Swap Around

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I'm a trickster. I love to play jokes on people but sometimes they can go a bit wrong. Take this guy I work with called John. He used to be your typical uptight straight office jock, interested in sports, ladies and looking good. He did annoy me a lot of the time as he was so anti gay at times, but he was ok if you got him on his own. Not any more though, and its all my fault. Let me tell you about it.....

Our local gay club was having a talent show and John had come along with me for moral support. I had wanted someone to be there who I knew was a good subject for my hypnosis act and having previously hypnotised John once at a party I knew he was a good subject.

When It came time for my act I got up on the stage and asked for a volunteer. John immediately put his hand up and of course I picked him. The induction went well enough and I soon had him in a deep trance, his head on his chest answering all my questions. After the usual routine of making him cluck like a chicken and bark like a dog some big bloke in the audience started to heckle me and complain that it was all a fix.

I looked at the guy and he was your typical fat grunting leatherman. Shaved head with a full black beard and wearing a full leather uniform, his huge gut strained over the belt. He had high, heavy leather boots with a whip sticking from the top of one of them. The tribal tattoos on his head sweeping down his neck and thick rings in his ears and septum, along with a pierced eyebrow, lip and tongue gave the impression of this man being dangerous. Put that together with the black, yellow and red handkerchiefs in his pocket and the chains hanging from his shoulder on the master side, and this was not a man to be messed with.

He was actually getting quite obnoxious and complaining that it was all a set up so I looked at him, and then invited him up on stage.

After questioning him closely, he agreed that I could try to hypnotise him, but he swore to the audience that it was going to be impossible. I just looked at him until he went quiet, then told him to sit down in the chair in front of me.

Taking out my pocket watch (I was always a sucker for the old fashioned props) I started swinging it slowly in front of him. I kept my voice quiet so that he had to strain to hear me properly and gradually he went into a trance.

"Can you hear me?" I asked.

"Yes, I hear you"

"What's your name?"

"Dave" he replied in a slow gruff voice.

"Ok Dave, you can hear my voice and my voice only. Look in the corner and you will see another man, his name is John."

"Yes I see him."

"Ok Dave, in a moment I will count to three and clap, and you will wake up. When you wake up, you will believe that you are John. I will have swapped your souls round but not your knowledge. The only memories you will be able to access are those of Dave, but you will feel everything like it is brand new. However, you will be attracted to your old body. you have a connection and would love to fuck it senseless. Do you understand your instructions?"

Dave nodded and repeated them back to me.

"One more thing Dave, when I clap and count backwards from three to one you will immediately go back into the state you are in now. Only I can put you back to sleep. If anyone else does it there will be no effect. Do you understand?"

Dave nodded again and I left him with his head bowed on his chest.

I then called John over and gave him the same instructions with obvious variations. He would think that he used to be Dave, was terribly attracted to his old body, and wanted nothing more than to be fucked rigid by him. I also added the twist that he was submissive and obedient to Dave. John had pissed me off a few times with his comments about arse bandits and shit stabbers and I wanted him to see what it was like to be intensely attracted to another man to the point that his arse twitched at the thought of a big fat cock going up there.

This is, unfortunately where it all went horribly wrong. I had only intended them to feel like that for the duration of the session. I hadn't counted on a clumsy moron deciding to use the stage as a short cut from the bar back to his table in the corner. As I reached the word three and clapped, this idiot slipped over on a pool of beer and banged straight into me. I went flying and somersaulted off the stage and cracked my head on the corner of a table. I felt this horrible agonising pain, saw a blinding flash of light, and blacked out. The next thing I knew I was waking up in hospital a week later with several stitches in my head and an olympic sized hangover.

It was another week before I could leave the hospital and get back to work, and I was fretting over John and Dave. I knew something was going to happen but I didn't know what it was going to be. Fortunately no one from work knew about my little sideline and didn't connect me with John. They all knew I was gay and Johns feelings about that so when I arrived on the Monday morning and saw his empty cubicle people just looked at me normally when I asked where he was.

"John, oh he came in a couple of weeks ago and cleared out his desk. He didn't look himself to be honest. You know how he always liked to look sharp and well dressed, he came in all unshaved in a pair of jeans and an old motor bike jacket and told us we could stick our job up our arses, he was off. And no ones been able to contact him since" said the girl in the next cubicle to him. "And I swear he stank of beer and smoke, which is unusual. You know he always made such a big fuss about people smoking round him."

This was the point at which I started to panic, and pleading a sick headache at lunchtime I went round to his flat. It was empty. I peered through a window and all the furniture was gone. It was totally bare, as though no one had ever lived there. A neighbour saw me peering and I told her I was a friend looking for John.

"Oh, he left over a week ago. The house clearance people came and emptied it a couple of days ago. He gave me the key and a letter for the landlord with his last months rent. He's gone off somewhere, labouring I think he said. Something about it not feeling right being in an office and getting back to what he should be doing or something. I wasn't too sure. I think he was drunk myself. He did look a lot different to the way he normally did, I can tell you."

I looked at the man and hardly daring to speak, I asked what he meant, different.

"Well it was a bit of a shock to be honest. He had shaved his head completely bald, and had started to grow a beard. I can't remember if he had earrings in before, but these new ones he has, three in each ear and two at the top of his left looked a bit raw, as if he hadn't long had them. The weirdest one was the ring in his nose. Looked like something out of a pigs snout if you ask me. And what was with the chain padlocked round his neck? I thought that whole punk look had gone a long time ago. Mind you, he did sort of look like the big fat bloke waiting for him in the car outside when he gave me the key and the letter. Are they related?"

I cringed inside as I realised what I had done. They were obeying my instructions from before my accident and I had to try to put things right before it was too late.

But it was over a year before I saw them again....