Lead Me Not Into Temptation

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Part One

Alan Jackson looked at the boxes in the hallway and sighed. Since his wife had died ten years ago he had been responsible for bringing up his son James and he felt like he had done a great job. It had been just the two of them against the world, and now here he was, packing all James stuff for his first year at university to study archaeology. So little time left, and he would be truly on his own for the first time in many years.

To make matters worse, he had been pushed out of his job at work. A big merger of two large financial institutions, and suddenly he wasn't needed any more. OK the package he was given was superb, and he was being paid his salary for the next 18 months on condition he didn't work in the banking industry for the next 12 months, but it still hurt to be jobless after all these years. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he thought he might have more time for the gym at least. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and thought, not bad. His hair was a bit long and in need of a cut, but his body was excellent. A nice well built middle aged man. Not bad for 35. He still looked great in his Abercrombie and Fitch shirts like he had when he met his late wife. James was a mistake, Alan was only 16 when he was born, but his life had been good. Having a child and wife so young had given him the incentive to get out there and make something of himself.

"You OK Dad?" Came a voice from behind him, breaking his reverie.

"Yeah son, just thinking how quick you've grown, and how proud I am of you. Also how much I'm going to miss you"

"Well I'll be back next summer, and I've got the mobile if you need a chat"

"I know, but it won't be the same. Still, ten months isn't that bad I suppose. It's a shame you won't be coming home at Christmas and Easter, but you have to spend so much time on digs to get your credits, so I suppose I'll have to live with it"

Alan and James hugged, then broke with a sheepish smile. James had shot up in the last couple of years, and was as tall and wide as his dad now. He was a man now, and hugging his dad felt slightly awkward. To cover the embarrassment they started carrying boxes out to James car. He had passed his test the year before, and was thrilled with his first car. It wasn't super, just a nice new Nissan, but it was big enough and powerful enough for his needs. It gave him the freedom and independence important to lads his age and he was grateful his dad trusted him enough to drive to Peterborough on his own.

Alan looked round as they left, and sighed. The area had started to go downhill in recent years. When they first moved in it was really nice, but recently it had got quite dingy and several properties were empty. Maybe it was time to think of selling up and moving somewhere nicer. It wasn't as if he didn't have the money. Thanks to his severance pay he could sell at a loss and still buy anywhere he wanted within reason.

Car loaded, Dad and Son shook hands, then hugged before James got in and drove off. Alan wiped a tear from his eyes and turning, looked at the house next door. It had been empty for about two years, and was looking very run down. The weeds had taken over the once nice garden, and the grass at the front was tall and out of control, erasing any sign of the previous borders. The old lady who had lived there had been meticulous in her upkeep of the property, paying a few of the local lads to come round and keep everything neat, but after she had died the property had remained empty. Rumour had it that there was a son somewhere who had inherited the house, but nobody knew if it was true or not. Certainly nobody had turned up to claim it.

Suddenly a movement round the back caught his eye. "Bloody kids" he thought as he climbed the short fence into the tall grass and made his way round the back. It was then he noticed the motorbike on the driveway. It was a huge black machine, all chrome and power. He hadn't seen it before because it had been parked behind a large overgrown topiary. It might have been a lovely sculpted hedge once, but now it was just a big mass of leaves and branches.

Walking round the back Alan stopped in shock. Standing with his back to him was the largest man he had ever seen. Topping Alan's 6 feet by a good 3 or 4 inches, he was also almost twice as wide. He was obviously the owner of the bike, as only a biker would dress like that. Big heavy boots gripped his feet, his calves so big the tops were stretched to breaking point. Tucked into them were a pair of padded leather bike trousers, so tight they looked like they were sprayed on. A heavy leather jacket covered his torso, with a leather waistcoat over the top, with some kind of biker gang logo in the centre, and the word "Bruiser" at the top. Alan assumed it must be his gang name. On his head was a leather bandanna, shiny and worn as if it was old and worn all the time. As he turned round, Alan was shocked at the size of the beard. It dominated the bikers face, stretching down at least a foot, thick and bushy. Hanging from his nose was a thick stainless steel horseshoe, big balls on each end hanging down to just above his lip. His ears were a mass of metal, large thick rings in the lobes, running up both ears getting smaller as they got to the top.

The biker looked at Alan with a sneer. Making no secret of looking Alan up and down, he growled just one word in a deep resonant voice. "What?"

Alan stared at the huge biker standing in front of him and felt small and insignificant. At work he was used to being in charge, with people jumping at his every word, eager to do his bidding. Standing in front of this example primal animal power, he didn't know what to say or do.

"Err ummm I saw something moving at the back here and umm thought it was the kids trying to break in. Umm I've been sort of keeping my eye on the place since the old lady died. You know, err umm trying to stop it getting vandalised or torched."

The biker cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. Again, just one word. "And?"

"Umm my name is Alan, I live next door. I didn't really know the old lady, she kept herself to herself, but we always said hello as we passed."

The biker looked at Alan for a few minutes, his thumbs tucked into his belt, his ample belly sticking out. Alan noticed his bulge as though there was some big equipment between his legs and felt awkward. Eventually the biker seemed to make a decision and put his hand forward to shake.

"Names Bruiser, the old lady was my mum. Been doing a three stretch in the scrubs. Wasn't able to come to the funeral, just got out."
"Err pleased to meet you Bruiser" Said Alan. "I didn't know she had a son."

"We hadn't spoken for years, she didn't approve of my lifestyle. But got the house when she died, so thought I'd check it out."

"It used to be a nice house once" Alan replied, intimidated by the huge hand shaking his. It was powerful, and Alan was convinced that a bit more pressure and his hand would crush like a twig.

"Yeah" said Bruiser. "Might do it up and sell it, or live in it myself. Been a bit of a nomad the last few years. Might be nice to settle down."

"Well good luck, anything I can do to help let me know" said Alan, then mentally kicked himself. The last thing he wanted was to spend any time with this beast, but he had just committed himself to some sort of interaction.

"That would be good bro, I'm gonna need a lot of help getting this place up to scratch" Said Bruiser finally releasing Alan's hand. "Saw you seeing off your boy. He off to college?"

"Yeah, he's going to be gone for nearly a year. So on my own now till he gets back."

Bruiser grinned. " I'm sure you won't be lonely. Something tells me you aren't going to want for company".

Bruiser paused, then seemed to come to a decision. "Fancy a beer? I've got the power on and some cans cooling inside."

Alan was about to refuse, but before he could say anything Bruiser had his hand on Alans shoulder and was leading him through the back door.

Inside, it was cool after the heat from outside, and there was a damp musty smell typical of unused houses. Light streamed in through dirty windows and small clouds of dust rose from the carpet as Bruiser walked towards the kitchen. Alan looked for somewhere to sit that wasn't too dirty, when Bruiser came back holding two opened cans of beer.

"Drink up bro, plenty more where that came from. You smoke?" He said as he pulled a pack of Marlboro out of his jacket pocket.

"No thanks, I don't smoke. Never have." replied Alan sipping his beer.

"Well I can't have a beer without a smoke" said Bruiser. "Now drink up, you'll never get through that can if you keep sipping it."

Alan took a deeper swig and felt a bit more relaxed. This wasn't too bad. The smoke from Bruisers cigarette caught in his throat and made him cough. He hated smoking, it was so unhealthy. Still, it wasn't his house and he was being polite.

Surprisingly, the can was empty. Alan didn't remember finishing it off, but there was Bruiser handing another can. Alan was feeling a bit bleary, being a non drinker, but he heard Bruiser talking to him in a low voice, but couldn't quite make out what he was saying. A third can followed, then a fourth. By this point Alan was totally pissed and couldn't move off the couch. He felt Bruiser pick him up and undress him, then the next thing he was lying in bed with bruisers arms wrapped round him like a vice then he passed out.


Part Two

Alan woke up with a sore head and a furry tongue. How much had he drunk last night? And where was he? That's right, Bruisers bed. Alan sank back into the covers, then sat up with a start. Why did he think that was normal? Why did he feel reassured that he had slept in the same bed as Bruiser? Still, the memory of the big strong arms wrapped round him made him feel safe, and he felt his cock go hard at the thought.

Just then his thoughts were interrupted by a deep rough voice shouting up the stairs "Get your lazy fucking arse out of the bed now Boi!".

Jumping up out of the bed, Alan ran for the bathroom and had a good piss before looking for his clothes which were noticeable by their absence.

"Hey Boss, you seen my clothes?" Boss? Where had that come from?

"Down here boi, I nipped out and got you something more suitable for working round the house".

Alan went downstairs, feeling a bit self conscious at his nakedness. Standing in the kitchen in just a pair of boxers and old ripped T-shirt, Bruiser was piling fried food onto plates. Alan saw his big meaty arms exposed and admired the mass of tattoos on show. They went all the way down onto his hands, and if there was any skin left unmarked you couldn't see it. He had his bandanna off, and Alan could see his head was shaved smooth and covered in a swirl of tribal tattoos. As he turned round with two big plates Alan saw his big saggy pecs and fat belly, also covered in black tribal tattoos. Hanging from his prominent nipples were thick heavy rings.

"Clothes over there Boi, get dressed then come eat" said Bruiser.

Alan looked round and saw a pile of clothing on a chair. First came a thick jock strap supportive at the front, but open at the back. Next came a white sleeveless shirt, then a pair of baggy combat trousers. Then a pair of thick wool socks followed by a pair of high heavy tan rigger boots. After that was a thick fleecy check work shirt, and finally a yellow hi-viz vest. After he was dressed Alan didn't feel comfortable at all. He had never worn anything like this before and was surprised that despite his discomfort he was hard in his jock.

"Do I have to wear these Boss?" Alan asked, feeling strange that he was just sitting down at the table and not leaving to go home. He really needed to get out of here, but couldn't get motivated.

"Well, yeah. That's what you always wear Boi" replied Bruiser. "Now shut the fuck up and tuck in, you've got a busy day".

Alan started eating, and wondered why he was making a fuss. Of course he wore this outfit normally. Why did he think anything different?

"Have a drink of this Boi, it'll wake you up" said Bruiser passing Alan a glass of thick brown liquid. Alan drank it, then felt warm and calm. He must have zoned out for a bit as he thought he heard Bruiser talking, but couldn't make out what he was saying.

"Sorry Boss, did you say something?"

"Listen when I'm talking to you, you thick fuck" snarled Bruiser making Alan feel guilty for not paying attention. "I want you to clear the back yard of all the growth, then dig it over so it's ready for lawning."

Alan got up out of his chair and went into the shed to get the tools. Clearing all the growth and rubbish was going to take a while so he might as well make a start. As he worked, his mind was working, wondering why he was doing this. Surely he had something else to do? Something about next door? He couldn't remember, all he could think of was Boss calling him a thick fucker and it made him horny. Looking round, he couldn't see anyone about so went into the deepest of the undergrowth and pulled out his cock. Pulling slowly on it he couldn't believe how horny he was. His mind filled with the image of Bruiser this morning, that sexy fat belly and those rings everywhere. Just as he started to pant ready to cum he felt a big meaty hand on his shoulder. He let go of his cock with a startled yell as it started to pump ribbons of cum all over Bruisers work pants and filthy rigger boots.

"Fucking dirty little cunt! Yelled Bruiser, slapping Alan across the face sending him flying into the bushes. "Look at this fucking mess!"

"Sorry Boss, I didn't mean it Boss" cried Alan cowering from Bruisers wrath.

"Get down there Boi and clean me up right now. I want every drop of your filthy Boi cum cleaned up. Not with your hands you thick cunt, get your tongue on it"

Alan dropped to his knees and wretched as he sucked his own cum out of the filthy fabric, then went lower to clean the dirty encrusted boots clean with his tongue. As he finished he felt movement and looked up to see Bruiser pulling his long fat biker cock out of his fly. It was heavily pierced, with a thick ring through the piss hole and bar bells all down the top and bottom of the shaft. Grabbing Alans hair, Bruiser forced the cock into Alans mouth and sighed as it went straight down his throat. Alan gagged as the big ring went down and started choking until Bruiser pulled out, then gagged again as Bruiser started to fuck his throat, in and out. In and out. The taste of the cock was pretty nasty. Alan could taste stale piss, old sweat and old cum as if it wasn't washed very often. Suddenly the cock hardened even further before Bruiser let out a grunt and shot load after load down Alans throat. Alan swallowed fast trying to keep up with it and not choke, before it calmed down and with a couple of short bursts it was over. Alan thought it was over till he felt Bruisers belly tense up and with a quick "Drink it all Boi, don't spill a drop" Bruiser began pissing down Alans throat. Alan relaxed his throat muscles in desperation and allowed the flow straight into his stomach only swallowing occasionally. Eventually that was over too and Bruiser pulled out.

"Good Boi, I know how much you like it when Boss gives you a yellow treat" said Bruiser.

"Thanks Boss, you're the best" Said Alan. Best? What? Alan knew in his mind something was wrong but couldn't think what. Of course he loved sucking Bosses cock. And when Boss pissed down his throat after that was the best. He only did it as a treat when he had been a good boi. He knew that. But how did he know that? Alan was confused but put it out of his head. Boss knew best.


Part Three

After a lunch of fish and chips that Bruiser had fetched, Alan continued his work in the garden. It was hard backbreaking work, but he didn't slow down. Eventually he couldn't do any more and with his entire body slumped to the ground in exhaustion he heard Bruiser calling him in. Dragging his tired aching body up, he made his way inside.

Bruiser took one look at Alan and ordered him to strip naked and lie face down on the couch. When Alan was comfortable Bruiser pulled on some medical gloves and started to massage a thick cream into Alans tired muscles. Alan drifted off into a light doze as he relaxed into the hard strokes releasing the tension from his muscles. Eventually Bruiser stopped and slapped Alan on the arse.

"Wake up boi, it's time for dinner."

Alan jumped up with a start, surprised how relaxed he felt. Whatever Boss had done had worked wonders. All his muscle aches had gone and he felt ready to go again. Still naked, he sat down at the table and looked at the plate piled high with food. Greasy chips, steak and kidney pie and processed peas. He suddenly felt ravenous and threw himself into demolishing everything on his plate. Eventually he was stuffed and couldn't eat one more mouthful. He belched and felt better but could still hardly move.

Bruiser threw all the plates and pans into the sink and said "Get that lot all washed up boi then come into the living room" before walking off. Alan couldn't believe how dirty the pans were, but after a lot of scrubbing everything was clean, dried and put away.

In the living room Bruiser was slumped in his chair smoking a cigarette. Alan went to sit on the settee but Bruiser stopped him with a grunt. Pointing at the floor between his legs, he just glared at Alan as if to dare him to disobey. Alan went and sat on the floor, and Bruiser put his leg round Alans waist and into his groin.

Alan felt his cock twitch as the heavy boot rested on his groin and he looked up at Bruiser. Sucking on his cigarette Bruiser took a long drag then grabbed Alans head. As they locked lips Bruiser blew the smoke directly into Alans lungs. Alan felt sick and wanted to cough, but bruiser just looked at him and he slowly blew the second hand smoke out.

"Good Boi" was all he said, and Alan felt his twitching cock go hard as a rock at Bruisers approval.

Bruiser continued to smoke, one cigarette after another, each drag blowing the smoke down Alans throat. Alan felt his chest get tight and his throat got sore. Fortunately the urge to cough slowly went away but his head throbbed and he felt really sick. Eventually Bruiser stopped blowing smoke into him and started to snog Alan hard. His tongue had a thick bar through it and Alan felt the bar rubbing in his mouth as Bruiser tongue fucked him. After a while it got too much for Alan and his rock hard cock erupted without him touching it and he came as if he had never cum before. Wave after wave of orgasm rocked him and shot after shot of spunk covered Bruisers boots. All the time he was cumming Bruiser held him tight snogging the life out of him. Eventually Alan stopped and with a shudder collapsed onto Bruiser who gently kissed his forehead.


"Fuck yeah Boss"
"Good Boi. Now clean up that fucking cum off my boots Boi. I don't want to stink of boi cum"

Alan obeyed and licked up every drop. It took a while as he had shot everywhere, but eventually he managed to clean it all up.

"Time for a beer" Announced Bruiser who disentangled himself from Alan and went into the kitchen emerging a few minutes later with two cans, one of which he handed to Alan. Alan gratefully swigged half the can in one swig, then sipped the rest. Resting his head on Bruisers leg he felt himself drift off and heard Bruiser talking, but couldn't make out the words. It didn't matter, he just felt safe and cared for.

Eventually he opened his eyes and saw Bruiser lighting a cigarette. "Fuck" thought Alan, "He's one fucking sexy cunt" and suddenly had a craving for a cigarette himself. Grabbing the pack off the side, he put it into his mouth and lit it the same way he had seen Bruiser light his. Sucking deep and inhaling the harsh smoke, he watched Bruiser and copied how he held his, and how he sucked the smoke in and out. By the time he had finished he was smoking exactly the same way as Bruiser was.

They continued like this for the rest of the night. Smoking, drinking and Alan sucking Bruisers cock on demand. He still felt strange, as if he hadn't sucked a cock before, but that was stupid. He loved sucking cock and had done for years. Hadn't he? Then why did he feel like he hadn't sucked a cock before today? Weird. Still, Boss would sort it out. He always did.

Eventually they headed for bed and Alan watched Bruiser get undressed. It was amazing to watch, as Bruiser slowly peeled off his leather vest, T shirt, bike boots and heavy leather jeans. Alan was very turned on and as Bruiser presented his hard cock it was all he could do to stop himself swallowing it whole.

"Turn round Boi" said Bruiser.

Alan complied, getting on the bed on his hands and knees at the right height for bruiser to get good access to his pink tight hole. Bruiser leaned down and started to lick Alans hole. Alan squirmed in pleasure as he felt the pierced tongue work its way up. Slowly Bruiser moistened the hole until it was dripping, then spat on his cock. Alan felt the pressure of Bruisers cock pressing hard on his ring, then with a grunt he felt it slide in, further and further until he felt Bruisers big heavy balls against his. The pain was incredible, the piercings in the cock stimulated every nerve ending in his arse and he almost collapsed with sensory overload. He felt like his arse was being ripped open and he had never felt so full. Bruiser just left it there, not moving, but occasionally twitching, sending bursts of sensation all through Alans body.

Bruiser wrapped his arms round Alan and kissed him gently. Alan returned the kiss and slowly relaxed. As he did so the pain gradually receded and he started to enjoy the feelings he was getting. Bruiser slowly started to move in and out, gently fucking Alan, stopping when Alan started to tense up, then going again when he relaxed. After a while Alan began to moan and Bruiser picked up the pace. Slowly at first, then faster, Alan started to match Bruisers rhythm and pushed back onto the monster cock as Bruiser went forward until they were both in rhythm. The passion grew until they were fucking like animals, hard and grunting, mouths mashing together and Bruisers arms crushing Alan tightly until with a roar, Bruiser started to cum. Alans arse felt like it was going to burst open as the already large cock pounding away got a lot bigger as it pumped hot spunk into his intestines. Alan had never known such pleasure and his whole body shook, before they both collapsed exhausted. Bruiser weight on his back made Alan breathless, but he couldn't move. Slowly Bruiser stirred and kissed Alan gently. "Good Boi" was all he said as Alan felt the cock slowly shrink back to it's normal size.

Rolling off Alan, Bruiser pointed at his cock and said "Clean my cock Boi" And pointed at the fat monster covered in Alans arse juices. Alan took it in his mouth and gently sucked it clean. It tasted horrible, of cum and slime and a hint of shit, but he did it anyway. When he was satisfied it was clean, Alan scooped his own drying spunk off his belly into his mouth, then licked up what had splattered onto the bed.

"Go get cleaned up Boi" Said Bruiser "Then come to bed,"

Alan made his way into the bathroom and sat on the toilet before letting out a huge fart and the cum, slime and loosened shit into the bowl. He sat there for a bit and farted again. When he was sure he was done, he wiped, flushed and looked in the mirror. He couldn't believe what he saw. He hadn't shaved for a while, and his hair needed cutting, but he looked a mess. What was he doing here? Why was he not at home in his own bed? What had he done letting that ugly fat cunt fuck him? Then a calm came over him and he forgot what he was thinking. Weird. Why did he have these odd thoughts? Never mind, Boss would sort it out.

Alan made his way into the bedroom and turned off the light before climbing in next to Bruiser feeling the big meaty tattooed arms wrapping round him pulling him in and making him feel safe and owned.


Part Four

For the next couple of weeks things fell into a rhythm. Alan worked outside clearing the yard, and at night he and Bruiser smoked, drank and snogged, before rolling into bed and rutting like animals. Alan stopped worrying about what was happening, he just let Bruiser take the lead. His speech slowly simplified to match Bruisers and he couldn't open his mouth without a stream of profanity pouring out.

Bruiser had started Alan on a bike training course and Alan was doing well. It seemed quite natural to him, though at first he hadn't a clue what he was doing. After a few chats with Bruiser he seemed to relax into it as though he was born to ride, though it was strange to him that he couldn't quite remember the conversations.

Bruiser had also started cropping Alans hair into a more biker style. He shaved the sides completely, and chopped the top into a rough brush, leaving the hair at the back from the crown down to grow naturally. The beard he just left to grow naturally, though he showed Alan how to comb and condition it so that it grew properly and would be trained to grow long and straight. It wasn't very long, but was starting to get a bit of thickness and promised to be a very promising beard later on.

One morning about a month after they had first met, Bruiser took Alan for his first mods. They climbed onto Bruisers bike and sped off at speed into town to a local tattooist that Bruiser knew did good work. Bruiser parked outside next to a huge red Honda bike.

As they entered the shop there was a skinhead sitting in the chair getting his nipples pierced. He was a rough looking bloke, shaved head and high polished cherry red rangers clinging to his muscular legs.

"Hey Bruiser" said the tattooist, a very heavily tattooed and pierced guy who seemed to have ink and metal everywhere you looked on his body. "Won't be long, Mal here just wanted a quick job so I thought I'd fit him in before you got here.".

"No worries Baz" said Bruiser. "Looking good there Mal"

"Cheers bro, nice ink mate." said Mal. "You having more done?".

"Nah man, gotta get my new boi started on his mods. He's gotta look right if he's gonna suck my cock".

"Good. I like to see a well modded boi myself. Looks like a fucking pitbull chewing a wasp though. I think you need to get him sorted out quick so he knows his place".

Bruiser laughed, and looked at Alan. "Yeah, he does look like a pitbull don't he? Poor cunt doesn't know what he's in for." He paused, then looked at Alan. "Finally got your nickname boi. From now on you are known as Pitbull. Got it?"

Alan, now Pitbull, looked at Bruiser and nodded.

Mal looked sideways at Bruiser as Baz covered his nipples with some gauze and said "You gonna be long here mate? I wouldn't mind a spin on your bike if you have time. Biker myself, that's mine outside, but love a pillion with a hot biker boss".

"Yeah he's gonna be here a while. Got a few hours to kill so can do." Bruiser turned and said "OK Pitbull, you be a good boi and do exactly what the man tells you."

Bruiser turned to the tattooist and handed him a sheet of paper, then spoke quietly to him before putting his arm round Mals shoulder and walking out of the shop. Pitbull saw them climb onto Bruisers bike and roar away, before the tattooist called him over.

"Right mate, looks like your boss has some definite ideas about what he wants you to have done. Strip to the waist and we will get started. I can't do all this in one go, but I'll do as much as I can."

As Pitbull started to undress Baz locked the door and closed all the blinds. Pitbull sat down in the large leather chair in the studio and Baz approached with a trolley filled with sharp needles, swabs, Vaseline and all the tools of his trade.

Working with efficiency and minimum effort, Baz began his work. First came a ring through Pitbulls septum. His eyes watering, he hardly felt the rings going into his ears. Both lobes with a thick ring, several rings at the top of his left ear, then a bar through the top of his right. Pulling out his tongue, a bar was inserted, then a ring either side of his lower lip. His bridge and both eyebrows were nest, then finally both nipples were clamped and pierced. Pitbull was shocked and gasping at the pain of each hole being made in his body, but it was also turning him on big time. He felt his cock in his pants and it was rock hard.

"None of that," said the tattooist smacking Pitbulls hand away. "Your boss told me not to let you cum till we were done".

Reluctantly Pitbull dropped his hand and concentrated on the little points of pain all over his body.

After he was done with the piercings, Baz changed equipment and started on his first tattoos. Rubbing Vaseline on the side of Pitbulls head, he placed a transfer then started the process of inking. Pitbull felt like a drill was going off at the side of his head, but after a while he got used to it and found it relaxing. It hurt like hell, but it was a good kind of hurt. The kind that you put up with because it was leading to something brilliant and life changing.

Occasionally they would stop for a break, smoking a cigarette and having a coffee. Still, they made good progress and soon Baz finished the one side and turned his attention to the other side. Pitbull sat there patiently with his cock rock hard in his leather pants wanting nothing more than to release the tension but knowing full well he was forbidden to do so. Several hours later all the work was done for the day and Baz stood in front of Pitbull.

"Time for payment boi" he said dropping his trousers revealing a long fat very heavily pierced cock.

Pitbull immediately got to his knees and wrapped his mouth round the intimidating monster. It wasn't as big as Bruisers, but there were a lot more piercings in it. He felt all the metal sliding down his throat and his cock got even harder. Slowly at first, then faster, Baz fucked Pitbulls face till with a groan he shot his load all down Pitbulls throat. "OK boi, now you can cum" he said. Pitbull tensed as he finally released the tension that had built up over the last few hours and came until he couldn't cum any more, then collapsed on the floor almost unconscious from the pleasure. As he recovered, he could feel all the spunk in his pants slowly dripping down his legs and into his boots. It felt good and he just sat there taking deep shuddering gulps of air until his heart stopped hammering in his chest and he could breath again.

"Awesome boi, no wonder your Boss thinks you are a keeper. Shame your arse is out of bounds." Said Baz giving Pitbull a deep kiss, taking care not to knock the new piercing in his tongue.

After another cigarette and coffee there was a deep roar outside as Bruisers bike pulled up. Baz opened the door letting Bruiser and Mal in. Mal had big bites all round his neck and was walking quite gingerly. He also had a look of deep satisfaction on his face.

"Watcha Mal" said Baz with a grin. "You look happy mate."

"Fuck." said Mal. "I'm almost exclusively top, but that was fucking awesome".

Bruiser grabbed Mal and gave him a deep, long, lingering kiss. "Any time you want a repeat man, you know where I am".

Mal grabbed his helmet and said "I might hold you to that mate" before going outside and roaring off on his bike.

Bruiser walked over to Pitbull and gave him a deep rough kiss. "Looking good boi, we'll soon have you looking how you should. Now get dressed.".

"Yes Boss" said Pitbull gratefully as he pulled his clothes on. He couldn't remember a time when he hadn't done whatever Bruiser told him. Bruiser was his boss and he was too thick to argue.

Paying Baz from a big wedge of bank notes, Bruiser hander Pitbull his jacket and helmet, taking care not to disturb the kitchen towel taped to the tattoos. Then leaving the shop, they sped off home where Bruiser carefully uncovered the tattoos.

"Wow, Baz does good work" he said as he gently washed off the blood and ink smears obscuring the tattoos. Holding up two mirrors, he angled them so Pitbull could see his new tattoos perfectly. On each side was a dragon, starting at the temple with the mouth, then swirling down the sides of his neck. One side was a red dragon, all flames and orange and red, the other side was a black dragon, purple and black, with clouds of darkness swirling round it. They were bright and bold, very sharp and covering most of the available skin on the sides of his head and neck to where his beard started. The piercings stood out against the tan from working outside all day ever day and gave him a 'do not fucking mess with me' look.

Pitbull was exhausted, and looked like he could fall asleep in the chair, so Bruiser made him a big dinner, then coated the tattoos with cream and covered them so they wouldn't bleed all over the bed. After a couple of beers, Pitbull went to bed wrapped in his bosses arms. He could hear Bruiser talking to him but fell asleep before he could make out what was being said.

Part Five

Things continued on as before, but now every week Pitbull was dropped off at the tattooists for more work. His cock was soon covered in piercings just like Bruisers. It was uncomfortable stretching up the prince albert as he wasn't allowed to cum for a few days till it had settled down, but the orgasm when he was finally allowed release made up for it. His tongue bar was shortened after it had healed so he could talk and eat properly, and his septum, ears and nipples were stretched up until they were at a size Bruiser was happy with. Tattoos slowly worked down his arms until they were completely covered, then his hands were covered with dragon heads matching the ones on the sides of his head. He had put on a lot of weight and now had a big belly like Bruisers. He had also piled the weight on everywhere else, and while not as big as Bruiser, was certainly an intimidating presence when he walked into a room. Working on doing up Bruisers house had toughened his muscles and he had a lot of strength beneath the layers of hard fat coating his body. Once the house was complete Bruiser got him a job working at a local scrap yard where he quickly fitted in well, wearing overalls, rigger boots and a hi viz all day. He kept the sides of his head shaved, but the hair at the back was growing quite long and his beard was now about a foot long off his chin and he kept it well groomed.

At one point Bruiser put a pile of paperwork in front of Pitbull and told him to sign everything. He had to be reminded to sign it all as Alan Jackson as it had been six months or so since he had heard anyone call him that. Bruiser had introduced him to the gang who only knew him as Pitbull. He had passed his motorbike test and was now driving a huge muscle beast just like Bruisers. Over his leathers he wore a waistcoat on the back of which was the club logo, his name Pitbull at the top, and the word 'prospect' underneath.

The house next door had been empty for months as far as he was concerned. He had a vague memory of some yuppie living there, but couldn't put a face to him. Eventually a for sale sign went up, then a couple of months later it was sold. Apparently it had been bought by a buy to let company and they were just looking for new tenants. Pitbull wasn't bothered though, he was too busy enjoying being inducted into the bike gang. Apparently they had a bad reputation, but apart from a few scraps now and again, Pitbull thought they were a great bunch of mates and was always happy to help out with a blow job or shag if needed.

One morning he looked out of the window and saw Bruiser talking to a young lad who had pulled up in a Nissan filled with rucksacks and suitcases. He seemed familiar, but he couldn't place him. He wouldn't have anything to do with some preppie college boy anyway. He liked em rough and ready. He had been allowed to play with Mal a few times and had a soft spot for horny rough skinheads. He wasn't interested in becoming a skin himself, he was a big fat greasy biker and proud of it, but he wouldn't mind a skinhead boi of his own.

The lad looked very confused, and followed Bruiser into the house.

"Kids looking for his dad" said Bruiser. "Apparently he lived next door before it was sold but he never left a forwarding address. I'm gonna get the kid a beer and see if we can't sort it all out. Why don't you fuck off to Baz's and get some more work done while I get it sorted?"

"Ya OK boss. See ya later" said Pitbull grabbing his helmet.

After a few hours he got back, enjoying the pain across his shoulders where he had had his name Pitbull tattooed in thick gothic letters. He heard the sound of fucking coming from the bedroom and walked into the living room where he saw lots of beer cans scattered around. Clearing up, he went into the kitchen and started tidying up. Boss was busy, so he knew better than to disturb him.

Eventually the noise of loud sex stopped, and Bruiser came out of the bedroom. "Kids asleep. I've worn the fucker out" he said grabbing a beer out of the fridge. He grabbed another beer and opened it, passing it to Pitbull. Pitbull noticed him putting a small bottle back into his pocket. He had seen it a few times but had long ago stopped being curious about it. Pitbull drank up and felt a bit drowsy. He heard Bruiser talking to him but the words washed over him without making an impression.

Finishing his beer, Pitbull looked at Bruiser and said "Sorry Boss, I must have drifted off. What were you saying?"

"Pay attention thick fuck. I was saying, the kid is homeless. I've said he can stay here but I'm too busy to train him myself, so you'll have to do it. How about it, you want a boi of your own?"

"Fuck Boss, that would be awesome, but what about us?"

"Don't worry, you'll always be my boi" said Bruiser grabbing Pitbulls cock through his pants and giving him a squeeze".

Pitbull grinned and rammed his tongue down his bosses throat. This led to more, until Bruiser fucked him brutally over the table. Pitbull loved it and thought how lucky he was to have a boss like Bruiser and a new boi of his own as well.

At that point a sleepy lad walked in. Slim but muscular, he had a shock of unruly hair and was smooth all over. Bruiser walked over to him and put his arm round his waist. "Pitbull, this is James. I think you two are going to get on really well."

James walked over to Pitbull and looked up at him with wide adoring eyes. "Bruiser says you are my new boss."

"Fucking right boi, but you can't go by the name James any more. I think Jimbo is a better name for you. Tell me, How do you fancy becoming a skinhead?"

The end