New Life

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This story contains adult themes, mind control, personality alteration and non-consensual sex between gay men. If it is illegal where you live, or you are underage do not read any further. You have been warned now, so let's get on with the fun!!


There was a time when I wouldn't have thought about writing things down like this.

There was a time once when I had a happy successful life married to my beloved wife, working in an interesting high paid job with numerous staff below me and good promotion potential.

That was then, this is now. I have been instructed to write this account down before the final stage in my new life begins. After this I probably won't be able to put a coherent sentence down on paper, let alone understand the meaning of words longer than three syllables. However I get ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.


Part 1

My name was Brian Jackson, and I'd been married to Janice for five years. I worked in a bank as an accounts manager, and I must admit that we were very happy together. Nothing amazing, just your usual middle class suburban couple looking forward to earning enough money to have a couple of kids when the time was right and we could give them everything they needed without having to scrimp and scrape.

At the time I was approaching my 30th birthday and we had decided to embark on one final fling before we settled down for good. Looking at the brochures, we decided on a cross-country driving holiday. The usual thing, camping on the side of the road one day sleeping at a motel the next. No bosses, no guided tours, just us and our own agenda. Six weeks of no pressure with just ourselves for company.

The trip started really well. We saw some great scenery and had an absolute ball. After a couple of days sleeping rough though, Janice decided that we needed some comfort. Looking at the map, we noticed a decent sized city, less than 100 miles away. Janice was navigating, and that may have been where the problem really started. After getting totally lost and turned about, neither of us had the foggiest idea where we were. Stopping by the side of a deserted tenement building under the only working street lamp, I snatched the map from her cursing her stupidity and ignorance.

Janice burst into tears and climbed out of the car leaving me alone to try and find out where the fuck we were.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here then?" a rough voice grated into my ear suddenly.

Whirling round I found a big callused hand holding a knife two inches from my face. I froze and stared at the knife as it slowly came towards me and scraped down my cheek.

"We wondered where the pretty lady had come from, and now we know she was with a friend. You shagging her?"

"What have you done with Janice, you bastard?" I yelled, then froze as the knife suddenly pricked my cheek and the owners' face came into view.

Once upon a time the man in front of me might have been good looking. The remains of a strong jaw and high cheekbones could be seen under the layer of fat and a good hairline was visible in the light of the street lamp as the light bounced off his shiny scalp. Several rings ran up his one ear and behind the line of nicotine stained teeth I could see a ring in his tongue as he talked.

"We ain't done nothing to her yet, but that might change if you don't behave yourself. Now out of the car."

Slowly opening the door, I climbed out looking for Janice but there was no sign of her anywhere.

"Where's Janice?" I demanded again.

"Safe, as long as you behave yourself. Now, put this round your eyes then turn round, with your hands behind your back."

Throwing something down on the ground he stepped back to allow me to pick it up. Looking down, I was surprised to see a leather blindfold with padded eye patches to ensure total blindness. Slowly fastening it behind my head everything went dark as I felt a pair of handcuffs being fastened to my wrists.

Even through my terror with my heart hammering in my chest with worry for Janice and myself, I could feel my cock getting hard as rock. I had played a few bondage games during the early part of my marriage but Janice had always felt too awkward to respond. The totally unexpected kidnapping and threat of violence was doing more for my cock than hours of foreplay.

Suddenly, I was grabbed by two pairs of hands and pushed forward. As I stumbled in the required direction I heard the car start up and drive off. Now panic was starting to set in. What was going on here? With no car, we were at the mercy of these lunatics and whatever sick games they had planned. I felt my cock start to deflate in my jeans as the reality of my situation began to set in.


Part 2

Suddenly I felt the temperature and air pressure differential that told me we had entered a building. As we entered, I could hear a quiet sobbing coming from in front of me.

"Brian!" I felt arms thrown round me for a second before Janice was pulled roughly away.

"Come here bitch" came a rough sounding female voice.

"Leave her alone!" I cried then gasped as I was punched heavily in the stomach. "Shut it you, if you want her to stay safe you'll do exactly what we say. If you disobey in any way you will learn all the sounds of pain that can come from that pretty mouth."

This voice was scary. Not rough at all, in fact it was almost cultured, but there was something in the tone that made me believe he meant everything he said. To be honest, there was nothing I could say anyway. All the breath had been sucked out of my body with that one punch and it was all I could do as I was doubled up on the floor to avoid vomiting.

"Now, we are going to take the lady away and look after her. If you obey to the best of your ability your lady will be totally safe. Any time you fuck up we will hurt her badly. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes you do" I grunted.

The pain from the kick in my balls was excruciating.

"The correct response is Yes Sir. Understand?"

"Yes.... Sir...."

"That's better. Now, Calisa, take the young lady away. Flagger, look after our friend here. You know what is required, and you have the tools. Lets see how well you use them."

I heard the rough woman and the thug I had seen first mutter their obedience before I heard Janice being dragged away.

"Okay you, its time to get you prepared" and I felt the blindfold being removed. Blinking back the tears and sudden rush of light from the single light bulb in the center of the room, I looked around. With horror I realised I was trapped. The dirty dark room had bars on the windows and the door was solid metal with a security code lock. In the corner, I could see a floor length mirror. My reflection was a sorry sight. My collar length hair, always so immaculate with the bangs falling evenly onto my forehead, was standing up in places and badly tousled. I had a very nice body, swimmers build, and my clothes were designed to show off my physique. Now though I was horrified to see how filthy and torn they had become.

"Ah poor baby," came a sarcastic voice next to me "Don't like what you see? Well that will change. By the time I am finished you'll love the new you."

"What do you mean, the new me?" I said, hearing my voice quiver with fear as I looked at the overweight ugly skinhead in front of me. Now I could see him clearly, I could see the large belly overhanging his jeans and the yellow braces holding them up. The boots over his jeans were dark red and had yellow laces matching the braces. Tattoos snaked up his arms and he had an evil grin on his face as he approached me holding a pair of scissors.

"Nothing much really, the master has taken a fancy to you and your young lady so he has decided to make use of you. However, before we can have some fun you need a quick change of attitude."

Holding me down on the floor with his superior weight, I could feel the scissors cutting the clothes off my body. Within seconds I was naked, and before I could do more than grunt I felt him putting shackles on my feet.

Dragging me towards the mirror, I was thrown onto a chair before the cuffs on my wrists were fastened to some sort of ring at the back. Next he pulled out a thin collar which he put round my neck then fastened to a hook at the top of the chair. Moving my head I found it hard to move more than a few millimetres in any direction.

Suddenly Flagger appeared next to me with a plastic beaker filled with a dark purple liquid. "Here, drink this. You're dehydrated. It'll make you feel better."

"Thanks" I said as I drank the liquid down. After the first bitter mouthful, it seemed to get better until I finished it and realised I wanted more.

"Calm down," chuckled Flagger, "There'll be more later I promise."

"As he spoke I felt a pleasant buzz through my body.

"Now, if you don't want to end up in a world of hurt, you'll stay still" said Flagger. "This is my favourite part." And with an evil grin he picked up a set of hair clippers.

With horror, I realised he was going to crop all my lovely hair off. Worse, I could see how excited he was becoming as a thick lump the size and shape of a beer can slowly swelled in his jeans. Through a rip I hadn't noticed until now I could see the head slowly poke out. It was thick, purple, and had a large silver ring poking through the piss slit. "You don't realise it yet, but you are really going to enjoy this"

Suddenly, a muted buzzing came from the clippers and I felt him grab my hair roughly from behind. Slowly, and with the painstaking care of a terminal hair fetishist, he ran the clippers over my head. As he cut I could see thick clumps of hair falling to the ground around my feet and my cock was beginning to stir again. I didn't know if it was the vibration of the clippers or the feel of the air blowing round my freshly shorn head, but I realised I was extremely turned on.

Looking towards the mirror, I could see the result of Flaggers handiwork. Shock and horror vied with excitement and animal lust as I saw this big fat skinhead working on my smooth round head. As his hands rubbed over the fine stubble I could see the white scalp under the black pepper of the remains of my hair. As Flagger worked he started to rub his fat cock against my arms and chest. At this point in my life I had never had the opportunity or inclination to have sex with another man, and the feel of his cock was revolting. The problem was, it was also exciting and I could feel my cock start to pulse. In the mirror I could see that it was harder than I thought possible. At this point I started to shoot cum until I thought my body was going to explode......


Part 3

As I started to come down from my orgasm my head was still buzzing from the drink I had taken. Everything was detached, as though I wasn't quite in control of my body and I looked on in interest as Flagger pulled his thick long cock out of his jeans.

"You really want this cock in your mouth, don't you?" he said as he pressed it against my lips.

Suddenly I realised he was right. Never in my life had I wanted something so much and I opened my mouth as wide as I could to take the bulbous head and thick ring as far down my throat as I could.

"That's it boy, relax your throat and let it slide down. Breathe when you can, but as you feel it going down you realise you really want it don't you?"

As he pumped my throat I found I wasn't choking. In fact, I couldn't get enough. The feel of his rough hands holding my freshly shorn head as he thrust in and out was so horny I found I was coming again. Suddenly I felt him tense, and pulse after pulse of bitter tasting spunk flooded into my mouth.

"That's it boy, you love the taste of Daddy's spunk. Swallow it all, you don't want to waste a drop do you?"

After he was spent and I had licked his cock clean, I suddenly realised what had just happened to me, and a feeling of shame and disgust overwhelmed me.

"What have you done to me?" I cried out.

"Oh, its just a little concoction of the masters", he replied with the evil grin I was beginning to dread. "It makes you susceptible to suggestions put to you at the time you drink it.

"We have more in store for you yet, and remember the little lady gets hurt if you misbehave."

With that, he quickly brushed the remains of hair and spunk off me with the remains of my old shirt and walked out of my eye line. I heard the sound of the door opening and closing, and realised I was alone.

After what seemed an eternity of looking at my shorn naked self in the mirror, I heard the door open and Flagger walked back in.

"Thirsty?" he grinned

"I was, but I knew it wasn't water he wanted to give me. Surprisingly though, I really wanted to drink again whatever it was he was giving me.

"Yes" I croaked. Flagger held the cup against my lips and I drank every drop. Slowly the room began to blur slightly, and that was when I felt a sharp prick against my arm. The bastard had injected me with something!

As everything began to blur and I began to lose consciousness I heard Flagger talking to me. Something about loving something when I woke up but I blacked out before I could make sense of what he was saying........


Part 4

Slowly I began to come round. Fragments of sensation surfaced and began to make a coherent whole. Sharp pains in parts of my body faded and were replaced with a dull buzzing and pain slowly creeping over my body. I remember feeling my arse being manipulated, and gradually I came to.

The first thing I noticed was a strong craving for something. My mouth ached, and I could feel something in my tongue. There was no pain as such, but I felt as though my tongue was furred up and I wanted something but didn't know what.

"Ah you're awake again are you?"

Opening my eyes, I saw the face belonging to that cultured voice I remembered the night we had been kidnapped. Strangely I couldn't seem to fix his features into my head and my eyes kept sliding off him to the strange woman next to him.

"I see you don't recognise your ex-wife" he drawled. "She has been altered as you were, but her programming began several weeks before yours. Did you think it was strange that you got lost? It was no coincidence we met that night. The lovely Janice brought you here deliberately. I wanted her, and Flagger needed a new play mate so we both got what we wanted."

I looked round and saw Flagger standing to the side. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with feelings of submission and desire as I saw my Master looking rough and rugged in front of me.

"Before we let you play" said the man in front of me "I think I should explain a few things. Your conscious mind has been turned off for several weeks, and you might be in for a shock. I hope so at any rate, as this is my favourite part. There's the mirror, go look. Oh, by the way, you might want these."

Out of his pocket the man pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. Snatching them up, I lit one and inhaled deeply of the fragrant smoke and the craving I was experiencing faded along with the furry feeling on my tongue.

Finally, I turned to the mirror and gasped with horror. The animal in front of me was a stranger. Parts of the face I recognised, but in most ways it was the face of a stranger.

Light gleamed off the shaven head. Down the center was an inch wide strip of short hair in a skinhead mohawk, framed on both sides by a thick black tribal tattoo running from each temple along the sides and down onto the neck to disappear beneath the checked Ben Sherman shirt.

Through the corner of each eyebrow was a small ring and in the center where they met a barbell was thrust horizontally, the large balls framing the top of my nose.

A thick gauge small diameter seamless ring was hanging from the middle of my nose, and the nostrils were pushed out and flared in an animalistic way. The nose looked as though it had been broken, and I could feel a little tenderness in the crooked cartilage as though it was a recent break.

Both ears were multiply pierced, three in the right and about fifteen in the left, and I could see that the bottom two were thicker than the rest as though they were in the process of being stretched.

As I opened my mouth to protest, I gasped. My teeth were different. Several were missing, they seemed smaller, some were broken, and one of my front teeth had been replaced with a gold crown. As I opened my mouth I could see that my tongue was pierced with a barbell near the back and a small ring through the tip.

My eyes moved further down. I was dressed in the Ben Sherman shirt, and a pair of red braces went over my shoulders to the dirty ripped army trousers that I was wearing. On my feet were pair of heavy high boots which I instinctively knew were 20 hole oxblood rangers.

Under the shirt I could make out the outline of rings through my nipples and as I slipped my hands under the shirt I felt a surge of pleasure from the manipulation of my new rings.

Slowly I began to feel strange. What was so different about me? Surely this was the way I had always been. I was a skinhead and proud of it. In the mirror I could see a scowl forming on my face and it looked good. I saw the tattoos snaking up my arms and felt really horny for my master Flagger.

"So the final stage begins" said the strange man. "I want you to write down everything that has happened to you, as your old self, before I complete your change."

"Why me?" I managed to gasp as my old self flooded back, for what I knew was the last time.

"I told you, I wanted Janice and you were in the way. She will enjoy her new life, and I know for a fact you will. The old Brian is dying, and in his place is an uneducated, low intelligence submissive skinhead with a love of pain and a deep desire to serve." And with a deep chuckle he left the room forever.

So that's what I am doing now. Writing my tale.

When this is over, Brian won't exist any more.

Just an uneducated, violent gay skinhead slave devoted to sucking his Master's cock.

There may be worse fates in the world, but I can't think of one at the moment.

The end?