Jacobsen’s. I could also tell, judging by the way Richie flinched as Jacobsen approached, that my beloved guy was still unconsciously trying to hide his size from his friend, maybe Richie felt sorry for growing bigger than Pete, even being 3 whole years younger.

However, the truth was undeniable; no matter how enormous Pete was, Richie was now even bigger, and since Costa was still in the sprint of his transitioning period, that difference might even grow bigger in time.

Meanwhile, the scene of two humongous Übermen exchanging such tender caresses was indeed powerful; I felt my mind overwhelmed with the things Pete revealed me, because at the moment I was being flooded with mixed emotions: should I be mad with them? They became lovers but Richie and I weren’t together in that time, were we? I wanted to say something right away but Pete grinned at me, he gently raised his finger indicating me he would still continue.

“So you were right to be jealousy of Richie, but no matter how much we have fucked, just like you, I love Richie so very much, to the point I also need to see him happy, but no matter how amazing our sex and our relationship are, in the end you are the only man in the whole wide world who can make this huge lug truly happy, Nate…” Pete said slowly involving me in his hairy massive arms, bringing me closer to his handsome face.

“You will be cured, Nate, because we are not letting you give up. You belong to Richie as he belongs to you, Über or human, it doesn’t matter for the heart.” Jacobsen said as he kissed me so passionately it was almost as good as Richie’s kisses, almost.

“That innocent face of yours… didn’t fool me for one sec, man. That wicked charm of yours is dangerous!” Nigel pinched Richie’s steel hard butt while Pete and I kissed.

“So…you take care of Richie when we’re off for the convention, huh? We both know what is best for the kid!” Pete asked with a beautiful smile. I just nodded with the dumbest face in the world.

Damn, he was good. Not only had that über hunk confessed me that he fucked my boyfriend innumerous times, Jacobsen also convinced me to accept that Richie would not to the convention no matter how had I’ve been trying to scare him away from me.

“I have a mind of my own you know?” Richie protested, although it was unnecessary, Jacobsen and I already have decided everything, so we both started laughing very hard.

“Oh, we know that, you big lug. That’s why you’re staying here to take care of your lover…” I suddenly knew how a new dog puppy felt, because Richie just took me from Pete’s hairy arms to embrace my small body into the even bigger monstrosity of his powerful limbs. Richie looked into Pete’s eyes and they briefly kissed in the cheeks, then he kissed me passionately, taking his time to savor all the desire his über organism fostered, he just took a deep breath and hugged me tightly, I felt right then I was back at home.

In such short time, the Leader of UYA had grown into a figure of power and respect, he was the biggest über of the group, and he was the loveliest person in the whole world and the best friend anyone could ever count on.

“Erm…so when are you guys leaving?” I asked Nigel and Pete while Richie literally pampered me like his precious puppy.

The other Übers just smirked. “We’ll take off from the Air Force base tonight, they’re sending the hugest plane available to take a total of 60 Überteenagers all over the country, and we’re the last stop before heading back to D.C.” Nigel reported with a noticeable pride. “But we couldn’t leave before today…” I sensed Nigel would say something else, but both Pete and Richie just motioned to sense the third Überteen for some reason.

“And before you have any ideas, I am not resigning anything to stay here with you, I'm still an Überman, and my fellow brothers will speak on my behalf, your health is my main concern now, but I will never give up on the Übermen cause, mainly because it was you the first one that ever cared for my case.” Richie said those worlds so softly in my ear, I suddenly realized his arguments were undefeatable, so I just caressed his face with a melancholic

“I'm sorry if this time you can’t do anything but waiting for something to happen; I know how frustrating it is to be incapable of doing nothing at all.”

“You really think I would sit here and watch your condition getting worse? I’ve been doing my own share …” Richie chuckled as he kissed my forehead.

No matter how big he had become, Richie was still the same adorable boy next door and played with me every day after classes. “Well, sweetie, I know you can face a moving truck for me, but it’s not like you will find the cure for leukemia by flexing those huge muscles…”

All of us laughed from my smart comment, but there was something on Nigel and Pete’s faces that made suspect that something else was going on. Nigel’s elbow poked Richie and my guy just nodded. The übers surrounded me and all that manly, powerful, ultimately huge muscle was overwhelming to my senses, suddenly I couldn’t think straight.
“I can’t say I did the whole by myself, I certainly had the help of other people…” Richie said as he placed me back in the ground, while they cleared the view for my much smaller size. I have to say that I had no trouble of spending the whole day being nursed on those giant muscles, the task of supporting my weight on my own legs suddenly felt tedious.

I could finally see the reason for another unexpected act, suddenly Marcelo and Susana Costa approached, followed by my own mom and dad; I could tell right away there was something in their faces. All over these days since I’ve been interned mom and dad have tried their best to keep positive for me, they were always smiling even though their eyes were sad, but now I could see a different look – maybe they have reasons to reinforce their hopes?

“Since we got here much faster than cars, we were supposed to stall you here until they arrived, but thanks to your little scene time flew by faster than we thought…” Richie explained as our folks arrived, dwarfed by the surrounding youthful behemoths just like me.

Mom just assaulted me with her moist kisses; hugging me tight to push my taller head to lean over soft bosoms. “Oh…Nate…my baby…” It was all Ellen Briggs could mutter after kissing me so many times. She kissed my forehead one last time before Richie’s mom replaced her. The same routine of perfumed moist kisses filled my cheeks with lipstick marks, I just blushed deeper because those two women were not ashamed to publically display their affection for me.

“Oh Nate, sweetie…we all miss you back at home…” Susana said while finally letting go of my cheeks. I was still a bit dizzy of such enthusiastic reception when dad and Mr. Costa both hugged me, dad messed with my hair while Richie’s dad just laughed in the deep voice tone.

“Well, boys, I think we should take this inside, don’t worry I’ve already got the big conference room to accommodate our larger lads.” Dad said as he lead us inside the main building.

I’ve only been in the dark for the following couple of minutes, and I have to confess I felt terribly uncomfortable knowing that everybody around me knew something that I didn’t. I knew it had something to do with my health, but at the same time I was recently informed that, despite the success of the campaign Richie assembled for me, there weren’t any positive matches.

“Dad…is it about the transplant? Did you find any match?” I asked trying to keep my hopes as low as possible to avoid any major disappointment, but Dr. Briggs just smiled back at me, saying we had to wait for Dr. McKenna, so the torture remained as all those eyes looked at my growing impatience.

“Hey there folks, great day isn’t it?” My doctor arrived as he carried a big envelop with him “I took a look at the stuff you’ve sent me Hank, I'm all in!” The doctor said and then both mom and Susanna went crazy of happiness, once again attacking my cheeks as they kissed them euphorically, while the übers high fived out loud.

“Can someone PLEASE tell me what is going on? Have they found a donor?” I asked still disoriented.

Richie was half smiling when he looked at my father “Dr. Briggs, please tell him at once, I think his head is gonna blow up any second now.”

Dad nodded, but first he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead, probably just to stall as long as possible. “Well, Nate, although the campaign is a real success, we still haven’t a positive match for your case, but it doesn’t matter now, we are taking another route, and in your case, a much better one.”

I just felt they were making fun of my famous curiosity. “And what is that, please?”

“Stem cells, Nate, your father studied to the amazing progresses that have been obtained in this area.” Dr. McKenna threw me a bone, which I immediately devoured.

“Yeah…sorry doc, I still don’t understand…” I added, feeling so dumb at the moment.
“Well, to be more specific we are using adult stem cells which are found in a developed organism and have two main properties: the ability to divide and create another cell like itself and also divide and create a cell more differentiated than itself. Instead of finding you a donor we can actually transplant a culture of stem cells into your marrow bone to foster the self-healing process.” I knew dad was trying his best to come down in easier words, but at that moment I simply didn’t care for the scientific implications.

“And can we just do that? I’ve seen lots of discussion on TV about this subject…” I asked still not letting myself go as euphoric as the rest of the people.

“Well, in the treatment of leukemia we use adult stem cells in research and therapy, so it is not as controversial as the method for obtaining embryonic stem cells, because the production of adult stem cells does not require the destruction of an embryo. Pluripotent adult stem cells are rare and generally small in number but can be found in a number of tissues including umbilical cord blood.” Dr. McKenna added with his usual clever touch.

“Wait…but isn’t it the same of getting a donor? There would have to find a matching donor too huh?” I felt Richie’s big hand gently rubbing against mine, my heart beat faster by the moment.

“Even if coming from a different organism, the chances for rejection of implanted stem cells are undeniably much smaller than the case of the bone marrow tissue itself, plus once they’re transplanted they’ll reproduce as new bone marrow cells.” Dad explained me with such hopeful glow on his expression that I just wanted to believe they could actually cure me.

“Okay…okay…so where can we find those cells? You said they are rare…”

“We can still find them in certain parts of the body, but especially in the blood of the umbilical cord…it is the richest source for adult stem cells” Doctor McKenna explained, but suddenly I felt the hope dismantling like a sand castle hit by a wave.

“Well… there’s got to be another place because my mom keeps the remains of my umbilical cord in her baby book, I don’t think they’re good for anything.”
“Don’t just jump into conclusions, Nate.” Richie said in a sweet tone while I looked at dad and Dr. McKenna with a sad expression “I started researching about stem cells treatment for leukemia without even knowing your dad was doing the same, but it turns out life still got a great wonderful surprise for me, because I might just have what we needed to get your cured, Nate…” My boyfriend explained me while looking at his parents.

Marcelo just took his wife’s hands “My sister in law is a geneticist who teaches at University of São Paulo, when we got pregnant of Richie, Susana and I were advised by her to freeze the blood of our son’s umbilical cord, because it could be helpful for an unexpected situation…thanks god we never had to actually use it, especially after Rich was reported as Überman, but we decided to keep it just in case…” Mister Costa had the same strong and tender expression that I loved in his son.

“So I just told your dad that I had a perfectly preserved source for adult stem cells, which we could use on your treatment, and for a major coincidence he was indeed working with the same hypothesis.” The über love of mine said with typical sweet expression.

“…are you telling me you’re gonna use Richie’s stem cells on me?” I was just dumb struck, looking at my monstrously huge lover, towering over me with his muscles and his sweetest heart.

“Well…they’re as good as any other, and since we’ve got the Costa’s authorization to fly the sample from Brazil, it was indeed much simpler…It took only a week to get the samples and checking for availability, fortunately the samples were pristine and we could retrieve enough material.” Dad replied with his big smile, he opened his arms and waited for me to rush into them, I hugged him so tight.

“Hey, tiger, you only have to thank Richie, if he didn’t think outside the box, we would still be waiting…” Dad explained, but he knew it was unnecessary because I already looked for the immensity of my lover, he just reached for my body and picked me in the safety of his unselfish arms of manly strength.

“You…did it…you saved me again…and even without the help of your strength…you saved me again…” I said between kisses, hugs and gasps. I was so happy, so thrilled because of the mere possibility of getting cured once and for all.

“Well…the only thing I did was being born…my parents were the wise ones to keep such precious thing…” Richie said blushing deeply while I kissed him not bothering we could be seen by other people, because I knew those people were the ones who cared more about us being together.

I turned around to thank Marcelo and Susana, but it was not needed because they both come to hug me. It didn’t feel odd, it didn’t feel awkward; it just felt right.

“So you just kept this whole secret from me all along?” I asked Nate and Pete who just laughed as they admitted their guilt.

“Hey, Richie prohibited us to even mention anything until it was absolutely right the treatment idea could work, have you checked his size lately? I wouldn’t like to mess with that guy…” Nigel laughed although he was “only” about one foot shorter and a couple of hundred pounds lighter than my Rich.

“So…when can we get this thing done? I am sick of being sick!”

“Yep, that’s Nate alright…” Dr McKenna commented as he came closer to hug me as well.

The preparations for the procedure went much faster than I had first anticipated, since dad and the rest of the doctors already worked on most of the paperwork and the necessary culture without my knowledge. The very next morning I was being prepared for the transplant.

Of course I still felt nervous about the whole thing, trying to muffle any negative thoughts, it was my turn to be strong now, I had to make this work for all of us. The nurses were all happy and wishing me all best while they prepared for the whole thing.
“So, champ, are you ready to beat this thing?” Dr. McKenna asked while checked on me one last time before he got into the surgery room.

“You bet it doc!” I replied with great enthusiasm, but the guy could see beyond my façade.

“It’s alright to feel nervous and have doubts, you were caught by surprise by this whole thing.”

I just took a deep breath. “I was just wondering if this whole procedure can still work even if Richie is an Über…can this fact ruin the whole thing?”

McKenna just nodded “I first considered the same idea, but it turns out stem cells are undifferentiated, so we are not transplanting actual live issue from an Überman into you, those cells will reproduce inside you like they were bone marrow ones, and it will help to cure your disease, besides it takes years of highly hormonal discharges for the Über cells to become active and since those were taken out of Richie much before he started his transitioning period, I am positively sure they will never develop even if they carry the Über Y gene into their code.”

“Well, I think I'm alright now, thanks doc.” I have to confess that deep down I expected my doctor to tell me would eventually become an über like Richie, but if that was true, people would have thought in simpler things like über blood transfusions to work on serious diseases genetic diseases or even AIDS.

“Just one more thing, though” Dr. McKenna said as he pointed for my window “There’s someone hanging outside for you, I’ll give you guys some privacy and then I’ll get back to take you to the OR” The doctor said as I just walked to the window where my giant muscle lover expected with the most beautiful smile in the world.

“Good luck with everything, Nate…” Richie said with his intense green eyes, I just leaned closer so we could kiss, even though the humongous mass of my boyfriend didn’t allow much contact through such tight window.

“Thanks, love, I guess in the end you will be always there to save me from any harm huh?” I unconsciously played the Lois Lane for my ultra massive Überman.

“For you my love, I’ll do anything.” Richie said one last time before the nurses entered the room.

Even with the procedure successfully accomplished, they still got me to wait almost two whole weeks there, to make sure everything went according with planned, but this time staying at the hospital was indeed less stressful, after all I was feeling each day better, my health felt stronger, my appetite slowly returned, I could even talk with all the other patients and help them to bear their own healing process.

Of course, the high point of my day was Richie’s visits; I could always tell when he arrived because of the powerful sound of his running steps. Then, I simply opened and greeted my behemoth, while he took us both to the ground, I knew it really wasn’t necessary but what can be more romantic that having your own giant muscular elevator?

Finally, the last results came and everything indicated I was on my way to be completely cured, all the levels were stabilized and I could take the rest of my treatment at home. The doctors were impressed with the fastness of my recovery, and I just told him I now had a little Über part in me.

Although my mom begged me with all her heart for me to go back in our car, I just would NEVER lose an opportunity to have my own premiere at the Überman lines. Richie felt unsure at the beginning but I also had my own way to get that Über to do whatever I wanted, and the next thing I knew I felt the wind beating against my face while my own personal Titan ran faster than most of cars, jumping into amazing heights to gain even more speed, crossing the distances with the power only his muscles could achieve. Protected by his right arm, I never felt more secure in my entire life, I knew Richie would never let anything happen to me, and knowing that I had such safety net, made me a lot more confident.

I never thought I would miss our street so much, the most suburban of all suburb streets, with their typical houses and the green gardens which I no longer moaned, the station wagons and other typical family cars. Fortunately, the Costas moved in and changed our lives forever.
I was a bit surprised the neighbors didn’t come out of their homes screaming of horror while Richie approached, running at almost 70 mph, his massive body produced a lot of noise, but then again they should be more than used by now.

“So did you enjoy our trip?” He asked me gently kissing my forehead. Although he was the one who did all the effort, my heart was pounding inside my chest, I just kissed him repeatedly.

“It was amazing, shit…I was screaming all the way, we seemed faster than those cars the NASCAR races. Did you see the way people looked at us? I never thought you could be so fast and so agile, even being…so…”

“Massively HUGE?” Oh don’t worry, Nate, I don’t think I'm a monster now, in fact I can be a monster…your personal muscle monster…because I know you love me no matter how bigger I still might become.” Richie kissed me back with his typical passion.

“No matter how bigger you got? Damn…I want you to grow as huge as you can…and I know you won’t disappoint me!” I said kissing the powerful neck muscles that bulged as he boyishly tingled.

“I think you didn’t see the improvements on my house yet huh?” Richie asked me while he tried to distract of attacking his “weak spot”. I turned my head to the side and noticed the Costa’s house was totally different now. There were two different isles, one normal sized and another huge loft with nearly 30 feet high ceilings, the most curious part was that these two isles were not totally separated and they both opened on the main patio, which fostered a nice communal area with an outside kitchen.

“They made the living room and the kitchen at the big part, as well as my room of course, so I can still interact with my family, we also have the outside kitchen for summer barbecues and other occasions, we Brazilians just love to cook out to gather our friends and family…” Richie proudly said as he walked into his new home, bringing me into the remodeled building.

“WOW! It’s so cool; it looks like those Manhattan lofts we see on TV. It must have cost a fortune!”

Richie just waved his head “Not at all, since all the material was donated by Über friendly companies, and we didn’t actually needed to hire that many construction workers with a human crane right here you know?” Richie blinked as he flexed the giant muscles which automatically got me erect, and he noticed right away.

“Yeah…I can only imagine…” Even my voice tone changed so horny I was, but Richie just kissed tenderly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time for that too…in case you didn’t notice there’s a giant door right there to separate my room from the rest of my isle, so we can have our private moments.” He blinked at me.

Suddenly I remembered all the things Jacobsen told me back at the hospital “Well, I am sure you and Pete have tested it enough…” Richie kissed me roughly before I finished that sentence.

“We only fucked at the UYA, after sessions, and if you want to know…it was very important for me to have sex with Pete, because he is a master in the subject, I mean he just knows everything to make a guy happy in bed…” Richie noticed by the look on my face that I REALLY didn’t need to hear such vivid comments on Jacobsen’s sexual performance, but he just smiled and kissed my forehead.

“He told me how to control my strength in every single moment, especially while making love, it doesn’t matter if he’s an Über or a normal guy, I can still control everything, even in the heat of the moment, I will never hurt you, my love.”

Right then, I realized what have really changed on my lover, he was not just bigger, he wasn’t just more mature, and I could tell that Richie overcame his greatest fear of hurting me physically or emotionally. “Richie…”

He just kissed me once again “Don’t you see? We can be still best friends and lovers, there’s nothing I can’t do for you now, and I can be your ultimate muscle giant, your personal muscle monster and your buddy. I can nurse you in my arms, I can still fuck you in a thousand different ways, ways that won’t hurt you, we can still have pleasure in such amazing new forms, I’ve learned with Pete, he taught me that just because I'm an Über I necessarily need to top, I can have exactly the same pleasure with you, and that means no matter how much bigger I get…you’ll always be my lover.”

All that talk suddenly was amazingly hot. “But…Richie…even if you’re right…you know our libido levels are out of comparison, how come I keep you satisfied in bed? You’ve said more than once that you’ve got urges.

“Yes, but these urges are not what define my personality. I love you Nate, and it’s you whom I will always love, I don’t care if I have to work on slight details, I know now that we can be together without me having to cheat on you, or hurting you.”

“But Richie…you are so…virile…so intense…how come I satisfy you?” I asked deeply while kissing his muscles.

Richie just chuckled “Half of the fun will be teaching you how to fuck me and stimulating certain areas of my body that no matter how bigger I got, you will have me to blow like a volcano…”

I just couldn’t take anymore. “Okay, so when can I get my crash course?”

Richie laughed “Not now, lover boy, our parents will be here soon, besides, I still get one last surprise for you.” The Überteen said while picking me in his arms; we headed to our favorite spot, the tall oak tree but I noticed there was something different, there was a sculpture right in front of it.

There was an image of two men one much bigger than the other, the heart shaped thing emanating from the chest of the smaller figure grows bigger until it surrounds the bigger figure, the curious part was that the sculpture was made of some kind of metal scrap.

“I call it “Love knows no size limit” and I made it for you with the rests of the truck, since it was beyond repair, I made sure the driver was properly compensated for all the pain and damages he had gone to, but at the same time I knew there the truck represented the moment where I felt I couldn’t live without you, no matter how many problems I thought there were back then, a world without Nate as my lover was not possible…”

“Richie…it’s beautiful….it’s just so beautiful” I said kissing my lover once again.

“Yeah…but it’s got another purpose as well. I want everybody to see that we are equal lovers, and you will never to feel less than my partner…my beloved partner, forever and ever.”

I gulped, was he …proposing?

“Don’t worry we still have our whole lives ahead of us, it’s an adventure that we’ll endure together, because that’s what we are meant to do, whatever our fate take us, we can only be sure of one thing….”

“That love knows no size limit, it is just greater than any obstacle” I completed his phrase without even noticing, and it only made our kiss even warmer, as Richie took me in his arms and we sat before our massive three to watch that representation of our love.

They always say the last couple of years in High School are the busiest ones, and I have to give them credit because life has been pretty fast for both me and Richie.

I had a pretty rough time to catch up in school, because I wanted to be able to go to the same university my marvelous boyfriend would attended so I really needed to bring up my game, fortunately, Rich was right there to help me improving my profile – Richie not only grew bigger and more humongously massive on each day, he also became more intelligent and sharper than ever, I could feel my lover was a prodigy both physically and mentally.

In the next years the UYA convention’s importance grew tremendously, the new optimism wave that swept America helped people to open their minds a bit more about differences and that they really didn’t mean much in the end, people were people and they basically needed to be equally respected.

Although Richie still worked for the cause, we both felt that Pete was the best one to publically lead the übers, not because he was perfect, but because he was the greatest leader, his charisma and skills would take him whatever he wanted, maybe we would see the first Über president in close future, besides, we were still only high school students busy with PSAT matters.

Over the next months, I only returned to the Institute to confirm that I was completely cured from the leukemia, and thanks to the stem cells from Richie’s umbilical cord. Like Dr. McKenna told me, I didn’t become another Überman, although such fantasy still lurked in the back of my mind, especially when Richie and I are making love. Speaking of Dr. McKenna, with the approval of my father, he continued the studies with Übermen adult stem cells and their possible applications.

Truth is that if I didn’t become an Überman, something had indeed changed inside me, because not only I recovered all the weight I have lost while I got sick, I’ve gained nearly 250 pounds of densely solid muscle in just 20 months, which made me look like a Mister Olympia contender, and even though it was not even close from the gains displayed by a transitioning Überteenager, I was pretty happy about becoming a 18 year old, 6’7” tall 418 pounds of solid hard muscle.

Meanwhile, Richie continued growing and getting even more impressive. By the time we were on senior year, he had surpassed the 20 feet mark and now weighed close to 15,000 pounds the proportions of his body challenged the doctor and scientist to understand the complexity of an Überman growth. The school had provided new accommodations for all the new Über students than now looked for our school, and it was really nice to see that all people lived pretty well together.

And there we were resting in front of the sculpture my lover made for me with my new body laying on top of the mountainous chest of Richie, already planning on our first year at college.
“So did you get any answers?” Richie asked me while looking at the blue skies, I simply held for my back pocket and showed the thick envelope with a happy face

“We’re gonna be college colleagues, Richie; you think you can save me a drawer in your “Über friendly dorm? I guess I can actually fit on them…” I laughed as Richie simply held me in his arms to kiss my lips.

“Don’t be silly, you’re not the little guy anymore, mister …”

“Yeah…but I still feel little compared to you, which is an amazing thing!” I said between breaths.

“Oh yeah, and what about the other tests? Did you get the results as well?” Rich asked pretending he wasn’t really all that curious.

“Yes, and they were the same…inconclusive. They can find traces of Überman genetic material on my body, but it’s probably because of the treatment. The other data does not match with another Überman results” I’ve explained once again, but Richie was still not convinced.

“You’ve received the cells in your bone marrow, it’s understandable, but you didn’t make a blood test this time, it was just the mucosa of your mouth, which was not supposed to reveal the über traces…” Richie considered the case for a moment, but I just kissed him intensely.

“Are you that desperate for me to be an Über?” I asked pretending to be irritated with his insistent curiosity.

“You know that’s not true, I have nothing to complain about our sex life, you are all the man I need, it’s just an interesting puzzle the interaction of Über cells in your organism” Richie said with a true emotion and I knew he was right.

“Yeah…I keep forgetting you’re gonna become the very first Über physician in the world…blah blah, meanwhile, just a piece of advice, don’t treat your boyfriend as science fair project okay?” I laughed while turned around to look at the clouds above us.

Our sex life was just amazing, we have learned how to maximize our size difference in our favor, if I am too small for being fucked by Richie’s cock, the same doesn’t apply for his nipples, his fingers or even the amazingly sensation of being fucked by the massive peak of his arms as he holds me sat on top of them.

But it’s not just me, because Richie also gets his share of pleasure. I’ve learned how to fuck that humongous butt of him, of course my cock alone might be a bit small, even though it is nearly a foot long when hard, but it doesn’t mean my own 28 inches biceps can’t help to reach for his prostate and make my personal Volcano blow the molten lava over the both of us. I’ve also learned that I can fuck his piss slit, or even working that giant cock which is longer than I am tall with all my strength, jerking that monstrous shaft while Richie just flexes for my own private show of Über sex.

Of course, in time I’ve built my self esteem to the point I don’t let my lack of size become a problem to please my man, all the fantasies we have, all the amazing worshipping sessions, or simply laying along with Richie became highly sensual experiences for both of us, Richie actually took all his extra jerking off sessions with me, looking at my body and telling me how much he desires me, how much he loves me, can something be more exciting than bringing a behemoth to blow with the mere looks of your body? I guess not.

Finally, I’ve also realized that spice can be applied to all relationships, so other Über lads had visited our bed, and I have to say Pete really knew his stuff about sex, a tremendous master that only thought me and Richie how to become experts in the arts of making our good sweet love even hotter, and Nigel was just as special, whenever the UYA headquarters was free, we just decided to expand our very colorful friendship even further.


“Yeah, Nate…”

“Is it true that Brazil has the skies in the most intense blue shade in the entire world?” I asked admiring the beautiful cloudy formations.

“I’ve heard about that too, frankly I can’t tell, but it’s worth a visit huh?” My Über lover caressed me between the humongous valleys of his pectoral plates.

“Well…as long as you don’t just come with any stupid ideas like swimming your way to Rio or something…I don’t want to cause any international situation.” I chuckled.

“Fine…fine…we might just take a plane, maybe Pete can help us, we really need a vacation to recharge our batteries, and I have so much to show you…”

“Well, whatever the way I am sure we’ll get there because…”

“Love knows no size limit…” he completed while we went quiet. Even if Brazilian skies weren’t the bluest ones, right now they sounded just like that for me.

The end.