Uncle Chad and His Best Friend (mm)

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The two men stood at the kitchen window watching the young athlete walk across the yard to the picnic table carrying a tray of plates, glasses and silverware.

"He's ready," Buck said emphatically.

Chad nodded, smiling, without taking his eyes off his nephew's tight, round butt rolling seductively in his old gym shorts that he always wore.

"He is so fuckin' ripe; I don't know how you've held off this long. If you have," Buck went on.

"I have," Chad assured him.

"He ain't wearing a damn thing under those gym shorts, is he?" Buck said.

"I doubt it. But you'll be able to tell for sure when he walks back this way," Chad said.

"So, what do you think?" Buck asked anxiously.

"I think it's cherry picking time," Chad replied with a wide grin as Justin was coming back across the yard.

"Fuck, look at the abs on that boy," Buck said. "And those nice, thick pecs…fuckin' edible tits he's got. And he sure as hell ain't wearing anything under those shorts."

"He doesn't, usually. He likes to go commando," said Chad.

"Shit, how big is he?"

Chad smiled. "I don't want to spoil the surprise; I'm going to let you find that out for yourself. I'll just say you won't be disappointed."

"Hell, I'm already not disappointed," Buck said.

"Listen, when I say he's ready, you understand I'm talking fuckable ready," Buck said.

Chad shrugged, still smiling.

"Can I take that as a yes? You're giving the okay to fuck your nephew?" Buck asked.

"If you can make him want it, or convince him he likes it even if he don't want it. I don't want you raping him," Chad replied.

"Are you going to get in on it, or just stand and watch?"

"I don't know if I could do that, just stand and watch," Buck said.

"Fuck," Chad murmured, groping his crotch as the boy approached the house.

"The grill's going good," the boy, Justin, reported as he came back into the kitchen, his bare chest already glistening with a soft sheen of sweat from the hot sun.

"Okay, how about grabbing a six pack of beer out of the refrigerator and we'll be right out with the meat," Chad said.

Justin got the six pack and also grabbed two cans of pop for himself but Chad took the pop and put it back.

"You're drinking beer today," he said.

"I am?" he said, surprised.

"Just don't tell your Mom. She won't let you come visit if she thinks I'm corrupting you."

Buck laughed softly as the boy left with just the six-pack.

"That meat remark went right over his head," he remarked.

"No reason why it shouldn't," said Chad.

"Seriously, you've never done anything with the kid?"

"A few quick feels when we wrestle around, that's all, completely innocent." Chad said. "Hell, man, he just turned eighteen yesterday."

"Oh, you didn't tell me that. Fuck, that means he's practically chicken delight."

"That's the reason he's here, spending a week with me for his birthday, so we can go fishing and stuff."

"And he's the bait AND the catch, and he don't even know it," Buck joked.

The two men walked out to the corner of the yard where Justin was spreading the coals around in the grill.

"Meat's here," Buck said with a soft chuckle.

"Coals are ready," Justin said.

"Good job," Chad said as he popped a beer and handed it to the boy, then opened beers for himself and Buck.

The conversation was a steady banter between Buck and young Justin with Chad throwing in a remark now and then as he cooked the hamburgers.

"Looks like you're turning into a real bodybuilder," Buck remarked to Justin.

"I wish," Justin scoffed.

"I told him all those muscles are fine to impress the girls, I just don't want him to get all freaky on me, with veins popping out all over his body," Chad said.

"I want to put on about twenty more pounds, then I'll be happy," said Justin.

"Hey, how about doing some flexing poses for us?" Buck suggested.

"I'm not a bodybuilder, I don't know anything about posing," Justin said, embarrassed.

"Better start practicing for when you start competing," Buck told him.

"I'm not going to compete. I'm not going to look like those guys. I just want to be built good," the boy said, taking another healthy drink.

"I would say you've already accomplished that," his Uncle Chad said.

"Come on, stand up here on the end of the picnic table and show us what you've got," Buck said, grabbing the boy's arm to pull him to his feet.

"No, man, I don't even know how to pose," he protested.

"Come on, Justy, all you have to do is stand up there and flex your muscles and I know you know how to do that. You do it all the time," Uncle Chad said.

"I do not." But there was no arguing with Buck or his strength, and his Uncle Chad, rather than coming to his rescue stepped up and together, he and Buck practically lifted him onto the picnic table.

"Okay, show us your stuff," Buck said. "Just flex your biceps."

Justin took another healthy drink from his beer then, reluctantly and embarrassed, he raised his arms and flexed his biceps. They bulged up to the size of small grapefruits, bluish veins popping like a roadmap.

"Hell, he's already got veins popping out," Buck said. "And fuck, yeah, look at the way your abs are standing out, too," he added as he flattened his hand on the boy's hard stomach.

"And this little vein right here," Chad said, following the vein with his finger that went down the left side of Justin's lower stomach, disappearing into his shorts.

"Damn, just look at this kid," Buck said, wrapping his big hands around Justin's thigh. "Fuck, feel his leg, it's like rock."

"I know, he's built. Takes after his old man," Chad said.

"Built like a fuckin' teenage god," Buck said. "Show us your quads," he said, squeezing his thigh.

A bit heady from the attention and all the compliments, Justin set one leg out like he'd seen the professional bodybuilders do and tightened his thigh muscles. They leapt to his command, bulging powerfully.

"Fuckin' nice legs," Buck said as he squeezed then ran his hand up and down the boy's thigh. Then he wrapped both of his hands around his other leg. "Fuck, can't begin to get both my hands around 'em," he said.

Justin shivered at the feel of the man's big, rough hands, especially when his right hand pressed up into his groin. Justin had always admired his Uncle Chad, the way he was built so solidly, his ruggedness, and the way he lived his life as a loner, practically in the wilderness. He was never sure how his friend, Buck, came into his uncle's life but he always thought it was from being in the Marines together and they just stayed buddies.

Chad stepped away to check the hamburgers. They were done enough. He took the last hamburger off the grill and tossed it on the platter then laid down the spatula. Fuck the hamburgers, he thought. It was time. The green light was on. If the hamburgers got cold he would feed them to the dog and cook more. The meat he wanted was standing on the table and it didn't need to be cooked. Buck was already warming it up.

"Tell me, Justin, have you put that body to work on some poor unsuspecting girl yet?" he asked his nephew as he walked over to the end of the picnic table, eyeing his muscular nephew with keen interest.

"No, not all the way," Justin replied as he still stood rather awkwardly on the end of the table with Buck's powerful arm still wrapped around his thigh, preventing him from getting down. It also steadied him on his feet, for he was feeling the effects of the beer that he'd drunk too fast. He felt awkward and embarrassed, the way Buck seemed to be making over him.

"Hard to believe, a hunkin' teenage god like this is still virgin," Buck said, squeezing his thigh with his arm.

Justin felt that funny shiver again at Buck's muscular arm tightening around his leg, but also the way his uncle was looking up at him, like he was inspecting him.

"What'd you mean, not all the way?" Chad asked his nephew.

He hiccupped and shook his head to clear it from the beer induced fog. "Well one girl, she let me rub the head of my dick against her pussy one time but she wouldn't let me go in."

"Little prick tease is what she was," Buck said. "You don't need those kinds, Justin. There're plenty of girls out there just aching to let you go all the way. Even grown women. Married women, even."

"Where are they?" the boy asked, but they didn't tell him, and he figured they were just blowing

"You know, there's only one thing wrong with this picture," Chad said as he moved to the end of the table and reached up to the boy's waist. ""You're like a young god, but you know, the ancient teenage gods didn't wear clothes." With that, and a quick, knowing glance at his buddy, he jerked Justin's gym shorts down to his ankles, leaving him naked down to his feet.

"Hey!" Justin cried, as he bent over to retrieve his shorts, but his Uncle Chad had a vise-like grip around his calf, lifting his leg up so he could take the shorts off of him. Justin didn't bother to try to stop him, or even protest; he knew he was no match for his uncle's strength. He just stood there, stark naked, with Uncle Chad standing squarely in front of him, so close he could feel his hot breath on his manhood.

"Damn, now, that's about as perfect a hunk of meat as I've ever seen," Buck said with a leering grin. "And a nice set of buns to go with it," he added as he pulled his arm from around Justin's thigh and began squeezing his bare butt muscles.

"Yeah, I think I'll just skip the hamburgers and have a Polish sausage instead," Chad said, laughing. "How would you like that, boy, me chowing down on your big hunk of sausage, while Buck splits your buns?" he added, looking up at the boy.

"I d-don't know w-what you m-mean," Justin stammered. He was completely baffled with his uncle's behavior. He thought maybe he'd already had too much to drink and was just showing off for his buddy and it was probably all just joking around. That's what he thought, till his uncle wrapped his big hands around the back of his thighs and scooped up his cock with his tongue and sucked the meaty tube into his mouth right down to the hairs.

"Aahhwwhh!" the boy cried out in shock. "Ohhh, Ohhh, Uncle Chad….w-what're you d-doing! Awwww, ohhhh…. Ohhhhhhh, Uncle Chadddddd!!" His head was suddenly spinning and he was seeing bright little stars on his eyelids. He was glad they had hold of him.

Chad mauled the warm cock around in his mouth till it began to expand and grow. Soon, it was hard enough that he couldn't maul it, and it was so long that there was no place for it to go but down his throat unless he backed off it, which he wasn't inclined to do. The head slipped through the opening and snaked into his throat, deeper and deeper with each throb. It got thicker, stretching his throat wide.

"AAAwwwhhhh!" Justin cried again as his stiff cock was suddenly enveloped in his uncle's tight, hot throat.

Chad couldn't believe the size of the boy. He choked a couple of times but held on tight with the teenage cock buried in his throat. Finally, the hot cock reached its full potential and it felt like it had reached nearly to his stomach. He moved his hands up Justin's thighs to his butt where he clasped the boy's hard, round buns to hold him firm. There he found Buck's hands already working the boy's butt muscles. He didn't know when Buck had climbed up on the picnic table. Then felt the scratchiness of the man's beard as Buck buried his face in Justin's ass.

"Ohhh….Awww….aww, Goddd….Geezusss….aww, fuck….Uncle Chad….Ohhh….ohhh….ohhhh…OH, Buck!… w-what're you d-doing back there!….Ohhhh….you guys!……"

With the boy's ass being properly taken care of, Chad began sucking him hard. As he moved his mouth back and forth on the big cock, he pulled Justin's loins into his face, pushed him back and pulled him forward again, guiding him to fuck his mouth.

It took Justin a moment to catch on but then he was doing it himself. "Is this what you want me to do?" he asked as he thrust his cock in and out of his uncle's hungry mouth.

Chad groaned his reply through his moans and slobbers around the thick cock.

"Fuck, how much of him have you got in your mouth?" Buck asked, peering around Justin's hip.

Chad reared back, letting go of the boy's cock. It bucked upward and throbbed and quivered and glistened in the warm sunlight.

"Holy Shit!" Buck gasped as he reached around and wrapped his hand around it. "Goddam, I can't even get my hand around it! What've you got here, boy, seven, eight inches?"

"I....d-don't know," Justin stammered, rather embarrassed.

"Shit, I gotta have some of that." It was Buck's turn to lean around and gobble up the huge boy cock in one sucking motion.

"OOOhhhhhhhh!" Justin cried out again, tossing his head back.

Chad let his friend suck the boy for a few minutes then urged him off and took over himself again. Justin eagerly thrust his cock into his uncle's waiting mouth now, without any urging. Barely a few minutes into it, Justin suddenly tried to pull his hips back.

"Ohhh….Ohh, Fuck!….Uncle Chad….you….you're getting me too close!" he gasped as he tried to pull his cock free. But his uncle held onto his butt to keep him thrusting at his mouth.

"I can't….hold off if you….!" Justin cried. "I'm gonna come! Ohhh, Godd, I can't….I can't hold off, Buck….Buck, Geezuss, what am I supposed to do?!"

"Give it to him. He wants it," Buck told him.

"Are you….sure?….ohhhhh, it's too late….I'm coming. Ohhhhh, fuck, mannn, I'm coming!!" Suddenly his hips lurched and his young body began to convulse as his climax overtook him.

Chad gobbled his cock hungrily, choking on the sudden spurts of boy cum that were exploding into his throat.

"Yeah, give it to him," Buck said. "Choke him."

Justin grasped his uncle's shoulders for support as his trembling legs began to get weak. Finally, he couldn't stand up, and the two men eased him down to lay back across the picnic table. His nuts ached before Uncle Chad finally withdrew from his cock. It fell heavily across his stomach, glistening in the sunlight from spit and a glaze of his own come.

"Goddam, boy, when was the last time you shot a load?" Chad asked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"This morning," Justin said, breathlessly.

"This morning?! Geezuss, what was that one like? You damn near drowned me with this one."

"I'm sorry….I guess I should've warned you, I shoot quite a bit," Justin said.

"Quite a bit? You shot off like a young stallion," Chad said. "Fuck, I don't think I ever had a load like that."

"Can you work one up for me?" Buck asked.

"I don't know," Justin said weakly. "Right now I don't know if I can even get up off the table." It felt like the picnic table was spinning around.

"You don't have to," Buck said. "Just lie there, we'll rejuvenate you."

Chad was getting more beer out of the cooler. He handed one to Buck, and one to Justin.

"I don't need another one," Justin said.

"Take it. It'll help counteract the first one," Chad said.

Without question, Justin rose up on his elbow so he could sip the cold beer. It didn't taste as good as the first one.

"Just don't tell your parents," Chad told him again. He sat on the other side of the table and joined Buck in caressing the teenager's smooth muscles. When Buck leaned up and sucked on his left tit, Chad sucked on the other one.

"Ohhh, you guys, you're gonna give me another hardon," Justin said.

"What do you mean, another hardon? You've still got most of the last one," Chad said as he laid his hand over his nephew's thick cock. "Fuck, Justin, when did you grow this thing? Last time I saw you naked with a hardon, it was like a wiener."

"I don't know, it's like I woke up one morning and it was there, all bigger," Justin said, taking another long drink of the cold beer.

"Hey, you keep guzzling that beer like that, you're gonna get drunk," Buck said, laughing.

"I think I'm already drunk. Does it matter, Uncle Chad, if I get drunk? We're not telling my folks about any of this anyway, are we?" he said.

"Not a word," Chad said. "You ever been drunk?"

"No. I never drank much beer, ever."

"Go ahead then, get a good buzz on," Chad told him.

"I think I wanta get drunk on cum," Buck said as he leaned over and took Justin's cock in his mouth again.

"MMMnnnnn! Ohh, that feels good," Justin moaned. He giggled. "I think it feels even better with a buzz on."

"Everything feels better with a buzz on," Chad said. He was raised up over him, gazing down at his handsome face. "I know you never did this before, but I'm gonna kiss you."

Justin just looked at him, the beer poised at his lips. "Can you wait till I have another drink of beer that makes everything feel good?"

"Down it. I'll get you another one," Chad said. He reached back and got another bottle out of the cooler. Shouldn't be doing this, he thought to himself. Shouldn't be thinking what I'm thinking about doing, and getting the boy drunk to do it. Still, he uncapped the beer and held it to the boy's lips and tilted the bottle for him to chug down a lot of it but he took only a sip and pushed the bottle away.

"I think you are trying to get me drunk," he said, laughing.

"How am I doing?" Chad joked back.

"Feels like I'm getting there," Justin answered.

"How am I doing?" Buck asked, raising up from Justin's cock.

"It's gonna take a while for you to get me there. But I last a lot longer after I've already cum once," Justin said. Then he said to Chad, "Thought you were gonna kiss me."

"I wasn't sure you wanted me to."

"I think I do, but I won't know till you do it, will I?" Justin said. "I never had my cock sucked before, I never had my nipples sucked before, or my ass eaten out, and I never been kissed by a guy. I might as well try it all."

And you never been fucked before, Chad thought. He leaned down over the handsome face. He could feel and smell his breath. He rubbed his nose with his own then brushed his lips across Justin's mouth.

"MMmnn, your face is rough," Justin murmured.

"You're kissing a man, not a girl," Chad said.

"I'm not kissing you, you're kissing me."

"We'll see about that," said Chad. He pressed his lips harder against Justin's and brushed the tip of his tongue over them. Very gradually, the boy's lips parted and Chad was able to shove his tongue between them to explore his virgin mouth. Justin gave a soft whimpering moan and Chad felt his tongue, lavering all around, searching. Their tongues met and tangled, causing them both to moan.

"Thought you wasn't kissing me," Chad murmured.

"Fuck, Uncle Chad, I don't know what's happening to me; what's making me have all these feelings," the boy whispered.

"What kind of feelings you having?"

"Weird feelings, like I wanta do stuff I never even thought about before."

"What stuff?"

"I'm not even sure, but stuff like you guys are doing to me."

"Does that mean you like what we're doing to you?" Uncle Chad asked.

"I like it."

"You like kissing a guy?" Chad mused.

"Yes. I'm just so surprised by it all."

"I think you're going to like a lot of stuff we can show you," Chad said, reaching down between Justin's legs. Buck's hand was already there. He took hold of Chad's fingers and guided them to the boy's asshole.

"Thought you might want to get him ready," Buck said huskily.

Chad felt Justin's asshole, all slick from Buck's spit, and looser than normal. He rubbed all around it for a moment then pushed on the spongy pit.

"OHhh.....Ohhh, w-what're y-you g-getting me ready for," Justin stammered.

"Some more of those things you're thinking about that you never thought of before....like, you never had your cock sucked or had your tits sucked before, or your ass eaten out, and you was never kissed by a guy, but said you might as well try it all....well, son, you've never been fucked before either." All the time he was talking, Chad was working the tip of his finger though the boy's hole.

"Oh, man, I don't think I could ever do that."

"You just hold that thought," Chad said as he shoved his finger in all the way.

"Ohh," young Justin gasped. "Is this what you mean, you're gonna finger fuck me?"

"Starting out," Chad said as he began moving his finger all around. He easily found the boy's prostate and began massaging it ever so gently.

"Ohh!....OHh....OHhhhhh," Justin moaned with surprise. "Ohhh, Uncle Chad, what is that you're touching in there?"

"That's your prostate. Your love nut; it's what makes you the horny little stud you are. You like it?" he asked as he rubbed it harder.

"Ohhh...Awwwhhh!....Ohh, Godd, yes, it feels great! Ohh, fuck, I don't think I ever felt so horny in my life. Oh, yes, keep doing it....it feels so good......"

"You sure you don't want to get fucked for real? Sure you don't wanta reconsider?"

"I d-don't know, Uncle Chad. What would it feel like with your cock instead of your finger?"

"Ten times as good as it's feeling right now."

"I don't know if I could stand feeling ten times as good as your making me feel right now....with your finger....and Buck sucking my cock."

"Buck could keep right on sucking your cock while you're getting fucked and make it that much better," Chad said. He put the beer to Justin's lips again. "Have one more cool sip while you think about it. I ain't gonna force you, Justy, you gotta decide for yourself whether you wanta do it or not. But I know you'd like it once you try it." As he was talking, he pulled his wriggling finger from the boy's ass. His hole was clenching like it didn't want to lose the finger.

"Ohh!" Justin gasped, pushing the bottle away. "Why'd you stop?"

"Just thought you might wanta think it over," Chad said, smiling.

"Oh, please don't stop with your finger, Uncle Chad, I can think while you keep doing that. Please, do it some more, it feels so good."

"Okay, but you gotta make up your mind," Chad said. "You're right on the brink here, and you have to decide while you're in this mood. It's a real important decision, though, so you need to think it through." Fuck, what a bunch of bullshit, he thought as he slowly shoved his finger deep inside the boy's ass again and resumed massaging his prostate.

"Ohhh.....Ohhh, yess, Uncle Chad....like that.... Ohhh, I guess it is a pretty....important thing....to decide, and I.... OHHHHHhh, Godd....that feels so good."

Chad knew it was just a matter of time. A very short time. As he fingered the boy he brushed kisses across his mouth.

"You thinking about it?" he murmured between kisses. "I think you want it, Justy, I think you're ready and you want it, you're just scared to say it. That right?"

Justin nodded his head.

"Want me to say it for you?"

He nodded again.

"I want you to fuck me, Uncle Chad," Chad said huskily. "Now, you say it."

But Justin didn't repeat it. He tilted his head back, his mouth slack and his eyes rolled back as he writhed on his uncle's hand and pushed back onto his finger.

"It's okay, Justy, if you don't wanta do it just yet. There's plenty of time.

"F-fuck me....Uncle C-Chad," the boy gasped suddenly.

"I don't know if you really meant that, Justy," Chad said in a soothing tone. "Do you really wanta get fucked, or are you just saying it because you think that's what I wanta hear?"

"I want you to fuck me, Uncle Chad!" he said louder. "If it's gonna feel any better than what you're doing right now, I really want you to fuck me."

"He means it," Buck murmured.

Chad smiled down at him his young nephew. "Yeah, you meant it that time, for sure. Just so you know, it might hurt a little at first," he said.

"It's okay, I'm a virgin, I don't care. I want you to fuck me. I really do. I want to feel your big cock inside me, doing what your finger is doing to me, only ten times more, like you said."

"Okay, don't forget you said that," Chad said. "You can't go whining about me stopping once I get started. You wanta get fucked, you take it like a man. Understand?"

"Yes. I will, I promise, I'll take it like a man, if you'll just do it," Justin said. "Have you ever been fucked, Uncle Chad?"

Buck laughed. "Has he ever."

"No kidding! You've really let a guy stick his cock in your ass?"

"Well, that is how you get fucked, boy," Chad growled. He grabbed Buck by the shoulder then and pulled him over closer to them. "Stuff something in his mouth to keep him quiet."

Buck positioned himself at the boy's shoulder, offering him his big, thick cock across his palm. "You know it's gonna hurt some," he said gruffly.

Justin only nodded.

"Well, your Uncle Chad thinks you need to take this in your mouth so you don't make a lot of noise, and it gives you something to concentrate on," Buck said.

Justin nodded and obediently let his mouth go slack so Buck could shove his cock in it.

"Don't choke him," Chad told Buck. He brought Justin's legs up and motioned for Buck to hold them, then he bent down at began rimming the boy's ass again.

"UUuuhnnn!! MMMmmnnnn!" the boy squealed around Buck's thick cock.

Chad rimmed him and fingered him alternately till he was squirming with anticipation, then he lubed him up. He squeezed the lube into his asshole and worked it all around with three of his thick fingers, not one, stretching the boy's hole even more. Then he took his stance, cock in his fist, aimed at the boy's vulnerable, virgin hole. He set the head firmly against the boy's pucker.

"I'm about to pop your cherry, Justy. Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes! Yes, please!"

"Here we go, then."

Justin nodded; he had tears in his eyes. Well, that was natural, Chad thought. All virgins were scared--he was himself the first time, and he was a lot older than Justin when he lost his virginity to Buck--but that would pass quick enough, and the boy would never be scared again.

Chad pushed and he broad head of his cock began to spread the tight muscle open. He smiled again, knowing Justin was probably thinking he was in, and he was feeling all relieved that it didn't hurt after all, just like with him when Buck fucked him for the first time. He hated to break the news to him but.....he shoved harder, very hard, and the blunt cockhead burst through the virgin hole. Justin's cry was duly muffled by Buck's fuck-pole and Buck was holding the boy's head firmly in his big hands so he couldn't get off of it to yell out loud.

Chad barely paused before he slowly sank all the way in. It was pure heaven the way the boy's inner lining hugged snugly all the way along his cock, spreading just enough to envelope the thick intruder. Buried deep, he held still except for the steady throbbing of his cock, to let the boy get used to it and work through the pain.

"You're doing great, Justy," he told him by way of encouragement as he rubbed his hands up and down the boy's thighs. "You took it like a real man. In a minute you're gonna feel what it's like to get fucked by a real man. You're gonna love it, Justy, I know you are."

After a couple of minutes Chad clenched his butt muscles, one then the other and that made his hips twist ever so slightly, and that made his cock move around deep inside the boy's body. After a moment of that he eased back a couple of inches and shoved in again. Justin moaned but it was just that, a moan, it wasn't a muffled cry. He pulled back more and shoved in. Again, and again, till he pulled back so just the head was locked inside the tight rim, then he buried his cock again. Justin groaned louder, like before, it wasn't a muffled outcry.

Chad reached up and pressed his hand against Buck's stomach to push him back. "Give him some breathing space," he told him.

Buck freed his cock from Justin's mouth.

"Okay, you can moan and groan all you want, just don't yell and holler," Chad said. "How's that feeling?" he asked as he was slowly fucking him.

"Oh, fuck, Uncle Chad, it feels wonderful. I never, ever dreamed anything could feel so food."

"You took it good, Justy. Better than a lot of guys I've fucked."

"Have you fucked many virgins, Uncle Chad?"

"My share. Probably Buck's share, too," he joked. Then he leaned over the boy. "You're so fuckin' cute, you make my cock hard."

"I think your cock is hard because of my ass, not my looks," Justin said.

"But your looks make my cock throb." He leaned down closer and Justin lifted his head to meet his lips. "Yeah, you like kissing, don't you?"

"I like kissing you, Uncle Chad. I like your rough beard, and your tongue is so strong, it's like it's fucking my throat."

It was a long kiss; a very long kiss, that brought deep guttural moans from the big ex-Marine, and boy whimpers from the boy under him.

"Fuck me, Uncle Chad. Fuck me really hard," Justin moaned. "I know you wanta fuck me hard 'cause you do everything hard, so you can fuck me really hard. I can take it."

It was a long fuck, too. One that Chad was sure the boy would long remember. It was interrupted by more kisses, and accompanied by young Justin's hands roaming all over his big uncle's body that he could reach, feeling his hard muscles.

"Something else I want you to try," Chad told him.

"What? What else is there?"

"I want you to eat out Buck's ass. Show him what you can do with your tongue in his ass, like you do in my mouth when you kiss."

Justin just looked at him for a few seconds, like he was unsure, or scared to try it.

"You'll like it," Chad said. "You'll like it even more if you do it while I'm fucking you. Don't worry, he's clean. Super clean. Buck's got a tasty ass, I've feasted on it enough times to know. You said you want to try it all....that's part of this man sex. Just pretend you're kissing me." He nodded to Buck and Buck stepped astraddle Justin's head. Chad motioned him down.

Justin looked up at the pair of heavy, round globes of hairy muscle descending over his face and sucked in a deep breath of air and caught the clean-musk smell of the man. The hair tickled his nose a second before the pair of muscles pressed down against his face and then Buck's asshole was set squarely on his mouth. It wasn't as scary as it sounded. Justin's tongue was already out and reaching up for the puckered hole even before Buck set it on his mouth, and he licked it hungrily. He delighted in the way it clenched and squeezed, as if I was beckoning him.

"Awwww, fuck, kid!" Buck groaned, tossing his head back.

That he was making him feel so good excited Justin even more and he reached up and wrapped his arms around Buck's massive thighs to hold him in place. Buck reached down and pulled his butt apart more, stretching his hole open.

"MMMnnnnn!" Justin moaned as he forced his tongue up through the hole.

"Ohhh, Goddd!" Buck groaned loudly.

"Sounds like he's doing a number on your asshole," Chad said, laughing.

"Fuck, buddy, you ever had him do this to you?"

"No, this is a first for everything," Chad replied.

"You gotta do this," Buck said. "He's got a tongue like a hungry puppy."

Chad reached out and brushed Buck's hand away from his cock. "If he's doing such a great job, you don't have to jack off." So Buck let go of his cock and let it protrude out from his hairy bush, throbbing and bobbing and drooling precum on the boy's chest.

Buck was able to endure the tongue lashing for only a few minutes before his cock exploded, sending powerful spurts of thick cum across Justin's upper body, the first of it splattering against Chad's chest and stomach, then landing on Justin's body. At that moment, Justin went off and there was an incredible crossfire of cumshots across his body.

"Holy shit, I never seen anything like this," Chad said as he finished fucking his nephew through his climax. He was going to cum in the boy's ass but at the last minute he pulled out and stood astraddle Justin to feed his load to Buck.

They fell in an awkward heap, panting and laughing.

"Shit, I never had such hot sex in my life, not even between me and you," he said to Buck.

"Guess we needed some young blood in the mix," Buck said.

Justin wondered if they were finished. He sort of hoped not but he was about sexed out. So was Buck. He got up and went down to the creek to wash up then got dressed.

"When're we gonna do this again?" he asked.

"Whenever Justin can come visit again," Chad said.

"Call me."

Chad pulled Justin to his feet and hugged him tight. It was getting dark. "Let's go have a swim and wash up, then I'll start up the grill again."

Justin laughed. "We forgot all about eating," he said. "I'm almost too tired to eat, myself."

"You gotta eat, then you can go to bed if you want to," Chad said.

Justin ate one hamburger and washed it down with a beer that Chad insisted he drink. "It'll make you sleep," he told him.

Chad took Justin to the house and put him to bed; literally tucking him in. He even leaned down and kissed him goodnight on the forehead. Justin smiled; it was the first time his uncle had ever done that.

"Just want you to know, I'm glad I'm your uncle," he said.

"I'm glad, too," Justin said.

Later--much later in the night—Justin came awake and spent a long time lying in the dark thinking about what'd happened. He knew his parents would be furious if they ever found out what he'd done with Uncle Chad and his friend, Buck. More furious with Chad than him, in fact, because they thought Uncle Chad was a great manly influence on him; that was the reason they let him go stay with him so often. If they knew about today they probably wouldn't let them even see each other again.

His thoughts gave him a hardon and he began stroking it, thinking now, of his Uncle Chad in the next room. He wondered if he was asleep. After a moment he got out of bed and went quietly into the other bedroom. The nightlight in the adjoining bathroom cast a soft, almost eerie glow in the room and he could see clearly his Uncle Chad sprawled across the bed, naked, with the sheet down around his ankles. He stood in the doorway and looked at him for a long moment before he went in and stood at the side of the bed to gaze at the man. He was such a stud. A real man's man. Not like Justin's father. Justin loved his father but he secretly wanted to be more like Uncle Chad.

Suddenly Chad came half awake and turned over on his back, his arms flung out to the sides and his legs spread across the bed. Justin's eyes fell to his big cock draped down over his balls. He was so big! Justin hoped he might get that big one day.

Again quite suddenly, Chad opened his eyes, sensing the boy's presence in the room. "Justin? What's the matter, dude?"

"N-nothing," he said, suddenly scared that Chad had caught him standing there in the dark staring at him. "I couldn't sleep."

"Probably 'cause your body is still so charged up and wanting more. You wanta crawl in here with me?"

"If it's okay," Justin said.

"Sure it's okay. Just don't mention it to your parents; they would think it's weird for you to be sleeping with me at your age. They would probably think it's more than weird, probably wouldn't let you stay over anymore."

"I won't tell them anything about what we do," Justin said as he crawled in bed taking the space Chad made for him. He was surprised that Chad threw a leg and an arm over him and hugged him close. The man's warm, naked body felt wonderful. As they spooned tightly together, Chad's hand fell loosely over the boy's manhood. He could feel the warmth of it, but he didn't touch it. Justin's body responded to the tight embrace and his cock slowly came to life and touched his Uncle Chad's hand. It was a moment before he felt the man's big hand encircle it.

"What's this?" Chad murmured as he squeezed the boy's cock.

"I can't help it."

"And you shouldn't try," Chad said. "It's your body reacting naturally; it's the way you're built." He began stroking the smooth, young cock. "And you are built quite nicely, I might add."

"Thanks, but not as nice as you are," Justin said.

"You will be, probably even by the end of the summer. Boys usually have a growth spurt about your age. Hell, you'll probably be bigger than me by the time school starts. And won't that get you a lot of attention in the locker room." He kept stroking the boy's stiff, hot cock. "You wouldn't mind that, would you, now that you know the score."

"I don't know," he replied huskily. "I don't know what kind of attention all those guys would wanta give me."

"Probably the same kind of attention me and Buck gave you, 'cept a lot more of it."

"I guess I wouldn't mind some of the guys knowing…..couple of them, anyway."

"You've already got two boys in mind," Chad said, laughing softly.

"Well, when you mentioned it…..yeah, they came to mind."

"Tell me about 'em. Why'd those two boys come to mind over the others?"

"I don't rightly know; I guess because…..well, they're more like you and Buck than any of the others. One of 'em, Cody Black, is way mature for his age. He's over six feet tall, lots of muscles; he's even got hair on his chest Chuck, the other one, is mature too; he's built like a rugby player, and he's got a real thick cock. I've tried to imagine how big he gets when he's excited. Cody's hung big too, but Chuck is so thick, like a beer can."

"It'll work out; there'll be a time when you'll find out just how big they get when they're excited; and a time when they'll likely be excited over you."

"I don't know how that'd ever happen, but I hope you're right. You turned something on inside me, Uncle Chad. You woke up a lot of feelings I never knew I had."

"I think every boy has those feelings. Sad thing is, most boys don't ever get 'em woke up."

"I never dreamed when you invited me out for the weekend that we'd be doing everything we did; that we'd end up like this, spooned together and your fist around my cock. Your hand feels real good, Uncle Chad."

"Your cock feels good, Justin. But you know, I think we could put it to better use," Chad said.

"What'd you mean? Do you wanta suck me again?"

"Better than that," Chad said. "I'd like to see how it feels plowing my ass."

Justin rose up and twisted around, a look of shock on his face. "Really!? You'd let me fuck you?"

"It wouldn't be letting you; it'd be asking you to fuck me."

"Geez, Uncle Chad, I don't know if I could make you feel much like you did me. My cock's not that big."

"Your cock is a fistful," Chad said as he kept stroking it. "I think it'd do a fine job of filling up my ass."

"If you want me to, I wouldn't say no," Justin said.

"Let's switch positions," Chad said. They turned over so Justin was spooning him. He reached over and got the lube from the night stand drawer. He lubed up his ass then drew his slick fingers over Justin's cock. Then he took the boy's hand and guided it to his ass. "Get me ready," he said.

Though Justin had never fucked anybody in his life, he knew instinctively what his Uncle Chad meant by getting him ready. He began rubbing his asshole and probing inward. He slipped one finger through and drove it in as deep as he could. He immediately withdrew it and used two fingers.

"Yeah, that's it; stretch me," Chad told him.

Justin twisted his fingers around deep inside him and caused him to cry out softly when he touched something.

"Is that the spot you talked about?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, that's a man's love nut; it's sorta like a woman's clit."

"Does this feel good?" Justin asked as he massaged the tiny organ with both fingers.

"AAaaahhhhh! Awwwhhh, yeahhhhh! That feels good, dude. That feels awesome! Keep doing it! Keep doing it! Fuck, Justy, you learn fast!"

"I've got a good teacher." He kept moving his fingers all around, massaging his uncle's prostate, and stretching him at the same time. He loved that he could make his uncle feel so good and make him act the way he was, twisting his butt around and driving it back onto his hand.

"Godd, Justy!.....Oh my god, oh my god……I'm gonna cum! Don't stop! Keep on doing it…..for god's sake, don't stop….I'm cummin'…..AAaaawwwhhhh!"

Justin felt his asshole suddenly tighten then loosen up, then tighten again, then loosen up, and deep inside, his love nut was going crazy, quivering and dancing around. Then his asshole tightened real hard around his fingers, then began sort of fluttering and he knew his Uncle was cumming. It sounded like he was choking down sobs.

He kept it up till his uncle reached back and gripped his wrist. "That's enough, I can't take anymore," he gasped weakly.

Justin slowly pulled his fingers free and felt his asshole wide open and squeezing a the air. He wondered if he was supposed to fuck him now.

"Holy shit, Justy!" Chad gasped. "It felt like the top of my head was gonna blow off. I made a huge mess, all over the bed and even across the floor."

"We can clean it up," Justin said. "Do you wanta wait a little while for me to fuck you?"

"That'd be good, dude; that'd be good. Give me a minute to recuperate and you can fuck my brains out.

The End

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