The Lube Job

Synopsis: An auto shop owner hypnotizes and seduces his employee.

"God! My head is killing me!" Derek put his hands to his temples and massaged slowly. Obviously, he had seen better days. "I can't believe the assholes I've had today!" He wearily flipped the sign on the auto repair shop door to read "Closed", locked the deadbolt, and then he sank into a chair behind the cluttered desk. "Brian", he said, "I'll have to finish all this paperwork tomorrow. I've had about all I can take for one day. Okay?" "Sure thing," I said. "I don't know how you do it, Derek. Dealing with all those bitchy people all day. I could never do that."

Derek was the head of customer service at my auto shop. It was his job to fix customer problems and yes, even to listen to them complain all day. Derek had a lot of tension, and rightly so. All that bitching and complaining would give me a killer headache, too. That's why I hired somebody else to deal with problems.

"Derek, I have just what you need. Step into my office."

By the way, I'm Brian...the owner of this little hell hole called Brian's Do- It-Right Auto Body. After years of being a mechanic, I finally wised up and bought myself a business. And now, with a full crew of mechanics working under me, I have time to pursue my REAL interests...I'm studying Psychology, believe it or not.

Derek walked into my office as I pulled the blinds shut. "Sit down in that chair," I said. He willingly complied. I took a good, long look at him. Even at his worst, Derek looked damn good. A tall brown-haired adonis with a back and arms of steel and a great smile. His blue uniform fit him tightly in all the right places. "Unbutton your shirt," I said. "What for?" he asked. "I learned a sure-fire way to get rid of any headache. Just listen to me and relax," I said as I stepped behind him and began to massage his shoulders and neck. I dimmed the lights in my office and continued to press on his shoulders and neck. "That feels great," he said. He was melting, and I could tell that his tension was leaving. He began to relax all over his body.

"Just listen to my voice and relax completely. I want you to close your eyes and begin to imagine what your headache looks like. Picture it as a small blue square. Just move your right finger when you see the square." (His right hand shifted a bit.) "Now, as you see the blue square, begin to see it moving slowly in a clockwise direction. As it begins to spiral and spin, you see a red dot in the very center of the square. Concentrate on the red dot. As you concentrate on the red point, the rotating blue square is getting smaller and smaller. Breathe deeply as the blue box turns." Derek was fully relaxed now, his arms limp at his side as I massaged his neck. "Your headache is getting smaller as the spinning blue box begins to grow smaller and disappear. The box reverses direction now and begins to spin counter- clockwise. With each turn, it gets smaller and smaller as you drift into the red point. Even the red dot begins to get smaller and to fade away."

As I was talking, I moved my hands up his head and stopped at his temples, on both sides of his forehead. My fingers circled slowly as I spoke in a monotone voice. I began to apply stronger pressure on his temples, and his body grew more limp as the blood flow to his muscular body was diminished. As I could feel his body become more receptive to my suggestions, I decided to put the quick induction technique I had just learned to the test. I instantly pressed very hard on both of his temples and shouted "SLEEP" into his ear, in a loud voice. Just as I expected, his body toppled forward, limp as a rag doll. He was fully asleep.

"Derek, as you listen to my voice and follow my instructions completely, your breathing will be much deeper and you will continue to fall more deeply asleep. Each word that I say can only help to take you deeper asleep. You cannot stop yourself from sliding downwards and backwards to sleep, and nothing will stop you from floating into my voice and falling twice as deeply asleep when I count to three. One, two, three." He relaxed down into the chair, his smooth-chested body draped softly over the arms of the chair. "Derek, as you listen to my voice, you will want to follow all of my commands and to please me, because it feels so good to relax and be under my control, doesn't it?" "Yes," he replied. "How are you feeling right now? It will be very easy for you to speak and to move when asked to do so, and yet each of your words and movements can only put you deeper asleep. Each breath you take puts you deeply asleep, as if a sleeping gas is permeating the air you are breathing and filling the room. Breathe deeply and drift. How does your body feel?" Derek answered, "...heavy. Tingling. Sleeping." "Good," I said. "Continue to drift and sleep, knowing nothing will wake you until I tell you to wake up. Do you understand?" "Yes, I do," he murmured. "Derek, in a few moments, I am going to count to five. On the count of five, you will wake up feeling very good, relaxed, and free of tension. You will not remember being asleep. You will only know that you feel great. Every time you hear my voice say the words "LUBE JOB", you will close your eyes and fall deeply asleep, twice as deeply asleep as you are now. Is that clear?" "Yes...Clear." I continued to offer post-hypnotic suggestions. "Not only will you fall instantly to sleep each time I say LUBE JOB, but each time I say the word TIME, you will feel very horny instantly and will crave a blow job. You will not know why you are so horny, but every time I say the word TIME, your level of horniness will double and increase. Nothing will relieve you until you receive a blow job. Do you understand?" "Yes, I understand," He mumbled from his deep trance. I counted "One, two...waking up, three, four...waking up, five!"

Derek woke with a start and sat up. "Boy, I must have dozed off for a minute. I'm glad the day is over. You know, that massage really helped me. I feel great! Maybe I'll go out tonight. My boyfriend Nick is out of town for the weekend, so I can play. Join me for a drink?" "Yeah, that might be fun," I said. "I guess I have TIME." The expression on Derek's face changed immediately. His skin began to flush, and I could tell he was getting "hot under the collar" (and below the belt! The bulge was growing instantly). "Man, I could sure use some fun tonight," he said. I thought I'd play with him some more. " The drink sounds good, Derek. What TIME did you want to go out?" His breathing got heavier and he could hardly talk. He gulped before he spoke. "The sooner the better," he said. "God, am I horny!" "Really?" I said. "Nick hasn't been gone THAT long! What TIME did he leave?"

Derek almost screamed. He reached up to undo his shirt. The bulge in his pants was large and very noticeable, and the growing wet spot on his blue uniform pants told me he was following his programming completely. "I don't know what's happening, but I need a blow job BAD!" Derek unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper, and reached in to play with his ever-hardening cock. "Man, I want some action REAL BAD. Sorry about this, Brian." "No problem," I said. "Come over here." He quickly positioned himself in front of me, standing upright. His shirt was unbuttoned at this time, and his pants easily fell below his knees. I said, "Do we have TIME for this, Derek?" He gasped and moaned inwardly. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" "Okay then. I'm gonna give you the best LUBE JOB!" His limp body instantly fell to the carpeted office floor, completely asleep. His 9" cock standing at attention, I suddenly knew another reason why I had hired him! The sight of his limp and helpless body lying prone before me gave me the biggest hard-on I'd had in a long time. He was all mine, a willing servant, and I knew just what to do with him.

"Derek, I want you to stand in front of me. You will remain deeply asleep until I wake you up, and you will follow my commands completely. You are becoming not only my employee but also my slave. You will do anything I tell you to do, and you will do so without questioning. Do you understand?" "Yes, I do," he said. "In a few moments, I am going to count to five. On the count of five, you'll wake up, hornier than ever and knowing only that you're having the best blow job ever, and you won't be able to cum till I tell you to." I then counted "...four, five!" He awoke and gasped as I took his cock into my mouth. While my hands fingered his balls and reached around to play with his ass, my tongue drove him to ecstasy. He was hot, the smell of a hard day's work still lingering on him. Man-sweat, and boy did it taste sweet to me! I had waited a long time for this! I could feel his body begin to shake with sexual energy, and I knew that he had the strongest desire to come. His body was shaking and stiffening, primed for action. "It isn't TIME yet," I said. He writhed instantly with pain and sexual desire, longing only to shoot his load. His entire mind, body, and soul were now centered in his longing cock. I said, "Is it TIME to cum yet?" He panted between breaths, "Yes..Please, I... uh... I NEED to cum! Please, Brian! PLEASE!" I ran my tongue slowly over the length of his shaft, knowing just how crazy I was making him. He was dying with anticipation. "Since you can't cum till I tell you to, you will cum instantly on the count of three. One, two..." I paused mercilessly. The look of agony on his face, the pleading in his eyes...they were PRICELESS! "Three!" He erupted long and hard, shooting load after load of milky lubrication across the floor. His knees buckled and he nearly fell backwards with the strength of his shooting stream of jism. He grabbed a chair to steady himself, body moving in ecstasy. He had relief written all over his face, and I had cum exploded all over mine. "Wow, Man!" he said. "I don't know what came over me!"

"Oh, I do," I said. "This is just the end of a long week." I handed him a grease towel to wipe up with, and I cleaned off my face at the same time. "I'm glad you're working for me, Derek. I need more people like you around." He responded, "Thanks, Brian. I love working for you here too. That was incredible, whatever just happened!" I handed him his clothes, sad to see the sight of his lean muscular body be covered.

After he was dressed, I patted him on the back and said "Is it TIME for that drink yet?" The changing look on his face told me that the weekend held much promise. Which was good, because I had a lot of exploring still to do. "Why don't we have that drink at my place, Derek? Go get in my car and wait while I lock up." He walked to my car and sat in the passenger seat. I leaned in the window and said "Next week, I want you to give me a LUBE JOB." He was instantly out like a light, sleeping peacefully and with a hard-on beginning to stir.

Now, Derek always follows my commands. He willingly obeys. And I LOVE when that happens!