The Sleep-Over

Synopsis: Teenage magician hypnotizes his friend.

It all began innocently enough. Just a high school experiment, that's how it started. All in fun, but it was to become an experience that would change my life forever.

At the tender age of 17, it was hard for me to understand why the thought of hypnotizing guys was so intriguing for me. Just because I was studying to be a magician, I thought that hypnosis would be a good compliment to my magic skills. I knew that I commanded a strong presence with people, but I was about to learn just how commanding I could be.

People had always gravitated towards me. Usually the popular guy to some, the studious one to others, and the fairly innocent one to all, I knew I was a master at adapting my skills of persuasion to meet my needs. I didn't understand my "needs" yet (especially my sexual needs), but I was about to get a lesson in command and control.

Thomas was a well-developed boy of 16. He was also very interested in learning magic, and because of that, I was his idol. I knew that he was interested in pleasing me and in learning from me. He had no idea, however that I wanted much more from him than to be his mentor. His smooth, olive- toned skin and his sweet demeanor held an innocence and a trust which was very appealing and irresistable to me. Thomas was very athletic and good at sports. People seemed to follow him, his winning smile and beautiful long brown hair and blue eyes attracting both boys and girls wherever he went. As a young Italian "stud-in-the-making", his body had grown substantially since we first became friends. His chest, showing only signs of beginning hair growth, was muscular and his complexion completely clear. He had not begun to shave yet, and the downy growths on his face were beginning to become heavier and more noticeable. His arms, legs, and body were becoming more statuesque and full. And as I could tell from our showers together in physical education classes, he was developing in ALL the right places. My young stud was becoming a man before my very eyes, and I knew that he would secretly be mine, if I so chose.

Thomas followed me between classes and often walked with me homewards after school. We were good friends and enjoyed spending time together. When I would playfully shove him from behind or wrestle with him, I could feel an electricity in my sexual being that was almost unbearable (and at that age, my desires were not well understood and quite secretive). Being near him made my breathing become hard (among other things) and I always looked forward to our playful encounters. He enjoyed our time together, but he had no idea that I thought about him constantly. And with that, the scenario was set for our fateful afternoon.

Just following the last period of the school day, I saw Thomas heading for the parking lot. We both took the same path home, as we were neighbors and lived on adjoining streets. Close enough to school to avoid the hassles of riding the school bus, we were free to come and go as we pleased. I struck up a conversation with him as we headed home. "Tom, what are you doing today? My folks left this morning for a business trip, so they won't be home until tomorrow. Thought you might want to come over. I hear there's a killer movie on HBO. My folks said it'd be okay." "That'd be great, Ryan," he said. "I've been working on some card tricks I want to show you, too. Let me ask my folks. I have some chores to do, then I can probably come over. Can I sleep over, too?" "Okay by me, if you want to," I replied. (I was jumping up and down on the inside, but I tried to remain calm!) "Just call me when you're ready to come over." I turned down my street and headed for home, as I saw him enter his house.

About an hour later (the longest hour I had ever spent, or so it seemed!), the phone rang. "Ryan? It's Tom. I just have to finish mowing the lawn, then I can come over. Dad said I could stay the night. I didn't tell him your folks were gone, though." "Good thinking," I said. "Mom just bought some chips and Cokes, so we're set." "Okay, man! See you in a few."

Twenty minutes passed and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and saw Thomas holding his gym bag in one hand and a pack of playing cards in the other. He was wearing a half-shirt that bared his stomach and his muscular arms. He also had his cut-off jeans shorts on, the ones he did outside chores in. It was obvious he had been working pretty hard in the warm afternoon sun, because his skin was warm and moist. "Come on in and have a Coke. You look thirsty," I said. He stepped in and we headed for the TV room, snacks in hand. We watched some cartoons, then he showed me a card trick or two. I complimented him on who good his magic was getting, and he smiled widely. I then turned off the TV. "Tom, follow me upstairs. I've been working on a new trick in my bedroom, and I want to show it to you."

We entered my bedroom and he took a seat in a comfy chair. I pulled out a small crystal teardrop hanging delicately on a line of fishing wire. "What's that for?" he questioned. "I've been working on a magic color-changing crystal trick. Watch closely." I moved closer to him, standing to his side. "Just keep your eyes on the crystal and watch for the colors to change." I began to gently swing the crystal before his eyes. I could see his body begin to relax and his eyes start to mist over, just as the book said would happen. His breathing started to slow and he began to blink. I continued talking to him. "Sometimes the colors change more when you relax your eyes. Just keep your eyes focused on the very center of the crystal, and you'll see it change. Don't worry when your eyes get heavier and more tired with each time the crystal swings back and forth. It's normal for your eyes to become so tired that each time the crystal swings, your eyes become more heavy and they begin to close. As you follow the crystal, not wanting to take your eyes off the crystal, the colors change more rapidly as you allow your eyes to blink and become so heavy that when I count to three, your eyes will close instantly and you'll fall deeply to sleep. One, two, three!" Immediately, his eyes shut tightly and he fell limp. Tom was out like a light before he knew what hit him. I continued to deepen his sleep, having him walk down stairs in his mind, counting backwards, and continuing to go more deeply to sleep. He was a very willing and suggestible subject, and he followed every command without question. He shifted down in his chair, body completely limp. I lifted his arm and let it drop, showing that he was completely under my control and completely asleep.

"Can you hear my voice, Tom?" "Yes", he answered. "It feels very good for you to relax and sleep, doesn't it? Your body is very tired after working today, isn't it?" "Yes, it feels good. Tired." "Tom, in a few moments I'm going to count from one to five. On the count of five, you will wake up feeling very good. You will not know you've been asleep, and you'll want me to show you my new trick. And every time you hear my voice say the words "SLEEP TOM", your eyes will close tightly, your body will go completely limp, and you'll go much more deeply to sleep than you've ever been before. Do you understand?" "Yes", he quietly responded. "One, two...waking up, three, four...waking up, FIVE."

His eyes opened and he sat up. "Well, let's see the trick," he said, obviously unaware of what had just happened. "Okay," I said. "Come over here." He stood and walked toward the bed. "I'll show you where you'll SLEEP, TOM." I saw his eyes close and he fell limp on the bed. I pushed him to roll him onto his back. He was completely limp and lifeless. "Can you hear me, Tom?" "Yes," he nodded. "Stand up now." He willingly moved to stand in front of me, eyes tightly shut. "You will do whatever I ask you to do, won't you, Tom?" "Yes, I will," he said. "When I touch your shoulder, you will become very hot, so hot that the only way to feel good is to remove your clothes. When you have removed all of your clothes, you'll feel wonderful and will fall instantly much deeper to sleep." I touched his shoulder and he showed a discontented look on his face. "How do you feel, Tom?" "Hot. Boy, am I hot!" "Well, if you'd like, you can take a cool shower. Just take off your clothes and get ready for the shower." He began taking off his clothes. I was so excited! I helped him unbutton his shorts and he continued to remove his clothes. His shorts came off, revealing a nicely developed growth of pubic hair and a beautiful cock. He removed first his left sock, and then his final piece of clothing...his right sock. As his sock came off, his body fell limp and I caught him as the sock hit the floor. I placed him on the bed, completely relaxed.

"How does your body feel, Tom?" I asked. "Very good. Feels good." "Do you enjoy following my orders, Tom?" "Yes, I guess so. I like you," he said. "Do you want to please me, Tom? You know that it pleases me when you follow my commands, don't you, Tom?" "Yes, Ryan, I want to make you happy. I enjoy following your commands." "Good, Tom. You will want to do whatever I tell you to do, both when you're asleep and when you're awake. Do you understand?" "Yes," he said. I could tell that he was becoming more submissive and was willing to be my robot, if that was what I wanted. "Okay, Tom. I want you to stand up in front of me." He moved closely in front of me, his body gently swaying from side to side. "Do you like girls, Tom?" "Yes, I do." "When I touch your shoulder, you will see a beautiful girl in front of you. She will not have any clothes on. You will begin to kiss her and touch her. This will feel so good, you won't be able to stop until I tell you to do so. Understand?" "Yes, I do," he responded.

As I stood facing him and touched his shoulder, he reached out to me. He pulled me close and began to kiss and touch me. He was very excited, and so was I. We kissed, our tongues playing with each other. I touched his body while he ran his fingers on my back. (I had already removed my clothes by this time...couldn't let him have ALL the fun!) His breath became more rapid. Though he had not had a lot of sexual experience, he had enough to know that these were feelings he liked! I led him back and had him sit on the bed. He fell backwards and pulled me with him, our bodies grappling and touching wildly. The afternoon sun was beginning to set outside, as the minutes turned into hours. I took his young cock into my mouth and began to tongue him mercilessly. I could feel his chest heaving and his breath quicken, and I knew he could not hold on much longer. I slowed my actions. "Thomas, you are becoming more and more excited. It's amazing that the more excited you become, the more deeply asleep you go. You will be unable to awaken until I tell you to do so. In a few minutes, you will become so excited that you will want to cum. And when you cum, you will instantly fall much deeper asleep than you are now." His body began to writhe in anticipation. He was mine completely. He could not hold back much longer. "How does your body feel, Tom?" "So...excited..." he gasped. "You want to cum, don't you?" "YES!" he screamed. I said, "On the count of three, you will cum and then fall much deeper to sleep. One, two, THREE."

Thomas erupted with a volcano only seen by the likes of teenagers full of pent-up desires and hormones running rampant. His juices shot and flowed freely. I reached down and took some of his sweet cream to my lips. Salty, milky, and very addictive were these flavors to me! He lay there, breathing softly and sleeping deeply. I touched his tender body and cleaned him as he slept, unaware of the pleasures he had just encountered.

"Thomas, I want you to stand up, put on your clothes, and sit down in the chair. When you sit down, you'll fall deeply asleep and wait for my commands." He followed my directions without question. A blank stare on his face, he sat and drifted deeply to sleep. He was now sitting in the same position the afternoon began in, just as if nothing had happened. "In a few moments, I'm going to count from one to five. On the count of five, you'll wake up feeling great and feeling hungry. It'll be time to watch TV. You will have no memory of sleeping at all. You will feel great. And every time you hear only my voice say the words "SLEEP TOM", you will fall instantly to sleep, much deeper than ever before. You will want to spend much more time with me, and you will be sad when you don't see me. Do you understand?" "Yes, Ryan. I understand." I began to count and awaken him. "...FIVE." He woke up and said, "Hey, I'm hungry. Isn't it time for that movie?" "Yes, it is. Come on downstairs."

We spent the evening watching movies, eating, joking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. Talking about girls, classes, music, magic, and life. When the movie was over, I said "Time for bed." We went upstairs, and as he got into his pajamas and pulled down the covers to climb in, I said "Have a good SLEEP, TOM."

And the evening had just begun!

Post Note: This was a true story. And it was the start of a great friendship. I wonder where Tom is now? Are YOU Tom? If you are, want to have a "sleep-over"?