If the Suit Fits (mm mc fet tf)

Copyright © 2007

Part 1

The guy sure as hell did not look old enough. He was hot enough, with an incredibly defined body and trim, tightly-packed muscles that spoke more of hours of reps than they did of heavy lifting. He wore loose-fitting rubber cargo pants of midnight blue. They shone as if they had never been worn before tonight. On his feet were heavy-soled shoes of jet black that gleamed in the dim light of the bar. He wore no shirt. He was only 5'10", but he moved like a man looking down upon everyone else in the room. Confidently, he strode up to the leatherman seated at the opposite end of the bar. Even sitting down, the leatherman was taller than the shirtless guy. Seated beside the leatherman was a muscle boy wearing biking leathers. A quick jerk of the head by the shirtless guy was enough encouragement for the biker to relocate elsewhere. The shirtless guy snapped his fingers in front of the leatherman to get his attention. His brashness inspired a few other men nearby to move away quickly. The leatherman turned to stare at the small shirtless guy through a squint of annoyance that indicated violence may not be far off. After a moment of tense silence, the shirtless guy spoke.

"And you are?"

The leatherman stood up. If he seemed imposing on the stool, he was truly frightening on his feet. He was of massive build and wore leather chaps over well-worn jeans, the pants tucked tightly into 20-hole Doc Martens. His arms were covered in tattoos, some of them fresher than others, some obscured by the leather manacles on his wrists and left forearm. An open leather vest was draped over his chest, a Brando cap rested atop his head. That head was shaved, the only area of his body that was, and framing his squared jaw was a very full goatee. The shirtless guy seemed not to mind that this leather giant towered over him by more than half a dozen inches, and met his gaze as if their eyes met at the same level.

"They call me Ogre", came the growling voice.

The shirtless guy laughed. "Who the fuck names their kid Ogre? You must have been one ugly baby." He looked the leatherman up and down. "Unlike now."

"I never said it was my name", Ogre rumbled. "I said it was what folks called me." He clamped a meaty hand upon the smooth shoulder of the smaller man before him, holding him in place, and asked gruffly, "Who the hell are you?"

"Folks call me Jonny."

Ogre roared with laughter. "Aw, now there's a name to inspire respect!"

"No 'h', if that makes any difference", Jonny said, unperturbed.

"You even old enough to be in here, Jonny?", Ogre asked, emphasizing Jonny's name as if he were addressing an adolescent. Ogre tousled the blond mop of hair atop Jonny's head, which added to his youthful appearance.

"I'm 28", Jonny answered confidently.

"20, maybe", Ogre countered. "21'd be pushin' it." Ogre looked at Jonny's smooth face, his hairless chest and arms. "You even started shaving yet?"

Jonny grasped Ogre's wrist and removed it from his head. Ogre was surprised by the strength of the smaller man's grip. "I shave", Jonny smirked. "My balls are clean as a whistle. Wanna see 'em?"

Ogre looked down at the man he perceived as a boy, and was impressed by his arrogance. "What the hell do you want anyway, kid?"

"Your ass", Jonny said flatly. "To fuck until morning. Maybe longer."

Ogre turned back toward his drink. Had the words been said by anyone else, he would have knocked the jerk to the floor and stepped on his neck. But this kid...there was something almost amusing about him that made Ogre simply snort back, "Go away kid, ya bother me." Then he added, speaking into his beer, "If you tried to stick your dick in me, I'd snap it off."

Jonny leaned in to Ogre's ear and whispered, "I'd like to see you try." There was a soft jangle of keys as Jonny held his key ring in front of Ogre. "My place. Join me?" Ogre just snorted again. He couldn't be serious. Jonny turned to leave the bar. He did not stop to look back until he was at the door. Once there, he faced Ogre and held out the keys again. Jonny spoke two more words, barely heard over the general din. "Last chance."

Ogre felt an overwhelming urge to teach the little smartass a lesson. He tossed a wad of bills upon the bar and strode with heavy steps toward the diminutive man standing at the door. All around the bar, regulars shook their heads and exchanged knowing looks, feeling certain that the brash young shirtless guy was doomed. Standing before Jonny, Ogre placed one finger upon the brim of his hat and said, "Let's go."

The duo burst into Jonny's home on the outskirts of town with the smaller man all over the well-named Ogre. The house was larger than Ogre would have attributed to the boyish man, as was his 4x4 which drove them there. Ogre was kept busy holding off the smaller man, whose tongue was already probing the leather bear's mouth, his slim but strong hands gripping the sides of his bald head. Ogre pulled Jonny off of him, anxious to rip off those rubber cargo pants. "I'm gonna split you like a fireplace log", Ogre panted.

"Let's get one thing straight", Jonny retorted. "I'll be fucking you. Or better yet, if you're real good, I'll let you suck my cock."

This exchange was cooling off Ogre's heat real fast. "Playtime cruising is over, son. I think we both know I'm the top."

"This gonna be an issue for you?", Jonny said, irritation rising in his voice.

"Not gonna let it", Ogre began, and his hands grasped the front of Jonny's pants, preparing to yank them down and off. Jonny's hands grabbed Ogre's wrists and twisted, pinching nerves just beneath the skin and undoing the large man's hold easily.

As fire rose in the big man's eyes and he fought the urge to swat the smooth young would-be dom, Jonny held up a hand. "I've got a way around this. Wait here."

Jonny disappeared around a corner and left a fuming Ogre standing in the sitting room. The room was sparsely furnished, enough so that a single door at the end of a nearby hallway caught Ogre's attention. It was painted a cool blue-gray, and sported a number of impressive-looking locks, deadbolts, and chains. Ogre began to venture down the hallway to investigate when Jonny reappeared, a bundle of glossy black rubber in his arms.

"What's with the door there?", Ogre asked.

"I'll show you later", Jonny said brusquely. "Meantime, look at this." Jonny snapped out the rubber bundle he held, which unrolled into a small rubber bodysuit. It was a full suit, high collar, attached feet, small front penis sheath. It bore a single word in raised white rubber letters across the chest: SLAVE. It shone as if it had just been polished.

Ogre smiled. "Yeah, you'd look cute in that."

Jonny tossed the suit to Ogre. "Not me, you."

Ogre scoffed. "You gotta be fuckin' kidding me! This thing'd be a damn tight fit on your scrawny bod, much less someone big as me. I'd shred it."

"I'm willing to bet you won't", Jonny smiled back. "Here's the deal. You try that suit on. If it fits you, if you can get all the way in, you suck me off. If not, my ass is all yours."

Ogre held the suit up to himself. It was like a doll's outfit. "This thing can't be more than a medium. Small, more like it. I'll never fit. How the hell would I even get in it--?", he asked, looked for a zipper, finding none.

"It's a neck-entry", Jonny said. "Go on, try it. It'll stretch. "

"You're full of shit."

"Sounds like you're a chicken-shit", Jonny taunted.

"Fine!", Ogre sneered, ripping off his clothes. "But you won't be laughing when this thing is in pieces."

"Then I guess I'll be bent over while the suit is in shreds around your ankles. Call me when you're ready." And Jonny walked away, toward the kitchen.

"Hope you got plenty of lube, boy!", Ogre called after him. "'Cause my eleven inches will rip hell outta more than this kiddie suit!" Anxious to prove the arrogant little blond wrong, Ogre stretched the small neck of the suit open far enough to pull it over his foot. He grinned, wondering how much tighter Jonny's ass would be around his massive cock. Then something touched the top of Ogre's foot, sending ripples of pleasure across his flesh. "Damn! What the hell you got in this thing?"

"My own special homemade lube", Jonny called. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Fuck yeah it does", Ogre muttered to himself, and forced his tree trunk of a leg further into the suit, stretching it almost to capacity. Ogre's skin tingled under the slick lube, exciting his skin and emitting tiny sparks up his leg and into his crotch. Ogre got rock hard instantly. The big man gripped the rubber against his leg, holding tight, relishing the sensation. Now Ogre didn't give a damn if he did rip apart the suit. He had to know what that lube would feel like pressed against both his legs by this taut rubber sheath. Pulling on the neck hole as hard as he could, Ogre forced in his second foot. The lube touched the sole of his foot and he inhaled sharply. Tingles of ecstasy ran up his leg, into his crotch. Stumbling by a few steps, Ogre began to tumble forward. Having nothing else to grab, he yanked hard on the tiny rubber suit and brought it all the way up his other leg. It felt amazing. Now both his legs were alive with a whirlwind of sensual energy, and the heavily-coated suit was puddling this incredible lube into his ass crack.

"You give up?", Jonny called from the other room. "Is it shredded yet?"

Ogre shouted back, " Just gimme a minute! I'm makin' progress here!"

True enough, the suit was so tight around Ogre's legs that, despite the astounding sensual feeling, he feared it might cut off his circulation. But Ogre HAD to see what it felt like to have this thing up over his dick. He was so aroused now he was afraid he might blow at any second, hosing down the sitting room, so stuffing himself into the suit now seemed a prudent course of action. Ogre pushed on, and after nearly another minute, he was amazed to find he had pulled the suit up past his waist. His cock pulsed with sexual energy and his balls buzzed almost painfully. With great effort and much fingering, Ogre managed to get his enormous tool into the small front sheath which stretched to capacity, straining to contain him.

The feeling of the snug rubber with its intoxicating lube clinging so tight to his cock was too much for Ogre to endure and he shot an enormous load into the suit. Ogre gasped and choked for air as his body lurched and convulsed with his orgasm. Now he lost all hesitation. He wanted that suit on his entire body NOW! With a tremendous effort, Ogre shoved both his arms into the tightly- stretched neck hole which spanned the width of his chest, and thrust his arms down the sleeves, his hands jabbing their way into their individual gloves. With a great shrug, the suit popped up over his shoulders and the neck snapped snugly around Ogre's throat. The big man fell to the floor and rolled onto his back. "Ooooohhh-ho-ho, this feels ssoooooo good!", Ogre moaned. His hips bucked and he knew he was on the verge of another orgasm. He rubbed his rubbered fingers over his chest and relished the feel of the thick lube smeared upon his body. He had done it. He was actually in the suit. He sat up, shocked.

"Holy shit! I'm really IN the suit!!" And sure enough, he was. Ogre knew he had to get the damn thing off, as having it on meant that he would be the bottom. It was not a fate he was willing to suffer gladly. Ogre ran his hands over the suit, searching madly for the zipper, cursing himself when he realized that, of course, there wasn't one. (What had he just been doing, forcing himself in through the neck entry, anyway?) He should not have run his hands over the surface of the suit like that.

The feel of the gelatinous lube pressed so tightly against his skin sent more waves of orgasmic pleasure rippling throughout Ogre's body. Lying there on the floor, he began to quiver. He couldn't help it. His dick pointed straight upward within it's snug sheath, trembling like a missile about to launch. Ogre's gloved fingers dug at the floor, searching for purchase as he rose to climax again. His shoulders tensed and his head snapped back as he shot another intense load into the suit. Goddamn, it felt better than any time he'd cum in his life. What was IN this lube??

Ogre rolled onto his stomach, trying to right himself. Big mistake. The pressure of his member--still hard!--against the floor caused him to quake with another wave of sheer carnal pleasure. "Oh no...", Ogre mumbled to himself. He tried to push himself up off the floor again, but the feeling of his arms tensing, the muscles tightening as if he were doing a push-up, the cling of the rubber, the spread of the lube, this wonderful lube, rising upward on his arms, oozing over his shoulders, dribbling down his back...

Ogre faltered and hit the floor again hard, his cock slamming down fast. He'd only risen a few inches, but the impact with which he struck felt as if he'd been thrusting inside a tight virgin ass for the better part of an hour. He couldn't hold it. Again, Ogre shot, and shot a powerful load. He lay there, face-down on the floor, gasping for breath, unable to stop his pelvis thrusting with lingering spasms of orgasm, unable to stop firing his juices. Every inch of him felt wonderful. One thought bombarded his brain over and over as the pleasure swept over him like a gale-force wind. surrender...surrender...surrender...

Ogre rolled over again onto his back. This was wrong. Nothing should feel this good, nothing should be so...so...oh, good GOD, but this felt good...Ogre began to caress his body again, to feel the rubber, the lube, all over him, so tight, so snug, so good...but something deep within him cried for release of a different kind. Get out. If he lingered, he was about to get fucked by that blond twinkie- looking kid. And he couldn't, he just couldn't. Ogre started to reach for a zipper, but stopped himself. No, he wouldn't make that mistake again. He reached for the neck, for the suit's collar. He fingered and gouged at the top of the collar, but could not peel it back from his throat. Had this bizarre, arousing lube glued it there? And why wasn't it choking him? Before Ogre could begin to figure out how to extricate himself from the outfit, Jonny appeared before him, smiling menacingly.

"See? It fits you perfectly."

Ogre stammered. It was all he could do to keep from cumming again. "W-what? Uh, no, it's really too tight, my badass build and all, it can't hold me." He flexed, hoping to tear it at the seams, but had no effect. "I'm not gonna wear this if it's gonna fuckin' strangle me."

Jonny laughed. "The only thing it seems to be strangling is your dick." Sure enough, Ogre's cock was still throbbing erect within its sheath. And oddly, despite the burning urge inside his cock to fire more semen, it looked much smaller...

Jonny walked over to the reclining Ogre and yanked him to his feet as if he were a rag doll. How had he gotten so much stronger? Ogre attempted to jerk himself away, his fear overriding his arousal, and found that Jonny was able to grasp him tightly around his upper arms. How the fuck--? How could this dinky blond even get his girlish hands around Ogre's bulging biceps?

Jonny pulled Ogre to a nearby mirror and showed the blustering man his reflected image. It nearly cost Ogre his erection. Standing before him, reflected in the glass, was a fit rubberboy of perhaps 5'6" or 5'7". His muscles were toned, their definition quite visible beneath the tight rubber suit, but he looked more like a slight ballet dancer instead of the massive weightlifter he was. His shaved head now bore an adorable tuft of sandy-brown hair, the color it had once been before he started shaving his head. Long before. What the hell happened to him??

Jonny produced a damp washcloth and wiped off Ogre's goatee as if it were made of nothing more than soap suds. Ogre's face was now incredibly smooth— perhaps more so than Jonny's. And that was not all that had changed. The word emblazoned upon the chest of the suit no longer said "slave". It said OGRE.

Jonny stood behind the now-cute Ogre and draped his arms almost lovingly around the transformed leather bear. "Now, I believe there was a wager involved here", Jonny said softly, but with the edge still apparent in his voice. "You ready to fulfill your end of the bargain...boy?"

Ogre swallowed hard. Though he did not want to, his reply came unbidden to his lips.

"...yes, sir..."


Part 2

He was a huge leather bear. Nearly 6'4", the large muscles of a weightlifter, a shaved head, thick goatee. Frightening tattoos crawled up and down his arms, across his back, and around his neck. He was known only as Ogre. It was a name that fit him well. Until he met Jonny, the shirtless, slender 28-year-old twinkish guy who brought him home and challenged him to a simple bet.

At least it seemed simple.

Jonny told Ogre that if he could fit his massive frame into a small rubber gimp suit (neck entry, yet), he'd have to bottom. Ogre never bottomed anybody. He never knelt down, bent over, or lifted up his legs for anyone. Ogre looked forward to ramming his thick meaty tool into Jonny's tiny hole as the rubber gimp suit lay shredded around his ankles. That was the plan, anyway.

But the suit stretched around Ogre's giant form, its unique interior lube aroused the leather bear in indescribable ways, brought him to climax several times, and soon the big man who never bottomed for anyone found himself inside a rubber suit he could not get out of. And that wasn't the worst of it.

Jonny stood behind the man who had been Ogre, forcing him to look at himself in the mirror. The suit, the lube, or something, had transformed the big man into a trim-muscled twink who looked twenty years his junior. Ogre was no longer threatening, or daunting, or much of anything beside cute. He stood at perhaps 5'6", his smooth face went well with the sandy hair tousled atop his head. The rubber gimp suit that had formerly said "SLAVE" across the chest now was labeled OGRE. It was the only thing left to indicate who the formerly imposing man once was.

"You like?", Jonny asked. "That lube had some very special properties in it. Took years to develop and it was very expensive, but it was well worth it. What else is a guy to do who loves to have his dick sucked, but only if it's from big, burly bears who've been cut down to size?"

Ogre leapt away from the mirror, as if distancing himself from his reflection would somehow snap things back to the way they were. It didn't. He fought to get out of the suit, trying to peel the rubber neck back from his throat with his fingertips, but the suit's high collar now seemed fastened tight to his neck, not stretching, not budging. He was stuck.

"You look so fucking cute", Jonny observed. "How old are you, again?"

Ogre gulped. "44." His voice was squeaky now, too.

Jonny shrugged, "Eh. 44, 24, what's the difference?"

The twink formerly known as Ogre had a million thoughts buzzing through his adorable head. What the hell had happened to me? How had this Jonny guy changed me? Is this real, or is it some kind of mind-fuck hypnosis? And if it is real, is it permanent? All these thoughts were pressing, urgent, vital. And all of them evaporated when Jonny placed two fingers on Ogre's head and spoke with authority. "Down."

Ogre fell to his knees instantly, having no will to resist. Jonny unzipped his rubber cargo pants, allowing his stiff member to poke out and uttered one more word, which echoed in the quiet room like thunder. "Suck."

Ogre, who now felt more like an elf, could not have fought the urge to comply if he tried. And he didn't. His lips were wrapped around Jonny's cock immediately. Never in his life had Ogre dreamed of sucking cock, but you wouldn't know that to see him service the slender blond who towered over him. Ogre sucked and slurped at Jonny's dick, finding both the situation, and Jonny's rod, to be perfect. Ogre's mind filled with strange thoughts even as his mouth filled with Jonny's cock. This guy is so hot, so commanding. And his dick is so incredible—it tastes so good, holy cow, it's like candy.

Jonny took Ogre by the head and face-fucked him hard. Ogre's nose became buried in Jonny's pubes and Ogre breathed deep of the young rubberman's scent. After a moment, Jonny released his grip on Ogre's head, but Ogre was not ready for release. He clutched Jonny's ass and held tight, sucking with all the power he had, his tongue lavishing attention on the cock shaft. Jonny had to grip Ogre's shoulders to steady himself as he neared climax.

Before Jonny could tell Ogre to pull back, to make it last, he came, shooting a healthy load down Ogre's throat, with more filling his mouth to overflowing. Ogre swallowed it greedily, enraptured by the taste, sucking all of it down until his head grew light from the effort.

Jonny finally pulled out from the tiny Ogre's sucking lips and attentive tongue. Jonny had always shot buckets, but this was an impressive release even for him. Ogre gulped and swallowed, trying to get it all down, and he was very nearly successful. Ogre licked his lips as strands of white jism splashed out around the edges of his mouth and dribbled down his chin. Hurriedly, not wanting to waste a drop, Ogre collected up the overflow with frantic fingers, wiping off his chin with the back of his hand. After a few moments, he finally got it all. Not a single drop had touched the floor.

"Good BOY, Ogre!", Jonny said, patting the former dom on the head. Ogre did not want to feel a rush of pride as Jonny petted him like a puppy, but he couldn't help it. He was disgusted that he had been reduced to this, that the man who once made heads turn with awe in every gay bar and club in the city was down on his knees before someone he'd formerly have knocked aside as he passed without thinking twice. Something deep inside him was yelling, "Now change me back, you little fucker!", but what came out of the elfin Ogre's mouth was, "Can I do it again?"

Jonny was still hard, so he saw no problem with that. "Go to it, little Ogre." As Ogre reached to grasp Jonny's firm, compact ass, he noticed that the many tattoos that once had covered the backs of his hands and decorated his knuckles with threatening phrases were now glaringly absent.

"My tats are gone", Ogre said, his small voice aching with disappointment.

"They didn't go with your new body, boy", Jonny told him flatly. "They'd make a twink like you look like a poser."

Ogre thought mournfully for a second of all the hours of pain he'd proudly endured to have his impressive body art applied, of all the trips back for extra detailing, color addition, and other enhancements. But only for a second. He answered, "Yes, sir", and was back to sucking trim Jonny's tool like a shop vac.

Ogre lost track of time as he nursed Jonny's cock. He became obsessed with mimicking every technique he could recall that had been worked on him by all the subs, tricks, and slaves he'd had service him in the past. It was like fellatio reverse-engineering, trying to recreate with his tongue what he'd so enjoyed on his prick. Ogre must have been doing something right, because Jonny stroked his hair in approval. That alone startled Ogre for a moment, as he'd been bald for years. Jonny's grip tightened on Ogre's scalp as he neared orgasm. Ogre began to pull away this time, but Jonny held him firmly as he shot another tremendous load of cum into the humiliated bottom's mouth.

Ogre gagged, surprised at how much juice Jonny was still able to produce. The small master held fast to the back of Ogre's head and quietly ordered him, "Swallow it all down, boy. Don't miss a drop." Ogre nodded slightly and choked down the impressive load, unable to stop himself, uncertain if he wanted to.

Jonny pulled his cock from the diminutive Ogre's mouth, the smaller man's eager lips still licking, still pursing forward for more. "You like that?", Jonny asked. Part of Ogre wanted to vomit, to cough up the buckets of semen he'd just guzzled, to gut-punch the little fucker who'd reduced him to this and then kick him while he was down. But all the former bear did was nod and answer meekly.

"Yes, sir."

"My turn." Jonny grabbed Ogre by his sides and flipped him around as easily as if he were shaking out a throw rug. Before Ogre could figure out what was happening, Jonny had bent him over the couch and was fingering open a tight slit in the back of the rubber gimp suit. Ogre's eyes widened and he realized he was about to get fucked. Jonny's first words of the evening seared across Ogre's mind with lightning intensity. "I want your ass...to fuck until morning."

"No--!" Ogre braced himself against the couch, tried to push back to a standing position, but Jonny placed a hand against his rubbered back and shoved him back down easily.

"Behave yourself, boy", Jonny commanded. Ogre had no choice. He wasn't going anywhere, and soon he felt Jonny's stiff member forcing its way inside his body. It wasn't that big....certainly nowhere near as huge as Ogre's formerly enormous tool...but it wasn't the size of the cock so much as the action it performed. The (once) giant, domineering Ogre was being fucked by a twink. He whimpered as Jonny's erect seven and a half inches made its way up his ass. This couldn't be happening to him. He was a master, not a boytoy.

No, I'm gonna pull away, I'm gonna kick his sorry twink ass. Jonny thrust. In and out. This isn't me. It's all a trick. It's like some kind of illusion. In and out, faster, harder. Jonny was beginning to moan with pleasure. Oh God, it feels so good. Never been fucked, why hadn't I ever been fucked before? This...it's incredible... Judas... Jonny clutched Ogre's sides and increased the energy of his fucking. Ogre reeled under the assault. I don't want this to feel so good but oh man it does...it does... Jonny started talking to his boy. "You like that, little Ogre? You like my twink dick up your ass? You like being my cute rent boy? Huh?" Waves of pleasure washed upward from Ogre's tight hole and made his entire gimp-suited body tremble. His head dropped down to rest upon the couch. Oh, yes sir, yes, I like it so much...I love it...don't stop...

Thoughts of fighting back, of figuring out what trick Jonny was pulling, of escape, had fled Ogre's mind. He was a gimp now, a cocksucker, a fuck toy. He couldn't possibly plot revenge against the mighty Jonny, he realized.

He owns me...

Ogre had no idea how much time had passed. Jonny kept on fucking Ogre through multiple orgasms, never tiring, never going soft. For the past hour or more, Jonny had needed to brace Ogre, to hold him upright as he continued to screw him senseless. Ogre's gimp suit was now filled with the sticky spill of his own juices, having been made to cum a great many times on his own without ever having to touch his own cock. Whatever had happened to him this evening, be it a trick or illusion, hypnosis or a drug, Ogre no longer wanted it to stop. Not ever. But we can't always gets what we wish for.

Jonny withdrew from his newly worked-over gimp plaything, shaking off some last lingering droplets of jizz onto Ogre's tightly- rubbered ass. It was all Ogre could do to keep from dropping to the floor in a heap. This was, without question, the single greatest fuck of his life. He turned his head around, trying to face the small man he had mocked at the bar, had disbelieved in his home, had been conquered by in this bizarre and magical gimp suit. Ogre tried to make the words "thank-you" come out of his lips, but he was too tired, too spent. Jonny didn't wait for him to gather his strength.

Jonny picked up the tiny Ogre as if he were a weak kitten, and brought Ogre's lips to his own. Jonny kissed him. Long and attentively, with a passion that told of appreciation for a job well done in a way no words ever could. Then Jonny let go and let Ogre fall to the floor.

Ogre's back lay against the couch, his legs outstretched before him on the floor. His rubber suit hugged his body tight, its labeled name upon his chest rising and falling with his gasping breaths. Ogre was wasted, he was an utter wreck. He wanted so badly to go again.

But Jonny was finished. Jonny had already walked casually over to the kitchen and gotten himself a beer. He twisted off the cap, tossing it carelessly into the sink with a small ping, and took a quick swig. After he'd swallowed, he jerked his head back towards the door. "You know the way out." And he turned to walk away.

Ogre felt his heart break. "N-no!" He'd found his voice, if not all of his former strength. Ogre lurched forward and clung to Jonny's leg. It was not a gesture of someone wanting to know how to get his old body back, or wanting to know if there was any way out of the gimp suit which he found himself trapped in. This was the desperate begging of a slave who had found his master and did not want to be discarded.

Jonny looked down at the man who had been Ogre, feared leather bear of the fetish bar scene, and smiled as if he'd seen this coming. "You want to stay, Ogre?", Jonny asked. "You want to stay here with me?"

Ogre nodded, his head pressed pathetically against Jonny's trim leg. Jonny reached down and hoisted Ogre to his feet. "Well, it just so happens that I do have a guest room for good little cocksuckers like you." Ogre was still trying to utter the words "Thank-you, thank-you master" as Jonny draped the slave's rubber arm across his shoulders and dragged him down the hall. They stood before the blue-gray door, with its many formidable locks, deadbolts, and chains, which Jonny unlocked, opened, and unfastened with a practiced hand. Jonny then pushed the door open with his boot and whispered into Ogre's ear, "I'll come back for you when I need you."

With that, Ogre found himself unceremoniously chucked into the darkened room, where he practically skidded over the smooth floor. There was the heavy sound of the door closing tight behind him and all the various locks and bolts being secured again. Not more than a second later, there was an irritating buzz of florescent bulbs and with a few blinks, twin banks of lights came on above. Ogre squinted against the harsh light and jumped a bit when he saw that he was not alone.

Inside Jonny's "guest room" was a cluster of half a dozen twinks. All of them apparently in their mid-twenties, all adorably cute, all with short and fluffy hair of varying colors, and all in trim rubber suits marked with their individual names. Ogre found his new roommates to be named, or rather labeled STONE, BOSS, TURK, ARES, GUNN, and THOR. No doubt at one time their suits had each said nothing more than "SLAVE". Also, no doubt all of these skittish- looking twinks had commanded a bearing that far better matched their names.

Startled by the sudden illumination, the six rubber gimp boys all tried to suddenly rush the door. But it was not to make an escape. Palms and fists pounding on the door's surface, the cute twinks begged and pleaded for release of an altogether different kind.

"Sir, let me suck your cock again!" "Master, pick me! I can do that thing with my tongue!" "Please, sir! I'll eat you out, too!" "I'm begging you, sir, just one more taste!" "Don't go to another bar, sir! I can give you everything you want right here!"

Ogre took in his surroundings. The room was small, but its accommodations included enough futons and air mattresses for all of its occupants. Slots in the walls provided food trays, and water bottles lined a small sink in the corner. Ogre could see that his fellow twink slaves were not going to get out to reunite with Jonny very easily—there wasn't even a doorknob on their side of the door. After a while, their desperate pleas faded and they gave up, two of them crying at the rejection.

Ogre sat in the corner, his knees pulled up close to him. He sighed heavily and waited, staring at the door, wondering when it would open again. Ogre hoped, not for freedom, not for his old life back, but only that the next time that door did open, that Jonny would be alone.

And Ogre closed his eyes and prayed that on that day, he would be the one his new master would pick.

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