Slave to Fashion

Synopsis: Hypnosis is used to turn a group of male models into sex slaves

"No. No! This fabric will never do! How can I market these clothes with this shitty fabric? Armond! Armond?"

Although his antics were a pain in the ass to anyone who worked with him, Pierre was the toast of the Paris fashion world. As most artists are, Pierre was a genius and a magician with style, color, and texture. But his people skills were definitely lacking. His prima donna-esque behavior was common during these monthly photo shoots, and his staff had just learned to deal with him. Pierre's "right hand man" Armond is a stylish smooth-skinned Spaniard with a quiet yet commanding presence. He is the strength and the backbone of C'est La Vie Couture, at least the marketing and promotional end. Whether Pierre would admit to it or not, Armond was necessary for the company's success. And the two of them had been together for 10 years now, in business and in love. Inseparable, even amid the constant outbursts.

"Armond, what happened to the shipment of fabric we got from Milan last week? This is just NOT the same fabric!" Armond responded, "Pierre, take a deep breath! This is the same cloth, and the line of clothing has never looked better. Listen. Just chill out; the photo shoot is going fine." Armond moved closer to Pierre. "Look into my eyes," he said to Pierre, who complied willingly. Such nice eyes. Armond placed a firmly positioned hand on Pierre's shoulder and looked deeply into Pierre's eyes. Instantly upon touching Pierre, the gaze on Pierre's face blurred and Pierre's body visibly loosened. Obviously tranquilized, or so it seemed. Pierre's breathing deepened and his muscles relaxed. The rest of the staff knew the scoop...that only Armond could "tame the beast" with only a touch and a glance. And boy, were they glad that he could! It made Pierre bearable again. "Pierre, just continue to do what you do so well. Everything looks fabulous and you are very creative. Trust your instincts and succeed." Armond snapped his fingers and Pierre's eyes blinked. "Armond, these clothes look pretty good, don't they?" Armond nodded and smiled knowingly. He had such a calming effect on everyone, and his relaxation permeated the room.

Armond was well equipped to deal with high-strung artists. And he always had a way of turning a photo shoot into not only a very relaxing experience, but also a sensual "orgasm" for the eyes. With an all-male harem of models, he produced a quarterly catalog and magazine that rivaled any in the fashion industry. His models always went the extra mile, willing to do anything it takes to make the photo spectacular. And the results were stunning. Pierre went about dressing the models and arranging the sets, while Armond began his "pep talks".

"Alexander, come with me." Armond motioned to a tall, lean god of a man, shoulder length hair of auburn color flowing freely in the industrial strength stream of air coming from the fans on the set. Alexander followed Armond into the private fitting room reserved for these pre-shoot talks. Each model was required to meet with Armond before every shoot, to discuss details "and such", but the models regarded these meetings more as privilege than as responsibility. "Just have a seat and we'll get started." Alexander seated himself in a large leather sofa and waited as Armond closed the door and came to sit opposite him. Armond spoke. "So, Alex, are you ready for a great shoot?" "You bet!" Alex said with a smile. "Good. Just as a preliminary, look at the camera I have set on the tripod behind me. Do you see the tiny red light on it? I want you to keep your eyes focused on that light as you mentally prepare yourself to RELAX NOW and as you listen to the sound of your body DRIFTING and wanting to RELEASE and go DEEPLY into a successful relaxation you fall into a comfortable place with the suggestion of drifting during the SHOOT NOW!" Alex, who's muscles had already begun to relax and who's eyes were already blinking and lightly misting with Armond's words, fell instantly to a deep, limp sleep at the sound of the words "Shoot Now." His body lay completely motionless, save for the slight movement of his chest as he breathed deeply, totally unconscious. Armond spoke to him. "Alex, you are the most successful model in the world. And when you see the red light flicker on the camera, you will instantly become alluring and captivating, only able to think of seducing the man behind the camera. You will seduce and entice with your eyes and body, knowing that all eyes are on you and you love being watched. Do you understand?" Alex nodded in agreement, still deep in slumber. Armond continued. "...and when the red light goes off, you will blink twice and then feel refreshed, energetic, and wonderfully alive. You will have a love for life and a lust for men. You will also have an uncontrollable desire to go to the gym, building your beautiful body for all to see. Is this clear?" "Yes, Sir," Alex responded. "Now, Alex, I want you to stand and remove your clothing for an inspection. You will remain completely asleep, but it's very easy for you to move." Alex stood, swaying slightly in deep sleep, and he slowly removed the shirt and shorts he was to model. His young body had a slight hint of silky hair on it, just enough to give masculinity to his fine features. He stood naked and motionless, awaiting further instruction. "Alex, as practice for seducing the man behind the camera, I want you to seduce me as I sit here in front of you. This is your audition, the performance of a lifetime. Seduce me now." Armond had already set the machinery of the video camera into motion when Alexander had first entered the room, and the vision of sexiness before him was a sight to behold. Alex began to move, touching himself and swaying in a suggestive manner, his sole purpose in life being to totally captivate his audience. He moved closer to Armond, reaching out to touch Armond's face and feel the supple skin of Armond's chest. Armond began to breathe heavily and excitedly, obviously enjoying the attention this Herculean hunk was providing. Alex continued to touch himself, working his body into a raging flurry of emotions. His finely tuned body began to heave with uncontrolled ecstasy, testosterone and mental stimulation synergistically combined. Armond continued. "Alex, when I touch you, a sense of electric intensity will fill your body and make you require complete release. Your mind and body meet in your cock, and my touch will put you instantly over the edge. As I count to three, you will cum wildly and then collapse, much deeper in slumber than you are now." Armond touched the sinewy chest muscles gyrating before him, and Alex quivered with anticipation. His body was a frenzy of desire. Armond counted "...THREE!" Alex moaned with excitement as his liquid love shot forth. As the last drops flowed to the marble floor below, his body relaxed instantly and fell back on the leather sofa, just missing the seat. His limp body fell and slipped off the sofa, sliding into an unconscious, delectable mass of muscle on the floor. Armond's strong arms embraced the Adonis, pulling the torso and the body to follow up to the sofa. He gently placed the sleeping body on the seat and positioned him comfortably. With a wet towel, he cleaned both Alex's body and his own. Alexander slept peacefully. Armond turned off the camera and commanded Alex to dress and reseat himself. As Alex sat again, he blinked twice and awoke, feeling refreshed and energetic, ready for the most successful photo shoot of his life. And, unknown to him, Armond had just added yet another video momento to his private collection.

As Alexander left the room to return to the set, Pierre entered and sat down. "You know, Armond, this business is so successful. We could afford to take a break, just you and I. How about it? How about let's finish this shoot and then take a vacation?" "Sounds good to me, honey, but we need to get this new line out by the Fall Fashion Festival. I'd love to take you to Europe, but there's just too much to get done. I would sure like you to be able to RELAX and let go completely as your body relaxes and falls asleep in the Mediterranean sun, your muscles going rapidly limp and your mind becoming carefree, only wanting to DRIFT and to SLEEP without knowing that you only live to RELAX NOW and then again later, going to SLEEP NOW thinking of the beach and drifting your feet in the water, going DEEP into the warm waves of relaxation spreading over you, but we need to do the SHOOT NOW." Pierre's limp form instantly collapsed onto the chair, completely free of tension. Armond continued. "Pierre, you are very energetic and feel wonderful as you create clothing and make dreams in fabric come to life. You love being surrounded by beauty and creating passion in fashion, as only you know how to do. Creating style is what your mind and body craves, and you want to do it as much as possible. You will feel refreshed and completely at ease when you awaken, wanting to finish the photo shoot and return home, relaxed. Do you understand?" "Yes, Armond," Pierre said flatly.

"That was close," Armond thought to himself. This was no time for a vacation, with the Fall deadlines coming closer. They would relax soon enough, but he had given Pierre all that was necessary to stay with the tasks at hand. Armond loved having an innate ability to put people into relaxed states, and this skill had done much to provide both personal enjoyment and security for their business. He really loved Pierre, though the sex had long since subsided. Armond wanted only the best for them, and he knew just how to make it happen. Armond continued. "Pierre, when you awaken, you will feel very refreshed, knowing only that after our talk, you are ready to work on the Fall line with all of your energies. But before I wake you up, I want you to go back in time, back to the last great sex you had." Armond was thinking back to last Valentine's Day, when the two had been on vacation in the tropics. Fully expecting to hear a retelling of this passionate time between them, Armond was surprised to hear Pierre say, "I can see Julio's big muscles now. He just finished cleaning the pool, and he is only wearing the Speedo's I designed for him. If he wasn't our maintenance man, he could be a great model. Come to me, Julio. Oh, yes! Come to me!" Pierre smiled from the inner depths of his deep trance, obviously remembering a recent encounter. Armond asked, "How long have you been seeing Julio, Pierre?" Armond was steaming at this point, though his times with Alexander and the other models should have indicated differently. "About eight months," Pierre said. "Pierre, after today's photo shoot, you will want to go home and make love to Julio. You will want me to be with you, though you will not know this until I get there. Do you understand?" Pierre nodded, a mixture of agreement and confusion showing on his face. "On the count of three, you will awaken, ready to finish the shoot and head home to Julio. One, two, THREE!" Pierre woke with a start and after mumbling some pleasantries about how the shoot was progressing, he got up and set off to finish the day's session.

The models, all having been trained to seduce the "audience", were in rare form and the photos came quickly and furiously. It was all the photographer could do to keep the models on the set from touching themselves (and each other). But finally, the session ended and the photos were complete. Each model, strangely enough, felt the need to go work out, so the set vacated quickly. And as Armond set about to "do paperwork in the office," Pierre stated something or other about "errands" to run and rushed out. Pierre gave a good 30 minute "head start" (no puns intended) before he ventured for home.

Now, when Armond entered the front door and burst into the living room, he found Julio and Pierre naked, sixty-nining on the bearskin rug. A fire blazed in the fireplace and the heat blazed on the floor. When the two saw Armond enter, Julio jumped up to cover himself with a towel, obviously caught in the act. Pierre suddenly drifted off to sleep, still lying on the rug. Armond walked up to Julio, who was shaking and a bit afraid (as this was the first time he had been caught with his employer's husband). "Julio, come here." Julio was afraid and didn't move, paralyzed with the possibility of his boss's anger. "Don't worry," said Armond, laying a hand on Julio's broad, very tanned shoulder. "Julio, look into my eyes. Do you see that I am angry? Notice the very center of my eyes, how when you look deeply into the very center of my eyes your muscles relax and your body becomes very sleepy and your eyes become very heavy, wanting to drift and relax..." Julio began to lose control, his eyes fighting to stay open and alert, but Armond continued. "...and as you see my eyes, looking deeply to the back of my eyes and through them, you will find yourself slowly slipping to SLEEP NOW and drifting into the center of my voice and as I speak, you drift to deep sleep now and your eyes cannot remain open any longer..." As Armond talked, Julio's breathing deepened and his eyes pulled shut. Though he fought to resist, the sound of Armond's voice encircling Julio took him deeply to sleep...standing yet deeply entranced. "On the count of three, you will fall completely limp, safely into my arms. One, two, THREE!" Julio's gorgeous form fell forward and into Armond's waiting grasp. Total loss of control, Armond had created yet another slave for his pleasure. The feel of Julio's muscular, smooth form pressing against him made Armond incredibly excited...the two smooth bodies pressing together, forming a bond of heat and intensity. Julio's towel dropped to the floor, revealing a handsome Latino beauty, rivaling the beauty of Armond himself. Were they not from different countries, the two could have been brothers. And now, Julio would be trained as a slave of fashion and a servant of pleasure. "Julio, when you awaken, you will not be frightened. You will know that you are a servant for both of us, offering sexual service and performing household chores in exchange for the privilege of living here and being owned by two wonderful Masters. You will never want to leave this house, and you will know that this is your service your two Masters. You will have no other serve is your one privilege and life goal. When you awaken, you will be sexually charged and ever ready for service. Awaken on the count of three."

When Armond counted, Julio awoke and instantly dropped to his knees, hungry for what his new Master would provide. He began to suck as if his life and livelihood depended on it (they did, actually!). As Armond was being serviced, he uttered a word that brought life to the slumbering Pierre. Pierre's eyes opened and his body sprang into action, quickly joining Julio and adding to the sexual encounter, already in progress. Julio and Pierre, previously entertwined in each other's arms and only having eyes for each other, now only concentrating on one focal point...Armond's body. As Julio expertly and continuously swallowed Armond's smooth love tool, Pierre's lips locked with Armond's, bringing him to the brink of sexual desire. Their tongues played with each other's, familiar juices flowing once again and the tastes of love being shared...a love that had existed for many years, now kindled and burning brightly with passion.

Armond was now so excited, pre-cum began to trickle into Julio's eager mouth. Julio sucked and licked wildly, and with one final plunge of Armond's tongue into Pierre's mouth, Armond exploded into the hungry orifice working below. Julio's face was covered with flying hot ejaculate, a hungry blank stare on his face. As Armond said the word of permission, Julio's cock throbbed of its own accord, no hands allowed, spreading liquid excitement on the ground between his kneeling legs. Julio had earned this excitement, and he had pleased his Masters. He was now allowed to feel pleasure. Julio now shifted his attentions to Pierre's awaiting member, licking him to the point of pleasure and past. Now well versed in and with only a mind for service, Julio's only joy in live was the ability and privilege of servicing his new Masters. He could not imagine or remember any other life, and he knew that this was where he would remain...happily...forever.

Pierre didn't really know where the wave of excitement and passion had come from. He only knew that his excitement and adoration for Armond had somehow increased in intensity...this newly found slave only adding to the couple's pleasures in ways previously unimagined. Pierre had not been so happy in years, and he was indebted to Armond for making it happen!

Throughout the coming months, Julio was welcomed whole-heartedly into the harem of models, intent on making the newest catalog and line of clothing more sensual and well-accepted than any other. Fashion equaled passion, and all were slaves to it. None went without sexual fulfillment, and with Armond's ability to discern quality photographs and market them well, the empire of C'est La Vie Couture grew without limitations. And through this small group of gorgeous males, all serving each other and intent on serving the ever-present camera, catalog subscriptions (and clothing purchases) flourished!

Who knows? Maybe this mail order ("male order") catalog might go "INTERNATIONAL"?! (That sounds vaguely familiar...)