My Master

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Part 1

I remember the first day I saw Him, He had started as the new security guard, we seem to get through them quickly, but this one I hoped would stay. Just about six foot tall, an arresting face, a nice body, shaved head, pierced and tattooed, but His main attraction was that He oozed masculinity, masculinity and power, a heady combination, especially for me. That night I discovered I had to work late, in fact I discovered I had to work late whenever He was on shift. We got to talking eventually, but I don't think He even noticed me as a person. I admired His piercings and tattoos of course, I have always found both a turn-on and it gave me something to talk about. Where had He got them done, what styles He preferred, what suited what part of the body, what He was getting next, that sort of thing.

I was disappointed to see that He was totally disinterested in me, in an effort to attract His attention I started wearing my hair shorter, I hoped He would notice, He obviously enjoyed shaving His head, I used to watch Him fondle His scalp when He couldn’t see me, it was the most sensuous thing, watching this fantastic guy as He rubbed His shaved, shiny and tanned scalp as His piercings glinted. Then, one day it happened, something I had dreamed of, but never believed could take place. He had noticed that I was wearing my hair shorter, in fact He actually suggested that I shaved my head, that it was now quite usual for men in all walks of life to shave their head. As I was thinking about it, with my heart pounding and my breath coming in short bursts He grabbed my hand and placed it on that magnificent shaved, shiny and tanned head, I felt a surge of excitement in my trousers, that became more than a surge as He pulled out a pair of hair clippers from His locker.

“Feel the smoothness. You want a head like that, don’t you boy?” He asked me, what could I say to Him, I did, I did, I wanted it so badly that it hurt, but it really wasn’t the done thing in this office, thoughts flew through my mind, how would I explain it to my colleagues. Of course, I could tell them it was a sponsorship challenge at the pub, well that would have to do because my thought processes where going into melt down, just feeling His head was swamping my brain with lust, with desire and an overwhelming urge to submit totally to Him It was unlike anything I had ever felt before, here was a man young enough to be my son, a real man certainly, and my mind was telling me to let Him take control of me.

“Please Sir, I would give anything to be more like you Sir.” Did I really say that?

“Take off your shirt and kneel down then boy.”

“But what if someone comes in Sir?”

“No need to worry boy, I’ll take care of you.” 

I knew that, at that moment I knew that He would take care of me, that I had to do what He told me, that obeying Him was right, proper, that was what I was born to do, that my life had been lived purely to reach this point, I was His. I knelt and removed my shirt and tie, and with my head bowed, a position that seemed so right and comfortable, I waited, to see what my Master would do, even then I immediately thought of Him as my Master. I remember very little of the removal of my hair, whether it was the vibration of the clippers or the knowledge that I was being controlled I don't know, all I could think about was the hardening erection in my trousers, I felt harder than I had ever felt before, My balls were tightening and I could feel the wrinkles disappearing from my scrotum as He took away my hair. He changed during that time, He changed in front of my eyes, when I had first seen Him, He had been a man, yes a fantastically attractive man, but now He seemed to radiate power, an almost god-like power. He took my chin in the cup of His hand and raised my head up, I opened my eyes and looked at my Master, what was He about to do, I felt a surge of panic, then it faded, He could do whatever He wanted with me. I was His. He leaned down and kissed me lightly on my lips, i couldn’t help what happened next, it was instinctive, I kissed back but with a passion I have never experienced before. He broke the kiss and held my head to Him, my face pressed against the crutch of His tight uniform trousers. I could smell His musk, the strong definite scent of a dominant male, any doubts I might have had faded at that point.

“You belong to me now boy.”

“Always Sir, and forever.”

“Let’s get you finished off.” 

He filled a bowl with warm water from the sink, I watched Him with admiration and trust. He washed my head to remove the clippings and then lathered up my scalp and started shaving me, it seemed to go on for ever and it also seemed to be over in a flash, I cannot describe or even explain the feelings of that moment. He finished shaving me and rinsed my head clean, dried it and then rubbed it with some kind of oil. It was just too much for me, I shot my load, long and hard and into my pants, something I haven’t done for years, I groaned without thinking and He stopped and looked down at me.

“Did I give you permission to come boy?” I was devastated I had displeased my Master already, I felt tears welling up in my eyes, I silently prayed that He would perhaps punish me rather than tossing me aside, obviously I didn't deserve to serve a man like Him when I could not control myself.

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“You will be punished for that boy; you will only come when I let you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.” I knew that I would do anything to continue to be my Masters boy, anything at all.

“Very well, you are now going to have something done to you that will cause you trouble and embarrassment within the work environment. You will comply, or you will no longer be my slave. If you do this, I might forgive you, or I might not but you have no choice in the matter do you?”

“No Sir, I will do whatever you demand Sir.”

“Yes boy, you will. Always remember, I want you, and will keep you as mine forever, but only as long as you obey me in all things. Understand?” I nodded, Yes I understood, I understood that He would own and control me, I understood that that was what I had wanted from the first moment I had seen Him. I was scared and frightened, but I know that fear would not stop me from doing whatever He told me to do. I knew at that point that I no longer belonged to me, I was His property now and He could do whatever He wished with His property.

I found out soon enough what He intended to do with His property, as He pulled an ear piercing gun from His bag. He loaded it and placed it to the lobe of my left ear, I winced as I waited for the rush of pain I was expecting, He did it again and again until I had 5 studs in my lobe and then another at the top of my ear. He didn't stop there, but changed to my right ear and placed first a stud in the lobe, then another further up and one at the top to match my left ear. He stopped for a moment as He realised that He still had one stud left, then He grabbed my nose and shot the final stud into the right hand side.

He had me dress and as I did He gave me my orders, I was too skinny for Him and was to drink at least four pints of beer every night and to start eating pizzas and burgers etc instead of the lean cuisine meals I had eaten previously. I was forbidden to shave my face but I was to keep my head shaven at all times. Further I was to keep my new piercing clean and healthy and then, and this I did not understand, I was to start smoking a pipe, I was to find the nearest pipe store and to learn as soon as possible. As I left, He kissed me and I found myself dissolving into His arms.

“Trust me boy, you are going to enjoy everything I make you do. And I’m going to enjoy making you enjoy it.” 


Part 2

The following morning I had risen early to shave my head as my Master had ordered, I got up two hours earlier than normal because I was unsure how long it would take me. I smoked my first pipe of the day, having bought one and 200grams of the strongest black shag tobacco that the shop sold, the evening before. I had smoked a few pipes the night before as I knew my Master wanted me to become a dedicated pipe smoker for Him.

Shaving my head was at first difficult, but it was nevertheless a pleasure because I knew that what I was doing would please my Master. When I had finished shaving and oiling my scalp I then made sure that my piercings were cleaned. Next I made myself breakfast, instead of my usual muesli, I had a full fry-up with bacon, sausages, eggs and fried bread as my Master had said that I was too skinny for him.

I was still earlier than normal so caught an early train and got to work about 20 minutes before my colleagues. I approached my work station warily, in case someone should see me and ask about the changes I had made. 

The others arrived eventually and made their way to their work areas, a couple of the guys started to come over to me but changed their minds half way. The girls gathered together in a corner to discuss it, looking my way and giggling. Nothing was said. Later in the morning my supervisor passed by and had a good look before passing on. The fact that I was smoking a pipe also caused a lot of comments, especially when I first visited the "Smoke Room". Many of the smokers there had heard me comment about the anti-social effects of smoking. 

For the next week or so I continued to keep to the instructions my Master had given me, even though his shift pattern had changed and I only saw Him when the office was busy. He nodded at me occasionally, hopefully this was to show his approval. 

Then after that first week. I found my Master waiting for me when I left work. He had me fall in place one pace behind Him and took me to His house where He had me strip to inspect His handiwork and to teach me to suck His cock the way He liked it. I was in heaven, on my knees in front of my Master, sucking His amazing cock with the large ring in the end, while He rubbed His hands over my head. I often felt as if I was going to cum as He did that, but of course I was not allowed. Sometimes as He came and shot His load down my throat, He would tell me to cum and I would at the same time as Him. Every weeknight I would go with Him to His house and strip and suck Him. 

My beard was growing apace and within 2 weeks it had filled out nicely, my head didn't seem as white as it was when I first started shaving it. 

People seemed to be facinated by my earrings, almost as much as by my pipe smoking, I knew a lot of them were talking about me behind my back, but I knew that I was following my Masters orders and that was all that mattered to me. This was re-enforced by that fact that there was a constant cloud of smoke around my head coming from my mouth. I had bought several more pipes by this time and was smoking between 100 and 150 grammes a day, I found that now I needed to smoke and would light my pipe without thinking about it. 

I followed my Masters instructions to the letter in every respect, smoking a pipe, shaving my head, not shaving my face, cleaning my piercings and eating more and more junk food. Soon I found that my shape was also starting to change, the waistband of my trousers was getting tighter and tighter. 

One night as I was sucking my Master's cock, He handled me an envelope. 

Nervously I asked, "What's this Sir?"

He smiled as He replied, "It is a series of instructions for someone you are going to visit tomorrow." 

I remember that the envelope was addressed to someone in a Tattoo Parlour in a area of town that I would not have dreamed of visiting, you know the sort of area I mean, everything tatty and sleazy. 

"I have made an appointment for you to visit them in the morning, at ten o'clock so don't be late. The guy knows that you have sealed instructions, so don't even think about opening the envelope as I shall find out about it and punish you severely." said my Master, He then kissed me on the lips. 

I felt a flush of pleasure surged through me, and I think I groaned with the pleasure and excitment of that kiss and what I guessed was to come. My Master was going to have me tattooed!!! 

"If you go through with this, then you will have proved you are truly my slave," He said. 

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir," I replied, there was nothing I wouldn't do for this Man, my Master. 

"One last thing boy, when you go I want you to dress down. Wear a plaid shirt, old jeans, an old jacket and boots. Smoke your pipe as much as you can, and when he asks you if you want all the stuff in the letter doing, make sure he knows you really want it. Tell him your boss has picked out the work and you are more than happy to go along with it. If he tries to tell you no, beg him and offer him more money. Just make sure he follows the instructions to the letter." 

I assured him that I would follow His orders to the letter, and said that I had never knowingly disobeyed Him and would never do so as He was my Master and I wanted only to obey and please Him. 

The next morning I was at the Tattoo Parlour at 20 minutes to 10 and had to wait, smoking my pipe, for ten minutes until the owner arrived, he asked whether I had been sent and mentioned my Masters name.

I replied that I had and handed over the envelope that my Master had given me.

The tattooist read the letter slowly and carefully, then looked me up and down. I had dressed down as my Master had ordered, but even then the tattooist looked at me as if I were not the type of person that made up his usual cliental.

"You sure you want all this done, boy?" he grunted.

"Yes Sir, exactly as listed in the letter Sir," I replied.

He looked me up and down again then went to the door put the closed sign back in the window, pulled down the blinds and motioned me to get into what appeared to be a dentists chair. He was smoking a cigarette, so I asked if it was alright if I smoked, he agreed so I lit up a pipe.

He propped the letter and several other sheets from the envelope up against a stand and while consulting it started sorting out inks and 6 inch rod-like things with a ring at one end and either individual or groups of needles at the other.

Next he pulled out a disposable razor and started shaving at the back of my head and neck, although I had shaved my head well that morning as I always did.

He swabbed my head with something that smelt chemical and clinical, dried it and started drawing on my head and neck. I started to panic, because if this was where the tattoos were going, they would be in full view at all times. Several times I nearly cried out for him to stop. Then I remembered that this was what my Master wished, so I had to do it.

Then he started tattooing, the shock was staggering, I had never been tattooed and didn't know what to expect. After the initial agony I managed to accept the pain and then a sort of numbness set in and after probably about 10 minutes the vibrations seemed quite soothing and there were times that I thought I might fall asleep.

He worked first on my neck and then seemed to work up to my head, I actually felt disappointed when he stopped finally and told me that that was that part done. I was desperate to see what had been done and at the same time scared to look. He held up the mirror and could see that I had a pair of pipes crossed tattooed on the back of my head and PIPE PIG below them on the back of my neck in thick black lettering.

After carefully cleaning the tattoos on my head, smearing them with some form of grease and covering them gauze, he shaved, cleaned and started to draw on the backs of my hands. Even though I realised that having the backs of my hands tattooed would be even more obvious than the back of my head, I didn't feel overly worried, I had reached a plateau of calm as I was fulfilling my Masters wishes.

He worked for quite a while copying the designs onto my hands and he complimented me on the fact that they were unique, I told him that they weren't mine but my Masters. I think that was the first time that I had told anyone that I had a Master.

The tattoo artist started again, this time on my hands, and I discovered that I had been looking forward to it, as he cleaned the blood away from time to time I could see that I had the BEAR upside down on the fingers of my left hand and a tracery of fine spider webs on the back of my hand. He moved on to my next hand across the fingers was the word PIPE and on the back of the hand was a mirror image of the intricate spider webs with little pipes in the corners of the webbing.

At this point, we broke for a meal and went to a nearby greasy spoon where I had an extra large full breakfast and several mugs of hot, sweet tea followed by a long leisurely smoke. I have grown so used to smoking that I light up whenever I have a chance, it seems to make me feel closer to my Master.

We went back to the shop and the tattooist started looking out the jewellery that he would need. I lit up and he said enjoy that because I wouldn't be able to smoke while he was working on my face. He replaced all the studs in my ears with ball closure rings except those in my lobes which he stretched and into which he inserted 3mm rings, which I could feel pulling and swinging as I moved my head. He pierced my sepum with a very thick needle and my eyes poured even more as he slipped a large ring through the hole, which hung down onto my upper lip and brushed against my moustache. The stud in the side of my nose was replaced with a thin ring. Next was a bar bell through the bridge of my nose, which he told me was called an Errol, and my eyebrows were pierced with spikes which poked out from each corner.

That was finally the lot, I was surprised to discover that it was after 3pm when I left the parlour, a very different looking person from the one I was when I went in at 10am.


Part 3

This took place on Saturday, so for the rest of the day and for the whole of Sunday I stayed in my house, spending much of the time looking in the mirrors. I sported an erection most of the time but of course was not allowed to do anything about it.

On Monday, with extreme trepidation I set off for work. I knew that there would be comments, but I had no idea of the uproar there would be. My supervisor was in at his usual time, saw me and immediately rushed to his office and started dialling out on his phone. I assume he had called the office manager, as he was the next of the bosses to arrive. He did much the same, take one look at me and then called his superior. No one in authority spoke to me, but I learnt through the grapevine that the phone calls had gone to the top of the tree and even the Company Lawyer and the Area Union Representatives had been summoned to various meetings during the day.

My Master came in to start His shift late that afternoon, I saw Him and He showed me that He approved of the way I looked. I smiled with happiness knowing that I had His blessing, but at the same time was watching to see what my boss was up to as he had just returned from a meeting that was obviously about me.

My Master walked past me and said "Don't worry boy, after today you are mine for good. Whatever happens, I will look after you."

"Thank you Sir" I managed to reply before I was called into my supervisors office.

The interview was short and less than sweet. Was I prepared to remove my piercings and grow my hair in. I told him that I was not prepared to do that. In that case I was deemed to have terminated my employment and I was to clear out my desk and leave the building.

"What happened boy?" my Master asked as I was clearing my desk.

"He told me to smarten up or get out. When I refused to take out the rings and grow my hair back he sacked me." I replied.

"Good. That saves you handing in your notice then. Go home, start clearing your stuff away, you move into mine next weekend."

"Yes Sir." I answered.

"I told you I would look after you, and I will. You start your new job next Monday. I was going to tell you tonight, but events have moved quicker than I thought they would."

"What job Sir?"

"It's working for a mate of mine. He knows the score, so he will help you to settle in and learn the ropes."

With a light heart I left the office where I had worked for many years to a future, that I didn't know, but a future with a man for whom I would be prepared to go to the ends of the earth.



For the last two years I have worked in a waste reclamation yard that belongs to a friend of my Master. I spend all my working life in overalls and heavy boots and seem to get all the dirtiest jobs going, I think my Master asked his friend to make sure that I do. My Master taught me to speak differently and to use the same mode of speech as my workmates and to wait for others to give an opinion and then follow their lead. I seem to swear all the time, most of the guys I work with seem to think I am as thick as pigshit, and recently I have found that I have great difficulty pronouncing long words. Master had me start writing with my left hand and my writing now looks very childish. So now everyone thinks that I can't read or write. I've also developed a bit of a stutter and I find that people now slow down when they speak to me and talk very clearly because I sound so stupid. I no longer have to think at all as because I appear so dumb everyone makes allowances for me and they don't expect me to think for myself. Perhaps it is because of this that I find that thinking for myself has become difficult, naturally my Master always makes my decisions for me anyway. For instance, when I am not working I wear whatever clothes my Master tells me. He generally prefers me to look like a biker or a skinhead in either dirty scuffed leathers or bleachers and braces. He likes me to show off my tattoos as well, as I am now covered from head to toe in tribal black work, with a very involved design incorporating tiny pipes.

Over these last two years, my weight gain has been astonishing, I am huge, bloated and puffy, I have large hanging man boobs pulled down by thick rings through my nipples. I can't see my cock anymore because of my huge gut, except in the mirror. My cock is now pierced with a thick padlock so I can only use it for pissing. My new look is completed by a thick pig ring in my nose which is welded shut and 50mm flesh in my ears, big enough to get two fingers into. When I take them out to clean them the holes remain wide and alway will.

I see my Master watching me, He has given me so much and I hope that in some small way I give Him some pleasure. I do everything I can to please Him. 

I strip off and present myself on my knees in front of Him. 

"How can I serve you sir?" I ask. 

"Get my cock out and suck it till it can't take any more." 

My Master smiles and thrusts his massive member in my mouth, He is happy. 

And so am I.