Pledge Drive (mm mc)

Copyright © 2002

Synopsis: Two fun-loving fratboys take measures to chose only select members for their frat, and get more than they bargained for when they're selected by someone else. (mc, mm, ft, hu)

View the dream cast for Pledge DriveONE SLOW RUSH WEEK

Xander and Skeevo sat on the stairs of the Rho Upsilon Beta Rho fraternity house looking about as thrilled as if they were being made to watch a five-hour treatise on the growth of mould spores on hothouse-grown avocados. Hosted by Bill Moyers.

"We've had more stimulating rush weeks", Xander observed.

Skeevo left his chin nestled within the palm of his hand as he answered, "Uh-huh." He had always been a man of few words.

Xander Nicholas was a tall, slender, toned young man in his early twenties, with dark brown hair and slightly oversized ears and puppydog eyes that made him look years younger. His best friend, Scott "Skeevo" Skevowicsz was of shorter but more muscular build, with penetrating eyes and a cropped mane of spiky hair. They had been members of this fraternity since they began their college careers, and had been gay rubber enthusiasts--as well as frequent playmates/lovers--for much longer. Their physical pursuits had provided them with many hours, if not days (or months), of great enjoyment and diversion. Unlike now, when they were bored out of their minds.

Xander turned to look at his pal. "The only way this could be worse is if it were a late- night PBS special on tax form preparation."

"With the pledge drive interruptions", Skeevo agreed.

"Speaking of pledge drives...", Xander nodded toward the bustle of activity in the frat house's main room. It was the start of a new school year, the time in which fraternities scour the student body for new members to romance, pledge, humiliate, intoxicate, and then eventually welcome with open arms. The house of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho was no different. As the TV blared with a riveting game broadcast and the stereo vibrated with bass-heavy music, throngs of potential initiates crowded the room, schmoozing with upper classmen and trying to pass themselves off as worthy candidates.

Muscular athletic scholars effortlessly swigged beer, slick boys who came from money casually glanced at watches that looked to cost more than most student's cars. A few geeky wannabes struggled to look relaxed as they hung near the cooler kids, hoping some of their presence would rub off.

Xander sighed in frustration. "There is a major problem with this assortment", he commented. "We have here selections with money, brains, family connections--"

Skeevo watched as a former high school wrestling champ strode by. "Looks", he added.

"And looks. True. But all with one major, major drawback, methinks."

"They're all straight", Skeevo deduced.

"That they are."

"Not one tiny blip on the gaydar all night."

"We could make a fortune renting these guys out to the archery team.", Xander suggested. "They're arrows, they're so straight."

"Okay, that's it, I'm done." Skeevo stood up and turned to go up to his room.

"So, whatta we do about all these guys?", Xander gestured at the room packed with eager freshmen.

"When the beer's gone, the party's over." Skeevo walked a few more paces upstairs, then turned to say something else. He was distracted by someone over by the front door. "Who's that?"

Xander turned around to see.

An adorable young man with the same youthful looks thing going on as Xander, lingered near the door. It looked as if some of the other partygoers were urging him to stay, but his shaking head and waving hands indicated his aversion to the idea. He was extremely cute, sandy brown hair, beautiful eyes, very round ears. He looked slightly out of place with the assortment mingling at the frat house that night.

As the cute boy made his way out, he caught sight of Skeevo on the stairs. He stopped. Skeevo stared down at him, appreciating his good looks. The freshman boy looked to be studying Skeevo as much as Skeevo was studying him. There was a brief pause while the two just looked at each other from across the room, one on the floor, one on the stairs. Skeevo smiled and gave the boy a gentle wave hello. The boy returned both.

Then, the beautiful boy in the doorway took one step forward, as if reconsidering his decision to leave.

Xander sidled up close to Skeev, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Never saw him before. You know him?"

Skeevo shook his head slightly. "Nope."

The boy stopped after taking that one step. Returning to his original notion, he spun around and promptly departed the house.

"So what was that all about?", Xander asked.

"I dunno", Skeevo said, his voice a bit distant. "But I think we may have just shared a moment."


Behind the locked door of their frat house bedroom, Skeevo shucked off his shirt and began to kick off his shoes. "I am in desperately need of rubberization", he remarked.

"I hear ya, my friend", Xander replied. He had already taken off all of his clothes and was suiting up for some pick-me-up rubberplay. He had on a skintight rubber short suit and elbow-length industrial gloves. He was pulling on a pair of rubber hip boots with yellow toecaps. "So, you in a dom or sub kinda mood?"

Skeevo stepped into a pair of snug rubber bib and brace pants, pulling the shoulder straps tight. "Ah, I don't care."

"Sounds like 'sub' to me", Xander grinned.

Skeevo shrugged, and after stepping into his own hip waders, attached D-ringed rubber manacles to his wrists and secured a thick rubber collar around his neck. "Whatever floats your boat. I just want to forget about that fiasco going on downstairs."

Xander came up behind Skeevo and took hold of his wrists, fastening stout metal clasps to the rings on his wrist manacles. "Then we shall create our own little memory-altering rubber fiasco right here, my temporarily submissive friend."

Skeevo grinned slightly, feeling the pleasant rush that came from contact with his best friend and occasional playmate. "You are tonight's fiasco maestro, Dominator Xander", he joked.

Xander jumped in front of his buddy and placed a hand firmly against his chest. He nodded toward the bed, a gesture which Skeevo understood. Xander began a countdown. "1...2...3!" With that he pushed hard against Skeevo's chest, and pushing off just as hard with his legs, Skeevo launched himself backwards to bounce upon the soft bed.

Xander was atop him in an instant, securing his wrists via their manacles and clasps to the bedposts. "Forgotten about the room crowded with boring cookie cutter straight boys underneath us?", Xander asked as he leaned in close to his friend.

"I'm beginning to." Skeevo pursed his lips, thinking. "Though it's sometimes fun to think of straight boys underneath me, I must say the pack one flight down left a lot to be desired."

Xander kissed his friend lightly. Then commented, "Yeah, you can still hear their stereotypical college shenanigans pretty well even with the door closed." He hopped off the bed for a moment, dug through a drawer and then came back. He was brandishing a very snug, bare-bones rubber gasmask with only two goggle-eye openings and a perforated circular mouthpiece. "Monsieur Subby, may I offer you somezing wiff which to plug up your 'earing, pairheps?"

Skeevo craned his neck forward to make it easier for Xander to stretch the hood over his head. "Like I could stop you."

And as multiple, if indistinguishable, fraternity hopefuls guzzled beer and scarfed pretzels on the main floor, Xander and Skeevo enjoyed some refreshments of their own specialized variety.

It was late. Xander and Skeevo lay side-by-side in bed, relaxing and enjoying the afterglow of their diversionary rubberplay. Skeevo had been unhooked from the bedposts and he'd pushed his gasmask up off of his face to rest atop his head like a shower cap.

Xander listened as the noise from downstairs dwindled to a very low murmur, broken by engines starting and cars departing, punctuated here and there by voices drifting in from the driveway and the street. "Sounds like the party's breakin' up", he observed.

"Thank God", Skeevo said.

"Funny how these Rush Week things just don't have the thrill, the excitement they used to have when we first started going here" Xander pondered.

"Yeah", Skeevo agreed. "Never knowing who would get accepted, who wouldn't. Having your first meetings with like-minded guys you could party with--or just plain hang with."

"Other gay fratboys", Xander specified. "Other rubber gay fratboys." He laughed. "God, remember when Christian first called us into his little Fraternity President's office, and he's all, 'I think you boys have a confession to make. It's come to my attention you two may be homosexuals, and perverted homosexuals at that."

Skeevo shook his head, smiling. "Almost shit my pants."

"Wouldn't have mattered, we both had rubber briefs on", Xander remarked. And they both laughed at that.

Skeevo went on, staring up at the ceiling. "Little did we know he was a gay rubberist himself. That whole 'cleansing punishment' performance he put us through. Jesus..."

Xander grinned. "Strapping us down on those tables covered in the rubber sheeting, lecturing us on virtue, morality, and God knows what else. Only to go ahead and--now, who was all there? It was him, Dirk Whatshisname, Stephen and--and, the football guy, which one was he, again?"

Skeevo's voice took on a dreamy quality. "Peyton."

Xander let out a low whistle. "Peyton. Riiiiiight. God, he was a piece of ass."

The two lay there in silence for a while longer, then Skeevo said, "Y'know, that night was the first time I'd ever been completely painted with Liquid Latex."

Xander nodded. "Gave whole new meaning to the term rubberboy." Then he frowned. "But there are some places where the hair never grew back."

Skeevo put his hands behind his head, his eyes looking very far away. "Man. That is what the whole frat experience should be all about. Total honesty,--that was the first time I came out to anybody other than you--the pranks, the fun, the freedom to totally be yourself with friends who feel the same way you do--"

Xander propped himself up on one elbow. "Skeevo, why can't it be?"

"Whattaya mean?"

"Buddy, that's it! We start up this year's frat pledges with that very thing specifically in mind!" Xander sat up, excited. "Why don't we do our own specialized pledge drive where we search out specifically and ONLY those freshman who are gay rubberboys? We create our own little college-age gay rubber haven right here at Rho Upsilon Beta Rho!"

Skeevo stared at him, his expression inscrutable. "Funny, I don't remember using any drugs in tonight's play."

Xander jumped off the bed and began to pace. "Dude, I'm serious. Instead of the usual much ballyhooed rush week extravaganza, we do a private search where we seek out only those candidates we feel meet our special criteria."

"Never say 'ballyhooed' again."

Xander went on, caught up in his idea. "No gay, no rubber, no admittance! Think about it. We could do this! Straights can go straight to the exit!"

"Well, we're not hurting for catchy slogans, if nothing else", Skeevo deadpanned, still lying on the bed.

Xander ignored him. "C'mon, those rich secret society elitists do it all the time, profiling their prospects, offering all kinds of special unforeseen benefits, performing secret and unspeakable rituals of initiation--!"

"What kind of rituals?", Skeevo asked, sitting up, suddenly interested.

"What kind of--?", Xander threw his arms up in dismay. "Skeev, they're unspeakable. What, do you need a dictionary??" Skeevo made a sincere frowny-face. Made sense. Xander jumped back on the bed, sitting right next to his friend. "Skeevo, we know how this stuff is done. We've seen the movie "The Skulls" like ten times by now."

Skeevo's face split with a wide, dopey grin. "Yeaahhh, with that hunky Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker. Yum. I would have these dreams every time after watching that show...y'know where they lower them down in that confessional cage? Only in my version, they're forced to wear rubber gear, head-to-toe, and there's no partition between them, but they are chained together, and they have to have sex. Right there, with everyone watching them. And the first one to reach orgasm has to--"

Xander snapped his fingers furiously in front of Skeevo's face. "Focus, Skeevo! Work with me here!"

Skeevo looked solemnly at Xander. "Sorry. I was in another place."

Xander spoke with enthusiasm. "Skeevo, buddy, are you with me on this or what?" He held out his hand to his best friend, who clasped it tightly in his own, sealing their agreement.

"I'm in. If nothing else, this new endeavor will save us a fortune in the cost of beer."

Xander smiled. "Which will be replaced by the expense of talcum powder and lube."

Skeevo thought a moment. "What about the other guys? Shouldn't they be in on this? They're not all gay, you know."

Xander ticked off points on his fingers. "Curtis, Isaac, and Jacob have all graduated. They were just here for the party. Tim and Andy are transferring, and that pretty much leaves Rich, who is totally gay and totally into rubber and totally out of town for the term for his independent study." Xander reached over to Skeevo's collar and gave a playful tug on his dog tag. "Sooo...shall we proceed with our fiendish plan?" Skeevo nodded, grinning.

Skeevo got up, gathering paper and pencils to begin defining their requirements. "But we should stay in our rubber gear as we do this, really. To keep in the spirit of things, possibly to inspire us, to hone our thinking process."

"And thereby keeping us hard while hard at work", Xander added.

"Absolutely", Skeevo agreed, offering him a No. 2 soft lead. "Pencil?"

It was very early in the morning, and Xander and Skeevo were nearing completion of their list of requirements for incoming pledges. Skeev sat at their desk as Xander paced the floor, stretching. The duo were surrounded by a clutter of notes, a variety of steno pads, pens, pencils, rubbergear catalogs, selected issues of Freshmen, Unzipped, and [2] magazine, and a slowly escalating mountain of crumpled paper wads that had overgrown the waste basket's capacity some two hours before.

"I think we've got it down", Skeevo said, the fatigue apparent in his voice.

"Thank God." Xander arched his back, trying to work out the kinks. He did a couple waist-twists, his rubber gloved hands clenched together. "What's the final requirement list look lik--" He stopped. "Hey, hey! Skeevo, you took off your collar, man! You're ruining the whole atmosphere we've got going here, the whole mood!"

Skeevo rubbed his eyes with his palms. "If this thing actually works--"

"WHEN it works", Xander emphasized.

"Okay, when it works, you and I will be rubber masters, not slaveboys. We won't be collared. Besides, it was making my neck sweat."

"Well, I kept my gloves on!" Xander displayed his bulky elbow-length rubber gloves. "You realize how hard it is to take notes and jot down ideas with industrial weight gloves on? Make a little sacrifice for the cause, man!"

Skeevo picked up some of Xander's illegible scribblings. "So that's what these are. I thought you were experimenting with hieroglyphics as part of your Egyptian History homework." Skeevo held up a page for Xander's inspection. "I mean, tell me that's not a rubber Anubis screwing a gay Sphinx."

Xander yanked off his gloves and tossed them over his shoulder. "So, anyway. The requirements--?"

Skeevo picked up a pad. "Right. Well, they aren't the problem. That was easy enough to define. The challenge was in phrasing the questions so it wouldn't be blatantly obvious what we were after. We didn't want to tip off all the heteros--"

"--and thus frighten away all the homos who would see using the application as the equivalent of being outed."

Skeevo dropped the pad. "Which it looks like we've got covered."

Xander fell back onto the bed. "As for the revised frat rules--we included the forced coming out ceremony?"

"Got it."

"Dress code?"

"Got it."

"Required sexual intercour--"

"EnCOURaged", Skeevo said.

"Yeah, yeah, encouraged sexual intercourse regiment through rubberplay to alleviate stress?"

"Got it." Skeevo swiveled in his chair to face Xander. "All that seems kind of unnecessary, really. I mean, once we get the boys into the frat and confirm they're gay, we can dope 'em up and indoctrinate them any way we want. As slaves, as pets, as pretty much whatever suits our fancy--"

Xander sprang up in alarm. "No, no, no! That would ruin everything!!"

Skeevo furrowed his brow. "Um, okay. Then we just stick to hypnosis. Subliminal tapes, like that."

Xander slashed at the air with downturned palms. Nix. "Skeeeeeeeevo, buddy! We gotta have these boys lucid! Clear-headed! We want them to be totally aware of everything that's going on!"

Skeevo still frowned. "Because--?"

"We're creating a haven, man! Think what it was like for us--to be young, scared, in the closet about being gay or being a rubberist--"

"Or both."

"Or both! And to find a frat with guys like Christian and gorgeous Piece Of Ass Peyton who accepted us for who we were, let us have a place where we could be ourselves, dress as ourselves, act as ourselves. This will create a whole new pervasive atmosphere of camaraderie, openness, and brotherhood! Where young rubbergays can live and work together in harmony and affection!"

Skeevo pondered that. "But we will still force them to suit up however we tell them and subject them to hideously embarrassing trials, right?"

Xander blinked. "Well, duh. Of course. It is a frat, for Christ's sake."

Skeevo pursed his lips. "Okay, cool. I'm down with that." He grabbed up the cluster of notes and scribbled pages. "Lemme get this typed up and printed out, then."

Skeevo proudly displayed the finished Rho Upsilon Beta Rho Pledge Application Questionnaire to Xander. "Voila."

Xander beamed. "It's done? It's finished? This is it, we're ready to start circulating these things?"

Skeevo glanced at his handiwork. "Formatting looks good. Doesn't look cheesy, and the questions are sufficiently obscured that the really straight kids won't pick up on what we're looking for." He snapped the first page with one finger. "Yup. I'd say we're all set to go. Had to do a little trimming here and there for content, but other than that--"

"What, you altered my questionnaire??" Xander snatched away the sheaf of papers, flipping through them frantically.

"I just cut some of the stuff I didn't feel was all that relevant", Skeevo stated flatly.

"Such as--?"

"Well, the whole section on penis length, for one thing."

"What?? You cut my Cock Size Survey?"

"It seemed a little self-serving. Not exactly vital informa--"

"But it IS vital! It tells you very important details about the applicant! Do they already know their size, or do they have to stop and measure? If they already have measured, did they commit it to memory? Are they thorough? Did they think to include both flaccid and erect proportions--"

Skeevo retrieved the papers. "Which tells us very little about whether or not they're gay, or may be into rubber, or are trainable--"

Xander grabbed the papers back roughly. "It was vital, I tell you, Vi-talll psychological profiling."

"And you get off on it."

Xander shrugged. "Well, there is that."

Skeevo grinned. "Let's distribute these and nab us some fresh young potential rubberboy playmate subordinants, shall we?"

"Let's shall."



Xander threw the final questionnaire applications at Skeevo. "We pass out how many of these damn things and we wind up with only four genuine applicants?!"

Skeevo gestured to the piles of rejected questionnaires all around them. "Dude, it's not as if we only got four back. There are what, how many dozens of pages here that we went through?" Skeevo picked up the four keepers and waved them at Xander. "These are the only ones that fit the profiling. These are the only ones we can practically guarantee are gay and will get into rubberplay--if they're not already."

Xander shook his head, looking at the sizable discard pile. "Only four. Are you sure we distributed the forms to everyplace we decided around campus?"

"Positive. Xander, look at it this way: Only one in every ten guys is gay, right? Well, we hacked that ratio down even smaller 'cause we wanted guys who were gay AND into rubber. Who knows how small a percentage that is?"

Xander picked up a questionnaire from the discard pile. "What about this guy? You look at him?" He skimmed over the filled-in answers. "Into weight lifting. Poetry & Theatre Writing major. Enjoys choir. Favorite color's purple. And he's not seeing anyone." Xander flapped the sheet back and forth. "IIIIIII'm sensing a big ol' pink triangle here. Why don't we add him to--"

Skeevo rested his chin in his palm. "His fantasy is to have sex with Yasmine Bleeth."

"Oh. Well, that could be just a cover--"

"On top of his ex-girlfriend's hope chest."

Xander dropped the page like it was a turd. "Four, huh? Four whole potential rubberboys right here at this university. What're the odds, huh?"

"It's staggering."

"So", Xander said, opening his arms wide as the four freshmen applicants made their way into the frat house, "this is your big welcome to the house of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho." He flashed a slightly overbearing smile. "Welcome."

Both he and Skeevo were attired in very crisp denim jeans, black shoes, and brand spanking new sweatshirts bearing their fraternity letters. The four boys walked inside the house rather hesitantly, not quite sure what to expect. In the lead was a boy with dark brown hair and discerning eyes. He seemed to be the most no-nonsense of the quartet, as evidenced by the way he pushed his way to the front of the group when they were invited in. And he didn't walk in so much as stride. His name was Jesse.

The next young man had an impressive muscular build that was considerably offset by his humorous demeanor. He had sharp features, close-cropped dark hair, and a very wide smile. He looked a little too eager to please. Skeevo instantly pegged him as the type who would do the most humiliating initiation stunts without question or resistance if he thought it would ensure his acceptance. He was Jason.

The third boy looked as if he would have preferred to enter last, but was pushed along by the fellow pledge behind him. He had an innocent face, and his head was covered in a thick mop of very blond hair. He would occasionally flash a look with his eyes that made him appear much younger than he was. He looked as if he should have a large warning label splashed across his shirtfront reading: FRAGILE. He was Jordan.

And last was the adorable young man with the impish smirk that could transform without warning into a wry smile. His slightly bushy sandy-brown hair hung over his forehead and was trimmed short above his slightly oversized ears. His boyish face had beautiful eyes that shone with intelligence and guile. Skeevo almost did a double-take when he saw him. Almost. It was the cute boy from the Rush Week party who had lingered near the door. His name was Jonathan.

"When do the rest of the potential pledges get here?", Jesse asked.

"You're it", Skeevo said. Xander closed the door behind them.

"Waitaminnit...", Jason said. "You mean, we're the only ones who wanted to get into this frat?" You could see his hopes of campus popularity plummeting as his tone of voice rose.

"You four were chosen through a very thorough process designed to weed out all but the optimum candidates to help launch an all-new generation of this fraternity", Xander explained, trying his best to make it sound like a momentous event.

Jesse scowled. "Meaning--?"

Skeevo crossed his arms. "It's kinda like a secret society, only without all the car chases, murder cover-ups, and threats of blackmail. You guys will become the new elite of the fraternity of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho. If you pass the required tests, that is."

Jordan looked very concerned. Jason looked confused. Jonathan's expression was hard to define, beyond thoughtful. But Jesse was becoming irritated. "Okay, hold on. How do we know there even were other applicants? For all we know, you sought us out as some kind of joke, made us fill out those ridiculously involved question sheets that asked damn near everything except our dick length--"

"Damn those editorial cuts anyway", Xander muttered.

"--and we have nothing but your say-so that of all the guys on campus who want into a frat, you just happen to pick us--"

Skeevo upended a cardboard box he retrieved from behind the couch. Dozens upon dozens of questionnaires from rejected applicants littered the floor. Skeevo then tossed the box aside and gestured toward the pile. "Take a look."

Jesse squatted down and began examining the papers to ascertain their authenticity. Jordan followed him, as did Jason. Jonathan elected to stand and observe. "Are--are all these real?", Jordan asked.

"The answer to that would be a big ole 'Yup', I'm thinkin'", Xander responded.

Jason held up one paper with reverence. "Guys, they rejected Brad Stergell. The all-star with the track scholarship. H-he's been in the papers. They're talkin' Olympics for him!"

Jordan pulled out another one. "Oh, man. They eighty-sixed Avery Carlston, too. That guy's whole family is loaded. His weekly allowance is more than I make in a year."

Jesse picked one up too. "Well, they're not all impressive. Who the hell is Peter G. Runkoskorski??"

"I have no clue", Xander admitted. "But the important thing is, he's not you four. None of these guys are."

Jonathan finally spoke. "What makes us so special?"

Skeevo began to walk into the next room. "Follow us and we'll show you."


Xander and Skeevo led the quartet into the next room and down a small hallway. At the far end of the hallway on the right was a small bedroom which, for tonight, had been renovated for a very special function. Xander blocked the doorway.

"Before we go in here, fellas, you need to know right off the bat that you really were chosen for a very specific and important reason. And once you cross the threshold, there's no turning back."

Jordan looked worried. Jason said, "Is this one of those things where you build up your first initiation prank so we're primed for it by being scared out of our wits?"

"It's no prank", Xander explained. "But it is a trial. If you want to bail out now, neither Skeevo or I will think less of you."

Skeevo chimed in from behind them. "Your fellow initiates may mock you like crazy and make rude comments about you after you're gone, but hey, nobody said our system was perfect."

Jesse crossed his arms defiantly. "I'm in." The others in the groups nodded, though Jordan waited until the others were clearly showing their compliance before he nodded too.

Xander said, "Very good, boys. Skeevo?"

Skeevo took a box from a nearby hall table. "Gentlemen, I'll need your shoes and socks, please. Remove them and place them in this box before you enter the trial room."

Jason looked at him crossways. "What? Why, did you just shampoo the rug or something?"

Skeevo tapped the side of the box. "Let's go."

Jesse looked as if he was about to question this when there was a dull thud as Jonathan dropped his shoes into the box. He had tucked his socks neatly into the shoes. He then looked at his brethren as if to say, "Okay, you next."

Skeevo looked approvingly at Jonathan and said, "Roll up your pants, too. To about mid- calf." And Jonathan obediently began to fold back his pantlegs in wide cuffs.

Xander nudged the others along. "Come on, time's a'wastin!"

Skeevo muttered under his breath, "At this rate, we'll never get to the gratuitous gay sex and humiliating rubberplay." Thankfully, nobody heard him.

But in another few seconds the boys were all barefoot and led into the room. There were four rickety wooden chairs arranged in a circle in the close quarters of the small room. At the head of the circle were two more chair, considerably more modern-looking and comfortably cushioned. There was a small table nearby the head chairs with a locked drawer. The wooden chairs looked oddly familiar to the four boys, who stepped hesitantly into the room, wondering what would be done to them there. Jordan kept glancing up at the ceiling and walls as if he were waiting for something to jump out at him.

On the wall directly across from the door were two tall arched windows of yellowed beveled glass covered by a pattern of spiraled wrought-iron bars. Hence there was no air and very little light coming in through the window, which pretty much defeated the purpose of having windows in the first place. As a result, what should have opened up the sparse room and made it a bit more inviting made it seem closed-off and claustrophobic.

Jonathan moved away from the group and walked slowly around the wooden chairs which were obviously intended for the new pledges. Skeevo could see the light come on in Jonathan's eyes when he got a better look at the chairs. The sturdy arms and legs of the chairs had formidable medical restraints, and the large strap looped around the back of the chairs that Jonathan at first thought was a book pocket, was in fact an additional restraint belt designed to lock around the front of the chair and secure the occupant across the chest and biceps.

Jonathan smirked. "They're electric chairs", he said.

"Bingo", Xander replied. "But specially modified for our own unique purposes."

All heads but Xander's turned at the sound of a harsh click as Skeevo locked the door with a sizeable deadbolt and padlock.

Jordan let out a tiny whimper and Jason smiled nervously. Jesse was unimpressed. Plopping down dramatically in the fourth chair, he scoffed, "Oh, please! These things aren't even plugged in. The don't even have plugs. No metal skullcap, no wiring. It's all a big setup, guys. Get over it."

"So what's in the cupboard?", Jonathan asked.

Jason was caught off guard. "Huh? What cupboard?"

The other three boys followed Jonathan's pointing finger, and sure enough, there in the far corner of the room was a small wall cupboard latched shut. Skeevo grinned. "Geez, this kid doesn't miss a trick."

Xander jumped in. "One thing at a time, my lad. First we deal with these handsome chairs."

Jesse interlaced his fingers, and raised one mocking eyebrow. "So, you gonna strap me in now?"

"No", Skeevo said flatly. Then pointing at the other three pledges, "They are."

Xander gestured to the seated pledge and spoke to the others. "Gentlemen, if you'd be so kind." With some verbal guidance from Xander and Skeevo, the three boys strapped Jesse in tight. His wrists were secured to the chair's arms, his ankle to the front legs. The final touch was a very broad strap which clamped down on his chest and biceps, holding him tightly in place. He wasn't going anywhere. Jesse attempted to remain aloof and uncaring about the process, but by the time the chest strap was fitted around him, he began to feel concerned.

Xander tapped the third chair in the circle. "Jason, if you could have a seat?" Jason sat in the wooden chair, gulping audibly. Jordan and Jonathan strapped him, a bit more quickly this time.

Xander nodded to chair number two. " Jordan." Jordan sat down gingerly, as if he were afraid something on the seat would sting him. Jonathan set to work on Jordan's straps, locking him in place.

"Not too tight", Jordan said pleadingly.

"Don't worry", Jonathan assured him. Then, without being told, Jonathan took a seat in the first chair. "So who's gonna--?"

Xander began to step forward but Skeevo intervened. "I'll do it." Skeevo strapped Jonathan into his chair good and secure. Afterward, he looked at Jonathan and asked, "Okay?"

Jonathan grinned. "All tucked in, dad." Skeevo tousled his hair.

Jesse was getting tired of this game. "So now what? You let mice run over us, or pet tarantulas? Now that we can't get away?"

Jordan blanched, looking on the verge of coronary thrombosis. "T-tarantulas?"

Skeevo walked to the windows and lit a row of tall white taper candles in ornate metal holders.

"Hardly", Xander said. "Now that you can't move, we prevent you from escaping from something far more frightening than bugs and vermin." Skeevo turned the light dimmer knob down to the barest minimum, providing enough light for all to be seen, but only just.

"And what's that?", Jesse challenged.

The two leaders took their seats. "Yourselves", Skeevo said.

Jason looked nervous as well. "Wait, wait, what is this, really? What is our trial? Why are we doing this?"

Xander said, "We're doing this because we can't afford the resources to lead you on a phone tag chase, have you drink a knock out drug and then cart you off to a hidden subterranean chamber so you can wake up in coffins."

Jonathan smiled. "I love that movie."

"We spend our funding on other resources and materials", said Skeevo. "You'll find out what later on."

"On whatever's in that cupboard, I'll bet", Jonathan guessed. But Skeevo only grinned, saying nothing.

But Xander did. "Jonathan, you're in chair number one. We'll start with you."

"What do you want to know?" Jonathan seemed unphased by the process and dramatic trappings.

Xander leaned forward, resting his arms on his thighs. "You can start with how long you've been in the closet."

The other three turned their heads to look with dismay at their comrade. Jordan gasped. Jonathan dropped his head down. Staring at his lap, he took a very deep breath. Then, with steely eyes, he raised his head and spoke very evenly. "What tipped you off?"

Xander unlocked the drawer to the small table beside him and drew out a handful of papers. "Exhaustive and cleverly-worded fraternity application questionnaire, my friend." He shook the papers, ruffling them with flourish before all the restrained boys. Eyes bulged and mouths gaped. Now they knew what they were being restrained for. To prevent escape from the truth. And from voicing it.

"Wait a goddamn minute here", Jesse said. "You think we're all a bunch'a fags, is that it? And you're gonna make us--what, confess to it??" The boys shared silent looks of unspoken terror. What had they gotten themselves into?

Jordan began to shake his head violently. "No, no, no. I don't want to do this anymore. This isn't what I applied for. I just wanted to belong to something, to be accepted in a group. Don't make me do this--!" He struggled uselessly at his bonds, knowing full well he wasn't going anywhere.

Xander held out a hand to urge Jordan to stop thrashing. "Just hang on, buddy. We're not done talking to Jonathan yet." Jordan slumped against the stiff chairback, swallowing back tears.

Skeevo looked at Jonathan. "Don't you have something to share with your fraternity brothers?"

Jonathan was inscrutable. "Didn't I already?"

"Say the words, Jon. You have to actually say the words. Loud enough for us to hear you", Xander clarified.

Jonathan took another deep breath. He began to speak, looking down at the floor, but then he lifted his eyes to meet those of Xander and Skeevo. Then he turned his head just enough to see the other boys, which wasn't difficult, given the position of the chairs. "Yes", he said finally. "I'm a homosexual."

Jordan shook his head. "God, no. Not the "h" word!"

Jesse began to tug at his bonds as well. "This is bullshit, man. Let me up--let me out!

Skeevo remained passive. "Everybody gets a turn. Jordan, you're up." Jordan kept shaking his head, crying, tears now flowing down his cheeks.

In a voice that was almost a squeak, Jordan said, "I didn't sign up for this. Why are you doing this to us? All I wanted was to belong to a group, some group, any group. Not to feel alone all the time. To just be accepted for who I am. I never--I never--"

"You do belong to a group already, Jordy", Xander said.

"That's not my name! Don't CALL me that! It's Jordan! I'm Jordan!!"

Xander looked at Skeevo. Should we let him up? Have we gone too far? Skeevo held up his palm, indicating Xander should stay put. The kid was on the verge of a breakthrough. Let him go.

Softly, Skeevo said, "It's not the sense of belonging you're missing, Jordan. It's denying the group you already belong to that's causing all the--"

Jordan cut him off. "My brother used to call me that! All the time, it was Jordy-this, Jordy-that! Said it was a better name for a faggot like me! He called me those names-- faggot, queer, homo, even before I knew what they meant. So when I turned 12, in the seventh grade, when I was there in first hour Biology, and Kip Fletcher walked in..."

Jordan 's voice became so soft, so tender, it was clear that he was looking into the past at that moment. He was reliving what he had felt then, what he had always held in check. The room was deathly quiet while he gathered his thoughts and began to form words.

"He was so perfect. He was funny, he was smart, he could draw, play guitar--he was so talented. Everybody liked him, he talked to everybody, too. No one was beneath him or in the wrong clique." Jordan swallowed, sniffed, and another tear rolled down his face. He spoke again very, very quietly. "And Christ Jesus, he was so cute. So incredibly adorable. Every day he would walk into class and talk to everybody; joking, smiling, and God, it broke my heart just to look at him because I knew I could never even touch him. And that's when I knew. That's when I understood what they meant. All those words, those names my older brother had been calling me all those years growing up."

Jordan closed his eyes tight, and tears flowed freely down his cheeks to drop down upon the strap that bound his chest, and to spatter upon his pantlegs. "And I knew that he was right." Jordan sobbed audibly. "Hu-uhh, hukk--shit, he had been right about me all along, and I never even knew it."

Jordan shook his head slightly, now clenching his eyes shut, forcing out more tears. And when he opened his eyes again, they burned red with more than sorrow. They burned with the fire of determination and sustained rage. And Jordan's voice had a grating edge that no one present would have thought him capable of when he said, "And that year I swore to God in heaven that no one would ever know what my brother suspected. And that I would never, never, ever tell anyone what I'd realized. Because I would rather die miserable, alone, and unloved than ever give my brother the satisfaction of having any proof that he was right."

Jordan leaned his head back against his chair and stared at the ceiling, the tears still coming. No one else spoke. No one dared. Xander and Skeevo had no clever remarks. Jonathan's eyes conveyed all the tender support his voice could not. Jason stared in shocked disbelief. Jesse looked horrified. And Jordan wept, whispering to no one, "He was right. My fucking abusive brother was right all the time. I'm a pansy, a queer, a fairy." He sniffed hard, and choked on his tears. "Jesus help me..."

"He is helping you", Skeevo said, feeling neither irony nor sacrilege at his words. "He brought you to us."

Xander spoke up as well. "That's right. And you know something? You're brother was dead wrong about you. Because you're not a pansy, or a queer, or a fairy, Jordan. You're gay. And there's a big difference. And what you just did took serious guts. You may be one of the bravest people I've ever known."

Jordan 's voice was now a hoarse whisper. "I still don't think I can say it. I can't..."

Skeevo opened his mouth to speak but to his surprise, Jonathan beat him to it. "It's okay, Jordan. We're here. You're not alone. You can say it. It's gonna be alright. Take all the time you need." And he flashed a warm and caring smile. "It's not like we're going anywhere."

Jordan looked at Jonathan. Tearful, reddened eyes met those bright and giving. After a moment more, Jordan said as evenly as he could, "I'm gay."

Jonathan smiled again. "I'm proud of you."

"We all are", Xander added. Then, turning to the next chair, he said, "Aren't we, Jason?"

"Well, yeah! That was pretty impressive, I mean, it was intense and all, but whoa, I was really pretty blown away by--" Then Jason caught on. "Ohh, fuck a duck, it's my turn, isn't it?"

Skeevo raised his eyebrows. "Yup."

"Y-y-you want me to say--?", Jason stammered.

"'Fraid so", Xander confirmed.

"I never went through anything as bad as Jordan, though. I never felt like I had to hold in, I mean, not like that..."

"S'okay", Skeevo assured him. "Just say it in your own words."

Jason flashed a very nervous smile. "It's just, you know, I'm not even sure about it or anything. I've had thoughts and wondered--that's normal, right? I mean, everybody wonders at some point, don't they? We wonder, we experiment--" Jason paused, then said more softly, "--or we dream about experimenting. I mean, we think! Imagine, even, is a better way of putting it! We iMAGine experimenting with someone--or something, rather--and what I'm saying is we all, we all, we all at one time or another--"

Jason fidgeted beneath his bonds, his toes curling and uncurling, his fingers clawing at empty air. He licked his lips, then swallowed twice. "--and we end up, well, we could find ourselves, if the circumstances are right--"

Everyone stared at him, wondering where the hell this was going. They hoped by some accident he might blather himself into a complete sentence.

"--aaannnnnnd we might find ourselves, um--", and he finished very rapidly under his breath, "--jacking off to a magazine article on Justin Timberlake." Everyone simply continued to stare at him. Jason let out a deep sigh and his shoulders sagged. "Okay, you win. I'm gay, too."

At that, all eyes in the room turned to Jesse in the last chair. Jesse had a haunted look in his eyes, but his mouth was a thin line of anger. He glanced briefly at the other three boys, then shot daggers at Xander and Skeevo. "No fucking way, man."

Xander and Skeevo just looked at him. Jonathan spoke. "It's your turn, Jess."

Jesse looked at him. "My ass, it's my turn! I don't belong here! They made a mistake!" Then looking back at Xander and Skeev, "You made a mistake! I'm not ga--I'm not like them!" He jerked his head toward the other three boys.

Xander crossed his arms. "We tend to think otherwise."

Jesse was seriously tugging at his bonds. He was making absolutely no progress against the straps, but was doing a fairly good job of rubbing his wrists and ankles raw. "You think wrong! There's nothing about me, I'm telling you, absolutely nothing, that would make you think I'm---that I'm that way!" Jesse's shoulders lurched forward, trying to loosen the chest strap, his knees bucked, as he hoped to come free of the ankle bonds. But the most active were his hands and arms, as he clenched and unclenched his fists, braced his elbows against the wooden armrests and tried to push off. "When I get out of this I am kicking your ass! Fuckers!"

Skeevo put his chin in his palm. "Jesse..."

"You can't know! I don't care what you think you've figured out, I'm telling you, you just can't know something like this about a person--and you're wrong about me, dammitt!"

Skeev looked at Xander, who was already flipping through the small stack of applications. He pulled out Jesse's and showed it to the room. Xander pointed to the form. "Your handwriting?"

"You know it is, you--"

Xander stood up, and started reading selected bits. "Given a choice, you'd buy your clothes at a.) Abercrombie & Fitch b.) Old Navy c.) International Male or d.) The GAP. And you chose c.), International Male."

Jesse continued to struggle in every sense. "I never even heard of that place! I thought you wanted guys who were all fancy and stuff, and that sounded good! Let me up!"

"Your list of favorite movies includes, "Cabaret", "Another Country", and " Philadelphia", among others."

Jesse's face was going red. "That doesn't mean anything! I listed "The Skulls", too!"

Jonathan sighed. "Love that movie." Jesse practically roared, his thrashing increased.

Jason even grinned a little. "There's that whole scene when Paul Walker is shadow boxing, no shirt on--"

"My favorite movie was Disney's "Mulan" ", Jordan admitted.

"For that whole Reflections song, right? Yeah, I get that", Jason said.

"Shut UP!!", Jesse shouted.

"Of magazines you subscribe to", Xander read on, "you mention GQ and Men's Health."

"I like to work out, goddammitt! It doesn't mean--!"

"Funny how the football teams he said he roots for have the hottest quarterbacks, too", Skeevo interjected.

"Hey, that's right!", Xander agreed. "And dude, your answer to 'How much cologne to wear to impress your date' was so right-on--"

"You CAN'T know!", Jesse yelled. "You can't know this! I-I've been too careful--!" And at that, Jesse stopped struggling. Quietly, he said, "I've been so careful, you can't have figured it out."

Xander tossed the pages down onto the table and sat back down. Jesse looked away from everyone, staring off into a dim corner of the room. Without inflection one way or the other, he said, "You're right. I'm gay."

Skeevo got up. "And now for the hard part, gentlemen."

Jordan looked pained. "The hard part? You mean it gets harder than this?? I don't think I can handle--"

Xander got up too, pulling the last item from the drawer in the small table. "It doesn't take long, Jordan. But it's far from easy."

"And it's a requirement if you want to be in the frat", Skeevo stressed.

Xander held up the object he'd taken out. It was a handheld mirror with a large glass. "You have to come out to yourself."

Jason and Jordan looked a little puzzled. Something passed over Jonathan's face that indicated that he understood. Jesse looked upset again. "No, no wait", Jesse pleaded. "I already came out to all of you guys, I shouldn't have to be made to--"

Xander walked toward Jonathan with the mirror. "Yeah, you do. If you wanna live with yourself, anyway." Xander held the mirror up to Jonathan, who saw his reflection in it. He stared at himself until Xander prompted him. "Go on."

Jonathan looked up at Xander, who said, "Don't look at me, buddy, I already know. Tell yourself. Say it, admit it, and accept it."

Jonathan looked back at himself reflected in the mirror. He took a deep breath, and with the most confidence he could muster, he told himself, "I'm gay."

"Good job", Xander congratulated him, moving over one chair to Jordan. " Jordan, go ahead."

Jordan seemed almost eager. His face still a bit moist from the tears he could not wipe away, he looked at himself in the mirror and fairly shouted, "I'm gay! I'm gay!" He gasped a bit after, looking as if he'd thrown away a tremendous weight he'd been carrying for a long time.

Xander rested a hand on his shoulder. "Excellent, Jordan. Well done." He moved on to Jason, who squirmed a bit in his seat.

Jason couldn't look at himself in the mirror at first, but eventually took in his own reflection. "I--I--I'm g-gay." He swallowed, then tried again, almost staring himself down. "I'm gay." He too look relieved, then looked up at Xander and glanced over at Skeevo. "Hey, I'm gay. I really am, I'm gay!"

Xander smiled. "We know, man. Good work."

Last, it was Jesse's turn. He was shaking his head. "Don't make me. I'm serious."

"You should be." Xander poised the mirror before him. "And so are we." Jesse closed his eyes tight, unable to look at himself in the mirror.

Jonathan urged him on. "Come on, Jesse, you can do this." The other boys joined in, their words more of support than ridicule. "You can, man, you can do it!", they said, and "Jesse, we're right here", "We're with you, Jess", "Dude, it feels so good, just say it."

Slowly, Jesse opened his eyes. He stared into the mirror and looked at himself as if he were gazing at a stranger. Which on some level, he was. Then with a voice devoid of his usual sarcastic edge, he greeted himself. "Hi." And he paused for a while. Then, "I'm gay."

The other boys whooped and hollered and whistled to his success. Jesse looked as if he had just been through a wilderness survival weekend. Xander beamed at him. "I'm proud of you, Jesse. Good job."

Jesse looked up at him, new light in his eyes. "Thanks."

Xander set down the mirror and said, "Gentlemen, you have just survived your first trial as pledges to the fraternity of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho."

"Now we have something to show you", Skeevo said. At that, he turned to Xander and the duo kissed. Their arms wrapped gently around each other and they shared a long, passionate, tender embrace. The four boys sat strapped in their chairs, staring with wide eyes. After about a minute the kiss ended, and Xander and Skeevo stepped slightly apart, though their arms remained draped around each other's shoulders.

"Questions?", Skeevo asked.

Jesse stammered. "Y-yo-you mean that you-you guys a-are--?"

"Yepper", Xander said. "We're gay. Always have been."

Jason's mouth was still agape. "'re not going to out us to the whole campus or anything?"

Skeevo frowned. "Fuck no. This frat is made for guys like you--like us. A place where you can be yourself, and be totally at ease with yourself, among like-minded friends. Among brothers."

Xander looked pointedly at Jordan. "To belong." Jordan was silent, but his expression conveyed enormous gratitude.

Skeevo said, "At this point, your lives have been changed forever. You can't deny that. You had the guts and the courage to come out to total strangers and put everything on the line and say the two scariest words in a young guy's life. Now comes the big invitation." He took a dramatic pause, then continued. "You get to decide if you want to continue on your journey as a Rho Upsilon Beta Rho man, or if you want to bug out."

Xander pointed back the way they had come. "If you want out, now's the time. There's the door. Say the word, and we unstrap you and send you on your way. Your secret--if you want it to stay a secret--is safe with us."

"But if you do go", Skeevo warned, "you go. You aren't coming back."

"So what's it gonna be, boys?", Xander asked.

"I'm in", Jonathan said.

"Me, too", Jason agreed. "Count me in."

Jordan smiled. "I've been looking for a place like this all my life. You bet your ass I'm in."

They looked at Jesse. He exhaled out his nose. "Well, I am getting pretty sick of hiding my latest copy of OUT every time somebody walks in the room. Yeah. I'm in."

Skeevo smiled. To Xander, he said, "Break out the boots!"

Jesse wrinkled his brow. "Boots?"

"There's more to being in this frat than just being gay", Skeevo said.

"A LOT more", Xander agreed, having returned from the cupboard Jonathan had been so curious about earlier, where he retrieved four pairs of rubber knee boots for the bound pledge boys. Xander nodded to Skeevo. "If you would do the honors, my good man."

"Indubitably", Skeevo said with mock flair, and then proceeded to visit each pledge's chair and unzip every boy's pants. He pulled their trousers down just enough to fully reveal their underwear without exposing their privates. But the boys did look pretty exposed, regardless.

"Hey! What the hell IS this--?!", Jesse spluttered.

"You-you guys aren't going to do--gay stuff to us, are you?", Jason asked.

Skeevo rolled his eyes as he yanked open Jason's fly. "Dude, you are gay. You just said." He patted Jason on the shoulder and moved on to Jordan, who squirmed nervously. "It's gonna be okay, buddy", Skeevo said, trying to calm him. It worked a little.

Jonathan seemed to be the only one still at ease. "Those boots for us?", he asked as Skeevo opened up his fly for him. Skeevo just grinned. Jonathan sent a silent message to Skeevo with his eyes which was a clear invitation that Skeevo needn't stop with simply opening Jonathan's fly. Skeevo stopped for a moment when he saw Jonathan's expression, realizing the meaning behind it. Then Skeev grinned back, and patted Jonathan on the thigh as he got up.

"One thing at a time, man", Skeevo said just softly enough for Jonathan alone to hear him.

"And now, our prospective pledges, our Four J's", Xander began, and paused. Turning to Skeevo, he said, "Hey, I like that. Jesse, Jason, Jordan, Jonathan--the Four J's. Let's go with it." Skeevo shrugged noncommittally. Okay, why not? "Anyway, Four J's", Xander went on, "now the next test, intended to check your response to certain...specific stimuli." Xander walked over to Jesse and slipped his bare feet into a pair of the unlined rubber boots. He looked directly into Jesse's eyes as he placed them on his feet, saying, "How do they feel?"

Jesse shuddered a bit, remarking, "Whoa. They're cold. They're all rubber. I mean, there's no lining in these things. Whoa."

"Two 'whoa's", Skeevo said. "That's a good sign."

"Annnnd here's an even better one", Xander said, pointing to Jesse's crotch. Jesse had sprouted a very visible erection within his now-exposed shorts. "The man likes the feel of rubber on his skin."

"Wait!", Jesse said defensively. "This doesn't mean anything! I just--I just--!"

"Calm down, Jess", Xander chided. "This is a good thing." He then move don to Jason, putting the second pair of boots on his feet. "And you, my lad?"

Jason inhaled slowly. "Ohhhh, I see what he means. Cold...but it's nice, it--" And Jason's crotch finished his sentence for him. He too was very erect at the contact with the rubber boots.

Xander moved on to Jordan, who remained relatively limp after having the boots put on his feet. Xander frowned. "Hmmm..."

Jordan began to splutter. "They feel really good, honest! I like the boots! Just like the other guys! I just--it's just that--I'm all nervous, and--and--don't kick me out over this."

"Hey, hey, take it easy, man", Xander said, resting a hand upon Jordan's shoulder. "It's cool. You belong now. Nobody's getting kicked out. Chill." Jordan settled down a bit. Xander moved in close to him and whispered, "How do the boots feel on you? Really?"

Jordan met Xander's eyes, realizing it was safe to tell the truth. "Weird. Strange. Kinda cool and smooth...and sorta...I dunno, sexy, I guess."

Xander stayed squatted down before Jordan, and meeting his eyes, spoke softly. "You'll do fine."

Xander then moved on to Jonathan with the final pair of rubber boots. Jonathan was already hard as the proverbial rock. Xander did a double-take. "Dude! Wait for the friggin' stimuli first, okay, man? Geez!"

Jonathan smiled broadly. "Sorry. Anticipation." Jonathan looked over to Skeevo, who seemed to have the look of a proud parent or older brother.

Xander placed the boots on Jonathan and as he got up, said, "You are so totally in, chief." He then took his place beside fellow frat master Skeevo and announced, "And this concludes this portion of our opening trials. We needed to see how you guys would physically react to contact with rubber. So far, I'd say you're doing just fine." Xander turned to Skeevo and said, "What say we turn 'em loose?"

The two fratboys did just that, unstrapping all the young pledges from their stripped electric chairs. Hugs were shared all around with the boys, even Jesse. Jason was so overwhelmed by the experience, he kept saying, "I'm gay, I'm gay", over and over as he hugged his fellow pledges. Jesse's eyes even moistened for a second, but he was quick to wipe away the tears before anyone saw. Jordan clutched Xander in a tight bear hug without even zipping his pants back up. He thanked Xander profusely for his acceptance, for finally being free from hiding. Xander was clearly caught off-guard, assuring Jordan it was okay while trying in vain to peel him off. Finally, he just gave up and held onto the young pledge, patting his back.

Jonathan walked over to Skeevo and extended a hand. "Thanks for the experience", Jonathan said evenly, shaking his master's hand.

"No prob", Skeevo responded. In a moment their handshake shifted to a hug. While in their embrace, Jonathan turned his head slightly and began to kiss Skeevo's neck. Skeev was quick to pull away. "Okay then!", Skeevo announced, "Let's make our way out of this little torture chamber and into our less-than-lavish but serviceable living room, shall we?"

In short order, the two fratboys and the Four J's, still in their rubber boots, lounged in the frat house's living room. Xander and Skeevo had beers, the pledges were only allowed sodas. At least this time. Xander leaned back, placing his hands behind his head. "Aahhh, but this whole liberating experience would've been so much more satisfying if you boys were officially suited up as pledges first."

Skeevo smirked. "You creaming your jeans while the boys here bared their souls might not have been as constructive as you'd think."

Jonathan tilted his head to the side, confused. "'Suited up'? What does he mean, 'suited up'?" Then, to Xander, "What does that mean?"

The rest of the quartet bore expressions ranging from curiosity to concern. "You aren't going to put us in some hokey uniforms, are you?", Jesse asked.

"Not exactly hokey, no", Skeevo said. "It's just that now that you boys are all out, it's time for you to take your first official step to begin your life as a member of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho."

"First step?", Jason said. "Wasn't what we just did--coming out to a bunch of strangers--"

"And yourselves", Skeevo interjected.

"Yeah, okay, and ourselves", Jason acquiesced, "Wasn't that the first step?"

Xander rested his arms across his chairback. "That was simply a vital step to living honestly as persons--as men." He stressed the word to emphasize that sexual orientation had nothing to do with being a real man. Skeevo nodded curtly in agreement. "What comes next is your first step in becoming a true member of this fraternity. Of becoming one of us."

The boys sat in silence, waiting for further explanation as Xander and Skeevo stared at them in silence. Finally, Jordan spoke up. "So...what do we do now?"

Skeevo pointed towards a doorway across the living room. "Changing room's through there."


Xander and Skeevo sat waiting for the better part of fifteen minutes. Xander rocked back and forth on the back legs of his chair, his foot propped on the edge of a table. Skeevo flipped absently through a magazine, occasionally exhaling loudly through his nose.

Xander craned his neck and hollered to the closed door at the opposite end of the room. "You guys done in there or what? C'mon, let's go! What's the holdup?"

From behind the door, Jesse's muffled voice said, "Do we really have to wear these?"

Jason said, "Do you want us to put our clothes back on over these, then?"

Skeevo spoke just loud enough to be heard, "Yes to the first, no to the second."

Xander was getting impatient. "All right already! You guys dressed or what?!"

"Umm...we're dressed...", Jordan answered.

"Then let's get out here. Forward march, people!", Xander commanded, clapping his hands briskly.

The door opened slowly and the four fraternity pledges stepped out very slowly. Xander pointed at the center of the room. "All the way out here. Let's move it along." Like four condemned prisoners, the boys shuffled over to be inspected. All four of the J's were now dressed identically. They were clad in high-collared, tight-fitting black rubber bodysuits. On their feet (and legs, really) were unlined rubber Wellington hip waders. Their suits were generously powdered, spattered, and smeared with the talc the boys had used to get their snug suits on. On the left breast of every suit was the legend in raised small white rubber letters: "Property of RHO UPSILON BETA RHO".

Jesse ran his fingers over the lettering, saying, "Uh, guys? Does this refer to the suits being your property, or us?"

Xander just grinned. "Why don't you let us worry about that for now?"

Jonathan, the only one of the boys who looked the least bit comfortable in his new uniform, pointed to the main sitting area, which was now littered with piles of oversized cushions and giant pillows. "Howcum the living room suddenly looks like a harem?"

Skeevo stepped right up to Jonathan, repeating Xander's words with a sly grin. "Why don't you let us worry about that for now?" Skeevo then gestured that the quartet was to move into the center of the room, and stand amidst the piles of pillows.

There were a few complaints among them. "This thing is pretty damn tight", Jason moaned as he tried to walk. "I--I think there's a seam or something right over my--uh, on my butt", Jordan added. "It's kind of uncomfortable." Jesse chimed in with, "And what's with the fold-over flap over my crotch?" Jonathan alone kept quiet.

"There are rules here", Xander started, ignoring their complaints. "First and foremost, while you boys are here in this frat house, you WILL wear rubber. All rubber, and nothing but."

"What if we don't get off on rubber?", Jesse challenged.

"Who said this was for your benefit?", Skeevo countered. Jesse lowered his head.

"Every Friday night during your initiation period", Xander continued, "you will report to the frat house immediately after your last class, hand in your street clothes--which will then be locked safely away in an undisclosed place--and you will be assigned your rubber gear which you will wear all weekend long. You will not get your other clothes back until Monday morning."

"So, where are our clothes now?", Jason asked.

Skeevo jingled a set of keys, smiling. Jason gulped.

"Your outfits may change throughout the weekend", said Xander, "but no matter what you wear, it will definitely be rubber. Get used to it. You're here, you're rubbered. No exceptions." Jordan raised a tremulous hand. "Go ahead, Jordan."

"What--what if, like, I forgot a book or something here and I just have to zip in quick to get it and then leave? Do I need to dress up for that?"

"Nope", Xander said flatly. "You can stay on the porch and ask someone inside to go get the book for you. But if you cross that threshold, you will suit up in your gear. Doesn't matter if you come in for twenty-four hours or twenty-four seconds."

Skeevo added, "But we have got one-piece rubber coveralls and wadersuits that are easy enough to jump into and out of. You'll get the hang of it." Jordan nodded, satisfied with that bit of news.

"Rule #2", Xander said. "While you are here, and you are geared up, you do what we tell you, when we tell you, no questions asked. Could be as simple as being sent to grab us a brewski, could be something more...unusual."

"How unusual?", Jesse asked.

Xander and Skeevo exchanged a knowing look, then turned back to the Four J's, saying in unison, "Why don't you let us worry about that for now?"

"Of course, there are benefits to being in this frat", Xander said. "You won't just be our personal rubberslaves."

"Although that's not to be discounted as a benefit", Skeevo amended.

"True", Xander agreed. "But for starters, you're all out now. At least to each other. You can let all your guards down when you're here. You're gay, we're gay. It's cool and that's that. And of course, appearances are very important. You guys need to remain looking your best while you're in your rubber. This whole powdery smear thing just doesn't cut it."

"And that's a benefit how--?", Jesse asked.

Skeevo opened a nearby drum table and pulled out a couple bottles of silicone spray and four cheese cloth rags. He tossed the rags to the boys and handed one bottle to Jonathan, another to Jason. "Polish each other", he ordered. At first the boys just stared at each other, not sure where to begin.

"Well, go on", Xander encouraged them.

Jonathan turned Jordan to face him, saying, "Close your eyes." Jonathan sprayed a generous spurt of the polish on Jordan's chest, and began to gently, but vigorously rub it in, bringing his rubbered chest to a brilliant shine.

Jesse looked down at his rag, then back up at Skeevo, and opened his mouth as if to protest. "Now wait a--yahhg!" There was a strong spritzing noise and Jesse jerked his head around to see that Jason had just liberally coated his ass in polish. With a malicious smile, Jason began to rub the polish all over Jesse's behind, causing the dissenting member of the foursome to groan slightly with pleasure. "Wait--wa-wait--okay, no, don't wait. Keep going. Maannn..."

Jason began to spritz Jesse's inner thighs and rub there thoroughly. "Quit moving around so much, dude", he said. Then, "Hey, cool. I can see my face in your butt cheeks."

Xander laughed. "That's right, boys. Get everywhere."

In short order, all four boys--even Jordan--were getting into their first task as rubber pledges. Jordan, now gleaming from head to toe, polished Jonathan's back, bringing his shoulder blades to a brilliant shine. Jesse was now working on Jason, getting his own revenge on his pledge mate by taking extra time on Jason's crotch. Within a few more minutes, all four boys stood fully polished in their black rubber, which shined almost as brightly as their smiles. Skeevo collected the polish and the now-drenched rags.

"And Rule #3", Xander said with finality, "is that Skeevo and I are your rubber masters. Period. You will address us always as Master, Sir, Master Sir, or Master Skeevo and Master Xander. That too is not up for debate."

"Okay, waitaminnit", said the gleaming Jesse. "That's a bit much, isn't it? Why the hell should I call you my master? What puts you in total control of me--??"

Skeevo held up a small control box. It looked like a cross between a garage door opener and a TV remote. He then produced another one which he tossed to Xander. "Master Skeevo here is something of an innovator in the field of rubber eroticism. You are all wearing his creations. Or more accurately, you're wearing rubber gear that has been enhanced by his creations."

Jesse grew nervous, and exchanged looks with the other boys who seemed to share his sudden discomfort. Even Jonathan. "Okay, wait a sec. What do those things so--"

That was as far as he got. "Observe", Xander said, pointing his remote at Jesse, flicking one switch to select Jesse's uniform, then pressing another button.

Jesse shivered and his torso buckled slightly. "Uhh! What--what--whoooaaa..." Skeevo began to walk around the quivering Jesse. "In answer to an earlier question, that little fold-over flap inside your suit is designed to hold a very arousing lubricant which can be released on our command right over your privates." Jesse breathed in sudden gasps. His eyes almost rolled in his head. His highly-polished rubber crotch began to bulge greatly with his newfound erection. "As you can see, it's pretty effective."

"Oh, oh, oh, wu-wu-wooooo-oowwwww...", Jess moaned.

"You want me to go on with the demonstration?", Xander asked.

Jesse nodded like a head-bobbing doll. "Y-y-essir, master sir--!"

Xander patted him on the shoulder. "Good boy."

Skeevo pointed his remote at Jesse and made a selection. "You get arousal lube over your ass, too." A press of a button, and Jesse let out another gasp of pleasure, his knees bending drastically as his legs trembled. His head lolled back on his shoulders, his mouth in a very stupid if happy expression.

Jason gulped audibly. "Are-are all the suits--?"

"Like that?", Xander finished the statement for him. "Sure." Xander flipped another switch and pointed his remote at Jason. Jason's shoulders hunched forward and his mouth fell open.

"Holy SHIT!! That--that--that feeeelllsss--ohhhhh, shit!" Jason's body was swaying backwards and forwards and his arms had grown rigid at his sides, his fingers splayed open.

"You've got an ass-pack, too", Skeevo said, casually pointing his own remote at Jason's behind.

"WOO!!" Jason rose up on his toes as the viscous, medicated lotion quickly spread over his behind. Jason began to pant like a dog, trying his best to say something coherent, but not managing anything more intelligible than "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh--!"

Xander reached two fingers under Jason's chin and said, "Close your mouth, you look like a sea bass."

Jason clenched his teeth, his mouth split in an enormous grin, and slurred out, "Yesth, masthterr." He then gripped Jesse's shoulder and laid his forehead down upon his shining rubber friend. Both boys were shaking as ripples of pleasure streamed through their bodies.

Skeevo stood before Jordan, who was breathing very unevenly. Xander stepped in, saying, "You take Jonathan. I got this." Skeevo stepped aside for Xander, who gently set his hand upon Jordan's shoulder. "It's okay, man. Here, put your hands on my shoulders to brace yourself." Jordan did as bidden. Xander then lowered his control box down to just in front of the blond boy's crotch. "Hang on tight." Xander pressed the buttons and Jordan's entire body trembled. His mouth fell open in a look of dismay and delight. Xander ran his fingers through the mop of yellow hair and cooed softly to the overwhelmed boy. "There you go, buddy. There it is. Feels good, doesn't it? This is all for you, pal. You okay?" Jordan, shaken but clearly excited, nodded. "Then here's some more", Xander said, preparing him, and then triggered the button which released more of the erotic lubricant over Jordan's ass. Jordan's shoulders stiffened and he fell into Xander's arms. " Attaboy, Jordan", Xander said. "Let yourself go. Enjoy it. Soak it up."

Jordan gripped tight to Xander's back and whispered his gratitude. "...thank-you...thank- you...thank-you..."

Skeevo looked at Jonathan, who once again had a powerful erection visible beneath his shining rubber suit. "Dude, you are just one step ahead of everything, aren't you?", Skeevo said.

Jonathan grinned. "Let me have it."

Skeevo smirked. "You're almost too eager. But, if you insist--" Skeevo hit the button on his remote and Jonathan's sly grin was lost as his mouth dropped open, his eyes wide as the warm liquid spilled out over his penis to coat his member and balls like thick syrup, sending arousing sensations up the shaft and into his pelvis. Jonathan began to thrust his hips involuntarily as his senses were assaulted with the erotic gel. Skeevo waved the remote around in the air. "And let's not forget the rear entry." He pushed another button, and Jonathan's back stiffened as the lubricant coated his ass. His lower lip trembled and he tried to speak, but was overcome by the feelings he was experiencing. "You get enough in the front, buddy?", Skeevo taunted him. "Here, we can increase your dosage." Skeev pressed a button and more lube gushed over Jonathan's penis. The boy swayed, his knees bending, his arousal growing to a palpable level as his balls buzzed with churning semen begging for release. "Oh, but we can't neglect your ass, either", Skeevo observed, hitting another button which added an additional coat of arousing lotion to Jonathan's backside. Jonathan rocked back and forth, his hips thrusting against his will, his arms flopping about with all the control of wet linguini noodles, his legs shaking like willow wands in a windstorm.

"Here, lemme try and adjust this for you", Skeevo deadpanned. He then kept pressing buttons on his remote, squirting the aphrodisiac gel on Jonathan's penis, then his ass, then his penis, then his ass... Jonathan hunched, flopped, and danced like a marionette, control of his body lost to the ricocheting sensual rush.

"Okay, enough already", Xander said. "We aren't supposed to turn them into a bunch'a helpless sexual yo-yo boys. Not yet, anyway"

Skeevo stopped pressing buttons. "But he asked--!"

Jonathan was down on his knees among the cushions. He was gasping and wheezing, trying to collect himself. After bracing himself against the floor and trying without success to stand, he finally slumped forward and whispered as loudly as he could, "D-d- d-don't---don't st-st-stopppp--!"

"Jesus, the boy's a machine", Xander observed.

"Then he gets to experience the next great optional extra included in his suit." Skeevo aimed the remote at Jonathan, pressed a sequence of several buttons, and watched. Jonathan began to quiver and shake, a look of absolute joy on his face. He fell down among the cushions, his back bucking like a bronco, his legs shaking violently.

"What the hell did you DO to him??", Jason asked.

"Just this", Xander said, following the same progression of buttons on his own remote, and aiming it at Jason. Now it was Jason's turn. His own face exploded in an expression of unanticipated joy and he danced around for a few steps on his tip-toes, then fell onto the cushions like a ton of bricks, his body quaking.

"Damn, Skeev", Xander said, "that's pretty damn effective."

"I like to think so."

"M-master Xander?"

The fratboys turned to look at Jordan. He was gently lowering himself down onto his knees on the cushions. "Me next, sir? Please?"

"Is this boy getting into the spirit of things, or what?", Xander beamed. Then, aiming the remote at Jordan, he said, "Hang on." Jordan nodded. Xander pressed in the code for Jordan's suit and pushed the final button.

Jordan 's entire body stiffened and his mouth formed an 'O', which was appropriate, as he loudly cried out, "OHH!!" And then fell face-down onto the pillows.

Xander waggled the remote at Jesse. "Your turn, big boy."

The newly-suited rubberboy held up his hands as if to fend off the insidious sexual device. "Wait, wait. What does it do? What did you do to the other guys? What are you gonna do to me?"

While Jesse had been backing away from Xander, keeping his eyes on him, Skeevo had been pumping in the proper codes and aiming his own remote. "We're gonna do this", Skeevo said.

Jesse felt what the other boys had felt. A slender, but very firm, slightly curved collapsible butt plug rod extended from the inside seat of Jesse's rubber bodysuit to stretch upward into his ass. It snaked upwards smoothly, due to all the lubricant already present, and made its way all the way up to Jesse's prostate. Once in place, it sent out the tiniest, slightest vibrations. The vibrations were designed to trigger one thing and one thing only. Pleasure. There was a hint of movement at the head of the butt plug rod that gently stroked Jesse from inside, all the while continuing to vibrate, to send out wave after wave of arousing, intoxicating pleasure.

Jesse stood there, swaying like a drunkard. His toes had pointed inward, his knees thudded together. His fingers clawed at empty air at the end of useless limp arms, and his mouth opened and closed, emitting nothing but silent gibberish.

Xander put his hand on Jesse's forehead and gave him a good downward push. "Take a powder, rubberboy." Jesse fell face-down onto the pile of cushions, his body paralyzed by erotic euphoria.

"Oh, hey, there's one thing I forgot", Skeevo said, adjusting his remote to a general effect wide-beam. "Those little plugs of yours inflate, too." He pressed the button and the inserted ramrods expanded to the size of a human erection. All four boys bucked and quaked helplessly against the mounds of cushions upon which they lay. Each of them shot wad after steaming wad into his suit, as in return the rubber suits seemed to both fuck and stroke each one of them, over and over again. Even after each of the Four J's thought for certain he was spent, new streams of hot juices spewed forth, new orgasmic climaxes wracked their bodies. And the suits continued servicing their new masters, as the boys lie squirming at the feet of theirs.

"And now", Xander declared, "a tour of the Rho Upsilon Beta Rho fraternity house! Rich with history and amusing anecdotes, you'll find every room an adventure, every nook and cranny a veritable treasure trove of useful--and useless-information! So if you'd be good enough to follow me--" He turned back to see the four boys, still sprawled out on the floor, still awash with new erotic sensations, still helpless to do anything but remain lost to the experience.

"They seem a little preoccupied", Xander observed.

"And after you made that great introductory speech for the tour, too", Skeevo added.

"Ungrateful bastards." The foursome kept on moaning softly as they were pleasured time and again by their special suits.

"So we do the tour tomorrow?", Skeevo asked.

"Looks like."

The two rubber frat masters made their way to the staircase, shutting off the lights as they ascended to their room for the evening. On the way up, Skeevo stopped briefly at the top of the stairs, looking down at the enraptured pledge thralls, who he knew were soon to pass out atop the soft pile of cushions on which they'd collapsed. Quietly, he said, "Welcome home, boys. Welcome to Rho Upsilon Beta Rho. You're journey is just beginning."


Tour- brief focus on portraits of Mr. Gummistein, waders, knee boots, scuba

Saturday morning, Xander pounded on the bathroom door. "C'mon, you guys! Hurry it up! What, we gonna spend our entire relationship with me trying to get you to come out from behind closed doors?" Muffled giggles and laughter came from inside. Finally, Xander looked at Skeevo and rolled his eyes. "Screw this."

"Okay, fellas, you were told to get cleaned up and get out here right away. What's the friggin' holdup--" Xander stopped there, seeing immediately what was the holdup. All four of the pledges had crammed themselves into the bathtub at once. The shower was running and the room was filled with steam. Each pledge was covered in soap suds and shampoo foam, and were in various stages of undress in regards to their rubber bodysuits. Jonathan was completely naked, both Jesse and Jason were half-in/half-out of theirs, and not surprisingly, Jordan was still covered in his full suit. Boots, too.

"Well, what the Sam Hill...?", Skeevo muttered.

Jonathan, wearing a smile bigger than his erection, turned to the frat masters and said, "Guys! have you ever taken a shower when you're wearing your rubber gear?"

Jason chimed in with an equally cheery voice. "Dudes, it's awesome."

Xander looked at Skeevo. "Last night they could hardly fess up they were gay, now they're leaping headlong into a soap suds fourgy."

Skeevo nodded. "Huh. They'll fit right in here."

"Well, step it up, rubber duckies", Xander snapped. "Your tour begins in five minutes, wet or dry. I suggest you finish your latex toilette another time."

Jordan said, "Do we still wear these? I mean, do we dry them off? Or do we get another set just like them?"

"Well, not exactly like them", Skeevo told him.

The Four J's stood five minutes later (actually, it was closer to seven minutes, twenty-five seconds later, but who's counting) clad in their new outfits for the day. They were identical rubber bodysuits, with attached tall boots resembling waterski booties, long sleeves and high collars. Each suit was a cool gray color, with extensive ribbing down the arms, and along the outside of the legs and torso. As with their first suits, the pledges' gray ribbed bodysuits all bore the label "Property of RHO UPSILON BETA RHO" on the left breast.

"Damn, if I'd known I could get gear like this, I'd have applied to this frat ages ago!", Jonathan beamed.

"It--it does feel really good", Jordan agreed.

Jason was starting to gyrate slightly. "Dudes, there's like a sheath inside, right over the crotch--if I try, I can slide myself in--there we go!"

"People, people!", Xander said, clapping his hands. "Let's get down to business, shall we? This whole initiation process isn't intended to be entirely fun and games, now!"

Skeevo scrunched his brow. "It's not?"

Xander whispered out of the side of his mouth. "Not for them, anyway." Skeevo nodded, mouth slightly open. Ah.

Jason jumped onto Jesse's back and began laughing. "Business? You gotta be kidding me! We're out, we're in rubber, we're horny--what business could we possibly have to do?"

Skeevo's voice was like flint. "Get your disrespectful ass down off of your pledge mate and I'll tell you." Jason was on his feet in an instant.

"Master Skeevo", he said, "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean anything by--"

"All of you", Skeevo commanded with uncharacteristic sternness, "get down on one knee before us. NOW." The pledges did as they were ordered, none of them knowing why.

Xander leaned close to Skeevo. "What the hell are you doing? This wasn't part of the plan."

Skeevo whispered back. "Moment of inspiration. Just go with me on this." Xander shrugged and waved a hand as if to say, "Go on". Skeevo did.

Skeevo began to pace slowly back and forth before the genuflecting pledges. "Listen up. You're newly outed gay rubberboys. But you're more than that. You're pledges in the fraternity of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho. You need to swear your loyalty to this fraternity and to the masters of its household. You kneel before us--" Skeevo waved his hand frantically behind his back to bring Xander a step closer to him. Xander caught on and joined his pal at his side. "--as the knight errants of your new lord and lieges. Are you prepared to take the oath as future fraternity brothers?"

The four boys just stared in awe. Xander leaned forward. "This would be the time that you all say "We are" with genuine conviction. Go for it."

The boys all straightened their backs and replied in unison, "We are!"

"Then repeat after me", Skeevo declared with affected authority. "I, as a pledge to the fraternity of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho, do swear my undying loyalty to this house and its masters--who are now MY masters."

The boys repeated their oath loudly, which pleased Xander and Skeevo to no end, as it meant they didn't have to make them repeat it "with feeling". Xander nodded to Skeevo to continue.

"And I also swear to stay in rubber at ALL times within these hallowed walls and whenever possible beyond them! Repeat!" The boys did so, even louder than the first time, though with Jason and Jonathan holding back shit-eating grins. "And I do swear to respect my fellow fraternity brothers, to love them as my actual brothers--and love them physically should I happen to be hard enough at the time!" That did it. Jesse snorted back a guffaw and Jason almost fell over laughing his ass off. Skeevo leaned over to them, his face a mask of authoritative rage. "Say 'I do swear'!!"

Jonathan , Jordan , and barely, Jesse, shouted out, "I do swear!!" Jason continued rolling on the floor, waving his arms and trying to catch his breath. Xander picked him up by the scruff and forced him back into his kneeling position.

"You heard the man", Xander said, trying to keep a straight face and appear threatening.

"I--I do so swear!", Jason finally gasped out. "Yes, my master sir, I do so s-sw-swear!" He lowered his head, not from any show of respect, but because he knew if he made eye contact with either frat master, he'd lose it again.

"Okay, one last thing", Skeevo announced. "And you do swear with all your hearts and minds to be yourselves while a part of this frat. To be honest, to be true, and accept the freedom we provide to be who you are without shame or reservation. Do you so--"

Xander jumped in, "AANND, to obey your rubber frat masters at ALL times in ALL things, no matter how wacky the request may seem--without question or hesitation. Do you so swear?" Skeevo looked askance at his buddy for his sudden amendment, then shrugged. Eh. Might as well cover all their bases.

The 4 J's paused for a moment then straightened their shoulders as they saw in each other's eyes that they were all in this together. And in for a penny... All four boys lifted their chins and proclaimed, "Yessir! We do so SWEAR!"

Softly, Skeevo said, "Arise, honorable pledges of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho."

Xander threw back a hand towards the main hallway. "This way, gentlemen, if you please."

As the sextet made its way throughout the house, discovering places for playtime, for study, for dining, for entertaining, and for...whatnot. Each place they went, or so it seemed, there was an oversized portrait of the same man, over and over, silently watching over the proceedings.

"Um, Masters? Who is this guy we keep seeing?" Jordan pointed to the massive painting of the mysterious man. He was tall and slender, of slight athletic build. His hair was gray (though in some of the earlier portraits it was brown), and his angular features sported a well-trimmed mustache and a goatee that protruded beyond his chair with a flair akin to a storybook woodland archer. In the image before them, the man with the devilish grin and the glint in his eye was rising from deep waters on the rungs of a ladder on the back of a yacht. He was attired in a full-body black wetsuit with open-faced hood. Well-worn yellow oxygen tanks were strapped to his back, his face mask pulled up to rest atop his brow. His expression gave the eerie impression that he was glad young Jordan had asked about him.

"Good question, Jordan", Skeevo observed.

"That, my boys", Xander explained, "is none other than Mister Manfred Gummistein, the founder of this fraternity."

"I think maybe there were others involved, but he was the principle founding member", Skeevo clarified. "He's where a lot of our money comes from, as far as alumni go."

"Right", Xander agreed. "And one of the cool things about all of these paintings of him we've got up everywhere is that in every one of 'em, the guy is wearing rubber in some for or other."

"Master Xander", Jason asked, "was this Mr. Gummistein gay? Was he into rubber, too?"

"That much we don't know, honestly", Skeevo confessed. "But the portraits are pretty awesome, anyway. Check 'em out as we go from room to room."

And so they did. They found Mr. Gummistein to be a constant presence in the house. He wore chest-high brown fishing waders and a tan rubber raincoat as he duck-hunted amid tall reeds on the walls of the rec room. He wore all yellow foul weather gear as he worked on a small fishing scow under cloudy skies in the hallway near the bathrooms. The founder was dressed in black old-fashioned fireman's gear, complete with heavily- buckled overcoat and fold-down tall boots as he manned a gushing hose near the kitchens.

"He did volunteer firefighter stuff when he was younger, we're told", Skeevo explained as they passed. The 4 J's nodded reverently.

Mr. Gummistein stood smiling on a summertime dock clad in a red and black drysuit by the sliding glass doors that led out back. He appeared in rubber farm boots outside his ranch in the main upstairs hallway. He wore a royal blue slicker near a cascading waterfall not far from the small study room. It seemed that wherever their fraternity's benefactor was, he went there attired in rubber gear of some kind. The 4 J's saw everything--the basement, areas used for rubber play, the spot where the extra gear was stashed, all within the painted eyes of the legendary founder. In the hallway outside their masters room, the boys saw Mr. Gummistein standing proudly holding aloft a humungous fish almost as tall as he was, with water glistening off his green rubber chest waders, the muddy boots and pantlegs telling of his valiant struggle against the aquatic beastie.

The Grand Tour soon worked its way to the specially arranged large bedroom where the four new pledges would stay. With so few newcomers, it seemed relatively pointless to confine the boys to the dorms until their final initiation.

The 4 J's were delighted with their new quarters. Jonathan and Jason were rifling through one of the drawers in the nightstand by one of the beds.

"Dudes, look at this stuff!", Jonathan chirped. "There are, like, rubber collars and manacles and--", he turned a rubber device with rings and studs on it over in his hands, puzzling out what it could be. "--and other stuff."

Xander stared hard at Skeevo. "Forget to clean out the nightstand, did we?"

Xander simply stared at the quartet of boys clustering around the nightstand like kids around a Christmas goodie bag. "Looks like."

Jason pulled out what looked like toy gimmicks and gag props. "Lookit this, guys. A rubber chicken!"

Xander fairly leapt over the bed to snatch away the rubber toy. "You really don't want to mess with that, fellas!" But Jason wasn't listening, and he aimed the chicken toward Jordan and squeezed its belly, causing it to emit a sound that was a cross between a chicken's squawk and a clown horn.

Unfortunately, the beak of the rubber chicken also spewed forth a dusty gray powder which Jordan caught full in the face. Jordan coughed, inhaling deeply, and waved a hand frantically to clear the cloud hovering around his head. Jason looked at the chicken in stunned surprise, wondering aloud, "Is it supposed to do that--?"

Jordan sneezed, expelling some of the powder from his nose. Then his body shuddered slightly, and he fell into a sitting position upon the bed. He began to stammer, "Whu- whu-whuh-what did I--?" And that was as far as he got before a dopey grin spread across his face and his shoulders slumped down limply. "Ohhhh, wwhhoooaawww", he mumbled, and a large sticky wet spot appeared, seeping out of the front zipper of his suit, spreading rapidly.

Jesse's mouth hung open. "What the fuck was that??"

Xander yanked the rubber chicken away and waved it admonishingly at Jason . "Good little rubberboys don't play with Daddy's things unless Daddy gives them permission." He aimed the chicken at Jason like a gun. "Got it?"

Jason put up his hands in surrender. "Sorry." Jordan began to sway slightly on the bed, his smile growing, as was the wet patch flowing across the front of his pants and dribbling down his legs.

Skeevo nudged Jason and Jesse. "Get him up before he wrecks the bedspread."

As Jordan was helped dreamily to his feet, Jonathan pulled a large rubber banana out of the nightstand. He held it up carefully, and asked, "What does this do?"

Skeevo was on him in an instant, taking away the banana gingerly with two fingers. "You so, so do not wanna mess with that." Jonathan relinquished it without argument.

Xander waved his arms toward the door. "Okey-dokey, that's enough for one day, kiddies! We'll finish the tour later. Out ya go, it appears the good masters have a little house cleaning to do. Rouse!"

As the three boys escorted the enraptured (and damp) Jordan out into the hallway, Skeevo stood, gently brandishing the banana before Xander, breathing a sigh of relief that it had not been put to use.

Xander moved closer and pointed at the object that appeared for all the world to be a harmless toy. "You ever get that thing to work?"

"Getting it to work was never the problem", Skeevo confided. "It was getting it to stop working that caused all the trouble." He lobbed it over to Xander, who caught it clumsily, as if it were about to go off.

"Nn-yyeeh!", Xander whimpered as he tossed it back into the drawer which he then slammed shut. He frowned at Skeevo. "I suggest a sweep of the perimeter before final initiation of our dear pledges. Whattaya say?"

"Sounds like a plan."

As the two left, locking the door behind them, Xander asked, "Any more fruity latex surprises I should be aware of when we do our spring cleaning?"

Skeevo remained deadpan, but commented, "No, but just don't ask about the rubber pomegranate."

Xander looked at his friend sideways. "Bad?"

"Had to be sealed in a metal box, and buried out back beneath six feet of concrete."

Xander let out a low whistle. "You ever test it out on a pledge?"

"I'll never tell."

Jonathan stared at Jordan and licked his lips. He wasn't going to say anything. Jordan looked like he was in pain, but also held back any commentary. He turned his head a bit to the right, causing a response from Jonathan.

" Jordan! You have to keep looking at me. They said two hours. Now c'mon, we can do this, I don't wanna fuck this up."

"You guys wanna keep it down over there?!", Jesse snapped. "This is hard enough as it is without added distractions."

Jason gulped audibly. "Man, don't say 'hard'. Seriously."

"We don't need to say it, we're living it", Jesse said between clenched teeth.

The room's only door opened with an ominous creak. "Annnnd how are our dear pledges doing in here, hmm?" Xander strolled in eating an apple. Skeevo leaned casually against the door jam and crossed his feet at the ankles.

"We're doing okay, Master Xander", Jonathan answered for the group.

"Yeah? You all feel that way? You doing just fine."

Nods came from around the room. "Mm-hmm." "Yup." "Just fine, sir."

Xander took an ample bite out of his apple and turned back to Skeevo. "So, whattaya think, another couple hours and another dose of Viagra?"

"God, NO!", Jesse cried. "Please, we're dyin' here! We're initiated, for Christ's sakes! Damn!!"

Xander grinned and took another bite from his red delicious. The four boys were manacles to the walls of the small room by their wrists, held at waist level on either side of them. Each boy was dressed in a rubber dog collar, a rubber chest harness, and rubber hip boots. Nothing else. They had each been giving a sizeable dose of arousal medication and were forced to stare, rock hard erect, at one another for two hours. Jonathan was across from Jordan, Jason was across from Jesse.

By this time, the boys were damp with perspiration and horny as hell. The room was thick with the musky scent of their aroma. Xander chomped thoughtfully. "You guys all feel like Jesse does? You wanna rephrase your response?"

They did. Jason started with, "Masters, I am SO fucking horny I am gonna burst! Even without being able to touch anything--or anyone--I feel like I'm gonna shoot like a fire hose!"

Xander strolled over to look at the quivering pledge. He had some thick clear stains on his abs and here and there on the topmost cuffs of his hip boots. The head of his penis practically bubbled with precum. "Looks like you damn near shot your wad anyway." Xander slapped Jason on the ass and the boy whimpered, his erection aching for release.

Skeevo looked to Jordan from the doorway. "Howzabout you, Jordan? How are you holding out?"

His reply was almost a whisper. "...n-not good, sir..."

Xander planted one palm against the wall beside Jonathan. "And you, my boy? Would you like us to turn you guys loose and let you have at it?"

Jonathan swallowed and took a deep breath. Then, "Sir, if you would so allow, I would be happy at this point to have you free my friend and fellow pledge Jordan, to bring him over to me and simply allow me to kiss him. He's lookin' so adorable...and I am so, so very hard, sir. But my release is of course up to you."

Skeevo lightly applauded. "Dude. Good answer." Jonathan managed a weak smile, his dick bobbing with a desperate need for attention.

Xander polished off the last of his apple and walked about the room, brandishing the core as if it were a scepter. "This, gentlemen, is what we like to call--"

"The torture chamber?", Jesse guessed.

"Hey. Don't interrupt your master when he's talking", Skeevo scolded.

Jesse mumbled an apology and Xander went on as if he hadn't heard the interruption. "We like to call this the Restraint and Denial Room. The more literate among you may think of it as Room 101." Jonathan smirked, despite his discomforting state of arousal, but the other 3 J's just stared. Xander rubber the bridge of his nose. "Well", he muttered, "I guess we know which one of the group actually reads."

"It's sort of the tomb of Tantalus", Jonathan said.

"Not unlike", Skeevo grinned.

"So right now, I'm thinkin' all four of you guys are so friggin' hard that you'd literally screw a pooch if given the chance, am I right?", Xander asked. The 4 J's responded with vigorous nodes and "yessirs". Xander snapped his fingers and Skeevo reached beyond the door and hauled in various oversized mats and cushions. He began to toss them onto the floor in between the pledges. "From what I can see, you guys have done very well with the whole deprivation initiation thingie here. And ya gotta admit, as pledge tortures go, it beats the hell out of swallowing goldfish."

"Or finding yourself tied naked tot he campus flagpole", Skeevo added, piling more cushions on those already on the floor.

"So I'd say it's reward time", Xander smiled. He tossed his apple core out the door and into a waste basket Skeevo had retrieved for him. He began to undo the boys' manacles. After all four boys stood, rubbing their wrists, and trying desperately not to rub their crotches, Xander waited a moment. Skeevo went back to lean against the door jam. He nodded at Xander. Xander looked at the four pledges. "Fellas--have at it."

The boys looked at their frat masters, wondering if they understood what Xander had just said. "You-you mean--?", Jesse said hesitantly.

"Guys", Skeevo said, "get yourselves off. Have fun. We'll come get you when it's time for dinner."

That was all they needed to hear. The four partly rubbered, partly exposed pledges jumped all over each other, flopping like horny rag dolls upon the cushioned floor. Lips kissed, tongues probed, arms stroked, groped, and grasped. Legs intertwined and hips thrust. Ravenously hungry dicks rubbed, throbbed, pressed, and shot load after load of steaming semen all over the rubber hip boots, harnesses, skin, and faces of fellow pledges.

Jonathan grasped Jordan's head and stroked his blond hair as he repeatedly kissed his face. Jason and Jesse wrapped arms around each other, both trying to gain purchase, both accomplishing little more than rolling one on top of the other and then back again, their erect penises pushing together again and again, geysering one blast after the other, their hot boy juices mingling as they spilled down their legs.

Xander backed out the door smiling. The new pledges had seen the house top to bottom, and had passed yet another initiation challenge. Raising an eyebrow, he announced, "And this completes our tour."

Skeevo gently closed the door, muffling the sounds of ecstatic groans, gasps, and deep moans of satisfaction.


Hell Week had been heaven for the 4 J's. Torture sessions were quickly redubbed Adventure sessions as they learned new ways to experience, wear, serve in, and play in rubber. Jordan had started to come out of his shell and Jesse was letting himself have more fun. Jonathan and Jason were pretty much the same as they had been, but that hadn't hurt anything. Xander and Skeevo came into the living room to find the foursome huddled together in some kind of conference.

"What's the deal, J's?", Xander asked. "You're not secretly plotting anything, are you?"

"Uh, kinda", Jonathan said. He tried to break the huddle, which wasn't easy given their position. The 4 J's were paired off into couples, each strapped snugly into a pair of double-sided industrial rubber chest waders. Facing each other, naked form the waist down inside their doctored fishing gear with rubber sweatshirts on top, were Jesse and Jordan and Jonathan and Jason, respectively. Each pair of snug waders had formerly been two, but were now bonded together so that each pair's back was the other's front. The slightest movement caused considerably friction along the front of each wearer.

To make matters worse, each boy had on elbow length heavyweight rubber gloves bonded to the backsides of his partner's waders. An intimate situation could not be avoided. One duo was shackled to the other at the ankles. As awkward as the situation was, all four boys were smiling broadly.

"That's the hour, guys", Skeevo announced. "You wanna break it up?"

"Yeah, it's pretty sticky in here", Jesse observed, trying in vain to adjust himself.

Jordan whispered to him, "In more ways than one", and sneaked a quick peck on his cheek. Jesse actually blushed.

As the rubber masters released their charges, Jonathan returned to his former thought. "While we were all stuck here, we did some talking."

Skeevo peered over the top rim of the chest waders and saw how thick things were between--and all over--Jonathan and Jason. "How'd you find the time?"

Jason continued. "Well, we thought that it seems silly that there's just the four of us who get to benefit from all this gay rubberplay, and we sort of realized--"

Jesse finished. "--that each of us may know at least one other guy who may or may not be gay. And if we were to bring them over, just as guest or something, maybe, that we might interest them in signing up as--"

Skeevo cut him off. "Enough tap-dancing. You boys want playmates, right?" All four nodded vigorously.

Xander unstrapped Jesse and Jordan from their wader suspenders. "If we agree to this, you understand that we pick when we meet these guys."

"And they're all subject to our approval", Skeevo stressed, tossing them moist towels to begin cleaning themselves up.

"Will it help if they're cute?", Jonathan asked.

Skeevo shrugged at Xander, who returned the gesture. "Couldn't hurt."

It was Saturday. The 4 J's anxiously introduced their hopeful prospects to the frat masters. The quartet of college boys looked no different from any other students you might see on campus, attired as they were in T-shirts, blue jeans, and athletic shoes. The first of the group was introduced by Jonathan. He was shorter than the others with a very boyish face, broad toothy grin, and curly dark brown hair. "Master Skeevo, Master Xander, I'd like to introduce my friend Thomas."

Jason patted the shoulder of his friend, who had the build of linebacker and the occasionally brainless grin of a lobotomy patient. "Sirs, this is Seann."

Seann shook their hands, commenting, "With two 'n's."

Jordan nudged the hyperactive friend he'd brought along. He was slender, blond, good- humored, and had the scatterbrained demeanor of a surfer dude. "Um, Masters Xander, Skeevo, this is my friend Benji."

Benji vigorously shook hands. "Master dudes, how ya doin'? I'm Benji. I'm bi."

Skeevo scrunched his brow. "Bi?"

Benji leaned forward to clarify. "I'm really into guys and all, but some girls are just too damn hot, ya know?" He bounced a little on the balls of his feet.

"Don't worry, we'll cure you of that", Xander commented.

Jesse indicated his friend. "This is more of a classmate, really. We didn't even know each other before this year, but we kind of hit it off, and well--here he is." Jesse's friend was taller than the rest, with an impressive build and a lopsided grin. His sandy-brown hair hung in loose bangs that he casually shuffled out of his eyes. The friend gave an awkward wave hello. "Uh, hi. Chris. I'm honestly not sure if I'm gay, so please don't strap me into an electric chair."

Skeevo looked askance at Jesse. "Geez, give away everything, why don't you?" Jess studied the ceiling.

"Not to worry. Everybody gets to experience something different from the last time. There'll be no electric chair setups today. And after a brief getting-to-know-you period, we can proceed to your official introduction to Rho upsilon Beta Rho. But first--!"

The boys were led to the living room where snacks and beverages awaited. For the better part of an hour everybody got the chance to unwind and exchange pleasantries and small talk. It turns out that every boy invited there as a guest knew all about the rubber, the gay memberships, the master-pledge relationship.

"So, Chris", Xander said, popping open a beer. "You don't know whether or not you're gay, huh?"

Chris shifted in his seat uncomfortably. "Well, yeah. I mean, I don't know. I'm questioning. That's the best way to put it."

Xander snapped his fingers. "Jesse, if you would, please?"

Before Chris knew what was happening, Jesse pulled his face to him and began to kiss him. Long and hard. Chris made a muffled cry but didn't pull away.

Skeevo produced a stopwatch. "Hasn't pulled away yet."

"Give it another ten or twenty seconds", Xander recommended.

Chris and Jesse remained liplocked, as Chris slowly began to stop struggling and gently put his arms around Jesse. The other boys began to egg him on. Soon the two boys were intertwined with fistfuls of each other's hair and tongues plunged deeply into each other's mouths. Jason and Seann let out a whoop as the kissing duo tumbled off the couch to complete their embrace on the floor. Eventually, they pulled apart.

"Time", Xander called.

"Minute and half, give or take a few seconds", Skeevo announced.

Jesse propped Chris up against the couch as Xander leaned close to him. "Chris? I want you to repeat after me." Chris nodded dumbly. "I'm a fag. Repeat."

With a shaky voice, Chris said, "I'm a fag."

Xander grinned. "Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Jesse hugged his pal and Xander looked to Skeevo. "Official introduction time?"


The 4 J's and the Four Hopefuls were led down a hallway toward the infamous electric chair room. The 4 J's exchanged knowing glances. Xander caught this and remarked, "Lose the smirks, pledges, it's not what you think."

To the four pledges' surprise, Skeevo directed the eight boys to the room directly across the hall from the one in which they'd all had their intense group coming-out experience. He swung open the door and ushered them in. Inside were tall wooden dividers reaching almost from floor to ceiling, separating the room into four equal compartments, not unlike a department store dressing room.

"What do we do in here?", Thomas asked.

Jonathan nudged him. Thomas quickly added, "Sir! I mean, what are going to do in here, sir?"

Skeevo gave Jonathan the thumbs-up for catching the incoming pledge's faux pas. Then, he said to everyone, "You pair off into couples. One couple per compartment."

"You and you", Xander said, putting Jonathan and Thomas into the first compartment, then "and you and you.", putting Jordan and Benji in the second.

Skeevo directed the others. "You guys here", he said, pointing Jason and Seann to the third compartment, "and you guys over here.", directing Chris and Jesse into the last one.

Xander and Skeevo then moved down the line to close the door to each couple's small quarters. "Wait--I mean, sirs, please hang on!", Thomas blurted out. "I still don't get it-- what are we supposed to do in here?"

Skeevo grinned. "Prove yourselves worthy. You said you're gay, you got dressed in rubber--you've proven yourselves to us. Now prove yourselves to your fellow pledges."

Thomas put his hand against the door as it was closing. "How do we do that?!"

Xander leaned in, taking Thomas's hand from the door. "Take a look at what you're wearing, Tom." Tom looked down and saw his jet black rubber uniform, identical to all the other boys' wardrobes. He was in a skintight black rubber T-shirt with a rubber denim-style jacket over the top of it. He had on extremely tight sailor's jeans with a zip- down crotch flap as well as a rear drop-seat, with the pantlegs tucked into gleaming knee boots. But unlike the 4 J's, he and the other three hopefuls also wore a snug-fitting padlocked rubber collar. "And then take a wild guess", Xander added, closing the door.

From behind the closed doors, the boys heard Skeevo announce, "You have one hour to prove your worthiness, guys." Then the outer door locked shut.

In compartment one, Jonathan and Thomas looked at each other. "Sooo....", Thomas said, swinging his arms clumsily, "what do you wanna do?"

Jonathan smiled. "Well, it's not like there's a parchisi board in here." Then his smile took on that devilish quality that so attracted Skeevo. "What do you want to do?"

Thomas licked his lips. "You mean, what do I really, really want to do? With you?" Jonathan nodded. "C'mere." And Jonathan leaned forward as Thomas whispered in his ear.

In compartment two, it was Jordan who was fidgeting. "I-I really wasn't expecting this", he said. "I thought you'd wind up being made to come out, or they'd stick us in the waders again or something. I have no idea what they think we're supposed to do in here. I mean--"

Benji patted his friend on the shoulder. "Dude, duuuude. Chill. If there's no set game plan, maybe we can just make our own fun."

Jordan tilted his head to one side. "What do you mea--?" But that was as far as he got, his head looking down rapidly as Benji unzipped the front of Jordan's pants.

In compartment three, Jason and Seann stood on opposite ends of the cramped booth. "You do know I'm not sucking you off or anything", Seann said flatly.

"Right, right." Jason looked around at the bare walls of the dividers and up at the ceiling. "So, umm...what do you think about us--"

"I'm not taking it up the ass, either, man", Seann said.

Jason shook his head purposefully. "No. Absolutely not. Uhn-uh. Wouldn't dream of suggesting it."

"Well, don't." Seann stared at the walls, too, finding them no more interesting than Jason had.

Jason began again. "So, what about maybe if we just try--"

"And no rimming, either! I mean it!", Seann snapped.

Jason inched closer to his friend. "You know, there are some things we can do that won't bring your world crashing down around you. Really."

Seann tensed up, but realized that, backed up against the door, he had nowhere to go. "Hey. Whu-what are you--"

Gingerly, Jason reached forward to gently touch the sleeves of Seann's jacket. "Just trust me on this."

In the fourth and final compartment, Chris and Jesse were busily looking each other over. "Wow. Man, these pants are tight!", Chris observed.

"Yeah, but isn't it weird how they still move with you? They don't pinch or anything.", Jesse commented.

"Well, yeah, easy for you to say, Mr. Swim Team. You shave your legs to swim. That must make a difference." Carefully, Chris reached over and stroked Jesse's thigh.

"It does. You should try it. It enhances the feeling of the rubber. Not just being rid of all that hair, but it makes the skin more...sensitive." Jesse reached out with both hands and squeezed both of Chris's legs, sliding his hands around to the seat of his pants. "It feels really good."

Chris felt himself becoming warmer. "It does at that."

In Compartment One: "You sure about this, Tom?"

"Jonathan, this has been one of my fantasies for like forever. And to actually try it with you...that's just a major bonus. Come on, man, let's do it before I chicken out."

Jonathan slowly unzipped the rear flap on Thomas's pants, exposing his firm virgin ass. Thomas was hard as a rock at this point but wanted to keep from touching himself, so he kept his front flap shut tight. Jonathan searched the pockets of his rubber jacket until he found among the supplies each of the 4 J's had been given, a small tube of lubricant.

He unscrewed the cap, asking, "You ready?"

Thomas nodded his head rapidly. "Please."

Jonathan spread the lube all over Thomas's ass and worked his fingers into his hole. "You gotta relax, man", Jonathan told him. Thomas nodded, knowing how impossible that seemed right now. His heart was pounding and his breathing was coming in quick gasps. How the hell could he relax? Jonathan saw how excited Thomas was getting, and as he lubed his cock, he asked again, "You sure you want to do this? I mean, there are other things to try first time out--"

"I've never been so sure", Thomas answered quickly.

"This will probably hurt, buddy", Jonathan warned.

"I'm ready." Slowly, carefully, Jonathan entered his friend Thomas. As he did, Thomas gasped sharply as he received the rush that came with the experience he'd been anticipating for years. His erection pounded against his tight pants, his collar threatened to strangle him as he gasped for air. He could not have been happier. "Oh...ohhh...G- Goddd..."

In Compartment Two: Jordan gasped and placed his hands on either wall for support. He had never felt anything like this. "Be-Ben-Benji--! Wh-what a-are you doing??"

Benji very slowly slid his mouth back up Jordan's shaft and took his time licking the head of excess precum. He looked up at Jordan from his position on his knees and said, "Dude, what's it look like? I'm going down on you. Don't you like it?"

"It-it feels incredible--b-but, but I'm not sure this is what Xander and Skeevo wanted us to do in here, I just--I-I-I--"

"They can critique us later, man", Benji said, returning to the matter at hand. Jordan gasped and almost fell against the back wall. Benji braced him to keep him upright, then slowly inched forward so Jordan could brace himself against the wall.

Jordan grasped Benji's shoulders, bunching up his jacket beneath his curling fingers. "Benji--! Benji--!!", Jordan gasped. "Get off, get off, I'm gonna peak any second, I can feel it--I can feel it!"

Benji immediately disembarked from Jordan, speaking softly. "Easy, easy. Take it easy there, buddy. You don't wanna blow yer wad right now, dude." Jordan nodded, heaving a sigh, trying to regain control of himself, feeling the urge for orgasm begin to subside.

"Th-thanks", Jordan said. "I wasn't sure you were gonna pull off, for a second there."

"Dude, I had to", Benji said brightly. Jordan smiled his thanks. "Cause I can't have you cum until I've switched from suck to blow." At that, Benji returned to his work before Jordan could even begin to grow soft. Jordan inhaled so deeply he didn't think he'd ever be able to breathe out again.

In Compartment Three: "This isn't so bad, is it?", Jason asked in between breaths.

Seann kissed his friend repeatedly and said, "Just shut up and keep kissing me, man."

"Y'know, for a gay guy, you sure were resistant to getting it on."

"We're not getting it on", Seann corrected. "We're just making out. And I said shut up." The two wrapped their arms tightly around each other, tongues probing deeply into each other's mouths. Jason's fingers ran through Seann's hair and Seann began to peel off Jason's jacket so he could slide his muscular arms up underneath his friend's rubber shirt. They took a few steps to one side and bumped into the wall. Slowly, the two began to slide down the wall and settle neatly on the floor, never once breaking their embrace.

And In Compartment Four: Chris and Jesse massaged each other frantically. They hugged each other tightly and rubbed their bodies against each other, arms groping and stroking legs, back, and ass. Jesse hooked the underside of his chin over Chris's shoulder and gasped, "Man, this is fucking incredible."

Chris grasped Jesse's shoulders and wheezed out, "Yeah, isn't it?" The two ripped off their jackets and threw them to the floor. Pressing their chests tightly together, they were able to squeeze their throbbing members against each other as well. They could feel the heat right through the tight rubber. Jesse pumped against his friend as he massaged his back with strong fingers. Chris encircled Jesse's head again and again, stroking his hair.

Within a few moments of this outpouring of kinetic energy, both boys came at almost exactly the same time. They gripped each other tightly as they shot their load into their rubber pants. After a few moments to catch their breath, the couple began again, pressing, pumping, massaging, and stroking each other, this time using their own still warm juices as lube to increase friction.

In the small anteroom beyond the partitioned testing area, Xander and Skeevo watched the entire display through a one-way glass hidden within the main room's back wall. "Pass the popcorn, would ya?", Xander asked.

Skeevo handed him the large plastic bowl and pointed at the goings-on beyond the glass. "Y'know, if you watch it from the last section back up to the first, the erotic escapades actually increase in sexual intensity. How cool is that?"

Xander munched a handful of buttery kernels. "So whattaya think? They in, these new guys?"

Skeevo reached for his drink. "Oh, hell yeah."


Xander and Skeevo sat comfortably on the overstuffed furniture watching the college football game. Six of the new recruits sat on large cushions and beanbags on the floor. Snack dishes and drink cans littered the tabletops and the nearby floor.

Benji had lost the lottery (again) and had been elected to work as servant for the rest of the group during the game. While everyone else lounged about in loose-fitting rubber sweatshirts or T-shirts and rubber jeans, Benji had been outfitted to the hilt by Xander and Skeevo. His official server's garb consisted of a latex muscle shirt, sheath shorts, thigh high boots, and elbow-length gloves. The uniform was topped off with a rubber bow-tie.

Not many of the new pledges favored getting picked for server duty at the football parties. Benji never lost his goofy grin, though, as he tromped around in the giant boots carrying serving trays of munchies and drinks, playing up his waiter's role.

"Good sir, your Diet Coke, chilled to perfection. Shalst I sniff the pull tab?"

Jesse grabbed his drink off the serving tray. "I'm fine, thanks. Please go away."

"But of course, sir! Do any of you fine gentlemen need any more Grey Poupon? I make a point to keep an extra smattering of condiments within my sizeable footwear." Skeevo flipped a switch on his remote control, sending a dildo sharply up Benji's behind to move him along. It worked. "Yipes! Yessir! Serving drinks, sir!"

Skeevo took a sip of his drink and commented about the game, "Man, would I love to have a few of those guys in the frat." The boys paused to consider, Jason and Jordan making "Mmmmm" sounds. Skeevo tossed a kernel of cheesy corn into his mouth and then lobbed one across the sofa for Jonathan to catch in his. "I wouldn't mind seeing our handsome quarterback Simms in skintight rubber", Skeev mused.

Jonathan crunched on the orange-powdered snack, and said, "Really? munch, munch He's hot, yeah, but I think that Mr. American-as apple-pie Eli, is way cuter."

Xander scooped up a handful of chips and stuffed his face. "True enough, gentlemen, but I think the manly-yet-boyish Eric tops both those guys." He stopped in mid-crunch. "Or maybe he bottoms. I dunno."

Benji jumped in front of everyone. "Dudes! I so have the ultimate idea that would get all THREE of those hotties into the frat, and into our rubbery ensnarement."

Jesse sat up, trying to crane his neck around the overeager pledge. "Ben, you're blocking the set, man."

Jonathan remained in his position luxuriating on the giant cushion. "From this angle, you do make a better door than a window." He'd taken to mimicking Skeevo's deadpan delivery.

"No, seriously! I just came up with it, while you guys were talking! It's brilliant! It can't fail and it is sure to bring rubberized jockness to our happy fraternity dwelling."

Skeevo arched one eyebrow. "Waitaminnit. Was that even a word you used a minute ago? Ensnarement?"

Jordan smacked Benji's leg. "C'mon, Benji. Move."

Xander scooched over a bit and patted the spot next to him on the sofa. Benji dropped his tray and bounded over to sit beside his master. Xander put his feet up on the coffee table and crossed his ankles. "This plan of yours. Lay it on me."

"Okay, it's like this", Benji began, giddy with excitement. "First, we send the three football guys of your choice formal invitations to the frat for an afternoon's football party." He spread his arms wide to indicate the present company. "Like this one! We'd, uh, have to pick a weekend when they weren't playing, though."

"One would think", Xander agreed. He kept staring at the TV. Everybody was staring at the TV.

"Anywho, we get them here, we feed them lots of chips and dip and all the beer they can drink, or Dr. Pepper or whatever. We watch the game. Maybe even order a pizza! And then--"

Jesse interrupted. "We hit them over the head with blackjacks and dress them in bodysuits?'

Skeevo leaned over, "We could drug their beers. I have all manner of fine narcotics that dissolve rapidly in hops without losing their potency."

Xander waved his hand to get back to Benji. "And THEN--?"

"We ask them." Benji clapped his hands together in delight. "Isn't that brilliant?"

At that, everybody turned to look at the grinning Benji.

Xander put his feet back down on the floor and sat up. "Just to clarify my thinking. We have these straight jocks over for a game and snacks, and we just ASK them to join our gay rubber frat and play dress-up sex games with us?"

"Yeah! Whattaya think?"

Xander looked at Skeevo. "Well?"

Skeevo pursed his lips. "It's rather devilish in its simplicity."

"And we get to save our precious mind-altering narcotics for midterms." The two clinked bottles to make it official. "Cheers."

Xander stood in the kitchen, staring at the three longnecks Skeevo had just handed him. "So what's in these?"

Skeevo peered down into the opened bottles and looked curiously at Xander. "I'm pretty sure there's beer in 'em."

"Unmedicated beer? No specially prepared toxins to control the minds of certain unsuspecting athletes, by any chance?"

"You wound me", Skeevo said, looking shocked. "To think that as long as you've known me, after all we've meant to each other, you would think me capable of--of--" He leaned dramatically against the sink and said, "No matter. I am not so small a man that I cannot overlook your misguided insinuation. Let us never speak of it again." He busied himself with wiping down the counter with a dish towel.

"Skeev, you didn't put something in their drinks, did you? After we agreed how much hotter it would be if we could persuade them to let us get it on with them while they were fully aware--"

"You agreed to that. I agreed to no such thing."

"There's no powder in the drinks?", Xander pressed.

"Nope. No powder."

"No pills, no date rape drugs, no tranqs, no other concoctions of which I'm aware that might be used to enslave gorgeous straight boys?"

"None whatsoever", Skeevo said confidently.

"Good." Xander began to stride back out to the living room with the beers in hand.

"Of which you're aware."

Xander stopped in mid stride. He walked purposefully back to Skeevo and said, "Do you solemnly swear that there are no drugs of ANY kind in these beers, under penalty of my tethering your bony carcass to the wall and having every one of those eight pledges ass- rape you until you are so full of their steaming boy juices that it's dribbling out your ears?"

Skeevo stuck his tongue in his cheek, considering. Then he handed three capped bottles to Xander. "You better give 'em these."


As Xander left with the fresh brewskis, Skeevo called after him, "What do I do with the first three?"

Xander answered without turning around. "Pour 'em down the drain."

"Can't I at least give 'em to Benji?"

"Dump 'em!"

In the living room, there was excitement a'plenty. The eight pledges scurried about with delight that their three collegiate sports heroes had accepted their invitation to join their football party. As Benji said, it was as easy as asking them to come. Of course, the more difficult invitations would be doled out later.

Skeevo came out from the kitchen with a smile that hid his remorse at dumping his special Gay-from-Str8 formulated beverages. He sidled up to Xander to admire the trio of impressive college jocks before it was time to play hosts. The first of the three was Eli, who had a face like a farmboy and a generous hank of brown hair. The second was Eric, built like he was carved from marble with a boyish face and dark curly hair. And last was Simms, whose tall frame and oval face was topped with short-cropped blond hair. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves, or at the very least enjoying the attention being lavished upon them by the pledges. Xander and Skeevo strode into the small crowd to formally welcome their guests.

"Guys, we really think it's awesome that you agreed to come to our party", Skeevo said.

"Hey, our pleasure", said Eli.

"So, uh, where are the rest of the guys? Your invites said this was a special tribute for all the best players on campus. There's just the three of us, so far--"

"You're it", said Skeevo.

The three hunk athletes shared a suspicious glance between them. "What, you mean it's just us three--?", Eric interjected. "Out of the whole team, we're the only ones who got asked to the party?"

Xander slid up behind them. Placing hands on Eli and Simms shoulders, he said, "That, my friends, is because we consider you the very best our team has to offer. We have been watching you--we have never missed a game--and we are VERY impressed by your hard work and dedication. Consider this not so much a mere thank-you as a tribute to our favorite players."

"No need to tell the rest of the team you were singled out as the champs", Skeevo added.

"Wouldn't want anyone to get jealous or anything", Jonathan said.

The adorable jocks shared a warm smile. Eli shrugged. "Okay, cool. Deal."

"Break out the munchies!", Jason yelled. Benji came running with armloads of deep- fried prepackaged treats.

The group enjoyed themselves with plenty of TV and munchies for a while, until the three football players were more than comfortable in the frat house surroundings, being waited on by their adoring young fans. "So, you enjoying yourselves?", Skeevo asked them.

"Oh, yeah, man", Eric said. "This is great."

"We really do appreciate all the attention, guys. Seriously.", Eli said with feeling.

"Yeah, we gotta get you guys a shitload of game passes or something like that", Simms suggested. He leaned over toward Xander and Skeevo, and giving each a light punch on the arm, added, "Luxury suite for you guys." He winked.

"Hey, that'd be great", Xander said, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. "But there is one other thing we'd like to ask you for first.

The trio exchanged looks of concern. Had all this been a bribe to gain them some big favor? Eli gulped down a mouthful of chips. "What'd you have in mind?"

"We'd like to show you something first. Can you wait here a second?", Xander asked. Eli nodded. Xander waved for the pledges to hurry out of the room. They knew what to do.

Skeevo followed them out, turning back to the three athletes to say, "We won't be a moment." The three boys just stared, wondering what was up.

The athletes were once again engrossed in the TV when they heard Xander's voice from behind them. "Okay, we're back, fellas. Could you turn around, please?" They did so, and almost dropped their drinks. The bag of Cheetos feel from Eric's fingers to spill onto the floor.

"What the--?"

Xander and Skeevo stood before the three potentials in full rubber gear, rubber tee, sweatshirt, hip boots, jackets, the works. Behind them the 4 J's and The Hopefuls proudly looked on in their own Rho Upsilon Beta Rho pledge gear. Eli, Eric, and Simms just stared.

"Okay, so here's the deal", Xander said. "We've all voted on it, and we would like very much to invite the three of you to join our frat. Full entry. You say the word, you're in."

Simms and Eric looked at each other, silently exchanging a look they had practiced many times on the field. "On my signal, run like hell." But Eli was more curious than frightened. And maybe a little freaked, too. Still, he went right ahead and asked his question.

"Why are you guys dressed like that? You look like fishermen, or septic workers or something."

Simms leaned close to Eli's ear and grabbed his arm. "They're pervs, Eli. They want to hump our buns. Rubber rump rangers, man. Let's get the fuck outta here." Eli pushed Simms's arm away.

Xander put his hands behind his back. "Simms is basically right, fellas. We are pervs, if you wanna look at it that way."

"Which many folks do, I imagine.", said Skeevo.

Xander continued. "Fact is, we're all gay here. And we're majorly into rubber. And we are huge--HUGE--fans not only of football, but of you guys. And we'd be delighted--"

"Honored", Skeevo interjected.

"HONored and delighted", Xander picked up, "if you would consider joining us in this very exclusive fraternity of gay rubber brothers." The seven pledges nodded vigorously in agreement with every sentiment.

Eric whispered to Simms, "Are they gonna attack us now?"

Simms was already inching toward the door. He whispered back, "I hear these types tie you up and try to brainwash you into being a fag. Mind control perversion drugs. If they offer you any beer or soda, don't drink it."

Eric looked at the many empty cans strewn about the room. "Oh my God, it's already too late..."

Eli actually smiled sheepishly. "Guys, I'm sure we're all flattered and like that--"

"And freaked out", Eric included.

"--okay, yeah, and a little freaked out", Eli conceded. "But there's a problem, because none of us are gay."

The other two football stars shook their heads with such vehemence they might have fallen off. "Nope. Not gay. No fudgepackers here. NO waaayy."

Xander laughed. "Hey, we know that, guys."

Simms jumped in, "And we're not interested in BECOMING gay, either!"

"Gee, why not? It can be so much fun", Skeevo muttered.

Xander turned to his friend. "Hello! Remember our little talk? Y'know, wanting the gorgeous football guys in rubber and hangin' around and such? And remember the part about not scaring them out the door to summon the authorities? Remember that?"

Skeevo's face remained placid. "But it's so much fun being a fag. You know that."

Xander whispered through gritted teeth. "Stop helping."

Simms and Eric were already at the door. Eli was backing away. "Guys, thanks for the party and everything. Great snacks. But, seriously, I don't think we're interested. But hey, good luck with this whole queer fetish bonanza thinga-madoodle, really."

"Guys, please, just hear us out!", Xander pleaded, making an effort not to chase after them.

Skeevo mumbled under his breath. "'No, no, let's not use any coercive drugs or hypnosis this time, no, no, it'll be so much more fun if they're lucid.' Who was it said that, again?" Xander fired a look of daggers at his buddy.

The three beautiful football boys were about to cross the threshold when Jonathan stepped out from the group. "Fellas, wait!" The threesome turned around at the sound of the new voice. "Lookit, we know you're not gay, and we're cool with that, really."

"Glad you're so open-minded about alternative lifestyles", Eric remarked.

"I like his style", Skeevo whispered.

"But here's the deal", Jonathan said. "We think you guys are like, totally hot, we really admire your skill on the field, and we are dying--and I mean dying here--to see the three of you in rubber. And that's about it. We really do NOT want to convert you or turn you gay or anything."

Benji grinned like a hyena. "Besides, it'd be so much hotter if they stayed straight anyway, dude!" Chris smacked him upside the head.

Eli stepped back into the room. "So...what, all you want is for us to join you guys so you can see us wearing rubber? Is that it? Then what? What's in it for us?"

"Mutual benefits", Jonathan answered.

Eric was curious. "Like what?"

Jonathan rubbed his palms together, considering his phrasing. Then, "Okay. You don't want to be gay. Right?"

"Damn right!", Simms asserted.

"Buuuutt", Jonathan ventured, "would you be at all averse to a bunch of really cute gay guys fawning all over you, telling you how awesome you are and maybe, just maybe, introducing you to incredibly hot new masturbation techniques you never even thought of before?"

"And sucking you off!", Benji added. Chris clasped his hand over Benji's mouth, squeezing it closed. From under the tightly gripped palm, Benji said, "Thood I haff thed 'bwow'??"

The football babes looked at each other. Eric stepped back inside, closing the door behind him. Simms's shoulders relaxed a little. Eli stuffed his hands casually into his pockets. "Well...yeah, we can do that."

Xander and Skeevo smiled. Skeevo gave Jonathan the thumbs-up.

The next few visits the football stars made to the frat, there was no mention of rubber, or anyone being gay. For these honored guests, the house rules were bent and all present wore no rubber gear at all--outside their street clothes, anyway. There were munchies, takeout, and plenty of beverages to go around. They watched vids like "Varsity Blues" and "Remember the Titans" about eighty times apiece (although had to be prevented from constantly rewinding the tape for repeated viewing of the locker room kiss in "Titans"). Discussions about their own team's recent victories and plays ran late into the night.

On their fourth visit back, the tension was finally gone from Eric and Simms. Eli had begun to relax the time before. The boys were all lounging in the rec room when Eli was the first to bring up the subject. "So, Xander. What exactly was it you guys had in mind about, you know--making me Eric and Simms, well, feel good?"

The room froze, everyone went silent, and for the frat pledges, the subject wasn't the only thing that had suddenly come up.

Xander tried to remain cool while on the inside he already had his tongue all the way down to the adorable quarterback's colon. He turned to Eli with a placid expression, saying, "You really interested?"

"Welll...I'm curious, anyway. I think we all are." Eli looked to Eric and Simms at the foosball table, who exchanged nervous looks with one another before giving a very tentative nod to the group.

Xander gestured toward the door. "C'mon and we'll show you then."

The roomful of pledges was eerily quiet. The 4 J's shared anxious looks and the hopefuls fidgeted. Chris kept shifting in his chair, Seann paced. Thomas put his hands in and out of his pockets repeatedly. Benji rocked back and forth on his heels, fingers crossed on both hands as he chanted, "OhpleaseGod, ohpleaseGod, ohpleaseGod..." Xander and Skeevo alone remained stoic.

After an interminable amount of time, the door to the dressing room opened a crack. Eli's voice came out to the room, saying, "Uh, guys? I think we're all set in here."

With forced calm, Xander replied, "Just come out whenever you're ready."

The door swung open slowly, and the three athletes stepped out and were greeted by stunned silence. Jonathan took a deep breath and Benji gasped. The three adorable jocks were dressed in full football uniforms, pads and everything. No helmets. Their beautiful faces were open and exposed for all to see, blushes and everything.

"We realize that blue and gold aren't exactly your colors", Skeevo explained.

"N-no, it's okay", Eli said. "This is okay. This is fine--just fine. Right guys." Eric and Simms nodded quickly, taking tentative steps into the room.

Xander asked, "Does everything fit okay? I mean, nothing too tight, too loose? Not being pinched anywhere?"

Benji leaned close to Jesse, whispering, "That's our privilege!", earning him a cuff upside the head.

"No, no, everything fits great", Eli admitted.

"It's just that--that this stuff--", Eric tried to say.

"It's all made of--", Simms added.

"Rubber?", Skeevo interjected. "Yup. The whole damn thing is made of rubber. Inside the padding and everything. Feel alright?"

"It sure feels weird", Eric said. "It's all, it's all slick and...well, it's like--"

"Oh, just admit that it feels fucking incredible and get it over with, Eric!", Eli snapped.

Simms and Eric looked at each other and Simms gasped out, "Fuck yeah, these things feel incredible. GodDAMN, it's like standard gear and that, but it's--it feels so--whooaaa. Where did you get these things?"

"Let's just say we've got an acquaintance who's a high school football coach with a certain loyalty to the frat.", Xander grinned. "He donated those three uniforms for your personal pleasure. Oh, and he's also a big fan."

Skeevo nodded. "Big fan."

Eric grimaced a bit, but confessed, "Dudes, this does feel pretty awesome. Even though I'm gettin' kinda hot in here."

"So what exactly are we supposed to do in these things?", Eli asked.

"Leave that part to us", Xander smiled.

Less than five minutes later, the three star athletes were reclining in various spots around the living room. Eli was stretched out in a recliner, Simms was lying on the couch, and Eric was atop a mountain of cushions on the floor. Each one of them was having the time of his life.

Thomas, Chris, and Seann tended to Simms on the couch. They massaged every inch of his body--every inch--and kept the rubber of his padded uniform pressed against his body in very arousing ways. Jason, Jordan, and Jesse attended Eric on the floor, doing pretty much the same. Jesse pressed his palm flat over Eric's rubbered crotch and began to massage him in a slow, circular motion as Jordan rubbed down his arms and Jason caressed his legs. Xander, Skeevo, and Jonathan aided Eli in the lounge chair. Skeevo massaged Eli's temples while Xander spread lubricant between the football star and his rubber suit. Jonathan rubbed it all in. Benji made the rounds to all three pleasure stations to ensure that no one ran out of lotion.

"Ohhhhh, mmaaaannnn, this is--in-incredible", Eli wheezed.

"G-got that r-right", Simms conceded.

On the floor, Eric was muttering "I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I'm--"

Jesse knelt close to his head, telling him, "Just close your eyes and think of a girl, man. Just imagine it's girls doing this. We know you're not gay."

Slowly, Eric began to smile. "Ohh, yeah. There's this one girl, she is so fucking hot, she- -"

Gently, Jason pressed one finger to the jock's lips. "Just don't tell us about it." Eric nodded, and went back to contented moans, his eyes shut tight.

Inside their pants, every single frat boy was hard as a rock. As they pleasured the football boys, they made passing gropes at one another to relieve the sexual tension, taking advantage of moments when the jocks closed their eyes to steal kisses from their fellow pledges.

In the recliner, Eli was in heaven. He smiled broadly, knowing that the coach discouraged sexual encounters with the ladies during the game season, but he never said anything about rubber play with gay fratboys. His mistake. Just then, Eli felt the front of his uniform pants being unlaced. His very erect member was being slipped carefully from it's place beneath his rubber trousers. "Hey!" Eli began to sit up, startled and a little afraid. Two more yelps from the couch and the floor indicated that the other two jocks were experiencing similar invasions of their person.

Skeevo rested gentle hands upon Eli's shoulder pads. "It's okay, it's okay. Ya gotta trust us."

"B-but I'm not--!"

"You're not gay", Xander said, turning toward the room to indicate he was including all three football players in his statement. "But we are. There's definitely a middle ground here, guys. I promise you."

"Just relax and leave the driving to us", Skeevo suggested. Tentatively, the three muscled athletes allowed themselves to be lowered back down into a reclining position. Soon all three inhaled sharply as icy-cold washcloths wiped away any remaining lubricant and lotion from their penises. Before they could experience any shrinkage, warm and soothing sponges massaged their dicks to bring them to full erection. Then the boy athletes felt something they had never felt before. And did they ever like it.

Jonathan knelt down before the prostrate form of his quarterback hero and slowly eased his mouth over the jock's erect member. Eli gasped quietly as Jonathan accepted the large penis into his mouth. Skeevo had slipped behind Eli's chair and began very gently rubbing his neck and shoulders. Jonathan's lips clung snugly to Eli's disk and he began to suck inward. Eli shivered, his body alive with new sensations. Jonathan began to move his mouth up and down the shaft, slowly at first, then with an increased rhythm. Jonathan drew inward breaths with greater pull. Xander leaned over Eli's chest and began to rub his pecs and abs, now rich with the erotic lubricant beneath the heavy rubber padding. Eli began to breath more shallowly, in sharp gasps. As Jonathan drew ever harder upon Eli's penis, his tongue massaging its underside, Skeevo eased his fingertips up Eli's neck. Skeevo began to gently caress the sides of Eli's face, then very lightly run his fingers through his hair.

Eli sighed audibly, "Ohh-oh-oh-uuoohhhh..." and with a shudder, finally allowed himself to surrender completely to the intoxicating sensation and let all the tension disappear from his shoulders and arms as these eager gay fans gave their all to please him.

Eli felt his pelvis tighten and his body build to climax. Jonathan was still working his member as Xander and Skeevo continued their sensual massage. Eli attempted to speak, to warn Jonathan to free him before he reached orgasm. "Jonny...leggo...I'm gonna shoot..."

Despite the low moan of Eli's voice, Jonathan heard every word and reached around to grasp Eli's ass tightly to anchor himself in place. Jonathan's lips hugged the shaft of Eli's penis and he drew an inward breath with all his might. With a deep gasp of satisfaction, Eli fired. "HHAaauuuuuhhhh!!" Jonathan greedily swallowed it all, continuing to draw steadily on the head. Finally, after nearly a minute of devastating climax, Eli began to relax again, only dimly aware that Jonathan has kissed the head of his dick and was now licking his balls. Eli gasped for breath and was suddenly aware that Xander had been holding down his arms and Skeevo had been bracing his shoulders.

"Man, when you come, you like come 'round the mountain driving six white horses, don't you?", Xander observed.

Eli managed a weak nod. "Y-yeah, I guess so..." He looked over at his teammates to see Eric and Simms in similar states of exhausted ecstasy. Jason was rising up from having gone down on Eric, who was grinning like an idiot while Jesse and Jordan held him tight to the floor. Thomas was just finishing up with Simms, whose body sprawled out on the couch seemed to have stretched a foot longer in the interim. Simms was gibbering at a high speed about how incredible the experience felt, liberally peppering his praise with astonished profanity.

Eli was about to attempt to sit up, when Xander said something that shocked him into remaining stationary. "Okay, my turn."

Eli stammered, "G-guys, I-I don't know if I can--"

Skeevo said to Xander, "Hey, no fair. I'm next!"

"Too late", Xander smiled, squatting down before the spent sports hero. "I'm closer. You get the next round. Then Jonathan can go again, if he's up for it."

Jonathan nodded. "Always."

Eli was nearly in shock. "Waitaminnit, guys--! I don't know if there's anything left! I don't know if I can even get har-aahHHHHrrrduh!" Eli's body stiffened--his entire body- -as Xander took Eli's penis into his mouth. "Oh,oh,oh, ho-olllly shit!"

Skeevo eased Eli's shoulders back down into the recliner and Jonathan massaged his chest. "Easy there, champ", Skeevo said soothingly. "Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

"Leave the driving to us", Jonathan grinned.

All around the room, the same scene was repeated. Jesse began his turn on Eric, and Chris serviced Simms as Seann lightly kissed the athlete's forehead and temples. The evening's activities continued to everyone's mutual enjoyment for the better part of two hours. Later over beers, there was talk of making it a regular, possibly even weekly, event.

Everyone in the frat house of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho was deliriously happy, gay and straight alike. It would seem that Xander and Skeevo's pledge drive was complete. And it looked as if nothing could come along to disrupt their wondrous rubber haven. But looks can be deceiving.


"So who is this guy, anyway?"

Skeevo hustled to button up his shirt as he came down the stairs. Xander was already in the foyer, looking over the letter they'd just received.

"I have no clue.". Scanning the letter, Xander added, "According to this, it's some kid who's caused trouble a'plenty at every place he's ever been sent for school. Private, public, you name, he's fucked it up. Apparently, he doesn't play well with others."

"So how is it we get stuck with him?" Skeevo tucked in his shirt, gave his underarms a quick sniff. All clear.

"Wellll...", Xander traced a finger down the page to the last paragraph. "It seems our boy comes from money. Enough so that they can do whatever they like with him."

"Does it say whose?"

"Just that it's somebody who's been very supportive of the frat. Formerly a member here. Still considers himself a brother, to boot."

"That narrows the list considerably", Skeevo decided. "Gimme." Xander handed him the letter. Skeevo searched for the new guy's name, found it. "Bryan Finch. Finch, remember any of our former boys who made good named Finch?"

"Not a one."

Skeevo turned the letter over, saw that the back was blank. No clues there. He looked at the front again. "Damn, this is really nice paper. Thick, stiff."

"Not unlike it's owners, no doubt", Xander mused.

Skeevo held the stationery up to the light. "Standard watermark. No special printing house or family crest or anything. No help there."

Xander took the letter back. "You were hoping for an embossed graphic of two rubber boyfriends?"

"It would've allayed a few concerns, yeah."

Xander looked at the letter again. "No such luck. Well, he's legacy, anyway. Hopefully that's a good sign." The doorbell rang, and the two boys opened up the passageway for their newest member. The man who stood there was dressed nattily in a chauffeur's uniform, complete with tall boots, gloves, and the little hat. Skeevo mumbled out of the side of his mouth to Xander, "Well of course, he's related to Liberace. Class of '69, wasn't it?"

"Masters--" he referred to a little card. "--Xander and Skeevo?" He said the latter name as if it were an exotic tropical disease.

"That's us."

"May I present Master Finch." In walked a scrawny kid of maybe 19 or 20. He didn't meet the boys' gaze, but instead looked around the room as if he were checking for stray cobwebs. The chauffeur deposited his bags inside the foyer and beat feet out of there quickly. He gave the impression that he was eager to put some distance between himself and his young charge.

"So. Welcome to Rho Upsilon Beta Rho", Xander said. "I'm one of the guys in charge around here. I'm Xander, and this is my right-hand man and best friend Skeev--"

"Man, your hair is all fucked up", Bryan said flatly, looking at Skeevo's spiky mass.

"Excuse us a minute, won't you?", Xander said, turning his back to the newcomer. He then whispered conspiratorially to Skeevo. "Looks like a serious social quadriplegic. Quick tour and fag test?"


Xander turned around with arms wide. "Bryyyyann! Howzabout a quick tour of the house, pal? If you'd be so good as to come with us." He gestured for Bryan to follow them.

Bryan grunted. "Whatever."

"So you think he is or not?"

Skeevo frowned. "I dunno, hard to tell. There are some telltale indicators, but the ol' gaydar isn't going off yet. Rec room."

Xander nodded. "Rec room." He guided Bryan into a cluttered but cozy room with a foosball table, pool table, ping-pong setup, a big screen TV, dartboard, and various other diversions. As Xander pointed out the painfully obvious attractions ("This is our PING- pong TAY-bull."), he made a point to wander by the various posters. Muscular and gorgeous men were plastered all over the walls, from the standard $4.95 beefcake shots of the big guy in his jockeys with the slogan "All men Are NOT Created Equal" to a very tasteful Bruce Weber print. Xander ran through the highlights of the video library while leaning against the wall next to a stunning full color photo of two shirtless college boys kissing.

Bryan tried desperately to avert his gaze from the posters, but he kept right on staring, his mouth slightly open, his eyes wide. He didn't seem offended, just surprised. he shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. Xander and Skeevo exchanged knowing glances, and raised their eyebrows, sending the message, "Ohhhhhh, yeah. He's one of us."

As they left the rec room for other portions of the house to continue their test, Bryan's eyes still shot back to the flattering posters even as he walked out the door.

Rounding the corner, the touring trio were very nearly bowled over. Jonathan and Jason came bounding down the stairs, laughing. Both boys were attired in royal blue rubber bodysuits and surfer boots with white and blue jerseys bearing the frat's Greek letters thrown over the top of them. The boys were clearly in a race, and as such they nearly knocked Xander and Skeevo--and their new charge--down as they raced past.

"Whoa, whoa!", Xander yelled as they passed.

"Hold it!", Skeevo ordered, raising his voice only slightly. It was enough to halt the young rubber pledges in their tracks. They turned around, still laughing.

Bryan stared at the pledges even harder than he had at the posters. He whispered to Skeevo, "Wh-what are they wearing? Is, is, is that--?"

"Rubber", Skeevo said matter-of-factly.

Bryan slowly rubbed his arms as if he felt a sudden chill, his eyes taking in Jonathan and Jason's rubber uniforms. "", was all he could get out.

Xander pointed an accusing finger at the two pledges. "Rudeness! A scandalous display of rudeness, boys. Can you not see we are showing our newest pledge around the house?"

"You're giving him the terribly wrong impression about the place", Skeevo added. "Do you want him to think we're a bunch of hooligans or something?"

Jason and Jonathan burst into new peals of laughter, leaning against one another for support. Jason made a gesture towards the upstairs, trying to indicate whatever nonsense it was they'd been up to, but lost his voice to another burst of laughter. Jonathan was similarly afflicted.

"Attention!", Xander snapped. Instantly, the laughing boys stood side-by-side like military recruits at inspection. Backs straight, hands at their sides, feet close together, eyes straight ahead. Xander paced back and forth before them. "Dis-GRACE-ful. Running around this respected house like a couple of hyperactive two-year-olds. Are you not ashamed of yourselves for this rueful behavior?"

The boys tried their best to stifle their snickers as they responded, "Yes, sir! We are very ashamed, Master Xander, sir!" Jason snorted half a laugh out his nose, garnering a stern look from Xander.

Skeevo stepped up. "I think punishment is in order."

"Punishment, definitely", Xander agreed.

"Rubberboys, face each other", Skeevo ordered. The two boys turned on their heels and spun to face each other. Skeevo glanced at Xander. "Nook?"

"Nook nookie", Xander nodded. "Boys, start scooching towards the wall. Remain facing each other." Jonathan and Jason did their best to keep straight faces, but had little success. They side-stepped, keeping eye contact with one another, all the way across the living room until their shoulders bumped against the wall. Upon impact, they both lost it and started laughing again.

Throughout the display, Bryan Finch stood by with his mouth hanging open, astounded by what was going on before him.

Xander strode over to the boys. "Please note that you are now in The Nook." Jason and Jonathan peered above and behind themselves, seeing that they had been positioned into a snug, arched alcove on one side of the main living room.

"And you will remain there", Skeevo added, "under our orders, until further notice." The two boys snickered, staring into each other's eyes. Skeevo rolled his eyes, and gestured to Xander.

Xander lightly bapped Jason in the back of the head. Jason realized what this meant. "Oh! Right Sorry."

The two boys responded in unison, "What are your orders, O Masters?"

Xander crossed his arms. "Let's see. Disruptive, rambunctious behavior. Potentially embarrassing us in front of a new charge."

"And excessive laughter and mirth", Skeevo interjected.

"That too", Xander agreed. "Boys, initiate Punishment F: Emm-Oh." He paused, then added, "W/T." Jason and Jonathan looked at each other with bright eyes, smiling broadly, their stoic faces lost. "Annnndd begin!"

With that, the two young rubberboys put their arms around each other and began kissing. Passionately. They showed no sign whatever that this was a genuine punishment for either of them. In fact, they looked to be loving every second of it.

Xander and Skeevo turned their attention back to Bryan. Xander tossed one more comment over his shoulder in a mock threatening tone, "And you just keep that up until we tell you otherwise." The two frat masters led Bryan back to the stairs.

As they ascended, Bryan said, "What-what was all that about? You force all your pledges to be gay?"

Xander waved away the comment. "Nah. All these guys were beyond help before we got to them."

"Terminal Homosexualitis", Skeevo said.

"Tragic", Xander added.

About halfway up the stairs, Skeevo signalled for the trio to stop. Leaning over the railing, Skeevo called to the punished boys, "An amendment to your punishment, fellas. F/eo/U. Random intervals. Proceed." As they continued their climb up the stairs, they could hear Jason suddenly let out an excited yelp, muffled by the boys' liplock.

"What was all that about??", Bryan asked. "You told them, what was it--F: Emm-Oh. What--?"

Xander responded without breaking stride. "Forced make-out session. W/T, with tongues."

Bryan looked at Skeevo. "And the F/eo/U thing?"

"Feel each other up." Then, to Xander, Skeevo said, "Whattaya think, leave 'em there for an hour or so?"

"With those two? At least a couple hours."

At the top of the stairs, Xander and Skeevo started down the hallway and noticed Bryan lingering on the landing, looking down the way they came.

" Bryan?" The masters walked back to see what was the matter.

"Wow. This is incredible. So you--you completely control them?"

The two fratboys grinned. "Pretty much", Xander said.

"It's kind of a mutually accepted control relationship. Master-Initiate deal."

Bryan kept staring down towards the alcove, where Jonathan and Jason were dutifully going at it. Still locked in an embrace, Jason had just placed his palm firmly over Jonathan's crotch. Jonathan responded by grabbing Jason's ass. "It must be fun, having that kind of control.", Bryan wondered aloud.

"It's a blast", Skeevo said, reaching to take Bryan's shoulder and guide him down the hall.

Neither boy caught the hard edge that had entered Bryan's voice when he whispered in reply, "I can imagine..."

Now that the cat was out of the bag, Skeevo and Xander rattled off the various rules of the frat as they made their way along the tour upstairs. "I get to--er, I have to wear rubber all the time? What, seriously?"

"Seriously", Xander said forcefully.

"B-but why? I mean, it seems pretty cool and all, but--"

"Because we said so, and what we say goes.", Xander's aid with finality.

"I'm not that crazy about the whole authority thing", Bryan grumbled.

"Well, I'll guarantee you've never had authorities as crazy as us", Skeevo remarked.

As the masters led Bryan down a back hallway to suit him up in rubber pledge wear, they happened upon Thomas and Jesse. The two boys were bound to the wall, via old metal drapery rings. Or rather, Jesse was bound to the wall and Thomas was bound to him. Jess was dressed in a loose-fitting olive drab rubber jumpsuit coveralls, with similarly colored galoshes buckled onto his feet. Strapped around his thighs were snug, wide restraints, with matching bonds binding his wrists. Jesse's wrist manacles were fastened to those on his thighs, making it impossible for him to lift his arms away from his body. The thigh manacles, in turn, were secured to the rings mounted in the walls.

Around Jesse's neck was a sturdy rubber collar. Thomas stood facing him, with his own wrist restraints attached to the sides of Jesse's collar, leaving Thomas with little choice than to cradle Jesse's head in his hands. Thomas was in a standard Rho-Upsilon-Beta- Rho bodysuit and knee boots. As Xander, Skeevo, and Bryan approached, Thomas was kissing Jesse eagerly.

"What's all this, then?", Xander asked.

"Um, uh, masters", Thomas fumbled, "this--it was a demonstration--! To teach me the house rules!"

Skeevo crossed his arms. "Oh, this should be good."

Xander arched one eyebrow. "A demonstration?"

Jesse began to splutter. "Guys! You gotta get me out of this! It wasn't my idea! Jason and Jonathan--!"

Xander put a hand behind his ear. "Excuse me? Homo say what? 'Guys'?"

Jesse caught himself. "Sir! Masters! Sorry! It's just that I've been stuck here and--!"

Xander placed a hand over Jesse's mouth. "Pause for station identification. Thomas, what's the deal here?"

Thomas grinned. "I was talking with Jason and Jonathan. They were filling me in on the rules. What to wear, how to act, how we should address you, like that."

"Annnd--?", Skeevo prompted.

"And I asked what would happen if I broke the rules", Thomas continued. "And they said I would have to be punished, and I asked what a standard punishment was, and Jesse was coming down the hall just then, and Jesse and Jonathan called him over and were all, 'C'mere, we need you for a demonstration', and well--"

"We can figure out the rest", Xander said, releasing Jesse's mouth.

"Masters, please! This was so not my idea! Ya gotta get him off me! Where are Jason and Jonathan, anyway? They should get theirs for--"

"The duo in question are downstairs undergoing their own punishment", Skeevo was quick to point out.

"So you caught 'em for this? That's why they're being punished?"

Xander and Skeevo exchanged a knowing look. "Oh, yeah", Xander said. "That's why they're being punished. Now, as to your punishment..."

"MY punishment?!", Jesse exploded, incredulous.

"Failing to address your masters with the proper reverence", Skeevo interjected. "Serious infraction."

"No, no, no", Jesse said quickly. "I was caught off-guard! I didn't mean to call you guys 'guys'! I didn't--!"

Xander pursed his lips as he mused aloud. "I'd say a forced make-out session will serve this time. Sayyyy, with Thomas?"

"Yes, sir!", Thomas said with vigor.

"Master Xander, please! I'm not really into him. Can you get Chris? Or maybe Seann, even?"

"Too late", Xander said. "I have spoken. Carry on, Thomas."

Jesse tried to protest under Thomas' affectionate assault. "Mm-mhhmff!"

Skeevo patted Jesse on the shoulder. "Don't worry, Jess. We'll send Jason and Jonathan up here to set you two loose asap. They should be done with their punishment in about an hour."


Bryan was led down the hall by the two rubber masters. "So, what do you think of our little frat so far?", Xander asked him.

"I think I'm going to like it here", Bryan said. "I think I'm going to like it here a lot." Xander and Skeevo shared a nod and a smile, unaware that the wheels inside Bryan's head were already turning.


For the next couple weeks, Bryan proved to be the perfect pledge. Any initial fears Xander and Skeevo had about his fitting in seemed to be unfounded, as Bryan bowed, scraped, and ingratiated himself with the best of them.

Bryan not only accepted his rubbergear requirements, he soon took to requesting permission to wear various types of snug bodysuits and other undergear beneath his regular clothing to wear to class and elsewhere from day to day. Bryan didn't speak much, but when he did, it was usually about various cute guys he'd eyed in class or around campus.

His chores were always done promptly and flawlessly. He showed infinite courtesy to the other pledges and was the greatest sport whenever he was the victim of a joke or jibe. Xander and Skeevo quickly came to the conclusion that Bryan had been a closeted gay rubberist all along and that was the source of his previous behavioral problems. They were delighted to provide him with not only a cure but a place where he could belong. Although they were a bit puzzled to receive his note...

Xander and Skeevo met in their main room upstairs, each bearing expressions of confusion. Both had come straight from classes, so they wore their street clothes. Skeevo held up a small note and asked his buddy, "You got one too?"

Xander waved his own identical note and nodded. "Yup."

Skeevo furrowed his brow. "You think maybe there's a problem?"

Xander pondered. "You wouldn't think so. Bryan seems to be fitting in really well around here. Maybe he just has a question to ask."

"Or maybe--", Skeevo began, but his theorizing was cut off when Bryan entered the room.

Bryan was attired in a loose-fitting bodysuit with a tanktop-style top. Around his shoulders was an unbuttoned rubber shirt with the Rho Upsilon Beta Rho PLEDGE logo across the left breast. "Good, you got my notes", Bryan said. "Thanks so very much for meeting me here. I realize that this is very bad protocol, I mean a pledge summoning his masters, but I really wanted to talk to you both and I hope it's okay that--"

Xander interrupted. "It's cool, we get it, Bryan. So what's up, anyway?"

"What's the problem?", Skeevo asked.

Bryan looked surprised. "Oh--oh no! There's no problem! I just wanted to meet with you two privately."

"Becaaausse--?", Xander prompted.

Bryan looked a little embarrassed. "'s just that you two have done so much to make me feel so welcome here, and all. And all the other guys have been great, and boy, I have never--and I mean NEVER--been in any place like this. It's incredible, like--"

"Cut to the chase, Bry", Skeevo said.

"I wanted to give you guys something. As a way of saying thank-you. That's all."

"You got us a present?", Xander said.

" Bryan, geez, you didn't have to do that", Skeevo said.

"But I wanted to!", Bryan insisted. "I just didn't want to give it to you in front of the other guys since I didn't want to make a big deal out of it or look like I was showing off."

Skeevo smiled. "Well, we appreciate that, Bryan. That was good of you."

"Can I ask something else now, please, sirs? I still want to surprise you with your present. Kinda keep up the suspense just a little longer."

"What did you have in mind?", Xander asked.

"Um, c-could you turn and face each other?" Xander and Skeevo exchanged a look, both grinning. Skeev nodded curtly. Why not? The two rubber frat masters turned and faced each other. "N-now, close your eyes. Please. Sirs."

The two boys were smiling broadly now, anxiously awaiting their surprise gift from their eager new pledge. "Won't take a sec", Bryan promised. The duo could hear the young pledge quickly step into the hallway and then return, closing the door behind him. Something rustled in his hands--a bag?--but the masters refrained from taking a peek.

Xander felt something smooth and rubber slip around his neck. Cool metal brushed against the back of his neck and he heard a small clink. "Ahh, collars. I'm likin' this surprise already", Xander beamed.

"Dude, shut up, you're wreckin' the surprise", Skeevo admonished him from behind closed eyes. But then Skeevo was treated to the same sensation, and felt a tingle of pleasure as his own throat was wrapped in firm rubber.

"Okay sirs, you ready?", Bryan said.

"Ready", Skeevo answered.

"More than ready", Xander agreed.

"Good", Bryan said with finality. There was the sound of a chain jingling and another, stronger click. Both frat leaders inhaled sharply, their eyes popping open. Neither of them was prepared for what they saw, what they about to experience.

"Well, that was a hell of a lot easier than I thought, gayboys", Bryan said contemptuously. "You've really got quite the little faggot's paradise going on here, don't you, fellas?" Xander and Skeevo said nothing, but simply swayed slightly from side to side, staring vacantly into each other's eyes, their breathing shallow.

Bryan began to peel off his rubber outfit. "And Christ Almighty, how do you WEAR this shit? I mean, GodDAMN, I feel like the fucking Michelin Man in this thing." Bryan tossed his rubber shirt into the corner. He then walked around to Xander and peeled off his former master's yellow chamois shirt and put it on himself. As Bryan buttoned up, he admired Xander's muscular back and arms. Pursing his lips, Bryan said, "You know, I think you'd both look better that way. Strip. But maintain eye contact, queers."

Unable to resist, the two buddies did as bidden. "Yeahh...strippp...", Xander muttered. "Sirrr...", Skeevo slurred out.

Soon the pair stood naked before each other, and Bryan, who had now claimed Xander's jeans, boxers, and loafers as well, strode around them in a tight circle. "Tell me, Xander old buddy", Bryan chided. "What's Skeevo here to you?"

"Besss frien'...", he managed to get out.

"And what do you think of Xander, shorty?", Bryan asked of Skeevo.


"Then I think you'd better let each other know that, huh? Your new orders, F: Emm-Oh! NOW!" Xander and Skeevo were all over each other. Their new sluggishness instantly evaporated, and their naked arms wrapped around each other, tongues in each other's mouths, snaking down as far as they could go. Both boys had very full erections.

Bryan started laughing. "Fuck, you ARE a couple of worthless fairies at that! I was beginning to wonder if everyone else was being put through their paces strictly for humiliation's sake, but damn!" Bryan watched the two fratboys make out for a while, then he went to a nearby closet and selected a pair of snug bodysuits for each of them.

Bryan walked back over to the duo and tossed the rubber garments over their heads, where they flopped atop the grasping arms and intertwined lips. "Put those things on", Bryan commanded. The boys broke their embrace and fumbled for their suits. "Hey!", Bryan accosted them. "I never said to stop kissing! Keep kissing, and put the suits on each other if you have to. You aren't allowed to break it up yet! Pay fucking attention!!"

Xander and Skeevo dove back into each other's arms and kissed passionately again. They fumbled like amateurs to get into their tight rubber suits, which was especially difficult without any talcum powder, but after close to twenty minutes of struggling and pulling-- all while maintaining their lip contact--they finally stood fully wrapped in their rubber attire.

"Well, that was entertaining, but it's time to get down to business", Bryan stated with authority. "Do you have any idea how stupid you two fags are?"

Xander spoke out the side of his mouth as he continued to kiss his best friend madly. "Yessir, --mmh--we're stupid, sir."

Skeevo agreed, in between gasps. "Stupid fags-mmph--sir."

Xander went on. "Coupl'a--mm, uhhh--stupid fucking idiots."

"Shut the hell up!", Bryan yelled.

"Thorry." Xander was already back to kissing in full force.

"You know", Bryan went on, "not every one of your precious little pledges just does what he's told. Not all of us stay out of your room just because you tell us to. Do you have any idea how much incredible shit you've got lying around that anyone can just waltz in here and take??" Bryan leaned in close to look at the chain he'd discovered in Skeevo's footlocker, and the collars around the boys' necks. "Now this baby here", and he tapped the chain, causing the two boys to take sharp intakes of breath, "took me a while to figure out, but when I did..." Bryan let out a low whistle. "I knew damn well I had just the thing I was looking for."

Bryan took a step back, crossed his arms, and spoke very clearly. "My dear and obedient little pervert fags--lose yourselves to passion."

Xander and Skeevo let out powerful gasps as they clutched each other tightly and fell to the floor like sacks of laundry. As they squirmed on the carpet, rubbered bodies pressed tightly together, mouths locked together as if by some powerful sealant, Bryan squatted down beside them on his haunches.

"And now, you helpless little queerboys, there are going to be a few changes made around here."


"Do you think we should wake 'em up?"

The four boys stood over the cage in which Bryan had placed Xander and Skeevo. The duo was oblivious to their presence, still wrapped in each other's arms, stroking and caressing each other as they continued to kiss passionately.

"It doesn't look like they're asleep", said Jason . "I mean, would they be moving around like that if they were?"

Jordan squirmed a bit. "Guys, we should go. I-I don't even think we should be in here. We probably shouldn't be seeing this. It must be some kind of special ritual we're not ready for. I mean, they're Masters. Capital 'M'. They know what they're doing--"

"Don't be such a goddamn pansy", sneered Jesse. "It's bad enough it took you guys like half an hour to decide whether or not you were gonna open the goddamn door."

"Fifteen minutes!", said Jason defensively.

Jesse wasn't paying attention, as he squatted down beside the cage. "Master Xander! Master Skeevo! It's your guys! We need to talk to you!" The rubber frat masters just kept on lovingly wrestling together. Jesse smacked the side of the cage. "C'mon, snap out of it! Jesus!"

Jordan crept over and tapped the cage with two fingers. "Um, sirs? We really need to talk with you. It's Bryan, sirs. He's been speaking on your behalf and we don't think he has permission--"

"Fuck this", Jesse said with finality. "Jonathan, Jason , help me get them out of this thing." The other boys just looked at him with great trepidation. Jesse's face reddened. "Lets move! You wanna leave 'em like this??" And he pointed to himself and to them. "Or have us stay like this?!" The boys looked at each other, then bowed their heads, feeling ashamed. "NOW!", Jesse yelled.

Jesse lead Jonathan and Jason in unlatching the locks that secured the oversized cage to its base, as Jordan looked on nervously, biting his nails. It took some doing, as the latches were tricky. Even not requiring keys, it took a minute or two to figure out how they worked. Finally, Jonathan and Jason held the cage bars, its four walls and roof--or more accurately, its lid--off and away from their rubber masters, who remained oblivious to their efforts, or even their presence.

"Um, what do you think we should do with this--?", Jonathan asked.

Jesse slapped the cage out of their hands and chucked it across the room to clang against the wall. Jordan jumped back and whimpered. Jesse squatted down beside the enraptured Xander and Skeevo and began to shake them. "Masters?! Boss? GUYS! Wake the hell up, wouldya??" No response.

Jordan began to whine a bit, as if trying to get the other boys' attention. "G-guys? I-I-I think maybe that--"

Jesse cut him off. "What they hell are these two ON? Why won't they acknowledge us?" Then, to the entranced duo, "Guys! YO! Snap OUT of it!"

Jonathan and Jason squatted beside him. Jason pondered, "Do you suppose they're sick? Is it possible to overdose on rubbersex? Is this what happens when you get too much?" Jesse just smacked him hard in the arm, glaring at him.

"G-g-guys--?", Jordan stammered.

Jonathan asked Jesse, "Should I go get, like, a bucket of cold water or something?"

Jesse shook his head. "With all the moisture from sweat they've got going, I don't think it'd do any good. We may have to pry them off each other--"

"G-Guys!", Jordan shouted.

The trio turned around harshly, "WHAT?!"

Jordan pointed to the chain that connected Xander and Skeevo's collars together. "What's with that padlock? Have you ever seen anything like it before?"

Jesse whipped his head back around and looked at the small but formidable padlock holding their masters' rubber collars together. Jesse leaned in and held it, his brow furrowing. "What the fuck--?"

"It's not theirs, is it?", Jordan said, more a statement than a question.

"I'll bet not", decided Jesse. He turned the lock over in his hands, difficult as that was, what with Xander and Skeevo pawing all over each other at the same time. Jesse squinted as he examined the side of the lock. He saw a small red light embedded in the side, blinking at regular intervals. He leaned close, the hot breath of the two rubber lovers puffing intensely against the side of his head. He ran his fingers along the chains extended from the lock to the masters' collars. In another moment, Jesse pulled back.

"It's doing something to them, all right", he announced.

"Wh-what does it do?", Jordan asked.

"I have no clue, but whatever it is, it must feel pretty good. I can barely hear some kind of signal or relay comin' from the padlock, and there's a charge running down the chains to their collars, too. I just barely touched the chains and it felt pretty damn hot. Sexy hot. I can only imagine what it feels like for them."

Jonathan and Jason got on either side of their masters and placed their hands around the rubber collars each young man wore. Both boys began to shiver on contact.

"Whoa! You feel that, man?", Jonathan asked.

"H-h-hooo-ly shit, dudes! Th-this is fucking incredible--!", Jason concurred.

Jesse smacked their hands away from the collars for fear of losing both of them to the rapture. "And you guys are on the outside." He nodded toward Xander and Skeevo. "Those two are locked in."

Jesse immediately plopped down on his back and began to fiddle with the lock connecting his mentors. "DAMN this thing is secure. Fuck! How the hell do we undo it? Look around to see if there's a key anywhere. I'm gonna try to pick it. Grab anything small and metal--straight pins, nails, anything." Jordan began to rifle drawers.

Jonathan and Jason chimed in from above. "Both the collars are locked on, too. They have smaller versions of the main padlock, they're both beeping really faintly."

"Do we go get bolt cutters or something for the chain, maybe?"

"Outta the way, you guys. Jesse, get up." Jordan spoke with newfound confidence. He was holding a large pair of black kitchen shears.

Jesse started to balk. "Those things aren't gonna get through the chain--!"

"I'm not cutting the chain", he answered back, sliding the shears under the tight collar around Skeevo's neck. Jordan grunted as he slowly cut his way through the thick rubber collar. There was a slight sizzling sound and the faint smell of electrical smoke.

"Dude, you could be hurting them! Stop it!", Jason urged.

But Jordan wasn't about to stop. He leapt over to Xander's side and began to cut through his collar. This time there were sparks, and a crackling noise.

"That's it", Jesse scolded. "Your dumbass move is gonna get them killed. Get the hell away from--"

There was a final spark and a pronounced crackling noise as the two rubber masters broke apart and flopped over onto their backs, letting out enormous gasps.

"GHhuuuuuuhHHHH!" The collars fell to the floor and the light within the main padlock faded, to be soon followed by the smaller versions at the collars' clasps.

Xander wheezed, looking at the ceiling. "HHAaaaaauuUHHH! Holy muther-fuckin' shit! Woo!" Then, after a few more gasps, "Sweet Jesus, but my lips are sore."

Skeevo remained on his back, a dazed look in his eyes. Finally, he remarked, "That was intense."

"Um, fellas--?", Xander said, his eyes still focused on the ceiling, his breath slowly starting to steady. "To whom do we owe the pleasure of this timely rescue?"

"It's us, sir", said Jesse. "Your chosen boys. The 4 J's. Jesse, Jonathan, Jason , and Jordan." Then, he added, "It was Jordan that actually cut you loose." He looked over to Jordan, who grinned in appreciation of the recognition.

"Good work, guys", Skeevo said, also still on his back, his arms spread at his sides, appearing in no hurry to go anywhere.

"You guys definitely have earned yourselves a cookie", Xander remarked.

"With frosting", amended Skeevo.

"Oh, yeah, definitely", agreed Xander. "And sprinkles. Hell, two cookies. Apiece."

Skeevo tried to sit up but found his body felt like it weighed a ton so he settled for trying to twist his head around to make eye contact with the boys. He couldn't quite manage that, either, so he just spoke in their general direction. "How long have we been out of commission, fellas?"

The boys exchanged nervous glances amongst themselves. Then Jason said, "Um, we haven't seen you two in almost a week."

"A week?!" Despite his exhaustion, Xander forced himself to roll over, trading his view of the ceiling for one of the floor, or rather, the mat he'd been lying on. "We've been trapped in here doin' the latex nasty for nearly seven days? Howcum no one missed us?"

Skeevo turned his head toward his friend. "More importantly, howcum we're not dead? Rubbersex feeds the libido, but I don't think you'll find it listed among the four basic food groups." Skeevo limply swatted Xander's shoulder. Xander dragged his face across the mat and rested his cheek upon it to see what his friend wanted. Jerking his thumb backwards, Skeevo said, "Bud, flip me over."

Almost absently, Xander reached over, grasped Skeevo's shoulder and pushed. As if he weighed only a few pounds (quite contrary to how he felt at the moment), Skeevo flopped over to land off the mat, on his stomach. With a groan, Skeevo placed his palms against the floor and attempted push himself up. He was only partially successful.

Xander suddenly said in a perkier voice, "Hey, look at this!" He gestured to the floor all around them, which was littered with foil wrappers for energy bars, protein drinks, and a host of other health and exercise supplements. "This must be how our foul captor kept us alive all the while we were enraptured in intense rubberness."

Skeevo plucked up one wrapper between two fingers from the mounds of debris and waved it casually at Xander. "You think maybe?" He tossed it to the side in disgust. Skeevo then propped himself up on his elbows to face their rescuers. "Guys, seriously, we really owe you for coming to our--" then he stopped, getting a good look at them. "What happened to you guys?"

The four boys were dressed identically, but for the color of their outfits. Each one was attired in a relaxed rubber bodysuit, with snug attached boots and open-faced hood. Their hands and faces were the only part of their bodies exposed, but the sleeve cuffs and hood trim fit so tightly it didn't look to make any difference. Stenciled in bold letters, presumably with liquid latex, in a slight arc across their chests was the legend "RUBBERSLUT". Jonathan, in all white rubber, had been labeled RUBBERSLUT #1. The other three boys, Jason , Jordan, and Jesse, were in blue, yellow, and red rubber, bearing the tags of RUBBERSLUT #s 2, 3, and 4, respectively. All of their suits sported snap-open codpieces with the smaller stenciled label "SUCK HERE". And although Xander and Skeevo couldn't see them yet, the boys had been stuck with similar flaps in the back over their asses, labeled "FUCK HERE".

Xander blinked at them. "This is a new look for you guys, isn't it?"

"Tell me this uniform wasn't selected by pledge consensus", Skeevo said.

"It's Bryan", Jesse informed them. "He says he's been operating on your authority. He's got us all decked out like this."

"He took all our other clothes", said Jordan.

"We have to go along with his orders under penalty of being kicked out of the frat", Jason said.

Xander and Skeevo staggered to their feet, feeling the ache in their legs from so many hours of disuse. "Okay. First order of business", said Skeevo, "is to get you guys into some normal clothes."

Xander was swaying a bit as he stood, but said with authority, "Sniff."

Skeevo looked at him askance, but did as he suggested. He inhaled sharply through his nose. He looked again at Xander, who simply raised his eyebrows.

Skeevo looked back to the four boys. He raised a finger, saying, "Amendment. First, we shower. THEN we get you guys some normal clothes."

The group made their way out of the room, Xander and Skeevo peeling off their rank and slickened rubbergear as they went. "Y'know, I'm thinkin' the whole celibacy-chastity thing is looking pretty darn good to me right about now", Xander observed.

Skeevo said, "If you're thinking of starting a club for it, I get to be president."

Once cleaned up, the two fratboys, accompanied by the four branded rubbersluts, made their way downstairs. There Chris, Thomas, and Seann sat, paced and brooded respectively. Each of them was similarly attired in the humiliating rubberslut gear, designated as #s 5, 6, & 7, with Chris in sunkist orange rubber, Thomas in kelly green, and Seann in dusty violet. No kidding. Dusty violet rubber. It suited him.

"Masters!", hollered Benji from the far corner. He came bounding over to Xander and Skeevo gleefully. He was not dressed in a rubberslut uniform. Instead, he was in a deep purple and extremely baggy clown jumper. The jumper was adorned with a variety of stars and circles of bright blue, pink, and yellow. Atop his head was a conical hat with a ruffled base and pompon topper of baby blue. Benji clomped around in his canary yellow Bozo shoes, doing a little dance. "Um, uhh, dudes--er, I mean masters! I greet thee as thou hast told me to!" He then started to sing a little ditty to the tune of 'You Are My Sunshine'. "You are my MAS-terrrs, my only MAS-terrrs, whom I must bow to, 'cause I'm so gaaa-ayy--!" As Benji hopped around, a bundle of helium balloons tethered to his right wrist danced with him. Each balloon, in colors that matched his outfit, bore boldly- lettered, single word epithets like "Faggot", "Queer", "Pansy", "Fudge-Packer" and worse.

"Can I go back to the cage?", Xander asked Skeevo. "Cause this is really freakin' me out."

Upon seeing the duo, Thomas stormed over to them, practically exploding. "You fuckers! You promised us that we'd have someplace we could be ourselves--to have some dignity! How dignified is THIS?!" He slapped the demeaning logo emblazoned upon his green-rubbered chest. "You said we'd have someplace to belong here!"

"Well, you'd be hard pressed to fit in anywhere else dressed like that, you gotta admit", Skeevo said.

"Goddamn you--!" Thomas reeled back to take a swing at Skeev, but Jonathan grabbed his arm just as Xander leapt between the two.

"Hold it, hold it!", Xander said. "This is not our doing, Tom. I swear it. It seems our little pal Bryan has taken it upon himself to stage a coup."

"He said he was acting on YOUR authority!", Thomas sneered.

"Fair enough. And suppose he said I was an elderly Dutch woman. Or that the reason you haven't seen hide nor hair of Skeev and I for the last seven days is because we'd gone on an overseas trip to round up some Venezuelan beaver cheese. Would you believe that too?"

Thomas backed off a bit, and Jonathan loosened his grip on him.

"Now", Xander said. "Do you want to stay dressed up in that--that thing you got on?"

Thomas began to bristle again. "I think I just said--!"

"Then get the fuck out of it", Xander said. "Strip it off, the bunch of you guys. Skeevo and I will go out to the mall and buy you guys new clothes if we have to."

Benji clomped over in his clown suit. "Dudes! Can we go to the GAP??" Skeevo stared at him with a glare that seemed to say "I cannot believe I am on the same fucking planet as you."

Xander made a circular motion with his hand. "Okay, everybody, round up time! The whole bunch of you, front and center!" The group of newly-enslaved rubberboys gathered close to their masters. "It's time to bring this horseshit to a screeching halt. We start by getting you out of those--" And that was as far as they got.

"THERE they are!" The group turned to see the jock babes entering from the back porch.

"Kinda forgot to tell you what Finch did to the quarterbacks", Jonathan mumbled.

"Thanks for the delayed heads-up", Skeevo said out the corner of his mouth.

Eli, Eric, and Simms walked in attired in what could only be referred to as ridiculous getups. Each of the handsome young quarterbacks was dressed in loose, yet sleek, one- piece white rubber bodysuits that were cinched at the waist, showing off their considerable packages. Each suit had a cute baby blue sailor's collar, complete with tie in front and over-the-shoulder flap that hung down past their shoulder blades. The collar's open front dipped to a low point over their pecs, showing off the musculature beneath.

On their feet were oversized baby blue knee boots, perfectly matching their shirt collars, with a wide fold-over white cuff at the top. The front of their boot flaps boasted a rainbow flag with the words "Sailor Boy Pride!" scrawled proudly atop them in the same baby blue.

In fact, their whole outfits were crawling with gay insignia. Their left pecs bore pink triangles, and their shoulders had military-style patches in the shape of a purple handprint. The soles of their boots were lined with the six repeating rainbow colors of the pride flag. Likewise, in a thin border not more than a quarter-inch wide, the same rainbow colors snaked their way along the base of the fold-over boot cuff and the sailor's collar. Splashed boldly across the back flap of their outfit was another, giant pink triangle with twin intertwined red circle/arrow male symbols.

Atop each boy's head was a white rubber sailor's hat with a rainbow triangle on the front, and pink trim across the brim. Despite their still-impressive builds, they looked like a carnival act.

"You finally had the balls to show your faces, you sonsofbitches!", Eli seethed. It was disconcerting to see a face that usually was so charming and cheerful twisted into a mask of rage. "We're just gonna help each other out, huh? Just want to have us around so you little gayboys could stare at us, huh? Well, who the fuck WOULDN'T stare at us now?!"

Xander leaned close to Skeevo. "Don't stare."

Skeevo stared at them. "Man, you have no idea how much that is not an option right now."

"I KNEW you guys were gonna pull some shit! I knew it!" Eric smashed a fist into his palm. He actually looked threatening, which was quite an accomplishment given his outfit. "I say the three of us kick your sorry asses right now! I mean, I don't give a shit whether you release the pictures and videos to goddamn CNN now, much less circulate them around campus!"

"I'm down with that", Simms said.

Skeevo raised his eyebrows. "We got you guys on video now?"

Xander rubbed his forehead. "Our boy's been a busy little beaver, hasn't he?"

Eli, Eric and Simms prepared to descend upon the rubber masters, when Jonathan intervened. "Guys", there's been a major mistake here."

"Damn right there has!", Simms spat.

Jason joined them. "No, no, it wasn't them. It was that bastard Bryan, he took over, he--"

"Look what they had him do to us!", Eli fumed, indicating he and his companions' ludicrous ensembles. "Just look at us!"

"WE just spent the last week locked in a cage on the floor of our own bedroom!!", Xander snapped back. "Given the choice, I'd opt for looking like a queer Buster Brown any day of the week, so why don't you shut the fuck up and let me think, okay?!"

Eli and his jock pals were so thrown by Xander's tone and the fire in his eyes that they backed down. Skeevo, not waiting for further developments, made his way purposefully across the room. He shooed Chris and Thomas aside with a wave of his hand. "Move, move." Skeevo approached some of the more ornate molding to the left of the mantle, and then paused, turning back to the group.

"You didn't see this, alright?" He then returned to his work before anyone could respond. Skeevo then manipulated the molding and within a few twists it came open as if it were the door to a safe, which is in fact what it was. Skeevo began to withdraw handfuls of cash and a single gold credit card. "Benji, c'mere."

Benji the purple clown bounded over to Skeevo, his rubber master, eyes wide and eager to please.

Skeevo handed him some of the cash and the credit card. "Go to the mall, get everyone some new clothes. First go up to our room. You'll find a black notebook on my desk with everyone's sizes in it. Use that for reference."

Benji beamed at being entrusted with this vital mission. "Can I go to the GA--?"

Skeevo rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Go to the GAP, to Old Navy, to wherever else you can get these guys clothes that aren't either rubber or embarrassing." Skeevo looked to the slightly puzzled rubber crew. "Any chance you guys know where your shoes are?" All present shook their heads. "Go to Foot Locker, too", Skeevo said, handing him the rest of the cash.

Skeevo then patted Benji on the shoulder, indicating his mission had begun. "Use up the cash first, then go to the credit card if you have to."

As Benji bounced up the stairs to retrieve the sizing chart, Skeevo casually slammed the wall safe shut. The boys stared. If they had not just seen Skeevo open it up, they would never had known it was there. Skeevo shrugged. "Emergency fund. I'd say this situation qualifies."

Benji came leaping back down the stairs, the notebook in hand. He was practically out the door when Xander's voice brought him back. "Yo, Ben!" Benji stopped on his heels. "If anyone asks, buddy, you are on break from your new job delivering balloons, got it?"

Benji's face split into a wide grin and he flashed Xander the thumbs-up. "Sweeeeet." With that, he was gone.

Skeevo and Xander made their way to the couch and sat down, gesturing that the others do the same. "And now, dear fellows", Xander said, "why don't you fill us in on exactly what you boys have been subjected to during our absence?"

The squadron of freshly-attired Rho Upsilon boys sat clustered around the television, looking like a print ad from Teen Beat. Labels from GAP, Old Navy, Structure, and a host of others covered the college boys from head to toe. None of them noticed or cared. They were all staring at the television screen, which displayed images from a videotape shot by the infamous Bryan Finch.

Onscreen, the three gorgeous college quarterbacks writhed one on top of the other in a three-way atop gleaming rubber sheets. Eli, Eric, and Simms crouched low in their chairs, hands over their eyes. The remaining boys sat on the edge of their seats, mouths hanging open and eyes wide.

"How in God's name did he--?", Skeevo started.

Eli spoke, staring intently at the wall. "He slipped something into our drinks and the next thing we knew, we woke up from what we had all thought was an encounter with three hot supermodels. But it was just us. Us and that fuck Bryan standing over us with a goddamn video camera, applauding our performance."

Benji leaned in close to the screen. "Dudes, you sure you're really straight? You sure seem to be gettin' into it--" Jesse hauled off and smacked Benji in the head. "Ow!! I was just sayin'."

Simms fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat. "That's not as bad as what came after." He pantomimed clicking a remote with his thumb so Xander would fast-forward the tape. He did, and what appeared next was the three boys, buck naked but for rubber dog collars and harnesses, looking terribly frightened.

The video showed Eric standing before Eli and Simms, who were down on their knees. Eli looked into the camera, saying in a tinny recorded voice, " Bryan, you can't do this. I can't do this. I can't handle it, I swear to God, man."

On the tape, Simms added, "Xander and Skeevo couldn't possibly have meant for us to do this. You must'a heard them wrong. You should check with them before we do--"

From off-camera, Bryan's voice came in confident, arrogant tones. "I have my orders. And so do you. Now unless you want copies of your previous performance circulated to your coaches, every one of your teammates, and the media, I suggest you get busy."

On screen, Simms hesitantly massaged Eric's member to arousal. Then a shaking Eli moved slowly forward, taking his friend's member in his mouth.

All around the frat house living room, the guys looked on in shock and stunned silence. Moaning noises emanated from the TV. They were soon followed by sucking and slurping sounds. Then, less than half a minute later, the sound of rapid groans and wheezing, then--swallowing. Simms leapt over and slammed his fist against the remote, shutting the TV off.

Skeevo looked over at the three humiliated athletes. "Holy crap, you guys."

"He's got like ten of those scenes taped now", Eli whispered, burying his head in his hands. Then he looked up, as a thought occurred to him. "Oh, and you're out of mouthwash."

"So get more from the hall closet", Xander said. Eric slowly shook his head from side to side.

Xander sat up. "Guys, we buy all that stuff from a bulk warehouse club. There should be like seven economy-size bottles left--"

Simms said sternly, "Trust us. You are out. Of mouthwash." Eli ran his tongue around his mouth, making a "yucky" face.

"Guys", Skeevo said, "it's not like you're 90-pound weaklings. Why didn't you just kick his ass?"

"He said others had seen it", Simms informed them. "Wouldn't tell us who."

"So wreck the tape already", Xander said, mystified.

Eric exploded. "Jesus, how stupid do you think we ARE?! That's just a copy! Bryan said he's got multiple copies, some hidden--some held by other people he knows! He says he's got a guy dying to run them as internet movies--!"

Jonathan stepped forward. "It's been like that for all of us. Bryan's threatened to out us all to the whole campus if we don't follow his lead. He's shot secret vids of all of us together at one time or another. And I mean really together, in rubber, doing--"

"I know what you meant", Xander said, his voice hard.

Jason looked at his fellow pledges. "Maybe it's time for us to take a stand. Come out as a group. If we all stick together--"

Jordan began to cry. "No, please. I'm not ready. Not yet. This was the only place where I could be myself. Now I can't even do that. Oh, God, what would I tell my parents??" Jonathan placed a comforting hand on Jordan's back.

Eli spoke up, too. "Guys, we would get kicked off the team so fast. Our careers...our whole futures would be over."

Xander got up and yanked the videotape from the VCR. "Excuse me for a minute, fellas." He strode out of the room and returned a minute later with the tape in one hand and a sledge hammer in the other. The boys shot him questioning looks. "We have a very well-stocked work bench in the garage", he said. Xander then handed the sledge hammer to Eli, and dropped the tape on the floor. "If you would do the honors--?"

The other boys stepped back and Eli smashed the videotape to smithereens. Eric and Simms took their own turns with the hammer and then the whole group joined in the display of cathartic destruction by shredding the tape itself and stringing it all over the room.

"Gentlemen", Xander announced, "I hereby declare that all initiation rites and trials are now officially over. Every man here is now and forevermore welcome as an official brother in the fraternity of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho."

Skeevo took his place beside his best friend. "Whattaya say we prepare a special welcome back feast for when the esteemed Bryan Finch returns?" The group cheered, still high from the destruction of the incriminating tape. Skeevo looked at Xander. "Full ceremonial attire?"

Xander smiled. "Absolutely."

Skeevo gestured to a side hallway. "If you boys would see yourselves down that hallway, there's a robe room in the second door on your right. We'll be right there." The boys moved briskly down the hallway, eager to begin their revenge on the traitorous pledge.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?", Xander asked Skeevo.

"If it has to do with something that goes good with ice cream and chocolate sauce, then yes I am." The two rubber frat masters made their way upstairs to their room. Halfway up the steps, Skeevo grabbed Xander's arm. "Tell me you didn't really let the fellas trash that hot quarterback b/j tape."

Xander grinned wide. "The real tape's hidden in my footlocker. Mum's the word." Skeevo smiled, nodding. Then he started to ask a question, which Xander anticipated. "I'm afraid they just killed six episodes from your Will & Grace collection."

Skeevo shrugged as they continued their journey upstairs. "No big loss."


The table in the main dining room of the frat house had been beautifully set. The good dishes, the cut glass stemware (no crystal, it was still a house of college guys, after all), and polished serving trays--the usual stuff brought out only to impress visiting patrons-- had been put to use. Even the silverware all matched.

Around the table sat the former pledges, now official members, of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho. Everyone was dressed immaculately. The three quarterbacks were also present, welcomed as honorary members. There was no rubber in sight, save for their beautifully polished dress shoes. Each boy was in a white silk shirt, black tuxedo pants, and resting on every chest from a broad ribbon was the fraternity medallion. The boys had just finished a wonderful meal complete with appetizers, salads, entrees, even sorbet, and were starting to feel some of the fellowship of their organization begin to return.

Smiles and jokes were being exchanged when Bryan walked in. "What the hell is all this, then?!"

Seann tossed his napkin down onto his plate. "Well, shit. And we were just about to have cake, too."

"Explain yourselves!", Bryan roared, stomping into the dining room. "You people are out of your assigned uniforms! You have your orders, you know what I can do to you!" Bryan dropped the oversized cardboard box he had been dragging along behind him with his left hand. Three large rubber suits of some kind were slung over his right arm. "You're damn lucky I have your new costumes here. It's time you put them on and beg my forgiveness for this transgression. Rubbersluts, sailor boys, get your sorry asses out of those clothes right now!"

Chris pushed his chair back from the table and stood up. "No, I don't think so."

Jonathan and Jesse had risen as well. Jesse approached Bryan and yanked the rubber suits from his arm. "Hey!", Bryan yelled. "Whattaya think you're doing, slave??"

Jesse unfolded the first of the three outfits. It was a rubber bunny suit. Carnation pink. The other two bunny suits were pastel green and turquoise blue. Jonathan looked over at the three football jocks. "For you guys, no doubt?"

Simms stood up from the table looking ready to kill. "That's it." Eric and Eli joined him.

Bryan was beginning to realize that he was no longer in control. "Now wait a minute, you guys. I could ruin everything for you--for ALL of you. Your football careers, your reps on campus. I will not tolerate rebellion! I'm warning you!"

"Whoa, dudes! Check this out!" Benji had gone to investigate the large cardboard box and began pulling out multiple yellow and orange rubber chicken costumes. "This must be the replacements for the rubberslut outfits."

Jason sneered. "Not much of an upgrade", he observed.

Benji said, "Well, I for one think that Seann would look cute as hell in one of those rubber bunny suits, though." Seann said nothing, but swatted the chicken costumes out of Benji's hand.

By now everyone had left their chairs and were converging on Bryan. Thomas and Jordan moved close to the door to cut off any possible escape, and Jesse began to crack his knuckles.

Bryan was getting nervous. "Okay, nobody come any closer! I have authority here! Xander and Skeevo--!!"

"Are standing right behind you, asshole."

Bryan whirled to see the two frat masters standing right there. Both were dressed exactly as the other boys were, but for the fact that the also wore formal dinner jackets. Xander held a bakery box with a large cake inside. "We just stepped out to grab dessert", Xander said. "Looks like we got back just in time."

Bryan began to tremble. "M-master Xander. Master Skuh-Skeevo. I-I-I didn't know--"

"That we'd gotten out of our cage?", Xander interjected. "Well, there's a lot that you don't know, pal. And there's a lot that we don't know. The only difference is, we have the means to find out." Xander snapped his fingers. "Gentlemen?"

In an instant, the three quarterbacks were restraining Bryan. Eric had him in a headlock and Eli and Simms held his arms and legs. Xander handed the bakery box over to Jordan. " Jordan. Cake." Jordan grabbed the box and set it on the table.

Skeevo called to Jonathan, pointing toward the stairs. "Grab the device. Pronto." In a flash, Jonathan was up the stairs on his way to his master's room.

Xander leaned in close to Bryan. "Tell us about the videos and the pictures, Finch."

"Th-there are so many copies. I have agents all over the state, more throughout the country--they all have prints. If they don't hear from me, they'll go to press--"

Skeevo looked at Xander and rolled his eyes. "And one day trained sheep will pilot the Concorde."

Xander looked at Eric, conveying a message with his eyes. "Try again." Eric put the pressure on Bryan's neck, making Bryan's face go beet red and his eyes bulge.

"Ohhh GOD! It's one guy, one guy, I swear it! He's the only one who knows anything!"

"Who is he?", Skeevo demanded. Eric gave another squeeze.

"Aggghh!! He's just this guy I know! I found out he screwed the provost's daughter and I was blackmailing him to hang onto my stuff. I never made copies other than that one tape--he's a broadcast major, he has access to the video equipment--! I don't have agents, I don't even have any friends."

Eric still didn't let up the pressure. Thomas tossed one of the rubber bunny suits to Xander, who caught it and waved it in front of Bryan. "And what about all this? You didn't buy all these costumes off the rack."

"I--I got 'em from a place overseas. I found it online. It's called Ritual Humiliation Latex. They make bondage gear, costumes, stuff like that. They don't know who the stuff was for. They wouldn't know anyone here, anyway." Another squeeze from Eric. "Gaahhk! That's the truth, I promise!"

Jonathan appeared beside Skeevo and handed him something Bryan could not see. In a very solemn tone, Skeevo announced, "My brothers, I do believe it's time for the moment we've all been waiting for." The young frat initiates formed a wide circle around Bryan as the muscular quarterbacks moved him into position.

Benji grabbed one of Bryan's arms and Chris grabbed the other, holding him fast. Bryan's heart began to race. Eli and Simms braced his trembling legs in a vise-like grip.

"Wha-what a-are you doing? Look, what's going on? What're you gonna do to me--"

Benji gripped Bryan's arm tighter, and flashed an overeager smile, "Dude, you're gettin' a--"

"Oh, don't spoil the surprise, Benj", Xander interrupted.

Skeevo chimed in. "Yeah, what's college life without its little surprises?" Skeevo held up the rubber banana formerly of the 4 J's nightstand. He waggled it teasingly at Bryan.

Bryan began to sweat. "Wh-what's that? What is it, what's it do?"

"Let's just say it provides a bit of payback, Mr. Mutiny." Xander nodded to Jesse and Seann, who quickly pantsed their captive.

"Gah! What are you doing?? What is this? You can't--"

"Y'know, you're right", Skeevo observed stoically. "But this little fella can." He twisted the bottom "stem" on the rubber banana, and it blossomed like a flower. Or, more accurately, it opened up like a peeled banana. Beneath the rubber peel was what looked for all the world like a banana. At first glance. It had the right color, the right curve, the right texture, even the right smell. Except it wasn't a banana. It was a banana-yellow dildo. And it was pulsing, throbbing, and beginning to secrete a strange viscous jism from its top slit-opening.

"Oh God, oh God", Bryan whimpered. "No! Guys, no! You're not gonna stick that thing up my--" Eli and Simms seized Bryan's ankles and spread his legs. Bryan shrieked. Skeevo waved the pulsing banana under Bryan's nose, letting him catch the strange aroma of banana mixed with semen. Bryan knew what he was in for, or at least he could guess, and rapidly decided that begging was his only way out.

"Guys, please! It was a joke! It was all a joke! I never meant to hurt anybody--I never DID hurt anybody! Think about it! You guys had fun, in the cage thing and all, right? Making out? Rubbersex? You're all about the rubbersex, aren't you? Huh??"

Skeevo silently walked very purposefully around the squirming captive. Bryan paused in his pleading just long enough to hear the soft sucking sounds emitting from the synthetic banana. He broke. "GUYS!! No, don't DO this! It was all done in the spirit of the frat, everything I did, I SWEAR it!" The boys bent their prisoner over. Bryan tried to twist his head around to see where Skeevo was, but the rubber frat master was already behind him, blocked from view. Bryan went back to pleading.

"Isn't what I did what fraternity initiations are all about? Ritual humiliation! Yeah, that's right! You were humiliated but good--but, but, but, deep down, you were enjoying it! You were! I KNOW you were!" Xander crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. "If you could all just admit it to yourselves, we'd be okay! We'll be laughing about it! Let's form a circle, we'll all share our experiences--!! Please, dear God in heaven, LISTEN to me!"

"Will you shut this asshole up already?", Xander sneered.

"Hang on there, little guy. You'll get your reward soon enough, now", Skeevo said playfully, as if speaking to a pet.

"Reward?", Bryan gasped. The boys were now holding his head as well. "What IS it?! What's my reward??"

Skeevo answered, "I wasn't talking to you."

Skeevo held the faux banana right up to Bryan's crack. The strange device was throbbing and pulsing, it's head bobbing like a hungry serpent. By now it's entire surface was completely coated in its sticky secretions, lubricating it thoroughly. The peel slowly breathed, the petals gently gripping at the air like a greedy hand. Skeevo brushed the head of the banana dildo lightly against the center of Bryan's ass and then let go.

Moving like a mongoose on Dexedrine, the banana shot forward, sliding forcefully into Bryan's ass. The peel-petals clutched onto Bryan's ass cheeks, gripping them tightly and anchoring the device in place. Further secretions seeped from under the fastened peels, securing them beyond removal against Bryan's exposed flesh. Bryan's eyes bulged nearly out of his head, and he made a quiet, "--uh!-" noise.

At Skeevo's signal, the boys stepped away from him. For a moment, Bryan just hovered there, hunched over, pants around his ankles, with the bizarre rubber bananalike thing protruding from his ass. Then he whimpered slightly, and fell face first onto the floor.

Bryan lay flat on his stomach, his head turned to the side, a blank and confused expression on his face. Slowly, a rivulet of drool leaked from the corner of his mouth to puddle onto the carpet. His hands lay palms-up at his sides, his legs stiffly laid straight out behind him, his toes pointing together. In the crack of his ass, the nub of the banana steadily--eagerly--moved up and down, in and out, making a moist sucking sound. If the group gathered there didn't know for certain that the thing was inanimate, they would almost swear that it seemed happy.

Xander slapped his hands together and rubbed his palms. "So! Fellas! Cake?"


Three days later, the frat house of Rho Upsilon Beta Rho was back to normal, or as normal as can be expected for that group.

Thomas, Seann, and Jesse were laughing themselves silly in the lounge over repeated viewings of video selections like RAT RACE. Thomas wiped a tear from his eye. "No, honest, doesn't that guy look an awful lot like Master Skeevo? Seriously."

Seann stuffed a handful of cheese puffs into his mouth and spoke around the orange- powdered crunchy wad. "Nuh. Thorry, I'm not seein' it."

The three boys wore loose-fitting blue jeans and rubber sweatshirts. Thomas had on rubber knee boots, the other boys wore tennis shoes. Chris relaxed nearby on a beanbag chair, clad in a charcoal-gray wadersuit bearing the fraternity letters, sifting through other videos for the next selection.

In the rec room, Eric and Simms were in sudden death overtime at the foosball table. Across the room, Eli was trouncing Jason in ping pong. As the little white plastic ball shot past Jason, Eli twirled his paddle in one hand and smirked. Jason scrambled for the ball and returned to the table. "Okay. Best 26 out of 50."

Eli shook his head. "It's your funeral."

All three of the handsome quarterbacks were dressed in smart casual attire, shirts imprinted with their team logo, crisp slacks, polished heavy shoes or brand-spanking new sneakers. Jason wore a red, white and blue rubber ensemble of polo shirt, overalls, and knee boots.

Laughter had returned to the house, with hijinks and horseplay being the order of the day. Benji, dressed all in baby blue rubber, jeans, surfer boots, and long-sleeved collar shirt-- save for a T-shirt with a computer company logo thrown on top--came dashing into the rec room. "Dudes! Where's masters Xander and Skeevo?"

Jason didn't look away from the ping pong table. "Upstairs, I think. Why?" He swung and missed the ball again, swearing.

Benji didn't answer, but bounded out of the room, racing past the lounge as he went. He smacked the door jam of the lounge as he dashed by, hollering out, "V.I.P. coming, you guys!"

Thomas, Jesse, and Seann looked at each other in confusion. "What was all that about?", Jesse wondered aloud.

Thomas shrugged, reaching for more snacks. "Search me." Chris leaned forward, peering out the doorway to see Benji vaulting up the stairs.

Seann took a swig of his drink. "Maybe we have someone new to show our spiffy new mascot to." Seann grabbed up a couple mixed nuts from a nearby dish and ricocheted them off the head of the mascot in question. The other boys laughed cheerfully.

Benji hit the top of the landing running and sped to Xander's door. Pounding on it, he called out, "Master Xander! Master Skeevo! We need you downstairs, pronto!" He switched from using his knuckles to hitting the door with his palm. "Hell-oooo! Anybody in there??"

A shirtless Xander opened the door a crack and said, "Yes, yes, Ben, I hear you already. Your voice carries. What's the problem?"

"We have a visitor. A very important visitor, too. You're gonna want to come down."

Xander rubbed the bridge of his nose, saying, "Okay, okay. Just gimme a minute to make myself presentable, alright?" Benji could see the thick rubber wrist manacle around his master's wrist.

"Um, Master Xander? It looks like your attached to something..." The well-meaning but not terribly bright Benji pushed the door open farther to reveal just what Xander was attached to. On the end of a slender but formidable silver chain stemming from Xander's wrist was a stout rubber collar buckled around Jordan's neck. Jordan was also shirtless, but wore skintight black rubber sailor's jeans and tall rubber riding boots. He managed a meager smile as Benji stared at him, wide-eyed.

"Ooohhhh", Benji whistled. "Am I, like, interrupting something, Master Xander?"

"You think??" Xander put a hand on Jordan's shoulder and gave him an affectionate squeeze. "Ben, can't you go get Skeevo to greet this visitor?"

Benji gave an exaggerated shrug. "Don't know where he is. I kinda thought he'd be in here with you." Ben peered around Xander to verify that he and Jordan were the room's only occupants. " you know where he is?"

Xander gestured for Jordan to toss him the key from atop his desk to undo his manacles. "I have my suspicions."

Moments later, Xander approached a room further down the hall and barged right in. There, in bed, were Skeevo and Jonathan, the former attired in a loose-fitting rubber jumpsuit, the latter in a snug bodysuit. They didn't appear to have been napping.

Skeevo looked crossly at his friend. "Hell-o! There's this quaint old-world tradition called knocking--!"

Xander crossed his arms, unimpressed. "We have a visitor downstairs. I'm electing you to go down and greet him. I'm kind of busy right now."

Benji attempted to get their attention, but remained in the hallway. "Um, masters? I think maybe you both need to go--"

Skeevo sat up, his arms around his knees. "You're busy? Oh yeah, well, I'm just laying around here doing nothing."

Xander made a frowny-face. "Well, you appear to be laying something."

Skeevo ignored him. "Benji, who is it downstairs, anyway?"

Xander turned to Benji. "Yeah, Ben. Just who the hell is so important that we both have to go meet him?"

Benji spoke softly. "The guy from all the paintings." Benji pointed across the hall to the portrait of the tall, slender man, dressed in shining chest waders, proudly fishing.

Skeevo nudged Jonathan's shoulder. "Assemble the troops."

Xander and Skeevo raced up to the front door still tucking their shirts in. They had broken all their speed records jumping from rubbergear into street clothes. Jordan was hot on Xander's heels, doing his best to pull Xander's oversized clothing tight to his smaller frame to better disguise that they'd been borrowed at the last minute.

"Where's Jonathan?", Xander asked Skeevo, still in full gallop.

"Getting the others. Benji?"

The question was answered before Xander could divine where the frat's goofiest member had disappeared to. There at the front door stood the celebrated Mr. Gummistein, smiling cheerfully as the expansive Benji chatted him up, his grinning mouth flapping, his arms gesticulating wildly. And still in his full rubber gear.

"Oh, shit", mumbled the frat masters.

"Mr. Gummistein! Sir! To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit, may we ask?", Xander said, approaching their founder with extended hand. He took the offered hand and shook it warmly.

"Gentlemen." This was indeed the same man from the portraits. Tall, tanned, still in fine shape for a man his age, though his gray hair was now white. He gave a quick glance at the three newcomers before him. "You must be...Xander, is it?"

"Yessir", the fratboy answered.

"And you must be Mr. Skevowicsz, correct?"

"Skeevo, sir. Please."

"Ah, yes. Very good." He looked at Jordan, who was practically quaking in his shoes (or Xander's shoes, in this case). "You, on the other hand, must be new."

Jordan bobbed his head. "J-Jordan, sir. New this year. I-it's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Is it?", Mr. Gummistein raised an eyebrow, evidently surprised that someone so fresh and young should even know who he was. He turned back to the grinning Benji, and indicating him to the frat masters, commented, "I must say, I couldn't help but wonder as to this young man's attire--"

"Oh, that! Totally plausible explanation for that there!", Xander blurted.

"Way plausible. Simple, we mean 'simple'.", Skeevo added.

"Simply plausible", Xander picked up. "Plausible in its simplicity!"

"See, we are a fraternity, after all", Skeevo offered.

"YES!", Xander agreed heartily. "A fraternity, with all its quirks, and pranks, and forced ritual humiliation inflicted upon select young incoming members! Of whom Benji here is one! Hence the latex ensemble. Humorously embarrassing, isn't it??"

Mr. Gummistein looked Benji up and down, his brow furrowed. Benji leaned close to him, his idiot grin wide enough to displace his ears. "Rubber feels so awesome, dude. You wanna touch it?" Both of the founder's eyebrows went up. Xander's jaw dropped open, and Skeevo groaned.

At that moment, the rest of the troops arrived. It looked as if they'd dropped everything and came immediately. Rubber gear and all. The boys all lined up, as if standing for inspection, and looked evenly at the fraternity founder. Jonathan announced with pride, "Welcome back to Rho Upsilon Beta Rho, sir! We're at your service!"

There was a moment's silence, more accurately called an awkward pause. Mr. Gummistein then said to Xander, "Having a great many moments of humorous embarrassment this term, hmm?" Xander had his hand tightly over his mouth.

Skeevo attempted a rescue, saying, "Sir, I can explain all this, really I can." He looked at the group of fratboys, the handsome quarterbacks, and especially at Jason's ridiculous star-spangled rubber outfit. "No. No, I can't."

"Well, I can", Mr. Gummistein said. Softly, he began to laugh. "Do you think you boys were the first rubberists ever to grace this campus? Or that perhaps your predecessor, Christian was? Why on earth do you think I started this fraternity in the first place?" Xander and Skeevo were flabbergasted. Not allowing them time for recovery, their founder approached the roomful of boys and asked, "How many of you dear lads are gay? A show of hands." The hands went up. "Good, good. And how many of you are dating a girl as a form of camouflage for who you truly are?" No hands. Mr. Gummistein turned to Xander and Skeevo. "Now that is what I like to see. That is what I dreamed of. A place where gay young men--young rubberists--could be themselves among likeminded friends and brothers." He shook both frat masters' hands. "Well done. Good work, my boys." The duo nodded in grateful acknowledgement, still too stunned to speak. Back in my day you had to get married to allay suspicion, and not having children was never an option. Which brings me to the reason for my visit."

Jason piped up, "Oh man, you gonna adopt us?" Jonathan fired an angry "shh!" sign at him.

"I'm here for my grandson. I trust he's still among you, though he's not present in this fine lineup."

Skeevo found his voice. "Your grandson? I don't think we have--"

"Bryan Finch. He arrived a while ago. Or at least he should have. May I see him, please?"

An icy stillness swept over the room. Xander cleared his throat and looked at the floor. "Bryan Finch is...your grandson?", Skeevo said, hoping for clarification. Mr. Gummistein simply nodded curtly, apparently not in the habit of repeating himself. So Skeevo added, "We had no idea."

Xander said, "I mean, we knew he was legacy, but we never would'a guessed he was related--"

"He goes by his mother's name, has done since the divorce. I'm afraid he's something of a troublemaker, always has been. Has a terrible problem with authority. Rules aggravate him to no end."

"Yeah, we picked up on that", Skeevo said.

"He seems to think that he's the only person smart enough to ever be in a position of authority and will do anything to either place himself there or bring down those in said position."

"Got that, too", Skeevo admitted.

Mr. Gummistein pulled out a credit card bill. "There's been no activity on the credit card he believes he pilfered from my chauffeur--" Xander and Skeevo looked puzzled. "--it was a plant. I wanted him to take it so that I could track him via his penchant for overindulgent purchases. But they stopped recently. I came to find out why. Pray tell me, has he finally found his place here? I'd like to think there's some hope for the lad."

"Ooohh, he's found a place alright", Benji smiled, rocking back and forth on his rubber heels. Xander and Skeevo made angry gestures to silence him. Too late.

"Well then, let's see him by all means", the founder said eagerly. But no one moved. "Now, gentlemen."

Xander pointed to Jason and Jesse to retrieve Bryan Finch. Or what was left of him. Within moments, the two boys returned with Finch, and the room cleared to make way for him. Bryan stood there with the stupidest expression on his face that any human being has ever had. He grinned like a complete imbecile, since that's basically what he was now. He had been dressed up by the boys in a big brown monkey costume. He looked like a member of The Bloodhound Gang. You and me, baby, we ain't nothin' but mammals. He was completely covered, save for an open-faced hood sporting enormous monkey ears. His hands were gloved in oversized monkey paws, his feet were encased in shoes designed to mimic giant monkey feet. A long curled tail bobbed up and down from the seat of his pants. Everyone remained silent, staring at him as he crouched before the group. After a minute or so of that, Bryan let out a delighted, "CHEE!!"

Benji leaned over to Mr. Gummistein again. "He's our mascot, man."

Mr. Gummistein remained placid. " Bryan?" The monkey boy simply crouched there, scratching his belly.

Skeevo whispered, "Um, he only answers to Butt Monkey now."

Mr. Gummistein pursed his lips. Then, "Butt Monkey?" Butt Monkey chittered gladly and hopped over to the founder's feet. He scratched his sides playfully, whapped himself a couple of times atop his head and went "Ppphhhllllrrrppp!!" with rolling lips.

"It would seem we have quite a bit of catching up to do", Mr. Gummistein observed.

Xander sighed. "Yeah, looks like."

Laughter filled the living room as the group sat around on both chairs and the rug. Mr. Gummistein was the center of attention as he regaled the group with one anecdote after another. "And so I said to him, 'But of course you need triple layers when diving in these waters, I assure you!' and unbeknownst to him, as I helped him squeeze his glorious body into the final bodysuit, he had no idea he'd be spending the afternoon parading around in a rubber suit with the double-male insignia emblazoned across his back and the legend "Diver Goin' Down" beneath it. I still have the photos."

The group laughed raucously as they hung on every word. "Another beer, Mister Gummistein?", Xander offered.

"No, no, that's my limit, really." He looked over at Butt Monkey Bryan seated atop a stool in the far corner. "You know, he really was an undisciplined little shit. He always left a trail of havoc in his wake. I took a chance he might have suppressed latent homosexual feelings that could explain his poor attitude. So the Rho Upsilon Beta Rho house was our last chance. Tell me, is he--?" He let his voice trail off.

"Gay?", Skeevo finished the sentence. "Nah, we don't think so. Unless he's a really, really, really self-loathing gay."

"Entirely possible", Mr. Gummistein admitted, reaching for some more beer nuts. Bryan then smiled broadly as he rubbed his crotch with one palm and scratched at his balls with the other. He then sniffed at his scratching fingers and licked the nails. If he did hate himself before, he sure seemed to be over it now.

"Oh, and there is one other thing I wish to know." He once again produced the credit card statement. "Who precisely is Nigel Hetherington?" The answer was a chorus of blank stares and shaking heads. Looking at the statement again, he clarified, "It says here, Nigel Hetherington: RHL Specialty Clothiers. Any ideas?"

"That would be Ritual Humiliation Latex", Skeevo realized. "That's where Bryan got all the outfits he stuck our frat brothers in while we were...otherwise engaged."

"Yes, a remarkable story and a terrible ordeal", the founder said, shaking his head. "I only hope my increased allowance to the fraternity will begin to compensate." He looked to Eli, saying, "You did say you would prefer to get the red Ferrari, yes?"

"Or blue if you can't get the red", Eli beamed. Simms smiled, too. "I was the yellow."

Mr. Gummistein waved his hand as if to say it'd be no trouble. He glanced at Bryan and rubbed his chin. "Is our beloved Butt Monkey's mascot uniform of latex? It doesn't appear to be."

Skeevo shrugged. "Standard cotton/polyester blend. But considering, we were happy to make due with what we could get. Theatricks costume shop. Awesome people there."

"The transformation is nothing short of remarkable, gentlemen, I grant you that. I have never in all the time he's been with us seen Bryan so...docile."

Bryan let out a couple piercing "Chee! Chee!"s and hit himself lightly on the head with his loose palms.

"Well, all things being relative", Mr. Gummistein said. "But tell me, gentlemen, Brother Xander, Brother Skeevo, how on earth did you manage this transmogrification?"

The two buddies exchanged nervous glances and made awkward gestures in an obvious attempt to dance around the truth that they had crammed a synthetic gay banana up the upstart's bum.

Mr. Gummistein clucked his tongue. "Oh, come-come, my dear fellows. I have been all over the world, I have seen a great deal of things not dreamt of in our philosophy, to paraphrase the Bard. I very much doubt any method which you could devise will shock me, no offense to you. I am simply curious to learn what method you employed to such success where so many other educators and counselors failed."

Xander and Skeevo shared another one of their famous looks and then shrugged. Xander gestured to Benji. "Benjamin, if you could direct our good founder to the secret of our Butt Monkey." Benji gleefully leapt toward Bryan and grabbed up his costume tail, gestured like a game show hostess, and began to open his mouth. "WithOUT the commentary, Benj", Xander said forcefully.

Benji winced a little. "Oh. Um." He pointed at the monkey's tail, then curled his index finger inward to draw Mr. Gummistein over for his inspection. "It's down here." He pointed again at Bryan's behind.

The founder strode regally around Bryan as Benji effortlessly bent him over. There was the harsh tearing sound of Velcro as Benji peeled back the tail-flap. The founder leaned forward and stared passively as the group looked on, the room now quiet enough to hear the gentle, steady sucking and pumping sounds coming from Bryan's rear. The founder stood up straight and paused for a moment. With absolutely no change in vocal inflection, he spoke. "I stand corrected." Benji dropped the flap.

As the excitement of the founder's visit wound down, most of the boys scattered to where they had been previously around the house, a few lingered nearby. Xander and Skeevo saw Mr. Gummistein to the door. The founder watched with interest as the three football players left the room. "Honorary membership to select attractive straight boys", he mused quietly. "Damn fine idea. Shame I never thought of it." His expression then became more serious, as he announced, "I would like to take Bryan with me. I am currently undertaking a project of funding an experimental fraternity designed exclusively for troublemakers like my grandson--in the interests of turning them around. Having him on hand would provide a splendid deterrent to any uprisings."

"Another branch of Rho Upsilon?", Xander inquired.

"I'd like to call it Lambda Alpha Tau Epsilon Chi. Recalling of course that Chi works as the Greek equivalent of our 'X'."

"Yeah, we get it", Skeevo said, rolling his eyes a bit.

"I must admit to one puzzlement", Mr. Gummistein pondered, "with that ingenious little banana of yours so firmly in place, how does our primate Bryan...well, relieve himself?"

Xander blanched at the question, and Skeevo made a waving motion with his hands. "Oh, I cannot begin to describe how you do NOT want the details of that one."

Mr. Gummistein pursed his lips, his brow furrowed in consideration. Then, "Fair enough." The founder snapped his fingers, saying, "Butt Monkey?" Bryan came chittering over to his grandfather's side, a look of the sheerest brainless stupidity on his face. The grandfather looked down at the hunched-over form of his brightly smiling grandson. After a moment of silent study, he actually patted Bryan on the head. At the approving contact, Bryan chittered happily, emitting a few delighted "Ook-ooks" for good measure. Mr. Gummistein looked back to Xander and Skeevo, remarking, "You know, I think I rather prefer him this way." Xander stuffed his hands in his pockets, and shrugged, grinning.

Once again, Mr. Gummistein snapped his fingers, turning to the door to leave, making a quick jab forward with his index finger. Butt Monkey Bryan got the message, and happily hopped along behind his master. Two of the young frat brothers grabbed the double-doors and opened them for the founder's exit. He nodded in acknowledgement.

Xander and Skeevo watched as the dignified fraternity founder strode proudly to his car, accompanied by the ridiculously costumed, capering butt monkey that had formerly been his grandson.

"Y'know", Xander mused aloud, "this does leave us with the dilemma of what to do about a new fraternity mascot."

"True", Skeevo agreed.

Xander turned to his best friend. "I was thinking about something along the lines of a big python."

"A python. Really."

"Yeah, sure. Then we can get it, like, a really big pair of pants to wear. That way it can be a trouser sna--"

Skeevo cut him off before he could finish. "You complete that sentence and I will run right upstairs and make a new banana just for you, man."

"Okay then", Xander offered. "How about a woodpecker? I mean, arousal is sometimes termed as 'sportin' wood' and everyone knows that another name for your thingie is your peck--"

Skeevo scrunched his brow. "And I'm friends with you--why, again?"

And with that, the two frat masters rejoined their brethren.

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