Revenge is as Good as a Rest

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Part 1

Samuel sat at his desk and contemplated the paperwork in front of him. Since his father had died, he had become the majority shareholder in Banks Building suppliers, with his younger brother and sister holding lesser shares each. This hadn't exactly pleased them, but Samuel didn't give a shit. All those years of sucking up to Dad had finally paid off. He got 52 percent of the shares leaving Sally and James 48 percent and a hatred of their elder brother that they were unable to show unless they wanted to be kicked off the board and out of the company.

Samuel was reading the personnel files of some of the employees trying to find a means of sacking them without leaving himself open to unfair dismissal claims.

One leapt out of the pile. Phil Stevens, known to all his mates as Slug. Samuel hated Slug with a passion due to certain events after the death of his father left him in charge.

6' tall, Slug was an old fashioned skinhead with everything that implied. Shaved smooth head, stocky chest, large beer belly, arms totally tattooed to the knuckles, Celtic designs up both sides of his neck, and a bad attitude. Slug was also into piercing. His ears were lined with thick rings, two rings hung from his left eyebrow and a cone stuck out of his lip. When he talked you could see the bar in his tongue as it moved past his nicotine stained teeth, and in the centre of his round piggy face a thick ring hung from his flat nose. Samuel wasn't sure what else was pierced, but he didn't have the stomach to imagine too hard. The whole thing was too revolting.

"I have to get rid of this moron," thought Samuel. "Every time he calls me Sam I could just kill him". Samuel hated his name being shortened. Samuel was how he was christened, and Samuel was how he was going to be called.

"Time for a break" he thought, and left his desk to stand in front of the mirror and admire his new suit.

As he looked in the mirror, he thought "Not bad for 35". His gym-honed body gave him the V-shape he so liked, and his collar length hair gave him a rakish air that he thought quite sexy. The girls seemed to think so, as he was rarely without a young beauty on his arm whenever he visited the opera or a high class restaurant. He couldn't understand people who ate kebabs or burgers. Surely they knew that you if put crap into your body you got crap performance out. Oh well, tonight was a business dinner with some clients and the wine would be good so it was something to look forward to.

The problem with Slug could wait until after the staff summer party next week. Might as well let people relax and enjoy themselves before he started to wield the big axe. He had just had an idea, and felt really happy about the way it was all going to work out.


Part 2

James watched the wagons being loaded feeling really pissed off. Since Dad had died, nothing had gone right for him or Sally. At the reading of the will, they had realised what a bastard Samuel had been, and found themselves at his mercy.

Samuel had been quite straightforward. Do what he wanted, or get out. That was why James was now the yard foreman instead of sales manager, and Sally was manning the reception desk. Although they had never got on with Samuel, James had thought that as equal partners they could have prevented some of his more annoying proposals from being accepted. Samuel's manipulation of his sick father had changed all that.

"Where do ya want this Boss?" came gruffly from behind him. Turning, James saw Slug holding two large bags of cement on his shoulder.

James had a soft spot for Slug. Okay, the man was an animal, and had a face that could scare small children, but he was all ready to knock Samuel out when he heard about the change of management. Slug liked James and Sally and thought of them as tough but fair.

"Just load it on this wagon, then you can have a coffee if you want" said James.

"Cheers Boss, been working like a loon all day. Haven't had time to fart since I came in." and with a grin he dumped his load and lit a cigarette before wandering off to the canteen.

"James!!" came a distant voice from across the yard. Looking over, he saw Sally waving a piece of paper at him.

"What's up Sis?" he said as he walked into the office and up to the reception desk where Sally spent most of her day lately.

"Have you seen what that twat of a brother of ours is planning?" she whispered, holding out the paper she held in her hands.

James looked at what was obviously an internal memo addressed to Sally.

Memo from Samuel to Sally:

Sally, I need you to knock up a memo to be issued to all staff. From the end of the month there will be some big changes to the way we run the company.

  1. This company now operates a non-smoking policy. Smoking is strictly forbidden on company premises and in company vehicles. Any person found smoking will be subject to instant dismissal.
  2. This company no longer operates a subsidised canteen facility. All catering staff are to be dismissed, and the canteen is to be turned into a storage area. There is an old shed we are not using that can be converted into a rest area.
  3. Tattoos and piercings are now forbidden. Any removable piercings must be taken out during work hours, and any visible tattoos must be covered up as much as possible.

Please issue this memo after the staff party.

Regards Samuel.

"Wanker!" spluttered James as he read the memo. "He said he wouldn't do anything to upset the staff!"

"I know," said Sally, "and the worst of it is, he is using it to get rid of Slug and the others. After they told him what they thought of him when Dad died he swore that he would get them out somehow."

"Is there anything we can do to change this?" asked James.

"Afraid not," replied Sally. "You know what he's like when he gets an idea into his head. He was a stroppy child, and he makes an even stroppier adult."

"So he's won then. Slug is out, and we are even more miserable than we were before."

"Not necessarily," smiled Sally. "You remember that research psychologist I used to date?"

"What Barbara?"

"That's the one. We only split up because Samuel threatened to spill the beans to Dad that I was a lesbian and get me cut out of the will.

"She is in town at the moment with her new girlfriend Joanne who you might be interested to know is a stage hypnotist. I had lunch with them yesterday, and she has agreed to do a turn at the staff party. If we hypnotise Samuel."

"We can get her to hypnotise Samuel into reversing some of his more outrageous decisions."

"Better than that brother mine, we can get revenge for many years of abuse and pain at his hands. Between them, Barbara and Joanne can make our wildest dreams come true, and make dear 'Sammy's life a living hell. Indeed, if we play our cards right we can even give Slug something to look forward to."


"Don't worry your pretty little head about it Bro, just make sure you have a front row seat at the show and get there early. This you don't want to miss."


Part 3

The day of the summer party arrived. Started by old man Banks when he formed the company, it was a popular tradition amongst the staff, and the management mingled with the office workers, drivers, yard staff and their families in an air of holiday spirit.

Samuel cruised round with another one of his painted bimbos on his arm sneering at all the jollity. Little did they know, her thought, this was the final one of these parties he was going to foot the bill for. Next year they could go hang. He employed people to work not to enjoy themselves.

"Would you care for some punch my dear?" he asked the girl on his arm. She giggled her agreement and they wandered over to the table manned by Sally, who smiled as they approached.

"Punch or beer?" she asked.

Glancing over at a group of men in overalls and rigger boots swigging from cans, he curled his lip in disgust and said "Punch of course, you know I can't stand beer."

"Sorry Samuel, I forgot. Never mind one for your young lady and one for. oops, out of glasses. Give me a minute and I'll get some more out of the back."

Kicking a tea towel over the glasses by her feet that she had hidden as she saw them approach, she went into the rear of the tent and pulled out a small bottle. Looking at it, she remembered what Barbara had warned her. "4 drops only to start with hon, remember we only want him relaxed until the show. Put the rest in his drink just before the show starts."

Counting the drops, Sally couldn't help but grin to herself. By the end of tonight Samuel was going to be ever so much easier to live with.

"Here we go Samuel, sorry had to make sure it was a clean glass."

"Fine, whatever." He retorted, swigging a large draught of the punch.

"Hello Samuel, mind if I steal your date for five minutes," said James appearing from nowhere.

"If you like," said Samuel. He knew he should object, but he had a nice fuzzy feeling in his stomach and was too relaxed to argue.

Sally watched with glee as James and the nameless young lady disappeared into the yard and Samuel just stood there, a slightly bemused look on his face.

"Its working" thought Sally. She thought of the work Barbara had done in behaviour modification for the British government and felt a pang of relief that the programme had been cancelled when the new party had taken control. Some of the things Barbara had told her made her toes curl with the possibilities. The drug Samuel had just ingested was a failed attempt at suggestibility programming. It worked fine for a while, but after about an hour it wore off unless large amounts were ingested shortly afterwards in which case the effects lasted for about 12 hours. Still, it was long enough for their purposes.

"How are you feeling Samuel?" asked Sally.

"Fine thanks," replied Samuel.

"You know, Samuel is so long winded. I always preferred Sam. You prefer Sam, don't you?"

"I prefer Sam."

"Can I call you Sam?"

"Yes, call me Sam."

"Thanks Sam, I will. If anyone else calls you Samuel, you want them to call you Sam don't you?"

"I want everyone to call me Sam."

"That's nice, be sure to tell everyone to call you Sam from now on then." "I'll tell everyone to call me Sam."

Sally looked at the blank look on her brothers' face. This was even more fun than she had thought it would be. Pity it was only temporary, but with Joanne's help that wouldn't matter. Looking at her watch, she gave Sam his instructions about the show, and made sure he knew exactly what to do. He was going to be the star of the show and she wanted him to be a hit.

Sam walked over to the main stage and took his seat in the front row centre. As he went, he told everyone who called him Samuel to call him Sam. Much better, he thought. Should have shortened it years ago.

As he went up to the stage, he saw Slug coming up to him a can of beer in his hand and a woman on his arm.

"Hiya Sam, this is Barbara. She's been telling me some fun stories about you. Might catch ya later and compare em." And with a belch staggered off.

Looking at Barbara, Sam felt he should know her. Short hair, multiple ear piercings and a tailored business suit she was familiar but he just couldn't place her. "Oh well," he muttered to himself, It'll come back to me."

Just then, Sally came wandering up with another cup of punch. "Want some more Sam?" she offered.

"Please," he replied swigging it all down in one go.


Part 4

At that moment, an attractive young lady appeared on the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, could I have your attention please? I am the Fabulous Joanne and I need some volunteers from the audience for tonight's show. Please make sure you are over 21 as I am not allowed by law to hypnotise anyone under that age."

Sam stood up, and as suggested by Sally earlier, went up on stage. A loud cheer broke out, and just as Sam started to smile and wave he realised that the audience was cheering Slug who had climbed up to stand next to him.

Shortly there were ten volunteers onstage and Joanne waved them into the back. After about half an hour, the lights dimmed and the curtains drew back to reveal ten low podiums with statues in various poses back lit so that only the silhouette was visible. As the spotlight fell onto the Fabulous Joanne, there were gasps from the audience as they realised the statues were the ten volunteers who had gone up earlier.

The show was amazing. Joanne had the volunteers doing many of the expected hypnosis tricks such as running on all fours and barking like a dog, but also more unusual things. Betty from accounts used to do gymnastics in her youth, and Joanne had her regressed to 16 from 45 and doing back flips and handstands round the stage. Billy the apprentice was a big hit as well with his perfect rendition of Nessum Dorma in the style Norman Wisdom.

The finale arrived, and part one of the plan for Sam was put into place. The other eight volunteers were sent back to the podium and Sam and Slug were brought forward.

As they stood there with blank looks on their face, Joanne started talking. "Sam and Slug, I want you to look at each other. Memorise the way he looks, talks and acts. Now, I want you to picture yourself changing into the other. Sam, you are now Slug and slug, you are now Sam."

As she spoke, the two men's whole posture changed. Slug stood upright and developed a slight sneer on his face. Sam stopped sneering and screwed his face up so that his cheeks pushed up and made his expression one of controlled aggression. At the same time his shoulders drooped and he started lounging in a relaxed posture at odds with his usual stiff pose.

"There is a mirror in front of you," said Joanne holding up a piece of cardboard. "When you look in the mirror you see the other person standing in front of you, and that person is you.

"Sam, look in the mirror and rub your head. You can feel the smoothness and enjoy the feeling. You hate hair on your head, which is why you shave it every day. You can feel the rings hanging from your ears, nose and eyebrow and it turns you on. You are a skinhead and you love it."

The audience gasped as Sam stood stroking his head pushing his hair back as though he was totally bald. The raging hard-on in his suit pants was clearly visible and he scratched at his balls in a suggestive way. He stalked round the stage in an aggressive way in exactly the way Slug was doing earlier.

Slug on the other hand was glaring at Sam with barely hidden disgust the way Sam usually looked at him whenever their paths crossed.

"Okay Sam, Slug, I want you both back to your normal selves. There is one difference though. You are now the best of friends. Sam, you always confide in Slug, you think of him as a great guy, and Slug you think of Sam as your best mate."

With this, Joanne released all her victims from her control and wished everyone a good night.

The audience erupted, as this was one of the best shows they had ever seen, and the sight of Sam pretending to be Slug was a great hit.

Unfortunately for Sam, the induction at the beginning of the show was slightly different for him and Slug than it was for the other volunteers. The command to wake up and remember everything they had done was programmed to trigger a command for the two of them to report to Joanne after the show finished, so she could complete their conditioning before the drug that increased their suggestibility 1000 fold wore off.


Part 5

Sam and Slug sat on the step of Slug's house drinking beer out of the can. Sam was not happy about his situation but didn't seem able to stop the rollercoaster he was on. He looked at Slug, and felt his cock getting hard as he examined the rings in his face. The former feelings of disgust had been replaced with an overwhelming desire to perform any sexual act Slug desired, and Slug desired a lot.

Sam thought back to the hypnosis show he was in the year before last. It had seemed such a good idea afterwards to give control to James and Sally. After all, he hated all that day to day grind of paperwork and meetings and really would have preferred to spend more time working with his hands in the company of his best mate Slug.

James and Sally had tried to talk him out of it, it was true but he signed his share of the company over to them anyway on the condition that he always had a job in the yard.

The day before he finished in his old position, Slug and he had had a chat about what he should do to ease the transition. Lighting a cigarette, Slug leered at him.

"Shave your head," he said.

"What?" said Sam a bit startled. The smell from Slug's cigarette was making his head buzz; he wanted one and didn't understand. He hated the damn things surely?

"Shave your head," Slug repeated. "Turn into a skinhead like me. We can get you tattooed and pierced, but the first thing you want to do is shave your head."

"If you think that's best," said Sam. For some reason Slug made sense. "Can I have a cigarette please Sir?"

"You wanna start smoking boy?" asked Slug.

"Yes, please Sir," replied Sam. This seemed weird to Sam, but for some reason it made sense to call Slug Sir. As he pulled the smoke into his lungs he felt his cock harden in his pants. Slug grabbed his visible hard-on and squeezed it.

"You like that boy?" he asked.

"Yes Sir I do."

"Then I think its time we left for my place."

At Slug's place Sam looked round. It was a bit basic, with a small kitchen and living room and in the bedroom skinhead posters and a British flag hung on the walls.

"Okay then boy, strip."

Sam shivered as he took off his clothes. Throwing them in the corner he knelt to look at his master. Slug had taken off his work shirt and was standing in just his filthy jeans and battered rigger boots. His now naked chest revealed a smooth torso with a large gut hanging over his belt. The tattoos on his arms reached over his shoulders down his back and onto his chest in two shields covering the large prominent nipples hanging slightly from the weight of the two heavy silver rings through them.

Slug hovered over Sam. "You are one hairy fucker boy, we're going to change that right now."

Grabbing the bowl out of the sink and filling it with hot water he instructed Sam to stand up. Grabbing a long sharp straight razor from the bathroom and soaping Sam's legs, he began to scrape the hair from them turning him to reach the crack of his arse. Pushing Sam over roughly he soon had the hair surrounding his little pucker hole nothing more than a memory.

Turning Sam round Slug noticed the large hard-on sticking straight up out of the thick bush of Sam's pubes. Sam tried to hide his cock with his hands, but Slug grabbed a set of handcuffs off the dresser and restrained Sam's hands.

"That's Daddy's cock now boy. You're not allowed to touch it except to piss. If you piss, you don't shake it. Put it back in your pants and let it drip. I wanna see yellow stains. Understand?"

"Yes sir," said Sam shakily. He was in the hands of a monster and was terrified, but had never been so turned on in his life. This was what he lived for, what he needed and slowly he gave up on his own thoughts. Slug was obviously right and if he wanted something then Sam had to obey. Slug thought he would make a good skinhead piss boy so that was what he was to become.

As his thought processes slowly rearranged themselves in accordance with the instructions received from The Fabulous Joanne after the hypnosis show he watched Slug scraping the hair from his groin and chest. As he felt the hair falling from his body he thought how nice it was to feel the air flow across his body uninterrupted. The only problem was the shape. It was wrong. He felt disgusted at how flat his stomach was. It should be prominent and bulging like his masters.

Slug pushed Sam down roughly and unzipped his flies. Sam gasped as the semi-erect monster was pulled out and pointed at him. Through the fat bulbous head was a horizontal barbell, and hanging through the piss hole was a thick silver ring matching the two in Slug's nipples. Round the shaft were other rings and Sam could see a line of them disappearing between his legs. Suddenly a stream of hot yellow piss shot all over Sam's torso and moved up towards his face.

"Take it in your mouth and swallow it boy," commanded Slug.

Sam obeyed swallowing the yellow stream, feeling disgusted and turned on at the same time. As Slug finished he wiped his cock on Sam's moustache before slamming the now rock hard organ down Sam's throat. Sam started to choke until he developed the knack of resting the rings in his throat as it began to pump in and out.

With an animal grunting, Slug shot his load. Sam choking managed to swallow it all and felt his cock pulsating and shooting thick ribbons of spunk in response to Slug's orgasm.

Slug grinned as he undid the handcuffs and lit two cigarettes one of which he passed to Sam. Sam smoked it, and though it felt like he wanted to choke every time he breathed in, he had to finish it. Watching the way Slug smoked, Sam copied him until he was smoking exactly the same way Slug was.

"Now lets get you finished off" said Slug.

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir" replied Sam as Slug brought out a set of clippers.

Sam held his head still as he felt the clippers bite into his hair. This was what he wanted. He hated his hair, it was so unhygienic. Sam felt as though a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

Once all the long hair had been buzzed off and the worst of it brushed off his shoulders, Slug lathered up Sam's head. As he scraped the hair off with the re-sharpened straight razor, Slug rubbed his cock against Sam's naked body. Rubbing off the last of the lather, he pulled Sam up and showed him a full-length mirror hanging up on the bathroom door.

Sam was amazed. He looked so different. He rubbed his now bald head and suddenly had a flash of imagination. For a split second he saw himself pierced and tattooed just like Slug. Looking at his now rock hard cock in the mirror, he ached to touch it but remembered Slug's order. Just then Slug grabbed him and roughly kissed him. As he felt the cone in Slug's lip pushing into his, and Slug's tongue bar pushing up against his teeth he felt all resistance die. He still didn't understand what was going on, but he didn't care anymore. His mouth and arse belonged to Slug and that was as it should be.



James and Sally watched the yard out of their office window. Slug and Sam were loading wagons stripped to the waist, sweat dripping off their bald heads in the hot summer sun. Watching them walk, Sally couldn't help noticing how similar they were. Both men were shaved smooth all over, and had prominent beer guts. Slug had worked hard feeding Sam up with junk food and beer, and there was no trace of the muscular well toned body he used to be so proud of. The tattooing was now complete, and Sam now sported a complex design of tattoos down both his arms and across his chest and back. Both his ears had large 000 gauge flesh tunnels in the earlobe and many other rings decorated his face and body.

As Sam and Slug finished work, they both had a cigarette and Sally thought it was funny that they smoked them in exactly the same way. As they walked off, they even moved the same way.

"Well," said James. "What a difference a couple of years makes. I never thought Joanne and Barbara could pull this off, but they look the same, walk the same talk the same, and even dress the same."

"That was the general idea," said Sally. "Slug was already a gay sadist so it only required a little bit of prompting on his part, and Sam is trapped in a world he hates but wants desperately. He has no choice but to look, talk and act like an uneducated thug, even though inside he feels the same way as he always has. The only thing we really did was take his love of power and control and turn them on its head. Instead of being in control he now needs to be controlled. A fitting punishment I would have thought."

"You really are an evil cow, Sis."

"I know. That's why you love me."

The end