The Feud (mm mc)

Copyright © 2002

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For my regular readers: I wrote this one to see if I could do a story in under 80 pages. Enjoy.

Synopsis: Two college-bound boys are engaged in an angry feud over a girl, but find when they are forced into a confrontation, their real attraction is for each other. (mc, mm)

"Well, that could've gone better."

Kenny shot Andy a look that would stop a train. The two friends had just departed a post-graduation party, one dragging the other back to the car in a fit of pique. If Kenny hadn't been driving, he would most likely have reeled back and belted Andy. Since Kenny was a weightlifter, ruggedly handsome with arms like barbells, the much smaller Andy was just as glad his coworker restrained himself.

"You didn't tell me that miserable little fuck was going to be there--and don't tell me you didn't know about it!"

Andy leaned against the car window. He'd been through all this before. Kenny would rave heatedly for several minutes, fume silently for half an hour, then eventually let it go. The process had been repeated over and over for months now, and Andy was more than tired of it. "Kenny, it's been like a year now. You aren't even dating her anymore. Why can't the two of you get over it already?"

"He wanted me to take his dumped girl off his hands and then he goes postal when I do. You remember in January, when he poured buckets of ice water over my car to freeze all the doors shut?"

"How can I not when you bring it up every five minutes..."

"And it's been ten months. It hasn't been a year."

"And you guys have been friends since before you could walk."

"Not anymore."

Back at the party, two other friends lingered on the deck at the rear of the house. Chet and Dustin leaned over the stained wooden railing, nursing their drinks from giant plastic red party cups. "Don't try to act surprised about it, either", Chet sneered. Chet, the spiky-haired beach boy shot an evil sideways glance at Dustin.

Dustin, the tall, curly-headed singer stirred his drink with his finger. "No, Andy and I set it up. We kinda hoped, this being the end of the year and all, after graduation, that you two might--"

"What? Forget everything he's done to me just because we're going off to college? Sure, sure! That makes sense! I'm supposed to be all, 'Oh hey, buddy, congrats on graduation, good luck at college--no hard feelings about stealing my girl'?!"

"It's wasn't like that. You and Meggan had broken up--"

"I told him I had THOUGHT about breaking up with her. Thought about it! And he comes swooping down to steal her away from me--!"

"You two were best friends since before Andy and I ever knew you. We thought we'd get the two of you together, you could make up, see how stupid this whole thing's been, maybe even be friends again."

Chet took a swig of his drink, shaking his head. "Cold day in hell."

"Y'know, Meg isn't even dating him anymore. She's dated like three other guys since you two split up."

Chet crumpled his cup in his fist and lobbed it into a nearby trash can. "If it wasn't for him, she'd still be with me."

Dustin began to speak again, but Chet cut him off. "Don't talk to me." He stormed back inside, leaving Dustin to lean against the deck rail, his chin in his palm.

Andy sat on the back porch at Dustin's parents' house. Andy ran his fingers through his raven hair, as he often did when he was frustrated. Nearby him on the grass was his beatup canvas backpack. He wasn't taking summer classes, but for some reason the little carryalong was never far from his side. Dustin appeared from the sliding glass doors with two cans of soda.

"Faygo okay?"

Andy accepted the chilled can. "If it's all you got."

"Left over from the open house." Dustin took a seat beside his best friend and popped open his drink. The two sipped in silence for a bit. Then, Dustin said without turning to Andy, "So do we give up?"

"I'll hang in there if you will."

The two clunked their cans together in a show of solidarity. "Salut."

"I figured after all this time, if we could just get them in the same room together...", Dustin reflected.

"They wouldn't try to kill each other?", Andy said.

Dustin shrugged. "Hence the party. I hoped a crowd of people would keep them from any attempts at homicide until after they at least said something to each other."

"We'll come up with something", Andy reassured him, realizing how lame that sounded even as he said it. "Got any more of those nachos left?"

"I'll check." Dustin went back inside and headed for the kitchen. His father was talking on the phone, apparently to yet another business associate about his latest breakthrough medical advancement. Other than Kenny and Chet's constant backstabbing remarks, that seemed to be all that Dustin heard anymore.

"Yes, yes, I agree wholeheartedly", Dustin's dad beamed. "This has tremendous possibilities in the field of couples psychology and counseling. Oh, absolutely. Applied properly, I don't see how it wouldn't. Yes, all the tests have been successful. FDA approval is pending, but it looks good."

Dustin approached his dad with an oversized plate of nachos he'd rescued from the fridge. He stood before his father and pointed to the plate, miming eating them, then flashed a questioning thumbs-up. Okay if we finish these?

Dustin's father nodded, waving him away with his approval to devour the leftover snacks. Dustin gave the A-Okay hand signal and began to repair to the back porch.

"Yes, that's completely accurate, that report", his dad went on. "Totally factual. The Merchisen's were on the verge of divorce when they volunteered to be test subjects for the pharmaceutical. Yes, it worked perfectly. It's not too far-fetched to say we saved their 15-year marriage."

Dustin stopped in his tracks. His dad's latest drugified doohickey saved a marriage on the verge of divorce? It made two people about to break up--stay together? Dustin looked at the kitchen table, which was covered with information pamphlets, diagrams, charts, and various other displays of his father's latest medical discovery to be put to use at tomorrow's one-day pharmacology conference.

Dustin was sure the room had gotten suddenly brighter due to the light bulb that had just appeared over his head. He snatched up one of the hundreds of brochures from the piles on the table and dashed back out to where Andy waited.

Dustin bounded beside his friend, a smile on his face so broad it threatened to displace his ears.

"You got the nachos?", Andy asked him.

"I got something better than that", Dustin said. "LOTS better."

"How the hell did you get this??" Andy held up the tiny bottle of thin, metallic-looking liquid.

"Dad has so many of the damn things set out in his sample case for his conference that he's never gonna miss one."

Andy held the bottle up to the light, trying to examine the color of the drug through its container. "It looks like mercury or something. You sure this will work?"

"Hey, if it saved a 15-year marriage, it can sure as hell get two best friends to stop acting like assholes toward each other." Andy looked rueful. Dustin took the bottle. "Besides, it's not like we're using it to get high or anything. We're doing what this stuff was intended for. Just like all those doctors and lab guys dad will give the rest of his samples to. Only difference is we don't have a wall full of diplomas and shit."

"So how's it work?", Andy asked.

"You read the little pamphlet thing", Dustin said, growing impatient. "It lowers defenses and stuff like that. Makes people who're pissed at each other open to renewing relationships, gets them all mellow and happy, all into making up."

"Until what, it wears off and they beat the shit out of each other again?" Andy crossed his arms. "I dunno, Dustin. I've taken cough syrup and stuff and it didn't make me stop coughing forever. Even the extra strength medicine only lasts so long."

"This is different. Nobody ever got a divorce over a cough." Dustin lobbed the bottle back to Andy. "You're in charge of that. Everything else is all set. You get Kenny to the room, I get Chet. We good?"

Andy pulled a bottle of fruit juice out of his backpack. "Yeah, we're good." Andy raised his eyebrows and sighed as he went to work. To himself, he mumbled, "At least I hope we're good."

Kenny came into the gym where he and Andy worked and met his friend at the counter. He waved a small note in front of Andy's face as Andy was punching out for the day. "This for real?"

Andy jerked his head backwards, as an invitation for Kenny to follow him. "It's real enough."

Kenny became very excited. "Holy shit! Strength trainer Reginald Clark is coming here to promote his program?! That is so awesome!"

Andy figeted a bit, but went ahead with his script. "Yeah, and they send a trainer ahead to work with one of the employees who'll help instruct the course. I recommended you. Kind of as a way to make up for the stunt I pulled at the party--"

Kenny was walking on air. "Dude, you're forgiven. If I get to work with one of Reginald Clark's people--damn, man! You just have no idea--where is he?"

"Back conference room", Andy said. "He's supposed to meet you there, anyway. You're kind of early. Oh, and here--" Andy fished a lidded styrofoam cup from his backpack. "You're supposed to down this protein drink before the workout. It's part of his program, I guess."

"Always do anyway", Kenny said, snapping off the lid and greedily gulping down the thick and mildly gritty concoction.

Andy grimaced as he watched his friend guzzle the vile protein shake, knowing that he was also downing the mysterious love drug which had been mixed in with it. "Um, how's it taste?"

"Terrible. Just like it's supposed to." Kenny wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, crumpled the cup and tossed it into a nearby trash can. "I wanna change into my workout gear, too."

"You don't really have to gear up", Andy suggested nervously. "I mean, if it's just an initial meeting..."

Kenny looked cross. "Dude, if he's gonna lead me in a workout, I wanna be ready. I'll be in the locker room. You can send him in there and we can come back to the confer--"

Andy interrupted, fearful of messing up the Big Plan. "Why don't you change in the back room? I'll send him in when he gets here."

"Cool." As Andy turned to leave, Kenny called after him. "Hey, and Andy?" Andy turned around to face him. "Thanks a lot, man. I mean it."

Andy muttered under his breath, "Don't thank me yet." Less than a minute after Andy's departure, Kenny was bouncing on the balls of his feet, dressed in a sleeveless muscle shirt, tight nylon shorts and tennis shoes, anxious to begin his lesson.

Lingering at the back entrance to the gym was Dustin. He leaned against the window, trying his best to look casual. Andy passed by, rapping twice against the glass, the signal that Kenny was in place. Dustin rolled the fruit juice bottle in his hands, growing more apprehensive as zero hour neared. Approaching from the parking lot was Chet, right on time. He waved a hello to Dustin, who returned it.

"He here yet? The bowling instructor guy?", Chet asked.

Dustin grinned. "Oh, he's here. Just got here too, I think." Dustin looked his friend over. "You're sure dressed for the occasion."

Chet was attired in his garish bowling team uniform, with 1970s styled oversized shirt collar, his name embroidered over his left breast, and the bizarre image of palm trees and bowling pins on the back. The whole outfit was in the eye-searing color combo of royal blue, turquoise, and pink. He even had on his own bowling shoes.

"Well, I want the guy to know I'm serious right? My team's in last place. If this guy can really improve our game--"

"Oh, he's supposed to be pretty impressive", Dustin said. Then, he offered Chet the mostly-full bottle of fruit juice. "Hey, you want this? I can't finish it."

Chet, something of a mooch, accepted it gladly. "Never turn down anything free and edible", he smiled. In seconds, Chet slurped down the bottle of juice, and in so doing also took in his share of the love drug. Chet smacked his lips and made a face. "Helluva aftertaste. What flavor was that??"

Dustin took back the bottle, commenting, "I wasn't crazy about it either." He opened the door for his pal, who stopped as he began to step inside.

"Ken's not here, is he? You know he works here."

Dustin smiled. "It's his day off. I checked." Chet nodded, and walked happily into Dustin and Andy's trap.

Dustin led Chet through a small employee foyer, to the back conference room. He opened the door and gestured for his friend to go inside. Chet stepped inside, and Dustin said, "Have fun. Play nice." And closed the door behind him, locking it tight.

Andy came up to Dustin, a look of concern on his face. "Well? What now?"

Dustin handed the empty juice bottle to Andy, who absently stuffed it into his backpack. Dustin leaned against the door and crossed his arms. "Let the games begin."

No sooner had Chet realized that it was odd to hear the door locking when he and Kenny faced each other. "You fucking bastard", Chet sneered. "You told him there'd be a bowling instructor here."

Kenny bristled at the sight of his former best friend. "My ass. You were supposed to be from Reginald Clark's people. What the hell are you trying to pull?"

Chet whirled around and slammed his palm against the locked door. "Hey! Dustin! Let me out! There's no bowling guy in here--it's all some trick by that fag Kenny!"

Kenny grabbed Chet by the arm. "I didn't trick anybody! Andy told me to come here--"

"Then he's the little shit who did this! For all I know, you two are in it together! Like when you started those rumors about me!"

"I started rumors?! And don't talk about my friend like that! I'm gonna kick your sorry ass right now, you little--!!"

On the other side of the door, Andy and Dustin listened intently. Andy bit his fingernails. "They don't sound all that lovey-dovey to me."

Dustin waved his comment away. "Sshhhhh-!"

Inside the room, Kenny grabbed Chet's shirtfront in fistfuls, ready to throw him to the ground and stomp on him. Chet looked down at Kenny's arms, muscles bulging, veins clearly visible. "Damn, man", Chet said, "you have gotten fucking huge. How often do you work out now??"

Kenny was taken aback by the remark. In fact, Chet seemed a little thrown by the fact that he'd spoken it. Kenny released Chet's shirt and said, "Every day. Great for working off stress and frustration."

Chet grinned. "Guess I helped motivate a whole lot of workouts for ya then, huh?" Ken just rolled his eyes, making a "shyeah" sound. Chet stepped closer to Kenny, fingers reaching gingerly for the weightlifter's enormous arms. Just as he was about to make contact, he said, "Sorry. Can I?"

Ken suddenly found he liked the attention, even from his hated enemy. "Hey, yeah. Here, check this out." Kenny peeled off his shirt and tossed it aside. He tensed his arms and pecs, showing off his remarkable build.

Chet whistled low. "Damn. You're way bigger than I remember." To the surprise of both boys, Chet ran his fingers up Kenny's arms and across his chest, feeling the firm and solid muscles. To the even greater surprise of both boys, neither of them did anything to stop it. They were enjoying it.

As Chet's fingers made their way down Ken's torso to feel his ripped abs, Kenny let out a truncated laugh. Chet looked at him oddly. "What? You ticklish?"

Kenny's smile was broad and sincere. "No, it's just that..." He shook his head, smiling, and looked at the ceiling.


"You look like my kid sister's Dapper Dan doll in that bowling outfit." Both boys grinned at that. Chet began to pull his hands away from Kenny's bare skin, but Kenny held onto Chet's wrists, holding them in place.

Outside the door, Dustin and Andy pressed their ears to the wood surface. Andy whispered to his fellow conspirator. "Should it be that quiet in there? Shit, what if Kenny's killing him? How much noise is there when you strangle someone?"

"Quiet!", Dustin snapped.

On the other side of the door, the two boys stood staring at each other, strangely warm and inviting feelings washing over them both. Chet slid his hands up to rest atop Kenny's shoulders, and lightly massaged his neck. "Y'know, I really was thinking of breaking up with Meggan. It wasn't working out."

Kenny spoke softly. "I know."

"But I didn't get to break it off officially before she hooked up with you. And then when you dumped her, I was all--"

Ken rested his hands on Chet's arms. "Um, actually, she dumped me."


"She says you're a much better kisser."

Chet smiled. "She's been with what, like eighty other guys since then, hasn't she?"

Kenny found his arms sliding around Chet's shoulder's and his fingers clasping behind his neck. "Lets not talk about her", Kenny suggested. Chet nodded. Kenny led them both over to the far corner of the room and they sat down on the floor together.

"Why'd we ever let that stupid bitch come between us, man?", Chet said, shaking his head. He could feel his eyes start to tear up. "We've been friends since almost before we could walk."

Both of them were unaware that they had begun holding hands. Ken looked over at his lifelong friend. "I miss you, Chet."

Chet looked back at Kenny, wiping away a tear with the palm of his hand. "God, I miss you too, man. I miss you so much." Chet sniffed back more tears and just stared at Kenny. "Just look at you. You are so beautiful." Chet reached out with his free hand and lightly touched Kenny's severe haircut. "Even though your hair always looks like you're about to enlist." He managed a feeble grin.

Kenny touched Chet's spiky hair. "Yours always looks like a scrub brush." He paused, then added, "You're really cute, man."

Beyond the door, Andy was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. "It's been quiet for too long! Shit, Kenny's probably already killed him and he's stuffing the body parts into his gym bag right now! You should go in there!"

"Me? Why do I get elected? You mixed the drinks!"

"It was your idea! For all you know we just poisoned them! Or it's like a Jekyll & Hyde thing and we made them into homicidal maniacs! Why the hell did I agree to this, anyway? We're gonna wind up in prison now, I just know it! Jesus!"

Dustin grabbed Andy by the shoulders and shook him. "Chill! They're not killing each other! The drug has probably kicked in and they're just feeling mellow is all, and they're sitting there talking out all their problems while they groove to the colors. That's it. that's all."

Andy breathed hard, but was regaining control. "You think?"

"I'm sure." At that moment, there was a thudding noise from inside the room, sounding for all the world like two bodies striking the floor. Dustin's eyes popped. The thudding repeated, twice, three times. It was followed by groans.

"Oh, fuck!" Andy tossed Dustin the keys and clamped his hands over his eyes, afraid to look.

Dustin fumbled with the latch for a few moments, then thrust open the door, prepared to face the worst. An allergic reaction to the drug, a brutal wrestling match in full swing, anything. Or at least he thought he was ready. Dustin stood gaping-mouthed at the scene inside the room, and managed only a tiny whimpered word in response. "...mother..."

Dustin leapt back out of the room, slammed the door shut and pressed his back against it. Andy looked at him, confused. "What is it? What's going on in there? They're not really trying to kill each other, are they?"

Dustin's eyes looked a bit glazed and his breathing was ragged. "Not exactly", he said. He waggled his fingers, indicating that Andy should approach him. Andy walked up carefully, not knowing what was coming. Andy just stared at Dustin with an expectant expression. Dustin held out his hand. "Bottle." Andy placed the bottle of the bizarre love drug in Dustin's hand. Dustin held it up to the light, so he could better see through the foggy white plastic how much of the liquid was left. The bottle was almost empty.

Dustin looked levelly at Andy. "How much of this stuff did you give 'em?"

Andy pointed at the bottle. "They each got half of what's missing from in there."

Dustin clasped the bottle tightly, his eyes searching the ceiling as if he was calculating the intensity of such a dosage. Then he asked Andy, "What did you dilute it with?"

Andy just stood there. "Dilute it? We were supposed to dilute it?"

Dustin dropped his head backwards to thump against the door. "Oh, shit."

Andy was suddenly very worried. "Why? What happens if we don't dilute it? What happens if we give them too much?" Andy clasped a hand over his mouth. Softly, he spoke from beneath his hand, "Oh, holy fucking God. I--I--we didn't poison them, did we?"

Dustin, without stepping away from the door he leaned against, reached over and turned the knob very slowly. Then he took half a pace forward, pulling it open a crack. He jabbed a finger toward the jam, indicating that Andy should look.

Andy peered through the slim opening between door and jam and saw Kenny and Chet rolling around on the floor in a tight, unrelenting clench. At first Andy thought they were wrestling. He expected to hear grunts and groans of pain and anger, to see knees thudding into ribs and fists smashing into faces. He didn't. Instead he saw, as the duo rolled over toward his direction, the two previously feuding boys pressed together in a passionate embrace, lips locked with tongues probing each other's mouths, and arms tracing and hugging their shoulders and backs. Affectionate sounds of smothering kisses and moans of pleasure were the only noises emitted by either boy.

Slowly, Andy stepped back from the door and quietly closed it tight. He looked to Dustin, who was biting his lower lip. Andy started to say something, then stopped. Silently, he opened the door a crack and looked in again. More groans and sounds of amorous ecstasy could be heard drifting in from the next room. Andy shut the door again, more quickly this time. He looked back at Dustin. Bobbing an index finger at the door, Andy said, "This is bad, right?"

Vigorously, Dustin nodded his head.

Kenny was on top of Chet, peeling off Chet's cartoonish bowling shirt. Chet's breath came in ragged gasps as the half-naked weightlifter kissed his face and neck, and began moving down to his chest. "Wait--wait--Kenny, what-what are we doing--?"

Kenny tossed the bowling shirt aside with one hand even as his other hand began to undo Chet's belt. "I dunno, but I can't help it. Jesus, you are so cute, man. You're fucking adorable." Chet sat up as far as he could, clutching on to Kenny's torso, his slender fingers grasping his longtime friend's back. Chet began to suckle Kenny's neck and ears, even as Kenny pulled down Chet's pants.

Kenny stood up, carrying Chet with him as if the boy were weightless. Kenny yanked of Chet's pants and threw them across the room. Immediately, Chet wrapped his legs around Kenny's waist, his arms holding tight to Kenny's shoulders and neck. Chet smothered his buddy with kisses, his fingers running through his short hair, stroking his face. Kenny let Chet do what he wanted as he reached down and peeled off his gym shorts and jockstrap, casting them aside with a quick flick of his wrist.

The awkward movement of removing his pants while Chet clung to him made Kenny stumble backwards, and the two boys slammed against the wall. Chet moved his hands away from Kenny's back just in time before Kenny's shoulder blades struck the wall. Chet hung on to Kenny's shoulders, moving his body up and down on Ken's chest and torso, his hands grasping and massaging broad shoulders even as Chet's large erection rubbed up and down Kenny's abs, leaving a slick trail of precum in its wake.

Kenny jolted forward at the contact, sending them both down upon the small conference table. Chet landed on his back, still clutching tight to Kenny, still rubbing himself up and down against his rock-hard friend. Kenny tried to pull back to catch his breath and gain his bearings, but Chet's wiry arm grabbed the back of Kenny's neck. "Don't pull away. Don't stop."

Kenny's eyes were wide and confused, he knew this was somehow unreal, and that he needed to put some distance between him and his enemy/friend. But Chet's touch made him suddenly painfully aware of his own powerful erection, which throbbed with an ache for release that he had never felt with any girl he'd ever been with. Chet kept moving up and down against Kenny's muscular torso, and as he rose up toward Kenny's pecs, he pulled Kenny toward him, and Ken felt his erection rub against Chet's ass.

Kenny's heart jumped as he felt his balls buzz as the head of his penis brushed against Chet's hole. Kenny's chest flushed with a surge of erotic energy and he very nearly came right then and there. Aroused to a peak he'd never felt before, and frightened by the intensity of the sensation, Kenny tried once again to pull back. But Chet, displaying a strength that belied his slender build, yanked Kenny back down on top of him and kissed him deeply.

Chet's tongue forced its way into Kenny's mouth, who whimpered softly upon the contact. Chet's hand held on to the back of Kenny's head, keeping him locked in the embrace until Kenny surrendered to it. It didn't take long. Kenny opened his mouth wider and allowed Chet's tongue to massage his own, his massive arms slamming down upon the table, his meaty fists clutching handfuls of Chet's spiky hair.

The two boys rolled off the table and back down onto the floor. Chet began to laugh as Kenny once again covered his entire upper body in passionate kisses. Chet's slender arms ran up and down Kenny's powerful biceps and his fingers drew jagged lovelines down his spine and reached down to grab his ass. As Kenny held tight to Chet, Chet began to gasp out cries of encouragement and joy. "Oh, man, yes! Don't stop, Kenny! Please, buddy, don't stop!"

Kenny pulled back just enough to make eye contact with Chet. "Y'know, you're in pretty damn good shape for such a skinny guy. Just need a little more mass--"

Chet looked into Kenny's eyes and for a moment time stopped. They felt a connection there. This was more than just a sudden burst of homosexual sex. Something was happening to them. There were sharing something extraordinary. Each boy felt the other's ragged breath upon his face, felt the other's heartbeat as their chests pressed together, felt their hot erections pulsating against each other.

Quietly, Chet whispered, "Ken, I am so sorry I was ever mad at you. You're my best friend--"

Kenny rested a gentle finger atop Chet's lips to stop him. "You're mine too", was all he said before kissing him again.

Chet reached up and placed his hands atop Kenny's head and began to push him down the length of his body. Kenny allowed himself to be directed, kissing and licking Chet's smooth body as he went. Soon Kenny's face was above Chet's member, and he began to kiss it as well. "Here's your mass right here", Kenny said as his tongue began to work its way up, down, and around the firm shaft. Chet gasped at the contact. his fingers digging into Kenny's shoulders to hold him in place as much as to brace for the onrush of sensual sensations.

Something deep inside Kenny was disgusted and aghast that he was doing what he was doing. But the energy, the heat, the passion was too far along now to be resisted. Kenny's mouth made its way over Chet's penis and he began to suck with an enthusiasm that surpassed anything he'd shown thus far. His mouth ran lovingly up and down Chet's erection, pausing at the head to suck and draw intensely, Kenny's tongue pausing briefly over the slit before his mouth started back down. Chet gasped and moaned, his chest rising an falling as if he were drowning, awash in an endless sea of ecstasy, unable to catch his breath, helpless to keep himself afloat, brought down beneath the surface time and again, each time just a bit deeper then before, only to bob back up again when he was certain he had been lost to the sweeping tide of sexual sensations.

Kenny continued to draw upon Chet, who now surrendered himself to the rise and crash of their erotic heat, adrift uncontrollably upon the tidewaters of euphoria. In another moment, Chet felt his entire body tremble. His groin burned and his stomach clenched. Chet swallowed hard, then tried to peel Kenny off of him. "Kenny--! Dude, I'm gonna cum. You gotta get off'a me, you gotta--!"

Kenny's unyielding hands slammed down against Chet's, pinning them to the floor and holding him in place. He then drew upon Chet's penis with a greedy intake of breath that was far beyond Chet's ability to resist. At that moment, Chet let go. He had no choice, and if offered one, he knew he wouldn't take it.

Stream after stream of hot semen gushed into Kenny's mouth, and he gratefully took it all. Kenny's sucking slowed as he swallowed every surge flowing from Chet, unable to stop, unable to resist. As Chet's body became awash with ripples of a soothing paralysis, his pelvis continued to thrust and he kept pouring his juices into an eager Kenny. Chet gazed at the ceiling, his mind a million miles away, then he closed his eyes and relished the sensation as his outpouring ran dry.

With a final gasp, Chet felt the last of him surge out, and he drew in huge gulps of air. Kenny paused only a moment before he leapt upon Chet, kissing him again. Chet felt a renewal of energy at the contact, and wrapped his arms around Kenny's massive frame. Kenny leaned backwards, drawing Chet lovingly down upon him, where the two continued to kiss for another several minutes.

Kenny then braced his strong hands against Chet's taut shoulders and began to push. Chet slid down Kenny's body, exchanging lips for pecs as he continued to kiss his friend. Chet felt himself being pushed farther down Kenny's body until he was kissing his firm six-pack. Kenny ran his hand through Chet's hair, now moist with perspiration, and let his fingers glide down to brace his chin. Kenny gently titled Chet's head upwards to meet his eye. Chet looked up at him.

"Now do me."

Chet smiled broadly, and placed his slender fingers upon Kenny's firm torso and pressed him down flat upon the floor. His hands then caressing his abs and groin, Chet parted his lips and went down on his friend.

From the doorway, Dustin stood wide-eyed, having watched the entire spectacle. His heart in his throat, his slowly closed the door and locked it. He turned with the eyes of a zombie, back to Andy, who stood nervously about ten feet away.

"Well? What's happening?", Andy asked.

Dustin slid down the door to sit upon the floor. He pulled his knees up and lowered his head. Andy rushed to the door and began to jiggle the knob, slightly angry to find it locked again. Dustin grabbed Andy's wrist. "Trust me, you don't want to go in there." Andy looked questioningly at Dustin, who pointed to the floor as a way of telling Andy to take a seat. He did so.

Dustin looked to his friend with a tired expression. "Get comfortable. We're gonna be here a while."

"Um, Dad? Can I talk to you?"

Dustin's father looked up from his evening paper with some annoyance. He had precious few moments to himself these days since the conference, and he didn't particularly appreciate having one of them interrupted. Especially by his son, whose tone of voice was of the kind that indicated he had just totalled a car.

He lowered his paper only slightly, with the intention of signifying he didn't plan on being away from it long. "Yes, Dustin, what is it?"

"It's about that love drug thing you made. How--how does it work, exactly?"

This was certainly not what the man had expected. He did set the paper down after all. "Why do you ask, son?" He made sure to call him 'son'. If he was going to find himself suddenly proud of his rock band vocalist kid, he wanted to kick it off right. "Why the sudden interest in pharmacology?"

Dustin squirmed uncomfortably. "Well, uh, it's like--" He shoved his hands deep into his pockets and examined the wall. "We have to do this Science report and I figured, like medicine is all part of science, and no one else would be able to talk to an actual doctor or anything who made something scientific, so I'd---well, sort of---ask you."

And he was taking an interest in his grades on top of everything else. Tossing the paper onto the coffee table, Dustin's father patted the cushion beside him, inviting Dustin to take a seat on the couch.

"Well, son, it's like this. It's not actually a love drug. That's a misnomer. In fact, it can't work on two people who don't actually have feelings for each other."

Dustin perked right up. "Wait. So, if they aren't already--you know, romantically involved, it won't work?"

His father frowned. "Not quite. You see, the medication is intended as a last resort in marriage counseling, really. And it's still not officially on the market. May not be for some time. It's only been applied in a few very controlled instances."

"But it makes people fall in love, right?"

"No. It enhances those emotions already present. In cases where two people who have been together for a very long time suddenly find themselves facing irreconcilable differences or recurring, groundless arguments, a controlled dose of the medicine is ingested. Only with the permission of both parties, of course. There's a great deal of legal paperwork that needs to be handled beforehand; witnessing, consent forms, including--"

Dustin cut him off. "So they take this drug and then fall back in love. But they have to be in love to begin with, right? It doesn't just magically make two total strangers go ga-ga ape shit over each other."

Dustin received a light smack on the back of his head. "Watch your mouth."


"But essentially, that's true. The two subjects need to have a long history of emotional connections, of bonding, of--well, imprinting, if you will--in order for the medication to prove effective."

"What if they'd been friends since they were 4 years old? What then?"

"Well, the basis would certainly be there, if that were the case."

Dustin started grasping at straws. "But the stuff does wear off eventually, right? I mean, it's not like some sci-fi miracle formula that lasts forever."

"Of course not. There is no such thing. However, the process of bonding can be made permanent."

Dustin's eyes widened. "How does that work?"

"There needs to be an exchange of fluids."

Dustin gulped. "Huh?"

"By exchanging fluids while the medication is active in the bloodstream, there begins a powerful bonding process. In intermingling the two separate systems equally exposed to the chemical--"

Dustin gulped again, louder. "A-an exchange of fl-fluids?"

His father gently rested a hand on his son's shoulder. "That's right, Dustin. You see, when two people love each other very much and have been together a very long time, a rekindling of emotions will most often lead to intimate relations."

Dustin stared into space. "They--they have sex."

His father lovingly gripped Dustin's shoulder. "That's right. Actually, the medication need only be in their systems for a very short time before such an exchange can prove effective. And tests show that the younger the subject, the more potent the effect--"

"So wait", Dustin jumped in. "If they don't have, you know, traditional sex, then the stuff will still wear off, right? Eventually? Regardless the dosage?"

"Well, the dosage itself can be miniscule, all told. And no, it needn't be as you put it, 'traditional sex'. Any exchange of fluids will do. It can be via oral sex, it can be--" Dustin's father noticed his boy looked like he was going into mild shock. It would seem his worldly son wasn't as worldly as he first thought. If he didn't even know about oral sex...

His father tried to alter the path of the discussion. "But what's been most fascinating, Dustin, is the ethical questions that have arisen as a result of this new medication. For instance, if a couple does in fact have irreconcilable differences, should this drug even be administered? Is it a natural progression of some couplings that the relationships just end? And given that premise, should we tamper with that natural order? In fact--"

Dustin slumped forward, his eyes looking very far away. "They can be permanently bonded through oral sex..."

His father patted him on the back. "Maybe we should continue this talk another time. Sounds like you've got plenty to absorb as it is. Is this paper due anytime soon?

Dustin shook his head slowly. His father gave Dustin another pat on the shoulder and walked away, smiling. He imagined his son thinking long and hard about the wonders and mysteries of life about which he apparently knew so little.

In fact, Dustin was seeing the image of Ken and Chet in his mind. Chet down on his knees, his mouth sliding up and down Ken's shaft. Then Ken throwing Chet to the ground, his strong hands caressing Chet's sides as his own mouth suckled his friend's penis. Over and over and over and over...

Andy met Dustin in the Fitness Club parking lot. It was more than an hour after closing on a Sunday afternoon. So even though the gym was closed, outside it was still bright with daylight.

"You got the invite too, huh?", Andy asked Dustin as he approached the door.

"Uh-huh. They said they wanted to talk to us about something important. Something about the two of them. And we had to see them alone." Andy waved his employee key and let them into the club, locking the door behind them. He tucked the key into his ever-present backpack and the two made their way into the bowels of the fitness center.

"You nervous?", Dustin asked.

"Ohhh yeah", Andy said. Then, "You think they figured it out? That we drugged them and--and did that to 'em? You think they know?"

"God, I hope not."

The duo found Ken and Chet in the weight room. The room was farthest into the club, on the lowest level and had no windows. That was good, because Kenny and Chet were seated on the floor, facing one another, their legs draped over one another's laps, bare naked, kissing. Workout clothes littered the floor around them, and the two boys caressed each other's smooth bodies as they played a vigorous game of tonsil hockey.

Dustin and Andy stood staring in shock as Kenny and Chet went at it, clearly oblivious to their presence. After nearly a minute, Dustin cleared his throat. No response. He did it again, loudly. The two guys broke their embrace and looked up. "Oh, hey! You're here!", Chet said cheerily, showing no embarrassment whatever at being caught bare-assed, wrapped around his pal on the floor of the weight room.

The two naked boys stood up, looking as relaxed and happy as can be. "We were planning on waiting until you guys had come and gone before getting down to business", explained Ken. "But once we had locked up, I couldn't keep my hands off my little spiky-haired muffin." Ken drew Chet close and nibbled on his ear. Chet blushed but did nothing to break away.

Andy looked at Dustin and mouthed one word. "Muffin??"

Even though both Andy and Dustin were straight, it was hard to keep their eyes off of Kenny's extraordinarily beautiful body. It was clear that he worked out every day, and knew what he was doing. His muscled were incredibly defined, his proportions exquisite, and there was not a single body hair anywhere on his body below the neck. Anywhere. It also looked as if Ken had been making good use of the club's tanning facilities.

And even though Chet was much slimmer than Ken, it looked as if he were spending much more time at the gym as well these days. His trim body was becoming increasingly toned and his already flat stomach was well on it way to forming a perfect six-pack.

The two young men put their arms lovingly around each other's shoulders. Chet spoke first. "Listen, we just had to get you guys over here, since we know you're the one responsible for all this. For all that's happened to us."

"You do?" Dustin's voice went up an octave.

Ken rolled his eyes. "How could we not? It was you guys that put us in that room together. It was you two that made us face each other that way." And right here he looked into Chet's eyes. "And made us see each other for who we really are."

Chet traced Kenny's face with his fingertips. "We just wanted to thank you for setting us straight."

Andy exploded. "Setting you straight?! We turned you guys into fags!!" Dustin hauled off and smacked him.

Ken and Chet looked at each other in shocked surprise, as if the idea had never occurred to them. Ken placed a palm upon Chet's chest. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess we are fags at that. I never thought of it like that. I just thought of us as the very, very best of friends. Boyfriends, maybe. But I guess we're fags. Chet?"

Chet grinned. "I'm okay with it if you are."

They both looked back at their friends. "So we just had to see you guys privately and thank-you face to face", Ken said. "And show you that you were right all along to try and get us back together. And end that stupid fucking feud."

Chet massaged Ken's neck. "Don't talk about that, babe. That's all behind us now."

Dustin looked at Andy, mouthing the word "Babe??".

Chet continued. "You guys really are the best friends we could ever ask for. Thanks a lot. Really, we mean it. But now--well, you know." Chet nodded toward the entryway, but the two friends just stared, clueless.

Ken started to rub Chet's shoulders, a powerful erection forming as he pressed his chest against his nude boyfriend's. "If you'd excuse us?" On contact, Chet also sprang a large erection, and the two began to kiss again, hands rubbing and massaging neck, shoulders, back, and ass.

Dustin and Andy stepped backwards out of the weight room, leaving the two gay lovebirds to have at it. Andy stuck his head back in to see the powerfully-built Ken going down on the wiry Chet. As Andy's eyes bulged and his mouth began to form the expletive "Holy shit!", Dustin's arms reached back and pulled him away.

The befuddled duo made their way across the basketball court and into the Nautilus room to leave. They remained silent until they made it to the lounge chairs set up nearby the juice bar. "How long have we been friends, Andy?", Dustin asked.

"Long time." Andy made his way around the bar counter, deciding that he needed a drink, regretting briefly that there was nothing stronger than health beverages on hand.

"Almost as long as Ken and Chet have been buds, right?"

Andy nodded, looking over the selection of juices and protein drinks. "Since kindergarten, I guess."

Dustin sat at the counter and leaned forward on his elbows. "Long enough to keep a secret for all time, I'd say. Whattaya say we never tell another soul about what we know about Ken and Chet? Deal?"

All the glasses had been cleaned and put away. Andy pulled an empty juice bottle out of his backpack and filled it with a pineapple/kiwi concoction from the fountain. "Never reveal that we turned our two best friends into queers? Not a problem." He shut off the fountain and paused before taking a swig of his juice. "Christ, I still don't know if I can live with this, Dustin. I mean, they sure seem happy and all, but--hell. They're gay."

Dustin spoke in a conspiratorial whisper. "And no one needs to know how they got that way, comprende?"

Andy lifted his juice bottle in a mock toast. "I take it to the grave." He guzzled back a hefty gulp and handed the bottle to Dustin. "Drink on it."

Dustin nodded his thanks and knocked back the rest of the small bottle. As he pulled the bottle away from his lips, swallowing the sweet liquid, he noticed a bitter aftertaste. Peering down into the bottom of the bottle, he could see the last remnants of a strange, silvery, viscous fluid. His heart skipped a beat.

"Andy?", he asked quietly. "Which juice bottle was it exactly that I used to administer the love drug to Chet?"

Andy was fishing around in his backpack. "I dunno, it was a bottle like that one. Hang on, I've got another one in here someplace, we can both have a drin--" Andy looked up at Dustin and froze.

Dustin looked at Andy and felt the bottle slip from his fingers to roll across the counter and drop to the carpeted floor.

Andy saw Dustin as if for the first time. That bright, boyish face, those dazzling green eyes. His tight curls of sandy brown hair, the adorable dimples that appeared when he smiled. That easy, natural, welcoming smile. He was wearing red baggies that day. God, he looked so good in red. So cute.

Dustin felt his mouth curl into a broad grin. Andy's hazel eyes flashed back at him. His eyes that would squint almost closed when he smiled, just as he was doing now. His thick, wavy black hair pushed back on his head shone here and there in the light, and Dustin wanted nothing more than to run his hands through it. He looked so sweet, so fine in his little tan khakis and brown heavy shoes.

"You are my best friend in the whole wide world, Andy", Dustin said dreamily. "I love you, man."

Andy sighed back at him. "Oh, dude, don't even. It's me that loves you."

In an instant, the two boys had reached over the counter and were kissing each other. It felt so good, so right, so true. They were friends, after all. Buddies, compadres, pals. And right now these pals were on top of the counter making out with all the unbridled passion that only eighteen-year-olds can unleash.

Somewhere in the distant recesses of Dustin's mind a teeny-tiny voice cried out that they needed to separate from each other. That this was the drug talking, that it's influence had twisted their genuine friendship into something perverse and if they didn't put a stop to it right now, they were going to wind up just like Chet and Kenny.

"Oh, shut the fuck up", Dustin said in between hungry kisses with Andy.

"What--?", Andy started to say, but he was cut off by the continued passionate mashing.

"Nothing", Dustin gasped, "don't talk. Just kiss me. Just a little bit longer."

"I will", Andy said back. With that the two boys rolled off the counter and slammed against the floor, neither one particularly caring. They were in full heat, both with surging, pulsating erections that had to be serviced, had to be satisfied. Dustin pulled off Andy's shirt and tossed it over the juice counter. Andy then flipped Dustin over onto his back and tore his shirt open, revealing a not unimpressive chest beneath.

The tiny voice inside Dustin's head was screaming now, but could barely be heard for all the raging hormones being released. Dimly, Dustin was aware that the next few seconds could well alter his life irrevocably for all time. The part that was still sane, the part that was rapidly receding in the heat of the moment, glinted one last time with a flash of warning.

Get. Out. NOW.

At precisely that moment, Andy tore open his pants to reveal a massive nine-inch erection. It would seem the smallest of the group was in many ways, the biggest. Dustin's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"Fuck me--!"

"Yes, please", Andy smiled, and leapt upon his lifelong friend.

And thus, Dustin and Andy would be the very best of friends for a very, very long time to come.

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