Lost In Spin City

Synopsis: Human slavery with a hypnotic twist.

Mario slowed when he passed the dimly lit storefront. Never quite sure of what he would see or how much he would be allowed to see, for that matter, something about this place intrigued him. What a curious name for a store, too. Whoever named this place "Get Lost In Spin City" was no marketing guru. But still, he felt drawn inside. Something vaguely familiar, though he just couldn't put his finger on it. How strange, how he had been drawn inside. He didn't even remember his entry into the store. Entranced.

The window's subtle display was simple yet enticing. The store's concept was equally underplayed and ingenious. The store marketed all things spinning. If it rotates, one can find it at Spin City. Spinning tops, the old hovering silver metallic toys once played with by children on every street corner. Gyroscopes, amazingly able to spin and shimmer in circular motion for what seemed hours...perpetual motion in blatant display. Spiral candles on cleverly automated bases, motorized to revolve slowly and cast a surrealistic glimmer on the nearby walls and into the eyes of passers-by. Eye catching, to say the least. But what Mario was most interested in was the wall display he noticed at the rear of the store. Mixed among avante garde clock faces of every kind were three distinctive art pieces. One holographic, one quietly electronic, and one that seemed animated with tiny laser streams on black velvet, each in varying circumference and all round-pie shaped. Each displayed a version of hypnotic effect. The objets d' arte each spiraled at differing speeds and had unique qualities, but all focused the onlooker's attentions inward and deeply fixated upon what appeared to be a beam of light in the very center. Not deafeningly bright, but quietly beckoning the viewer to look more closely...just step a bit closer, that's it...what do you see in the center? Falling into the center of the whirlpool of desire, feeling so peaceful and floating inwards and downwards towards the pinhead of light and magic...look more deeply...deeply...fall deeply and...

Mario blinked and shook his head. The sound of a bell on the store's front door jarred him back to reality. He noticed the young store attendant standing at his left, dusting the store's treasures quietly. How long had he been standing there? Had the man just said something? Mario wasn't quite sure. For some reason, his mind wandered. That always seemed to happen here. How very odd. How long had he been watching this spinning art piece? Just as quickly as the browsing customer had popped into the store, she left. This was obviously not her kind of place. But no matter...back to the spiral. Mario thought "I really must be going now," but he stepped closer to the largest spinning disk instead. This one is really my favorite. Like a mixture of white fire and blue ice, the striking flashes of laser lightening moved in a slow, mesmerizing dance, with each line drawn more closely together and the flashes of circular light spiraling together more closely, drawing his eyes towards the small bluish diamond of light at the center. The store attendant disappeared. The shop disappeared. Mario disappeared... all that was Mario is now vapor, a mist floating through the air and being drawn directly into the center of the whirlpool of light...floating...falling...deep into the center... deeply lost... getting lost... spinning into oblivion... getting lost in Spin City... lost yet peaceful... falling more deeply now... falling back and down and in and under and away and asleep... deep to SLEEP NOW!

Mario opened his eyes. How long had he been here? He found himself sitting on a comfortable red plush sofa, situated directly in front of the spinning disks. Limply rested on the seat back, his hands mindlessly playing with the gold tassels dangling from the cushion, he took time to look away from the wall display and around the room. How dark it was outside. No one walking the streets. "Hey, that's very strange" he thought. It had been fairly busy on the street when he stepped in. He stood to leave and walked toward the door, only then noticing that the "OPEN" sign had been flipped over and the front door was locked. He heard a muffled sound coming from the merchandise storeroom in back. Mario walked to the back, stopping at the "Employees Only" sign on the back doorway. "Hello? Anybody here?" Mario's husky, deep baritone voice cut the silence like a knife.

The young blonde store attendant emerged, a slight smile on his face. "You're awake! You seemed so peaceful, I didn't want to disturb you when I was closing up." The man walked past Mario and placed a hanging crystal teardrop into the display of spinning crystals on the counter. He then returned to where Mario stood, noting that Mario was looking slightly dazed and a bit confused. "How long have I been here?" Mario asked. "Not long...30 minutes or so. You must have been tired. I'm Edward, by the way," he said as a friendly handshake was offered. "Mario," the sleepy Italian replied. "Sorry about that. I don't remember being so tired, but I guess I was. You have some nice things here, Edward." "Thanks. I have only been open a couple of months, and business is already doing very well. Have I seen you here before?" Mario responded, "I was in here last week, I think. I don't remember which day. I really like the spirals over there. Very intriguing. How much is the laser one?" As Mario pointed to the wall and glanced toward the spiral, he felt a tingling sensation in his right hand and arm, and his fingers began to float up toward the ceiling. Like they aren't even connected to my body, he thought. Suddenly, Mario's hand fell to his side and he felt his body become stiff and rigid, falling backwards. He felt warm hands catch him as he fell back...total release. He was a feather falling into a down comforter-covered bed, completely lost in the sheer pleasure of relaxation. The Hands were guiding his floating form back and down...lowered onto the sofa and limply collapsing into the plush nothingness. Oh, this feels good! I feel light. I feel heavy. I feel nothing... nothing at all. I am lost in blank space...the Voice was moving through Mario's mind... something about going deeper to SLEEP NOW and drifting away...so peaceful. All gone.

The Voice spoke in monotone. Subdued words, with a melodic feeling. Mario must listen. Mario must obey. Mario must listen and obey, and become one with the Voice. The Voice was truth. The Voice was Master. Do anything for the Voice. Follow the Voice anywhere. Believe in the Voice. The Voice in Mario. Mario gone...Voice is everything. SLEEP NOW!

* * *

Edward was loving this. An accomplished hypnotist recently transplanted to the states from Sweden (Amsterdam, actually), this shop was just a hobby. A method of feeding his true passion...sheer and utter control of the beautiful. Ownership of the beautiful. Edward bought, sold, and traded in all things beautiful, and men appeared at the top of his list of things treasured, bartered, and sold. Importer and exporter of artifacts of the unusual, his comings and goings went relatively unnoticed. His goal: to open a storefront like this in all metropolitan cities...a veritable plethora of possibilities awaiting on the outskirts of every downtown. A "Pier One" of the Mind, and more. And this Italian specimen would trade nicely in foreign markets. After all, what hot-blooded Swede or European wouldn't give everything he owned to have a willing, able-bodied and submissive Italian stallion serving his lifelong needs? Yes, Edward was in the business of providing slaves to the highest bidders. And Mario was going to be a meal ticket not to be forgotten.

"Mario, listen to my voice and follow my instructions. Each time you complete a task fully as I command it, you will feel a wave of relief pass through your body. This feeling will be so addictive to you, the commands will become your only source of direction, and you will be unable to function without them. My voice is so soothing and pleasant to you, and so commanding. You will follow my commands willingly. My voice is your mind." Mario's breathing had long ago dwindled into quiet compliance. An inner energy boiled beneath the sleeping stud's skin, and the enslavement was nearing completion. Mario had been coming here since the day the shop opened, though he cannot remember it. Each visit to the store seems like the first time, with all its fascination and bewilderment intact.

Mario was the perfect specimen for Edward's collection, to be sure. As a beautiful, chiseled physique struggled for release from the confines of Mario's tight blue T-shirt and skin-hugging jeans, Edward watched this sleeping beauty with a fine mix of lust and satisfaction. He had chosen well, Edward thought. Mario was nearing what a slave owner considers "Nirvana"...a state of such complete submission and oneness with "the Voice", nothing but the beautiful shell remains. A beautiful automaton.

"Mario, as you hear my voice, you know that this feeling and this life is your world. You have no history. Your future is dictated by the Voice passing through you. Your actions are only motivated by my voice. You continue to breathe deeply, filled with the scent of deep sleep and the need for servitude. Your purpose in life is to follow all commands without question and without hesitation. And with each task completed, a feeling of wonderful accomplishment will rush through both your mind and your body. You are mine now, and you desire nothing else. Do you understand?" "I understand," came the deeply hypnotized response. "Good. Now, at the count of five, you will awaken, completely refreshed. No recollection of being asleep. Just an appreciation for this shop and its contents." Edward counted "...four, FIVE!"

* * *

Mario blinked and looked around. He was standing near the door to the shop. Edward stood behind the counter, strangely watching him. Edward spoke. "It was nice meeting you, Mario. Hope to see you around. Come again." "Uh, sure. Nice meeting you, too." Had he spoken to this guy? He didn't remember any conversations. But the storeowner was kinda cute, Mario thought as he left the store. A smile was etched on Mario's face. "What a great store that is," he thought. "I really want to buy some of that art." Looking at his watch as he walked, he could hardly believe the time. "Something must be wrong with my watch. Oh, well. I'll have it looked at tomorrow." As he neared his street and turned the corner, he saw the steps to his apartment complex. He was happy to be home, somehow peaceful. Time for bed. Mario entered his apartment and, feeling suddenly very sleepy, he barely had the strength to move to the sofa and sit before he fell into a deep sleep.

And with the deep sleep, a dream began to unfold. Mario was in his apartment, completely relaxed. But he was not alone. How real this dream felt! Mario was standing up now, moving to the center of the room. Mario knew he wasn't alone, but he felt very safe and comfortable. That voice was familiar, and it was coming from behind him. All Mario desired was to hear that voice and to follow its instructions. The bronze Adonis saw himself begin to remove his clothing, piece by piece. The blue T-shirt was being pulled up over the smooth, dark torso. The light of several burning candles illuminated a glistening blanket of sweat trickling across Mario's chest. Mario flexed his muscles, showing his muscular body to the Audience. Who was watching? Mario thought as his hands unbuckled his belt and casually lowered his jeans to the floor. No briefs to get in the way. What strange behavior, all undressed in his own living room. Mario felt very much at ease, and in his dream he felt wonderful, warm hands caressing his massive shoulders and working their way down his back. Warm, tingling, exotic, and painfully erotic was his dream. So real now. Every touch sending spines of excitement through his body. A Voice commanding him to turn now. Mario felt his swaying masculinity flailing through the air, protruding for all the world. And as his body slowly turned and swayed, he saw that the powerful presence was Edward. The blond hair and piercing blue eyes owned Mario completely, and all Mario felt was adoration. Edward said something, and Mario instinctively moved close to Edward and began to dance. He was suddenly a world-famous male stripper...a lap dancer of the highest order... and Edward was his favorite audience! Mario, hot Latin that he is, felt drawn to Edward in a kiss, running his fingers playfully through the blonde bristle of hair covering Edward's toned chest. As their tongues met and danced, Mario felt as though his Spirit and Soul were made liquid, flowing through his body and passing from his mouth into Edward with each kiss. Mario could feel Edward's hand around his throbbing pistol of manhood, and he wanted nothing more than to obey each request. He willingly followed Edward, being led to the floor in front of the raging fireplace. Willingly, Mario pressed between Edward's naked thighs and entered the wet, warm and willing cavity. With each action, Mario felt a surge of passion and relief pierce his being... with each physical thrust of his tool of desire. Mario leaned forward with increasing finesse, pressing his tongue deeply into Edward's mouth. And as his tongue searched the inner landscape of Edward's mouth, he felt willing to follow this man anywhere... to do anything that Edward requested. He could feel himself becoming lost in the mind and body of Edward. Losing himself, pressing hot sex and passion deeper into Edward and falling more deeply into Edward's arms with each push. Mario was becoming lost... lost in desire... lost in burning, white flashes of passion... and with a great thrust, liquid lust sprayed the insides of the Master.

Instantly, Mario fell deeply to sleep, forever lost in the dream, sleeping peacefully. Content, knowing that it was all a wonderful dream.

The next morning, Mario awoke in his bed, having slept soundly. Not even remembering his wild dream from the night before, he went about his morning bathroom rituals. When he emerged from his bedroom, crossing the living room en route to the percolating automatic coffee maker in the kitchen, he noticed the remains of two burnt candles. Where did those come from? he pondered. Scratching his head, he continued toward the promise of caffeine and the rush of another day at work. "Maybe I'll even check out that new shop I've seen over on Third Street," Mario thought to himself as he hurried off to work.

* * *

Edward knew he was coming, and he was prepared. He had a perfect place arranged... perfect for displaying a new acquisition, a new treasure. His latest work of art was what he called "Living Art". And his buyers would pay nicely for the art to be displayed in private showing this evening. A low, rotating pedestal revolved slowly in the center of the shop. Draped with red velvet matting, this would be the perfect venue for showing off his latest trinket.

He saw Mario enter the shop at approximately 6:00 pm. As usual, Mario casually browsed through the store and stopped in front of the spinning disks. Edward could see Mario's form begin to sway and then stiffen, as instructed. And as his eyes drew to a close and his body fell instinctively backward, Edward carefully guided the sleeping statue through the store and placed him directly into the center of the turning pedestal. Mario would not feel the pressure as Edward ripped the thin white T-shirt down the chest, gaped open down to the firm abdomen. Edward positioned Mario's hands at his sides, in a statuesque stance befitting that of an Italian god. Edward reinforced Mario's conditioning, knowing that as long as the pedestal revolved, Mario would remain fixated and inanimate... feeling nothing... a marble figure on display. And what an incredible hunk of manhood that stone statue was!

Edward hated to part with it, especially after last night. But that was the way he felt about all of his works of art. Always hard to let go. But alas, the buyer was waiting. And business is business. Just think of Mario as one more beautiful artifact on display, soon to be gracing the revolving pedestal in some castle in Hungary.

Thirty minutes later and after several brief instructions about the care and keeping which "Living Art-Mario" required, the owner and the purchased prize left for continents unknown. Mario's ownership successfully transferred and the transaction complete, Edward closed shop and headed homeward. Yes, a successful day, with another soul "lost in Spin City."

Always another day. Another group of subjects, just waiting to look longingly into the center of the spiraling disks mounted on the shop wall. Sleeping subjects soon to be lost completely.

And the world just keeps on spinning.