Flight of Fantasy

Synopsis: A college tutor on an airplane hypnotizes and controls a group of college men

The international tour had been a success and was nearing the end. Eighteen countries in all, this collegiate "Dream Team" of sorts had represented the college (University of Southern California) and had assisted the recruiting process for the past month. And finally, the trip was almost over. One more country, and then this group of fine young men could return to their separate lives, back in sunny Southern California.

And an odd mix of men it was. All men, their ages ranged from Freshmen level to Graduate Students. They all had several things in common. They were chosen as representatives of their fields because they are excellent at what they do. And, in order to market the college well, they were also chosen for their extraordinarily good looks.

Representing the Athletics department were six of the most beautiful men you were likely ever to see. Black men, white men, Hispanic Latin lovers...all were represented. And each a fine specimen of youth and statuesque beauty.

The Arts and Sciences Departments provided the remainder of "muscle" to this team...twelve gorgeous men representing high quality education and the "picture-perfect look" expected of those living in Southern California. "The Body Beautiful" was very much the case here. As far as staff, the Athletics Coach, the Tutor, and a hired Pilot and Co-Pilot (also strikingly beautiful men, strangely enough) rounded out the entourage. The Tutor was in charge of continuing studies for all students during flight times.

Although these men came from different walks of life, they had developed a common bond and a trust in each other, and also in their Tutor. They worked well together. They also played together effectively. And this dynamic group of young men had the right chemistry...a chemistry which was to cause an "explosive" afternoon flight. Today was the day, and the Tutor had severely altered TODAY's lesson plans!

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and the tired group of sexy school representatives was boarding their chartered plane...their "home in the air"...and heading for Spain. It would be a long flight...their time in Asia was now completed. Each young man got seated and buckled in, and the plane soon rumbled down the runway till it took flight. Soon, it was "smooth sailing" and time for several hours of study with the Tutor.

The Tutor, a gorgeous Latin man named Carlos Echevantes, was a smooth-bodied and intelligent man with piercing blue eyes, dark hair and complexion of the clearest and smoothest kind. Held in high esteem at the college for his knowledge and versatility, Carlos held a commanding presence in the group. As a mentor, guide, and instructor, he was trusted by all and was in charge during flights. The young men obeyed the Tutor (secretly much to the Tutor's liking...). After a month of touring together, the students realized that during study times, Carlos made the rules. And today's studies were to take them all "in a new direction". Each student knew the drill...as soon as they were airborne, they were to put on their headsets to a predetermined channel and the classes would be conducted via microphone. (The interiors of airplanes can be quite noisy.)

All eyes willingly looked forward, with Carlos at the front row and looking back. He spoke into a wireless headset microphone. "Today," he said, "we are studying Psychology. You are going to take part in an experiment. I want you to follow my directions exactly and you will enjoy this. Coach Jones, you might enjoy this, too. Want to follow along?" The coach nodded in agreement and adjusted a headset on his head. Carlos instructed the men to turn off the reading lights, pull all the shades down, recline their seats, and just listen. As each man was already tired, they willingly complied. Carlos continued with the experiment. "We will be studying the mind and the effects of sleep on the mind. I want you all to close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Just allow your bodies to relax and your muscles to go loose. Relax and let your mind go blank. Just listen to my voice and relax. As I count backwards from 100, feel yourself drifting and relaxing." Each student closed his eyes and began to visibly relax. Their faces and bodies growing limp, they settled down into their plush seats and were obviously ready to sleep. The Tutor noticed that the Coach (seated near the rear) was also taking full advantage of this relaxing "opportunity".

"...Eleven, Ten...much deeper relaxed. Drifting downwards...Nine, Eight, Seven...every breath takes you deeper and deeper asleep. Six, Five...going down, down to a deep place of sleep...when I reach the count of One, you will go instantly three times as deeply asleep...Four, Three...deeper...Two...deeper now, One!" Their bodies fell limp and their heads rolled to one side or the other. As Carlos surveyed the room, he saw that all had been successfully hypnotized. Each student and the Coach were all deeply asleep and waiting for further instructions. Carlos LOVED this part of the teaching process! He had been secretly hypnotizing those men during each flight, as it tended to relax them, help them retain their studies, and they performed better with his help. Carlos also loved each man's looks and wanted to control their inner desires. After all, what would be the point of hypnotizing all these young men without having a little fun along the way?

Carlos had conditioned each person to the sound of his voice and had trained them to follow his instructions completely. Today, he would test just how obedient they had become.

"Going deeper to sleep with each breath and with each word I say, you find that every second that passes takes you deeper asleep. Nothing will stop you from slipping deeper asleep than you've ever been before. You will drift much deeper NOW! When you feel a touch on your shoulder, you will fall instantly much deeper asleep." Carlos began to walk through the plane, touching each man's shoulder. With each touch, they visibly relaxed further, their bodies pliable and easily movable. Like gorgeous rag dolls, they were completely asleep and fully subservient, just waiting to be commanded. Carlos continued, "As we are heading into Europe, each one of you must be vaccinated and must pass a physical examination. A doctor is on board who will be checking you. When I count to three, you will remain deeply asleep, but it will be very easy for you to speak and to move when I ask you to do so. You will unbuckle your seatbelts, stand up, remove all your clothing, and sit back down, awaiting your physical. One, Two, Three!"

The Tutor's blood raced with anticipation! He had dreamed of this moment, and now it was happening before his very eyes. As he watched the airplane suddenly become a mix of flying clothes and flesh all obediently following instructions, it was almost more than he could take! He saw the last piece of clothing removed and each hunk was now seated and sleeping, completely unaware of being naked. Simply asleep and trained to follow instructions. Carlos knew that this was to be an afternoon he was not likely to forget.

"As the doctor passes through the cabin and calls your name, you will stand and move to the aisle for your physical inspection." Because the plane had only First-Class seats, it was easy for each boy to stand and pass without disturbing the other's slumber. "The rest of you will sleep obediently as you wait for your name to be called." Of course, Carlos was the doctor as well as the Tutor. (Funny. He had always loved playing Doctor!)

The first boy's name was called, and a lean young body willingly stepped to the aisle, slightly swaying and fully asleep. Carlos spoke to him. "Rick, follow my instructions. Hold out your left arm." The student immediately responded by moving his arm forward, and Carlos continued. "When I touch your arm, I will be giving you an injection that will vaccinate you and will also make you forget that you were ever asleep upon waking. It will also make your body incredibly horny...instantly! Because your medical file requires a photo of you, I will be taking your picture. When the flash occurs, you will fall more deeply asleep and then you will return to your seat, falling deeper asleep with each breath." Rick's body and face awaited Carlos's commands. Carlos reached out and pressed the outer part of Rick's arm, as if a vaccination was being given. The affect on Rick's smooth young body and beautiful dick was noticeable immediately. His breathing increased and became more rapid, and his dick leapt forward. This was incredible! Carlos thought to himself. Too good to be true! "Turn around and face the back of the plane. Now bend over and touch your toes." Willing flesh acting robot-like yet excited, following each command without questioning. As Carlos gently provided the "anal inspection", Rick groaned audibly, his body trembling with teenage sexual energy. And Carlos was visibly excited, too. He couldn't resist the urge to reach around Rick and fondle his hard cock and balls as Rick waited, bent and subservient. Risk gasped and pressed backwards into Carlos, while Carlos moved his hands over the silky surface of Rick's body. The boy shook with pleasure and tension. With Rick panting and obviously more excited than ever, Carlos commanded "Rick, stand up and face me." Rick's cock, now harder than ever, stood at 10 inches of unbridled glory. Carlos reached out and positioned Rick's pliable body, then snapped a photo to add to his collection. (Boy, was he ever going to have a great bunch of "vacation photos!" Now, THERE is a slide show I wouldn't mind attending!) Rick's body, still tense with sexual desire yet deeply asleep, followed his commands and returned to his seat, falling deeply asleep with a raging hard-on intact. Rick's cock had grown so long, he couldn't avoid brushing the seated stud's face as he passed.

The "physical inspections" continued for well over an hour, till all had been seen, touched, "vaccinated", and photographed. All were now compliantly sleeping soundly, but with incredible sexual tension built to its maximum level and waiting to be released. Each man was seated, headphones on. They were Carlos's army of sex slaves, and he was loving it!

"If you are feeling horny, you will raise your hands." All hands shot into the air, some waving madly. "Put your hands down, relax, and become even more horny." Their hands collapsed to their sides and their sexual expressions took on an even more pained and desperately pleading tone. Carlos could see that the vibrating dicks couldn't stand much more pressure before exploding.

"At the count of three, each person sitting near the aisle will instantly become a woman, wanting to suck a guy's cock. These women will begin to service the men sitting at the windows. Because each woman on the aisle is completely female, this will feel completely normal and natural. One, Two, Three!" The activities that followed are indescribable! Bobbing heads, flailing arms, kissing, sucking, touching, groaning...it was amazing to Carlos! The smell of sex permeated the air vents, and everyone continued to get more sexually aroused with the love fumes. Carlos walked down the aisle, excitedly snapping more photos to be used both as jack-off materials and incriminating evidence, should the unsightly need for blackmail ever surface. Carlos could see that each young hung stud was reaching climax, and the "women" were enjoying bringing them that pleasure. "At the count of three," Carlos continued, "the men will cum and feel very satisfied. After they have cum, they will fall deeply asleep. One, two three!"

Screams and streams of cum spewed around the cabin, with gasps of pleasure emanating from every row. And soon, all was silent as each person sank into a deep slumber. Carlos continued the process. "At the count of three, those seated on the aisles will become horny young men waiting to be serviced. And the men currently seated at the windows will become complete women, wanting only to service the men on the aisles. One, two, three!" The instant change took place, and the cum-covered "women" at the windows were dropping to their knees to service the studly men seated at the aisles. (This definitely gives a new meaning to the term "First-Class Service"! Talk about "Flying The Friendly Skies!") The men were brought to the brink of ecstasy and similarly exploded with volcano-like grandeur.

Carlos got plenty of photos for his album, to be sure. Carlos instructed them. "Now, sit back, relax, and become the men you once were, sleeping deeply and soundly. The flight attendant will be coming through the cabin offering hot towels. Please use these to clean yourselves completely. After all traces of cum have been removed, either by washing or by licking, you will stand and put on all of your clothing exactly as you were wearing it when you boarded the plane earlier. You will then sit down, buckle your seatbelts, and fall deeply asleep." Carlos took towels to each row, and the Zombie Gods cleaned themselves, wiping and licking off each bit of bodily juices till they were completely clean. Then, one by one, they stood and put on their clothes. Once dressed, they obeyed their programming and were seated, buckled, and sleeping soundly. Carlos collected the towels and then put away his camera, seeing that everyone had the headsets on and were positioned as the afternoon had begun. Speaking into his microphone, Carlos proceeded to awaken them. "When you awaken at the count of five, you will feel wonderful and relaxed. You will remember nothing of being asleep. You will know only that you love to study Psychology." He counted to five and they awoke, very refreshed, talking to each other about the girls and pen pals they had met at each country, writing letters, etc. A short while later, the airplane landed and they deplaned, each student heading for customs with bags in hand.

Carlos was the last to deplane, or so he thought. As he reached the front of the airplane and started for the door, he realized that he hadn't seen the pilot or co-pilot come out. He opened the door to the cockpit and saw cum stains all around. The co-pilot was servicing the pilot, and both taut, sexy bodies were naked. Had they been listening to the same frequency of the microphone all along? If so, they had obviously not placed their headphones back on after they followed their orders to "strip and service each other." They were still going at it, oblivious to the fact that they had landed or were, for that matter, even pilots at all. Carlos smiled as he pulled the door to the airplane shut behind him as he left the pilots to play together. (It wasn't only the plane that was being serviced!) As Carlos figured it, the effects of the trance would wear off soon and the pilots would just have to wonder about their actions! Then, with a sudden burst of reality, Carlos began to realize the importance of modern technology. "Thank God for Auto Pilot!"