The Doctor Is In

Synopsis: Tony takes a little trip to the doctor and gets much more than he expected...or even remembers!

"This place hasn't changed a bit" Tony thought to himself as he walked through the pebbled-glass office door and into the spacious waiting room. "Same old lime green and burnt orange furniture..." Even the magazines looked familiar, sporting a few outdated copies of Good Housekeeping, an issue of People magazine with the cover half torn off, a Car & Driver from spring of last year, and a few piles of Dental Care Monthly. Yep, Dr. Bernhart...Family Dentist. Some things never change.

Tony took a seat and picked up a magazine. "Might as well read while I'm waiting" he thought. At least that was one way to try and forget about his nervousness. Tony had taken extra special care of his teeth, partly because his mother had taught him the importance of dental hygiene and mostly because he was deathly afraid of dentists...all doctors, really. His memories faded back to childhood dental visits, the distant sound of a drill permeating the silence. Damn! If it wasn't for that unfortunate accident during yesterday's racquetball game, he wouldn't have a chipped tooth and he CERTAINLY wouldn't be sitting here, waiting for his old codger of a dentist to put him through hell.

It had been about 10 years since he had been in for a visit. Tony was actually surprised to see that Dr. Bernhart was still in practice. What was he, 70 or so? He tried not to think about it. Leafing through the pages of the American Dental Journal, he let his mind wander, pausing only briefly to skim an article expounding the benefits of flossing regularly.

"Tony Rubano..." the nurse called. A knot the size of Texas welled up in the pit of Tony's stomach as he gingerly followed the nurse to the sterile examination room. "Go ahead and have a seat. The Doctor will be with you shortly." And she was gone. More fidgeting. Wringing the hands. God! They always keep it so cold in these places! Or is it just me? Tony pondered. He eyed the table in front of him, sterilized and packaged instruments, noticing how sharp and pointed some of them looked. The more his imagination went wild, the worse his tension was getting. The stomach acids, churning on overdrive, signaled Tony's discomfort with all of this.

"Hello, Mr. Rubano. My name is Dr. Bernhart." Tony was shocked to look up into the face of a young, attractive man. Mid-30's at most. The name sounded familiar, but the look was totally new. The man chuckled as he looked first at Tony and then down at the chart. "I see you haven't been here in a while. From the look on your face, you were expecting someone older." Without saying anything, Tony nodded in agreement. The Doctor continued. "I took over my dad's practice about 4 years ago. I'm Matthew Bernhart." He extended his strong forearm and hand warmly toward Tony. After a handshake held just a bit longer than normally comfortable between two men, he continued to speak. "Since it's been a while, I'd like to get some X-rays of that broken tooth. We'll get a look at the rest of your mouth, as well." Then he added, "Your hands are cold. No need to be nervous. I'll have you comfortable in no time." It was all Tony could do to avoid staring...Matthew was gorgeous! Not anything like what he was expecting.

"Just go with Miss Durham for X-rays and then we'll get you fixed up." Tony agreed, still taken off guard by the new face. As he was lead to the "radiation chamber" and fitted with the protective lead body covering, he kept thinking about Matthew... MATTHEW! He had never even thought of calling the old doc by his first name, but Matthew! That beautiful smile, those piercing-yet-undeniably-blue eyes, that body of death! Obviously, Matthew had plenty of time to get to the gym. "Biceps of Steel...hey, this is not going to be bad at all!" he thought to himself as the last X-ray was taken, mouthpiece removed, and Tony was lead back to his chair.

Tony was feeling a bit more comfortable but still showed signs of nervousness. After what seemed like an eternity, the Doctor returned and gave Tony a reassuring smile. "You know, the front tooth took quite a hit. I'm afraid it's cracked. We can fix it, but it will take several office visits. Hope you don't mind. We'll get it taken care of as soon as possible." Mind? Tony was almost glad, only because he knew he would get to see Matthew again. There was just something about those eyes, so warm, so inviting, so intoxicating, so... A comment from Matthew snapped him back to reality. "I will be taking a mold for the tooth, as I will need to cap it. It won't hurt much, but I will need to explore a bit. I will need to deaden you up a bit." The instant look of terror in Tony's eyes spelled it out... deathly afraid of needles and not in the mood for one now...or in THIS lifetime!

Matthew stepped close as he turned off the examination light and lowered the window blinds, darkening the room. "Miss Durham, please get me the x-rays and then give me a few minutes." The nurse, a knowing smile echoing across her face, made a hasty departure, quickly returning with the x-rays and then closing the examination room door as she exited. Tony looked up into the Doctor's eyes, now more inviting than ever in this twilight darkness. The Doctor continued. "Tony, just relax and look into my eyes. Relax and take a deep breath. That's it, deep breath. Now another. With each breath, I want you to see everything but my eyes fading away, drifting into the distance and falling, drifting, spinning and falling, spiraling and relaxing, just letting go now. Drifting now... now... following my voice and slipping deep, deep, deep into my words taking you to sleep now, deep sleep now, sleep now and drifting..." Tony began to melt, melting, drifting, floating into Matthew's eyes. He certainly felt much better than he had a few minutes earlier. The Doctor continued. "That's it... now feel your limbs relaxing, no tension, floating deeper, down deep into relaxation, arms heavy... legs heavy... eyes heavy, heavy... drifting deeper into sleep now..." Tony's eyes flickered, yet they were immobilized, entranced by Matthew's eyes. "Now, Tony, your chart tells me that, in the past, you always required a little extra relaxation. I am going to ask you to help me hold this mask in place over your nose. I have oxygen that smells a bit like wild flowers, a relaxing scent, that will help you to relax, relax NOW, deeper into relaxation now. Here, let me help you to put it on. That's it, now breathe in deeply, deeply, five... four... three..."

Fade to black...

With a snap of the doctor's finger, Tony awoke with a start. He felt good, relaxed, and wondering when the procedure would begin. But Matthew was saying the strangest things... "Okay, now rinse with warm water daily and use this mouthwash each evening right before bed and again when you wake up, and I'll see you in a week. The crown will be back by that time." And he was on his way. But wait!? Was he done already? He could really grow to like this. Matthew gave him a strong handshake as he headed, dazed and a bit confused, to the door. "See you next week, Matthew. Thanks for making this so painless." Matthew just smiled back at Tony, gesturing as if to say "No Problem" as Tony walked to the door.

As Tony headed for home, all he could think of was "How could I have taken so long to go before? That was no big deal! Next week will be no big deal... glad to go back, need to return, no problem... good boy..." Almost like Tony was doing "the right thing" by returning next week... it just felt right. Like Tony was fulfilling his "dental destiny" by returning. That sounded silly, but true, nonetheless. Tony glanced at his watch as he left the dental office, strangely vacant, unlike when he had arrived. 6:30 p.m. But I thought this place closed at 5? Oh well, the procedure must have taken longer than expected. "But it feels right... good boy..." he thought to himself repeatedly. "Feels right... good boy..."

When Tony sat in his car, driving the familiar streets of Chicago, he felt inside his pants and noticed that he was "wet". He just figured that Matthew was so hot, that was a natural result. After all, Matthew was definitely a looker, great eyes, winning smile, strong upper torso, fine legs and a great bubble butt... "Now, where did that come from?" he thought to himself. "But it feels right... good boy..." The thoughts encircled his mind briefly and then dissipated into nothingness.

Tony stepped into his 14th floor apartment, glad to be home. It had been a long day, what with work and then the longer than expected dental visit. Boy, was Matthew ever a sexy sight for sore eyes! As Tony closed the door, he instinctively switched on a number of lights and deposited the sterile white paper bag on the dinette tabletop. What was this again? He mused. Oh, that's right. Mouthwash. Every day and night. Good boy. Funny, he had forgotten he was carrying anything at all. Must've been the effects of that dental gas earlier. Or maybe it was just the memory of Matthew's blue eyes, so soft, so warm, so inviting... very relaxed when he gazed deeply into Matthew, so deep now... sleep now...

What was that? He thought he heard something, a voice... no, probably just a neighbor in the hallway outside. He got up from the chair and picked up the two bottles of mouthwash sitting on the table. They had been removed from the bag, and a bit of the liquid was missing from one of the bottles. Tony wondered how that had happened. He had no recollection of taking them from the bag... of even sitting in the chair, for that matter. Oh well. He glanced at the clock on the kitchen microwave oven...10 p.m. How could that be? Had he driven that long before returning this evening? "I must be more tired than I thought. Time for bed." Tony took the bottles to the Master bathroom, carelessly stripping off his clothing as he went. His boxer briefs sticking slightly to his skin and cock, more so than he had remembered. Oh, that Matthew was a hottie, alright... nothing like any dentist Tony had known, nothing like the old Doc. Tony thought of the Doctor's Eyes, the blue, seductive, deep now, deep eyes, falling deeper into the eyes, falling, drifting, relaxing, going to sleep now... now... good boy... And Tony was gone, fallen deeply into sleep now laying half under the covers of his bed.

As Tony awoke the next morning, living room lights still blazing from the night before, he thought... "Strange. I never leave these on at night." Acting on auto-pilot, Tony shut the lights off as he headed to the bathroom for his morning rituals. As he entered the bathroom, he saw the mouthwash again. He instantly thought of Matthew, picturing the handsome doctor removing his shirt, then his pants and finally his underwear... the doctor standing naked in the private exam room, coming close to the sleeping patient in the chair, a familiar man in the chair, limp and lifeless yet obviously excited... the manly bulge in the patient's pants straining at the fabric of the slacks, pressing and straining to be released, hearing Matthew's voice to "relax, drift, excited, aroused... mouthwash daily, good boy, return next week, good boy, sex now, good boy, deep, deep now..." As the vision became reality, the one of Matthew reaching the man's helpless zipper, lowering it ever so gently and slipping his fingers beneath the sleeping patient's waistband, drawing it down, down deeply, deeper now... that's it, going down, going down deeper now, good boy... the images flashed and were gone. "What was that?" Tony asked himself, his morning penis plaything standing at attention. Overactive libido, I guess. It had certainly been awhile since he had "gotten any". He knew he needed to jerk off, right there before and during his shower. It felt so good, so right, so right now... good boy, yes Matthew, good boy now." He took a swig of the pleasant tasting mouthwash and swished it as he stepped into the shower. Flashes of Matthew, the Coctor. Flashes of a mouth on his cock, stroking incessantly. A finger pinching his hardening nipples relentlessly. Another finger warmly caressing the sensitive undersides of his balls, softly, owning them completely, his legs weakening as the jism shot onto the shower stall, and as he erupted, he swallowed the mouthwash... must swallow every drop, not lose one drop, good boy..."

Wow! That was intense! For whatever reason, at the exact moment he came on the fixtures, an image of Matthew, nude, flashed again in his mind. But this time, the only thought that was to accompany the vivid picture was a new-yet-ever-present mantra: "Matthew, I am yours." He felt himself think this and, as any good boy was supposed to feel, he let the extreme feeling of being owned, belonging, being possessed, wash over him and through him. "Matthew, I am yours." The words and feelings came again... instinctively increasing in strength each time he touched his own cock. Wanting now, always having wanted, to be owned and to be a good submissive boy, this feeling amazed him. Each time he reached for his cock, even to apply soap to the tender areas, he could think of no other thought than "Matthew, I am yours" and what a good boy he was. He quickly finished his shower, knowing that something had changed inside, but not really knowing the how's and why's of it all. Tony stepped from the shower, carefully drying his extensively muscled and young physique as he eyed himself in the mirror. Tall, strong, sinewy, tanned, smooth and with the slightest amount of well-groomed pubic hair, his body shown smooth and alive and suckable, if such a word existed. He loved to be sucked, loved knowing that his smooth, tight skin was the envy of many and the orgasmic delight of many more. "Hate to let all this go to waste" he thought to himself. "Tonight, I'm gonna get me some!"

Tony headed to work and the day flew by. Before he realized it, the clock struck 5 p.m. "Where had the day gone?" he thought. Time to head to his favorite "watering hole", that cute little place on the hidden side street near the lake. Quiet, intimate, a bit on the seedy side, and always a great starting place for a stud wanting to get laid. In this place, Tony had always been "The Man," the aggressor... the one who took and owned and conquered... the world at his fingertips, literally. Tonight, Tony wanted nothing more than to pick the man of his own choosing, Mr. Right Now, and drive the willing stud man into submission. He walked into the place, allowing his eyes to adjust to the dark, smoky atmosphere. Glancing around, the place was relatively quiet, just the way he liked it. It would allow him to get his bearings and to ease into the evening. Tony settled at a darkened side table, all the better to watch the door and "shop the merchandise" as the others arrived.

"You're here," came a voice from the even-darker corner table. Tony hadn't seen anyone there a minute ago, and he was a bit startled. He looked up and into the eyes of the infamous Doctor Bernhart. "I'm glad you came. I knew you said you came here" said Matthew. (Now, when had he ever had this little chat with Matthew? Tony pondered.) Matthew reached out and shook Tony's hand, pulling him a bit closer, assuring that the incandescent candle glowing from the table's center illuminated his eyes, the doctor's blue, deep blue eyes, deeper now... good to see you again, looking deeper, spinning and falling now, deeper now, gazing deeper NOW isn't that a good boy...

Instantly, a glazed expression spread over Tony's face, and he felt his muscular body sink helplessly back into the comfortable booth seating. Tony, the aggressor. But as Tony heard the words "good boy" uttered from his one and only doctor's lips, his owner, his dental Master, the words "Matthew, I am yours" flowed easily from his lips, after every response, eyes staring and locked on Matthew's eyes, at one with Matthew, flowing into Matthew, owned by Matthew, nothing left but Matthew-Tony-Matthew-Tony...tumbling in a whirlwind of desire, spinning, falling, lost, forever lost in "the Eyes of M". Matthew continued as Tony sat, helplessly basking in the feelings of total submission, a feeling strange yet familiar somehow, felt good somehow, good boy, yes... good boy he was. "I see you have been using the mouthwash regularly. Good boy." There it was again, that sudden drop into deeper sleep and deeper submission when Matthew uttered those words...

Tony knew nothing of hypnosis, hypnotic potions and prescriptions, post-hypnotic commands and the like. Other than that stage show he had attended in high school (he hadn't remembered much of THAT show, either...), he had little hypnotic experience. Matthew's lullaby voice permeated his very existence. "Tony, my good boy, (JAB! There it was again, going deeper now...!) you will continue to use that mouthwash and continue to want my words and my voice, need my commands and my caresses, know that you are doing completely the right thing as you drift into my voice, my mind, and as the good boy overtakes you, takes you deep now to sleep now, eyes wide awake and yet deep in sleep now, breathe deeply now, deeper now, sleep now, deep... At the count of three, you will awaken, having the strongest insatiable urge to be sucked, to be dominated, and knowing that only good boys do exactly as their doctors command, always following your doctors commands completely and utterly without question, knowing that it is the right thing, always the right thing to do..." Matthew could see Tony's eyes, fluttering slightly and drifting, deeply, helplessly, dazed and confused and owned and worshipped and submissive and "RIGHT NOW SLEEP NOW..." he uttered, Tony ever gone, deeper into complete submission and desire... "One, two, three..."

Tony, a bit startled again, realized he saw the room well, and thought he had been speaking with someone, but just who, he could not remember. He hadn't even finished his drink, yet the ice was nearly completely melted. God, he needed to get off in the WORST way! If only he could find "the Right one" tonight, he wanted it so bad he could taste it... taste the need... feel the need... must have that worm feeling of a loving mouth wrapped around all that was Tony... all that now existed of Tony...

As he looked about the darkened room, Tony realized that he needed to visit the other bar down the street. That's funny, he didn't remember ever liking that place, but right now he knew that he needed to go there. Mr. Right Now was waiting... waiting for a good boy... and he will not be kept waiting. Must go now, be on the way to Tony's destiny.

Tony paid his drink bill, gave a wave to the bartender, and headed for the street outside, ready for that 3-block walk to the other club. What was it called again? Oh, yeah, "The Dungeon." Even too dark and seedy for Tony's tastes, yet the attraction tonight was undeniable. Like a magnet, Tony walked down the street and towards the Dungeon Club. If only the club were not in such a dark area of town. Not exactly the safest place for a guy to be at night. But Tony was a child of the streets... he knew how to handle himself and how to take care of himself. And boy, would he like to handle himself right about now! His cock was leading the way, the manly compass arrow pointing north and straight ahead. Half way down the last block, he walked through the shadows... almost there... he could see the club lights in the next block. But as he passed a particularly shadow-laden section, his feet began to slow... why was he stopping? Looking up, he saw the number of the brownstone building. "614." He looked again, feeling suddenly drawn, must reach for the door. "This is crazy!" he thought, but the urge to turn the knob became more insistent. Tony rationalized, "I must have been here before, must go here now... must follow the need, must obey now, good boy..." Tony turned the doorknob and headed into the dank and shadowed hallway. He was pulled, driven by desire... Mr Right Now insisted that Tony come here now, come to apartment 11B. He walked to the first floor door and, without questioning, opened the door and entered. This was beyond insanity! He thought to himself, yet his body had a mind and soul of its own. He entered the apartment, just a faint hint of light coming from a back room. Heart pounding with excitement, with need, with desire mixed with submission. So many thoughts and feelings rushing through him, the excitement and adrenaline building within him, boiling ever closer to orgasmic unconsciousness. Hyperventilation of the Mind! But he knew that, however crazy this "breaking and enterin g" routine, it was exactly what he was supposed to do. He headed for the light in the back room, noticing that it flickered and realizing that the lights of 100 candles were all that stood between him and total darkness. But not a person was in sight. How odd! A beautiful apartment, finely-yet-darkly decorated, and not a soul here to enjoy it.

Without realizing why, Tony walked into the candle-lit bedroom, the excitement and intense need to service and be served growing stronger with each step. Like he had written this script and was acting out the scene in vivid details not yet revealed to his consciousness but well known to his subconscious reasoning. And, as he needed to do, "must follow the desire," he reasoned with himself, Tony slowly began to remove his clothing. Pulling his tight shirt up and over his chest, the sweat of glistening anticipation clung to the cloth. He bared his skin and his soul together. Tony laid his shirt at the foot of the bed and then pulled his belt from the loops of his Levis. As the leather hit the floor, the pile of clothing multiplying, Tony drew down the button-fly bondage, revealing a jock and nothing more. His muscles shown in the twilight candle glow, knowing that he was in this room for a purpose, to fulfill a need..., his need... another's need... Standing at the foot of the bed, his strong arms reached behind his own back and hand clasped hand, head bowed in a submissive stance not unlike he was used to other submissives assuming before him. Why was he here? He dared not ask... he knew he had no choice. The power, the voice that had drawn him here was unmistakable. Head and eyes looking down at the foot of the bed, mind awaiting Nirvana.

"My good boy, my statue, my strong and unmoving good boy, relax and drift into my voice. Do not look up, do not move, and you will drift, deeper and still deeper into your place in Sleep Now, slipping into complete Sleep Now." The familiar voice behind him encircled his mind like a wisp of smoke, drifting and spiraling around and through him, intoxicating him more completely than his gin and tonic ever could. From deep within his statuesque, standing slumber, Tony felt a familiar hand slip down the area near his spine, following the curve of his back from the nape of his neck and continuing down to the small of his back. He shivered, shards of electricity driving him further into submission and desire. Warm hands caressed his back and butt, reaching around from behind him to grasp his chest and abdomen from behind, playing with his nipples in the devilishly angelic ways he knew and loved so much... needed so much... and would succumb to for certain. "Tony, as you listen to my voice, feel my words pulling you back into me and I into you, backwards and downwards, spinning and falling and drifting into me, one with me, one with the feeling, slipping into me now Right Now Good Boy and drifting into me, into my voice, into your dream now Sleep Now..."


The hands reaching from behind his back pressed fingers into the jockstrap bands around his waist, pulling them aggressively downward as Tony was unable to resist, his manliness springing to the North and balls hanging South, far South. The fingers manipulated Tony's being... bringing him to ultimate ecstasy. And, without warning, the hands spun him around to face the Power, the man behind the voice, the leader of Tony's destiny. As Tony stared into the Eyes of M, he once again began to float into the feelings... like a gas overtaking him, but more powerful, driven to pull him into desire in a way no drug could do.

Matthew, in one sweeping gesture, pulled the divinely tranced man into his naked and waiting arms, cocks mingling uncontrollably and mouths melding in passion. No holes barred, and the two were one in an instant. The whirlwind began again, and as Tony hovered on the brink of eruption, Matthew continued to take exactly what he wanted, how he wanted it, and for the length of time he desired. As he thrust into Tony's body, that willing receptacle that had been so well trained for acceptance, Tony and Matthew shot a load of extravagant togetherness. "Good Boy," the words were uttered as Tony fell limp, lifeless into Matthew's arms, a peaceful oblivion shared only between the two.


God, that damned alarm clock! The incessant buzzer going off, seemingly distant and yet invasively real. Tony reached over and turned it off. Groggily, Tony drew himself from bed and headed to the morning shower. Boy, had he tied one on last night or what! He could barely remember going to the club at all. Shaking his head, trying to remove the mental cobwebs, Tony turned the warm water on his supple skin. And, seeing the mouthwash waiting in the shower stall (had he left this bottle here? Hmm, don't remember this bottle being here, unopened...), he opened it and took a sip... a burst of thoughts and memories and exciting dreams raced through Tony's mind, stirring his body into lusty action. "Good boy, Matthew's good boy...I am yours." And the thoughts and memories came like a tornado and were gone, washing and swirling down, down with the water.

And as Tony headed for another day, he noticed how much he looked forward to his next dental appointment. Just why he now got turned on thinking about Matthew's "drill", well, he didn't know. But he knew he must return for more... always in need of more... the captivating Eyes of M.