The Wild: Game #1 -- The Affalo

There is a funny similarity about the Wild and this so-called civilization; in both cases most of young adolescent males tend to hang together, to strengthen themselves against the stronger, zealous adult males, such groups are mostly temporary but it is not uncommon that such groups tend to develop a very solid and permanent bond, sometimes even intense sexual relationships are established.

Poor Little Jonas Woo committed a very common but serious mistake, the 5’3” 105 pounds techno-geek was so focused about twittering he just walked casually down the hallways, ignoring the upcoming herd of muscular, loud, young lads that followed the enormous parading bulk which headed straightly towards the much smaller frame of the Chinese American 9th grader, and such heresy could not remain unpunished.

“Watch it runt!” Jonas bumped against the very muscular body which deliberately ran over the poor guy because that was the typical jock prank for a typical geek mistake, and Chase was nothing else but typical. The impact sent the freshman nearly 6 feet back against the lockers, scattering the many things he carried all over the place, but little Jonas just sighed and proceeded picking up his stuff while Chase and his jock entourage proceeded down the hallway.

As usual, Chase Starling, a.k.a. “Moose” would just glimpse over his thick muscular shoulders at his latest victim with the same stereotyped superior grin on the corner of his mouth, while his followers pointed and laughed loudly at the most recent humiliation provoked by their dumb leader.

“BAM!” They shouted in chorus as the little geek tried to reassemble the parts of his cell phone.

At only 17 years old, Starling stood at the impressive mark of 6’5” tall weighing remarkable 300 pounds, with a solid muscular composition. Although his “off-season” look lasted through the whole year, the brown haired, fair skinned, blue eyed football player really didn’t care about dieting to apply for the quarterback position, since he was the fastest and the strongest defender of their team, in fact his obvious nickname came from the violent and nearly irrational way in which he tackled the adversaries. Chase thought he was already too good for the high-school league, on his narrow mind his brilliant career was just waiting for him.

Little did poor Chase know that he was being spotted just like he watched little Jonas before cowardly bumping against his distracted body. Unlike Starling, this observer had a much stronger intent to accomplish, for that reason he would just continue to observe as long as it needed, because to him Chase Starling was essentially just another possible prey.


The Affalo (Syncerus caffer) is a large African bovid which measures up to 1.7 meters high, 3.4 meters long. Their habitat is the savanna region, where they gather in large herds composed by females and their calves, although adolescent males tend to form their own group known as “the bachelor groups”.

A male Affalo can weigh up to 2000 pounds and it is regarded by local tribes as the symbol of strength and pride. The Affalo is usually worshipped because of his impressive size, his muscular, glorious portliness, the proud way it parades the size and proportions of its immense body, and the need for constant group validation; for such characters the Savanna Buffalo is a very meaty and delicious yet very dangerous prey, only large male lions have been known to take down adult buffalo on their own.

Chase and his gang still tortured other smaller guys on their way to practice, at each new victim the group screamed louder and celebrated their glorious size and arrogance, while the intense watchful glance that managed to remain unnoticed by the uncaring bunch of big bully lads.

Starling rejoiced how good it felt to be so much bigger, taller and stronger than his colleagues and how they were supposed to acknowledge his superiority based on such physical attributes, after all being the toughest was all that mattered in the world…

“WATCH IT RUNTS!” The voice was so loud, so masculine, yet it sounded almost like pronounced by a wild predator rather than a human throat.

Chase’s thoughts were cut when he hit a wall, in fact a wall ran against him, because the powerful Moose was sent over 12 feet away, his muscular butt fell flat on the floor, and he dragged his own followers down with him, the entire football gang was ran over by some mysterious force, it actually took them a few moments to recover from the sheer impact, meanwhile the commotion caused by such unexpected turn of events forced the ongoing students to stop anything they were doing, most of them just too shocked, but there were those who actually dared to mock of the situation.

“What the fuck?” Moose first reaction was obviously to seek for revenge, the muscular jock stood up at once ready to smash the one who dared to smut his jock reputation, it was only then he noticed the breathing muscle wall right towering right in front of him.

The rest of the jocks stepped back as they realized the stranger towered over Moose like he was just a toddler, the 6’5” jock couldn’t even reach the lower chest of the booming colossus. The massive muscular proportions challenged the words for descriptions; the incredibly wide and thick shoulders stretched the fabric on his red T-shirt to the point its tightness only seconded for his flimsy skin covering the gargantuan muscles, then the ampleness of the chest not only intimidated, it simply sparkled sheer fear into the hearts of the initially angry jocks.

Not only those shoulders were inhumanly huge and rugged, the deltoids and the neck composed one single mound of hard muscle from where the humongous neck was supposed to stay. Then, the size of the biceps stretching those sleeves beyond physical possibilities was just spellbinding, because not even Moose’s thick thighs were match for the girth of such trunks, they bulged and flexed while the thickest veins crossed the rugged surface, the way the blood pumped through those vases was just grotesque, then the amazing sight of his stomach, where eight enormous knots of abdominal bricks composed the hardest and most amazing washboard stomach ever not to mention the inhumanly development of the oblique muscles that hugged the sides of the abdominal walls, creating a sensation of tremendous definition, like fat was not allowed in that heroic organism.

The long and unbelievably thick lower limbs also challenged the imagination, especially to comprehend how it was possible for those powerful super thighs were able to enter into the confinements of such skimpy denim pants, even though it still looked very loose around the waist, the rest of the fabric was stretched beyond repair, especially at the amazingly huge crotch area. The moment when those jocks looked at the sheer size of the bulge packed in the massive muscle man, they just felt immediately less manly.

The thickness of his forearms also seemed inhuman; they were so veined, so muscular, the strength imbued into those muscular fibers had to be uncanny, the same ultra thick green veins also ran all over the surface of the impossibly thick forearms, and the hands were by far much larger than ordinarily huge, the way they stretched seemed to be able to cover an entire head, and the thickness of those muscular fingers, not to mention they just looked different, it was not like his nails were too long, it actually looked like he had no nails, like his thick fingers suddenly turned into sharp claws.

However, the most impacting feature on the muscle behemoth was his face, it was not only rugged and angular, the square shaped jaw contrasted with the impressive thickness of his neck and deltoid muscles, the Adam’s pommel was large and very protuberant, the chin was just perfectly sculpted, revealing an overwhelming manly presence, the angular cheekbones were so handsome, the composition of the eagle shaped lower half of that colossus’s face indicated that he probably came from a hybrid lineage, most likely a mix between Caucasian and Asian.

There was a cocky, deviant smile revealing a set of white teeth, which were almost perfect if it wasn’t for a slightly exaggerated pair of fangs, but it wasn’t something cartoonish or fake, it actually looked legitimate, like his fangs were indeed naturally bigger for some wicked reason of nature. His skin was highly tanned with a beautiful bronze tone that only accentuated the definition of his muscles and the beauty of his angular features, but all these remarkable details were immediately forgotten once one got a chance to look into those unearthed golden eyes.

A rich gold tone of an intense shade of yellow and bright orange like the savanna during dry season, those eyes felt just like the sun itself, they actually burnt if one looked into them for too long, at the same time everyone has this weird, almost childish compulsion to just keep staring. Those eyes not only had an unearthed color, they actually cast a piercing glance into those who dared to face them.

And Chase dared to stare at them, not because he wanted to prove the immense man he wasn’t intimidated by the sheer size of his muscles (because that was impossible), but mainly for the reason he just couldn’t help but staring at them. It was like Moose was drawn into the golden gaze of the tanned muscle monster, in his mind Chase forgot that he was he originally pissed, and then instantly scared, he just overlooked all those feelings, because at the moment he could just focus in the powerful message passed by those deadly beautiful golden eyes – Your ass is mine!

“Sorry, little guys, it was my bad, but you should look where you are going…” The humongous man’s voice sounded low, yet it was so powerful it was heard albeit the commotion in the corridor. Suddenly, it was like Moose could once again connect with the apprehension in that environment.

The rest of the jocks looked at Moose; they knew their final reaction depended on their leader, but for the first time they noticed the fearless Starling hesitated, the overgrown jock just shook his head and turned his back on the immense stranger. “I ain’t got time for this shit…let’s go!”

None of the remaining jocks had the guts to stand in front of the powerhouse sized muscular stranger, they just fled of there to follow their leader, none of them dared to question the motives that stopped Chase from getting into a fight with that freaking huge man, probably because they understood it pretty well, Moose had just chickened out, but none of them was in position to question his decision, because they were pretty much scared as well.

Normally at this time Moose would just hang out with his peers, totally ignoring that he had a Physics class, after all, why bother to learn anything when he had the nerds to do his essays, and the Coach to pressure the Teachers to overlook such obvious cheating?

Today, however, it was just the perfect excuse to avoid the comments of the witnesses of the recent events, he just couldn’t believe he chickened out at that giant, sure he was much taller, more muscular and those huge hands looked like they could easily crush his head, but he was Chase Starling, the Moose, he was known for ruling the school!

Starling abruptly opened the door for the classroom, drawing the attention of the classmates and the Teacher, especially because the big bodied jock rarely watched classes.

“Oh, hello there Mister Starling I am impressed you’ve decided to join us today…I can see that sometimes investing in education can be a lifesaver huh?” The balding tall man grinned as Chase looked for a proper seat at the last rows, the jock just pretended he ignored the chuckling and the smiles as he sat down, he should have known better that gossip always spread into classrooms.

After such interesting interruption, the class proceeded as boring as usual, Chase actually thanked for the fact people just seemed to get over the corridor incident and fell asleep on that super tedious lecture, but unfortunately he just couldn’t doze off like his mates, because every time he closed his eyes he could only see those golden eyes staring at him, the massive muscles and the powerful figure towering over him, and to Chase’s greatest surprise, his own cock reacted to those things, the jock just tried to cross his thick legs to hide his boning cock.

It was then the door opened and a humongous figure entered, immediately waking up the students and drawing the attention of the teacher himself.

“Erm…may I help you?” The man asked as he looked the humongous lad from head to toe, impressed not only his unearthed height, but the width of his body that caused the man not only to duck but to turns aside to enter the very classroom, yet, the doorframe was pretty much ruined.

“Excuse me, sir; is this Mr. Harding’s class? My name is Leo Klein and I’ve just been transferred, I'm sorry I'm late, I was lost trying to find the room and ended up bumping into some little guys on my way.”

The enormous man said it looking at the teacher but then those golden eyes immediately turned and hunted down the scared Chase all the way back into the room, for once Chase wished he was a small runt, but it even though he was a small runt compared to the humongous lad, he was unfortunately too big to be overlooked in a classroom like that.

The class immediately connected the dots, especially when Chase tried to hide his face with the book at the back of the classroom, that immense monster had to be the same one who had knocked over Moose and his entourage at once, only a guy with that tremendous bulk would have the power to accomplish such amazing feat, and judging by the look on those powerful eyes, he surely enjoyed doing so.

“Oh, yes you’re in the right place Mr. Klein, why don’t you sit back there? I can see an empty spot right in front of Mr. Starling…” The teacher clearly enjoyed when he noticed how uncomfortable Moose felt because of the very presence of that humongous muscle giant.

Leo just thanked the teacher and proudly walked to the seat, the enormously thick muscle legs made his waddling very sensual, and the tightness of his clothes just caused the loud sound of nearly ripping fabric. Chase pretended in vain that he wasn’t paying attention into the approaching behemoth, especially to avoid looking into those golden eyes of him.

“Hey little guy, I don’t think it’s fair for me to sit in this spot, I'm by far taller and wider than you, you’d be totally eclipsed, why don’t you just sit here and I’ll take the last seat okay, little buddy?”

The tone on his voice was friendly and yet very manly, but it was condescending and patronizing above everything, all the class witnessed when Chase was downsized by the immense new guy, and he just took it without even a word, the so-called alpha jock just stood up and sat in front of the behemoth, the steel chair actually squeaked and produced loud sounds as the humongous lad tried to fit there.

“Damn…this is too small…can give me a hand here, little dude? Just hold this for me okay?” The enormous Leo gave the bag to Chase and the jock just stood there holding it for the massive newcomer as he literally bent the chair to make it wider for the immense size of his bulk, the steel just succumbed to the strength of the unearthed newcomer like it was fresh pretzel dough, the entire class watched as he turned the chair into something that would allow more space for his tremendous bulk.

“I hope you don’t mind, Mr. Harding…they don’t make chairs for those well above 8 feet tall, but don’t worry, I’ll refund the school for this.” Leo announced as he finally sat at the chair whose steel frame he just remolded with the sheer power of his strength.

The teacher shrugged and continued on his boring lecture while Chase just felt the huge hands of Leo reaching over his shoulders and picking the backpack on Moose’s desk. Starling just sat down and tried to focus on his own mind to avoid being even more humiliated, however the jock just noticed two humongous legs stretching over and the enormous size of those sneakers getting each time closer of his own legs.

“I am sorry shrimp, but there’s not much space here, I had to make room for those huge legs of mine huh? I hope you don’t mind, but don’t worry, it’s not like you can actually do something about it, huh you little runt?”

The humongous lad said as he just pulled Chase’s desk even closer so everybody noticed Moose was just sat between the amazingly huge legs of the newcomer, and he just took it so nicely, everybody commented on how weird it all seemed, even if the stranger was a giant, Moose was known for being stupid and aggressive, for some reason the guy just lose all his impetuous behave and just seemed like a scared little boy.

Chase couldn’t bear that situation any longer, he just needed to get the hell out the place, but at the slightest motion he would hear that humongous Leo guy just bending over and whispering on his ears.

“You’re not going anywhere, little dude, you’ll stay here and behave, it’s not like you are a Physics expert huh, tiny boy?” The immense muscle monster said as he just raised his massive hand to comment about something the Teacher had purposed to the class, an event that never happened before, because the students were either sleeping or doing things totally unrelated with the class.

“It is just like I was talking to my little buddy Chase here, Mr. Harding…It is funny how we are still taught about Newtonian theory of Gravity like it was something actual, even though Einstein’s Gravity theory which considered it as the bending of the time-space fabric was attested over 70 years ago…”

“Yes, Mr. Klein you are indeed right about it, but let’s not forget that Sir Isaac Newton’s theory lasted for over 200 years and it laid the foundations of Modern Physics.”

Even the teacher was impressed with the fact that immense lad had something inside his head unlike the rest of those muscular jocks. Leo grinned and took the humongous arm behind his thick neck which created a tremendous ball of muscle that finally ripped the sleeve on such tight shirt, and even though Moose didn’t even see the scene, the ripping sound entered his ears, sending the chills down into his spine, he could just imagine in his own overwhelmed mind the exactly trace of the shredding fabric, finally unleashing the unstoppable ball of muscle that peaked higher and higher, crowned by those insanely thick engorged veins which pumped more blood into the tissue.

“I can see that, Mr. Harding, but Einstein’s theory makes so much more sense to me, I mean a humongous body like mine is heavy enough to bend the space around me, making the lighter, smaller and nearly insignificant other bodies closer to my glorious muscular self, that’s why little Chase is sitting so close to me huh?” Leo commented in teasing tone.

The laughter started immediately after that, even the teacher chuckled while all the sleepers wanted to know what just happened. Moose couldn’t help it anymore; his cock was so hard he just had to get out of there before it was too late.

He stood up at once and got out of the room without even asking for permission, the jock leader went into the nearest bathroom and entered the first stall he found, locked himself inside and released his own 9 inches hard cock from the restraints of his jockstrap, the hard throbbing cock bobbed vigorously, the big drop of precum coming out of the slit.

Chase grabbed his cock and the imagery of the immense lad flooded his mind, he didn’t want to do that, he was the biggest; he was the strongest, guys jerked off because of Moose Starling not the other way around, that was a sign of weakness. Still, the view of that immense golden eyes freak overpowered his better judgment, all he felt was the anxiety, the enormous tension to be so close of that humongous creature, he felt invaded, desired and violated, but he just adored such sensation of being completely powerless against the monstrous Leo.

Moose moaned loud as he came fiercely into the stall, his muscular body convulsed as the volleys of his thick cum splattered all over the filthy stall, it was not very hygienic but right now Chase just wanted to feel his body tingling from such intense orgasm he had. His head was still spinning around the emotional turmoil provoked by the impressible humongous lad named Leo, when the bell rang announcing lunch break, finally bringing good news on that day.

Chase opened the door and stepped outside the stall, the burly lad was still adjusting the belt when he heard a loud chuckle, which made his spine freeze again, the jock looked up and saw enormous Leo towering over him, the mountainous arms crossed at the super massive chest, his gorgeous unearthed featured and the same piercing golden eyes.

“So did you enjoy thinking about me when you came?” Leo asked abruptly which made Moose even more uncomfortable, but the jock would rather die than admitting he had a great time jerking off to that humongous monster.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about dude…” Moose tried to pass by the humongous bulk of the new guy but it was useless the man just picked him by the collar and threw him against the tiled wall.

“You’re fucking welcome!” Leo’s golden eyes seemed to grow even more dazzling as they pierced into Chase’s very soul; it was like something could not only feel his very emotions spreading an unexplainable fear into Moose’s soul. Leo dropped the bully and stepped back, watching some wall tiles falling over Starling as he sank down to the floor.

Chase was cornered again, but this time he wouldn’t fall without putting a fight, so he just stood up and gathered his strength to throw a sucker punch at Leo’s stomach, a decision which he immediately regretted, because those muscles didn’t just look like a brick wall, they were actually harder than the real thing. Moose felt his hand burning with pain; it felt like he broke his fingers, while Leo just grinned down at the dwarfed football player.

“What’s the matter, little Moose? Oh…are my muscles too hard for you? Well, just get used to it. You are small, weak, slow and feebleminded I'm stronger, harder, faster and much more determined than you will ever be, do you realize what it makes me, don’t you?” Leo asked with a mean glow in his golden eyes.

Moose just waved his head, the guy was too confused and aroused to think about the possible implications of Leo’s statement, and the humongous muscle stranger have anticipated such circumstance, so he just held Chase’s body by the shoulders and pressed him against the wall.

While the rest of his humongous figure engulfed the dwarfed jock against the cold tiles, Leo’s warm breath hit Chase’s neck, which felt so good, so sensual, yet his heart was beating faster and faster, the mere presence of that monster messed with his capability to think, to move, to react.

“Of course you don’t, because you’re just too stupid to formulate even a single concatenated thought, but it is okay I’ll break it down in words even you can understand. I am your predator, and you’re my prey. I'm gonna hunt your ass down, and before the school day finishes you will be mine…your next orgasm will happen with my cock inside your ass and you’ll be screaming my name while I fuck your brains out! Your ass is mine!” Leo said it slowly and steadily, his words were clear and well pronounced, then his tongue licked the twitching vein on Chase’s neck.

“You’re fucking crazy…lunatic! You’re not gonna get me, you hear?” Chase tried to yell, but the words came out as a very weak whisper, yet Leo not only heard them, he just laughed out, taking a step back his impressively huge body released Moose from the pressure.

“A good predator is always looking for a challenging prey, the joy of hunting was actually going after the stronger, the faster, the fittest, it is much harder but the reward is by far more profitable and glorious, so the hunt is on little Chase, see if you can escape from me…” Leo crossed his arms and turned slightly aside, clearing the way for the door.

Moose didn’t really know what to do, he just ran out of the bathroom and headed for the parking lot, running to get in his car and get the hell out of the school, he would drive anywhere he would be safe from that monstrous sex maniac, but when he got there his heart nearly stopped. The car wasn’t the usual spot, of all days, it had to be robbed precisely when the owner him the most? Moose’s mind was still spinning when he realized what really happened to his vehicle, there were heavy marks at the ground, such and evident clue that even the stupid jock could follow all the way back at the old deposit behind the school’s main building.

Starling immediately assumed that someone had broken into his car, drove it back there and totally vandalized his precious 2007 Dodge Ram, all the tires were shredded, even the caps were bent, the metallic red paint was ruined scratched by some very sharp tool, but Moose only realized what happened when he read the message carved in the metalwork of his destroyed vehicle “Your ass is mine!”

The same threat once again, Moose just had an instant boner when he realized the doors were untouched, which meant Leo didn’t break into the car, he just dragged the thing all the way, Starling could see clearly now that the marks were produced by Leo’s uncanny paws, only they would have the strength and the sharpness to cut the steels like that, his car was literally sliced down, which only meant that Leo was anticipating his very actions, and it felt so scary, so weird and so sexy at the same time.

Chase started running again, he couldn’t help but feeling his fear growing inside the muscular chest. The 6’5” football player could simply run away on foot, but it was like those golden eyes were following him constantly, Moose could literally feel the breath of the monstrous Leo on the back of his neck.

Moose was so scared he didn’t even notice the bell ringing for the lunch break, soon the hallways were filled with students, and this time they could clearly notice how scared the football player was. Even the members of his entourage couldn’t help but noticing the terrible effects the humongous stranger had on their once fearsome leader.

The football gang decided it was better for them to sit down and eat, no one would dare to say anything closer to a table filled with twelve muscular jocks, and Moose just followed them, the company of his team companions forced that unexplainable fear to fade just a tiny bit, but was enough for the jock to feel his growling stomach demanding for food.

They gathered at their usual table, everyone stared at them, but not with the usual mixture of fear and respect, the rest of the students just looked rather curious, like they were waiting for another unexpected event to subvert the social hierarchy of their school, but so far it all went smoothly. The jocks filled their plates with the food they bought with the monetary help of the less physically fortunate students, but Moose had to buy for his own food today since he had no time to bully for money, which was something that rarely happened.

Suddenly, the cafeteria went quiet when a humongous bulk approached, everybody noticed the massive figure of Leo getting in the line, his muscles looked so enormous and powerful, and the shredded sleeves of his tight shirt drew the wondering eyes which followed the glorious heroic forms of the newcomer as he filled his trey with a dozen roasted turkey legs, creating a huge pyramid of meat that he carried one handedly until the table right across the once occupied by football team, clearly challenging the non written law that nobody was supposed to stare at the prime muscular athletes.

“What the fuck are you up to man? You’re looking for trouble” Jeff Turner, a big bodied 6’3” 260 pounds sat right at Moose’s left asked, his mouth was still greasy of the burger he recently devoured, normally that kind of question would simply be enough to make any guy evacuate the table as fast as he could, but this time it was totally ineffective, because Leo simply grinned as he kept staring at Chase, who by his turn never took his eyes of his own plate.

The rest of the jocks still tried to look tough to see if they could scare the monstrous stranger, they actually felt more confident now that there 12 of them, but Moose knew better, he had seen what that mad monster had done to his car, and a dozen muscle jocks really couldn’t take him down.

“I asked if are you looking for trouble, you fucker?” Jeff stood up and walked towards Leo’s massive frame, backed up by six fellow football players who wanted to prove they weren’t scared at the enormous man, but as they got close, something else happened.

Leo just grabbed one turkey leg and started eating it. The way he carved his pointy teeth into the flesh, staring fixedly at Turner, the juices from the roasted turkey leg following down the corner of his mouth, the veins of his humongous arms pumping even more blood into those gorgeous super thick biceps, and the way he just ripped the meat from the bone was totally against eating etiquette but it couldn’t be any sexier.

Jeff could just stare, suddenly those golden eyes were filled with a sudden strength that completely paralyzed his body; the way Leo ripped the flesh from the leg bone and crushed the cartilaginous tissue along with the very marrow bone was so intense that Turner felt like his own flesh was being devoured by the huge jock. Leo actually started crushing the very bone with his uncannily strong jaw; there was nothing left for the first drumstick, and Jeff simply felt weird, his strength and the courage to face the immense stranger faded, the strong athlete just felt unexplainably weak and very afraid.

Then, Leo chuckled as noticed Jeff fled the area, which only puzzled his comrades, but the golden eyed freak knew exactly where the poor guy went, because he noticed his latest victim had a boner, especially thanks to his heightened sense of smell through which Leo caught the scent of cum begin to ooze out of that man's tiny boner, which meant that the defeated desperately looked for a place where he could unload all that sexual tension he felt.

Then, the tanned muscle behemoth grabbed the second and the third legs, looking at Brian and Wade, two of the team members who were supposed to back up the brave Jeff. Leo took violent bites over the meat and the bone eating everything like it was just an entire piece, the same voracious way in which he devoured the food in his mouth, with an unearthed hunger that not only ate the food, it actually destroyed it, Leo consumed the entire legs, there was nothing left.

And the most amazing part was that Brian and Wade also felt suddenly overwhelmed like Jeff, they both felt their cocks hardening and the immediate urge to worship Leo’s muscles, his virility and his superior muscles, their own minds flooded with sexual thoughts about Leo taking their bodies with the same voracity he devoured his food, and they couldn’t let the entire school realize they were boning up on the monstrous new guy.

By that time, the rest of the jocks looked pissed, they all stood up and headed towards the immense Leo, except Chase, who just couldn’t help but shaking very noticeably. Meanwhile, Leo engaged into some kind of feeding frenzy, eating the turkey legs like they were just tiny pieces of cocktail snacks, the way his mouth destroyed each drumstick seemed to reflect in one particular jock

One by one, they all seemed to lose their impetus, the courage and the very essence of being a jock, the muscular lads suddenly felt dizzy, disoriented, immediately forgetting the intent to gang up against Leo, who just continued destroying the food on his plate. The entire school witnessed as the brave football team just turned into a bunch of spineless losers who simply ran away from the humongous newcomer, their cocks so hard and aching for release, that just dropped everything to succumb into their lustful desired towards Leo’s muscles, although they would rather die than revealing such deep and utmost truth.

And then, there was only one.

Leo’s face was completely greased with the chicken juices, pieces of bones were actually stuck to his hair, and his shirt was totally soaked in greasy liquid. Leo chuckled as he grabbed the last turkey leg, but unlike the previous ones, he just started licking it very teasingly, while looking at the last of the jock table.

Chase was indeed getting tired of that game, especially because all that teasing and tingling only made his cock so hard, and in his head he kept listening to the words Leo said to him in the bathroom, he did feel like a prey, but a different kind of prey because even the non-brilliant Chase Starling could understand what kind of predator Leo declared to be, he was a sexual predator, a massive man whose lust wand sex drive were unimaginably strong, he was a monstrous being with a compulsion for pleasure, and he was now after .

Leo defeated all the jocks from his team without even lifting his hands, and now he was after his ass, which pretty much he owned now, but Moose’s pride still rested, he would never admit that he was already dominated by that powerful stranger.

The golden eyes pierced though his soul once again, Moose imagined how hot it would feel just to surrender and become Leo’s bitch, how much his body ached for that. Chase’s boner got even harder, yet he just used all his focus to avoid running like the other jocks, he wouldn’t succumb so easily.

Then, Leo grabbed the last turkey with his teeth and took such a violent bite that broke the shattered the bone all over the place. The audience when Moose screamed out loud, like someone just ripped his heart from his very chest, he could feel his balls filling with even more cum, but his cock just couldn’t come, even though it had reached far beyond the point of no return.

“That was a nice snack, but I gotta save some space for the main course. See you sooner than you think, shorty.” Leo said out loud as he stood up and left the cafeteria, while the rest of the students just commented the last events.

It took Sterling a few moments to put himself together and stand up, his pride was nearly destroyed, but he still paraded his big muscular body down the way. Fortunately, football practice was just ahead and it would give him the chance to cool his mind from such naughty thoughts.

When he got to the locker room, there was a serious tension in the place. None of 12 the jocks dominated by Leo said a word about what happened during lunch, but they all understand perfectly the way Chase felt, and how powerless they all were against that whole situation.

“Guys, gather around please, I’ve got great news!” Coach Sanders, the 5’10” 240 barrel chested balding middle aged announced after his players finally gathered courage to move on and get their training gear on. The team members assembled around the coach just like another ordinary practice, although that has not been an ordinary day at all.

“You know how hard it has been with all the injuries we’ve had this season, but finally things seem to be changing, I’ve spotted a great potential talent for our team, and so I invited the guy for our practice today, to see if he gets interested in playing.” Sanders couldn’t hide his excitement.

The jocks had mixed reactions, some just smiled and felt that any extra help for the team would be welcomed, some just shrugged, but there were those who seemed very worried, to be more precise, Sanders noticed that 12 of his best and toughest players just exchanged concerned looks among them.

“erm…coach…this new potential new player…was he already a student here?” One of the concerned jocks asked in a low tone, and Sanders just chuckled.

“Hell no, I’d remember spotting someone that HUGE walking among the rest of you, but he looked for me earlier today and I was impressed with my luck, now we might have that secret weapon that will crush our adversaries. You’ll all like him, Leo is a very nice guy.”

The mere pronunciation of such name spread fear and respect among the players; some of them were very close of passing out. Even Moose, who always acted so cool and superior to everything unrelated to him, suddenly seemed visibly worried.

“Leo?” Chase repeated mindlessly, his body was still shaking and his cock throbbing so hard, forming a very embarrassing wet mark on his pants, but no one was in position to make fun of such thing; in fact there were wet spots on several other pants in the room.

“That’s my name, shrimp, you looking for me huh?” The entire team turned their heads to face the humongous newcomer getting out of the Coach’s room, his massive bulk squeezing through the doorframe, Leo’s uncanny huge frame stood tall and pride, dressed in their team uniform, which looked so damn tight over the humongous body of the tanned muscle lad.

Leo grinned as he proudly showed the shocked audience how massive his muscles were, at each time he flexed the uniform got closer to the point of being ripped by the inhuman power on those muscles.

“I hope you don’t mind, shrimp, but Coach gave me the biggest size they had, which is yours, but as you can see, it is nothing against my massive body, you’re just as pathetic small to me as all the rest of these losers.” Leo grinned, turned around and showed the shocked team as Moose’s jersey simply looked smaller and smaller as those muscles expanded, the humongous striations creating the grotesque sculptures all over the rugged surface, the brilliant jersey fabric displayed all the contours and the raging growing size on Leo’s muscles.

The coach grinned almost mischievously at the sight of such tremendous acquisition, with a player like that he could easily win all the seasons until his graduation, Sanders already anticipated a great bonus for him, he would be finally on his way out of mediocrity.

“Step aside, boys, this is our next great star! Come on Leo, I'm a little behind on getting the stats of the team, now I’ve got a reason for those motherfuckers to bust their asses on the gym, they finally have a great role model instead of lazy Moose!” Sanders said as he tapped the back of his former star, laughing sonorously as he walked towards the scale.

The rest of the team quickly surrounded Coach Sanders and the massive powerhouse named Leo, the way his massive frame made Starling’s jersey look like the biggest NFL star somehow wore the uniform of a little league player.

Not only those massive shoulders outstretched the sleeves beyond repair, the humongous neck totally destroyed the hole, the chest was so tight inside the confinements of the XXL sized jersey that it was possible to see the thickness of the dollar sized nipples and even the veins crossing the rugged surface of Leo’s muscles underneath the flimsy fabric, the size of those amazing pectoral plates pushed the shirt away from the rest of the glorious physique, and because Leo was so much taller than Moose, the lower half of his tanned glorious body was totally exposed, revealing the ten pack monumental stomach, the huge knots of muscle so ripped and hard flexing as the young behemoth breathed.

“Coach, are you sure you want to go ahead with it? All these tiny guys are just hiding their teeny boners, if you tell them my stats it might just be too much for their peckers!” Leo grinned while Sanders adjusted the old scale and the height measuring, but not a single one of the football players had the nerve to contest Leo’s statement.

“Heh, they’re just not used to see a real life giant, now let’s get you measured.”Truth to be told even Coach Sanders felt unusually excited to figure out the unearthed proportions on the tanned teenager.

“Heh, okay coach by I guess you will need a bigger stick…” Leo chuckled when Coach Sanders realized that the measuring appliance from his old scale was only a bit over 7 feet tall, which still stood well over one foot from the top of Leo’s head.

“Crap!” The coach said with a mean grin “Hey Starling, make yourself useful, hop on that chair and measure that guy for me okay?” Sanders’ loud voice tone forced Chase to snap out of his trance. Moose just obliged the coach and measured the rest of the huge player, while those golden eyes were fixed on Chase’s eyes, even though the smaller guy avoided at all cost to cross gazes with the behemoth.

“Come on, Moose, what’s the reading?” Sanders shouted.

“Erm…it’s 15 inches and ¾ sir…” Chase read the number and felt the shivering going down his spine.

“Summed up with the 7’5” I had before…Damn…that’s 8’8” tall!” Sanders exclaimed as the rest of the team just gulped down.

“Heh, technically, 8’8 and ¾ inches tall, Coach, but don’t worry I'm only 16, so I’ve got lots of time to grow taller for you, especially for you Moose, I guess you realize now that I'm 27 inches taller than you, which is 2 feet and three inches, which makes it appropriate for me to call you shrimp huh? And in time you’re gonna even shorter, because I will keep growing.” Leo casually commented as he tapped Moose’s shoulder, in a very patronizing attitude, but Moose simply stood there on the chair, he just wanted to keep closer to those wonderful golden eyes.

“Alright, guys, let’s move on, let’s see how much this mammoth weighs.” Sanders nodded as he got ready to take note, but then Leo just commented on a very obvious detail, the little school balance’s reading couldn’t be precise.

“I think your greatest problem will be to weigh me in that old crap of scale you’ve got…this shit stopped at 400 pounds and I'm sure I'm way heavier, so why don’t you grab another one and put it over here so I can step on both of them, it is not a really accurate way but since you’re all dying to know how much I weigh…”

Leo didn’t even finished the sentence and Jeff Turner had already placed the scale on his left side, the immense tanned guy smirked and hopped on the second appliance, which squeaked and produced the same loud sounds, a myriad of hungry eyes watched carefully at the scales while Coach Sanders summed up the results.

“289 pounds from the left plus the 377 from the right one, that sums up at…”

“666 pounds, but that…that’s just…impossible!” Moose gasped, his mind was never good with calculations but the number just sounded too cabalistic and too sexy to be overlooked.”

“Heh, pretty cool huh? I liked the idea, but I'm sure this won’t last long, gotta pack on the muscle for the upcoming games huh Coach?” Leo said as he noticed all the guys were just speechless, they’ve never imagined someone so tall, so massive and so muscular before.

“This is so fucking cool!” Jeff Turner said as he looked up at the giant in front of him like a little boy who admired being close to a huge adult man.

“What about you, shrimp? Do you also think it’s so fucking cool to have a huge team mate like me?”

Moose just stood there and smiled awkwardly, since he couldn’t blush any redder. The monumental lad just chuckled as he realized Chase was nearly broken down, at least he no longer tried to deny he wasn’t impressed about Leo’s uncanny size and strength, but the humongous predator still had quite a bit planned for his delicious Affalo.

“Why don’t you cease the opportunity that you’re standing on the chair and get the tape in your hands and measure this mountain?” Leo said as he flexed his biceps and it just ripped through the remains of Chase’s jersey, the rugged wall of muscles just rose furiously, the veins pumping more blood into the impossibly thick muscular tissue, the soaring peak of Leo’s right arm continued flexing and packing onto even more massive size, while those golden eyes now pierced through Chase’s soul.

The girth of Leo’s flexed muscles, the numerous veins that crossed the surface of his amazing body, the innumerous striations of his mind blowing huge muscles, the humongous hands that strangely resembled beastly claws gripped stronger and stronger to allow a harder flex to make that monstrous biceps even bigger, the sweat, the rugged surface, the very smell of all that muscle so close to Chase’s nose.

“So, little Moose how big is that muscle you’re measuring?” The jock did not just obliged to Leo’s order, he felt compelled to make it, it was a feeling that overwhelmed his self-control, and it was an urge to which he needed to indulge. Chase just hugged that naked arm and carefully wrapped the tape around it, his heart pounding his own chest as he read the result.

“Forty…five inches…” Moose gasped, his body convulsed and he thought he would cum there, his body lost the balance and he was about to fall from the chair when Leo quickly grabbed him in his arms.

“Careful, shrimp, I don’t want you hurt before I devour you.” Leo said out loud as he grinned, then he simply placed Chase back on the ground.

Coach Sanders strategically held his clipboard in front of his crotch as he looked at his team players “Guys, let’s welcome our new resident monster to the field, I want you to give your best today, we’re gonna see how strong this guys exactly is!”

“Heh, farewell coach, I’ll put on a show for your little guys!” Leo answered Sanders, although his golden predator eyes never stopped staring at Moose, who just stood there like he couldn’t move again.

Chase felt like he had to run away from Leo, but he just couldn’t he wanted to get even closer, he needed to feel his touch, but it was too dangerous. What would happen to him if everybody knew he had the hots for another muscle guy? Sure, Leo was the most muscular, the most powerful and glorious being on the surface of the planet.

Out at the field, Coach Sanders soon realized he didn’t have to explain much to Leo, because that monumental lad was also the smartest guy he’d ever known. Pretty soon the impossibly huge Leo demonstrated the extreme grace imbued into the humongous muscles, he could run faster than the fastest tight end, besides the fact he was over three times heavier.

Leo simply toyed with the smaller fascinated guys, he dragged the whole team through the field and he wasn’t even running because it would seriously hurt most of the guys, still not even the combination between defensive and offensive players at once proved to be able to restrain the abundant amount of muscle and strength into the amazing lad.

“Heh, Coach, are you sure these are football players? They look more like pussy kittens trying to play against one huge Lion!” The dark haired monster laughed as he easily dodged from the successive tackling attempts.

“Sterling…get your sorry ass in the field, that guy is getting too cocky, I need you to break his proud now!” Coach Sanders barked at his best defensive player, he wanted to show the humongous lad that he was quite extraordinary but he couldn’t be more important than a whole team.

Chase shook his head, trying to dismiss the naughty imagery that flooded his senses, he had a major boner and it clearly showed in his tight uniform pants. “I want you to hit him hard, he’s not expecting for a frontal and direct attack, so just go for it, Moose!” The coach instructed and slapped Starling’s butt as the guy got in the field, where his jock companions were tossed everywhere, tired, exhausted, and boned.

Just like the scene in cafeteria, Chase witnessed as Leo pulverized his colleagues, but not just physically, he devastated their mind and souls as well. Those were manly, buff, strong guys that were no boning up for a humongous monster. If they so tough and manly, so how they could be so easily overpowered?

The answer looked down at Chase “Oh, so he finally unleashed the Moose huh? Farewell, shrimp let’s see what you got!” The sheer size of Leo’s amazing huge paws grabbed the ball like it was just a miniature; he walked all the way back to his own zone and then he just started running towards the strong muscular jock.

Chase knew his pride was at stake, so he had to prove the Coach he wasn’t scared of Leo, even if he was deeply frightened about that freak. At first, Starling acted like he trained all his life, he studied the movement and anticipated possible escape routes from the upcoming adversary, although it truly felt like suicidal mission because the strength contained by the incredible speed which Leo easily developed was just impossible to be halted by just one single man!

“Think Fast!” The monumental lad growled as he tossed the pigskin at a shocked Moose, who just got it thanks to the developed game reflexes; Chase completely stopped around the 40 yards line of his own field, but it didn’t take much for him to realize what was happening, he had a nearly 700 pounds of muscle running towards him, with the ferocious golden eyes glowing out of excitement.

Chase was the catch of the day.

The defensive player was overtaken by the adrenaline discharge by the innate need to run for his life, and that’s exactly what he did, simply turning around he started running like the scared man he truly was, the muscles on his legs used all the power to tackle down quarterbacks and tight ends now focused on giving Moose the power to keep the distance between them both, one mission that failed miserably.

Leo grinned, his humongous body behaved so much differently than one might assume, his immense limbs were massively thick but they also showed unseen grace and dexterity, the faster Leo ran the more it displayed, his body simply turned and became more aerodynamic, it was something animalistic. The behemoth started running standing but he smoothly transitioned, it was like those huge hands of him were indeed claws carved for the running, in one single moment the amazing Leo was running like a real predator beast, his head kept low and the bulging muscles all working together to increase the speed and the power to unleash a deadly attack.

Meanwhile, Chase just ran as fast as he could, a frightened yell escaped his throat while he reached the end of the football field, still he continued running because he knew that massive beast was after him, and this time there was nothing to stop for nothing.

Coach Sanders watched spellbound while the immense new player suddenly decided to chase Starling in that stupid game, and what was worse, the other players just watched it passively, their expressions showed their shock and awe, it was then that Sanders realized that he also had that same expression on his dumb face, he couldn’t yell at them to cut the crap, he just watched as Leo grew closer from the doomed Moose.

Leo felt the blood rushing through his thick veins, pumping more strength into those muscles, he was built for the kill, he was the most powerful and the most capable of them all, he knew pretty well that his body looked amazing when he ran at his full speed, using his arms and those amazing claws to gain more speed and advantage above his prey.

That jock came to school earlier that day like he was at the top of the food chain, when in fact he was just as powerless as any other prey, because Leo was the ultimate predator and he would feast in the beauty, in the power, in the strength and the lust that filled such nice little body. Chase was his next prey and he wanted to enjoy that last moment of the hunt.

Everybody watched as the tremendously big lad jumped in the air, his massive hand and those sharp claws would slash poor Moose into shreds, but then at the very last possible moment, the huge paw simply grabbed Chase’s shoulder very gently, while the super heavy body of the monster fell past his prey’s body. Leo rolled over in one amazing stunt and managed to cushion the impact of their fall, it was like the whole purpose of that hunt was reversed at the moment where Leo finally reached for the terrified Chase.

Moose saw nothing, he just felt the tremendous pressure of Leo’s hand on his shoulder and then the world blurred, he could just feel that Leo was all over him, surrounding his very senses, he was defeated, he was hunted down and it felt…so good.

Starling’s senses were still ringing and spinning so fast, but he knew now he was laying on the ground, the smell of crushed grass leaves filled his nostrils along with the manly smell of the enormous attacker that now stood over him, everywhere he touched, looked, heard, tasted or felt he could just notice it was Leo’s muscles surrounding him, the massive muscles and the loud breath of the humongous predator. It was then those golden eyes of the beast focused into Moose’s eyes and for the first time they were something more than threatening and sensual.

They looked happy, truly and genuinely happy.

The smile on his pretty lips and the joyful sound of laughter echoed in the quiet school football field, while the rest of the shocked players noticed Leo hadn’t slashed Moose like it just seemed.

“That was a great game, but now you’re mine, little Chase…” Leo continued smiling as he whispered into Moose’s ears and the defeated prey realized it was just right to feel the way they felt now, so Chase started laughing as well, they both sharing the thrill and the joy of the hunt, that was the most intense excitement the jock had in years, and he enjoyed every single moment.

The golden eyes focused over their most recent victim, Leo just licked his lips and his fangs and they both realized that little game was just over. The immense monster just stood up and carried Moose in his arms, keeping his eyes focused on the conquered jock all the time, while Chase just chuckled and nested into those humongous muscles.

“What the hell just happened here? What was that all about? You could have killed him!” Coach Sanders yelled so nervously while the humongous couple crossed the field back into locker room, completely ignoring such desperate yelling.

Leo just carried his defeated Moose inside when the Coach simply stood in front of the door. “You put that guy down right now! This is not the place for whatever you’re planning, so just get back in the field to reassume training!” Sanders finally screamed at the top of his lungs, his rage flaring at each passing second, but that would be an act he would regret.

The golden eyes of Leo glared down at the coach and the man seemed to have shrunk into 2 inches tall almost immediately, the humongous lad simply growled as he protected Moose in the fortress of his muscles. “You listen here, little man. This hunt is mine and I'm gonna enjoy this moment with him, so I suggest you to get the hell out of my way before I squash you, miserable bug!”

Sanders foamed, even though he was scared to death, he couldn’t just let that boy tell him what to do, but at the same time there was an undeniable authority in that voice.

“You’re OUT OF THE TEAM! YOU HEAR ME?”Sanders dared to poke Leo’s abdominal muscles.

Leo grinned “Heh, I think you missed the point here, you’re the one who’s out of my team…”

Sanders was about to laugh when he felt someone huge grabbing him by his back, another set of burly muscles helped the attacker, and the frightened Sanders just watched as his own players got together to overpower him.

Moose watched in awe as his teammates grabbed their Coach and silenced him, Jeff Turner and the others carried the coach kicking and screaming and locked him at the storage room at the school basement, a place where people would simply not hear his lousy attempts to break free from a horde of muscular horny teenagers.

Chase gulped “What are they gonna do to him?”
Leo just silenced his prey as he squeezed through the doorframe.

“Don’t worry about Sanders, the guys are just gonna make sure he doesn’t interrupt our moment. Of course, you will notice most of them will come back to watch us fucking, but I know you don’t mind, you’re so proud of being the jock I chose to hunt that I could fuck you over the cafeteria tables for that matter.”

Moose felt his mind spinning around, Leo didn’t need his permission, he had already conquered it, and he was just claiming what was rightfully his.

Those golden eyes just pierced through Moose’s soul once again, and the conquered man just moaned. “Damn…I can’t take this anymore…please fuck me…I am so hard…”

Leo purred intensely as he rubbed his face against Moose’s cheeks. “Don’t worry, Chase, you’re in good hands now…” The massive man replied as they reached the showers area, where they could see that some of the remaining jocks were already there to witness the final abating of Moose.

Chase knew Leo was more than capable of carrying him effortlessly, so he just relaxed and wrapped his muscular legs around the massive thickness of his enormous predator and used the support to reach for a kiss, because Moose had never felt such need for a kiss before, he just couldn’t explain why, maybe it was the excitement of being fucked for the first time.

Just when his lips feverishly kissed Leo’s hungry ones, Chase suddenly heard a roar in the back of his mind, their kiss lasted so long, and it was so powerful that Starling’s mind drifted away, drowning the need for sexual satisfaction, their bodies both so warm, so ready for finally enacting what has been promised for the whole day.

Leo broke the kiss and grinned “You are indeed quite special…the strength of your spirit speaks to me, you were the right game after all.”

“Is this why you’ve decided to hunt me down? C-can you see a spirit in me?” Moose knew all that talk made no sense for him, but since it meant so much for Leo it had to be important for him as well.

“Enough talking…we have much more important things to do…” Leo nodded as he kissed the cheeks of his prey.

Chase smiled as he got back into the exploring the vastness of his predator’s muscles, giggling as Leo’s massive hands opened the faucets for the shower heads, his savage claws paws were so strong he simply crushed the metal like it was warm butter. The pressure of the hot water hit Chase’s body but he could only focus in warmth of Leo’s tongue licking the water from his skin, the feeling of their bodies rubbing against each other, so tight, so manly, so sensual and so powerful.

Leo gently let Starling to slide back to the ground, standing tall and proud, the tanned muscle monster grinned once again, as his sharp claws ripped the soaked uniform from Chase’s body, then he held a most muscular pose, Leo flexed his massive muscles to destroy the remains of Moose’s jersey from his gorgeous bulking frame with extreme easiness.

“Yeah…that’s so fucking cool!” Chase gasped as he touched the amazing hardness of the mountainous lad, it was only then he noticed something just as hard moving underneath Leo’s skin tight spandex pants.

“Well, you’ve seen the size of my hands and of my feet, you had any doubt I would be a giant down there too?” Leo whispered but Moose was already in trance, carefully watching as the humongous uncut cock broke free from the fabric prison, a cock that stood well over 20 amazing inches long, thicker than Chase’s own forearm, with a gigantic mushroom head that poked through the foreskin beautifully, the enormous slit already formed a viscous, pearly puddle of precum that leaked with almost the same volume than all the water that ran from Leo’s uncanny body.

“I…don’t know if I can handle…but I want it…I want it so bad!” Chase whispered as he cleaned just motioned to start sucking that humongous obelisk to an unearthed and unachievable huge manhood, right when Leo picked him and kissed the same lips rather savagely with a furious attack that drove Chase into a sexual frenzy.

“You don’t get to chose what you do, little man. You’re being devoured here, and I am a hungry beast, the hungriest you will ever see!” Leo chuckled as he easily turned Chase upside down and wrapped the jock’s 10 inches cock and started sucking it savagely, which forced Moose to scream out of ecstasy, his instant reaction was to payback the amazing gesture, so the dwarfed muscle lad simply hugged Leo’s uncanny butt and used the leverage to force that humongous cockhead into his warm mouth, although that wild beast was not just big, it was so hard and throbbing, Moose only managed to mouth a little bit over the amazing python’s head, but he made up by sticking his desiring tongue into the enormous slit, making out with Leo’s savage cock beast while the monster devoured Starling’s manhood almost literally.

Chase felt his first orgasm exploding inside Leo’s eager mouth, his amazing beast lad just sucked the cock so wild, so strongly, so passionately that for one moment it was like Leo tried to suck the very life out of Moose’s body. Since they were locked in such sexy 69 position, with the blood being forced out of his head and flooding the hard cock, Chase was struggling against his own vital needs to keep pleasing the amazing Leo.

Maybe it was the stress of being held upside down for such a long time combined with the amazing orgasmic eruption that was sucked out of him. But in one moment Chase couldn’t hear the water flowing down the shower heads, the loud moaning of the many horny witnesses that jerked off at the incredible sight of their fuck, not even the sexy purring of Leo drinking and savoring his cum while he continued sucking the cock and toying with the sore balls of the amazed prey.

Suddenly, the jock was not fucking in the locker room of Stanwood High School; somehow he just knew that he was transported down to the African savanna. Moose could feel the scorching heat precisely indicating it is peak of the dry season; the winds blew from East, which meant there would be no rain for the time being, he and his few yet loyal companions just needed to keep looking for water, they could be in less number than a herd, yet they were not unprotected at all.

Chase’s body felt strong and powerful, he was surrounded by his peers, together they were undefeated, and they would soon reach for the precious water, which was all that mattered. The valley was a silent place colored by innumerous different shades of the rich golden tone; it seemed almost peaceful, yet it wasn’t peaceful at all.

There was a presence there, something watching him, studying his very moments, ready to strike when timing was right. Suddenly, one of his peers heard something and started running like a maniac, he forgot about their code, together they could face any menace, but they would perish if they were divided, and Moose could feel the presence getting closer; so he just forgot about their union oath and used his powerful muscles to escape from the approaching threaten.

“Heh…that was a great opening for our act, but you aren’t devoured yet…I'm still hungry for more!” Leo smiled as he gently turned kissed Moose once again, the rush of blood getting back into his head was more than enough to bring Chase back into reality.

“Y-yeah…more….please…” The jock whispered and Leo grinned.

“Right now all those little boys are so jealousy of you because I chose to fuck you, they are jerking their little peckers in the vain hope I’ll let them participate in our mating. Heh such a bunch of losers, they don’t know an alpha doesn’t share his prey? They can have the bones when I am done with you.” The immense lad said spoke slowly as he lifted Moose’s body higher.

Chase was still dizzy from the sensual overflowing, but he could anticipate what was about to happen and he gulped, his body wanted it more than anything, although his mind also knew that would be pretty painful.

“It’s time now, Chase…give me the Strength and the Pride of your Wild spirit! Let me devour you, now…” Leo whispered so sexy right before he forced the humongous cock inside Chase’s virgin butt.

The sharp pain of the immense phallus violating the interior of his body was so brutally shocking that Moose was forced into another hallucination. At the same moment he felt Leo’s cock possessing his very muscular body, the pressure of Moose’s own weight pushing the manhood deeper into his body, the jock felt his body was not his own once again.

He ran for his life, his muscles and his strength, the very reason for his pride now could only work for his salvation, he needed to survive, the beast was growing closer now, the sound of the dangerous claws running right after him. The beast was alone but still it was more than enough to take him down, he just had to run, changing directions many times to confuse the beast…gaining time was essential.

Leo purred as he felt Chase was completely impaled by his monumental cock, he just opened his arms and exposed his prey to the audience as he flexed his massive arms and the remaining jocks all came in synch at the victorious grin of the ultimate predator.

“There’s no way to run now, I got you…” Leo said as he picked Chase’s body and started sliding him up and down, using the muscular jock to jerk off his own giant phallus inside him. Hugging, kissing, and attacking Starling’s body with his own grotesque physique, Leo used his massive legs to support their combined weight and still he bounced the smaller jock up down to create a great motion that increased the pressure of the pounding movement.

His muscles burnt, but he couldn’t give up now, he was almost there, the beast could not keep up with his speed because his body was stronger and more capable, he was the Mighty Buffalo, he was…

“ARGHHHHHH!” Chase screamed as the immense cock pressed his body tremendously, his body simply reached unattainable levels of pleasure and endurance but everything has a limit, with exception for that monstrous lad. Leo looked down at his prey, even though his pectorals were far too big to allow direct contact, the way Chase hugged the immensity of his fucker, his face buried in the hard depth of those manly muscles that surrounded him, Chase just surrendered. He was defeated, but he was not sad, he was excited.

The might beast discharged the lethal attack, the power was just unstoppable, Chase took the blow and felt the world collapsing around him, the senses went crazy and he couldn’t feel anything but the sharp and yet delightful pain of the massive muscles of the attacker. The predator had the better strategy and his strength was by far superior, he was the fittest, the most adapted, he won according to the only law that mattered.

The predator earned his reward.

Leo roared with the final push he just made Chase explode for the second time, but this time it was even more intense than a few moments earlier. Chase was amazed, his body expected a level of ecstasy beyond his comprehension, with a smile he looked up at the immense wall of muscle to which he was attached and felt a sudden shiver, like something inside him had dropped.

Moose felt as vapor came out of his mouth, but it was just different from the vapor that surrounded their bodies, it glowed in blue shade, for one single moment, Chase noticed the vapor formed some kind of bovine animal, big, strong and very muscular. Moose finally understood what Leo meant when the vapor figure was absorbed by Leo’s nostrils. Starling didn’t feel different at all, maybe his impetuous had subsided a bit, but it could be explained by the fact he was just overpowered by such an amazing man.

The immense tanned lad with the unearthed golden eyes threw his head back as he felt the ferocity of his orgasm reaching the point of no return.

“YEAH…IT’S MINE…THE SECOND SPIRIT IS MINE!” Leo boomed as he flexed his muscles so hard that they started bulging and growing right then, his veins pumping even more blood and the limbs shaking as more strength was imbued into them.

Chase felt Leo’s cock was shaking and growing as well, he could feel the amazing dimensions of his predator augmenting as he laughed, purred and grinned. The proud beast was flexing while his body grew bigger, the exhausted jock simply moaned as he held onto Leo’s body and hugged him so submissively, he needed to be, he knew now Leo hunted down his very wild spirit and devoured it, he won the right to dominate him now, for that stranger was his alpha.

Leo growled, his muscles growing, he could feel the strength of the Affalo, the proud Cape buffalo, the huge wild bovine that no other predator can take down alone, except for the King of the Savanna.

A soothing calm voice sounded inside Leo’s mind.

“That was your choice, awakening your Wild Spirit will give you the strength and the power no man can possess without paying the price. The Hunter inside you will claim for the other Wild Spirits, you will change more at each one you devour.”

“I can feel the power surging through my body!” Like a brave Lion that earned the right to benefit from the strength of his prey, Leo felt his body going through another growth spurt, and just like the previous times, he was getting more muscular, more powerful, the muscles bulged and flexed in different pace, his entire body experienced the pleasure of becoming more into his so desired goal.

Chase came fiercely once again, each time Leo’s cock twitched and grew bigger inside him, each time he noticed his grip on Leo’s muscles slipped because they were bigger and harder, each time those hands pressed the small of Moose’s back and massaged his butt he could feel more dominated, he could feel Leo was everything he wanted for now.

Leo continued growing, his muscles augmented even faster now, and he just adored that his growth build higher with his orgasm, it was building so fast that he couldn’t even get out of Chase, so the immense lad just enjoyed as the jock moaned with subsequent orgasms provoked by his growth. The predator held his prey proudly and continued growing, he felt his seed was about to blow, once it happened, the ritual would be fully unleashed.

“Hold on, tiny man… your effort will be rewarded!” Leo whispered as he felt his cock growing even bigger inside the poor fellow, and this time he just had time to hold Leo tightly as his cock exploded inside the butt of the beautiful jock.

“ARGHHHHHHHH!” They both screamed so loud all the other jocks suddenly came again, although most of them were just completely dry, the watched as Leo grew bigger, wider, taller, and so much more muscular before their very jealousy eyes. The couple came in unison one last time before the most amazing happened.

Leo’s muscles grew even bigger, he doubled and hugged Chase, still impaled on his body, those muscles were no longer human anymore, that body was just too powerful, the shoulders enlarged and widened, the size of those boulders challenged words for description, the pecs grew so huge and so thick that Moose was just being engulfed by the growing monsters, the abs also grew in size and depth, popping higher as new knots just grew into the expanding proportions of the monster.
The legs grew longer and even more massive, there was but a flimsy skin tissue over those gargantuan rugged rocks, the calves exploded with size and strength. Leo’s lats grew even wider as his body augmented, the amazing rugged angles of those muscles were just packing with new layers of hard and veined muscles, the width and thickness growing by the seconds while Moose just came for another time, while the cum of his predator filled his guts and ran down his legs, which only made him more submissive for the growing monster.

Leo growled as he felt his neck growing even thicker, the deltoids were now nearly as high as his head, while his shoulders rivaled with them, his skin grew flimsier as his muscles augmented. The golden eyed monster looked at his arms and felt the strength of the Affalo making them grow even bigger, the fibers packing over the preexistent layers of uncanny muscle tissue, peaking even higher and more rugged, the veins simply multiplied and crossed the valleys of the humongous mountains built on top of his arms.

The beast grinned as he brought his both arms up and flexed so hard they peaked ferociously, unleashing the recently acquired power and dwarfing even the amazing stats Moose had taken just a few minutes ago. The monstrous lad purred gently as he enjoyed his freakishly beauty, his body was growing even bigger with the addition of the new spirits, the transformation was becoming more powerful as he overcame the challenges for the ritual.

Leo felt his growth was taking him somewhere even closer to his ultimate goal, and he grinned, because that was just what he wanted. He was fed up with living confined by the walls, by the clothes, by such hypocritical rules of the so called society, as he grew more muscular and stronger, his heart grew closer to the Call of the Wild, and it felt just natural, his muscles needed to grow bigger to make him stronger so he could take the role which was bestowed upon him by Fate.

Finally, after amazing and everlasting moments, Chase felt his mind capable to think again. He noticed that Leo was growing all over him, it was truly happening and he was still impaled by that humongous shaft that grew even longer by each passing second.

“You are still growing…so huge…so massive…I thought it was another vision.”The jock just moaned as he squeezed his legs.

“I am growing so huge because your spirit was far stronger than I’ve anticipated, but I don’t mind the augmentation, it just gives me more advantage. In nature, size does matter and in my case…The bigger the better!” Leo couldn’t actually see Chase because he was far too tall, wide and thick to face him in that impaled position, but he didn’t want to disengage either because his cock was delivering the necessary fluids to complete the ritual.

“I want more…so much more…I need more!” Chase confessed.

Leo purred “You will have all the pleasure you need, little Chase, but my Hunt isn’t over yet.”

Chase could now understand how much bigger Leo got, because his cock was so huge that it was pushing them apart. “Are you…gonna live me just like that?” Moose never felt in such need before, he was just terrified.

Leo simply stood there while his muscles augmented beyond comprehension, his arms peaked higher and higher and his pecs now were a huge roof over Chase’s head. “I can’t take you to my next hunts, you’re still not ready, but it doesn’t mean I'm leaving you behind, with my seed you’re also gonna change.”

“H-how, will it make me like you?” Starling moaned as he felt the pressure of that dick flooding his guts.

Leo just chuckled “You will never be like me, little man, but you will be more than compensated for giving me the Affalo spirit, I will give you strength to become more than you would ever be, and my dominance over you will never diminish, you are part of my haven now, and I will come back to collect you.”

The golden eyes monster felt that his orgasm finally subsided, his flooding cock no longer spewed inside his prey, so he just carefully unplugged the lad from his massive cock, which caused a loud sound and the moaning boy felt the river of his master’s juices flowing down his legs.

Leo brought Chase closer to his gorgeous face and the lad gasped when he noticed, that those manly features were even sharper and more handsome now, the same golden eyes now glowed with even more desire and sensuality. The manly square jaw was wider and more rugged, his teeth were even sharper and a bit longer now, but the greatest change was Leo’s proportions, they no longer remotely resembled something human, they were just amazing, unearthed and colossal!

The monster gently placed the much smaller prey back on the ground, but this time he kept kneeling so Chase could see into his dominant eyes properly.

“You listen now Chase, you belong to me, you’re mine and you have my seed inside you, no one will dare to get close from you, so don’t worry. Everything will make sense in the due time, from now on, you will know when I am getting closer to you, and that’s the sign for you to come to me.”

Leo stood up, he was already towering tall before, but now he was 9’5” tall and if his body weight read like the number of the beast before, now it was just amazing, because that number grew over three times heavier, that humongous new super monumental beast now easily surpassed the 2,000 pounds mark! Leo was just too powerful, to massive and too muscular to be human; he was just a bestial monstrous creature with a gigantic cock that was just a wonder of nature.

“L-Leo…who are you anyway?” Chase asked still amazed with the lad.

“You mean right now? I am Lion and Buffalo, but above anything I am your Alpha, little Chase; and when I come back for the Wild, you will come with me and the rest of my preys. That’s when I’ll be complete” The monster grabbed him and kissed fiercely, which made his submissive jock to cum once again.

Then, the monster placed his lover back in the ground and simply ran through the back wall, destroying it easily to produce his escaping own route.

Thanks to his uncanny and enhanced senses, Leo had heard the sirens of the police cars a long time ago, but what really got his attention was the foul smell of the little men who were supposed to be hunting him, so the inhuman bulk simply ran away from the school building covering even greater distances now that it possessed an amazing bigger form, Leo just made sure he left through the safest route for the little humans; they didn’t deserve to get hurt as he escaped from such ridiculous attempts.

The so-called hunters had prepared some kind of trap, but Leo simply passed through three guys armed with tranquilizer dart guns but none of them was fast enough to hit the even bigger frame of the tanned beast. Poor little guys were becoming delusional by now. That little hunting game was actually entertaining at the beginning, but he was always one step ahead of them, and now that he had the second spirit’s strength inside him, he would be even stronger.

Leo laughed as he noticed the black vans approaching him, but he never stopped running, he simply headed straight towards them, until the last possible moment. The shocked passengers simply jumped over the cars, so the monstrous lad simply picked one van on each hand and threw them hundreds of feet up in the air, each brand new car fell over a mile right into the river. The monstrous lad simply continued running with his inhuman stamina, he knew that little distraction would get him precious time to go after his next hunt.

A few moments later, a third van arrived; from its interior a tall man dressed in elegant sport clothes got out, he snapped his fingers and the staff got him a satellite phone.

“We lost him again, but things are getting worse now, because he is still getting bigger, Mr. Carlyle. He destroyed our cars like they were matchboxes! ” The Leading Hunter said as they checked the area for more clues about Leo’s whereabouts.

“Did he make any victims?” The voice on the other replied in a worried tone.

“No, he didn’t but I think he just got lucky because that lad is far too strong!” The Hunter said with an admiration tone in his usually sarcastic voice. Truth was that William Wade never felt so excited in his entire life, after all, with all that environmental protection shit, how many hunters could actually say they were after the most powerful animal ever?

The voice at the other side just sighed “Fair enough, you proceed as usual, let’s just hope to find him again later today.’

“As you want Mr. Carlyle, we will keep you informed if we get another lead on your son. But I strongly recommend for you to authorize the reinforcements, we’ve discussed before.” Wade said coldly as he got back into the van, knowing that Leo was just becoming the most amazing game of his life.


The fire drill rang, forcing Chase to regain his bearings, most of the jocks were still passed away, but Moose felt actually very well and refreshed, his butt still sore, but much better than he imagined. Starling helped his fellow jocks to stand up and together they managed to get out of the locker room dressed in the clothes they found tossed across the messed room, only to find school had become havoc.

Starling watched as the students exited the school while policemen investigated every single room. Moose could actually hear when some boy told to the policeman that he was Chase Starling, even among such confusion and loud noise.

It didn’t take long until the officers reached Moose and asked if he knew who had vandalized his car. Chase just faked to be shocked and furious, but he couldn’t tell who could be capable of doing such thing, which they seemed to buy. Fortunately, Coach Sanders was found passed out in the back of the storage room, but he didn’t seem to remember what happened at all, so within a few moments later Moose and the football jocks were released to go home.

The lad still felt bad for losing his car, but he gained more than he could ever imagine, his hard cock attested such fact. Moose, Cape buffalo or Affalo, suddenly Chase Starling noticed that he was just meant to be hunted down.

The muscular lad grinned about such irony as he and some of his fellow jocks headed out of the school, each and every one of them still revived the events of that amazing day, when someone pointed at little Jonas Woo and his usually distracted little figure.

Strangely, this time Chase didn’t feel the need to torture the little guy, but still Jeff Turner tried to release some of the stress onto the fragile little geek who walked towards them, but Moose simply held his teammate by the collar, which caused a little commotion among the football pack, while the unadvised geek proceeded unharmed in his way.

“Why the fuck did you did it? I had him just where I wanted!” Turner protested.

"Just let the little dweeb alone okay?" Moose couldn’t reply either, he just felt like it was useless. Maybe he was getting a better person, or perhaps…he just lost the need to bully, since he knew someone who actually had so much power and yet managed to give him the best time of his life.

To be continued