Be Careful What You Ask For (Brainwashed)

Synopsis: A brainwashed boy begs to be released, but he gets more than he planned for.

"Please, please! I beg of you, Sir! Please let me go!" Erik's eyes were wide open, his voice quivering as he pleaded with the Master. Blatant fear was in his tone...fear mixed with excitement, yet not fully understanding why. The Hypnotist spoke. "But Erik, this is what you LIVE for! It is what you asked for..., no, BEGGED for! I have only granted you your full request." "Yes, Sir, I know. I thought that this was what I wanted, but I was wrong. I don't want this anymore. I DON'T WANT THIS! Let me go! Please!!"

Erik, a young man of 21, tugged on the chains and ropes binding him to the bed. His arms and legs held tight, Erik was unable to free himself from their grasp. Most interesting of all, the ropes and chains were only visible and present to Erik. Not even the Master could see or feel their existence, though the Master was very adept at speaking them into mental existence. The more Erik pulled to free himself from the Herculean stronghold these vocally imposed restraints caused, the more tightly his movements were bound and restricted. This was a major source of fright to him, but the increasing size of the bulge in his pants showed that the attraction to being brainwashed was undeniable. As Erik struggled to loose himself, the massive package in his pants lengthened and increased in length, depth, and wantonness. Each word of pleading only caused this beautiful package of emotion to increase and strengthen in neediness. Finally, with one last burst of sheer force, Erik pulled at the "chains" with all of his might. Slight movement, but alas... to no avail whatsoever. His muscles went limp, completely defeated by the restraints so visible to him. He awaited his destiny, not really knowing what was to follow. After all, he had never encountered such a least not that he could remember.

The Master continued to weave a vocal pattern that was familiar and soothing to the boy, assuring that Erik's total concentration and mental energies were focused on the familiar voice. "Erik, listen to me carefully. Your exact words were "I want to be brainwashed," weren't they? Well, this has happened to you, and it has happened completely. This does not come without its price, however! Now, have you ever heard of a brainwashed person being released at will? I think not! You have been brainwashed, both for your own pleasure and for that of my own. You have been turned into one of the most impressively conditioned servants I have ever had. I cannot say that I want to release you...not just yet. And by the completion of today's session, you will be eagerly begging for more of what only I can provide for you!"

Erik's voice and eyes, terrified, screamed "NO!" But his body and internal workings were indicating an exuberant "YES" with each breath. As a matter of fact, each breath Erik took, though seemingly labored, was relaxing his body and mind, pulling him closer and closer, deeper into the small pinnacle of light playing directly behind his eyes and in the center of his brain, spiraling inward to lead his entire body and soul to deep sleep. A place where he was free to relax completely, falling backwards faster and faster in a spiral that would not stop until Erik's mind was a blur of nothingness and solely dependent on the will of the Master Hypnotist. Though his loss of control was consciously frightening to him, it was also completely exciting and stimulating to his subconscious and unconscious minds, and this internal sphere of desire was the driving force causing Erik's manhood to jut out above the rim of his Levi's and into the night air. So completely helpless, so deliciously helpless, Erik knew that his level of being brainwashed was at its peak, or so it seemed. The strength and complexity of the hold his subconscious mind had over his conscious mind was astounding, and it frightened him. The Hypnotist continued to "reason" with Erik. "But Erik, isn't this exactly the feeling you had in mind when you begged me last year to brainwash you?" Erik grudgingly nodded his head in compliance. "But I didn't know you would have such power over me! How can someone who I barely know, who I don't even know the real name of, have such control over me? I don't understand! I feel so confused!" "That's okay, Erik. You don't need to understand. Let me show you something." Erik tried to close his eyes, to avoid any further indoctrination. But his eyes were now fixated on the diamond ring being held slightly above his eyes. "DON'T!" Erik cried. But even the sound of his pleading had softened somewhat, as the sparkling light spiraling from the center diamond had begun its intoxicating display. "Just relax, Erik. I haven't yet shown you how my new ring works. Notice that the center diamond has relaxing properties, beginning to spiral inwards and downwards, drawing your eyes to the very center and beyond, finding your breathing deepen and your body relaxing NOW as you listen to my voice soothing you and taking you backwards and downwards to a place of DEEPER SLEEP than you have ever been. The sounds of your own breath are making you relax now, though you'd really like to awaken completely, your eyes tell a different story, becoming very tired and pulling shut of their own volition. That's it, Erik. Fight to stay awake and yet the strength to keep your eyes open is the very strength that is pulling them CLOSED NOW!" Erik's eyes fluttered to a close and his body fell into a deep breathing mass of complete slumber. "As you listen to my voice and concentrate only on my words, the very air you breathe is being filled with a sleepy substance that constantly takes you deeper and deeper to sleep. Each word I say can do nothing but take you deeper and deeper to sleep, unable to awaken and not wanting to awaken until instructed to do so. You will continue to feel your body go deeper into sleep and your mind becoming blank NOW and you instantly fall much deeper into the very center of my voice and go deeper yet as I count to, two, THREE!" The look on Erik's face went instantly blank, as the thoughts that had fought to survive were instantly erased with a word. A complete unit of relaxed body and stimulated subconscious energy. Just the kind of willing subject the Master waited for.

Erik was one of those completely willing participants, though his words told a different story. Having come from a place in life that required complete autonomy and a complete "take-charge" approach, he secretly longed for times when another voice and being would take over all reins of responsibility, allowing his body to simply feel...feel at the most base, unconscious level. And this was exactly what the Hypnotist had been doing for months. Erik's body lay motionless, completely at ease and longing for instruction now. "Erik, though you will continue to go deeper to sleep with each thing that happens to you, it will be very easy for you to speak and to move, following each instruction I give to you implicitly. Is this clear?" "Yes," Erik nodded. "Good. Now, when I tap your shoulder, you will feel a slight injection of a sleeping drug that takes your body and mind three times deeper than ever before. After you feel yourself slip more deeply to sleep, you will stand up, remaining completely asleep and becoming more subservient with each second and with each breath." The Master gave a forceful tap on Erik's broad shoulder, and after a brief period of slippage into blank darkness, Erik rose to his feet. His body swayed slightly, moved easily by the touch of the Master. "Erik, listen only to my voice, and my voice fills your mind now. All you can do is all I require of you. Do you understand?" Eric nodded and his mouth formed the affirmative words, though the machinery causing sound had long since fallen into slumber. "As I touch your shoulders, you will continue to feel as though you MUST FOLLOW EACH INSTRUCTION COMPLETELY and without question, as it will be done only for your own good. You know that you feel completely satisfied and relaxed each time my fingers touch your body, and you long for the feelings to continue. Each time you feel my fingers touch your body, you relax NOW more completely and become more relaxed and alive with each touch. You long for my touch, and my touch excites you. You MUST FEEL MY TOUCH NOW! You need to feel my touch. You are not whole and complete without my touch. Your body craves my touch like nothing ever felt before, and you must plead for it. My touch feels like water tastes in a barren desert. You must plead for my touch NOW." The Master began to move his fingers down from Erik's shoulders, touching his chest and sides as the fingers made their descent. Erik's breathing increased as his body quivered and his cock pressed once again past the upper rim of his Levi's. "How does this feel, Erik?" Erik quickly responded, "Good! Feels good! More...PLEASE...more!" Erik continued to gasp as each touch sent shivers down his spine, placing his mind and body into total agreement and solely dependent on the will of the Master Brainwasher. The Hypnotist continued to move his fingers, causing Erik to heave uncontrollably with pleasure. "Erik, as I touch you, you are beginning to feel very hot now. Not only are you very excited, but you are also physically hot. With each piece of clothing you willingly remove, you bring your body temperature back down, closer to a comfortable level. You will feel completely comfortable when all of your clothing has been removed, and not until then. You may willingly remove your clothing now, knowing that each touch you feel will be even more exciting to you as you remove your clothes NOW."

The strip show began, with each article of clothing bringing a bit more comfort to Erik's face. It was obvious that each piece of clothing had been burning Erik's skin, and it was a privilege to remove it. The shirt and pants were removed, then the socks fell to the floor. As the remaining shorts were pulled down and off, a look of complete release covered Erik's face. He was finally comfortable, at ease, and awaiting any pleasures the Master would provide. "Erik, remaining completely asleep and although your body is quite alive with sexual anticipation, I want you to stand in front of me and turn your back to me." Erik quickly positioned himself in this manner. "Now, as I touch your back, each touch you feel will send spines of sexual electricity through your body. Each touch will cause ecstasy, and you will know that to feel this is to be alive. This feeling is synonymous with living, breathing, and feeling good." The Hypnotist grasped Erik's shoulders and squeezed. Erik's body jumped with excitement and anticipation. He moaned in pleasure, oblivious to all but the pleasure shooting through his body. The Master worked his skillful fingers down the center of Erik's spine, making him shiver and become hungrier for the Master's touch. Erik began to plead...pleading in the way of the subconscious now. "Please, please touch me! It feels so good. I need your touch!" The Master willingly obliged, equally as excited as Erik's body was at that moment. The Hypnotist maneuvered Erik's compliant body to be facing him. Erik's manhood stood upright, bouncing actively with each touch his body felt. As the Master lightly brushed Erik's nipples, Erik's knees went limp and the Hypnotist gracefully caught him, righting his stance in preparation for more excitement to come. "Erik, with every touch you feel, your body is becoming increasingly sensitive. And every touch will drive you crazy with desire." The Master placed a trained tongue over Erik's right nipple. Erik gasped with surprise and delight. The tongue swept across the chest and firmly sucked the left nipple, causing complete excitement beyond Erik's wildest imaginations. The grand cock continued to bob and jerk, slapping the Master's belt, acting as if it had a mind of its own. As wet lubricant oozed down the underside of Erik's cock, Erik's sleeping mind was in direct contrast to his totally alive body. The Master Hypnotist's trailing tongue worked its way down Erik's smooth chest and in one swift movement, Erik's cock sprang down the Master's throat. Erik screamed almost inaudibly in ecstasy, a sound coming from deep slumber...the ultimate wet dream. Erik could stand no more...he began to vibrate uncontrollably.

The Master quickly removed Erik's cock from his mouth and spoke. "You cannot cum until I have allowed it. When I give you permission, you will cum more strongly than ever before. You will be unable to cum without this permission." Erik's vibrations lessened. He obviously was physiologically ready to explode. But mentally, his actions were controlled completely by the Master. And the Master would have it no other way.

Watching Erik, this dark-haired Adonis waiting to serve only the Master, the Hypnotist's excitement got the best of him. Having long since removed his own clothing to join in the physical sensations, the Master stepped up to Erik's slumbering statue of a body. Their cocks touched, and the sheer heat emanating from Erik's body combined with the feel of Erik's strong back muscles as the Master caressed Erik's body and pulled it closer sent the Master careening to the brink and beyond. A volcanic eruption shook the Master Brainwasher, sending bodily juices flying over Erik's abdomen. Erik's vibrations had begun to intensify, full subconscious knowledge about what was occurring. With a consenting word from the Master, Erik shook and shot a steady stream onto the Hypnotist, himself, and the surrounding floor. As the last drops of cum left Erik's body, he relaxed into a mass of sleeping beauty. The Master once again caught Erik in a swift move, carefully placing Erik's sleeping, very content body back onto the bed. The Master used a wet towel to carefully clean all residual remains from their bodies, lovingly removing all evidence of excitement. As Erik's body continued to slumber, the Hypnotist (with full consent from Erik's sleeping body) dressed Erik as he had been dressed earlier in the evening, positioning Erik in the chair where the evening's events had begun. The Hypnotist then re-dressed and seated himself, all hair in place. The Master then continued to talk with Erik.

"Erik, in a few moments, I am going to count to five. On the count of five, you will awaken, feeling relieved that we have had this chat and feeling very refreshed. You will only know that you are comfortable when you speak with me and that our talks are very pleasing to you. You will also know that, whatever brainwashing is supposed to feel like, you need for it to continue. This feeling you will have, this feeling of complete safety and security, is a feeling that only happens when you feet with me for one of our "talks". You will remember talking with me and feeling very good and content, and this is all you will consciously remember. And each time you hear the trigger words I have given you, you will go much deeper to sleep than you ever have before...this sleep will be unwilled and instantaneous. You will know only that, without our sessions, a part of your psychic being would be missing. And you want to always feel whole and complete, don't you?" "Yes, I do," Erik stated flatly, completely entranced. The Master continued. "On the count of five, you will awaken...all post-hypnotic commands will take effect and will remain powerful forever. And you will remember only that our chat has relaxed you and that you must do it again, very soon, as you live for these chats. Is this clear?" Erik nodded in ready agreement.

"...four, FIVE!" Erik's eyes blinked open, slightly dazed yet feeling very good. "Well, whatever you said, Doc, I feel great. Not quite sure why I came over here, but I'm glad I did. Are you free again next Tuesday?" The Master responded, "For you, Erik, I can always make time. See you around six, then?" "Sure thing," Erik said as he lightly bounded out the door and headed down the corridor and out onto the busy street. Strange...he really should go see his girlfriend tonight, but he just wasn't in the mood at the moment. Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow. (Or maybe not!?)