Swapped Around: A Sequel to Swap Around

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Contains adult themes so don't say you haven't been warned!!

A note to loyal readers. This, and the prequel are an experiment. Its an idea I've had in my mind for a long time and I couldn't work out how to do it until now. If you love it, or if you hate it then please let me know at [email protected]

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Part One

"Three, two, one," CLAP!!

Dave woke up and looked at John. This was amazing, he knew every thought in his head was someone else's, but it felt so real. He knew he used to be John, every fibre in his body said this was all knew to him, but he didn't have any memories of his old life. It was as if his soul had changed shape to fill the Dave shaped hole and he was now someone else. At that moment the guy who had performed this miracle was sent flying from the stage and cracked his head open on the corner of a table. He was very still and there was blood everywhere.

Dave rubbed his freshly shaved head. It felt odd, but familiar at the same time. He knew he had shaved his head every day for the last thirty years, but somehow this was the first time he had felt it.

People were helping the guy who had fallen and someone was calling an ambulance. Dave remembered putting a few people in that condition, indeed he had spent a couple of years in prison for it, and didn't feel any urge to go help. Instead, he looked at his old body and felt his cock go rock hard in his tight leather pants. What he really wanted to do now this minute was to grab John by the hair and force him onto his knees before he pulled out his over sized cock and thrust all eleven inches down his throat, watching him gag on the taste of his unwashed stinking foreskin then choking as the prince Albert piercing caught the back of his throat.

John meanwhile was going through a similar set of feelings. He knew he used to be Dave, a rough sadistic master, but had no memories of it. Instead he was filled with memories of sex with women and working in an office. He saw his work colleague go flying off the stage and was filled with worry. Should he go help? But just then he saw Dave and stopped in his tracks. Damn that man was ugly. He couldn't believe he used to look like that. The weird thing was he couldn't take his eyes off him. His cock was rock hard inside his Calvin clein boxers and he wanted nothing more than to bend over for him to thrust his cock up his arse. But that wasn't right. He was straight. He didn't get attracted to other men.

Dave looked at John, then swaggered over to him.

"Looks like it worked, doesn't it boy?"

"What do you mean, boy?" said John indignantly.

"Just what I said. I'm the fucking daddy now. I have your fucking life and you wish you still had it, don't you?"

"I wish I still had your life" replied John, his conditioning to obey clicking in.

"From now on, you call me Boss or Daddy. My name's Dave, but everyone calls me Bruiser. For obvious reasons. If you have to refer to me to anyone else, you refer to me as Bruiser. Understand me boy?"

"Yes Boss, I do".

"Good lad. From now on I'll call you Spud. Now lets get out of here and back to my hotel. You have a busy weekend ahead of you".

With that, the two men left the bar and the chaos of the ambulance and paramedics. By the time anyone thought to check on them they were long gone.


Part Two

John walked into work and went straight to his desk. He felt so weird now. All weekend he had been used and abused by Bruiser. He had been tied up, whipped until he was raw, fucked, taught to drink his bosses piss, and clean every inch of his heavily tattooed body with his tongue. He still shuddered at the enormous cock he had been forced to suck at regular intervals. It was like the man never washed. The foreskin trapped a surprising amount of stale piss as well as cheese. The thick ring in the end made him want to throw up every time it banged the back of his throat but Bruiser had ordered him to take it all without gagging so he had managed somehow. He was even starting to look forward to it, to be honest. Bruiser had told him he would love sucking his cock and strangely he did. He was even getting a major hard-on at the thought, again just as Bruiser told him he would. He was learning to smoke now, and that was really strange. He hated smoking, and had told Bruiser as much. Bruiser just looked at him and said that any slave of his had to smoke. It didn't matter how much he didn't like it, but he was going to learn. John could smell the smoke clinging to him as he walked into the office. Bruiser had told him to go and jack his job.

His exact words were "Go and tell them to stick their job up their arse" and laughed. He then tied John to the bed and disappeared for several hours, returning with several carrier bags.

"I've decided I don't like you wearing those fucking prissy clothes, Spud" said Bruiser. "From now on I want you dressing like a real man".

From the carrier bags Bruiser pulled out some cheap t-shirts and jeans. From another came a battered pair of army boots, and from the last a very old battered motorcycle jacket.

As John cleared his desk after quitting his job, he felt all eyes on him. It wasn't surprising really, as he hadn't shaved at all that weekend and his beard was thick on his face. He was usually immaculately presented but he felt scruffy and dirty in his boots biker jacket and jeans. Nodding goodbye to the girl in the next cubicle he walked out of the office, a chapter of his life closing forever.

Outside, Bruiser was waiting for him.

"Got a treat in store for you Spud my boy, And you are going to love it. I've decided that beard looks good on you, so I forbid you ever to shave your face again. I want to see how long and thick we can get it. Instead, I'm taking you to have your head shaved".

John looked at Bruiser in surprise and rubbed his face. He hated being bearded. But just the thought of losing his facial hair made him cringe. He had given up being surprised at what a total bastard his old body was. If the way he had been treated over the weekend had proved anything, it was that he couldn't resist his new boss in anything. No matter what was done to him or what he was told to do, there seemed to be a deep connection that stopped him from resisting.

Bruiser led him down a narrow alley and to a plain door. The only thing that made it look like a shop was a small plaque saying "Transformations" in the middle. Just before they walked in Bruiser looked at John and said "Spud, I'm going to make some changes to you and I want you to be glad of them. I want you to look a certain way as my slave and this is the first step."

"Whatever you say boss. I'm up for it" replied John, surprising himself.

As they walked through the door Bruiser led the way to a counter where he pressed a small bell. A bald young man in a barbers smock appeared and Bruiser handed him a card from his back pocket.

"Oh yes, we were expecting you sir" said the barber. "This will take a couple of hours so if you would like to take a seat, we will have your boy altered to your specifications".

And with that, he took Johns hand and led him into the back of the shop.


Part Three

John was led down a corridor into a white tiled room. In the middle was a large old fashioned barbers chair with straps on each arm.

"If you could just undress please, all the way. Totally naked."

John complied, then was seated in the chair and the straps tightened round his wrists.

The barber picked up a set of clippers and with a loud clack, turned them on. John felt the blades biting into his hair. As the barber ran them through his trendy salon cut he saw large clumps of hair falling in front of his face onto the floor. Back and forth the clippers went until there was nothing left except a fine stubble all over his head. The barber then brushed away all the fine hair that had stuck to John, then fetched warm damp cloths from a machine in the corner and wrapped Johns head in them.

After about ten minutes the cloths were removed and hot lather was spread thickly over the stubble. After stropping an evil looking cut throat razor, the barber proceeded to shave what was left until the head was smooth and glossy. After wiping it clean of any remaining foam, he coated the head with a thick cream which was slowly absorbed until nothing was left but a dry shiny scalp.

"That cream is a hair inhibitor. You should only need to shave every month or so for the next few months. I'll give your boss a supply so he can do you once a month. Within a year you should be totally, permanently bald".

With that, the barber fetched a trolley filled with sharp needles and rings. Wiping Johns left ear with an antiseptic solution he proceeded to pierce his ear lobe three times with rings closed with balls, the repeated the procedure with the right ear. Then, at the top of his left ear he put a couple of smaller rings. Turning his attention to Johns nose, he quickly thrust a needle through the center of it and while John was still gasping with pain replaced the needle with a thick ring. Johns eyes were streaming and his nose was throbbing so much he hardly felt the clamp on his left nipple but then the pain of the piercing made him gasp again. Quickly piercing the right nipple the barber grabbed Johns cock and said

"Now this one might hurt" and quickly fitted John with a prince Albert ring straight through the piss hole coming out underneath.

"All done now, you can relax" said the barber undoing the straps that had prevented John from escaping before everything was done.

John slowly dressed, feeling every slight breeze on his smooth head. The earrings swayed as he moved his head and he throbbed on various place. As he saw himself in the full length mirror he gasped. He looked so different now! Even his own mother wouldn't have recognised him. He finally realised what Bruiser was doing and a tear trickled down his face. Bruiser was making him over to be as much like him as possible. Just then, the door opened and Bruiser walked in. Grabbing John by the head, he thrust his pierced tongue into Johns mouth and snogged him. John could feel Bruisers hard cock rubbing against his, and was surprised to find he was just as aroused.

"Fucking awesome Spud. I'll soon have you looking the way you used to. You want that don't you? I'm going to help you become the man you used to be if I have to force you every step of the way. You want to be my slave, then its on my terms. I like men who look like me. So get down on your knees and take my sign of ownership."

John knelt down and Bruiser pulled out a length of chain and a padlock. Wrapping the chain round Johns neck, he clicked the padlock shut. He then pulled out a legal form and a pen and told John to read it then sign it. As he did so, John saw it was a name change form. He was signing to lose his old name and legally become Spud Bruisersboy. John signed in the places indicated and Bruiser and the barber both signed as witnesses. Spud looked up at his new master and smiled.

"Come on then Spud, lets get you back to your place. I've arranged for a house clearance company to come empty it tomorrow so you need to give the key to a neighbour. Oh, you will need to give a months rent in lieu of notice too. Better keep it all legal.

"Then it's off to Leeds for your new life working with me as my labourer. I'm sure you'll pick it up soon enough".

Spud followed his new master and sighed. Everything was swapped around now and he supposed he would have to get used to it.