Dimensions of Desire 6: Virtually Controlled

SUMMARY: The Man of Steel experiences virtual reality, with the inevitable consequences.

STORY NOTES: The object of Desire in this installment is Clark Kent/Superman, as portrayed by Dean Cain in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. It takes place before and after the third season episode Virtually Destroyed, which also was written by Dean Cain. Rather the fly in a glass of Chardonnay situation, doncha know. For more background, check the earlier installment, The Night The West Was Won.

“Progress report, THOMAS.”

“We are go for launch, boss. You want I should get Big Boy here sooner, since we’re ahead of schedule?”

“No, no. I’ve waited this long, and a few more weeks won’t hurt. I’d rather not upset continuity too soon. Let him save the city from the Nazis, then he’ll be mine. The anticipation will make the victory that much better.”

“OK, you’re the boss. I’ll keep running diagnostics so everything’s ready for when he gets here.”

“Good enough, THOMAS, good enough.”


Cold. Looking around at the TV reporters and spectators standing outside the alley cordoned off by fluttering yellow police tape, breath fogging out of their mouths, Clark Kent feigned a shiver. He felt the biting wind, yet it didn’t affect him. After all, he had flown through outer space unprotected. Temperatures in the single digits were balmy by comparison. He had to act as a normal human would, though, to protect his secret identity.

But the wintry weather in the middle of spring was an uncanny reflection of the chill throughout Metropolis.

Super-hearing picked up the voice of a friend of his on the police force. He must be in the alley, Kent thought, and focused on the distant conversation.

“Rey Ramirez”

“Elliot Donnelly, UVT.”

“Unconventional Victims Taskforce. I knew one of you guys would be here once I heard about this. So, you want to see the body? Or what’s left of it, anyway?”

“Not really, but let’s get it over with. Lead the way.”

“Donnelly. Weren’t you with Special Victims?”

“Yeah, but once these murders started, I got pulled off to work for the mayor’s special taskforce. It’s been more than a month and a half, and I’m actually missing SVU.”

“That’s saying something. But I know what you mean. Just what I read in the papers and hear through the grapevine about this turns my stomach. How could anyone do this?”

“That’s what we’re still trying to figure out. This perp is way too good at covering his tracks. Superman’s even helping, and we still have no clues.”

They’re right, Kent thought, I’ve been no help at all. I have no idea who’s doing this, or how to stop them. Or, considering the nature of the murders, even if he could stop them.

“Let’s see what the M.E. has”, he heard Ramirez say.

“Elliott,” a woman’s voice said.

“Dr. Warner,” said Elliott. “It’s been a while.”

“Well, we’ve both been busy, unfortunately.”

“God, the stench!” said Ramirez.

“Not surprising. Judging by rigor and lividity, he’s been dead at least 72 hours. Add in the amount of putrefaction, and I’d say it’s closer to a week. There’s evidence of anal penetration, no fluids. I’ll know more when I get him back to the lab, but it looks like his head was twisted off his body. Like someone unscrewing a bottle cap. I’ve never seen anything like it. The force required to do this, well, it’s more than human.”

“And the head?” said Elliott.

“No sign of it. There’d be blood leaking from the neck, but there’s no sign of a trail either. The killer must have wrapped it up or put it in a container and taken it with him.“

“Hell of a trophy.“

“It’s possible it was taken to conceal evidence. And I don’t even want to think about the kind of mind that could come up with this.”

“We ran the prints,” Ramirez said, “and the biggest crime he’s committed is getting multiple parking tickets. More than 50. This is the first victim who wasn’t guilty of a major crime.”

Kent’s concern rose after the last piece of information. The murderer had primarily targeted serious criminals until now. This could mean a great deal more people were in danger than before.

He mulled over the incidents of the last few months. This was the seventh in a string of murder victims that appeared to have been sexual and super-powered in nature. Three were female, and four male. The males had been penetrated anally, the females anally or vaginally. The object used, which still could not be determined precisely (but seemed to be blunt and six to eight inches long), had then moved upward through the stomach and chest, exiting below or at the throat. In some cases the head was intact. Others were completely torn off, with only the bodies left. It was like some super-strong Jack the Ripper had split them open. Yet unlike Jack, the internal organs of all the victims, though often damaged, were intact.

Peculiar, too, was that there had been no notes at the scenes of the murders, or anyone claiming responsibility for any of the crimes. The police were at a loss to explain or stop them.

Preceding the murders, a string of bizarre crimes that could not have been committed by a normal human being had occurred. They varied from the extreme (bank vault doors ripped open and all the money inside taken) to the oddly petty (public displays of nudity, due to men, and always good-looking ones, having their clothes inexplicably vanishing while walking in broad daylight).

Kent was also at a loss. He had been searching exhaustively for evidence as to who was behind the crimes. Yet with all his investigative skills (and super-powers), he had no idea, not even a hint, of the fiendish perpetrator’s identity.

At first, Kent had feared that somehow he might be unwittingly responsible, perhaps hypnotized or otherwise mind controlled as he had been by Darren Romick’s ‘assistant’, Constance, nearly two years ago. So it was ironic that she had been the first female victim, after being broken out of prison by having the wall to her cell pulverized.

However, at the estimated times of most of the murders, Kent had either been with his writing partner and fiancé Lois Lane, young photographer Jimmy Olsen, or some other co-worker. And he had never been gone long enough from them to commit the crimes, even accounting for his super-speed. So it appeared that there was another super-being, or super-beings, in Metropolis. And violently sadistic ones, at that.

Kent had felt worn out for weeks, and the days were a blur. There had been several disasters that he’d managed to narrowly avert, which he suspected might be related to the crimes and murders. It did remind him of when Lex Luthor had tried to find out the limits of his powers after Superman had made his first public appearance. Even with that, though, he thought he was more tired than he should be. He’d gone to Star Labs for an examination, but Dr. Kline had given him a clean bill of health. Maybe Lois was right, and the stress of constant investigation of the super crimes was getting to him.

He saw Elliott emerge from the alley beside a handsome young man whom Kent presumed was Ramirez. Elliott spotted Kent and called him over.

“Rey Ramirez, this is Clark Kent, reporter from the Daily Planet.”

“I’ve read your work, Kent,” said Ramirez as they shook hands. “You’re good, and fair.”

“Thank you, Detective Ramirez.”

“Kent,” said Elliott, “does the name Ronald Statten ring a bell?”

“Yes. Lois interviewed him a couple of days ago for a story about the parking situation in the city. He’d gotten a bunch of parking tickets that he said were unfair.”

“Parking tickets? Are you sure about that, Kent?”

“Yes, Detective.”

“And this interview was two days ago?”

“Yes. She had to go upstate on another assignment yesterday morning, so she was glad she could talk to him before she left.”

“Dr. Warner,” Ramirez called over his shoulder, “could you come here for a minute, please?”

An attractive black woman joined them, and after introductions were made, Ramirez asked, “Doctor, is there any way the victim could have been dead for less than two days?”

“Well, there are ways to make a body seem to have been dead for less time than it really has been. Sticking it in a freezer, for one. But it’s a lot more difficult to accelerate the process. Some parts of it, maybe, but too many indicators say that it hasn’t been less than seven days.”

“Freaky,” said Elliott, “but that’s just one more freaky thing to add to this parade of weird.”

Kent had to chuckle at the comment.

He and Elliot had become good friends over the last few months. He remembered when they first met. Elliot had come to talk to Kent at his apartment as he had just finished showering. He laughed to himself as remembered answering the door, dripping wet from the shower, wearing only a towel.

Funny, he couldn’t recall the exact conversation after that. But he felt he could trust Elliot, and they’d hung out on their rare mutual off-hours.

He’d felt a growing attraction to Elliott, but hadn’t acted on it, as he was truly in love with Lois. Recently, he had noticed how cute Jimmy was. And this Detective Ramirez was very easy on the eyes. He wondered why he’d never felt this way before. Then he realized that he wasn’t human, even though he’d been raised by them. He knew so little about his homeworld, and his people. Perhaps Kryptonians were naturally bisexual. That seemed possible. As long as he didn’t act on these feelings, he didn’t see a problem. He would never do anything that would hurt Lois.

That didn’t stop him from fantasizing about Elliott when Kent was alone pleasuring himself. He’d checked out Elliott with his X-ray vision, so he could use every detail. He imagined stroking Elliott’s barrel chest, holding him close and kissing him deeply, tongues dancing in each others mouths, then kneeling and taking in Elliott’s manhood, savoring every inch until the explosion of salt and musk filled his mouth and coursed down his throat. It was so vivid, even more so than when he fantasized about Lois. The first time astounded him. The fantasy seemed so real. But as time went by, he simply enjoyed it.


“Rest of the data analysis is done, boss. Just give the word.”

“‘Bout time. The word is given.”


Finally, Clark thought the following day, there had been a break. One of Lois’ regular sources contacted him, telling him about some unusual activity in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. The source had heard screams at about the same time as two of the murders had occurred. None of the bodies had been found anywhere near this warehouse, yet it was a lead, and Superman was flying there to investigate. Lois had warned him to be careful before he left, and he knew there was danger, but he had to at least investigate, and hope he could find something to stop this insane crime spree.

He landed on the roof of the building and scanned inside with his X-ray vision. To his horror, he saw Jimmy Olsen inside, lying on his back on the floor, naked and aroused. And his arousement was prodigious.

I never knew he was so big, Superman thought. Much bigger than me. Seeing Jimmy this way was really turning him on.

What’s wrong with me, he thought as he shook his head. I can think about that later. And he would, he told himself, he definitely would.

Another man, clotheed, tanned and fairly well built with short chestnut hair, probed Olsen’s ass with a dildo. His super-hearing also picked up the young man’s moans.

Superman found an entrance into the building on the roof, the door to it having fallen off its rusty hinges some time ago. In hopes of surprising the man inside, he floated down the stairs instead of walking, to make as little noise as possible.

The two were at least fifty feet from the stairs, the man facing away from the staircase. Superman wasn’t sure what he was going to do, without risking Olsen getting hurt.

However, when he reached the bottom step, his feet still inches from the floor, a smooth, seductive voice from the surrounding darkness said, “Six o’clock, boss.” The Man of Steel couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from; perhaps some sort of hidden stereo speakers, he thought.

But what did the voice mean? It was after ten. Then he realized the voice was reporting his position, relative to the man.

“It’s about time you got here. I was starting to get bored,” the man near Olsen said, without turning around. There was something familiar about the voice…

He had lost the element of surprise. The only thing he could think of was to keep the man talking, so he could find out more about him, what he wanted, and perhaps lure him away before he could harm Olsen. Having decided, he landed and said, “It’s obviously me you’re after, and I’m here now. Leave Jimmy alone, whoever you are.”

“Introductions, of course, how rude of me.” The man let go of the dildo, leaving it inside Olsen, and turned around. He had hazel eyes, and was clean-shaven.

“But then, we’ve already met, haven’t we. At the charity ball last month?”

It was Dominic Raine, the millionaire philanthropist! Though he had attended the ball as Clark Kent, not appearing as Superman. Could Raine possibly know his secret identity?

“Dominic Raine.”

“At your service, so to speak,” he said, executing a bow.

“What do you want?”

“To rule the world! No, kidding, been there, done that, got the t-shirt and totebag. Paperwork’s a bitch anyway. Others run it for me now. Gives me more time to sightsee; meet charming people like you. Nice place, though, you’ll like it when you get there.”

“And all those crimes and calamities I arranged were worth it, since they helped get you here.”

While Raine talked, Superman X-rayed him. He appeared to be totally human, and not an alien like Raine was implying. There seemed to be nothing extraordinary about him at all.

“Using the vision? Must be, you’re doing the squinty thing. Then you can tell I’m as human as Jimmy here. No super-strength, can’t fly, none of that fun stuff, unfortunately. Only thing I’ve got going for me is that I’m ridiculously smart. But that’s worked well for me so far.”

“If you’re so smart, why . . . “

“The murders? No, didn’t read your mind, a lucky guess. I’m neither psychic nor psychotic. But they don’t fit in with the other crimes, do they? I was experimenting with the help. Help that’s watching me right now. So I’d be careful, if I were you. But I’m done with our young friend for now.“ Raine said, walking away and waving offhandedly at Olsen, “Take him, if you’d like.”

Superman strained all his super-senses, but could not detect anyone else nearby, nor any hint of a trap. There weren’t any areas obscured to his X-ray vision, so no lead-lined containers hiding Kryptonite were likely. Carefully, keeping his eyes on Raine, he walked towards Olsen. That was his first priority, getting his young friend out of here. He could deal with the millionaire later, now that he knew what the man was really up to.

“I’ll stop you somehow. You won’t get away with this.”

“Just don’t get it, do you? Course you don’t, you great big gorgeous lug. I already have. Love this part. Congelo.”

As soon as Raine said the Latin phrase, Superman found himself paralyzed in mid-stride. With only one foot on the ground, his unbalanced position and forward momentum caused him to topple onto the ground where he lay face down, motionless.

“Told you,” he said, as he walked around the immobile superhero, “I’ve been able to manipulate you for some time, my puppet. It’s been rather interesting, testing you, and you’ve passed with, pardon the pun, flying colors. But it’s time to complete the process; remove those last few pesky shreds of free will. Let’s see that beautiful face, not the back of your head anymore. Consurgo quod sto pro mihi.”

Slowly, without moving a muscle, the Man of Steel floated up about three feet. Then he rotated in midair so he was no longer level to the ground, but in an upright position. Gradually turning in place until he was facing Raine, for the first time he moved parts of his body. His left leg had been in front of his right, in the same position as when he first fell. Now he brought them parallel to each other, his red boots a foot apart. Crossing his arms over his chest, he drifted down the few inches left between him and the ground. Superman stood before Raine, staring straight ahead, his half-open eyes slightly crossed and mouth hung open. There was dirt on his costume and face, and a thin line of spittle trailed from the right corner of his mouth, with a couple of dully glistening drops having fallen on his exposed collarbone.

“Ah, this brings back memories. I remember the first time I saw you with that adorable look of slack-jawed imbecility. You don’t, of course, not yet. Oh, you can move your head now, but that’s all. So you’re probably wondering how this happened.” Superman nodded.

“I’ll help you recall it all. You’ll wish I hadn’t, but that’s another matter. But first, on the ground, on your back. Good. I want you to imagine you’re lying on a bench, say about two feet high, with your legs hanging off it and your feet on the ground. Now levitate your body until you’re in that position. Up a few inches more. Stop. OK, bend your head back. Perfect. That’s exactly the position. Jimmy, come here.”

The naked young man hopped up from the table and waddled over. “I know how much you like it, but enough with the dildo already,” said Raine as he pulled it out of Olsen’s ass. “Don’t look so disappointed; I’ve got something better in mind. Stick your dick in his mouth. Supey, deepthroat him, let him all in, give him a really good blowjob. Don’t be shy, boy, shove it all in, Supey can handle it. And when he cums, do swallow every bit; don’t lose a single drop. Understand?” the superhero nodded as much as he could, and then got to work.

“Jealous that young Olsen packs more than you? I was amazed by how… underwhelming you were down there. He wasn’t that much bigger than you, but I made a few modifications so he’s got quite the trousersnake now. This is your first time with him, but you’ve handled bigger.”

“Any of this seeming familiar yet? It should, you’ve done it enough.”

“Master, could you maybe…”

“Oh, alright,” said Raine as he saw where Olsen was looking, “if it’ll make you happy.” Taking the dildo he was still holding, he shoved it all the way back into Olsen in one stroke. “Thanks, I needed that,” sighed Olsen.

Enjoying the sight of Superman’s neck bulging from Olsen’s dick filling it, Raine said, “That’s right, you wanted to know how I could be doing this to you. Remember that little trip that you and Lois took to see Jaxon Xavier? Well, that’s where it all started . . . ”


“You’ll have to excuse my surprise, Miss Lane, but I sent an invitation for one.”

“Oh, well, Mr. Xavier, this is my partner and fiancé, Clark Kent.”

“Uh, um, please, call me X.”

“X?” Lois asked.

“X. You know.” Xavier drew the letter while making a sound like a sword whistling through the air.

“Alright,” said Lois a little uneasily. Kent was glad she had decided to have him join her for this interview.

Xavier (who could seriously think of him as ‘X’, Clark thought) continued smugly on about how unique his virtual reality system was, how it drew the mind into the VR world.

“That sounds a little dangerous,” Lois said.

“Well, it's no more dangerous than putting your body on a roller coaster. You get off and on when you’re told and you’re fine. You’re not afraid of roller coasters, are you, Miss Lane?”

“Well, I suppose it depends on whose roller coaster it is.”

After a couple more questions, Xavier proposed they try it themselves. Deciding on a virtual visit to Hawaii, Xavier took them to a room with two raised platforms, each half a foot tall and seven feet in diameter, with railing around almost the entire perimeter. Xavier explained, while guiding Lois, that the pedestals were designed for only one person to use. Kent stepped up on to the other one on his own.

Xavier then helped Lois put on the VR equipment and body monitors. Kent watched and was easily able to catch on how to do it himself. It was evident he wasn’t going to be getting any help.

“OK” Xavier said, as he finished helping Lois on with the gloves, “Just slip the goggles over your eyes, relax, and open your minds.” Kent looked at Lois, who already had goggles on. He couldn’t help feeling a twinge of concern.

At first cursorily checking Kent’s monitors, Xavier examined them more intently.

“That’s odd. Strange vital signs. Some sort of malfunction.” Xavier banged on the monitor. “I’m sure it just needs a minor adjustment.” Kent, realizing his worry for Lois was causing some non-human readings to register, closed his eyes and relaxed, making his life signs appear to be within human norms. “Ah, that’s better,” said Xavier.

Kent took his glasses off, put them into his inside jacket pocket, and donned the VR goggles. “See you in Hawaii,” he said to Lois.

Xavier entered the control room, fuming. His computer, practically self-aware, began berating him.

“You hit my monitor again, Jaxon.”

“Yeah, well, they were malfunctioning. Who is this fiancé/partner guy? Mr. Clark Kent, Mr. GQ? You know, he is not part of the plan, he’s a viral anomaly, he’s . . . “

“Do please shut up, Jaxon, there’s a good megalomaniac,” said Raine, who was seated in front of a control board.

“Good. Who does your dialogue, dude? Oh, that’s right, Dean wrote this one. Hunkalicious he is, but science? Definitely not his strong point. Ironic, that his script’s the guide for me to get control of the very character he portrayed.

“And by the way, he IS part of the plan, ‘X’”, Raine said mockingly, making air quotes when he used Xavier’s pseudonym. “He’s the whole plan, my plan. You didn’t need to remember, it made you act more naturally. Now, sit down and don’t open your mouth until I say different. THOMAS?”

“Yeah, boss?”

“Roller coaster time.”

“Here goes.”

Back in the VR room, Lois nervously said, “Clark?”

“I’m right,” he said, as they entered the VR world, “here.”

They both marveled at how indistinguishable everything was from the real world. Then they were only aware of each other, until Xavier interrupted them.

“It’s time to go back to reality. Just relax.” Xavier put his watch hand on each of theirs, and they returned to the real world.

Or so Lois and Clark thought.

Later, at an outdoor café, they discussed their upcoming nuptials. Or more importantly, their honeymoon night. Kent hesitatingly began to tell Lois something he’d not let anyone else know. “But that thing, the intimacy threshold, the big threshold. I’ve never really . . . ”


“You don’t remember this part, because you weren’t all there at the time,” said Raine, pausing his narrative. “Didn’t even know it had happened. So let me tell you what went on between Lois and I, while you were out.”


Before Kent could finish his statement, a shiny oval of light crossed his face, resting on his eyes. Kent stopped speaking. In fact, he seemed to be completely frozen, oblivious to his surroundings.

“Clark? Clark?” Lois shook Clark’s shoulder, but there was no response. Thinking that the mysterious light must be the reason, she grabbed a large napkin and threw it over his head, just covering his eyes. “Clark, can you hear me?”

“I’m afraid not, Miss Lane.” Said a voice to her right, from the formerly empty seat beside her, “But now the two of us can have a nice uninterrupted chat.”

“Alright, what’s going . . . “ When she saw the figure seated next to her, the last word came out with a perceptible squeak. “on?”

It looked like a man, but one viewed through a thick pane of frosted glass. Everything about him was blurred, indistinct. Only his voice was clear, but even that was undistinguished. Not too high, not too deep. A generic man, she thought.

“No need to fear, Miss Lane. I wanted us to have some alone time. By the way, if you’ve not figured it out yet, you’re still in the VR world.”

“I think I just realized that.”

“Good, good, I’m glad that’s clear. And don’t worry about Clark; he’ll be fine. It’s not like I could hurt Superman, is it? Oh, and how’d you like having super-powers? Wanted to ask you for a while; I’ve always wanted to have some of my own. Was being Ultra Woman a blast or what?”

“What are you talking about? Clark isn’t, I wasn’t . . . “

“You don’t need to keep any secrets from me, Lois. Not that you have any left. I know the two of you so well already. Call me Dom, by the way.”

“Dom, huh? You’re really ‘X’, aren’t you, or some computer generated flunky of his.”

“No, I’m quite real, and I’m not Jaxon. He served his purpose, though, in getting you and Superman in here.”

“Look, whatever you think you know . . . “

“Is completely correct. Please don’t insult my intelligence; it would take way too long. I’ve known his ‘secret identity’ for quite a while. Your fiancé, Clark Kent, is also Superman. Birth name Kal-El. From the planet Krypton. Green Kryptonite can kill him; the effects of the red type vary. He believes he’s the last survivor of his race. He isn’t, but you’ve not met any of the others yet. He’s a virgin, by the way, that’s what he was going to tell you. I could go on, but you get the idea. I pride myself on my research.”

“Who are you? What are you?”

“Quite human, really. Think of me as a diabolically demented mad scientist, out to achieve world domination. Except I’ve already achieved it. Not here, not yet, though. But there are two or three other Earth’s I like to call mine. Because they are.”

“Other Earths?”

“Yes, parallel worlds, alternate dimensions. Another experience in your future. Or would have been, if I’d not stepped in.”

“Jaxon is Lex Luthor’s son, Miss Lane. Well, one of them. The man did get around. Lex’s cybernetics division was working on a mind control program that worked with virtual reality systems. All Jaxon needed were the passwords. He thought you knew them, which you did, unwittingly. The names you both decided on for your children, of all things. Alexis, Roxanne, Lynx, and Clark. Though why a man as brilliantly devious as Lex Luthor would use such an obvious method; it’s so cliché . . . that’s right, Dean wrote that in, never mind.”

“I told you I prided myself on my research, didn’t I? Jaxon eventually got access to the mind control program. Unfortunately for him, it was by being on the receiving end. I’d beaten him to the punch; hacked into Lex’s system first. I had him invite you here as he’d planned initially, knowing your stalwart fiancé would come along, and here you are.”

“So all this was to get Clark . . . “

“Into the VR world, where I could far more easily have him brainwashed; make him my plaything, totally subject to my slightest whim? Yes. But because he’s also Superman, who’s what I’m really after. I do so hate to hurt your ego, but you, like Jaxon, were merely means to that end. Mind you, Superman’s Kryptonian brain does have differences from the human variety. But I also have access to other forms of mind control. Knowing he’s hypnotizable, thanks to that episode with Constance, means I just need to find the right method, or combination of methods, to make it permanent. So with a little time, and your help, I’ll be able to figure out how to make him mine forever.”

“If you think I’m going to help you at all, you are seriously demented.”

“Lois, you’ve heard, but you haven’t listened, have you? Not the kind of quality I’d expect in a top-notch investigative journalist. You aren’t going to have a choice in the matter. You’re in Jaxon’s VR world, with Lex’s lovely little program fully integrated into it. With a few enhancements of my own to both, of course. I’ve tested them on more than just Jaxon. Quite successfully, too. The rash of weird behavior by certain prominent people that’s been in the news of late? That was me.”

“I could use a simulacrum of you generated by the computer, but that would take a while, and wouldn’t be as good as the real thing. So, say goodbye to all this, and hello to oblivion.”

“No, you can’t, don’t . . .” Lane felt the mind control program invading her consciousness like a virus, rewriting her thoughts, and putting in instructions on how she was to help Dom.


“ . . . crossed it.” Clark finished, unaware of his mental absence.

Later, while walking down the streets of Metropolis (or so he had assumed), a car came out of nowhere and tried to run them down. Kent discovered that he couldn’t fly them out of danger. He pushed Lois out of the way and ran, the car continuing to chase him, but managed to evade it by jumping up and catching an overhanging flagpole. When Superman arrived moments later to help, Kent realized they were both still in Xavier’s virtual world.

Lane knew that it was really Dom’s world. This was somehow all part of the plan, which she knew she had no hopes of understanding. Dom’s genius was beyond her. She simply followed her instructions, readying herself for the next step to bring her fiancé into unending servitude.

They went to the VR world version of their apartment. Lois suggested that Jaxon was jealous of Clark, so that if they started making out, he would interrupt them. At least they could talk to him, or figure out Jaxon’s method of entry and exit and somehow use it themselves.

Removing one bit of clothing after another, Clark became more and more absorbed by Lois. As he gazed into Lois’ eyes, he didn’t think anything of the extra sparkle that seemed to be coming from them. Clark believed it was the love he felt was the explanation. But it was more than that.

“Oh, Clark . . .”

“Oh, Lois . . .”

Thoughts of Jaxon and the VR world drifted away, and before he knew it, clothes were shed and they were making virtual love.


“How you doing, Jimmy?”

“Man, this is fantastic. Thank you, Master.”

“Happy to oblige, young Olsen. Now were was I? Oh yes. The next bit you didn’t know about either. So pay attention, it’s important.”


“I’m so glad we made that trip to the Enterprise,” Dominic said, “I wasn’t the hugest Next Gen fan, but ‘The Game’ proved to be very useful.”

“Yep,” THOMAS replied, “Now that I’ve scanned Clarkie’s brain, I can adjust it to work on his brain chemistry as well as a human being’s, then integrate it with Lex’s program. Not to mention some of the other tricks we’ve picked up here and there, eh, boss?”

“It has been a very productive line of study, THOMAS, hasn’t it? And since we know Kal’s susceptible to hypnosis . . .”

“The big goof may have super powers, but he sure don’t got no super mind.”

“Thank goodness. All the easier to get control.”

“They’re getting close. Closer, closer, closer . . . orgasm time. And lemme tell you, boss, it was almost as good for me as it was for them.”

“I do want you to enjoy yourself.”

“I am, I am. And they can’t break eye contact. It shouldn’t be that much longer until he’s ready. Sorry I couldn’t make it permanent this go-round.”

“That’s alright,” said Dominic, “It’ll still give me the control over him I’ll need to work on his full conversion. Hell, if we need more physiological information, there’s always the cloning option. Whatever it takes, I say. She can come out now, can’t she?”

“Yeah, don’t need interactive Lois anymore, now that the program’s running. So you want I should get her outta there now?”

“Quite, THOMAS, quite”

Raine walked back into the room where Lane and Kent were. “She’s ready, boss.”

“Thank you. You may remove your headset, Lois.”

As he helped remove her gloves and the rest of the wires attached to her, Raine asked, “Lois, who am I?”

“Dominic, the Master.”

“What will you do for me?”

“Anything you want, sir.”

“Good, good. When I say you can go, I want you to leave. Once you step outside, you will return to normal, forgetting everything that happened in VR world except the virtual trip to Hawaii. But follow these instructions, believing them to be true.”

“First, get some food if you’re hungry, work on the story, whatever. Just don’t go back to the Daily Planet for a while. When you get back, if Clark isn’t back yet, and anyone asks, you’ll remember that you were both about to leave together, but he had something else to do and left first, telling you he’d catch up with you later. Do you understand?”

“Of course, sir.”

“Good. Now go.”

Lois smiled, then turned and left, not even glancing back at Clark.

More than an hour later, THOMAS announced, “Double-checked everything, and put in the extra safety protocols. He’s as ready as he’s gonna be.”

“Bring him out.”

In a few moments, Clark pulled off the VR helmet. “Lois, are you OK?” The last thing he remembered was Lois disappearing in the midst of their virtual love making session. Looking over at the other podium, he saw that she was gone.

Then he noticed a tall, tanned stranger standing in front of him, wearing a well-tailored charcoal gray suit with matching pants, and a pale green shirt with the collar unbuttoned.

“Who are you? Where’s Lois?”

“I’ve sent her away. I didn’t want her disturbing us. For now, I’m Dominic, Dominic Raine.”

“What do you mean, you sent her away? What have you done to her?”

“With that attitude, I don’t think I’ll tell you. Like you could make me, anyway.”

Kent grabbed Raine’s collar with both hands and lifted him off the ground until they were eye to eye. “If you’ve harmed her at all, you’re going to regret it.”

“You are the brute, aren’t you; I’m quaking in my boots. I haven’t harmed her, Clark. As to what I’ve done with her, it’s more or less what I’ve done to you. Let me demonstrate. Lunastella.”

Kent’s angry, determined demeanor immediately dissolved, relaxing into glassy eyed emotionlessness.

“Carefully put me down, then let go.” Raine stepped back, straightening out his suit. “Lower your arms to your sides and stand in front of me.” Kent wordlessly stepped down off the platform.

Raine walked around Kent. “I’ve taken over your mind, Clark. Or should I say Superman?” No trace of a reaction crossed the face of the reporter. “Yes, it worked fine. And to use the ‘moon and stars’ phrase, even in Latin, is so appropriate. Since it’s how I found that you could be hypnotized in the first place. If you could be hypnotized, I knew I could get permanent control of you. Total and everlasting domination of the Man of Steel. Let’s see how well it’s worked so far. Who am I?”

“My Master.” Kent replied dully.

“What are you?”

“I am yours.”

“What will you do for me?”


“You know this isn’t permanent.”

A trace of a frown. “Yes.”

“Do you want it to be that way? Perpetual and unbreakable?”

“No, want to be free.”

“But you’ll let me make you mine forever and ever?”

“Yes, I must obey.”

“Good, I thought you’d see things that way. When I tell you to leave, you’ll do so. We’ll continue your reorientation later. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”


As soon as Kent stepped through the front door, a set of instructions was triggered, causing a false set of memories to replace what had happened. The downfall of Earth’s ultimate symbol of hope had begun.


“It’s coming back to you, isn’t it, now that I’ve allowed the blocked memories to surface. This is where it starts getting fun. For me, that is.”

"The next day I had one of my favorite operatives, a former secret service agent named West, break into your apartment. He concealed cameras and speakers all over. I spent the next several days just appreciating the view. In bed, in the shower, wherever. Of course, I’d made you want to wear as little as possible while you were in your apartment. Told you to do some tawdry things, which you did so well. Then I sent someone over for some new testing. I had him wait until you were in the shower, and knock. Knock in a pattern to which you’d been programmed to feel the need to respond. And then, brother, did I enjoy that floor show…"


"Mr. Kent, I’m Elliott Donnelly, Special Victims Unit. Can I come in and talk; it’ll only take a few minutes."

"Sure. How can I help SVU?"

"Well, the thing is, you’re gonna be the victim. Lunastella."

Kent’s eyes, his face, his entire body assumed the vacuous aspect of trance.

"Close the door. OK, stand in front of me. That good for you, Mr. Raine?"

“Perfect, El,” said Raine through one of the speakers in the room.

"He sure has some of the tiniest nipples I’ve ever seen."

"Yep. Chaddie’s got nothing to worry about from him there. Ironic, that it’s not because the rest of him is so big. If his chest was even moderately hairy, you wouldn’t be able to find them at all. OK, Clark, off with the towel.” Kent pulled the towel away from his body and dropped it on the floor, leaving him in all his unclad glory.

“Lose the… On second thought, leave the glasses on. Always had a soft spot for the geek look. Though with him, maybe, not so soft. Speaking of which, Ramrod.” Moments after Raine said that last word, Kent was fully erect.

“He’s…average,” said Donnelly. “From the way he fills those tights, I expected a lot more.”

“True. Color me shocked when I first saw he’s a shower, not a grower. Hell, Dean’s got at least an inch on him, length and width, and Dean’s is straighter. So not everything about them is the same. Or super. I kinda like that; it makes Clark more, what’s the word I’m looking for? Human? Only in the broadest sense. Down-to-earth? Yep, close enough. Plus I’ve never been one for size in that department; it’s what you do with what you’ve got that counts. And what he’s got is so much more… manageable. Now check out the back, El.”

When he got the full rear view, Donnelly paused and stared. “That ass, my god, I never knew!”

“’Cause he’s wearing that damn cape all the time. Why cover up your best feature? It’s so round and out there, isn’t it? I mean, I like big butts and I cannot lie. But baby, he’s really got back and then some. JW will be so jealous that someone’s got a more luscious one than him. Give it a squeeze and tell me what you think”

“Like a rock, but with a little bit of give.”

“Better than I expected. I can work with that. I’d rather he had more junk in his trunk than up front anyhow. Reward time. Clark Kneel before El.”

Donnelly unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing member. “Suck it, bitch!”

“You needn’t curse, he’ll do it anyway.”

"Yeah, but I know how much you like it, and I thought it’d give you a thrill, me saying it to Flyboy here."

“Have to say, El, you do know what I like. Carry on.”

Donnelly grabbed Kent’s hair with both hands and roughly forced himself down Kent’s throat. Over and over, he used the superhero for his own base urges and Raine’s vicarious gratification.

"Stop it, El, let’s try a different angle. Clark, stand up. Float, just a bit.” Kent rose a few inches off the floor. “El, turn him like a steering wheel so you can 69. Good. Now go for it.”

“Suck me off, Man of Steel, and make it good.” He obeyed with mindless alacrity, while Donnelly licked and sucked the mushroom head of the hypnotized Kryptonian. He tried some gentle biting, which he was surprised to find was possible. He refrained from fully deepthroating Kent, but knew with his average size that it could be done without serious problems. Having found that slow kneading of Kent’s ass was possible, Donnelly indulged himself fully in doing so.

Finally Donnelly could hold out no longer. Pulling out of Kent’s mouth, he grunted as he shot all over Kent’s neck, face and glasses. Breathing heavily, Donnelly watched as his cum oozed down into Kent’s hair, then dripped onto the floor.

"Good for you, Mr. Raine?"

"Very, El, very. Now watch and learn another of Flyboy’s talents. Clark, finish yourself off."

Half standing, then falling onto his back, Kent easily threw his legs behind his head and swallowed himself.

“Fascinating, isn’t it? He’s done this before, obviously. Doesn’t have to worry about blowing his own head off with his supersonic ejaculation, or have to fly around catching all that sperm.”

Faster and faster Kent went, until his head was a blur. Eventually, with a deep guttural moan, he shot into his own mouth and sucked himself dry. After that, Raine let Donnelly caress almost every inch of the still soggy and contorted Kent.

“That’s enough. Clark, go back and finish your shower, and forget everything that happened while you were in trance. Just remember that you like Elliott, and want to be his friend. Don’t let it bother you that you can’t recall any specifics about your conversation with him.”

Donnelly left, happy that the first phase of his master’s plan to utterly control the paragon of perfection had been successful. And that Raine would soon be ready to expand that control.


“I pushed you, analyzed you. Strength, running speed, flying speed, resistance to temperature extremes, pain tolerance, I know it all. The limits of every muscle in your body. And I do mean every. For example, it’s amazing how much weight you can lift with your dick.”

“Speaking of which, the toy I was using to play with Jimmy? Based on yours. Made it from a tungsten alloy mold. Because it’s so strong, and of course has one of the highest melting points of any metal. Had you get hard and stick it into a vat of the stuff, left it there until the metal cooled and we had the shape, and not a mark on you. Could have been in a warm bath for just as long with the same effect. You’re even more than the Man of Steel.”

“I did intensely detailed studies of your brain and nervous system. Well, not yours, exactly. But after dissecting the third or fourth clone of you, I got what I needed. You OK, Jimmy?”

“Oh, yeah! But could he slow down some? And use more tongue.”

“You heard the boy. Do like he says.” Raine waited a minute. “How about now?”

“That’s better. Yes, that’s right, that is sooo right. Mmm.”

“Practice makes perfect. And you have had so much practice. The back alleys. Remember them now? Outside all those gay clubs? In a Superman tanktop cut off just below your nipples and skintight leather pants? You on your knees like this, sucking dick like a three-dollar whore. And only ten-inchers or more. Had you check with the ole X-ray vision. You didn’t have much of a gag reflex to begin with. No surprise, since you’re invulnerable inside as well as out. I mean, you can swallow bombs and have them explode inside you and not get hurt. Once you got over what little you did have, you were going at ‘em like a champ. Found this world’s versions of Jeff Stryker and Rick Donovan; no problem deepthroating either of them. You can fly through outer space, so that whole not-having-to-breathe thing has helped to make you the super-slut you were always meant to be.

“The robberies and other crimes? You know who committed them. Those bizarre gruesome murders? The same. I told you to fuck each of those people to death, and you did. Without hesitation.”

“All that blood, on your hands. On your dick too. Talk about your blunt instruments.”

“No, don’t stop. I was speaking rhetorically. I much prefer your mouth doing what it’s doing.”

“All the horrifying things I had you do; you didn’t show a flicker of resistance, or a trace of compassion or conscience. Only complete compliance.”

“I did go to some lengths to make sure you didn’t suspect yourself. I wanted it to be a surprise, this moment. Throwing off the estimated times of death, that was crucial. Let’s just say I have a few methods available, which no one here currently is advanced enough to detect.”

“It’s all come back to you; I can see it in your eyes. That look of unspeakable horror and self-loathing. You won’t forget again, either. Not this time. I don’t want that. You’re going to retain every single detail.”

"There is one thing, though, you don’t remember. That one, I wanted you to see the results of your actions. But first things first. Jimmy, cum.”

Grabbing Superman’s head, he pumped into the Man of Steel, who swallowed every bit as he had been told. The ejaculation was so strong, though, that some splashed off the back of his throat into his mouth. He tasted the musky saltiness before sucking it all down.”

“Take a nap, Jimmy.” The young photographer pulled out and curled up on the ground, asleep in moments.

Raine turned to the kneeling superhero. “Follow me.”

Superman stood up and walked behind Raine as they walked outside and across the deserted street to a warehouse on the other side. They entered and made their way through a warren of box-filled shelves until they reached a storage room. In the center was a large chest freezer.

"Take a look inside."

Using his X-ray vision, Superman found it blocked.

“No cheating now. It’s lined with lead. You need to see the contents the old fashioned way. Open it.”

With an increasing feeling of dread, he walked forward, pulled up on the handle, and looked down.

Cold mist flowed out of the box. Then it cleared, and he saw. A naked body. Of a woman. Her face was covered with a cloth. He knew she was dead. Not only from looking at her, but because his super-hearing could detect no trace of a heartbeat. She looked… undamaged.

"Go ahead, remove the cloth." Superman did as instructed. Familiar, who could it be? So hard to tell, for unlike the rest of the body, the head was not undamaged.

Then suddenly, he knew.


And with that one word, the final memories surfaced.


Lois begging to be let go.

Tearing her clothes off.

Her screams muffled as he put his hands on either side of her head and thrust into her mouth.

The crunch as his fingers perforated her temples to get a better grip.

The crack as he broke through the soft palate. Her eyes widening in shock and pain. The slipperiness of her brain acting like lubricant.

The ejaculation. The spray of blood and bone and gray matter mixed with cum as it shot from the top of her skull.

Letting go of her misshapen head, the limp body sinking to the ground.


“No, Lois, no no no no no no” Superman sobbed, then abruptly stopped. He sank to his knees, shoulders slumped and head down. The room filled with the strains of the Hallelujah chorus.

“So, I gather you’ve gotten a Handel on our boy here.”

“I’ll get Bach to you on that.”

“Go ahead and add it to the Liszt. Status?”

“That last bit was just what we needed. With all the mapping we’ve been able to do of his neurological system, I’ll have him completely reprogrammed by tomorrow, in time for supper.”

"Excellent. In that case, computer, end program."

Everything, except Raine, shimmered and rippled, then faded away. The room was now empty, with gray walls crisscrossed floor to ceiling with a grid of softly glowing yellow lines.

Raine walked to a door, which silently slid open. On the other side, Superman was lying on a table, eyes closed. A small oval disc was attached to his forehead.

“All that time, he never even realized,” Raine said as he ran a hand over the oblivious alien. “What a sap he was. Hardly a challenge at all.”

What the Man of Steel had not known was that he had never left Xavier’s VR world once he had entered it. For weeks, he had been living in an artificial reality while THOMAS had scanned every part of him. Within the first week, THOMAS had been able to create false memories of events that Superman believed had really happened, and feelings that he thought were real. The supercomputer had also accelerated the passage of time in the VR world, so that subjectively Superman believed it had been months since he and Lois had met Xavier.

But THOMAS had not been able to complete the conversion. There was some part of him, perhaps the Kryptonian part, which resisted. So Raine and his computational creation had concocted this final scenario. Convinced that he had become a murderer, and that he had killed the one person in the world he loved more than anything else, the final resistance crumbled, enabling THOMAS to complete the total subjugation of Superman.

The other room was a holodeck, the technology for which had been acquired on that previous trip to the Star Trek universe. Linked to Superman’s brain, it allowed Raine to interact with him, which he found eminently more satisfying than letting THOMAS do all the work. But he had deliberately restricted himself from using the superhero for his personal pleasure. He wanted to do that only when the Man of Steel was utterly and uninhibitedly his.

“Don’t get me wrong, having Superman to play with for as long as I want, in any way I want, way major turn-on. I just thought it might be a little more difficult. The curse of my brilliance and how well I programmed you. But I can learn to live with these minor disappointments, as long as I get what I want. Which I always do, don’t I?”

“Well, there was that one time…”

“Ah, ah, ah, I told you not to mention that.”

“Yes sirree, mister boss-man.”

“I think I’ll turn in. I’ll be back in the afternoon, so keep him on ice until I get in, in case you get done early.”

“Will do. Nighty-night.”


Through the dark hours, the last shreds of free will were whittled away, until only a super-powered shell was left. After that, the rest of the time was spent filling the Kryptonian with Raine’s desires and commands.


“He’s rarin’ to go, boss,” said THOMAS when Dominic arrived the next day.

“Then, please, do bring him out.”

A few moments passed. “He’s all yours.”

“I like the sound of that. Immensely. Superman, disengage yourself from the VR equipment, then stand before me.”

Raine’s orders were obeyed in a fraction of a second.

“Eager to please. I like that in a super-powered sex toy. Now, you know who you are?”

“Yes, Master,” said the Man of Steel, smiling, arms folded across his chest, “I’m your slave forever and ever.”

“Say you’re Superman, then tell me what you are.”

“I’m Superman, and I’m your slave forever and ever.”

“You’ll steal for me?”

“Of course.”

“Betray your friends? Or even kill them?”


“Do you love Lois?”

“I did, but now you’ve made me only love you, as I should.”

“How do you love me?”

“Totally. Completely. All I am loves you. God, just seeing you makes me so hot.”

“Of course it does. Now that you’re all mine, the rest of your training can be completed.”

“What training, Master?”

“Well, I want break in that exquisite behind of yours.” Superman shuddered, moaning at the idea.

“Thing is, I have to make sure you don’t accidentally crush my dick in the process. I had to make sure there was no possibility of resistance left. Since that’s finally happened, I can teach you how to bring me that special pleasure I’ve wanted since I first saw you.”

“Please, Master, start now! Teach me!”

“Easy, big fella. Tomorrow’s soon enough. And I’ve got other stuff I want to try out. Silly and degrading stuff. Oh, yeah, baby, do I have plans for you.”


Superman dedicated every waking hour to completely focusing on his lessons. Raine had him use dildoes fashioned from every conceivable substance. Sturdier materials first, like diamond and high-tensile metals. Then more malleable and fragile. Lead, rubber, wood, ceramic, glass.

An experiment with a rod of carbon proved enlightening. After inserting it and applying steady pressure, Superman pushed the rod back out in crystallized form. “I’ve heard of people thinking their shit smelled like roses, but who’d have ever thought yours could be diamonds,” said Raine with a smirk, after he saw the cleaned-off product. “That is too weird. Sure makes a one-of-kind paperweight, though. Nice to know there’s more where that came from, if I want.”

When he wasn’t training, Raine satisfied his idle curiosity about his pet Kryptonian in other areas. One was how many men Superman could give blowjobs to simultaneously. Starting with 40 lined up in a row, 10 more at a time were added. Beyond 220, the slipstream Superman created caused some of the men to fall over. Well, thought Dominic, that answers that question.

One day he summoned the Man of Steel to the holodeck. Inside, Raine was on a platform at the top of a tall , steep, muddy hill. “Take off your cape. Arms at your sides. Keep them that way until I tell you otherwise. Now, without using super-speed or super-strength, crawl to me on your belly.” Superman obeyed, undulating upwards like a worm, his ass rising and falling as he progressed. When he was mere inches from the platform, the mud became almost frictionless and he slid towards the bottom.

“Did I, did I displease you, Master?”

“No, Supey, that’s exactly what I wanted to happen. Do it again, and keep on doing it until I tell you to stop.”

Raine laughed as the former superhero abased himself over and over in a Sisyphusian cycle of humiliation. After a couple of hours, bored, he turned off the holodeck. The bare room showed no trace of the prior activities, and Superman was as clean as when he had first walked in.

“I love this place. But enough with the illusions. Come here and get your very real reward.” The two embraced and kissed. Superman desperately wanted more than his master’s tongue inside him, but until his training was completed, he had to settle for that. It only made him want to redouble his efforts.


Only days after he had first started his ass-ercises, Superman was able to leave a foot-long section of a fluorescent light bulb inside him for an hour, gently contracting and relaxing around it the whole time, without breaking it.

The training was finished. The wait, Dominic thought, was finally over.

Superman was summoned to a sumptuous bedroom. He had been wearing his costume since his training started, even sleeping in it, and was wearing it now. Standing at the foot of a gigantic canopied four-poster bed (quadruple the size of a normal one), wearing the same clothes as when they first met, and holding a small, colorful bunch of fabric, was his Master.

“I’ve waited for this day for a long time. Change into this.”

Superman caught the tossed bundle, and in a burst of super-speed, put it on. It appeared to be the same costume, but without the cape.

Raine shrugged off his suit, then unbuttoned his shirt, basking in the Man of Steel’s swelling lust as he exposed more of himself. Kicking his shoes off, he held each foot out and had the Superman gently take off one sock at a time with his teeth. Unbuckling his belt, he let his pants slip to the floor, stepping out of them. Then he slowly pulled down the elastic band of his briefs until his hard dick popped out. Briefs soon joined pants. Superman’s unadulterated desire and avid hunger as he stared at his master’s nude body was magnificent, thought Dominic.

“Come to me, Superman, slowly,” said Raine, after crawling to the center of the bed. “Show me how much you love me.”

Superman floated forward, then down until he was laying atop Raine. Eyes and hands exploring, tongue tasting skin, enhanced smell taking in each nuance of fragrance, hearing each heartbeat and sigh, he used his entire body and it’s abilities, exploring all of his Master’s beauty.

Later, Superman’s jaw dropped as Raine filled him with his own steel. “I could get used to this,” Raine said as he relaxed with his hands behind his neck, Superman’s head bobbing up and down. The knowledge that this icon of truth and justice was his, without reservation, was so arousing that in minutes, Raine was close to cumming.

Raine grabbed Superman’s ears and pulled his head up, “Whoa, ease off, big fella!”

“Did, did I do something wrong?” The nervousness in the Man of Steel’s voice amused Dominic.

“No, something right. Too right. After all, it wasn’t your mouth we were training. Mostly. On your back.”

With a lecherous look, Superman rolled over. Raine got between his legs, then pushed them apart to form a V. Now the difference in the costume was visible. There was a flap on either side of the seat. Taking hold of one of them, Raine yanked. The piece of material that was velcroed to the rest of the outfit came free, totally revealing Superman’s stupendous rump.

Raine scooted forward until he was in the perfect position, dragging the head of his cock up and down the exposed asscrack. “Relax, baby, don’t fight me. Let me in, you know I’ve beat you.”

“Yes, you’ve beat me, I can’t resist you, I don’t want to resist you! I’m your toy, I’m your whore, use me, abuse me, oh god, please, please, I want you inside me NOW!”

Without any more hesitation, Raine rammed all the way in, both men releasing a contented sigh.

Knowing Superman’s invulnerability protected him inside as well as out, Raine pounded his posterior mercilessly. Some prior enlightening experiments let him gauge how not to hurt himself while banging the Man of Steel.

“Let’s see if this will work,” said Raine as he leaned forward and took firm hold of both of Superman’s shoulders, “Up, up and away. Careful. Fly, flyboy. Legs around me. Keep going.”

Rising until they were several feet above the bed, Raine said, “Stop! This is . . . amazing.”

He’d hoped to make this last longer, but fucking the most powerful being on the planet, while flying, no less, made that impossible. Falling onto Superman’s broad chest, Raine wrapped his arms around the Man of Steel’s neck, plunging tongue into mouth as ferociously as cock into ass. Finally, a growl from deep within him emerged as Raine discharged what felt like an unending geyser of ejaculate into the formerly formidable, now thoroughly conquered, Kryptonian.

Later, on the bed again, snug in the strong arms of the now completely naked super ex-hero, Raine said, “You really know how to make a guy feel good, you know that?”

“I thought so, but it’s always nice to hear you say that. So, seconds?”

“Hey, I haven’t even recovered from firsts! We aren’t all inexhaustible sex machines, you know?”

“You’re so smart, why don’t you do something to fix that.”

“Getting cheeky, aren’t we? Actually, I’ve thought about it, and there are some possibilities. But then all we’d do is fuck each other silly every waking moment.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“No, not a bad thing. Not as such. I just wouldn’t get anything else done.”

“But I want us to spend every waking moment together. Every sleeping one, too.”

“Contrary to popular opinion,” Raine said as he looked into Superman’s eyes, “there’s more to life than you. Difficult as that may be to believe. I do plan to spend every possible waking moment with you. But there’s things outside the bedroom you’re going to help me with, OK?”

“OK. The less time we’re apart, the happier that makes me. So, how am I going to help?”

“We can talk about that later. Right now, I think I want to get to know more about you.” Raine started kissing different places on the Kryptonian’s chest.

“The feeling is mutual,” Superman replied as his hands moved over Raine’s back.

“Baby,” Raine said, looking up into the eyes of his helplessly devoted super-slave, “here’s to knowing each other better.”

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