Knowing I'm Gonna Get Fucked 8 (mm)

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I didn't even remember how many of the deputies I took on or how many times I was fucked. When some of them came back for seconds, I lost count. All I knew was, my ass was numb. I'd sat on the toilette for quite awhile afterwards to let the cum drain out so it wouldn't soak into my shorts and jeans.

When I got back to town the sun had set and I called my parents to let them know I got held up at Mrs. Jenkin's and I'd stop to get dinner. I drove out to Miller's Drive-In, the town's only drive-in fast food place, fully expecting to grab a bite to eat then head on home. I went through the drive through to get my order then pulled around back where the lighting wasn't as good and backed into a spot at the far end of the lot. It was almost dark back there under the overhanging trees, a good place to see who was coming and going without being seen. There were a couple more cars and a pickup parked along the back, not close by, and I couldn't recognize them. I was finishing my burger and slurping the last of a coke when I saw two guys coming toward me. I saw it was Justin, with another guy I didn't know but would like to. He was tall and lean, with a shock of sun-blonde hair, he looked like a California surfer.

"Hey Kenny," Justin said as they approached the car.

"Hi. What's happening?" I asked through my open window. I reached back and stuffed the trash in the bag I kept in the back seat.

"Not much so far, just looking for something to happen," he said. "This is my cousin, Michael Porter. Michael, this is Kenny, my teammate."

We exchanged polite greetings as I stuck my hand out to grip his. He had nice hands. Big, with long, thick fingers. I was eye level with Justin's crotch, I had to look up at Michael's and I liked what I saw. I wondered......naw, better cool it, I thought. Didn't want to embarrass Justin.

"Any of the guys been around?" I asked. Just then I saw Luis loping toward us. He went around to the other side and climbed in my car.

"Hey, Kenny, how's it hanging?" he said as he reached over and playfully groped my crotch.

I didn't know what to make of it, him doing that right in front of Justin's cousin, but it was so playful, maybe he didn't mean anything by it.

"You've met Michael," he said.

"Yeah, just now."

"What do you think?" he asked in a quieter tone.

"What do you mean, what do I think?" I asked with a frown.

"You like what you see?"

"Damn, Luis, what're you saying?" I hissed softly.

"I'm saying he wanted to meet you."

"He.....knows? You guys told him?"

"He knows about somebody, he just doesn't know that somebody is you," Luis said. "If you want him to know, just reach out and brush your hand over the front of his cargo shorts."

"And get a fist in my face? Somehow, Luis, I think I need more than your word on that."

"Okay, I'll do it and he'll think it's you."

Before I could stop him he was reaching across and out the window to grope the front of the big guy's shorts. I quickly reared back from the window to avoid the fist that I fully expected to come through. Instead, I heard him say, "Aww, man, you weren't kidding, were you, Cuz?" to Justin. And the next thing I knew he was unzipping his fly.

Luis leaned back in the seat, laughing while I watched that big, sexy hand haul out a beautiful oversized hunk of meat. I couldn't believe he was doing it right there in the parking lot but we were back in the dark shadows and nobody could see unless they came back there where we were. I gaped as he presented his love muscle across the palm of his hand. I noticed Justin move around to stand with his back to the parking lot, leaning against my car. At least that would provide some cover, I thought.

"Fuck, would you look at that!" Luis exclaimed. "Shit, I think he's bigger than me."

"I think you might be right," I said though my slobbers. I was so excited I had to wipe the drool on my forearm. Michael moved his hand to let his cock hang loose and jutted his hips forward, pressing himself against the side of my Corolla and his manhood inside my car. I lifted it up to my mouth--it was thick and heavy, a good seven inches long--but held it there for Luis to see.

"Holy Shit!"

"Yeah," I murmured as I took it in my mouth and began sucking him. I heard him moan deep in his belly.

"Aww, yeah, eat that big hunk of meat," Luis said, putting is hand on the back of my head. "I wanta see you take it all the way down."

I moaned and nodded. I could tell Luis was taking his own cock out while Michael's cock was growing in my mouth, pushing against my throat. The way it was growing, I wasn't making much progress with the length of meat separating my mouth from his pubes. I finally reared back to see how much he'd grown.....Godd, he must be over nine inches! I showed it to Luis.

"Holy Fuck! The guy is hung!" Luis sure enough had his cock out. Not just out, he had his jeans and shorts shoved down around his ankles.

I went back to sucking the beautiful hunk of meat that was poking through my window and Michael began fucking my mouth. It was a Walker dick for sure.

"Bet you would like to get fucked with that," Luis said as he groped my crotch again, this time a lot longer.

"MMMmnnn," I agreed.

"Why don't you let him fuck you?"

I slurped off his cock long enough to reply, "I can't let him fuck me here, stupid."

"Why not?"

"Look around, idiot, we're in the parking lot of Miller's Drive-in."

"I've got an idea," he said excitedly, and started undoing my jeans. I let him. He took off my shoes and struggled to get me naked from the waist down. I was thinking he wanted to fuck me while I was sucking Michael. I was wrong. "Okay, turn around and stick your butt up to the window," he said.

"Are you crazy!"

"Just do it! Surprise the dude."

I must have been the one who was crazy because, without thinking clearly, I did what Luis told me. I turned in the seat on my hands and knees and shoved up to set my butt squarely in the open window.

"Holy Fuck!" I heard Michael say. "You were right about him. He is hot to fuck." I felt hands on my butt and heard somebody spit then felt the warm stuff being worked into my ass. I figured it was Justin getting me ready for his cousin. "Man, I thought this kind of shit happened only in California."

I braced myself for the impalement. The position I was in and the size of Michael's cock, I knew he was going to go in deep. I felt the heat of his cockhead against my hole and felt the pressure behind it. It burst through and he sank some inches into my ass. I was gasping and sucking in air like a woman having a baby, almost shaking with excited anticipation. Luis scooted over closer, presenting his cock to me but I didn't take it right away. I could feel Michael's cock shoving deeper and deeper into my ass, then the tickling of his pubes, then his hard loins were pressing against my spread butt and his cock was throbbing somewhere like in my lungs.

"Oh, My Godd!" I groaned.

"You got it all?" Luis asked.

"All the fuckin' way to my lungs. Godd, dude, he's in deep."

Luis waved his cock at me. "Here's something to muffle the screams," he said. I leaned down and gobbled his warm, live cock, slurping up the precum that was oozing out.

"Holy shit, he's all wet inside," the cousin, Michael, said as he held his dick in deep and let it throb.

"He's probably been out getting fucked, maybe he was visiting Coach Baldwin," Justin replied.

"He gets fucked by your coach? Damn, that's wild."

"Yeah, Coach really likes Kenny's ass. But only when he thinks no one else is around."

"It's all good, Cuz, this kid's still tight. And all that cum inside feels amazing," Michael said. He started moving in long easy glides.

Maybe it was the element of surprise, or where it was happening, but in those moments it was the best fuck I'd had to date. Michael was no novice, he knew how to fuck. I squealed around Luis's cock when the big stud would drive into me with a corkscrew motion then twist his hips around, causing his cock to lob around inside me.

"Fuck, he must be reaming you a new asshole," Luis said. Michael even knew how to fuck like a Walker.

I didn't think it would last long because we were fucking in a public parking lot, but Michael fucked me for what must have been at least fifteen minutes. He fucked me long enough and hard enough that I was fighting to hold off, and sucking Luis's big cock wasn't helping matters any. It was a battle every time Michael shoved in and made his cock hammer my prostate. It was so hot I choked on the emotion. Suddenly he hit my panic button just the right way at just the right second and I was doomed to explode. I jerked off of Luis's cock.

"Oh Godd, Luis, I'm gonna cum! He's making me cum! I don't wanta cum all over the seat, quick, get something to catch it!"

"Fuck, man," Luis groaned as he searched frantically for something for me to shoot in.

"Grab my shorts!" I said. But at that same moment he growled, "What the fuck," as he was scrambling to do the unthinkable. I couldn't believe it, but Luis was crawling under me to take my load in his mouth!!

He was just in time. Maybe Michael felt my excitement in my ass; the next instant I felt his cock depositing warm spurts of cum deep in my guts A LOT of warm cum. I could feel it sloshing back around his cock and when the molten semen washed around my prostate it danced and quivered violently and I was cumming too.

Luis groaned with surprise and I heard him choke a little but he held onto my cock like a trooper. I didn't think he intended to but I quickly filled his mouth and felt him swallow.

The next moment was a black whirlwind. I was aware of voices outside the car, then my asshole being vacated and somebody said, "Fuck, look at the stuff running out his hole" and somebody else saying, "Yeah, look at it run down the door." Luis was diligently sucking out every last drop of my come and I felt him swallow once more before he crawled out from under me and leaned back in the seat with a loud sigh. I collapsed forward and twisted around in the seat and groped for my clothes.

"Thanks, man," I said to Luis.

"Fuck, I don't believe I just did that," he muttered. He reached over and grabbed my arm. "Hey, you don't tell anybody, okay?"

"Okay, I won't."

"Nobody. Not ever," he said.

"Okay. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody."

As I was scrambling to get my shorts and jeans back on, Michael leaned down to the window with a huge smile.

"Hey, thanks man, that was fuckin' awesome."

"Yeah, it sure was. Thanks to you too. Great cock you've got there. Nice load, too."

"You felt it, huh?" he said with a proud smile.

"Damn right."

"Listen, there's some running down your door, you might wanta clean it off," he said.

Justin leaned down with his smile and clasped my shoulder. "I'll be waiting for you in the showers on Monday. Later," he said to me and Luis then the two walked away.

Luis was pulling his clothes up. "Don't' ever fuckin' tell anybody I had your cock in my mouth."

"You did more than have my cock in your mouth and I thank you. I owe you," I said.

"Oh, fuck, if anybody ever found out......I cannot believe I did that," he continued to lament.

"I couldn't believe it either," I said. "But Luis.....what's the big deal? I mean, why does it matter so much?"

"I just sucked your cock, dude! I'm straight, and I just took a load of cum in my belly. That's not exactly straight stuff, is it?"

"Geezuss, Luis, doing it once don't make you gay."

"It does to everybody else if everybody else finds out," he said.

"I won't tell anybody," I said again. "Nobody. Not ever. You know I wouldn't do that. But chill out, Luis. You're not gay. You were just helping out a buddy." Suddenly I realized he was left high and dry as he was struggling to get his jeans buttoned up over his raging hardon. "Fuck, man, you didn't get off. I'll take care of it if you want me to."

"Naw, I'm okay. It'll go down," he said. "But I need to sit here for a minute till it does."

"Sure, no hurry."

We were quiet for a moment.

"Listen, I.....I came with someone else, but I can't get out with this hardon. Could you drop me off at home?"


I pulled out of the lot and headed back into town. I could sense Luis's discomfort.

"Luis, you're not gay!" I told him again.

"If I tell you won't laugh or think I'm weird," he said.


"Well, I.....uhh...I sort of liked doing that for you. I mean, your cock felt sort of good in my mouth for the very first time, and your load was......" He laughed. "Man, there was a lot of it. And it didn't taste like I thought it might. It tasted sort of good, in fact, I guess that's what made it so easy to swallow. And now I'm going to sleep tonight with a few hundred million of your little wigglies in my stomach. That's kind of awesome."

I couldn't help smiling. "I don't think they'll stay alive to wiggle very long in all that stomach acid," I said.

"But some of it....some of bound to be absorbed into my cells, like in the normal process of eating."

"I don't know. Maybe." He was sounding weird, even for Luis

"Just don't tell anybody," he said again.

"If you tell me one more time not to tell anybody I'm gonna rent a fuckin' billboard," I threatened as I pulled up in front of his house. I waited and wondered if he was going to get out.

Suddenly he reached over and squeezed my leg. "Listen, maybe you would like to come over sometime.....stay over."

"Yeah, I would like that."

I looked over at his house and it was dark, no lights on anywhere. "Aren't your parents home?" I asked.

"No, my dad works nights at the factory and my mom cleans businesses after they close for the day. They won't be home for a while." We were looking right at one another in the dark of my car. I felt a little bad for him. It had to be lonely in there. He must've seen something on my face because he said, "It's not so bad. Sometimes my sister and her husband come over. He's real cool, Miguel, you'd like him. He's really good looking."

Something about the way he said it made me wonder if he had a crush on his brother-in-law.

"You want me to come in for little while?" I asked, thinking he had to still be horny.

"You don't have to get home?" he asked.

I looked at the clock on the dashboard, it was just after eight. I pulled out my cell and called home for the second time. My dad picked up and I jumped right in, "Hey, Dad, can I study over at Luis' for a while? We have a big test tomorrow and I forgot all about it."

"Sure, just be home by ten," he told me. I nodded to Luis and gave him a thumbs-up.

"Thanks, dad, I won't be late." I hung up and opened my door as Luis opened his. "I gotta be home by ten," I said as we stepped out.

I followed him up to the front door as he dug his key out of his pocket. Once we got inside he led me straight back to his bedroom through the dark house. He flipped on the light and we sat on his bed. It was a little awkward but I leaned over and rubbed his bulge. He laid back on the bed while I got to unfastening his shorts. When I got them open I stood up and pulled them off along with his briefs and his sneakers. He sat up and I helped him with his shirt.

Without looking away from his eyes I purposefully took my clothes off. I was hell-bent on getting my cock in Luis' "straight" mouth again and I wanted him to know it. When I was as naked as him his eyes leapt down to my hard poker and his cheeks flamed up. I stroked over it for him to watch.

"Shit, dude," he whispered hoarsely.

I ran my thumb over the slit and spread the pre-cum over my head until it glistened. "Whatever happens here, Luis, I won't ever tell anyone. I swear."

His eyes darted up to mine and a look of inevitability washed over his face. He nodded once and scooted back onto the bed.

I got on and stopped him from going too far. I laid down on my side, facing him, but with my head to his crotch; mine was right in front of his face. His dick was hard as steel and the head was an angry reddish-purple where the foreskin had pulled back. He turned more onto his side and I grabbed his cock to bring it down to my lips.

I didn't take more than a few inches before I felt his lips wrap around my cock. Fuck, it felt good. It made me feel... triumphant. Luis was willingly sucking my cock! All my wondering and guessing was confirmed. I'd always known on some level that if any of my teammates felt even a little like me, it would be Luis. It made his lips feel even sweeter wrapped around the head of my prick.

I started out slow and Luis followed like a mirror image. I lapped all his pre-cum off the head of his cock and let my tongue linger over the little trigger where the underside of the head met the shaft. We both moaned around our mouthfuls as he repeated the move on me. I took more of him into my mouth, just a few inches and he did the same. I took a little more on the next stroke and started sucking. The way he mimicked me it was like giving myself a blowjob.

After some more long, sucking strokes I took him deeper until the head bumped up against the back of my mouth. Luis tried but pulled off coughing. I let him loose from my mouth and let him catch his breath.

"Just take it slow and easy. You have to fight off your reflexes. Try not to get nervous, dude, we have plenty of time."

"I never realized how big this thing is," he said. He held it in his hand, looking at it. I made it throb against his palm. He glanced down at me, holding his cock the same way. "Hell, it's the same size as mine." I looked between them and realized he was right. Different colors and textures, not to mention his extra skin, but roughly my cock was about the same size and shape as his.

"I guess so, never noticed before," I told him before taking his head back between my lips. I slid my lips all the way down to the curly black hairs around his base, his cock sank into my throat. He gave it another try. When the fat head met the entrance to his throat he just held it there, getting used to the feeling. I swallowed around his cock and he grunted around mine. I knew from experience that the more turned on you are the easier it is to do something you've never done before.

When he finally worked up the courage to swallow my cock I had to pull off of his to suck in a breath. Godd, it felt so good! He held me like that for several seconds before he retreated.

"Fuck, I don't believe I did it, took all that down my throat," he said.

"It felt great," I told him.

He tried it again, this time with a little more courage that made it easier. For a beginner Luis was picking it up pretty easy. We settled into an easy rhythm before I started moving my hips and urging him to do the same. Luis didn't seem to have any problem with me fucking his mouth.

In no time at all his cock was throbbing hard and I knew he was close. I pulled off and lapped at his hairy balls. I wasn't ready for him to cum yet. He pulled off and went after my balls too. It felt good but I wanted him back on my cock for the next lesson.

"Dude, get back on my cock. I'm not as close as you." I expected an argument but he didn't say anything as he slurped me back in to the base. I'd already cum four times that day and I had a special plan for my fifth load. I eased off on fucking his face and let him work on my bone, to get used to sucking cock.

The thing that made Luis a great short-stop was he was shorter than the rest of the guys. And he was quick but it was his shorter stature that made it easy for me to get my head between his legs. I licked back across his taint and his legs spread automatically. I used one hand to hold the top one up. That opened the path back to his asshole.

I followed the path, working my way back slowly. His ass smelled musky, a little sweaty and all male. It made my dick twitch in his mouth. I wetted the dark hairs along the inner slopes and when my tongue reached his tight hole he paused on my cock but he didn't pull off. When I twitched my tongue against the clenching muscles he swallowed me whole with a hard groan. Yeah, the Sheriff had taught me a few things.

I tickled the twitching hole with my tongue until it relaxed and began to open up, then I pushed into him. The ring kissed at my tongue and tried to suck it in. Damn, he probably had no idea how ready he was for what was going to happen. I pulled his hole wide open and fucked it with my tongue, getting it nice and wet. I pulled back to run it around the rim and felt his hole relax even more, but still clenching anxiously. I dipped into the depression and flicked my tongue over the sides. It made him moan around my cock like crazy, sending a hum into my balls.

With lots of spit laid down I stealthily slipped a finger into his ass. Luis paused again but like before he didn't pull off. I dug in deeper and felt around his slippery, satiny soft guts. The lump was easy to find. I rubbed the pad of my finger over it and felt Luis' body tighten. Just the spot I was looking for.

Knowing how I liked it best I prodded at it and then rubbed it, alternating strokes to keep him off balance. I could feel it quiver and twitch and Luis's body reacted the same way. He took my second finger easier than I would've expected, barely a murmur against my swollen shaft. He was working me up but having his ass to concentrate on kept me from going too close to the edge.

With two fingers in him, I started spreading his hole. I continued the attention with my tongue and started stroking my spread fingers in and out of him. He responded well, shoving his ass back on my fingers. Before long I added another, already anticipating how it would be the last. Between the friction of my fingers at his hole, the constant attention to his prostate and the lapping of my tongue, he was squirming around like crazy. I knew I had to be getting to him; he was practically fucking my fingers. I drew my mouth away to look at his cock, still hard and now a dark purple at the head. Won't be long, I thought to myself. The sound of him sucking air in through his nose, almost snorting, was getting louder and louder.

I was right about the timing. The next time I kissed at the spot where my fingers disappeared inside him he drew off my cock with an explosive gush of air. He hooked his upper arm around my ass and pushed his face into my pelvis, whimpering and panting.

"Christ, you're trying to make me want to get fucked, aren't you?" It was almost an accusation more than a question.

"Am I succeeding?"

He rolled onto his back and threw his forearm over his eyes. When he moved, my fingers rotated inside his hole and it made him groan. I dug the tips of all three fingers into his hot spot and his body froze before a shudder quaked all through him, making his ass clench tight around my fingers.

"You're a real motherfucker, Kenny," he finally said. Only he didn't sound angry.

"I know." I rubbed his prostate some more. He moaned and gasped and whimpered but never took his arm from over his eyes. "How am I doing?" I asked.

"Just fucking do it already," he groaned. "You're driving me crazy! Go ahead, fuck me!"

In a flash I was up and on my knees between his legs. There was a bottle of hand lotion on his nightstand, no doubt his jackoff lube. I reached over and pumped some into my free hand and slathered the thick white cream over my cock.

Slowly I pulled my fingers out of his ass. I slid the slick fingers of my other hand right over his hole to get the outside lubed. Then I pumped a couple of squirts into his hole before I wiped my hands against the sheet. I grabbed his knees and pushed them up to expose his ass. He finally took his arm off his eyes and looked up at me. I saw his fear and his longing. I was anxious to see his eyes when I entered him. I gave him a tight grin and he looked down at my cock where it arched out over his manhood.

"Can we do it like this?" he asked in a small voice and cut his eyes up to mine. I nodded that we could.

"It's going to hurt, isn't it?" he wanted to know.

I couldn't lie. "Yeah, at first. Then it'll feel... like, man, I can't even describe it. You'll have to experience it to find out." I used one hand to push my cock into place, feeling for his hole with my finger. Lined up, I took his knee again and spread his legs a little. I leaned forward and started putting pressure on his hole. His eyes widened.

There was a second of resistance when I thought it wouldn't go in then my head just slipped inward in a rush. The tight ring snapped around the flared ridge of my crown and a couple more inches sank into him before I could stop. His mouth flew open and his eyes tightened and he cried out as his hands flew to my thighs, pushing back. I knew where he was and held completely still to let him adjust.

It felt amazing, so fucking tight where his ass clenched around my shaft, it was almost painful. I knew he wasn't doing it on purpose, but he didn't know that the steady squeezing worked out the pain. I gritted my teeth and fought the urge to thrust. His warm insides called to me, quivering anxiously, but I knew if I hurt him now it would never happen again, and that was the last thing I wanted.

A red stain spread over his chest and the flush crept up into his neck and face.

"Breathe, dude. You need to relax and breathe, and push out with your ass a little," I tried to coach him. He took a deep shuddering breath and his hole fluttered around my cock. I sank a little deeper into him.

I had to squeeze my own eyes shut for a second because it was almost too much for me to bear. Going in so slow was pure torture. When I had myself under control I pulled out just a little and pushed in deeper. Luis' lips were tight with strain but I did it again. And again, going a little further each time. By the time I was buried almost to the hilt his eyes were open and watching me move. I gave him the full measure of my cock on the next thrust and he grunted as I sighed.

"Holy hell," he said.

"You're starting to feel it? The good part?" My cock felt his ass rippling all over it. I was glad I'd taken my time going in.

"Yeah, I can feel it," he breathed.

I'd make him feel it. That was my only thought, was to make Luis like being fucked.

And so, I fucked my first guy. I thought of all the things other guys had done to me, the things that made it so good. All the things that kept me coming back. I tried Tyler's short, deep strokes. I tried Justin's hard pounding. I tried Michael's corkscrew moves. I even tried Damon's move where he used just the head to fuck in and out of my hole. Luis went crazy under me with all of it, moaning and crying out, he thrashed and bucked back for more. The whole time I watched his lithely muscled body move for me and it made me feel like the man.

"Aww, ahh Godd," he practically screamed when I went from the shallow fucking to deep strokes. "I don't know if I wanna cry or cum. You're driving me insane."

"No, I'm making sure you want to do this again," I told him. I wanted him to feel the way only Justin and his dad could make me feel, like he'd been mastered. I put his legs over my shoulders and settled over him with my hands on the mattress on either side of his shoulders as I put my legs out behind us. In this position I found more depth, more leverage and greater strength. I felt like the victor, vanquishing my enemy, only Luis wasn't my enemy. But I still wanted him to feel vanquished. I held myself over him in a push-up. I let him know with my eyes that he was about to find out what it really meant to be fucked.

I started with an easy tempo, a stroke I could maintain for a long time. His ass was really open now and sucked me in with each plunge, grasped at my cock with each withdrawal. His hands and arms wound their way around my back and he clutched on to me as I fucked his brains out.

Gradually I worked to a faster speed, taking longer strokes. Almost all the way out and slamming back in so my hips slapped against his upturned ass. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out long and I aimed for his love-nut. His fingers dug into my back as I fucked him harder. I stared hard into his eyes then bent my head. His lips parted, maybe to protest my intent, and I pushed my tongue into his mouth. I fucked him with it as surely as I fucked his ass with my diamond-hard rammer. I still felt a slight protest from his lips but my tongue won out over his and he was kissing me back, and moaning with the pleasure of it. I could feel the intensity of the kiss all the way down to his ass.

When his ass clenched up around my pole and started spasming around it I could feel his prostate quivering, going crazy. I almost faltered but managed to keep pace. His cum shot out between us and he actually screamed. It echoed around the room with the sound of my flesh slamming into his. He pressed his face into my neck while his body convulsed and his cock fired round after round.

It was too much for me and I collapsed onto him as my cock swelled harder and cum gushed through it like liquid fire. I poured it all out into his body, hips stuttering into his, till I let my full weight down onto him. Amazingly he was still cumming, his cock still quivering between us and bolting out torrents of cum. My vision whited-out and I released my breath on a bellow, a mighty "Fuucckk!" that ricocheted off the walls of his bedroom.

Only when I felt the last shot fire into his overfull chute did I push myself up. The runoff from my load was backwashing out of his ass and dripping down onto my empty balls. They ached from the force of my orgasm. So did my asshole, and my butt muscles ached. Luis was breathing hard, more so because of the way I had him bent in two beneath me. I had the sense to ease my cock out of him rather than just yank it away. It came out with a stream of white cum in its wake.

I fell onto my side next to him, breathing hard myself. I stared up at the ceiling and knew I'd want more of that.

"Is it always that... amazing?" Luis asked from my side.

"Yeah, if the guy knows what he's doing," I said, too winded to explain more. I wanted to clap myself on the back on a job well done.

"No wonder you let all those guys fuck you all the time," he said with a kind of wonder. He sounded fuck-drunk.

"Maybe you'll wanna start sharing duties with me?"

"Yeah... No! Wait, I mean no. I'm not gay."

I didn't even look at him, couldn't deal with his drama in my blissed-out state. I was surprised when he asked if I could let myself out. Now I did turn to him, stupefied. "Not to be a dick but I really need to be alone and think some," he said.

"Whatever," I told him and rolled out of the bed. I gathered up my clothes and pulled them on roughly. I knew I shouldn't be mad at him but I wanted him to at least admit that he'd enjoyed it. I knew he had! I stomped out of the room, not fully dressed.

From the hall I heard him yell out, "Remember your promise!"

"I'm not a liar, Luis," I yelled back. "Not to anyone and not to myself!" I added quietly. Half dressed I went through the front door and slammed it behind me. Fuck Luis, anyway. He couldn't take back what we'd done. I thought of the first time Justin had fucked me, the mess I'd been. There'd been years of build up to that, a long time of me watching him and wishing for something. I don't know how he'd known I was ready that night after our homecoming game. Still didn't know if he'd planned it for us to end up alone in the showers when he bent me over the first time. It left me feeling ashamed and remorseful but I was back the next week for more. I didn't know if Luis would be or not. Before I even reached my car I was back to being happy, on an emotional high.

Driving home, I thought of how close things came to getting out of hand, the way I stuck my ass out the window right there in the drive-in parking lot to be fucked by a guy I'd just met. And I wondered about Luis, if he'd be okay.

It'd been an interesting day, even for me. There were the four guys after practice. Thank God Mike had only wanted a BJ so I'd only been fucked by three of them. After that, there was Brady and his nightstick. Then the deputies in the back cell at the station. And I couldn't forget Michael, my third Walker dick. And now there was Luis. I should've been dragging my ass home. Instead I turned up the radio and sang along through the night.

To be continued?

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