Knowing I'm Gonna Get Fucked 6 (mm)

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After our talk in the squad car I didn't get to see Jack for a few days. I was still thinking about what he'd told me. I wondered if he still had the place in St. Thomas. Every time I saw Justin I thought about what his dad had told me, and it was a funny feeling, knowing all that stuff about the Sheriff when his own son didn't know. When Justin lagged behind in the showers and was one of the guys waiting for me I wondered how much he really knew about his dad, or if he ever thought about him while he fucked me. The Walkers were definitely getting under my skin. Still, I was anxious to meet the new deputy Jack had told me about.

"It's awfully nice for the sheriff to come pick you up," Mom was saying as I watched out the window.

"Just as long as the neighbors don't think they're hauling you off to jail," Dad drawled.

My sister, Lisa, piped up, "Wouldn't it be great if they took him away in handcuffs!"

I smacked her on the back of the head and went back to the window. I was so excited I had to go to the bathroom. I was in the middle of pissing when my sister called out, "He's here!" I tried to rush it.

"Oh, he's cute!" she cried, giggling. "Never mind, I'll get the door."

I came out of the bathroom just as she was opening the front door and I could see the deputy coming up the sidewalk. "Holy Shit!" I thought, and quickly prayed it didn't show on my face. He was drop dead gorgeous, probably six four, 230 pounds of perfectly put together muscle, huge chest, shoulders as wide as a barn door and a waist like a teenager. I noticed how his uniform shirt hugged the solid looking column of his thick neck, and the veins in it.

He removed his hat as he approached the door, revealing a sexy buzz cut and snappy dark eyes set in an incredibly handsome face. I took in his massive thighs bulging and flexing against his pants and sucked in a deep breath of air, realizing I'd been holding my breath. Suddenly I realized it was the guy I'd seen at the gas station a week ago. He looked even better than I remembered.

"I'm here to pick up Kenny."

"Did you bring your handcuffs?" my sister asked.

I pushed her aside. "I apologize for my sister. She escaped and somehow found her way home."

His laughter almost made me cum in my shorts.

I went out the door before my family discovered all about me from my face, and followed the hunky deputy to the squad car. I had a hard time not looking to the side, I wanted so bad to see his butt, but I knew my sister and probably my mother were watching from the window. He opened the front door for me to get in.

I hesitated. "Shouldn't you be sitting in the front seat?" I asked.

"This is your ride," he said, motioning for me to get in.

I climbed in front with the sheriff. The deputy got in the back seat, behind the steel grating that separated the front and back seats.

"Glad you could make it," the sheriff said.

"Everybody was really excited that you came to pick me up," I said.

He drove through the city, heading out of town. "The city really isn't our jurisdiction," he explained. "We patrol more on the rural roads."

"Can you pull somebody over in town or on the highway?" I asked.

"We can step in anyplace we see a crime or an emergency situation, but then we turn it over to the proper authorities, the city police or the state police.

We were on a two lane blacktop with the moon shining brightly on the fields, when Sheriff Walker pulled off to the side of the road.

"I think you ought to see what it's like to ride in back," he said.

"Like a common criminal?"

"Except you won't be handcuffed or shackled," he said, motioning for me to get out.

"Don't count on it," the deputy said from the back.

I got out of the car and opened the back door to a real shocker. The deputy was naked!! My shock made me hesitate. He smiled and waved me in. I got in the back seat with him, so excited and nervous I was shaking, and wondering if the Sheriff knew he had taken off his clothes. Surely he did. I was thinking this was all set up just for me. I even forgot to close the door.

The deputy laughed and leaned over me to pull it shut. I gasped as I felt his warm, naked body against me, the weight of his cock on my arm. It felt so heavy.

Sheriff Walker pulled back onto the road. I was so nervous I couldn't speak. I was sure the ride would involve sex of some kind but I wasn't expecting this. And I was shocked somewhat into silence by the man's mere presence in the seat. He was as massive naked as he appeared in his uniform. He was virtually a mountain of muscle.

"Am I getting the silent treatment?" he asked with a broad smile, revealing his bright white smile in the soft light of the moon.

"I d-don't know w-what t-to say," I stammered.

"Why don't we just not talk, then," he said as he tugged on my shirt.

I raised my arms so he could pull it off, my excitement mounting by the second. My cock was fast coming to life. He took off my shoes next, then reached for my belt. When he had my jeans open he told me to raise up so he could pull them off of me. For some stupid reason I held onto my shorts, and he didn't try to take them off of me. Then he lay back in the seat, leaning against the door and brought his right leg up. I ducked out of the way and he brought his leg behind me. I turned in the seat, taking a sweeping look at his body. My eyes fell to his cock. He wasn't completely hard but he was starting to swell up, and his manhood was already as impressive as the man himself.

I leaned down and nuzzled his cock, drank in the sweet smell of him. He hunkered up in my face and I licked his cock. He put a hand on my head and lifted his cock up. I took it in my mouth.

"Awww, yeahhhhh," he moaned softly.

I sucked him lovingly--he was a man to be made love to, a man to be worshiped. I stroked his wet cock as I sucked his balls, and he humped his butt up off the seat. When he did that I licked under his balls.

"You want my ass?" He asked as he slouched further in the seat and brought his legs up, one across the back of the seat, the other one against the steel grating. I went to work on his ass, knowing, or suspecting that he'd never had this done before. He loved it. But then the Sheriff stopped us.

"Bring your legs down, that's gonna attract too much attention," the sheriff said.

As the deputy lowered his legs, I rose up and urged him to turn over. He turned on his stomach with his right knee on the floorboard, his butt sticking up perfectly for me but out of sight. While he moved into position I shucked my boxers. I dove in again. It was even better because his butt was spread apart even more. He loved being rimmed but he wanted his cock sucked some more. I crawled under him on the seat, on my back so he could fuck my face. I loved his cock, the size, thickness, the meaty texture of it. And the way he moved his hips excited me even more. But he wanted more.

"Sheriff says you like to be fucked," he said huskily over his shoulder.

I murmured around his cock as he was raising up to pull it out of my mouth.

"You wanta get fucked?" he asked as he got up to sit in the seat.


There was a tapping on the grating and we looked to see a small tube being thrust through the grating.

"That's the reason he's the Sheriff, always prepared," the deputy joked as he uncapped the lube.

"Hold on a second, Deputy," Jack interrupted. Me and him both looked toward the front.

"What's....wrong, Sheriff?" he asked. He seemed as impatient as me to get to the fucking.

"You can't just shove your cock in him," Jack said. His eyes flashed to mine in the rearview mirror, trying to convey something, I thought, but I wasn't sure what. "Is he big, boy?" he asked me.

"Uhh.....Yeah," I said, sounding confused as I reached over to fondle the guy's cock. It was still wet with my spit.

"Big as me?"

What a question. I squeezed my hand around the thick stalk. It was nice, very thick. But I hadn't met any man that could match the Walker dick. Damon was the only guy built bigger.

"Almost. Kinda like a beer can, only taller," I finally answered. It was the best I could come up with to spare the deputy's ego, besides it was true.

"Then you must have a big cock, Brady." Jack called the guy by name and I blushed to realize I hadn't even really met him. I wondered if Brady was his first or last name. "Now I told you Kenny's special and I don't want you hurting him. You've got to open his ass up, make it good for him. Don't you eat pussy before you fuck it? I'm sure the Marines taught you that."

With that I understood what the Sheriff had been trying to tell me. I remembered that we had a purpose here; we were trying to seduce Brady so Jack could get in his pants later. I should be doing something to get Brady more fully into the man-sex scene and less worried about getting his dick inside me.

"Well.....yeah, I generally do," Brady sputtered, sounding uncertain.

"It's the same with a guy. Go ahead, Kenny, show him your sweet little asshole."

There wasn't much room in the back seat for two big guys, especially with one as big as Brady. Lucky I was flexible. I rested my right shoulder on the seat, close to the door as I could get, with my head hanging down. I crawled on my knees forward on the seat until my ass was up and I was bent nearly in two. I put my left leg down with my foot on the floorboard, that knee up by my head. It was awkward but left my hole open and pointed right at Brady. While I was getting into position the Sheriff continued talking to Brady.

"You probably think it's gross, putting your mouth on a guy's ass, but I'm here to tell you, Brady, I've been there. I've had my tongue up the kid's ass and it's not how you'd think. He's clean so you don't need to worry about that. So just try it, see how you like it. It's the best way to get him loose and wet so you can fuck 'im. You gotta make him want it, Deputy." Jack's deep voice was having its effect on both of us.

With some reluctance, Brady moved into position and I felt the heat of his breath over my asscrack, followed by the brush of cool air as he sucked in through his nose. Thank God I'd come prepared; I was freshly showered and squeaky clean. Brady was in position but he hadn't touched my ass, as if he were waiting for further instructions from the Sheriff.

"You see how small and tight that hole is?" Jack continued with his play-by-play from the front. "Go ahead and touch his ass, spread those cheeks apart."

Brady's big hands wrapped around my ass, the thick fingers digging in.

"He's got a nice ass, huh? Like two ripe melons, but hard, right? Get in there and taste it, Deputy."

Jack's voice was like a hypnotist's, low and even, but with a ring of authority that Brady seemed helpless to obey. Brady didn't say a word. I felt the roughness of his slightly whiskered face press against the inner slopes of my butt then his tongue tentatively lap along the sides of my crack, a little shy of the actual center. I could see Jack jockeying for the right angle to watch in his mirrors.

"Yeah, get in there. He's going to be so fucking tight when you get your cock in him. Tight and hot, like sticking your dick in a furnace."

Whether it was Jack's voice or the taste of my ass, Brady became a lot more eager once his tongue swished over my puckered ring and he heard me groan. He pulled my hole open and used his tongue to gouge in and I relaxed enough to let him do it. Fuck, it felt good and I groaned harder.

"That's it, Brady. You hear him moaning? That's what you wanta hear. You gotta make the boy hot for it. Kenny loves getting fucked and you're gonna love fucking him, but he has to be ready."

Brady let the words carry him away and began fucking me with his tongue.

"Can you believe that little hole's gonna swallow your big cock?" Jack's question came low and deep, his voice getting husky, but loud enough to hear over the static and crackle of the police radio. It made both of us moan in the back seat.

"Get him nice and slick, then slide a finger in there with your tongue, Deputy," he said a minute later. "Start getting him ready to be split open." Brady did as he was commanded, letting his spit carry the finger in deep. "Feel around in there; not too far in there's a hard little lump... towards the front. You'll know when you find it. Press on it, you'll feel it respond." Brady's finger dug around and then he found my prostate, pushed on it hard. It forced a choked gasp out of me. Jack must've heard it too.

"That's it, I can tell you found it," he said. "That's what makes it feel good. Work it, but not too hard, don't make him cum. You just keep doing it and he'll start begging you to fuck him." Brady pressed against it harder and my ass clenched tight around his finger, pushing out his tongue. He worked the bundle of nerves with his finger, the same spot Jack and his son were so good at manipulating.

"Fuck, Sheriff, his ass is going crazy," Brady said in awe.

"Damn right. Put another finger in there. Work him up, Brady."

Even though I was practically in another world I heard the slide of Jack's zipper. It made me even hornier to think of him taking his big cock out and jacking off while he drove and watched us in the rearview mirror.

Brady slipped another finger in beside the first. He used them to fuck me, stopping every couple strokes to work my hot button with his fingertips. I moaned and wriggled for him, groaning and panting because he was getting me close. "Fuck me, Brady," I croaked from my bent up position.

Sheriff Walker laughed.

"I think he's ready for it, Sheriff." Brady sounded as out of breath as I was.

"Yeah, he is. Ease up on the fingers and go for it, Deputy."

Brady pulled his fingers from my ass and scooted back. I dropped out of my hunched over position and perched on the edge of the seat to look at him. Sweat glistened between his meaty pecs in the reflected light from the screen up front. His big cock reared up against his abs, leaking like a faucet onto his belly. When I looked up at his face he had a big feral grin stretching his lips.

"You ready for this?" he asked and used his thumb to make the cock stand out.

"Fuck, yeah!" I gritted out. I climbed between his spread legs, in the center of the back seat.

Finding the tube the Sheriff had passed back to us he lubed up his cock then squeezed some more on his fingers. I raised up and jutted my ass back to be lubed up. I was anxious to feel his thick cock inside me. I grabbed hold of the grating, reaching out wide, where the handcuffs were hanging and took hold of them.

"You like handcuffs?" Brady asked.

"I don't know, I never......" I didn't finish. He was reaching around me, taking my hand to clamp the cuff around my wrist. Then he cuffed my other wrist.

"There, you're not going anywhere," he said.

"Shit," Jack hissed from the front.

I looked over and saw that he did have his big cock out and in his right hand. He used his left to steer.

Me being cuffed apparently turned him on. I tugged on the cuffs and made them rattle against the grating, pulling myself up in front of him, poised over Brady's cock. He clasped my hips and guided me down. I set my asshole firmly onto the head of his cock and he urged me down, actually pulled me down onto his cock. I winced and gasped as he penetrated me but he kept pulling me down till my butt was nestled snugly against him. All I could hear was the three of us breathing hard and the static coming off the radio, turned down low.

"Godd.....that feels like a beer can," I whispered.

"But you like it," he said with a chuckle, nudging up against me.

"You were right, Sheriff. Hot and tight, squeezing all over my dick. Oh man, kid, it's all yours to do with whatever you want. Fuck yourself silly."

I practically did. He helped, but I did most of the work, pulling myself by the cuffs and slamming down on his cock in a steady rhythm. It was an awesome fuck and I was going a little bit crazy. He'd primed me really good.

"Hey, I don't want cum all over the car back there," Jack growled. There was a soft rattle and I saw he was holding a condom through the grating. I took it between my teeth and turned my head to give it to Brady. He ripped open the packet and rolled the condom down over my cock and we resumed fucking.

"Is that feeling good for you, Kenny?"

I looked up and met Jack's eyes in the mirror. Knowing he was watching made it even better, made it all seem so depraved but in a good way.

"Godd, Jack...," I could barely speak. I slammed my ass down viciously hard on Brady's cock, making it bounce off that hot spot inside me.

"How's it feeling for you, Brady?" the Sheriff asked.

"Christ, Sheriff, I can't believe it. I've fucked a lot of pussy but I never had anything as tight and hot and wild and wooly as this." Brady ran his hands over my flexing thighs then up to my abs and chest, feeling how tight my pecs were from the stretch of my cuffed arms. "Slow down a little," he murmured.

As I eased off on my furious pace Brady let his hands drift down and under my thighs. I let myself go still and he pulled back on the underside of my legs, in the spot just before they met my ass. Slowly he lifted my weight, pulling me up off his cock. Fuck he was strong, lifting my whole body like it was nothing. As the head of his cock approached the rim of my hole he let gravity take over and dropped me back down onto it. I pulled hard at the cuffs, my breath knocked out of me from the hard insertion.

"Yeah, that's it, fuck him on your cock," Jack commanded in a steely voice. Brady repeated the move with just as much ease. I was ready for it but he still managed to make me choke out a whimpered groan.

"Jesus, Brady, you're making his eyes roll up," the Sheriff said.

"I can't believe he can take it so hard like that." He was lifting and dropping me on his thick stake faster and faster. "And he's still so tight." If he was having any trouble lifting me I couldn't hear it in his voice. I relaxed into the hold of the cuffs and let Brady do all the work, pushing me closer to the brink. The condom on my cock stretched tighter around my aching shaft. I loved hearing them talk about me.

"Hey, Sheriff, take us out to Gravel Pit Road," Brady told him.

I didn't know what was on the Gravel Pit Road but the Sheriff chuckled and made a turn. I soon found out when he made another turn a couple of miles down the road and Brady let me down to sit with his cock fully impaled inside me. Gravel Pit Road was like a washboard. Brady held me down tight against his loins, so his cock was embedded as deep as possible and we rode the road.

"Ohh.....Ohhh, my godd......Awwwhhh, fuck.....," I cried. I couldn't shut up. Rumbling over the road was like a hundred fingers tapping all over my prostate and I couldn't stop it or even slow it down. I went crazy. I shot my load.

I could feel the condom filling up. I was about half way into my climax when I felt Brady's cock erupt deep inside me and that made me cum even harder. The last half mile or so, before the Sheriff turned off the road, my love nut felt like it was being obliterated.

I collapsed as he turned back onto the blacktop, literally hanging from the cuffs.

"Holy fuck, we gotta do this again sometime," Brady said, also gasping for air.

The sheriff was laughing.

Brady uncuffed my wrists and helped me raise up. No matter what the Sheriff had said, I felt cum draining out of my ass and it was all over the seat when I sat down, and probably on the floor.

"Geezuss, it smells like sex all the way up here," Jack said.

"We've got a little clean up to do back here," Brady said.

When I removed the condom Brady reached for it. "I wanta tie it off before we toss it out, so it don't get all over the car or the windows. Geezuss, you filled this thing!" he said.

"You forced it out of me," I said.

"Get straightened up back there, we're heading in," Jack said.

"What about you?" I asked. If he hadn't gotten off his dick had to be hurting by now.

"I took care of it," he said and held up a full condom of his own. "Watching the two of you, I couldn't hold back." He went to toss it out the window but I stopped him.

"No, wait, I.... I wanna... keep it," I admitted. His eyes met mine in the mirror for a second, with a tight smile.

"Okay," he finally said. He used his knee to keep the wheel straight and quickly tied the rubber off and put it on the passenger seat. I collapsed back beside Brady, exhausted.

"Holy shit, kid, that's gotta be the best fuck I ever had," he said breathlessly.

"I'm glad it was good for you, too," I said. While I pulled on my clothes and Brady got into his uniform I wondered if we'd made any real headway with the big deputy, or if this was only what he said; the best fuck he'd ever had. I figured I'd let the Sheriff make the next move with Brady.

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