Wilderness Park (mm)

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We moved across town just when I had my eighteenth birthday which, I thought, was a good excuse not to have a party. It wasn't a move up for us but it was what we could afford. I knew my mom felt bad about it but I sort of liked the place after I went through it. It was located on a curved street that followed the bend of the small river below. There was no yard. The front door was right on the sidewalk, people walking by could see right in the windows if the curtains weren't closed. Behind us was a heavily wooded steep slope down to the wilderness park that ran along the river. It was strictly wilderness. No ball fields or playground equipment; just a long wide space that was kept mowed for people who came to go fishing; or for other, more sinister, reasons as I would learn later.

My room was on the second floor in back, over-looking the woods. Actually, I was practically right up in the treetops. I could sit in my room or out on the small balcony and watch squirrels right outside my window. Mom said the glass sliding doors would have to be covered over for safety reasons but I convinced her to let me keep it open. It was so high up it would take a monkey to get up there and I promised I would keep the door looked at night or when I wasn't out there. On moving day I was anxious to go exploring down in the woods and my mom was going to let me till my uncle piped up.

"He shouldn't be going down there," he told her.

"Why not?" I asked.

He ignored me and looked at my mom. "Just trust me, its not place for a kid to be hanging out," he said. So the park was put off limits, just like that, on the word of my uncle that I didn't understand. Not that it would have done any good if he'd explained why. The result would most certainly have been the same.

I had my license for a while but nothing to drive. My uncle would let me drive his pickup with him along but he wouldn't let me borrow it on my own. So my social life had little hope of developing beyond childhood. My friends were across town a world away, most of them didn't have cars either. And I would be starting a new school. Girls were a casual thing anyway without a car. Now I had to start all over making new friends and meeting girls. I was never a jock but I was in damned good shape. Lifting weights in school had put more muscle on me than most guys my age. I liked to run and ride my bike so I was lean, too. I was long-waisted so I had dam near a ten-pack of abs and they were tight as a drum. I thought I was a good catch if just the right girl would come along and notice what I had to offer. Not much chance of the right girl in that neighborhood with nothing but wilderness behind us. Like I said, it wasn't a move up.

The fact that the park was off limits only made it more certain that I would go down there. If there was some reason why I shouldn't then it was good enough reason why I would go. The first half dozen times I left the house to go running or on my bike my mom reminded me to stay away from the park. Then she didn't remind me any more. She thought it was engrained in my mind, which it was, but only as a nagging reminder that I had to go there and see why my uncle said I shouldn't.

One evening Mom was going to a church meeting, a social or something at a nearby church she'd joined and I was going to be left alone. I put on my running shorts and jockstrap and running shoes to go running.

"I know, stay away from the park," I said first. But it was exactly where I was going. I took off running a little ways till I figured Mom was well out of sight. Then I ran back, ducked between the two apartment buildings and found my way to some steps leading down the steep slope. I wondered, if it was such a bad place, why had they built steps to get there? I went down the three flights to a ramp leading down the side of the slope in the trees.

Near the bottom of the ramp I got the surprise of my life. It was almost dusk but I could see, hidden back in a small clearing in the thick brush and trees, a guy down on his knees in front of another guy who was leaning back against the tree with his shorts and jeans down to his knees and the guy was sucking his cock! I was stunned into a frozen stance. I knew my eyes must have bugged out. The guy saw me and without missing a stroke with his mouth, waved me to come into the tiny clearing with them. I did, with great caution, as it came to me that, although my mom didn't know it, this must be the reason I was forbidden to come to the park. I ducked through the thick limbs and moved closer. I could hear the wet slippery sounds of the man's mouth moving on the guy's cock. The man leaning against the tree waved me to come closer. When I was close enough the guy on his knees put his hand around the back of my thigh. Before I could balance on both feet he was running his hand up inside the leg of my shorts, feeling my butt. He let the guy's cock go and it throbbed and bobbed up and down like it was angry.

"Nice butt," he said.

The other guy reached out and squeezed my chest.

"Nice pecs, too."

The kneeling guy hand was around front now inside my shorts, groping the front of my jockstrap.

"Nice package!!" he exclaimed. Then he swiveled on his knees so he was more facing me and hooked his fingers in the waistband of my shorts. He was going to pull my shorts and jockstrap down! I was in a numb sort of panic as I stood there watching him do it, baring my lower belly, then the hair came into view then my cock was being exposed and so was my butt. I could feel the night air on my butt. My cock, pretty well fluffed up by now from watching them, finally flipped free and almost hit the guy in the face.

"Fuck! Hell, you're bigger than I am!" the standing guy said, his eyes wide.

I guess I was. I knew I was big, compared to other guys at school but I'd never been compared with a grown man before and these guys were impressed. So was I. My cock was a good inch longer than his. The kneeling man wrapped his hand around my cock and began pulling on it, milking it. I knew I should pull my shorts and jockstrap up and get the hell out of there, but I was in a daze.

"My God, how did you grow this thing at your age? How old are you?"

"Just turned eighteen," I said.

"Mannn, just barely legal. Wish I could've got hold of you yesterday," the man said.

He was pulling on my balls too, and that felt good. My cock grew to its full size in a matter of seconds... nine inches...and I was thick.

"Holy Shit. Beautiful! I can barely get my hand around it."

"Try your mouth. I wanta see you take him," the other guy said.

The guy flicked his tongue out and licked the precome that was oozing out of the piss slit. Then he slid his lips around my cock.

"HHuunnnnnn," I gasped with the most rewarding sensation I'd ever experienced. I was a virgin, though, so I didn't know what pussy felt like. He moved his mouth up and down my cock a few times then went all the way down on it; right up to the hairs. He swallowed my cock right down his throat! I couldn't believe it. I choked on my outcry. I couldn't even moan. He had his tongue out of his mouth, under the base of my cock, lapping at my balls while I was trying to force air in or out of my lungs so I could breath. I'd never felt anything so incredible in my life; never even imagined anything could feel like this. I knew clearly why I wasn't supposed to be there, and knew that I would be, every chance I got.

He sucked my cock and forced it into the tight confines of his throat and I imagined it was what a girl's pussy must feel like. I would later discover how wrong I was on that. The other guy took my right hand and put it on the back of the man's head.

"He likes to be forced," he said. "Fuck his mouth. Ram that big cock down his throat."

I put both hands on his head and gave him what he liked. He put his hands behind his back like a slave and squealed and whinnied around my cock as I long-cocked his mouth, plunging all nine inches down his throat each time. I was so damned excited I couldn't see straight. I didn't know how the hell he was managing to swallow anything so big. Adding to my excitement was the standing guy playing with my butt, smoothing his hand over the muscles, squeezing them, digging his fingers between them. Then he wet his finger and before I realized what he was going to do he shoved his fingers deep in the crack and explored till he found my hole and rubbed it a little. I jumped when he first touched my asshole, it was a little too weird, but I quickly settled when it started feeling sort of good. Still weird but good.

I had no concept of anything except my own pleasure. It didn't mater what, if anything, either of these guys were getting out of it. They were there to pleasure me; the moment was their destiny in life. Somewhere in the haze it dawned on me that it had to end; I wouldn't last forever and I didn't want to. The end meant shooting my load and my cock was in this guy's mouth and I didn't know what I was supposed to do, pull out or what, or just warm him. I didn't do either. I just let it build up and let nature take its course. He was the one with all the experience, he should know what to do. I kept tightening my asshole to hold it off but I knew it was a losing battle and I wasn't going to mind losing it. I think the guy knew I was getting close but he wasn't panicking or anything so neither did I. I kept fucking his face, his mouth, his throat, feeding him my big cock like a food pantry feeding the hungry. When it was no use, I laid my head back and closed my eyes and let it go. I could feel the stuff gushing up through my cock with such force it felt like my hips lurched backwards when I blew. Then I started coming. Really coming. The guy groaned and choked as I shot deep in his throat. I tried to hold my cock in deep but he fought to move back a few inches, choking and gagging.

"Fuck, kid, you're drowning him."

The guy held on till I was about done. His mouth was full of my come. I could feel it swirling around the head of my cock like a whirlpool of warm honey. It was the most intense come I'd ever had. Finally the guy couldn't take anymore and he got off of my cock, coughing come out of his mouth and nose. My cock swung free, still rubber-hard, still pulsing, my nuts still churning like they didn't know I was dry. A big rope of come drained out of my cock and clung to the slit and the guy dove for it before it fell to the ground. He slurped it up and swallowed it like I realized he'd done with my entire load. Fuck, it was hot, knowing that my load was down in the guy's stomach. I teetered on shaky legs and the other guy grabbed my arm to steady me.

"You okay, kid?" he asked, laughing.

"Yeah," I said, breathlessly.

"My God, you come like a horse! I never had a grown man shoot that much come."

"Yeah, I know I come a lot," I said

"That was like a natural disaster; a flood...a volcano."

As I was pulling my jockstrap and shorts up the guy leaned in for one last taste of my cock.

"You are incredible. Can we meet again?"

"Sure. Anytime," I said.

"I'm down here about every day at this time, but sometimes I go back to the woods," he said.

I didn't know why but now that I'd shot my load, I was in a hurry to get out of there. My legs barely got me back up the steep stairs. I was in bed reading when mom came in to see that I was home. I couldn't sleep. There was a whole new world suddenly opened up to me and I couldn't wait to explore it. There was action back in the woods, too, from what the guy had said. That was my next destination. I didn't wait till evening the next day. I was too anxious and I was sure that guy wasn't the only one who frequented the woods.

I had to go help my uncle with some stuff in the morning but after we were done and he bought my lunch and dropped me off home and I changed into my gym shorts and headed down to the park. I turned off the stairs and headed for the woods instead of going down the ramp. I stayed under cover of the thick trees that followed the river, around the edge of the park till I got to the big woods in back. I was surprised to see so many guys there. They stood around like sentries posted in the tall grass and brush and weeds. I could sense that there was a keen interest in my arrival. I waded through the brush till I came to a path. I took the path past several guys like I knew right where I was going, and went in under an old bridge trellis that was crumbling down. I passed two guys real close, one of them groping himself.

"Hey, kid," one said.

"Hi," I said, but I went on up the path. I had no idea where I was going but I acted like I did. I turned onto another path and heard several guys coming up the path behind me. Up ahead I could make out, barely, two more figures, mostly hidden by the trees and brush. They were standing face to face and I couldn't see any sign of clothes on either of them. I veered off the path and moved in closer, still hidden by the weeds. Close up, I saw that they were naked except for their work boots and socks and one of them had on a baseball cap. One guy was pulling on the other guy's hard cock. I got close, about nine yards away, before they saw me. They weren't the least bit startled. Instead, they waved me over. I went through the weeds and stood with them, but just out of reach. They both waved me closer. I moved in and one of them started groping my shorts, the other one my butt.

"Goddam, feel this," one sad to the other as he felt my cock. The other guy felt me up too.

"Holy Shit! Let's get this thing out and have a look." While one guy pushed my shorts and jock strap down the other man pulled my shirt off over my head.

"Can we take these off?" the man asked as he put his hand around my calf to lift my leg so he could remove my shorts and jockstrap. I was naked, too, except for my running shoes and socks.

"Holy Fuck, you've got a cock on you! Not to mention a body." He leaned in and gobbled my cock. He sucked me for a minute then told his friend, "Come on, there's plenty of cock here for both of us." Then they both went to work on me. They both had their mouths on my cock, sort of kissing each other and lashing their tongues together as they sucked me, then they would alternate between my cock and my balls. The other men who had come up the path kept a respectable distance of ten, twenty yards, and just watched while they jacked off. Being totally naked out there in the open really turned me on. So did having all those guy watching, and I didn't last as long as I wanted to.

"Hey, I'm getting close," I whispered, as if it matter a dam if anybody heard me.

They both reared back a little bit, one of them pumping m cock with his fist and the other one pulling on my balls.

"Give it to us, right in the face."

At their request I shot my load all over their faces. I sprayed them with my whitewash. It turned me on more the way they licked and kissed my come off of each other. After that second experience, I set a goal to go to the park every day. I found I could get sucked off about any time of day by anybody I wanted to. A couple of guys tried to get me to suck them but I wouldn't do it. I was stunned when another guy wanted me to fuck him. Not just that he wanted me to fuck him, but because he was such a big, macho stud. He looked like a truck driver or maybe a lumberjack. He had his shirt out and unbuttoned, showing his big thick pecs and washboard abs, all covered with hair. He had huge nipples. He'd been watching from a short distance and motioned for me to come over to him. He pulled his hand out of his fly and undid his belt and shoved his jeans down. He wasn't wearing any shorts. He took a little brown bottle out of his shirt pocket and uncapped it. I recognized it as poppers although I had never used the stuff. He took a couple of hits then turned around with his butt to me. He handed the bottle off to me as he bent over and leaned his shoulder against a tree. I was curious about the poppers but I didn't use it. My legs shaking, I stepped up behind him and clasped my hands around his solid butt, pulling the muscles apart to aim my cock between them. He was so sure of getting fucked by somebody that he had his ass already lubed up. The head of my cock slid between his taut buns and I pressed against his hot hole. He reached back and pulled his butt apart and told me to shove it in. I shoved but nothing happened, except the muscle around his asshole gave a little.

"Shove it hard, I can take it," he told me.

I shoved hard and the head of my cock was suddenly swallowed up by the tight muscle of his asshole.

"Ohhh, Fuck!" he gasped, the muscles of his back and shoulder bulging.

I paused till I saw his muscles relax, then I shoved in deeper. He didn't cry out so I went in all the way.

"Fuck, you are big!" he groaned as he pressed his butt back against me and began twisting his hips around and moaning under his breath.

He groaned louder when I started fucking him. I thought getting my cock sucked was incredible; this was the most incredible thing I ever felt. If this was what pussy felt like, I was going to start looking for pussy. His ass was so warm and alive and it felt tight and loose at the same time. It was like a nice, soft sheath then he would tighten his asshole and dam near squeeze my cock off.

"Can I come in you?" I asked.

"Yes, but not too soon, I hope," he replied.

"I'm good for awhile," I told him. I must have fucked him for a half hour or so. I was proud of my stamina. I had read somewhere that the average guy lasted seven to ten minutes in the sack. But finally, my time came.

"I'm getting close," I warned.

He sort of squealed and started shoving his butt back onto my cock and jacking himself off. "Give it to me. I wanta feel that big teenage load shooing in me."

I just stood there and let him fuck my cock and let it build up. Suddenly, another guy scrambled to his knees under the guy and started sucking his cock. The man squealed and I knew he was coming. So did I. When I started shooting my load in him he practically yelled. Fuck, it was great.

I was a little wary when it came time to pull my cock out of his ass. I hadn't thought about till then, but I was afraid of what I would find. Much to my surprise, my cock pulled free, glistening with come but nothing else. The man straightened and pulled his shorts and jeans up, but took out a red bandanna and stuffed it between his buns before he pulled them all the way up.

"Can I keep this?" I asked, holding out the bottle of popes. "I'll try it at home and meet you back down here and maybe I'll use it."

"Friday," he said.

"Same time?" I asked.


"Okay, I'll be here."

Again, my legs barely got me back home. I tried the poppers that night in my room. I breathed the vapors in each nostril like I'd seen the trucker do and waited. I didn't have to wait long; a matter of seconds. It felt the top of my head was going to blow off and my brain might spin out of my skull as the warm feeling flooded all through me. My vision became blurry. It was like a tingling feeling. There was also a buzz down between my legs, way back in my ass and I did the only thing a teenager would think to do; I grabbed my cock. Shit, it was getting hard so fast. I took a couple more doses while I jacked off, till I shot my load all over the place; me, the bed, even hit the wall. It was so intense. And powerful. I wish I could have shot it in somebody's mouth.

I kept my pledge to go to the park every day, and then some. I started going down twice a day. There were different guys there at different times of the day. I was sure I was getting more sex than any eighteen-year-old in town. I couldn't believe how blatant it was, guys running around naked and having sex out in the open, right in a public park in a town of 12,000 people. I wondered what would happen if the cops drove back there. Nobody seemed to worry about that, so neither did I. I loved the attention and being naked got it. Actually, just showing up got their attention. Early on I got real picky, though. There were a lot of truly dirty old men who hung out at the park. I chose the younger of them, who were clean and smelled good.

I went down at the appointed time on Friday to meet the trucker. He didn't show up. There was another guy getting fucked on a blanket in the bushes, though, so I moved in closer to watch. It was hard to tell at first whether the guy was in pain or pleasure but it soon became apparent that he was loving the big cock pounding his as. He was naked, turned up nearly in half, holding his legs against his chest as the other guy, his jeans and shorts down around his ankles, plunged his cock in the poor guy's ass. I watched till the guy getting fucked went off all over himself then the fucker obviously shot off in the guy's ass. I watched as the guy pulled his cock out, got up and pulled his shorts and jeans.

"You want some of that, go ahead," he said as he stuffed his slick cock into his shorts.

The guy kept his legs pulled up, offering his ass to me. His hole was still wide open, clenching at the air and come was running out. It was hot but not quite a turn-on for me so I told him no. The guy let his legs down but didn't get up. He was waiting to see if there were any other takers. I left, close behind the fucker, and he told the other guys along the path that the guy on the blanket was waiting for more cock if they were interested. Several of them headed down the path.

I hate to admit that I was getting more and more curious about fucking; about my own ass...why it felt so good when guys squeezed my butt or rubbed my asshole with their fingers, and one guy actually worked his finger through the hole and it didn't hurt all that much. Then one day one of them took me to the next step. That was the day I took a blanket with me. I got it out of the house by tossing it over the balcony in a plastic bag and hid it in the bushes. Next day I got it and headed down the stairs and made my way through the trees back to the woods. I still didn't feel comfortable walking through the park out in the open. I didn't know why exactly, but I was feeling real brave and bold, although I wasn't admitting why I was taking a blanket.

Back in the woods I took the path under the bridge trestle and on back to the real thick wilderness where all the bold action took place; where guys got naked. It was early morning and I wanted to see if any new or different guys came around that early, maybe on their way to work. I didn't see anybody. The place was deserted. I went to one of the trampled clearings off the path and spread the blanket out on the grass between two big logs where trees had fallen long ago. Then I took off my clothes, down to my sneakers and socks and baseball cap, and stretched out on the blanket naked. It was quiet and peaceful, almost serene, lying there looking up through the trees at the early morning sky and listening to the birds. For a short while it was more peaceful than sensual. Then I heard the soft sounds of leaves being crushed underfoot and twigs breaking. Someone was coming. For all I knew it could be a cop. A chill ran through me but I didn't care enough to move. I would just tell him I was contemplating nature and didn't think it would hurt anything if I was naked so far back in the woods at that hour of the morning. I didn't look around at first as I heard the leaves rustling where he was coming up on my spot. Then I acted as if I'd just heard him and looked around. He was standing right beside the blanket. It wasn't a cop. It wasn't any of the guys I'd seen before.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," I said back. He was tall, broad shouldered, with a real dark tan and a darker stubble of beard that made him look rugged. He was sexy as hell. I let my eyes travel up his long thick thighs bulging against his jeans, up to the well-rounded bulge he had packed in the crotch. He had thick forearms sticking out of his rolled up sleeves. He was about thirty and good looking in his rugged sort of way. Odd, I thought, that I actually thought the guy was sexy. I'd never looked at a guy like that before.

"How're you doing?" he asked.

"Okay. You?"

"Okay...now," he said as he dropped one hand down to his bulge. He stood there gazing at my naked body.

"Shit, am I dreaming or what?" he remarked as he began to absently unbutton his light flannel shirt. A nice, neat mat of hair showed on his thick pecs as the shirt opened up. "You look awful young to be back here like that," he said. "But that's a nice cock you've got there. Nice build, too."

"Looks like you've got a nice one too," I said. Shit, where did that come from? It sounded like I was coming on to the guy. It's what he thought.

"You wanta see it?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess, you've seen mine."

"It's pretty hard not to notice something that big on a kid your age."

"You don't know my age," I said.

"Too young, I'm guessing. Seventeen, maybe even sixteen."

"Too young for what?" I would let him guess my age.

"For what you're gonna find back here," he said.

"What am I going to find?" I asked.

He hesitated, shaking his head. "I don't know, kid, you look awfully young. In the face, that is. You sure don't look young from the neck down."

"I'm eighteen," I said. I didn't want him to get scared and leave. "I just turned eighteen."

He opened his jeans and pulled them down about half way to his knees. His thighs were massive with a glint of sun-bleacher hair, nicely tanned, and his shorts bulged mightily.

"This give you some idea what you're gonna find?" he asked. "But then, I guess it's what you're looking for," he added.

"You've got it backwards," I said. I was feeling a little uneasy. Thanks to the way I was acting, the guy had the wrong idea about me and if he decided to act on it there wouldn't be much I could do about it. He could easily overpower me and make me do anything he wanted.

"Have I, now?" he said bravely as he pulled his shorts down. His cock fell heavily to its full length, thick and veiny. It began to unfurl, getting thicker and longer as he pulled on it. Then he let go and put his hands on his hips. His cock gradually rose up to rubbery hardness, the veins filling up to bulging, unlike the smoothness of my cock. I had veins networked under the sheath but his veins bulged like raised lines on a road map. It scared the hell out of me what was going through my mind; it was the closest I ever came to wanting to try sucking a cock. But I resisted. If he forced me, well...I waited to see what he was going to do. I glanced to locate my clothes in case I had to get up and run. Not that I wanted to. Actually, I wasn't sure he still believed my age and I was afraid he might put everything back and leave. I sure didn't want him to do that. So help me, I was actually thinking that if he did make a move to leave I would offer to suck his cock for him just too keep him there. He surprised me.

"Fuck, kid, I don't give a dam if you're lying about your age," he said as he dropped to his knees between my legs and took hold of my cock. It was already hard just looking at the guy; his touch sent it bolting. "Seeing somebody like you, I go either way," he said as he pulled on my cock. "I just left the house from fucking my wife, but you are a fucking turn-on."

I was still surprised when he leaned down and took my cock in his mouth. I let out a loud moan. God, he was good. It felt like he had two tongues and his throat was like velvet. I didn't understand how a big, good-looking stud like him could leave his wife right after fucking her and go in search of another guy. But he obviously wasn't new at it, he was able to take me all the way down. He was juicy too, slobbering and letting his spit run down over my balls. He bought his other hand to my butt, rubbing his strong, thick fingers in the crack. He found my hole and began massaging it. I let out a little whimper.

"You like that?" he asked, probing gently.

"It feels good."

"You ever been fucked?"

"No," I replied nervously.

"Do you wanta try it?"

"No. I let guys eat my ass but I don't get fucked," I said.

He smiled as he took my ankles and lifted my legs up high. He bent me in half so my butt was tilted up and fully spread and exposed. I was scared shitless. I didn't know if he was going to eat me or try to fuck me. It could go either way, I was pretty much helpless in the position I was in.

"It looks edible all right, and fuckable," he said.

"No," I said.

"No?" he said with a belly-chuckle. "What would you do if I drove my cock right in this tight little ass of yours? You sure as hell couldn't get away."

"I d-don't...know," I stammered.

"Hey, just teasing you, kid. I wouldn't do that unless you wanted me to."

With that he leaned down and buried his face in my butt. I muffled my outcry with my forearm over my mouth. His tongue was like two again, strong as his fingers as he bore it through my hole.

"Hold your legs," he said.

I hugged my legs to my chest so he could have my ass. He pulled my hole wide open and buried his tongue way up inside me. I wanted to scream with pleasure. He literally ate me out, gouged my asshole with his tongue.

"Are you sure you don't want to get fucked?" he asked when he looked up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"No...No, please...I can't..." I said. Shit, I was begging? Not a good sign. If I was pleading, even not to get fucked, that still meant I was admitting that he was in control. It scared me more that maybe I wanted him to fuck me. I half expected him to do it anyway.

"How about this way, then," he said as he probed my asshole with his finger. Not just the tip like other guys had done. He slowly shoved his finger in me all the way to the first knuckle.

"Ohhhhhh!" I gasped in surprise. Then he touched a spot that sent chills through me. "Awwwhhhhhhh!" I cried louder.

"That feel good?" he asked as he kept probing.

"AWWWW, Yesssss!" I didn't know what he was touching, but it felt like a drum the way he was tapping on it; it felt firm and soft at the same time. I likened it to a girl's clit although I didn't think guys had clits.

"Just think what my cock would feel like in there," he said.

"No...please, I can't...your cock is too big, please don't do it to me," I said.

"I'm not going to force you," he said. "You gotta want it. Which I think you do. You're begging me not to fuck you but you ass is begging for it. But I know you're scared." He went back down on my cock and sucked me while he fingered my ass.

I clawed at the blanket till I had it all rumpled up and then I was clawing the grass, trying to hang onto my sanity. In about a minute, I shot my load. God, it was so intense. I shot all over myself and got some on him. It was in that moment that I realized that the feelings in my ass had everything to do with my coming. I also realized that the guy was jacking himself off. I blinked when I saw him hunker up over me, fisting his cock.

"No, don't...," I said, thinking he was going to force his cock in my mouth. But he didn't. He just hunkered up over my lower parts and shot all over my cock and balls and my lower abs. His hot come felt wonderful. I couldn't breath and I couldn't move my legs. He let them rest on his shoulders.

"Wow, that was quite a load," he said as he backed away and got to his feet, towering over me like a giant with his big cock swinging and dripping come. He milked it down and flicked the come off his finger. It landed with a soft smack on some leaves.

"Listen, I get down here every week or so. Do you want to meet again about this time? It's great this early when there's nobody else around."

"I can meet any time you say, I get down here almost every day," I said.

"Be careful. There are a lot of weirdos that come down here," he said.

"I know, I think I've met most of them," I said.

"Friday, then?"

"Friday is fine."

After pulling up his shorts and tucking it all back in he started to walk away, then he stopped. "By the way, my name's Jason. What' yours?"


"See you, Dylan."

I didn't get back down to the park right away after that. My brother, Jack, came home on leave from the marines. I was damned glad to see him but I didn't cry like my mother did. Jack was always a jock-stud...I always admired him so...but now he was a marine stud, and I admired him even more. He was a man's man; a man's marine. We stayed up all night that first night he was home, along with my uncle, listening to his marine stories. Besides listening, I was watching every move he made; the way his arms bulged against his shirt sleeves, and his thick neck, his big shoulders. I finally got sleepy and went to bed. I was dozed off when I heard Jack come in.

"You asleep?" he asked softly.

"Not now," I said.

"Sorry. Mom said I would be bunking in here with you."

"Yeah, I figured you would," I said as I moved over to make room for him on the bed. It was a regular-sized bed, not a queen or king, so it was going to be pretty close quarters, sharing it with Jack's two-hundred pound frame. I watched him take off his clothes. God, he was nothing but solid muscle. Shit, he looked like a GI Joe.

"You sleeping naked?" he asked


"Good." He shoved his shorts down. I got a glimpse at his cock and he looked big. I shivered at the thought of being naked in bed with him. He stepped out on the balcony. "Hey, this is neat, you've got your own private balcony."

"Yeah, it's nice."

"You ever sleep out here and jack off under the stars?" he asked.

"No." I didn't mean to sound indignant but his question surprised me. I surprised myself as well, for not having thought of it. But then I didn't need to jack off much these days.

"No, you don't sleep out here, or you don't jack off?" he asked.

"We both know that would be a lie," I said, laughing, although I didn't tell him I wasn't doing it much anymore.

"Do you want to sleep out here tonight?" Jack asked.


We hauled the mattress out and made up a bed. Jason tossed the pillows out and we stretched out together. We talked about everything in general but mostly it was my questions about the marines. I wanted to talk about sex and the marines, two things that just seemed to go together, but I didn't want to be the one to steer the conversation in that direction. I didn't want Jason to get the wrong idea about me. But it happened quite by accident.

"Is there still good fishing down at the river?" he asked.

"I don't know, I don't fish much," I said. "Anyway, I'm not allowed to go down to the park."

"Why not?"

"Uncle Travis told my mom I shouldn't go down there and she won't let me."

"Oh. Well, they're probably right. You've got no business down there. If you decide you wanta try anything like that, you come see me."

"Try what?" I asked.

"You don't know what goes on down there?" he asked, surprised.

"No. I've heard...stories, jokes, mostly," I lied.

"It's no joke," he assured me.

I wondered how he knew but I didn't ask. "What were you talking about, if I wanted to try anything like that?" I asked.

There was a long thoughtful pause then he shoved his arm under my neck and pulled me against him. It felt wonderful snuggled against his hard muscles.

"Maybe its time we had a talk, big brother to little brother, before I go back," he said in a low, husky tone. "No... correction... just brother to brother. You're not little anymore. Not by a long shot."

"Its okay, I don't mind being called your little brother," I said.

"Are you serious, you never jack off out here?" he asked

"No. But then we haven't lived here very long," I said.

"One day...one night...would be enough time for me," he said. "Do you want to?" he asked as he casually reached over and wrapped his hand around my cock. I was so shocked my air constricted in my throat.

"Yeah...sure...I guess so," I managed.

"You sound hesitant," he said as he let go of my cock and pulled on his own a couple of times, pulled it up over his belly. It stretched up toward his navel, no doubt it would reach well beyond by the time he was completely hard.

"No, just surprised," I said. "I didn't think you still did that... being a marine and all."

"You think marines don't get horny? Being a marine actually makes me more horny," Jack said.

"Oh, yeah? Why?"

"Just something about it. It's like getting a shot of testosterone every morning when you wake up in the barracks among all those other rugged guys." Then he cupped my balls. "That's a big pair of balls you're sporting, too. Do they work?"

"You're gonna find out," I said huskily. Geezuss, I couldn't believe what was happening, the way Jack was touching me. He had never done this before. Was he gay? Then he took hold of my cock again. He leaned up on one elbow and watched his hand working up and down my cock.

"Whew! Where'd you get that thing, anyway? Shit, I wasn't hung like that when I was your age."

"Looks like you made up for it since," I said.

"Yeah, but this is about it for me," he said, squeezing his own cock. "You're not done growing. Fuck, you're gonna be a horse with one-two more inches on that thing by the time you're done growing."

My cock did look about as big as his.

"I think we're about the same size already," he observed with a hint of pride. Yeah, I thought we were too and it made me proud as hell. We were moving our hands up and down our cocks in a slow, steady rhythm and I was so excited I could hardly breathe that me and my brother were actually jerking off together. This was something I figured a lot of brothers did when they were young boys but Jack and I never did and I never dreamed we would be doing it at our age. Maybe it was because he was five years older than me; I was only thirteen when he went into the Marines. I was eighteen now, and he twenty-three.

"Hey, do you want to change hands?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, although I didn't know what the big deal was switching hands. But just as I switched from my left to my right hand I thought Jack was about to reach over and I realized that's not what he meant.

"No, I meant switch our hands, yours to mine," he said.

"Oh. Okay." Now I was really excited. Jack was actually wrapping his big hand around my stiff cock! Fuck, it felt good. I reached over and wrapped my hand around his. That felt good, too. It felt wonderful. God, even his cock felt like a marine cock. It was the first time I'd ever touched another guy like that.

"We should've been doing this years ago," Jack said.

"Why didn't we? Your hand feels really good," I said.

"So does yours. But you were so young and innocent and I didn't want to fuck up your head."

"I don't think jacking off fucks up anybody's head," I said.

"Yeah, but when I was eighteen you were only thirteen."

"My cock was pretty big at thirteen, and I could shoot since I was twelve," I said.

"I know, you were hung like a young pony, even back then, but I just didn't know...I guess if I'd known you were able to come, I might have tried something with you."

We jacked each other off and listened to the night noises all around us. It was nice. Jack seemed to be really getting into it; his eyes fixed on my cock. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him wet his lips a couple of times and my brain kicked out some thoughts that I didn't dare think. Fuck, no way...! But he surprised the hell out of me. He touched the tip of his finger to the head of my cock and brought up a string of pre-come that he wiped off the piss slit. He held it up to me.

"Wanta lick my finger off?" he asked.

"No," I said emphatically.

"It's your juice," he said.

"You lick it off," I told him.

Much to my surprise, he did! I blinked with a horrified look of surprise. He just laughed.

"Don't tell me you never tasted your own stuff," he scoffed.

"No," I replied. "Well, not on purpose. I got some in my mouth one time when I shot off pretty wild." I could tell something was going through Jack's head and I had a feeling he was about to show me what I wasn't supposed to be learning down at the park, but my mind wouldn't process it.

"We've got a rule in the Marines, you know," as he cleared his throat.

"Don't ask, don't tell. So this is strictly between you and me."

"Sure. Who would I tell anyway?" Jack worked his big hand up and down my cock, slowly, like he was really concentrating on something. Twice, he squeezed harder on the way up, forcing more ball-juice up out of my cock and there was a big glob about to slide over the head of my cock, he swiped it with his finger and offered it to me. Twice I declined and he licked it off his finger, laughing as he did it. Then he seemed to be really concentrating...gazing at my cock. He glanced up at me a couple of times then cleared his throat.

"Understand, I don't do this for just anybody," he said hoarsely.

"D-don't...do what?" I stammered. He was going to do it! Ohh, fuck, he was going to...

"This," he said as he leaned down and took my cock in his mouth!

"Awwwhh...Jack!" I gasped. I'm sure he thought it was the first time for me, I wasn't just putting I on to convince him that this was my first time getting sucked. His mouth was really incredible. I was stunned almost numb as I watched his handsome head moving up and down, his lips distended around my cock. My big studly marine-brother was sucking my cock!!

"Sounds like that's feeling pretty good," he said after a moment.

"Un-fuckin-believable! Aww, Jack, I never dreamed you'd do something like this. Who else do you do it for?"

"A couple of very special buddies when things get rough. They're both real studs, like you."

I was surprised he answered my question. "What do you mean when things get rough?" I asked. As much as I loved his mouth on my cock, I also loved to hear him talk about the Marines. There was something sensual about it.

"When the training gets tough, no letup, the DI's on your ass every minute...no pussy..."

"Seems like if the training gets that tough, you guys wouldn't even be thinking about pussy," I said.

He laughed. "There's not a minute that goes by, day or night, that a marine isn't thinking about sex," he said as he slowly jacked my slick cock.

I noticed he said thinking about sex, not just about pussy and I wondered if that meant anything.

"Is there much of it that goes on... between the guys, I mean?" I asked.

"As much as there can be, without getting caught," he said. He leaned down and took my cock in his mouth again.

I lay my head back in the pillow and gazed up into the stars as I floated of into those clouds that seemed to envelop me in ecstasy. I tried to convince myself that it was really happening; that my big brother was actually sucking my cock, that he had done it to other marines, but my brain stopped short of processing it.

"Hey, don't come in my mouth. I don't eat come," he said.

"Okay." I said breathlessly, although I didn't know if I could stop from doing it. I didn't know if I could interrupt such intense pleasure. I had learned the knack of holding off about as long as I wanted to but not with Jack. There sure wasn't going to be any holding back on him unless he eased off now and then and brought me back down. Which he wasn't doing. I fought it...I really did fight it....but I knew it was a losing battle. Jack was going to make me come. He sensed it, too. He raised up off my cock, jacking it slowly.

"Getting close?"


Then he went back down on it for a couple of seconds. He did that a half dozen times, as if he were coaxing my load out of me. I felt the heat building up in my loins and then felt the stuff like it was swirling around inside me like a tornado, working up the power and speed to explode out through my cock.

"Aww, Jack...I'm gonna come...Take it, Jack...please take my load...don't stop...sucking...please take it...take it for me...I don't wanta waste it," I begged.

He was hesitant, like in a moment of panic, not knowing what to do. I think he was surprised at my begging. I didn't have a hope that he would do it for me but I begged, almost sobbing with lust. Suddenly, with a deep, guttural moan he went back down on my cock, just in time to get the back of his throat white-washed with my hot come. He shut his eyes and sucked hard, with great determination, as I filled his mouth with my warm, thick semen. I could hear him swallowing, probably by accident but I couldn't tell from his soft groan whether he liked it or didn't. He raised up after a couple of minutes, gasping and choking and I hit him in the face with another thick rope of the stuff before he could get out of the way. He leaned over the edge of the mattress and spit and coughed and spit some more.

"Shit! You little fucker, you come like a horse," he said. "You tricked me."

"How'd I trick you? All I did was beg you not to stop, but I didn't think you would do it"

"But you were about to cry if I didn't take it. Fuck, I never did that before with anybody."

"Not even with your special buddies?" I asked.

"Not even them. You're the first. You ought to feel honored."

"I am. God, it felt good, Jack." He wasn't real mad at me, anyway. Maybe he was a little upset or disappointed in himself, though. We lay together, me on his arm, while my come dried on my stomach. Jack still had a hardon but I tried to ignore it. He turned on his side and threw one leg across mine, his cock throbbing against my hip.

"Feel that?" he asked.


"Do you want to suck it?"

I was hesitant, in a panic. Yes, I wanted to but I was afraid to. The idea of sucking cock had been implanted in my head from the time with the young guy named Jason, back in the park, and I knew deep down that it was going to happen someday, and that day was growing closer and closer. I had the feeling there was going to be a lot happen with Jason. Maybe if I did it with Jack first... and it was only fair after he'd gone down on me...it would be easier with Jason. At least I would have some idea what I was doing.

"I don't know if I can do it," I said hoarsely.

"Sure you can. It's not rocket science. Just open your mouth and wrap your tongue around it then go down on it."

"I don't know if I could get my mouth around it," I said.

"I'm not that much bigger than you are, if any," Jack said.

"You're bigger around."

"Okay, you don't have to do it," he said.

I couldn't tell if he was disappointed or pissed. "I want to, Jack...I think I'd like to try it," I said.

"I guess it depends on how bad you wanta try it, then," he said. "Look, if you think you're going to try it sometime, I'm probably the one you ought try it with first, while I'm home. I'm your brother."

"Yeah, and you did it for me," I said.

"That's got nothing to do with it. I wasn't expecting anything in return. I did it because I wanted to show you ...like I said I would. That was probably a mistake, though."


"Because, now that you've got a taste of it, you're gonna be down at the park all the time," he said.

I wanted to do it so bad and I didn't know what I was afraid of. I tried to fight the fear, told myself it was foolish. As we lay there together, his cock throbbing against my hip seemed to draw the fear out of me. Finally I reached down between us and Jack moved back enough to give me room to take hold of his cock. I pulled and squeezed and he pushed it back and forth through my fist.

"Mmmmm, your hand feels good."

My mouth would feel better; I knew that's what he was thinking. He was right, if I was going to do it, it ought to be with him the first time.

"You wouldn't shoot in my mouth?" I asked timidly.

"Not unless you want me to." He took it that I was ready to take the plunge and moved up on his knees at my shoulder. His big cock swayed hard and throbbing out over my face. I was weak with want.

"Just lick the head at first, get the feel and taste of it," he said.

His ball juice was oozing out and sliding in a little stream down over the curvature of the head. I put my tongue out and licked the underside, up to the thick gristle rim of the fleshy helmet.

"Yeah, that's it," he cooed. "Fuck, your tongue feels good. How does it taste?"

"Not so bad," I lied. It tasted wonderful. I knew I was hooked.

"You're not going to get the full taste of it till you take it in your mouth," he said.

I opened my mouth and he laid his cock across my lips. I slid my tongue back and forth on the shaft. I loved the feel of the bulging veins. He slid his cock back and forth across my parted lips.

"I'm not gonna force you," he told me.

I was half hoping that he would sort of force me, at least shove his cock through my lips. But if I wanted it I would have to take it. I turned my head to face his manhood. I wet my lips and let my mouth go slack. I was still wanting him to force it into my mouth but he only rubbed the head against my slack lips. Finally, I opened wide and leaned in to take his cock in my mouth. I sucked him rather gingerly as I supposed every guy does the first time he's got a cock in his mouth. But as I got used to the feel of it, and the warm, manly taste, I put more into it. I sucked him with a sort of hunger that I didn't know existed in me.

"Fuck, are you sure you've never done this before," Jack asked huskily.

"Never. Am I doing okay?"

"Aww, you're doing great. Shit, your mouth is so hot and soft and your tongue is so wild."

My head felt numb, as if everything I felt had drained to my groin. My mouth was the receptacle for Jack's thick cock and I liked sucking it, but the feelings were manifested below. My spit was so plentiful it was running out the corners of my mouth. I was hungry for this. I was made for this!

"I want your load," I whispered. I blinked at the sound of the words, wondering where they'd come from. Who spoke them?

"Are you sure?" It was Jack's voice. The other voice had to be mine.

"Yeah, I'm sure." That was my voice, for sure. Geezuss, what was I saying? Where did it come from?

"You ever taste come?" Jack asked.

"I told you, no, except that one time, by accident," I said.

"You'd better think about it," he said.

"There's nothing to think about," I said. It wasn't a matter of thinking about it; I spoke the words without thinking. I went back down on his cock, slurping over the hot, thick meat. Jack hunkered over me, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I was confused about the taste of his meat. There was no real taste, yet it was delicious as any steak.

"You better get ready to pull off. I'm getting close," Jack said.

I braced myself. I'd never felt such great anxiety and anticipation as I waited those seconds for him to unload in my mouth. Even as I pretended to be helpless and at his mercy, I knew it was a lie. I wanted his come... his semen...his man-seed... there was something exciting about the idea of having his live sperm in my stomach. I shivered at the new realization that I was going to swallow his load.

"I'm getting close, if you wanta change your mind," he warned me again.

I grabbed his cock with my fist and held on tight, as if I was afraid he was going to take it away from me.

"Okay...you want it...I'm gonna give it to you," he said.

My anticipation turned to intense excitement as the stuff spurted out of his cock. Within a few seconds the space around his cock was filled and I couldn't contain it all. It was running out the corners of my mouth. For a moment, as the taste permeated my taste buds, I thought I might be sick but the excitement of it all overcame the queasy feelings. It was my brother's come, that had to mean something. And he'd done the same for me. I braced myself and swallowed. I was surprised how easily the stuff slid down my throat and how much I swallowed in one gulp. He shot more to keep the taste in my mouth. Suddenly I was loving it. I wished there was more. I was consumed with a new lust. Already my mind was racing ahead to the big, young trucker down at the park. He was gong to be in for a big surprise when I saw him next. Jack's body trembled as he straightened from being hunkered over me. He left his cock in my mouth as long as I wanted it and when I let my tongue rest, he pulled out. It dragged across my face, leaving a trail of spit and come.

"Shit, that was wild," he said breathlessly as he lay down beside me. He shoved his arm under my head again and pulled me close. "How'd you like it?"

"Fine. Good," I said.

"Hey, since we're on the same page now, do you want to go down to the park together?" he asked. "I'll take you."

"Sure," I replied. I was in deep shit. There were going to be guys down there who recognized me and Jack would figure out that I'd been down there. If I was going to go with him, I had no choice but to confess.

"Jack...there's something I gotta tell you," I said.


I cleared my throat. "I lied...about not going down to the park," I said.


"Yeah, I've already been down there. I go down there a lot," I said. "I had to tell you because there're some guys down here that know me."

"How well?" he asked.

"I lied about a lot of stuff...some of them know me pretty well."

"You little fucker," he said, laughing as he punched me in the stomach. "I guess we're not on the same page after all. Sounds like you're about a chapter ahead of me."

"Maybe a few pages," I said.

"What do you do when you go down there?" he asked.

"Get my cock sucked. That's all."

"You mean that blow job I gave you wasn't your first?"

"No," I said sheepishly. "I wish it had been, Jack. Actually, it was my first time, because it was you doing it. But yours was the first cock I ever sucked so that has to count for something," I said in an attempt to redeem myself.

"It counts for a lot," he said.

"There's...uh...something else."

"What? You'd better come clean with me," he said.

"Guys like to eat my ass and a couple of guys even like to use their fingers on me."

"How'd you like it?" he asked with a smile.

"Sometimes they make me come doing it," I said. "They touch something way up inside of me that drives me crazy and I can't hold off."

"That's your prostate, dumb-ass. It's what produces your come. Your love nut. If they hit that you got no choice but to shoot," he said. "Now, is there anything else you wanta tell me?"


"Have you ever eaten ass?" Jack asked.


"Never been fucked? For real, I mean, besides a finger."

"No, one guy wanted to fuck me but I was scared."

"That's the only reason?" he said with a sly grin, "you're scared?"


"What you're saying is, you really want to get fucked but you're just too scared to do it," Jack pointed out.

He had me. "I don't know...it's not what I meant, but..."

"But what?"

"I don't know, maybe I do want it. Why else would I have said it like that? It'd be just that one guy, though, if I ever was going to do it. He's a big stud like you. You ought to meet him."

"Maybe we'll see him down there," Jack said.

"We might if we go early in the morning, about six," I said.


"He's a trucker and he sometimes stops by on his way out, after he fucks his wife."

"You seem to know an awful lot about the guy's private life," he said.

"He told me," I said. "I....I do have....there's something else, Jack."

"Geezuss! What is it? I thought you leveled with me."

"I did. I am. But I forgot part of it. I didn't get it all said. I'm supposed to meet him Friday morning."

"The guy who used his finger on you."

"Yes, while he...sucked my cock," I said.

"Shit, you never had a chance, and he knew it," Jack said, laughing. "He sucked your cock and pounded your love nut pounded, you had no choice but to come. So, I'll get to meet him. But wait a minute. The way you said that ...are you meeting him...for anything specific?"

"Nothing specific. Except he...he wants to fuck me."

"Are you going to let him?"

"I'm scared," I said.

"Scared or not, you're thinking about it, right?" he said.

"I...yeah, I guess I am. I admit, I've thought about it...in a curious sort of way. The way his finger felt, I can't help wondering what it'd feel like with his big cock. And maybe you could...maybe you could take my virginity...be the first to fuck me ...since you're home." Fuck, I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth.

Jack couldn't believe it either. He just stared at me for a moment. "Let's put this in clear terms, just so I'm sure I understand...what you're saying is, you want me to fuck you."

"Yeah, I...I guess I am saying that. I know I am. Maybe I won't be so scared if it was you. And I've got some poppers that would make it easier."

"You're using poppers? Where'd you get poppers?" he asked.

"I guy gave his bottle to me, said I could give it back to him next time I saw him. I've only used it a couple of times, when I jacked off, and once when I got sucked."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jack asked. "I mean, if you gotta use poppers, maybe you're not as ready as you think."

"I'm scared, that's all. But I'm ready. I mean, I know it's going to happen," I said.

"You've seen how big I am," Jack said as a warning.

"Yeah, and I'm scared. But you could talk me through it, and I know you'd be easy with me."

"It's gonna hurt at first," he warned.

"Have you ever been fucked?" I asked.

"No, but I've fucked another guy and I know it's gonna hurt. You know it, too, otherwise why would you be scared? And if you're scared, why do you even want to do it?"

"I don't know...since I discovered sex with other guys, I can't get enough. I just want to do more and more."

"You ever fuck a girl?" Jack asked.

"No." I would've lied to anyone else, but I had no shame admitting it to Jack.

"Oh, Mann!" he groaned. "You're going hot-nuts over sex with other guys before you even know what its like to fuck a girl? That's not how it's supposed to work, Little Brother."

"It's kinda hard to pick up a girl on my bike and take her someplace and fuck her," I said.

"Uncle Travis doesn't let you use his pickup?"

"No. Not by myself."

"That prick. Don't worry, I'm gonna get you laid. I can get a car. But I'll have to drive you. You can have the back seat."

"With who?"

"I'll get you a girl," he assured me.

"I don't suppose you would have any trouble doing that," I said.

"You're gonna loose your virginity all the way around. Before I go back, there's not gonna be a virgin bone or muscle in your body. You've already sucked cock, you wanta get fucked, and you're gonna fuck a girl. The only thing left after that is eating pussy. You ever do that?"


"The girl I've got in mind, she loves to have her pussy ate. They all do, but she's always ready...she's real clean...she smells like a flower garden. You're gonna think you've put your face in a bowl of fruit."

"I don't know if I wanta do that, but I'm getting hard talking about it," I said.

"Naw, you're getting hard because you want to get your ass fucked," he joked. He got up. "If you really want to do it...if you think you're ready now...I'll get some lube."

"Get the poppers out of my bottom dresser drawer, too," I said.

Jack came back out on the balcony with the poppers, lube and a towel. "I'll take it easy," he said as he lubed up his cock. It wasn't completely hard yet but it would be by the time he got it lubed up. He held the tube out to squeeze some on my hand. "Here, work some of this in your ass. You wanta be good and slick."

I lubed up my ass, wiped my hand off and opened the poppers.

"Hold off on the poppers till the crucial moment," Jack said. "I'm going to work on your for a little while, get you primed and ready. You can use the poppers just before I go in."


"And look....any time you want me to stop, just say so."


I was scared from the outset even though I knew my brother wouldn't hurt me on purpose. He stretched out between my legs and started by playing with my cock and balls, gradually working his hand between my legs to the crack of my as. I raised my knees up to let him get to it. He rubbed my asshole with his fingertip in little circles. It felt good. I winced a little when he shoved his finger in me but it was more from surprise. It didn't hurt. He slid his finger in and out, probing around the soft folds of my insides.

"Ohhhh," I moaned softly.

"I guess I found it, huh?" he said with a smile.

"Oh, yeah."

He was gentle as could be. He didn't stay on my love nut but went back to it again and again as he finger fucked me, building me up slowly as he gouged at my hole to stretch it.

"I'm going to use two fingers, now," he said.

"Okay," I said nervously.

I gasped when he shoved two fingers in me. It stretched my hole terribly. Jack had big hands and thick fingers but I was okay with the depth, especially when he touched my prostate. He fucked and gouged with two fingers for awhile then pulled them out and I knew he was going to give me three.

"Ready for three?" he asked.

"Yeah. It's not so bad," I said.

"I don't want it to be not so bad, I want it to feel good," he said.

"When I get used to it, it will."

Three fingers really stretched my hole and when he tapped all three fingers on my prostate I went nuts. It was almost more than I could stand. I was ready for his cock! I wanted it quick, before I got so hot that I shot off. But he made sure I was completely comfortable with his fingers; he didn't want there to be any doubt that I wanted his cock. I wanted his cock; I was practically ready to beg for it.

"That's about the thickness of my cock," he said as he pushed in hard with his three fingers.

It hurt and felt good at the same time.

"You think you're ready for the real thing now?" he asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Do you want to change your mind?"

"No. I wanta do it. I want you to do it," I told him.

"Turn over on your stomach," he said as he raised up from between my legs.

I thought he would take me from the front but I was glad he was going to fuck me from the rear; it wouldn't be so much like he was fucking a girl.

"This is a better position for the first time," he said. "I won't go in so deep and you have more control. You can squeeze your butt muscles real hard and keep me from going in deeper than you can handle."

He fingered my hole again for a moment. When he pulled his fingers out I opened the bottle of poppers and held it at the ready. I felt the head of his cock bore between my butt and press against my hole.

"Better start the poppers," he said.

I inhaled in both nostrils then did it again.

"Easy, don't over to it, you wanta feel something," he said.

He pressed his cock, stretching my hole, and my head spun around and it was like I was imploding. My ass felt so good. He pushed hard and my hole stretched out and suddenly swallowed the head of his cock.

"Aaawhwhh!" I cried out.

"Okay, hang on, buddy," he said. His cock was thicker even than his three fingers. Geezuss, it felt like a baseball bat and it hurt like hell.

"Ohh, Geezuss, Jack...Ohhh...Ohh, Fuck..."

"Is that a painful `Ohh, Fuck' or `Okay Ohh Fuck'...You gotta tell me," he said. He nudged a little bit and I let out a hushed yell.

"Awww...Aww, Jack, Stop! Take it out! You're killing me," I cried. But he didn't pull out right away. "You said you would stop if I said to!"

"I know, and I will but I wanta make sure you really want me to stop," he said.

"I do! God, you're too big...I can't! ...I want you to...ohhh, you`re ripping my asshole apart!!"

"No, its still intact, I'm just stretching it," he said.

"Jack!...Awwwww...!" I cried out again. It hurt so bad I was ready to scream.

"Okay, Okay." He eased back a little and paused but didn't pull all the way out.

"Are you going to pull it out?" I asked.

"Yes, but not too fast. I don't want to pull your ass inside out." He eased back a little more. He paused again and my asshole squeezed around his cock; I wasn't sure if it was trying to expel it the rest of the way or pull it back in. He was taking it out only an inch at a time and I couldn't take it that long.

"Just pull it out," I begged. "Awwhh, Jack, it hurts. It hurts like hell.

It feels like my ass is torn apart."

"No, the way your ass is squeezing my cock, it's not ripped at all," he said.

I tried to hunker down into the mattress to pull off of his cock but he was in total control, and I had to trust that he knew what he was doing, and that he wasn't trying to hurt me on purpose. Inch by inch he pulled his cock free of my clenching ass, leaving a big emptiness inside. I was surprised to suddenly realize that as I squeezed his cock it didn't hurt so bad. Jack must have sensed it too, because he paused a lot longer with still several inches of cock inside me. Suddenly I didn't want him to take it out. I wanted it back inside me and I think Jack knew that. I think that was his plan all along, to go so slow pulling out that I would get used to it and get to liking the feel of his cock in my ass and want it back.

"Okay, man, I'm pulling all the way out," he said.

"Wait," I gasped as I reached back with my hand on his hip. "Wait, it's not so bad now. It's not hurting so much," I said.

"Okay, I'll just hold still for a minute."

He did except for this cock throbbing inside me and my asshole was squeezing around it with each throb.

"Give it back to me," I said.

"You want it back in, all the way?"


"Are you sure. I don't want to hurt you," he said.

"I want it," I said. "Its feeling sort of good now. I wanta see what its like to get fucked."

"Okay, if you say so. Here goes." With that, he slowly sank his cock back through my hole till he was smashed against my butt muscles.

"Ohhhhhh!" I moaned

"Is it all right now?" Jack asked.

"Yesss! It's...it's okay," I gasped. "You can fuck me now. Give it to me, Jack. Give it all to me, before I go nuts." My head was still spinning with the buzz from the poppers as Jack shoved his big cock all the way in me, slid it right across my love nut and lodged someplace deep inside me. I didn't know where, and I felt like I was spinning around on an electrical pole. He held it tight and deep and the pleasure washed through me. He was touching every nerve in my body, so deep inside that my prostate, even my asshole stretching so tight around his cock felt good.

"You okay?" he asked.


"Ready to get fucked?"


I cringed with pure pleasure as his cock pulled back through my guts, rubbing every nerve ending on the way. I gasped as he pulled back till my asshole was clenching frantically around the rim.

"Don't take it out," I said, squeezing as hard as I could.

"I won't; I just want to use all the inches I've got," Jack said.

He fucked me slow and easy and deep. He shoved in at all different angles, probing all around inside my as. I cried out and clawed at the sheets when he moved his hot cock back and forth across my prostate. I discovered new pleasure when he twisted his hips around in wide circles, making his cock lob around inside me. The huge tool stretched my hole deliciously. My bubble butt acted as a firm cushion against the full length of him cock and I reached back and pulled them apart so he could go in deeper and I moaned when he did. After awhile that wasn't enough, and I squirmed to raise up on my knees so my butt would be more spread open. Jack helped me to my hands and knees.

"Awwhhh!" I cried as he bored his cock in even deeper.

"You like it deep, don't you?" he said with a quiet chuckle.

"Oh, yes! Deep as you can go."

"I didn't know you wanted it all. I can go deeper," he said.

I didn't know how, the way he was grinding against my butt.

"How?" I asked. He was already pulling his cock back through my guts.

"On your back." His cock popped free, leaving my asshole gaping wide open, clenching hungrily for the return of his cock. He maneuvered me onto my back and lifted my legs onto his shoulders like the trucker had done to eat my ass, then he shoved his cock back inside me.

"Awww!" I cried louder. He went a lot deeper.

"I can go deeper, still," he said.

I didn't know how he could possible go any deeper. It already felt like he was pushing against my lungs. He raised up over me and shoved my thighs down against my chest, tilting my butt up off the mattress so I was bent in half, so vulnerable I felt helpless. He bored into me again and found new space, so deep I thought he was in my stomach.

"Now are you ready to really get fucked?"

"Oh, yess! Fuck me, Jack. Fuck my brains out."

He tried. My brain was mush by the time he finished and so was my ass. I had to put a pillow over my face to stifle my screams of pleasure when I finally went off. I could feel come slithering across my chest and splattering on the pillow and heard hit somewhere way over my head. I was shaking with the intensity of my climax.

"Holy Fuck! That was one awesome come!" Jack swore.

I almost blacked out, it was so intense. I had to fight to regain consciousness. Jack held in tight to bring me back down, his cock buried to the hilt, his balls heavy against the crack of my ass.

"Did you come?" I asked breathlessly.

"No, but you sure did. I think you white-washed the side of the deck."

"I want you to come," I said.

"I do too, but I don't have to," he said.

"I want you to, I want to feel it."

"Okay, if you're still up to it."

He started fucking me again, more gentle than before. I was amazed that within a few minute I was feeling pleasure like I hadn't shot off at all. It built up with each stroke of his cock and I had the notion that I could have another climax as intense as the first.

"Jack!...oh, Jack, you're getting me so hot I can do it again. I can come again if you keep working me up. Try to get us both off at the same time."

"I'll sure try, you hot little fucker."

It didn't take much. My hands were all over his tight, muscular body as I told myself this was a big stud-marine plowing my ass. He built me up slowly, and he came along for the ride.

"I'm ready to come, Little Brother," he said hoarsely.

"Yes, me too! Give it to me, Jack. Pump my ass full of your hot come. I wanta feel it shooting in me."

"Oh, you're gonna feel it," he assured me.

And feel it I did. He gave me several long, hard jabs, as if to announce and confirm his climax, then buried his cock and began trembling. The next instant I felt his hot semen spurting deep inside me.

"Ohh, Goddd...Ohhhh, Jack, I can feel it...I can feel your come shooting in me. It felt like hot honey spurting into my guts, spewing against my prostate, causing me to shake and moan. It was the most exquisite pleasure I'd ever felt. My own climax quickly followed; an explosion that rocked my teeth. I was in a state of exhaustion even before I had finished coming.

Later I asked Jack to fuck me again. He was only too willing. He smiled and climbed on top of me and I was quickly impaled on his big, hot cock. We said it was to help get me used to it and be ready for the trucker down at the rest park, but the truth was, I just wanted to feel my big brother's cock in my ass again and feel his muscles.


It was Thursday. We were meeting the trucker down at the park on Friday. That left one more day before Jack had to leave on Sunday. He decided I needed to get laid before he went back. Jack told me to shower and put on some sweet smelling stuff while he went to borrow a buddy's car.

"Are you bringing the girl back with you or are we picking her up together?" I asked.

"She'll be with me, when I come back," he said.

"What's her name?" I asked. "I ought to know my date's name. And how old is she?"

"Her name is Linda. She graduated the year before I did. That would make her about twenty four."

"Twenty four? What's she want with a guy my age?"

"Its not exactly a social date," Jack said dryly. "You're gonna get laid."

"What'd you do, hire a prostitute?"

"No. She likes to get fucked, that's all. Guys your age have got dicks too. She's going to love yours."

"Have you fucked her?" I asked.

"She was a pretty regular piece of ass my junior year," Jack said. "She got my cherry, too. And she likes to have her pussy eat. Get her hot that way, she'll fuck your eyeballs out. You ever eat...well, fuck, no, you said you never age pussy before. If you've never been laid, you sure as hell never ate pussy."

And I wasn't sure I was going to, but I didn't tell Jack that. "Did you tell her I was a virgin?" I asked.


"Thanks a lot."

"Hey, women love that," Jack said. "Trust me, its only going to make her more determined to please. She'll want to make it something you won't forget."

"Yeah, I've heard a guy never forgets his first piece of ass," I said.

"Trust me, you're not going to forget this," he assured me.

I paced nervously as I waited for Jack to come back with my first piece of ass. I was just glad my mom wasn't there to see me waiting for my "date." A little while later Jack honked and I went out. He was holding the back door open for me and I climbed in beside the girl. We exchanged greetings and I was bold and smart enough to slide to the middle of the seat. She didn't move away.

"Am I giving you enough room?" I asked.

"More than enough," she assured me.

Linda was gorgeous, in all ways. Long, dark hair, dark snappy eyes, big tits, big hips that I was going to fit between just perfect, and a look in her eyes; I would learn that look soon in my life but that was the first time I'd seen it. She looked hungry. I felt strangely at ease with her, not even nervous now. I think it was because I already knew she liked getting fucked and she was wanting this as bad as I was. Like Jack said, it wasn't a social date. No movie, no going for hamburgers, not even a coke, which was okay with me. Jack drove out of town and turned off onto a country road. I was already involved with Linda. Hell, we were all over each other before we got out of town. Suddenly I was aware of Jack's hand reaching over the back of the seat with a condom between his fingers. I hadn't even thought about condom. I started to reach for it but Linda took it.

"I'll take care of that," she said.

I had my jeans open already and Linda shoved her hand down in the fly. She giggled when she found I wasn't wearing any shorts.

"I see your brother gave you some tips," she cooed.

"Yeah, sort of."

"I used to wonder if Jack owned anything but a jockstrap."

Her hand was around my cock and I was struggling to get my jeans pushed down so she could get at it better.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped as she felt the size of my cock. That sent my ego soaring.

"I figured Jack told you that, too; he told you I was a virgin," I said.

"He did, but my Lord! You're bigger than most grown men I've been with."

"That's good to know," I said. "Why don't we take a quick break and do this right," I said boldly.

She followed my lead and we both took off our clothes and she found my cock again to put the condom on. I was surprised everything was going so easy. She wanted to fuck, pure and simple. Dam, she was even more gorgeous naked. I think she liked the way I looked, too, the way she kept moving her hands over my body and I tightened and flexed my muscles for her. The air gushed out of me when she put her hands around my cock again. I'd never felt hands so soft and delicate, but then the only hands I'd ever had around my cock were my own and other guys.

"I want to do this right, too," she said as she set the condom over the head of my cock. Then she bent over and maneuvered it down over my cock with her mouth! I almost had to stop her, it felt so wonderful; I was afraid I would come. It was obvious that it wasn't the first time she'd had a cock in her mouth. She rolled the condom down the shaft of my cock, dam near to the base, and the head was lodged in her throat. Jack was right, she smelled wonderful and all of a sudden the idea of eating pussy didn't seem so disgusting to me, but I wanted to see how far down the sweet, intoxicating aroma went.

I spent a lot of time on her tits. God, I loved her tits! They were big and firm, with big, taut nipples and they were the first tits I'd ever sucked on. But I wanted to get to the main course that my brother had enticed me to try. I wanted to see what a clit felt like, what a pussy tasted like. I wanted her to fuck my eyeballs out, like Jack said she would if I got her hot.

Linda released her hand from around the back of my head when she saw that I was heading downward. Her body was more than I'd ever hoped to have in my lifetime. Her stomach was silky soft and smooth, yet flat and firm. She actually had abs. As I made my way down her stomach I maneuvered myself onto my knees on the floorboard so I was between her legs.

"Ohh, Dylan," she cooed, her voice aflutter with anticipation.

I pushed her legs out wider and brushed my chin in her muff and she hunkered herself up against my chin. I didn't know at the time that I was disturbing her clit under the folds of her pussy, but it was already making her writhe under me and moan softly. I sniffed, then inhaled the aroma of fruit and flowers and buried my face in her muff. I felt warmth and softness, and wetness and realized that part of the wetness was my own drool. I began lapping her pussy lips and felt them relaxing, parting for me. She shoved her legs out to the sides as far as was humanly possible and I hunkered down to get at her. What the fuck, I thought, let's do it right, and I lifted her legs onto my shoulders. She let out a tiny squeal and spread them out wide with her feet on the back of the front seats. Now I could really get at her. I buried my face again, this time between her pussy lips. They were opened so wide, and I began exploring with my tongue.

There was a clit in there somewhere; all I had to do was find it. The search itself was wonderful; I loved the feel of her soft pussy palpitating around my tongue when I shoved between her pouting lips. Suddenly, I felt something; a tiny firmness hidden up between the lips of her pussy. I explored it with the tip of my tongue and she choked on her outcry. I'd found it! I was excited as hell! Maybe as excited as she was, for my cock was bobbing up and down between my legs and throbbing painfully. Maybe it was pissed because it wasn't getting what we came for, but it would just have to wait. I licked and flicked her clit with my tongue, making her shudder under my touch. She put her hands on the back of my head and smashed my face in her muff. I formed a suction with my mouth and sucked her clit and she choked on what sounded like would have been a scream if she'd let it out.

"You guys don't have to be quiet out here," Jack said in a quiet, even tone.

I had almost forgotten Jack was in the car. I was like a hungry puppy let loose with my first bowl of Gravy Train. I pulled her pussy wide open and buried my mouth between her lips and drove my tongue up inside her as far as I could reach.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!" she cried, finally letting it out. "Ooohhh.....Ohh, My Goddd! AAAwwwhhhhhhh!"

It didn't just feel good and taste good, it sounded good. I liked it that I had her groaning and yelling and Jack was hearing it and he would know I was doing the job. Meanwhile, I was so hot I was humping the damned floor of the car, and it was getting a little rough on my cock. It needed something a little softer and gentler. I sucked in fresh air as I raised up from her pussy, and raised on up on my knees to the edge of the seat. I pulled her butt out to the edge of the seat and set the head of my cock against her pussy. I could feel her lips palpitating anxiously. I half wished I wasn't wearing a condom, but it wasn't the time to mention it to her, or take it off. I nudged her pussy with the head of my cock and she gasped in anticipation. She was nice and wet and relaxed and open and ready so it was easy to enter her. I went all the way in, nice and slow and easy and without stopping.

"Ooohhhhhh," she moaned softly. Then "Awwwwhhhhh," a little louder as I sank all the way into her. "Ohhhh, Godd, you're so big!"

"Am I hurting you?" I asked.

"No...Oh, No, it feels wonderful," she cooed.

I started fucking her. I found out fucking is not something a guy has to learn. I don't know where the knowledge comes from but its there, born in you. Maybe you improve on your technique as you get more experience, but you don't have to learn the basics. Your cock knows the basics. I was almost delirious with pleasure and raw lust. Mostly, because of the way it felt, but partly because of what I was making her feel as well. I didn't just fuck her, Linda fucked me back. Suddenly I realized that the car wasn't moving. I didn't know when, but Jack had pulled off somewhere into some trees, and I was the cause of the car shaking and bouncing so hard. I felt like such a stud. I fucked her all the harder. I nailed her ass to the seat. Suddenly she let out an animal-like cry and began trembling like she was freezing. I slowed down a little but kept stroking and she shuddered under me, and moaned and squealed and whinnied like a mare being mounted by a stallion. I didn't know what the hell was happening but I got a little scared at the way she was acting; like a woman gone mad. After a few minutes, she began to relax and gasp for air; like she was done. I slowed to a snail's pace but couldn't bring myself to pull my cock out.

"Are you okay?" I whispered.

"Oh, Yessss!" she hissed.

Jack started the car and eased out of the parking place. I slid my cock in and out of Linda's pussy a few times, still not sure if she was finished, not sure if I should keep going. When she didn't seem to mind, I gradually picked up speed and established my rhythm again and she gradually responded. We were going at it like gang-busters and I was getting so close so often that I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. Suddenly, we hit a bad strip of road, like a washboard, and the car shook and bounced terribly. As it turned out, it was a good strip of road. The rough ride only enhanced my moves and we were both being vibrated to an awesome climax. I didn't try to hold off. It was too good, and I wanted to milk it for every bit of pleasure I could. Linda was going nuts again. The car reverberated with your moaning and groaning and her squealing, and I think she might have screamed or yelled something. Suddenly, I lost it. Come gushed through my cock like a tsunami and I could feel it filling the condom around the head of my cock. I was half way through before I realized that Linda was convulsing again. I came so hard and so much that my balls and my asshole ached. I was gasping to pull air into my lungs as I collapsed on top of her. I heard Jack laughing. I hated pull my cock out. Even after shooing my load, her pussy felt wonderful around my cock. But Jack was heading back the way we'd come.

He drove slow while Linda and I got dressed. I had to help her with her clothes, she was still so shaky. At her house I walked her to her door and kissed her goodnight. That kiss was the closest we got to a real date. I was practically hopping and skipping back out to the car.

"Well?" Jack said as we pulled away from the curb.

"That was phenomenal," I said. "Thanks."

"It sounded pretty phenomenal," he said. "What'd you do, give her two big O's? It sure sounded like it."

"Big O's?" I asked.

"You never heard of the big O? The big Orgasm?"

"No. I wasn't even sure women had orgasm or anything like a guy coming."

"Most don't," he said.

I was glad I was able to give Linda two of them, if that's what I did.

"Do you know what I'm saying, stud?" Jack went on.

"I'm not sure."

"Most women, and I mean most, never experience an orgasm in their entire life, and you gave Linda two!"

"I'm glad I was able to do that," I said. I still didn't know what the big deal was on my part.

Jack laughed. "You have no idea what a stud you are," he said.

"All I did was fuck her...tried to give as good as I got."

"If you got as much as you gave her, you're fuckin' balls are going to be swollen blue for a week," he said. "She's never going to forget you, I can tell you that. Shit, I don't think I ever got her that hot. How'd you like eating pussy?"

"It was great," I said. But even then, my mind was on sucking cock and getting fucked myself.


Jack and I headed for the park early on Friday morning. Jack was smiling when we got to the hidden spot off the pathway beyond the bridge.

"Well, you certainly know your way around down here," he said. He glanced at his watch. So did I. It was just past six.

"He should be here any time," I said. It was barley five minutes before we heard someone coming through the brush.

"Is that him?" Jack whispered.


"Wow! He's a stud."

Jason was hesitant as he approached and saw someone with me, and Jack had worn a Marine Corps T-shirt that he was bulging out of.

"Hey, Jason," I said to put him at ease.

"Hey." He came into the small trampled down clearing.

"This is my brother Jack. He's home on leave from the marines. Jack this is Jason. He's a trucker."

They nodded and shook hands. We stood around for an awkward moment, each waiting for the other to speak or move. I guess it was up to me, but I didn't know what to say to get things started.

"Well, I guess I'd better take off... get on the road," Jason said.

"How come? You don't have to leave so soon," I said.

He gave Jack a wary look. "Look, I don't know what's going on, but I'm not going to fuck with no marine over his little brother."

"I didn't come along to protect him," Jack said. "He brought me. Actually, he said I ought to meet you."

"Oh. He did? So he, uh...he's told you about...?"

"Yeah," Jack said.

With the formalities out of the way, to get things stated, I pulled off my shirt and tossed it aside. But Jason was still hesitant, with a dubious look on his face. "I don't know if this is a set up, like maybe you're a cop," he said.

Jack reached down and grasped the trucker's crotch. "That clear it up for you?"

"Yeah, I guess it does," Jason said with a smile.

"So, are you guys gonna get naked or what?" I asked as I shoved my shorts down. I stepped out of them and hung them on a branch and stood naked except for my shoes and my cap.

"I guess if he is, we ought to," Jason said.

"Yeah, I guess we should," Jack agreed.

My cock got hard just from watching the two studs take off their clothes. It felt like I got harder with each thing they took off. By the time they were both naked I was aching. With the preliminaries out of the way, Jason reached for my cock and Jack's at the same time. I was glad he included Jack.

"I never did two brothers before," he said. "Mann, you guys are hung."

"Yeah, well, look at that club you're carrying around," Jack said, nodding at Jason's cock.

Without hesitation, Jason went to his knees and started sucking me. He pulled Jack in closer so we were standing side by side. Using his spit, Jason started working his finger between my butt. I moaned louder when he touched my asshole. If he shoved his finger in me Jack was sure going to know it. I hunkered down a little onto his finger to let him know I was ready.

"Awwwnnn," I cried softly as his thick finger drove up deep inside me.

"Sounds like you're getting the finger," Jack said with a sly grin.


Jason quickly found my love nut and started driving me crazy. I didn't know if he was fingering Jack's ass or not.

"Come down here on your knees," he said to Jack, "I wanta suck your tits."

Jack went to his knees and Jason started sucking his tits as he shoved his hand between Jack's legs to get to his butt. After a couple of minutes Jack's moaning took on a different tone and he got louder and I realized that Jason was fingering his ass, too. He was still fingering my ass and it got so good for me that I had to stop him.

"Ohhh, stop, I don't want to come yet."

He didn't pull his finger out but held real still.

"What do you wanta do then," he asked.

"You...know...what we talked about... last time...," I stammered.

"No, I don't know. Do you know what he wants me to do?" he asked Jack.

They were ganging up on me, playing with my head.

"Ohh," I cried out as Jason probed my prostate again.

"If my finger was bigger I could really make you hell," he said.

"Give me your cock! Fuck me!" I blurted out.

"That okay with you?" he asked Jack.

"Sounds like he knows what he wants," Jack said.

With a soft chuckle, Jason gladly obliged. He maneuvered me down to my knees then onto my back in the thick grass without removing his finger. He kept it up while he spit on his cock to lube it up.

"Have you done this...been broken in? Last time you wouldn't let me," he said.

"Yes, my brother fucked me," I said.

"Well, what are big brothers for?" he said, laughing. He grasped both of my ankles and lifted my legs up and pulled them straight out to the sides, my asshole pulling apart. I felt the head of his cock against my hole. He probed the spongy area and I could feel my hole stretching open, practically begging for his cock. He pushed harder then suddenly his cock popped through. I grabbed for the poppers but then realized that I'd left the bottle in my pants. It was too late. He was going in. The pain was excruciating. Jack moved to my head and offered me his cock. Yeah, what are big brothers for?

"You need something to bite down on?" he asked jokingly.

I took him gratefully. I got another surprise; I discovered that with my head tilted back I guess it opened my throat up and I was able to take his cock all the way down to his balls. His balls were heavy draped across my brow and my nose. I was so excited about swallowing my brother's cock that I forgot all about the pain till suddenly it wasn't there anymore and I was feeling the incredible itch of my prostate being soothed with Jason's hot cock.

"You got one hot little brother," he told Jack.

"Yeah, so I found out. A real nice surprise when I got home."

"Listen, Marine you, uh...can fuck me if...you want to," the trucker said hesitantly.

"Wow, no shit?" Jack pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved around behind Jason.

"Yeah, I never been fucked by a marine before," the trucker said.

"And I never fucked a trucker before," Jack said.

I couldn't see but I could tell when Jack shoved his cock in Jason's butt. Jason's cock throbbed and bolted inside me like a bar of steel. It was going to be an incredible fuck. With their rhythm and the power of both of them thrusting forward, it was like I was getting fucked by both men. I had the fleeting thought that maybe they could double fuck me but I didn't dwell on it. I didn't even know if it was possible, but the thought of taking both of their big cocks in my ass at the same time was exciting and scary at the same time. I wished they would trade places; that Jack would fuck me and let Jason fuck him. I didn't suggest that either. I didn't know if Jack got fucked and I didn't want to piss him off.

Together, they fucked my brains out. Jason sucked my tits too, and he got so passionate he started kissing me. I was so surprised I couldn't resist; I even squealed when his tongue lashed around in my mouth, and I kissed him back with everything he was giving me. The end was a chain reaction. Jason suddenly let out a terrible groan and tossed his head back.

"Ohh, yeah, give it to me. Shit! Aww, it's hot, fuck it in my guts, Marine; give me your load!" He was cut short by a deeper guttural groan and his hips lurched and his cock swelled and quivered inside me just before it unloaded its thick, hot juices. He barely finished and I shot off.

They collapsed over me with Jason holding their weight up so they wouldn't crush me.

"How was that?" Jason asked me.

"Great," I said. "How about you?"

"Unbelievable," he said. "Shit, with your brother fucking me at the same times, there were times when I didn't know if I was dreaming or if I was going come out of my skull." He looked over his shoulder at Jack. "Does the Marines teach you guys to fuck like that?"

Jack laughed. We stayed like that for a few minutes then Jack pulled out of Jason's ass. Jason pulled out of mine and Jack pulled us both to our feet. We got dressed, Jason and I agreeing that we would meet again down at the park, then the two men shook hands and we left.


Jack's time for departure was drawing near and we tried to cram all the sex we could into his last hours.

"There's one thing I wanta do before I leave," Jack said as he was holding me after one of our bouts.

I hoped he was going to say to fuck him but it was not to be.

"I want us to sixty-nine. You know what I mean?"


"We suck each other at the same time."

"Aww, I could do that all night."

"I intend to," he said.

Sixty-nining was an incredible experience for me. I couldn't imagine such intense, double pleasure. Sucking Jack's big cock was so much more exciting when he sucking mine at the same time. The only thing better would've been if I was getting fucked at the same time.

"I wish I was in the Marines with you," I said as he was holding me after one of our bouts.

"That would be great."

"Tell me bout the Marines," I said.

"What do you want to know?"

"About barracks life. What all goes on in the barracks?"

Jack laughed. "Okay, I know what you're asking. You can come right out and ask, you know. The `don't-ask-don't-tell rule' doesn't apply to you."

"So what does go on?" I asked again. "You said you did stuff with some of your buddies. How did that get started? I would think it would be risky as hell to even hint at something like that with another Marine."

"There was no hint to it," Jack said, laughing softly. "Our DI came into the barracks one night and asked how many of us were jacking off. I think he was surprised with about a dozen hands went up. Then he asked how many of us jack-offs were gay. Well, hell, nobody was dumb enough to raise his hand and admit to that. But the DI said he knew there was at least one among us and probably more. He said he'd never had a platoon yet where there wasn't at least one guy who was gay. Somebody asked if anyone had ever admitted it, and if so, what happened to him. The DI said, "Well, he had one hell of a good time all through his basic training."

"Nobody believed him, of course, but then he told somebody to lock the doors. He said he would be able to tell. He made us get out of our bunks and brought us to attention, two rows standing at the foot of our bunks. Almost everybody slept naked and those who had on their shorts, he told them to take them off. Then he walked real slow down the center of the barracks. He stopped in front of each one of us, looked us right in the eye. When he was done, he put us at-ease and said he spotted three guys who were gay. Well, everybody started looking around to see if they could tell who it was, but there was no way. There was one kid I thought might be one of them because he'd broke a sweat. He told us he didn't give a dam what went on in the barracks after lights out as long as the doors were secured, so if we wanted to start something with a buddy, it was okay with him. He made it clear that there would be no repercussions from anybody; if you didn't go for it, then stay out of the action. He promised that homophobes would be dealt with by him personally. Then he turned out the lights and left."

"And did anything happen?" I asked, excitedly.

"Yeah, after a few minutes we heard a moan and some wet, slurping noises. I was about to get up from my bunk and check it out when I felt a hand on my cock; it was the guy who slept next to me; said he'd been wanting to do this for a long time. I was stunned. He was a stud if there ever was one. He knelt down beside my bunk and started sucking my cock. Man, I couldn't believe it. There I was getting my first blowjob in the barracks by another Marine! Then, son-of-a-bitch, I felt another pair of hands on my stomach and chest and then the guy started sucking my tits. Pretty soon we could hear slurping noises and moaning coming from other parts of the barracks and it was more than just three guys making all that noise. It sounded like there was sex going on in every bunk."

"Did you...? You said you helped a buddy out not and then."

"Yeah, I got so carried away...I reached down for the guy's cock—the one who was sucking me—and pulled him to his feet and motioned for him to get on top of me in a sixty-nine."

"No shit!""

"Hey, you had to be there," he said. "Fuck it went on all night. I don't know if there were any homophobes in the barracks or not, but there were sure as hell more than three gays in the outfit."

"How many were there?"

"Hard to tell, because guys like me—straight guys—were doing it too."

"Did it ever happen again?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah. And it didn't matter much if you were gay or straight. After having your sex life locked down by the Marines, it didn't matter what kind of sex it was as long as it was handy. Shit, there was an orgy in the barracks practically every night. We even had guys sleeping together in the same bunk."

"Oh, fuck, Jack, I've got another hardon just listening to you talk about it."

"Climb up here on my chest and I'll take care of it for you," he said.

On the morning Jack left, we went back down to the park real early, hoping to meet up with the trucker. I had decided that I wanted them to double fuck me. But the trucker wasn't there. We were heading out of the woods when another guy was coming in. I'd never seen him before. He was about thirty, slender built, good looking, with a close trimmed beard.

"Dam, I'm sorry I missed it," he said.

I stopped and Jack stopped and looked at me. He could tell I wanted to stick around. He looked at his watch.

"You didn't miss anything," he told the guy as he turned to go back.

That guy must have thought he had died and walked into heaven. He sucked us both, and I got another surprise. Jack started kissing me. You can bet I kissed him back. In fact we swapped tongues and spit the whole time the guy was sucking our cocks.

A few months later I got a package form Jack. It was a video made by a guy named Dirk Yates, with real marines. Jack was in the video; him and another hunky marine together, jacking off. I watched the thing as often as I could, every time mom left the house. I hid it under some boards up in the attic, through the opening in my room.

I continued going to the park but I never stayed long. I discovered some really nice guys who came down there who wanted to take me to their place.

One day a guy pulled up in a fancy pickup with out-of-state license plates. He was a real hunk. I'd never seen him before. He offered me a hundred bucks to go with him. It was the intrigue as much as the money that made me go. He drove out of town, down some back roads and pulled into a cornfield, drove along the fence till we came to a wooded area that couldn't be seen from the road. We had sex in his truck; started out in the cab then moved to the back. He gave back in return but mostly he was hot for me. That's when I realized that I had something guys would pay for. After that I didn't give it away unless the guy was a real stud. The only thing I gave away was a look and a feel, to entice them. I even stopped meeting the trucker, Jason.

I was surprised how the grapevine made me known, even in the next state. I made enough money to buy us a good car. I had to lie to my mother and tell her that I was working two jobs to explain the money, but it also explained my absences. Getting the car was like shoving it in my uncle's face. I didn't need him or his fuckin' pickup anymore.

I was in the shower one day when Uncle Travis came in to take a piss. That didn't bother me, but he didn't leave. He started talking and when I came out of the shower he was sitting on the stool. I turned off the shower and he handed me a towel and kept talking. I was bent over with one foot on the edge of the tub drying my leg when suddenly he grabbed my butt. I looked over my shoulder, surprised...stunned, even when went to his knees behind me.

"Aww, fuck, kid, I've been eyeing this butt since you were a boy. I gotta have it. Don't tell your mom, okay?"

"Why would I?" I said.

With that feeble assurance he buried his face in my buns and started lapping at my ass. I bent over to spread my butt apart. He moaned and drove his tongue through my hole. He was good at it; better than any of the guys at the park. He had obviously done it before. He had a long, strong tongue and he could get it real deep in my ass. When I got over my shock my brain kicked in. Naturally, my cock got hard real fast and I straightened and turned around to show it to him.

"You want some of this, too?" I asked cockily, pulling the skin back.

"Aww, yeah! Geez, you're a horse! A young stallion! Fuck, I knew you'd be big with a hardon but that thing is awesome." He cut his words of admiration short and took my cock in his mouth; as much of it as he could. I put my hand on top of his head and shoved my cock hard against the opening of his throat. Before he could recoil I'd shoved the head of my cock in his throat. But he gagged and backed off of it, coughing and wiping tears.

"Dam, you could kill a guy with that thing. Let me get used to it first. I'll take it, but I gotta work up to something that size."

I was a little surprised at what I was feeling. There was a sense of great satisfaction in making my uncle gag on my cock but I was more tolerating him then feeling any great pleasure from him sucking me. He worked me up real fast and I didn't try to hold off. I didn't know if he wanted my load or not, but when I was getting close I pushed his head back so he could barely reach my cock with his tongue. I wanted to add a degree of humiliation. I shot all over his face got a lot of it in his mouth. He wasn't humiliated. He just kept moaning and whimpering with pleasure as I white-washed his face and pretty near filled his gaping mouth with come. He wallowed it around in his mouth for a minute before he gulped it down. He swiped one hand over his face, smearing the thick white gravy. I handed him a wet washcloth.

"Goddd! I never seen anybody shoot like that before! Shit, you ARE a horse!" he said breathlessly. "Hey, we can do this all the time, now...any time you wanta get off, which I know is all the time."

"Yeah, about all the time, but there's one little problem," I said.

He scowled. "Like what?"

"I don't do it for nothing," I said.

"What! You're fuckin' charging for it?"

"Yeah. That was a freebie, to thank you for putting me onto the park," I said.

"I didn't put you on to the park. I told you to stay away from the park," he said.

"Which is the reason I had to go...and you knew I would. You knew what would happen if I did and you wanted it to happen so you could start doing stuff with me. Anyway, next time it'll cost you a hundred bucks."

The End

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