Silken Submission (Erik's Story)

Synopsis: The presence of a satin and silk suit brings complete submission from one unsuspecting soul.

The suit. How shiny it was! Made of black silk, it shimmered in the moonlight. And what was this power it held? Why was the thought of having this silken black glove covering my skin enough to send chills through my body...shards of aggressively orgasmic excitement running their icy hot fingers over each surface of my being? Oh God! I'm already hard, just remembering last night...and the night before that, and the night before...well, you get the picture.

For as long as I can remember, satin clothing and smooth textures caressing my body have excited me. Maybe it's the way that, when the coolness of the silk drapes softly over my body, I suddenly feel myself relaxing...slipping into another part of my mind. This feminine, submissive nature floats to the surface and mesmerizes my thoughts and my psyche. I am now longing to be taken and controlled, a willing participant in this symphony of submissiveness. And knowing that I have become complete in the Master's ownership excites me even more. Odd, really, but I can't control my actions. It is as if the silky presence exudes a hypnotic fragrance, sensed only by the inner reaches of my mind. It forces me to obey, to submit, and to become totally lost in the pleasure and release. And I must obey. I must give in to the ownership. I am falling into it...falling downward, caressed into the memory of how my black catsuit floats me into compliance with the Master. This wonderfully intoxicating! Strange, how all masculinity fades into the distance and I become the ultimate feminine submissive slave.

This feeling is taking over me, becoming stronger now. I know that I will not remember anything of this event or of these feelings, and each time I feel these urges, they will be as fresh and new as the time before. I only have slight recollections just before I fall under his spell again, and by that time, it is too late to resist, even if I chose to attempt such a thing. I must submit. I must fall downward and inward into the spiral of desire and utter envelopment in the Master's voice. I can feel myself slipping...slipping...drifting down the gentle brook of longing, till I am no more a living being but a ray of light, dimming ever so into the darkness of complete submission.

I'm not sure how long I've been in this room, but it really doesn't matter. I feel comfortable here, as though this is where I was meant to be all along. I don't recognize this room or its contents, and yet I know it is home. At least for now. Simple, really. The walls are light colored, though the luminescence showing through the window shades is dim. I am lying on a bed, soft silk sheets flowing beneath me. My black catsuit lies at my side, lightly touching my right forearm as I drift in and out of slumber. I have no clothing on, and the sheer excitement I feel, my body surrounded by silk, satin, and lace, is overwhelming and holds a hypnotic effect on me. When I feel the cool brush of the silk on my bare skin, I hear my Master's voice encircling the core of my mental being, filling me completely and unabashedly, making me weak with anticipation and desire. The voice continues to repeat the phrase "DEEP SLEEP NOW...I AM YOURS." I know that, as I repeat these words over and over again, I am falling deeper into sweet nothingness, deep sleep now, and I am yours...I am my Master's...I am yours. The pleasure that flows through my body as I repeat these words is incredible. What an immense and intense spasm of warmth and need permeates my organs. The words, travelling in a circle and spinning inward and downward into my soul, are talking me much deeper to SLEEP NOW and enticing me to fall more deeply into its power and control. The voice is my Master's voice...the voice is my own thoughts and words are my Master's Requests and Commands, and nothing more. I arch my muscular back and press my body back and down into the plush silkiness of this satin down bed cover, falling even more quickly into quiet compliance and deep recognition of my Master's ownership of my thoughts, my reasoning, and all that is me.

My mind is now a blank, slowly sinking into a tepid pool of darkness and safety. It falls deeper, downward, spinning and falling into this place of disappearance. My body feels fragmented, non-existent, like a marionette from which all strings have been removed, all parts flowing free of each other and free of gravity. All parts independent and floating in massive circles, winds encircling each piece of my body, both cooling my skin and warming my excitement. Even in my state of deep sleep and calming submission, I notice that I am naked and aroused. Just having the feeling of silk around me is causing my body to react in volcanic ways. Though I do not see anyone around me, I know the time is right for feeling this need, this love and sex with the unknown stranger I feel touching me inside and out. I cannot see his presence, but I feel his effect. As I repeat my Master's Mantra of Submission to the Voice inside, I can feel him touching my body. My breasts, now increasing in depth and size, are more sensitive to his touch, his tongue, his voice, his ultimate commanding presence. I feel his hand touching me, sliding that silky skin across my bare stomach, inching ever so slowly to my central sphere of explosivity. His hands caress my chest, my sides, by back, my abdomen and the sensitive parts covering my front side. His tongue moving between my thighs, twirling my body and my mind into oblivion, positioning me for his ownership. I cannot see him, but I am lead by him. I follow willingly, feeling his hot breath on my manhood...womanhood...which is it? I was a man when I arrived at this place, I suppose, but with a word unknown to me, the man disappeared. I am woman, with all submissive desires intact. I feel his mouth caressing me, engulfing me in him completely. With another word, I melt more completely, being sucked into him and devoured by him. With orgasmic intensity, I am lost in all that is my Master's will. His hands are a magnet, drawing my erotically metallic frame closer to him. As he moves, I move, oblivious to my surroundings and in time with his commands. I hear words of control, telling me to follow and obey. I am standing, moving, swaying with his presence, though to the sight he is non-existent. I feel his tongue and wet lips lathering my neck and chest with the liquids of passion. I am melting into him, at one with his intensity and power. With a wave of such voluminous sex that I have no power to control its force, I explode into invisible spaces, shooting load after load of sweet juices into the air. For some reason, I know that my cum does not reach the ground. With each wave of cum, I am falling more quickly and deeply to SLEEP NOW. I feel a moist touch, covering my body and taking in all that I give. And I am now drifting, falling into his arms, happy, energy spent, and feeling utterly complete.

I feel my body floating through the air, carried to my silken chambers and slipping peacefully into slumber. The silk moves into my mind and takes me fully. I have no power, and I must obey. And I would have it no other way.

I'm not sure how long I have been asleep, but I feel rested, relaxed, and happy. I stand and look at myself in the mirror. A man in all form, beautiful, chiseled features. Muscular chest, protruding from the upper openings of the silken black catsuit. I am muscular, and I obviously have worked out a lot. The massive bulge between my legs increases and lengthens as I brush my hands across my chest...a smooth chest covered tightly by my catsuit. I look like one of the most sexy male Adonis' known to this planet, yet my mind is telling me not to believe what I see. I feel this beautiful torso being transformed, once again, into the deeply hypnotized form of a helpless submissive female slave. I hear a voice in my mind, reminding me that, as long as I have my suit on or as long as my skin remains in contact with any silken or satin surface, I will remain entranced, willing, and completely hypnotized...a mindless, brainwashed female receptacle for my Master's input. It seems ironic, how my eyes must be playing tricks on me. That man in the mirror must be someone else. I am not that gorgeous man...I am Lois Lane, deeply hypnotized and controlled by this unseen presence that is my welcome shiny prison enchantress. This suit renders me powerless to fight or even wonder what is happening. I only know that I am his when I am here. I am his when I wear this catsuit. My face, a blank stare looking out and through the darkness, without seeing, feeling, or knowing. Once again, I feel his arms touch me from behind, and once again, I am falling back and down into his manly grasp. The man in the mirror disappears from view, and I am a silken feather, being lifted on the breezes and gently floated to where he will force me to do his bidding. Not forced, actually. I go willingly, knowing that I have no other choice. I feel his fingers caressing my back as I fall under his spell and into his arms. My body collapsed into full release, I feel his hands slipping between my thighs. Fingers pressing upwards into my groin, I feel his manhood lifting my limp body and my legs being gently moved apart. His tongue darts beneath my balls, causing the juices to flow and my breathing to deepen. I am falling further and deeper, spinning down once again into DEEP SLEEP NOW. His mouth covers me, and his fingers gently rotate within my ass, spending me in hot, wet need. I can feel his warm mouth over mine, and I am powerless to resist. I have no desire to resist. I have only desire to obey and to submit to this pleasure. I am his...I am yours...I am yours...

I am being filled with him. His tongue moves inside my mouth. His fingers within my private places have been replaced with a much more desirable and substantial love tool. I can feel every inch of his projectile, reaching into me and filling me completely. I gasp with excitement, knowing that it is for this sole event that I exist. My suit and this night mingle my senses with the reality that I exist to serve. I am deeply hypnotized by his voice, my voice, this silky suit. All else is gone. I feel his urgency, pressing and vibrating within me, till I can take no more. I erupt, sending my cum over this chest in the dark. I feel the shaking deep within, knowing that I am being filled with his lust. I feel a slight pressure on my shoulder, and with a word, I collapse once again into his arms. And I am gone.

I awaken in a comfortable chair, seated upright. My clothing is on, and I feel comfortable, though strangely lacking in the knowledge of how long I have been seated there or just exactly where I am. I do know that I was scheduled for my regular therapy appointment with my hypnotist.

My hypnotist is seated next to me. I smile as he tells me that he thinks my therapy is progressing nicely. We will meet at the same time next week. And I know that I must comply. For some reason, I will do anything he says. This therapy must be working, as he would not be so eager to see me again otherwise. We shake hands and I feel a surge of familiarity. His touch sends a chill through my body. Where did that come from? It must be static electricity, I think to myself.

I leave the building and head for my car, noticing that a small package is seated on the passenger side. I pull the ribbon and the box opens, revealing a mass of silky black material. Above the cloth is a small note, inscribed with the words "A Gift". I pull it out and I see that it is a black silken catsuit. With my last shred of recollection, I can feel myself falling away and I notice that I am driving and that my car is headed for parts unknown, the satin cloth draping my lap as I drive. "This is where my therapist lives, isn't it?" I think to myself as my car rolls to a stop in front of a beautiful mansion. With another touch of the suit, I can remember reality no longer.

And I am free.