The Touch of the Master (hypno)

Synopsis: A group of young men find that they will do anything for the Master that owns them.

"Straighten up!" Reuben stood at attention, as stiff and unmovable as possible. He knew that the Master meant business when he got that gravel in his tone. "I don't want to see a move out of you! Understand?" He stood in dead silence. Only his pleading eyes indicated his compliance and understanding. From his vantage point, he could see the others...all strangely silent and stiff, bound bodies and confined muscles twitching slightly under the mental strain imposed by this command of silence and immobility.

The Master was a demanding man. And this, the overwhelming ritual of statuesque pose, was one of the Master's favorite "games". Reuben knew that he was only one player in the chessboard of the Master's leisure time activities, but somehow he knew he was one of the Master's favorites. Why else would the Master touch him so tenderly, when others were receiving seemingly brutal rebuke? At least he thought he remembered the Master's touch. Reuben was obedient, and he knew this pleased the Powerful One. To please the Master was the goal of the game...the game of life that neither begins nor ends, but simply exists. The game is. The Master is. The Master is ALL. And the Master will not be disobeyed.

The goal of this game? Mental domination and submission of the highest order. A lesson in authority, and all would learn it well or suffer the consequences. Mind over Matter. Mind over Body. Master over Dominated Mind. Mind Release and Evaporation. Freedom through Disappearance. Mist of mind steaming up and out, fading into complete non-existence. Muscular shells of nothing, all willing to obey and serve without thought or question. Military training, it was. Hypnotic. Entrancing. The Master's grip on the subconscious minds of the game players was powerful...Omnipotent. If any player showed signs of questioning or personal reasoning, this abhorrent behavior was dealt with swiftly and strongly. Will and Reason...elements of a long forgotten past, and descriptions of nothing familiar to the boy named Reuben.

His bronzed and mocha skin, moist and blistering in the Mexican Riviera sun, was smooth and perfect. Reuben, and the 20 or so others like him, stood in this oasis of confinement, awaiting commands. Waiting...still...and in total silence. Anxious, desirous, pleading glances towards each other, yet fearing adverse reaction and exclusion from the Master. Awesome respect for the power that controlled them, and none would be the first to falter. The tropical garden and the dense foliage of the jungles surrounding the Master's lair served as apt impassible boundaries...boundaries not to be crossed without the Master's permission. Yes, some unruly ones had tried...many months ago, as if an eternity gone by. But the invisible electromagnetic fields surrounding this palatial prison were highly charged and ominous enough to make even the strongest infidel shudder in recognition and respect. The step beyond these boundaries brought excruciatingly painful sensations to any slave who dared cross. The surrounding trees and bushes only existed for effect and tranquility's sake. All players knew their rightful place here, and they knew they would never leave.

The Master, a Hypnotist and Dominator of Extra-ordinary capacities, began his daily walk through the garden. Which luscious human flower would be plucked...chosen to adorn the Master's chambers today? As was his ritual, the Master would choose one subservient subject to be his boy, his toy, his plaything and the object of his lusts. These mid-morning selections were painful for the players. Fear at being chosen and, for the newer players, fear of the unknown. For the players of longer standing, fear at not being chosen. Memory of past choosings, and longing for repeat performances. Reuben was sending every telepathic pleading scream for inclusion he could muster. He MUST be chosen again. He MUST serve! HE MUST BE THE CHOSEN ONE! To feel the touch of the Master was the sweetest memory Reuben was allowed to retain, and his desire grew with every thought of submission. He could see the wanton looks of desire emanating from the other young players, and he knew that he was to be chosen. It was inevitable. It had to be inevitable. He needed it so. He craved it so. He begged for it so.

As the Master wandered past the inanimate, all visually beautiful specimens of manly statues sprinkled throughout the green lawn and stately gardens, he paused to examine several of the players. His piercing stare deep into their pleading eyes lead the fainter-at-heart to pass away into unconsciousness, toppling to the ground in a heap of molten sexuality and succulent beauty. The Master always smiled when this happened. He knew that a player would never be the same and would never forget the power of the experience. And, once broken, each player would more easily fall under the spell of the Master. Willingly submitting to the pleasure, they would go quickly and silently, falling deeply into the Master's gaze. Drifting uncontrollably closer to the abyss that was the Master's ownership and control. The limp and lifeless, hypnotized form of the fallen player would reign as the daily testament to the Master's absolute presence. And as the Master would step around the fallen mass of slumbering muscle and continue on his quest for his daily houseboy, others would silently beg to be chosen.

Stories and folklore surrounded this green refuge. Villagers and townsmen knew some of the tales woven by articulate storytellers, those who had dared to come close enough to the Master's place of retreat to see the goings-on without being ensnared. These stories spoke of a Powerful and Unyielding Force, a captivating aroma that lured men in their prime and youthful stamina, a driving force that, once wafted into the olfactory senses and inner beings of the beautiful young men, would render them helpless to resist the Master's offer of residence, solitude, and servitude. Almost seen as a religious order, of sorts, this marriage to the monastery of the Master was an appointment surrounded by mixed fear and esteem. Families in surrounding areas knew that when a local boy wanders into the Master's space, he will not be heard from or seen again. But they also know that the boy will be living the charmed life afforded only the Royalty they themselves dream to aspire to. And the total subservience was a small price to pay for a life of being well cared for, especially in poor locales such as these. Hence, even families would "accidentally" bring their most tasty young morsels of desire to the Master's gatehouse. The long-standing players guarding the grounds and estates knew the Master's tastes and, to please the Master, were always on the lookout for additions to the Master's garden prizes and stables.

Once the Master had chosen his daily beauty, he would begin the induction process in the garden, for all to see and to long to be included in. On days of special importance, even multiple boys would be inducted into hypnotic obedience. This process generally excited the lusts of all present, though none were allowed to enjoy the fruits of this sensual desire without the Master's permission and consent.

Today was just such a special day. The Master chose several young lads and beckoned them to follow him and to stand on the elevated rock platform in the center of the garden. Shaking with anticipation and desire, they willingly complied, following in stride and standing where the Master would place them.

Antonio, a beautifully handsome boy of 19, was the first to be selected. His longer than shoulder-length hair blew freely in the slight breeze, draped lightly over his shoulders and gently massaging both his muscular, tight back and his erect nipples. His muscles flexed in unconscious desire and trembling anticipation. Once placed and posed by the Master, his stance was then commanded to be rigid and unmoving, attentively waiting for Nirvana. Antonio's strong, lithe calves and legs stood like Michelangelo's David, smooth and hairless, and aching to be touched and consumed. His naked form was a synergistic bundle of sensuality.

The next player to be chosen was a short, muscular form known as "El Tauro". Strong, muscular, and intense. Older than the others, yet still in his prime early 30's. A trail of chest hair sprouted and weaved its way through his massive chest muscles and narrowed into a tiny ravine encircling his navel and heading south of the border, widening again as it met up with the ocean's portal of pubic hair. Manly and longing for domination. Quivering with surges of electric excitement, his blood boiled under the sun and the scrutiny. Massive thighs and legs, and an abdomen with well-toned muscles obviously indicating that he was no stranger to manual labor. This adventure in luxurious sensuality was absolute Heaven for him. Longing to please the Master and ecstatic about being chosen, his willing and able-bodied form rushed to his place on the stone platform, assuming the stance of the submissive.

Would the Master choose another? Reuben exuded droplets of nervous perspiration. The Master drew closer. His ominous yet fully appealing presence was stronger than ever. The Master's sweaty form walked past Reuben's face and body, coldly indifferent and unobservant. "Please! Please, Master!" were the inaudible screams echoing through Reuben's mind. Shaking with need, Reuben's excited form begged to be chosen. His cock outstretched and his balls aching to be touched, held, and manipulated, he was the consummate epitome of lusty desires and undeserving expectations. How could the Master pass him another day? Today was "his day"! But it appeared that the Powerful One had other plans. Resigned to the disappointment at being passed by, Reuben's eyes hung slightly, a tear glistening as it trickled down his cheek. His lips pursed in silence, yet trembling.

"You! Come!" Through misted eyes, Reuben looked up. He looked from side to side, but no others were near. Finally, a realization permeated his being as he saw the Master's finger pointing at him and gesturing him to join the others. A smile must have beamed from his face, as he thought he saw a slight smile from the Master. The telepathy was in force once again, praising and sending unconscious gratitude at being included. He quickly took the place given him by the Master, rounding out the semi-circle of manhood displayed on the center platform.

With the three chosen forms posed, poised, and in rigid repose, the Master turned to the players remaining. "You will all be in this place one day. This place is reserved for the Ones that will do all in service. Watch and listen. As they please me, so will you. Learn from them." The Master turned and faced the eagerly awaiting gods. They did not know exactly what was to happen or how it would unfold, but they knew that they were to submit to something wonderful.

" As you listen to my voice, I want you to follow my forefinger's motion. Do not allow your eyes to leave my finger until I command it." The three were breathing heavily, partly due to the warm surroundings and mass excitement, and partly feeling the bodily changes taking place. "You will breathe deeply, you will fall into my voice, and yet your bodies will not bend. The tighter and more rigid your bodies become, the further into the limpid pools of Blue Sleep you will go. Whether I am speaking or being silent, each touch you feel and each breath you take pulls you deeper and deeper, spinning and falling to a place in your mind that is in my mind and in complete obedience. As you drift and relax your mind into my voice, you feel your muscles stiffen and go numb, with only your eyes mobile enough to follow my finger and drift your mind into sleepy, relaxed silence. When I touch my finger to your face, you will follow every trace of my movements until you can no longer see, feel, or sense your feelings. You will relax and fall deeply into my voice, becoming at ease and at one with my voice. And you will disappear into dark caves of deep sleep now as I command it."

The Master walked to Antonio and placed his finger lightly onto the deeply breathing slave. With his finger touching the spot just above the slave's nose, he began to slowly move his finger upward, lightly tracing the tender facial skin and pressing upwards towards the scalp. At the same time his finger was moving up, Antonio's eyes religiously followed the Master, straining to see the finger. His breathing slowed to a deep relaxed feeling as his eyes moved and disappeared, following the finger higher. Only the tiny whites of his eyes shown as he continued to stare up into darkness. Antonio's jaw loosened and dropped, the face relaxing as his breath took him deeper into willing sleep. The Master began to speak. "Continue to breathe and drift, body becoming stiff, made of steel, unmovable. As you feel my touch, you will breathe and go two times deeper to sleep now with each deep, deep breath. Your eyes will remain closed, glued tightly shut, the more tightly they close, the deeper your mind falls into complete sleep now. Deep, complete sleep, deep, sleep in my voice...sleep deeply now..." Antonio's arms stiffly down his sides, his body visibly tightened in response to the Master's commands. The Master began to use a tactile technique that brings a hypnotic subject into complete willingness and places them rapidly more deeply under a spell. He began to move one finger in a small circle on Antonio's forehead, lightly touching the forehead with movements in a clockwise fashion.

The motion began to spiral Antonio's mind and thoughts in direct connections to the Master's finger...circles intertwining, drawing closer together, pulling mind and vision together and inward, deeply enveloping his inner being in darkness and warmth. While one finger drew circles that captured Antonio's desires, another hand began to lightly stroke downwards on Antonio's back, lightly brushing the sensitive skin of the spinal cord. Applying light but increasing pressure at the base of the skull and continuing down the spine began to further tighten Antonio's muscles while clouding and darkening his thoughts, erasing all knowledge of existence. Constant and consistent downward strokes were applied with increasing intensity and with forceful Mastery. "Feel the movement. Fall into the feeling. Drift now and relax, your body stiff and strong and your mind drifting in a state of complete relaxation. Falling now...spinning and falling deeper to SLEEP NOW. Sleep!" His final words, delivered with such strength that resistance would be impossible, struck directly to the center of Antonio's psyche. His breathing immediately deepened and his pillar of a body fell instantly backward, stiff and immobile. The Master caught and steadied the boy's sleeping body, then he motioned a waiting slave to the stage. While the Master held Antonio's upper body, the slave grasped Antonio's ankles and lifted them up, assisting the Master to carry his body to a resting place atop two large stone pillars of similar height, approximately 3 feet above the ground and 5 feet apart. Antonio's body now formed a beautiful bridge linking the two pillars with still no bending or movement of the body in trance. Antonio's hair now flowed backward, gently swaying above the ground. The Master made a final gesture and sweep along Antonio's body, from his forehead downward over his chest and massive abdomen, continuing to pass over the enlarged cock and balls and down his legs to his feet. All was stone. "Antonio, your mind will rest and drift, ever deeper into nothingness. Your body, this statue of steel, will remain as strong as ever. With each breath, you feel a stronger and more bonding connection to the pillars you rest on. Drift and sleep."

The Master now turned his attentions toward El Tauro. Trembling and excited, El Tauro showed obvious signs of desire. His cock stretched out, crying, begging for release and sensation. His balls, though somewhat tightened, still swung freely, engorged with fluid and awaiting for any command that would cause blessed eruption. "You will listen and you will obey. My words will allow you to drift ever deeper into a place of relaxation and release. I want you to take 10 very deep breaths. With each breath, you will feel the increasing need to close your eyes and drift to sleep. When you close your eyes, the heaviness of your eyelids will combine with the layer of glue that has formed on your eyelashes, and your eyes will be instantly and tightly shut. Your body will harden and your mind will soften and relax, melting, drifting. Breathe deeply now and relax." One breath, and his eyes twitched slightly. Second breath brings a misting, glassy look, causing diamonds of water to collect in El Tauro's eyes, the desire to close them growing stronger. Third breath, and the eyelids begin to falter...a fight to stay alive, although a losing battle. At the fourth breath, El Tauro could not resist further. His eyes snapped shut and his head rolled back, the remainder of his body glistening and stiffening in the sun. The Master stepped in front of him, and at the same instant he uttered the powerful command of "SLEEP NOW", he gave a firm, striking pressure on both shoulders, at the base of El Tauro's neck. His ownership was now complete, as El Tauro breathed deeply and spiraled into a black, dark hole of calm sleep. His stiffened body was then carried to another set of waiting pillars, set in such a way that his sleeping body would now be positioned aside Antonio's body, an arm's length apart.

Reuben could see from his vantage point that the Master was pleased with today's acquisitions. He could see the Master slide his fingertips down the two smooth, quivering bodies positioned above the pillars. He strained to see, but he did not notice more pillars waiting for him. What did the Master have in store? Was he to be left out, after all? His trembling worsened as the anticipation and desire stepped to the forefront of Reuben's imaginings. He worried he had done something wrong, and this was to be cruel punishment... damned exclusion from the Glory of the Pillars. The Master continued to run his fingers over the hardening surfaces of the sinewy bodies, held in suspension. First the hands would cover the upper surfaces, massaging each curve and bend... like the ultimate collector surveying a new purchase. Then the Master would run his hands down the underside length of his new toys, admiring and massaging each tender bodily landscape with both hands.

Finally, after what (to Reuben) seemed like an eternity, the Master stood straight and looked in his direction. His gaze, even though seen from across the platform, was piercing and inviting. Reuben could feel the member between his legs grow rigid, to match the quaking muscles the remainder of his body was comprised of. He longed to run into the arms of the Master, yet he knew he dared not. Even if he were to try, the subconscious command of silence and rigidity were too strong to ignore. The Master walked slowly toward Reuben, not stopping till he was close enough to Reuben to smell the pungent need wafting from the slave's pores. With a surprising gesture, the Master began to caress Reuben's body. This may not seem like such an event, but in this compound of sexual desire, to begin sexual provocation before the induction process had been completed was simply unheard of! The Master touched each limb and member, totally relishing the slave's sensations, boasting in the knowledge that the slave contained nothing but subservience and desire. The Master covered Reuben's body, first with hands and then with lips and tongue, first gently then savagely devouring all that was Reuben.

"You are a good boy, and you are mine. You serve me well and you please me. Today, as you please me, I, too, will please you," the Master spoke. Reuben was ecstatic!! He was hearing what he always longed to hear, though he was sure he did not deserve such treatment. The Master turned to the other slaves, the statues standing in the garden. "Pay attention. You will all serve as Reuben serves...willingly and excitedly. Service will be not only your immediate desire, but also your life." He turned back to Reuben and said, "Follow me. Your muscles are released and you may follow me, obeying my commands." With a wave of the hypnotist's fingers, Reuben's body fell loose and mobile, his body reactively falling to his knees. "Up, boy, and follow."

The Master lead Reuben to the "sleeping bridges", by now dripping with man-sweat and need. Reuben stood behind as the Master spoke to the inducted slaves. "As you remain rigid, you are noticing that the sun shining on your body is filled with a sexual stimulant. With each ray of light you feel, the sensitivity and horniness of your body increases. The sound of your own breathing makes your body feel excited...alive! Your mind continues to drift, directed only by my voice. You belong to me, and I command that the sensations your body feels are more intense than your wildest memories." The Master could see the tight bodies begin to squirm uncontrollably, still held in place by gravity overruled by post-hypnotic authority. He turned once again to Reuben. "Look at these two men. Are you sexually attracted to either of them?" Reuben glanced quickly at them and then reverted back to the gaze of the Master. "No, Sir. Only attracted to you." His voice cracked slightly, not feeling comfortable with speaking...almost like he was singing in a monastery filled by those poor souls who live only by the Code of Silence. "Good. You will always be the most attracted to me. But today, I will give you a small taste of the power and excitement I feel. Look deeply into my eyes, Reuben." Reuben had never heard his name uttered by the likes of the Master, and it was music to his ears. He willingly obeyed.

"As you stare into the bluest points of light seen directly in the center and just behind my eyes, your breathing will become heavy and you will relax. My voice will be your guide as you look closely into my eyes, wondering what deep sleep you would feel as you fall NOW into the deep SLEEP NOW showing in my eyes. Look deeply and breathe in the spiral of desire, the feeling of relaxation, and the knowledge of subservience." As the Master continued his fierce gaze, Reuben fell more closely toward the Master, only held to the Earth by the Master's hands grasping both shoulders and gently swaying his body, rocking him into full compliance and oblivion. The Master continued his induction. "Reuben, you will do as I ask, without question. Is this clear?" He nodded, never losing sight of the Master's eyes...the lifeblood that kept Reuben alive and content. "You are to fall more deeply to sleep now as I touch your body, yet your eyes will remain open. You will see and feel only those things I instruct you to experience, yet all that happens to you will be pleasing and desirable. Every breath you feel makes your body ache to feel sensations of touch, taste, and smell. And all that you feel will be so intense, it will overtake your senses. Only my voice will be the ultimate Power in your veins. At the count of three, you will fall deeply and completely, being only aware of my voice and commands. One, two, three!"

An audible gasp from Reuben's lips as he instantly sank more deeply into the Master's eyes...feeling the Master's touch. And the Master continued. "You are feeling very excited, and when I touch your face. You will instantly have very strong affections and attractions for one of the sleeping slaves. You will want the slave...need the slave...and you will beg to fulfill your desires."

The Master reached out and lightly touched the sides of Reuben's face, applying more than slight pressure on his temples. Instantly, the body of El Tauro became visible to Reuben. Such muscles as he had never noticed before. How he wanted to taste the sweat, to feel the rigid tool inside him, and to experience sex unknown to him, filled with a sense of the unexpected! Reuben looked up at the Master, looking for permission and absolution for what effect these seemingly wicked desires might have on he and the Master. The Master, that slight hint of smile more evident as he watched this adolescent display of desire, said, "Go! Do him now!" In a heartbeat, Reuben went to El Tauro's sleeping form. He noticed that El Tauro's cock had grown more lengthy, stocky, and more strongly rigid than ever. Reuben reached over to press his lips to Tauro's, tongue pressing inside, the saltiness permeating his mouth and his mind. Reuben's hands massaged the firm pectorals, noting how the nipples stood at attention when touched. His tongue moved down El Tauro's neck, licking the dripping sweat and tasting everything. Continuing to move his way downward, Reuben placed his hands beneath El Tauro's muscular back and ass, amazed at the physical power Tauro possessed. He played with the ass cheeks while tasting the tip of Tauro's dick. Reuben's tongue circled the head, slipping into the crack piercing from the protective god-given sheath and tasting the unconscious product of desire that oozed from El Tauro. Soon, Reuben's mouth had engulfed the head of Sleeping Beauty and begun to work it's way down the shaft, bobbing in rapid succession till the massive length had disappeared and all Reuben could feel was the light brush of pubic hair at his lips. Again and again, he thrust his head downward, taking all of it in. His hands left El Tauro's ass long enough to take Tauro's balls, pulling and stretching, feeling the liquid hot with sex come to a frenzied level of boiling desire. The Master watched with obvious approval as the slave of his choosing satisfied his personal lusts. "On the count of three, the level of intense sensations will increase ten-fold. You will both feel so excited, it will be impossible to do other than fulfill every desire possible. One, two, three!" A moan came from El Tauro's lips, though he remained rigid. His breathing had become hard and violent, though his body would not move. Reuben was hot with need, and he devoured El Tauro's cock again fervently. He sucked like there were no tomorrow, then he let the head of El Tauro's dick slip from his lips. Pre-cum oozed uncontrollably from the impressive monument reaching from El Tauro's loins and stretching to the skies. Exhibiting a feat of strength not normally humanly possible, Reuben lunged above and on top of El Tauro, becoming an instant shish kebob atop El Tauro's massive skewer. As natural lubricant was already plentiful, this feat exuded only the most orgasmic pleasure to Reuben. And the gasp coming from El Tauro showed this was a phenomenon unlike any in his existence, either. Reuben's feet, just barely able to touch the ground, allowed him to press his body up and down, increasing the ecstasy and provoking screams of unbridled passion. When a wave of sexual eruption began to shake in El Tauro's love tool, shooting load after load of warm "queso de crema" far into Reuben, Reuben released his own version of Vesuvius, spraying the sleeping Adonis's chest and abdomen with milky manhood. Reuben traced his fingers through the cum on El Tauro's chest, encircling the sleeper's nipples lovingly. El Tauro, still rigid, was breathing quietly and was inwardly spent. Reuben did not even see the Master approach from behind.

"Reuben, El Tauro...listen closely to me. In a few moments I will count to five. With each count, you will both go deeper into slumber and fall more willingly into submission. At the count of five, your bodies will fall completely limp and lifeless, bones disappearing from your bodies. And you will sleep the unforgettable sleep of the unconscious." He counted..."Five!" The mass of sexual remains and hardened muscles fell to the ground in a clump. Reuben falling to the side yet still impaled on El Tauro. Though disheveled, the mass now slept quietly and peacefully.

The Master moved to the final suspended form, now dripping with sweat and trembling muscles strained from immobility. "Antonio, listen carefully to me. You are continuing to sleep, falling ever deeper and deeper to sleep now with each breath. Your body has passed the point of feeling pain...there is no pain...only rigidity. You are a statue, easily posed between these pillars. And although you cannot move, you are beginning to feel very excited. You are relaxed and yet rigid. As you feel my hands caress your body, my touch will strengthen your muscles and turn you into the strongest granite creature alive. You will feel the need and sexual desire that only I can provide. You have waited for this, and now it is yours. Allow your mind to listen to my voice, moving deeper and further into the melodic sounds moving through your thoughts. You are drifting now, downwards and backwards, falling and spiraling into my voice and hands, though your body cannot move." His hands began to caress the taut muscles, feeling every sweaty fiber of each muscle now pulled to capacity. The Master plunged his tongue deep into the recesses of Antonio's mouth, touching the sides and back of his throat and tasting the man smell. Antonio's lips glistened now, warm, soft and invitingly immobile. The Master devoured the smooth boy's face, trailing his tongue on a journey down the body and through each tender crevice. Hands and mouth and tongue and dick combined into a lusty machine overtaking Antonio...mind, body, and soul. When the Master slipped his hand between Antonio's sweaty thighs while devouring the luscious cock in one motion, a gasp escaped from Antonio's mouth, impossible to contain. Having already heard the previous inductions and the wild sex that followed, Antonio's body was already laced with pre-cum and perspiration, only feeling the Master's desire.

Antonio's biological needs were taking over, and his cock began to quiver with a formidable reaction. The Master took the boy's pungent balls into his mouth and sucked them mercilessly as Antonio sprayed like a sprinkler gone wild. Droplets of cum covered the Master, Antonio's chest, and as gravity took its course, the river of cum drifted to the ground below. "Boy, you will listen to my voice and continue in a spiral of sleep that can only deepen. You will not move, and yet your desire to be filled is now uncontrollable. You want to feel my hot manhood like never before, and you want it now." The expression on Antonio's face took on a most pained tone, as if he was being deprived of the most choice of delicacies. "I will count backwards from ten to one. With each count, you will feel an electrical energy and a newly-revived sexual desire that doubles with each count. The intensity will be unbelievable and yet the only desire you have ever known or will ever know." The Master began a deliberate, slow count backwards. As he counted aloud, his naked form moved beneath the suspended love god, positioning his well oiled dick below Antonio's awaiting ass. "...two, one!" At the count of one, the Master plunged his hungry cock into Antonio, full force. He could feel the silent scream, the shaking in Antonio. His hungry hips, pressing onwards and upwards into the sleeping automaton only intensified the pulses of electricity. The Master took what he wanted, control and conquer, and he knew how to make anyone want just what he had to offer. Antonio was no exception, and the boy shook so violently now that he exploded with yet another round of liquid ammo, jettisoned up and out for all to see. The Master, with one final push, deposited his seed deep within Antonio...a fitting burial ground for the Master's ejaculate.

The Master removed himself and stood. He then positioned his strong arms under Antonio's body, one at the back and one beneath the place where the hips and legs meet. As he did this, he spoke. "Boy, as I count from one to five, you will feel your body drop instantly more deeply into sleep and you will fall, limp and lifeless, feeling so good and peaceful. One, two, three, four, five!" The body dropped like a beautiful doll, limp in the Master's arms. The Master stood and cradled the boy, holding him as he turned once more to view the Garden Inhabitants. He then looked at the two sleeping slaves, still heaped in luscious repose. "Reuben and El Tauro, without awakening and yet fully able to follow my commands, I want you to stand, open your eyes, and follow me. You will remain asleep completely, and yet you will be easily able to speak and move when I command it. Stand and follow as you sleep now." El Tauro's dick slipped from Reuben as they stood and obeyed.

The Master, prize in arms and two in tow, walked silently through the longing crowd and headed up the stone steps through the archway that lead to the Master's private chambers and baths. That door represented Nirvana to all who watched. All would enter through the stone was just a question of when. And possibly, many had already entered yet were unable to retain the memory.

No matter. For today, three very willing souls were to enter Heaven with the Master. And as the Master's processional disappeared into His private chambers, the rest went about their chores and duties...thankful for the memories of what they had witnessed and longing for their own taste of the Miraculous.