Lance, A Lot (mm celeb mc)

Copyright © 2002

An Erotic Gay Fantasy Especially Created and Written for Danny

The Cast:
     Lance Bass
     Justin Timberlake
     JC Chasez
     Joey Fatone
     Chris Kirkpatrick

Part I

**Meet and Greet**

The boy sat in the back of the room trying to act as if he were enjoying himself. This was difficult, as the room was filled with a multitude (well, okay maybe 50) screaming starry-eyed girls and a handful of clean-cut boys all giddy with anticipation over meeting their pop music singing heroes, NSYNC.

This was the usual Meet & Greet party held for a small group of fans selected supposedly at random to have their very own up-close and personal encounter with the five "dreamy guys" who comprised their ultimate band. The boy looked more than a little out of place there. He was dressed entirely in black, with baggy shorts that came down to about mid-calf, making them less "short" than they could be. A dangling silver chain link necklace hung low atop his black tee, and a dark charcoal baseball cap rested backwards atop his dirty blond hair. You could tell from across the auditorium that he was a skater kid, and not a common sight at a concert attended mostly by girls ages 13-16. He had lost his wrist manacle at the door. It's multiple chains and buckles "could conceivably be used as a weapon" he was told. He wanted to smack the jerkoff guard who lifted it off him with a spinning back kick, but he had come too far to blow everything with one of his characteristic displays of bad temper.

So he'd made it in. He gazed around the room anxiously, noticing at least 3 or 4 other boys of about his age, 19, dressed not dissimilar to him. Baggies, darker colors, loose tees draped over wiry and streamlined muscular frames. Whenever he made eye contact with one of them, he simply nodded slightly toward them, and the signal was returned. An unspoken recognition of skater brotherhood.

He looked at the clock and saw that it was creeping slowly toward the time the band would arrive, it's sweeping hand seemingly taking longer with each passing minute. The boy fidgeted nervously in his chair. For you see, as different as he was from the squealing young girls, he had one thing in common with them. He had a crush on one of the members of NSYNC.

Most of the youngsters bounced in their seats, waiting eagerly to profess their undying love for Justin Timberlake or JC Chasez. But the skater boy belonged to a smaller but equally fanatical group; he was in love with Lance Bass. He had waited and planned feverishly for this night for the better part of a year and now was the time for all his work to pay off.

And eventually, lo and behold, the heartthrob quintet entered. The skater boy gazed intently, taking in the sight of his crush, who was the third of the group into the room. The five men were also under the watchful eyes of various bodyguards, all black, and all built like walking land masses. They stayed out of the way of the proceedings, but the skater kid was painfully aware of their presence, most likely due to what he was planning for Lance.

The boys were amiable and upbeat, answering the brainless girlies' banal questions with cheer and feigned interest ("Why did you stop wearing your gold hoop earring?"). Shortly thereafter, the men began signing autographs and shaking hands as the group formed lines up to the table at the head of the room. Skateboy made his way up to the table as his line inched forward. He clutched a copy of the latest CD, which he had forgotten to remove from its wrapper until he arrived at the arena that afternoon. It wasn't as if he'd bought the thing with any intention of listening to it.

At the moment, what he was listening to was Lance. He watched as Lance spoke kindly to the many squealing and giddy girls. His voice resonant and low, coming from a place deep within him that belied the appearance given by his baby face. His spiky blond hair caught the florescent light from above and shone here and there as he moved his head up and down to sign his name, to look up and smile.

As Skateboy got closer, he saw how alert and alive Lance's eyes were. They fairly danced as he made eye contact with those to whom he spoke, giving the impression that he was making a genuine connection with each person, not merely throwing out rehearsed comments and remarks.

Finally, it was the skater boy's turn. He held his breath, crossed his fingers, and hoped he would remember everything he had to say and do. Lance greeted him with a sincere smile and complimented the boy on his shirt. Skateboy had to look down for a second to remind himself of what he was wearing. It was the T-shirt Nsync had put out as part of their Challenge For The Children campaign, featuring multicolored handprints from each of the guys, each with his signature on the print. The skate boy was amused that Lance's handprint was the purple one, since purple was often regarded as a gay color. The skate boy thanked Lance for his compliment, thrown momentarily from his practiced script. Truth was, that was simply the only Nsync shirt the boy could find that was black.

Lance took the boy's CD and flipped the liner notes open to his photo and began to sign his name. Skate boy was still so overwhelmed that he was truly here that he almost lost the moment he'd come for. But not quite.

"Lance--uh, Mr. Bass, sir--", the boy stuttered.

"Hey, you can call me Lance", came the sonorous reply.

"Wow. Thank-you. Lance. Lance, I just wanted to tell you that you are like, totally my hero, man."

"Well, thank-you. I appreciate that."

"Seriously, I so look up to you, not just the singing--which is awesome, don't get me wrong--but the business work you do with Freelance Entertainment, the charity work, the acting--I saw On the Line three times--"

"Well, thank-you again."

"And now this whole Russian astronaut thing--! God, it's just, you've shown me you can do anything--I mean, I could do anything--or anyone could, is what I mean, if they just put their mind to it and believe they can--" The skate boy's eyes were wide with admiration.

Lance's voice deepened slightly more as he answered. "You know, that's true. You can do anything you want to--anything you dream to. You set your own limits, so don't set any for yourself." He handed back the CD and autographed liner notes.

"Oh, wow. Geez, thank-you so much Mr. Bass. Lance. I was wondering, could I--could I--"


"Could I give you a hug?"

Lance looked apprehensive, but the girls in line behind the skate boy all went, "Aawwwww", which was all the pressure Lance needed. Lance stood up, grinning bemusedly. "Well, sure. I guess so."

The skater threw his arms around his apparent hero and hugged him tight. "Thank-you, man! You are SO awesome! You inspire me!"

"Ow!" Lance pulled back from the boy, his hand clutching the back of his neck.

The skate boy blanched. "Omigod, are you okay? What happened??"

Instantly, two of the gigantic bodyguards converged on Lance and the boy, but Lance held up a hand to hold them at bay. "It's cool, it's okay. Just a scratch, I think."

The boy looked mortified. "Oh, no! My ring! He held up his hand for both Lance and the bodyguards to see. On the middle finger of his right hand he wore a rather bulky NSYNC ring. "I'm sorry, it slides sometimes, the signet must've caught you. Oh, Mr. Bass, I am so sorry!"

Lance waved it off. "Don't worry about it, I'm fine." Lance patted him once on the shoulder both to reassure him and scoot him along. "Enjoy the show tonight."

"Oh, I will. I'm sure I will!" One of the bodyguards, showing surprising care for his size, led the skate boy aside so the line could continue.

The skate boy's heart was ready to pound out of his chest. He had done it. He had actually done it. Phase one of his mission was complete. He made his way to the back of the room and caught the eye of one of the arena employees. It was a tall, sandy-haired young man who eyed the skater nervously. The skater sat back down and tossed off a mock salute to the employee, who looked nervously away.

The skater took out his CD and stared at the liner notes, pretending as best he could that his newly-acquired autograph was the reason he was smiling so brightly.

The Meet & Greet crowd headed toward the auditorium to join the rest of the throng for the concert. The skate boy made his way in the other direction, as if to find a bathroom.

In fact, he headed straight for the exits. The nervous employee followed him. As the skater approached the doors to the street, the employee stepped forward, moving as if to hold the door for him. The skater looked at the employee and smirked. "Why, thank-you, my good man."

The employee seemed to bristle. "Okay, I got you in. Like I said. But if all this comes down on your head, I do NOT know you, you got me?"

The skate boy didn't answer. Instead, he said, "You take care of the dressing room thing?"

"Yeah, yeah, it's all covered. God, I hope I don't lose my job over this."

The skate boy tossed his signed CD into the air and caught it playfully. "You worry too much." He turned to exit.

The employee called after him, "After all this trouble, you're not even gonna stay for the show?"

"And subject myself to hordes of screaming girls while having to listen to that shit? In hell, buddy." He then walked out of the arena with the intent of heading for home.

**The Summons**

After the concert, Lance felt dazed. This was more than the usual adrenaline rush that accompanied a performance. It felt almost as if he were coming down with something, yet at the same time there was a distant feeling of euphoria.

Lance excused himself to his dressing room to pause and perhaps clear his head. No sooner had he taken a seat at his dressing table then he was overcome by an urge to leave. He had to be somewhere else, he felt. And not just somewhere away from the auditorium, but somewhere in particular. His mind fuzzed over and he couldn't figure out where he had to go. He stood as if to leave, ready to move towards the door, but realized he had no idea where he was going to. He sat back down, shaking his head to collect himself.

Lance eyed the plethora of gifts strewn atop his dressing table. The vast majority of the gifts each group member was deluged with at every concert--especially Justin--usually wound up in a huge trailer somewhere that followed them home or was shipped off directly to Orlando. All the stuffed toys always went to local children's homes and shelters. But a select few, such as the less cumbersome flower arrangements and smaller gifts that were approved by security as coming from close friends and associates, found their way here.

Lance wondered if perhaps going over the various items sent by well- wishers wouldn't provide a convenient distraction while he regained his focus. But the other four guys would most likely want to go somewhere as a group to celebrate the last stop on their grueling tour schedule.

But as he prepared to change out of his final costume and dress for a late evening out, Lance heard a rap on the door. In popped the head of one of the many security people, as was the norm, he was built like a concrete bunker. "Mr. Bass? The other gentlemen were wondering if it would be a problem to postpone your end-of-tour celebration until another time. It seems all of them have chosen to begin their breaks immediately and adjourn elsewhere."

Lance was relieved beyond measure. He was not prepared for a night out with his closest friends while he felt as disjointed as he did. Lance simply nodded to the guard, saying, "It's cool."

Alone again, Lance looked over the cards and flowers. A couple small items of jewelry; necklaces, rings. All of which came from people he knew personally. There was one item that stood out, though. It was a small plastic figurine. A toy action figure of a cartoonish skateboarder. Lance picked it up and looked at it, wondering who might have sent it. Ordinarily he got cowboys or astronauts. It was cute, but Lance was more curious than anything else to identify the sender. There was a small purple gift card nearby with a skateboard graphic on the cover. He flipped the card open and read:


Lance puzzled over the message, wondering if it wasn't some sort of prank. He tried to toss aside the card but found it was slightly sticky and clung for a moment to his fingers. He rubbed his fingers together and found that whatever the substance was--presumably the residue of a price sticker peeled from the cardback--it rubbed away quickly.

Lance picked up the little skater and looked him over. He didn't have a pull-string or any other device that would indicate he had a chip that made him talk. Lance looked on the underside of the skateboard glued to the figure's feet and saw an address had been written there.

Lance's head began to swim again. He felt distant, a bit uneasy, and yet very much at peace. And as he stood up, he suddenly realized that he was very, very aroused. He shoved the little skater toy in one pocket and the card in another, grabbed his jacket and went out into the night.

Lance had dismissed his driver and drove a rented sports car to the address written on the underside of the toy. It was a lonely street corner outside the city, with a payphone on the corner.

Lance waited at the curb near the phone, feeling rather nervous about being in such an out-of-the-way place where he might be mugged or carjacked. But he had to find out what was up with the skater toy. Since the time he left to come here, Lance had been sporting wood. It was almost painful now. He was half tempted to just unzip and take matters in hand, as it were, but something told him to wait. It was as strong as the compulsion to come here.

But the drive and the night air were doing wonders to clear his head. Horny and curious though he might be, all this was beginning to seem like an elaborate prank. Lance started the car and prepared to depart. The payphone rang.

Lance stared at it. It rang again. He looked back at the dashboard of the car and thought he should just pull out, leave this little mystery unsolved. Another ring. Lance looked back at the phone. He just knew it was for him. Ring.

The words from the card came to his mind. Heed his call.

"Dammit." Lance shut off the car and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Lance. You got my message. Good."

"Yeah, I got it, who is this? What's this all about, anyway?"

"You like the card?"

"Yeah, it was charming. Now tell me who this is or I'm just hanging up and going--"

"So you like grape?"

The comment stopped Lance flat-footed. Grape? What the hell did that have to do with anything? So he asked, "Grape? Grape what?"

"The card. It's flavored. There's a candy coating. Didn't it say?"

Lance was not about to let this spin into something more ridiculous than it already was. "No, it didn't. Let's forget the card and you just tell me what's--"

"Do you have it on you?"

Without thinking, Lance pulled it out of his pocket. It didn't seem strange at first that he opted to bring the card with him, but now that he thought about it, it did seem a little odd. "Yeah, I have it here", he said into the phone.

"Hold it up to your nose."

Lance held up the card and sniffed it. It did smell grape-flavored. In fact, it smelled wonderful. His head began to fog up again under the scent.

The voice on the phone took on an commanding tone. "Lick it."

Without thinking, Lance did as he was told. The sticky substance that was on his fingers earlier was now all over his tongue. The taste was terribly bitter, and Lance grimaced, but then it turned unspeakably sweet. Almost too sweet. Lance's head blurred into a warm and welcoming fog and he felt his mouth spread into a contented grin. His erection grew harder and he swayed a bit as he held the phone.

"Lance", came the voice on the other end the line. "You will do exactly as I tell you."

Lance kept smiling, absorbing every word. "MM-hmmmmm", he hummed. "Sure."

Lance blinked his eyes to see someone snapping his fingers in front of his face. Lance inhaled sharply and took a step back. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. "You awake now, slaveboy?"

Lance looked at the boy in front of him. It was the young fan from the Meet & Greet. He was still dressed in the teen skater outfit he had on earlier that evening. "Where am I? What's going on here?" Lance's head was getting clearer, his focus sharper. "Hey, what did you just call me? 'Slaveboy'?!"

"That's what you are now, Lancey. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life." The young man held up a man-sized dog collar with a polished silver tag on it whose boldly engraved letters read, "SLAVE".

Lance swallowed hard.

**Skater Slave**

In a heartbeat, Lance had his cell phone in his hand. "Okay, look, asshole. I don't know who you think you are or what little trick you pulled to bring me here, but you better make with the explanations fast, smartass--" and Lance pumped in the numbers 9-1-1 into his cell, "--or I press SEND and you find your sorry ass in jail."

"Drop the phone", the skater said.

"Yessir", Lance responded, dropping the phone to the rug without pausing. Lance gawked at the discarded cell phone as if it were a scientific curiosity. Why had he dropped it like that? What was he doing?

"Crush it", came the next command.

With vigor, Lance stomped his small cell phone into tiny pieces beneath the heel of his cowboy boot. He was still stomping it aggressively when the skater boy finally said, grinning, "That ought'a do it, slaveboy. You can stop now."

Lance stopped. He looked at the young boy, dazed, and muttered, "What's happening to me?"

The skater boy began talking as if he hadn't heard Lance's question. "Lots of people know me as Thrasher", he said. "But you get to call me master." He looked into Lance's piercing eyes, now wide with fright, and repeated, "I'm your new master, Lancey."

Lance couldn't understand why he was unable to move, to run, to do anything. It was too early for him to realize it was simply because his master had not given him permission. Thrasher began to pace back and forth before Lance as he continued his introduction.

"You remember when I hugged you at the Meet & Greet thingie today? How I "accidentally" scraped your neck?" Thrasher held up the ring and showed how with the right pressure, a tiny needle protruded from it. "I injected you with a very special toxin, Lance. It's kinda like a date rape drug, but it's not nearly as fast-acting or as potent in a single dose. Takes repetition. You worked the initial dose I gave you into your system by dancing and singing for a couple hours onstage. Once in your bloodstream, it gave you the feeling that you had to do something, go somewhere. See, it works better if followed right away with commands. Otherwise, you get all confused." Thrasher shook his head slightly, making a 'tsk-tsk' sound. "And that was just enough to make you susceptible to a few things. Like my little card."

Lance swallowed again, wanting to make his legs move, but unable to. What was coated on that little card?

As if reading Lance's thoughts, Thrasher said, "The card was coated with enough of the same toxin to seep into your skin on contact. If you tried to rub it off, you were really just working it in." Lance watched him intently, realizing he had inadvertently aided his captor by doing just what he was meant to do. "That was enough to keep your confusion going", Thrasher went on. "But you really went into slaveland when I got you to lick the back of the card. Taking the full of the drug right onto your tongue was what did you in, man."

Lance wanted to step back as Thrasher moved right up to his face, putting them nose-to-nose. "Y'know, if you'd just kept the car running and took off when the phone rang instead of answering it, you'd be a free man. But you had to solve the mystery." Thrasher stepped back into the room, his arms wide. "Well, mystery solved. You're here. You're mine. You're now a gay skater's slaveboy."

Lance fought against the chemical inside him and said with some effort, "N-no. Y-you are in so much trouble, kid. Th-this is kidnapping. I'm not your slave, I'm not your captive, you little faggot."

Thrasher's eyes widened a bit, surprised to hear such harsh language come from the mouth of the clean-cut teen idol. Then, Thrasher's eyes squinted menacingly, and he said, "Get down on your knees."

Lance's knees began to buckle, his mouth a tight thin line of resistance. His breathing was becoming ragged as he fought to stay on his feet. He would not do this. He was Lance Bass. These kinds of weird, kinky encounters didn't happen to famous people like him. They couldn't. This wasn't happening. Lance closed his eyes in denial of what he was experiencing. He whispered quietly but firmly to himself, "This is not happening, I control myself, nobody but me, he can't do this to me--"


Lance opened his eyes reflexively at the sound of his name and was undone. All Thrasher did was point firmly at the rug and Lance felt himself pulled irresistibly toward it. He was on his knees before his young master. He tried to rise back to his feet, but it was as if giant invisible hands pressed down on his shoulders. And Lance knew he wasn't going anywhere.

"Repeat after me, Lance", Thrasher said to him. Lance's head reeled, as if it were a biological computer readying itself to receive vital input. "I, Lance Bass, am nothing but a slave."

Lance's head hung low, and he felt compelled to repeat, "I, Lance Bass, am nothing but a slave." As he said the words, a wave seemed to wash over him, and there was a buzzing in the back of his skull, as if his mind were being penetrated by daggers of Truth.

"I live to serve my master."

Lance bit his lip, fighting to hold the words in check. It lasted only a moment. "I...l-live to serve my master."

Thrasher saw the attempted resistance. "Again."

"I live to serve my master."

"With feeling."

"I live to serve my master!"

Thrasher squatted down to meet his slave eye-to-eye. "And who's your master, slave?"

"You are", Lance croaked.

"Who is?"

"YOU are!"

Lance felt more surges running through him. Submission, pleasure, defeat, euphoria. He had never experienced anything like it. Every time his master spoke, it was almost overwhelming. No, no, not his master. Just this boy. This strange, gay little boy with an obsessive crush on a pop celebrity. He was clever, that was all. Clever and deranged, but nothing more than--

"Here's what we're gonna do, Lance."

Lance's head popped up to look at Thrasher. "Yes, master?" Inwardly, Lance cringed at his own words. He just couldn't help it. Whatever this was he was experiencing, it was too strong. Best to go along for now and look for a way to escape later.

"I'm going to give you your own little slave's creed, and you're going to answer in the affirmative to each one and know that you really mean what you say. Got it?"


Thrasher went on to recite a memorized mantra for Lance. It started with statements like, "Will you obey your master in all things?", graduated to, "Will you dress as you're ordered regardless the clothing?", and eventually ended with, "And will you happily and eagerly service your master in any and all homosexual acts for his pleasure that he can imagine or devise?" There were more than 25 directives in all. To each one, Lance answered readily and each time he said exactly the same thing.

"Yes, sir."

Thrash was giddy with excitement. He was anxious to get Lance up off his knees, to begin playing with him, but there one more thing he needed to do. Thrasher straddled Lance from behind, producing a small vial of green liquid. "In order to speed your conditioning along", Thrasher said, "You're gonna need a few more doses of your slave medicine." With that he poked the back of Lance's neck and introduced another dosage into his system. Lance let out a sigh as the chemical flooded his bloodstream, and found his erection was starting to bob with excitement. He wasn't sure if this was simply a muscular spasm in response to the drug or if he was actually getting hot by being conditioned as a love slave. He prayed it was the former.

Then Thrasher reached around Lance's neck. He was slipping on a broad, black slave collar, the same one he was brandishing when Lance had first arrived. "This is more or less your badge of office, Lancey-boy. Your slave collar. It feels good to have it on. It makes you proud to bear the symbol of your owner, to be tagged as my personal property. You'd feel lost without it."

Again, Lance responded as before, "Yes, sir."

Thrasher secured the collar in place. "This is an awesome collar, too, man. It doesn't have one of those damn bulky padlocks, either. It's got this sweet clasp thing that twists shut right along the surface of the leather, so nothing sticks out." There was a soft 'ker-ching' as Thrasher locked his boy in.

Thrasher got off of Lance's back and said, "Stand up."

Lance did as he was told, new and mesmerizing emotions befuddling his brain now that his collar was in place. Thrasher was about to give him a new command, when he stopped. He just looked at Lance's face for a moment, staring into those stunning, shining eyes. "Goddamn, but you are beautiful", Thrasher said.

"Thank-you, si--", Lance started to say, but Thrasher kissed him then. For several moments, the skater boy kissed the famous singer, his tongue forcing his way into his mouth, the pop star helpless to resist. Thrasher pulled away, about to comment that the experience was a long-held dream come true. But he saw the vacant look in Lance's eyes, the helpless way he just stood there like a manikin. In Thrasher's dreams, Lance had always kissed him back.

Thrasher cleared his throat and left the room. "Wait here." In a minute or so, he returned with an armload of clothes, which he threw at Lance's feet. "Put those on."

Lance had no idea why he was doing what he was doing. But without hesitation--at least physically--Lance shucked off his own clothes right down to and including the underwear, and began to put on the outfit Thrasher had given him.

Lance was too busy following his orders to become overly embarrassed from standing buck naked in front of this young man as he fumbled to get into the unfamiliar gear.

"Put it on exactly as a skater would", Thrasher said with authority.

"Yessir", Lance answered without thinking. In the back of his mind, a faint voice still cried, dear God, are you actually addressing this young kid as 'sir'? It didn't matter, because in no time Lance was attired in his new ensemble. He stood tall and silent before the young skateboarder, feeling a flush of nervous energy flood through him, anxious for his new appearance to be met with approval, though at a loss to understand why it was so important to him. The tiny voice inside his head was silent.

Lance Bass was gone, replaced by Lance Skaterboy. He had put on a worn short-sleeve white T-shirt and a rather beaten open-front black vest. Across the chest of the tee were bold black letters plainly spelling out "Property of THRASHER". Lance also wore snug nylon jockeys and incredibly baggy black jeans that could have easily accommodated two other members of the band comfortably. The jeans hung low on Lance, almost past his penis, but not quite, providing a very revealing view of his new undershorts. On his feet Lance had some used flat-soled tennis shoes that had clearly seen their share of wear before he'd put them on. On his right wrist was a black leather band bearing three silver rings of varying size which seemed to serve no purpose other than to be there. His wrist band complimented his slave collar.

Thrasher walked casually over to Lance, who breathed heavily in anticipation, the small part of his brain that still fought for freedom being presently overridden by a stronger inner voice which begged, "Please, oh please God, let him accept me. Let him like me this way."

Thrasher nodded slowly, approvingly. "Not bad, Lansten", he said, using Lance's nickname with a snide familiarity. "Just needs a finishing touch." With that, Thrasher produced a beaten yellow ball cap and placed it atop Lance's head, backwards. He then took Lance by the arm and walked him over to the mirror, which Lance allowed him to do. "Take a good long look at yourself", Thrasher told him. "You're my little Lancey now, the skater slaveboy. And this is your new look." Thrasher paused a moment, thinking. "At least for today", he added.

Thrasher turned to look away from Lance's reflection and into his eyes. "You like your new outfit, slaveboy?"

Lance stammered. "I--I--I--"

"You love it", Thrasher prompted.

"I love it", Lance agreed.

"You love being a good little skateboy."

"I love being a good little skateboy."


"Sir! I love being a good little skateboy, sir! Yessir!"

Thrasher draped an arm around the pop idol's shoulder and whispered into his ear, "Lansten slaveboy, you really, REALLY like this outfit. A lot. Get me?"

Thrasher turned back to Lance's reflection in the mirror and saw his new slave's baggy pants tent under his sudden erection. Lance whimpered softly as he was overcome with an arousal he could not fight.

Thrasher patted him on the shoulder. "Good boy."


**Lance's Training**

"No, do it again."

Lance was getting exhausted. Thrasher was making the pop star country boy dance about the room and sing skater music that was completely unfamiliar to him. Or at least it had been three hours previous when he had been forced to start the impromptu one-man concert.

Lance was being made to inject rap, ska, and a host of other styles of which he was totally unrehearsed. And after the past few hours, he was actually getting pretty good at it. You could almost believe he was a skater boy. Almost. During this time, Thrasher had made regular injection of the submission/control drug into Lance. The more he moved, danced, and sang, the more integrated it was into his system.

By three hours and forty-five minutes, Lance fairly collapsed. Keep in mind this bizarre ordeal came on the tail of the a rigorous concert that was the last stop of a grueling tour. Lance bent over, gasping and wheezing.

"Did I say you could stop??"

"Please, please, I can barely stand...", Lance gasped. "At least let me take a break. Please."

"Please who?"

"Sir. Please, sir. Please, master, sir."

Thrasher crossed his arms. "Okay, you get a break. But part of you still remains at attention. You got me?"

It was already happening to Lance before the meaning of Thrasher's statement fully registered. Lance looked down to see his pants tenting again. With a word, Thrasher gave him a throbbing erection.

"Remember, slaveboy", Thrasher said, "skate stuff gets you hot. Wearing skater gear, singing skater music, looking at me, your skateboy master."

Lance doubled over, groaning. " stay this hard, this long..."

"How's the gear feel, Slave Lance?"

Lance was swaying, almost delirious from exhaustion. " good..."

"And how do I look, Lancey boy?"

Lance looked at his young master, attired in his skater's outfit. Lance began to breathe harder. "Oh, look so hot...I can barely...UHH--!" Lance wanted to grab at his crotch, to give himself some relief , but something held him back.

"Are you a skater slaveboy, Lansten?" Lance only groaned, reeling from the buzzing in his balls, the throbbing in his member. "Well? ARE you?!"

"YES! Oh, God, yes! I'm a skater slaveboy! Now let me shoot-- Please!"

Thrasher pressed one finger against Lance's chest and pushed, causing the beaten singer to tumble backwards onto the couch. Thrasher leant close to the pop star's face and said softly, "Fire when ready, slaveboy."

Lance's entire body tensed, his arms and legs shot outward like steel ramrods. He came with a fury he had never experienced before. His hips bucked, his breath came in ragged, broken gasps, and he fired steaming streams of semen all over the inside of his skater pants. Again and again, Lance came, and while the jism eventually lessened, the wracking orgasms actually grew in intensity. Lance tried to control his body, but the action was beyond him. His master had told his body to fire, his body was obeying. Each burst of paralyzing pleasure took a bit more out of the pop idol, leaving his formerly dancing and intense eyes to grow dull with the crippling sensations. He not only lost track of the orgasms but even of where he was and what he was doing after the dozenth spurt.

As Lance faded into an unconscious stupor on the couch, Thrasher leaned back over him and ordered, "Even as you fall asleep, even IN your sleep, Lance Bass, you will repeat these words over and over. "I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am." With each repetition, these words and that concept will burn into your mind with a growing intensity. Start talking."

From somewhere far away, the dozing, prostrate Lance heard what sounded like his own voice saying over and over, "I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am...I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am..."

Thrasher turned out the lights and went to bed. As he turned in, he could still hear his new celebrity slave reciting his new mantra in a sleepy voice. Thrasher put his hands behind his head, grinning. "Nighty-night, little slave."

Thrash walked out into the living room the next morning to find Lance standing in front of the door. He was still dressed in his skater outfit, complete with cum-stained pants. He looked to be lunging again and again at the door, or at least making an attempt to. His upper body kept leaning forward in a jerking motion, as if to run for it, but his feet never left the floor.

Thrasher smiled. "Going somewhere?"

Lance's eyes shot daggers at him. It was obvious that Lance was trying desperately to make an escape, but his legs wouldn't let him.

"A good slave doesn't try to run away", Thrasher said, jumping onto the sofa and putting his feet up. "Whattaya say to that? You gonna just run off after all the work I put into you last night? I mean, who do you think you are, anyway?"

Lance gritted his teeth, trying to keep from answering, but the words forced their way out despite his efforts. "I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am." He shook his head in disgust, trying to shake off Thrasher's control. It wouldn't be easy. By this time, Lance had been under the influence of the injections, complete with more than a dozen boosters, for over nine hours. And he had been put through three hours of rigorous slave conditioning, the past six due to his own subconscious repetitions.

"Sorry? Didn't quite catch that", Thrasher chided.

"I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am!"

Thrasher gestured loosely with one hand, palm up. Go on.


"Cool. So, you hungry, Lansten? I'm starved. All that exhaustive slave training."

Lance tried to answer, but it came out, "I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I--"

"Oh, you can stop saying that", Thrasher said. "Just let your subconscious run it on a constant loop in the back of your mind. That'll do."

Lance sighed, a look of relief coming over him for a moment as he felt some freedom from his mantra. But then he got a concerned look in eye, as if he were listening to something alarming coming from far away. The mantra was indeed running softly in the distant recesses of his mind, steadily reminding him of what he was.

"So, you hungry?", Thrasher asked again.

Lance looked at the floor. "Yes, sir. I am."

"Me too." Thrasher stepped around the corner and then popped right back, tossing Lance a checkered apron. "Cook us breakfast. Kitchen's in there."

Lance wanted to take the apron strings and strangle him with them, but he felt compelled to put on the apron and get to work. He was a gay slaveboy, after all. That is all that he was.

Lance spent the morning engaged in menial tasks for his teenage master. He cooked their breakfast, did the dishes, swept the floors, dusted, did the laundry. With each task, Lance felt a creeping sensation that he was somehow inferior to the skater boy who was three years his junior. He had to be, why else would he be so compelled to continue with these tasks? Every so often, Lance would stop in mid-stride, shake his head violently and think, "No! This isn't right, this isn't happening to me! I've been drugged, I've gotta get out of here, this kid's a nutcase! I'm Lance Bass for God's sake, I'm--"

And without fail the thought would complete with "--I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am..." And Lance the gay slaveboy would return to work.

At regular intervals throughout his work, Lance was summoned before Thrasher to undergo repeated exercises in submissive behavior. Lance was taught that he could not speak to his master unless spoken to first. He couldn't talk back. Any attempt to resist was met with an onrush of overwhelming guilt enforced by the drugs. Even when reporting that a chore had been completed, Lance had to drop to one knee and lower his head before speaking. "Master Thrasher, I've finished scrubbing the toilets, sir."

By mid-afternoon (Lance had made them both lunch, too), Thrasher was ready to advance his plan to the next step. From the back room where he lounged on an old hide-a-bed before MTV, he snapped his fingers to summon Lance. Lance was there in an instant, silently cursing himself for doing so.

"It's time for the next step in your programming, Lancey."

"Yes, sir."

Thrasher turned the TV volume down to a soft hum and got up from his seat. "Lancey boy, hold your hands above your head and freeze. Before he could question the absurd order or even begin to resist, Lance did as he was bidden. Thrasher went over to his boy and pulled off his shirt. Tossing it aside, he said, "Arms down." Lance's arms obediently returned to his sides. Thrasher undid Lance's baggy pants (the front of which was now crusty with dried cum), and pulled them down, lifting up one foot at a time to free Lance of them. Lance stared straight ahead, his breathing becoming somewhat labored with trepidation. What was this kid going to do to him now?

Lance was now standing before his young master clad only in his backwards ball cap, his beatup tennis shoes, and most importantly, his slave collar. Thrasher knelt down in front of him and gently ran his hands up the outside of Lance's legs. "You are really, really going to enjoy this, Lansten. And that's not an order or a suggestion. It's a statement of fact. You will enjoy this at a level you didn't think possible." Thrasher moved in closer. "I know I will."

Lance was very erect. He had been for some time. He couldn't help it. Every time he caught site of his young skate master, every time he saw his own skater slave reflection in a hall mirror or kitchen window, he felt aroused. The mere feel of the clothes themselves-- even soiled as they were--was making him heated. And now he was keenly aware that he was naked before this boy and yet still in costume at the same time. It was making him even harder. He couldn't understand it, and fighting it wasn't even an option.

Thrasher moved slowly and deliberately as he began to mouth Lance's cock. Lance inhaled sharply and deeply. He had never felt anything like this before. Thrasher moved his mouth, his lips, his tongue, slowly and torturously up and down Lance's member, sending ripples of intense ecstasy into Lance's body. The moist massage continued for several minutes, making Lance tremble, his eyes closing tight of their own accord, his mouth emitting soft moans of pleasure.

Thrasher slowly and delicately pulled off of Lance, and whispered to him, "This feels right to you, Lance. It's part of who you really are, what you were made for." With that, Thrasher once again went down on his slaveboy and began to suck. Lance's head was reeling. Shivers lashed up and down his spine and his knees locked.

His mind rebelled at what was happening to him. "My God, help me, I'm being sucked off by some twisted skater kid younger than I am--" but the thought was derailed before going any farther, swept away by a swirling miasma of contradicting ideas. "No, no, don't stop, Master, please. This feels sooo good, so right, so true. I'm a gay slaveboy and I'm being serviced by my very own master. This is who I am, this is what I'm meant for. Oh, I never dreamed I could be so lucky, oh please whatever you do, I beg you don't stop."

Thrasher increased the intensity of his inhalations and Lance came. He shot his considerable load into Thrasher's mouth, who squeezed Lance's buttocks tight in attempt to maintain the orgasm. Soon Lance's upper body slumped, his energy spent. Rapidly, Thrasher stood up and held Lance to keep him from collapsing. He grabbed the back of Lance's head in one hand and cradled his face with the other. Then Thrasher kissed him. All the semen he had accepted into his mouth, Thrasher transferred to Lance's. The weakened Lance was in no position to refuse. He allowed his mouth to be forced open and the spent cum to be sent flowing into his mouth.

After a few moments, Thrasher stepped back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Lance's head lolled back slightly, his jaw starting to sag. Thrasher clutched Lance's jaw closed and said one word. "Swallow."

Lance nodded, swallowing down his own jism as best he could. He gagged slightly at the warm, bitter taste, but he accepted it all as thoughts bombarding his mind told him it was what good gay slaveboys were supposed to do.

Delirious, Lance began to crumble, his legs giving out under him. Thrasher guided him down onto the hide-a-bed where he instantly fell asleep. Thrasher smiled at his boy, pleased that the programming was going so well. He turned to retrieve something from another room for the next step in Lance's training, but stopped at the door.

Thrasher strained to hear something, and then realized it was the soft mumblings of Lance in his sleep. Thrasher muted the television to ascertain what Lance was saying.

"I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am..."

Yes, the training was going very well indeed.

"Ohh, Laa-aannnnce--!"

Lance's eyes fluttered open. He was unsure of where he was or what had just happened. Thrasher's face came into view about him, flashing a nasty smile. Then it all came back. He was being trained against his will as a slave. He had just been sucked off by this kid who was controlling him. And he had just swallowed--swallowed a load of--

Lance tried to sit up, but he found himself too heavy to lift. No, there was something else on top of him, making him feel heavier. He was wearing something, but couldn't tell what it was. He blinked the sleep out of his eyes. Lance turned his head to the side to get his bearings but his view was blocked by something on both sides. It was if he were wearing blinders. His view straight head was clear, so he returned his eyes to look at Thrasher's smiling face again.

"Where--?", he began.

"Oh, you're still on the hide-a-bed", Thrasher told him. "I just pulled the bed out underneath you."

"Why--why can't I move?"

"You'll be able to move in a minute or two, you're just spent from getting your first gay head and swallowing down your own jism." Thrasher spoke as he moved about the room, doing something Lance couldn't see from his vantage point laying on his back. Lance winced at the memory of what he had experienced. It disgusted him, and yet a voice inside him kept telling him, just as he was now a gay slaveboy and nothing more, that what he had experienced was perhaps the most wonderful thing to happen to him to date.

"Hey, slaveboy", Thrasher said, "tell me, what did you always want to be when you grew up?"

Lance had no idea what this had to do with anything, but felt compelled to answer anyway. "An astronaut. I wanted to be an astronaut."

Thrasher's face appeared above him again. "Heh. Yeah, I know. I looked it up", he grinned. Thrasher's face disappeared again and Lance heard a squealing noise, like the unoiled wheels of a hospital gurney.

Thrasher wheeled over a full-length mirror and tilted it towards the hide-a-bed, above Lance. "Ta-daa!", Thrasher declared, revealing Lance's reflection to him. Lance stared at himself in awe. While he had been knocked out, Thrasher had dressed him in an astronaut costume. Lance lay there now, all in silvers and blacks, in a mock NASA spacesuit, complete with faux space helmet over his head, with only the oval opening in front. Despite himself, Lance began to smile. He thought to himself, "Look at me, I'm an astronaut."

"THAT'S my boy", Thrasher said happily, seeing Lance's smile. Instantly, Lance suppressed his cheer, recalling where he was and who he was with. Thrasher saw this too, and spoke again in a firmer tone. "Sit up."

Lance did so, the sleepy feelings falling away as he moved up from the hide-a-bed. Thrasher wheeled the mirror back and gave Lance's back a firm pat. "Now go on, get up." Lance stood, uneasily at first, then steadied himself before the mirror, getting a better look at himself.

Lance was dressed mostly in silver pleather. The bulk of his spacesuit, which looked like it was patterned after tapered coveralls, was shiny silver. On Lance's feet and hands were unlined black rubber boots and gloves. The helmet felt like very light plastic, padded inside for a snug fit with more black rubber. Whatever it was made from--probably a doctored Halloween costume--it looked for all the world like a genuine space helmet, but for the absence of glass over the front. Across Lance's left breast, where the American flag might've gone, was a bright six-colored Gay Pride flag. The silver plastic belt around his waist sported a large square buckle with the words "SPACE SLAVE" on it.

"Shit, he's even perverting my childhood dreams", thought Lance.

Thrasher stood behind him, placing his hands on Lance's shoulders. "God, you look so fucking cute in that thing", he said. Lance started to get hard. He was pleasing his master, he was so glad... He suddenly stared hard at his reflection, chasing away the submissive thoughts of pleasing the kid.

Thrasher started rubbing Lance's shoulders, speaking softly to him. "Take in how it feels, Lansten. Close your eyes. Feel it." Thrash continued stroking and rubbing Lance's shoulders and arms. It felt so good. "The heavy leatherish suit--sorry I didn't have any real silver leather buddy--the rubber on your feet and hands, bracing your head. Doesn't that feel just awesome?" Thrasher started reaching around Lance's torso and massaged his chest and abs. It did feel good. All of it. The costume, the sensation of his young master touching him, the sudden warmth beneath the heavy material. Beneath it all, Lance could still feel the snug fit and weight of his slave collar. This time Lance could not fight his erection, and it sprang to life beneath his spacesuit, pressing the pleather material outward. In moments, Thrasher's probing hands found it and caressed Lance's throbbing member against his abs.

"You're my little astronaut, Lancey", Thrasher cooed. "Ready to boldly go where no pop icon has gone before. Into the final frontier of gay slavery."

Lance no longer cared what Thrash was saying. It all felt so good. The suit, the physical contact, the arousal...even, heaven help him, the humiliation. The submission, the loss of control over himself and his situation had a strange, unearthly appeal. He knew he should still be fighting against it, but why? It felt so damn good.

"Sooo..are you gay, Lance? I'll keep going if you admit it."

Lance didn't hesitate. "Yes, oh yes, I'm gay."

"You're a big fag?"

"Yes, yes, I'm just a big fag. A big fag." Lance wheezed out soft gasps of pleasure.

"And you're a slaveboy. Say it."

"Yes, it's true. I'm a slaveboy. A gay slaveboy. Gay, fag, faggot, queer, homo, that's me, oh God, that's me." Lance could feel his member throbbing, the juices pumping inside of him, the sweat building inside his heavy costume. He'd say anything for the feelings not to stop, but for some reason the disgust he'd felt earlier at these words was absent. Saying he was gay--was that so bad? Possibly not.

Thrasher turned Lance around to face him. "Good boy, Lanceslave."

"Th-thank-you, sir. Thank-yo--"

"Kneel down", Thrasher said abruptly.

"Yessir...", in a daze of rapture, Lance went quietly down to his knees, the bulky costume bunching up a bit behind his legs. Lance's arms hung limply at his sides.

Thrash looked down with approval at Lance's easy submission. Gently, Thrasher unfastened Lance's helmet and lifted it off. Thrasher then plucked off his own black baseball cap and put it backwards on Lance's head. This was the big test. He had forced Lance to obey his commands, to dress in selected costumes, to even say aloud that he was gay. But this...Thrasher didn't know if there was any chemical or training that could force the behavior he was about to demand.

Slowly, Thrasher unzipped his pants and pulled out his very erect penis. He placed his hands upon Lance's shoulders, and began to speak with the best authority he could muster. "Now, Lansten, I want you to--"

That was as far as he got. Lance lunged forward and took his young master's cock into his mouth. Thrasher almost jumped back in surprise. "Whoa!" But his shiny silver space slave braced Thrash with his rubber gloved hands, holding tight to the skateboy's legs and ass, keeping him close to Lance's face, allowing the pop star slave to fully take in the exposed penis.

Lance sucked and drew upon Thrasher's penis with a hunger that Thrasher was totally unprepared for. The young skate master had intended to keep prompting Lance on with repeated commands, but that was clearly unnecessary. Thrasher reeled under the loving assault, bracing himself on Lance's shoulders. Lance continued to draw repeatedly upon his master's cock. now moving his hands up and down Thrasher's rear and legs, massaging him with his hands as he massaged his member with his tongue.

Thrasher had planned to hold out as long as could, prolonging Lance's training, his humiliation, but the experience was too powerful, too sudden, and too heady to be withstood. Thrash gasped, "Huh-uh! Uh! Uh! Uhh!" In just a few minutes, Thrasher shot his wad into Lance's waiting mouth, which the slaveboy swallowed hungrily, continuing to draw and suck again.

Thrasher let out a gasp of surprised rapture. "Whu-whu-whu- WHOAaaaaaaaaaaahh--!" As Lance began again, Thrasher's head fell back, and he gazed blankly at the ceiling. Under his breath, he mouthed two words.


**Attempted Escape**

Lance was back in skater gear, sweeping the floor. This time he was in khaki skater shorts and a grungy T-shirt bearing a pink triangle with a skateboard superimposed on it. A stained yellow-orange ball cap sat backwards atop his head. His scuffed black tennis shoes almost went with his slave collar. Almost. As Lance worked, he kept eyeing the door. Thrasher looked back to check the slave's progress and noticed his distraction.

"Still thinking about leaving?"

Lance began to say "no", but his training kicked in and he knew it was improper to lie to his master. "Y-yes, sir. A little."

Thrash got up from his chair and sauntered over to Lance. I thought after yesterday's little dick-sucking action you were here to stay, my little astronaut." Thrasher leaned in to kiss Lance. Lance allowed the kiss, but it was clear he was not going to kiss back. Apparently, when caught in the throws of physical stimulation, Lance was a lot easier to control than when he was more lucid.

Thrash stepped back, looking into Lance's eyes. There was still resistance there, despite everything. "You still wanna leave?" Thrash's tone was accusing.

Lance lowered his head, "Y-yes."

Thrasher stormed out of the room and came back shortly with the original clothing Lance had arrived in. he threw them at Lance, who caught them awkwardly. "Okay, fine. Here, put your boring old dumbass clothes back on."


"What? I wasn't clear enough? Do it!" Thrasher yanked off Lance's hat and threw it in the corner.

"Yessir." Slowly, Lance took off his skater gear and began to dress himself in his own clothes. He felt as if he were doing something wrong. Shortly, he was clad once again in his own wardrobe.

Thrasher pointed to the door. "You wanna leave so damn bad? Fine. Get the fuck out. Go home!"

Lance was stunned. Was this some kind of trick? "But, but sir--"

Thrasher pointed an angry finger at the door. "Go ON! Get outta here! I order you to leave, slave!"

Lance slowly trod towards the door. He felt nothing impeding his movement. If this wasn't just some warped test or trick, he was going home. He was really going to leave--

"Ut!" Thrasher stopped Lance's progress with a sound. He then walked over to Lance and grabbed his neck. Lance gasped, not knowing what was going to happen, then realized what the boy was doing when he heard the sound of a lock clicking. "You don't get to take the collar with you. It stays here, where it belongs."

Instantly, Lance felt a terrible loss as the collar left his neck. It was as if he'd just found out his dog or his best friend had died. His collar. Thrash couldn't just take away his collar...

Thrasher kicked Lance in the seat of his pants. "Go on, beat it!"

Lance stumbled out the door and across the porch. He staggered down the front steps and began to sprint down the driveway. Near the foot of the drive, he spotted his car, hidden from the road by the shrubbery, but in plain sight from within the property lines.

Lance ran to the car and found the door unlocked. He reached up and pulled down the sun blind to have the keys fall out into his lap. Clumsily, Lance put the key in the ignition. The car started right up.

There was the fierce grind of spinning wheels across the gravel, and then he skidded onto the pavement and sped off toward town. Toward freedom.


Part II

Twice while on the road, Lance nearly lost his grip on the wheel. He kept reaching up and rubbing his neck, trying to find his collar, always shocked and alarmed to find it missing. Each time he had to mentally collect himself and reestablish that he was free of his enforced gay slavery.

He was determined to get home, to call the guys, to call the authorities, to call the news, to call anybody. The story of his terrible ordeal would be told, the skater boy would be prosecuted, and Lance would be a hero. And then he could get his collar back.

No! What was he thinking? He was free of his collar. He wasn't a fucking sextoy slave! No, but he sucked pretty good, though. Dammitt! What was the matter with him? He couldn't keep his thoughts straight.

What was the matter was that he had been drugged, abducted, and forced to endure brainwashing techniques that confused his mind and body. That, and he was awarded that magnificent collar. Shit! STOP it already!

Lance pulled up to the home he thought he'd never see again and tore inside to the phone. He had to act fast, to call as many people for help as he could, to stay focused and keep his mind off that stupid collar. He called Justin. He got his voice mail. Lance stopped himself before practically yelling into the receiver, "Justin, you gotta help me, I'm a skater kid's gay slaveboy!" He called JC. No answer. Chris. Answering machine. Joey. Caller unavailable.

Lance slammed the phone down, swearing like a sailor. Maybe he should just call the cops. Oh yes, and then he could explain to them how he, big-time music celebrity Lance Bass, was supposedly abducted by a lone kid three years his junior. An abduction that Lance had to drive himself to with what looked for all the world like his own free will. And how he was brainwashed and violated by this young criminal mastermind--who was so demented and warped--that he gave Lance all his own clothes back and let him go home. Lance sat down hard on his bed. The impossibility of his story was sinking in.

How many kidnappers had their victims make special trips to drive to their own abduction? How many let their victims go home to prove to them that at heart, they were still captured? Lance put his head in his hands. No one would believe him. How could they, when he barely believed it himself? "Gee officer, this scrawny kid dressed me up in a spacesuit to help me act out my astronaut fantasy and then I sucked him off. Which one of us do you think should be locked up?" There was no evidence of foul play. No proof that he had been made to do anything against his will. Nothing except his submissive behavior (as the shy one of the band, that was nothing new), his obsession over being collared, and his own slave's mindset ingrained by the drugs Thrasher gave him.

The drugs.

That could be his proof, right there! He could have himself tested for drugs. Surely the gunk that Thrasher repeatedly injected him with must still be in his system. It had to be, he could feel it. And if Lance could show beyond a doubt that there was a strange, specially-designed chemical in his system, it would support his story. Yeah, because what millionaire celebrity would EVER inject designer drugs into himself of his own free will? That would never happen. Lance envisioned the headlines of The National Enquirer at checkout stands across the country. Teen heartthrob Lance Bass trips on special concoction that reveals his true gay self! "I dreamed I went down on delinquent dude", divulges delusional dreamboat from detox.

The bodyguards. Lance could call the massive bruisers the group hired as bodyguards and storm Thrasher's hideout abode, give the little shit a pounding, and then take back his collar. That's what he'd do!

Or what he thought he'd do, until he realized after three unanswered calls that the band had given the bodyguards end-of-tour vacation time. Lance fell backwards on the bed and felt as if he were about to cry. He was free now. Couldn't he just get back to his life and forget this whole bizarre episode ever happened? The strain of the last few days began to catch up with him and he found himself drifting into a sleep of physical and emotional exhaustion. Half asleep, half awake, Lance saw himself back with Thrasher, back in his collar, dressed in clothing his young kidnapper had chosen for him. He saw the wiry teen in his skater gear and felt so attracted to him, so aroused. Lance heard himself whisper aloud, "...master..."

Abruptly, Lance sat up in his bed, startled by his own dream vision. He looked down and saw that as he dozed, he had undone the front of his pants and had begun to masturbate. His hand was still around his erect penis, the image of his young skate master still in his mind.

Lance stood up and zipped himself up. This couldn't continue. He knew what he had to do.

**Soccer Slave**

Thrasher looked up from the couch on which he'd been lounging to see Lance burst in the door.

The skateboy fought to hold back a sly grin. "Why Lansten, what an unexpected surprise."

Lance stood with as much presence and authority as he could, trying to hide the slight tremble in his legs. "Give me back m-my collar", he said with what he had intended to sound threatening.

Thrasher almost guffawed at Lance's stutter. That, and the fact that his wonderfully deep bass voice cracked a bit. "How as that again?"

Lance started to waver. "I--I want my collar back, mister." Oh, fuck. He called the kid "mister". Yeah, that's imposing. "Right now."

Thrash, still laying back on the couch, crossed his arms and stared up at nothing. "You're a free man now, Lancey. What the hell do you need a collar for?"

He had him there. Lance was at a loss. True, it didn't make any sense. "Because--because--because I just want it, that's all! And after what you did to me--"

"After what we did together--", Thrasher corrected.

"No! What you did to me! After what you put me through, you at least owe me that much! Just give me back my collar and I'll get out of here and we can forget this whole thing ever happened!"

Thrasher rubbed his eyes. He let his head loll to one side and he grinned at Lance, who was beginning to sweat. "And what do you say-- ?", he prompted.

Lance shifted uneasily. "P-please?"

"Please, what?"

"Please, sir."

Thrasher couldn't resist, so he had to ask. "Who did you say you were again?"

Lance said with conviction, "I am a gay slaveboy, that is all I am." He winced after the words came out, furious with himself for saying it, knowing full well he could hardly do anything else.

Thrasher got up and walked over to him. "So, howcum you're here all alone? Where are all the policemen, Lance? (Mind you, I wouldn't mind being cuffed by a few cute copboys.) Where are your big, scary bodyguards to beat me up? Where are your friends, at least??" Lance just lowered his head. He had no answers. Thrasher began to stress his point further, but something caught his eye. "What the hell is this??"

Lance had fastened a leather belt around his neck and tied it into place. It hung too low around his neck, and was held there clumsily. Thrasher sneered at the half-assed job. He then raised one eyebrow to Lance, encouraging an explanation.

"I--I-I need my collar", Lance said quietly.

Thrasher put his hands on his hips. "Really." He reached up and undid the clumsy makeshift restraint and tossed it on the floor.

"Please", Lance said softly. "I-I just need my collar. Please."

Thrasher got nose-to-nose with Lance. "Why not just hire one of your expensive costume people to make you your very own collar?"

Lance whispered softly. "I need your collar."


Lance swallowed and took a deep breath. "Because you're my master and a slave should wear his master's collar." At that, Lance's eyes began to tear.

Thrasher placed a hand atop Lance's head and said quietly, "Kneel." Lance went down on his knees and Thrasher walked over to and end table and produced the slave collar from a drawer. He returned to Lance, saying, "Lower your head, extend your neck." This gestures was hardly necessary for Thrasher to reattach the collar, but it reinforced a feeling of submission in Lance.

Lance felt a rush of joy as the collar went back around his neck. As he heard the soft ker-ching of the clasp locking tight, he sighed with satisfaction and relief. Lance could feel his contented erection at his newfound enslavement.

Thrasher placed his hands under Lance's chin and lifted his head. Looking the pop star in the eye, Thrasher asked him, "Whose are you, Lansten?"

"I'm yours", he answered. Then, lowering his head again, added, "...sir."

Thrasher lifted Lance's chin again and kissed him. Despite Lance's relief at being collared once again, the safety and security he felt at being under the control of his young master, he still didn't kiss him back. Something deep within him was still resisting the experience as unnatural.

Thrasher pulled away, feeling Lance's resistance, and feeling not only angry but a little hurt by it. Even with all the drugs and brainwashing and training, it looked there was still a part of his crush Lance Bass that he would never have. He took a deep breath and told himself not to show his sorrow through tears. Instead, he tapped Lance on the shoulder and said, "C'mere."

Lance stood and followed his master over to the TV. Thrasher rifled through a stack of videotapes jumbled in the cupboard underneath the set. "Took me a few tries to catch it, but I finally got the whole thing", Thrasher said cryptically.


Thrasher pulled out a tape, read the sticker label and remarked, "This one." He popped it into the VCR and said, "Watch this."

Lance stepped up to the set and watched as there played a recorded commercial promoting an upcoming celebrity soccer match. Television actors and recording stars would be taking the field in a much-hyped event for charity. Lance watched the whole thing, twice, not understanding why he was watching it. There were a few stars in the lineup that Lance had met, most he had not. Lance Bass, of course, was not advertised as part of the celebrity game lineup. Thrasher was determined to change that.

Thrasher put an arm around his slave. "Did I ever tell you I was into soccer?" Lance shook his head. Thrasher handed him a small cell phone. "You, Mr. Celebrity, are going to make a few phone calls."

"Sir? Does this meet with your approval?" Thrasher turned to inspect his slave's new uniform.

Lance looked adorable. He stood dressed in full soccer uniform. A long-sleeved collared shirt with snug cuffs and bold vertical blue & white stripes. His matching nylon shorts rode well above the knee and were more than form-fitting. The outfit, completed with high athletic knee socks and soccer shoes made the already boyish Lance look nearly ten years younger. It had only been a few more days since he had been recollared, but Lance still felt naked without having it on now. He knew he could hardly appear at a nationally- televised event wearing a slave collar, so he took solace in knowing it would be returned to him immediately after the game.

"Sir? Is it okay?"

Thrasher gulped. Besides the skater image and leather, he had an affinity for nylon, particularly soccer gear. Lance's bright eyes looked wide with anticipation, adding to his new youthful appearance. Thrasher licked his lips, his breathing suddenly a bit strained. He wanted to leap across the room and kiss Lance right then and there. But as a master, he had to restrain himself.

"You look good, kid", Thrasher whispered.

"Sir? I-I didn't hear--"

Thrasher cleared his throat loudly. "It'll do, It'll do. Now c'mon, let's get you to the playing field." Lance bowed his head slightly and walked toward the door. As he passed his skateboy master, Thrasher touched his arm. Lance stopped at the contact, awaiting new orders. But instead, Thrasher pulled Lansten close to him and kissed him deeply.

Lance was taken by surprise, but allowed the kiss to continue without resistance. Thrasher broke off after a few moments. Despite his surrender, Lance still did not return the kiss. This simple realization helped return Thrasher to his usual gruff manner. He was about to wave Lance out to the car, when quietly, Lance spoke.

"Thank-you, master."

Thrasher was taken aback. He blinked in surprise, but composed himself quickly. He jerked his thumb toward the car. "Let's go."

On the field, Lance was a terror. Thrasher didn't even know that Lance could play soccer, but he was out there with the other celebs giving it his all. Thrasher had really only wanted to see Lance dressed up in nylon gear, sweating his heart out, and he got what he wanted and then some.

The crowds cheered as well for the efforts of the pop idol, and he responded as if nothing about him were different. His cheerful waves and happy smiles offered to the screaming girl onlookers gave the impression that this was the same old adorable Lance Bass, out to have fun for charity. Not a soul knew that inside, he was aching to regain his collar.

Cameras recording the event caught plenty of shots of Lance. Thrasher watched the on-site monitors intently. One time a closeup image of Lance appeared onscreen, his hair wet with perspiration, a trickle of sweat running down the side of his face. He turned and looked directly into the camera, his brilliant eyes briefly catching the light. Silently, Lance sent out the message, "This is for you, master." Perhaps through some unexplained phenomenon, the message was received. Because at that moment, watching the monitors, Thrasher actually sighed.

After the game, Lance made his way to the designated rendezvous point with Thrasher. He felt the compulsion to do so, but at this point he knew resisting it was useless, so he allowed himself to follow orders as commanded. It had taken some time to break free of the cameras, the interviewers, and the throngs of well-wishers who clamored for autographs and photos, but more than an hour after the game was over, Lance made his way back to the stadium, to a secluded spot on the far end beneath the stands.

Thrash was waiting for him. But he wasn't alone. There was another boy with him. The tagalong had just turned 18, but you'd never know it to look at him. He had a face like a twelve-year-old, the nervous and excited manner of a 16-year-old. Lance approached with caution. Not knowing the situation, he fought back the urge to address Thrasher as "sir" or, heaven help him, "master", and continued to act as if he were his old self.

"Hey", Lance said, working to keep his deep voice even. "Um, what's going on?" His tone gave his statement the feel of a concerned question rather than just a casual greeting.

"Lance", Thrasher said, "this is Joshua. Joshua, Lance Bass."

Young Joshua practically leapt at Lance, his hand extended. Lance reflexively took it, and the elated boy pumped his hand with all his might. "Mr. Bass! Lance. Dude, you are like, my hero. You are da BOMB. I mean it, you are such an inspiration to me, man, I can't tell you. God, it is such an honor to meet you! Wow!"

Lance looked at Thrasher, his eyes flashing silent questions. Thrasher said, "It's Joshua's 18th birthday today."

"Yesterday, really", the excited boy corrected. He still firmly held Lance's hand.

"Whatever. Anyway, lo and behold, the little guy is like the biggest Lance Bass fan on the planet who isn't a 13-year-old girl. And I was more than happy to liberate him of a sizeable amount of cash he got from various relatives who thought he'd put it toward college--for the chance to meet you, privately." Thrasher stressed the word "privately" and then made a rather evil grin.

Lance still looked puzzled, but was starting to get the idea.

Joshua whispered, "It took most of my savings, too. B-but it was worth it, it was so worth it, don't think it wasn't worth it. Lance." Lance simply looked down at his hand still being clenched by the boy, who realized his faux pas and let it go. he shuffled his feet nervously. "Sorry."

Thrasher put an arm around the boy's shoulder, his grin becoming a sneer. "And, as it turns out, our little Joshua here is also as queer as a 3-dollar bill." Joshua blanched, his eyes bulging in sudden terror. He had just been outed--insultingly--in front of his hero.

He began to stammer. "P-p-please, it's not--it-s just that--I only, I only, I on--"

Thrasher hugged Joshua a bit tighter with his draped arm. "And when I told him that I could give him the ultimate birthday present there ever was, of being able to actually kiss the man he's had a ball- busting crush on for years now, well..."

Joshua kept looking into Lance's eyes, his breathing coming unevenly. Joshua whispered, "I didn't think he could do it. I mean, I hoped. I hoped and prayed. I prayed so much, but I never really believed--"

Thrasher patted Joshua on the back and stepped away from him. He nodded to Lance. "Lansten, why don't you wish our Joshua here a happy birthday."

Joshua beamed, and Lance looked at Thrasher with concern. Should I? Thrasher nodded, and Lance took one step closer to the boy. Joshua jumped right up to Lance. "Joshua, I want to wish you a happy 18th birthday", Lance said mechanically.

Joshua moved forward and reached up to put his arms around the pop star. Lance thought he smelled like he'd been guzzling mouthwash. His hands were trembling, and he pulled them back, embarrassed. He leaned in, and Lance allowed the boy's lips to press lightly against his. He would just let the kid do whatever he had to do, then back away. He wouldn't allow himself to--

"Kiss him back as if you mean it." Thrasher's voice came deathly quiet right next to Lance's ear. Lance eyed Thrasher, who gestured angrily with his hands for him to proceed. To give the kid what he paid for.

Lance gave in. He had to. His master said so. Lance reached down and gently took the boy's hands and placed them around himself. He was still shaking slightly, but Lance put his own arms around the boy to steady him. One of Lance's hands made its way up to brush through the excited boy's hair. At that, his whole body started to tremble.

Lance whispered to the boy, loud enough for Thrasher to hear him. "Happy birthday, Joshua. You look like a fine boy. I'd like to give you this present." Joshua nodded, in a daze, and Lance leaned in and kissed him gently, sincerely. Then the kiss grew more passionate, Lance's tongue invading the young man's mouth, his tongue massaging the boy's. Joshua had the erection of his young life. He felt his entire body seem to melt as the one whom he saw as the Ultimate Boy gave him an extended, romantic kiss.

After several moments, Lance slowly pulled away from the boy, but kept his arms around him. Tenderly, Lance brushed his thumb along the boy's cheek, and said, "I hope it's a great year for you, Joshua. Many happy returns." Joshua simply nodded. "And thanks for coming to the game, Josh. It means a lot to me." With that, Lance placed one hand over Joshua's crotch and gently but firmly pressed against it. Joshua gasped, his mouth locked wide open. Then Lance gave him one last kiss on the forehead and stepped back.

Lance remarked, "We probably should get going now, huh?" and he looked to Thrasher for direction.

"Yeah, we are like, way late now. Josh, we'll see ya, huh?"

Joshua just nodded, his mouth still wide open in shock and joy.

"See ya, buddy. Congratulations again", Lance offered. Joshua nodded again, looking like a bobbing-head doll. He began to walk backwards, not wanting to take his eyes off Lance, not wanting the moment to end.

"Uh, aren't we forgetting something?", Thrasher said harshly. Joshua looked at him, his face a mask of confusion. Thrash rubbed three fingers together rapidly, making the "money" pantomime.

"Oh, yeah!", Joshua said. Pulling a sizeable wad of bills out of his pocket, he handed them quickly to Thrasher, showing no more concern for the loss than if they were old gum wrappers. "Here's the other half." Thrasher snatched them away, then made a mean jerking motion with his thumb that translated into "Beat it, kid".

Joshua stumbled away, still in a delirium of ecstasy. He kept looking back at Lance, smiling.

"Bye, now", Lance said, waving.

Twice Joshua bumped into the bleacher supports, but eventually made his exit.

Thrasher was happily flipping through his newly-acquired booty when he realized that Lance was weeping. Looking younger than his years in his adorable soccer kit, Lance had lowered his head and was beginning to cry. Thrasher sighed. What was all this about?

"That--that was wrong", Lance whimpered.

Thrasher rolled his eyes. They'd been through this. Lancey-boy was his slave now, and he'd do whatever ol' Thrasher told him to do, regardless of the ethics involved. If he wanted to rent Lansten out as his celebrity kissing booth, that was the way it would be. Thrash stuffed the green into his pocket and started to say, "Look, Lance--"

At that Lance fell to his knees. "God, that felt so--so wrong!", he cried. Thrasher wasn't ready for this kind of response. Was his programming starting to unravel? Lance's head slumped forward and he wept openly.

Thrasher's tone of voice softened a bit. He decided he'd be further ahead explaining rather than scolding. "Lookit, Lansten--"

But against all his training, Lance interrupted him. "I shouldn't have DONE that!" Then, as he caught his breath in between sobs, he said, "You're my master, sir! You. I should never kiss anyone on this earth but you."

Thrasher just stared mutely at his humbled, weeping slaveboy. He thought he had prepared for any contingency with this latest alteration in his enslavement scheme. But he hadn't been prepared for this.


**Leather Lancelot**

It was a few days after the soccer game, and Thrasher was pacing the room. Lance sat nearby, watching his young master with eager eyes. Why was he so nervous? Lance was dressed in nylon soccer gear, as Thrasher had opted to put him in a lot since the game. The two had even played games together in the house's spacious backyard. This outfit of Lance's consisted of reds and whites. And as before, Lance looked adorable.

"Master, are you okay?", Lance asked. It wasn't protocol to inquire anything of his master, but Lance felt that his concern for Thrasher's well being may be forgiven.

Thrasher waved the comment away. It's nothing. In fact, it was something. That night after the celebrity soccer match, Thrasher had seriously deviated from the plan. Seriously deviated. Thrasher closed his eyes and recalled what he had done.

Lance had been standing in the center of the room, enjoying the sensation of having his collar back on. He still wore his sweaty and soiled blue & white soccer gear. The charity game had only been an hour or so behind them. Thrasher stared at a small, slender vial filled with a clear, colorless, odorless liquid. It looked for all the world like water. It wasn't. It was a backdoor. It was an emergency solution that was the antidote for the mind controlling chemicals that had been pumped into Lance. Thrasher kept it on hand just in case something unexpected caused his plans to go sour.

As it turned out, he never needed it. And yet here it was. In his hand, ready to go. If he remembered correctly, it was supposed to flush the drugs from the victim's bloodstream within a matter of hours, less than a day's time. And Thrasher was going to have Lance use it. He had to know--was Lancey really his slave now, or simply under the influence of those powerful narcotics? If it was just the drugs--in concert with the brainwashing techniques--everything Thrasher had worked for would be wiped away. If not...

I should never kiss anyone on this earth but you.

Thrasher had tossed the vial over to Lance. "Drink this."

"Yessir, right away, sir!" Lance took one sip of the clear liquid and scrunched his face up in disgust. It tasted terrible.

Thrasher watched him closely. "All of it. Drink it all down."

Lance nodded, gulping as best he could, the gag reflex making him shudder slightly, but he downed it all. Now there was nothing left to do but wait, and perhaps enjoy what could be there last few moments together as master and slave.

But that was days ago. And Lance had showed no change. And so Thrasher paced. Waiting. Waiting not only for any sign of a change in Lance, but also for--

The doorbell rang.

"Ah", Thrasher said. He bounded to the door as Lance stood up, eagerly anxious to see what they'd both been waiting for. After a brief exchange at the door, Thrasher reentered the room carrying a large brown parcel. Thrash carefully tore off the seals and then eased the lid open. He gasped at what was inside.

"Perrrrrfect", he purred. "God, they did a perfect job. I should have thought of having you call your concert costumers for something like this a long time ago."

Lance stepped over to his master gingerly, craning his neck a bit to peer into the box. "D-did they do a good job, master? With the directions and specs I gave them? Is it what you wanted?"

Thrasher closed the lid. "We'll see in a minute, won't we?" He tossed the box to Lance, saying, "Go put it on. Nothing underneath. Go." Lance hurriedly left the room with his parcel.

When Lance came back into the room, Thrasher knew he had finally found his slave's ultimate look. Lance had put on a suit of leather armor, dyed silver, with a bit of glitter dashed throughout. As instructed, he had nothing on underneath, and despite the removable codpiece snapped over his crotch, it sure looked like Lance's costume training was still in full effect, as his package was straining against it's leather confinement.

Thrasher waved Lance into the center of the room, where the beautiful slave stood, waiting for his master's feedback on his new attire. After a long moment of silence when Thrasher sat staring, saying nothing, Lance opened his mouth to speak, to inquire if he met with his master's approval. No sooner had he parted his lips than thrasher lifted an admonishing finger. Don't speak yet. At that signal, Lance stood silent.

Thrasher got up and walked around the singer slaveboy. His silver leather looked like a cross between the battlesuits worn by the heroes in the X-men movie and the knights in shining armor of old. The padding over the knees, elbows, and shoulders lent itself more to the latter than the former. Over Lance's head was an open-faced leather hood, with a wide strap fixed across his forehead that mimicked a knight's visor. On top of it all, the black slave collar stood out around Lance's neck. Thrasher smiled wide. "Freelance Entertainment" indeed. Lance would be doing plenty of entertaining in this suit, but he'd be anything but free. At least he hoped.

Lance kept his eyes on the floor, his heart racing with suspense, waiting to hear a word--any word--from his young master to know if he had pleased him. Finally, Thrasher snapped his fingers, getting Lance to look up into his eyes. Then Thrasher pointed to the ground. Instantly, Lance was down on one knee before him. In his new uniform, he looked for all the world like a storybook prince waiting to be knighted by his liege.

Thrasher rested his hands on Lance's shoulders. Upon contact, Lance again dropped his eyes to the floor. Thrasher took a deep breath and braced himself. He then asked Lance, "Who are you, boy?"

"I'm your slave, sir", Lance said with conviction. "I live to serve you." God, those words now came so naturally to him, were spoken with such feeling. After all this time he could no longer fight them. And even though he had believed this was not what he had been meant to be, it felt so arousing.

Thrasher smiled with relief. Maybe the antidote hadn't worked. Or just hadn't kicked in yet. Or maybe, just maybe, Thrasher was a better master than he thought and the use of controlling drugs or lack thereof was no irrelevant. The skater boy made his pronouncement. "This is now your official slave attire. You'll wear this armor unless I direct you to do otherwise. Do you understand, Lansten?"

Lance kept his head lowered but said with enthusiasm, "Yes, my lord! Thank-you, sir!"

"My lord"? It seemed that slaveboy Lance was really getting into his role as a serving knight errant. Thrasher went on, reveling in the moment. "You are now slave Lancelot. And I will have you serve me, Lance. A lot." Thrasher grinned at his own dreadful pun. Then, composing himself, he took a step back from his boy. "Now stand up, Lancey."

Slave Lancelot leapt to his feet upon command. "Now come with me, Lancelot. We have a lot to do tonight to break in your new uniform."

"Yes, sir!", Lance beamed. "Thank-you, sir!"

At that, Thrasher led his armored knight errant slave out of the room.

In the bedroom, there was just enough light from the lone hanging lamp to reflect off of Lance's new armor. Thrasher held his hand, taking in the sight of his celebrity slaveboy, now completely redone in an image he had designed.

Lance let go of Thrash's hand and jumped onto the bed. He stood up, towering over the young skateboy, and slowly peeled off his leather codpiece. Lance tossed it aside, revealing his sizable manhood bobbing erect in the dim light. Thrasher gulped.

Lance then fell to his knees on the bed. "Master, permission to speak, sir."

Thrasher nodded slowly. "..uh, s-sure." He cleared his throat. "Sure."

"My liege", Lance said dramatically, "your humble knight requests you do him the honor of being allowed to serve you." Lance looked up at his master, their eyes locking. There was something different about those eyes, Thrasher realized. Something...he couldn't quite place. Carefully, Thrasher mounted the bed, pulling off his shirt and kicking off his shoes.

Lance drew him close, and then leaned backwards onto the sheets, pulling his master on top of him. Lance helped his master off with his pants, and as they pressed together, Thrasher could feel Lance's warm erection against his own. Thrasher rested his breast against Lance's mock leather chestplate, leaning in to kiss him. Before their lips could connect, Lance spoke softly.

"Make love to me."

Thrasher wasn't sure he had heard him right. "Whu-what--?"

Lance whispered in the boy's ear, "I need you inside me." The deep, seductive bass voice struck a chord within the skater. It was as if he was no longer the master with his brainwashed slave. He was a young gay fan, living out a fantasy by sleeping with his idol. He surrendered to the sensation, and he mounted Lance, unable to wait a second longer.

The two had sex--no, made love--for hours. It was incredible, both young men giving everything to the other with unreserved passion and intensity. At times, lance threw his head back and screamed, "Sir! SIR!" with impassioned fervor, at other times the two just held each other, clinging tightly, as if they could squeeze a greater ecstasy from the other by sheer physical exertion.

By dawn's light, the two lay on the bed, totally spent. Lance's armor lay in various piles around the room. And Thrasher's angry slavemaster attitude lay in pieces as well. He opened his eyes to stare at the ceiling, not quite sure of how long he had been asleep. Lance's arms were around him. Thrasher turned his head to see if Lance was awake, and got his answer as Lance's sparkling eyes shone back at him.

"Morning", he said.

Lance wore only his collar and nothing else, and Thrash found himself becoming aroused at the sight of him, in spite of his exhaustion.

Lance noticed the sheets tenting above Thrasher's crotch area, and he smiled. "Whoa. You're just a little machine there, aren't you, buddy?" Thrasher thought a second- those certainly weren't the words of a slave, were they? Lance leaned over to Thrasher, cutting off his train of thought. "Hey", Lance said. "Thank-you." At that Lance kissed his young master with sincerity and passion. Thrasher felt the kiss not only with his mouth but his heart, and was moved by the shared emotion as part of Lance went out to him with that loving exchange.

Lance pulled away, having genuinely kissed Thrash for the first time, and tenderly stroked his hair. "Thank-you so much, master", he said.

"Danny", the boy whispered.

"Sorry?" Lance looked puzzled.

"My name. Danny. That's my real name. You can call me Danny if you want."

Lance rolled over onto his back. "Well, Master Danny, thank-you. I cannot begin to tell you how long I have been waiting for that. God, it's such a relief--so liberating to be who I was meant to be." Lance touched his silver slave tag with his fingertips, felling its weight, rubbing its smooth surface. "To just be myself."

Danny wrinkled his brow. "What do you mean--?"

Lance looked back at him. "Danny, I'm gay."

"I know that. 'You're a gay slaveboy, that's all that yo--' "

Lance shook his head. "No, no. Not that. I mean, I'm gay. Just that, even without--even before--the slave stuff. Danny, I'm gay. I always have been." He stroked Danny's hair again, allowing his finger to slip down and trace the boy's cheek. "I've been closeted for so long, I can't even remember. And you brought me out, Dan." Lance rolled his eyes. "Granted, I didn't have much of a choice." And he smiled. "At first."

That was what was different about Lance's eyes, Danny realized. They looked just as they did when he first saw him at the Meet & Greet. They were clear, shining, lucid. Danny sat up. "You--you mean you're not--?"

"Drugged into submission? Helpless to resist you? Nah. Haven't been for a little while now. I mean, I was at first. Holy shit, yeah, I really was at first." And he flashed a warm smile. "But now..."

"So it's over then", Danny said. He jumped out of the bed, gathering up his clothes.

Lance sat up. "What? Why does it have to be over? Master!"

"Don't call me that."

Lance leapt out of bed, still naked but for his collar. "Please, you don't understand! I needed someone to yank me out of the closet for so long, and you did it. And this whole role-play thing, being your slave, God, it's fulfilled me like I never thought possible! I am your slave! Let me be your slave some more! It's not like you're so young you couldn't realistically be my boyfriend--"

"You should go."

"What--? No! Don't say that!"

Danny looked hard at Lance. "Lance, you're out of the closet and you found something that turns you on in the sack. Great. I'm happy for you. But this wasn't just some game for me, man. I wanted you--I needed you--as my personal slave."

"But I AM!"

"Not if you're just acting. I wanted you as a genuine, heartfelt slave. And you're not that, not anymore. Think you can stay here and let me treat you as my property all the time, any way I want without ever complaining, without ever questioning me?"

Lance paused, considering.

"Didn't think so. A real slave wouldn't have to think about it." Danny extended his hand. "C'mere. I gotta take back your collar."

"NO!!" Lance backed up against the wall.

Danny pulled on his clothes, speaking firmly. "Show me this was more than a coming-out celebration. Show me it was more than a vagrant fling playing to my own fantasies about you, Lance. If you can give up your personal life as you know it and submit to my complete ownership of you, then I'll believe you, but until then, forget it." Danny curled his index finger inward, signaling for Lance to come forward.

Lance shuffled over to Danny, and fell to his knees before him. Lance was shaking his head, his eyes pleading with Danny not to do this, not to send him away. "Hold still", Danny said, undoing the lock on the collar. Lance rested his head against Danny's body, his arms wrapped around the boy's legs.

Lance whimpered quietly, "Please, please, let me stay, I want to stay, you can drug me again if you want, I don't care, just please..."

Danny gently petted Lance's head. Now was the time for the final test. And pass or fail, Lance Bass would have to face it on his own.

Danny guided Lance to the door. Lance was dressed in his own clothes- -not unlike those he first arrived in--which now felt unfamiliar and strange to him. His precious collar was gone from his neck. That alone made him feel naked and exposed. Danny kept his hand on Lance's shoulder as he led him out. Danny opened the front door and stood beside Lance, waiting for him to walk out. Lance just stood there.

After a few moments, Danny eased Lance out onto the porch. Lance immediately turned around to face the young skateboy he'd come to know as his master. Danny stood in the doorway, smiling kindly. "Guess this is goodbye, Lansten", he said softly. Lance's mouth opened as if to speak, but no words came out. His eyes looked frightened. Danny took a step back and began to close the door. "You can go now, buddy. You're free."

Lance started to move forward, to block the door, but he wasn't fast enough, and Danny gently closed the door. Lance heard the click of the jam, and realized he had been locked out. Lance whispered a plea. "master--?" Lance patted the door with his palm, hoping to summon Danny back. Louder, he said again, "Master?" Another few minutes passed with no response, and Lance the liberated slaveboy cried out, "Master! Come back!" He stood there on the porch staring at the closed door for over half an hour, waiting for it to open again and admit him. It never did.

**Final Bid For Freedom**

Lance made his way back home and to his old life in a daze. He had been through life-altering changes and now he had been "freed" to go back to the way things were before. It had only been weeks since he'd first met Danny, but the experience had been so intense that it seemed like a lifetime ago.

Lance paced around his house, trying to decide what to do. He was gay. He could finally admit it now. After returning home, he had even spent some time in front of a mirror repeating the words aloud, "I'm gay", just to hear himself say it. While that was liberating to some extent, Lance still felt that back at this house, at this life, he was still living a lie.

He constantly rubbed his neck, irritated and distracted by the fact that there was no collar around it. He had done so with such frequency that the skin had started to feel raw. Lance now forced himself to keep his hands at his sides lest he end up leaving marks on his neck that would need to be explained. He even went so far as to go online and browse pet shop catalogs to find an equivalent he could replace his slave collar with. In the end, though, he knew it just wouldn't be the same.

Lance hovered over the phone, gathering his courage to call the guys. He had to tell them. His life as the pop idol businessman was over. He had found himself. He was a skateboy's slave, and he had to return to his master. How would he tell them? After more than a dozen attempts to pick up the phone only to slam it back down after dialing, Lance finally steeled himself and randomly hit the speed dial buttons. He breathed heavily as he heard it ringing, not knowing which band member would pick up.

Two rings. God, could he really do his? Three. Still time to hang up. He could just disappear. Celebrities take off all the time, he could do that. Could--

"Yo! Talk to me." He had gotten Justin's cell phone.


"Lance. Wassup, man?"

"Um, a lot of things, really. We need to talk."

Justin recognized his friend's tone implied something serious. "Sure, absolutely. What's going on?"

"A lot. Something's happened. We need to talk. All of us. Can you all come over to my place?"

"Definitely. I'll call the guys. We'll get there quick as we can." Lance said nothing. "Lance? You okay?"

"I don't know."

"Hang tight, we'll be right there."

Lance heard the click at the other end of the line, then stood there holding the phone, staring into space, fighting to hold back the tears.

True to his word, Justin Timberlake got the rest of the band to Lance's home in record time. Justin, JC, Chris, and Joey sat clustered around their band brother, listening intently to his story.

Justin sat in a large easy chair, leaning forward to rest his arms on his thighs. JC stood with his arms crossed. Chris sat on the back of the couch, his feet on the seat cushions. Joey sat on the far arm of the same couch. All were silent, taking in Lance's every word.

Finally, Lance stopped when he'd reached the end of his recounting. He swallowed hard, and looked to his friends for some sign. He was met with stony expressions of concern. He'd told them everything. Everything, that is, except how he felt about it. How he was really gay, had been all along, and felt his life's calling possibly lay with slavery. Quietly, he said, "Guys, I'm sorry."

Joey spoke first. "For what?!"

Justin agreed. "Yeah, you got drugged and abducted. Like that was your fault."

Chris was shaking his head. "We are so going to see this guy. This kid."

Lance began to feel afraid. They would hurt his master. "Guys, y- you don't understand what I'm feeling--"

Justin put his arm around his friend, and JC placed a caring hand on Lance's shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Lance. You're with us, now", Justin said.

Lance wanted to tell them He was a gay slaveboy now. And it was what he was meant to be. But how do you tell your four best friends that you're suddenly a manipulative skater kid's plaything? He tried to form words, but Lance realized how twisted it would sound to them. How perverted.

"You still remember how to get there?", Joey asked. "To this kid's place?"

"If he's even still there. He could've taken off.", Chris suggested.

"Y-yeah, I remember", Lance admitted. He started rubbing his neck again. He'd be able to think so much better if he'd just had his collar.

Chris hopped off the couch. "So what are we waiting for? Let's go confront us some psycho skater boy."

Lance allowed himself to be led out to confront his former master. Maybe it was better this way. Having his friends believe they were rescuing him. He could throw himself back into his work and maybe eventually return his life to what it had been. If he could just fill in the gaping void he felt growing inside of him.

The four singers stormed up to Danny's porch with purpose. Lance straggled a bit behind. "Is this it?", JC asked him.

Lance stepped hesitantly up the steps. "Yeah, this is it." The guys parted as Lance inched up to the door and lightly rapped on it.

"Screw that!", Joey said, and barged into the house, the other guys close behind. Reluctantly, Lance followed them.

Sitting on a chair in the center of the room was Danny, flipping through a skateboard magazine. "Thrasher", aptly enough. He casually turned pages, and easily glanced up at the five famous singers as if it were an everyday occurrence to burst into his house. Danny looked at the four men with only passing interest, then his eyes lit upon Lance, who kept to the back of the group. Danny smiled slightly upon seeing his boy, saying, "I hoped you'd be back."

"Yeah, but he brought his friends this time, skateboy", Justin said with venom. It was only at that moment that Lance realized something was terribly wrong about this situation. Why had the guys, the famous and influential men of NSYNC, come here alone? Where were the police? Why hadn't they been called? Or at the very least, where were their mountainous bodyguards? Lance suddenly feared that his brothers in arms intended to physically assault his young master.

"You the kid who thought he could take ownership of one of the men of NSYNC as his own little boytoy??", JC demanded.

Danny set his magazine down. "No. I'm the kid who did make one of the men of NSYNC his own little boytoy. And at heart he may still be. Lance?"

Justin turned to look at Lance, whose face was ashen. "Lance, what do you say to that, huh? He still thinks you're his gay little slave!"

Lance's face crumpled and he whimpered, "I am."

The room went silent. Everyone was looking at Lance, who began to cry quietly, a stray tear streaming down his face. JC asked in a whisper, "Lance, what did you say?"

"I am a slave. And I'm gay. I have been all along." He wiped his eyes on his sleeve. "Danny may've brought me here against my will at first, but this is where I want to stay. This is where I belong." Lance looked at his friends. "Guys, I'm gay." He swallowed hard, and choked back hot tears. "A-and--I'm a slave." He looked down at the floor. "I'm so, so sorry."

The room remained silent for another moment. Then Joey turned back to Danny, who still sat in his chair. "Well?", Joey prompted him.

Danny grinned. He then snapped his fingers, and said loudly, "Come an' get 'em."

Into the room walked four other skateboys, all of Danny's age. Lance thought they looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place them. The tallest of the newcomers pointed to the other band members. "Strip", he commanded.

Instantly, the four men began to undress, quickly. The only one who spoke was Justin. "Yes, sir", he said with conviction. Lance's mouth fell open. What the hell was happening here?

In only a few seconds, the other men of NSYNC were naked before the room of young skaters. Danny snapped his fingers until he got Lance's attention. "You too, Lancey."

Lance stammered, overcome by confusion. "Uh, uhh, y-yessir--"

Danny gestured to the other nude pop stars. "Guys, help him out." Justin, JC, Chris, and Joey stepped briskly over to Lance and undressed him in a few moments. Danny then stood up and signaled one of the other skateboys, a freckle-faced lad with spiky hair dyed fire engine red. The boy came forward carrying a piece of paper.

"Kneel", Red said.

Immediately, the four men of NSYNC went down on one knee. Danny pointed at the floor, and Lance then did the same as his friends.

"Respond to every convocation as a good slave should, with the words 'Yes, sir'. understand?"

Justin, JC, Chris, and Joey spoke as one. "Yes, sir!" Belatedly, Lance simply nodded.

Red began to read aloud. "Will you obey your master in all things?"

"Yes, sir", the group answered.

"Will you dress as you're ordered regardless the clothing?"

"Yes, sir."

And on the directives went, 25 in all. The famous celebrities answered in the affirmative to all of them. When he was finished reading, Red asked them, "What are you?"

"We are nothing but slaves, sir!", came the cheerful rejoinder. Lance was still in shock. Red stepped back and the tall kid gestured that the naked slaves could rise.

Danny looked at the group of skate masters, and commented, "That's all of them, isn't it?"

The tall boy nodded. "Yup. Congratulations, boys. You are now officially slaves." The naked singers gathered around Lance, hugging and kissing him with genuine affection. "Congrats, Lansten", they said. "Dude, you're one of us", came the words of support, and "One of the collared, man. One of the collared."

Another one of the skateboys came in carrying a bundle of clothing. He threw them here and there at the feet of the naked pop idols. "Suit up, slaves", he told them.

"Yes SIR!", they replied, gleefully donning their respective uniforms of submission. Lance saw that his leather Lancelot costume lay at his feet. He picked it up slowly, in awe that he would now put on something he thought he'd never see again.

Danny helped Lance into his costume. "I'm really proud of you, Lancey", he told him.

"Master, what--what happened to all of them--? How--?"

Danny smiled. "There were always five of us, Lancey. We need that many to pay the rent on this place, anyway. But we worked it out together." Lance watched as the other young skaters helped their respective slaves into their costumes. Their slaveboy uniforms. "It took some doing, searching online to find other skaters who were gay. Who all hated pop music. And who were still hot for you guys." Danny nodded toward a sandy-haired boy in gigantic khaki pants who was dressing JC. "See that kid over there in the circus tent pants? His big brother works at the arena where you had your concert. He got us into the Meet & Greet, and snuck our little gifts into your dressing rooms."

Lance felt the lights coming on in his mind. "None of the guys wanted to go out and celebrate after the last tour stop--"

"Nope. They had to get to their masters. And they were a little preoccupied for a few weeks after that, too."

"They were being trained", Lance realized.

"Bingo", Danny said. "Now let's have a look at you." Lance stood once again in his knight's armor, beaming proudly. Danny held Lance by the shoulders and turned him to face the group. "My fellow skate masters, may I present my slave." Danny patted Lance on the back. "Introduce yourself."

Lance smiled. "I'm Lance Bass, and I'm a slave. My master dresses me as his own Lancelot." The other skateboys applauded.

Danny gestured to the others. "Next?"

Justin stepped forward, dressed in basketball gear. He had on red and white trunks and matching tanktop jersey of a shiny nylon material, with hi-top white basketball shoes. "I'm Justin Timberlake, and I'm a slave that my master dresses as his own b-ball boy." More applause.

Each of the guys stepped forward and similarly introduced themselves. "I'm JC Chasez, and I'm a slave whose master dresses in a skintight rubber bodysuit." "I'm Chris Kirkpatrick, and I'm a slave whose master dresses him as a rapper DJ." "I'm Joey Fatone, and I'm a slave whose master dresses in a Superman costume."

Then Chris's master, a tiny tow-headed boy of 19 with a backwards baseball cap, said, "Kneel to receive your collars, Nsync slaves." The groups of celebrated musicians all gladly feel to their knees, leaning their heads forward and baring their necks to be collared. One by one, the accepted their collars, and as such, their fate as slaves. Each master encircled his slave with a collar and locked it on.

Danny slipped Lance's collar onto his neck, once again securing it in place. Softly he whispered into his knight errant's ear, "You are now and forever my slave, Lance Bass."

Lance looked into his master's eyes, once again feeling complete. "Thank-you, master", he sighed. "I live to serve."

And he knew he would. All the days of his life.


**Epilogue- If This Is Slavery**

It was months since the collaring ceremony that took place at the skateboys' house. The music world was abuzz with the release of NSYNC's latest CD. "Enslaved By Love" was being hailed as perhaps the boldest new endeavor of the group's career. It opened up the group's appeal to a wider audience than ever before. The CD of the group formerly associated strictly with pop delved into material like ska and grunge, and a variety of other styles usually associated with skater groups. Loose-hung neckties dangling over draped oversized tees became the order of the day. Skater shorts and padlocked wristbands were seen on the arms of every band member.

The video for the title track soon topped the charts on music programs like TRL. In the vid, the four singers were seen caught up each in his own in activities. Justin was shooting hoops on some nameless college team. JC was surfing. Joey was at a comic book show dressed up for the Superman exhibit. Chris was spinning discs at a dance club. And Lance--well, he was performing on a movie set, dressed in a suit or armor, engaged in the act of slaying a dragon to save the maiden fair.

Onto each scene, a beautiful woman walked, and locked eyes with each of the boys in turn. Upon eye contact, a slave collar magically appeared around the neck of each singer. By the video's end, all five had come together in their respective disparate uniforms, slave collars firmly in place, to fall to their knees and loudly proclaim that regardless who they were before, they were now merely slaves. Enslaved by love.

The teenage girls ate it up, and the guys liked hearing different, edgier styles coming from the quintet. And ever since its release, the five men of NSYNC always made public appearances wearing slave collars around their necks. For promotional purposes, they said.

Danny sat in the front row of their latest concert. On either side of him sat the four other skateboy masters. This time, none of the boys seemed to stand out in the crowd, as hordes of fans were similarly dressed to emulate their idols. Some of the boys even wore mock slave collars and clung tight to their girlfriends, who relished their demonstrative shows of devotion.

At the climax of the concert, Lance Bass sang his solo in "Enslaved By Love". Collared in his knightly armor, a slave collar fastened around his neck, he fell to his knees and sang with all his heart. His image was projected on the giant overhead screens for all to see. The normally shrieking crowd actually quieted as he sang his verse.

I was master of myself as this world I had shown,
Then you called upon me to serve as your own.
I tugged at the collar demanding release,
But your look in my eyes revealed what I was to be.
At first standing before you I must fall to my knees,
If this is true slavery, please don't set me free.

As Lance sang out the last verse, tears streamed from his eyes. The video monitors caught it all, and girls throughout the arena swooned, all dreaming that Lance was crying for them.

But as Lance finished his solo and the crowd let out a deafening cheer, Lance looked down into the eyes of the one to whom he'd been singing that night and whom he'd been singing to for months. Lance mouthed the words, "I'm yours", and again the crowd went wild.

Danny sat in his seat, content. His slave had declared his love for his master for all the world to see, and would do so again many times to come.

Perhaps there was something to be said for this pop music after all.

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