Real Men Don't Kiss

Synopsis: Unprofessional (and erotic) therapist-client relationship, to the max!

The rev of the bluish gray Harley-Davidson died down to a subtle purr and then came to a halt at the curb. The busy New York City street flurried in all directions, ever mindless of its inhabitants for their purposes for existence. The city didn't sleep, and sleep was the one thing that the dwellers of this city needed most. And this person was no exception.

A picture of leather, denim, and manliness swung a muscular leg over the motorcycle seat and disembarked the speed demon machine. As he removed his helmet and carelessly placed the "mental protector" over the right side handlebar, one could see a vision of "gruff-meets-gorgeous" man... The perfect combination of hirsute machismo, muscle, and mystery control. Who is this person swaggering past my street-level office window and into me professional clothing across the street, package in hand? I was not sure who he was, but I was certainly bound to find out. It was a slow day in my small counseling office... the kind of day that allowed idle minds to wander into unseemly directions as they see fit. As I am prone to fits of fantasy, I made the most of this timely lull in business to conjure a perfect scenario to place this mystery lover in the center of. And rough looking or not, he had all the elements of "pussycat" I constantly dreamt of.

My business dealt with relationships... having them, not having them, getting them, keeping them, losing them, ... and how to be completely content at any stage of the game. As a counselor, hypnotist, and sexual therapist, I was also quite adept at giving each client the special attention their minds craved. And I knew to cause a craving, it didn't exist already. Unethical? Maybe. But all's fair in love and war, I say. And in a confrontation with any mind, it's ALWAYS a battle! (That is, unless you know how to make the opponent surrender and come out feeling like the greatest ally... a specialty I have cultivated through the years!) I've created business cards for every occasion. Cards to pass out at social events. Cards to promote business at trade shows and Kiwanis Club "mixers". Cards to distribute at the local hardcore watering hole (those tend to stir up the most action among submissive slaves...). And cards for chance meetings... either given to someone I've met by chance, or given to someone I've really might to have a chance with!

Randy (I later learned the name of the he-man's alter ego) was just such a chance meeting. He didn't know it yet, but I was exactly the kind of therapy his doctor ordered. And before of week would pass, Randy would be drawn to a place his mind had never considered. And I just LOVE making that happen! (I have always considered therapy to be a "helping profession," and what better way to be of service to someone than to make that person's inner desires and outer results mesh completely? Call me the dream maker. Hell. Call me anything you like. But after I'm done with you, you WILL call me!)

It was a sultry Monday afternoon, in the heat of the August summer. As I was not sure of where this steamy stud was going or why he was going there, or for that matter, how long it would be before he returned to his metal machine and disappeared, I acted quickly. Within a flash, there was a detailed business card expertly placed on the motorcycle dashboard, awaiting his arrival. The card, simple yet effectively printed, read the following statement: "Explore Your Secret Fantasies For Free --- I'm Watching You." The initials M. K. and an address and telephone number completed the card's simple design. The card delivered, I returned to my comfortable window seat in my office, free to view the scenario as it unfolded. Having done this sort of thing for some time, I am very adept at knowing the most effective way to position clients for maximum results, and I definitely had Randy's number! About 20 minutes or so later, I saw the Adonis return to his motorcycle. He began to get on the cycle when I saw him pause, then stand up straight and look around, unaware of my eyes glued onto his body, but completely aware of being watched. He picked up the card for closer inspection. Although it was not completely clear from my windowed vantagepoint, I'm sure I saw a smile spread across his face as he looked up and saw the street address sign on my building. He was unaware that it was my office that delivered this timely message, and he felt a need to respond. After all, every man alive cannot pass on sex for free. Why should he be any different? (One lesson he was to learn was as old as God --- That nothing comes for free!) Yes, the bait had been snatched, and it was now my job to reel the unsuspecting prey in. And the thrill of the hunt raced through my veins...a feeling of power and excitement unspoken of yet undeniable. My blood boiled as I saw my vision stand, unsteady, weighing the possible benefits and potential dangers of responding to a blatant request such as this. His body seemed to shift uneasily from one foot to the other and back again, obviously unsure of which would be the optimal next move in this game of life. Finally, the man's curiosity got the better of him. I saw him leave the bike and cross the street, intrigued by the possibilities and the mystique. In two minutes, I was to find out what sort of reaction he would have. (God, was I excited! Somewhat scared, too. This sort of man had a definite streak of rebellion, and he could be as volatile as he was delicious!)

My office door swung open and Randy entered the room, cautiously yet flying in the face of danger. This man was a favorite kind! It made the taming so much more enjoyable. He boldly walked to my desk and tossed the card towards me. "What's this?" he leered. I paused before responding, knowing that the next few words were crucial. His eyes glanced from me to the window where his motorcycle sat in plain view. He then looked back to me and awaited my response. I chose my words carefully. (First impressions are SO important!) "I've been trying out a new marketing strategy for my business, and I've been distributing business cards throughout the neighborhood to test the card's effectiveness." I looked at him, not knowing whether to read disgust, desire, or longing into his stare. I continued. "My business involves working with people to discover how their fantasies permeate their entire lives and compel them to act in certain ways. When people know their minds and desires intimately, they are much more able to direct their lives positively, rather than being directed by external forces." He nodded. No other response. I continued. "When people learn to harness the power confined in their subconscious minds and direct their own fantasies to become realities, they are normally more happy with themselves and productive. Because I am fairly new to this neighborhood (a lie, of course, but one that he would be completely unaware of), I am offering my services free for the first consultation. This is my way of saying 'thank you' to the neighborhood for welcoming me, as well as drumming up business. Obviously, the card is an effective tool, don't you think? I'm Martin Kresswell." I held out my hand for an uncomfortably long time, awaiting a gesture from him in reciprocation. He finally extended a hand and muttered "Randy Patterson." I went on with my "schpeal". "Won't you have a seat, Mr. Patterson? Let's discuss the possibilities of an introductory session." From the logo I now saw plainly blazoned across his shirt, he worked as a letter and parcel deliveryman. Such a loose dress code, I'd say. But believe you me, I wasn't complaining. His rippling muscles bulged through every seam of his tight shirt and jeans. The leather vest was simple window-dressing.

Randy took a seat in a large over-stuffed leather chair, the perfect chair for sinking back into and feeling lost in...the kind of chair as you remember all large puffy chairs to be when you are five years old. He began to speak. "Listen, Doc. I'm not sure what you're selling here, but I don't think I'm interested. It sounds weird. My fantasies are normal, and they are my own business. And I know just where my life is headed, thank you. I don't need a fuckin' shrink to tell me what I already know!" "I understand your hesitation, Randy...may I call you Randy? It seems odd that someone else might be asking you about your private life, but what better person to explore things with? This is a completely safe environment, one that your friends, family, wife...(I paused here, but no response...) need not know about. I offer you the free chance to find out a little more about yourself. If you find you don't like it, nothing lost. If you do like it, I get business and you get knowledge. Either way, as I see it, it's a win-win situation. And a man of your strength and power (always appeal to macho egos!) would never pass up a bargain such as this."

He was toying with the idea as he sat quietly for a moment. I continued this "make-it-or-break-it" silence, and his response would decide whether he would be mine or not. Finally, Randy broke the uncomfortable silence. "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt. But I'm not going to tell my boyfriend about it. He'd think I was crazy!" Well, so much for the subtle question about his wife and kids at home! This is going to be easier than I expected! Randy said, "I have to go now. I usually work till about 6. What hours are your appointments?" "I close the office at 5 normally, but the usual paperwork goes for an hour or so more. If you want to meet on Wednesday, be here at 6:15 sharp. Don't be late!" He got an indignant look on his face, as if to say "how dare you give me an order!?" He said, "I'll be here when I get here." This rough-toned comment was followed by the sight of Randy getting up, walking to the door and exiting. (From the looks of his well-muscled body, he looked going out as he did coming in!) He didn't look back, but I fully expected to see him on Wednesday. I had appealed to his "smarts" and his ego, and his curiosity would definitely bring him back. As I saw him straddle the Harley, he threw a defiant glance in the direction of my window and sped off.

The hours and days dragged by, till Wednesday arrived and the business day came to a close. Finally, the last of my "normal" clients were gone. 5:15 and I was closing up the office to await my appointment with destiny. By 6:05, I began to question when he would show up (not IF, but WHEN). At 6:10, I saw the motorcycle pull to a stop and park in front of my building. By this time of day, business traffic has cleared enough to easily allow for parking a motorcycle. Randy got off the bike and headed for my office door. I made sure it was unlocked and awaiting his arrival. Randy entered, wearing Levi's and a light blue tee shirt. He removed his leather bomber jacket and threw it on the chair, then he proceeded to the large leather sofa. Though I had not directed him to do so, he was exerting an ownership of the situation and an attempt at ownership of the session and its outcome. He said "I assume you want me over here," as he sat on the sofa. "Yes, that will be fine," I said as I pulled the blinds and adjusted a small spotlight aimed directly above Randy's eyes. I also locked the door to assure absolute privacy. My office building, well sound-proofed, did an effective job of filtering out the hustle and bustle noise from the street outside...a calm oasis and a fertile playground created instantly. I pulled the large chair over near the sofa and took a seat. Randy looked into my eyes, half-questioning and half-defiant. That defiance would work in my favor, though he thought it was the perfect protection against me.

"Randy, to get an accurate picture of how your fantasies affect your life, I am going to have to ask you some fairly personal questions. As I am a professional, you are safe here. Don't feel afraid to just let go and relax as we explore life together. Just allow your body and mind to meld together into a combined package of relaxation, and as you continue to listen to my voice, it will be easy for us to just talk together. Breathe deeply and let it happen." I saw the cynical and quizzical look dissipate from Randy's face, and he visibly relaxed back into the seat. (It's been my experience that the tougher the outside, the softer the insides. And Randy was softening just nicely.) I continued. "Randy, as you listen to my voice and freely answer my questions, each word you say and hear will act much like waves of relaxation coming over you. It will be so easy for you to speak, because each word will be relaxing you and taking you deeper to relaxation. Notice the point of light above you? I'm going to place a small crystal directly into the light. As we talk, I want you to keep your eyes on the crystal. See how the rainbow of glittering lights spin around the room and seem to enter directly through your eyes and float to the center of your mind, each turn of the crystal washing SLEEP throughout your body and mind. As we talk together, your body will relax completely now and you will feel the need to SLEEP NOW even as you continue to concentrate completely on the beams of light shooting from the crystal and reflecting on your inner mind. Watch and RELAX NOW. We talk and you SLEEP NOW watching the crystal and you want this feeling of SLEEP NOW to cover you, don't you? Just relax, breathe, and the blanket of sleep now will cover you and take you deeper to sleep now. You are feeling very comfortable, safe and relaxed. Everything takes you deeper now, and it is very easy to listen to my voice, speak, and move, but everything takes you deep now to sleep now sleep now SLEEP NOW!

Randy's body had gone limp and his full muscle structure was completely laid back against the leather pillows on the sofa. His neck and head had fallen back on the stuffed armrest, with only his eyes remaining fixated on the twirling spiral of light coming from the crystal. His breathing had become much deeper and he was progressing nicely to a deep level of connection with me and an even deeper level of sleep. I continued. "Randy, describe your current relationship and then tell me about your fantasies with your lover." Randy took a deep breath and began to speak in a low, monotonous tone. "I live with Andy. 2 years together. He services me. He loves me. We have lots of sex." I explored more. "Do you love Andy?" "I guess I do. He treats me right. I like spending time with him. I'm mostly straight, but I spend lots of time with him anyways." The red alarm screamed to full on in my head! This guy has intimacy problems as big as Texas! And the denial?! Whew! "So, Randy, is there anything you DON'T like about Andy?" "Yeah," Randy responded from deep sleep. "He always wants to touch and kiss. I hate that! Real men don't kiss." I decided to take him much deeper now into his trance. The work I planned to do with him required that he be at the deepest level of sleep possible.

"Randy, I want you to begin counting backwards from 100. Count aloud, very slowly, separating each count with a deep, deep breath. Each count will be as though your body is being filled with a sleepy substance, taking you much more deeply with each count. Begin counting backwards and falling backwards and downwards with each count. Each second that passes takes you instantly much deeper...deeper...deeper." As Randy counted himself back into the deepest of sleeps, I pondered the best way to take this resistant young stud-muffin and mould him into both the kind of love tool I will want on an ongoing basis (Did I say I was a professional?) and also the type of lover that his lover Andy would be grateful for. (If only Andy would ever know about me, but he won't. Unless possibly a session or two with Andy...Hmmm. Let me think about this...) Randy's counting neared about 47 or 46, and the numbers slowly faded. His eyes had fallen deeply to sleep, only the remembrance of the crystal dancing in his thoughts. He was completely under my control, and he was very comfortable being there.

"Randy, as you listen to my voice, you are going to want to hear everything I say to you and you will need to follow each instruction I give you. You trust me and want to follow my commands. The machine that is your mind is completely void of thoughts can possibly enter your mind. A blank state. And as I speak, all I say will become your thoughts. You will feel very receptive to my words and will follow my suggestions completely. Do you understand?" Randy nodded and mouthed a quiet "Yes." Randy's body, completely helpless and waiting to be instructed, was the epitome of a playground to me. He was mine to have and to own, even though I knew I would always share him with Andy. But that's okay. I will definitely be the one pulling the strings!

"As you listen to my voice, your mind is blank and you are completely susceptible to my suggestions. All that I say will be permanently imbedded in your subconscious mind, though your conscious mind will have no recollection of anything other than experiencing complete relaxation. You will hear my voice in your mind, and you will always remember how soothing and relaxing my voice is to you. Nothing can awaken you and everything will take you much deeper to sleep and much deeper into the center of my voice." At this point, Randy was completely mine, to do as I commanded! (I'm ethical...I just have my own way of getting from Point A to Point B!) The sheer control I had was giving me the most incredible hard-on! Soon, Randy was going to experience the same pleasure.

I am a firm (no pun intended!) believer in intimacy. Having a partner be close, be sexual, and be intimate in every detail is the most healthy thing that can happen to a relationship. And since I have relationships with several select clients, I get to enjoy the pleasures of "serial monogamy," along with each of my clients' lovers! It was now time to explore intimacy with Randy and tweak his perspective a bit.

"In a few moments, I am going to count to three. At the count of three, you will stand, remove your clothing completely, and lay back down. When you feel your naked body against the supple leather, your skin will become very sensitive and your mind will fall three times deeper to sleep. You will become hungry for my voice. One, two, three..."

Randy's lithe young body stood instantly, swaying slightly as his clothing was removed. As the socks (always the last to go) were removed and he laid back down, he took an audible deep breath and fell much deeper into my control and under my care. Whether he knew it or not, the complete release he felt under my care was what he secretly longed for. The loss of responsibility and total relaxation was just what THIS doctor ordered! I continued to speak to his willing subconscious mind. "Randy, you are going to feel some things you have not felt in a long time. This time with me is very precious to you, and you love being with me. You will crave these sessions very much. You will NEED TO SEE ME! You will NEED TO SEE ME! You will CRAVE my VOICE! My voice is very addicting to you, like the strongest drug. My voice has the power to calm and excite you completely, and you long for this feeling. How does my voice sound to you right now?" Randy replied, "Good. Real good. Soothing. An ocean covering me." I was definitely having an effect on his psyche, and I like that! I continued. "Randy, as you listen to my voice, you feel your body floating upwards and directly into the center of my voice. Your mind is my voice and my voice is your mind, nothing else exists. And when I count to three, your body will become very sensitive to my touch while your mind sinks much deeper into sleep. Do you understand?" He nodded. "Good. One, two, three!"

Randy was as deep into sleep as he had ever been. His breathing had slowed to almost nothing, and his eyes had long since ceased to move in REM type flickers. There was no emotion and no existence of Randy at all, save for his complete willingness to do, say, and feel exactly as told. This was the best state of mind for him to be in, and he was now very receptive to all commands. He would be easily molded in this state, to whatever or whoever I so desired. And, as always, I wanted only the best for him and myself. And his lover would thank me for this, too. How ironic?!!

"Randy, your body is very, very sensitive to my touch now. You will feel my hands touch you, and each movement will send tingling and sexual current through your entire body. As you feel my hands touching you, you will know and remember only that you love being touched. When I touch you, you will feel very excited and will want to feel more and more excited. You will grow dependent on the feeling of my hands on your body, and you will not be happy unless I am touching you. You will want my hands to cover you, embrace you, envelop you in warmth...when my hands are touching you, your breath comes even easier and your tensions disappear. My touch is both a tranquilizer and a sexual stimulant to you, and you will know only that your very life, body and soul are loving my touch. Do you understand?" He nodded and breathed deeply as I continued my exploration. I lightly ran my fingers across his supple chest, and he gasped. This was the first touch and the most powerful feeling he could ever remember feeling. Both of my hands now encircling his nipples, his breathing increased to an almost hyperventilation-like tremor, and his hard nine-inch dick grew another half inch...extending straight out and very excited. I moved my hands down his chest and stopped just above his dick, and his body shook with excitement. He had begun to writhe in what seemed like anguished passion. I began to wildly cover his body with my hands, and it was more than he could take. I knew the excitement would overtake him any moment, but I wanted to savor him for a lot longer than this. My hands lifted, leaving him with only the memory of my touch. A hungry look spread across his face and he licked his lips. Oh, those lips, almost pleading to be touched!

"Randy, how does your body feel right now?" Randy spoke. "Very hot. So excited. Your touch feels so good! I want you to touch me!" "I will touch you soon, Randy. The way you are feeling now is the way you will always feel when you are near me, though you will not understand why. You will only know that you ache for my touch and you can't get enough of my touching. Is this how you feel?" "YES! YES! PLEASE TOUCH ME!" I grasped both of his shoulders and pulled his body up and close to mine...he went WILD in ecstasy! I have never seen a man so excited!! It was really turning me on! "Randy, you love my touch. And whenever you are awake, you will know that you love to be touched. This feeling will happen only when you are with me and when you are with your lover Andy. You will crave his touch as much as you crave mine. You will never tell him of me or of craving my touch, and you will always feel very excited and thrilled when he touches will want his touch as much when you are with him as you want my touch when you are with me. No feelings are ever as strong as the feelings of love for me and for him. We are your LOVERS, and you will serve us and love being close to us. You always NEED to be close to us, for it is this closeness that gives you life." I paused and allowed these suggestions to sink deep into his subconscious mind. In this level of sleep, I was changing him forever. After several minutes, I continued the conditioning process. "Randy, whenever I touch you or Andy touches you, you will become very turned on. You will need it to go on forever, and you will do everything possible to make the feelings last. You will love feeling this way. You will also love to make us feel this way, too. You will love to touch us, touching all of our bodies. I want you to stand up now and show me how much you love to touch me."

Randy's manly form stood quickly, wildly covering my body with his hands and mouth. But, true to form, he avoided kissing my "real men" didn't do such things. Well, I was certainly going to put a stop to THAT silly notion! He was making me very excited, pulling my clothes off so he could feel the touch of my body and skin next to his. In his sensitive state, the more of our bodies that could connect, the better he felt. And he was rubbing himself over me completely. I continued to speak. "Randy, on the count of three, you are a statue, completely unmovable. One, two, three!" His strong body, the picture of excitement embodied, froze instantly. Now, if I could only keep him as I do other "objets d'art" in my house! But no, that wouldn't be possible. "Randy, you are a statue, but you can feel every touch with increased sensitivity. And I am going to add another sensation you have never felt before. You are going to love this more than anything. Did you know that there is a direct connection between your mouth and your cock? There is a nerve that goes from your lips and tongue and instantly touches your cock. This is something in your body that is activated only by my touch to your lips and mouth. When you feel my hands touch your lips, the feeling of hands wrapped around your cock and stroking it will occur instantly. It will make you very hot! When I touch your lips, your cock will be stroked automatically. The stronger my touch, the heavier the stroking on your cock." I reached out and lightly ran my fingers across his lower lip. Though he could not move, I heard a muffled cry and he gasped with pleasure. I touched his upper lip as I touched the lower one, and his cock began to twitch wildly. Strangest thing! Boy, was I ever getting off on this. When I was done, his lips would be his central love organ, and he would be mine! "Randy, on the count of three, you will no longer be a statue. You will be free to move as you feel, remaining deeply asleep and deeply under my control. And the feelings of your cock being stroked when your lips are touched will always be active for you, and only when I or your lover Andy touch your lips in any way. Do you understand?" "Yes!" he gasped. "One, two, three!" His body sprang into action, reaching out and pulling me close to him. He began to touch his body and mine, touching his lips wildly against my chest. I touched his lips again, and he moaned. "Randy, fall deeper to sleep now and relax. Whenever you feel my lips on your lips, you will feel a mouth sucking your cock. When my tongue presses inside your mouth, a tongue and wet lips will be sucking your cock at the same time. This will happen whenever I or Andy kisses you. And the stronger you kiss me in return, the more rapid and wet will be your blowjob. This will be your all consuming passion, to kiss and be kissed, and you will receive the best blow job every time you kiss us." I knew I could not keep him lingering much longer, as his body was already vibrating towards the brink of explosion. I pulled him close, and in one strong movement, I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth as my lips encircled his. His screams were slightly stifled by the pressure of my tongue and lips around his, but he began to gyrate and breathe more rapidly, telling me that his blowjob was having the desired effect. I twirled my tongue inside his mouth and I felt his knees buckle. He nearly fell, so completely ravenous for more kissing and sucking! I sucked on his lips and he erupted, shooting load after load of sweet cream onto my stomach and legs. Even as he erupted, he remained deeply asleep and completely under my control. I shot my load at the same time, covering his rippling abdomen with my own excitement. I held him and steadied him as he came.

"Randy, lay down and go deeply to sleep now." He obeyed instantly, his limp form falling back on the sofa, spent and satisfied. This big sleeping baby was going to be my toy for a long time to come. Getting a damp cloth from the nearby wet bar, I cleaned his gorgeously muscled body with intimate care. With one final gesture, I kissed him again. His dick shot out in front of him, ready for more. Ah, but there would be plenty of time for that in the future. "Randy, I want you to stand up, put on your clothes, and lay back down on the couch now."

How I hated to see the evening end, but I knew that it must. As I saw "my statue" return to the clothed form as the evening had begun in, I felt strangely sad. Sure, I knew that I would have him again. It's just that I wished I could keep a little boy begs to keep the puppy that follows him home. But never mind. He would return to me, I'm sure of it. With some final reinforcement of my commands and post-hypnotic suggestions to feel very sexy with touch and especially kissing, I added a key phrase to his subconscious mind that would instantly bring him to deep sleep and under my control completely when we meet again. And after telling him that all suggestions and post-hypnotic commands would only increase in strength as time and days pass, I reminded him that his conscious mind would remember nothing of the session, except that it felt very good and very relaxing and that he would always feel compelled to come back for more. With these commands, I woke him with the count of "One, two...waking up...three, four...waking up, feeling very refreshed...five!"

Randy awoke with a start and sat up, blinking and scratching his head, slightly dazed. "Well, Doc, I guess that I'm just not hypnotizable. Better luck next time." His amnesia was so complete, he didn't recall going under at all. I held out my hand to hake his, and as he took my hand, he though a shock wave of sexual energy had just shot through his body. (It had, but only I knew why!) "Whoa! Some handshake you got there!" he said, surprised. "Well, Randy, I think we'd better schedule another session, to try again." He said, "Sure thing! How about Friday?" We made the date, and he was gone.

I went to the window and opened the blinds, allowing the craziness of the city to once again permeate my office. I could see his manly form walk to the curb. As I saw him jump on his motorcycle, he waved in my direction and disappeared. Well, tomorrow was another day and another set of experiences. And I couldn't wait till Friday! I knew that Randy had no concept that it was almost midnight now! When he walks in at home, I know that he is going to get into major trouble with Andy for being so late and for not calling. And Randy will struggle to create some lame excuse for his tardiness.

But I'm not worried for him. Because when it's time for them to "kiss and make up", Andy is in for the biggest and best surprise of his life!