Uncle Brian's Dungeon (mm)

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I was receiving last minute instructions from my uncle as we drove into the airport. He was repeating himself.

"I told you where there's money if you need it. The emergency call list is beside the phone. You can have friends in, just don't have one of those out of control parties and trash the place."

"You know I wouldn't do that," I said.

"There's beer, but stay out of the hard stuff. And no drugs."

"You also know I don't do drugs," I said.

"But I don't know all of your friends," he said.

"My friends don't do drugs either," I assured him.

"You have my phone number but don't call me unless it's something serious, like the house burned down."

"I'm sure I won't have to call you. Just enjoy yourself. You've earned this vacation," I said as I pulled into the unloading zone.

"Yes, I have. And thanks for taking care of things while I'm gone," he said, squeezing my thigh. Uncle Brian did that a lot. I didn't mind, but it sort of made me wonder about him. He got his suitcase out of the back.

"You've got your passport," I said.


"Show it to me."

"I'm not senile, you little punk," he joked, but he took out his passport to show it to me. "Now don't forget......"

"Go," I cut in and started to ease the car away from the curb when he started to say something else. "Uncle Brian, we're seniors, for chrissakes. Two of my friends are in college." He waved me off and I drove off.

I felt a wave of euphoria as I drove out of the airport. Five days with my uncle's house all to myself, and friends, of course. Plenty of beer, a pool, and if I could just find his stash of porn we would be all set. He said he didn't have any porn but I was sure he did, and I had a gut feeling it might be gay porn. I sure wanted to find out if it was. I began making plans in my head; who I would invite over, and how many. The plans had been formulating for a month but now I could finalize them and make them a reality. I smiled, that Uncle Brian hadn't mentioned girls when we talked about me having friends in. I took that as a YES! The guys were going to freak out over the next five days.

By the time I got back to the house, Uncle Brian's house, I had a list in my head of who I wanted to call. Brady Koen. Jason Daniels. Will Price. Dan Collier. Pretty much the main studs in my life; or a couple of them who I wanted to be in my life, and this was my chance. I called each one and told them to bring sleeping bags if they wanted to stay over. And to bring a swim suit, just in case, although I expected we would all swim naked. There was a high privacy fence around the back yard and there was plenty of space between Uncle's property and the neighbors. I made it clear, no drugs and no hard liquor; I would furnish the beer. I told them to bring condoms, and if anybody could lay hands on their father's or brother's stash of porn, to bring that along too.

Oddly, I hadn't included any girls in the list, even though I'd told the guys to bring condoms. Reason for telling them that was a cover. The reason for not including any girls on the list was, there was something else at work in my head that I had not been ready to face, and this might be the perfect opportunity for it. And that something didn't particularly involve girls. Of course if the guys brought it up I would have to agree to have girls over. Not one for every guy, just one or two of the right girls who would put out for all of us.

Dan Collier was a tall, lean athlete with a high IQ that he seemed to go out of his way to deny, and a priceless sense of humor. He had a sexy walk, which he attributed to being loose jointed; it was like his arms and legs were flying all over the place when he walked. He had a shock of unruly blondish hair that always looked like he just got out of bed; that was sexy too, especially with his bedroom eyes to go along with it. Dan dated a lot of different girls, but somehow I wasn't convinced his heart in it. And then there was his butt. Dan had a butt to die for.

Brady Koen was an all-around nice guy, well built and good looking in a wholesome sort of way, with a personality and looks that drove the girls nuts; they were torn between wanting to date him and having him as a big brother. He wore his hair buzzed and his jeans slung low on his lean hips. Nice in the butt department, too.

Jason Daniels was a preppy sort, also a jock, built like Dan Collier but more ripped. He also had a high IQ and unlike Dan, he didn't seem to go out of his way to deny or hide his intelligence. He didn't date much; everybody said it was because he was too picky and couldn't find just the right girl. I had my doubts about Jason too.

Will Jackson the stud of the group, a big muscular jock, more muscular than the rest of us, sexy and likeable, a deep thinker with a dry sense of humor and a deep concern for others. He was a total stud, dated mostly girls from other schools, he said because it was less complicated.

Me, I'm Campbell Hall, one of the jocks who hang out together.

Dan, Brady and Jason came together. Not surprisingly, they got right to the beer. Dan had brought some porn that he'd found in an overhead storage in his Dad's closet. Jason came empty handed. It wasn't his fault; his father was a prominent minister so no booze and sure as hell no porn in that house. Brady made up for Jason; he brought some porn his older brother loaned him and a case of beer his brother had bought for us. I asked him why he didn't bring the beer in.

"I didn't know if you wanted the neighbors to see us carrying beer into the house."

"Fuck the neighbors. Go get the beer," I said.

We put the beer in the outside fridge and I turned down the temperature to get it cold faster. We were all sitting out by the pool sipping beer when Will arrived. Will was the stud of the group. Not that the others were lacking in stud status around school or among our little group, but Will practically had STUD tattooed on his forehead. He didn't say anything when he came through the house and out the back door, just walked over and put a six pack that he'd brought in the fridge and got a beer for himself. Then he walked over and took a chair with us.

"Hi, Will," Dan said with a tight grin.

The rest of us greeted Will, all eyeing him, trying not to smile, waiting for him to say something. Finally, he did.

"Not that I'm not glad to see you guys, but I was expecting to see some girls," he said.

They all looked at me.

"I didn't invite any girls yet," I said. "I didn't know if you wanted girls."

Will looked at me. One of those dead pan stares that he was so good at. "You didn't know IF we wanted girls? You taking idiot pills or what? Of course we want girls. Besides, fucker, you told us to bring condoms."

"That was for just in case. I meant, I thought we should talk about who we want to invite over," I said, quickly covering my ass.

"Well, let's see, for starters... one with a pussy that she won't mind sharing," Will drawled.

We started naming names. Will offered the most names, a lot of them from other schools, leaving us all with the impression that he'd fucked them all. Nobody doubted it. Will didn't have to say he fucked this girl or that one; if he dated a girl more than once, it was assumed he fucked her. We narrowed it down to seven names. Dan said that was too many.

"There can never be too many girls," Jason said.

"Yeah, there can, depending on the occasion," Will said. He was like the great wise one, and everybody listened. "Seven girls makes it a girls' party, this is a guys' party. Five girls, one for each one of us, doesn't necessarily work either, unless they all bring a note from their parents saying we can fuck 'em." Everybody laughed. Then he held up two fingers. "Two's all we need. Two girls are more likely to put out for all of us."

Nobody argued with Will's logic, because we knew it was probably well founded in experience. It took us a few minutes to narrow it down to the two best ones that we thought would put out for five guys. We were pretty sure they would fuck--Will confirmed that one of them would--but we weren't sure about them taking on five of us. We listed them from most likely to least likely then let Will make the final decisions. He named two with hesitation.

"Have you fucked these girls?" Jason asked.

"If I haven't, I will," he replied.

We elected Dan to make the calls. As he was going inside Will called out another name in case one of the two wouldn't come.

"Maybe he'll get all three of them," someone said when Dan had gone inside.

"I just hope he gets Marla Walker," Brady said.

Will gave him a thumbs-up, asking, "You ever fuck Marla?"

"No, but I know you have," Brady replied.

"Yeah, she'll fuck you cross-eyed," Will said.

"Godd, I could get off just staring at her naked," Jason said.

There was more speculation, till Dan came back out, all smiles. "Marla Walker and Brenda Koen," he announced.

"What?!!" Brady jumped up to grab the list from him. "My sister better not even be on the fuckin' list!" Everybody had a good laugh but then Brady turned it serious. "Okay, truth... has anyone here ever fucked my sister?"

Nobody said anything.

"It's okay if you have, I just wanta know," Brady said.

Still silence.

"Geezuss, Brady, do you really expect any one of us to admit it if we have?"

"I want to know," Brady said. "I don't think she's a virgin, since the Fourth of July. I just wanta know who it was."

"So you can kill us in our sleep," someone said.

"No, no repercussions, I promise, no hard feelings even. Actually, it'd be kind of neat if it was one of you guys. I mean, a guy doesn't want his sister fucking around, but if it was one of you who got her cherry, it'd be more okay than if it was somebody else."

Another silence with all of us looking at each other.

"Well, okay, I just always figured one of you......." He was cut short by Will raising his hand.

Everybody was still dead silent. I finally broke the silence.

"You don't need to raise your hand, Will, to go to the bathroom," I said. "Or are you saying you fucked Brady's sister?"

He looked at Brady. "Sorry, dude, but you asked, and you seemed to really want to know."

"No, no, don't be sorry," Brady said. "I did want to know, and now I do. It's okay. Really, it is. I know you made her happy. Was it July Fourth? Was she virgin? Did you fuck her since then?"

"I'm not saying anything else," Will said. "I shouldn't have even told you, but I'm not telling anymore. And nobody else here better ever breathe a word about it or I'll be breaking bones."

"Please, just tell me if she was a virgin. I hate to think she was fucking around before that," Brady said.

"She was a virgin," Will said.

"Was it the Fourth of July? Did you ever fuck her again? Do you know if she's fucked other guys?"

"I'm not saying anything else," Will said sternly.

Brady knew it would be senseless to pursue it. Will was known for being pretty tight lipped about his sexual encounters and we were all surprised he had admitted to this one. Especially this one.

He added, "I'm serious, if any of you pricks breathes a word……" He let his threat linger in the air.

That settled it. Will went to the refrigerator and started tossing beers to everyone. Then he peeled off his shirt. "Okay if I go swimming?" he drawled, reaching for his belt.

"Did you bring a suit?" someone asked.

"I've got it on, but do I have to wear it?" he asked me, looking around at the privacy fence.

"No," I said.

We all waited, watching Will strip. You wouldn't have to be gay to watch him; he had that kind of body that just drew attention and admiration. He was down to his swim suit, had his thumbs in the waistband, ready to peel it down.

"Are any of you fags going swimming or are you all going to just sit and stare at me?"

Dan laughed and shrugged, "I'm good for staring," he said.

"Yeah, just give us a couple more minutes to look," I put in. I said it jokingly but I was serious. The suit he had on was a knockout; a brief boxer that fit him like a glove, his thighs, his butt and his crotch. Fuck, he filled it out! He called us perverts and peeled the suit down and tossed it aside and jumped in the pool. Five minutes later we were all naked and in the pool, with our beers lined up along the edge. I was drinking it all in, the sight of the four jocks splashing and swimming and playing grab ass. It wasn't the first time I'd seen them naked, of course, but it was the first time just the five of us were together like this. And all of us in the confines of the pool made it more intimate. At one point Dan got out and got five fresh beers and lined them up along the edge of the pool. Just then the phone rang and he went inside to answer it. He came out with a screwed up look on his face.

"Bad news. The girls changed their minds," he said.

"What?! Why?"

"They just changed their minds. Didn't say why, but I think it's because there are five of us."

"Call 'em back and tell 'em you're going home, that'll make only four," Jason drawled.

"Naw, fuck 'em, we'll make do," Will said.

"Make do? How? Don't get any ideas about my ass," Dan said.

"Your ass is too scrawny," Will said. Dan's ass wasn't scrawny, it was awesome and Will knew it. "We've got porn, we've got beer, you said your uncle's got a pool table and games in the basement, right, Campbell?"


"Well, then we'll make do," he stated again, "even if one of you has to jack me off. One thing I won't do is beg for pussy." He was joking too, about the jacking off, but I wondered how many of us there would be willing to do it for him if he was serious.

We stayed in the pool for another half hour or so then we got out and laid in the sun to dry off before going inside. Will slipped his boxer suit back on and the others followed his lead, putting on their shorts. I took them down to the basement where Dan slipped in one of his dad's DVDs that he'd brought. Jason passed beers all around and we settled onto the couch and chairs to watch.

The movie was the usual fare, without a plot, but with some really sharp guys and women playing the parts of two plumbers coming to a house where the woman happens to have a friend over for coffee. They end up having sex on the kitchen floor.

"Your Dad's got good taste in porn," Will said. "Does he know you watch his stuff?"

"I don't know. If he does he's never said anything. I don't think he would care," Dan said.

"Let's see what you brought from your brother's stash," Will said to Brady.

Brady handed Dan a DVD to slip into the player. This one had more of a plot, boyfriend coming to see his girlfriend, she makes coffee, they sit at the kitchen table chatting and playing kneesies. It took a good five minutes before he had his hand under the table, running it up between her legs. Then he was on his knees with his face buried in her pussy when her brother walked in. There was the proper shock effect but then the brother is okay with it.

"Oh, man, this better not be brother-sister," someone said.

"Fuck, you idiot, they're actors," Will scoffed.

"Yeah, I wanta see them both fuck her," Jason said.

They did eventually, but there was a turn of events none of us were expecting. The boyfriend never got up from his knees; instead he reached out with his hand around her brother's leg and pulled him in to bury his face in his crotch.

"Oh, fuck, man, this is a bi flick."

"Shit, I didn't know my brother was into bi shit," Brady said. "If anybody's got a problem with it……."

"Naw, leave it in. I never saw a bi flick before," Will said.

So we watched the boyfriend suck the brother while he fucked his girl, followed by every imaginable combination. Dan was checking out the other DVDs he'd brought.

"Hey, what's behind that door?" Will asked, nodding to the heavy wooden door at the end of the basement.

"I don't really know," I said. "I asked once a long time ago but my uncle said I shouldn't be asking questions."

"Must be something interesting, then. Maybe there's a key," Jason said.

"If there is, I've never found it, and believe me, I've looked," I said. "He probably carries it with him."

"Probably, but not necessarily," Will said. "What say we have a look around."

The four guys started looking all around for a key and I followed their lead. I half hoped we didn't find one because I wasn't sure I wanted to know what was on the other side of the thick paneled wall with the heavy door, at least not with my friends there. We looked everywhere, feeling overhead in the rafters, under everything that could be moved, every conceivable place a key could be hidden, but we came up empty handed. Then I saw Will lifting the top of the washer; not the lid but the top of the machine itself. He felt all around underneath and suddenly smiled.

"Bingo!" He brought out a key with tape on it.

"No shit! You found it!"

"How'd you know to look there?"

"I watch CSI." He handed me the key. "Here, you do the honors."

"I don't know guys……," I said, fingering the key nervously.

"Come on, what do you think we're going to find, a bunch of dead bodies?"

"Don't even say that," I said.

"Hey, maybe it's full of gold, like those old treasure movies."

"It's probably a sex play room," Will said, motioning for me to unlock the door. "Dude, you know there is no way any of us are leaving without knowing what's on the other side of that door."

"Yeah, and you know you're going to open it anyway if we do leave," Dan said.

I knew that, and I knew if they did leave, I would open the door myself. I went over and inserted the heavy key into the massive lock. My hand shook as I did it. I turned the key and the lock clicked loudly inside the massive wood. I hesitated.

"Well, open it," someone said.

I pressed down on the thumb latch and pressed one hand against the polished wood. I was too slow, and Will moved up beside me and pushed the door open. It creaked on the heavy hinges. It was pitch dark in the room and Will felt around for a light switch.

"Holy Fuck!" he blurted when the dim light came on.

"Oh, my Godd!"


We all stood there gaping at the discovery; it was like a dungeon. Will moved cautiously through the door and we all followed, looking all around, wide eyed, with our mouths open. The lights were soft flickering candle lights attached high on the walls that were made of rough brick. I looked down at the feel of the floor; it was the same rough brick. There were medieval weapons and instruments of torture on the walls; chains and whips, paddles, a cat-o-nine-tails, even swords. There was a leather sling suspended from chains from the ceiling.

"Oh, fuck, look at this," Will said, feeling the soft leather of the sling. "Dan, my man, you gotta get those girls over here. I want Marla Walker in this thing."

"Yeah, go call them again," Brady said.

Dan took him serious and rushed upstairs to make the call.

Beyond the sling was a very large object covered with a canvas.

"And what do we have here?" Will murmured as he pulled the canvas slowly back from the large covered object. "Holy shit, would you look at this!" he blurted.

"What the fuck is it?" someone asked.

"It's a fucking machine; I've seen them on porn sites," Will said.

He looked at me. "Is your uncle gay?"

"Not that I know of," I said.

"It could be used on women he might bring down here," Jason pointed out.

Just then Dan came back. "All I get is answering machines…. whoa, what the fuck is that?"

"A fucking machine," Brady said.

"Damn, that's a wicked looking contraption."

"Look here," Jason said as he opened a case under the machine. "Here's a whole bunch of dildos that can be attached to the thing."

"Fuck I would give anything to use this thing on Marla Walker," Will said.

Dan was going through a drawer built into a work bench. "Look at this; sex toys, cock rings, straps, tit clamps, vibrating dildos, hell, even poppers." He opened another drawer. "Bingo again! A porn stash," he said as he brought out a handful of pictures.

Will reached for the pictures and began to shuffle through them. As he did, he handed one to me. "Is this your uncle?"

I took the picture. "Holy shit, yeah!" The picture was of my uncle reclined in the sling with his legs spread high and wide with a dildo attached to the machine, embedded in his ass.

"Looks like he's enjoying it," Brady said.

The others passed that picture around, then the rest of them. I was stunned. There were other guys in the pictures, several of them around our age, a couple of them in the sling being fucked by the machine. Others of them being fucked by Uncle Brad in the sling, and still more of them fucking Uncle Brad.

"Fuck, I had no idea," I said. "He would never tell me what was behind the door. I asked a couple of times and he got pissed, said I would find out maybe at the right time."

"Well, I don't know if this is the right time but now you know what's behind the door. This is a regular sex dungeon," Jason said.

"Yeah, and funny thing is, there's not a woman in any of those pictures," Will put in. He looked at me again. "I think we can safely assume that your uncle is definitely gay."

"Or just weird," I said.

"Getting fucked and fucking other guys is a little beyond weird," Will said. "But gay, weird, what the fuck ever, all of this is giving me a hardon." While the others were looking at the porn and the dildos and toys and otherwise exploring the room, Will was intrigued with the machine. He flipped a switch and the motor whirred, bringing the thrusting rod into motion; the dildo fucking air. He glanced over to see Dan watching him.

"You're not thinking about trying that thing," Dan said.

"No, I was thinking of you trying it," he said cockily.

"In your fuckin' dreams," Dan said.

"Oh, that's right, you like the real thing," Will said, giving the slowly thrusting dildo a whack, then he turned the machine off.

"That's in your fuckin' dream, too," Dan said.

It was dropped and Will joined the rest of us in exploring the find. Brady slipped a DVD into the player and it quickly flashed up on the wide screen on the wall above and behind the machine.

"Fuck, man, here's the action version," someone said, and all eyes were on the screen to see my uncle in the sling being fucked by the machine. There was eye popping silence except for the man's groans of pleasure.

"Now this is really giving me a hardon," Will murmured as he groped his crotch.

"Welcome to the club," Jason said as he squeezed his own crotch, and the rest of us agreed.

"Might as well get comfortable and watch the show," Will said as he crawled in the sling. He stretched back and folded his hands across his stomach. "Man, I wanta get a girl down here and try this thing out," he said. "How long is your uncle going to be gone?"

I didn't answer him--I barely heard him—and there was silence as we were caught up in the video. After several minutes Jason took the poppers out of the drawer. "Fuck," he murmured as he uncapped it and took several hits. As the stuff was kicking in, he handed the bottle to Dan, who refused, then Brady, who also brushed him off. He handed it to Will and he took it. The two of them traded hits and floated off, each in his own cloud of ecstasy. After a moment, Brady took the bottle for a couple of hits and handed it back to Will.

Will took the bottle but didn't take the hit right away; he just lay there in the sling, holding the bottle and rubbing his crotch while he watched the video. After a moment he uncapped the bottle and breathed in the vapors several times while his other hand absently fumbled with the buttons of his jeans. He handed the bottle back to Dan and used both hands to finish unbuttoning his jeans, then he pulled his cock out.

"Fuck," someone whispered.

Will didn't hear him, or if he did he paid no attention. His focus was on the video and his hand stroking his cock.

The rest of us looked on, mesmerized at our studly teammate taking his cock out and stroking it. We had all seen him naked in the locker room but never like this, with a hardon. He was beyond big.

"Fuck, look at that thing," someone whispered.

"Goddamn, that must feel good; look at the look on his face," Will said quietly, his eyes glued to the screen. He put out one hand out for the poppers. Dan quickly grabbed the bottle and handed it to him. Will grabbed hold of Dan's wrist. "Take over for me while I take another hit," he said, pulling Dan's hand to his cock.

Dan resisted for a second but Will's grip on his wrist was like a vise. Finally, Dan opened his fist and Will guided his hand around his cock, then he fumbled with opening the poppers.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jason asked.

Dan looked around at him, bleary eyed from the poppers. "He needs both hands," he said as he slowly stroked Will's cock.

"You're jacking him off," Jason said in a disbelieving tone.

"Yeah, and fuck, can't even get my hand around it," Dan murmured.

All the while, Will was snorting the poppers, one slow breathe-in after another. He fumbled trying to get the cap back on the bottle and someone took it from him. Will muttered a 'thanks' without looking around.

Dan let go of his cock but Will grabbed his wrist again. "No, you keep doing it, your hand feels better than mine. And somebody get me a beer." His words were already becoming slurred but I went to get more beer for everyone. This was beyond my wildest dreams, and I wanted to help this play out.

Will held onto Dan's wrist till Dan took hold of his cock again and he relaxed in the sling, now with his legs cocked up in the stirrups. "You know what….yeah….fuck, yeah, I'm gonna try it."

It took a moment for the others to grasp what he was saying till Will started fumbling with his belt.

"You're gonna try what, dude?" I asked.

"What your uncle's doing; taking that thing in my ass, like he's doing, find out what all the excitement is about, 'cause he's sure as hell enjoying it," Will said.

We looked at each other in shocked disbelief as Will fumbled with his belt. Suddenly, Jason stepped forward and brushed Will's hands aside and took over. He undid his belt for him and then took off his sneakers. Then he took hold of his jeans and tugged them down. Will lifted his butt up out of the sling so he could take them off of him, along with his shorts, leaving him naked from the waist down.

"Somebody put some lube on that thing," Will said.

Brady grabbed a bottle of lube from a drawer and began lubing up the big dildo that was attached to the machine. "Hey, aren't those leg straps and cuffs attached to those chains?" he asked, nodding up where the sling hung from the ceiling.

"Here, I'll fix you up," Jason said and he brought Will's left leg up and strapped it in. He did his right leg, leaving Will with his legs up out of the way with his butt fully exposed to the machine.

"Anybody says anything about this, I'll break your legs," Will said.

"Hell, nobody's gonna say anything, Will, we're just messing around," Dan said.

"Yeah, just like nobody's gonna say anything about you giving him a handjob," Brady said to Dan.

"Anybody smart enough to operate that thing," Will asked.

Brady found the lever that released the machine so it could be slid on the track. He pushed it closer to the sling till the dildo was right at Will's exposed ass.

When the dildo was positioned, Will said, "Okay, turn it on real slow; slow as it'll go."

"It's got a long stroke or short, or medium; which do you want?" Brady asked.

"Short, starting out," Will replied.

Brady started the machine while Dan reached in to guide the dildo to his teammate's ass. The stroke cycle pulled the dildo back several inches, then pushed it forward to Will's ass, slowly, then back again, without touching his butt.

"We're short making contact," Brady said, and began checking the dials on the control panel. "Let's try this one--ADVANCE," he said. He flipped the switch and the machine began to slowly move forward on the track, the big dildo swaying gently on the end of the steel arm that continued its piston-like thrusts. Dan had let go of Will's cock and moved around closer to the machine. He stood by till the dildo touched Will's butt then guided it into his asscrack. He held it as the machine crept closer, and closer, till the head of the dildo was firmly planted in Will's asscrack.

"Feels like a battering ram," Will said. "Startin' to push in….aawwhhh….fuck, this is getting serious."

"Tell me if you want me to turn it off," Brady said but Will didn't say anything.

The machine inched still closer and the arm thrust forward, causing Will to start and gasp with surprise. Two more strokes of the arm sent the dildo bursting through Will's hole.

Will cringed then gasped with a loud swoosh of air out of his lungs.

"Want me to turn it off?" Brady asked, his finger on the switch.

"No! Fuck no!" Will said. "Fuck, now I know how Brenda Cummings felt when I took her cherry!"

We stood there, mesmerized in disbelief, as we watched our studly teammate being impaled on the big dildo.

"Ahh!....Awwhh!....okay, cut the machine and put the dildo on long stroke," Will said.

Brady flipped two more switches and the machine stopped advancing but the steel arm thrust farther, sending the dildo plunging deep into Will's ass.

"Awww!" Will groaned as the dildo pushed in several more inches. "Oh, fuck!" he gasped as the thing began fucking him.

"I don't believe he's doing this," someone whispered.

"You're only using about three quarters of the dildo, do you want more if it?" Brady asked.

"Not yet, let me get used to it," Will replied.

After a couple of minutes Brady asked again.

"Yeah, hell, all of it," Will said.

Brady flipped the switch to move the machine forward again but kept his finger on the switch to be ready to turn it off. When the dildo was thrusting all the way in Will's ass he stopped the machine.

With the adjustments made, Will relaxed back in the sling. "This isn't so bad," he said.

"What's it feel like?" Dan asked.

"Feels like getting fucked," Will said in a droll tone.

"Hey, here's another switch, how about Thrust and Rotate? You wanta try that?" Brady asked, and without waiting he flipped the switch. The mechanism whirred louder as it began to thrust and rotate in circles, causing the dildo to corkscrew into Will's ass.

"Ohhh, fuck!" Will cried out. "Ohhh, man….Geezusss!"

"He might need more of this," Jason said, handing the poppers to Dan.

Dan uncapped the bottle and Will took hold of his wrist and took several hits then laid his head back in the sling. "That all you've got?" he asked Brady.

"No, there're more buttons here. Lots more," Brady said. "Here's a FULL CYCLE button, let's see what that does."

The machine gave Will a half dozen more rotating thrusts then shifted down to thrust straight in, nice and slow and easy, then seconds later it thrust into him like a pile driver.

"Ohh, Fuck!" he cried out as he gripped the sling. "Ohh, Geezuss, man, it's raping me!" Right after he said it the machine went back to rotating thrusts.

By this time cocks were out, being stroked by their owners, and Brady, after finally taking a hit of the poppers, was taking took off his clothes. Dan, standing next to Will, took a hit of the poppers then started taking off his clothes. I reached for the bottle myself and snorted the stuff and started taking my clothes off. We were all downing our beer, too. Soon we were all naked and things were looking hazy, at least to me. To the others too from the looks of their eyes. Then Dan took another hit and much to my surprised, reached down for Jason's hard cock. Jason murmured, "Fuck, man" and began thrusting his cock through Dan's fist.

"You got an extra hand?" Will asked as he reached for Dan's other hand. He guided his wrist to stroking then let him do it on his own. After a moment he clasped his hand around the back of Jason's neck.

"Give me some head," Will said, pulling Jason's head down.

"No, man, I ain't doing that," Jason said, pulling back, but he was no match for Will's powerful arm and he quickly found his face in Will's pubes.

"Go ahead and do it, Jason, we're just messing around, nobody's gonna know," someone said.

"And I ain't letting you go till I feel my cock in your mouth," Will growled.

"Go ahead, suck him," Dan said.

"You suck him," Jason fired back.

"I will if you will," Dan said.

"I will if you both will," Brady put in.

I didn't say anything but if neither of them did it, I was sure as hell going to show them the way. This was an opportunity not to be missed.

Still unable to get free of Will's grip, Jason finally succumbed to let Will guide his mouth to his cock. "Careful the teeth," Will said as he shoved his cock into Jason's mouth.

"Fuck, man!" Brady gasped with surprise. "I didn't think he would do it."

"And now you have to do it," I said to Brady

"Not till Dan does," he shot back.

After a couple of minutes Will released his grip on Jason's neck and grabbed Dan's arm to pull him closer. "Chow down," he growled, pushing Dan's head down to his crotch.

"Dan's doing it, you're next. You wanta practice on me?" I asked

"Has that thing got a hard thrust button?" Will asked.

"Let's see….yeah, right here," Brady said as he stepped over to the machine and found the button.

The machine whirred and the steel rod lunged, slamming the big dildo into Will's ass with great force. The machine rocked on its mounting as it fucked the muscular athlete unmercifully.


"Let me know if it gets to be too much," Brady said.

"No, I want it get me off," Will moaned. "But first....turn it off and back it up. I wanta see the dildo."

When Brady had done as he said, Will asked, "Is there a bigger dildo in the arsenal?"

"Yeah, lots more, lots bigger," Brady said.

"Let me see," Will said. "Where the hell is my beer?"

Someone handed Will a beer while Brady held up a dildo in each hand, both several inches bigger than the one attached to the arm.

"Attach that one and lube it up," Will said.

"Geezuss, Will, that's gotta be a foot long," someone said.

Will just gulped down his beer.

With the larger dildo attached and the machine set, Brady guided it through the insertion phase till the dildo was embedded deep in Will's ass.

"Shit, now I know what a stuffed sausage feels like," Will said. "Okay start her up, on FULL CYCLE."

Brady did the setting and stayed close by in case it was too much. But it wasn't.

"Ohh….My….Godd!" Will groaned as the huge cock rocked him back and forth in the sling. "Un-fuckin'-belivable! Somebody suck my cock!"

Brady was the closest and it was obvious that the rest of us expected him to do it. But instead he held out the poppers to Bill again. Will took a couple of snorts then told Brady directly to suck his cock.

"Yeah, stop stalling," someone growled.

Brady took several hits and bent over to suck Will's cock.

After the one hit Will reached out and clasped his hand around Jason's bare ass. "Come 'ere," he said as he pulled Jason toward him, and at the same time he leaned his head and took Jason's cock in his mouth.

Jason let out a loud, animal like groan.

"Holy fuckin' shit!" someone exclaimed.

"Oh, Godd, I don't believe this. I don't believe any of it. Will's sucking cock!"

"Hell, he's getting his ass fucked, what's the big deal about sucking a cock?" I said.

"That's a dildo in his ass; that's a real live cock in his mouth."

I was nearly overwhelmed with lust. Never in my wildest imaginings had I dared to have this fantasy. I almost pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Stupidly, I took a hit of poppers to see if I could see things more clearly. I didn't, but I saw what I saw, and it was all real. My cock was so hard it ached.

The poppers, and Will, gave me the courage I so desperately needed. I murmured, "Fuck, man, if Will can do it…..," as I dropped down and took Dan's cock in my mouth. Dan didn't cry out or make a sound. He put his hand around my head and began fucking my mouth as if it was something we did all the time.

The room became a blur of my real life fantasy with soft, deep moans of pleasure. If there were words spoken they were too soft and slurred to be understood. I was floating in a cloud of absolute ecstasy, with a hard, hot cock in my mouth for the first time. It was incredible. I loved the taste of Dan's cock, the texture, the way it throbbed in my mouth. Meanwhile my mind raced ahead, to Will's cock, then every cock in the room, but mostly Will's incredibly beautiful cock.

Suddenly Will began to get more verbal. "Ohhh, fuck! That thing's rubbing and pounding a spot up inside me that's driving me crazy. Feels like I must have a clit up in there. Ohh, Godd…. Ohhh….Awwwhhh, fuck. This is how girls must feel when they're getting fucked." He voice trailed off, as if he'd run out of breath, and all was quiet again. Then he suddenly cried out, "Ohh, Godd!.... Godd, man, it's coming! I'm gonna come!....awwh, yeah, fuck me, you bastard monster, fuck my ass!! Awwhhhhhhhh! Fuck, you better get off my cock before it's….Ohh, Godd….Hold me, somebody hold me! I'm cummin'!"

Brady rose up from Will's cock and the other boys gathered closer to witness Will's climax. I stood up to watch as well but when Will cried out for somebody to hold him I responded. It was as if he was possessed with a devil. His body convulsed and trembled and he fought to suck in gasps of air. I held him tight, my arms around his broad shoulders, my head in the crook of his neck. Suddenly his body stiffened and his cock bolted seconds before it shot out a volley of cum like a rocket going off. It shot up in a wide arch, over the sling and landed with a soft splat against the wall. Another followed, and another before the ropes of thick cum began to land on Will's body. The last few slithered across his chest and stomach then his cock continued to pump out cum that pooled on his stomach.

In the throes of passion, Will and I were face to face, eyes locked, breathing each other's air and suddenly a force drew us together, my mouth on his, his tongue searching for mine.

"Holy fuckin' shit!" someone whispered.

The others weren't without their own ecstatic pleasure; there were dark groans as soft slurping sounds; I didn't know who was sucking who's cock but somebody dropped down to take my cock in his mouth. And just in time; I unloaded like never before in my life. I heard Dan whisper, "Oh, fuck man," and I supposed he was the one getting my load.

It was a long moment of pure, intense, sexual lust that left us reeling. The room was silent for a long moment except for the labored breathing, as if we were all in a stupor.

"Geezuss, I never saw anything like that in my life!" someone murmured after a while.

Then Will spoke. "Somebody unstrap my legs," he said in a hoarse voice.

Dan and Brady quickly set to the task and let his legs down. Will hunched up and climbed out of the sling. The other two boys had to steady him on his feet.

"Fuck, what a mess," he said as he palmed the cum all over his upper body.

"You shot and hit the fuckin' wall," Brady said.

"Yeah, I gotta clean it up," he said.

When he'd smeared the cum over his chest and stomach so it wouldn't run down he grabbed some paper towels and went to the other side of the room to clean the stuff off the wall.

"Can we get a little more light in here?" he said.

I turned the lights up a little but not all the way. I wasn't sure I wanted to see everything so clearly just yet. I was surprised that Will was being so nonchalant.

"Fuck, Will, you whitewashed the wall!" Dan exclaimed.

"Yeah, I don't know where the fuck it all came from," Will said. "Fuck, we gotta get this place cleaned up and aired out," he added. "Somebody clean off the dildo."

I had a hard time tearing my eyes away from Will's butt as we all set about cleaning and arranging the room as we'd found it.

"Man, I don't know what the setting was on this machine," Brady said. "Or where it was on the track."

"Just cover it up, I doubt he'll remember exactly where it was," I said.

When the room was in order we gathered up our clothes and exited the room into the light of the basement. We left the door open to let it air out and I set a fan at the door. Everyone was quiet as they put on their clothes, as if they were in a daze.

"Anybody want a beer?" I asked.

"Naw, I gotta get going," Will said as he was zipping up his pants. "Fuck, guys, we did some really weird shit here tonight," he said.

"Yeah, but it was just messing around; we won't do it again," Jason said.

At the stairs, Will turned to face us. "We take this to our graves, okay?"

"Right. To our graves," we all agreed.

"I'd share a beer," Dan said.

I got two beers out and the four of us shared them. I could see the fog lifting as we all came to the full realization of what we had done.

"Will was right," Jason said. "We did some weird shit."

"But it's between us," Brady said. "And it was one time."

"Big question is, do we have any regrets?"

We all looked at each other for a few seconds then I was the first to speak.

"No," I said, looking right at Dan.

"No regrets," he said.

"None," Jason said.

"You, Brady?" I asked.

"No. There can't ever been any regrets between us," he said.

With heads clearer, they decided to leave. For having no regrets, it seemed awkward. I noticed Dan's over-the-shoulder glance as he was the last one going up the stairs.

"See you, Campbell," he said.

"Yeah, see you, Dan."

When they were gone I opened another beer and went back in the dungeon to check everything one more time. I couldn't be sure but everything looked in place. I drew the canvas back from the machine and stroked the steel rod as I pictured it thrusting the big dildo into Will's ass. My own ass twitched. I opened the drawer and took out the dildo that he'd used and stroked it, trying to imagine what it was like for those other guys to have Will's huge cock in their mouths. It was certainly a thrill for me to hold him like that in his climax. There was a tiny nagging inside me, to try attach the dildo and crank up the machine but I suddenly remembered the key. I immediately called Will.

"You okay, Will?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Okay as can be expected till I get my head wrapped around it," I said. "Listen, where did you find the key?"

"Under the washer lid," he said.

"No, I mean where exactly under the washer lid? It has to be in the same exact spot when my uncle reaches for it."

"Fuck, I don't know, I….I remember I found it with my left hand, I was holding the top of the washer up with my right hand. I would have to do a reenactment to know for sure."

"Can you do that? Come over, I mean. It's gotta be right where he reaches for it."

"Sure. Tonight?"

"Yes, if you can; if you're up to it," I said.

"I can be there in a half hour."

My hand was shaking when I hung up the phone, my mind racing with thoughts of the opportunity about to be presented; having Will alone after what'd just happened. It was like a huge door had swung wide open, so hard it came off its hinges, never to be closed again. My head was muddled as I tried to sort out and decide what I might find the courage to do. I knew I wanted to suck his cock, but the image of Will in that sling, being fucked so brutally, and the way he enjoyed it....fuck! The machine beckoned me, but there wasn't time. Unless I wanted Will to arrive and discover me in the sling. I rushed upstairs to make sure the door was unlocked so he could come in. Then another idea hit; something that had never entered my mind before.

I remembered the small green and white boxes that Uncle Brian kept under his bathroom sink--something called Fleet—that he said when I asked one time, he had to use from time to time. Well, now I knew why.

I flushed out good then took a quick shower, splashed on some good smelling stuff and slipped on a pair of Uncle Brian's white boxer briefs. Then I went back downstairs to wait for Will. As an afterthought I rushed upstairs to Uncle Brian's bedroom and found some lube in his nights stand, along with an array of condoms. I applied a goodly amount of lube to my asshole so I would be ready. I skipped the condoms. I wanted my first time to be raw, and I sure as hell didn't want anything between me and Will's big cock. Fully prepared, I rushed back downstairs.

When he opened the door and called out I told him to come on down to the basement. He had showered too--his hair was still damp--and he'd put on cargo shorts.

"Hey, Campbell," he said as he came down the stairs.

"Thanks for coming over, Will."

"No problem. Where's the key? If I have it in my hand, I think I can relocate it."

I locked the door to the dungeon and removed the key and handed it to him. He walked over to the washer. "I should've left the tape on the washer," he said as he lifted the top and felt around underneath it with the key in his hand. The duct tape was stuck to the front of the washer where he'd put it. "Ah, there it is, I can feel the sticky from the tape," he said.

"Hell, I should've thought of that, I just wasn't thinking straight," I said.

He chuckled. "None of us were thinking very straight tonight," he said. He replaced the key with the tape and closed the washer. "There, good as new….I hope."

I had a beer ready for him and one for myself. He took it and went over to the big chair; I sat on the couch.

"Are you okay for real, Will?" I asked, with some concern.

"Well, I feel like I'm walking funny, but other than that…." he said, laughing.

"You weren't walking funny," I said. "Was it really as good as you were saying?" I asked.

"I have to be honest; it was incredible," he said. "I don't believe I'm saying this but with that machine reaming my ass and those guys giving me head, it was the most incredible sex I ever had."

"And you've had a lot of sex," I said with a smile.

"How about you?" he asked, with equal concern.

"Well, it was the most sex I've ever been part of," I said.

"You know what I mean," he said. "You sucked Dan's cock, didn't you?"


"Any regrets?"

I thought for a few seconds then replied, "No, not really. We all agreed after you left, no regrets. How about you?"

"It's easy not to have regrets when it's just between us guys," he said. "By the way, the way you held onto me was awesome. And kissing….we did kiss, didn't we?"

"Yeah, we kissed. Pretty hard. Tongues and all," I said.

"Yeah, it was hot," he said. "Have you talked to any of the others?" he asked.


"We need to all get together and talk," he said. He chuckled softly. "I learned one thing, though."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Stay the hell away from poppers, especially if you're drinking beer." Then he eyed me over the top of his beer, a tight, sly grin on his face. "You're gonna try it, aren't you?"

"The machine? I thought about it. I probably will, sometime when I know it's safe, when my uncle is out of town."

"I'd like to be here for that," he said.

"That can be arranged. But what happened to 'we won't do this again?'" I asked.

"I meant all of us together," he said.

I smiled over the top of my beer. "That's lame, Will."

"Is it?"

"Yeah, but I'm glad you feel that way," I said.

"Are you?"

"Yeah, 'cause there has been some pretty weird thoughts bouncing around in my head lately. Before all of this."

"What kind of thoughts?"

"Are you feeling a buzz?" I asked.

"It's coming on," he said, then he downed the rest of his beer. "There, that'll help move it along," he said, laughing. "How about you; you got a buzz?" he asked.

I didn't answer, but downed my beer as well.

"What kind of thoughts?" Will asked again.

"Well, I was back there checking out the machine when I suddenly remembered about the key and that's when I called you. I was thinking about how you went a little nuts getting fucked with that huge dildo, and wondering what it must feel like."

"We can do it now if you want; I can do the controls," he said.

"No, I meant what….w-what it'd feel like with the real thing," I said.

Will leveled a gaze at me that saw into my soul. He knew exactly what I was thinking, but he asked anyway.

"You mean a real cock….getting fucked for real," he said.


"We can do that if you want," he said with a soft chuckle. He waited for a moment, waiting for me to say something. When I didn't, he said, "I'll take that as a yes," and got up and undid his belt.

I sat there slouched back on the couch and watched him get naked, down to his socks. My eyes fixed on his cock when it appeared. I hadn't gotten an up-close look at his cock before when I was holding him and he looked huge, not hard, but fluffed up. He came and stood beside the couch, his cock lolling out over my shoulder.

"Godd, Will!" I whispered as I touched his cock.

"Little bigger than Dan, huh?" he said.

"Yeah. Bigger than anybody's."

"You wanta suck it first?" he asked.

"More'n anything," I said. I started to lean up and take his cock in my mouth but he restrained my head.

"Be sure, Campbell," he said. "This ain't like earlier when we were all hyped up on poppers. And you can't use a buzz as a copout. This is the real thing we're doing, with eyes wide open. So be sure."

"I am sure," I said. "I've been sure for a long time but I didn't have the guts to act till last night."

"Okay, then," he said. I took hold of his cock but he still restrained me from leaning up to take it in my mouth. Instead he climbed on the couch with me and eased me back with my head resting on the arm, then he straddled my chest with his cock aimed at my mouth. It bobbed up and down, the head brushing against my lips, leaving a trail of precum that I licked off before opening my mouth. I whimpered with joy as he hunkered forward and shoved his thick cock in my mouth.

"Aww, fuck, I don't know who was sucking my cock before but you're way better," he said.

He fucked my mouth while I got my first feel of his body, my hands roaming all over his muscles as far as I could reach.

"I think you like my muscles, huh?"

I nodded and murmured between cockthrusts that I loved his body.

Nothing should've surprised me at this point but I was, when he reached behind and took hold of my cock. He pulled on it as he fucked my mouth. Then he let go and cupped my balls in his big hand. Next he reached lower, to my butt, his thick fingers exploring the crack. He smiled when he felt the slickness.

"You're ready for me," he said.

I nodded then when he pulled his cock back, I said, "I've been ready for you for as long as I can remember."

"Why didn't you tell me; look at all the time we've wasted," he said with a wide grin as he eased back from straddling me. When he was between my legs he lifted them up and pushed them against my chest. I wrapped my arms around them and pulled them tighter, upturning my butt for him. He pulled me down on the couch so my head wasn't on the arm then he grabbed a throw pillow and shoved it under my hips.

"This makes for deeper entry," he said.

"As if you need deeper," I said.

"Have you ever done this before?" he asked.


"Fuck, that's even hotter," he said. "I'll take it easy."

"You don't have to," I said. "Just treat me like you do the girls you fuck."

"I'm easy with them." He was using the lube he found in my ass to lube up his cock. "But I won't be that kind of easy with you; I'll treat you like a man."

He set the head of his cock against my hole and eased forward to get on target. I smiled at his deftness and expertise.

"What? What're you smiling about?" he asked.

"I think you were born to fuck," I said.

"I think you're right. I was thinking about sex when I was still in the womb."

"Good thing you didn't have a twin in there with you," I joked.

He pressed forward and I felt the spongy muscle around my asshole giving way. Perfectly on target he shoved through. I winced and pressed my head back into the couch.

"Too much?"

"No!" I said emphatically. "I'm a virgin, that's all. It's bound to hurt a little."

He wasn't rough but he showed me no mercy the way he pushed in. When he was set deep he plowed right in to the hilt till his hard loins were pressing against my spread butt.

"Ohh, Godd!" I moaned.

"I said I'd give it to you like a man," he reminded me.

"You're so big! I never dreamed it would feel like this. Godd, it's awesome!"

He held deep for a moment, his big cock throbbing deep inside me. Then he eased back till the head was tugging at my asshole. I reached for his butt to keep him from pulling out.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere," he said, then shoved back in.

"Awwwwhhhh!" I cried out. "Ohh, fuck, Will, do it. Fuck me. Fuck my brains out."

He almost did. He fucked me every way but loose. I was glad I'd skipped the condoms. His raw cock plowing into me felt wonderful.

"Godd, Will, I never dreamed it'd be this good," I moaned.

"I understand a little, from the machine," he said.

He kept on fucking me. I sort of wished the others were there. I don't know if I would've done it at the time but I would do it in front of them now if they were there, and I knew Will would.

"Do you want me to cum in you?" he asked.

"Yesss! I want to see if I feel it."

"It'll be a while; I was just asking," he said.

It was quite a while. During that time he had me in a half dozen different positions. Even bent over the back of the couch with him kneeling in the cushions, hammering my ass. In the end we were off the couch on the floor and he was arched up over me. There was no give and each time he slammed downward he nailed me to the floor. The buildup soon had me in a frenzy. Will, too. Sweat was dripping off his forehead and his chest muscles glistened with it. I was humping my butt up to meet his thrusts, my stomach muscles getting sore, only to be slammed down to the floor again. My prostate was numb from the pounding; the pleasure was from having the big stud-athlete on top of me, watching his muscles bulging and rippling, rubbing my hands over his slick body. I wanted to cum so bad; I wanted him to cum inside me.

When I sensed he was building up to it I clasped my hands around his butt to pull him in tighter, to urge him on.

"Yesss!" I gasped breathlessly. "Do it, Will. Shoot it in me! I want it so bad! Fill me up with your hot load!

"Yeah buddy, it's cumming," he snorted. "Gonna breed you, stud. You're gonna have my kid." I loved the mere thought of it.

I hung on for dear life till he slammed into me and buried his cock so hard and deep I swear he plowed new territory. He held tight and I felt his cock bolting deep inside me, then the heat of his cum spurting in me

"Ohh, Godd, Will!" I cried. "God, you make me feel so good!"

"You cumming, stud?" he asked.

"I want to bad, but it won't cum!" I whimpered.

"Sure it will," he said. With that he spat in his hand and grabbed hold of my cock and started jacking me furiously.

"Awwwh, fuck, Will! Don't stop! Fuck me! Jack me!"

The actual climax was a blur of pure ecstasy. I felt it but I wasn't completely aware of it till I started coming down from it, then it washed over me with such force that it made me tremble. Will was trembling on top of me, his sweaty muscles pressed against me, sliding back and forth in my cum. It was a long time before either of us spoke.

"What the fuck just happened!" Will said, finally breaking the silence.

"I think you fucked my brains out," I said, laughing.

"You told me to," he said, also laughing. "Fuck, Campbell, I never had sex like that before in my life!"

"You're still hard."

"It does that sometimes when it's so good. But don't worry, we're done for now. My cock's willing but the rest of me isn't."

When he was able he pushed himself up, slowly pulling his cock out of my ass. I felt his cum draining out of me. He looked down and saw it.

"Man, I didn't know I could cum so much."

"Guess you wanted to make sure I have your baby," I joked.

He reared back on his haunches and grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet as he steadied himself on his legs. Cum was running down my legs.

"Seriously, Campbell, that was incredible," he said. He started to plop down on the couch but thought better of it when he saw the mess. "Come on, we'll get you cleaned up."

"I can take care of it," I said.

"No, I…..wait….hell, it's my cum and I've tasted my own cum lots of times. I'll take care of it." He bent me over the arm of the couch and began licking up the inside of my thighs.

"Geez, Will, you're full of surprises." I was even more surprised when he buried his face in my butt and pulled it apart to get his tongue in my hole.

"There," he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "But we still better not stay on the couch. Come on down here with me." He grabbed the throw pillows and stretched out on the floor.

"Are we gonna tell the other guys about this?" he asked.

"Not if you don't want to," I replied.

"Rather not, for now at least, 'cause there's more I wanta do."

"Like what?"

"Next time we reverse roles. I wanta see if you're as good as that monster machine. And I had another idea….I'd like to fuck you in the sling with that monster machine fucking me at the same time."

Next time came a short time later after we'd showered and recuperated. Will was an incredible fuck, mostly because it was him I was fucking; something I would've never dared to believe, and hardly believed it after I'd done it. We still agreed not to tell the others.

Will, after making the big discovery of man sex, was insatiable and he loved being fucked as much as fucking me. We tired his idea with me in the sling and the machine fucking him. Will got a little spacy, like he was off in a cloud in another world. He loved adding a little spice, as he called it. He wanted to wrestle with the winner getting fucked. We wrestled in our jockstraps and I think he lost on purpose some of those times. That's when we discovered my penchant for jockstraps. I always had it but just never realized it. One of the hottest jock things we did was him smashing and grinding his bulging jock in my face. He wouldn't let me take his cock out; I had to suck him through the material right to the finish, when he would cum and let it soak through and I would have to suck it out of the material.

Will like to cuddle and "make out" too. We'd discovered the joy and excitement of kissing and we honed our kisses into a form of sex all to themselves. We could get ourselves off just by kissing, without ever touching our cocks. One time in the middle of a hot session of making out on the floor he was fingering my ass rather roughly and I knew I was going to get fucked. Suddenly he stopped.

"What?" I asked.

"Just had another idea." I saw him looking across the basement. "That ball bat," he murmured as he got up.

"No, man, you're not using that on me," I said.

"No, you use it on me."

"Are you serious! Will, it's a fuckin' ball bat!"

"No, right now, standing there in the corner, it's just an innocent ball bat. We're gonna turn it in to a fuckin' ball bat."


"Come on, it's my ass," he said. He came back with the bat in hand, smacking it into his other palm. "Get the lube," he said. "And the poppers."

It was the first time I rimmed Will's ass but he told me I'd have to spend some time getting him ready. He meant using my fingers but it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill another long time fantasy. I spent a long time eating his ass, till he was begging me for the bat. I lubed it up, and worked a lot of lube inside him. Like everything he did, with uncommon determination, Will took the bat like a pro, and I mean large business end; about twelve inches of it. It was just about as exciting being on the other end of the thing, working it into his ass and twisting it around. He shot off like a stallion, sending cum flying everywhere.

Over the next few weeks I seduced all of the others into fucking me, and letting me fuck them. Brady in the front seat of his car, then he fucked me in the back seat. Jason on the tailgate of his pickup, then we traded places. Dan lived on a farm so we fucked each other up in the hayloft. And I was getting it from Will in between.

I decided on my own that there shouldn't be any secrets between us, since we were all doing the same thing, and I waited for an opportunity to tell all. It came when Dan's parents went on a long weekend trip and I convinced him to have a cookout. I furnished some of the stuff and helped arrange it. The house was way back off a long lane and I suggested we make it a naked cookout out behind the barn. When I called Will, Jason and Brady I told them they had to come naked.


"You can bring your clothes, but you have to arrive naked," I told them.

They did, and we never put clothes on for the rest of the weekend. After we'd eaten, Dan, as planned, took us all up in the hayloft. The blankets spread over the bales of straw made it pretty obvious why. That's when I blew the lid off our little secrets.

"Guys, we're too tight to have secrets from one another," I began. "Truth is, you've all fucked me and I've fucked all of you. So it's time you all fucked each other."

That's when they turned the tables on me, and on each other.

"Fuck, Campbell, we've been doing that all along. I have, at least," Jason said. "These guys have all fucked me, and I've fucked all of them."

Me, too," said Brady.

"Guilty as charged," Will said, raising his hand.

Dan simply raised his hand.

There was a brief, surprised silence then we all broke out laughing.

"It's a fuckin' shame when you can't trust your best friends," I said.

Then Will took charge. "Okay, guys, here's how it's going down. I want you all bent over those bales; prepare to get fucked."

The End

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