Midnight Margaritas

Synopsis: Special margaritas hypnotize a group of unsuspecting partygoers

February 1998

The Super Bowl party was nearing a close. My friends and I had just enjoyed the afternoon, having watched a great game. Though my team lost, nobody seemed to care. It was just fun being together. And what a host Terry is! Great food and drinks served all day, and the remains of pizza and beer scattered all over the place. Terry is a great guy, although he's kind of quiet. He usually just keeps to himself at work, but he seems nice enough. Terry didn't seem to mind that the bunch of us guys had crashed at his place for the day. After all, it seemed logical...Terry had a big screen TV and was the best cook, as well. No wonder we picked his place!

Let me introduce myself and my friends. I'm David. Terry (the host) and I share an office at work. Over there, the guy with the shirt half off and the top pants button undone, that's Reuben Ortiz. He's the office stud, if you can call him that. All the women drool over him. If they could see him now, almost passed out from all that beer, I wonder what they'd think? He usually holds his liquor pretty well. Anyways, over on the sofa, that's Rich and Todd. They both work in the mail room. Hard working; I think Todd has two jobs. Along with being a mailroom clerk, he also moonlights as a bartender at a bar downtown. He's got a great physique, guess he has to keep in top shape to keep the bar patrons happy and the tips coming in. And Rich, well, I think he works at the gym nearby. He is a personal trainer; think he made a "Buns of Steel" video or something like it. What a body on that stud-muffin! Oh, yeah. That's Timothy in the bean bag chair. Don't let the glazed look in his eyes fool you, he's usually sharp as a tack. And what a body! His tan never ends. From rumors I've heard, he's what you might call a "naturalist". I think that he goes to beaches nude or something. Whatever, he's got a helluva tan on him. He works in the orders and handling department. Wish he would handle me, but I don't think his wife would approve. Oh, well. Now, Barry over there is the most interesting of this sorry bunch to me. He has a huge chest and a basket to match, velvety-smooth and silky, with only the finest patches of hair trailing down from his chest to his pubes. He's also the youngest...I think he's only 19. But he's extremely well-proportioned for his age. He's been drinking a bit too much, from the looks of things. I'll probably have to drive him home. (Maybe I'll luck out and get to tuck him in.) And, if you can't tell by now, I'm as GAY as they cum. I think I'm the only gay guy at work, but the guys don't seem to mind at all. We joke a lot and they have fun teasing me. At least I THINK they're teasing? (Or is it flirting? You know what they say about straight men...the only difference between them and gay guys is a few beers!)

As the post-game show drones on, I walk into the kitchen to offer my help to Terry. I see him pouring some stuff into a big pitcher and mixing it with ice. He has a funny smile on his face...must be the beer he was drinking. "Whatcha doin', guy?" I say. "Just mixing up a batch of my special margaritas. I call them Midnight Margaritas, 'cuz you won't know what hit you till sometime after midnight!" He laughs and smiles. Sometimes, I just never know how to take him. Terry works in the research and development section of our pharmaceutical development company. He's always experimenting with this drug or that, but just what all those drugs do is beyond me. He is kind of a nerd at times, but he is also nice. What he does to keep in shape, I'm not sure, but it works for him. He has well-defined muscles, evenly distributed. All I know is, he looks great in his lab coat. Maybe some day I'll get to see him OUT of his lab coat! (And his other clothes, while I'm at it.) Terry takes a stack of cups to the living room, along with a bucket of ice and the pitcher of margaritas. He puts ice in all the glasses and starts to pour a glass for each of us. He says "Hey, guys! Hope you like these. I have added my "special ingredient", and I'll give you the recipe later. They'll knock you on your butts!" And with how the butts in this room look, that should be a very pleasing sight for sore eyes.

That's funny. Terry didn't take a glass. Oh, well. He must have had his margarita in the kitchen. The big lush! Anyway, Terry hands me a glass and watches me closely as I down it. "God, that's great, Terry!" I say to him. "What's in those things?" "It's my secret. Good, huh? Have another." He pours another glass and I greedily suck it down. He's pouring similar glasses for everyone else, and everybody's drinking it up. Good thing we don't have to work tomorrow, because these guys are going to be shit-faced, I guarantee.

Boy, do I feel weird. I'm feeling strange, all of a sudden. Something like my muscles are becoming weak and limp. I find myself sitting back in my chair, feeling good but not wanting to move. I also feel myself becoming very horny, more than normal. Not that I mind it, you understand, but I can't explain it. And look at Reuben over there! He's also laying back. His eyes are open, but it looks like he's not seeing anything. Kind of glazed over. Almost like he's waiting for instructions or something. This is weird. It seems to be happening to the rest of the guys, too. It feels great, but I wonder what is causing it?

Terry is just sitting back, watching us. He seems to be wide awake. That's strange. Oh, well. I don't seem to care why I feel this way. Terry is saying something to us. "Guys, you are now my slaves. You have no wills of your own, and your minds are slowing down, slower and slower, just coming to a complete stop. When I say the words "Super Bowl", you will immediately fall completely limp and you will have no mental thoughts of your own. Except for David. David, you will be able to see what is going on, but you will act in the same manner as everyone else. And you will want to be completely obedient to me." Terry continued to talk in a slow manner, and everyone just relaxed more. Terry said "Super Bowl" and all the guys fell down. That's weird. Neat, but weird. I'm liking this, I think. My cock is harder than ever. How did that happen?

Terry moved over in front of Reuben. Reuben is Latino, and his smooth dark skin is so sexy. I wonder what Terry want's with it? Terry is talking to Reuben. "Reuben, Stand up and take off your clothes." This is TOO GOOD to be true! I love watching this! Reuben is standing and taking off his flannel shirt and his jeans. I shoulda known he wouldn't be wearing any underwear. What a cock he has! Even limp, it must be 10 inches long. No wonder he's so popular! He is just looking blankly at Terry, no expression on his face. That's odd, he's not questioning this or anything. "Now, I want you to begin to play with yourself. Make the rest of the guys jealous of your body. Dance for me." He began to dance and rub his hands on his nipples, then down his chest and abdomen to his cock. He circles his cock and then fingers his balls. He has no emotion on his face. "Reuben, you are completely mine. You will do just what I tell you to do. And you will feel any emotion I tell you to...nothing more. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir" he said. Never heard him call anyone Sir before. That's odd. Terry says "Keep playing with yourself. You will become so excited that you will want very badly to cum. You will not be able to do so until I tell you to. As I go around the room, keep dancing for us. You can't cum until I tell you to. You will beg for it, but you can't until I give you permission. Understand?" "YES!" he panted, obviously more than excited now. He must be getting off on all this attention (conceited bastard...if he could only see himself!).

Terry moves over in front of where Todd and Rich are sitting. They are both just asleep, I think. Terry says "Todd, get up." Todd opens his eyes and obeys immediately. "Take off your clothes." The jeans and polo shirt hit the floor. Todd has that same blank stare. What a robot he is! "When I count to three, you will become Melissa." (Melissa is Todd's girlfriend.) "You will look like her, sound like her, feel like her, and be her. You will also be very horny as Melissa. You will have to have sex. And you will want to have sex with Todd. Do you understand, Todd? At the count of three, you will become Melissa, and you will not be satisfied until you have sex with Todd." "I understand" Todd mumbled. Terry continues "One, two, THREE!" Todd immediately acts differently. He is sort of walking more feminine-like, and he is talking in a higher tone of voice, saying something about wanting to give Todd a blow-job. (I'd like to do the same thing, strangely enough.) He begins to look around, looking for Todd. Terry says "Melissa, I want you to become a tree, frozen in the wind NOW!" Todd freezes, motionless. Terry moves over to Rich, sleeping soundly. "Rich, when I tap your shoulder, you will become Todd instantly. You will no longer be Rich, you will be Todd, the bartender. You will be just arriving home from work at the bar, and you will be horny and looking for Melissa." Terry touches Rich, who becomes Todd and stands up. Rich (as Todd) says "Honey, I'm home." He looks around for Melissa. Terry says "Melissa, you are no longer frozen when I touch your shoulder. You will see Todd in front of you, ready to have sex." Terry touches Todd on the shoulder, unfreezing him. He then turns to Rich and says "Todd, Melissa is in front of you. You want to go to her now." I can't believe what I'm seeing. Todd is going over to Rich, kneeling down naked in front of him and ripping his pants off. He is speaking in a female tone, begging to suck Todd's cock. This is WILD! I'm getting excited just watching all this! Todd is pulling Rich's cock out of his boxers. (You mean people still wear boxers?) Rich is saying "Melissa! Suck my cock! Suck your little Todd's cock. Come to Papa-Bear!" Todd is hungrily devouring Rich's cock, and they both seem pretty happy just doing what they are doing. Terry says "Melissa and Todd, you will have great sex on the floor and we will watch you." Todd and Rich both drop to the floor, grappling with each other and writhing in ecstasy. They are obviously having a good time. And Reuben is still dancing and touching himself, jacking himself off. He seems kind of stressed about not being able to cum. He is begging to cum. That is turning me on, listening to him beg.

Terry is walking towards me. "Are you enjoying this, David?" "Very much" I say. "I thought you might. I am going to give you this great experience, and you know what? Tomorrow, you won't remember a thing. Nobody will. Everybody will be back at the office, business as usual. And you see that little dot in the corner, behind the bookshelf? That's a video camera. There are three hidden around the room. I'm getting all this on tape, and I'm going to LOVE watching it, over and over. I may be quiet at work, but I'm a wild one at home! Continue to breathe deeply and relax, taking in all the sights and sounds. You are becoming more excited and wanting to touch yourself. Take off your clothes and join in. You can join any of the others, if you'd like. This is a treat I'm offering you. Enjoy it while you can still remember it." I feel myself standing and removing my clothes, not a bit shy. Not that I'm normally shy, but I wouldn't normally take my clothes off in front of my straight co-workers! I'm watching Terry as he goes over to the sleeping 19 year old, Barry. "Barry, I don't want you to feel left out. Stand up." Barry opens his eyes and stands in front of Terry, the same emotionless look on his face. "Take off your shirt." Barry removes his black T-shirt. His young chest is breathing deeply, and his eyes show a look of complete helplessness. He is awaiting Terry's instructions. "Good boy. Now, take off your shorts." Barry pulls down his sweat shorts, revealing a healthy bulge inside his jock strap. And what a "strapping specimen" he is! Terry says to him "You will begin to feel very aroused as I touch you. You want only to please me, to make me very happy to see you. You will only be happy when I am pleased." Terry reached over and removed Barry's cock from the sides of the jock strap. It was 9 inches of young succulent pleasure, just waiting to be serviced and to explode. His chest began to heave madly as Terry slowly sucked his cock, driving him wild. His adolescent hormones raced with excitement, hardly able to remain standing while this gift was being bestowed on him. Terry continued to play with him, driving him to near the brink of the cliff of orgasm, but not further.

Amidst all this activity, I noticed that Timothy was still deeply asleep, more so it seemed than before. I wondered what the plan was for him. I remembered that Terry had given me permission to roam and play, so I wandered over to Timothy. It had always been a fantasy for me to service a guy in his sleep, and no one was more asleep at this moment than Timothy. Timothy, the office nudist, had a beautiful body that I had longed to touch for as long as I could remember. And this was the perfect time. I walked over to his sleeping body, pausing only slightly as I reached down and pulled his khaki shorts down around his knees. He did not move...he was unaware of my advances. I pulled down his white briefs, exposing the most delicious dinner I could ever imagine. I devoured with pleasure, and his cock grew and multiplied before my very eyes. Not a tan line on his body, and only his cock knew that "something was up"! It responded, though the rest of him slumbered peacefully, only the hint of his chest moving up and down more quickly, indicating his approach to "cum-land". Even as his cock vibrated and eventually spewed warm cum du jour, the rest of his body continued to sleep. It even went deeper asleep than before. I WAS LOVING THIS!" After Timothy came and went deeper to sleep, I stood to see that the room was still a flurry of activity. Terry and Barry were still going at it, as were "Melissa" and "Todd", happily humping in the center of the room. I thought it was ironic that they were laying spread eagle, out on a plastic sheet from the game "Twister". And were they ever twisting! Reuben's pleadings that Terry offer him release were getting louder and more insistent. He continued to dance and writhe, wanting badly to cum. I think Terry is getting off on the power of it all.

"I MUST remember this tomorrow! I've GOT TO remember this, if only to beg for a copy of the tapes!" If ONLY I could remember this..." I thought to myself.

Terry brought Barry to a multiple orgasm, shooting load after load high into the air. Ah, the mountainous joys of youth! I saw Barry collapse into a sleeping mound of flesh when Terry said a word in his ear. Terry then moved over to Reuben (still pleading madly) and spoke a word. Must've been a great word, because Reuben shot his wad clear across the room! Wow! That was fun to watch! Reuben's beautiful body then fell back on the sofa, completely spent and instantly limp. He slept peacefully. I saw "Melissa" and "Todd" fucking, sucking, and eventually cumming in a multitude of positions. They were the most acrobatic pair I had seen all night. With a few words from Terry, they melted together into a heap, softly sleeping in a pool of cum.

I saw Terry come up to me. He smiled and gently kissed me. He then said "It's a shame you're not going to remember any of this. We had a great time, you and I." I started to beg for recognition. "But I want to remem..." My eyes slammed shut and the words disappeared.

Two days later, back at the office, I dragged myself to the coffee machine. I had the most horrible hangover, but I had a feeling it was something more than that. I had spoken with the guys, and they were feeling the same way; absolutely no recollection of Sunday's game or the ride home Sunday night. "David, how are you feeling?" Terry said as he walked in, seeming almost chipper for the first day back of a long weekend break. "I'm recovering, I guess. All I remember from Sunday is that my team lost and I had one of your Midnight Margaritas, among other things. And I've been having the WILDEST DREAMS! I can't remember what my dreams are when I wake up, but I have been waking up excited every day! I need to get the recipe for those drinks!" Terry smiled knowingly and replied, "I can't share my secret recipe, but maybe you can come over for some more. And about those dreams? Must be all that pizza and beer you ate."

I'm not quite sure, but I think Terry was laughing to himself as he walked back to his desk. He's so weird sometimes. But he sure knows how to make a mean margarita.