My Slave

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Part 1

The door opens, and you walk in. The smell from your work clothes floats towards me, and for a moment I remember how you were before, when we first met.

I had gone to your office to work as a security guard and I could see you were unhappy. Every night you would stay over to finish off the days reports and naturally we got talking. In those days you looked quite the respectable business man, nice suit and good shoes. You were losing your hair, but what fifty year old man doesn’t? You were interested in my tattoos and piercings, and we talked about the usual things. Where to get the best deals, and the sorts of designs that looked best in various places. I could see you were attracted to me, as I did my rounds in my tight form fitting uniform but I played it cool. If you want to reel in a fish, you let it play out for a while and think the fish is in charge, right?

As the weeks went on, I noticed how your hair was beginning to get shorter and less bushy. Personally, I had a shaved head and goatee, with a ring in each ear and I could see your eyes following the play of lights on my smooth tanned scalp. Your hands would twitch when I rubbed my naked scalp as though you wanted to touch it, and I knew then you were hooked.

Slowly I started to move in for the kill. I suggested how good you would look with a shaved head, and reminded you how the fashions had changed over the years and it was now quite respectable. You became inarticulate and started to stutter as I pulled out the clippers and razors I had kept in my locker for just the right time, and I pulled your hand onto my head.

“Feel the smoothness. You want a head like that, don’t you boy?”

“Please Sir, I would give anything to be more like you Sir.”

“Take off your shirt and kneel down then boy.”

“But what if someone comes in Sir?”

“No need to worry boy, I’ll take care of you.”

You took off your shirt and tie, kneeling in front of me shaking with nerves and sweating profusely.

As I plugged in the clippers and the buzzing started I could see you close your eyes in submission to my authority. You were scared, but this was what you had always secretly wanted, wasn’t it? To submit to a man younger than yourself, someone who could give you the control and satisfaction only a true man can give.

As I slowly moved the clippers onto the back of your head I smiled. Little did you know what you were letting yourself in for. I have very specific things I want from a slave and you were taking the very first step onto a long and difficult road to become the slave I wanted.

Slowly the clippers bit into the hair on your head. Carefully, taking my time and savouring the feel, I ran them over your head. Hair fell onto your chest and back, falling like soft rain as a part of you was stripped away forever. You didn’t realise back then how important this was did you? How my control of you began the moment you knelt down and you gave yourself to me.

As the final strands of hair fell from your head, I cupped your chin gently in my hand and slowly raised your head. You opened your eyes and looked at me almost in fear, as though you wondered what was going to happen next. I slowly lowered my head and kissed you lightly on the lips. As you responded, I pressed harder and we became more passionate. The bulge in your suit pants was testament to your feelings and I broke the kiss and hugged your head against me.

“You belong to me now boy.”

“Always Sir, and forever.”

“Let’s get you finished off.”

I went over to the sink and filled a bowl of water. You looked at me as I walked back, a dreamy quality in your gaze. Something had gone click in your head, and you now trusted me. As I rubbed your scalp with warm water and soap, your cock seemed to grow even bigger in your pants. Slowly I lathered up your scalp. Grabbing the straight razor from the table I began to make slow strokes across your scalp. First one way, then the other making sure that every last trace of hair was removed and the dome of your scalp was totally smooth.

As I rubbed your scalp clean and applied a thin layer of baby oil I heard you groan. Looking down I could see you had come in your pants and I glared at you.

“Did I give you permission to come boy?”

“No Sir, sorry Sir.”

“You will be punished for that boy; you will only come when I let you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand.”

“Very well, you are now going to have something done to you that will cause you trouble and embarrassment within the work environment. You will comply, or you will no longer be my slave. If you do this, I might forgive you, or I might not but you have no choice in the matter do you?”

“No Sir, I will do whatever you demand Sir.”

“Yes boy, you will. Always remember, I want you, and will keep you as mine forever, but only as long as you obey me in all things. Understand?”

You nodded, and I could see the look of fear back in your face, but behind it I could see a hunger in your eyes. This was what you really wanted, to relinquish control to me and have the responsibility for your actions taken from you. You knew in that moment that you were no longer the controller of your own destiny and loved every minute of it.

From my bag I pulled out an ear piercing gun I had borrowed from a friend of mine. He was the one who had done all my tattoos and piercings and was aware of my fascination with slave sex. To be honest, he was the person who had turned me onto it in the first place, but I digress.

Slowly I raised the gun to your left ear. As the stud clicked into your earlobe I saw you wince. Grinning inside, I proceeded to pierce your ear more, until you had five studs in your left earlobe and a further one at the top. Just for symmetry I then moved onto your right ear, placing one in the lobe, one further up where the cartilage began and a final one at the top to match the left. As I still had a stud left over I grabbed your nose and placed it into the centre of the right hand side.

As you got up and began to dress, I gave you your final instructions. Looking at your reasonably flat stomach, I decided there and then that you needed bulking up. I ordered you to start eating large quantities of junk food and at least four pints of beer a night. You were then forbidden to shave your face, and were instructed to keep your head totally smooth. Your new studs were to be kept clean and healthy, and as a final instruction for your humiliation, you were instructed to start smoking a pipe. You looked at me in confusion at that, but I ordered you to find the nearest pipe store and to learn as soon as possible. As you turned to leave, I kissed you again and you melted into my embrace.

“Trust me boy, you are going to enjoy everything I make you do. And I’m going to enjoy making you enjoy it.” 


Part 2

Over the next few weeks I kept you under more or less constant supervision. I noticed you were keeping to my instructions faithfully, and the results were beginning to show.

Your beard began to come through quite quickly and by the end of the second week it was quite full and bushy. The pale fish belly white of your scalp began to darken until the colour matched that of your face and it started to shine as the natural oils of your scalp lubricated the skin and you seemed to enjoy the feel of my hands rubbing over it as I nightly forced my cock into your mouth and made you drink my spunk.

Your earrings caused almost as much comment as your pipe smoking. People were talking about you behind your back, some laughing some confused but none accepting and of course, the constant cloud of smoke coming from your mouth eliciting the biggest talk for they all knew you were a confirmed anti smoker. The gradual broadening of your middle was almost lost in the confusion of the other more sudden changes.

It was only a matter of time before the next phase of my plan came into play, but I decided to hurry the process along slightly.

The next night as you were sucking on my cock, you were startled when I handed you an envelope as you were cleaning the remains of my spunk from under my foreskin and from round the thick ring in the end.

“What’s this Sir?” you asked nervously.

I remember smiling at your confusion as I replied “It is a series of instructions for someone you are going to visit tomorrow.”

As you looked at the address on the front you turned white as you saw the address of a sleazy tattoo parlour in a run down area of town written on the front.

“I have made an appointment for you to visit them in the morning, at ten o’clock so don’t be late. The guy knows that you have sealed instructions, so don’t even think about opening the envelope as I shall find out about it and punish you severely.” I paused, then kissed you on the lips. You groaned in response as my tongue wrapped round yours, and I could see you were excited. “If you go through with this, then you will have proved you are truly my slave.”

You looked at me with those big sad eyes, and I knew you would do everything I had asked you as you replied “Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

“One last thing boy, when you go I want you to dress down. Wear a plaid shirt, old jeans, an old jacket and boots. Smoke your pipe as much as you can, and when he asks you if you want all the stuff in the letter doing, make sure he knows you really want it. Tell him your boss has picked out the work and you are more than happy to go along with it. If he tries to tell you no, beg him and offer him more money. Just make sure he follows the instructions to the letter.”

You were quite pathetic in your assurances of obedience, but at last I let you go with the knowledge that after tomorrow your life would be very different indeed!!

Part 3

The following days were Saturday and Sunday, so I didn’t see my slave until the Monday night. When I came on duty I remember the chaos going on round me. Everyone seemed to be talking about you and wondering what was going on. As I walked round the corner to your cubicle I smiled as I could see that my instructions had been followed completely. All the studs in your ears had been replaced with ball closure rings. As per my instructions,3mm rings pulled the lobes down slightly and swung as you moved your head. The cartilage rings were thinner and stood out against the shiny tan of your shaved head. The stud in the side of your nose was now a thin ring, and a much thicker ring was through the center septum, brushing against the thick moustache. A bar bell was through the bridge of your nose, and a spike poked out from each corner of your eyebrows.

As you turned your head, I could see that you had the words PIPE PIG tattooed on the back of your neck, and a pair of crossed pipes were just above them on the back of your head. I could also see the backs of your hands were tattooed but couldn’t make out the details. It didn’t matter though as I knew that across the fingers were the words PIPE and BEAR, and on the backs of the hands themselves were intricate spider webs with little pipes in the corners of the webbing. I was quite proud of the designs as I had come up with them myself.

You caught my eye as you turned your head and I gave you a nod of approval. You smiled at me in gratitude, but kept looking furtively at the office over the hall where your boss was glaring through the glass at you.

I decided to ease your mind slightly at that point. There’s no point in having your slave too scared to operate now, is there? As I walked past, I said “Don’t worry boy, after today you are mine for good. Whatever happens, I will look after you.”

“Thank you Sir” was the reply, and I watched as you were called into the bosses office. Five minutes later you walked out and started to clear your desk.

“What happened boy?”

“He told me to smarten up or get out. When I refused to take out the rings and grow my hair back he sacked me.”

“Good. That saves you handing in your notice then. Go home, start clearing your stuff away, you move into mine next weekend.”

“Yes Sir.” You said looking downcast.

“I told you I would look after you, and I will. You start your new job next Monday. I was going to tell you tonight, but events have moved quicker than I thought they would.”

“What job Sir?”

“It’s working for a mate of mine. He knows the score, so he will help you to settle in and learn the ropes.”

With that, I left you to ponder your fate as you tidied up your affairs and ended your old life.


That was two years ago now, and you wouldn’t recognise yourself. My mate ran a waste reclamation yard and you had the dirtiest jobs going. You are used to wearing overalls and rigger boots now instead of nice suits and expensive shoes. Outside of work you wear what I tell you, so one day you look like a biker freak in old dirty leathers and oil stained denim cut-off, another day you wear flannel and bracers. I like you to show off your tattoos as well. Your head is covered in tribal black work, as is the rest of you but if you look closely, you can see that there is an intricate design of pipes covering your now fat bloated body. The thick rings in your nipples pull your man tits down low and the thick padlock in your cock stops you from trying to use it for more than pissing. The thick pig ring in your nose is welded closed, now I have it up to the size I want, and the massive tunnels in your ears are big enough to get two fingers into. Even if you took them out, you will have the holes forever. Your speech patterns have changed a lot now. You swear all the time, and you wait for others to make an opinion before you agree with them. Most of the guys you work with think you are as dumb as shit, and you are doing really well on failing to pronounce complicated words. I’ve also made you learn to write with your left hand instead of your right. It makes your handwriting look like that of a ten year old so people assume you have trouble reading and writing. As a bonus, you have to think to use your left hand all the time so it has given you a bit of a stammer which also makes you sound dumb.

As you walk down the hall and hang up your donkey jacket I can’t help but feel envious of you. You wanted something and you got it. From the looks you give me when you think I’m not watching you I can tell that this is what you want. If I offered to go back in time and give you a choice, I think that you would make the same one again.

I look up in surprise as I realise that you have stripped off your boiler suit and boots and are kneeling naked in front of me.

“How can I serve you sir?” you ask.

“Get my cock out and suck it till it can’t take any more.”

You smile and open your mouth to take my huge throbbing member. Yes you are happy.

And so am I.