Frozen In Time (A Love Story)

Synopsis: Mike begs for captivation in the arms and voice of a Master Hypnotist... for time to stand still!

A young man glanced timidly across the room, darting his eyes toward mine, then quickly away. He had something inside... some burning need, to be sure. But just what that quivering interest was, I didn't know. I looked back, amused at the boy's response to my blatant, summoning stare. It was as if he needed to return his gaze toward mine, to look deeply into my heart and to pour himself into me, time and time again. The Look... the Longing... the Devotion...

I had seen it before, the young boys daring to go where they know they should not, yet, without choice or even reason, they go there anyways. They were the thrill-seekers, the adventurers. Or so their young, stout, energetic and innocent minds told them. They were the boys who would prove their manhood at all cost... the ones who would beat the odds and conquer the Master. Cocky in an adorable way, much the way a three-year-old adamantly fights the need for sleep, straining to remain conscious just long enough to be present for "what comes next." Not wanting to miss out on a single drop of life.

Ah, youth. There is nothing like it. The vital force that flows through a young man's body is something for which there is no comparison. And with each conquest, with each young lover that has fallen into my arms, I am renewed. I taste the breath of vibrant life with each full-force kiss on my lips, and I revel in knowing that I make it happen. Should I be doing this sort of thing to "the Innocents"? How can I think of doing otherwise, really? It is what I live for.

But I tire of the scenario. An endless string of young beauties, fallen prey and falling away. I have played it in my mind and I have played it in my bed. And with each new repetition, I question whether or not "this will be the Last One... the Forever..."

In any case, I am too old for this "cat and mouse" sort of thing. And this unnamed boy, shyly begging for something yet unspoken, would likely be just like the others. I tire of the game. I have decided to call it a night. I turn away, back to the last bit of Parisian Merlot... how I love its fragrance, its sweet depths yielding darkness and comfort. As I drink the last, I lay my money on the table and stand to leave. Oh, just one more wayward glance to the "object of my affection du jour". I smile and offer a gentle nod in his direction, then I am gone.

The cold air outside feels brisk, inviting me to breathe deeply of its fullness. The short walk to my car was inviting... a chance to regroup, reclaim my senses and prepare for the drive home. I pause to view the wonderfully ornate shop windows, aglow with treasures. I hardly notice the sight of my breath when I exhale. I do love this time of year, when Fall turns chill and leaves begin to drift from darkened trees, skittering in the breeze in organized disarray, gently touching the streets of historic Old Town. How nice to wander and relax, enjoying my stroll and absorbing the experience. But alas, my car is in sight.

"Sir?" A small voices eases me out of my silent reverie. I look toward the grassy area near my car, a walk lined with trees and memories. And next to a tree, I see him. "Sir, may I speak with you?" I am slow to answer... I take a closer look at the boy.

Young looking, maybe 22 or 23, with beautiful dark eyes reflective of many deeply hidden secrets... possibly secret even to the boy himself. Lightly tanned skin and dark features, and a beautiful sight to behold. Smooth skin, except for a moustache and goatee so common to the Generation X Boys of his age. So adorable... muscular, defined yet in that boyish way, with all innocence and warmth, no pretense. And quivering in anticipation, a puppy dog waiting to be taken and walked forever. Just so adorable!

"Sir?" he implored. "I am sorry to have followed you, but I really want to talk with you. I mentioned your name to other guys at the bar, and they all speak highly of you and your skills." "Go on" I say. "What can I do for you? You startled me a bit... didn't see you following me." "Oh, I've gotten pretty good at being around people without drawing their attention," he said, smiling. "Well," I respond, "you have my attention now." And he did, those eyes, those beautiful lashes... and lips, warm and inviting, glistening slightly from nervous perspiration, I could see... "I have heard that you are a hypnotist and an incredible one, at that. I was hypnotized once in school, as an experiment. It made me so excited! Even to think of it now, I want that experience again! Please help me!" The pleadings from deep inside the boy were unmistakable! I pondered his request, then though the better of it. "You know, it's kinda late. Maybe we could do it some other time." The pained look in his eyes spoke volumes. And the slight downturn of his lips was marked with disappointment. I could see him bite his lower lip. "I understand" he said, most unconvincingly. He continued, "Well, maybe I will see you around then... sure would like to talk to you... I feel so drawn to you..." "Yes, yes," I answer, "but all in good time. I come to this bar most evenings, and Wednesdays always seem to be quieter nights. Meet me here on Wednesday, 10 pm. We can talk more then." The excitement in his face and voice came back instantly, illuminating the street. "Oh, thank you!" he exclaimed, and before I knew it, he threw himself into me and kissed me eagerly. Oh, how good this feels! Such honesty, fragile and buoyant, honesty overcome with emotion. "You have know idea how much this means to me!" he said, breathlessly. I smile, not answering, amused by his loving eagerness to experience the Master's powers. "10 o'clock sharp", I commanded. I smile as I enter my car and drive away. I can't help but glance in the rear-view mirror, watching him, transfixed on watching me drive away.

That night, as I drew my bath and stepped into the swirling waters, I could not help but think of the boy. I did not even know his name, or he mine, yet I was intrigued with the possibilities. The ultimate innocence that flowed from his every pore, the eagerness... such an aphrodisiac to me! I closed my eyes, allowing the steamy water to encircle me, feeling it lightly sprinkle my face while caressing my body. I was again lost in the imaginary emotions, the virtual reality of the boy standing before me, looking deeply and lovingly into my eyes, slowly and deliberately hypnotized by my eyes, my slow and calming breaths, my manner of voice. As his energized body began to settle into a glazed reaction, the heat between his legs mounted and curved skyward, pressing tightly the fabric of his slacks. I in my bath, touching and stroking myself, quite getting into the excitement, look into his eyes, licking my lower lip invitingly, words circling upon words, spiraling into his brain, drawing his mind and heart ever deeper into me, into my life, into my world of forever. With a relaxed-yet-highly-sexual held glance, his breathing drifted into rythmn with mine, dazed, confused and lost in the excitement. His conscious mind totally unaware and uninterrupted by his lithe hands undoing the buttons of his own shirt, allowing each release to expose his muscular chest further. As the shirt buttons were undone, the cloth began to part, revealing all that would be mine. He unconsciously licked his lips, heated by the warmth of my stare and the need of his body. He stepped closer to the bath, and as he was doing so, the shirt slithered neatly off his bronzed shoulders, falling unnoticeably to the floor, his new sweat glistening in the light of the candles glowing there. As if drawn uncontrollably, the boy reaches into my bath, taking hold of my manhood, pumping for all his life, breathing, gasping, engulfed in the fever of lust... my eyes draw him closer, closer, his body and lips bent to meet mine... I touch his chest and he shivers, reacting immediately and meeting my lips instantly with a kiss. We are locked, the supreme pumping of my dick coupled with his masculine, young tongue pressing deeper inside me, deeper into me, lost in me... locked in a kiss, probing, searching, sucking, playing... without letting go, my hand shoots from the water, undoing the belt and pants, quickly uncovering that which I have waited for. The slacks fall to the floor as I draw him closer to me. I fumble wetly with his briefs, pulling them to his knees and finally giving me sight of him... all of him. The pumping he is doing on my dick is replaced by the feeling of his tongue and lips, parted from my lips and now encircling my dick, gently, sweetly, then replaced by vigorous insatiable hunger, deeper and deeper, further, downward, deeper he pumps, sucks, devours... I cannot withstand the excitement further. With a shudder, I erupt in total excitement, spraying the air, totally energized, totally spent.

I open my eyes, seeing my hand around my cock, and my vision has vanished into memory. I clean up and stand, my firm body soaked in comfort and desire. I grasp the soft folds of my towel and leave my bath, feeling content and intrigued by my fantasies. I am somehow disappointed I turned the boy away. Ah, but Wednesday will come quickly.

The week passes in a flurry of activities, and many thoughts and feelings have come and gone since seeing the boy. Many boys around, all with their intrigue, yet none compare with the memory of my unknown lover. Lover? Did I say "Lover"? I can't remember having said that before. And yet, it feels comfortable... like that was the most normal response... meant to be, even. It is Wednesday, 9 pm, and I am arriving at the bar. My hangout. I wander to my table and sit, slowly surveying the surroundings. Yes, quiet as usual, and my secluded table in the corner provides just the privacy I desire for the evening. I order my glass of wine, toying with it more so than drinking it when it arrives. I am consumed with expectation... how odd! For some reason, this feels different to me. This night... what was it about tonight that made me feel as though nights to come will be forever changed? I glance at my watch, 9:20 pm. It feels as though time is passing slowly now. Strange... I have not cared like this before. But those feelings inside of me are undeniable. This excitement I feel exhilarates me! My watch again... 9:25 pm. I am relieved to look up and see the boy enter, also looking through the room expectantly and wonderingly. A smile overcomes his face when he spots me, and he approaches.

"May I join you? I'm so glad to see you here! I know I am early, but I just couldn't wait for you to hypnotize me!" Such youth. Such excitement! But now, I could feel the excitement deep in me begin to mingle with his. What a glorious feeling! "Yes, you may sit down. It is good to see you again. You know, I don't think we were properly introduced." There's that smile of his again. "Sorry about that. My name is Mike." "Well, it is nice to put a name with the face. I'm Doug. And I'm looking forward to hypnotizing you, as well." As Mike sat down and the rest of the surroundings faded into the background, my world seemed to center on our conversation. Small talk... formalities... what he did for a living, what I liked to do with my hypnotic subjects, etc. I could see that anything I might say conjured up thoughts of totally new experiences for him. Just being close to him was making me very excited, knowing that he would be mine, and very willingly so. And more than that, I truly wanted my life and experience to be his.

I reached across the table and took his hand. Soft and supple, yet manly. I pulled his hand toward me, and his eyes caught the light from the table's candle. I could see into his eyes, and I knew he was looking deeply into the bluish pools my eyes showed. "Mike, I am so enjoying meeting you tonight. I can see that we will relax together. Always nice to take a break and relax, especially in a nice quiet place like this. Give me your other hand." Without diverting my gaze from his, I took his other hand and held them both, basking in the warmth I felt gazing into his eyes. I continued talking to him. "Notice how my eyes seem to dance in the lights. Look deeply into them, see the blue waters dancing, drifting, spiraling, falling to a wonderfully relaxing place where the two of us are alone and relaxed, safe, secure, and warm, so warm..." the pulsations of my hands on his fell into a constant, slow rythmn, matching his slowed breath and his fluttering eyelids... "and as your body drifts, mind drifts, eyes drift, so tired, so heavy... each time your eyes close, imagine the deep sleep now drifting through you, eyes blinking, drifting, closing, downwards, deeper into relaxation... spinning and falling, falling and spinning, spiraling deeply into a safe, relaxed place, downwards, deeper, down..." Mike's eyes had long fallen shut, a content relaxed look on his face, head slightly slumped forward, as I continued to weave my magic. "Mike, it is always easy for you to speak and to move when I ask you to do so, yet nothing can awaken you and everything will take you deeper into sleep now, with each word, twice as deep... each second that passes takes you twice as deep... and each time you fall asleep listening to my voice, you will easily drift back, deep, to a place twice as deep in sleep than the time before. Deep, sleep, sleep now." With one final squeeze of his hand, his head rolled forward and body slumped, limp and at peace. I released his hands, lifeless on the table, and his head relaxed back to the cushion of the booth chair he was sitting in. With so few people in the bar, and with the staff knowing of my demands for privacy, we were able to go completely undisturbed. "Mike, when I take your hands, you will feel very comfortable and warm, so contented. And this will be a feeling you will love, desire, and long for." I knew that, as I had held the boy's hands, it was I that longed for this touch, and I could feel the same energy from the boy. I was just "speeding up Mother Nature", as it were. "When you look into my eyes, you will know that you have been hypnotized and will continue to love the experience of hypnosis with me in the future. Would you like that?" "Oh, yeah... I would really like that" he replied from deep slumber. "And anytime you look deep into my eyes, you will know that sleep will happen soon. When you hear my voice and only my voice using the words "Sleep Now", your eyes will close and you will easily slip back into sleep, twice as deep as ever before. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir, I understand." "Good boy. Now, on the count of three, open your eyes, wide awake and feeling quite thirsty. One, two, three..." Mike's eyes popped open and he sat up. "Hey, it's good to finally meet you," he said, reaching out to shake my hand. "I can't wait to be hypnotized! But I sure could use a drink." As he raised his arm to summon a waiter, I said "Sleep Now" softly. His eyes fluttered and his arm fell to the table as his eyelids snapped shut, deeply asleep and in trance. "Good boy, Mike. Deep Sleep Now. Going deeper and deeper, so comfortable, so right. Go deeper into my voice now, drifting and floating deeper with each word. Down, drifting down, sleep." The peaceful look on his face was priceless. He was so content and happy in this place, and so was I. "Mike, please tell me what you like to experience when you are in love with someone. It will be very easy for you to speak to me about this." Mike began to slowly speak. "I love to be with someone I love, to feel like the times will never end. To feel a hunger and a need for my special lover, devoted to him always." "Very good, Mike. I know that being with the one you love is a wonderful feeling for you, so relaxing, so inviting. When is the last time you were in love, Mike?" A smile came across the boy's face as he said "When I saw you here tonight."

I paused a bit before I responded, delighted in the feeling of serene happiness on Mike's face, and reflected on mine. "Mike, this feeling of love can only become stronger as time passes. And there is a way that the feelings will never end. Do you want this?" "Oh, yes, more than anything!" he spoke, excitedly. "Alright, Mike, from now on, when you hear my voice speaking the phrase "Frozen in Time", your body will freeze, motionless, while all physical and emotional sensations remain intact and very exciting for you. A feeling of love and warmth and excitement will happen and grow when you hear those words from my lips. And whenever I speak the word "Release", your body will release while your mind continues to fall into my voice, captivated. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir." "And is this alright with you?" "Yes, yes it is" he replied. "Good, Mike. Now, when I count to three, you will awaken, feeling very good and very refreshed. All of the post-hypnotic suggestions I have given you are nothing short of commands, and you see them as metal clamps inside your mind, clamped to your subconscious mind and will remain there, permanently imbedded in your mind. They will only become more powerful and wonderful over time, without end. One, waking up... two, feeling great and deeply in love, three... [Snap]". Mike awoke and smiled, instinctively reaching for my hand. And, funny thing, I wanted to feel his again, too.

"Hey, Mike, let's go to my place. Is that alright with you?" I could see by the puppy dog smile and quick nod that I had his agreement as I took his hand and led him to the door. We exited, and the ride to my place was a short one.

We walked into my apartment and I closed the door, turning on some light and also illuminating a candle. As I turned, he was close and we kissed. It was magical, the way I felt with Mike. And the feelings were deeper than those caused by hypnosis... they surpassed the deepest suggestions and came from the heart... his and mine! We lingered in a kiss, so intoxicating that I wanted it never to end. With his arms around me, I spoke. "This feels so good to me, Mike. This great sensation, to be Frozen in Time..." His body went stiff, locked in a warm and loving embrace. I stepped back, admiring his body through his clothes, held in perfect statuesque form. I stepped in front of him and began to caress his chest, playing with his nipples till they stood erect. I leaned and kissed his lips... I could hear increased breath and a faint whimper, but could detect no movement. I looked deeply into the glazed-yet-excited eyes while I fondled his dick through his clothes, and the breathing became stronger. I could feel his dick growing, pressing into my hand. I continued. "I never want to Release you." His arms became fluid, grabbing me as his mouth joined mine, tongues darting and flying with intense passion. "Oh, Wow!" he gasped. "How did you do that?! I love that... I love you!" I could hear the excitement, the choke in his voice. I kissed him full on the lips and pressed both of his hands to his side. While holding his hands aside him, the words "Frozen in Time" brought my statue back to me. I continued to kiss him, knowing that every intense feeling was magnified during this period. His breathing became quite hard, as did the feeling of his manhood.

I wasted no time. I unbuttoned his shirt, kissing the smooth skin of his neck and continuing my exploration down his chest with each button's release. When all buttons were loose, I removed the shirt, continuing my oral exploration. When my tongue passed over the sensitive skin near his belly button, I could hear a loud whimper. I now knew that he was very sensitive to my touch... so excited now! "Release!" Arms wild, kissing passionate, groping, breathing, tonguing... more alive and turned on than ever. Mike was in the process of undoing my shirt and pulling it off me when I uttered the words again, rendering him intensely excited and motionless. While his body remained with hands outstretched, I loosed the belt buckle and removed the belt. I next undid the pant clasp and excitedly lowered his pants... finally arriving at the Promised Land. Now, my fantasies becoming realities, I put my hands into the band of his briefs at both sides of his body. I pulled down his white briefs, loosing his beautiful dick. As I pulled the briefs down to his ankles, I used my tongue to touch each sensitive place... his stomach, his cock, the soft place on his balls and behind them, then trailed my tongue down his inner thigh and continued down his inner leg. Though they were motionless, I could see that his legs were trembling. I glanced up into Mike's face, eyes still glazed and looking forward, but the tell-tale dripping coming from his beautifully engorged dick told me his mind was alive and well, and ready to burst. I placed my mouth on his luscious cock, tasting the sweet Nectar of the Gods, spiraling my tongue around the entire shaft and swallowing the boy, again and again. The trembling from his body increased to the point that I thought he might faint. I stood, placing one hand behind his neck, looking into his eyes, while the other hand fondled his statuesque cock. "Release" I said. Oh, the intensity! "Oh, God! Oh, God!" he screamed, gasping as he fell forward into me, knees weakened from the excitement. "Come here" I said, taking his hand and pulling him from the living room and into the bedroom. He reached around me from behind, fumbling with my belt, wanting to remove my clothes quickly, before I might say the words and render him helpless again. When we reached the bedroom, I turned and let Mike finish removing my clothes, one piece at a time. He was so fascinated, so wonderfully exploratory, as if each piece of my clothing represented another layer of wrapping paper removed from a prized gift. Once my clothes were gone, I pulled him into me, onto me, close to me. I kissed him again and pulled him to the bed with me. We played together, contented, happy!

That night was unlike any other for me. It was the start of something beautiful, something so magical, there are no adequate words to describe the sensations! As for Mike, I continue to be pleased by him and to please him. My life has changed, and he is an exciting part of my life now.

With him, I too remain "Frozen in Time".