The Bin Man Cometh

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Part 1

As often happens with these things, it started as a vaguely normal day.

I was working at the office on some paperwork when I got an e-mail. Out of curiosity I opened it. “Do you know what your boyfriend is up to? Get home now and find out. I’ll give you a clue, it’s with my husband.”

Now I was very worried at this as my boyfriend was also my boss and had told me that he would be working from home all day.

Closing my computer I got my things and headed home. All the time I was driving I started to panic. What was going on? Who sent me the e-mail? As I pulled on the drive I saw another company vehicle was parked there. Letting myself in quietly, I crept up the stairs where I heard the sounds of giggling and clinking glasses.

I burst into the bedroom to see my boyfriend James lying on top of another man holding a glass of wine. As he rolled off I saw that the man he was in bed with was one of the reps, Darren. He was recently married to a girl from the secretarial pool named Sandy. At least I knew who the e-mail was off now!!

“What the fuck is going on?” I screamed as I lunged for the bed. James went to say something but flew across the bed as my fist connected with the side of his head.

Things went downhill after that and the upshot was that I got kicked out of the house with only the clothes on my back and the money in my wallet. I was also fired from work and told that if I tried to get back in to the office security would have me arrested.

I did what anyone would do in that situation. I went out and got pissed out of my head. I woke up with a foul taste in my mouth and a head like a melon. It was dark, and there was a horrible rotting stench all round me. Gradually flashes came back to me and I remembered leaving the pub in the pouring rain. I remember climbing into a large wheelie bin round the back of the pub and falling asleep. Ok then, I was in a bin covered in rubbish. Not good. At least things couldn’t get any worse.

At that point things did get worse. There was the sound of a lorry pulling up, then the bin started to move. There was a loud clonk, then the bin went up in the air and I started to tip out. It was bin day!! I was being emptied!!

I started to panic at that point and began to scream. I also felt my bladder let go and a warm wet sensation enveloped my groin as I began to piss myself.

Suddenly there was light and I saw a face looking down at me. It was the binman. He was an ugly fucker, fat face, shaved head, several earrings in each ear and a thick u-shaped horseshoe with balls on each end through the center of his nose.

“What the fuck?” he said as he saw me, then a grin split his face and he said “people throw all sorts of useful shit away these days!!”

“Looks like you got a problem pal” he said looking at my wet groin and my filthy suit. “What’s up with ya? Missus kicked you out?”

I found myself giving him the potted version. Found boyfriend in bed with other bloke, got kicked out, now no money job or home.

“Looks like you lucky day mate.” He said as he hooked his leg over the back of the dustcart and climbed in. “Just me on the early run today and I can help you out.”

I looked at him, then made the mistake of saying “How?”. How stupid can you get? There are decisions in life that you regret, and this was mine. What I should have done was get out and away as fast as possible. I had family down south who would have helped out. Not willingly perhaps, but they wouldn’t have turned me away. Instead I just sat there like an idiot as this big fat goon unbuckled his filthy jeans from round the big hard bulging stomach and pulled out a thick smelly fat cock. It had a couple of rings poking through the piss slit and looked like it hadn’t been washed for days. As he pulled his thick foreskin back I saw that there was thick white cheese clogging it up and felt my mouth go dry.

He grabbed my head and thrust his cock towards me. I clamped my mouth shut but he pinched my nose until I opened up then thrust. In my fragile state I gagged as he began to pump my mouth faster and faster, his hands gripping my hair and rocking backwards and forwards. Suddenly he erupted into my throat and I had to swallow streams of hot spunk or drown. As his cock slowly softened I felt the belly that was pressing into my face tense, then the first trickle of acrid piss poured from his thick smelly cock into my mouth. I swallowed as it poured out feeling like I was drowning, desperate for a breath of air. Slowly he finished and with a grin turned round. Just as I thought it was over he sat down on my face and let rip a huge stinking fart. I tried not to breath but had to, and smelt the shit and sweat and garbage on his jeans. He slowly pressed down and I felt myself suffocating. I felt consciousness slip away and everything went black. The last thing I heard before I want was “Don’t worry son. Daddy will look after you.”


Part 2

I slowly woke up and tried to move, but found I couldn’t. As I opened my eyes I realised I was tied to a chair at the hands and feet and that my clothes were different. Looking down I saw that I was wearing a filthy stained white t-shirt and a hi-viz vest. On my legs I had a pair of equally filthy combat trousers with thick socks and the dirtiest pair of boots I had ever seen on my feet.

“Awake at last then son.” A voice rumbled behind me. Coming in to view was the bin man who had raped my mouth earlier looking as fat and filthy as before. “Hope you like your new gear, it’s going to be your uniform from now on.”

“What the fuck is going on you fat fuck?!” I shouted.

My head rocked back with the force of the blow as he back handed me in the mouth. “None of that shit from you.” He whispered as he put his face next to mine, then he slowly licked my face from chin to crown. “No one knows you’re here, and if you want to walk out you’ll do exactly as I say.”

I looked at him scared out of my mind and then realised from the wetness at my groin that I had pissed myself in fear again. This was getting to be a habit!

“Mmm, someone like pissing themselves I see,” he said grinning. “You’ll get a lot more practise at that soon.”

“Now, to answer your question, my name is Mikey and I’m going to turn you into a sleazy filthy pig boy bin man. I’ve already cleared it with the yard, and you start on Monday with me. You don’t really have much of a choice do you? It’s either that or sleep rough on the streets sleeping in doorways and slowly starving to death.”

I slumped in the chair as he spoke. In reality he was right. I didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter and inside I accepted my fate. I heard a clack and a buzz and looked round to see Mikey holding a pair of clippers in his hand. “Got to make you look more like a thick dumb ass bin man than an office dude dressed up.” And grabbing my head he ran the clippers through the hair from front to back. I felt sick as all my lovely hair started to fall in thick clumps round my shoulders and on to the floor. He mowed away as if he was shearing a sheep and when he had finished I felt an unfamiliar breeze round my ears. He brushed the hair from me and stood looking with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Walking into the kitchen I heard rattling and the sound of a tap running then he came in with a bowl. I had a horrible feeling about what was coming next and was proved right when he brought out a can of foam and some razors. With a minimum of fuss he coated my head with the foam and started to run the razor over my head. All I could hear was the rasping noise of the razor removing the last vestiges of hair from my soon to be naked scalp. Tears ran down my face as he wiped my head dry then coated it with a thick cream from a small bottle he pulled out of his pocket. It burned and I could feel my scalp tightening. After about ten minute of me whimpering in pain he wiped the cream off and pulled out a mirror. I looked in horror at my white scalp. “What the fuck have you done to me?” I cried out.

“Don’t worry; the cream was a hair remover. It will be several weeks before it starts to grow back. If it does, there’s all sorts of warnings on the label. Get used to it, you’re a baldy now.” Just a couple of details and you’ll be perfect.”

At this point the doorbell went and I felt a moment of hope until I saw Mikey’s face. “Ah, here he is now. Time to get you finished off.” And with this he went to answer the door.


Part 3

I sat there listening to the voices in the hall. Suddenly Mikey returned and whispered in my ear. “My mate is going to ask you some questions and I want you to tell him how much you want what he is going to do. Tell him how you want to please me and everything I want for you is everything you have ever dreamed of.”

“And if I don’t?” I whispered back.

“Let’s just say that you won’t walk out of here in good health. Just think how much I could do to you with a piece of three by two and a hammer.” And it was then that I realised how serious he was.

Just then the toilet flushed and a big biker walked in, clothed in leather and with heavy boots on his feet. Both his ears were heavily pierced and there was a similar ring in his nose to Mikeys.

“Is this your boy then Mikey?” he asked.

“Yeah bro, he’s the one. Been meaning to get him done for a while but only just got round to it.”

He looked at me and asked “You really want to go for it then mate?”

I looked at Mikey and said “Too fucking right. I promised Mikey and mean to do it for him.”

“Cool!! Let’s get started then.”

With that, he opened the bag he had brought with him and I gulped as I saw the needles and rings in envelopes lined up in little trays.

He came over to me and started to swab the centre of my nose and I knew I was going to end up with a pig ring like they had. I closed my eyes tight and felt a sharp sting and some fumbling then it was finished. My eyes had started to water as he pushed the needle through my nose and Mikey came up and wiped my eyes dry. Suddenly he kissed me hard and shoved his tongue roughly into my mouth. After a few minutes he broke and said “I’m proud of you, you little fucker.” And I felt my cock go hard in my pants.

The biker repeated the process several more times and each time I got a rough snog from Mikey and a major hard on.

Finally the process was complete and I was shown the results in the mirror. Apart from the nose ring, there were two bar bells in my right eyebrow, a bar bell through the bridge of my nose, a stud in the center of my lip, a ring in each earlobe and a ring at the top of my left ear. I gasped at the sight and realised that no one would recognise this filthy bald headed punk for the smart handsome executive I had been yesterday.

“I’ll do the rest when these have settled down, Mikey. Too many at once and you get problems.” Said the biker as he left.

Mikey grabbed the bikers arse and they exchanged a long deep kiss before he closed the door behind him.



So I became a bin man. Mikey had definite ideas about the way I should look and act, so I now smoke like a chimney and have been covered in tattoos, with the ones on my neck and hands being the first ones he had done. He has had my nipples and cock pierced and I have spent quite a lot of time tied to that chair being force fed calories until my belly and tits were as big as his. I don’t wear new clothes, I wear all Mikey’s cast offs. I don’t really mind as I find I look forward to putting on the stuff he has taken off. Sex is great, but he is a dirty minded cunt and seems to have an unhealthy obsession with trash. I spend a lot of the time sleeping with him in the back of the dustcart and he is an insatiable animal at those times.

People assume I’m thick and stupid as Mikey encourages me to act like a thick twat. I’m a robot obeying orders and not thinking for myself. I f I slip up and answer back I get a slap and am lucky if I don’t lose a tooth.

I couldn’t go back to my old life even if I wanted to, but in all honesty I don’t want to. I’m a fat filthy bin man now and it’s what I will be for the rest of my life.