And the Ship Sailed On

Synopsis: The Captain of a ship controls more than just the crew's duties.

"Will this day never end?" Derek wondered to himself. Seems he had been washing and mopping, "swabbing" this same damn deck all day, and just when it sparkled to satisfaction, another wave would hit, scattering dirt and debris over the seemingly endless top deck. This, the "S. S. Bounty", had set sail five months ago. It's annual mission: To reap the harvest and bountiful treasures one only receives during high fishing season. As a fishing boat off the Alaskan coast, the income came fast and furiously, much like the energy and strength displayed by the minimal-yet-competent crew.

Derek was one of four crew members in all. His primary responsibility was that of Ship maintenance Coordinator. A glorified title for "handy man", if you ask me. The ship's navigator and Captain was a strong man, mature for his thirty-something years. To Derek, Captain John Matheson seemed very sage and wise. (To Derek's tender 19 year-old mind, the Captain was also "old". Boy, did he have a lot to learn!) The Captain ran a tight ship and he was very demanding. Yet the crew gave 150% all the time, and it showed in the tip-top condition the ship was in. John had a certain way with his staff...he knew how to bring out that "extra energy" none of the crew was aware of possessing. They did not understand his methods, yet they willingly gave all of themselves over to the Captain's commands. And this obedience was always met with tenderness and gratitude.

Rounding out the crew was the Galley Master, Marcus...the man whom without his skills and on-going efforts, food and drink might have remained only plain nourishment. However, as his skills as a chef were unsurpassed, the four men aboard were always well fed and very pleased. Tim, the "Galley Slave" as the rest had so fondly nick-named him, was an all-around good guy and "go-for". He would assist the Galley Master in preparations, as well as helping with other odd jobs around the ship.

The crew knew how to work, play, and co-exist together. Being on a ship for so long, tensions could mount and release rapidly, but all-in-all, the personalities meshed into a neatly woven network...each man helping the others as they needed it. This made for both good working relations and strong bonds of friendship.

High season lasted for about four months, with another month allocated to changing ship placement and travels. During the high months, the work was arduous and the days long. Very physical labor, all men worked until they had no energy left. They were always proud of their days' work, knowing that their labors would bring a "multitudinous" income...that the likes of which other men would labor for years to amass. And when the days drew to a close, each man was ready to sleep soundly. They longed for their evening "chats" with the Captain; the Captain had a way of making them feel special...important...and they were always willing to give more with just a few words of encouragement from him.

Even though the cleaning chores seemed endless, Derek felt relieved. He knew that in two weeks the ship would return from these Alaskan waters and dock in its home-based Seattle marina. And the crew would separate, only to come together the next year, ready and refreshed, for another season. This was Derek's first season, and he hoped for many more. Today, the sun had been shining extra brightly. Or maybe, Derek just saw more colors and felt more positive...he worked very hard, his smooth body well bronzed and glistening naturally from the tanning oils exuding from his pores. When weather permitted, he wore only running shorts and boat shoes when working above deck. And today was just such a day.

A bell rang. This only happened when the Captain had an announcement to make. The crew knew to report to the center section of the upper deck, as this was the customary meeting place. The Captain, wearing a loosely fitted white linen shirt and tan khaki shorts (his usual worm-weather attire), stood in front and to the left of the others. Derek joined Tim and Marcus as the Captain began to speak.

"This has been such a great season, guys! I hate to see it end." John spoke with a gleam in his eye. "As this trip is nearing the end, I want to thank you for your hard work. I will be rewarding each of you individually for your efforts. But jointly, I want to reward you with several days of relaxation. Starting today!" Marcus and Captain John smiled and shot knowing glances at each other. This was the Captain's encourage several days of lounging, drinking, revelry, and just good old-fashioned mayhem before the ship docks. It is a time when hard work is recognized, and a time for the crew to bond as never before. The Captain continued. "We will be dropping anchor in a quiet cove near that island up ahead. No one ever stops there, so it will be a tranquil and quiet place to rest. We will stay there for several days. It is beautiful there, very unspoiled by man and commercialism." The Captain rarely waxed so eloquent. The crew could see that this was a very spiritual and emotional time for him. "When we drop anchor, it will be our time to relax." "Boy, that sounded good," Derek thought. He could sure use some rest.

The ship sailed gracefully into the quiet tree-lined cove. A white sandy beach lead to greenery and rock intertwined. The mountain crags jutted into the air, giving this area a feeling of majesty. Derek helped the Captain throw the heavy anchor overboard, about 500 yards from shore. The ship slowed to a halt. Marcus and Tim soon appeared from below, flanked with a large ice-filled tub of beer, wine, and champagne, accompanied by platters of snacks. These were special foods...for special occasions. Derek eagerly took a beer and a turkey sandwich, reveling in the decadence of it all. The Captain turned several lifeboats upside down on the deck, making for waterbed-like "lounges". "Ingenious!" Derek thought, as he sauntered over to one of them and sand into the center. He drank beer and ate, watching the others do the same. Salsa and Caribbean music played from a cassette recorder below, and the men removed all but their jock straps (Boys will be boys, you know!) and went about the "hard work" of relaxation!

The captain, a stalwart man of 36 years of age, was a fine specimen of muscle and substance. His commanding demeanor elicited both respect and strong emotions from the others. And without clothing, he was a statuesque thing of beauty. Derek reminisced of previous times he had glanced at the Captain showering, and he felt a surge of electric intensity race through his body...feelings he had yet to understand. Derek found it difficult to divert his gaze away from John's well-maintained muscles. Even though a boyfriend waited for Derek in Seattle, this was a time of complete release...this meant some hefty fantasy material for Derek, and the Captain was somehow at the center of this fantasy. Did the Captain know this? Derek was unsure. He only knew the Captain showed a fondness for each beautifully chiseled male form on board. After finishing another beer and drinking well into a bottle of champagne, Derek drifted off to sleep in the hot mid-afternoon sun.

The Galley Slave had been fairly quiet throughout the trip. Tim rarely drank and no one had seen him play much. He shared a cabin with the Galley Master (How appropriate is that!?), and he was a gentle young thing (seventeen if he was a day). It was good to see him laughing and swimming, so carefree after the months of hard work. By this time of the day, even the jock strap had become an element of history, as each man continued to relax, filled with the intoxication of the entire experience. Tim's lean and naked body dove into the water, rotating between "dog paddle" and "doing the backstroke". Laughing whole-heartedly, Marcus dove in after him, racing with him to the sandy beach. The two reached shore and meandered up to a shady spot on the beach. So calm it all was. This was living! From the ship's deck, you could barely see the two beach-goers lying side by side, affectionately close. Relaxation to them meant quiet time together, and their special bond of friendship had obviously blossomed throughout the course of the trip. The island paradise fueled their passion as nothing else could.

Derek awoke to find the Captain standing at his side, languidly drinking red wine and humming quietly to himself, seemingly lost in thought. The linen shirt had disappeared long ago, and his tan glowed a deep color of brown, spanning from the top of his blond head to the upper lining of his khaki shorts. His bare legs, covered with silken blond hair, were well tanned and extremely well proportioned. Derek couldn't help himself from staring. What a nice vision to behold when waking from slumber. Had the Captain been speaking to him? He was not sure. He only knew that he felt very willing and obedient.

"Derek," Captain John said, "You work so hard. Your muscles must feel very tight." Derek hadn't noticed it before, but he did suddenly feel tight in the shoulder and back area. "You would like a massage, I'm sure." Derek smiled, eagerly anticipating the Captain's touch. He loved these sessions! The Captain moved over and sat beside Derek, beginning to gently massage the area just below Derek's neck. As Derek drifted into the relaxation, the Captain spoke in a quiet tone. "Derek, as I begin to massage your body, you will feel yourself beginning to drift and relax, your mind becoming a quiet place and your body letting go completely." Derek relaxed immediately, feeling John's warm hands begin to explore the musculature of his back with increased fervor. "Listening only to my voice, you will feel yourself drifting and relaxing, slowly falling down into a peaceful place where deep sleep occurs and you want to fall deeply asleep listening to my voice, and falling deeper into relaxation will only make you feel better and much more relaxed and you want to sleep now don't you?" Derek's eyes had long since been snapped shut by some unconscious suggestion, and he mumbled "Yes SIR!", going much deeper to sleep even as he uttered those few words. The Captain continued. "Derek, as you drift NOW and sleep NOW and fall deeper NOW and relax NOW you become more susceptible to my suggestions and you feel compelled to follow them, both while you sleep and after you awaken. Nothing al all will disturb your continued slumber, and you will continue to slip into deep sleep with each deeper breath you take and with each word I say. You will not awaken until I instruct you to do so, and you continue to drift deeper to sleep NOW as you listen to my soothing voice and as you feel my calming touch." The Captain continued to explore each nuance of Derek's sleeping body, listening to Derek's willing gasps of pleasure as tender and delicate body parts were massaged and stimulated. John gracefully removed Derek's jock after instructing him to stand before him and await further instructions. By this time, Derek had no will of his own, his full being only in existence to serve his Captain. Derek moved as a graceful automaton, following each instruction implicitly and without question.

"Derek, you want to offer me pleasure as I have pleased you, don't you?" Derek nodded in agreement. "You will begin to touch my body as I continue to touch yours, and each touch will stimulate and excite your mind and your body, yet you will continue to go deeper asleep at the same time. Understand?" "Yes, SIR!" Derek responded. The Captain continued speaking and massaging, pausing only slightly to explore the crevices of Derek's studly young body with his tongue. Derek squirmed in subconscious ecstasy, his body writhing from the increased sensations of pleasure mingled with sexual tension and desire. His throbbing manhood standing at full mast, he was nothing more than a combination of sexual energies fused with light. His mind floated away into non-existence while his body's sensations of excitement multiplied.

"You will become so excited while feeling my touch inside you and while drifting deeper to sleep that you will need to experience sexual release. You will need to cum and will beg for it, yet you will be unable to do so until I tell you to. Your only thoughts will center in your need for release. Even the sound of your own voice begging makes you incredibly horny and excited, and your desire will intensify with each touch." Derek began to sway rhythmically, pressing into the Captain's touch. He felt his body being drawn, compelled to reciprocate and explore the Captain's manly being. All was energy, life, and lust...nothing more. The two explored each other's bodies for an eternity, but to Derek, time stood still and this wonderful feeling resounded in his mind and jettisoned him toward sexual explosion. Derek began to whimper, feeling his body become more excited and reaching volcanic proportions. He began to beg with more urgency. "Please, SIR, I need to cum, SIR. I am so hot, SIR! I will serve you forever, SIR! Please let me cum, SIR! Please! PLEASE, SIR!" John smiled as he heard his willing servant plead for release. Too bad Derek will not be allowed to remember this, he thought. But then again, why should the outcome of this session be any different from the many private sessions John had held with Derek in his private chambers during the course of this season of work? Derek would soon return to his boyfriend on the mainland, none the wiser and feeling righteously monogamous, and John knew that his annual programming of his slave would continue the next season. As John could see, Derek could not withstand much more pressure before an eruption ensued. "Derek, you are very excited. You want to cum, don't you?" "YES! PLEASE!" Derek panted. "Then on the count of three, I want you to fall deeply asleep, yet you will stand before me. One, two, three." Derek quickly and obediently maneuvered his slumbering body to stand before the Captain. Swaying gently, he quivered with anticipation.

"Derek, on the count of three, you will cum more strongly than you ever have before, the strength of your eruption will be unsurpassed. And as the last drops of cum leave your body, you will fall instantly much deeper to sleep, your body falling completely limp and lifeless. One, two.....," (he waited mercilessly) "...Three!" His body shook uncontrollably, almost shooting Derek overboard. Derek was oblivious to the potential danger of falling overboard, but Captain John remained there to catch him and to guide his sleeping body, as needed. Derek spewed his juices wildly across the span of the overturned life raft he had been on, also covering John in the process. Immediately upon doing this, his body dropped into peaceful unconsciousness, as John caught his body before it fell. John lifted the sleeping body and gently placed it onto the makeshift lounge, and he wiped the remaining strands of evidence from both of their bodies. He swabbed the life raft as Derek slept unknowingly. He then proceeded to wake Derek.

"On the count of five, you will wake up feeling very good, very refreshed, and completely relaxed. You will remember nothing, other than knowing that you will always love working for me. You will feel an incredible loyalty to me, and you will know that I am your destiny. Do you understand?" "Yes, SIR" Derek replied, full of gratitude at the opportunity to please the Captain again. John counted. "...Five!" Derek awoke with a start, strangely peaceful yet tingling inside. This wonderful feeling was familiar to him...he always felt this way after one of his little talks with the Captain. He looked over and saw the Captain sitting quietly, contemplating some wonderful thought or memory it seemed. Derek loved his job. He only wished he'd be invited to be on the crew again next year. "How are you, John? Get enough beer?" The captain replied, "Oh, I'm well taken care of, Derek. Thanks for asking." He continued. "Derek, looks like you've had about enough sun for one day. Better head downstairs to relax." As if unconsciously commanded to do so, Derek rose and walked to the stairs and down, entering his cabin and falling asleep the instant he touched his bed.

The Captain sat on deck, feeling great that this season had been so successful. He was a rich man, and with this as his livelihood, he was easily able to support the wife and kids eagerly waiting at home. So what if he had a few "extra-curricular activities" while drifting out at sea? As he figured it, what his family at home didn't know wouldn't hurt them. He heard the splashing and laughing sounds get louder, telling him that Tim and Marcus were on their way back from shore. "Good," he thought. "There's more fun to have!"

The two naked and very tanned men climbed up the rope ladder that hung off the back of the boat. The smiles on their faces told John that they had "been up to no good" (or that they were very good at being very bad, however you choose to look at it). They came over, grabbed a beer, and plopped down on the freshly washed life raft. They were the picture of relaxation. John could see a special friendship had formed between them...yes, Tim was another of this year's crew additions, and Marcus seemed very pleased with his new helper. Marcus had served with the Captain for years, and John enjoyed seeing him happy. After all, he had brought the Captain such pleasure in years past. Now it was his turn, and the Captain was glad to oblige.

But right now, the Captain had his own needs to address. "Marcus...Tim, come here please." The two stood and walked over to John. "What's up?" Tim said. "Nothing much, guys. I just wanted to thank you for serving the ship so well this season." They smiled, glad they could be of service. They watched as the Captain reached up to his neck and removed his old Navy dog tags, hanging on a tarnished chain. "I want to show you something. Look at these." They came closer and focused on the dog tags on the chain, as the gently swaying tags dangled. In an instant, both of their eyes slammed shut and they stood inanimate, waiting for further instructions. Their naked bodies were now nothing other than marble statues, beautifully hewn from the most gorgeous and well formed of stone. The Captain laid down on the life raft and said "You will service me now. I need a massage." Both bodies sprang into action, each grasping at alternating sides of John's luscious body. Tim was eagerly massaging John's back, while Marcus expertly massaged John's legs, thighs, and hips. They both knew exactly how to please their Master, the Captain. John had trained them both so well during the last month, he hated to see them go their separate ways for the rest of the year. John continued to speak. "I want you to use your entire bodies to please me, as I have pleased you by being such a good Master to you. Tim, I want you to kiss me while Marcus does what he does best." Tim instinctively moved to lather John in kisses, his tender sweet mouth unmarred by the deterioration of age. A slight taste of salt water on his lips, he kissed passionately. This was his primary duty in his life as a new slave. His hands touched John's heaving chest as he explored John's mouth with his tongue. The electricity charged from one set of lips to another.

As John and Tim exchanged wet, passionate kisses, Marcus's smooth Italian lips were busy exploring John's abdomen and pelvis. Marcus, having the olive complexion and fine skin white boys crave, busily lapped up John's cock, sending him into orbit with each flick of his tongue. Over the years, Marcus had perfected the art of giving service to John, and he knew just how to bring John to the brink of spasms and beyond. When he was activated as a willing slave (a privilege reserved only for the Captain, as to all others, Marcus was Master), he served as if his life depended on it. And he had been trained exclusively to do it well. Though Tim tried to please John in that area, his youth and inexperience preceded him and he had not yet developed the skills for oral service. So John always left this to Marcus, "the pro".

The Captain, already quite excited by his earlier encounter with Derek, did not take much coaxing to get him in the groove. He reached out to both men and began to massage them in all of the right places. Even as servants, they were being serviced at the same time (which brings to mind the truth in the statement "It is AS GOOD to give as to RECEIVE).

As John vibrated toward the point of sexual climax, Marcus plunged his long fingers deep into John's lubricated ass and deep throated his cock at the same time. John was ecstatic and sent to the brink. He took Tim's mouth and plunged his own tongue deep into the crevices of Tim's willing mouth. Being stimulated beyond the point of no return, John shot a load of cum unrivaled by any he had dispersed previously. As the pulsation subsided and he caught his breath, he began again to speak. "Thank you both. You may sleep deeply now." The two fell limp and asleep peacefully next to each other. What a beautiful scene that was, atop the life raft.

The Captain stood and looked out to sea, the horizon a swirling red and burnt orange hew. This is what John lived for. A crew to serve and be served by. A second family, of sorts. And as the leader of this crew, he was pleased with the quality of his life.

The next day, after more fun and games interspersed with much needed "R & R", the crew drew up the anchor and prepared themselves for re-entry into the real world...the other world.

Tim and Marcus would obviously be seeing a lot more of each other, and strangely enough, Derek had the most overwhelming desire to seek out John and be a more constant part of his life throughout the year. But Derek would just have to wait in anticipation for the new fishing season to come.

These men knew that they would never really be apart, even though their lives moved temporarily in varying directions. They would be together again. But for tonight, all was peace and brotherhood.

And the ship sailed on.