From Yuppy to Puppy

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Dedicated to Mal Skin, the best skinboss I've ever met. Thanks for giving me the kick up the arse to write this.

Part One

I suppose it was my own fault really. I'd made a mint in the city, taking chances on stocks and shares, doing really well for myself and my company, but I got careless. At 27 I was your typical young fool and more interested in my own fun and comforts than paying attention at work. I liked fine food, expensive wines and cheap women. Which was probably why I ended up in work with a thumping head and no concentration. The thing is, in my job it only takes one mistake and you are finished, and I made that mistake. I pressed the wrong button and suddenly I was millions in debt. All my efforts to repair the damage didn't help, and after a couple of hours I had lost an obscene amount of money.

Things went downhill from there, and in a surprisingly short amount of time I was suddenly homeless, jobless, and in quite a bit of trouble. After paying all my debts off my wealth was quite quickly gone and I ended up with the car, the condo and the expensive jewellery sold off. I realised I couldn't afford to live in London any more, so relocated to the Midlands where it was a lot cheaper to start again. I had never gone to a job centre before, and was horrified at how dehumanising they were. All my experience and training was for nothing as I had no reference and nobody in the financial industry would touch me with a barge pole. The only job I was even vaguely qualified for was as a security guard apparently. The only training I needed was an SIA licence and a clean criminal record. Fortunately I escaped jail for my incompetence, but I wasn't really qualified to do anything else. At least getting a job in security would tide me over until I could find something else.

A couple of weeks after I applied my licence arrived through the door and I saw a job in the local free paper for a security guard working nights for a small local company and I gave them a ring. The guy on the other end seemed to be a bit gruff, but friendly enough and invited me for an interview that afternoon.

I found out one of my remaining suits and looked at myself in the mirror. I still looked good. My blonde hair was nicely cut into a slightly shaggy, very trendy style, and there was a good hint of stubble on my face which accentuated my jaw and made me look more masculine. I was well built from a lot of gym work, and my suit looked really good on me. A simple plain tie round my neck and a good pair of highly polished shoes on my feet and I was ready.

I'd bought myself a cheap second hand ford focus to replace the Mercedes I'd lost and I still felt cramped in it, but it got me about. I drove to the address I was given and pulled up outside a tatty little office above a taxi rank. Climbing the stairs I entered a spartan room with a desk, light, filing cabinet and not much else in there. Behind the desk was a quite intimidating man, head shaved, single gold ring in his left ear dressed in a plain blue shirt, sergeant epaulettes and a black tie. He had quire a hard face, but there seemed to be a twinkle in the eye as he stood up and smiled.
I say smiled, his face didn't seem to be built for smiling so it came as more of a lip movement. His face was craggy and hard, but not unattractive. It was the face of a man who meant business, and anyone who saw that face would know this wasn't a man to fuck around with.

�Hey mate, you Dave?� he asked reaching out a hard muscular hand in greeting. �My names Mal, but if I take you on just call me Boss OK?�

I took his hand and shook it, wanting to make a good impression, and didn't correct him about my name. I prefer David to be honest, but I needed this job and correcting the boss at your interview may not be the way to make a good impression.

�So tell me about yourself. Why are you looking for a new job and why this one?� he asked.

I was a bit slow to start with, but he kept asking questions until he had as much information as he needed. To be honest, I hadn't intended to say as much as I did, and I was sure I had screwed up the interview big time, but there was something about the way he looked at me that seemed to drag details out of me. It was like he was totally focused on what I was saying, as if I was the most important thing happening at that moment, and I just seemed to want him to like me.

Suddenly he sprang from his chair like a pouncing tiger. �Welcome to the company mate, you'll do fine.� And he shook my hand again. I was a bit startled as I had zoned out slightly looking into his blue eyes. �Just got to get you kitted out and you can start tomorrow night. I'd get a haircut if I was you though, that mop doesn't really suit the uniform. I'll bring my clippers in tomorrow and give you a trim�.

I was surprised as I loved my hair, but said nothing as he pulled out a tape measure and started to measure me. Eventually he seemed satisfied and went into a back room I hadn't seen before returning with armfuls of clothes. The shirts were blue and short sleeved like his, but the epaulettes were plain. The black trousers were rough, but lined with a silky material to prevent chafing and there was a tunic, peaked cap and black leather boots. I now understood the haircut comment as my hair wouldn't look good under a cap.

�Thanks errr umm Boss, I guess I'll see you tomorrow night then. What time do I start?�

�Shifts are 21.30 to 07.30 Monday to Friday, and you'll be on with me. We drive around all night looking after sites and sorting out any alarm activations that get called in. But come in tomorrow night about 19.00 and we can fill out all the forms you need. Oh, and I'll sort your hair out for you too.�

�OK Boss, till tomorrow then� And I left carrying armfuls of uniform to my car.


Part Two

When I got home I started washing, drying and ironing my new uniform. My flat was only small, one bedroom, lounge/kitchenette and bathroom/toilet so after a while it looked like a Chinese laundry with clothes drying, airing and hanging everywhere.

The following day I made sure my boots were well polished and after a bit of shopping for sandwiches and a nap in the afternoon, I pulled my new uniform on. It felt a little tight, but I must admit it looked good. I could see my cock straining against the cheap fabric of the trousers and wished I had time to knock one out before I left.
I arrived at work about ten to seven and saw Mal outside smoking a cigarette. I'm not a smoker myself and never really liked people who smoked, but watching Mal cupping it as he sucked in the smoke then exhaled, I have to admit it looked good. There was something very masculine about the way he smoked then flicked the butt away as he saw me walking towards him.

�Hey Dave, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life� he said with that smile of his. I smiled back, looking forward to what the night would bring, but I didn't have the heart to tell him this was only something to tide me over until I got back on my feet again.

�Lets get the paperwork sorted and then I can trim that mop of yours� he said as we walked up the stairs.

�Whatever you say Boss, I'm in your hands.� I jokingly replied, and Mal laughed. �Too fucking right you are lad� he said slapping me hard on the back.

The forms were simple enough, tax, national insurance, bank details, health and safety etc. No next of kin as I was an only child and both my parents had passed when I was in my late teens. Mal said it was OK and put himself down for now. I was signing page after page and by the end I didn't really pay attention to what I was signing.

Eventually I was done, and Mal pulled out a chair for me to sit on. I sat down on the edge but he grabbed me and pulled me onto the chair properly, then tucked a cape round my neck to catch all the hair and stop it from getting all over my fresh uniform.

�Now sit still and let me sort that mess out� he said, turning the clippers on with a clack.

Before I could say anything he pulled the clippers through the centre of my hair and thick clumps started to fall down round me. First he ran them all over my head with some sort of attachment on, then he took the attachment off and ran the naked blades round the sides and back, being careful to leave a perfect line all round the top. He worked with the efficiency of much practice, as if he had done this many times before. After a while he stopped and got a soft brush which he used to remove any small hairs that were clinging to my head and face. I thought he was finished, but he just said �Don't move� and went into the back room, returning a few minutes later with a bowl of warm water and a towel. Opening a drawer he pulled out some shaving foam and a large evil looking cut throat razor. Wetting the sides and back of my head he proceeded to shave me smooth. I didn't dare move as the razor was sharper than anything I'd ever had near me before, and I was scared that if I jumped I'd lose an ear. He worked down onto my face and removed all the stubble from my face until it was smooth like the sides of my head.

Eventually he seemed satisfied and wiping off any stray shaving foam he pulled the cape from round my neck. It felt weird having so little hair, and I could feel every breeze on my cold scalp.

�Here you go lad, have a look at yourself� said Mal pulling me to a mirror. I couldn't believe it. Gone was all my lovely hair and beard, in it's place was a military style haircut � inch long on top and nothing anywhere else. It made me look very young and innocent, and I felt very vulnerable.

�That's called a high and tight� said Mal. �You need to keep it like that from now on. Don't worry, every Monday before work I'll trim and shave it for you so it always looks sharp�.

Mal rubbed my head and I felt the heat from his rough hand on my cold head. It felt intensely erotic and my cock sprang to attention in my trouser. I tried to turn so Mal couldn't see it, but he looked down at the reflection in the mirror and said �Someone likes what they see. Or is it this you like� and he rubbed his hand harder on my head, then round the back of my neck, turning me to look into those big blue eyes. I tried to look away but his hand round my neck was firm and he pressed himself against me, his hard cock rubbing against mine. It was so intense I let out a small moan and Mal pressed his mouth onto mine in a surprisingly gentle but firm and insistent kiss. I found myself responding as his tongue met mine, then suddenly realised what was happening and wrenched myself away.

�Sorry Boss, I'm not gay� I mumbled, still feeling my erection hard and throbbing in my pants and tasting his mouth on mine. I had never responded sexually to a man before, but his sheer masculine aura and take control attitude was incredibly appealing. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt so turned on by a woman, and wanted nothing more than to have him hold me.

�Are you sure lad?� he asked gently, coming up and putting his arm round my shoulder. �It's nothing to be ashamed of son. Just because you haven't found a man interesting before doesn't mean you can't find one attractive now�.

I moaned as I leaned into his arm and turned my face towards him. Slowly and more carefully he kissed me and I started to press my cock against his. We began kissing more frantically and he reached down to pull my cock out of my trousers. I was so hard it sprang to attention as soon as it was released. I quickly reached for his cock and together we slowly wanked each others cock as we kissed frantically. Eventually it became too much and with a shudder we both came at the same time. Our cum mingled in our hands as our spit mingled in our mouths and we slowly calmed down. Mal kissed me gently on the forehead before looking down and laughing.

�Looks like its going to be an interesting night son� he said as hot a towel and wiped us both clean.

I felt a mixture of emotions, both shame and elation. I was certainly ashamed at having such a strong reaction to a man I'd barely met, but at the same time I was elated and walking on air. It had been so intense my brain was having trouble processing the information. It was a blessing when Mal handed me my cap and tunic and said it was time we started.


Part Three

That night was interesting but fun. Mal was a good conversationalist and the night passed quickly. He smoked quite a bit, and always kept offering his cigarettes to me. I always refused, but he seemed to think it was funny I didn't smoke. At first the smell was a bit annoying, but after a while I got used to it and it stopped bothering me. In fact, by the end of the night it just seemed to be part of the smell of him. He would grab me by the arse as we walked round all these abandoned buildings and occasionally pull me into a deep kiss which I found very horny. It was as if he was trying to keep me permanently on the edge of horny. At one point he kissed me then looked at my ear.

�I think you need to get an earring lad� he said. �I like to see a bloke with pierced ears, it makes me horny� and pinched my ear slightly.

�I don't know, Boss� I replied. �I've never really thought about it.�

�Well you can always have it done and then take it out if you don't like it. Tell you what, I'll take you tomorrow to have it done then once it's healed swap it for a ring like mine. Just promise me you'll keep it in for three months, then if you still don't like it then you can take it out.�

�Okay Boss, it's a deal. What the hell, you only live once� I replied my cock getting hard at the thought.

�You don't have anything to get home for this morning do you?�he asked.

�Nothing Boss�

�Fine, stay at mine then. We can save time and have a longer sleep.�

And that was that. I was committed to staying with him for the day and getting an earring before work. I suppose it was his forceful personality, but he seemed to assume I'd go along with his suggestions and surprisingly I realised I did.

Our shift finished, we didn't go back to the office, instead he drove straight to where he lived. It was a nice flat, much bigger than mine, and I realised he expected me to sleep in the same bed as him. I wasn't sure whether I was ready, but he just assumed I would and started to get undressed, so I began to take my clothes off too. One day I was a straight guy with a full head of hair, then literally overnight I was a shaven headed gay man about to sleep with his boss.

I tried to turn over but Mal was having none of it. He grabbed me and started to kiss me passionately. My cock got hard and I felt his cock get hard as I responded to his kisses. He started chewing my neck and playing with my nipples, so I reached up to his and found they both had rings through them. He grinned as I touched them and said �You weren�t expecting that were you?� then kissed me hard before I could reply.

We continued like this for a while, exploring each others body, then he reached to the bedside table and lit himself a cigarette. I thought we were having a break, but he took a long drag then grabbed my head as he put his mouth over mine and blew the smoke into my lungs. My head felt dizzy as he put his hand over my mouth, and said �Now blow it out slowly, but don't cough until its all out�.

I did what he said as he removed his hand and the smoke poured out making me want to cough, but I managed to stop myself. He took another drag and did the same again. My head swam, but this time I didn't need to cough. A third time, then a fourth time he did it then the cigarette was finished. I was a bit sad because it was so hot having him feed me his smoke with his kiss.

�Don't worry son, I've got plenty� he said at the look of disappointment on my face. �But don't worry, I've got something you want� as he climbed on top of me, pressing me down into the bed.

�Please Boss, I'm not sure I'm ready for this� I said slightly panicking.

�I'll be gentle� he said as he reached for some lube.

The lube was ice cold on my ring as he slowly pushed his finger inside, then when he was satisfied I was well oiled, he rubbed lube on his cock and slowly started to push inside me. It felt awful and weird, yet sexy at the same time. Not exactly painful, it did make me feel very full as if I wanted a really big shit. Mal was a lot bigger than me, but I hadn't realised how big it was until it was inside me. Slowly at first, Mal started thrusting in and out, kissing me while he did it, making sure I wasn't in too much discomfort. As I got into it he picked up the speed until he got into a good rhythm. Eventually he tensed up and I felt his cock getting a lot bigger, then suddenly I felt it pulsing and knew he was cumming. This took me over the edge and I came too. It was far more powerful than anything I had experienced before, almost a whole body orgasm and I must have passed out as the next thing I knew was Mal slumped on me, his cock slowly deflating before falling out of my arse.

�Fuck that was good lad� he said kissing me gently before rolling off and reaching for a towel. I could hardly move so he gently wiped my cum off me, being very gentle round my groin as every time he touched my cock my whole body jerked. Eventually I could move enough to stumble to the bathroom to clean myself, then I went back to bed. Mal had lit a cigarette and as I climbed in bed he put it into my mouth and said �Suck on it, then breathe in, then blow the smoke out slowly�.

We smoked the shared cigarette, then turned over and went to sleep, Mals arms wrapped possessively round me. I went straight to sleep and didn't wake until Mal woke me up, a big mug of coffee waiting by the bed for me.

�Drink up lad, breakfast in ten minutes� and with that he lit up a cigarette and handed it to me. �Love watching you smoke son, just need to get you used to them and work on your technique� and stood there watching me as I slowly puffed away, taking it back as he had showed me last night, not really sure how to hold it, but managing to smoke it without getting ash everywhere.

After my coffee I found a dressing gown on the back of the door and made my way into the bathroom. After a quick piss, Mal shouted �Use my toothbrush, if we have any germs we shared them last night� then laughed.

Quickly cleaning my teeth I went into the kitchen where Mal was just finishing off bacon, eggs and beans, with toast and more coffee. I felt a bit full after breakfast, but we sat and ate in comfortable silence. I hadn't really had much to do with men in the past, being more interested in women, but there was something comforting about Mal. He knew what he wanted and got it. He seemed to have simple needs, but I would find out later that he was very complicated in other, more unusual ways.

�Right lad, time to get you dressed� and Mal went into the bedroom. I heard drawers and cupboards opening and closing, then �Okay son, get in here�.

I went into the bedroom and there were clothes lying on the bed. Mal and I were much the same size, if different in shape. He was more blocky than me, I was more shaped but we could certainly wear each others clothes. I looked at the clothes in surprise. There was a short sleeve, button down, yellow check shirt with Ben Sherman written on the pocket and a pair of bleached jeans cut off and seamed a lot shorter than normal. A pair of football socks and a pair of yellow braces were on the side, and a pair of high cherry red boots with yellow laces on the floor. I looked at Mal in surprise.

�This is skinhead gear Boss� I said.

�That's right boy, I want you in the same gear I'm wearing today� he replied. �Now shut the fuck up and get dressed.�

I'd never seen that look on his face before and was a bit scared. He was looking at me with a hard expression on his face and I quickly started to get dressed. I had trouble with the braces, but he came behind me and put them on the jeans, then did the front before shortening them and hanging them down at my waist. The jeans were very tight and felt like they had been sprayed on. The rough fabric was rubbing my cock and making it swell as I sat on the bed and Mal did the boots up for me. The laces were incredibly tight and stood out in sharp relief against the cherry red. Standing up with an effort, the weight of the boots on my feet made me walk with a stomp and Mal looked at me as if he wanted to eat me. He opened the wardrobe and fetched out a black jacket with tartan lining.

�That's a Harrington� he said. �Skins wear them when its too warm or formal for an MA1�.

�What's an MA1Boss?�

�This� he said pulling out a green jacket covered in patches and badges. Most of them were nationalistic symbols, like England, and Rule Britannia but there were a few on there that looked a bit dodgy. A couple of SS flashes on the collar for instance, but he put it away before I could get a good look. He got dressed himself in identical clothes to what I was wearing and soon we were both ready to go out.

The shop he took me to was a small tattooist and body piercer not far from the office. As we walked in there was a big hairy biker leaving, all big beard fat belly, big boots and old worn leather, leading a slim much younger hairless young guy in skinhead gear on a lead. He had a big tattoo of a spider on the back of his head, and large plugs in his ears along with a thick heavy ring in his septum. There was cling film taped to the side of his face and I could see thick black tribal lines underneath. Mal seemed to know him and they greeted each other like old friends.

�Hey Pitbull, looking good mate. Your boy is coming on well. Thought you were going for the biker look on him� said Mal looking at the young lad.

�Nah man, I thought it would be different to go for skinhead. Ain't that right Jimbo?�

Jimbo nodded his head but didn't speak.

�I wondered what you were going to call him. I always thought James was a pussy name�

Pitbull grinned. �Well my name's Alan so I can't talk. Just thought he was a Jimbo.�

Pitbull gave the leash a tug and nodding his farewell they both left. The sound of a loud powerful motorbike filled the air, then vanished as they drove off.

Mal walked into the back room and spoke to the tattooist. He also seemed to Know Mal, and
looked at me as they talked. He was a freaky looking guy, covered from head to toe in tattoos and piercings. Every time he moved his head thick heavy rings swayed in his ears, and there were so many studs round his lips it was a wonder he could talk.

�I'm having a new piercing while we are here son, so watch and think about having it done as well. I think you'll look good�.

Mal sat in the chair and the piercer took a small tube of cream which he rubbed into the centre of Mal's nose. Fuck, he was having his septum done! The piercer did a few quick movements and it was done. Mal was sitting there a big grin on his face, a small horseshoe hanging from his nose.

�Go for it son, it doesn't hurt. The horseshoe can be turned up and hidden if you need to, so no need to worry about other people looking at you funny�.

�I thought about it, and before I could chicken out I said �Fuck it, go for it� and I sat in the chair, my heart beating so hard in my chest I was surprised it didn't burst out through my rib cage. Mal sat nest to me and held my hand. I closed my eyes and gripped his hand like a drowning man grabbing a rope. I felt a cold gel being spread in my nose, then some fumbling and a strange sliding sensation, then more fumbling and a rumbling voice said �Done�. And that was that. Before I could relax I felt something slide over my left ear then a sharp tug and I realised he had just pierced my ear as well.

Mal dragged me over to the mirror and I couldn't believe what I saw. The small horseshoe hanging from my nose and the stud in my ear looked so weird. I wasn't sure what to make of them, but Mal was rubbing his hard cock up the crack of my arse through the bleachers and I knew he liked what he saw. I had to admit it certainly added to the skinhead look.

�There you go son, three months after they heal and you can decide if you want to keep them or not. I hope you do, but I made a deal. I won't object if after that time you want to take them out.�

�Okay Boss, a deals a deal. I'll decide after three months. It just looks really odd.�

�You'll get used to it, but we better go as we've got work tonight�. He grabbed me and kissed me hard �I'm really proud of you today boy, you did good�.


Part Four

The rest of the week passed very much like the first night. There were a few differences though. Now when Mal offered me a cigarette I took it, and he taught me to smoke it the way he did. By the end of the week I was smoking exactly like he did and looked as if I'd been smoking forever. He taught me the little tricks to light it, hold it, smoke it then flick the butt away after it was finished.

My piercings hurt slightly, but Mal was adamant I cared for them properly using salt water only, turning them every so often to make sure there was no infection and gradually the pain went. I actually forgot I had them in until I saw myself in a mirror and was slightly startled until I remembered.

I didn't go home, I slept every day at Mals. The sex was sensational and each day he got more and more adventurous. I was on my knees licking his boots at one point which I didn't really like, but he seemed to enjoy it, holding my head down and forcing me onto the shiny leather making sure I had cleaned them properly, without leaving any streaks.

Saturday morning arrived and Mal told me he was going to do something new that would blow my mind. I was a bit wary, but I trusted Mal and when he opened the spare room door I had the shock of my life. It was a dungeon. There was a sling in the corner, a thick leather monstrosity hanging from chains embedded in the ceiling. Surrounding it were shelve filled with toys, whips, paddles, crops, you name it. In the other corner was a bench with a strange rubber outfit on it and this was where Mal led me.

�Do you trust me?� He asked.

�Of course I trust you Boss� I replied.
�Good� he said and proceeded to remove all my clothing. As he did so he was kissing me and fondling my cock and I could see how excited he was.

�Now this is going to be strange and extreme, but know that I'm here and I won't let anything happen to you� he said as he lifted the strange rubber outfit off the bench.

I stepped into the feet of it, then he slowly pulled it up until only my head was uncovered. He then pulled the hood forward and I realised it had no eye holes at all. The only thing it had was a wide rubber hose which he fed into my mouth before sealing it closed. I could breath, but that was all I could do. I couldn't see, hear or talk. He laid me down on my back onto the bench, then I felt him attach something and heard a hissing noise. I realised he was sucking all the air out of the suit! I could feel his hands running all over me, pressing the rubber smooth as the small pump slowly sucked out more and more air, until finally I couldn't move a muscle. I was totally shrink wrapped in the the thick rubber and all I had for company was my heart thundering in my chest and the air coming in and out of my mouth. I felt the panic rising in my throat, but then I felt Mal's hands caressing me. He was still there. I started to calm down and just let his hands wander where they liked.

I don't know how long I lay there. Time had no meaning any more. Sometimes I felt Mal rubbing his hands over me other times I was alone. Eventually I heard his voice. There must have been tiny speakers embedded in the head of the suit.

�You are a good puppy son. You are my puppy. Who's a good puppy then?� over and over.

I started hallucinating as the voice repeated. It wasn't Mal's voice any more, it was Masters. It was my owners. I saw things I can't describe. I felt my paws, I felt the tail attached to my spine wagging in delight at my Masters voice. Rex. My name was Rex. Master said my name was Rex so it must be so. Boss was my owner, my Master and my name was Rex. I was a puppy and I loved my Boss, my Master.

Eventually I heard Bosses voice calling me back. He was calling Dave, but I was Rex. Eventually I let Dave wake up and answer. I was Dave, but I was also Rex. I was Masters slave and also his pup. I felt the tight rubber start to loosen as Master let the air in and let out a �Woof� of delight at the sight of his face as he pulled the hood off my face.

�There's a good boy Rex. Who's a good puppy then?� he said as I licked his face over and over again. I grabbed Boss and gave him a big wet kiss. He returned it with passion and then looked at me.

�How do you feel boy?� he asked.

�I feel fine, Boss� I said, but I do feel like you've unlocked something in me. I'm me, and I'm Rex, and they are both me. I'm your pup Boss.�

�I was hoping you'd feel like that� he said. �So would you like to wear this from now on?�

Boss pulled a thin chain with a padlock hanging from it from his pocket. He looked at me, then pulled a bone shaped pendant out of his other pocket. Inscribed on it were the words Pup Rex. Property of Mal Skin.

I let out a huge woof and started licking Bosses face with excitement. He laughed, and wrapped the chain round my neck, attaching the bone to it before snapping the padlock shut.
I realised then that I belonged to him body and soul, and nothing could make me happier. In the space of a week I'd gone from well groomed yuppie to skinhead puppy slave and I was on top of the world.

Work continued as usual, except that sometimes Boss made me wear a full rubber puppy outfit with paws and pup mask and sit in the back of the van in a cage until we got somewhere to patrol, where he put a leash on me and took me for walkies. Other times we were like boyfriends and best mates, laughing and joking together enjoying a beer and a smoke with other like minded skinheads. Other times he would dress up in full leather and be the total dominant leather master, beating me hard and forcing me to act like his devoted slave. He added to my piercings and had a few tattoos done, but nothing too extreme. He enjoyed the subtlety rather than the spectacle.

All in all my life is amazing. I obviously gave up my little flat to move in with Master, but it wasn't a difficult decision. He owns me completely and I wouldn't have it any other way.